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Last updated September 2013

Vodafone was the UK's first mobile network and made the UK's first mobile phone call back in 1985. It launched 3G services in 2004 and 4G in 2013 and is one of the largest mobile operators in the world.

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Vodafone launched its initial 4G services in August 2013, with Sky Sports and Spotify included in the package. Coverage is initially restricted to London but is rolling out to Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield on September 28, 2013, with plans for Bradford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle this year. Vodafone is targeting indoor 4G coverage across 98% of the UK population by 2015. Vodafone uses the 800Mhz and 2.6GHz bands, neither of which support the iPhone 5.

Vodafone also make the Vodafone Sure Signal, a 3G micro-transmitter that can provide you with 3G coverage at home or at work.

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Vodafone user reviews

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Reviewed by aleks from uk on 31st Mar 2015
i am so furious that i can barely write this review.

vodafone are the single worst company i have EVER had to deal with.

they are "corrupt". they transfer you countless times with no intention of every dealing with your concerns/issues.

23 months after i stopped receiving acceptable service to my work place in the MIDDLE OF CENTRAL LONDON!!!!! I still can not get any refund.

They are crooks. If you think your operator is bad, you have no idea.

I have been with O2, Three and Vodafone. I had no idea how bad it could be.


Reviewed by Jacqui Smith from England on 26th Mar 2015
You are lucky to be able to use Vodafone because I have an address which has no street name or house number. Apparently their system can't recognise my address. Pathetic isn't it?

Reviewed by Honest Jack from England on 22nd Mar 2015
Warning about Vodafone

Vodafone is a corrupt company and they know exactly what they are doing. I will not bore you with the details of problems I have with them but when it comes to helping customers there is no one worse. I have read the other reviews and my experience is identical to Dominic.
You will get through to a call centre in Cairo, India or Cape Town 75% of the time. Their english is hard to understand and they are robots. Repeating the same lines pinned on the tops of all their computer screens. If they do understand you they will be no help. If you get through to the call centre in Ireland or the random helpful employee you will get little help because they are bound by the same restrictions. "A manager will contact you in the next 24 to 72 hours".
I have never received a call back.
To complain you can email but I have personally had managers from my local vodafone store email and ring them and they feed them the same lines or completly ignore the email.
Vodafones front is the staff in the stores are helpful and friendly and they will do all they can to help. If they cannot then get ready for a fight.
Seriously (put on some fight music)
I am sure many customers have had good experiences with vodafone and lucky them, but I would warn anyone thinking of joining them, think if anything goes wrong that can't be handled in store it's just not worth the risk.
I write this still waiting for a refund of almost £2000 that has been escalated (which means flogged to another person) for 6 months now.
I feel harsh writing this but everything is true, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with and anyone looking to enjoy there new phone etc. Stay clear of them.
Join another network as I hope to soon and really have a look at how this company works.
I would not wish my experience on other consumers. Which is why I have written a review for the first time.

"Vodafone a network you cannot depend on".

Reviewed by natalie from england on 14th Mar 2015
What a total nightmare vodafone are. After being hit with a phone bill for 492 this got slighty reduced as vodafone had not been marking my payments off for 3 month this still left me with 282 to pay for one month because I had apparently went over my internet allowance of 10gb the attitude of the customer services team was disgusting. I would not recommend vodafone to anyone total rip offs!!

Reviewed by ck from uk on 9th Mar 2015
I was told any service is a service by vodafone well to me its unacceptable its all gone down hill from sixteen years ago i want out.
You call customer service its unprofessional it sounds like a party in india. belfast was better but the promise to sort stuff and get a manager to call never happens promise all broken at voda dont take a contrat out it effects your health.

Reviewed by sophia from london on 4th Mar 2015
For the last 3 months if not longer i have had countless conversations with Vodafone over the phone. Every time that i called i was fobbed off told a bunch of lies and rubbish just to get me off the phone.
It all started when i received an extremely high bill that i wasnt too sure about so i requested an itemised bill which was then sent to me via email. After looking through this i realised i was at fault and resumed to calling vodafone to set up a payment plan. I was told that i could call up at the end of each month and pay an amount of my choice, which was perfect for me.
Until i called up the second month and asked to make a payment after my phone had been cut off, to which i was then told that this was no longer available and that i would have to pay the full amount there and then to be re connected.
After a very long conversation with the women on the end of the phone she reconnected me with me being told i could call up the next day once i had been paid to organise i payment plan.
So this is what i did. The man on the end of the phone told me that i could set up a payment plan and a direct debit for my usual bill at the same time. So i did so. Thinking it was all sorted i went on with my day to day business, until i went to the supermarket to buy something and my card was declined twice.
To which i then checked my bank account to find that vodafone had withdrawn the full amount out of my account.
FUMING! i called them and asked why and they said that it was not possible to have a direct debit and a payment plan set up at the same time and was told this would be rectified.

After this long hall with them i thought that everything would be sorted.
In short. They withdrew the amount out of my account 3 more times over the following months, i called them and told them that i wanted the direct debit taken off and a payment plan set up. It took me to threaten with the ombudsman, to ask for 5 managers to call me, to which only two called me back, long 1 hour phone calls every week for months and finally i got it sorted only a month ago.

This month the amount that was reduced due to the hassle from them was withdrawn from my account along with two other amounts that i had no knowledge of agreeing too.
I called them up and asked about the two payments. 1 was for a past bill and the other was for the FIRST PAYMENT PLAN that i set up in the first place which SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. After a lengthy phone call i managed to get this refunded to my account and i asked for an itemised bill for the 2nd amount that was taken from my account.

This was sent to my email which i checked straight away. The reason for the extra charges that were added on to my bill, were due to extra mins that i had used. Looking down the bill there were no extra charges for any calls stated apart from two txt messages, which i had accounted for.
I then AGAIN called vodafone for the one hundredth time in the last 4 months if not more to ask why these charges had been taken out of my account, when the bill stated that there were no charges made. The man on the other end of the phone said that it was due to ME COMPLAINING and that EVERYONE who had dealt with me had got confused and so had the system. He never really explained why it had been charged to me, but did say that due to me disputing the BILL which i never actually did they had credited my account and that my account was £60 in credit...i told him that that made no sense as i had just made a payment for a larger sum of this and that i had not been notified of my account being in credit.

Im sorry for my long winded MOAN, and though it eventually got resolved i have still not had the refund of £17 and £50 placed into my account. If i had not asked for that bill Vodafone would have got away with taking that money from me and i would be none the wiser.
Beware vodafone are money sucking leaches and they will leach you for every penny that you have. To call their customer service team a team is an utter joke, there is no communication between staff or managers and it is a disgrace. i cannot wait till i can get rid of the idiots.
for your sanity and money DO NOT USE VODAFONE!

Cutt off numerous times
put into arrears with the bank, with these charges not being paid back
told lie after lie
do not care about their customers
take money from your account without you knowing
charge you for things on your phone bill when you havent even done what you have been charged for!!


...rant over!

Reviewed by Angela from England on 3rd Mar 2015
I have been with Vodafone for 10 years but a divorce is on the cards. Three weeks ago, I paid my bill of £131.28 with my credit card (as they were debitting my account at odd times!). To my surprise, I realised that this sum had been taken from my account TWICE. I thought foolishly that this wouldn't be a major problem: a bank statement could have resulted in the overpayment being repaid in a matter of days. Wrong! I have emailed copies 3 times, but all have been lost in the Vodafone ether. I feel for my fellow customers - the incredibly long waiting times (why?!!). Employ sufficient staff to deal with the volume of complaints (oops) calls. First chap suggested that I send copy of the bank statement to Customer [I don't] Care. He had ever confidence that the funds would be reimbursed within a few days. A day later, I received an email from said team, which invited me to "click here" for live chat with an advisor - this requires you to write long messages back & forth. Don't bother - they ask you a thousand questions that lead nowhere. The connection will be lost - they promise to call you back when it happens, but they don't! - I say this because I've tried 3 times. No one called. Complete waste of 30-40 minutes each time! Worst thing is that when you do speak to an advisor, you have to repeat the same issue each time. I called my bank; Barclays informed me that a number of people had called them about Vodafone not returning overpayments. Shocking that Vodafone is in disrepute with the banks. Alas, the payment could not be recalled. I've made 9 calls to Vodafone. Last night, I asked the advisor to tell me why I might be calling. He could not. I asked him if Vodafone uses a shared database to record customer information: yes, he said, but they only record what they believe to be relevant. Complete untruth but moronic as even the most brief records of my previous calls would not have necessitated me having to repeat the whole sorry saga yet again & again & again! Each time, they apologise & make empty promises that this time it will be different, they really want to help etc. Don't be fooled. Three weeks later...still not resolved. Last night, Austin felt my wrath - he had the audacity to tell me that he had "good news". What? My account has been credited by £85!! So, I ask, does that mean that you'll also return my £131.28 to my account. No? Eventually, he said that I could take my bank statement to a Vodafone store & they would reimburse me. The nearest store is one hour away. I am going to call Vodafone today, to ascertain whether this instruction is on their screen. I know it won't be. I will drive for an hour & be advised some nonsense. I have zero confidence in this company. It does not care about their customers nor their staff who work in such incredibly chaotic conditions. Vodafone! Get your act together! If anyone is considering taking out a contract with this company, don't! They charge more for shockingly poor customer care. Thankfully my contract has finished, my prison sentence is over & I will certainly not be renewing it!! Vodafone - I don't want/need any more apologies. I need you to return the overpayment that you have been unlawfully holding for two weeks. You have a bank statement that shows transactions for a week after the overpayment. As a valued customer, and for the sake of the company reputation, reimburse my account!

Reviewed by phil kingston from uk on 25th Feb 2015
if i could give them 0 i would , how is there call centre ever running ? after call after call still cant sort problem out they never seem to no what there doing . i cant believe i have 22 months let of such a shamble company . i dont recommend vodafone to anyone keep well clear find better mobile provider .

Reviewed by jim thomson from scotland on 25th Feb 2015
Re. Ongoing saga....jist tae let ye ken how things ars goin here at the bothy it now appears that vodapain has blocked ma tablet so ah couldnea gee ye the news. If this is the actions of the editor then shame on ye !!! Any way ave sent ma complaint tae the ombudsman and the are nea help!...so now i go to the media and see if national bad press and radio will prompt a positive response from vf.to vodafone.....can ah ask ye how come the automated payment system will work once the bill line is aboot tae bee cut aff ...but it wunnae work when ye try tae pay it on time .!!! Right! Ahm awa tae feed the ewes ...feckaff!!!

Reviewed by Tawanda from Uk on 23rd Feb 2015
I have been with vodafoe for almost 4 years now and i have 2 contracts with them. I upgraded my phone in February 2014. I was offered a samsung s5 which includes a 4G plan for an extra charge and the overall price for my contract is £57/month.I then took the contract and I have been using it fine in London. I then moved to Plymouth for my studies. The 4G has never worked there but works fine in london. I then call vodafone so that they can cancel the service and refund me the money i have been paying for a non working servive. First i was redirected to almost 5 people only to address the same issue over again. Customer service team told me that its not vodafones problem because i took my contract based on the fact that i live in london. But then again my 4G should work in the Uk regardless of my location. I am not talking about bad reception, but a non functioning 4G network at all. I am not very much happy with vodafone and i would advice people to use 3 network or 02. Their 4G works everywhere and contract prices are reasonable. Vodafone customer service team are also the worst trained mobile network representatives on earth. I will never stay with vodafone again.

Reviewed by jim thomson from scotland on 9th Feb 2015
Aye,aye..,here's the latest in the ongoing battle wi the neepheeds.....ah git a text fae them tae say they will call me in the next 30 meenits tae discuss ma complaint. Michty me!ah wis fair gobsmacked! Ony way the phone rang (mind am on the ferry back fae tiree,whit a rare doo it wis, agus uisge gu leoir!as they say there) it went something like this.....I'm sic n sic an am very sorry to hear yeve hin ah this bother (ah Cannae dae the Egyptian?? accent) ony way he recond there wis a problem was ma credit card or ma debit card....says me I kin tell ye richt noo its no ma credit card cos ah dinnea hae wan!...."ah then it must be your debit card"...no, it works just fine ah says cos ah use it ah the time!so he wanted me tae pay ma bill an he wid see if ma card workit.... nah min !ah says, ahm nae for that,whit ah won't is yer automated payment system sortit oot !!!........So yer man says tae me I will take 5 pounds from your account to see if the system accepts your card (he had said my particular brand of card would not be compatible with their system).. This is the card ahv aye used fir years!!...so ah gae him ah my numbers an bang goes a fiver....fine ! ..ñoo he says "there might be a problem with our system".......feck!!!!!ave been tryin tae tell yeez that fir 18MONTHS..!!!!!.so yer man is gonnae phone me back in 72hours.whit will happen ?? Can ye bear the suspense? ....maybe ahll gie them aye star..... But that's a big maybe,.... MIRK !....JESS!..will ye stop that barking!!!.... [Editor's note: Jim, our review system may stop accepting your reviews soon. Let's just have one final review so this doesn't end on a cliffhanger, then let's give other people their turn.]

Reviewed by jim thomson from scotland on 5th Feb 2015
Aye aye here we are again an the phone's no been "restricted"yet! Ah hiv tae say ave only tried tae pay ma bill 4 times the day an once on the tablet...no,twice but onyway ahm still hookit up tae the system.an observation ave made on the web page the nicht is 'mandatory fields'........mandatory fields?? Well ahm fair flummoxed,! The 'field'in question is street name.......street name?feckn street name!ah live on a ferm wi nae streets onywhore in sicht!!! But we do hae fields but nane o them are mandatory as far as ah ken ony way.wid some o they neepheeds at vodicafone get somebody tae help them oot wi the things that they dinna seem able tae understand.
Ah heard on radio Scotland the day that BT has bought EE,..oh oh! Look oot VF you too o2. Onyway ahv rambled on long enough for anither nicht,will I be excommunicated the morn? Ahll let ye ken in the next installment,ahm off tae ma bed, g'nicht all..oh an watch oot for the hornygollichs if yer oot on the hills.an Vodafone gets nae stars AGAIN ...shame!feckeff!.

[Editor's note: Jim, your tale has become an epic. I hope it will not end in tragedy.]

Reviewed by jim thomson from scotland on 4th Feb 2015
Me again,with tonights episode of a saga that's been going for 18 months with no end in site,last night if you recall I was trying again to pay my now overdue bill to Vodafone using their otayfek paymental system as well as online on my tablet, so tonight I try phoning the payment service and tonight I tried 6 times was cut off 4 times (by Vodafone) tried to make a part payment as that is an option to see if that would kick start the workings but was told that was less than the required amount, right, add another tenner see what happens...."that amount is less than the minimum" feckit!... Put in the full amount "that amount is less than the minimum"#@#@#!!typed in 70000 .................."that amount is less than the minimum" feck,feck,feck,.....Oh aye,nearly forgot tae say that while o this wis on the go my trusty tablet had tried for over an hour tae connect wi vodafone online, feck,nae luck,so am givin up fir anither nicht,ah micht git cut aff the morn, bit ahll let ye ken. G'nicht all.by the way it says 1star but ah mean nae stars .feckaff!!

Reviewed by jim thomson from scotland on 3rd Feb 2015
Just a quick up date on the last report.... After the Vodafone web page informed me that a "technical error had occurred" and I gave up for the night I have an email on my phone saying... Hi,we've received you're payment and we are currently processing it. If you need any more help,our online help centre is open 24/7,to view your bills and manage your account online, visit......feck, I go back online and ........what do you know ....YES!.....errrr....no feck! Still not paid.by the way, this is the normal occurrence after the "online experience", now what happens is in a day or two I get a rather 'stern' voiced recorded message to say that my phone is about to be suspended and I MUST PAY IMMEDIATELY !!!no apology for the useless system THAT DOES NOT WORK!!! For the love o crust get yerselvs sortit oot.whit a shower o numpties.am awa tae ma bed!gnight all.

Reviewed by jim thomson from scotland on 3rd Feb 2015
Me again,just been trying to use automated payment service again,and yet again it did not work. Tried the web site.....sorry were having technical problems at this time try again later, I'm told. So I will get to have another go at them (Vodafone) tomorrow night!.oh and thanks for censoring my last report,I did not mean to type **** I meant backside, its this ***** phone. [Editor's note: Jim, it's a pleasure to read your reviews, even if we have to censor them :)]

Reviewed by jim thomson from scotland on 2nd Feb 2015
This customer has given Vodafone -5 STARS and if I ever get that CEO I'll give him a boot up the backside!.I've been with Vodafone since 1996 (at that time it was Scottish telecom until Vodafone took them over shortly after) everything was fine for years until I had a problem with a Samsung gallexy,the phone had been repaired under Vodafone's insurance cover some 3 months before,fine, then it started playing up,screen going black,not fine,I got so cheesed of with the thing I gave it a good hammering till it died.by this time the contract had ended and I bought second hand fone on fleebay,cancelled the insurance and got a sim only plan.......well,that was the start of a long and ongoing dispute with Vodafone..... Why ?? Well,for about the last 18months I have never managed to pay my bill using the "automated payment system " it takes all my details then says "sorry we're having trouble taking this payment" then starts off again saying "right, let's get that payment sorted for you" and will do the same thing all over again and again and......OK I have to speak to an agent give the card details and then the next bill date comes round and.....yes,same hassle.I even got a tablet and mobile internet thingy so I could pay online ....I think its actually worked twice in 6 months. #### so what's yer problem ? You ask,well each month when I've given my details on the automated system and get kicked out,I have to speak to someone , give them card details ,payment taken,I'm told "the automated system will DEFINATLEY be working next month" .....and each month it never is. Vodafone are trying their damndest to get me to set up direct debit, but I flatly refuse their kind offer so they can't steal money from me their not entitled to !!,I've emailed 2 formal complaints to the current and last CEO with as yet no satisfactory outcome.I'm not going away,I won't be giving up I will be calling Vodafone every month and give as many of their agents a real tongue lashing!! And I would say to stand you're ground and give Vodafone the treatment that they so richly deserve,don't be intimidated by their threats,put it this way;if you bought say,a car and it gave so much problems you would be fully justified in seeking recompense wouldn't you ?and to you Vodafone..we will bring your walls down!you've just got too big for you're boots,and to you're CEO come out of your hole and face us!

Reviewed by DaveW from England on 2nd Feb 2015
Vodafone are dreadful, they have little or no regard for their customers, I have had the phone put down on me when I asked to speak to a manager, they have lied to me on numerous occasions, don't waste your money.

Reviewed by Will from England on 24th Jan 2015
Absolutely shocking customer service, been online for two hours talking about a broken handset for them to then decide they wouldn't fix the problem without charging me. really not happy.

Reviewed by David McGargill from uk on 21st Jan 2015
Well done ashton on your first chat very helpful

Reviewed by O from England on 19th Jan 2015
The most useless company I have ever come across. Over two months to get them to take back a broken second-hand phone they sent me. Still waiting for a refund. With O2 now, much better company I think. If I could bankrupt that shower of imbeciles I would. Nothing but liars and money grabbing .....
Customer care, absolute rubbish, couldn't give a s.... once they have your money. Absolutely inefficient. Get a phone from anybody else and don't waste ten hours of your time trying to get them to do a simple task. Just getting started on this shower. Why be polite, I spent hours being polite. Cheap labour from the colonies that were. Much better deals out there. They record their calls, I record my calls, don't like that, they certainly do not, no siree. Do you know what the letters in Vodafone stand for.

Reply by jim thomson from alba on 2nd Feb 2015
Well,I see you're a real fan of vodafone.....just like me! I've been at loggerheads with these bampots for the last 18 months.see my review posted 2/2/15,Jim.

Reviewed by Ray Todd from UK on 18th Jan 2015
Vodafone have recently gone right downhill.

I have been with them for decades and they have been ok but it seems that has now finished.

They don't have the common courtesy or business etiquette to return promised phone calls or answer emails anymore.
It seems they just don't care.

Probably the competition is getting to them.

Time to move on.. there are much better deals out there.

Reviewed by maureen from united kingdom on 13th Jan 2015
Utterly useless, they should be put out of business, taking
peoples hard earned money for nothing.
I CANNOT top up my phone despite trying online and by text, AND by phoning Vodafone themselves, and having to register
my mobile phone details everytime I try to top up.
They gave me an IOU for three pounds, and then I used it trying to top my
phone up unsuccessfully!!!!

Reviewed by Guy Trevelyan-Martin from UK on 9th Jan 2015
I decided I would post a review saying how terrible they are at resolving issues every time I was reminded of an issue. Another incorrect bill and no recourse. Has anyone bought insurance from them? Did you get a demands and needs statement and key facts. I didn't. If you didn't we can give them the kicking they deserve by reporting them to the Financial Conduct Authority for mis-selling insurance products and this could cost them. Google FCA and make a complaint to the FCA who will then get on Vodaphone's case giving their (unnamed) compliance officer no incentive to get out of bed in the morning.

Reviewed by nicholas roberts from wales on 4th Jan 2015
I rang your asian hotline to say i had no signal.they said work was being done on masts. Although local shop said no upgrades in area for 18 months.was promised refund for lack of connection then bill was £11 more than monthly payment.why do people get treated like this by a bunch of liars. Staff paid to lie or be obnoxious. 59billion company with no signal .

Reviewed by James from UK on 30th Dec 2014
Really don't understand all these negative comments about Vodafone and its customer service. I have been with Voda for 10 years and have never found them anything other than polite and helpful.

Recently I was proposing to leave because their 4G in my area was very poor and 3G not much better. I called customer service and was given a PAC code without any problems. I tried to sign up with EE. Endless problems which finished up with my being turned down by their credit department because of my credit rating. They did later apologise because they had 'made a mistake'. In the meantime Voda fixed the local network and 3G and 4G are now great. So, I'm still with them on a very competitive price plan.

Reviewed by Khan m from Uk on 20th Dec 2014
The song Vodafone play when you are on hold goes like this " I believe every lie I ever told" isn't that ironic. Here's what has happened to me. I have been calling Vodafone now for a week, I keep getting put through to Egypt call centre. I took out four contracts in August this year and two had free spoitify for two years. After 6 months on one contract spoitify no longer works. Spoke to Vodafone first they said fault lies with spoitify . Emailed spotify and they said Vodafone only gave you a 6 month package and they need to reinstate it. Spoke to Vodafone they said "oh yes....sorry we will reinstate it for two years" . It's Still not Working so I rang Vodafone again again and they said its spotifies fault email them these three questions. I did and spotify said nope it's Vodafone they need to send you a reactivation code. I spoke to Vodafone they don't want to know. It's now been over a week and nothing resolved. Thank you to God none of these staff work in an industry where they would require real skills and knowledge!!!! I asked to speak to a manager and my request has been forwarded......but wait for this......it can take up to 72 hours for a manager to call me back!!! When they wanted to sell me the contract I was called/contacted day and night. Now I am asking them to honour the terms of the contract and they don't want to know. Appalling phone company. They use bullying tack ticks on the phone if they don't want to hear what you have to say they cut you off. No one takes responsibility they say they record their calls but it's only to trap the customer not to hear the lies their staff say. Avoid Vodafone if you can rubbish customer service especially from staff in Egypt. I spoke to Salma , Salah , Ahmed and many others all from that part of the world . Their English is poor when they referred to six thirty as a time she said "six and a half!!!! I mean come on if you can't even say the time correctly what hope in hell is their you can understand phone issues.

Reviewed by Steamboat Bill from Wales on 9th Dec 2014
Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful.
If I could possibly give this company fewer stars I would.
Fair-play, a couple do their customer services people where very pleasant - I should know as in the process of one simple query I was passed to 9 different people and had to explain my problem and give my security information to each one. Most of them weren't so pleasant and almost all where as useful as a brick wall.
In 48 hrs I went from looking at upgrade options to closing the accounts on both my phones and taking my business to Tesco Mobile.
I won't bore readers with the details of my complaint against this company because, quite frankly Vodafone, has already taken as much of my time as I am prepared to give them.

Reviewed by Rahul from England on 8th Dec 2014
The worst service ever I regret ever going to vodafone, they lie never call you back even after 3 different people assured me they will. Had been overcharged as a mistake from them the lady understood n said everything will be sorted at the end of the month. Guess what nothing was sorted so called up n the guy said I was lying about the fact she offered £20 credit on my account for inconvenience he then tried to haggle n offer me £10 instead of ;£20 I told him to check the recordings he said you will get a call in 48 hours. No call, spoke to another lady who said its not vodafones fault but it's the individuals fault. I mean really is that the best excuse u can come up with. Anyway assured me she will keep an eye on my account n will call on saturday with an outcome. Guess what... No one called so I called them but was advised to call on Monday, tweeted my frustrations was told to go on live chat and all they do is make u wait an hour call u and put u through to 191 now this happened twice but when they transfer u they cannot help as they are only dealing with general enquiries went back to live chat n explained what I was told but yet they done the. Exact same thing ccalled me up n put me through to 191 n hung up n disconnected the chat to avoid me. Now today is Monday and I have had no luck with talking to anyone with some sense I have had to also cancel my direct debits to avoid having almost £200 taken out of my account. Their level of service is pathetic and I regret ever choosing Vodafone I am moving from them ASAP n I wouldn't even recommend Vodafone to my enemies that's how well you have done with your customer service. Oh almost forgot one of the colleagues when I was explaining there had been a mistake from vodafones systems he just Iinterrupted and said no n did not let me finish what I was saying this happened 5 or 6 times before I lost my temper and told him to log a complaint about his service his name was Claude but I can most definately say that wasn't done.so keep it up Vodafone u just lost another customer along with the rest of my family.

Reviewed by Suzanne from UK on 4th Dec 2014
After receiving a bill for almost £200 at the end of my 24 month contract Vodafone done everything in their power to make this situation worse.

I asked if they would accept a payment plan. Where every month I make a smaller payment until the balance is paid, this was deemed as unacceptable. The options I had are as follows:

Option 1 - send Vodafone my handset that I got when I entered into my contract. (valued at £100 by their team) then pay the outstanding balance of £87 to cancel my contract. If I can not afford to pay the outstanding £87 in one go I will continue to be charged for services that I am not in receipt of. (adding £42.00 for every month I can't pay and with the added benefit of no phone.)

Option 2 - Pay the full balance today and cancel the contract, upgrade to a new contract.

Option 3 - Pay £104.00 today and the rest by the 21st of December.

My contract with Vodafone ended on the 7th of November 2014. The billing issue is from October. Since then I have contacted the company, been passed around from pillar to post. Each department blaming the other for lack of communication. I am still no further forward with a resolution. The experience I have had with Vodafone leads me to believe that this situation will not be resolved and therefor leading to the services of the Ombudsman.

I have been with Vodafone for almost a decade, every time I upgraded my phone I was told how loyal and valued I am as a customer. so...where is my loyalty from Vodafone when I really need it?

My advice? Take your money and your loyalty to a company who understand the definition of the word loyalty.

Reviewed by angry vodafone customer from England on 27th Nov 2014
Honestly, they don't even deserve one star. Worst service I have ever come across. Stay well away...wish I'd read the reviews before I took out a contract!! Thieves.
How is it they're allowed to operate like that?!?

Reply by Nadia from UK on 1st Dec 2014
Vodafone initiated my entertainments package and then removed it for no reason - entertainment package still not re-activated after 2 weeks of empty promised and total of 4 hours spent on the phone with them! This is the worse mobile customer servcie I have ever experienced

Reply by Cathy from UK on 2nd Dec 2014
I have never ever come across such appalling customer service in my life. I have spent an excruciating number of hours on the phone to vodafone customer services and in the store, trying to get an extra plan payment that vodafone effectively stole from my bank account refunded (0nce they have your direct debit details they can take anything they want) - in addition, although I have been paying for 4G for 3 months they have never supplied it, and refuse to address the situation. Of course I am trapped into a two year contract with these inept bullies and thieves.The vodafone manager of the store advised me to take them to court! - as he could do NOTHING!! Avoid this company like the plague...

Reply by angry vodafone customer from England on 3rd Dec 2014
I am willing to take them to court if needs be. Maybe if enough people do it at the same time...

Reviewed by Debbie from England on 25th Nov 2014
Vodafone....complete waste of space, customer service.....total pants...frustrating and infuriating!!! Never will I take up their services again, complaint big time on the way!!

Reviewed by nigel rayner from uk on 14th Nov 2014
awful customer service and totally incompetant

I signed up 15 months ago including the free entertainment pack which I selected Spotify. Every month since I have been charged £9.99, and have had to phone them to get the charges taken off. Every month they tell me to uninstall the app and reinstall to fix the issue. Guess what the following month it appears on my bill again. So Fed up arguing with them each month I want to cancel, now they are telling me if I want to cancel they will charge me a £700 cancellation fee, for their incompetence. Shocking, will never use them again and will spend all my time reporting their incompetance on every site I can find. Stay clear of this company. Won't make much difference but will also email my telecoms manager at work as Vodaphone are partners, so they know the shocking treatment they give customers.

Reviewed by Gary Jackson from UK on 11th Nov 2014
Vodafone has got to be the worst web site I have ever had the misfortune to use. Apart from being slower than dial up, one is sent around in endless circles trying to find a simple answer to a question. It refers to Live Chat but there are no links to initiate such a thing. Contact details are scant and the 191 call option is pointless for anything other than being annoyed by details that can be found on line.
If you do call them, they are more interested in harping on about a new iphone that you don't need, if you have Note 4, than connecting me to someone I can talk to. The first option for every call should be, 1 to talk to a real person, 2 if you want grow a beard waiting for your question to come, which it won't and 3 to hang up and change provider.
I tried leaving a month ago and got persuaded to stay with a half price 4G price plan. Big mistake. I'll be leaving next year!

Reviewed by mane from uk on 6th Nov 2014
The worst telephone company ever is Vodafone.
They withdrew over 700 pounds from my account when my contract was terminated within the 14-day. This is my second call to get my money back but in vain. The made me hold the line for over 47 minutes without warning me. I had to hang up. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND IT.Worst customer service ever.
THREE are the best in terms of customer service from my experience although their coverage needs improvements.

Reviewed by Neil from Uk on 6th Nov 2014
I'm from oxford. I transfer to vodaphone because I want to avail of the 20 % discount ... And also the 6 mos free netflix and sky sport. Two weeks have passed and still I don't received any text that will give me the link so I can use them. It's so frustating ..... And when I go to the city center and try to use my internet while I'm on the bus . My phone just went to GPRS mode, they promised a 3G to 4g. It's really rubbish services .

Reviewed by Casmanx9 from England on 26th Oct 2014
Why is there NO internet or phone coverage in large parts if the Cotswolds specifically Stow Bourton on the Water ? Shocking in October 2014! What is going on? Locals said they had to change to O2!

Reviewed by Funso from England on 23rd Oct 2014
During my entire existence I have never experienced such terrible service!
I placed an order for the new iPhone 6 on 15th October as I needed a new phone and realised I could get NHS discount with vodafone, when placing the order it said it was in stock and available for next day delivery. However after I placed the order the system then informed me the phone was not in stock and could take between 1-2weeks.
As my current phone is barely functioning and I don't have enough minutes I am really stuck at the moment hence why I ordered a new phone. So in my desperation I called vodafone on 18th October to inquire when the phone might be delivered, I was told by the employee that the phone was currently not in stock, but they where expecting a delivery on Wednesday (22nd oct). After hearing nothing through email I again today (23rd oct) called to inquire about the situation. After remaining on hold for half an hour I was told by the first lady I spoke to that she couldn't find my account, so she placed me back on hold and transferred me to another lady who found my order after awhile, she informed me it had been cancelled on the 20th, of which I received no notification, she seemed almost as surprised as I was and informed me this has never happened before. She then said my only option would be to place a new order, which as it stands would take about 2-3 weeks to arrive! At which point I told her I was not able to wait this long as my current phone is not functioning, she then also transferred me to another man who could not help, so he transferred me to another man who was extremely rude and aggressive! After raising his voice and telling me he couldn't help he transferred me to the sales team, at which point I had already been on the phone for over an hour. The last gentleman in the sales department was very nice and understanding however, he also couldn't find me on the system or help so he attempted to transfer me elsewhere. After a few seconds of being on hold, a voice recording informed me that the office was now closed and to call back tomorrow, after which the phone cut out! I feel that I have been misled by vodafone to order an item that was not in stock, even though it was advertised as if it was. After I initially made my order, I checked the website the next day and the day after where the phone was still be advertised as being in stock. This is totally unfair, and a waste of customer time, this is my first experience with vodafone, and based on this I would never recommend anybody to use their service.

Reviewed by betty from uk on 23rd Oct 2014
Vodafone is a dreadful company. Took out a contract for£14.50 a month at the end of August. Discovered when looking at a mini statement in September that £282.00 had been taken by Vodafone from my account without notification.They are now saying I owe another £149.00. Will end this contract immediately as it will be cheaper to pay the penalty than to continue with these excessive bills.There is never any notification to let you know you are near to exceeding your minutes and when you do exceed the charge is exorbitant.I would suggest it is best to use pay as you go but not with Vodafone.At least then you can t run up an unexpected bill. I am trying very hard to escape the clutches of Vodafone before they rob me of thousands of pounds!

Reviewed by Lyndsey McGlynn from Scotland on 17th Oct 2014
This is the content of a letter I posted to the director last week. He hasn't had the courtesy to reply and in addition, despite vodaphone not honouring the contract, the only way I can end the contract, according to them, is to pay over £600.

I am writing to make a complaint about an ongoing problem that I have been having with Vodaphonoe since I lost my Iphone 5 on the 26th August 2014. At that point I called to say that my phone was lost or stolen and the phone and the sim were barred. On the 29th August, I visited a shop where the assistant placed a new sim card into my old Iphone 4 and called vodaphone to re-establish connection. I was advised that this would take only one hour. The connection did not get re-established and I called and was advised it would be fixed within 24 hours. On the 31st August, I visited another vodaphone shop and they tried another SIM card. Again, I was advised that it would only take a short time. It did not reconnect.
Throughout the following two weeks, I spent in excess of 2 hours on the phone to vodaphone who promised frequently that the 'bar' would be lifted from my account and promised me various times that they would call me back to keep me informed. This did not happen. They never repaired my connection nor did they call me to keep me informed. I called into another vodaphone shop where I was told that the fix might take time but they gave me a 30 day freedom freebie in the meantime and assured me that my phone would be likely to be repaired very soon. The 30 day freedom freebie has now expired and this morning I have had to call and have it topped up as my connection is still not repaired.
On occasions through this period, I saught advice using the live web link. Whilst the staff were very lovely, not one of them was able to sort the problem and nobody has allowed me to speak to someone more senior.
On your website, there are various statements that I am going to refer to.
' The customer service adviser will try to resolve it all the first time you contact us, and will involve their team manager if necessary. If that’s not successful, they’ll pass the issue to our Customer Relations team to own. They are specialists in resolving complaints.
We’ll do everything we can to get it all resolved within 5 working days. If it takes longer, we’ll give you updates at least once a week.'
Firstly, if we take a look at the first sentence, it informs customers that the advisor will try and resolve complaints the first time you contact tehm and will involve the team manager if necessary. Despite having asked several times to be put in touch with a team manager, advisers have consistently refused me access to anyone more senior than themselves.
The second sentence says that issues will then be passed to customer relations. Again, they appear to be very elusive and I would certainly not describe them as being specialists in resolving complaints.
Lastly, you have been unable to resolve my connection issue within 5 working days. The last paragraph promises updates at least once a week. I have been waiting in total for 6 weeks and 4 days and have yet to receive a weekly update.
Since Vodaphone has been unable to honour their side of the contract, I would like to be released from my contract with Vodaphone and be reimbursed for any payments that I have made over the last 7 weeks. I would like this to happen without penalty to my credit rating. I look forward to hearing from you.

Reviewed by Collin from England on 15th Oct 2014
Better the devil you know. I have been basically forced to re-sign a contract that I wasn't especially interested in just to "get me back in contract". They offered me 4gb a month data over two lines for (essentially) 50p extra. Great. The second line was an iPhone 4S. They charged me £2.49 to send me a standard SIM. Not great.

A horrendous telephone menu system and a 15 minute wait on the customer service line and they might send me another SIM. I expect I will be charged another £2.49.

The offers that they give for renewals? Great 6 months netflix (which sucks), spottily (which I already have) or Sky sports mobile (I don't do sport). If I do take one, after six months they will just start charging me for it. Great incentive Voda, thanks.

I have been with Voda since 1996 and am seriously thinking of telling them to jam it when the contract is out. Unfortunately the CS from EE, o2 and Three is no better. Really? Is it that hard?

So, like I said, better the devil you know and learn to hang up when they call offering you "great upgrades". It's the only way you'll get rid of them, they won't take no for an answer.

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 12th Oct 2014
Vodafone are just the worst. My sister has been with them for years and they have constantly messed her around. I recently just got out of a contract with them and moved to TalkMobile and I have to say it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I haven't had any problems with my signal and all that since and never go any unbilled chrages from them, providing that I have stayed in my data and it is cheap and reliable.
Vodafone just haven't a clue and even tries to get me to continue paying for them when I cancelled everything, going as far as to get a debt collector after me, yet thankfully when I explained the situation to the debt collectors I was able to get things sorted and they apologised to me (The debt collector not Vodafone) and I haven't heard a peep from any of them in the last 4 months

Reviewed by EDDIE KING from SCOTLAND on 10th Oct 2014
I have been a vodaphone customer (since the days of the old Motorola brick) mainly due to the coverage in the areas that I operate however over the past year the service provided has been diabolical and like so many others talking with customer services is hopeless, the poor coverage dropped calls and unexplained increased costs will result in me giving up as soon as my contracts end Multi National company no Just a giant joke

Reviewed by Dawn nolan from leeds Uk on 7th Oct 2014
Will never use Vodafone again, every month my bill is higher than anticipated but can you speak to anyone - No,,, the service is appalling and they have had six years of taking my money, my daughters contrac is up in December and mine in June and I feel like throwing a party when I am Vodafone free, stay clear of Vodafone is my recommendation. They offer no service to you, the phone is always busy, after holding 42 minutes I have hung up, it is probably because everyone has just received their bill and complaining about charges, disgraceful service vodafone. You should feel ashamed of how you treat your customers,!,

Reviewed by Cheesed off from England on 6th Oct 2014
*****Vodafone DO NOT EVEN GO THERE- literally the worst I have ever had to deal with. After receiving a larger bill than normal from them I phoned to be told my previous contract had come to an end and that if I upgraded they would only take the normal amount of money from my bank account which is what I did. The man on the phone did give me the option of waiting to make sure the right amount was taken before entering the new contract but I totally trusted him and said I would go ahead - BIG MISTAKE. They took the larger amount and then I spent hours on the phone trying to get it back..They also said if I wasn't happy with my new phone I could send it back, well I wasn't happy with it but guess what, vodafone wouldn't except it back, what a surprise NOT..there were lots of other things they lied about but too much to put on here. I am now tied Into a 2 year contract with them but when it's finished I will NEVER use vodafone again. They are a lying, cheating rip off faceless company .. In fact i dont know a single person who is happy with the service they get from Vodafone..STAY AWAY*****

Reviewed by J2oh from England on 27th Sep 2014
Swapped to Vodafone I'm March. worst decision I've made with my mobile phone. Tariff is expensive and service diabolical. I realised inveigh days that I needed more minutes and was told I couldn't. Can you believe it? They wouldn't let me give them more money by improving my contract until 2015. After a number of phone calls I was told I could purchase an add on, which I did. Only to discover that Tesco offered the same Motorola phone and pretty much the same deal for almost 1/2 the price of Vodaphone.
I wish I had followed my previous practice of buying on line and checking out the review sites rather than going to a phone shop! Vodafone repeatedly comes low on the list, and I can understand why!

Reviewed by Catherine from England on 27th Sep 2014
I hate vodafone. Their customer service is awful, rude, patronising, unhelpful, everything wrong with mobile providers is wrong with vodafone. I cannot stress enough what a bunch of useless rip-off merchants they are. They don't value you as a customer, they don't care what service you're getting, they are the worst company you could possibly get a phone with. Don't do it. Just finished a 2 year contract at last, and it has been 2 years of hell. Anyone else would be a better choice.

Reviewed by John from UK on 25th Sep 2014
Been with Vodafone for about 5 or 6 years now, NEVER had a problem with them (well apart form NO signal in parts of the town that I live in).
But the other day I got a a text from Vodafone telling me the I was about to run out of data, and for a cost of £6.50 I can get 250 meg of data added to my phone. Did NOT think about it after that. But when I got a text with my bill information, I just about fell of my seat. This is how my bill is broke down: £33.00 line rentel with calls and texts unlimited and 1 gig of data, £10.00 for an extra 2 gig of data, so my bill has always been £43.00. But as I added 250 meg of data, I worked my bill would be £43.00 + £6.50 = £49.50.
But my bill was NOTHING like that, it was in FACT £176.05.
When I phoned Vodafone, I was told that after the £6.50 (250 meg of data) ran out, Vodafone added 250 meg on my phone at a cost of £6.50, but what Vodafone did NOT do was notify me or ask me if I wanted anymore data adding to my phone as they did when my data was to run out. In fact they did this a number of times, this was all WITHOUT my knolage.
I was told by one of Vodafones call center staff that he was able to knock off £76.05 my bill so would ONLY need to pay £100, he also told me that Vodafone would STOP and CANCEL any bank transactions so that they would NOT beable to take out the full £176.05, then I would be able to pay off the £100 over the phone with any amount to pay off the £100. This was on a Thursday. But over the weekend, I had been thinking that this was a good offer, BUT in my eyes it would look to others that I knownly had all the other £6.50's added to my phone. So on the Monday I gave a call to the billing team, I was HORRIFIED to be informed that ALL the £176.05 had been taken out from my bank. I went to the bank and put a STOP an any payments to Vodafone, the lady in the bank then asked me when this money had been taken out ??? She had a look on her comupter, and told me it was taken out on that Monday morning. As I had put a stop on Vodafone that morning and the money taken out on the same morning, the NICE lady put the £176.05 back into my account :-)
This now has been going on for 3 weeks going on 4.
I am sick of telling Vodafone call staff that if they can text me the first time my data was due to run out and I can add 250 meg at a cost of £6.50, WHY did they not text me to inform me that data was due to run out and would I like to add anymore data.
A blind man on a galloping horse can see that I did NOT know about them adding anything on my phone without me knowing.
I am only to HAPPY to pay for what I have knowen that I had used before I got the bill.
Oncemore, it would be £33.00 phone rental, £10.00 for the extra 2 gig of data, pluss the one and only £6.50 that I had knowen about, and for Vodafone to rightoff all th
e other charges off this bill.
Would LOVE to know what anyone thinks about this ???????????

PS. Sorry for any words misspelt, as I know that I am NOT perfect

Reviewed by gary from kesh northern ireland on 24th Sep 2014
I changed from pay monthly to Vodafone pay and go and sim swap took 4days to go through told me two hours been with them two months pay and go and bang one day stops working thought networks down and turns out its not so contacted them they said I faulty sim and go local voda store and get new sim, voda store said be activated in two hours her am sitting 10 days later with been onto costomer services id say 20 times and everytime its an hour plus and visited my voda store 3 times and maybe 30 mins to 45 mins in there, and I did have to deal with them when I was a monthly contact costomer and my experience was awfull there too me and gf both switched over to voda from 02 and I up graded in carphone ware house and two months later she up graded in fone4u and 6months down the line I realised they done a mix up and I been paying both bills and rang up and they wouldnt speak me because I wasn't account holder my gf was and now she is my ex and was promised a full refund that august last year and I still haven't received and only they only network I coverage at home I wouldnt be there so don't go to Vodafone stay well clear

Reviewed by john from scotland on 16th Sep 2014
hi i have just received my monthly bill and was overcharged for a 9 day period also my insurance was dearer over the same term . i gave them a call and got an extremely helpful gent who appologized profusely for the companies error, and refunded me in full.

well done that man

Reviewed by Rock from UK on 9th Sep 2014
My wife was charged 150 pounds with no warning at all. we were both surprised about the bill as she had far more incoming calls from me.vodafone really do NOT TAKE CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS.I advised my wife to cancel her contract and go with a different service provider. they are a careless and greedy network.

Reply by Lynnt from Scotland on 24th Sep 2014
Totally agree with you they can't even set up a simple direct debit now Thier lastest thing is threating you with debt recover for one months payment

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 8th Sep 2014
Service is appaling, I've had ongoing issues for months, they break promises, fail to return calls and bounce you from one department to the next. Still waiting for my formal written complaint to be acknowledged.

Reviewed by J Anderson from Uk on 21st Aug 2014
Thieves the whole company are made up of gypsies tramps and thieves the majority are

Reviewed by peter ward from scotland on 13th Aug 2014
I recently ended an o2 contract in favour of a pay and go vodafone.After much frustration trying to port my o2 number online, I opted for the easy option of calling vodafone to transfer for me."easy",how wrong could I be. After 3 different connection dates,Im still connected to o2. Unacceptable,no explanations,nothing. Vodafone, shove it. Im gong to orange

Reviewed by beth from uk on 19th Jul 2014
With regards to previous review, don't believe the hype, EE are shocking, poor customer service and signal isn't all they make it out to be believe me, the "customer service" left me wanting to bang my head off a wall. have now left the horrid EE and on Vodafone where couldn't be happier, they may have their faults but are by far not the worst out there compared to the cowboy outfit that is EE

Reviewed by tushar shimpi from india on 19th Jul 2014
Vodafone makes fraud in billing to postpaid customers. They charges for download which you haven't made. They thing that customers are fool and using smartphone 1st time. and if we ask them for details about download they gives you some silly answers. And not able to give you any details. Please don't use/ go with Vodafone at all.

Reviewed by jay karsan from uk on 15th Jul 2014
Vodafone is absolutely awful please don't join Vodafone... Once you sigh the contract thats it... customers service is bad very very poor they don't have a clue about anything can't even understand what they are saying. .. will be joining EE soon

Reviewed by Rob from Scotland on 5th Jul 2014
Sadly I have to use Vodafone. Its the only coverage we get in our remote location. I think they are a company with poor customer service which is getting worse year on year. One example will sum this up, a couple of months ago I asked if I could upgrade to 4G for use when I am in Aberdeen. Good idea you say, I thought it was and they couldn't sell it to me quickly enough....what the neglected to tell me was that they don't have 4G in Aberdeen. I took it for granted that 4G would be in Aberdeen it being Britain's oil capital.

Reviewed by S from England on 29th Jun 2014
I have only bin with vodaphone 3 months it is awful regret taking out the contract they have overcharged me every month they say oh it's only a couple of pound extra they take money out and how much they like each month they don't care if you are charged by your bank they fob you off to everyone yet will not take responsibility them selfs one person tell you one thing and someone else says another there full of bull they say you haven't paid a bill when you have so have to go out your way to get proof for them to say oh yes you have paid and then cut you off so you have to go through it again with another person they have really bad attitude over the phone to you and the shop is not much better would never recommend vodaphone to anybody be happy when it's over worst network EVER

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 27th Jun 2014
I have been with Vodaphone for years and have seen their customer service get worse and worse. My phone has developed faults three times within one year. It is so frustrating as all the information was taken off the phone each time and you can't back up everything.

I was legally entitled to a new replacement but they refused. Then they blamed Samsung and said it was not a Vodaphone phone, even though I purchased the phone from a vodaphone shop.

Ridiculous. As far as I know Vodaphone don't even make phones.

I also get a really bad coverage even though I live in a zone 2 area of London. When I make a business call the sound goes garbled and I often cannot hear the person on the line.

The shop staff are more interested in sales speak but they don't know anything about the phones and you just feel they don't care.

With all this theory of 'branding' my personal opinion is that Vodaphone, with all their over paid executives, with all their over the top advertising campaigns, are now going down a route of style over substance.

Vodaphone are like trumped up fools blowing their own trumpet as loudly as they can, hoping that the public will continue to be stupid enough to believe they are a good company. Online articles show they now provide the worst customer service of all.

Reviewed by Henry from United Kingdom on 20th Jun 2014
This is the worst mobile provider you can choose, bad coverage, terrible customer service and they will spam you with text messages totally unrelated to their service. You pay a lot of money, as Vodafone is one the most expensive provider, and they will keep sending you marketing texts from their clients to make even more money on you.

Anything is better than Vodafone.

Reviewed by Edward Verrico from Uk on 19th Jun 2014
Please do not use this provider they are the worst of any out there. My experience with this company has led me to a mental breakdown and put me in a dark place ( the advert more power to you ) is a lie your like a fish to them once hooked they couldn't care a less about you until your contact is up for renewal..

I live in central London and this is my rating for them 0-10 o been poor 10 been good ..

Customer service 0

Coverage 3

Reviewed by Thomas from England on 16th Jun 2014
Ok so we all have gripes about different Networks and having tried them all since the black & green screens of 1998, I can say that Vodafone have been the worst for service. Yes I've had problems with 02, Orange and others but none have left me more frustrated that Vodofone.
Only use Vodafones customer services if you wish to:
1. Repeat the issue in which you called for in the 1st place atleast 5 times. Neon glowing lights and a marching band might help them get it.
2. Take their 1st answer as their only answer, like an echo in a vast cave of repetitivness, you'l get the same scripted response over and over without any empathy or apology.
3. Be driven insane with casual unhelpfulness.
This was never about money or bills, it was simply a few questions regarding upgrading/downgrading and contracts.
By now you are reading this with the curse of hind sight...if only you had known sooner...Orange/02/3 would have a lot more customers......

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 3rd Jun 2014
Well just left Vodafone after 8 years for Virgin unlimited. So far so good but early days. However having had 2 mobiles with Vodafone mine and my son's and a couple of unexpected bills I needed all inclusive. I checked with Vodafone what day the contracts ended and rang on this day for Pac codes. Duly took 4 days to transfer but ok.
SO VODA THEN SENDS ME A BILL FOR 4 DAYS IE THE ENTIRE MONTH COST. this is so underhand and I would urge people to watch these people for tricks in extracting payment.

It is easy for me I will not use VODA again but luckly I will have the last laugh I will be moving the works mobiles 400 plus to virgin from VODA. I hope VODA enjoy the few extra pounds.

Reviewed by Gavin from UK on 28th May 2014
I used to be on Vodafone a long time ago. They were great - the best coverage, the best service, the best rates. I then somewhat reluctantly switched to O2 as the majority of my friends and family were already on that network and it made sense. O2 aren't great and when I set up a new business I thought, I'll at least get my business phone on a Vodafone sim as they were so brilliant before... BIG MISTAKE! What on earth has happened to them in the 10 years or so I've been away from them? Constant harassment from their marketing team trying to sell me something by phone, their STOP text alert system doesn't even work to stop the daily rubbish they send you, I get blindly charged on my PAYG service for things I haven't even done (£10 credit gone in a couple of days and I've not had the phone away from my home or made any outgoing calls in that time!) and now, when trying to sign in to my account on their website, the don't recognise my username or phone number as being registered but when I attempt to set up a new account using the same number, lo and behold I can't because, 'this number is already registered with us.' PATHETIC! I can't even be bothered making a formal complaint about their shoddy service because I've already decided I'm switching the sim to O2. They're not fantastic but at least they're half-decent.

Reviewed by me from uk on 24th May 2014
Really amazes me why people go over their bills then blame the provider, if you can't afford to pay it, don't go over it, simple!

Reply by Edward Verrico from Uk on 19th Jun 2014
Did you not read the prior message. Underhand charges that had not been agreed to.. Worst company ever takes you to a dark place when dealing with customer service ( if you can call it that)

Reviewed by Amber from Australia on 13th May 2014
I will never use vodafone again and will happily use the next competitor I can find. I had an overdue bill and couldn't afford to pay it. My service was barred, which is totally fair enough. I followed all the rules and extended the due date by 20 days (a month wasn't an option which is tricky for me as I only get paid monthly). This time my service was barred and I called up to arrange the extension date so I could fiiiinally pay the last overdue amount only to be told that they won't activate my service for another 2 weeks! As a woman living alone this is unsafe. The customer service employer who was apparently a manager told me that if I pay $50 he would activate my accounts (after yawning while I was talking). After I explained that I don't $50 and that I will be paying everything in 2 weeks, he said "nothing I can do". So while I wait for my service to resume and watch my last $50 leave my account I will be forever grateful to Vodafone for helping me to not eat for a week, food is overrated anyway.

Reviewed by Sayed from UK on 1st May 2014
the worst service I have ever experienced in my life. Please don't be fooled by their coverage map. it is a total lie and scam. they don't have good coverage in majority of places in London as it is shown in their coverage map. and once you sign the contract with them they will not let you go. and every time you complain they will ask you to pay for some sort of device which may help you but it is not guaranty.

a total disappointment

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 29th Apr 2014
The service of Vodafone is terrible. Every time I have tried to top up my phone for the past year and a half It cannot be done. I end up calling vodafone, takes forever to get through if at all, they then say we dont want to loose you and give me free credit sometimes etc but the same problem returns next time i need to top up. Its never successful online or from my phone. They have told me they had huge problems with the changeover and uprading their system but its ridiculous. I will be leaving vodafone this time for good. Network coverage is excellent, service very poor!! Dont do it!!

Reviewed by Cindy from Germany on 28th Apr 2014
We have moved to Germany at the end of 2013 and have sign up for the Vodafone mobile and Internet service since we have experience a very good first contact who speak very good English at the shop.

6 weeks ago, I started calling Vodafone hotline to notify them of our move and to have the internet line cutover to our new address. First of all the hotline does not have English options like what it was sold at the shop. And when I finally get through, the Customer service will then re route my call to another agent without saying Ein Moment bitte or any explanation and I will have to start explaining my situation again and /or my call is terminated. This happened several times before I get to speak to the Supervisor who has been excellent and my request for the change was settled.

When it came to the date for the cutover, it didnt happened. I have to go through the painful experience above again but I was told that I was choosing the wrong options I have choosen "Telephone" instead of "DSL" and the customer representative "Anna" who speak good english refuse to transfer me to the DSL sector. I end up having to go to the shop to have this resolved as I speak only limited Deutsch, I was told that the they cannot upgrade the line at the new place because there isn't enough port ! No one call to check and inform me. HOwever if I am ok with the same speed as I had previously, they can have it done. ! Ok, so I need to wait another 2 weeks. But 2 weeks later I still do not have the line setup ! ??

So this is really an unacceptable service ! I would Never recommend anyone to use Vodafone.

Reviewed by Unhappy from UK on 27th Apr 2014
I would question the ethics of this company. Impossible to get through to get PAC code to take your number with you when you leave them for whatever reason. They must be making a fortune!! My advice steer clear in the first place. I wouldn't even give them 1 star.

Reviewed by unhappy from UK on 26th Apr 2014
Vodafone are causing no end of problems regarding the Asda Mobile changeover to EE. Even if they do have an axe to grind with Asda any decent organisation wouldn't take it out on innocent members of the public. I would question the ethics of this company and as a result I would never consider going back to Vodafone - would rather do without!!!!!

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 26th Apr 2014
I've been a customer of theirs since 1997 so do feel fairly well qualified to give an opinion on their services.

The good.

Excellent customer service on the few times I've had to contact them, my requests or queries have always been dealt with promptly and correctly.
Their 2g network coverage is excellent, it's very rare to be unable to make voice calls from anywhere and I've tried it from some pretty remote locations.

The bad.

As a customer of 15 years I've had 1 free handset upgrade from them in all that time and no sort of loyalty discount of any description.

I started buying my own handsets a few years ago and their sim only plans were quite competitive at that time, this is no longer the case and there are far better deals out there today.

The Ugly

Their 3G network is poor. When you actually get a signal it's stable enough but the speeds are just bad. As an example there is a Vodafone mast with a direct line of sight about 500m away from my workplace which gives me at most 2mb download, a work colleague on EE (3G) gets at least double that.

I used to be able to get a mediocre 3g signal in my house but this vanished about 8 months ago after work was carried out to improve coverage!

The coverage issues aren't just restricted to two locations though, I travel quite a bit with work and it's more common to find an EDGE signal (which is almost useless) than 3G.
No experience with their 4G service as surprise, surprise its not available in my area.

In my opinion Vodafone are living of their past reputation back when voice calls and sms were the most important things. Yes, the 2g network is good but these days data is king and their network is incapable of delivering the goods in that respect.

Vodafone have made healthy profits over the past few years as a result of some shrewd investments (and 'tax reduction' methods) but they seem to have given a higher priority to keeping shareholders happy than actually improving the service that customers pay for and are entitled to.

I'm sure they are investing money in their network but I'm not seeing any difference, in fact it's getting worse if anything.

My contract is up in September and I'll be switching to another provider after many years simply because Vodafone are failing to provide the services they said they would.

My advice to anyone thinking of signing up to Vodafone is to get a PAYG or 30 day contract and check that you get the coverage you require - that's what I'll be doing when it comes to selecting my next provider.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 16th Apr 2014
Vodafone lives on presumptions of their own which is that every thing is perfectly fine. The couldn't solve the network problem I had at my previous address in 5 months while on daily bases they would tell me that it will be fixed in 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days 5 days, one week etc while on their network coverage map it was showing perfect. I moves home and have the same problem since last 1 month and again the network coverage map show everything perfect indoor and outdoor for my address. They told me that they have some "unexpected issues" in the area which they are working on and can't tell me the time it will take them to fix the issue. But i am sure that the don't know how many years in will take them or even if the will be able to fix it at all and i seriously doubt they are doing anything at all coz it should have been fixed in 5 moths in my previous address.

I complained about it to ombudsman and i received a letter today stating that their decision is in favour of vodafone because they i can still make calls form some places.

i really have my doubts about the independent of ombudsman too. because i have signed up for a service and why would they expect me to pay full just because i am getting something no matter everything.

Reviewed by chris from england on 22nd Mar 2014
Awful company. Taken wrong money from account. taken double payments. Refused to return the money even though they knew they shouldn't have!!!!! This is theft in my eyes. If I walked into a Vodafone branch and took 40 quid out their till I would be arrested how can they just take money from my account and then refuse to return it. I hope whoever runs that place gets what's coming to them. Bellend

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 25th Feb 2014
I have an S4 which originally worked fine then kept dropping the voice and data signals. My phone has been sent for "repair" and still drops the signals. I can not now receive text messages. Vodafone have been next to useless in getting this resolved. They are now rebuilding my account after finally admitting fault on their side after numerous calls of complaint from myself. Vodafone used to be the best. They are now the absolute pits. And don't get me started on the overseas call centre! My contract ends in summer 2015 after which time I WILL be leaving them.

Reviewed by CLAUDIE from UK on 20th Feb 2014
After having no service for 5 days in November, 15 days in January, 5 days in February I contacted Vodafone. I received a message on Vodafone's forum, which said:”If you’d like to discuss a line rental refund, please get in touch here. Simon. So I did and also got a private message asking me to give my account sort code, my facebook and twitter username etc.. adding EFT165 in the subject box. I did all that and the automated reply I had was frankly unacceptable: “Thanks for your private message.
Due to the amount of queries we receive on the eForum, we’re unable to respond to all of our PM’s. Please follow one of the options below, to ensure your query is resolved as quickly as possible.
For queries on Vodafone products and services, please post on the eForum, where our team will be along shortly to help you.
If your query is regarding your account, then you can contact Vodafone by simply clicking here and speaking to one of our advisors.”
Why on earth send a private message and ask for all the private details if you are not going to bother to answer anyways!
I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK TO AN ADVISOR. I want the answers by email as at least I would have written proof of the promises of refunds which so far have not exactly materialised.
Previously I waskept hanging on their chat line for 1hour 30mins for the manager only to be told that the manager was now unavailable as he had now gone home.
My advice is stay well away from Vodafone, they are quite happy to take your money and apply charges if you pay your bill late, but cannot provide a reliable service. NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!!

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 20th Feb 2014
I've used Vodafone for sometime without problems, until the end of last year, and then a non existent data contention, dropped calls and either not sending or duplicating texts.

The connection etc is fine anywhere else but can you get them to understand that NO. Useless customer service.

I'll be glad when I leave them

Reviewed by Gus from UK on 12th Feb 2014
I've been with Vodafone for as long as I've had a mobile and would originally consider no alternative due to the best coverage. However I will soon finally change. I've had numerous issues with them over the years, including some ridiculously excessive roaming data charges that they could not substantiate. The final straw is that they no longer provide any data coverage in my home town, which is not a small town. Cant wait to finally be free!

Reviewed by bill inglebright from uk on 11th Feb 2014
I have 4 lines with Vodafone and to get a paper bill I have to pay £6 which is £1.50 per line. So the more lines I have the more they charge me for billing me. This is unbelievable.. and Vodafone gives terrible customer service.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 5th Feb 2014
I made a bad choice of signing up a contract with vodafone last year. I singed up for 4G and unlimited minutes and text. what I get is not even a 3G internet and the call voice quality is unbelievably bad and on top of all the customer service is good for nothing, the only think they know is apologizing. i am trying to solve it since i signed up and every day i call them they give me a new promise which is never fulfilled.

It is really a frustrating experience.

In short just don't go for it.

Reviewed by Latoya from England on 28th Jan 2014
Vodafone is a bad network with bad customer service.
One sales rep says a different thing to another. They seem to be trained to misleading idiots. Then when questioned about what they're doing, they don't have a convincing answer. They don't seem to have a clue.
They're thieving, misleading, clueless idiots. They will literally say anything for you stay with their company and repeatedly screw customers over.
Do not go with Vodafone, unless you like hassle and being overcharged.

Reviewed by Dave from England on 20th Jan 2014
Shocking customer service. Three attempts to upgrade have failed because of their incompetance and they have been no use in trying to sort the issues, just kept getting passed from pillar to post. Have now gone on to o2. AVOID VODAFONE!

Reviewed by Phil from England on 29th Dec 2013
I disagree with most reveiws. As i have always been listened to by vodafone thy sort probs much quicker than ee

Reply by Edward Verrico from UK on 19th Jun 2014
Well you cant dismiss the overwhelming reviews that suggest otherwise. You are one of the lucky ones...

Reviewed by Andy W from West Midlands on 19th Dec 2013
Bought new Samsung S4 with unlimited calls and 2Gb data specifically to use for work (Solihull) related calls and access to email during meetings. POINTLESS!!. No signal in in most parts of my office (data & voice). By the time I had handed over my work mobile (BYOD) I had gone past the 7 day cooloff. Sim replaced but no good. Colleague purchased same phone but from EE for same price (& on 4G!) @ same time. He has blistering reception. My signal is also very patchy in other parts of Bham & London. DO NOT choose Vodafone as a carrier! EVER!

Reviewed by Tracey from Scotland on 19th Dec 2013
AVOID THIS COMPANY. There are so many other companies out there. They promised me an I pad on the 2nd of December which was a gift for my family for xmas. Although they have taken payment for it I have never received the item as they are out of stock. Wish they told me that before I ordered. I tried to cancel the order over the phone as it clearly wont be here now, And guess what they cant cancel, has to be done in store which is 15 miles away. I cant wait to cancel my other contract with them which ends in Feb. Keep your money folks and go with a reputable company that will honour their agreements.

Reply by Latoya from England on 28th Jan 2014
Amen sista

Reply by Caveat Emptor from EEC on 8th Feb 2014
Surely Vodafone are reputable. I just don't know if I'd want their reputation.

Reviewed by Kareem from UK on 10th Dec 2013
I want to start by saying avoid Vodafone at all costs. Their customer service is by far the worst I experienced amongst any provider I used, for anything. Not a single promise was made, and my number is lost somewhere in cyberspace as other people might have experienced.

I've been trying to get my number back since 20th Nov 2013, no luck. And the number that I want to be transferred is from Vodafone to another Vodafone line, it's not even external.

I wish I wasn't tied up in a contract with them, I would've left them now. But I will not renew my two contracts that I have, nor bring my wife's line as I had originally planned.

It's 10th December today, and every person that promised me that I will be called back by a manager, or by him or her, never called back. Only one called back and I missed the call, left a message saying she'll call again, never happened.

I am still in search for my number in cyberspace by the way.

Avoid Avoid AVOID and get away from them!!!


Reviewed by Niels from UK on 10th Dec 2013
I have been with Vodafone for 20 years. Their call centres are as good and bad as everyone else in my view when I listen to the issues my friends have on other networks. I have noticed in some instances that I have a good signal where friends and colleagues on other networks have poor reception, so in general, I would say the coverage is amongst the best but obviously that depends where you are. Having said that, where I live there is only 2G despite being on the outskirts of a major town, and the signal is poor with the front upstairs bedroom the only place with a reasonable signal, but the point of this review is that for me, the real saving grace of Vodafone is their "Suresignal" box. It costs £100.00 but in my view it is worth it. I get rock solid 3G around the whole house and garden. You just have to follow the instructions and site it sensibly and about 1 metre away from your wireless router which it plugs into. 3G is not really the benefit as I would be on my own wifi network in the house for data anyway, but at least I can make and receive calls and sms with certainty now. I could be cynical and ask why I have to shell out hard-earned cash to compensate for the lack of Vodafone signal despite being in a major population area, but I decided to pour a glass of wine instead and get on with my life and enjoy clear calls and fast sms!!

Reviewed by David from UK on 25th Nov 2013
I have been a VF customer for over 20 years. When I started with them they were easily the most reliable network for 2G up and down the country - I frequently got a reception where others didn't and it was never the other way around. Unfortunately as a global business they took their eye off the UK market - they have failed to invest in their UK network and have allowed EE, O2 and 3 to overtake them with comprehensively better 3G coverage nationwide. A Vodafone 3G signal is non-existent outside of major cities and when you do find some it is patchy and slow compared to the competition. No matter how many Yoda adverts they commission, their 4G roll-out is also notably behind the competition. A sad end to two decades with them but I can't justify paying for a 3G or 4G contract plan when they can only provide a 2G service across 90% of the country.

Reviewed by Nicholas G from UK on 20th Nov 2013
Need to change to a NANO SIM, and to keep old number. 2 separate chat sessions told me they would send new NANO by post. A 3rd chat told me that was not possible, had to 'pop in' to a shop where the swap could be done right away. Vodafone does like the phrase 'pop in' to a shop. Finally I found the time to visit the shop in Liverpool street station. NO NANO SIM. They could, in fact do nothing. Swapping number online for Pay As You Go not possible. I have experienced the most unacceptable and appalling customer service. Managers obviously don't exist or don't give a damn. The confusion and lack of knowledge on the online 'chats' is pathetic. I am changing server.

Reviewed by Patricia Marchand from United Kingdom on 18th Nov 2013
Very bad customer services, encountered problems when I tried to register the product, registration was not working, then for 2 days was passed from one to another on the telephone and on-line chat. Thanks I did not purchased a contract with them! Very stressing and a waste of valuable time.

Reviewed by Missa from UK on 11th Nov 2013
Honestly, this is the worst service I have ever had with a mobile provider. I am international and got the Freedom Freebee, which seemed like a good deal. What they didn't tell me was that EVERY time I would try to renew my service or top up, the site would be "shut down." They wouldn't take my credit card over the phone and as a full-time worker who paid significant money for the service that was supposed to be renewed online or by phone, I did not appreciate having to go into the store. And most times I went into the store, I found that their system would be down as well. Thus, I would go days without texting, calling, or a data package. My opinion? Take your business somewhere else.

Reviewed by Christine from UK on 16th Oct 2013
AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!!!! Customer Service is inept, technical support is incompetent and I have wasted hours of my life being passed around various departments. If I could rate less than 1 in the ratings they would literally be 0!

Reviewed by Tim Smith from UK on 2nd Oct 2013
Charged me £33 per month for 54 months for a spare handset I ordered then returned.(I found this out when I cancelled my mobile dongle) Vodafone acknowledged this and promised me a full refund into my account 7 to 10 working days on 23 august 2013.Despite several calls to customer services/put on hold/etc. nothing... IMO they seem to be avoiding refunding me money that they took from me wrongly (I have all the statements to prove this) Ignorant call centre staff.this company appears TOTALLY DISHONEST !!

Reviewed by Caitlin from UK on 1st Oct 2013
Avoid Vodafone at all cost! When I was on direct debit, money was taken out from my account without my consent or knowledge (no bills to show for it either) and took over 4 months to get back. Now they are trying to charge me extra because I'm refusing to use direct debit. Network is touch and go and I live in the city. Customer service does not exist. This is what I get for 8 years of loyalty.

Reviewed by Mark E from UK on 28th Sep 2013
I tried to change from another Network, passed Vodafone my old number (which I require for Business) along with the PAC code. They seem to have lost my number somewhere in cyberspace!
My experience with this leads me to strongly advise anybody to give it a wide birth.
The Vodafone shop in the Potteries Shopping Center in Stoke on Trent ,UK is beyond reprieve.
The whole Company is obviously a disorganized MESS.

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 17th Sep 2013
Well I havent used mu phone much today no calls and only checked email and my payg credit has gone down £2. So I will be deciding soon whether to continue!

Reviewed by K Stirling from UK on 17th Sep 2013
I would not recommend vodafone to anyone, and I am passing this message onto as may people as i can. They refused to fix my phone saying i had dropped it,which i didn't!! But have now found out that this is what they do more often than not when phones need repairing. I then whet to Samsung direct and they have quickly fixed my phone just by getting me to reset it, with a short phone call. I would say this has definitely been the worst customer service i have ever received and am now going to pursue cancelling my contract with this badly run company.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 14th Sep 2013
Never never ever ever use them. When in a crowded place the phone constantly shows 3G but the little icon will just spin. Customer service - basically they just try to bore you put of the discussion so you will stay with them by putting as many hurdles in the way as possible & by refusing to acknowledge any fault. I have been with them for 15 years in 3 different countries & similar experiences everywhere!

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 2nd Sep 2013
Have been with Vodafone from 2001 and up until around 2011/12 the service was great. But since the explosion in 3G and data traffic the network is very poor and I struggle to make calls or get cut off during calls. I don't want to leave vodafone but they leave you no choice, I cant accept a service which I pay for but do not receive. When you cannot make basic phone calls there is a problem. Spoke with them and they say 4G is round the corner ? NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Reviewed by Bena from UK on 15th Aug 2013
I've got a problem or Vodafone has got a problem as it looks that because the technical problem they did not update my account after I paid my bill!

Money has gone from my bank account (debit card payment), received a confirmation email from vodafone thanking for the paymeny (no amount mentioned), after making that payment on the screen there was an info that something went wrong asking me to pay again. My available balance with my bank was lower as the amount has been deducted. Checked my Vodafone statement and it still shows that I owe them full amount. The situation has happened on 12th August 2013 and now I have my bank statement in hand (14th August 2013) showing that money has been taken by Vodafone on 12th August 2013.

Natwest statemet available to Vodafone team! What should I think about it? I spoke to Vodafone and they said that they have not received the payment! Technical problem allowing Vodafone to steal money from people's accounts?

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