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 In a nutshell  

Last updated February 2016

Vodafone was the UK's first mobile network and made the UK's first mobile phone call back in 1985. It launched 3G services in 2004 and 4G in 2013 and is one of the largest mobile operators in the world.

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Key features

Vodafone now offers Wi-Fi calling for the iPhone 6s/6s+ and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge on certain tariffs. The company also makes the Vodafone Sure Signal, a 3G micro-transmitter that can provide you with 3G coverage at home or at work.

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Average rating from 678 reviews:

Reviewed by DAE from UK on 19th May 2016
Terrible experience with Vodafone and their customer services department. My complaint has been passed all over the world, when I sent my letter to their head office in Newbury. Disgraceful service.

Reviewed by Mirel from Uk on 11th May 2016
Worst experience.

Reviewed by kevin from uk on 11th May 2016
Rubbish useless - can't speak to anyone avoid at all costs as soon as my contract is up - i'm off !!!!!!!

Reviewed by EMMA from uk on 10th May 2016
They are thieves, liars and time wasters.
Do not go with vodafone-you will regret it!
On going problem which they caused. It's taking weeks to sort out. They keep taking money which they don't account for, disconnected the phones twice. Changed contract dates for an extra 1 year. Also, changed contract amounts per month. So now paying a lot more. Never asked for any of this.

Reviewed by Chris from Wales on 6th May 2016
I don't even receive bills anymore, not paid them since feb, tried to call them etc etc, on line chat, they really are useless...
I don't mind a free phone but I fear one day they're going to hit me with a bill for lots of money.

Reviewed by Alan from united kingdom on 5th May 2016
Impressive service but because red data is limited I always keep three network handy, I like the fact voda don't limit how I can use red data, but usage without tethering should not be limited especially not to rooted devices.

Reviewed by Pat Ford from UK on 28th Apr 2016
If I could give a less than one rating, I would. Every time I ring customer services, I am promised this time it will be sorted out, but now I have completely given up. I can't wait for my contract to end! Basically, I can't get reception in my house, unless I stand pressed against my bedroom window and, even then, the reception generally goes within minutes. I have been consistently told by Vodafone that they have experienced difficulties in my area, but these are being worked on - really? I have been told that I would not be charged because I have not been able to use the network - the reality was that I was offered one month free. Ridiculous when one is signed into a two year contract. I have been advised I would get better reception if I altered the setting to 2G - crazy when you think networks are now having no trouble on 4G. In any case, this made no difference! It is also hopeless when you ask to speak to anyone in a more senior position - apparently whoever you speak to holds that position of authority! I have only recently found out that the Vodafone store in my area actually closed because of the lack of reception in its locality, but they still won't release me from my contract without me paying off the full amount left to run - what a nerve! So take my advice - DO NOT, whatever deal you are offered, enter into any contract with Vodafone.

Reviewed by Rajinder kaur from Manchester on 22nd Apr 2016
Omg why has this company not been arrested I've just read a review which is exactly like mine they renewed a contract that I clearly stated I wanted cancelled now debt collectors are ringing me. I have rang ten times that's not even exaggerating I've written to head office. They have listened to the phone call I was told I was incorrectly charged now all of a sudden they have rejected my complaint and are saying I owe them that money I am fuming if I could rate no stars I would.

Reply by Ewa from UK on 28th Apr 2016
Oh, so this is what coming then?? they have done everything bad possibel to me, even overcharging me whilst on morphine in hospital after serious life-saving surgery! I have wanted to quit for so long but i have to stick to this for another 4 months till my contract runs out. From what you say i might be stuck to them forever!

Reviewed by Dani from UK on 21st Apr 2016
Absolutely awful, everything about them is bad, the cost of their contracts, their customer service and their signal. After being with them for close to 10 years i have moved to another provider, both of my contracts. I guess you just get fed up of being charged incorrectly each month! Then being fobbed off by 23 different people: "OK all done now, next month your bill will be back to where it should be" wait a month, over charged again. Will never use them for anything ever again! One star is too much...

Reviewed by ANDY WRIGHT from United Kingdom on 17th Apr 2016
Before buying the Galaxy S7 I asked 2 separate online customer advisers if the S7 worked with wifi calling at this time and they both assured me that it did and tried very hard to get me to sign up through each of them but I said I was going to think about it. The next day I decided to buy online and collect at my local store.Once at the store I asked the staff member to confirm the s7 will work with wifi calling now and he also assured me that it did, great can you set the phone up so it will work for me when I get home. Before leaving the store I again asked that the phone had been set to work with wifi calling and he said it had.Once home I discovered that it had no option for wifi calling so I called customer services and they said the S7 does not work with wifi calling.So 3 different Vodafone staff members either gave wrong information or lied to me to get a sale.Back at the store was a nightmare...the same staff member ( assistant manager) thought it was acceptable to shout at me at the top of his voice in front of other customers that he hadn't told me it would work with wifi calling, after reminding him of our earlier conversation when I bought the phone he again shouted in front of a shop full of customers ..WHO ON EARTH BUYS A PHONE WITHOUT KNOWING HOW IT WORKS!! very intimidating..I left the store and called customer services to complain but they wasn't interested saying they could only put it on my notes so I wrote a letter and posted it to the address on their website recorded delivery but they didn't even acknowledge my letter or reply. After making several requests I finally received a returns bag and have now cancelled my contract and sent their phone back.NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE VODAFONE AND I HOPE IF YOU'RE READING THIS VODAFONE YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME .......IF YOU CAN BE BOTHERED THAT IS.

Reviewed by ian godden from britain on 16th Apr 2016
I beg you do not use vodafone, everything they tell you on phone is a lie. they deny everything and make you feel a liar, wish i never went with them.

Reviewed by AL from UK on 12th Apr 2016
Avoid like the plague. Truly awful experience trying to arrange an upgrade.

Reviewed by John from UK on 11th Apr 2016
Vodafone haven't cancelled a contract that was renewed back in November. They are now trying to bill me for the months that its still been active as well as adding cancellation fees on top! We gave them the 30 days notice in October 2015 that they requested but they still didn't terminate the contract after it expired. They have now cancelled our other 2 contracts due to not paying our bill for the contract mentioned above. Vodafone have all of a sudden lost all notes of us calling them and have no recollection of us trying to cancel the contract although we have talked numerous times and walked into a local store to discuss it.

Quite simply, Vodafone are bullies and thieves!!!!!

Reply by Lynne from UK on 21st Apr 2016
Same situation but a few years ago. Just received summons from Lowdell to go to court. Unbelievable and would advise anyone considering Vodafone to look elsewhere.

Reply by Kayleigh from UK on 4th May 2016
Exactly the same situation as I am in... except my notice was given in November. Despite the fact that I have written notes on every phone call and am able to tell them the exact date and time of calls there are, miraculously, no notes on my file from those calls. The amount I allegedly owe is different on the letter they have sent me to what they have on file for me. I have had enough now and I am filing a subject access request for all information they hold on me and will be challenging every discrepancy. I have explicitly told them I will not be paying this 'debt' and I will take them to court if I have to.

Reviewed by Lovely from Uk on 11th Apr 2016
I can't explain how much problems I'm having with Vodafone. I'm getting terrible service from Vodafone i just want to leave them.. I'm middle of the contact I don't know how to get out from them.. There customers service is very very bad they are not helpful at all.. They r very rude .they keep charging me extra money every month when I call them and ask they keep saying different different things.. Every time I call different different people ans the phone and they says different things. I will tell my all friends and family never to get Vodafone.. They r just rubbish

Reviewed by Andrew Mackay from United Kingdom on 8th Apr 2016
Vodafone customer service by numbers:
1 wrong phone delivered.
31 outgoing calls to customer service to resolve.
16 customer service people spoken to.
11 promises to resolve (broken).
10 promises to call me back (broken).
1 call back.
380 minutes calling customer service .
240 minutes on hold listening to Coldplay, Ellie Goulding and anon (only 3 songs on a loop!).
36 days billed for a phone not received.
0 resolution.

Reviewed by Sammie from England on 8th Apr 2016
Worst company I have ever dealt with! Took money from us that they shouldn't have & did t give explonation. Absolutely disgusting.

Reviewed by Lyn from England on 5th Apr 2016
Took my new mobil galexsy s6 to Chelmsford store as it did not charge properly, so the staff put a pin in the charger whole and says it working, got home and its worse won't charge at all now, take it to basildon store they send it away for repair and now want me to pat 204 pounds because the pins in the charger hole are broken. not happy taking this further if I have to.

Reviewed by Mercy from uk on 5th Apr 2016
I've never come across such a revolting grotesque bad management un organized confused disgraceful phone company. I have suffered with Vodafone to the extent that every month I call to ask questions of my apparent 3digit bill, often 300+ I ask how is this possible and each transfers they claim its this that or the other. Stupid company cant wait till my contract is over !

Reviewed by Natalie Davis from United Kingdom on 1st Apr 2016
All vodafone care about is signing people up to expensive contracts. Then they don't care at all. I'm not getting what I'm being charged for. When I complain they won't listen let alone help. The last time I complained they sent my personal data to strangers. So now I'm too scared to call them again. I've just got to wait until I can leave. I wish I'd never joined. I wish I could give a zero star rating. They are stealing from me and I can't do a thing about it.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 31st Mar 2016
The worst experience ever to have my under contract under guarantee iPhone 5s repaired! Too long of a story to go into suffice to say my contract will be ended after the rude staff at the store in Salisbury and also the joke of a customer service - no one tells you the truth only what they think you want to hear!!

A friend who had the same issue had his phone replaced with a brand new one the same day by courier, now that is amazing customer service.

3 weeks later and possibly my phone is ready for collection!!who knows if this one will work!!!

Never again!!!!

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 30th Mar 2016
Awful Company, never join them.
I had a contract in 2014, closed it, paid off the balance and in writing was told that the balance was cleared. A year later I then applied for a mortgage and on my credit report I had a defaulted debt with Vodafone. When I called them to investigate their off shore team could not see the debt and I was told there had been an error, but they could not do anything about it, as they could not access my file. I then wrote to the Customer Relations Manager and emailed the CEO Jereon Hoencamp but received no response. I then called their corporate UK support line and was told that on another system I did have a debt which had been transferred to a debt collection agency, Ardent Prime. I contacted Ardent Prime and they have no record of me, this is after giving them the reference number that Vodafone gave me. I am now completely stuck and will be considering legal action.

Reviewed by O from England on 29th Mar 2016
Cant wait for my contract to end. In December decided to changed tariffs online and got an email to confirm we had. Four months on and still being billed 21 pounds too much and yet despite 3 store visits to chelmsford and 3 hours calling India no one wants to take responsibility. Tempted to phoned the police to be honest as my money is being stolen each month and it seems like there is nothing I can do. Its disgusting and the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If you read this this even considering vodafone then look elsehwere for your own sanity and bank balance.

Reviewed by Beverley Thwaites. from UK on 25th Mar 2016
Never in my life have I experienced such terrible customer service. VODAFONE are the absolute pits.
Here is my story:

I attempted to pay my bill on the due date as I do every month. I was informed that there was a technical problem at the Vodafone end and that I should try online. I tried online. Same problem. I tried the next day and the next day for a whole month.
During this time I made 20 calls to Vodafone an e mailed the CEO J. Hoencamp. My e mails prompted a phone call from a call centre operative who 'sympathised', told me she would look into this problem further and update me on Friday. Surprise surprise, there was no call. I call them and asked what had happened to my update and a very aggressive operative told me that update calls were only possible when staff were available !!
I went into my local shop to attempt to pay but they said they can no longer take payments. Who ever heard of a shop that does not take payment!! More calls, more e mails,more promises of looking into the problem and assurances that I will not be cut off. One month has gone by and I have received my 2nd bill which I STILL CANT PAY ! Now I am told that they are aware of my problem, it is under investigation but there is no time frame in which I can expect a solution. Meanwhile, I HAVE BEEN CUT OFF !! I have called again this morning, same old rubbish, lies etc. I have told them that I wish to give notice to end my contract. As I write, I have been waiting 20 minutes for someone to answer my call. Whatever you do, DONT use this incompetent, useless provider.

Reviewed by A. H. from UK on 23rd Mar 2016
Echoing what other people have experienced, it seems that the only way to pursue a complaint with Vodafone is through ADR or a small claims court. Their customer service is non-existent and they don't adhere to even their own complaints policy so what chance do we have? I entered into a new contract with them December 2015. Hadn't had any problems before, but they cacked that up. My mobile minutes were missing and I was supposed to have 2GB of data, but only 1GB was recorded. I naturally queried this when I got through my 2nd confirmation email (the original received on the day I selected the contract was absolutely fine). That email stated I was within my 14 day withdrawal period.

Don't trust the advisors when they say: "I've sorted that for you." Or even if they say they see your minutes on the screen. Or even if they put you on hold to speak to a retentions advisor to sort out your data. They won’t have. Or if they do anything, it won’t be a permanent fix.

I was an idiot for trusting them. Naturally, my January 2016 bill was wrong and my subsequent call to resolve that was a nightmare. I then moved to writing to them after speaking to Consumer Helpline.

Vodafone never got back to me even after two letters, both sent recorded delivery. They’re just not interested.

Now that over 8 weeks have passed, it’s in Ofcom’s hands.

If you have a complaint with Vodafone, do it in writing – if you phone them, keep a note of all the dates, names and times. Keep a log. Anything you send to them, keep a copy for yourself and send it recorded/signed for mail. Whatever you can use against them to build your case, use it. They only dig bigger holes for themselves.

If 8 weeks have gone by, go straight to the Ombudsman. Vodafone won’t lift a finger to help you. Not on their own.

Don’t go with this company.

Reviewed by Dave from Uk on 19th Mar 2016
✊✊✊✊💦💦CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD GOES TO👉 Vodafone has got to have an award for the worst customer service going this company is a joke staff aren't given the correct training to deal with any problem all you get when you ring them is untrained staff that are really incompetent to point where pulling teeth & getting kicked in the balls is better than actually ringing there customer care team PLEASE PEOPLE DON'T USE VODAFONE IF YOUR THINKING OF UPGRADING IT MAY BE ALL GOOD AT THE BEGINNING BUT AS SOON AS YOU HIT ANY KIND OF ISSUE YOUR BASICALLY FECKED AS THE COMPANY IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT UNTRAINED NUMPTIES.

Reviewed by hr mehra from india on 18th Mar 2016
Worlds most hopeless 3g service looting people.

Reviewed by Big G from UK on 14th Mar 2016
If I could give them no stars I would!

The worst customer service I have ever experienced, will never use them again and have already told my story to family, friends and colleagues hoping they will also never use Vodafone again.

I was a customer for over 10 years, no longer need a personal phone so cancelled contract (well out of contract). 5 months later I find out that I am showing arrears in my credit file recorded by Vodafone. I am shocked to say the least, so I call them to find out why. Apparantly I owe them £30 but they can't explain why and when I ask why haven't I heard about this they said they had text me! which is amazing as I cancelled my contract and didn't take my number with me, when I pointed this out they didn't know what to say, only that the amount was due and it is my responsibility. When I asked why they had't sent me a letter as I was 5 months in arrears, the excuse was I was on electronic billing which was my preference so its my fault I didn't get a letter! SHOCKED !! I am in the process of writing to them to resolve this and if I am not satified I will refer it to the Communication Ombudsmon.

Reply by Pravi from India on 16th Mar 2016
Worst service ever i have seen in my life.......Please guys dont use vodafone network.

Reviewed by DFraser from uk on 11th Mar 2016
Terrible network to be with if someone fraudulently uses your Vodafone bill to purchase things that you don't know about nor did you give permission I have a crime reference number and the police say its fraud but Vodafone are saying it isn't I didn't give anyone permission to buy things and add them to my Vodafone bill I've had to stop my direct debit until they sort it!!!

Reviewed by Iona from Kiribati on 9th Mar 2016
Vodafone is hopeless in transferring radio signal from other places outside.

Reviewed by Gaz W from UK on 4th Mar 2016
Awful, awful, awful; avoid at all costs. Customer service appalling. Almost impossible to get through on the phone, waited 75 mins last Sunday and eventually gave up. Online chat not much better; tried to confirm my contract end date and 3 hours later I had been passed around 4 different departments only to end up back at the same one. Eventually found out that the contract expiry shown on my online account was wrong and 12 months out of date. Obviously I left immediately and consider it the best thing I've done for a long time. Now with Life mobile who have been superb. Vodafone attitude toward customers is comical and I hope it comes back to bite in time.

Reviewed by jim thomson from bonny scotland on 29th Feb 2016
Well,well, ah see that things are nae better than they wir a year or so ago when ah first wrote ma wee speel aboot vodkaprone. Things here at the bothy are a butty better noo, ave got maself a better deal wi the dunnerheads ave gotten masses o internet data an a fir the price o a couple o haggis suppers!! Aye,changed days min, noo they want me tae dae reviews aboot them an how good or bad, (aye an wi a ken how bad they kin be) well, ony way it jist goes tae show if ye stick tae yer guns yell get there in the end.ah hid mare thin twa or three years wrangling wi this lot but ah Got them sortit oot in the end!! SO DINNA GIE UP ,DEMAND TAE SPEAK TO A MANAGER AN ADVISE THEM YE WINNAE PAY ONY THING TILL THE PROBLEMS GIT DEALT WI!!! so as the pale sun sinks intae the western islands its cheerio fe me an mirk in the bothy , am awa tae check the ewes wi'll be lambin in a day or twa so ah'll no be getting ony time tae use a'ma free data!! PS a wunnae ge them ony stars yit as they have a lot o catching up first.

Reviewed by S HOWE from EAST SUSSEX on 29th Feb 2016
Never use this company last September i rang them to go simes only for my daughter and my self i had conformation but they still carried on taking out for my daughters and my phone .I could not cancel the direct debit as i still had a contract for my older daughter .Phone calls if i was lucky to get through yes it will be sorted lies .Emails ignored letters ignored .I got so fed up i cancelled the contract for my daughter and myself had conformation but they still carried on taking money out from my account .I sent them a recorded letter with all the copies of the cancelled contracts giving them 14 days to sort it out .Still taking my money out after 14 days when i spoke to them they said they would sort it out .More lies .I sent them another recorded letter giving them 7 days to have my money refunded to my account .I got a letter back back saying it was their fault and the money would be refunded again more lies still continued to take money out from my account .I spoke to them again today money promised by Wednesday 2nd March .IF i do get it on Wednesday it would have taken 6 months lots of phones calls recorded letters emails .My daughter is now 18 so she can have her own account and then when her contract runs out Next January she will attempt to cancel her cotract .If you want a good service DO NOT USE VODAFONE .

Reviewed by Jw from Wales on 28th Feb 2016
Absolute rubbish company appalling customer service, they can't sort anything. Don't ever use Vodaphone, they tried transferring my old number to my new phone both phones were on vodaphone it's now been 3 weeks that I can't use my phone. I'm fed up of constantly calling them only to be told it's a technical fault and it will be working in 24hrs then 48 hrs then 72hrs then 48 hrs then 72 hours then 48 hrs this has gone n for 3 weeks and in this time I haven't got a phone working. I tried cancelling my contract and they say I have to pay the 20 months contract off. Do anybody know my rights??
Sorry should read -20 stars 😠

Reviewed by Anastasia from England on 26th Feb 2016

Online chat of 1 hour an a half.

An online order which cannot get a confirmation for. Chatted with 6 different people only to tell me to wait 24 hours :/

I wish I could cancel the order and never deal with them again.

Reviewed by Cate from UK on 25th Feb 2016
13 months into my contract and cut off today again. Bill was paid via their site. Same happened last month. You pay it online in your uk account. You then have to check your bank account and check it's came off your bank account. (all direct debits over the last year failed). Yes it's been deducted. Last month the payment came back to my account. The bank said the Vodafone side failed to collect it and after a week it comes back to your account??? Had to babysit this contract every month. Been cut off multiple times for non payment. Awaiting investigation via ombudsman. Wrote to their head office - Royal Mail recorded delivery with official complaint. Proof of receipt 7th October 2015. Still no answer from vodafone. Today when I phoned to ask why my phone was cut off they acknowledged my payment 6 days ago, My online account only shows last month's payment? regardless I'm cut off and they can leave me cut off. Sick to death of this company. Will never ever deal with them again and to anyone thinking of going to vodafone - BEWARE! This is the 3rd time over months I've reviewed here (Cate 29th Sept 2015). Problems just go on and on. Today they suggested I try changing my sim card. Told them I'm changing nothing except provider!
Deserve minus stars. Called them again today and promised to phone me back hours ago. Heard it all before and they never phone back.

Reviewed by Ls from Uk on 22nd Feb 2016
Shocking service. Rang over a month ago to cancel my contract as it had 1 month left. They have sent me a further bill so when I rang to complain they say I Did not cancel as the disconnection department closes at 8o'clock, I was put through by someone in billing. Practically called a liar by a lady in disconnections. My fiance & my daughter both heard the cancellation conversation. I have now had to pay the bill on my card or I wasn't allowed to cancel again & also another £13 line rental as I have to give 30 days notice. Disgusting scammers. Stear clear. If I could give no stars I would.

Reviewed by HA1 from United Kingdom on 22nd Feb 2016
Just the worst company in the world sent me the wrong phone, i rang up to get it sorted. 2 months later i still have the wrong phone. The worst company in the world.

Reviewed by Anonymous from Uk on 18th Feb 2016
They just make things really complicated, the worst company I've ever came across, waste of time and money.

Reviewed by Mrs m smith from Uk on 18th Feb 2016
I've had problem with Vodafone for months now. ive contacted and contacted and contacted them lost count now. always going to sort it out. well haven't.my daughter has Vodafone as I do.own account.but turns out they add. My bill to her account.this is why her bill was always high.as only got a mini I pad with them. This come to light after visit Vodafone shop.so again phone them as bill being paid twice.yes we will sort this out.i even wrote to head office yes no reply.and Vodafone said they would. Put this in writing .on contacting them I said il be out country.so please sort this as making my daughter I'll.as adding charges as Bill more than should be.well they have sorted it out I'm angry they cut me off.while away.and I paid our bill s 2phones 2mini I pads.no contact at home.even tried ringing them and costs.cos no 191 .no stars at all...finish with Vodafone .they broke there contract....

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 17th Feb 2016
Worst company on earth the a communication company that can't communicate with customers.

Reviewed by Mrs churchill from England on 17th Feb 2016
Vodafone are a bunch of liars and thief's and are also bullys ,have had issues upon issue with these people since October 2015 and still messing up both mine and husbands account ,asked for a deadlock letter I want out had enough of this awful company .Certainly don't deserve any stars but it won't not let opt out of that .

Reviewed by Rae from england on 17th Feb 2016
I have been a customer of vodafone for 20 years and never had a problem until this year......but don't let if fool you that as a long term cusotmer I get treated any differently....I also work in customer service...which are two words missing from vodafone business manifest...To cut a familar story short....I had my daughters phone on my account as she is a minor...but for some reason her phone from removed from my bill and had run up a bill all by itself....I wasn't told about this nor informed by the normal commication paths....but I have to pay because even though 4 vodafone consultants have said they have done it error....but it's not their fault....I have asked how did it happen they can't answer that.....so they have got a minor into debt by removing the option for me paying for her and put me in debt to them because they never made me aware of this...and I have asked them numerous time about my account....Guess who will be leaving vodafone.....

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 16th Feb 2016
I have NEVER written one of those before but please, please,please do not use this company.

I won't bother you with details - save to say that I have been trying three days to talk to a human about an incorrect bill.

The customer service is astonishingly poor and the automated telephone system the worst on the planet.

The problem would be solved within seconds if I was allowed to talk to a human but Vodafone want you to waste time on live chat and automated telephone trees that constantly kick you out, and the biggest lie of all is the one where they say they will phone you back to save you the bother of waiting.

Never happens.

I will eventually get my money back I'm sure, because I'm a tenacious git, but there is no way it should be this difficult.

Simply appalling.

Join any other mobile company instead.

Reviewed by ash from uk on 16th Feb 2016
Very very poor service .worst mobile phone company i have ever come across .they started over charging me on my bill .5 months still havent been able to sort it out .complained to ombudsman .they charge me for paper bill which i dont receive .and now cant log in to on line account .have also tried to resolve it but i have been promised call back in 72 hours several times but no body calls back .each time its taking hours of my time on phone calls to them . I am going to seek legal advice on the matter shortley .just so angry with them.

Reviewed by PJR from UK on 15th Feb 2016
Vodafone are worse than useless, their customer 'service' is a joke and if you do finally get through to someone, they usually promise to do something (eg credit, refund etc) but then you find they didn't do it and you have to try and get through to customer service again..... I cancelled my contract with them at the beginning of Jan, knew I had to pay a penalty as I was cancelling 8 days before I was allowed to cancel, but now I've received another EXTORTIONATE bill but can't log in as have no contract..... so am left hanging on the phone waiting to get through to someone.

Reviewed by Nicky from Uk on 15th Feb 2016
Vodafone is the worst mobile phone company ever I've just paid off the last 2 months of contract with the £62 they owed me I'm now back to pay and go giffgaff for £20 a month I get unlimited calls texts and Internet do know why I didn't do that in the begining.

Reviewed by Gez from Uk on 14th Feb 2016
There are not enough hours in the day for me to go through all the issues I have had with vodaphone, the endless time I have spent getting through to customer services all leaving me with the inability to quantify my frustration.
If you could give minus stars for service they would in the hundreds.
I would like to register even more frustration at being forced to even award them 1 star.

Reviewed by Louise from Birmingham on 11th Feb 2016
Vodafone is absolute rubbish they are causing that much trouble for me.

Reviewed by hr mehra from india on 9th Feb 2016
Worlds most hopeless 3g service looting peaple

Reviewed by Ray from uk on 29th Jan 2016
My credit score has been trashed because vodafone applied a £25 charge after my final bill was paid. This problem, which I was unaware of until tonight when reviewing my experian credit score in preparation for applying for a new mortgage. The £25 has been shown as a default since last march, and every month since. I not only spoke to an adviser early last year to advise that I would be cancelling my contract which i was entitled to do, and after giving him all my details, he advised me 'all was done, and i was not required to do anything else. Some 2 months later, i got a warning letter from a recovery agency for an outstanding payment, which i paid. not using the phone, and moving on with life, i received another recovery letter for the said £25. I explained i had already paid in full what was outstanding, and this request was wrong. I never heard anything else, and never gave it another thought until i seen this with horror on my credit score. this alone has taken some 346 points off my previously excellent score. I am now rushing about talking to faceless people in offices goodness knows where, trying to fix a problem that has done much damage... any who can help get this mess resolved please let me know. Ray

Reviewed by Colin from Uk on 22nd Jan 2016
I renewed my contract with Vodafone in November to my regret now, been with them 17 years and was overcharged on my bill in December, 30 phone calls later and an hour at a time to speak to someone with no clue and promised the earth and still not got the £98 they owe me, tried to cancel my contract and it was going to cost me £700, only got a iPhone 5s, which is only worth £300 max mow a days, tried to argue that the only contract I signed was 17 years ago, rest was word of mouth, I don't get the service am paying for now, poor signal and no 3G, will need to speak to someone regarding this service, citizens advice or the ombudsmen to see what can be done bout it, bunch of crooks, never again from me, can't wait to get shot of them.

Reviewed by Natalie Davis from UK on 22nd Jan 2016
Avoid Vodafone at all costs. They have been charging me for services I can't use and they wont help me either. When you call to complain they leave you on hold for over an hour and when you talk to an advisor they are useless. The live chat is BAD too. When I tried contacting them by live chat their operator locked me out of my account and sent my login details repeatedly to at least one other customer. I complained about this data breach and was actually advised to contact them again through live chat. How stupid do they think I am?
I REALLY REALLY REALL wish I could leave.

Reviewed by Kseniia from UK on 21st Jan 2016
It was the worst company I have to deal with. You tell them " I need to keep my number for receiving incoming calls", and they put you on broadband contract and block all your calls. You tell them " I need to swap 2 numbers", they tell you " yeah yeah" , but in reality none of those people can do it!

I had 2 contracts on business account and every month I had to call them to spent hours dealing with all this strange bills, and what they do to the account.

Seriously, if you are looking for a good mobile provide, never think about VODAFONE!

Reviewed by Maxwell waxman united from Uk on 20th Jan 2016
Voda phone are the worst company I have ever dealt with poor customer services waiting on the phone for lengthy periods only to be cut off over charging issues charging you for picture messages you haven't sent. Completely useless company. Will be cancelling my contract with them after a15 years be warned do not use this company
Y will overcharge u I gave unlimited text and they say if u Write to long a text you get charged for picture message total bull they have broken there contract.

Reviewed by V from UK on 19th Jan 2016
Worst customer service. False promises multiple times. Wanted to send phone for repairs and it was a nightmare. Had to call, chat several times and visit store three times. Still waiting for it to get sorted. Not at all renewing contract due to very very very poor experience.

Reviewed by Paul from Jackson on 17th Jan 2016
This evening, my partner tried to telephone Vodafone customer services to sort out a problem on her account. She called at 17:30, and it took her until 20:00 to actually speak to someone. Utterly shocked that it can take any company two and a half hours to put a customer through to a staff member!

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 16th Jan 2016
Vodafone is awful, do yourselves a favour and have nothing to do with them. The service is patchy and the customer service is awful. Most of the people you speak to are in Egypt and read from scripts, they don't understand what your saying and you get passed around and around then usually get cut off.
The prices are lousy and there's nothing good I can say about them. They've got a reputation for being the worst, you see watchdog or any consumer column and Vodafone keeps coming up time and time again. Dreadful.

Reviewed by Shahana Ali from England on 16th Jan 2016
I regret taking out a contract with vodaphone. Their customer service is the poorest I have ever encountered and customer service team the worst trained employees I have ever had to deal with. Advisors are not bothered about fixing a problem or taking ownership. Due to a vodaphone fault, my direct debit has failed 3 successive times, affecting my credit rating and leaving me without coverage - I have called vodaphone at least 6 times over 2 months to sort this out. I was promised a management callback 5 times but never got one. Yesterday spent 3 hours on the phone being passed around billing and cancellations team - spoke to six people in one call. vodaphone are failing to provide a basic service and also not allowing me to be released from my contract unless I pay them £400. Just the worst commercial experience of my life. Ever. I would not recommend anyone take contract with them.

Reviewed by lee from london on 15th Jan 2016
i'v been voda customer for over 4 years. i cant say no problem at all but still not bad. 
whats this place for? who left all the reviews?  i was laughing after i read some of them.

Reply by Julie from uk on 25th Feb 2016
It's all good till you want to leave them, they then try to charge you a early termination charge wrongly and tell you over and over again it's sorted and it never is, I'm not the only one this has happened to there rubbish...

Reply by jim thomson from scotland on 1st Mar 2016
Well ah hope yer happy state o affairs continues. So yev been wi this lot fer four years ...geid fer you. Ave been wi them fer twenty years, the first 10 wir NEA bother at a' then ah got maself a Samsung galaxy ...fine, until it got smashed up. took it tae their shop expecting it tae be a write aff ....but no ,it wis sortit. It wis never the same again an that's what stertit three years o fechtin wi them,... Ah dinnea gee up when ahm no getting the standard o service ahm paying for !!! So dinnea come on here an belittle the hundreds o fowk who hiv reason tae complain but Cannae get ony satisfaction !!

Reviewed by Michelle from England on 13th Jan 2016
Absolutley annoyed with the company, customer service cannot understand what i am saying, have had my number dissconnected for no reason!!!! Unreliable... Ring for one thing and 5 other things happen!!

Reviewed by J woods from Ireland on 4th Jan 2016
Never ever ever again went to the US on 5/11/15 switched my phone on on runway before I had exited the plane 4 text messages in space of one minute stated that I had run up a bill of £780 ex vat £938 inc vat after much much protracted negotiations including a voicemail to say my account had been credited, 2 months later bill is still outstanding and was informed by the almost impossible customer services that mr @@@ you are obviously lieing as a phone doesn't lie about its usage!! Was assured by collections dept at 11.00 am 4/01/16 that it was a glitch and not to worry... 8.30 pm phone is blocked by Vodafone 60 days later still an ongoing issue!!

Reply by Ange from uk on 9th Feb 2016
Ive had similar despite fact I took my phone off roaming and only used free wi fi. Im at my wits end!

Reviewed by Keshav Dev from England on 30th Dec 2015
I was receiving threatening call from unknown Number and when i asked to vodafone for detail of that calls they said i have to make FIR. After i did Fir they said in three days they will email me the detail but i did not received and when i called again to customer services, said that will email me details in 24 hour. But i did not received any email. when i called again they said they can't give me the detail and asked me to change my contact no. According to them I don't know how many time should i change my number. It is our right to know from who we receiving the calls.

When we use data, text or make a call they update the allowance after 24 hour. I am using 4g but internet is very slow.

After using their contract of 2 years i can say vodafone is cheater company.

I will never ever recommend vodafone.

Reviewed by dave from england on 19th Dec 2015
Absolutely useless, having been cut off for a week through no fault of my own and Vodafone admitting full responsibility they decided on giving me a free month for the cost of the calls I've had to make then only for me to check my bill for the following month and they've taken it back, saying I am livid is an understatement.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 17th Dec 2015
The customer service is absolutely diabolical. If you have an issue you will be passed around any number of departments - I recently spend 2.5 hours on the phone, spoke to 5 people and then told to go in store! I am not joking. I went into store and told to phone customer services! Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish! Do not use this company!

Reviewed by Jean-Marc Valat from UK on 17th Dec 2015
Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!
Bad network coverage in London. How can you have a bad network coverage in London?
Appalling customer service. Good luck to get hold of them...
Stay away from this company. You're not even a customer to them. They don't even bother contacting you back anyway. They don't want your business, just your money.

Reviewed by Katy from Liverpool on 14th Dec 2015
I have been a vodaphone customer for over 2 years and at the beginning of the year I renewed my contract with them big mistake ,I cannot wait will my contract ends for past few months I've had nothing but trouble with them being over charged month after month and when I ring them up am on the phone at least 3 hours and that's no lie were am on hold then speak to 3 different advisors who promise to solve the issue then the same thing happens again the month after its disgusting the way they treat their customers am that fed up ringing them all the time I've nearly saved up the money to buy my contact out so I never have to deal with this horrible company ever again,

Reviewed by Azim miah from England on 10th Dec 2015
Vodafone is by far the worst service you could be on, the deals are poor, the coverage is poor, the price is expensive.

I have been a vodafone customer for over 3 years and it's the worst decision i have made in my life. Vodafone kept charging me extra without enlisting a breakdown of my bill and also treated me with no respect at all.

I have been paying £28.99 a month (well i thought i was) but they would keep charging me extra, I would personally advise you not to join Vodafone and i'm very happy that i'm no longer part of this money sucking for no good company.

I just feel sorry for their existing customers.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 10th Dec 2015
I went to the local Vodafone shop this weekend. It was very busy, but they had several staff, who were all working efficiently. The man who dealt with me was very helpful and courteous and even offered me a mince pie! I needed to change my son's sim card for a nano sim card for his new phone, which was done easily, then I wanted to get a new PAYG sim card for my younger son. That was also done with ease. I had to register the nano sim online afterwards, but that was also achieved painlessly via chat with a very helpful lady. No complaints at all. I have been with Vodafone for 17 years, and have never had a single problem. Our family now has four phones with Vodafone.

Reviewed by Manjurul Shaheed from UK on 9th Dec 2015
Good Evening

I have moved to Your network three months before from EE after 8 long years with them. Moved due to get an exclusive offer with IPhone 6 that I was looking for. I had a option in day one to secure another contract but I did not take that that time due to my another contract was nearly finishing with EE by 21st November.

I rang 191 and took iPhone 6 Plus on 21st November. I received PAK code from EE on 24th November and passed that to upgrade team as requested by mentioning that need to process when I will ring after receiving the hand set that supposed to be delivered by 4th December .

Worst thing happened when I rang on 27th November to confirm that I have received the hand set but missing SIM card . Adviser advised me that I will receive that next day. But I did not receive that next day. I rang again and adviser confirmed that someone forgot to despatch the SIM. He re ordered that and I received that on 29th November. When I put the sim inside set that showed NO Service . I also noticed that my main number 07983025137 is showing No Service. Then I rang them again 3 different times but they dropped my call at certain point of time. I made those calls from my number 07983025137. They did not really behaved well with me at all, no one solved my issue. Than I rang from my land line number 01619007975 and spent around 45 mins on 084 number that cost me also but that adviser assured me that my main number will start functioning in 24 hours but the temporary number will be start functioning in 72 hours . My number backed to normal in 24 hours but that number not backed in 72 hours. Just to note adviser mentioned that for without having connection I will be compensated and my complaint been raised . As my wife use my 2nd number(Original EE no-07535653491) and could not contact with my children's , office last couple of days. That causes us big mental distresses.

After that conversation I received 2 new SIM card again and I rang again as I did not connected in 72 hours. Adviser did not find any notes in the system after 27th November and asked me again to put one of the two new SIM card that holding the number tel:07470116582. And mentioned it has been raised again and will take 72 hours again . They can't do anything more about that. It was done in 03/12. I have same No Service signal in that above number ended with 6582. Already passed 72 hours. My wife and my family still suffering and mentally effected with this un tolerable issue .

I need a proper investigation please in this regard. As my complaint has not been logged after I requested for several times.
Please let me know what you have done for me. Thanks for your time all cooperation sim this regards.

I sent this e-mail to CEO of Voda Phone and also to customer complaint department on 07/12 but no reply till today(09/12) at 22:50pm!!!!

Md Manjurul Shaheed
Mob : 07983025137

Reviewed by Tameisha from London on 8th Dec 2015
It's really a shame that contracts are for so long now and it's hard to get out of because honestly I don't think Vodafone would have any customers. Vodafone take out over £100 pound at the end of every month even though my contract is unlimited calls, unlimited text and unlimited internet for the price of 47.60.

I have to call every month In order to get a refund and then call again to manually pay.

I spoke to someone last week because I had enough of the back and fourth and they promised a manager would call me back.

A week later and still no reply.
I called today to speak to a manager and the customer service gentle man insisted that he did it. I really did not want him to and further expressed why I would prefer to talk to a manager. He then hung up on me even though I just had to wait in a que for 22 minutes.
This man was so rude to the point he actually made me cry.
Now I have to que for another 30minutes .

Vodafone is a disgusting company with disgusting morals. They don't treat their customers with respect and rob you for your money every month. To make it worse they have put a bad credit rating towards my name so now I can't get anything else.
If I knew how to take them to court I seriously would!!!

I would not suggest this company to not even a dog! Please please stay away if possible! It's not worth it

After I was rudely disconnected by a Scottish gentleman from customer service. I had to que again for 25minutes to be put through to a lady called Dina.
Her customer service skills was just as bad apart from she didn't hang up the phone.
As soon as I was connected I asked to speak to a manager again. She took me through security questions and then continued to question me. I told her my problem and she thought she would take it upon herself to be a manager.
I kept asking for a manager but she kept insisted that we had to talk first.

I told her my bill is 47.60 and she insisted it was 59.00 although she read through the notes that clearly said how much my contract was.

I took this contract out in July and it has been the biggest burden.

August I was debated 98.48
September 115.98
I called those two months and they said I had to call my bank if I wanted a refund and because I had to call twice they gave me a extra three months unlimited internet. And October free of charge but....
November I was debated 83.65

This is when I called and they said the manager would call back. That was another lie.
So after being on the phone to Dina for 30Minutes answering her repetitive questions she then said she would put me on hold to talk to a manager.

After being put on hold she came back and carried on questioning to the point I said "hi manager , is this the manager" she then said yes so I repeated my question and then she said no SMH!
I then started to cry again out of frustration and she ended the conversation with

The manager will call u tomorrow bye.
So I know 110% I won't get a phone call back and my credit rating will now be worse thanks to Vodafone !


Reviewed by Steph Burnett from UK on 4th Dec 2015
If you have a problem expect to get hostile and unhelpful treatment! My Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 died after just 26 days use so Vodafone sent it off "for repair" (code for: get a report for liquid damage so we don't have to do anything else). Blamed it on me even though it hadn't been near any liquid (in fact is kept with another phone at all times and that one unsurprisingly is working fine) and refuse point blank to replace it even though they are legally obliged to do so under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. My next step will be a court order for the costs of replacing the phone and my lost earning for the time its taken to sort out - Bravo Vodafone!

Reviewed by Claire B from Wales, UK on 3rd Dec 2015
I have experienced constant problems via my account as well as my partner's account with Vodafone.

It started with charging us monthly paper billing. Every month we would opt out and every month they would charge us for paper billing anyway. They would take the charges off, assure us that it wouldn't happen again, even gave us credit on our next bill for the constant running around, but this problem has yet to cease 16 months into our 24 month contract. We are always having to go back and forth with them to take the billing off.

When we decided we had had enough and wanted to leave (our phones had started to crash frequently by this date), they offered us an early upgrade. We agreed and for the past 3 days have spent hours and hours on the phone and via live chat to get the right phones sent out to us at the right location. At first they only managed to get one of our orders sorted. When we asked to get the other account sorted, they said the other would have to pay an early leaving charge. We refused and told them that they had already promised us an early upgrade so this was going against what they'd originally promised.

When they finally agreed, they said that the new phone would be set up on the same account. We were promised a delivery the next day, but upon checking, there was no extra order placed on the account. Hours on the phone later, they promised it was sorted and would be sent to the correct address.

This morning, we found out that the phone was NOT being sent to the correct address. AND once again they had deleted the other order. One phone arrived instead of two. Having been on the phone with Vodafone again today to fix this issue, we were told we were lying (despite our evidence of various Live Chat transcripts), but as a gesture of goodwill, they would send out the extra phone.

We will see whether or not this problem has been fixed, but I have my doubts in all honesty. If you can't flick a switch on a computer for 16 months to take off paper billing on two accounts, I don't know why I expect you to be able to send out two phones instead of just one to the requested address.

Reviewed by Maria from England on 2nd Dec 2015
I don't know what's happened to there customer care...use to be ok but now so bad....I have spent two weeks ringing them ....they have worn the word sorry out and there promises don't mean anything to me anymore......they cannot follow a dialogue with you and just laugh embarrassingly as they don't understand.......they kept passing me from person to person it was outrageous.....I was phoning them three or four times a day and I would be on the phone for between half an hour to an hour......I can't get mobile data on my iPad .....eventually a technition tole me they would sort it out and promised he would phone me regularly to let me know what's going on but I got three texts then nothing....I have made further phone calls but no luck....its disgusting how we are treated....I don't know how they can run a decent customer care when the people can't follow what your saying....and they promise they will help.....they say hold the line whilst they speak to someone then someone else come on the line who doesn't know what's going on and you have to start from the beginning....I can't wait till my contract ends.

Reviewed by j westie from uk on 2nd Dec 2015
I was over charged by £74 been trying to get back my money since june 15, yesterday I emailed the ceo, got response back, need to contact their head of complaint's but I'm not holding my breath.

Reviewed by Joan Godfrey from england on 27th Nov 2015
Vodafone customer service is appalling! Eight weeks ago I purchased a "bundle" for my mobile and was assured that my old vodafone mobile number would be transferred to the new phone within 24 hours. I am still waiting! I have contacted Vodafone via their internet chat service, phoning them direct and calling in at the Keighley, West Yorkshire branch. I have repeatedly asked for one of the "Regional Managers". Namely Fay Walker or Michael Needham to contact me to explain why I am still waiting! On 11th November 2015 I complained on writing to the customer relations manager at the head office in Newbury, sending copies to the above regional managers as well as Victoria Murphy , Operations Manager and a John Shaw. Retail DDirector. Contrary to the policy of Vodafone whereby they state they will acknowledge complaints within five working days I have had no acknowledgement from anyone. My letter was sent via recorded delivery and was received at the head office in Newbury at 8.28 a.m. on 13th November 2015 which is eleven working days aago. Yesterdsy i went to thd shop and told ghem i wasnt leaving until I spoke to someone in authority. But no joy. The shop assistant said that regional manager Fay Walker had told her that my old number would be transferred round about five p.m. last night. Guess what? It hasn't! Today the shop manager phoned to tell me he has spoken to his manager- Michael Needham who I believe on turn is speaking to his manager! What a set up! Tomorrow I am contacting the Yorkshire Post to ask for an open letter to be printed requesting that someone in higher authority at Vodafone contacts me. So watch this space and if it's good customer service you're after don't touchy Vodafone with a barge pole,!

Reviewed by Mrgarita from Uk on 26th Nov 2015
Dont ever use vodafone. They will overcharge you. Customer support are useless and never help but lie to you sayin g they will. They are a nightmare and frustrating.

Reviewed by Essa Ali from England on 26th Nov 2015
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! This is by far a cowboy corrupt company and behave like thieving peasants. There Asian customer service people in the call centres are rude and don't listen to there paying customers. There role is customer services yet there behaviour and application is appalling to say the least.

Reviewed by Risa Moody from UK on 20th Nov 2015
After 30 years as a Vodafone customer I am horrified at the service I have received today - I have had dealings with at least 7 people in different departments - having to go through security every time and having to explain the issue each time - each representative having no prior knowledge. An awful couple of hours and live chat is worse!
I have asked for my pac codes as it was really hopeless which will incur hefty early cancellation fees for two phones but what choice is there??
Really disappointed.
To add insult to injury I just checked back on my last live chat feed and Nosheen had actually written 'enjoy' with a smiley face after telling me I would need to pay £1,480,49 - disgusting!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 17th Nov 2015
Leaving Vodafone UK just 6 weeks after joining!

After messing up my direct debit (causing me to lose £35 in interest) they then locked my phone for an afternoon, then a few days later left me without data for a week and a late payment fee! Several phone calls later, no data. Now left with a HUGE termination fee! Abysmal service!


Reviewed by M from UK on 17th Nov 2015
Don't know why i am giving a star rating, it doesn't let me give less than 1 star.

They don't deserve a star at all. such bad customer service. such bad care and they done even care. I hope their profits drop so much that they start to care. I will be making it my key fact to promote the true light of Vodafone. Email Jeroen hoencamp this website and he still wouldn't care.

Reviewed by Cate from UK on 16th Nov 2015
Wrote to them, recorded delivery, 4th October to their customer services as advised by the Ombudsman. I'm still waiting for a response. Previously I had been with 02 for 15 years with no problems. Biggest mistake changing to Vodafone. So far 9 months and still can't access my account, check my data or minutes. Will never never use them again. Beware people.

Reviewed by PoorService from UK on 12th Nov 2015
All you lovely people struggling to get their complaints resolved, why not email the CEO?jeroen.hoencamp@vodafone.com

Reviewed by CH from UK on 12th Nov 2015
I have just been telephoned by Vodafone for an "account review". The girl started asking all sorts of questions about what devices do I use and how I use them. I said I was happy for her to discuss my mobile as it was with them but I couldn't understand why she needed to know about the rest of my devices.
When I asked again for her to get to the point as to why she was ringing (as I was driving, hands free and could hardly hear her!) she gave me a stoppy answer and slammed the phone down.

There is no point in making a complaint as looking at these other reviews it seems they are not bothered about poor customer care.

Reviewed by Arshi from UK on 12th Nov 2015
Worst company to be with wouldn't recommend this company to anyone you would just have loads of stress... customer service is so bad there not helpful they don't do nothing about it just keep adding on things to your account without telling you and charging a bomb... I can not wait till my contact finishes ever since I joined this company I have been calling every month and they do nothing for you... its a joke to be vodafone

Worst worst worst company ever!!!!!

Reviewed by Wayne from Uk on 11th Nov 2015
Having been charged for going over my data limit I thought it was a joke. I was charged £6.50 to then use a new limit of 250 mb, knowing this would not be enough I added an extra 1gb. Later that day without using any data the charge was cancelled. However the new bill showed more charges, totalling £64.99. After chatting to Vodafone all the charges were removed as I successfully claimed that I did not receive the close to limit text. A week later the charges were still on my bill, again I contacted Vodafone who again claimed they were removing all the charges. The following week the charges are still there waiting to come out of my bank. What is going on? They are a disgrace. I'm close to walking in store and handing back my iPhone and cancelling my DD.

Reviewed by Paddy from UK on 10th Nov 2015
I cannot understand how this company still exists, much less makes money. We have had a month-long saga of broken promises, so-called account managers disappearing off the face of the earth, calls and emails ignored and at best passed around a circle of people who have to be fully briefed all over again, and absolutely NO resolution of the issues we have raised.

If I were an employee of this organisation I would be deeply ashamed - it must hold the record for the worst customer service of any organisation I have ever dealt with.

You just need to read all the other reviews to realise this is a BIG problem.

Reviewed by Jemima thimbleby from Uk on 8th Nov 2015
voderphone is the worst phone company i have EVER been with - so what if there sooo big it matters how the treat their customer!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 7th Nov 2015
My girlfriend had a contract with vodafone for close to two years when she received a phone call to upgrade her contract. Which she was happy to do. She then waited for the phone for a week, the phone got to delivered to number 5 instead of 17! It was then sent back to vodophone. After a few days they said it was being sent out which it wasn't.... it was chilling in their warehouse. We then cancelled the contract and was told we wouldn't be charged an early termination fee for her original contract but then an early termination letter came through. Thankfully this has been resolved, we think, how can you trust the worlds of employees who give you miss-information and blatantly don't understand the company beyond their limited roles.
We must of been on the phone with them for close to 5 hours in total not to mention the inconvenience of not having the phone and it being on our minds.

Customer service is diabolical for such a large and recognised company. Using is them is dumb when there's better alternatives available. I'D ARGUE ANY OTHER NETWORK.
Then again in my opinion we should by old second hand phones and stop indirectly fuelling wars for mining writes in countries like Congo which has claimed millions.

Reviewed by Abi from UK on 7th Nov 2015
Unfortunately I've been with Vodafone for 15 years. I currently have 4 contracts.

However I cannot think a worse company with worse customer service at all.

I've had phones been put down on me. I've had people been not just unhelpful and unpleasant but rude to me. I cannot remember a single time having been able to resolve any issue.

They encourage to use for information but they probably have the worse website where you cannot even navigate and the simple information you want is not there. I'm not even go into the charges...

What a joke?

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 5th Nov 2015
I was constantly overcharged on my monthly contract. I was never notified if I had exceeded any of my allowances for which I was charged extortionately for. The app didnt update regularly so was constantly telling me I had more left than I thought. Then they kelt charging me after I ended my contract, I rang them and was on the phone for over an hour before someone then told me there was going to be another cancellation fee and they would continue to charge me even once the contract was ended for another two monthes.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 2nd Nov 2015
They do not pick up the phone - been on hold for an hour more than once and I have been with them for 2 months. Uncooperative staff, not taking responsibility for the business' failings. Even for a pound a month extra best go elsewhere.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 2nd Nov 2015
I have been with Vodafone for eight years, and this is how they treat people!! I went on my honeymoon on the 12th August 2015, before I travelled I went into your store in Banbury where I asked the lady if where I was traveling to would be covered under my Eurotraveller, we looked on the PC and it showed up in purple so the lady said it would be covered!! When I arrived in Cape Verde a text message came through saying I was in world traveller zone 1 so when I arrived at the hotel I called 191 and explained the situation and the person I spoke to was very helpful and said they would apply the world traveller to my account straight away so I could enjoy my honeymoon! I then called back another 3 times as I was receiving messages saying I was spending lots of data, on the other 3 calls I was given 2gb of extra data, and one of the agents even gave me unlimited data, at no point did anyone say that Cape Verde was covered by world traveller, even thou I had a text message telling me I was in world traveller zone 1. My issue is now I have returned to the UK my Vodafone bill for August is £971.00 from a normal £49 I have called and they said they have sent the bill for recalculation, you cannot imagine the stress this is causing me and sleepless nights, after just paying for a wedding & honeymoon and it has also taken the shine off our honeymoon having this worry to deal with! also on the 19th August (the day I return from Cape Verde when we arrived at our home in the UK I received a text from Vodafone saying welcome to Cape Verde enjoy your stay, this I still don't understand as I was in the UK ? because I feel I have been totally mislead I already know to cancel my contract will cost me an £480 but it will be worth it!! I understand all calls are recorded into customer services I would urge you to listen to all four calls I made while in Cape Verde and you will see I have been misinformed.
They are seriously the worst company i have ever dealt with!!!

Reviewed by Lisa from uk on 1st Nov 2015
I've been with Vodafone for many years but as soon as my contact is up in switching. I've spent hours trying to contact their customer service team on various occasions. A couple of times I've spent well over an hour in a queue only for the phone to cut off without warning because their offices have then closed. I think the longest I've waited in a queue to speak to someone was 1 hour and 40 minutes. Diabolical.
I went away on holiday last week and came home to find that I'd been burgled and a relatives phone has been taken. I called Vodafone and selected "lost, stolen or damaged" and STILL waited an hour to speak to someone to put a block on the number.
Their customer service team aren't in the UK so I don't know if that has any thing to do with the amount of time you spend in a queue.
Anyway, the phone that was stolen was up for contract renewal. My relative began a new contract with EE and early this morning (09:15 Sunday) we called Vodafone for a PAC number and were still told "we have exceptionally high call volumes" and waited for nearly an hour to speak to someone (yes even at that early hour). When we stated we wanted to cancel the contract and get a PAC number we were passed on to the "cancellation team" in the UK who asked "is there anything we can do to make you stay with Vodafone?" To which we stated all of the above and said "tell your owner they need to employ more staff". We were then given an apology by the nice lady on the phone who said "we have experienced high call volumes for the last few weeks" to which we replied "this has been going on for years, not the last few weeks, regardless we're not staying with Vodafone".
We got the PAC number, phoned EE, got through within seconds, spoke to someone in the UK and were dealt with within 2 or 3 minutes. How can EE (and other service providers I suspect) get it so right and Vodafone get it so wrong?

Reviewed by Steve Moore from UK on 31st Oct 2015
over the last few weeks I have had reason to deal with several problems, upgrades, transfers with Vodafone, EE, O2 and Orange.

Vodafone has been by far the worst of the bunch....longer wait times getting through on the phone, then being transferred, then being dropped so the entire sorry experience to be repeated. Rather than use the message....'we are very busy right now' how about.....due to underinvestment in call centre staff, your wait will be longer than our competition. This is a common theme as we move onto service and staffing levels in shops. Vodafone (Fleet, Hants). 2 staff on, dealing with 2 customers. After waiting for half an hour, frustrated I asked (I wasn't approached or acknowledged in any way) how long, to be told at least another 25 minutes. Compare this with O2, Farnborugh.....4/5 staff, one providing immediate counter service....very helpful, sorted out problem immediately....proper customer service....also looks like I have been massively overcharged for data services but frankly don't have the time or the will to try and resolve.....IN SUMMARY, NONE OF THE PHONE COMPANIES ARE PERFECT BUT AVOID VODAFONE LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Reviewed by Neha Shah from United Kingdom on 29th Oct 2015
I sent my phone in on the 21st october due to the phone having software issues from first day of use. The store wrote that the phone was in "EXCELLENT CONDITION - AS NEW" on my repair form. I didn't hear back about the repair until the 29th October (9 days later) and that was only after I chased - saying that they cannot repair the phone for free as it has a "dent" in the back that means it is no longer in warranty. They said it will cost me £120 to repair! The store advised me to contact the repair centre, who said that they are not actually a part of vodafone, therefore I should contact Vodafone customer services. I did just that and they basically fobbed me off saying I need to speak to someone in store. They said that they cannot help at all with this issue. I have basically been spun round in circles...even the employee at the repair centre said that vodafone is just trying to fob me off (clearly this happens a lot!)...Poor customer service from rude staff. Not very impressed at all...!

Reviewed by Dawn from England on 28th Oct 2015

Reviewed by Kate from Englanc on 27th Oct 2015
Vodafone are 'THE' worst mobile phone company, Vodafone charged me double on at least 4 occasions as they had randomly upgraded my contract WITHOUT my permission of which I couldn't get the money back, they then said I still owed them another bill, of which they then rang my sister who is with them and THREATENED her by saying if we don't receive the payment we will cancel her contract!! Absolutely disgusting, staff were unhelpful rude and had to wait on the phone for over an hour and a half on multiple occasions to receive less thank helpful advice or that there was nothing they could do. I will NEVER use this company again and I urged others not too, waste of time and money, and don't get me started about the call charges!!! Appalling service!!!!

Reviewed by Aaron Akers from England on 27th Oct 2015
Just been on the phone for about an hour to technical support and they say my phone and 3 other phones are faulty, because you did maintenance on 18th till the 22nd and I live at de561el, and saying that my phone shouldn't say 4G but it does, so your telling me my phone is faulty, I've just proved to you that you can't do your job and now I'm going to sue Vodafone for fraud, you make me laugh as a company, sort it out, I'm 18 and I've just proved that non of you can do your job, to the manager as him/her you should be ashamed saying that your reliable and you are here 100% to satisfy your customers. Puh no your not, if you was all doing your job you wouldn't be getting a complaint. Sort this out, or I'll be sending you to court
Regards Aaron Akers

Reviewed by Thomas from Uk on 26th Oct 2015
I have been with vodafone for six years and for 4 half years they been fine but the last 18 months they have made my life hell. They don't seem to give a flying hell about the issues they have caused me. I have to chase them every time and I been promised about 18/19 times that I would get a call back and not once have i ever received a call back. I only tried sorting out one problem with a bill that Vodafone had messed up and it's so far taken two months. Am I with in my rights to cancel my contract 8 months early???

Reviewed by Sarah from Uk on 26th Oct 2015
Cannot get over how bad Vodafone are ! Nothing about them is good!! Customer service is ridiculous! Charged me £168 without any warning and tell me that 'it's no problem down our ends' erm ok Was with o2 for 6 years and never had a problem. Been with Vodafone for less than a year and all I have had is problem after problem! Don't use Vodafone.

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