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Last updated September 2013

Vodafone was the UK's first mobile network and made the UK's first mobile phone call back in 1985. It launched 3G services in 2004 and 4G in 2013 and is one of the largest mobile operators in the world.

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Vodafone launched its initial 4G services in August 2013, with Sky Sports and Spotify included in the package. Coverage is initially restricted to London but is rolling out to Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield on September 28, 2013, with plans for Bradford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle this year. Vodafone is targeting indoor 4G coverage across 98% of the UK population by 2015. Vodafone uses the 800Mhz and 2.6GHz bands, neither of which support the iPhone 5.

Vodafone also make the Vodafone Sure Signal, a 3G micro-transmitter that can provide you with 3G coverage at home or at work.

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Vodafone user reviews

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Reviewed by Joan Godfrey from england on 27th Nov 2015
Vodafone customer service is appalling! Eight weeks ago I purchased a "bundle" for my mobile and was assured that my old vodafone mobile number would be transferred to the new phone within 24 hours. I am still waiting! I have contacted Vodafone via their internet chat service, phoning them direct and calling in at the Keighley, West Yorkshire branch. I have repeatedly asked for one of the "Regional Managers". Namely Fay Walker or Michael Needham to contact me to explain why I am still waiting! On 11th November 2015 I complained on writing to the customer relations manager at the head office in Newbury, sending copies to the above regional managers as well as Victoria Murphy , Operations Manager and a John Shaw. Retail DDirector. Contrary to the policy of Vodafone whereby they state they will acknowledge complaints within five working days I have had no acknowledgement from anyone. My letter was sent via recorded delivery and was received at the head office in Newbury at 8.28 a.m. on 13th November 2015 which is eleven working days aago. Yesterdsy i went to thd shop and told ghem i wasnt leaving until I spoke to someone in authority. But no joy. The shop assistant said that regional manager Fay Walker had told her that my old number would be transferred round about five p.m. last night. Guess what? It hasn't! Today the shop manager phoned to tell me he has spoken to his manager- Michael Needham who I believe on turn is speaking to his manager! What a set up! Tomorrow I am contacting the Yorkshire Post to ask for an open letter to be printed requesting that someone in higher authority at Vodafone contacts me. So watch this space and if it's good customer service you're after don't touchy Vodafone with a barge pole,!

Reviewed by Mrgarita from Uk on 26th Nov 2015
Dont ever use vodafone. They will overcharge you. Customer support are useless and never help but lie to you sayin g they will. They are a nightmare and frustrating.

Reviewed by Essa Ali from England on 26th Nov 2015
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! This is by far a cowboy corrupt company and behave like thieving peasants. There Asian customer service people in the call centres are rude and don't listen to there paying customers. There role is customer services yet there behaviour and application is appalling to say the least.

Reviewed by Risa Moody from UK on 20th Nov 2015
After 30 years as a Vodafone customer I am horrified at the service I have received today - I have had dealings with at least 7 people in different departments - having to go through security every time and having to explain the issue each time - each representative having no prior knowledge. An awful couple of hours and live chat is worse!
I have asked for my pac codes as it was really hopeless which will incur hefty early cancellation fees for two phones but what choice is there??
Really disappointed.
To add insult to injury I just checked back on my last live chat feed and Nosheen had actually written 'enjoy' with a smiley face after telling me I would need to pay £1,480,49 - disgusting!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 17th Nov 2015
Leaving Vodafone UK just 6 weeks after joining!

After messing up my direct debit (causing me to lose £35 in interest) they then locked my phone for an afternoon, then a few days later left me without data for a week and a late payment fee! Several phone calls later, no data. Now left with a HUGE termination fee! Abysmal service!


Reviewed by M from UK on 17th Nov 2015
Don't know why i am giving a star rating, it doesn't let me give less than 1 star.

They don't deserve a star at all. such bad customer service. such bad care and they done even care. I hope their profits drop so much that they start to care. I will be making it my key fact to promote the true light of Vodafone. Email Jeroen hoencamp this website and he still wouldn't care.

Reviewed by Cate from UK on 16th Nov 2015
Wrote to them, recorded delivery, 4th October to their customer services as advised by the Ombudsman. I'm still waiting for a response. Previously I had been with 02 for 15 years with no problems. Biggest mistake changing to Vodafone. So far 9 months and still can't access my account, check my data or minutes. Will never never use them again. Beware people.

Reviewed by PoorService from UK on 12th Nov 2015
All you lovely people struggling to get their complaints resolved, why not email the CEO?jeroen.hoencamp@vodafone.com

Reviewed by CH from UK on 12th Nov 2015
I have just been telephoned by Vodafone for an "account review". The girl started asking all sorts of questions about what devices do I use and how I use them. I said I was happy for her to discuss my mobile as it was with them but I couldn't understand why she needed to know about the rest of my devices.
When I asked again for her to get to the point as to why she was ringing (as I was driving, hands free and could hardly hear her!) she gave me a stoppy answer and slammed the phone down.

There is no point in making a complaint as looking at these other reviews it seems they are not bothered about poor customer care.

Reviewed by Arshi from UK on 12th Nov 2015
Worst company to be with wouldn't recommend this company to anyone you would just have loads of stress... customer service is so bad there not helpful they don't do nothing about it just keep adding on things to your account without telling you and charging a bomb... I can not wait till my contact finishes ever since I joined this company I have been calling every month and they do shit all for you... its a joke to be vodafone

Worst worst worst company ever!!!!!

Reviewed by Wayne from Uk on 11th Nov 2015
Having been charged for going over my data limit I thought it was a joke. I was charged £6.50 to then use a new limit of 250 mb, knowing this would not be enough I added an extra 1gb. Later that day without using any data the charge was cancelled. However the new bill showed more charges, totalling £64.99. After chatting to Vodafone all the charges were removed as I successfully claimed that I did not receive the close to limit text. A week later the charges were still on my bill, again I contacted Vodafone who again claimed they were removing all the charges. The following week the charges are still there waiting to come out of my bank. What is going on? They are a disgrace. I'm close to walking in store and handing back my iPhone and cancelling my DD.

Reviewed by Paddy from UK on 10th Nov 2015
I cannot understand how this company still exists, much less makes money. We have had a month-long saga of broken promises, so-called account managers disappearing off the face of the earth, calls and emails ignored and at best passed around a circle of people who have to be fully briefed all over again, and absolutely NO resolution of the issues we have raised.

If I were an employee of this organisation I would be deeply ashamed - it must hold the record for the worst customer service of any organisation I have ever dealt with.

You just need to read all the other reviews to realise this is a BIG problem.

Reviewed by Jemima thimbleby from Uk on 8th Nov 2015
voderphone is the worst phone company i have EVER been with - so what if there sooo big it matters how the treat their customer!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 7th Nov 2015
My girlfriend had a contract with vodafone for close to two years when she received a phone call to upgrade her contract. Which she was happy to do. She then waited for the phone for a week, the phone got to delivered to number 5 instead of 17! It was then sent back to vodophone. After a few days they said it was being sent out which it wasn't.... it was chilling in their warehouse. We then cancelled the contract and was told we wouldn't be charged an early termination fee for her original contract but then an early termination letter came through. Thankfully this has been resolved, we think, how can you trust the worlds of employees who give you miss-information and blatantly don't understand the company beyond their limited roles.
We must of been on the phone with them for close to 5 hours in total not to mention the inconvenience of not having the phone and it being on our minds.

Customer service is diabolical for such a large and recognised company. Using is them is dumb when there's better alternatives available. I'D ARGUE ANY OTHER NETWORK.
Then again in my opinion we should by old second hand phones and stop indirectly fuelling wars for mining writes in countries like Congo which has claimed millions.

Reviewed by Abi from UK on 7th Nov 2015
Unfortunately I've been with Vodafone for 15 years. I currently have 4 contracts.

However I cannot think a worse company with worse customer service at all.

I've had phones been put down on me. I've had people been not just unhelpful and unpleasant but rude to me. I cannot remember a single time having been able to resolve any issue.

They encourage to use for information but they probably have the worse website where you cannot even navigate and the simple information you want is not there. I'm not even go into the charges...

What a joke?

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 5th Nov 2015
I was constantly overcharged on my monthly contract. I was never notified if I had exceeded any of my allowances for which I was charged extortionately for. The app didnt update regularly so was constantly telling me I had more left than I thought. Then they kelt charging me after I ended my contract, I rang them and was on the phone for over an hour before someone then told me there was going to be another cancellation fee and they would continue to charge me even once the contract was ended for another two monthes.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 2nd Nov 2015
They do not pick up the phone - been on hold for an hour more than once and I have been with them for 2 months. Uncooperative staff, not taking responsibility for the business' failings. Even for a pound a month extra best go elsewhere.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 2nd Nov 2015
I have been with Vodafone for eight years, and this is how they treat people!! I went on my honeymoon on the 12th August 2015, before I travelled I went into your store in Banbury where I asked the lady if where I was traveling to would be covered under my Eurotraveller, we looked on the PC and it showed up in purple so the lady said it would be covered!! When I arrived in Cape Verde a text message came through saying I was in world traveller zone 1 so when I arrived at the hotel I called 191 and explained the situation and the person I spoke to was very helpful and said they would apply the world traveller to my account straight away so I could enjoy my honeymoon! I then called back another 3 times as I was receiving messages saying I was spending lots of data, on the other 3 calls I was given 2gb of extra data, and one of the agents even gave me unlimited data, at no point did anyone say that Cape Verde was covered by world traveller, even thou I had a text message telling me I was in world traveller zone 1. My issue is now I have returned to the UK my Vodafone bill for August is £971.00 from a normal £49 I have called and they said they have sent the bill for recalculation, you cannot imagine the stress this is causing me and sleepless nights, after just paying for a wedding & honeymoon and it has also taken the shine off our honeymoon having this worry to deal with! also on the 19th August (the day I return from Cape Verde when we arrived at our home in the UK I received a text from Vodafone saying welcome to Cape Verde enjoy your stay, this I still don't understand as I was in the UK ? because I feel I have been totally mislead I already know to cancel my contract will cost me an £480 but it will be worth it!! I understand all calls are recorded into customer services I would urge you to listen to all four calls I made while in Cape Verde and you will see I have been misinformed.
They are seriously the worst company i have ever dealt with!!!

Reviewed by Lisa from uk on 1st Nov 2015
I've been with Vodafone for many years but as soon as my contact is up in switching. I've spent hours trying to contact their customer service team on various occasions. A couple of times I've spent well over an hour in a queue only for the phone to cut off without warning because their offices have then closed. I think the longest I've waited in a queue to speak to someone was 1 hour and 40 minutes. Diabolical.
I went away on holiday last week and came home to find that I'd been burgled and a relatives phone has been taken. I called Vodafone and selected "lost, stolen or damaged" and STILL waited an hour to speak to someone to put a block on the number.
Their customer service team aren't in the UK so I don't know if that has any thing to do with the amount of time you spend in a queue.
Anyway, the phone that was stolen was up for contract renewal. My relative began a new contract with EE and early this morning (09:15 Sunday) we called Vodafone for a PAC number and were still told "we have exceptionally high call volumes" and waited for nearly an hour to speak to someone (yes even at that early hour). When we stated we wanted to cancel the contract and get a PAC number we were passed on to the "cancellation team" in the UK who asked "is there anything we can do to make you stay with Vodafone?" To which we stated all of the above and said "tell your owner they need to employ more staff". We were then given an apology by the nice lady on the phone who said "we have experienced high call volumes for the last few weeks" to which we replied "this has been going on for years, not the last few weeks, regardless we're not staying with Vodafone".
We got the PAC number, phoned EE, got through within seconds, spoke to someone in the UK and were dealt with within 2 or 3 minutes. How can EE (and other service providers I suspect) get it so right and Vodafone get it so wrong?

Reviewed by Steve Moore from UK on 31st Oct 2015
over the last few weeks I have had reason to deal with several problems, upgrades, transfers with Vodafone, EE, O2 and Orange.

Vodafone has been by far the worst of the bunch....longer wait times getting through on the phone, then being transferred, then being dropped so the entire sorry experience to be repeated. Rather than use the message....'we are very busy right now' how about.....due to underinvestment in call centre staff, your wait will be longer than our competition. This is a common theme as we move onto service and staffing levels in shops. Vodafone (Fleet, Hants). 2 staff on, dealing with 2 customers. After waiting for half an hour, frustrated I asked (I wasn't approached or acknowledged in any way) how long, to be told at least another 25 minutes. Compare this with O2, Farnborugh.....4/5 staff, one providing immediate counter service....very helpful, sorted out problem immediately....proper customer service....also looks like I have been massively overcharged for data services but frankly don't have the time or the will to try and resolve.....IN SUMMARY, NONE OF THE PHONE COMPANIES ARE PERFECT BUT AVOID VODAFONE LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Reviewed by Neha Shah from United Kingdom on 29th Oct 2015
I sent my phone in on the 21st october due to the phone having software issues from first day of use. The store wrote that the phone was in "EXCELLENT CONDITION - AS NEW" on my repair form. I didn't hear back about the repair until the 29th October (9 days later) and that was only after I chased - saying that they cannot repair the phone for free as it has a "dent" in the back that means it is no longer in warranty. They said it will cost me £120 to repair! The store advised me to contact the repair centre, who said that they are not actually a part of vodafone, therefore I should contact Vodafone customer services. I did just that and they basically fobbed me off saying I need to speak to someone in store. They said that they cannot help at all with this issue. I have basically been spun round in circles...even the employee at the repair centre said that vodafone is just trying to fob me off (clearly this happens a lot!)...Poor customer service from rude staff. Not very impressed at all...!

Reviewed by Dawn from England on 28th Oct 2015

Reviewed by Kate from Englanc on 27th Oct 2015
Vodafone are 'THE' worst mobile phone company, Vodafone charged me double on at least 4 occasions as they had randomly upgraded my contract WITHOUT my permission of which I couldn't get the money back, they then said I still owed them another bill, of which they then rang my sister who is with them and THREATENED her by saying if we don't receive the payment we will cancel her contract!! Absolutely disgusting, staff were unhelpful rude and had to wait on the phone for over an hour and a half on multiple occasions to receive less thank helpful advice or that there was nothing they could do. I will NEVER use this company again and I urged others not too, waste of time and money, and don't get me started about the call charges!!! Appalling service!!!!

Reviewed by Aaron Akers from England on 27th Oct 2015
Just been on the phone for about an hour to technical support and they say my phone and 3 other phones are faulty, because you did maintenance on 18th till the 22nd and I live at de561el, and saying that my phone shouldn't say 4G but it does, so your telling me my phone is faulty, I've just proved to you that you can't do your job and now I'm going to sue Vodafone for fraud, you make me laugh as a company, sort it out, I'm 18 and I've just proved that non of you can do your job, to the manager as him/her you should be ashamed saying that your reliable and you are here 100% to satisfy your customers. Puh no your not, if you was all doing your job you wouldn't be getting a complaint. Sort this out, or I'll be sending you to court
Regards Aaron Akers

Reviewed by Thomas from Uk on 26th Oct 2015
I have been with vodafone for six years and for 4 half years they been fine but the last 18 months they have made my life hell. They don't seem to give a flying hell about the issues they have caused me. I have to chase them every time and I been promised about 18/19 times that I would get a call back and not once have i ever received a call back. I only tried sorting out one problem with a bill that Vodafone had messed up and it's so far taken two months. Am I with in my rights to cancel my contract 8 months early???

Reviewed by Sarah from Uk on 26th Oct 2015
Cannot get over how bad Vodafone are ! Nothing about them is good!! Customer service is ridiculous! Charged me £168 without any warning and tell me that 'it's no problem down our ends' erm ok bullshit! Was with o2 for 6 years and never had a problem. Been with Vodafone for less than a year and all I have had is problem after problem! Don't use Vodafone.

Reviewed by Johnvoe from U.K. on 24th Oct 2015
Who to contact to get any sensible response from Vodafone. Tried normal channels, fobbed off, and same hopeless customer service. PLEASE can someone tell me how to communicate with these useless people. Presently being chased by debt recovery people for a contract my daughter canx in July. Had to pay £88 just to get them off our backs yet Vodafone confirms contract canx, next month another bill arrives for a phone I no longer have or use. Hours spent on the phone getting no-where.
Current phone has direct debit set up yet Vodaphone can't get it to work - turns out they are migrating to a new accouts system they tell me today meantime messages each month threatening to cut off my phone because I haven't paid my bill. My bank confirms no problems with my account and says I'm not the only one locally with this problem - always down to Vodaphone who don't seem to be able to sort these things out.
so each month I have to spend a useless hour on the phone to pay by credit card. Oh and by the way that's on my BT landline because, you know what, for my £42 monthly contract I have to drive 3 miles down the road to get any kind of a Vodaphone signal. The response to this appalling service is to buy a Sure signal box or you had 14 days to cancel your contract if you weren't happy with the signal. Ah difficult when phone bought and Vodafone contract set up from overseas so by the time it arrived with me as a birthday present it was well past the 14 day change your mind period!
Is there no place for the small man or is that customer to have his voice heard these days or do we just have to sit quiet and put up with this shocking service.

Reviewed by Sam Akotia from UK on 24th Oct 2015
I cancelled a contract within 4 days with vodafone Uk due to conflicting messages. The required deadline was 14 days. I have been trying several times to return the phone since July 2015. Each time Vodafone will say I will receive a bag to return the phone within 2 to 5 working days. This never happens. I took the phone on two occasions to vadafone shops but they refused to accept it. Vodafone have sent the matter to debt collectors. I have tried again and again after this to return the phone but it is the same story. They even agreed that someone will be sent to collect the phone but this also didn't happen. I have been recording my calls with vodafone since the second time I tried to return the phone. Sometimes when I tell them that I am recording the call they will either hang up or put me through to another department. Total in competence and poor customer service. I have reported the matter to Communications Ombudsman. Account number 7015131898, Phone number 07470278389. With these two details, each time I phone their authomated service do not reconise my account number or phone number. I have to try several times before i can get through. Absolutely disgraceful. What a shambles.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 21st Oct 2015
If all goes well (ie you get a phone, pay your bills) then its good. If you need to contact Customer Service, Complain, try to pay on the website, then it's as bad as bad can be. I have sent recorded delivery letters of complaint to the CEO and after 7 weeks have not even received the courtesy of reply. EVERY phone call is a wait of AT LEAST 30 mins. There are no ways to email Vodafone. Payments on the website does not work. It took two months to re-connect my son's phone after it was cut off without warning when the account was in CREDIT. WebChat can sometimes work but often the website states "We do not have enough Customer Service Reps for Webchat" NOTE that OFCOM stats suggest that Vodafone has MORE complaints than any other Mobile provider. Be warned .

Reviewed by Theo Allen from UK on 20th Oct 2015
Worst network ever! They have the customer service skills of a potato and do not help you out in anyway whatsoever! After months of trying to sort a contract problem, it still wasn't sorted and I had to resort to leaving. I could t urge you more, to not go with Vodafone!

Reviewed by david from uk on 15th Oct 2015
I have been with Vodafone for a long time and had no problems at all, in fact I thought they were the best phone company going until recently, since July they have lied, committed fraud, tampered with my account, accessed my bank account, refused to deal with me and my complaints, Ombudsman are now dealing with them. do yourself a favour don't use Vodafone.

Reviewed by Nathan from Uk on 14th Oct 2015
I ordered the new galaxy 6 edge in store, I got told there would be a 2-3 wait for delivery and that it would get delivered to my house, everything seemed well, then a few days went by and I got a text saying there is no stock and idangerous get another update in a few days, this went on for a few weeks, so I get sick of waiting and rang them up to cancel my order as I didn't want to wait any longer, I got told the contract was cancelled, happy days, a few days later I get a text saying my phone still isn't in stock and I'd get an update in a few days, so I rang up asking why I'd got a text ando told theme I'd canceled to order, so I asked them again to cancel it, again with no luck, I rang them every day for about 8 days to try to get this sorted, their customer service kept passing me from one department to another then just hanging up, so then I ask for a manager but they refuse as they say they can help me themselves, which I know isn't true, when after hours of arguing I finally get through to a manager who says he can help, I get an email, the store gets an email, saying that he's canceled my account and to cancel the order. I thought that was the end of it, aparenntly not, my phone got delivered and I tired to return it, took me 4 different stores to finally return it, then I finally thought that was it, then I go on holiday a couple weeks later, all direct debits been cancelled as Idiscussed returned to phone, got back of holiday to have a latter saying the bill had bounced and I owed them for the month (the month after I returned that phone) so I ring them and ask them what's going on, they agree I shouldn't have been charged and say all debts have been cancelled and the account has finally been closed, apparently not, this went on for another 2 months, to then get a letter of a debt collection agency, saying I owed them money, I ring up, refuse to pay it and asked to be taken to court so somebody with a brain can look at the case, so not I'm trying to get the notes of my account, people in store say I have to ring customer service, customer service say I have to go in store, I honestly think I'd get a better response talking to a half eaten apple with worms. They honestly don't know where they get there staff from, with the level of intelligence they have it seems like they are primary school dropouts.

Reviewed by Dave H from Scotland, on 14th Oct 2015
1 Star is a star too many for this "service".

I completely regret signing up with these idiots. Horrendous automated call system, ridiculous wait times, staff who don't understand English and just an awful service and terrible experience every time.

Calling vodafone for even the simplest task is like having an absessed tooth removed by a rabid Alsatian.

I'm now stuck in an 18 month contract with these amateurs.

Reviewed by Mr shafi from England on 10th Oct 2015
Absolute rubbish service. You can be in the phone for up to an hour being passed around but never being able to speak to someone to root the problem.
Don't bother joining them.

Reviewed by Ahamed from UK on 9th Oct 2015
Not even 1 star worst customer service
191 minimun 1 hour hold
Transferred 30 min hold
They cant even unblock my IMEI for last 20 days
Whenever call 191 wait for 24 hours
Waited for 20 times 24 hours
Very rude customer service they will tell you dont make a big fuss
Its better avoid Vodafone please please

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 9th Oct 2015
WARNING!!! When buying a 'Bundle' on-line, you are not actually buying a bundle but adding £10 to your account. You then have to buy the bundle on-line. If you do not, your £10 is only added to your balance, which means all calls and texts will be at a very high rate! Watch out - this is not explained for new customers!!! P.S Customer service is absolutely abysmal, so try to get things right first time!!

Reviewed by Hi from Uk on 7th Oct 2015
Absolutely rubbish company
They have no regards for their customers. I have 5 contracts with them mine and my kids all monthly bills. I have been with them for over five years. Never used their repair service and never before claimed insurance. I have always had insurance on all five phones. For the first time one phone broke sent it to repair through the post. Recorded all the forms with the contact number for any communications. Called them 10days after posting the phone as I heard nothing from them, they said we left you messages but you never came back to us. I asked wht number did you call and you have guessed correctly, they were leaving messages on the phone they had in the repair centre even when they could see the line was not in service! I spoke to them on the 21.915 moved things along by getting the insurance claim authorised. To date I am still waiting to hear what the hold up is, where is my phone when will we get it back. Nothing. The worse team to speak to is the one based in South Africa. The mager refuses to take the call but was happy to stand next to the girl I was talking to and give her e instructions on what to say, he was a coward of a manger. I will NEVER renew my contract with them keep away from Vodafone a very unethical company, they only care about you signing on the dotted line and then for the next two years your custom means nothing to them.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 6th Oct 2015
I don't usually use these forums, however I don't really know who else I speak to for help with my recent vodaphone bill?
I have 2 contracts with them an iPhone and an iPad, they normally come to around £90 a month on the odd occasion they have been £150 maximum.
My last phone bill was £422.45!!!! I tried for well over an hour to speak to customer services but it's all automated. I finally spoke to an advisor on the live chat after many attempts who basically said I had gone over on the data...that's a hell of a lot of data to use in one month? They rang me when I requested and put me through to technical services who said it sounds like I've had a "data leakage" and that I should go to my vodaphone store for data analysis. When I went there they guy said there's no such thing and he checked all of the data usage and it seemed to correlate with my bill :( I do have wifi I am shocked that at £6.50 for 250mb I have generated a £422 bill? I'm a bit annoyed that they didn't contact me at any point to say you're using a lot more data than nor all? I feel a bit stuck as I don't feel they have been very supportive or helpful I mean they normally text me if I go over my allowance and I haven't received texts, obviously I know I have to pay for the data I use but this is ridiculous? Any suggestions?

Reviewed by Sue from England on 6th Oct 2015
Be very careful with Vodafone. Last year I set up my phone to use abroad but it failed to work so this year I set up their Euro Traveller which should be charged only when the phone is used. I did use the phone on a few occasions but certainly not every day and I still could not phone out which is something I desperately needed to do (I then had to use a landline to make some extremely important calls). When I received my monthly bill, I had been charged for every day I was abroad plus an extra day when I was back in England! I have questioned the bill and was told twice that it was more or less my own fault: I should have got in touch with them whilst I was abroad (I couldn't phone out!) and that I shouldn't have taken out Euro Traveller in the first place! The first time I complained I was told someone would get back to me, which they did not. The second time, somehow miraculously, they were able to tell me when I had used the phone although there was no mention of this when I first phoned. Of course they claimed that I had used the phone every day which I had categorically not. Plus, how come they charged me an extra day? I can't wait for my contract to be up so that I am able to change my provider - in fact, I'll probably pay to get out of it. Rubbish company, disgraceful customer relations, Steer clear of Vodafone.

Reviewed by Hazel channon from United kingdom on 5th Oct 2015
They sent an incorrect sim card which would you believe I was charged £2.50 they sent the next one by courier (which I did not request) and was charged over £4.
I could not access my new on line account I could not get 191 my finger hurt from dialling the number over 20 times. Hooray this morning got through to customer service and under 14 day cooling off period told them I was cancelling. They gave me a Pac no and I wonder if I will ever get away from the worst ever mobile company. Nothing but a joke and a very frustrating and stressful time for me. I would advise anyone NOT to choose Vodafone as provider totally inflexible. Virgin here I come.

Reviewed by george from uk on 2nd Oct 2015
george's log 1 month with no phone. It's happened people, we've made it to a month. As expected vodafone has failed to deliver on tehir promises and the phone that I was promised would arrive today has not. On top of that £15 i was promised as compensation for having to pay my bill with no phone has not been put into my account AS PROMISED! so you know i have a record of all these conversations where I'm promised results and nothing has happened. To be honest I just don't care anymore, I give up and I'm canceling my contract. Don't care how much it cost. PEOPLE I bought a 2 year contract and am leaving after a month, IT'S THAT BAD, DON 'T USE VODAFONE EVER. IGNORE THEIR CHEAP TARRIFS. YOU MIGHT THINK YOUR SAVING MONEY BUT YOUR PAYING IN HEADACHES!!!

Reviewed by Cate from UK on 29th Sep 2015
Complete Nightmare. Decided to choose Vodafone January 2015. Direct Debit set up and like other reviewers having a nightmare as it never comes off and this results in a late payment message with charges for the following month. I have to phone up and pay as on-line account doesn't work. I give details for Direct Debit and same happens for 9 months. Threatened them with Ofcom a month ago and requested details of my complaint to send to Ofcom. Never supplied me with them. After nearly nine months of this same happened this month. I paid manually again and complained again. Next day I get a message saying my calls will be restricted due to unpaid bill. I phoned them again and they assured me my balance will zero and my phone was not restricted. Next day it was restricted with no incoming calls and I had a family emergency. I was incensed and called to complain again to realise that none of my previous calls over the prior days were logged. I requested a UK complaints team member to call me. Never happened despite being assured that my message would be passed on. Contacted them today to ask to leave Vodafone because of this. No chance without exit fee. I refused as it is their fault. They insisted again and I asked how much (out of interest) Ha Ha they quoted £7,333.33. What does pne do? just bare with me while i get your account up and running

Also this will probably count in our credit ratings and I must look like a 9 month late payer?
This morning

me: at 10:58:52
Thank you
Shakeel: at 10:59:52
thank you for verifying your details, its matched our records
Shakeel: at 11:00:19
reading the threads above i understand you would like to cancel your contract
Shakeel: at 11:00:23
is that correct?
me: at 11:01:00
I think it is necessary for me
me: at 11:01:41
Yes I am not looking for to pay any exit contract fee due to the problems arising from Vodafone
Shakeel: at 11:01:50
in order for me to cancel your contract there will be a cancelation fee
me: at 11:02:17
Vodafone cannot give me reasons for these payment problems nor the on-line account problems which are ongoing
Shakeel: at 11:03:00
have you been charged for something that you shouldn't have?
me: at 11:03:07
I am leaving because of the problems of Vodafone. Restrictions on my phone when I need it
me: at 11:04:02
Vodafone had 9 months to fix this out
Shakeel: at 11:05:19
what i can is put your through the correct department where they will able to break it down it for tell exactly what you been charged for and why you had been charged for it
me: at 11:07:07
You send it to the UK complaints team. I'm not talking about charges. At no time have I mentioned charges. I am advising you that I will not be paying exit fees. I will continue with my account and take my complaint to Ofcom and look for compensation to me!
Shakeel: at 11:08:10
well if you are looking to exit your contract with me today there will be an cancelation fee
Shakeel: at 11:08:33
wiith out a cancelation fee i would not be able to cancel your contract
me at 11:09:43
Why when I am leaving because Vodafone failing to take payments from my account for 9 months. You are making me look a credit risk. I want answers
mez: at 11:10:38
Plus I paid in advance rental
me: at 11:11:16
Vodafone have failed me. I need to find a reliable company
me: at 11:11:31
Shakeel: at 11:11:43
i do apologize but without the cancelation fee i unable to cancel this contract
me at 11:13:09
What are you looking to charge me?
Shakeel: at 11:13:35
just bare with me while i check that up for you
me: at 11:14:18
You do that.
Shakeel: at 11:17:36
your cancelation fee would be £7133.33
me: at 11:20:23
Oh well I can't afford that so iti looks like I will be staying with you and looking for this in compensation from Vodafone when I put in my written complaint and take it to Ofcom. Thank you very much for your help and goodbye.
info: at 11:20:38
A copy of this chat conversation will be sent to xxxxxxx at the end of this chat.

Reviewed by S Dorchell from uk on 26th Sep 2015
I am having a complete nightmare with Vodafone. since April they have assured me that my direct debit is set up. it never is. They then harass me with calls and texts and threaten to suspend my services for non payment. if I ring the automated service it tells me the balanc is zero. when I speak to an advisor they cannot decide what I owe. I need to ring at least twice a month and spend an hour on the phone to pay my bill and argue against the monthly late payment charge they levy following their ineptness. Yet again today I have been told the direct debit will come out next month. It's laughable now. I'm on a mission to warn everyone of vodafones dire service. if I'm trapped into contracting for 18 months then I reckon I can make use of that time spreading the word. hopefully I will be able to save some peoples sanity....take my advice; go to Tesco, my husband has excellent service from them. My son is with 02 without problem and my daughter is with Virgin. in a nutshell I was the only one daft enough to sign up to Vodafone. if I could have given a zero star rating I would have.

Reviewed by Ann from UK on 25th Sep 2015
Never had a problem with Vodafone untill early this year after going away and have a price plan put on that was the wrong price plan that they put on so ment me having a very high bill. It took them almost a month to sort out was not happy with them. Now they have taken payment for my phone lines but have taken to payment meaning I have over paid now they are unable to find your payments again happens every month vodafone has really gone down and I for 1 will not be recommending them@.

Reviewed by Lyndalou from UK on 24th Sep 2015
OMG !! We've been a Vodafone customer since 2003. ! And I can honestly tell you that the last 3 months I've had nothing but shocking service from them . I've also spent days . Hours . Mins trying to sort the issues out. . They sent the wrong upgrade . They then charged me for it . Then charged me for 2. . That was jus the start !! They have lost a payment I made to them for a bill over the fone. Unable to find it they cut us off , dispite sending the bank statement into store for proof . The autho code from my bank for the payment . This dispute is STILL goin on. Even tho I have been promised it was credited to our acc . We have been cut off twice over it . Sooooooo many advisers say they will deal with it in the bills dept ! But they don't . Rude staff. No one gives a damn about the service you are getting ! To be honest I cud write a book on the last 3 months. But PLEASE don't ever go with Vodafone. They are an absolute disgrace !! And shockingly poor ! Wen our contracts are up we will be running for the door !! Only today over the payment they can't find they cut us off AGAIN. Only for me to call again for them to tell me it won't happen again !! And the lost payment they can't find has been credited !!! YEA Right !! Seriously. STAY AWAY !!!

Reviewed by Eric from Scotland on 23rd Sep 2015
I have left Vodafone after having been with them been with them for 17 years. Four weeks ago I was contacted by Vodafone offering me an upgrade I said I didn't want one so they offered me a sim free deal which would reduce my payment by £2. I accepted this and they said they would send out a new sim This proved to be faulty so they sent another which also was supposed to be faulty .What they had in fact did was try to activate them on my wife's phone which is on same account therefore knocking both our phones of, we told them this and they said they would fix it .They then managed to switch our numbers over so had to send out another 2 sims After 13 days which our phones didn't work I sent a letter of complaint to them which they still haven't acknowledged We received 3 bills for the sims for£7.50 for postage which we weren't told about. We had 7 phone calls 2 from landline and 4 live chats to try to sort this out. We were on holiday in Ireland and again were unable to use our phones for 4 days When I phoned when we returned I found out that I was still being charged my original contract price so needless to say I have parted company with them I would have given a zero rating but there wasn't one.

Reviewed by Georgia from England on 23rd Sep 2015
I'm writing this review as a way of pleading with anyone who wants to choose Vodafone as their mobile network provider. If you join Vodafone, be prepared to be conned, lied to and messed around by rude unhelpful staff both online and in store. I myself have been with Vodafone for nearly 5 years and this past year I've experienced problems similar to some of you guys. Choosing Vodafone was the worst mistake I've ever made. I've been unemployed for over a year and have been struggling to pay my phone bill, vodafone couldn't care less. I will be glad when I've paid off my bill and I can sever all ties with that disgusting excuse for a mobile phone company. I will find a mobile network provider willing to help and support me and who employ staff who can do their job properly. i could go on forever, but I'll end my review by saying this, trust me I am telling the truth, dont fall into the trap of Vodafone, don't let them talk you into staying with them, because I certainly won't. I'd rather stick my barefeet in a tank full of piranhas!

Rant over.

Reviewed by Nikolett from uk on 22nd Sep 2015
!!! !!!DO NOT EVER CHOOSE VODAFONE! AVOID! Worst customer service, I've been having an ongoing issue for 9 months and they never sorted it. Kept cutting my phone off, spent hours on the phone every 2 weeks! Still not sorted! Manager NEVER EVER Will call you back!

Reviewed by Martin Davies from UK on 20th Sep 2015
I have just left Vodafone after being with them for about 20 years. Their customer service is appalling and the staff in our local shop (Pontypridd) are unhelpful at best. I work for the NHS and am frequently on-call and I have a disabled son, Vodafone are changing their software and because of this have not taken my Direct Debit, their fault not mine the money is there waiting. I have spent hours on the phone explaining that neither myself or my son can without a phone but they have still cut us off on 4 occasions, once in the middle of me being on-call and therefore unable to ring in when my pager went off. If you rely on your phone for work or safety I would strongly advise that you don't use Vodafone, they don't care. I would give minus stars if I could.

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 18th Sep 2015
write to this man, you wont get anywhere but this is the top man

Vodafone UK

Mr Jeroen Hoencamp Chief Executive

Email jeroen.hoencamp@vodafone.com

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 18th Sep 2015
my wife and I ported over from family mobile when they ceased to exist, what a farce, it took my phone 2 weeks to port and my wife 3 weeks but she still could not select a tariff right up to the day we left after exactly 4 weeks, speaking to customer services in the Philippines, I asked them where they were based, had 6 different operators in 25 minutes, all they do is pass one from person to person, emailing the ceo, twice, did not elicit a response, when asking for the pac code to leave the gentleman I was speaking to offered a £5 goodwill gesture, which he quickly withdrew when I mentioned the pac code, atrocious customer services, when one could understand them, I was told it would cost me £2, on payg, to access data, when they didn't say was it was £2 per day, avoid at all cost.

Reviewed by Milsey from UK on 18th Sep 2015
I'm stunned by how bad Vodafone customer service is. If you're with Vodafone pray nothing goes wrong. If you're thinking of getting a phone off them DON'T! Go and pay more elsewhere if you have to but DON'T go to Vodafone, unless you want repeated broken promises about a phone they have agreed to repair under warranty. They've had my phone a month now, can't get it back, can't get a replacement. After 3 shop visits and waiting in for 10 hours for a home delivery I'm still no nearer and Vodafone just do not care.
DON'T use Vodafone.

Reviewed by Jane from Uk on 17th Sep 2015
Vodafone have by far the WORST customer service I have ever experienced - do not go to them!!! I've spent hours and hours (probably days) on hold waiting to speak to someone - even their 'live chat' function is less than useless - and then when you finally do get through they fob you off saying they will speak to a manager and call/text you back with more details.. Of course they never do. So you end up in a vicious cycle of spending another day on hold, rinse, repeat. Unless you will never need any support or help with your contract DO NOT GO TO VODAFONE. It's not worth the hassle.

Reviewed by Ankit Anant from India on 16th Sep 2015
Worst service I have ever seen.

Reviewed by Theresa Gallagher from Glasgow on 10th Sep 2015
I regret being a Vodafone customer. I lodged a complaint re my bill 57 days and have contacted them via telephone, email, presented at a store and eventually wrote to them. I have 3 contract phones with Tesco and their service as second to none.

I have read their complaints procedure and these have not been adhered to.

Anyone thinking of going with Vodafone think again. They do not provide a customer service.

Reviewed by Roxi from UK on 5th Sep 2015
Everyone, avoid Vodafone like the plague! I have had the worst experience I can ever recount - no one deserves to fall into their trap. After being polite and courteous for over 4 months I've decided enough is enough and to utterly shame them…

Basically, so you understand where I'm coming from, I left them as a customer in July because of their poor and LACK OF service - I'd been a loyal customer for a few years and never had problems with them until now. I'd got a new phone and it needed a different type of sim card but wanted to keep the current number. So got a new sim, however after 9 sim changes and 3 reboots NONE of them worked (kept getting "Sim not provisioned MM#2" message whenever installing a new card). We checked in the store with a spare working sim (shop owner's) in the phone, nothing was wrong with the phone so it was the sims I kept getting. Anyway, since I wasn't able to use my phone for 3 months I asked for a total refund of those unused months, which I still have yet to see in my account. I got my PAC code and managed to move to another service provider.

However the tale doesn't end there...to add insult to injury, fast forward to yesterday where I received an email bill from Vodafone for £9.50…not only that but I discovered in my spam folder that they emailed a bill for £14.50 in August - checked my bank statement and sure enough it had left the account. Had to ring up the bank to stop the Direct Debit payments…now they owe me a total of £49.10 (this is for the 3 months of no service and last month's charge when I'd already left).

Reviewed by James from UK on 4th Sep 2015
I'm having a bad time with these criminals. I thought my experience was bad, but judging by the other reviews Vodafone are doing a great job of messing up a lot of lives. I actually ended my contract with them in the statutory 14 day cooling off period because the phone wouldn't function on their network. I sent the phone back (to Carphone Warehouse) and Vodafone cancelled the contract. So all fine, well no, because when I asked for the PAC code they said they'd need to reactivate the account so I declined. But they reactivated the account anyway. They've now insisted on finding the recording of the telephone conversation to prove I'm telling the truth even though the contact should still be cancelled even if I wasn't being honest. Every step of the way I've been fobbed off, call put on hold, call dropped, hours of waiting. If you have any dispute with these idiots I recommend you put it in writing now and keep a record so that when they fail to resolve the issue within 8 weeks you can go straight to the ombudsman. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE CALL CENTRE WORKERS ARE DEALING WITH YOUR ISSUE. TRUST ME.

Reviewed by angela from UK on 24th Aug 2015
Awful. The worst service ever. I can not wait for this contract to be over. COMPLETE ROBBING Gets. If you are looking at being a VODAFONE CUSTOMER PLEASE MARK MY WORDS. YOU WILL REGRET IT I PROMISE THEY ARE ROBBERS They do not deserve 1 star. I pray every customer leaves to another phone company and they go Bust.

Reviewed by shan from singapore on 18th Aug 2015
My phone number doesnt even EXIST anymore, for almost a year and they STILL charge me. I finally removed vodaphone from my bank to stop this illegal payments and yet I still receive emails regarding my non existent bill. I don't even LIVE IN LONDON, I live in malaysia and paid so much money to call them internationally to get them to just go away and NO they are still harassing me. I am finally back in london after a year to call them without international charges and they have promised me 3 times in 1 week to call me back. I am currently on hold with them right now. RIDICULOUS.


Reviewed by M baig from Uk on 16th Aug 2015
I cancelled my contract in December and all the payments were sorted. But now I am getting bills from voda and a debt collecting company which is affecting my credit score this is ridiculous voda are just trying to get money from me for no reason this is bullying and harassing as voda owes me money for poor network compensation absolutely appalled by voda behaviour.

Reviewed by San from UK on 12th Aug 2015
I can only agree that vodafone is a completely diabolical company to deal with. They have extremely poor customer service, with no hierarchy system in place. ALL of their customer dealings by phone are not dealt with by the company itself but its all outsourced to poorly trained, unknowledgeable people at service call centres. In the end you feel sorry that they have to do a job in complete ignorance of any kind of customer care.

I have 3 lines with vodafone, once my contracts have finished I will be switching providers. My problems have ranged from poor sales, poor billing, random charges and a customer service team that doesn't know how to do simple addition or subtraction.

The website is plagued with problems and is often down. Their internal systems are often down.
My partner disagreed a bill and she refused to pay until it was resolved, without warning they immediately closed her account and handed it to dept collectors. The debt collectors claimed vodafone was still responsible for the bill and vodafone claimed that they had sold the dept. Only when getting financial ombudsmen involved were we able to identify the truth and that was that vodafone hadn't sold the debt and was still in charge of it. When calling them they still maintained (despite evidence to the contrary) they had sold the dept.

I still have problems with my contract they have increased my line rental cost by 25% with no warning, no notification and when contacting them I'm told time and again its resolved only to be charged the illegitimate increase again and again and again.

Absolutely impossible company to deal with on every level. STAY CLEAR OF VODAFONE, those in charge need to learn that customers are their business and that the shareholders aren't.

Reviewed by Diana from Uk on 9th Aug 2015
Shocking horrific company! Disgusting service! So bad I've reported them to trading standards!

Vodafone have, and admitted in numerous recorded telephone calls, messed up! They inadvertently cancelled my direct debit. After numerous telephone calls to far off lands we eventually got it sorted, or so we thought!

They still have failed to present to my bank for a direct debit payment.... And cut me off!!!!

After another long and ardous phone call to them, there advisor Aly, admitted again it was there fault. But if we pay now and pay a reconnection fee for each phone (we have3) they'll reconnect us! Hmm. I don't think so!

I've done nothing wrong, I've abided by the terms and conditions if the contract. Vodafone have not, their error.

Eventually after telling them to stick their contract where the sun doesn't shine they agreed to reconnect for free and present to our bank for the direct debit!

Well the reconnection lasted a grand total of 2hrs before they cut us off again! And guess what, they want a reconnection fee! Does this company live in cloud coukoo land???

I will not pay another penny to Vodafone they have broken the terms and conditions of their contract therefore it's nil and void in my eyes. I'm also in the process if sending an email to BBC watchdog and would strongly encourage others to do the same

Stay as far away from this company as possible.

Reviewed by Katrina Taylor from UK on 1st Aug 2015
I have only been with this company for 13 months and I hate them more than I hated EE - which is saying something.
I received a text off of Vodafone in June advising me that some charges were changing and to look at the website for more info. I did look at the website and it said that as the RPI was going to raise more than 0.9% I could cancel my contract. I wrote the letter like it told me to, sent it by recorded delivery and it was signed for on 11/07/2015. I still haven't had ANY response to this letter.
I spoke to someone on the online chat thing, who tried to tell me I couldn't cancel and everyone received the text message for information purposes - untrue as the website said that the information only applied to the people who had received a text message from Vodafone (a blatant lie then?)
I still haven't received ANY response to my email and Vodafone don't do email addresses for the public? REALLY? What company in this day and age doesn't have an email address for correspondence?
Then, I got annoyed even more when someone fobbed me off with a FAKE email address - really?! ridiculous!
My mobile data (which I pay for every month) doesn't work, I constantly have to look for a wifi spot, my online account doesn't let me in, but this doesn't bother Vodafone, it bothers me though. I would actually like to look at my bill, not talk to an adviser every month.
I have contacted a solicitor about this company - they are taking it further for me.
This is the worst company I have ever been with - please don't ever go with them, they are awful.

Reviewed by Gemma from Uk on 30th Jul 2015
2 weeks ago someone was able to access my account despite giving incorrect information and while the fraud has been " investigated " the customer service team do not wish to know I have been promised call backs that never came left on hold for hours and even told that I might as well go to ombudsman because they won't deal with it. I have 3 lines with Vodafone and I want out but no one will help me I'm at a loss this company is so untrustworthy.

Reviewed by Philip Blunt from UK on 29th Jul 2015
For the second time this month, the Vodafone signal has vanished. I am a business customer of theirs, living in the SN8 area. A couple of weeks ago I lost my Vodafone signal for three days with no explanation given, and nothing on their website telling me anything.

I tried getting through to customer services twice, but lost the will to live after about 25 minutes of hearing options, music, and the message that 'they're all very busy'. I am busy too and their service (or lack of it) is costing me and my company money.

Vodafone claims to offer a premium service, and is the strongest signal in my area, when it's working. I am thoroughly fed up with their truly appalling customer service and their lack of interest and communication when their service is down.

As a company which uses various loopholes to pay a fraction of the corporation tax it should do, combined with a sub-standard customer experience which is simply terrible, they may rest assured I will be looking to take my business elsewhere when my contract expires.

(a little later after getting through to a "local" customer services representative - in Johannesburg!)

I have just been told by one of your "Customer service" people that the phone network in this area is down and is expected to be back in 6 days.

How can I run my business for the next 6 days? I rely absolutely on my phone to conduct my business. I have clients in the US who cannot contact me. I am unable to sell my products, advise on them, provide customer support etc.

Should I shut my business down for the next 6 days?

I want to cancel my contract, not pay the £221 early termination fee, get a PAC code, and take my number to a phone provider that can provide me with a signal.

I am leaving one star as the review rating only because it is not possible to leave no stars.

I want some answers.

Reviewed by lol from Somewhere on 27th Jul 2015
Slow, terrible value for money and awful customer service.

Reviewed by Musicquaver from Scotland on 14th Jul 2015
SERIOUS HEALTH WARNING - DON'T DEAL WITH VODAPHONE Worst ever customer service in all of my nearly 60 years. Most frustrating experience trying to speak with customer services - went round in circles over 5 days and ended up with 2 phones didn't want and one phone that didn't have the correct simm! All being returned and moving contracts. Only giving one star as have to give them this.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 13th Jul 2015
this company has the worst network coverage. I took out a 4g dataplan with Vodafone a year and half ago. Their coverage checker said my home post code had 4g coverage. That was never true. The coverage was always flicking, calls had unbelievable static, text messages arrived hours later. Even when I walk on my street, its the same.

I complained whenever I managed to summon the energy (it is hard work). You get fobbed off with the promise that network upgrades are imminent. Its it never happens and the customer support people were lying (or they were lied to, it doesn't matter)

After several complaints over the period of a year, I notice my street is now showing 2G on the coverage checker. So its now at least accurate.

This company is obviously skimping on network coverage and relying on marketing to survive. Avoid this company if you want to retain your sanity.

Reviewed by GRPRAH from UK on 12th Jul 2015
I have been on the phone to Vodafone for 6.5 hours this week to attempt an upgrade. Horrific Customer Service. Their Director should be sacked.

Reviewed by joffin from jose on 11th Jul 2015
The most worst service provider i ever used. They have a very bad customer care service. It is not Vodafone network... Its just customer cheating network... Very bad network..

Reviewed by Avi from UK on 6th Jul 2015
Dear Vodafone,

I was in Vodafone's Watford store yesterday and their employees have the worst customer service.

I visited the store to hand in my phone for repair. It was covered by insurance, and the claim was reported and logged the day before. The insurance department said to go to the Vodafone store to hand in the phone for repair, which I thought would be a simple task, how wrong I was:
1. We waited 30 mins before we were served
2. Once I was seated the sales representative was rude and unhelpful
3. They could not find my account on the system
4. The account was only found after I suggested looking up my address
5. They took my phone and wiped it clean of data.
6. They then contacted the insurance department, but they were informed they couldnít find our details on the system
7. We were then informed that they could not assist us and we would have to come back in a few days time.
8. On asking whether the problems we faced could be documented, they said they could not be documented
9. I then requested to see the manager
10. The manager said that the problems we faced could not be documented on the system
11. I requested that they document them by writing down the issue, so I had confirmation and evidence of what had happed, they said they could not.
12. I then asked for the managerís name, they said they could not tell me their name.

Key issues
1. 4 hours wasted coming into the Watford Vodafone store
2. Rude and unhelpful staff
3. Issue not resolved
4. Issue could not be documented
5. Manager could not tell me their full name

Bad customer experience. At this point I would not recommend using Vodafone to anyone!

Please contact me to resolve!

Reviewed by deeigoe from UK on 1st Jul 2015
Vodafone Customer serives - NOT, a very frustrating experience trying to get through to anyone, they don't even have the option of 'thinking of leaving us' I wonder why? very happy to take our money and ramp up our charges, but be afraid, be very afraid if you have any problem...... I have been with them for a number of years (more fool me, I hear you say!) and have to say that they DO NOT value loyalty from their customers, I suppose it's the usual NEW customers only that matter to them...... best advice is to shop around.....

Reviewed by Christine Hughes from UK on 30th Jun 2015
Stay clear of this lot!

Having ordered a Samsung phone from them at the weekend, and received confirmation, with order number etc. we then found the order hadn't gone through and the price had gone up by £30. Hours and hours were spent on the phone, being sent from one person to another, with some saying it would be honoured, only for the result to be that they would NOT honour the order, despite it being their fault something went wrong with it. Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole now!

Reviewed by Ty Stephens from UK on 29th Jun 2015
Stay away from Vodafone at all costs. If Vodafone is the only provider in your area, consider tossing your phone in the bin and getting back in touch with nature. Take up gardening, get a dog, go on long walks and live a life that's bright and free in the absence of this cancerous, lying, band of thieves.

I have lived in the UK for 5 years now and signed up with Vodafone when I arrived. Service was always poor but relatively devoid of nightmares until I wanted to cancel one of my mobile phone lines. It SEEMED like a simple procedure and I was informed that it was complied with on the spot.

It was not.

Time passed before I noticed my automatic billing had continued to pay to keep a second line open that I had not used. I brought this to Vodafone's attention and they claimed they had no record of me ever calling and that it was some figment of my imagination. There was nothing they could do... No refund just empty apologies. This was the second of several times.

GUESS WHAT?! The line is STILL open. Every time they claim that I never asked them to close it and there's nothing they can do. Every time they tell me it's taken care of. Every time they tell me some new lie. Most recently they claim that it's IMPOSSIBLE to cancel anything by phone and that I have to go to the local office in person or write a letter.
So who have I been talking to on the phone all this time? I would honestly sue them if it wouldn't cost me more time and money than these filthy lying, liars have already cost me.

Reviewed by Joe from uk on 27th Jun 2015
Vodafone is one of the worst companies I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with! The help desk is staffed by individuals who know and can do nothing! Everything is I will pass that request on for you and it should be sorted in 24 hours (it's always 24hours). But they can't even do that because the 24 hours comes and goes but the problem remains.
My latest encounter - I called to report that I could not access my data (I was in Spain). A very polite gentleman told me that my account had a bar on accessing data while overseas. I'm overseas a lot and this was the first time this happened so I asked how this happened why this time and who put the bar on the account. The answer was don't know on all counts.

To my surprise he told me he had lifted the block on my account - but I knew I was doomed when he said it should update within 24 hours! Of course the next day and the day after I was still without data.

I call again (I really don't know why - as I have given up on Vodafone). A very lovely lady this time. Very sorry that previous call was a waste of time as nothing was done to my account. She would fix it. Looked through my account and said I've identified the problem. I've fixed it and in the next 20 minutes you will receive a text telling you what to do

20 min later a text turn on data roaming (always was on).

Suffice to say I did without data for my holiday - I probably saved a fortune.

Reviewed by Amit from india on 25th Jun 2015
dont use vodaphone postpaid connection plz

Reviewed by Antony Masters from UK on 24th Jun 2015
Only been with Vodafone for a week - not able to access or set up my on-line account as the wrong email was the 'Username' also they have two databases (one being C-Board/See-Board) and one wouldn't show my number while the other wouldn't show my account details. After speaking to the call-centre opps (four times) and two on-line 'Live' chats, still a problem and not able to set up or log in.

Ask for PAK codes to move to EE. Phoned customer service for PAK codes, told have to go to the store to get them. At the store told have to phone customer service. ???? So, got the store to phone your customer service. One assistant couldn't handle Vodafone's own menu system, so gave up - got your store assistant manager to take over, he also had problems with Vodafone own call centre. in the end he spoken to 5 operators, and spent 45 mins on the phone. I was there for an hour to get PAK codes. It seems to be a problem that vodafone has two databases, and from reviewers who say they have been charged twice, the two databases could be why.

Vodafone just have not got a system in place, and you will suffer if you go with them...

Reviewed by Antony Masters from UK on 24th Jun 2015
Vodafone UK, stop being total pants: get a 'contact us' system in place that works - an email would be good, this 'live chat' is useless - talking to someone in India who doesn't know how to fix the on-line issue.... you have a FAQ section which isn't detailed nor cover a lot of real issues. Close the call centre in India, pay for some staff in the UK and spend the rest on a better on-line facilities for your customers. No point in spending a lot of money on your revamp stores with your after care service is PANTS.... 6 days & 4 calls to 191 since new contracts and still don't have on-line account or an answer to why the login details don't work.

Reviewed by Roy from brett on 22nd Jun 2015
dont go there been with them 12 years no more when contract runs out bad non existing customer service and you have pay 0844 for the privilege one star is to good

Reviewed by Samera from England on 21st Jun 2015
I have been a loyal customer to voda phone for many years, I can honestly say u have one of the worstcustomer services in the whole country. The first time ever I had to give my phone back because the touch screen was not responding at times and u sent me around in circles, I paid my insurance for years and only claimed on well tried to claim on it for the first time. I hope you run your company to the ground, the world will be a better place without voda phone, you employ some of the most useless people around not only to answer the phone but on your shop floors. Don't even get me started with the useless employees u have at your branch at the whiterose shopping centre in Leeds ...What a waste of air they are in that branch ... I can happily say I will not be renewing my contract with voda again ever, if I cold give u zero stars I would have !!!

Reviewed by Nick from Uk on 20th Jun 2015
Vodafone... I've been a customer for around 10-12 years. I'm sad to say I'd be surprised if Vodafone are even operating in another ten years. I've experienced shocking customer service , inflated prices and poor coverage at best. Recently they tried to charge me well over £200 for premium rate phone calls to their own numbers trying to sort out problems with my bill that they themselves caused! Couple this with the fact they REFUSE to do any unlimited data package and my bill coming in at well over 70-80 pounds every month ( my contract is 64 pounds on it own ) while other providers offer UNLIMITED data for TEN POUNDS a month ... I feel constantly fleeced by vodafone even though I'm a loyal customer. Contract renewal due this month and I can't find one single reason I'd want to remain with vodafone . Time to change your ways vodafone... If you still want any business in years to come.

Reviewed by stacey from britain on 17th Jun 2015
I got a IPhone 5c last year, due to me breaking the screen my sell, I had insurance and was still telt I would be charged to send this away!! However they ended up getting me into another contract (my own fault) for another 2 years!
So I got the htc mini, what a pile of rubbish, it wont let me send messages, it hangs up my calls and rings another person, wont let me on any of my apps, constantly crashes, I have 7gb and somehow I manage to go over every month!
I have asked to have a upgrade on my IPhone 5c and to do this I have to pay £300.00!
The customer service is shocking and all I get is "is there anything else I can help you with" "I do apologise" Cutting the conversation off there and then!
I pay these over £80.00 a month for phones that do not work! Wish I never ever came to Vodafone, Now they are trying to get me to order a new contract that will suit me better! I think they are cons to take as much money as they can!
Only help I got was today off a lovely ladie in store to accepted to send my phone away to be repaired. Gave me a number to ring to see if I could upgrade - to then be put through to a awful woman with the most horrible attitude!
They need to sort customer service out ASAP! How they still run a business is beyond me! Cant wait till my contracts are both up to go somewhere else! TERRIBLE!!

Reviewed by Tania from Britain on 15th Jun 2015
I have to agree with all these comments. We too have family contracts. The cost for the device is overpriced. Have been calling customer device since the start of our contracts as poor coverage. We pay for the privilege of 4g however it's non existent in my area. Have been fobbed off numerous times. Each time I speak to a representative I'm told different excuses. It's really bad. There is nothing I can do but pay over inflated costs for a well below standard service. Can't wait to leave vodafone.

Reviewed by Mike from U.K on 7th Jun 2015
Appalling customer service.
Hard or impossible to connect to webchat.
literally hours on the phone to attempt to solve problems.
False promises made.
Instructions ignored.
Lies told.
Frequent disconnections.

There is a culture of upselling, fobbing off, lying,

My billing has been innaccurate and plain wrong.
Promised refunds have not been forthcoming.
Promised credits have not been actioned.

This culture can only be corporate culture.

Do not expect honesty reliability or service from Vodafone.

Reviewed by Josh from Uk on 19th May 2015
So as an employee I get a great basic package and I work with one of the biggest company s in the world. What I don't understand is why its the most expensive and poorly covered network in the UK. I have been a customer since switching from EE as I get a 50% discount... believe it or not that has just saved me a small £13 in comparison. So since switching I lose signal all the time and cannot even use the phone properly at work lol..... I was slapped with my 1st bill which was wrong and caused me to get a bank charge which wasn't refunded even though they admitted it was their fault..... My second bill was £300 because I went over my contracted allowance which again was wrong. Vodafone admitted this and told me they would give it back as credit so I don't pay the next X amount of months...... This hasn't help the huge bank charges I will now get!!!!! LISTEN TO ME, GO TO EE!!!!. they have the best network with 4G everywhere and English call centers and by far the best for being competitive. If you like cheap go to 3 or extra benefits go to o2.... OR what you could do is go to Vodafone! High costs! no benefits and the worst customer service in the world. As an employee they promote customers being ripped off and have now changed our bonus structure so we get more money for selling higher products... DISGUSTING

Reviewed by Marisa from UK on 18th May 2015
I am not one to write reviews, but I feel I need to share my awful experience, so that others do not make the mistake of getting into a contract with this JOKE of a company. Having lost my phone, I contacted Vodafone so that I could have a new sim sent out to me. 8 days later, my new phone has arrived from my insurance company (not with Vodafone - thankfully), but my sim hasn't. Then having to call Vodafone yet AGAIN, to only discover that "the order had been placed, but not generated mam". ARE YOU SERIOUS?! They have now "promised" to have a sim with me by tomorrow's first post. This is not the first of the problems. I needed to get proof of purchase of my phone, for my AMAZING insurance company (Protect Your Bubble). I called Vodafone, who said that I would have to speak to their customer service team on the online chat platform. From this chat platform, I was passed through 3 different reps, having to provide my details to each one again, for the final one to tell me that I would then have to email in for the proof of purchase & would receive this the next day. At this point I was really annoyed and relayed this back to the rep, who then said having spoken to his Supervisor, they would send me the proof of purchase within the next 2-3 hours. 8 hours having passed their 3 hour mark and no email! I then had to go back onto their chat platform and had to give all details again. Finally I received the email, whilst I was still on the chat platform with the rep, for it not to have the attachment I required!! I was then told to wait 2 minutes, (10 minutes I waited) until I finally received the attachment I needed!!! Unfortunately I am still contracted to stay with them until December, but I will contest this due to their AWFUL customer service. Don't make the same mistake as me & stay away from this company instead!

Reviewed by paige from england on 15th May 2015
Absolutely disgusting how you can take 2x payments from my bank!! You asked to see bank statements you got them told me my money would be put back in a week...a week later still no money!! And when i phone back to see what's going on you tell me you never took the money and didn't see any statments! You STOLE money and now are refusing to pay it back into my account so people if i was you i wouldn't use Vodafone because they are THIEVES!! This is being took further!

Reviewed by Kartik hariharan from United kingdom on 7th May 2015
Worst ever company
Bunch of actors thrives liars and comment
Never ever go anywhere near this lot
Shameful and disgusting company
A miracle tat often haven't taken any steps to shut down this shambolic operationt.

Reviewed by Mel from UK on 6th May 2015
Dreadful customer service. False promises.
Shameful - do not give them your business. If you do you are very likely to regret it.
They owed me a large refund and refused to pay me making numerous excuses and telling lies.
One star is actually one too many!

Reviewed by Nicola from UK on 29th Apr 2015
I ported my number to Vodafone and since the 5/4 (today is 29/4) the data services have not been working. The issue has been escalated through customer services to the technical team and from them to the "super" team. No one has contacted me to update me on the situation and when I contact them (I have spent hours on the phone waiting and in store queuing) all they say to me is that it is being looked into but they cannot give me timescales. It is now coming up to four weeks of this problem not being resolved. I have written to the director's office. They have found a way to fix the problem but because of a backlog (obviously loads of people are experiencing technical problems with their Vodafone mobiles) I am still left waiting!!! I do not recommend switching to Vodafone!!!

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 9th Apr 2015
I have been a Vodafone customer for 10 years, I manage several accounts for my family and I have now moved all but 1 away from Vodafone and when that one expires I will also move that.

Last month I received a bill for nearly £140 - my standard plan is £34 a month and includes unlimited calls and texts so this additional amount was for going over my 1Gb data allowance. The phone is my wifes and I immediately checked with her to see if she had received the text message notifications about approaching the data limit - she hadn't, I switched the data off as she had already exceeded the next months allowance as well - pretty much rendering the phone useless outside the house for anything but making calls.
At this point I would like to be clear - going over the data limit is my fault and I do not blame Vodafone although we should have received warnings which didn't arrive - as Vodafone helpfully point out though their terms and conditions exempt them from any blame for not sending the warnings.
As a long standing customer I approached Vodafone customer service - not easy by the way - the chat service was often unavailable, sending an email results in an immediate automated reply saying they are dealing with your complaint, followed 24 hours later by another email informing you that they cannot deal with complaints via email for security reasons and refer you back to the chat. You could phone but I prefer a written record when complaining or dealing with customer services.
The first time I contacted customer services I had an online chat with Katie - Katie read my issues and then tried to up sell me to a more expensive plan. This seemed to be Katies only real interest - despite my explaining that having an extra 1Gb or 2Gb would not really help and the increased cost would be better put towards an unlimited data plan from Three mobile or another service provider. When I started talking about moving away, Katie asked for my number and called me, I now realise that this was because what she was about to tell me was a pack of lies and she couldn't tell me this via the chat as I would get a copy of that. When I spoke to Katie she said that they were about to launch an all inclusive data package and that I would be able to have it for the same rate I am on now. She would need a manager to authorise this and he would call me back in the morning. I am still waiting for that call. Katie just wanted me to end the chat and she presumably would have marked that as a resolved call.
I started another chat today and spoke to Riley - Riley was not interested in helping me at all - he just kept pasting links to the terms and conditions . and offering me data bundles and contract up sells and didn't seem to grasp that I was looking for a resolution to prevent a re-occurrence as I could not afford to spend £140 a month on a single phone contract. What I asked for was for a cap to be put on my account so that when my data allowance was used up I could not spend any more. Vodafone do not do this - most other mobile operators do and I think it is time that Ofcom looked at this practice by Vodafone.
I asked for the call to be escalated and it was to a guy called Albert who asked for a few minutes to review the chat ( I am 2 hours in by this point) I am not sure what Albert was reading for the 7 minutes he was away but I am pretty sure it wasn't the chat I had with Riley - eventually when I got him to focus on the issue he, like Riley - pasted a copy of a link to the terms and conditions and tried to up sell me to more expensive packages.
Just a note here to Vodafone - I am paying £35 a month already for unlimited calls texts and 1Gb data and I am tied in to a 24 month contract - I have 2 other contracts with Three mobile, for £25 month and I get unlimited data - unlimited texts and 2,000 minutes (5,000 minutes to 3 numbers) oh and in most countries now I can use this bundle without any additional charge so I get unlimited data in most of Europe - I am also only tied in for one month

So I explain this to Albert and point out that I would expect some help from Vodafone for my loyalty over the last 10 years - his final offer is that if I take out a data bundle - extra 2 Gb for an extra £10 month he will discount my last data bill by 20% - Wow so for my loyalty I get to increase my monthly spend to £45 and you give me a one off discount from a ridiculously inflated data bill of £20.

I think therefore that the message is clear

Vodafone DO NOT CARE about their customers, they treat us like idiots , they lie to us, they rip us off on data charges and they do not put in place simple measures that would allow you to control your spend and set limits. Time for Ofcom to act and time for the rest of us to act by moving to a mobile provider that listens to its customers.

It will now be cheaper for me to remove the Vodafone sim and replace it with a Three sim with unlimited data and just wait for my Vodafone contract to expire.

Reviewed by Mensah from United Kingdom on 6th Apr 2015
I have been a loyal Vodafone customer since I was 18 years old and I'm now 32 that shows how long I've been loyal to this company!! Feel stupid!! about a year ago now I took out an additional price plan with Vodafone and immediately they started over charging me for data until this day they have not refunded me the £2000.00 they have overcharged!! I spoke to numerous customer service agents who empathise profusely. So many have advise me that my refund will be done shortly I hear that every week and it's got to the stage where they called me last week and advised after a year of back-and-forth them accepting their mistakes...... #bang actually they decided it is not their mistake and I am not due any monies!! can you honestly believe this......how does a company treat individuals like this??
Hold on wait Vodafone goes on its mass reputation and branding, there are many companies who have mass branding and people following such as the Marriott, Apple's of this world but they don't treat their customers like this unfortunately Vodafone is purely after the £41 a month per person and really doesn't care about their customers!! I'm not a vindictive individual but I just want others to know "don't go to Vodafone save yourself the heartache once and for all because in the end it won't end well trust me"!!

Reviewed by aleks from uk on 31st Mar 2015
i am so furious that i can barely write this review.

vodafone are the single worst company i have EVER had to deal with.

they are "corrupt". they transfer you countless times with no intention of every dealing with your concerns/issues.

23 months after i stopped receiving acceptable service to my work place in the MIDDLE OF CENTRAL LONDON!!!!! I still can not get any refund.

They are crooks. If you think your operator is bad, you have no idea.

I have been with O2, Three and Vodafone. I had no idea how bad it could be.


Reviewed by Jacqui Smith from England on 26th Mar 2015
You are lucky to be able to use Vodafone because I have an address which has no street name or house number. Apparently their system can't recognise my address. Pathetic isn't it?

Reviewed by Honest Jack from England on 22nd Mar 2015
Warning about Vodafone

Vodafone is a corrupt company and they know exactly what they are doing. I will not bore you with the details of problems I have with them but when it comes to helping customers there is no one worse. I have read the other reviews and my experience is identical to Dominic.
You will get through to a call centre in Cairo, India or Cape Town 75% of the time. Their english is hard to understand and they are robots. Repeating the same lines pinned on the tops of all their computer screens. If they do understand you they will be no help. If you get through to the call centre in Ireland or the random helpful employee you will get little help because they are bound by the same restrictions. "A manager will contact you in the next 24 to 72 hours".
I have never received a call back.
To complain you can email but I have personally had managers from my local vodafone store email and ring them and they feed them the same lines or completly ignore the email.
Vodafones front is the staff in the stores are helpful and friendly and they will do all they can to help. If they cannot then get ready for a fight.
Seriously (put on some fight music)
I am sure many customers have had good experiences with vodafone and lucky them, but I would warn anyone thinking of joining them, think if anything goes wrong that can't be handled in store it's just not worth the risk.
I write this still waiting for a refund of almost £2000 that has been escalated (which means flogged to another person) for 6 months now.
I feel harsh writing this but everything is true, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with and anyone looking to enjoy there new phone etc. Stay clear of them.
Join another network as I hope to soon and really have a look at how this company works.
I would not wish my experience on other consumers. Which is why I have written a review for the first time.

"Vodafone a network you cannot depend on".

Reviewed by natalie from england on 14th Mar 2015
What a total nightmare vodafone are. After being hit with a phone bill for 492 this got slighty reduced as vodafone had not been marking my payments off for 3 month this still left me with 282 to pay for one month because I had apparently went over my internet allowance of 10gb the attitude of the customer services team was disgusting. I would not recommend vodafone to anyone total rip offs!!

Reviewed by ck from uk on 9th Mar 2015
I was told any service is a service by vodafone well to me its unacceptable its all gone down hill from sixteen years ago i want out.
You call customer service its unprofessional it sounds like a party in india. belfast was better but the promise to sort stuff and get a manager to call never happens promise all broken at voda dont take a contrat out it effects your health.

Reviewed by sophia from london on 4th Mar 2015
For the last 3 months if not longer i have had countless conversations with Vodafone over the phone. Every time that i called i was fobbed off told a bunch of lies and rubbish just to get me off the phone.
It all started when i received an extremely high bill that i wasnt too sure about so i requested an itemised bill which was then sent to me via email. After looking through this i realised i was at fault and resumed to calling vodafone to set up a payment plan. I was told that i could call up at the end of each month and pay an amount of my choice, which was perfect for me.
Until i called up the second month and asked to make a payment after my phone had been cut off, to which i was then told that this was no longer available and that i would have to pay the full amount there and then to be re connected.
After a very long conversation with the women on the end of the phone she reconnected me with me being told i could call up the next day once i had been paid to organise i payment plan.
So this is what i did. The man on the end of the phone told me that i could set up a payment plan and a direct debit for my usual bill at the same time. So i did so. Thinking it was all sorted i went on with my day to day business, until i went to the supermarket to buy something and my card was declined twice.
To which i then checked my bank account to find that vodafone had withdrawn the full amount out of my account.
FUMING! i called them and asked why and they said that it was not possible to have a direct debit and a payment plan set up at the same time and was told this would be rectified.

After this long hall with them i thought that everything would be sorted.
In short. They withdrew the amount out of my account 3 more times over the following months, i called them and told them that i wanted the direct debit taken off and a payment plan set up. It took me to threaten with the ombudsman, to ask for 5 managers to call me, to which only two called me back, long 1 hour phone calls every week for months and finally i got it sorted only a month ago.

This month the amount that was reduced due to the hassle from them was withdrawn from my account along with two other amounts that i had no knowledge of agreeing too.
I called them up and asked about the two payments. 1 was for a past bill and the other was for the FIRST PAYMENT PLAN that i set up in the first place which SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. After a lengthy phone call i managed to get this refunded to my account and i asked for an itemised bill for the 2nd amount that was taken from my account.

This was sent to my email which i checked straight away. The reason for the extra charges that were added on to my bill, were due to extra mins that i had used. Looking down the bill there were no extra charges for any calls stated apart from two txt messages, which i had accounted for.
I then AGAIN called vodafone for the one hundredth time in the last 4 months if not more to ask why these charges had been taken out of my account, when the bill stated that there were no charges made. The man on the other end of the phone said that it was due to ME COMPLAINING and that EVERYONE who had dealt with me had got confused and so had the system. He never really explained why it had been charged to me, but did say that due to me disputing the BILL which i never actually did they had credited my account and that my account was £60 in credit...i told him that that made no sense as i had just made a payment for a larger sum of this and that i had not been notified of my account being in credit.

Im sorry for my long winded MOAN, and though it eventually got resolved i have still not had the refund of £17 and £50 placed into my account. If i had not asked for that bill Vodafone would have got away with taking that money from me and i would be none the wiser.
Beware vodafone are money sucking leaches and they will leach you for every penny that you have. To call their customer service team a team is an utter joke, there is no communication between staff or managers and it is a disgrace. i cannot wait till i can get rid of the idiots.
for your sanity and money DO NOT USE VODAFONE!

Cutt off numerous times
put into arrears with the bank, with these charges not being paid back
told lie after lie
do not care about their customers
take money from your account without you knowing
charge you for things on your phone bill when you havent even done what you have been charged for!!


...rant over!

Reviewed by Angela from England on 3rd Mar 2015
I have been with Vodafone for 10 years but a divorce is on the cards. Three weeks ago, I paid my bill of £131.28 with my credit card (as they were debitting my account at odd times!). To my surprise, I realised that this sum had been taken from my account TWICE. I thought foolishly that this wouldn't be a major problem: a bank statement could have resulted in the overpayment being repaid in a matter of days. Wrong! I have emailed copies 3 times, but all have been lost in the Vodafone ether. I feel for my fellow customers - the incredibly long waiting times (why?!!). Employ sufficient staff to deal with the volume of complaints (oops) calls. First chap suggested that I send copy of the bank statement to Customer [I don't] Care. He had ever confidence that the funds would be reimbursed within a few days. A day later, I received an email from said team, which invited me to "click here" for live chat with an advisor - this requires you to write long messages back & forth. Don't bother - they ask you a thousand questions that lead nowhere. The connection will be lost - they promise to call you back when it happens, but they don't! - I say this because I've tried 3 times. No one called. Complete waste of 30-40 minutes each time! Worst thing is that when you do speak to an advisor, you have to repeat the same issue each time. I called my bank; Barclays informed me that a number of people had called them about Vodafone not returning overpayments. Shocking that Vodafone is in disrepute with the banks. Alas, the payment could not be recalled. I've made 9 calls to Vodafone. Last night, I asked the advisor to tell me why I might be calling. He could not. I asked him if Vodafone uses a shared database to record customer information: yes, he said, but they only record what they believe to be relevant. Complete untruth but moronic as even the most brief records of my previous calls would not have necessitated me having to repeat the whole sorry saga yet again & again & again! Each time, they apologise & make empty promises that this time it will be different, they really want to help etc. Don't be fooled. Three weeks later...still not resolved. Last night, Austin felt my wrath - he had the audacity to tell me that he had "good news". What? My account has been credited by £85!! So, I ask, does that mean that you'll also return my £131.28 to my account. No? Eventually, he said that I could take my bank statement to a Vodafone store & they would reimburse me. The nearest store is one hour away. I am going to call Vodafone today, to ascertain whether this instruction is on their screen. I know it won't be. I will drive for an hour & be advised some nonsense. I have zero confidence in this company. It does not care about their customers nor their staff who work in such incredibly chaotic conditions. Vodafone! Get your act together! If anyone is considering taking out a contract with this company, don't! They charge more for shockingly poor customer care. Thankfully my contract has finished, my prison sentence is over & I will certainly not be renewing it!! Vodafone - I don't want/need any more apologies. I need you to return the overpayment that you have been unlawfully holding for two weeks. You have a bank statement that shows transactions for a week after the overpayment. As a valued customer, and for the sake of the company reputation, reimburse my account!

Reviewed by phil kingston from uk on 25th Feb 2015
if i could give them 0 i would , how is there call centre ever running ? after call after call still cant sort problem out they never seem to no what there doing . i cant believe i have 22 months let of such a shamble company . i dont recommend vodafone to anyone keep well clear find better mobile provider .

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