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Vodafone Home Broadband

 In a nutshell  

Date: February 2016

Vodafone now offers home phone and broadband - for ADSL up to 17Mbps, and fibre up to 76Mbps. Both options include unlimited data, and inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landlines. A free Vodafone Connect router is included when you sign up. Existing customers get discounts off the company's broadband bundles.


User questions

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If I sign up for the 38mbs and all is good can I upgrade to the faster 76 mbs easily without additional in Salt charges, just pay the extra premium?

Asked by Steve Evans from Wales on 22nd Dec 2016
I do not want to sign up to 18 month contract on highest tarrif if service is poor and be stuck paying top dollar. Happy to sign up on lower speed and once all running smoothly, increase premium and understand if new 18 month contract runs from that time.

I have been a Vodafone mobile customer for years. My existing Broadband provider is putting up my charges quite a bit from November which I don't want. What would my broadband charge per month be for the basic bundle please?

Asked by Diane Mackenzie from United Kingdom on 12th Oct 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 12th Oct 2016
The basic option costs £18 per month line rental, but there are many different deals and it depends on your postcode - check Vodafone's site for the latest.

Can I connect to a vpn network without any adjustments to router?

Asked by ron from uk on 11th Sep 2016
I am at present on sky fibre unlimited but they do not support vpn†without a lot of tech alterations. I want a broadband that I can just run vpn software to connect and go.
can this be done on Vodafone home hub fibre?

Vodafone Home Broadband user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 25 reviews:

Reviewed by john from england on 25th Sep 2018
Vodafone 38mbs good downloads spped but wifi on router very very very very cant get past a small plastick bag.

Reviewed by Alexander Belyaev from United Kingdom on 28th Feb 2018
Absolute disaster!!!!

My family (5 members) and myself do not have internet for ONE week by the moment!!!!

It was expected to come live on the 21/02/2018.
This did not happen. Called vodafone on 21/02/2018 was promised that internet should come any minute. This did not happen. Chatted online with vodafone on the 22/02, spend 2-3 hours chatting, tested line and router, vodafone concluded that engineer should come and solve the problem with the external line, state that ticket is raised and the problem will be solve within 72 hours. Called vodafone on the 23/02, was told that ticket is not raised for some reason and that now they are rising ticket for sure and that problem will be addressed within 48 hours. Called vodafone on the 24/02-- the representative assured me that engineer will come in 24 hours and that he personally will be calling me to check the status of my problem. This did not happen! Called vodafone on Monday evening 26/02 and asked why engineer did not come contrary to the promisses to come soon -- the answer was that I could not be promised that somebody will come within 24 hours! It is 28/02 -- and still engineer did not call me and did not come. This is disaster -- to0 many lies, too many excuses, zero efficiency, and week without the internet -- disaster for me and my family.

Reviewed by Bob from Uk on 20th Jan 2018
Had broadband with them for a few days, just called and cancelled my contract. Unusable product just keeps going off line for apparently no reason. We have 4 or 5 wi-fi users normally but not with this . The router just goes off line . Not possible to stream . Just rubbish really thank goodness for the cooling off period.
It just went off while I wrote this, what a joke!

Reviewed by Cosmin from London on 16th Dec 2017
I had starter my service with them on the 12 and till 16 I don't have any connection to the internet, now they say the router is faulty and I need to wait for the new one 5 days is a horrible service I will not recomand to anyone.

Reviewed by Stewart from UK on 1st Oct 2017
I've been with Voda BB for aprox a year & a half now, hard wired I was getting 40mb download & 20mb wireless, well chuffed compared to my last supplier the dreaded TalkTalk.
Lately I've noticed changes, done a few speedtests & found at times my upload speed is higher than my download speed, averaging 6-7mb, diabolical TBH.
I'm out of contract now, so it'll be interesting tomorrow when I phone them. All I want is a decent BB connection, I'm no heavy downloader, but do use Utube/Skype etc & I want a speed that I pay for.
Forgot to say I've my mobile contract with them aswell, at first that was OK, now abismal, so 1 Star it is for both.

Reviewed by Carol from united kingdom on 25th May 2017
I am currently a Vodafone home broadband user, I signed up with them as I already have a mobile phone contract with them. However, the connection is extremely bad, when calling on Skype or whatsapp it cuts off every 5 minutes or so. Now when it comes to the router, when they first sent it, it worked for a week and then stopped, it would say my tablet/laptop is connected when I could not go online, I spent over 3 weeks on the phone to them everyday, they had the nerve to ask my to un-screw the box on the wall and all sorts of things, they finally agreed to send me engineer after 3 weeks,who confirmed to me that the issue was the router and I was not the only customer with that issue. They sent me a new router that worked for about 2 months and now it has gone dead again. I am paying roughly £23/month, I am sure I would have gotten a better connection with a different provider. The customer service people all seems polite but with absolute no experience and kept asking me to switch the router off/on for 3 weeks knowing very well what was the issue. I am very disappointed and have 2 long years of this nightmare to go through.

Reviewed by James from Uk on 4th Mar 2017
For everyone having disconnects and cut outs with their broadband. Download Vodafone connect app from play store and check the the channel you are using. Seems like all companies are using the same channel which causes interference. Once I changed from channel 6 and picked a channel no one else used it was perfect.

Reviewed by James from Uk on 4th Feb 2017
Everything just worked, on time with switch over, good speeds and people on the phone with answers to any questions. After reading some of the review's I was panicking they seem to have got their act together.

Reviewed by Anonymous from United Kingdom on 31st Jan 2017
Had home broad band fitted a few months ago was and have been pleased with the whole package. Having said that the whole installation of it was a joke l was told it would take a an hour or so when in fact it took five the engineer was trying his best but his customers service skills were terrible he was talking on his personal mobile phone in work time .....very unprofessional and the language he used when speaking to other engineers was disgusting and l had to ask him to remove his dirty boots as he was willing to walk into my lounge on my beige carpet with flithy rigger boots bad enough that he had a dirty green high vis coat that he kepted on that was touching everything and asking if he could use the bog not the toilet or the loo
The bog ? his customer service wasn't what ld expect then asking me to rate his work and sign a questionnaire in front of him didn't give me the opportunity to write what l really wanted to has he could see what l written surly it would make more sense to send customers a direct feedback of service form to there email instead of putting customers on the spot.

Reviewed by Alexander from Uk on 24th Jan 2017
Locked into terrible router which keeps dropping wifi and is very basic.
Stay away from them.

Reviewed by Warren from United Kingdom on 22nd Dec 2016
I have just got vodafone home broadband and i am delighted with it. I had virgin before but they were getting too expensive. I'm on the 76mps tariff at a cost of £28 mth. I am regularly getting download speeds of 35+mps and upload speeds of 14mps. I live in a 3rd floor flat and the wifi signal is excellent. I have already recommended to friends and you have 30 day to cancel if your not happy with the service, so really there is nothing to lose. I'll update this review after having the service for 1 month.

Reviewed by CBC from UK on 27th Nov 2016
Having had the usual poor quality / overpriced service from BT for years, and being rural and a fair distance from the fibre box it was with a bit of trepidation I signed up for Vodafone phone & broadband. Just over a month on & glad I did! The move went seamlessly & on the due date. Router works great & speed more than double what BT were providing.... And at half the price! OK, so we only get 3.5Mb speed, but against BTs 1.5 and being out in the country, it's as good as we'd expect. Overall very happy so far. Would give five stars if they could ramp the speed up a bit further.

Reviewed by BS from UK on 13th Nov 2016
I had been on BT Infinity for the past two years with no problems at all. I was out of contract with BT, and was swayed to the new Vodafone package due to the zero-pound phone line rental. What a mistake. The service is simply not fit for purpose. I wouldn't recommend even if it was completely free of charge.

The router cuts out easily 10 times per day (or more). The internet completely stops everyday, without fail, during peak times. We literally are without internet as often as we have it. When it is working, the wi-fi range of the router is very poor, and we can't connect in some rooms of the house (never had that issue with previous providers).

Luckily I've cancelled within the 30 day sign up period, but it's been a huge amount of hassle. I'm starting a new contract with BT tomorrow. Stay well clear of Vodafone home broadband.

Reviewed by Geena from Northern Ireland on 12th Nov 2016
Middle of September we got cut off from EE so we changed to Vodafone Broadband, we recieved the router on 30th Sept 2016! We hooked it up amd light was red which was obviously expected until it was meant to be connected!
We were told it would be a certain date that it would be connected.. the date came & went.. so we rang vodafone and they then told us ANOTHER date it would be connected. Again the date came and went with NO explanation to why it hadn't been connected! We then kept ringing them to try & get an explanation but again no explation was given we were pushed pillar to post being told this that and the other! We got told 3 different dates we would be connected also told we would have an engineer out and I stayed at home just for them not to appear!!! We then tried ringing them & they had the nerve to tell us no one was told about an engineer coming out to us on that day!! We then got so fed up we cut it off with them after 3 weeks of no luck or help from vodafone!!We have now changed to BT Hub which is brilliant!..
Vodafone are an absolute joke if you ask me no one should ever have to deal with them! They are ridiculous! Dish out excuse after excuse after excuse! We will not be having anything more to do with them!! Not worth the hassle!! Especially when my older brother has his own gym instructing buisness which he needed internet for! Very frustrating as you can imagine!! Poor poor customer service!!

Reviewed by chanel from Uk on 9th Nov 2016
I had my Vodafone broadband for around 3 weeks and it is still flashing red and not connecting to the Internet. I have called Vodafone a number of times and they are not doing anything about it. At one point they said they would send signal then said there was a delay. The broadband box is still flashing red and Vodafone are not helping.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 12th Oct 2016
The vodafone router is a big problem. It does not handle Airplay at all well, especially if you have a mix of devices connected via ethernet and wifi. E.g. My iPhone cannot 'see' the apple tv's connected via home plugs. No similar problems were experienced with the BT hub. No possibility to make changes in the router apparently - it is bonkers. I will exit Vodafone as soon as my contract ends.

Reviewed by Ray Loft from UK on 24th Sep 2016
Changed from EE to Vodafone fibre unlimited, Best speed so far 7.16mpbs would have been better using a tin can and a string. Totally usless wish i'd stayed withh EE. Will leave as soon as i can. The guaranteed speed is 73Mbps.

Reviewed by N from United Kingdom on 20th Sep 2016
Absolutely awful!! I requested the router 4 weeks ago as was moving house. Have taken the day off for installation date and on calling them to ask what I can do with a flashing red router they have advised that my date has been changed but they have no explanation for why I have not received notification of this. Once I went through to the cancellation department they did not apologise - shocking customer service for someone who has been with them over 10 years!!
Stick with BT, never had this issue with them - at least you know they will turn up!

Reply by George McIntosh from UK on 25th Oct 2016
I cannot support staying or changing to BT. My fibre broadband cuts out for 3 minutes at a time up to 8 times a day. I spoke to an Asian call centre who said that there was nothing wrong with the line. Since I had already used BT's diagnostic check and had that returned as a no fault, I thought that it may be a router fault. They will only supply a new router if I renew my contract which I am not willing to do while this fault persists.
I recognise that there are bigger problems in the world than my BT Broadband but I suggest that you do not add to your woes by going to BT.

Reviewed by G M from uk on 17th Sep 2016
I've been on hold to them for over 30 minutes and I'm not even a customer yet! I called them to take out home broadband on Tuesday, stressing the date I needed to be connected. The next day I received an email telling me my connection date...4 days after I'd requested. I called to ask if this was an error but was informed this was the only possible date. I immediately cancelled the contract and requested a confirmation email and refund of the installation fee of £49.95. I was told this would happen in 5 days.
I RECEIVED THE BOX THE NEXT DAY 1 I called to check the account had been cancelled...it goes on...and on...still got the box, still no cancellation email, still no refund...and now, after calling again yesterday, I have received an email telling me I have provided them with a new address!!!!


avoid Vodafone broadband like the plague!!!!

Reviewed by RT from UK on 11th Jul 2016
Vodafone UK has the most unreliable router for broadband of any ISP provider in the UK. Security holes and patchy wifi are the least of the issues. OFCOM are investigating daily issues and this is from an employee. I would stay well clear.

Reviewed by Forhad from U.K. on 7th Jul 2016
Absolutely rubbish, what waste of the brand name, I had broadband with Vodafone paying them top bucks for 76mbps and I'm getting average 5/6mbps called so many times an after several line checks all they say is everything is ok. Poor customer service advisors don't even know what they are doing. Wifi constantly dropping. Advise was my walls are too thick for the signals, my previous provider was much better. Don't know why I changed, go back to mobile phones as broadband isn't your your cup of tea.

Reviewed by Rob from Dorset uk on 6th Jul 2016
Excellent all round, always have speed test results near 20 Mbps compared to my old sky broadband of 5/6 Mbps.
It takes a few weeks to settle after set up but it's very good service.

Reviewed by Sara collins from England on 2nd Jul 2016
We recently changed over and wish we never, there's not enough speed to run our devices very disappointed, they have done a line check etc and say there is nothing we can do we never had a problem with bt in all the years we were with them only moved because by put prices up, I have a contact with them for 18 months but trust me I won't be staying in it, maybe Vodafone should check line speeds before people switch over instead of taking people money saying how fab it is, what a load of bull.

Reviewed by Catherine from England on 25th Feb 2016
I signed up for Vodafone broadband in January and I have had nothing but disappointment. Irregular speed going from 0 - 20. I have been in touch with customer services on numerous occasions. At first they were helpful sent out BT to check the line, but now I am still having problems and have been told at least twice there is nothing they can do!!! I am tied i to a 24 month contract and also upgraded my mobile phone contract to get free daytime calls so I am paying a lot of money fof a service I am not receiving. I had Sky on this line for over 10 years and have never had a problem, so the problem is obviously with vodafone but they ddon't seem to care. I would not recommend changing to Vodafone broadbznd under any circumstances.

Reviewed by Sat Gaundar from UK on 22nd Feb 2016
Vodafone Home broadband user. Im a very dissatisfied customer and can assure Vodafone they have lost me as a customer for GOOD once my contact runs out. I believe i was mislead with the false advertisement and after a month of them 'investigating' they have said there is nothing wrong with the line and you are within the 12 Mbps and 27 Mbps threshold. we not doing anything. basically I'm stuck on a 18 month contract with getting unto 18-19 Mbps speed. I used to be with BT and was getting at least 25 Mbps hence the only thing i can think of is, Vodafone's equipment. And i was told, if you not happy you can leave. and oh! you will have to pay early termination fee. Disgusting to say the least. my advise DO NOT USE VODAFONE home broadband. they are new to this and appears they are not well equipped to dealing with home broadband customers. Would have given them ZERO stars if i could.

Reply by Michael from UK on 4th Mar 2017
Same here, we were on TalkTalk, 14mb, were promised a better speed by another provider, which turned out to be 11. Thank god we're at the end of that 18 month contract. Switching to fiber as soon as I can.

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