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Virgin Mobile

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Date: September 2007

Virgin Mobile is part of the Virgin Media group that also provides broadband, TV and home phone services. Virgin Mobile is a virtual mobile network, using the T-Mobile network to supply its services.


Virgin Mobile user reviews

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Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 30th Mar 2015
Virgin have shut down their mobile website for 'improvement' from Saturday 28th March - originally for the weekend, now until Wednesday 1st April 'sometime'

This means no access to mobile account management, can't turn on roaming... the worst customer service yet!

Reviewed by Shah from uk on 25th Mar 2015
This customer services is as bad as anything. Upgraded contract and waiting for phone to be delivered next day. After waiting nearly 9 hrs , i checked online and it says delivery failed no-one in house. I checked camera and everything. Yodel guy did not come even to house. After big argument with customer service they decided for next day and it happen again. They are rude and arrogant. Yodel has bad record but virgin now has worst customer service. 3 is better than this people.

Reviewed by Pawel from uk on 23rd Mar 2015
Be aware when cancelling contract they charge you for each phone call my bill is £92!!!!! 15 days.

Reviewed by happy from England on 22nd Mar 2015
Whatever has happened to the Virgin quality. Has Richard Brandon left or lost interest. I have been using PAYG from Virgin for a long time and thought I would talk to the Virgin Team and go for a contract. I have never spoken to such lazy disinterested sales people. Result very very happy with Motorola 4 G I have bought from Tesco Mobile. Sleep on Virgin no doubt Richard has made his money and the brand no longer means quality and service.

Reviewed by David from Scotland on 16th Mar 2015
I have been a virgin mobile customer for a couple of months and the service is very poor. Very weak unreliable signal despite complaining several times to customer service. Also have no access to 4g and in my opinion they are not a very good mobile network provider.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 11th Mar 2015
Awful service, Virgin Mobile have been taking money from my account for a phone that was cancelled over 2 years ago, after numerous calls to get this rectified they finally agreed that I was due a refund of £688.16 that would be in my account within 5 working days, three weeks later it is still not there and I have started the whole rigmarole again. Add to this the fact that they have overcharged for my phone again this month I will definitely be seeking an alternative supplier.
Getting very tired of this now.

Reviewed by Dawn from UK on 3rd Mar 2015
I had a two year contract with virgin. They overcharged me every month - even when my phone was broken and I wasnt using it. I was glad when my contract came to an end and cancelled - I also cancelled my direct debit.

They are saying I owe them £84.00 - I told them they owe me in excess of £340. I also told them that I will only communicate in writing with them from now on as my phone call to cancel was ignored and is not in writing.

They ignore me and just send debt collector letters every week. Now they are threatening to take me to court!!!

I would not use them again.

Reviewed by louise from uk on 27th Feb 2015
3rd time this week, no phone signal, 6th time this month it has just dropped out for no obvious reason, and does not come back for several hours, even days, WOW excellent service Virgin thanks for taking my money month after month, yet barely providing any service at all this year! Its a new phone and my parents are on the same network and have same issues, so clearly Virgin likes our money but not to actually earn it! This has now cost me approx £400 in lost income, nice one!
I am beyond fed up paying for services in the UK just to be mugged off and scammed, Virgin you are no different, trade off a famous name but give us poundland service, thanks for nothing!

Reviewed by jean from uk on 21st Feb 2015
If I didn't still have 16 months left on my contract I would of told them to stick their phone where the sun don't shine. Customer service atrocious they don't care about their customers at all as long as they are raking in the money. After 8 phone calls I eventually got it sorted through a UK representative. You can't even speak to someone face to face as if you go to one of their shops they tell you all they can do is put you through to customer service Virgin mobile want to get their priorities right and put the customer first!!!

Reviewed by Andy Pick from UK on 20th Feb 2015
I'd really like to talk to Richard Branson about his telephone offerings. The service is nothing short of tenth grade and the service personnel really don't care. Month after month goes by where I cannot access my bills to print for expenses purposes. Some of us depend upon this!!!

Reviewed by Susie from UK on 17th Feb 2015
I have put my termination request to Virgin in writing/by email and requested they provide my pac code by return. They say they are not able to provide the pac code by email (even though the email is from my secure email address as per my account with Virgin) due to Account Security and Data protection, as need to ensure they are speaking to the account holder! But the pac code request has come from the account holders email address as per the Account security! And if there was a problem and it was fake, what could that person do with that pac code anyway! Unless they had my phone, sim and email address too, in which case I would've reported my phone stolen.

It is just stalling tac tics and a way of me having to talk to them to hard sell me into a new deal/contract.

Reviewed by Mark Greenberg from South Africa on 13th Feb 2015
Signal is very bad. They need to get their act together or just admit they cant provide a quality service and stick to Virgin Airlines and Gyms.If you can't give us service get out of the market.

Reviewed by Peter Cornfiel from UK on 11th Feb 2015
I have been with Virgin mobile for two years, with my contract finished I decided to upgrade my phone. They now have a new two tier system whereby you pay for the phone and the tariff on a monthly basis. This system requires a credit check. No problems or so I thought, I have a good income, several thousand pounds savings, no outstanding loans or credit cards. my mobile, landline and broadband are with Virgin.
I was turned down for the new mobile. Extremely angry as I have never benn in default of any of the contracts I have with Virgin.

Reviewed by Tracey from South Africa on 11th Jan 2015
What a joke. People send me messages on whars app at 7. at night they get deliver to me at 10. The reception is poor, when I do have it. What a dissapointment. Dont recommend Virgin Mobile to anyone.

Reviewed by Pauline from England on 9th Jan 2015
Seems most people on here are or have been having problems with Virgin phone and networking problems. Seems like they are nothing but a JOKE to me. Had problems with my sons Phone since July 2014 and still no nearer to sorting the problem out after hours on the phone, them saying it is networking problems. Can't even receive or make calls now, eventually they agreed to look at the phone, only to get it back in the post a couple of days later, saying it was the wrong phone, rang them back yet again, spoke to a lady who kindly informed me, that it was up to the Insurance company to sort it out as we had had it replaced by them in May 2014, we had already told them them of this in an earlier conversation. Ha Ha Ha still living in HOPE

Reviewed by Holly from Uk on 7th Jan 2015
I have been very happy with Virgin Briadband, Landline and tv, I have 1 TiVo box and 4 v+ boxes. So when my 02 contract was up, my natural progression was to move my mobile to Virgin too. IT was the WORSE thing I ever did. Right from the start there were problems, they gave me a different number and not my original one, they set me up as pay as you go and not contract. I spend a lot of my time in Windsor, Berkshire and I get no signal at all. I have called customer service on numerous occasions which has never helped. I went into the Virgin shop in Slough and they couldn't help so they called someone for me, he said I needed to be in Windsor and call him regarding my no service in Windsor. He just didn't seem to understand that I couldn't call him in Windsor because I get NO SERVICE. Another customer service agent told me to do one thing another something else. I have a disabled so and need to be contactable at all times. Then in October my picture messaging stopped working. I called customer service last week and was told it had not been working for 3 months and would not be fixed in the foreseeable future! I called again today and spoke yo a rude, condescending customer service agent who told me to use Whattsap. I told him I didn't want to, I just wanted the picture messaging to work, he said well if it's friends and family then just use Whattsap. I said but I also gave to send photos to companies and he said well you can email the. I said it's not the point I am paying for a service that I am not getting. He told me he would put me through to the tech dept and promptly cut me off! So I called back explained again to a different cs agent who apologised and promptly cut me off again, I called a third time and got through to tech dept. I was on the phone to him for 55 minutes and it was an 0800 number, I imagine it has cost me a small fortune. A small price to pay though I thought if I can either get service and picture messaging or cancel my contract. He called his other team who said they need proof that I can't get service in Windsor. So tomorrow I have to go to Windsor and make a call every half an hour, a total of 5 calls and log them if I can't get service. Apparently the tech team can see this and investigate. I feel totally let down by Virgin Mobile, their customer service is rubbish, the phone service is rubbish. So to prove I am not lying and I have no service in my home town I gave to spend 3 hours out of my day making phone calls every half hour. I have no idea what will happen but I am very tempted to just pay the early cancellation fee ( I have another 12 months to go on my contract) and get them out of my life. Richard Branson you need yo take a look at the negative press Virgin Mobile is getting and start solving the problems and teaching your customer service team what customer service really means!!

Reply by Pauline from England on 9th Jan 2015
We have been experiencing many of the same problems as your self since July 2014,and still don't seem to be getting any where, my son in Leeds cannot make or receive calls. How is it possible to log calls when you can't even make one

Reviewed by Ollie from UK on 11th Nov 2014
Utterly useless and the biggest mistake I ever made in my whole life. Hate this service. NO-ONE GO WITH THESE THIEVING SCAMMERS!!!

Reviewed by peter from uk on 28th Oct 2014
Asolute rubbish

Reviewed by vanessa from south africa on 14th Oct 2014
Virgin Mobile signal in South Africa is a big big joke
They use Cell C towers who use Vodacom towers
I cant make or receive calls about 9 times a day when the signal shuts down then I get repeated messages about 15 times
Also tried to cancel my contract but want to charge me

Reviewed by joan from uk on 25th Sep 2014
i have been fighting with virgin for 5 months i have sent my phone back it was still the same then they sent me a new sim it was still the same they now want the phone back again to repair it again for the same fault if they don't sort it this time i will be cancelling my direct debit and let the courts decide whos at fault worse mobile phone company i have ever dealt with

Reviewed by graham from uk on 17th Sep 2014
my apple iphone 4s packed up (just went dead ) i phoned virgin on my landline and explained it's only nine months old and packed up.i was told by the tech team that they would send me a jiffy bag to put phone in and to send it back to them for repair.they said it could take five days to receive bag and then the same time when sending the phone to them. they said they would repair it as quick as possible and get sent back to me. they also said they would not give me a replacement phone, and i would just have to wait for the phone to be returned. i have a £163.00 package with virgin media but it will not be for much longer.

Reviewed by TM from UK on 15th Sep 2014
Data has gone down dramatically in last couple of months. Apps now no longer load and Sky Go is completely useless. This has to be a Virgin issue ie they are capping download speeds etc.

Reviewed by Kenny from UK on 11th Sep 2014
Gone from brilliant to absolute rubbish in less than a fortnight!
Firstly data slowed dramatically. Was told my phone was faulty (it was 2 years old so hey - that sounded about right!). Bought a new phone which needed a new micro sim (which admittedly only took 2 days to arrive).
Same problem.
Told this time that since I had added all my apps via wifi (prior to getting new sim), the phone would need a "factory reset". When this didn't work, they eventually told me there was an issue with the network. Some new sims weren't working but to go into a store and they would sort me out.
Went into the Glasgow store where they were both unhelpful and rude - telling everyone in store that basically I was a liar and there were no issues with the network.
After another phone call to customer services, they agreed so send yet another sim which would definately fix the problem.
Guess what?
It didn't!
This time I was told that the issue has been ongoing for several weeks and they are completely in the hands of EE. In fact the operator herself was having network issues which couldn't be resolved.
Surely a company of this size should have some clout to get thing fixed.
Looks like it's "3 here I come!". Just hope it's not "frying pans and fires" though.

Reviewed by james from England on 8th Sep 2014
THIS is a useless mobile system and it wil crash all the time just like the broad band

Reviewed by Jenny from Uk on 6th Sep 2014
Do not bother to get pay and go by virgin. Constant bul***it. slow speed, constant cheating by customer service. False advertising and deals.

Reviewed by Alexis from UK on 3rd Sep 2014
On Saturday the 30th July I sent off my mobile phone for repair.
It had been switching itself on and off for a week and locking itself through virgin media rescue. I had no access to any services.
I have only had this phone for approx 8 months and it is still under warranty.
I took it into the virgin store where I live; I wanted advice and also pointed out that 6 weeks prior to this the screen endured a hairline crack in it, (although it was not dropped and it was working fine up until a week ago) the guy I spoke to in the shop said that a fine crack in the screen probably had nothing to do with the phone not working and I should go down the warranty route. I was also advised to do this by virgin media insurance company.
I received a phone call from the virgin team telling me that because of the hairline crack in the screen; the warranty would now be void. The choice I had was to pay £65 for the repair; or get a new phone through the insurance and pay £70.
I am furious that the decision that has been made is based on a hairline crack (not particularly obvious) and not the fact that this phone was probably faulty. Either way they cannot prove that the crack has anything to do with the electronics; but in the process I am now left without a phone and services that I depend on for work etc.
I have been a loyal customer to virgin for the past 8 years. They receive £50 month out of my household for internet and a phone contract only. Out of good faith as a loyal customer I do not expect to be treated in this way and I am quite prepared to cancel my internet and other services they provide and go elsewhere.
I am not prepared to give them any more money by purchasing another phone through their company. The phones they provide with a contract are not built to last 5 mins; I would like to point out that I have a Nokia phone which I have had for 8 years and it is still in good working order.
This phone company would take your eyes and come back for the sockets.
Virgin customer services are a joke; and virgin media are a company that I would strongly urge you to avoid; not to mention the extortionate rates of inflation that you pay each year.

Reviewed by stewart from UK on 31st Aug 2014
They are useless - wish I had never signed up, cannot wait until 02/15 when I can leave!

Reviewed by Colin Bell from UK on 27th Aug 2014
My Samsung Galaxy Ace with Virgin Mobile has refused to work abroad on 4 occasions. The phone has been returned for repair, then issued with a new SIM card and numerous discussion with Virgin tech people but it still refuses to work abroad. Virgin Mobile refuses to replace the phone saying I must prove it doesn't work abroad by going abroad again, then phoning to say it doesn't work. Its Alice in Wonderland!

Reply by Peter from England on 25th Sep 2014
I have a galaxy S4 3 months old. Went To France in August. Internet didn't work although roaming was in place and I had paid off access. On return assured it had been fixed. It hasn't. No internet, no maps, no trip advisor. Disaster as essential in my business. Have spent a long time and expense phoning virgin from France. Carried out multiple check put through to manager Mark at technical depot. His conclusion: there is nothing wrong with the phone, so it must be the services, hence my problem, nothing to do with them. Have now tried connecting with orange, bougetel and sf c. Either there is a problem with all three affecting large numbers of callers(!) or problem with my phone. When I put this to mark he rang off and didn't pick up my calls to his direct line. I have thee more days of problems before returning to UK. What can I do apart from buying another phone!!!

Reviewed by davie from uk on 15th Aug 2014
virgin mobile customer services are useless

Reviewed by John from UK on 14th Aug 2014
virgin media is the worse telephone service provider, don't ever touch them, they will rob you in broad day light. As for their customer service, it is utter rubbish.

Reply by tegghyhffh from uk on 30th Nov 2014
I agree customer service is rubbish,and regarding virgin mobile on contract they are thief be careful will never renew with them robbers

Reviewed by stephen from england on 13th Aug 2014
Several complaints when I first took out my virgin mobile it worked accross tmobile orange networks and also had an option of selectin a virgin network that has all disapeard now there is on tmobile and the reception is the worst I have ever had! Another issue is billing they take money out your account when they want? I recently cracked my phone screen rang up insurance at wich point they said to we would like to make you aware the excess has gone up to £70 from £35 ? I was told I had been sent a text regarding this, when I informed them I have every text stored on my phone from virgin I was called back latter and was offerd an apology because I had not been sent a text I complained to head office and was told they had sent me a letter wich they had not! At this point I could not be bothere and decided to pay the excess as I needed my phone 100% then I got the replacement handset in a virgin asurion branded box ? I thought ok they must do this because they do not want to include the charger etc! Then I got emailed a survey saying are you happy with phone I clicked yes, later when I was throwing out the box underneath the barcode I saw refurbished!!! What a cheek I had to pay £70 excess for a second hand phone stay away from these con men

Reviewed by bern from uk on 10th Aug 2014
Don't touch this company! Have had my Samsung galaxy s4 mini for less than 12 month's and it has been faulty and sent back in the last month 3 times! The last fault they now say is because I have tried to do an unauthorised repair?! And so im not covered by the warranty and it will cost £100 to repair, why would I try and repair a phone thats under warranty? The only people who have tried to repair have been virgins tech team and now they have me over a barrel either pay for repair or cancel the contract and pay £450 to finish the contract early! Told them send me my phone back and reduce my tarrif, can't wait for the contract to finish! Feel frustrated and disappointed!

Reviewed by Robert Buckley from United Kingdom on 9th Aug 2014
I have been with Virgin for 3 years now. A constant battle with them.I am certain when billing comes around they think of a number and then treble it. My mobile phone contract is £13 per month, last month (July) they charged me £43 said that I had made an 0845 call for 30 minutes! An 0845 number £30 for half an hour!

I have Virgin media, Landline, Broadband. My speed is at best 20 mps not 100 mps as they advise. I pay Virgin £100 per month for my TV package and mobile and get a rubbish service. Arrogant Service Centre Agents who can barely speak English and do not listen to a word you say. Then I get stuck on hold and then cut off all together.

SKY for me after this fiasco with Virgin. Landline, TV, Broadband, Mobiles are all being cancelled with these idiots. Do not touch with a barge pole, enough is enough.

Reviewed by Peter Wick from England on 6th Aug 2014
I have been a Virgin Mobile customer since 2007 and recently when ringing 789 it stated it was time to upgrade and that I could get a shiny new phone now this was unusual as normally it is 2 months prior not 3 months so I pressed okay and spoke to an agent.

Lo and behold it is a system error and the is nothing they can do about it and that I was not the only customer getting this message ( This is fantastic customer service ) so I thought that cannot be right so rang back later and was once again told the same thing.

So not to be outdone I emailed the CEO's office and got a response but once again it was a fob off but again it was reiterated wait until the 23rd August which is 2 months before my contract is up.

I tried again yesterday just to see if the automated system had been updated which oddly it had not been to be now told I would have to wait until the 23rd September a month before my contract ends, now I know every upgrade until this date has been a minimum of 2 months so it looks like my account has been noted to only now allow a months grace probably because I had the audacity to complain, I emailed the CEO's office again and was told no the one month is correct.

So I am now going to ensure my contract finishes on the 23rd October and go elsewhere and the phone I am looking for is going for less on O2 with more minutes and texts so I suppose in one way they did me favour as I will save money each month.

Reviewed by Mark from U.K. on 15th Jul 2014
Bought a new sealed PAYG Sin 4 days ago, when I tried to register it I found it was already registered. I contacted Virgin's Customer Service online and just got an automated reply.
The quality of their Customer Service is non existent so I intend to cancel my internet and other Services with Virgin and I strongly suggest that anybody considering using their Services go somewhere else.

Reviewed by michelle from uk on 15th Jul 2014
If you like a company that persistently lies to you, never makes notes on their system of your call, has internet speed slower than Thomas The Tank Engine and calls and txts that just don't add up when your credit has run out and you know you have not spent that entire £10.... Then my friends Virgin is right up your street!!!

Reviewed by kevin spencer from uk on 14th Jul 2014
I am currently on hold to your lost and stolen line, 22 minutes so far, stolen phone probably been used by now!!!!

Reviewed by Phil M from UK on 13th Jul 2014
I had cause to return a phone for a warranty repair, unfortunately the fault could not be rectified and a replacement refurbished phone was sent to me. I have no complaints with this procedure. On receipt of the phone it was charged fully however after that it would not switch back on, after a lengthy phone call with 'Customer Service' and the Technical team they finally accepted that the replacement phone was faulty and that I would have to repeat the repair process again even though they were at fault therefore being almost another two weeks without a phone. I did enquire as to whether as they had agreed and apologised for the fact that the phone was obviously not tested correctly before despatch if another replacement could be sent out straight away to minimise time without a phone, this request was refused.

I have now been informed that all HTC phones have been returned and will no longer be available. The choices I have been given are to wait an undetermined time for fresh HTC stock (but keep paying the bill) or accept an inferior replacement which has a lower specification.

For information the phone was a HTC One X, brief spec as follows:

720p HD display
IPS LCD 2 technology
Tegra 3 quad core 1.5GHz processor
4.7-inch screen
Beats Audio

The three phones they have offered as a replacement come nowhere near, make yor own mind up....

Full thread on VM forum available on request

Reviewed by Richard branson from United kingdom on 7th Jul 2014

Reviewed by paul from walsall on 17th Jun 2014
i was happy with my mobile contract until phone broke down on 31st may sinse then been a complete nightmare . i have a sony xperia z they cant repair it so they have to replace it got none in stock ( still available to new customers tho)was offered an s3 apparently this is there idea of like for like , oh but guess what got none in stock so sending an s4 , to be told 3 days later we aint got any of them either , apparently i will be phoned in the next 3 days and offered a new phone !!! theres a 4 promise on repairs ive so far waited 16 days and am no closer to getting a phone avoid virgin pay the extra and go else where !!!!

Reviewed by Matthew from West Yorkshire on 12th Jun 2014
Virgin Media are by far, in my opinion, the best mobile company ever! Their taffifs are great much better than what EE offers their customers on the same 3G network! Always have great coverage where ever I have gone and my °Í12.50pm for unlimited calls, mins and 5GB data cannot be match not even by 3! Absolutely recommend Virgin especally if you like EE's coverage but not their prices!

Reviewed by john h from uk on 27th May 2014
got a new samsung S4 in january it has had problems since week 2 get message signal on WiFi corrupt signal, ive had all my contacts go missing then unable to sync any email accounts to the phone, the all my music files went all track info is on when you open it nothing in it, it gets so hot that u cant keep in by your ear for more than 6 mins, called virgin was asked to do a factory reset i did was ok for 2 days same thing happens again. spoke to their repairs dept was informed to get it repaired and sell it, and get another phone

Reviewed by Geoff from UK on 19th May 2014
Absolute rubbish customer service, have been with Virgin for years, last bill was for £85 and never missed a payment yet they would not supply a £7 a month mobile sim card as I failed their credit check despite being rated 'Excellent' according to Equifax the company they use when I obtained a copy of my report. Computer says no policy definitely applies to Virgin and I will now be cancelling all my services with them. 1 star is too many for Virgin.

Reviewed by Mola from Uk on 24th Apr 2014
Virgin mobile is total ripp off, with thier Philipino arrogant manager. I regret ever having anything to do with them I still have a long way to go with the contract otherwise I would have just end the contract immediately that says how bad they are. Pls everyone run 10miles away from them. I was force to pay £15:23 for exceeding my allowance for 11 minutes. Can you imagine £15:23 for 11 minutes, total fraudsters they are, their customers service is shambolic, they can't even speak proper English, am just wondering if they passed through secondary school.

Reviewed by Dave from Birmingham on 21st Apr 2014
I switched from o2 to virgin sim only deal an its ok if you dont use the internet . Internets slow and most of the time im losing signal .02 network way better

Reviewed by bode from UK on 23rd Mar 2014
I move from 02 to virgin mobile on the £15 unlimited every thing rolling 1 month contract. am i happy? NO.
1) i think the data speed is shocking, browsing Facebook, YouTube, downloading videos from whats app are a nightmare,i used to be able to do all these when i was with o2, but o2 is expensive, i am now thinking of moving to giffgaff but scared that it will be the same experience with virgin mobile.
2) i cant call international, it keep saying im barred from calling international, i have called customer service who will tell me everything should be fine, but NO, its not, i still cant call international. i have reported it to the virgin media customer service 5 times, each time i was told it should be fine in the next 15 mins, all to no avail.
3) there is an 03...number that i used to dial on o2, since i switched to virgin media, i couldn't call the number, when i reported to virgin media, they actually did something that made the number itself unaccessable to all. i am appalled with virgin media.

i am waiting for the iphone 6 hence why i do not want to enter any long term contract, but virgin is not value for money, if you only call, send texts it would be great, but its not for data consumption, too slow.

Reviewed by John from England on 22nd Mar 2014
Been on the Sim Only 30 rolling contract for about 6 months now and now had any problems. I can change my tariff after 30 days without problems in fact I went from the £12 to the £10 one last month.

If I have any questions I can phone them for free and because I also have broadband with Virgin Media I can phone them for free if I have any issues, what's to moan about

Reviewed by Chez Duke from United Kingdom on 13th Mar 2014
I notice the only people that review are the ones who always complain? These people are probably never satisfied with any company.

I have been with virgin years never had a problem with customer service, signal or when theres been an issue with my phone. People forget things take time to resolve you have to be patient.

I love virgin and glad I moved my family away from the orange and o2- free minutes bonus :)

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 5th Mar 2014
Was quite happy until the phone went wrong. Returned it for repair and it came back with another fault which was annoying, but bearable. Sadly the second fault became worse until the phone was unusable, reported it to them and ended up claiming on insurance due to the second fault being damage, damage that didnt exist until the repair. Paid excess to get a so called new phone. The new phone recieved had no charger, no instructions turned out to be a refurbished model, so not new like they claimed. It also had the original fault of the first model.
Will not be getting another mobile with virgin! Mainly due to their incompetence with their repair and insurance sections.

Reviewed by Jill Cunningham from UK on 25th Feb 2014
Virgin have lost my custom after 10+ years - diabolical service is the factor here. It seems that Virgin are OK until you have a problem - and then, you can forget it. I had always rated them as being a cut above the rest - but their lack of response, time after time, being put through to one department after another with no result, etc.... 3 months later,, you know the deal. I have now made an official complaint to the CEO with an Ombudsman in tow - and guess what, two weeks in and still no reply. Unbelieveable. Oh, and don't bother to send your phone back for 'repair' - it comes back in exactly the same state, time and again. It's nuts - for the sake of a thoughtful offer of negotiation, they have lost another customer, and a few more besides as I'm going to broadcast this to whoever will listen!

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 23rd Feb 2014
Have been a customer for 4 year and will not be renewing next time. Previously I was prepared to put up with their incompetence and poor customer service as they were relatively cheap. However recently I have established that their sales person has been dishonest and that they are not prepared to do anything about it for me. I cannot trust them anymore.

Reviewed by marty from England on 11th Feb 2014
I was warned not to go with virgin and stay with o2 but I took the chance and It paid off big time, I went for the Sony xperia z1 on a vip deal, no other network could match this awesome deal, the change over was quick and easy, the staff were good and helpful and I have a lot better signal than I ever did with o2, top marks to virgin.

Reviewed by Niki from UK on 7th Feb 2014
Terrible reception and I live in London. Keeps dropping signal, can barely ever make calls. Mobile data hardly ever works. What's the point in paying for a service when I can't use it!?

Reviewed by roy 7423 from uk on 1st Feb 2014
first call on virgin mobile was to customer service to import my old number. After being told there was a 5 min wait to speak to someone it took a further 22 mins 14 seconds to speak to anyone.
Have now decided to put the transfer on hold and if they really are poor over next few weeks ill bin them as its a sim only contract

Reviewed by Duncan from uk on 30th Jan 2014
Don't touch them with a barge pole, really rubbish coverage, real poor customer service, I phoned them to point out they changed my contract mid way through by puting tariff up and only giving me 17days notice instead of 30 days as Ofcom says they should, sorry we can't see any problem !!!!!!

Reviewed by PAT from UK on 28th Jan 2014

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 13th Jan 2014
Poor Poor Poor if you have a problem or need help. Dont care one iota if they completely mess up. Avoid. Wish I'd stayed at O2. Have left after 3 weeks.

Reviewed by SlightlyAnnoyed from Britain on 10th Jan 2014
One member of staff in their shop couldn't do much except shrug her shoulders, never mind offer to find out when the problem might be fixed. Not really an acceptable standard of service.

Reviewed by John mclaughlin from UK on 27th Dec 2013
DO NOT CHOOSE VIRGIN. I have had a Virgin contract for 3 months, my phone arrived but I could not insert the SIM card. I thought it was me but my niece could not insert it either. By this time my 14 days cancellation period had expired, I rand customer services who requested £50 to repair the phone, I explained I had not used the phone and they eventually agreed to repair it for £11. I agreed. I sent the phone back for repair and 10 days later I received it back, unrepaired and demanding £50 to repair. Needless to say I am fed up, I would not wish this on anyone, and my story also sounds similar to Robert Stewarts see below. I believe this may be a scam to tie people into a 2 year contract with no customer service.

Reply by Ian from Scotland on 29th Dec 2013
Why did you wait 2 weeks to insert your sim? Why did you pay £11 to sort a problem that wasn't your fault? Virgin customer service is superb.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 12th Dec 2013
Having just left Virgin mobile due to signal issues in the areas I work and live in I can sympathise with the aboth posters complaining about poor signal, but have to take issue with those complaining about poor customer service.
I moved to Virgin a little over 2 months ago (a failed experiment) and since moving have had continued signal problems.
I have been on the phone with them several times checking for faulty masts or the settings on my phone before finally concluding the ares I need coverage are just not well served. Throughout this time the agents and technicians I have spoken to have been well mannered, polite and knowledgable - merely unable to help with my particular issue.
As someone who comes from a background of managing service desks the staff I spoke to were first rate and I would have no issues recommending them on that level.
If Virgin, Orange and T--Mobile can sort out the signal problems in my area I would not hesitate to go back as £15 a month unlimited everything was a fantastic offer, but unfortunately no use to me if I cannot access it.
I wonder if people on this thread are always as polite to the agents on the phone as they could be? My experience of 10+ agents seems a polar opposite to most off those written here...

Reply by Panda from UK on 21st May 2014
Both myself and my husband have had numerous conversations over the last week with different agents. We are always polite and courteous but I can well understand why others would lose their tempers! Trying to take out a sim only contract which should be a straightforward procedure but each time have been given a different story and no records of previous conversations. My phone was disconnected 5 days ago when my new SIM card was supposed to be delivered. The new sim does not work and it took 3 days to discover this was because none of the operatives told me that it needed to be unlocked by the previous provider. . Very unimpressed by the so-called service.

Reviewed by Robert stewart from uk on 10th Dec 2013
has phone 15 days then no signal sent for repair said it was damaged sim port no covered in warrenty told me to claim insurance but they wanted 150 so after 20 different people they said send phone back for free repair so did 7 days later got phone back NOT REPAIRED so phoned told sorry miscommunication will send you out a new phone b there next day 10 days later 100 calls no phone all they keep saying its out for delivery asked to speak to manager they just kept fobbing me off wont let me cancel as 17 months left on contract so have had to pay so far 2 bills for a contract ive only been able to use for 15 days they are a joke going to speak to cib try get out this appauling company

Reply by Andy BL from UK on 5th May 2014
100 calls?........ frankley don't believe you... ever considered a career in politics?...... you may have had a poor experience.. tell us about it honestly, that's what makes these reviews worthwhile.

Reviewed by Wizzo from England on 30th Nov 2013
My Virgin Mobile phone Internet connection was always a bit patchty, but of late it is practically non-existent! It will be ultra-quick for 2 or 3 minutes then lapse to a pace that a snail would find slow or cease to connect completely.

Virgin Mobile customer service is the WORST I have ever encountered: broken promises, incompetent, lying staff and a language barrier that beggars belief! I wonder if Branson uses it?

Reviewed by Derek Thomson from UK on 23rd Nov 2013
Samsung galaxys2 had it for just over a year and still can get y tube mobile tech is no help ive had twenty phones and all the same problems and still no help ive got poor signal in my area but I am still meant to keep a phone that I cant get to work I wish I just got vodaphone as they are the best all I get is rubbish phone and no help

Reviewed by Eileen MacGregor from UK on 22nd Nov 2013
Don't take a contract with Virgin Mobile. The Customer Service is appalling. I took out a contract for my mobile with Virgin as I had all my other services (phone, TV, broadband) with them. I found it difficult to understand the bills and seemed to always pay more than I had been told that the cost would be. However, foolishly when my contract ended I was offered a better phone and a better deal for billing I agreed to continue with Virgin. The new phone has been nothing but trouble and I have twice returned it for repair in the just over 4 months that I have had it. On the second occasion they told me that the phone was not able to be repaired. Apparently it has accidental damage which is not covered by the warranty. Well this is my 5th mobile phone and I have never had a damaged one before as I take care of them. The current phone (an Xperia L) has only been kept in a padded case in my handbag and has not been damaged while in my possession. I have spent hours on the phone to unhelpful call handlers who are difficult to understand and don't pay attention to what you are telling them. They seem to have a script which they have to stick to. I have been told that they would phone me back and it doesn't happen. I have asked to speak to a supervisor and I never can as they are all busy. Now I have been asked to pay £70 excess on an insurance policy in order to replace what is clearly a faulty phone. Apparently I have to pay for the full year - another 8 months - if I cancel the mobile contract even though the phone is unusable. I will certainly not be renewing it and will be cancelling the other Virgin services. Never again. Life is too short!

Reviewed by Addy from UK on 6th Nov 2013
Customer service is exceptionally bad - 3hrs on the phone and explaining myself to 6 different advisers. Appalling service!!!!

Reviewed by Lynne howard from uk on 6th Nov 2013
The reception with virgin mobile as abysmal.I have had a Samsung galaxy from virgin which was sent.back no Lee's than five times and returned telling me it had been updated and worked with no problems only to lose reception again. Since then I hav e bought a Sony xperia s and sp so both of them have problems with reception virgins answer try your SIM in another phone??? Can't wait for my contract to finish

Reviewed by Mrs Tracey Dakin from UK on 6th Nov 2013
I would say the absolute worst mobile I have ever known. I have a Brain Tumour & Epileptic and many other things ( only a fact do not need sympathy) For the last few years have had so many problems the main thing is because of my condition I must always have a mobile... that works. So many times cannot make calls and also will not work abroad. They do not understand how important the phone is to me. I have offered to send them my medical records but they are not interested. Last year when I tried to call somebody to help me the phone did not work when my mum & dad turned up they had to call an ambulance as I had stopped breathing & heart had stopped, but do they care NO.

Reviewed by m.Rafique from UK on 26th Oct 2013
hi I never recommend virgin media mobile contract to any one because they lying they says unlimited data but when you use data 5gb or over then your Internet will be not work and if you play anything on youtube it will be not work and when you ring customer service they say you use your data you have to wait for next month they lying to say unlimited data

Reviewed by Nimal from UK on 23rd Oct 2013
I have been with different providers over 10years and in my experience Virgin is the worst. I had a similar experience when my phone went for repairing. They replaced the phone and once I want to unlock it, it is not provided by Virgin. I have been on limbo over 6 months now. When I asked to disconnect my contract on Monday they immediately stopped the service. I have no contacts on my phone since then.

Worst mobile network provider in the UK.

Reviewed by philk from England on 14th Oct 2013
My experience is similar to Joe. Until recently the Virgin Mobile coverage at home was pretty good, but recently the reception has deteriorated badly.
There are 3 of us there on virgin, all with different handsets, and all who have noticed a real deterioration in signal quality.

Reviewed by Azra kauser from Uk on 30th Sep 2013
In my area the virgin mobile service is very very poor. I'm really upset with virgin mobile.

Reviewed by Joe from Accrington on 25th Sep 2013
I have been on a Virgin Mobile contract for several years now and the quality of service and signal on my handset went from brilliant to shocking! As a loyal customer who has an XL TV package, broadband and home phone with Virgin, I thought that the quality of the service would be excellent but no. As soon as I'm able to cancel the contract, I will do so and never look back and will take my phone contract somewhere else. Its just simply shocking.

Reviewed by Michael from England on 15th Sep 2013
Rang customer services told them I had lost my phone passed around departments, told new sim and handset would be sent out waited a week, sim arrived no handset. Rang again told I was given wrong information and needed to speak to the insurance company. Spoke to them and was told It had now been over a week and could not claim the insurance but could appeal even when I explained I was given the wrong information by Virgin media. Rang Virgin again going mad wanting to cancel contract and told I was tied in for another 6 months, put back in touch with insurance company told they were going out of remit and send me an as new phone down grade for £30 it arrived and does't work,rang Virgin who are ringing me back Monday as they say insurance company has no record of this. I have spent hours and hours on the phone trying to sort out all because I was given the wrong information in the begining and still no phone

Reviewed by lorraine hewitt from england on 8th Sep 2013
got my mobile contract end of last year. unfortunatly my fone broke in may this year.i reported it to virgin who put me thru to their insurance dept. two hrs later no1 answered.a couple of days later same thing happened. not being able to use mt fone i havnt been able to pay the bill for 3 months. i want to pay my bill but i need a fone as well. next i get a debt collection for £516. foned virgin again to be told dont worry we will sort it.put back thru to insurance.2 hrs later again no1 answered.spoke to the debt company and they spoke to virgin. i was told ive never been in touch with virgin at all. JOKE. foned virgin again! 3calls later i get the insurance dept. the man was a clever a***e.he said whats my problem the insurane is free anyway and asked when my fone broke when i said may he was smug and said i had left it to long and out rite said i cud not have a fone. fone virgin again to be told why dont i bypass the insurance and pay £70 and the £84 for wat i owe so they can reconnet my fone. i need a fone!!! i asked why £70 it was only£35 weeks earlier.100% increase. research later my fone is worth £75 to buy brand new. free insurance a joke u dont get told the ecess is £70. staff very unhelpful

Reviewed by kris from UK on 24th Aug 2013
I have pay as you go on Virgin mobile with big data and texts. Basically it is a big rip off this company. Maybe all inclusive deals are good (haven't had experience yet) but PAY AS YOU GO is rubbish and rip off. Because of lack of information for customers or hidden - hard to see information. First time I bought mobile and sim from Virginmobile it was delivered with big delays. For that I was awarded with £20 credit after lot of stressful conversations with customer service. On 4th June 2013 I had £29.62 on my mobile and unlimited data as bonus (usually 1Gb for £10 top up) + unlimited texts - that is called REWARDS. On approximately beginning of August I checked my account and had only £0.07. As that is my second phone I had just about 3 conversations (up to 1 minute) to "3" mobile and 1 landline. I called customer service and they explained that my REWARDS finished after 45 days - as a bonus (usually 30 days) and after that I used my credit. I didn't speak so much on phone nor used web to spend my all £29.00. Where it is gone I still haven't got a clue. On my account on internet it doesn't show history of my lost money. AND NOW THE OTHER BIT - BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU TOP UP using Big data, or Big Talk. In a small script it says * Reward texts and data are applied from the 1st of the calendar month following your top up, and last all month. Basically it is rip-off. If I top up £10 on 23rd August as I did or anywhere in the beginning of the monthI will get my REWARD (1Gb data and unlimited texts) on 1st date of next month. If I want to use internet I will be charged £1.00 as I use internet even for little bit. - £1 per day for 100MB within the UK on days that you access the internet from your phone. Any use above 100MB will be charged at £1 per 100MB thereafter. AND CUSTOMER SERVICE ISN'T KEEN TO IMPROVE CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION AT ALL.

Reviewed by Peter S from UK on 2nd Aug 2013
I have looked at the other reviews, but have to say that this does not mirror my experience at all. I have just transferred my mobile provider to Virgin, and it has been a totally hassle free experience from start to finish. Believe me I don't hesitate to complain if I have an issue in respect of any matter, but in the case of Virgin mobile, everything went like clockwork, and this included the transfer of my old mobile number to the Virgin network. I've been a Virgin Broadband/TV and landline phone customer for many years, and my experience has been very similar with those services as well. It's all too easy to criticise and the satisfied customers tend to say nothing, so I hope that my review will bring a bit of balance to the situation.

Reply by Aaran from England on 13th Oct 2014
I seriously reckon all the people who put five stars on here work for virgin, as you can see us real ripped off customers, only give 1 star zero if was possible, we have all been given run around I have been ripped off as they took two payments for the same item, and now wont give my money back,£60 fraudulently taken and wont give back, lies lies and more lies, It wasn't like this when Richard Branson owned and operated it, evil lying people work there now!!!!!

Reviewed by john davis from uk on 2nd Jul 2013
customer service is a joke and is enough to make you cancel after one phone call,
you just keep repeating yourself and think might as well answer my own questions.

Reviewed by Palm from UK on 22nd Jun 2013
I phoned virgin about poor signal at home customer services said we will send you a new sim free of charge I said i dont think that is the problem she said I will call you at 1pm tomorrow which was a Saturday to check, what she didnt say was that virgin would cut me off and the sim didnt arrive and no phone call i called C/Services again told i would have my phone available in 3 hours, 6 hours later nothing and then told i need to speak to the Technology department which is closed now so call back tomorrow horrendous DO NOT GO WITH VIRGIN MOBILE TERRIBLE SERVICE. I have already cancelled the TV and gone back to SKY

Reviewed by MelMac from UK on 11th Jun 2013
The above is utter rubbish! Customer services is horrendous, no country knows what the other is doing. Their own systems are useless and slow to update, so that says it all! The signal is the worst in the country. DO NOT GO ON VIRGIN MOBILE, YOU WILL SPEND MOST OF YOUR TIME ON THE PHONE TO NUMEROUS CUSTOMER SERVICES OPERATIVES!!1

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 3rd Jun 2013
Virgin Mobile (VM) offer a great range of products and services at competitive prices. They used to offer customer service that was second to none but no longer, based on my recent experiences.

I won't go into the details here as I've filed a formal complaint with VM. I no longer have any faith in the company and would urge you not to touch VM with a barge pole if you value your sanity.

Reply by Val from England on 5th Aug 2013
Ian, I couldnt agree with you more, the WORST Customer Service EVER!!! I was transferred from one department to another, put on hold for 20 mins then cut off, trying to discover why my mobile had not been unlocked as I requested, I was lied to, told the "code" was in the post, It wasnt, the request hadnt even been actioned, unbelievable bad, uncaring service, I have been so poorly this past weekend & I swear its a lot to do with the appalling treatment by Virgin Mobile. I completely support what you said, dont touch them with a barge pole, because I almost lost my sanity!!! I now have to go & buy a new mobile phone,after waiting two weeks for this wretched company to unlock my other one, nightmare!!!!

Reviewed by yvonne morris from UK on 9th May 2013
I have sent now 5 messages to Virgin Mobile Uk via their web site and direct BUT NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY just the usual ref number and promise that 'The Team' will reply Why are they so poor at customer relations?

Reviewed by james jose from UK on 20th Apr 2013
I have taken a virgin mobile - inundated with endless messages from virgin with offers and at last succumbing to pressure. I cannot explain how idiotic I feel about taking that decision. I have given my PAC number to Virgin on a Friday. They said all will be done following Tuesday. I believed and waited. Today is Saturday, I still have no phone connection. I called Virgin every day morning and evening on an 0845 number. The call center is somewhere in china and they could not help me...they keep repeating that "the process is on. your phone is being ported". Imagine 7 full days with no mobile connection...not being helpful after making 15 calls to their customer care on an 0845 number...can;t believe it...still no resolve. Sick of it now... Worst experience with any mobile operator. When you call they will not give you PAC number - you have to call between Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm. Worst customer care...worst switching...never go for it to save a few penny a month. Their rating should be zero

Reviewed by Jill from UK on 13th Apr 2013
I am never ever getting a new contract with vm. I have never had so many problems with a company, when it comes to the mob abroad they do not understand me and I have to keep asking them to repeat and was told that there was water damage as battery was pink. I thought it was not so phoned back to someone in Britain and was told it was not water damage as all batteries are pink on blackberry!!! Sent blackberry to repair to be told I need to pay (a lot) to get fixed, anyway to cut a long story short after 6 months the insurance /warranty is no good and I will need to fork out £120.00 on a new phone as warranty/insurance is no good.

Reviewed by kevin from UK on 23rd Feb 2013
I just read the notes Connie 04/08 /12 , in terms and agreements does it state " customer Emails will be ignored " , I think not!

Reviewed by kevin from UK on 21st Feb 2013
I have been with this sham of a company for 35 months , the first year I never had any problems but that soon changed later ,I had software issues , crashing etc with a sony unit , no one would help but that contract expired and I stupidly re signed another just to get another handset without all the hassle quickly . This sony constantly froze or switched off , this is where the fun begins . Many times I could wait in a que for up to 30 mins then get cut off? , or eventually get to speak to someone who didn't have an answer ? , after weeks of this one operator suggested an exchange unit but a lesser model ? , I never received it ? , more cut calls? I gave up then sent many E mails , no responce? . How can a company treat a long time customer by not even trying to help and ignore Emails ? , no doubt I'll be contacted soon to renew contract , I don't think so , discracefull

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 5th Feb 2013
Excellent customer service and coverage. Most transaction can take place using the website

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 20th Jan 2013
Virgin Mobile are great. Signal is rock solid, internet speed is super fast, it's cheap on PAYG. Love it.

Reply by Chelsie from UK on 14th Nov 2013
I love Virgin Mobile too!! Yipee!!

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 13th Jan 2013

Reviewed by AB from UK on 28th Dec 2012
VM UK pay-as-you-go customer for 8 years, then a rolling monthly "bundle" customer for 2 years. Always happy with the very helpful service. Then, as a student and thus earning very little, I lamented my £15 pcm bill for 500mins and unlimited texts. Rang them up, said I was thinking of cancelling but would they offer me a flexible SIM only contract as a loyalty bonus as I'd been with them for 10+ years. They said "Of course" and initially offered unlimited texts (3000 fair use) and 800 minutes for £6.43. I then said what about internet? So they threw in 1GB of mobile internet for £7.43 pcm!!! Complete with option to cancel at any time, without fees or tie-ins, as the contract is 30 day rolling SIM only - was even encouraged to renegotiate after a year to see if the deal could be improved. So helpful I got the rest of my family on the same tariff! Yet to find a similarly competitive deal or more helpful service anywhere else.

Reviewed by DP from UK on 20th Nov 2012
My girlfriend was rejected a new phone by virgin mobile, due failing a credit check, even though she has been a customer for 8yrs. She then recieved a call from a Virgin advisor who asked the question "do you know your mobile phone is due to be renewed/upgraded". SURPRISING no communication between virgin mobile...and they so called outsourcing company they use for outbound calling... anyway the Virgin advisor apologised for the failure for the credit check and offered her free insurance for the year, which my girlfreind accepted.... GUESS WHAT THEY STARTED TAKING MONEY OUT OF HER ACCOUNT FOR THE INSURANCE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE.... she called virgin explaining the situation and would you believe it they have no record of this offer.. Virgin were suppsed to call my girlfriend back and did they eh.. NO !! she had to call them and explain the situation again. she requested that they should listen to the call and she wanted to hear the call as well.. did virgin listen to call.. so they say, however did my girlfriend hear the call..NO surprise surprise.. what VIRGIN have said that the agent said free insurance for a month... SO BASICALLY VIRGIN MOBILE MEDIA whoever or whatever you call yourself!! you're calling my girlfreind and LIAR... dont worry we will be sending a letter to the following people: Neil Berkett (CEO), Phil Stewart, Director of Customer Service and Sean Risebrow (Director of Customer Experience)

Reviewed by harry from uk on 18th Oct 2012
please never go with virgin mobile and make the same mistake as me, the worst customer services ever, branson needs to read these reviews but he probably hasn't got time as he is counting all his money, or should i say our money.if anyone has any tips how to get out of my 2 long year contract please let me know kphbuilders.com@gmail.com

Reviewed by DM from UK on 7th Sep 2012
just read the review by a virgin mobile customer care operative. You should understand that a lot of your customers will be frustrated because sometimes its impossible to get any where with your company. this does not give them the right to be rude or swear at you but to be on the receiving end of 'i'll just transfer you to ....' 5 times in 1 very long telephone conversation and having to explain your problem to each person can increase a customers level of frustration. i was sent a blackberry 9900 in may-very good phone-while it was working. i'd backed it up on the blacberry desktop and assumed everything was ok. it crashed at the end of august and was sent for repair-i was then advised it was not repairable and that i would be sent a 'carefully repaired and refurbished phone' my old phone was hardly used and i was not happy. called up to complain-spoke to a young lady who was constantly taking over me and raising her voice-i then asked to speak to someone else who had the good manners and training to let me explain everything in as much detail as i wanted to give and in the time i needed. she explained to me that these phones are like new-they are the ones returned within the 14 day cooling off period and will be hardly used. i accepted this was all that could be done, thanked her for the explanation and duly recieved my phone. as soon as i switched it on i started receiving messages that must have been for the previous owner-giving personal details such as e.mail addresses and phone number-also photo attachments. i called to complaim and got the repeated standard 'i'm really sorry i apologise'. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! these could be details of any one of us who are unforturnate enough to return a phone to this shoddy organisation. im now wondering if they could in fact repair my phone but because of the time it would take have supplied me a reconditioned one-and if so who out there may have my details! there was nothing 'careful and rec onditioned about this phone-also when i tried to restore the data from the blackberry backup i lost all my photos and videos which id transferred from each phone for about 5 or 6 years-all those memories lost. the original letter said a 'memory card was optional' so i assumed i didnt need one-maybe they should advise all customers to purchase one if these phones are so unrelaiable. bottom line DON'T GET A MOBILE FROM VIRGIN-IF YOU DO THEN DON'T EXPECT ANY REAL ASSISTANCE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM-DON'T EXPECT A RESPONSE TO E.MAILED COMPLAINTS AND DON'T EXPECT YOUR DATA TO BE PROTECTED IF YOU RETURN A PHONE-BUT DO EXPECT YOUR MONEY TO BE TAKEN ON TIME EACH MONTH

Reviewed by Ernie from England on 23rd Aug 2012
Have used this network with my blackberry and found it wanting.In poorer reception areas Virgin were the only network which had absolutely no signal whatsoever.All other networks had at least enough connectivity to make calls.
This seemed to be the norm with all virgin users who were
within the same vacinity - quite enbarassing when you have to ask someone else to use their phone to phone home!

Reviewed by Lenard Ray from Scotland on 20th Aug 2012
My advise is simply don't! Customer service is a bad joke at best. I changed mobile number in June and since then I've been over charged on my bills, can't access online billing or hear allowance info from handset. Emails go unanswered, phoning customer services is a complete waste of time the say they will look in to the problem and call back, they never do or simply tell you there is nothing they can do about it, that is if you can get someone who speaks English. Reception is poor calls take an average of 1 minute to connect and internet access is so slow it isn't worth having. Not worth even 1 star!

As a point of interest I'm also a Virgin Media customer and their service is superb, the pull out all the stops to help when there is a problem.

Reviewed by Connie from UK on 4th Aug 2012
I am a virgin employee for virgin mobile customer care, i have been reading the comments that have been made on this blog and it saddens me that almost every comment is based on how poor the service is and it in mainly about the problems that customers are having about their bills they have of which some would be liable for. Yes i agree that sometimes we experience some delays with our services and also with the systems, but to be rated purely on the time one spends on hold is very much unreasonable. on a daily basis we look into answering about 400+ calls a day, Yes 400+ we sometimes wonder if we are the only center that is open for virgin mobile. firstly one should consider that we do not have any scripts infront of us, We look into what you are calling about if that was the case, dont you think that everyone would be experiencing the same problem instead of many. secondly the Contracts that you take out, over the phone are verbal agreements done by you if you dispute this then who knew your details? One factor one should learn to do is read and learn, understand the Terms and Conditions as they are always in your packages, not to call through and accuse virgin of giving you incorrect information or offering a deal for you under false pretenses. If you dont read for yourself who will besides you are the one that asked for the contract. further more i have had numerous calls regarding some one who is not the account holder but is the user and wants to dispute the bill. We have a policy that if the account holder is not there then nothing to be done for you. Even worse would be the response that we get from a customer w ho would dispute a bill stating that they had not used up their allowances. if you did not who did? virgin mobile does not have a camera that is besides you or in the phone to record what is happening, what we advice is that when you have your phone ensure you lock it so that you would not go over and the website is the greates place one can keep an eye on their account. Its not pleasant to get a customer calling in shouting and also swearing with no reason, After all WE ARE HUMAN Aswell.and its not because we from a different country that makes a difference we have the same systems and we follow the same procedures. i am not typing this in frustration but it is not pleasant to read some comment that are just typed in the heat of the moment. What i would like for all the peaople who have read this to do, is to put themselves in the shoes of the agent if we do that for you. why is it hard for you to do so?

Reviewed by Anthony O'Brien from Mersyside on 3rd Aug 2012
Bought the new bold only had it for 2 weeks and the button fell of sent it back to virgin and after 6 days of having the phone with them they ring me and say that i have to pay for the fault. disgrace absloute disgrace

Reviewed by Kat from UK on 5th Jul 2012
I was with Virgin mobile for about 7 years, the last on a pay monthly rolling cotract, it was fine, £10 a month for calls and texts that did me. Changed to Tesco mobile, with a much better deal, but on a lg viewty snap, which is so ridiculously slow its ureal. My partner is on virgin media for internet and decide to get me a pay monthly samsung galay ace at £222 a month, which was nice. But i pay £7.50 a monnth and barely use a phone anyway. I was wonndering if there is anyway to cancel it, its been about 17 days since he got it however. Any ideas?

Reviewed by Gig from UK on 4th Jul 2012
very poor. will keep fobbing you off and nobody can or will make a desion. total waste of time. Do not take out a contract with Virgin

Reviewed by Gayle Martin from UK on 27th May 2012
On the 25.5.12 I received a text from Virgin stating "It's all happening, you're leaving Virgin on 25.5, use up all your texts etc. I use a pay as you go and not once have I requested they close my account done. I phoned their call centre and explained to the lady, after been passed around to five different people, having to explain the whole saga over and over (1 hour 20 mins later) I hastened to add. They told me I have never owned the number and now it has been transferred to a Vodaphone number and I can't have it back!! I just don't know where to turn, I was soo irate after trying to speak to them. They say they will phone on Monday but I know they won't. A few years ago they closed my account down and gave my number to someone else on a contract, after numerous phone calls I got my number back (no apologies of course). Now I am without my phone again and I have lost all my contact lists. I could screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by BE VERY AWARE WHEN YOU WANT TO LEAVE from UK on 21st May 2012
I have had numerous cotracts and phones over the past few years with Virgin for myself and daughters. On the whole been OK but when you want to cancel a contract or number it is really really hard work. Realise now that you have to give a month's notice but having done that they still adding new allowance on the day I had assumed all finished. Apparently it is a system issue. I wonder what the final bill is going to be like. Last time I cancelled a contract a new mobile mysterioulsy arrived that I had not ordered and they actually took money out of my account (cos I was a bit difficult).

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