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Virgin Mobile

 In a nutshell  

Date: September 2007

Virgin Mobile UK is part of the Virgin Media group that also provides broadband, TV and home phone services. Virgin Mobile is a virtual mobile network, using the EE network to supply its services.

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My daughters go over their plan regularly, they been on virgin contract for 10 month's, can I upgrade their plan?

Asked by Sue from UK on 7th Mar 2016

Virgin Mobile user reviews

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Average rating from 621 reviews:

Reviewed by Tina from US on 28th May 2016
Have had Virgin Mobile for over a decade. Used to be no problems, then in the last several years (6 or so), NOTHING BUT problems. Now, for the last few weeks, my calls are being dropped CONSTANTLY. I was on a phone interview, and had to call back 10 times!!!!!!!!!!! The current perp is an android, and have had this phone for maybe about a year. Don't remember having this problem to this extent ever. VERY frustrating to say the least.

Reviewed by Gwyn from uk on 19th May 2016
My phone End Call ab is faulty some times having to touch 2 or 3 times.
Rang a 0271 Number no reply so touch End Call Tab Have received Bill from
Virgin of £152 58 have contacted Customer Services 4 times still waiting

Recieved text Message that they woud take payment from my Direct Debit 1st June
Cancelled Direct Debit I expect I will be conntacted very soon.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 14th May 2016
I used to be able to login easily and check my mobile calls, text, balance etc. Now they have set up a new system and it is useless! It was not transparent so despite not changing my password I have had to waste hours trying to set up a new one which will not accept. It has not been properly tested so you get text overlapping the login boxes and it doesn't accept valid email and passwords. Why have they messed it up big time when it used to work reliably for years?

Reply by Lnda from Uk on 21st May 2016
Not much use to you, but I am having exactly the same problem!!!

Reviewed by MarkO from UK on 27th Apr 2016
I am on SIM only monthly.
Most expensive provider - when you are abroad- outside EU- £4 per min to call and £1 per min to recieve( ?!).
What a rip off.

Reviewed by john from uk on 27th Apr 2016
Had to contact Virgin mobile regarding registration, was delighted with the help and information I was given.
The operator was very pleasant and pointed me in the right direction. Very professional.
Good to do business with.

Reviewed by Shafei from United Kingdom on 8th Apr 2016
Someone stupid in the Philippines cancelled my contract without my authorization! managed to to speak another stupid manager after 2 hours waiting (her name is Angy). They all have stupid racist attitude and very inefficient. I am writing A letter to the CEO.

Reviewed by Michael from United Kingdom on 11th Mar 2016
Been with Virgin for years and was on a £42 per month vip deal. Decided to go sim only and pay £15 while I looked at offers, but failed the credit checks and was explained about sensible lending, but then offered a £40 deal which was suitable to my needs... Not sure how a £40 per month contract deal is more sensible leading then a £15 deal???
I was then cut of, however I was called back by the same women who couldn't pronounce my name and refused to talk to me as she had no proof it was me??? As the customer services weren't great I went in store who then couldn't help for 30 days as the customer services had updated my account and would have to call them back. They wouldn't even let me use their phones.
Called customers services back who said the stores would say anything to get rid of you and adviced to write to some customer department who don't have telephone numbers or email addresses. Think I'm just going to cancel and go elsewhere and avoid the hassle... First world problems!!!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 9th Mar 2016
Years ago Virgin mobile used to be good.

Now they have gone dow the pan - you are waiting on hold for ages to have the privleges of speaking to someone in the philippines if their is a problem with your account or signal - i changed to Life mobile - much cheaper than virgin and customer service is better to.

Reviewed by me from uk on 5th Feb 2016
Have had a contracrt with virgin mobile for over 4 yrs, always been paid but cannot upgrade!!!!

Reviewed by Kev from UK on 6th Jan 2016
Was with Vigin mobile for many years on the £20 VIP with unlimited everything all for £8. Virgin started to become unrliable with data speeds. Sometimes couldnt even load a webpage, it wasnt down to 3.5gb limit.

The other con they pull is offer 8gb data but its still capped at 3.5gb at full speed.
Spoke to someone in headoffice which was just pointles, so i left and went with EE. No speed issues at all.

Just moved the wife over to Life mobile as shes happy with 3g.

Reviewed by Jane from Uk on 4th Jan 2016
Have a PAYG mobile. When I ring to top up with a new card the system loops back to the beginning once I have given the expiry date. This has been going on for a month now. Twice I have managed to get through to a so-called release Redon and guess what? They disappear when I reach the same point of registering a new card.
I have been subject to canard fraud twice recently and am thinking could it be this site?

Minus 10 stars.

Reviewed by Tanja from UK on 22nd Dec 2015
Virgin mobile is a disgrace - I have a telecoms bundle worth £80 plus a mobile contract with them. Had to make an emergency phone call abroad outside of my normal UK allowance and was under the impression I had a £50 credit limit. They allowed me to make that call and accumulate costs for texts abroad to the value of over £100 before barring my account twice.
Once after the foreign call when I phoned them up and enquired I was told my credit limit was £60 - so I was under the impression I reached my credit limit then and asked how to re-establish my phone to work again, was told no action was needed as money would come out of direct debit. I asked for my credit limit to be lowered to the lowest possible which is £50 and the customer services assistant said she would action this.

second time around, 5 days later the phone was barred again, no more phone calls abroad so not sure why it should. Told my credit limit suddenly was £100 and some unintelligle garble about why I was over £100 in debt with them. They then insisted I asked them to increase my credit limit to £100 at the last phone call!!! what a joke. before I spoke to the supervisor who made no sense, the customer services person made no sense either and patronisingly told me I shouldn't make calls abroad.

I am considering seriously to cancel my whole telecoms bundle with them plus my mobile phone contract as I had nothing but hassle and problems with them over the years, have been with them since 15 years.

Reviewed by b hoad from uk on 18th Dec 2015
rubbish rubbish rubbish. customer service rubbish mobile phone contact rubbish….. managers rubbish problem solving rubbish

Reviewed by Bob Fish from England on 10th Dec 2015
Virgin steal your money I had a pay as you go phone for emergency purposes with a credit balance of £11.49 due to their stated lack of use this service has been terminated without any notification and the monetary balance kept I am told there will not be any refund or mechanism to reclaim. I am totally disgusted with virgin. I have been a loyal customer for about 10 years silly me.

Reply by Patricia Green from France on 23rd Apr 2016
I have just realised I have the same problem - I kept an English mobile for emergency use, and there must have been over £10 credit, and now no service. How can they steal your money like this?
I also had a sim which I used in my iphone, and paid every month for over 2years and only used it when in UK, and last December tried to use it - no service, so I cancelled it. So I suppose this is their way of paying me back for having the nerve to cancel one of their contracts - which actually THEY DID, because the sim didn't work, so I was well within my rights. Good job I have another sim for the iphone, so not without a phone. Will never use virgin again.

Reviewed by Michael from United Kingdom on 6th Dec 2015
This is probably the only problem I've had with VirginMobile. The problem is that ny allowance updates on the 5th of every month but I haven't been updated yet. It is now the 6th. Why could this be?

Reviewed by Carol from Scotland on 29th Nov 2015
I have two virgin mobiles soon to be one won't let me get a upgrade to say I'm disgusted is an understatement I've been with them for 3 1/2 years to be told I didn't pass the credit check I think they're all wrong I've never missed or been late with payments I don't think they should be allowed to get away with it angry is not even the word.

Reviewed by Sarah from Scotland on 17th Nov 2015
I have been a Virgin Mobile customer for years and had pay monthly VIP for the last 4 years for 2 handsets when trying to upgrade i was told that I couldn't even though it says so on my online account. I am absolutely disgusted as I have never missed a payment EVER. GREAT WAY TO TREAT LOYAL CUSTOMERS !

Reviewed by Blackjag from UK on 7th Nov 2015
Virgin Mobile is the worst mobile company in the world. The service is disgusting. They have stolen my credit balance due to lack of use and refuse to repay me.

Reviewed by Darren from U.K on 4th Nov 2015
Shocking customer service

They want to charge me £78 for a repair to my phone or i can pay £70 excess fee on my insurance for a phone that if recycled through virgin is worth £9.00

My LCD screen under the glass screen on my Sony Xperia M2 as started bleeding across from the bottom right to the top left of the screen, there is no physical damage to the glass screen on the phone, however they are claiming it is accidental damage, thus invalidating my warranty on the phone, however they tell me this fault could occur at anytime and could take months to come to light so their findings are inconclusive yet they feel able to make a definitive decision based upon inconclusive data, really really poor.

The phone was kept in a case from day one to prevent accidental damage occurring.

They do not care about their customers full stop, its a shame as some of their staff are very good but do not the authority to deal with the issues.

I was told to go online to find out how to contact their complaints department, there were two options either call in which they recommended you do or write into a PO box address, however when i called the number i was reliably informed by their member of staff that you cannot raise complaints over the phone, talk about the left and right hand not knowing whats going on.

I have since written my complaints letter and i await their response, however if they do not resolve this matter in a satisfactory manner i will not only take my business but i will also take my families business elsewhere at a cost to Virgin of £1,500 a year,they only care about money so hit them were it hurts them the most.

This is not the first time i have received or experienced poor customer service from virgin in the last 12 months, however it will be the last as this is the straw that as broken the camels back.


Reviewed by Dez from U.K. on 1st Nov 2015
Having been with virgin mobile for many many years I must say how rubbish they are now we have 3 contracts had to send my 9 month old phone back to them sent it back sayin it's water damage they say as it may not have been dropped in water which it has not it may have been caused by a change in the climate or by moisture by takin it in the shower or bath what a joke now left with my old phone well we r cancelling two of the contracts as they r up for renewal and I will not be upgrading mine so avoide virgin mobile as they are just not bothered about long standing customers and customer service is terrible.

Reviewed by Marc from Uk on 27th Oct 2015
After being a mobile customer for 15 years and on contract for last 2 years being told can't upgrade or even have sim only is like a kick in teath . . Computer says NO.

Reviewed by Carl from UK on 27th Oct 2015
I have had a SIM only deal for 2 years with Virgin media. £15 per month for unlimited calls, texts and 3G data.

I needed to contact them today. Call centre was based outside the UK but had no problem dealing with my address change. I asked if I was eligible for a mobile phone and got transferred to a UK team.

Advisor in the upgrades team told me I have a C3 credit rating with Virgin mobile, so I can have 3 phones and any models except I phone 6 or new Samsung.

I have never had an issue with Virgin Mobile and can't fault their customer service. I would recommend based on my experience with them.

Reviewed by Yoda from Scotland on 23rd Oct 2015
Avoid this mob at all costs.
Terrible customer service, 'Unlimited' means, the sim tops up daily to the max daily network allowance.
If you go over, the service gets cut and then a cycle of madness ensues involving 'customer services'.....
When you pay for 'unlimited' you should GET 'UNLIMITED' !
I'm not even gonna go into it, just do yourself a favour.....

Reviewed by Aaina from UK on 23rd Oct 2015
Do not buy virgin sim, the internet data reception is pathetic... Stay away. I have one, and it is slow, never connects at various areas... It's horrible.

Reviewed by Matthew from Speed on 20th Oct 2015
Avoid Virgin mobile at all costs, the Internet on there all. Inclusive packages are caped at a fare usage limit to suit there selves, the Internet speed is atrocious to say the least that's if you can connect at all. Over seas call centres that basically are useless that is if you can get through or understand them, complain about the coverage and you will spend hrs getting no where Diabolical service and can't wait for the contract to end.

Reviewed by Jim from Canada on 17th Oct 2015
Absolutely the worst service in the world!! I had the dire misfortune of dealing with this sub par company for several years and was repeatedly subject to severely handicapped customer service reps who could barely string a sentence of English together. They continually cut off my service at random times without warning claiming I had gone over my service...which I hadn't. It caused me to miss work, miss personal calls and then have the arduous task of calling customer service again and try to plead with them to turn my service back on. Only to have the abhorrent cycle to start again a month later!! Please do not support this band of degenerate charlatans and use a proper company! The ultimate insult was when I called to cancel, they informed me after my rant that it would be 35$ to re activate my account lol

Reviewed by Christine from porth on 6th Oct 2015
Virgin is the worst network iv even know of I wanted to go from three and thought I'd give virgin a go what a joke I went to a virgin store and had my new therty day rolover the guy in the store asked me if I was keeping my old number I told yes he then asked me if I have a paccode I said yes he then said that he could activate my paccode former I thought good save me doing how I wish I never bothered I did it on the twenty ninth of September and still waiting when I phone virgin up thay say thay are waiting for my number from three then thay say it's frozen then thay only have part of my number then I phone three thay say it's nothing to do with them I don't know what to do know as I have three weeks left can anybody help

Reviewed by Tracey from UK on 5th Oct 2015
Diabolical customer service. Wrong phone sent out, seven phone calls later & five non call backs still waiting for the correct phone to be delivered. The service team continually lie, promise resolutions that don't materilise. So today I gave up & ordered a phone from Carphone Warehouse. No compensation offerred by Virgin so I decided to take my business else where.

I will be pursuing this tragic episode via Watchdog, The Guardian & Trading Standards.

Buy at your peril! ;(

Reviewed by Kenneth Jiles from England on 5th Oct 2015
Terrible customer service, telephone staff tell lies and fail to action orders. Do not use this company as they will fob you off with any old rubbish and when a refund is warranted they take time to refund unlike when you pay them.
ASvoid this company at all costs.

Reviewed by MT from United Kingdom on 4th Oct 2015
I wouldn't return to this company ever! It goes from worse to worse. First they decide to 'emigrate' my broadband account (probably because I wouldn't buy into one of their pricey media packages!!) - so I find myself with TalkTalk (a very nice way to treat a loyal customer of many years!!). As for the mobile phone (purchased before 'emigrated' by Virgin!), I have had the worst ever reception; I cannot even use the phone in my own home most of the time!! Right now, I cannot access emails or the internet! And, in London, I've been cut off in the middle of calls more often than I can actually count! There's better and more caring companies out there then this!

Reviewed by So pin from uk on 1st Oct 2015
vigin mobile have the poorest customer service ever. I changed my contract over was told my phone was delivered by the courier when it wasn't, faugulently signed for and when I rang Virgin to complain they put the blame on me and tried to accuse me of stealing the phone. I have get till this day not had my phone or sim delivered I have to ring the police to tell them about the theft by yodel, and they still will not send out another phone or cancel my contract. I think the service is disgusting and will never use vergin again. EE u r the best, with 15 years of loyal service phones delivered on time.

Reviewed by Kerry from UK on 19th Sep 2015
I am a complaints and sales handler in my present company so I do understand how difficult it can be dealing customers on a daily basis. But the service I have received from Virgin is disgusting.

Signed up to a 24 month mobile contract on the 1st of September. On the 5th of September my phone developed a hairline crack under the jack cable, roughly about the size of a postage stamp. I contacted customer care who decided to refer me directly to Microsoft technical help desk. The person I spoke to informed me that because the screen was cracked, then this was out with my warranty and I would be charged for a repair if their engineers concluded the crack was the result of a handling issue. They arranged to send prepaid envelope to return the phone for repair.

I called Virgin the next day after reading threads on the web from customers who had similar issues with their handsets within the warranty period. I spoke to a customer care adviser, and again advised that I was within the cooling off period and wanted a replacement handset or would have to cancel as the product was not fit for use (The product wasn't dropped, handled heavily or banged so the crack must be a manufacturing issue) The adviser assured me the matter was resolved and I would be sent an exchange within two days - he mentioned a replacement may take an extra day as he was busy but I would be sent a new phone before the end of the week. Two days passed, still no callback.

I again called Virgin to check on the progress of the previous call. The next adviser I spoke to said he would gladly get a replacement organised and would contact me on the 16th to confirm delivery. Because I reported the fault on the 9th, I spoke to the adviser at length regarding the cooling off period and was told I could cancel as the product was not fit for use and the 14 day period still applied. He arranged a replacement for today, involving a courier to my address and the old phone would be exchanged for a new one. He said someone would have to be at home to sign for it.

Fast forward to today. My husband waited in all day for a call as I was working. Get home and there's been no call from Virgin and my old phone is still sitting on the table. Called the helpline and spoke to yet another customer service adviser. Turns out the guy who arranged the exchange was off and there was a note in the system saying Virgin had cancelled the exchange. Nobody bothered to tell me. Fifty minutes later, I was told they are not replacing a faulty product within the 14 day cooling off period and told me I couldn't take it into store to have someone look at it. I said I wished to return the product and cancel due to poor service and products - Their Manager said I have lost my right to cancel as Microsoft must confirm if the product was faulty in the first place. They are now sending me another prepaid envelope.

What happens now? Nothing. They won't pull the calls I made with the previous advisers but said they will pass on my concerns as a 'Training Issue.' If I can't prove the phone was faulty when i purchased it, then I'll be landed with a damaged product for 24 months. If they do find the product was faulty, I get to cancel and sign up with a better phone provider.

I know people bitch and moan about call centres in places like India. The people I spoke to are in their UK call centre so I won't be blaming a language barrier for Virgin taking the mick while taking my Direct Debit.

Reviewed by David Marshall from England on 19th Sep 2015
Five weeks since VIRGIN Media blocked my mobile phone

The service has been absolutely rubbish so many promises that they must have run out of crossed fingers

Supervisors hanging up on me twice

Promise of call back....still waiting

Promises that the phone would be freed within 24 hours

still waiting

Now the department that can free there admin error is not open but a further call back

5 weeks...dreadful

Reviewed by keith from uk on 18th Sep 2015
Been with virgin mobile for 6 years have 4 phones with them for family never missed payments all are vip deal so pay £140 a month for all contracts, coming up for renewal tried renew one but told failed credit checks , my credit is poor but never had problem before so looks like pay as u go deals needs to be done , in away sad but hey least no cntracts anymore will save £100 A month ish which is my gain virgins loss. Anyone having trouble like me , have they changed their policy lately?

Reviewed by Carol from England on 17th Sep 2015
Took out a mobile contract for my daughter to use. I told them I only wanted a year as she would be leaving after that. They now say the contract was for two years and that they would listen to the original phone call to prove it. Funnily enough they now say they can't listen to the original call and that I owe them next 12 months money. Told me to look on terms and conditions which I didn't receive. I only received an e mail stating the phone was on its way.

Reviewed by RON from ENGLAND on 13th Sep 2015
Hi I have read all of the reviews and agree with all the one star reviews. I have been handling my wife's account with Virgin regarding her wish to cancel her mobile phone contract which she has had for between 3/4 years. This enquiry was started in July 2015. I notified Virgin customer service then that she no longer wished to continue. During my conversation I was asked for her pass word unfortunately she had forgotten it. Because the pass word could not be sorted THEY refuse to cancel the contract and continued to ask for payment. The monthly payment were made from bank direct debit. This has been stopped. The follow up was letter from Virgin which arrived asking to start up the direct debit and demanding £10.40 outstanding. Obviously they are not on . It appears they have trained staff to be arrogant and pressurise people into paying for a truly bad service. People who don't know how to deal with this sort of situation.

Reviewed by Becca from England on 11th Sep 2015
I used to have a phone with Virgin, but after reading these reviews I am so glad I changed to O2. Even more so after trying to help my dad with his phone.
As he doesn't use his phone that much, he was offered a customer loyalty discount that would last him two years. Fine, until the discount came to an end as did his contract. With no warning. The previous contract he was on was not a roll on contract, so he should have either been notified the contract was at an end, or had his phone stopped. Instead, horribly, his was charged double and even one month quadruple what he always paid with NO NOTIFICATION.
Due to some personal issues and circumstances my dad didn't notice this was happening until nine months later. Immediately he was on the phone to customer service. After being told they'd phone back, he waited a week before taking the initiative to call them once more.

Not only was there no record of having to call him back, apparently they 'forgot to make a note to call him back', but as Virgin is a 'large company' they are not obligated to inform someone of their contract ending. They encourage people to look at their accounts and their bills. Being a large company, it is 'difficult to contact each customer when their contract is up'. Well, O2 do it for me, I was informed via text 2 months before my contract was up, and reminded via email every week for the last remaining month. But despite the difficult personal issues my dad was going through, he should have remembered his TWO year contract was ending.

Essentially, they blamed my dad for the nine months of extra payment, and cannot reimburse him the money lost. Instead they sold him a SIM only contract for £5; just a small victory, but it's not going to bring back the £150+ my dad is owed. But I swear to whatever deity is out there, if I find out that my dad gets charged any more than the amount he was told by customer service, I will be furious.

Pathetic customer service and despicable excuses.

Reviewed by Charlotte from England on 8th Sep 2015
Spoke to virgin mobile in April, asked them when my end of contract date was and told them I wished the contract to end then and not continue. Still being billed for a phone that's in the bin and they just keep saying "that's not the convocation you had" but when I ask them to go check the conversation that should be recorded I'm told they can't do that.....well why did the guy last week say that he could and would do that if you can't? Now, 4 months down the line, I'm being told I had to inform them within 30 days that I wished for the contract to finish. Wasn't told the originally though and now tell me they can't cancel the contract until I pay them £75 to bring the account upto date....what an account I cancelled months ago!!!

Their systems are dated, their staff are untrained and are only trained to get customers to pay money that's it, no help no service nothing like it was 10 years ago!

Discussed, and to make a complaint you have to write a flipping letter to somewhere in Swansea! !!! Who writes letters these days why can't I email? Why can't I speak to somebody???

I am not paying a damn penny for somebody else's mistake they can jump! HAVE virgin media wouldnt even giving them 1 star!

We had same problems last year with virgin media when we moved house, was told the area COULD receive virgin media, when we moved house we were told different, and we would have to pay to get out of the contract or go with a secondary service which would cost more money....do one! Argued, won the case, and yet they still sent debt letters out so we had to ring them back to argue what they had already told us!! And they never changed our address after telling them 10+ times!

Reviewed by Kimberly M from United States on 27th Aug 2015
I have to say I love Virgin Mobile. I have been using them as my cellular provider for about 3 years now. I have good service in most areas and I love that I am under no contract. Also there are no hidden fees like with other companies. I know what I will have to pay each and every month and I don't have to worry about some extra charge being tacked on without my knowledge. In fact, Virgin actually tacked on $5 to my account balance last month because it had been reported that there was an outage in my area. I hadn't asked for anything, they just gave it to me because they felt it was right! Who else does that?! Also I got a text from them saying that I had an added GB of data per month FREE of charge. I have unlimited data but everyone knows speeds are slowed down after you use so many (mine is normally 2GB). So I now have 3GB before my speeds slow and I thank them so much for giving me that extra. I had an issue today where I thought I had mistakenly charged my debit card twice to pay my monthly dues so I sent a quick email explaining that. Within a few hours I had a response from a lady at customer service. Normally with other customer services I would have had to call and be transferred around 4 or 5 times and then on hold for who knows how long. So I am thankful I could communicate through email and not have to wait forever. They are just great great great in my opinion!

Reviewed by David Neale from UK on 18th Aug 2015
Very poor customer service within the UK and at their overseas bases, they have a take it or leave it attitude, so i am leaving it.

Reviewed by Paul from England on 18th Aug 2015
After failing to negotiate an improved offer on a new contract with Virgin at the beginning of July, I asked for my PAC code so I could transfer my number to new network. This happened on the 4th July, we are now at 18th August, my number hasn't been ported, Virgin are insisting that I still have a contract with them, and so I have a split contract - two phones, same number. I can receive calls and texts on the old phone and make calls/send texts on the new one. My new provider is unable to get an answer from Virgin either as to why all the files have not been sent across for porting.
The Virgin customer services is in the Philippines I believe - they are worse than useless. If anyone has a UK number I can call that would be very helpful.

Reviewed by Susan thompson from England on 16th Aug 2015
After reading so many awful reviews.I feel I need to say something about the dreadful customer service that Virgin have . To say the staff are rude ignorant and just don't listen is an understatement to say the least . Oh and forgot to add Liars to that . To everyone who is thinking of going with Virgin don't and the ones that are already with them get out as soon as you can . Enough said.

Reviewed by ann from england on 14th Aug 2015
Ok until needed a repair phone came back cracked and all techical team want to do is send sim cards ! The woman in techical team was very unpleasant and did not want to know about the crack and said well mine got a crack in to ! Now you told us your phone is cracked youry insurance is void she was so unpleasant and kept on about her phone ! Can't wait until my contract ends . I have been a good customer to vigin but it count for nothing .I would give them zero ratings.

Reviewed by Kasey from UK on 12th Aug 2015
Been a Virgin Mobile customer for almost 7 years.I do travel often and since I had some awful experience with Virgin previously but I accepted it was my fault by not turning my mobile data off while abroad this time around they went too far.I never fell in arrears with them and capped my monthly allowance to £100 due to above mentioned previous experience.I travelled on 14/7 to 4 different countries for a period of 24 days and never used any mobile data.I occasionally sent messages to friends and family plus had to make a call to Lufthansa to confirm a flight that's about it.I landed back on London Heathrow on 6/8 my phone was suspended on 7/8.I called them to find out exactly what happened.i was told my account went over the limit.Asked customer services regarding the adequate amount required the answer was 30 pounds to put me below my limit and my bill was due to be debited in a few days so I paid the amount I was advised on..since I'm on unlimited SIM only monthly roll on contract means once I'm back in the UK and below the credit limit my service was to be free. I was WRONG the next day my account was suspended bang in the middle of a very important chat.Tried calling 789 but all received was It looks like your account is suspended you can call us on 789 anytime you like and call disconnected.Despite a several more attempts with 789 then 0345 6000 789 I kept getting in the same message with disconnection.I asked my son to call them and he did he was told I was over my limit by 36 pounds I asked why and the customer service told me over usage abroad I explained it can not be right because I also have a secondary phone to use abroad and my virgin mobile is usually turned off and I always make sure that I accidentally do not dial a number which is almost impossible with an S6 anyway.Besides my bill was pulled below my limit which I am on unlimited tariff and no charges should be applicable but I still ended up paying further 36 pounds due to my mobile is very important.That was supposed to be it but WAIT.My phone was suspended again the third day again..Another few attempts and same message followed by disconnection I eventually called from another number to find out that my unlimited account was 39 pounds over the limit for over usage abroad.At that point the customer service received a proper mouthful and I requested a PAC code .Now I decided to move to 3 network unlimited SIM deal purely based on I can use my mobile in Europe and Israel with no extra cost Virgin will never get a penny of me again that's for sure.They are nothing short of disgraceful .

Reviewed by David Young from england on 11th Aug 2015
virgin trying to charge direct debit for phone never recieved phoned numerous times over last month been told don't worry will be sorted and passed on to chase team two weeks later. Get letter saying in arrears and will affect credit rating phoned yet again and got told the same in hands of chase team pathetic customer service haven't got clue what there doing say anything to get you off phone good job I cancelled direct debit as they just say account open till they get phone back which I never recieved in begin how can I send it back.

Reviewed by Nth from Ecosse on 5th Aug 2015
My case is basically identical to Susans.
My bill is up to date, no service and getting fobbed off, disconnected and run around. They have managed to register TWO sim cards to the one number resulting in it reverting to it being a PAYG sim whenever it, (seemingly), updates/updated !
Beyond USELESS is putting it lightly.
VERY lightly.

Reviewed by susan from united Kingdom on 28th Jul 2015
I have been suspended from my virgin mobile account for 3 weeks now. It all started when they cut me off on a Monday, i rang them up and asked why they had done this and they said they had technical difficulties with the system and that i would be up and running in 24 hours but of course i was not.i rang up two days after and asked why I was still not able to ring or text people and they said I owed them £45 and I told them I had paid it on the Wednesday which was a week before I was suspended. They checked their system and told me I was correct and said I would be on shortly. Of course I was not, throughout the whole of the 3 weeks I have been suspended,I have kept ringing customer service to see when I am going to be able to use my phone properly and all they have said is it would be up in 24 hours or reboot your device in the next hour, I am sick of hearing that same voice everytime I ring someone "sorry your account has been suspended if you would like to get back up and running you can call us on 789 anytime you like" I will not be coming back to virgin once my contract has run out they are appalling and the staff is useless because they can't even turn a phone on by a computer!

Reviewed by Fiona Breen from UK on 27th Jul 2015
Absolutely horrendous. i moved from O2 to Virgin a few months ago for a cheaper tariff and deeply deeply regret my decision. Some very rude staff, some very nice staff who unforuntately can't seem to get done due to rubbish internal systems and processes, internet down half the time and generally the whole service is backwards - I can get internet about 30% of the time and then it's incredibly slow through to having to call to use your mobile abroad ann turn on picture messaging - ridiculous.

If you do not have a job and enjoy spending your time on the phone complaining (and generally getting cut off), and have a trust fund to pay the outrageously high bills for anything outside your package - Virgin Mobile is definitely for you. If this doesn't sound like your thing DON'T DO IT.

Reviewed by Phil Jones from Wales, UK on 27th Jul 2015
When I moved to a non-cable area I terminated my TVetc contract with Virgin but stupidly kept the phone contract of £10 a month. Sometime in 2012 they called me and said that they were increasing the charge to £21 but that I would have a discount of £17.60. Stupidly, I agreed to this apparently generous offer. I had a number of issues over the following year where they "forgot" my discount but I usually got it changed back. About two tears ago my phone (my own handset) broke. My local (Swansea) Virgin store were not interested in any new deal anyway close to what I was paying so instead of trying to cancel the contract (for which I have no paperwork) I bought a cheap deal from Tesco and let the Virgin contract continue at £3.60 a month even though I didn't have a working phone (I know - I said I was stupid but I thought that one day I would replace the old phone).
Then in April I was not charged the usual £3.60. In May they advised me that my next bill would be £43.08. I immediately stopped my direct debit with Virgin and contacted them to ask why? No explanation but they now refuse to terminate my contract and continue to add a monthly charge of £21.60. They say I now owe £86.16, do not answer my letters and have put mu "debt" in the hands of Moorcroft Debt Recovery Agency who have sent me a very threatening letter. I don't know what to do because to pay them wouldn't stop Virgin continually increasing the debt to screw more money out of me.

Reviewed by M Trowell from uk on 21st Jul 2015
what Virgin mobile charge you for going over your monthly quote is absolutely disgusting and why they cannot cap your monthly time is unbelievable, I would advise do not Go with VIRGIN MOBILE.

Reviewed by michelle from UK on 20th Jul 2015
I've got TV, Internet, phone a other box in the bedroom, I also have my mobile with them. Been with them for the last 5 years. Back in 2013 my phone (htc) died, so I went on line (October 2013) and ordered a new phone. Knowing my contract wasn't up until December 2013.
The phone came, noticed no sim or new number was in there. So phoned customer service, eventually spoke to someone in the upgrades team. Was told they allow their customers to upgrade 2/3 months before hand. Hence why I had no new sim or new number and my contract will continue with them for another 24 months.
Contract is due October, knowing I was allowed to upgrade early last time, I phoned the upgrades team. Only to be told it's too early and unless I want to pay £176 to end the contract there was nothing I can do.
so I explain what happened last time, the staff member said that it was impossible to do this and they don't allow it. Ok...... so why was last time different this time it's not. I was then told on the phone that I can't stay on the contract I've got I have to a free style contractc (I DONT WNT THAT CONTRACT), seen to many things that would put anyone off. Was then told that if I don't have that contract I won't be able to upgrade and can only get a pay as you go sim.

Yet their website shows freestyle and standard contracts................ I'm debating what to do when it's due. Staff are either rude or have no clue what they are talking about. Can never answer a question, they clearly don't know their products

Reviewed by David from England on 19th Jul 2015
What a rubbish outfit, if you require any help from customer services it quite often takes 45 to 50 mins of talking to people who do not seem in the least bit interested. They pass you from one department to another and quite often the transfer results in either losing connection or a return to the multiple choice menu, which results in starting all over again.
It seems impossible to speak to anyone who is capable of answering the most simple question, you get the feeling everything is scripted and they are trained not to put their own brain in gear.
If you have all the time in the world to try and sort out minor problems go to Virgin, if you have a life beyond your mobile phone then steer clear.

Reviewed by karol from london on 16th Jul 2015
Iv been a virgin mobile contract customer for over 20 yrs now. But since Jan when I upgraded iv been having major probs getting on the Internet. I only recently in march changed my package plan because I wanted unlimited Internet because I don't have a computer. But i'm worse of I'm wondering if I have ground's to cancel my contract without having to pay virgin to end it. Because I'v had more days not being able to connect to the Internet then getting on it.and it's not fair on me paying £30 mth for something I'm not able to load when I want it. Virgin have checked signal in my area and it's good. I personally think virgin stop me accessing the Internet to stop me using it.bearing in mind I upgraded to having my Internet usage unlimited !!

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 16th Jul 2015
Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE network coverage. 99.9% of the time it states I have full signal and 3G yet won't load Facebook, mail, send iMessages, watch videos on YouTube, stream Spotify, connect to games, and so on.
What is the point of owning a smart phone if the provider cannot provide what it states it can!?
The virgin media broadband is the best out there, yet their mobile network is horrific! They even let other companies use 4G through their service yet don't provide it themselves... Probably because they know that even if it states 4G, they wouldn't really be any signal!!
Something needs to be done with being able to get out of mobile contracts when you come to a point where your phone can't even do what it issue to do!
I would NEVER EVER recommend virgin mobile to anybody at all.
If you choose to go with them you will regret it!!
They are literally the worst provider I have ever had the displeasure of being with, and I've been with '3'!!

If I could select it they wouldn't even get 1 star!!

Virgin mobile, hang your heads in shame as you fail 100% at being a network provider!!

Reviewed by Chris from GB on 9th Jul 2015
Please don't sign virgin mobile contract bad customer service and no 4G service shame on you virgin.

Reviewed by brian.gumm from u/k on 7th Jul 2015
virgin mobile. Will not un lock your mobile when you go to a new company. I have asked them to unlock my phone. I have had my phone for 5years. And they still not unlock it for me.

Reviewed by Maureen heathcote from UK on 3rd Jul 2015
Changed providers did the puk code, now they've taken old number so other provider now cut off, but haven't transferred my number to new phone . They text saying up & running welcome, are they joking? 3 calls later & nothing, so no one can get hold of me, but thanks virgin!,,, for nothing.

Reviewed by Simon cockerham from United Kingdom on 30th Jun 2015
Not at all happy with virgin, upgrade day today so rang up and got refused! I've been told I'd have to keep my tariff and very tired phone, pretty much got told to put up and shut up.
Anyway as I suspect this is because they ran a bare bones credit check (no previous address taken and I do refuse to sign the electoral roll)
They put me through to the loyalty dept which just said 'you failed your credit check there's nothing we can do.' cheers virgin! Their tone had also changed toward me I felt degraded and annoyed. (not much tho)
Soooooo I went to Vodafone and scored top of the range phone simples.
So that's my review loyalty means nothing to virgin, computer says no. Crazy.

Reviewed by Dot from Scotland on 29th Jun 2015
Have had Virgin Media TV,Broadband and Landline for years with no problems. Family bought me a Mobile Phone from Virgin for my Christmas. As a pay as you go customer I wanted to use up my existing balance with my previous supplier. Started with my new phone from Virgin in March and everything was fine until Mid-May when it all began to go pear shaped. Have yet to find anyone in customer service who knows what they are talking about. Each one had different ideas to the phones' problems, a couple even hung up as they had no clue whatsoever. Have just received number 3 replacement sim which doesn't work either in the ZTE Kiss 3 Max. It has now been decided by customer service that it is the handset itself that is faulty. They are now trying to say they have no record the phone was purchased from them but my daughter has proof to the contrary. They want me to take the phone to a Virgin store in Falkirk to have it checked out but won't guarantee I won't be charged. Not a chance. The phone is faulty and totally useless. DON'T TOUCH VIRGIN. Customer satisfaction doesn't exist.

Reviewed by johnlarvin from uk on 28th Jun 2015
Broke my phone two months before end of contract. All Virgin would offer was £60 repair or for me to pay off contract. Bought a new phone and two weeks later Virgin are all over me offering an upgrade! A dozen missed calls later a foreign call centre got hold of me started the upgrade and then discovered "incosistencies" on my account and rang off. Spoke toa very nice lady the next day who told me the problem was with their system. Still waiting for an answer to a complaint I made last year. When I rang about the complaint I was told they take up to 28 days to answer an email. Twelve months later no reply and even poorer customer service. There web site tells me I am one of their most valued customers! God help any one who and fixed line.
not. Looking for a new provider for three mobile accounts plus tv broadband and fixed line. Any suggestions?

Reviewed by Kim Anthony Simpson from UK (Plymouth) on 17th Jun 2015
What has happened to the Virgin signal?
Since ee took over its been really bad, all in the last cpl of months or so. I used to have all 4 bars showing now I'm lucky if I get one! When I call customer services they don't want to kno or tell me to switch fone off and on again! I'm thinking of leaving them out of sheer frustration! Virgin get your act together!

Reviewed by John Early from Scotland on 7th Jun 2015
had a virgin sim only phone, this phone broke beyond repair, bought lumia 535 was unable to register phone to my virgin media mobile account. I called the help centre and was infromed that my account would have to be reset and to wait 24hrs and retry. 24hrs later unable to log into my mobile account called customer services and after explaining my problem and 1 hour later was told to register my new phone using a different email address as you can only register one mobile per account. As soon as I have used up my credit I will be changing to another provider.

Reviewed by Douglas Hislop from United Kingdom on 28th May 2015
No available chat on their website, nor a direct email for contact. Have to go to their facebook page to make a public complaint for everyone to see and then get a link to complain on their social media form.

They need to get rid of the hip hop responses and employ serious customers relations staff who talk professionally and knowledgably.

Things like ''we're on the case'' and returned a repair item in a box with ''snug as a bug in a rug'' on it.

I get the impression customers get lied to and fobbed off, in the hopes they'll just go away.

Pointless getting sports stars to feature in their tv ads in the hopes that people will want to buy Virgin. Most people go by word of mouth and reviews and the word is spreading. Virgin are rubbish.

Reviewed by Darran Murphy from UK on 28th May 2015
sent me a new phone upgrade everything was buffering only getting 2 bars from 5 in signal slow connection disappointed in virgin the service is going downwards everyone has 4G except them something doesn't add up phone go,s back tomorrow fed up of trying to be a loyal customer and repeating myself over and over to them especially when i am getting less for my money on this new contract and the price has gone up already started having less on my tv package because nothing gets resolved by them

Reviewed by David from Scotland on 25th May 2015
I must say the service from virgin mobile has been an absolute shambles. There signal is bearly usable and they refuse to do anything about it. They simply pass the buck to EE. I would not recommend Virgin mobile services to anyone!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 16th May 2015
If you want terrible customer service including those you sent a complaint to join virgin mobile. Id rather pay a tad extra to get customer service an a phone service of quality.

Reviewed by Liz from Uk on 16th May 2015
Wish I'd stayed with ee!

Reviewed by Steve from Scotland on 12th May 2015
I have been with Virgin Mobile for years and also have TV, Broadband and Land line. A couple of years ago I got a Nokia Lumia Windows phone and have been very happy with it. My contract is up for renewal and I phoned to upgrade but the only Windows phones on offer from Virgin are three out of date models. Have reduced my contract to the minimum Sim only deal and will be going to an alternative supplier to get a recent version phone. Love to know where the call centre is, the service staff speak in difficult to understand English and obviously depend on reading from scripts instead of listening to customers and making appropriate responses. I really think Virgin should drop mobile and concentrate on the Virgin Media side of the business. The reputation of the company being given by the customer service call centre is abysmal.

Reviewed by Augustas from UK on 11th May 2015
Worst compony ever, I tried to change my old pay monthly plan for half a year, going to the virgin media store, trying it online and calling customer service, nothing worked. Finally decided to quit the network and after cancelling it, they added random 56 pounds on my bill ! it was marked as "Other costs" on the bill with description "Offering correction". What the hell is that you ask ? I ask the same to the people in customer service, they had no reply, but said that it was a mistake ! Asked them 2-3 more time what was it for, they had no explanation, but agreed that it shouldn't be there. And this is not the worst part of that talk !!! In order to return me the money they said that they would need to charge me 3 pounds for the return transfer !!!!!! SERIOUSLY ? They try to ROB me and they ask me money for returning the money that they stole from me !!! I have 2 more contracts (another phone and internet) which will be canceled at the fist day that the contract ends.

Reviewed by Carole Laing from Uk on 11th May 2015
Ordered a new update on my mobile account which should have been delivered 1st April never turned up. Tracking the parcel which should have been delivered by Yodel it stated that the phone had been delivered to my address, I asked for proof of delivery the phone should have been signed for still waiting for this proof now 11th May still no mobile . Have rung Virgin on 10 separate occasions still no joy have asked to cancel the phone but they have said cannot do this until the phone has been found and checked , I said I would cancel my direct debit and they told me the account would just mount up and I would have to pay in the end is there no way out of this stupid situation I have not even received the phone so why should I be penalised. I will ring again today and see what they fob me off with this time it's getting past a joke but what can one do.

Reviewed by David from England on 8th May 2015
The conversation started with "Hi, I've got an issue with my rolling data bundle"
To which they said "So what is the issue with you unlimited talk and text bundle?"
I explained I have a five pound 1gb data bundle which is meant to roll over each month - but I'd run out of data and needed to buy another one.
After being told "There is an error" I was placed on hold for 10 minutes with no explanation to what they were going to do.
Finally they arranged to call back and set up 200mb until the could resolve the issue.
"We'll have it sorted out in 24 hours, you're 1gb of data will be applied automatically." she promised.
Well 24 hours have passed and no sign of the 1gb of data, now if I try to buy a new bundle by text I get a message saying "This service is no longer available".
I'll give them one more chance, honestly I'm not holding my breath and it will possibly be bye,bye Virgin.

Reviewed by Fintan from UK on 7th May 2015
Worst customer service experience of my life.
Spent 40 minuts on the phone with a sales guy to set up the 30 day rolling contract who was pleasant but kept repeating himself over and over. He warned me they were experiencing service issues and that I would receive a call to confirm the order.
A week later I haven't received the SIM and call customer services who tell me there is no record of the order and put me through to sales. I spoke to PETER who was frankly an idoit. He kept contradicting himself and trying to force me to make another order instead of investigating what happened to my original order. I gave up and asked to speak to a superviser when he transferred me back to customer services. After 5 minutes on hold I gave up and called again myself and spoke to another customer services representative. I explained the problem and she once again tried to transfer me to sales and I told her they would just transfer me back to her. She put me on hold while she was going to talk to sales and after 10 minutes on hold I gave up again.
I called a third time and got lucky. I spoke to a competent person who was able to see that I had made an order but would need to check the delivery information with Sales. He put me on hold and then told me I would have to talk to sales to make another order. I told him that's not what I wanted and I just wanted them to reissue the SIM. He told me that's what they would do. I was put through to IAN who was a typical sales guy. He told me he would have to make a replacement order and would need my details. I told him to use my existing details. He shouldn't need me to stay on the line again. He told me he wouldn't have all the details and would need to run another credit check at which point I refused and said that is totally unacceptable to run another credit check on me when I've already gone through the process. He became irrated and said it's not his fault that SIMs get lost in the post and I said I didn't believe that and that I was certain it was Virgin that had made the mistake. He tried to get me to continue to make an order and I told him no I just wanted to cancel the other one. He then put me through to the cancellation department.
Finally someone who was competent, upfront and honest. She told me that the original order was not processed correctly. The account was set up but no mobile number was linked to it which means no SIM was issued. She guaranteed that no Direct Debit would come from my account and that there was nothing to cancel. She told me she would escalate it with management.
The incompetence, dishonesty and unwillingness to help EXISTING customers is shameful. I am already a Virgin Media customer but thankfully the Mobile section appears to be run entirely differently. It is without doubt an absolute shambles of a serice.
I got lucky in that they failed to put my order through and now after reading the comments here I thank god for that! I'll be going to Vodafone or O2 and am happy to pay more for people who actually know what they're doing.

Reviewed by andy from uk on 6th May 2015
I live in Gravesend and mobile phone signal is down, any idea when it will working again?

Reviewed by LemonHEAD from UK on 4th May 2015
DO NOT GO WITH VIRGIN. Six years with them - won've give me upgrade. Refused and didn't care when I cancelled. I have read comments below and pretty much all of these comments were said to me. Lies. "System was down". Waited for 4 days for a call back; in the end I had to call them. Different member of staff telling me completely different stuff.

I was shocked that I was not able to upgrade at all. That a check apparently was carried out on me internally? However, they had no issue taking my monthly payments for years. NEVER missed one.

I am SHOCKED by this; Richard Branson, if you are reading this, sort this out. It feels to me like you want out of mobiles. ZERO customer loyalty. I am so hacked off that I have even given this company a penny.

If there was an option was zero stars, I would have chosen.

Reviewed by steve from England on 4th May 2015
mobile data very poor often have problems getting into everyday sites like Wikipedia and Amazon
Takes forever to load up if at all.
Seems like virgins spin is very good but there actual mobile Internet is very poor would advise against using them.
And yes the customer services don't seem to have a clue overall when trying to get answers.
I use mobile internet on iPad and Nokia phone so it's not the device it's the rubbish signal.

Reviewed by mark caine from England on 1st May 2015
Virgin mobile has advertised as unlimited data this is an outrageous lie as I soon discovered because my internet access was slowed down to the point my mobile phone was practically useless. If there is a data cap then potential customers should be given the truth. I can't believe they blatantly get away with such a lie like this. I will be stopping my direct debit because I am disgusted with this service. Now I warned you what will happen its just a pity no one warned me.

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 30th Apr 2015
So all I wanted to do was change the name on the account and request a micro sim. Same phone number, address and bank a/c for pay monthly. So after 3 hours, over 4 days, spent on the phone with a succession of operatives who can't talk to each other I've now been sent a micro sim for a new phone number; no sign of the micro sim for the number I want to keep. Phoned up again, a Uk call centre this time, but probably the most stupid employee on the planet. Without asking me, they proceeded to register the micro sim I haven't received. So my mobile is now useless and there's a validated sim card floating around somewhere.
Been waiting for several hours now for a call back from a centre manager.
It was really stupid of me to think that staying with Virgin was the simplest solution. I should just have phoned them once, to get a porting code, and gone elswhwere. Might still just do that if these time-wasters can't raise their game.

Reviewed by Kaylene Morris from UK on 28th Apr 2015
I have called Virgin's call centre to change my direct debit date, NOT once, NOT twice, NOT three times BUT four times!!!!! This is the worst service I have ever received from any organisation. RB should try and phone 789 and see what service he receives, I am quite sure the work will be brought back where it was being done slightly more costly but definitely more effeciently!! I was thinking of changing my broadband, landline and TV to Virgin but that will never happen!! When my contract expires I will move from Virgin!!! DON'T sign a Virgin contract!!!!

Reviewed by vicky from uk on 28th Apr 2015
Worst service I have ever received. Been waiting 28 days for an imei to be added to the system so a faulty phone can be booked in for repair. They never added it to the account when the phone was replaced by then. They said it would take 24 hours and 11 phone calls and 3 emails still no luck. Same as everyone else said different person said different thing everytime. I won't use then again.

Reviewed by John from United Kingdom on 25th Apr 2015
Avoid at all costs terrible customer service. Cut me off and had to 24 hrs to be reconnected and even then i had to contact them.. now i just got sent a letter saying direct debit been cancelled by me and there going to cut me again.. called my bank no issues called virgin there fault again. Avoid avoid avoid pay cheap get badservice.. .going back to o2

Reviewed by BethHowie from Scotland on 22nd Apr 2015
I've been with virgin mobile and media for many years, always paid my bills on time through direct debit, yet when I phoned to upgrade at the end of my contract I was refused. They said their new system wasn't working properly and customers were being refused after the 'internal credit checks' were done. Told me there was nothing they could do, I could try again in 3 months and when I then cancelled my contract they stopped me from being able to make outgoing calls. So right now, I'm paying for 30 days phone usage and I can't make calls. Been on to customer services twice now, spent more than two hours on the phone, been hung up on twice and then lied to saying it's a technical fault which may take weeks to fix!

Reviewed by Scott Buchanan from scotland on 18th Apr 2015
Absolutely rubbish service. After 24 months mobile contract iv been refused an upgrade. Do not believe the all you can eat data. So angry and disapointed.

Reviewed by tegghyhffh from uk on 17th Apr 2015
Be careful cause this people are thief by changing the bill date, try to overcharge you, robb you giving double bill can not wait to finish my contact with this robbers.

Reviewed by Christine from UK on 14th Apr 2015
It's great as long as everything works fine. If there's the slightest problem and you need to all technical support or customer service, as a previous poster noted, you will be going round in circles, wasting hours on the phone speaking to people who seem utterly incompetent if very polite. You will be told something different by each agent you speak to. They will all tell you it's now all sorted when it's nothing of the sort. That's if you can understand them in the first place! Most companies have UK call centres nowadays, but not Virgin Media/Virgin Mobile it seems. Cannot recommend this company.

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 13th Apr 2015
If you are Ringing customer service be prepared to waste hours of your life, go round in circles, speak to person after person an get nowhere.

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 13th Apr 2015
Biggest mistake I have made changing to Virgin mobile. Can't receive calls, been on to support at least twice. Still got issues. Fed up now.

Reviewed by Tony kelly from uk on 12th Apr 2015
This is without doubt the worst telephone company in the world it charges spurious amounts to your account without any explanation also doubles your monthly bill with the reason that they are now changing their billing date when you paid monthly in advance anyway then when you end your contract charges you again for another month rental at the end of your contract. No wonder that hairy faced Branson can afford to own an island.

Reviewed by Iain from Scotland on 8th Apr 2015
VM are utter rubbish.

Reviewed by Angela o from UK on 8th Apr 2015
Cut off my PAYG sim for phoning residential numbers an o345 to do telephone banking! Spent last 8 days trying to sort it out passed from person to person promised call backs that didnt happen, then today i get a rude woman telling me to "pull the other one" when i get through to their fraud team. Its the truth! i ring up the bank to bank! an engery companies to sort an discuss bills for god sake. They barred me for that! Saying excessive residential calling! So much for unlimited landline minutes. My credit is on my sim! A letter of complaint is in the post. Changing provider.

Reviewed by john lannigan from scotland on 7th Apr 2015
Getting out of this hopeless company shortley absolutely fed up with them .

Reviewed by rachel from uk on 7th Apr 2015
I can hardly understand the people at their call centre, their english is very poor.
just had to call them, as for no reason they have just changed everyones password, you now have to do your password in CAPS! What! Thanks for telling your customers, guys.

Reviewed by Malcolm from UK on 4th Apr 2015
I have spent last 2 days trying to upgrade my contract with Virgin. In total I have spent about 6 hours on the phone to them, most of the time on hold or being transferred between departments. My call was dropped 6 times while on hold and I ended back in the queue and had to start all over again. Finally at 8.10 this evening, after over an hour on the phone I was told the department I needed to speak to had closed at 8.00 and to call back on Monday morning. In my opinion there are no words to describe how ABYSMAL the customer service is at Virgin 1 is the lowest star rating I could give but I would like to give them minus 10.

Reviewed by fiona from uK on 2nd Apr 2015
I have experienced the worst customer experience every during the last few weeks from Virgin. I had PAYG for ten years, thought I'd finally go for a contract. This was a BIG mistake. I have spent four hours on tel line being passed from team to team. I kept number from PAYG cim but my new tariff never set up. They've completely failed to deliver on promises to activate contract. They've lost all my details twice, I wonder about the safety of my bank details as computor systems at Virgin failing. This is an extraordinary farce of a business.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 2nd Apr 2015
Avoid virgin mobile at all costs, or be prepared for the poorest level of service, admin, overcharging and ignored requests. disgracefull!!

Reviewed by Eileen from uk on 1st Apr 2015
Virgin have shut down their mobile website for 'improvement' from Saturday 28th March - originally for the weekend, now until Wednesday 1st April 'sometime' It is now 21:30 in 1 April and still cannot access my account online or send message! They did not inform us of this shut down - a text or email would have enabled me to top up and organise for the shutdown. After many attempts to contact them I finally did after holding for 40 minutes and was lucky enough to get a helpful young man instead of the usual unhelpful rude ones I usually get. I requested PAC so I could Change provider and he gave it to me. I asked why there had been no warning of break in service and he said management thought that a warning would have meant to many phone calls complaining! Bad decision as I am leaving and I hope others will too if this is there attitude. There phone service I believe as been clogged with complaints anyway.

Reviewed by Anne Marie from UK on 31st Mar 2015
Virgin mobile ,terrible costumer service, they hang up after long time waiting in the Que, they never sent no imails not text about problem from yesterday o have no line on my mob. I was calling all day today they pass me from dept to dept on the phone and after wille they hand up and no one to talk too.they play horrible annoying music while waiting long time for someone to answer.om looking to change to other mobile company 2 days Cnt use phone and no one would explain from they dep why

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 31st Mar 2015
Updated my 'Plan' week before last and awaited new SIM for my new phone.
Waited till middle last week SIM not having arrived to be told that it hadn't been ordered.
SIM arrived Friday and tried to activate Saturday only to find site closed for maintenance.
Continued to try over the weekend, yesterday and today but still down.
Been unable to use my mobile for over a fortnight now as old call package cancelled and unable to activate my new SIM/phone.
Getting really brassed off now even though Virgin offered me a £10 credit for not ordering the new SIM when I originally upgraded my 'Plan'.

Reviewed by Jo from England on 31st Mar 2015
Appalling service and appalling and very slow website. Will have to change to a company that can be bothered.

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 30th Mar 2015
Virgin have shut down their mobile website for 'improvement' from Saturday 28th March - originally for the weekend, now until Wednesday 1st April 'sometime'

This means no access to mobile account management, can't turn on roaming... the worst customer service yet!

Reviewed by Shah from uk on 25th Mar 2015
This customer services is as bad as anything. Upgraded contract and waiting for phone to be delivered next day. After waiting nearly 9 hrs , i checked online and it says delivery failed no-one in house. I checked camera and everything. Yodel guy did not come even to house. After big argument with customer service they decided for next day and it happen again. They are rude and arrogant. Yodel has bad record but virgin now has worst customer service. 3 is better than this people.

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