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Trusted Insurances

 In a nutshell  

Date: January 2016

Trusted Insurances is a specialist insurer of phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and wearable technology. Trusted Insurances offers a range of different insurance policies to suit different users.


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Does insurance cover for cracked screens?

Asked by Nicole from Uk on 10th Apr 2018

Trusted Insurances user reviews

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Average rating from 7 reviews:

Reviewed by Oliver from England on 18th Jan 2018
None existent customer service. slow to respond, slower to settle the bill

avoid at all costs

Reviewed by Cirlene from United Kingdom on 11th Nov 2017
| 15:17
Hi I sent my account details and they were used to take 45.75 from my account by trusted insurance it to be used for the insurance from a phone that I never had the home site where I sent it plus details was Giffgaff. I was robbed and I would like to have my money back please.
My fake policy number TI 384028

Reviewed by Martin from United Kingdom on 24th Oct 2017
The worstest company, rude stuff, never do insurance with them, ill try to make a claim and get from them email what i dont have with them insurance no more, i wasn't informed about that, they didnt send me an email they didn't call me, verry bad company stay away from them guys, they are verry bad, hate them!

Reviewed by kabs from United Kingdom on 16th Oct 2017
Would never recommend anyone to sign up with trusted insurances. They won't accept paypal receipts for your purchase, rude customer service - treated like a suspect from the start, - They look for any reason whatsoever to deny your claim - That is if they respond to your claim at all, in my case it took a week just to get correspondence started - I'd look elsewhere if you're looking to insure your gadgets.

Reviewed by Fred from United Kingdom on 9th Aug 2017
I have had to cancel my policy with them after months of wasting my money thinking my gadgets are insured ..only to be told some excuse not to pay when it came to claims. Not to mention they are based in Gibralta no postal address ie everything online .. Cut long story short SCAM ! SCAM! SCAM! Cnt say any Louder.. Your better off insuring with your gadget provider here in the UK, knowing your truly covered and have some one locally obliged and accountable to give you answers when things go wrong.

Reply by Patrick from uk on 15th Aug 2017
Scam Scam and bigger Scam how on earth this company is allowed to operate is beyond belief. This is the worse service I have ever come across. They make excuse after excuse and another excuse 4 months after claiming for a mobile phone they still are saying after email after email can you send this that and the other that they have had 4 times. I will be taking this complaint as high as I can. Please do not get any insurance of them. We have spent hours and hours on the phone waiting over 30 min each time for an answer and we still have had no claim pay out and I am sure we never will. Chasing a claim from this company is a full time job and no pay-out unbelievable.

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 23rd Jan 2017
Shocking service, weeks of no communication between messages. Excuses on why the cover is not valid. Stay away.

Reviewed by fahad from united kingdom on 13th Dec 2016
My friends and family warned me about them but i didn't listen to them and now I am regretting my choice going with trusted insurance . Their customer support is useless they make you wait hours literally hours like you don't have anything else to do . After an hour and a half they picked my call up I made the claim , they send me an email to send them the picture of damages which i did. now Its more them 15 days I haven't heard nothing from them and now i m trying to ring them again guess what i have to wait hours which i m :( so please people dont go with this company . i have wasted my money now hoping nobody else have to go through that.


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