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Tesco Mobile

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Date: September 2007

Tesco Mobile is a virtual mobile network, using the O2 network to supply its services, giving it 99% coverage of the UK population.


Tesco Mobile user reviews

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Reviewed by Susan from UK on 24th Aug 2015
I can't get a connection on my mobile. Their advice is to get EE and find a relative who can't get credit to take it over!!!

Reviewed by G from Beckenham from UK on 24th Aug 2015
Signal = rubbish (live in London and ironically close to a Tesco store)...I was with Orange/EE before (15 years, why forever did I change? only to get a better deal, oh dear, how silly I have been!) Since being with Tesco calls are getting cut off after a few seconds...yep that IS the norm...1 line of signal. Contrary, with EE/Orange I NEVER had problems with coverage. Cannot recommend Tesco mobile at all...keep away from Tesco mobile!

Reviewed by Lexi from south west, england on 23rd Aug 2015
I think Tesco mobile has a very good signal! Its defiantly better than 02 and EE. Would recommend.

Reviewed by ACM from england on 21st Aug 2015
I originally had a small problem with my e mail on a Tesco mobile so rang helpline . Result from advice crashed it, so I had to contact on internet which operative would not contact me back on land line even though operative had. Spent 3 hours conversing with operative on line - more or less saying turn on / off and being very apologetic. Suppose I will need to go to store now 'cos still have no phone. Wish I had never rung help line. In other word dont hold your breath with Tesco helpline - fairly rubbish in my opinion.

Reviewed by Dr Steven Murray from UK on 21st Aug 2015
4G? Not often. Good service, not often. Recommend? Never.

Reviewed by canaan cavendish from uk on 16th Aug 2015
i signed up for 2yr contract 4g with galaxy s5, straight away signal was rubbish so i took it back and was assured there was a problem with the masts in my area, nearly always got the h signal i get gsm a lot, 4g with 1 or 2 bars if im in a town center. 14months later and i cant wait to get away from tesco, coverage is really poor wherever i go, ive rang customer services and they try telling me its my handset, its definatley not the handset as ive tried numerous.
big disapointment AVOID! and spend your money elswhere as they arn't cheap either, i got mine on a total whim and really wish i had done some homework first,to sum it up in my opinion,they might be okay for a pay as you go for your nan, but if youre a smartphone user stick to the big names.

Reviewed by Shane tew from united kingdom on 16th Aug 2015
Recently I tried to take out a standard iphone 6 16gb on contract with tesco as a new customer online, altogether for the handset and the tariff I think it was £39.50 a month but I got declined which made me confused as my credit is definitely good at least. I then tried to take out a iphone 5c which altogether came to £29 a month an it was declined. I immediately checked my credit report online which I had done not only 2 days before and it was fine. So I was so annoyed I went on tesco mobile website for 3rd time and tried getting a Samsung Galaxy core which was £12.50 a month in total and the cheapest handset they had online and it was accepted. I immediately rang customer services to ask how I would go about paying off the phone plan on this new contract which over 2 years was £60 in total lol and the guy on the phone said as it would be within the 1st 14 days I could just return the handset and cancel the contract so I explained my situation and that I got declined for any decant phone I applied for. AND THEN TO MY AMAZEMENT the guy informs me that majority of new customers applying first time will only get accepted if the contract totals £20 or less no matter how great your credit is and then once accepted and sign the agreement online for the 1st contract (crappy cheap phone) all customers can then go back to the homepage and go into the shop section and pick any handset what so ever no matter how new and expensive and they will 99.9% of the time get accepted for any contract as long as this is done within the first 3 days of signing for the first contract (crappy cheap phone) AND IT GETS BETTER LOL he then says cause of the 14 days cooling off period they offer tescomobile site will accept any customer up to 5 different contracts at one time within the 1st 3 days so people who don't like their original phone choice can get a new handset straightaway without having to wait days for the original handset to be returned and cancelled. I had to put it to the test and had somebody I know with absolute awful credit score to do it by ordering cheap contract at 1st then something better straight after and it worked. In 3 days he had ordered a galaxy core (cheap one) and a galaxy s6 edge 64gb, an iPhone 6 plus 32gb, a Sony xperia z3 or something and the new HTC handset and he went into store each time to take out the contracts so he had all 5 phones at one time on the 3rd day to go through an try out and decide which to send back lol. I cannot believe the guy in customer service for 1, even knew about this claws in their site. 2, actually told a customer this without a second thought. I'm still amazed at this honestly and in a way I think it could be good for a lot of people out there these days that have bad credit for what ever reason and can now go get a contract phone to start rebuilding their credit file. Try it guys.

Reviewed by Karen Moodye from england north east on 13th Aug 2015
Well I can honestly say I am so disopointed with this company. After purchasing a new phone for my daughter to get to and from school safely, we obtained a phone that was broke...managed to fix this and now three months later the phone has broke again !!!!! I have contacted the company now three times to terminate the contract and benn promised for a manager to call me on every occassion.....I continue to wait for contact.
How rude of this company and what poor customer service they are demonstrating......this company are willing to take money from customers but cannot deliver goods that are fit for purpose !!!!
I hope this review has helped those who are thinking of joining this company to change their mind and I hope if there is a team in this company researching customer feedback then there working ethos toward customers will change.

Reviewed by Tracy lane from South west on 13th Aug 2015
Just rejoined tesco's network with regret ,was with them a few years ago never had a problem but now the signal is shocking ,all they tell me is mast is working mm don't think it's working that great ,sort it out tesco's or loose me as a customer,always polite on phone but they don't seem to no why we are not getting signal.

Reviewed by James Allan from South Wales i on 11th Aug 2015
I regret not doing any research after buying an i phone and taking a Tesco contract , I had a pay as u go little Nokia which is still great only needs a charge once a week, I thought I would be loyal to Tesco but am utterly cheesed off to put it mildly . I can do all the little Nokia can do but the internet is a waste of time the signal is almost non existent in the areas the coverage is supposed to be excels the according to those maps you can check. So my friends when this contract runs out it won't be renewed and I will be with ee or some other good network and I will never never never never have a Tesco contract again so be warned.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 9th Aug 2015
I bought a pay monthly plan for my Nokia Lumia 520, but what Tesco didn't tell me was that I would not be able to sent pictures in text messages to anyone else. When I got my first bill, I was shocked to find that I had racked up £10.50 in charges for sending these. Would not recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Ann Lock from UK on 6th Aug 2015
I bought a cheap PAYG mobile from Tesco for my husband to keep in his car in case of emergency. He hardly ever uses it but I like to know he has it with him. Now because of little use, Tesco has had the nerve to lock the phone even it has £15 credit. Would never use Tesco phones again or recommend them to anyone.

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 6th Aug 2015
Poor service and even poorer from their support team. I cant get text messages, I get a message saying texts amount is full delete messages even though I have no messages in my phone, support staff cant help and say its the phone, I have tried another phone and it is still the same.

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 5th Aug 2015
I am not impressed with Tesco atm. Spoken to there customer care team 4 times in the last week, about cancelling a contract, I opened on the same day I wished to cancel for reasons of previous contract and they were careless enough not to cancel it for me, for me then to receive the phone. Then I had to send the phone back to them and I have not yet received my payment that went out two weeks ago. Not only that, but when speaking on the phone to customer care, I got put on hold 6 times to speak to 6 different people who didn't have a clue what they were doing. Not impressed.

Reviewed by Errol from UK on 5th Aug 2015
I purchased some tesco mobile pay sims on ebay.
I have a few old nokia phones so was not surprised when one of them over a period of time came up with a message.
Sim card registration failed and them it happened to another phone I have again a nokia 3330 very strange.
Turns out tesco see it as misuse to put several sim cards into a phone.
I was just doing it to make a connection action every 3 months apparently only needs doing every 6 months.
I phoned and was told it looked like an insurance stolen code having given them the code and I phoned several times eventually an investigation was sent to the fraud department who rang me back and could not explain why the phones were blocked by imei the sim cards themselves were not blocked and still work but I had to use a different phone and the other phones remain blocked.
And they won't lift the block.
Only advise I could be given was it may be a case of to many sim cards used in the phone and they won't lift the block on the phone.
Only blocked on the O2 network and fine on ee and talk talk.
So this is how tesco in o2 network reward customers for having to many sim cards block the phones and make you use them in a different phones as they leave the sims active.
So please do not use to many sims in a phone as they may simply block your phone from their network!
And refuse to unblock it afterwards.

Reviewed by R from England on 2nd Aug 2015
Tesco mobile customer service is abominable! They have so many departments and they do not communicate between themselves! I have had to fight with them since day 1 and any time my issue 'get solved' I see no outcome and have to call them over and over again.
Their coverage is poor and all in all I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole again once my contracts over I'm out.

Reviewed by Geoff from United Kingdom on 1st Aug 2015
To be honest, a lot of people are not fully happy until they have complained. Coverage is fairly good all around the country (can't promise 4G everywhere) mobile data, i will admit, is very temperamental. However, if you have that much of a problem with the network, stop being such a cheapskate and move networks, if you want to keep loyalty, MOVE TO O2.

Reviewed by Coley from UK on 1st Aug 2015
I have a Samsung Fame PAYG I never use it to access the internet just use it to make calls & text, I topped up by £10 knowing I had about £6 left on it, a week or so later my balance had dropped to £11 ? so I contacted C/S who said I must have bought a "bundle" ? what is one of those I asked ? so you can access the internet ! I told them I never did , & they looked at my phone history & said a bundle had been added (gave me the date) by phone ? but no data had been used (I knew that) anyway I was given the £5 back but how many other people have been charged for a bundle in error ? & not realised the mistake ! check your balance !!

Reviewed by Mrs Kemp from UK on 31st Jul 2015
In my opinion Tesco mobile is a complete waste of space. My husband bought two phones and took out two sim only contracts with Tesco. One for each of us. The internet access is less than useless and totally unreliable. The poor sound quality on the phone makes it a blimmin nuisance to use and quite frankly the customer service is pathetic. My husband's phone broke and they now tell us they can't repair it until they have proof of purchase. He bought the phones and sim only contracts at the same time. If they can't find a record of that then they need to upgrade their systems.We will be switching as soon as the contract is up.

Reviewed by Tom from scotland on 29th Jul 2015
Cannot wait until my sim only contract is up in december 2015.
how dare tesco hard code their useless contact numbers on my sim card, how dare they make the assumption that i need this rubbish, and how dare the sales assistant in the phone shop neglect to inform me about this nonsense, when i did go back and ask if i could get a sim without the contacts embedded i was told sorry, no way to do that, then said ,quote you have no idea how many people complain about this, and then said that i really should be complaining to the online mobile dept, as he was fed up dealing with the same problem over and over again, So in december tesco can take their sim and shove it where the sun dont shine.

Reviewed by Maddie from England on 23rd Jul 2015
It's funny reading all the negative reviews! Their customer service is utterly useless and you can easily spend up to half an hour on the phone with one of their call centres. But for £7.50 a month I didn't really expect anything special. I'm just laughing because for some reason they've given me free international calls and texts and don't seem to know about it. Haven't paid a penny for all the useage it's had in Europe and America. No idea why but I'll put up with all their junk if it means I can keep my freebie! As soon as they suss it out though I'll be off to another provider. I want to get a 4G capable sim but I just can't face getting one through their godawful customer service system.

Reviewed by Mr Bowd from UK on 21st Jul 2015
Tesco Moblile recently offered a £10 gift voucher upon purchasing a Microsoft Lumia Mobile Phone with a fixed 2 year monthly contract.

I received my Microsoft lumia Moblie Phone from Tesc in May 2015 and have contacted the appropriate department at Tesc to receive my promoptional £10 gift voucher to no avail.

The Redemption Support Dept of Tesco say that they are unable to send out the vouchers and Tesco Moblile are telling me to contact Redemption Support.

Basically Tesco Moblie are advertising promotional offers as part of their sales but will not honour their free gift offer when people try to claim them.

Tesco Mobile should be Tesco Con Mobile.

Reviewed by Steve Bennett from Uk on 20th Jul 2015
Always having problems with work being done on local mast at least once a month so paying for a contract and cant use the phone few days each month.. phoned to complain was offerd 50p back per day.. what a insult will cancel contract when year is up.

Reviewed by Danny from English on 19th Jul 2015
Been with tesco pay as u go 6 yrs all of a sudden credit gone in no time.

Reviewed by carl williams from uk on 17th Jul 2015
been with tesco with three phones,mine and two daughters for a number of years,very happy with their capped set up.then out of the blue we have a buffer ? managed quite well with the capping? singal got poor and my daughters prefered to pay for their own phones on another network,good move,whilst i stayed.big BIG mistake ,no capped bill any more, bill tripled ,shall be moving on at first chance.
complained to tesco and surprise they police thenselves,it turns out after my long loyaty that its my error ? i wanted and paid for three contracts ,one £7.50 and two £15 and yet after dozens of direct debits,an increase in my bill was my fault.
try to remain blameless go else where.

Reviewed by james from england on 17th Jul 2015
tesco mobile is a rubbish service and will ot recommend it toi anyone !!!!!

Reviewed by Irene Bartholomew from Uk on 17th Jul 2015
I have been a Tesco mobile customer for many years. Just recently my signal has been dreadful. No one seems able or willing to address my concerns. Not happy.

Reviewed by iain from Scotland on 14th Jul 2015
Was with 02 for 10yrs very good.
Tesco was cheaper so moved over.
Bad move can't get any reception at all in lots of places.... With friends on 02 at same area no problem.

Reviewed by Debbie from Uk on 11th Jul 2015
Moved from EE to Tesco to save some pennies.
Bad move! I step out the door and hey presto no coverage! Just goes to show you get what you pay for. On holiday recently I got a signal (eureka) so texted a couple of photos home. Guess what - they came under 'extra charges'. So I pay £13 per month and don't use any of my allowance owing to no coverage but then have to pay extra charges for sending a few photos. Back to EE methinks. Here I go on that merry-go-round again, phone unlocking etc. phew!!!

Reviewed by DT from england on 11th Jul 2015
BEWARE had such POOR customer care, waiting nearly a week for a new phone, MUST be lost in delivery, but TESCO MOBILE won't reorder me the customer another due to the 24hr, 48hr, 72hr rule I keep being told about, contacted them a dozen times including email, NEVER HAD one reply back. Well done TESCO MOBILE CUSTOMER CARE 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Reviewed by Julie from Wales on 10th Jul 2015
I have been trying to get Tesco to unlock my phone for over 6 weeks. They keep sending me a code that doesn't work so sent it back for them to sort out. Said should be completed within 10 calendar days, 15 days later still waiting. Phone up customer services, put on hold, fobbed off with backlog problem but will be with me in the next couple of days. Still waiting!

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 6th Jul 2015
Awful coverage especially on data.
Even in large towns and cities (Chester for example) I get little (Edge) or no data signal.
As soon as I visit a smaller village or anywhere in Wales, the phone is turned off as it's completely useless, no phone or data signal.
I have read that although it is part of O2, the Tesco network is way down the pecking order and O2 customers get the better signal/bandwidth.

Reviewed by ROGEYANN from uk on 1st Jul 2015
had a 2 year contract with Tesco which thankfully has ended now as there £10 a month SIM was a joke. After advising I will be going to the CE Iv now been given an unlocking number which does NOT work. My mobile is still block as it will not unlock from what Tesco has done, I will never ever use Tesco again for anything. Roll on LIDL and ALDI.

Reviewed by Ewa from Ireland on 29th Jun 2015
This is a joke ! Be aware ! Went for that 25e a month plan with "unlimited" internet (15G) apparently I used 3G more of data and I have to pay for it 40 e !!!

Reviewed by elwood from uk on 29th Jun 2015
I took a nokia phone (still under guarantee) to be repaired (touchscreen just stopped working.) expalined to staff, they took the phone, and that's the last I saw or heard of it of it. Tesco now claim that I have to Prove that I actually took the 2 year contract out with em, despite my details being on their system. As for the phone, 'There's not any evidence to back up my case, (exccept their records and cctv footage.) and they won't replace it - it cost £100, and they offered me £50 in vouchers - cheeky. eventually I got £50 refunded, but I haven't finished yet... Oh no.

Reviewed by simon jones from england on 27th Jun 2015
do not join Tesco's ever since i signed two contracts with them i have never paid so much on my bills and the coverage is rubbish, they don't care about their customers and never ring back, if you have an IPHONE make sure it is compatible with their network as i cannot get 4G but they admiited that after i took the contract out so they lied, they promised £30 of vouchers still haven't got them and they always add on little costs. go to O2 not Tesco's.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 20th Jun 2015
I lost my phone couple of months ago, i went to a tesco mobile shop and asked if i could transfer my old number to a new sim because i gave my old number to a lot of people and i really dont want to go around and give a new number. So i try to change it in the shop they made me buy a new sim made me top up 10 quid and then tell me to call them, so i did then they tell me my security is not good or something and i cant get my old number and i have to get a new one like i dont get that, I want my old number maaaaan :'(

Reviewed by sue from england on 20th Jun 2015
just got a microsoft 535 mobile on contract with tesco got it home and it froze straight away took it back to tesco the woman there opened the back wiped it put it back and it worked took it back home and within the next 2 weeks had froze 3 more times the last time i took the back of to wipe battery and the screne cracked took it back to tesco the woman who served me was so grumpy and was not helpful aftertrying to palm me of got in touch with customer care and they said it was up to the manager at tesco blackpool weather to exchange the phone but he to palmed me of so now i have to take it further as if you get a new phone it should not freeze 4 times in 2 weeks and eas shown to take the back of to fix the problem.

Reviewed by plug from leeds on 20th Jun 2015
I have had this tesco moblie for two years and all thats its done is take my money away from me . The orther day i put ten pound on i made one text now i got no money if somone rings or texts me i get charged for it . And so much more wrong with this moblie i could go on forever . But i have to say it was my first ever up to date moblie . God i wished i had bought one somewere els i put one star on but thats was because i was happy when i first bought it .

Reviewed by Ciera from UK on 19th Jun 2015
It has the worst network coverage I have ever experienced with any network provider. I rang Customer Services and told them I have a right to cancel my contract because they are not fulfilling their contract by providing acceptable service. I told them I had read this on the Which site (I suggest on anyone looking at this site to understand your rights). Tesco Mobile said this was fine - but they won't give me the PUK code to get out of my contract until I have paid for the handset. I told them I will return the handset, but they won't hear of it. So now I am stuck with this useless contract until I can afford to pay for the handset. I have a good mind to contact Ofcom because this really isn't good enough at all and I have been complaining to Tesco about the lack of network coverage for a few months now. My phone is a Samasung Galaxy S3 Mini, so it's not as if it's an iPhone. Unfortunately I just can't afford to pay the £50 value which is left on the handset because my wages just about cover my bills. But I am not going to be stuck paying for a contract which is so poor that I may as well stand on the moon and try to text or call - because the I would probably get the same amount of coverage. I am definitely going to contact Ofcom.

Reviewed by Leeza from UK on 19th Jun 2015
I would not recommend tesco mobile at all and I can bet anything the majority of these suspiciously 'outstanding' reviews have been falsified. I have a contract of 500 mins (8hrs and 30mins), 1G and 5000 texts. I have looked through my recent calls and history for the last month and i have used about 5hrs of calling time yet tesco have just texted me saying I have 50 mins left! I had recently upgraded my internet from 500MB to 1G yet it has lasted less time than when i had less data. Tesco mobile rob you don't use them!

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 19th Jun 2015
Had to change phone and number so I switched to Tesco (as I'm staff). Was originally on three. I would top up a fiver a month. On Tesco mobile I've already topped up £20 in 2 weeks!!! Usage hasn't changed but its definitely more expensive. Sometimes network can be poor. Never needed to contact customer services so cannot comment. Just ridiculously expensive so that's what I'm rating.

Reviewed by Dean from uk on 15th Jun 2015
A Shocking poor service and a disgrace of a customer service. could not sort a small problem out with a phone I was having, but we're very keen to get my money every month. i canceled my contract and switched to a another network. avoid Tesco mobile you have been warned.

Reviewed by Emma from england on 15th Jun 2015
Have been with tesco 5years never had a problem with costumer services or any phone I have had. The signal could be better.

Reviewed by Narath from UK on 5th Jun 2015
This is absolutely the worst mobile service. They let you put a cap on the maximum amount you wish to go over your data, then they simply start charging that amount, even when I have my data turned off.
Someone from their customer service insisted that I tell them my actual 'password', then they proceeded to ask me my Bank Details. When I tried to contact a manager they stonewalled me and then put me on hold never to come back to me. So I'm paying for a service which I'm not using.
Can't wait for the contract to finish. Stay clear of Tesco Mobile.

Reviewed by Rach from United Kingdom on 29th May 2015
Shocking service. Wouldn't advise anyone to use them. 29th April 2015 is the day I took my contract out with them, 15 May 2015 is the day the handset they sold me blew up. Today, 29th March 2015 im still without a phone. Was within its 28days and the store refused to do a straight swap as I was advised a couple of weeks before 'if the handset is faulty, we will do a straight swap for you'. They tell me to send it off, that was nearly 2 weeks ago now. They then phone to say we shouldn't of sent it off. It's only now that we've advise them were going to ofcom and the papers regarding the blown up handset they sold me which they said they won't replace, have they said they're look into it. Bear in mind, my first month with them is today and I've not had my phone for 2 of those weeks. Worst service I've ever had. Don't go with tesco mobile.

Reviewed by Ruth from UK on 27th May 2015
I am having my doubts about this network.
It took 4 weeks & 3 days to transfer my number across and 3 sim cards later it was working. Their T&C state that it should only take 1 day ! they decided to put me on a payg as a temp measure until things were sorted I have now been waiting 30 hrs for the payg account to be transferred over to a monthly account, it should only take 24 hrs. Even though I was credited with money on this account due to all the hassle I had. I am dubious as to whether I will continue in 12 months time. :(

Reviewed by Vicky from England on 26th May 2015
I am with tesco mobile, I missed one payment in march and have paid ever since. It was arranged for me to pay the bit I fell behind on at the end of this month (may) and that was okay. However, today rhey have taken a final payment off me of just over £190 and are now refusing to give it me back minus what I owe them. This is ridiculous thing to do as I was paying the one missed monthly payment of £30 at the end of this month. I am a single parent to 3 children and need that money to feed them and pay the rent!

Not to mention the signal being poor all the time in all different areas of where I slive.
I would not reccomned this company to anyone at all.
(I'd like to give 0 stars but 1 star is the lowest option)

Reviewed by Johnathon McDonald from UK on 25th May 2015
I have used Tesco mobile for a good few years and have always found their customer service to the absolute best of any customer service I have ever used. They are always helpful and always resolve my issue. The staff seem very knowledgable and are always helpful and polite.

It's this kind of service that keeps me with Tesco,. I have dealt with other service providers before and have never felt this satisfied after a call with any of them. I would always recommend any one to use Tesco mobile, because if you have any issues or problems they will do everything they can to resolve and leave you aghast ay how hard they work to keep your custom. I have converted my whole family to using the Tesco mobile because I believe they are the best and they have done nothing to prove me wrong.

Reviewed by David Ramsay from UK on 23rd May 2015
Yes they text you - they tripple your credit
when they do not.
Just a case of learning how the tesco mobile
system works.

Good luck on learning how the complex gas and
electiricty markets work.. to cheat you..

Reviewed by Cathyb from England on 22nd May 2015
The top up (pay-as-you-go) form is dreadful - you think nothing has happened when you enter the amount etch then hit the [top up] button and the screen doesn't refresh - only a tiny message at page footer giving you a top up reference. So the first time I thought it hadn't worked so I pressed the top up again and again - I had infact topped up 3 times the amount I wanted to.
VERY POOR DESIGN and almost blatantly want you to make the mistake of topping up more than you had intended. Its been like this for at least 18 months. So BEWARE!!!

Reviewed by Drustix from England on 21st May 2015
Myself and my wife both have a contract phone with Tesco and have no problems whatever. customer service is great and very helpful.

Reviewed by === from uk on 17th May 2015
they don't give any upgrade and dont help.

Reviewed by Some guy from UK on 17th May 2015
Do you know those adverts where people are laughing at Tesco mobile? they have a right to. Over priced and awful service, I wish I can give it lower than 1 star.

Reviewed by Ruth from Ireland on 17th May 2015
I have tesco broadband 52 gigs a month..it has been the worst internet i have ever used. i cannot connect to it most of the time. constantly have to reset the modem. i lose connection to it while im using it and have to wait about 15 to 20 mins to get reconnected. the speed is so slow pages keep timing out. Tesco customer care line is a mobile number and cost 69c a minute to ring them from another network. Its a very expensive call so i cant afford to ring them every time theres a problem. the online help is useless takes a few days for a reply. it is completely unusable. i gave 1 star because i cant give 0.

Reviewed by Cee from UK on 16th May 2015
I regret ever signing up with tesco mobile!!!! The network is good but what they offer is rubbish and yet they are expensive. Their customer service is the worst. I wish I had shopped around first!

Reviewed by Jonathan from UK on 13th May 2015

Bought phone online. Dead on arrival.

Phoned Tech Support, who told me I could exchange at a Tesco Mobile shop. Phoned shop, who said will not exchange if bought online.

Phoned Cust Services who now said I have to return for exchange. They will send me a prepaid envelope, which I will receive in 3-5 working days. I then need to go to Post Office and send to them. They then need 7-10 working days to process. It will then be a further 3-5 working days before I receive the phone.

I respectfully suggested that they might wish to delay the start of my contract, given I would not have the phone for between 13 and 20 working days. Unfortunately this was not possible. Nor was it possible for them to despatch the replacement phone now, on the understanding that I would return the dead phone immediately the prepaid envelope was received.

This will probably be my first and last Tesco Mobile contract, and I will never purchase online from them again.

Reviewed by nicole from UK on 13th May 2015
terrible signal! extremly slow mobile internet !! am still being CHARGED for a contract that ran out a year ago that i had paid without fail everymonth until my contract ended and i stopped paying i am now getting emails saying as i havent topped i am being charged £30 then it was £45 and so on. NEVER WILL I GO TO TESCO MOBILE AGAIN.

Reviewed by megan from united states/ireland on 12th May 2015
A couple weeks back I tried topping up online. It kept denying all my cards saying that there was to much activity on my cards and due to security reasons they wouldn't go through. Which I hadn't used either card in a week. So the operator I was chatting with online told me to go to the store and buy a voucher now a week later they want to charge me for the 4 attempts I made. I don't need the minutes any more since I bought the voucher. Of course with their tesco phone I can't call any of the numbers they offer for service. The one offered online I am "not allowed" to call and the one programmed into my phone is "not a correct" number.

Reviewed by bobo baboo from Africa on 8th May 2015
I dont think tesco is any good for mobile. Tesco promise a lot of good things but take your money as quick. They want your money. They want to make you a slave to tesco. Im telling you. Their clothes are made in Bangladesh. A third world country and they charge so much to make themselves big profit. They build stores to control everything and people follow them.

Reviewed by william Tait from uk on 7th May 2015
Good points
Extra 20p when registering, every little helps. Right.
£30 insteead of £10 when topping up. Whow.
Tesco is part of O2. 02 benefits. Maybe.
Bad points
Tesco took from me £4 per day when using internet on my phone. Greedy Tesco.
Calling to other O2 numbers was not cheap. Tesco hustlers.
My £30 soon dissapeared as quick as they gave it. Casino Tesco.
Ok if I did not use data. Break even.

Reviewed by Charlie from Scotland on 7th May 2015
Tesco mobile service = bad signal, phone kept cutting out, cancelled 24 month contract & insurance after the full 24 months had finished, then received multiple threatening letters for payment of outstanding 'bill'. Was told when cancelling all was fine and that complete cancellation was done, no additional costs.
Phoned Tesco today, had to pay to stop them sending letters,
Call centre operative seemed to have a humour by-pass, really bad attitude and very matter-of-fact that they were right and everyone else is wrong.

Maybe Tesco should claw back some money by doing away with the mobile phone part of their business. Not impressed.

Reviewed by Edward Hawkins from GB on 7th May 2015
I've just switched to Tesco Mobile. My signal, at home, is virtually non-existent. Tesco support will not listen. They will send a new sim card, but that is not the problem. The phone works in other areas. They use 02 as a provider. 02 customers can get an app to solve this problem (my next-door neighbour has it) but Tesco customers cannot use it!

Reviewed by Sandra from Uk on 5th May 2015
For the last couple of years I have been using tesco pay as you go and I am losing my credit very quickly and I have only called around 6 people and have texted no one my phone was last topped up last Monday and as of now I only have £0.66 left
I am studying in year 8 so as soon as possible i will change my sim.

Reviewed by Jo from Wales on 4th May 2015
Hi have used Tesco for many years without any problems. last year I changed my phone and took out a contract phone. Twice since then I have had problems with phone and twice popped into the phone shop. Service shocking, the woman who dealt with me had no idea what to do and how to deal with the issue,even when she phoned for support she didn't understand what she was being told. Another member of staff came along but neither could sort the issue and to be honest they weren't itnerested. Finally my son fixed the problem. As soon as this contract ends I will be going elsewhere.
Service and attitude of staff was disgusting and no wonder Tesco is losing money and customers if this is how they treat people.

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 3rd May 2015
here here lou who does lisa think she is, should have checked the small print love it is there for a reason. and how dare you say they deserve their losses, all those peopls deserve to be out of a job? hope you lose yours, your attitude stinks.

Reviewed by Lou from England on 25th Apr 2015
how can tesco sales people rip you off when they are not on commission, If you took insurance or not it doesnt affect them.

Reviewed by lisa from uk on 24th Apr 2015
I've been a tesco customer for 4 years and have 3 contracts, never had any problems until today, I took out tesco phone insurance (which isn't tesco insurance) I have paid my monthly premium without fail and took a Samsung galaxy s4 in today as it's broke, I was told that on top of my monthly payments I am also expected to pay £75 excess, was I shocked? Yes!! Was I informed of this when I took out the cover with the nice helpful little con artist aka tesco phone salesman? No!!! Was I informed of this when I received my "welcome pack" from the non tesco insurance? No I received a letter saying welcome to tesco phone insurance!! So after a chat with the manager and his bodyguards aka tesco phone salesmen and him assuring me that I would've been informed of £75 at the time of purchase and me assuring him that I wasn't because if I would've known that I wouldn't have taken out the policy because it leaves me paying more than the phone is worth, I am now being given a £75 gift card to cover the £75 excess ( how lucky am I) and an assurance that all staff will be trained correctly in offering phone insurance, which makes me wonder how many others have been sold insurance without being told that there's an excess?? How many are sold tesco insurance only to be told when things go wrong "there's nothing I can do about it as the insurers are a third party" so people my advice is as nice and helpful as the salespeople are, they're only there yo basically rip you off, and tesco you deserve your billions in loses.

Reviewed by Bob Henry from UK on 24th Apr 2015
Coverage, billing etc. is fine, BUT if things go wrong then Tesco Mobile descend into a surreal nightmare!

I gave my wife a phone as a present , and later tried to transfer the account to her name. All seemed fine until she lost her phone and blocked the account. cancelling the contact became nearly impossible, and took 3 months (yes, 3 months) and many, many attempts, as customer services refused to talk to her since the account was in my name (even though we had changed this a year earlier), and refused to deal with me because I couldn't provide her bank details or her security questions (which they kept attributing to me).

Tesco 'Customer Service'operatives; why don't you just LISTEN to your customers, then SERVE them, rather than doggedly following the onscreen prompts!

Reviewed by T Sykes from England on 21st Apr 2015
Worst mobile company ever dealt with.Supplied phone was always a problem, packed in 2 months before due for new one at end of contract but still wanted more money before supply of replacement.
Just went to talktalk on got better contract and better phone.

Reviewed by Dave Alexander from Ireland on 2nd Apr 2015
Early in the year got a tescomobile gizmo, but the battery life was too short, plus when I tried to Register to top up, i t wouldn't let me put my correct mobile number in, or said it was incorrect, in the end I'll have to go all the way into Dublin to Register in their Store!

Not impressed at all.

Reviewed by Garry from UK on 20th Mar 2015
Have had 3 mobile contracts running with tesco and until today very pleased with them, however rang to query charges and was informed that by having No safety buffer it meant I was liable for £50 of charges, when i joined them no safety buffer meant that you couldnt go over your tariff limit. The lady from CS got very loud and shoutyand was quite rude. My 3 contracts expire in a months time and will be taking my custom elsewhere, appalling attitude.
NB - The crazy thing is that the query was only for a 48p charge and with better service and less being talked at could have been resolved amicably, oh well their loss, I spend over £400 a year with them.

Reviewed by Anita from Uk on 18th Mar 2015
I have been with Tesco Mobile for just over a month, I can't use my phone for calls it runs on the back of O2. I can't get a signal at home, it's quite doggy out too. We live in Cornwall, quite a large village, I went with Tesco as Which said it was good 2cnd on their list. If I have no signal at home what's the point of using it, O2 checked the signals ( they say) & it's good! I think they need to come & try it for themselves, we have 2 contracts running the same time. One for myself & one for hubby, he doesn't use his only for calls when out. Can I leave Tesco Mobile? On a 12 month contract so I don't know how to go about this, £7.50 per phone per month. I left Orange because of poor service, ( charging too much) ended my contract had to pay to come out so their signal was brilliant. What to do.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 13th Mar 2015
Excellent PAYG using iPhone 4s, but have just bought iPhone 6+ and I can't get a nano sim from Tesco. No great problem although I would have stayed with them if I could.

Reviewed by Dave Dixon from England on 9th Mar 2015
good to see some of you like this service, ordered a phone on promotion over the phone over a year ago after seeing advert in the Sun waited 2 weeks . no phone? when I rang to complain they said they would look into it, after a month with no phone, I get £10 taken! from bank account. cancelled direct debit, next- threatening letters from debt recovery agents!! so lucky kept all my recorded and copies of every detail exchanged with Tesco and proved to the wolves I had not received a phone, letters stopped. £10 lost forever, Still with Virgin, A Great provider. Dave

Reviewed by RICHARD from NORFOLK on 7th Mar 2015
I`ve never had any probs with Tesco Mobile,now have two contracts with a very good service and good 4G here in Norwich, keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Murray Snudge from England on 6th Mar 2015
I've never been with anyone else - absolutely great 5 star service.

Reviewed by Andrew from Plymouth/Bristol on 3rd Mar 2015
Tesco Mobile have outstanding customer service...

HOWEVER they run on the O2 network... which is stuck in the Stone Age! All I get is GPRS which is unusable and if Iím right in the middle of a city centre I occasionally get 3G... And if you donít live in London or on the M4 donít even think about 4G!

Reviewed by N Macleod from England on 27th Feb 2015
Just had a shocking experience with tesco mobile customer chat line. Am on pay as you go since beginning of this year and can't see my usages but have been seeing these big charges which does not make sense. The chat line lady mentioned that I have been making these calls to a 078 number. When she typed it out for me I can't recognise it only to find that it is tesco mobile voicemail. Presumably I have been charged for all missed calls that went to voice mail. I was not even aware I had voicemail. It's turned off now and have just purchased their 500 MB data bundle that I can hopefully keep better track off using an app on the phone.

There are still other unexplained charges on the bill but the chat line conveniently died before we could go into detail.

Something fishy there for sure..

Reviewed by Sam from England on 16th Feb 2015
I signed up for a Tesco sim only contract last November , worked perfectly and email arrived to welcome me. February 3rd received an email to say my final Bill was due £127.50 ?? Checked 150 on the phone and nothing due ? Phones bank , yes a missing payment but presumed as of previous Tesco sim only would be picked up a few days later . Nope sim only contract canceled completely and charged for the test of the year ! They say they have text, emailed and also by post, I honestly have nothing received ! Checked spam email , inbox and deleted , nothing inbetween those two emails . Nothing they will do at all, as anyone else had this happen ? I have now paid for a service I cannot use . Although I still have all other emails from previous accounts dating back to 2012 ?? Really really unfair Tesco ! My word against yours = I lose !

Reviewed by Karl from Yorkshire, UK on 10th Feb 2015
Been with Tesco's 2 year's always been reliable, just took a 3rd account with them.
Customer service always been good
Good value tariff's.

Reviewed by rm from uk on 5th Feb 2015
lol@ karl, you purchased it why should they refund it? check the terms and conditions before shooting your mouth off.

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 4th Feb 2015
Brought s £5 500mb data bundle as I was very close to my data limit. Didn't need it in the end but I'm still to be billed for it. Rang CS and they wouldn't budge at refunding me. I consider this theft as I'm to pay for something not recieved. PAC obtained as I'm off to another provider.

Reviewed by me from uk on 29th Jan 2015
Brilliant network had no problems at all, got to laugh at some reviews complaining about using a top up in 4 and a half hours, they have their charges on the website so you can see how much it costs, as usual people take no responsibility for their actions and blame everyone else. All in all impressed.

Reviewed by Alexandra from England on 27th Jan 2015
I've been on Tesco Mobile since I turned 18 and have had no problems at all with them. The 3G signal might not be as strong as EE or 3, but for the price I pay for my contract, I can't complain!(Plus, everywhere has WiFi these days!. It's not actually Tesco's fault for the signal, it's your area.

Reviewed by rob g from uk on 25th Jan 2015
I used pay as you go for a few months, mainly for data usage but found them excessively expensive.
The final straw was £20 top up used in 4 half hours!
£100 / GB is their current data rate.
They send countless SMS messages about free time and double top ups but none of that seems to ever materialize.

Customer services were pretty lame too. Tried to lodge a complaint twice and the operators simply cut you off.

Unprofessional and excessively expensive.

Reviewed by Dave from Ireland.ie on 23rd Jan 2015
Have tescomobile dongle, it boasts. Speed's of 72mgs,faster than Cloud, so why is it so very slow,time your searches arrive it's timed out?

Reviewed by Howard parker from West sussex on 15th Jan 2015
Had a Samsung Galaxy for for 1 half years now, worked fine for one month then literally became useless, the Internet just buffers but still shows up on system as using data, con. Signal if I get any is only ever one bar but as soon as I try to make a call it goes away again. Text messages come through hours after being sent if not days. Rang the service team sent me a new SIM card wich I thought fair enough could be as simple as that. Didn't help in the slightest. Rang again and was told under no circumstances will they do anything about it.rang back the next day to try again, got sent through to the tech team who told me the usual turn your phone on and off, sim out back in walked me through some tech stuff and nothing helped. They advised that I sent the phone to them, so did this so was without phone for a week not good as use this for work. Came back claiming nothing wrong with the phone and not prepared to do anything about it, very angry at this point as couldn't call my wife text her easily or at all at times whilst at home with my new born son. Had to leave it as was to angry of the useless efforts of tesco. I called again to try and resolve the subject 6 months befor the end of my contract after coping with this proble for 18 month to be told the same old stuff, turn phone on and off sim in and out, walked through system restrts and set ups. Nothing, new sim sent again now nothing is working I can't text my wife at all, I'm only receiving calls and with very jittery signal so struggle making sense of it. And Internet still not working. To throw an extra pain, for the past 6 / 8 months I had a new bank card wich for some reason would not register even tho was advised it had been. So every month my phone was stopped, I work here their and everywhere and need a phone that works as dangerous jobs I acooasionally do. COMPLETE SHAMBLES OF A SREVICE. Phone back again and actually had some one on the phone that was fairly helpful but still not what I wanted to here. I was told that because I have had a few problems over the past YEAR AND A HALF they could do an early termination wich I have been told on every occasion of speaking to them but they would wave half the cost because of the problems. I think the £17 a month they can stop all together without charging as it six months and I've not been receiving a service that I have paid for. Sure the threat of trading standards would of helped but nothing. Don't want to pay this as can't afford it simply. Need this sorted but they don't seem to do anything. Will be returning to 3 mobile, should never as swapped.
Will be posting a shorter version of this on all social medias that I'm on and will not ever be recommending tesco mobile to anyone as utterly useless and ridiculously pathetic service. Wishing there was a no star option,but guess they don't whant everyone doing that do they.

Reviewed by helene from U.K. on 13th Jan 2015
terrible. don't know how many times i have been without internet connection. then when you chat with them they take forever, then say "you need to contact tech service on 4455" thanks a lot. then you do that and the voice goes choose option 3 and you cannot do that because the screen of your phone is black. was promised compensation for not being able to use internet form some 3 months but noticed today it was never added. so many times i have had to go to the store to get the phone going again. hope to find a better provider.

Reviewed by Kathleen from ireland on 12th Jan 2015
Joined in may...good coverage ubtil feww days ago ... driving me scatty
Sorry about wording ... can't understand why all of a sudden this has happened .. Very inconvenient .. i have a sony E1

Reviewed by s from uk on 8th Jan 2015
Decent network, good value for money and good customer service. Better than the rest

Reviewed by Adam from North West England on 3rd Jan 2015
I have been with Tesco Mobile for 3 years and have had no problems,great value for money and customer service is excellent...

Reviewed by Lisa from England on 30th Dec 2014
I had 7.50 capped monthly for 24 months no probs whatsoever. Always have signal whereas other members family on 02, 3 and vodaphone have nothing....havent had to bother tesco within 14mnths, just upgraded for another 24mnths....people paying 40 quid or more month for rubbish signL with the ones i mentioned...mugs

Reviewed by Becky from England on 29th Dec 2014
Just signed up for a Tesco contract for an iPhone 6. Absolutely brilliant! Easy to order, can add a cap of £2.50 to the contract and have 3G signal absolutely everywhere including 4G in cities! Was on Vodafone before so just being able to make calls from home is a bonus with Tesco! Phone was delivered within 3 days and everything worked perfectly straight away. Hope this service continues!

Reviewed by reeves from Great Britain on 27th Dec 2014
I got my son a phone taking advice from the shop I insured it with tesco, the phone got damaged insurance company talked there way out of replacing it as were tesCo ,I have now just had pay 105 pounds because they did not inform me that payments did not go out when I changed banks, since finding out i contacted tesco mobile who are just a load of incompetent monkeys just after money.

Reviewed by MR T HURLEY from uk on 23rd Dec 2014
This service network piggy backs on O2 network.I find the service is ok until the demand rises then its up yours Tesco user, the system closes down, extremely annoying.I have experienced this first hand on many occasions.Times or bank holidays,christmas days at peak times, every Friday Saturday at 2am to 4 am,if fact when you really need it you can bet it will let you down.ITS CHEAP so you get what you pay for. my advise is don't bother.....

Reviewed by Joanne from UK on 20th Dec 2014
Utter garbage. 1 star at best! Got a new sim only contract with them for my new phone. Having been with a different network I had to wait a few days until my old number could transfer onto my new sim. So, 2 days later, as expected, my new number activated and a flurry of texts from the past days came in. However, could I reply to them? NO. Could I call anyone? NO. Could I use any data? NO. After spending the larger part of my day reading article after article about what the problem could be, I finally came to the realisation of what the problem was after I downloaded the tesco mobile app. (To be fair, this app is very handy). After keying in my number, three bars shot up on the screen. Tesco, 72 hours after getting my new sim and 24 hours after activation of my number, were telling me that I had used 2 GBs of data, 30 hours of calls and thousands of texts. (Which isn't even possible as my iPhone told me that I had used 20 MB of data and I knew for a fact that I hadn't called or texted anyone. It took almost a week to get it fixed due to the incompetent call centres and stupid shop opening times that tesco provide. Absolutely shocking and I can't wait for this 12 month contract to be over as the service is shocking as well!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by s from uk on 19th Dec 2014
Great network, value for money and good customer service.

Reviewed by christine from england on 6th Dec 2014
Terrible signal in liverpool...so frustrated!!


Reviewed by Rob from UK on 28th Nov 2014
Awful. Needed to order three phones. Started order online. Website crashed. Started again online. Website crashed again. Rang Customer Services who confirmed that no oders had been placed. Tried again that evening. Fond out that earlier orders HAD actually gone through. Rang customer services. Cancelled orders. Started order online again. Website crashed again. Rang Customer Services to complete order. Tesco Mobile then send me all the phones. The three I had actually ordered sucesfuilly and all the others that had NOT been ordered and then cancelled. Rang Customer Services for return (to return the ites they had cancelled and sent in error). Had to queue in PO to return and get proof of postage. The SIMS that were supposed to come with the phones were missing. So Tesco sent out replacement SIMS (we are literally keeping the PO in business). The SIMS eventually arrived so I could get the old numbers ported across. And they have mucked that up too. The phones now make outgoing calls but no incoming. Customer Service have 'escalated' the issue to their communication team.

I have wasted hours talking to unhelpful people and waiting on hold in this sorry saga where they have tripped up making mistakes at every step. I would cancel the contracts and go elsewhere, but that would probably be more hassle thean it's worth. But I am posting this so, hopefuly, somebody ot there wil read this and seriously consider before jumping into a contract with these Monkeys. Product OK. Service. ZZZ-

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