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Tesco Mobile

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Date: September 2007

Tesco Mobile is a virtual mobile network, using the O2 network to supply its services, giving it 99% coverage of the UK population.


Tesco Mobile user reviews

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Reviewed by lee casey from uk on 22nd Nov 2015
I'm looking forward to my contract with Tesco Mobile ending, they may claim to have 99% coverage but that's not for 3g signal is poor at best and I wouldn't even class it as rural where I live and at busier times of the day signal drops. As for customer service worst I have received i complained about 3g signal and not being able to get online and that I'm paying for data i cant use Tesco response turn off 3g to get better 2g signal and told have to live with it as they have no plans to improve in my area, avoid them.

Reviewed by Ben Winford from UK on 21st Nov 2015
Horrible customer service. Requested a phone unlock and was told to wait 28 days. Turns out it was unlocked anyway, yet Tesco didn't let us know at all. Waited 3 weeks before I got suspicious. Even called them a second time and they still said I should still await an email.
Never going to use Tesco ever again.

Reviewed by Helena Birmingham from Ireland on 19th Nov 2015
I just want to sort out my bill for october. I have been over charged by three times amount I should have paid. Just need to speak to customer service to sort it out without running up further bills.

Reviewed by Sue wilkinson from uk on 19th Nov 2015
i really cannot believe the negative reviews I have been reading. Having been with tesco for over 4 years I really don't have a bad thing to say about them, coverage has always been good, but most important customers service is sururb.

Reviewed by Debbie from UK on 16th Nov 2015
Cancelled Tesco mobile due to lack of signal, asked if there wasn't anything left to pay was told no account closed. A couple of months later received a letter from debt agency, called Tesco they said wouldn't speak to me as debt was now passed to debt agency. Paid debt agency otherwise they would have taken me to court.
Fast forward 4 years just been refused a mortgage due to Tesco on my credit report saying I was put on a debt management course!
Just spoken to Tesco and I have to say it was the worst customer service I have ever come across he was almost gleeful... We live in a mad world and pompous twits.

Reviewed by Wilma colquhoun from Scotland UK on 11th Nov 2015
Had Tesco mobile 24 month contract with phones for my husband and myself and though that the contract stopped after the 24months and was told when buying them that about six weeks before it ends that Tesco would offer me upgrades and new contract but discovered reality is that I heard nothing so called to ask if they could give me a good deal but they couldn't match giff gaff so I said thanks but no thanks I will go with giff gaff, I hen emailed Tesco in September aging I wished to close and end our contract I emailed again in October and again in November,,,I am still having money taken each month despite my emailing them,,,they just reply saying someone from the team will contact me in 48 hrs,, then they go on and on about taking another deal,,but blatantly still ignoring me cancelling my deal,,so I've cancelled my direct debit and they are saying they can still take money from my account,,,surely this is crazy

Reviewed by ANN from UK on 10th Nov 2015

Reviewed by Jim from Uk on 10th Nov 2015
They said changing my number would take 24 hours and now they want me to call 4444 and it won't work. Now it's gonna take 30 days. Y
U need to sort it out.

Reviewed by Ellie-Jo Vincent from UK on 9th Nov 2015
They charged me £60 and only refunded me £10 when I complained.

The month before I had 1GB for my usual £10, and bought another 500MB for £6. My bill was £21.

I did this again the following month, but was charged £60 for it. (Refunded £10, now £50)
Something worth £21 was now £60.

Wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Reviewed by Tony from England on 8th Nov 2015
In reply to Billy.
I thoroughly checked the reception websites prior to purchasing and my wife was with O2 and never had an issue.
It's a problem with Tesco Mobile. I seldom get a signal inside, even though websites suggest I should.

Reviewed by Billy from Uk on 8th Nov 2015
Happy easy and all these people moaning about coverage check it before you take out the contract and you can't blame tesco if your phones broke and the warranty has run out!! Overall easy process and a lot cheaper than EE, cheers tesco.

Reviewed by Barry jones from England on 4th Nov 2015
Disappointed with Tesco they do not allow call divert, considering they use 02 network makes it worse because I was with 02 and they did have call divert.

Reviewed by Tony from England on 28th Oct 2015
Swapped from EE to Tesco mobile because they were so much cheaper and really is a case of you get what you pay for.
I live in Cambridgeshire and I Hardly ever get a 3G or 4G reception and when I do it seems slower than when I was on EE.
My phone currently says I have a 3 bar gps signal (in my home - it was a 5 bar 3G on EE) but none of my texts go through. Tried calling the doctors earlier and call wouldn't connect. When texts do finally go they seem to be on a delay of several hours - likewise for receiving them.
Take my advice - if you're thinking of swapping from EE DONT!!!!
I wish I'd paid the extra and stayed with them. 😕

Reviewed by T beer from Uk on 27th Oct 2015
Have been pleased for past 13 months. Until a software update which has stopped texts from sending. The phone is 4 wks out of warranty, they will charge me to repair whatever issue their software update has caused or I can buy a new phone.... Only 11 months left on the contract, I will not be renewing nor will I renew my daughters or mothers. A shame customer service so lousy.

Reviewed by Joanne from Uk on 27th Oct 2015
Absolutely disgusted, i have been with tesco mobile for a couple of years now, i missed one payment on my contract phone and recieved one letter but paid every month previous and after this missing payment after paying the missing payment from july in october when i noticed my mobile phone was disconnected and my contract was terminated leaving me with a bill off £300.00 i phoned tesco mobile to try and sort this problem out i was informed there was nothing they could do to help my sistuation i told the advisor its annoying because after being with the company for two years i have only missed one bill and its has been disconnected and with my circumstances at the moment with me being on maternity i could not afford to pay the £300.00 bill i have been sent all tesco mobile said to me is that it will be sent to a debt collection team!!! I also have been declined for several phone contracts after this so thankx to tesco i am now unable to get a phone contract. I have never ever been declined credit in my life and thankx to tesco mobile and one missing payment i can not get one!!! I also wrote a letter to the complaints department and recieved nothing back regarding my complaint !!

Reviewed by Marc from UK on 20th Oct 2015
I suspect you could be happy then as that sounds like the upgrades to 3g/4g. They usually take down the mast for a couple of days (2 usually) and then you get improved coverage. Of course this could be longer these days as the shorter days means the teams work less hours, I guess.

Reviewed by Bunty from UK on 20th Oct 2015
Very disappointing, feel let down and overcharged for a service I can't get

Contract plus phone, 4g, in Aug. 2015. Started well got on line sitting her by my lap top,working things out, move to garden no signal. Phoned, no signal except when next to lap top. That's ok use your lap top signal! I want to take my phone places, can phone, text but not get onto internet. They checked my local masts, one up the road, live surrounded by fields and woods Yes you can get internet only 3g. Found out today can't get internet where I live only 2g masts and one that is undergoing updating repairs, We don't know how long it's been in need of up dating could have had a problem for some time. Work started today and finishes on 21st. Wait and see how it's running when finished! Etc, etc, etc!

Reviewed by Marc from UK on 18th Oct 2015
Just to pick up on your points below.

Tesco isnt actually a poorly performing network as its the 5th largest in the UK with the last figures reporting 4.4m customers. That's a growth in the figures.

Tesco has not changed in its priority on the O2 network. It is still behind o2 contract customers. Should this be an issue, no unless your in a heavy congested mast area. Even then you can still typically use your phone, just may take longer than usual.

Data. Well if you signed up to the package with the data allowance you require, you would not be needing more bundles. As for the cost of them £2.50 for an extra 1g that is month by month flexible isn't that bad at all. No one forced you to sign the contract with your data allowance.

As for 4g, it is slowing down all over the UK on every network. However if your area is being worked on then this could also impact on signal. It sounds like in your area some work must be happening or issues with the mast if your down to 2g. Contact Tesco and report your coverage issues.

Reviewed by Herol from England on 18th Oct 2015
When I initially took out a contract with Tesco on their network I was more than satisfied with the service I received which led me to not only renew my own contract but to also introduce my mother to the network.
The value of the package with Tesco was superior to anyone else on the market and due to the fact many other people felt the same and were also users of Tesco, they held a high priority on the network (o2).
My service was so good I agreed to a further 24 month contract and a new handset when the time came.
Initially everything was perfect and given the fact my local telecommunications provider were reeling fiber out across the city I was able to receive 4G mobile data consistantly.
This however has not lasted, Tesco have decreased immensely in value, charging extortionate rates on mobile internet bundles and not offering any form of unlimited packages with severe additional charges once usage limits are breached. Due in part to this lack of flexibility to customers needs Tesco have severely suffered losses in users of their service and consequently being relegated several position power in priority on the network.
Now I am lucky to get any form of Internet with a disgraceful level of consistency often being left on Edge for long periods of time or alternating between 4G, 3G, Edge and GPRS without any movement or interference. When I have spoken to Tesco they are completely unwilling to acknowledge the issues and have requested I give them timed instances which I have already stated are permanent.

I feel let down and disappointed in What was once one of the best providers I. The U.K. And I am now just waiting for my contract to end so I can cancle.

Reviewed by farrington-bone from england on 15th Oct 2015

Reviewed by Lamb from Liverpool on 15th Oct 2015

Tesco mobile signal is not the best , hence why they are so cheap. However they provide you 14 days to figure that out, if you exceed that then whos to blame?

People are not happy with the repair process however are happy to sign the contract which states the repair process which you have agreed and signed for. Yet again whos fault is that?

People who buy the phone locked to Tesco , then complain its locked to Tesco after buying the phone. It states it on the box its locked hence why the phone is cheaper than unlocked one. So who fault is that?

Tesco provides you a receipt , which is your Proof of purchase which you get with everything you buy so its no different than buying bread. So if you loose you Proof of purchase , whos fault is it?

People just dont want to take any responsibility for their own actions, Granted things could be better but thats why they are cheap.

Reviewed by Marc from UK on 14th Oct 2015
Hi Charlotte,

Firstly I have to say that has never been my experience with Tesco at all. They have spend ages on the phone trying to solve a small billing issue, which without any hassle they agreed was their mistake. I think we all accept things go wrong, its how companies deal with them.

With your comment about your contract issue, as you will know from your job, going through the call centre isn't the best route. I would advise you to put it in writing and send it to the head office. Give them all the facts and allow time to respond. That way you have an evidence trail and should you need it , you can call on that in any court case ..should it get that far.

Reviewed by Chalotte from England on 13th Oct 2015
Ok Marc and everyone else I did go through the complaints procedure and they where the most awful people I have ever spoke to in my life. I know my rights my job is fca regulated and i treat all my customers fairly, tescos have miss sold me a contract twice and all the ever do when I want to complain is make me even more dis- satisfied. I called to report the issue and the ladie I spoke to kept trying to sell me more data, I ask to make a complaint and beforw passing me to the complaints department she tried to sell it me again. Then I got through to complaints and he tried to sell me data I then told him I was never doing business with tesco again I was very unhappy with the service and all he said was im sorry you feel that way. Not even im sorry we treated you like this and to top it off another advisor was laughing at me in the background. I would not advise tesco mobile! It's a rip off, the staff are rude and they do not value thew customers atall!

Reviewed by Marc from Uk on 11th Oct 2015
Reading the comments here make me wonder if people are using the same network as me? Yes sure things go wrong, but why moan on here, contact the company and speak to them.

I've been with Tesco for years. In that time I've had minor issues, however every time they have been sorted promptly and they actually have uk call centres who really do offer decent support. I think we all can easily moan, but if you read the reviews on here about all networks, you wouldn't choose any of them.

I would highly recommend Tesco. It's even better with the improving o2 data coverage.

Reviewed by jennifer from ireland on 8th Oct 2015
Dissaponted with tesco. Wouldn't advice anyone who wants to swap network to do so. For years I used tesco network and suddenly my simcard was not working any more. Got it checked and needed a new one. Try to replace it but didn't have my visa card with me. Got in touch with a girl on chat, she told me she will ring me back and that everything will be sorted out. After 5 weeks. I'm still waiting. Great customer service. Thanks guys. And worst of all I need my phone for business reason. Thanks.

Reviewed by nunu from england on 5th Oct 2015
Tesco should stick to food . Got a Microsoft phone with lots of faults . I still have a phone I cant use and I have spent weeks trying to sort it out . it seems you are on your own when things are not working. Web chat waste of time , email not allowed , telephone not allowed . Hardly what you expect from a communication company. Boo Tesco rubbish customer service !!!!

Reviewed by Margaret wren from England on 3rd Oct 2015
Network coverage ok, great being able to cap so no unexpected bills. Repair centre - they received my phone 5 days ago and every time I track my repair it has confirmed receipt, confirmed work in progress, then for the last 4 days confirms " we are in the process of contacting you to discuss your repairs" yet no missed calls, voicemails, emails or anything. I think they should try contacting a little harder, I have even tried calling but was on hold for so long I gave up.

Reviewed by Peter from Thailand on 2nd Oct 2015
To conclude my 'run-in' with Tesco Mobile, but not to my satisfaction I have accepted their offer of £30 vouchers (which can only be sent to a family or friend in UK) to put an end to this farce. All they admit to is “We regularly have customers with the same name taking out Tesco Mobile accounts, we have reviewed this with our Fraud Team and there has simply been an administration error on an account with another customer of the same name in relation to the email address only”. But they won't admit as to how they obtained my email address. Neither will they apologise. I believe that I have been dealing with minions who are afraid to give their full names or positions, but work with the oddly named 'Executive Concerns Team'. It would appear from this and many other posts here that they lack skilled supervisory and management people who could put an end to all these complaints, up their image and treat customers as customers. Although I wasn't a customer, but a possible victim of fraud, this sort of thing should never, ever happen.

Reviewed by Peter from Thailand on 1st Oct 2015
Back in June this year I received a bill from Tesco Mobile via email with my correct name and email address. Because I have lived in Thailand for 22 years I have never had dealings with Tesco Mobile, so I sent a return email denying I owed any money. I got the following response: “Thanks for contacting the Tesco Mobile Customer Service Team. A member of our Customer Service team will be in touch with you, within the next 24hours” Nobody got in touch. I kept receiving bills each month, kept denying and kept getting the same response. This culminated in my receiving a letter via email from a debt collection agency which made me so angry that I emailed their MD, Anthony Vollmer explaining they had the wrong person. Tesco at last responded to me blaming “a mistype” as to how they obtained my address (which is utter rubbish) and went on to say “As this was in reply to a billing notification the reply would have gone to an unmanned inbox.  I apologise if the system did not send you the correct automated response advising you the mail would not have been picked up”. That plainly means they don't have a Customer Service team. I am now in a battle with them to have the debt collection letter rescinded, and more importantly how and from who did they get my name and email address. Tesco Mobile are either unable or unwilling to answer this question, or to give me proof the debt collection letter has been rescinded. This battle continues with the most inept company I have ever dealt with.

Reviewed by chez from England on 30th Sep 2015
Worst experience ever ask for my number to be replaced on a new nano sim. Instead got my number sent to an unknown gentlemen instead. Had no service for over 48hrs. Called to solve the problem many times repeating the issue having a third part involved too. Never had so much problem just to have my number transferred over.

Reviewed by Sean from N. Ireland on 30th Sep 2015
Don't let Tesco lock your phone if you lose it. They don't know what they are doing!
Instead of locking my daughter's phone, they inadvertantly locked mine, denied that they had (for five days) and then confessed that they had indeed done so. Many hours were spent on the phone and in my local store trying to sort this mess out. My phone had to have a factory reset (unnecessarily), which caused no amount of problems and time to remedy.

Reviewed by ELWOOD from ENGLAND on 29th Sep 2015

Reviewed by G Canwell from England on 28th Sep 2015
Pleased with our mobile phones we bought months ago and the staff at Tesco Bridlington the only problem is that since May we have had problems with our signal at Driffield YO25 6XQ we have been in touch with Tesco and also O2 and each time were given a date but we still have no signal and cannot use our phones for texting etc, its poor that they sell the phones but without a signal a waste of money currently our signal strength is -107dbm-11asu how much longer before we get it resolved?

Reviewed by Miss Fremlin from Kent on 28th Sep 2015
I upgraded my phone early with them to get a new phone and not only have they lost my phone they haven't put any tracking on it and cannot tell me when I would receive my new phone. They have taken my money and won't give me back the money I paid for my upgrade. They are money theiving company and I would not recommend anyone to buy a phone from then because chances are you would probably not receive it. No one would answer my questions there because no one was smart enough to put a tracking code on a brand new phone.

Reviewed by Mrs Hunter from Scotland on 28th Sep 2015
Purchased a phone and Hudl2 package from Wishaw store yesterday. The assistant was Carly and she was very knowledgeable about products that i bought. She set up my mobile phone and Hudl. Tesco should be glad that they have staff like this young adult working for them. Thanks again Carly.

Reviewed by Mr d toovey from Stafford tesco store Newport road on 26th Sep 2015
Stafford tesco store Newport road girl on desk has had my phone sent to the wrong address for a repair and have not seen the phone since one month later today !!!I finally have some action from them in recovering the phone for my daughter but I still have to wait to receive it to send it off again to the insurance people for repair so approx 4 weeks after I may receive the phone in another two weeks total possibly 6 weeks turn round. wake up tesco retrain staff who need it. This morning your phone rep in store agreed shocking service. Any manager reading this is welcome to contact me you have my details but of course I don't think you will. 07971345428 is my number if a manager is capable of doin there job. Of course I been paying every month for the insurance but not had the service so money took for no reason,feels like theft! I will review again I'm a month let's see how much more you can balls up a teenage girls phone thanks for nothing but grief.

Reviewed by linda armstrong from england on 25th Sep 2015
i have been with tesco mobil for two year the network is very poor as most times the signal just bounces around and sometimes phone cuts out when making calls am gonna change network as soon as contract expires.

Reviewed by Steven Fawcett from United Kingdom on 23rd Sep 2015
Been with Tesco mobile for over a year now, my son has just bought himself out of his contract as it is appalling. Trying to browse the internet is none existent and phone coverage would be better using 2 old tin cans and a piece of string and trying to connect to WIFI I don't even bother anymore I gave up after the 200rh attempt.

Reviewed by chris from uk on 19th Sep 2015
when i was on vodafone the signal was good then i switched to tesco as it was cheaper then vodafone & the signal with tesco is not very good iv got the same phone all iv done is charged my sim card i have had a new sim as i thought it was the sim they give me might look at going to another network next august i know i only pay £7.50 a month i would like a good signal.

Reviewed by Young Lee from UK on 18th Sep 2015
Have been with Tesco mobile for a year now and the signal and connection are not great. Particularly during rush hour other people could not get through when they tried to phone me. What they got was a recorded message: " It is not possible to connect your call, please try again later" even though my phone was on and the signal bars were at 3 or more. This could last for hours! I suspect that Tesco mobile replies on O2 network and when the capacity reaches limit O2 just restrict connections of other networks and gives priority to their own members.

Reviewed by Matt from england on 16th Sep 2015
Used them for 2 years ok at first but signal was never great. In the last 2 months has become terrible, they are even reluctant to give me a PAC code to keep my number on my new network which is ridiculous considering I've spent around £300 with them. Avoid.

Reviewed by caroline clince from England on 15th Sep 2015
I took out a 2year contract with Tesco and got the free galaxy phone, I Have never been able to make a call without getting cut off immediately or after a few minutes,they have re set the phone, changed the sim and I had to send the phone back to their repair centre who say there is nothing wrong with it and are returning it to me, WHY? I cant use it and as its the only phone I have, don't have a land line, I am absolutely amazed that such a large company have put me through all this, and of course I cant get out of the contract, wish I had stayed with orange never had any trouble with their network.

Reviewed by lynne benniston from uk on 13th Sep 2015
Tesco are ok till you need your phone repairing ......wished I, d stuck with o2.

Reviewed by elwoo.hall from uk on 12th Sep 2015
got a nokia asha 300 in apr . 13. Touchscreen failed under guarantee. returned it to shop, they took it and lost it, That was August last year. They won't replace the phone, or reimburse me to get a new one.They're now telling me I shouldnt' have taken it back, and it should all have been done by pust. back to one of THEIR repair centres, for which, you'll be billed. They've been a nightmare. LEave well alone.

Reviewed by Andrew from Uk on 10th Sep 2015
Fed up sat in McDonald'sy Tesco IPhone 5c won't connect to their wifi or any other absolutely rubbish wish o stuck with my old phone no issues :-(

Reviewed by Katie from England on 9th Sep 2015
Ive bin with tesco mobile for the last two years and it's bin one the the best networks I've had. My otherhalf is on network 3, and sometimes my signal is better than his. I really can't fault them to be honest.

Reviewed by Rick Parisi from UK on 8th Sep 2015
The product is awful and customer service is dreadful.I have a business phone which I cannot use in my office! No signal at all. Tesco tried blaming everything except their service. They use O2 as a carrier - if I was directly with O2, they would send a "boostbox" but Tesco customers can't have one. EE phones work fine in my office. Tesco wanted me to pay to the end of my contract to get out of it - I finally got them to agree to release me after a ruck on the phone and another 2 hour row with them in our local store. They have cost me a lot of lost business and a lot of heartache. My advice - don't touch Tesco Mobile with a bargepole!

Reviewed by Jim from Scotland on 7th Sep 2015
Tesco customer service is non existent. My mobile stopped working and I took the time to take it back to the shop I bought the contract from to be told I would need to wait until the repair centre sent an envelope which I had then to take to a post office and get proof of posting. No loan phone, no offer of any assistance shop just washed their hands off it and said that was the system. Wrote to their CEO to no avail, lots of apologies nothing else. Got a phone call to tell me phone had suffered water damage as I had used it in the rain..this is Scotland !!!!. and they would replace it with a used one for £78. Keeping my old one which would no doubt be recycled to some other poor unfortunate person.
Tesco looks like good value but trust me when it goes wrong you will then see it is cheap for a reason and their rhetoric is much better than their service.

Reviewed by Ella from UK on 6th Sep 2015
I went into the Mansfield phone shop to enquire about taking out a phone contract and found all the staff very rude.
The manager in particular was the rudest man I have ever come across. A fat man, Brian I think his name was.
He was with what I presume was his wife and child, kissing her and walking his baby across the tables.
I politely interrupted to ask to be served and he just turned his back and said wait.
The other member of staff was playing on their phone with their feet on the table.
I left the phone shop and went to the technology department to see if any of the staff could help there, but they were equally as unprofessional.
There was 1 boy with mushroom hair talking about his personal problems surrounding his girlfriend to another female employee. The female was using offensive language and behaving very unprofessionally.
I absolutely love shopping in Tesco but never before have I seen such a disgraceful display of customer service.
I made a scathing complaint at Customer Services, particularly about the manager and left. I took my business to Carphone Warehouse where I was treated as a customer should be.
Shame on you Tesco, I will never visit that store again.

Reviewed by Georgia Bell from England on 6th Sep 2015
The service at the Tesco phone shop in Pool, Cornwall was awful! We stood for 10 minutes while the staff talked amongst themselves and when we finally called a girl over, she was useless! Waste of time and definitely won't waste my money there! Tesco phone shop 100% ignorance guaranteed!

Reviewed by Maxine Waterfall from england on 6th Sep 2015
Ive just got a new samsung galaxy phone and the lad that works in the phone shop put the wrong sim card in and now not working.

Reviewed by Frank from Uk on 5th Sep 2015
Tesco signal is shocking and its wi-fi is none existent on my iPhone 6. I am on a £10 a month contract. Which is getting cancelled tomorrow I've had enough.

Reviewed by amanda from worcester on 4th Sep 2015
nightmare tesco mobile is this year. cant wait for contract to finish. texts do not send or recieve all the time. caused many arguments with family and friends as they think we ignoring them, but we havent recieved text.

Reviewed by Chris Parkin from UK on 4th Sep 2015
Not had problems with TESCO mobile until recently. Have had to phone them almost every day over the past two weeks due to problems and customer services have not been helpful. Would love to know what is going on!

Reviewed by Maurice from England on 30th Aug 2015
I have been on Tesco mobile for over 6 months and it seems to be getting worse. No mobile network in a vast amount of places. Wifi works fine in house. Ion occasions I have lost all of my data allowance and I don't even know where it went. I will go back to EE when my contract runs out.

Reviewed by Susan from UK on 24th Aug 2015
I can't get a connection on my mobile. Their advice is to get EE and find a relative who can't get credit to take it over!!!

Reviewed by G from Beckenham from UK on 24th Aug 2015
Signal = rubbish (live in London and ironically close to a Tesco store)...I was with Orange/EE before (15 years, why forever did I change? only to get a better deal, oh dear, how silly I have been!) Since being with Tesco calls are getting cut off after a few seconds...yep that IS the norm...1 line of signal. Contrary, with EE/Orange I NEVER had problems with coverage. Cannot recommend Tesco mobile at all...keep away from Tesco mobile!

Reviewed by Lexi from south west, england on 23rd Aug 2015
I think Tesco mobile has a very good signal! Its defiantly better than 02 and EE. Would recommend.

Reviewed by ACM from england on 21st Aug 2015
I originally had a small problem with my e mail on a Tesco mobile so rang helpline . Result from advice crashed it, so I had to contact on internet which operative would not contact me back on land line even though operative had. Spent 3 hours conversing with operative on line - more or less saying turn on / off and being very apologetic. Suppose I will need to go to store now 'cos still have no phone. Wish I had never rung help line. In other word dont hold your breath with Tesco helpline - fairly rubbish in my opinion.

Reviewed by Dr Steven Murray from UK on 21st Aug 2015
4G? Not often. Good service, not often. Recommend? Never.

Reviewed by canaan cavendish from uk on 16th Aug 2015
i signed up for 2yr contract 4g with galaxy s5, straight away signal was rubbish so i took it back and was assured there was a problem with the masts in my area, nearly always got the h signal i get gsm a lot, 4g with 1 or 2 bars if im in a town center. 14months later and i cant wait to get away from tesco, coverage is really poor wherever i go, ive rang customer services and they try telling me its my handset, its definatley not the handset as ive tried numerous.
big disapointment AVOID! and spend your money elswhere as they arn't cheap either, i got mine on a total whim and really wish i had done some homework first,to sum it up in my opinion,they might be okay for a pay as you go for your nan, but if youre a smartphone user stick to the big names.

Reviewed by Shane tew from united kingdom on 16th Aug 2015
Recently I tried to take out a standard iphone 6 16gb on contract with tesco as a new customer online, altogether for the handset and the tariff I think it was £39.50 a month but I got declined which made me confused as my credit is definitely good at least. I then tried to take out a iphone 5c which altogether came to £29 a month an it was declined. I immediately checked my credit report online which I had done not only 2 days before and it was fine. So I was so annoyed I went on tesco mobile website for 3rd time and tried getting a Samsung Galaxy core which was £12.50 a month in total and the cheapest handset they had online and it was accepted. I immediately rang customer services to ask how I would go about paying off the phone plan on this new contract which over 2 years was £60 in total lol and the guy on the phone said as it would be within the 1st 14 days I could just return the handset and cancel the contract so I explained my situation and that I got declined for any decant phone I applied for. AND THEN TO MY AMAZEMENT the guy informs me that majority of new customers applying first time will only get accepted if the contract totals £20 or less no matter how great your credit is and then once accepted and sign the agreement online for the 1st contract (crappy cheap phone) all customers can then go back to the homepage and go into the shop section and pick any handset what so ever no matter how new and expensive and they will 99.9% of the time get accepted for any contract as long as this is done within the first 3 days of signing for the first contract (crappy cheap phone) AND IT GETS BETTER LOL he then says cause of the 14 days cooling off period they offer tescomobile site will accept any customer up to 5 different contracts at one time within the 1st 3 days so people who don't like their original phone choice can get a new handset straightaway without having to wait days for the original handset to be returned and cancelled. I had to put it to the test and had somebody I know with absolute awful credit score to do it by ordering cheap contract at 1st then something better straight after and it worked. In 3 days he had ordered a galaxy core (cheap one) and a galaxy s6 edge 64gb, an iPhone 6 plus 32gb, a Sony xperia z3 or something and the new HTC handset and he went into store each time to take out the contracts so he had all 5 phones at one time on the 3rd day to go through an try out and decide which to send back lol. I cannot believe the guy in customer service for 1, even knew about this claws in their site. 2, actually told a customer this without a second thought. I'm still amazed at this honestly and in a way I think it could be good for a lot of people out there these days that have bad credit for what ever reason and can now go get a contract phone to start rebuilding their credit file. Try it guys.

Reviewed by Karen Moodye from england north east on 13th Aug 2015
Well I can honestly say I am so disopointed with this company. After purchasing a new phone for my daughter to get to and from school safely, we obtained a phone that was broke...managed to fix this and now three months later the phone has broke again !!!!! I have contacted the company now three times to terminate the contract and benn promised for a manager to call me on every occassion.....I continue to wait for contact.
How rude of this company and what poor customer service they are demonstrating......this company are willing to take money from customers but cannot deliver goods that are fit for purpose !!!!
I hope this review has helped those who are thinking of joining this company to change their mind and I hope if there is a team in this company researching customer feedback then there working ethos toward customers will change.

Reviewed by Tracy lane from South west on 13th Aug 2015
Just rejoined tesco's network with regret ,was with them a few years ago never had a problem but now the signal is shocking ,all they tell me is mast is working mm don't think it's working that great ,sort it out tesco's or loose me as a customer,always polite on phone but they don't seem to no why we are not getting signal.

Reviewed by James Allan from South Wales i on 11th Aug 2015
I regret not doing any research after buying an i phone and taking a Tesco contract , I had a pay as u go little Nokia which is still great only needs a charge once a week, I thought I would be loyal to Tesco but am utterly cheesed off to put it mildly . I can do all the little Nokia can do but the internet is a waste of time the signal is almost non existent in the areas the coverage is supposed to be excels the according to those maps you can check. So my friends when this contract runs out it won't be renewed and I will be with ee or some other good network and I will never never never never have a Tesco contract again so be warned.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 9th Aug 2015
I bought a pay monthly plan for my Nokia Lumia 520, but what Tesco didn't tell me was that I would not be able to sent pictures in text messages to anyone else. When I got my first bill, I was shocked to find that I had racked up £10.50 in charges for sending these. Would not recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Ann Lock from UK on 6th Aug 2015
I bought a cheap PAYG mobile from Tesco for my husband to keep in his car in case of emergency. He hardly ever uses it but I like to know he has it with him. Now because of little use, Tesco has had the nerve to lock the phone even it has £15 credit. Would never use Tesco phones again or recommend them to anyone.

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 6th Aug 2015
Poor service and even poorer from their support team. I cant get text messages, I get a message saying texts amount is full delete messages even though I have no messages in my phone, support staff cant help and say its the phone, I have tried another phone and it is still the same.

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 5th Aug 2015
I am not impressed with Tesco atm. Spoken to there customer care team 4 times in the last week, about cancelling a contract, I opened on the same day I wished to cancel for reasons of previous contract and they were careless enough not to cancel it for me, for me then to receive the phone. Then I had to send the phone back to them and I have not yet received my payment that went out two weeks ago. Not only that, but when speaking on the phone to customer care, I got put on hold 6 times to speak to 6 different people who didn't have a clue what they were doing. Not impressed.

Reviewed by Errol from UK on 5th Aug 2015
I purchased some tesco mobile pay sims on ebay.
I have a few old nokia phones so was not surprised when one of them over a period of time came up with a message.
Sim card registration failed and them it happened to another phone I have again a nokia 3330 very strange.
Turns out tesco see it as misuse to put several sim cards into a phone.
I was just doing it to make a connection action every 3 months apparently only needs doing every 6 months.
I phoned and was told it looked like an insurance stolen code having given them the code and I phoned several times eventually an investigation was sent to the fraud department who rang me back and could not explain why the phones were blocked by imei the sim cards themselves were not blocked and still work but I had to use a different phone and the other phones remain blocked.
And they won't lift the block.
Only advise I could be given was it may be a case of to many sim cards used in the phone and they won't lift the block on the phone.
Only blocked on the O2 network and fine on ee and talk talk.
So this is how tesco in o2 network reward customers for having to many sim cards block the phones and make you use them in a different phones as they leave the sims active.
So please do not use to many sims in a phone as they may simply block your phone from their network!
And refuse to unblock it afterwards.

Reviewed by R from England on 2nd Aug 2015
Tesco mobile customer service is abominable! They have so many departments and they do not communicate between themselves! I have had to fight with them since day 1 and any time my issue 'get solved' I see no outcome and have to call them over and over again.
Their coverage is poor and all in all I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole again once my contracts over I'm out.

Reviewed by Geoff from United Kingdom on 1st Aug 2015
To be honest, a lot of people are not fully happy until they have complained. Coverage is fairly good all around the country (can't promise 4G everywhere) mobile data, i will admit, is very temperamental. However, if you have that much of a problem with the network, stop being such a cheapskate and move networks, if you want to keep loyalty, MOVE TO O2.

Reviewed by Coley from UK on 1st Aug 2015
I have a Samsung Fame PAYG I never use it to access the internet just use it to make calls & text, I topped up by £10 knowing I had about £6 left on it, a week or so later my balance had dropped to £11 ? so I contacted C/S who said I must have bought a "bundle" ? what is one of those I asked ? so you can access the internet ! I told them I never did , & they looked at my phone history & said a bundle had been added (gave me the date) by phone ? but no data had been used (I knew that) anyway I was given the £5 back but how many other people have been charged for a bundle in error ? & not realised the mistake ! check your balance !!

Reviewed by Mrs Kemp from UK on 31st Jul 2015
In my opinion Tesco mobile is a complete waste of space. My husband bought two phones and took out two sim only contracts with Tesco. One for each of us. The internet access is less than useless and totally unreliable. The poor sound quality on the phone makes it a blimmin nuisance to use and quite frankly the customer service is pathetic. My husband's phone broke and they now tell us they can't repair it until they have proof of purchase. He bought the phones and sim only contracts at the same time. If they can't find a record of that then they need to upgrade their systems.We will be switching as soon as the contract is up.

Reviewed by Tom from scotland on 29th Jul 2015
Cannot wait until my sim only contract is up in december 2015.
how dare tesco hard code their useless contact numbers on my sim card, how dare they make the assumption that i need this rubbish, and how dare the sales assistant in the phone shop neglect to inform me about this nonsense, when i did go back and ask if i could get a sim without the contacts embedded i was told sorry, no way to do that, then said ,quote you have no idea how many people complain about this, and then said that i really should be complaining to the online mobile dept, as he was fed up dealing with the same problem over and over again, So in december tesco can take their sim and shove it where the sun dont shine.

Reviewed by Maddie from England on 23rd Jul 2015
It's funny reading all the negative reviews! Their customer service is utterly useless and you can easily spend up to half an hour on the phone with one of their call centres. But for £7.50 a month I didn't really expect anything special. I'm just laughing because for some reason they've given me free international calls and texts and don't seem to know about it. Haven't paid a penny for all the useage it's had in Europe and America. No idea why but I'll put up with all their junk if it means I can keep my freebie! As soon as they suss it out though I'll be off to another provider. I want to get a 4G capable sim but I just can't face getting one through their godawful customer service system.

Reviewed by Mr Bowd from UK on 21st Jul 2015
Tesco Moblile recently offered a £10 gift voucher upon purchasing a Microsoft Lumia Mobile Phone with a fixed 2 year monthly contract.

I received my Microsoft lumia Moblie Phone from Tesc in May 2015 and have contacted the appropriate department at Tesc to receive my promoptional £10 gift voucher to no avail.

The Redemption Support Dept of Tesco say that they are unable to send out the vouchers and Tesco Moblile are telling me to contact Redemption Support.

Basically Tesco Moblie are advertising promotional offers as part of their sales but will not honour their free gift offer when people try to claim them.

Tesco Mobile should be Tesco Con Mobile.

Reviewed by Steve Bennett from Uk on 20th Jul 2015
Always having problems with work being done on local mast at least once a month so paying for a contract and cant use the phone few days each month.. phoned to complain was offerd 50p back per day.. what a insult will cancel contract when year is up.

Reviewed by Danny from English on 19th Jul 2015
Been with tesco pay as u go 6 yrs all of a sudden credit gone in no time.

Reviewed by carl williams from uk on 17th Jul 2015
been with tesco with three phones,mine and two daughters for a number of years,very happy with their capped set up.then out of the blue we have a buffer ? managed quite well with the capping? singal got poor and my daughters prefered to pay for their own phones on another network,good move,whilst i stayed.big BIG mistake ,no capped bill any more, bill tripled ,shall be moving on at first chance.
complained to tesco and surprise they police thenselves,it turns out after my long loyaty that its my error ? i wanted and paid for three contracts ,one £7.50 and two £15 and yet after dozens of direct debits,an increase in my bill was my fault.
try to remain blameless go else where.

Reviewed by james from england on 17th Jul 2015
tesco mobile is a rubbish service and will ot recommend it toi anyone !!!!!

Reviewed by Irene Bartholomew from Uk on 17th Jul 2015
I have been a Tesco mobile customer for many years. Just recently my signal has been dreadful. No one seems able or willing to address my concerns. Not happy.

Reviewed by iain from Scotland on 14th Jul 2015
Was with 02 for 10yrs very good.
Tesco was cheaper so moved over.
Bad move can't get any reception at all in lots of places.... With friends on 02 at same area no problem.

Reviewed by Debbie from Uk on 11th Jul 2015
Moved from EE to Tesco to save some pennies.
Bad move! I step out the door and hey presto no coverage! Just goes to show you get what you pay for. On holiday recently I got a signal (eureka) so texted a couple of photos home. Guess what - they came under 'extra charges'. So I pay £13 per month and don't use any of my allowance owing to no coverage but then have to pay extra charges for sending a few photos. Back to EE methinks. Here I go on that merry-go-round again, phone unlocking etc. phew!!!

Reviewed by DT from england on 11th Jul 2015
BEWARE had such POOR customer care, waiting nearly a week for a new phone, MUST be lost in delivery, but TESCO MOBILE won't reorder me the customer another due to the 24hr, 48hr, 72hr rule I keep being told about, contacted them a dozen times including email, NEVER HAD one reply back. Well done TESCO MOBILE CUSTOMER CARE 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Reviewed by Julie from Wales on 10th Jul 2015
I have been trying to get Tesco to unlock my phone for over 6 weeks. They keep sending me a code that doesn't work so sent it back for them to sort out. Said should be completed within 10 calendar days, 15 days later still waiting. Phone up customer services, put on hold, fobbed off with backlog problem but will be with me in the next couple of days. Still waiting!

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 6th Jul 2015
Awful coverage especially on data.
Even in large towns and cities (Chester for example) I get little (Edge) or no data signal.
As soon as I visit a smaller village or anywhere in Wales, the phone is turned off as it's completely useless, no phone or data signal.
I have read that although it is part of O2, the Tesco network is way down the pecking order and O2 customers get the better signal/bandwidth.

Reviewed by ROGEYANN from uk on 1st Jul 2015
had a 2 year contract with Tesco which thankfully has ended now as there £10 a month SIM was a joke. After advising I will be going to the CE Iv now been given an unlocking number which does NOT work. My mobile is still block as it will not unlock from what Tesco has done, I will never ever use Tesco again for anything. Roll on LIDL and ALDI.

Reviewed by Ewa from Ireland on 29th Jun 2015
This is a joke ! Be aware ! Went for that 25e a month plan with "unlimited" internet (15G) apparently I used 3G more of data and I have to pay for it 40 e !!!

Reviewed by elwood from uk on 29th Jun 2015
I took a nokia phone (still under guarantee) to be repaired (touchscreen just stopped working.) expalined to staff, they took the phone, and that's the last I saw or heard of it of it. Tesco now claim that I have to Prove that I actually took the 2 year contract out with em, despite my details being on their system. As for the phone, 'There's not any evidence to back up my case, (exccept their records and cctv footage.) and they won't replace it - it cost £100, and they offered me £50 in vouchers - cheeky. eventually I got £50 refunded, but I haven't finished yet... Oh no.

Reviewed by simon jones from england on 27th Jun 2015
do not join Tesco's ever since i signed two contracts with them i have never paid so much on my bills and the coverage is rubbish, they don't care about their customers and never ring back, if you have an IPHONE make sure it is compatible with their network as i cannot get 4G but they admiited that after i took the contract out so they lied, they promised £30 of vouchers still haven't got them and they always add on little costs. go to O2 not Tesco's.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 20th Jun 2015
I lost my phone couple of months ago, i went to a tesco mobile shop and asked if i could transfer my old number to a new sim because i gave my old number to a lot of people and i really dont want to go around and give a new number. So i try to change it in the shop they made me buy a new sim made me top up 10 quid and then tell me to call them, so i did then they tell me my security is not good or something and i cant get my old number and i have to get a new one like i dont get that, I want my old number maaaaan :'(

Reviewed by sue from england on 20th Jun 2015
just got a microsoft 535 mobile on contract with tesco got it home and it froze straight away took it back to tesco the woman there opened the back wiped it put it back and it worked took it back home and within the next 2 weeks had froze 3 more times the last time i took the back of to wipe battery and the screne cracked took it back to tesco the woman who served me was so grumpy and was not helpful aftertrying to palm me of got in touch with customer care and they said it was up to the manager at tesco blackpool weather to exchange the phone but he to palmed me of so now i have to take it further as if you get a new phone it should not freeze 4 times in 2 weeks and eas shown to take the back of to fix the problem.

Reviewed by plug from leeds on 20th Jun 2015
I have had this tesco moblie for two years and all thats its done is take my money away from me . The orther day i put ten pound on i made one text now i got no money if somone rings or texts me i get charged for it . And so much more wrong with this moblie i could go on forever . But i have to say it was my first ever up to date moblie . God i wished i had bought one somewere els i put one star on but thats was because i was happy when i first bought it .

Reviewed by Ciera from UK on 19th Jun 2015
It has the worst network coverage I have ever experienced with any network provider. I rang Customer Services and told them I have a right to cancel my contract because they are not fulfilling their contract by providing acceptable service. I told them I had read this on the Which site (I suggest on anyone looking at this site to understand your rights). Tesco Mobile said this was fine - but they won't give me the PUK code to get out of my contract until I have paid for the handset. I told them I will return the handset, but they won't hear of it. So now I am stuck with this useless contract until I can afford to pay for the handset. I have a good mind to contact Ofcom because this really isn't good enough at all and I have been complaining to Tesco about the lack of network coverage for a few months now. My phone is a Samasung Galaxy S3 Mini, so it's not as if it's an iPhone. Unfortunately I just can't afford to pay the £50 value which is left on the handset because my wages just about cover my bills. But I am not going to be stuck paying for a contract which is so poor that I may as well stand on the moon and try to text or call - because the I would probably get the same amount of coverage. I am definitely going to contact Ofcom.

Reviewed by Leeza from UK on 19th Jun 2015
I would not recommend tesco mobile at all and I can bet anything the majority of these suspiciously 'outstanding' reviews have been falsified. I have a contract of 500 mins (8hrs and 30mins), 1G and 5000 texts. I have looked through my recent calls and history for the last month and i have used about 5hrs of calling time yet tesco have just texted me saying I have 50 mins left! I had recently upgraded my internet from 500MB to 1G yet it has lasted less time than when i had less data. Tesco mobile rob you don't use them!

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 19th Jun 2015
Had to change phone and number so I switched to Tesco (as I'm staff). Was originally on three. I would top up a fiver a month. On Tesco mobile I've already topped up £20 in 2 weeks!!! Usage hasn't changed but its definitely more expensive. Sometimes network can be poor. Never needed to contact customer services so cannot comment. Just ridiculously expensive so that's what I'm rating.

Reviewed by Dean from uk on 15th Jun 2015
A Shocking poor service and a disgrace of a customer service. could not sort a small problem out with a phone I was having, but we're very keen to get my money every month. i canceled my contract and switched to a another network. avoid Tesco mobile you have been warned.

Reviewed by Emma from england on 15th Jun 2015
Have been with tesco 5years never had a problem with costumer services or any phone I have had. The signal could be better.

Reviewed by Narath from UK on 5th Jun 2015
This is absolutely the worst mobile service. They let you put a cap on the maximum amount you wish to go over your data, then they simply start charging that amount, even when I have my data turned off.
Someone from their customer service insisted that I tell them my actual 'password', then they proceeded to ask me my Bank Details. When I tried to contact a manager they stonewalled me and then put me on hold never to come back to me. So I'm paying for a service which I'm not using.
Can't wait for the contract to finish. Stay clear of Tesco Mobile.

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