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Tesco Phone Insurance

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Date: February 2016

Tesco offers mobile phone insurance on new pay monthly phones that it sells. The insurance includes cover against loss or theft, accidental damage, malicious damage, water and liquid damage. In addition, smartphones are covered by Tesco Phone Recovery, which provides next-day replacement of your phone.


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I wish to cancell my Tesco mobile phone insurance.

Asked by Jacqueline Griffiths from England on 11th Mar 2017

Reply by S21 from UK on 11th Mar 2017
Hi Jacqueline, please note that you cannot cancel your insurance policy here. This is not the Tesco website.

Tesco Phone Insurance user reviews

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Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by Sue from Uk on 1st Feb 2017
They don't tell you when you get a new phone that you have to cancel your previous insurance and take out another. You only find out when you make a claim and they say you aren't covered. Rubbish!

Reviewed by leah from Derbyshire on 22nd Jan 2017
On a recent trip to Wales I accidentally smashed my iPhone 6 to the point where the screen was falling out. I called Tesco straight away and within 24hrs I had a brand new phone! The guy of the phone was super polite and helped talked me through every step including the part about sending my phone back and keeping proof of this to avoid charges. I was really impressed with the speed and efficiency of the replacement phone but I did feel they were trying to catch me out a little when sending the phone back to them as they asked for an email copy of shipping proof which I luckily kept. I'd recommend them just be aware to keep your proof of shipping otherwise you might suffer a hefty fine.

Reviewed by Louise from Scotland on 13th Jan 2017
Made a claim because my phone screen was broke, got sent a faulty phone and was told I had to make a new claim. Expected to pay an 85 excess fee for something that wasn't my fault. Woman I phoned was very unhelpful. Do not recommend at all, I am cancelling there insurance.

Reviewed by Sal from Uk on 28th Oct 2016
Tesco cancelled my phone insurance for no reason. They said they sent notification but I do not remember seeing it. Now we have a broken phone and no insurance. I would have got insurance elsewhere had I known. Don't bother. Rubbish.

Reviewed by Andy Oneill from England on 15th Apr 2016
Tesco insurance is a rip off.

Reviewed by Tesco employee from England on 4th Feb 2016
Tesco mobile insurance. What a rip off, don't go there. DPD delivery service with claims, don't even turn up on the date they tell you. Quality!


Tesco Mobile

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