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Tesco Hudl review

 Review: October 2013  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Hudl: it's the low-cost tablet phenomenon from Tesco that's sweeping the nation!



Available at a price of just £119, the Hudl blows the competition out of the water - and can match tablets costing twice as much!

Cheap and cheerful design

The cheapness of the Hudl comes across as soon as you pick it up. It's not going to win any prizes for design. The plastic looks, wide bezel around the screen and the relatively thick chassis all shout "cheap!" but then, it is. What did you expect? The Hudl is clearly intended as a low-cost tablet for busy families, and it's the kind of tablet that you can leave with the kids and not worry if it gets ketchup all over it or the dog tries to eat it. A range of protective cases will make it even more durable.

It's a compact tablet that's lightweight and easy to hold and comes in a choice of Black, Purple, Red and Blue.

The screen is a basic 7 inches, which is the smallest tablet size, but it has 1440 x 900 pixels giving a reasonably high pixel density of 242ppi. It also has the ability to display HD content, although not full 1080p HD content. The screen is of decent quality, using an IPS display with strong viewing angles - ideal for sharing or if someone is peering over your shoulder. It's a bright, crisp display that won't disappoint.

Android goodness

The Hudl runs Google's Android operating system, in common with the majority of tablets on sale. That means that there's plenty of content available - much of it free. Standard apps include a media player, Chrome web browser, Google Maps, facebook, twitter, etc. There are also plenty of games available to download. Tesco's own Blinkbox Movies and Music are here, but you can use Google Play if you prefer.

The Getting Started app does exactly what its name suggests, and easy-to-use parental controls enable you to restrict access and set up Google Safe Search. There are some Tesco apps cluttering up the home screen but you can delete these if you don't want them.

Quad-core power

So far, so much as expected. But here's a surprise - the Hudl runs with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor with a quad-core graphics processor in addition. Admittedly this can't come near the quad-core power of the Google Nexus 7, but it's enough for most users. The 1GB of RAM may be restrictive if you plan to use it intensively, but this budget tablet can outrun tablets costing two or three times the price (mentioning no names - Samsung - oops).

Impressive, and the 16GB of built-in memory is handy too, especially since this can be increased all the way to 48GB by adding a 32GB memory card to the microSD card slot.

The tablet includes a GPS sensor too, which puts it ahead of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Nook HD.

Photos & music

The Hudl comes with two cameras. First there's a front-facing camera that can be used for video calling with Google Talk. Secondly there's a rear 3 megapixel camera that includes autofocus. It's not a top camera, but it's OK for quick snaps in good lighting.

The Hudl is quite good for music, coming with 2 x 1w stereo speakers and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The speakers are placed at the back and lack power, but they're OK for games and casual youtube viewing.


The Hudl uses dual-band Wi-Fi to access data, so you'll need a wireless router to make use of it. It also includes Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and has micro-USB 2.0 and micro HDMI ports.

Conclusion - the best entry-point tablet?

A cheapo tablet from Tesco? It certainly is that, but the Hudl proves that's no bad thing. Initial sales of the Hudl are insane, with shoppers ripping this thing from the shelves as fast as they can be restocked. And who can blame them?

For less than the price of a weekly groceries shop, you get a 7 inch tablet with a pretty powerful quad-core processor at its heart. 16GB of memory plus a memory card slot is all the memory you're likely to need, and the connectivity, battery life and other must-haves are all here.

You could spend more on an Amazon Kindle Fire HD or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, but the Hudl outperforms them both. The only 7 inch tablet worth spending more on is the Google Nexus 7, which costs nearly twice as much.

Tesco Hudl features include:

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Tesco Hudl user reviews

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Average rating from 7 reviews:

Reviewed by bill lutchman from UK on 8th Oct 2014
Screen has a mind of its own. from time to time 'select' jumps all over the screen, much as if it is out in a rainshower and it is reacting to every raindrop.

From what I've read there's an ongoing problem with the touch screen, but that is regarding freezing. Tried the so called 'fix' - no luck

contacted customer service, said they'd send a label for return within 14 days; that was over a month ago. Time to dump it as they seem to have as little faith in this piece of junk as I now have.

NOTE: This was a refurbished (comprehensively tested?) item.

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 11th Sep 2014
I bought this product for my son 6 years old after the 2 month the screen been broken by accident when I ring customers service at tesco to fix the screen at a cost they told me they haven't any thing in place for spear parts how bad is that so I bought a samsung tab 3 and I must say is not a comparison by far much better. I will never buy any thing electric made by tesco.

Reviewed by mrs core from co.armagh on 5th Jun 2014
i like it but it keeps stoping and dont know how get help on line i would tell people to buy one they are good and gives lots of fun and i would buy it for my granny childen

Reviewed by Adeline from UK on 28th Dec 2013
Just purchased the Hudl. Problem with the touchpad taking it back. Question reliablity

Reviewed by jason from uk on 26th Dec 2013
I just got this and if I'm honest I would have loved a new nexus 7 but boy am I surprised this thing is doing what I want without a hicup. Admittedly I haven't tried any serious games and I have no doubt the nexus 7 would rule it here but I have to ask myself how often I would even play games on it I have a ps4 for my games and I needed something to browse the web with instead of my laptop and here it is just doing what I want. OK you can spend 3 times as much if u want to scroll the home screen a fraction of a second quicker and smoother or play a smidge cleaner HD films but your eyes adjust very well and this does not dissapoint, I mean seriously its a real bargain, I even tried the kindle hdx and couldn't believe how intrusive ads were while going about my bhsiness , the hudl just plays it cool, and they have been keeping updates coming, very impressive.

Reviewed by Mark from England on 11th Nov 2013
I love it, the only thing budget about this tablet is the price, I nearly paid more for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 I just assumed it would have better specs but when I looked a bit closer just before parting with my cash I realized the hudl blows it out of the water with it's cpu (1.5 quad v 1.2 duo) memory (16gb v 8gb) and screen (1440x900 v 1024x600) they are three important specs to look out for when buying a tablet, you cannot go wrong with this tablet.

Reviewed by Del Boy from UK on 20th Oct 2013
Did read quite a few reviews before purchasing the Hudl and must admit this is the best so far. For the price it ticks all the right boxes. Set up takes only a few minutes and comes if needed with a fully installed 78 page instruction section. " Not everyone is that tech savy ". Have only used this for a couple of days but most impressed with the results so far. The only small points I would raise. The screen is far from anti smudge and is soon covered with fingerprints. The battery life of 9 hours is a little optimistic. with GPS & Wi-Fi and the screen set to about 80% expect some reduction. My advise buy one now, you wont be disappointed.


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