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Last updated October 2013

T-Mobile is one of the "big 4" mobile networks in the UK, and is owned by the same company that owns Orange

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In 2010, T-Mobile became part of Everything Everywhere Limited - the company formed through the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK. Owned jointly by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom, Everything Everywhere Limited is the UK's biggest communications company. In addition to its mobile phone network, T-Mobile also offers mobile broadband.

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l topped up my mobile with a voucher for 35.00 on Monday. New balance says £5.44 then on Friday get a message only 44P in credit. Only Sent 2 Text Messages. What is going on?

Asked by Sue from U.K. on 9th Apr 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 9th Apr 2016
Most likely it is data usage by your smartphone.

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Average rating from 405 reviews:

Reviewed by steve from uk on 6th Mar 2016
Wireless broadband service in blackpool garbage-constantly dropping signal and poor speed why am I paying for Rubbish --

Reviewed by Douglas from Scotland on 8th Dec 2015
After renewing one of my 4 contracts with t-mobile I noticed that my bills were about £30 less than normal I called them and quizzed it they said it was ok. After 3 months I received a letter saying I was 3 months in arrears and the credit agencies had been notified I called t-mobile and after 2 hours finally figured out my renewed contract was ported over to EE and no direct debit was setup, £120 later plus and 200 points off my credit rating I still haven't received any apology.

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 21st Nov 2015
Had nothing but trouble with out of service never no net work, let them talk me into renewing contact last time, don't care if offered iPhone six for fiver a month wouldn't have it.

Reviewed by Harry from USA on 18th Nov 2015
0 stars. Once they sold me the fone, 0 stars. Terrible customer service. No signal strength Anywhere. Technical support Clueless. Bad Note 3, replaced before 1 year, same problems again. Tmobile says Blame Samsung, Samsung blames Tmobile. Never have had a good experience. Did I say '0' Stars? Don't waste your time or money with them !!!!! ZERO this site has only 1 star for the Worst rating.

Reviewed by Sam from England on 15th Aug 2015
Terrible 0 rating, in every way possible. Sold me contract then upped the price mid term. After three months of back and forth with customer services, i ended up locked into a mis-sold contract. After leaving them i said i did not wanta PAC code as if it wasnt used they would just extend my contract. A day before my contract ended, they sent me a pac code and locked me into a further month.

Reviewed by Graham from U.K on 28th Jul 2015
Purchased a T-mobile Sim card from a well known store. Activated the Sim a few months later as the expiry date on the Sim was August 2024. The Sim included an offer of a free £5 credit. Once activated no offer only £0.25 was allocated to the credit. Rang customer services cost the £0.25 to find out what was going on. Had to explain god knows how many times to a person that does not understand English.

Got the impression that they did not believe anything I was saying, even thou I had proof of purchase from the store with the offer clearly visible on the packaging. literally I was accused of been a liar. Promised that supervisor would ring me back in half an hour. Never did could not re-connect as I had no longer had credit on phone. Absolutely abysmal service that should not be happening in this day of age. Shocking is an understatement!!!

Reviewed by Tracey from UK on 25th Jul 2015
I've been with T mobile for 10 years now and the customer service is dreadful. They promise the world when it's time to renew your contract and once they have you they just don't care. Last 2 contracts I've had to buy my own sim free phone to replace t mobile faulty contract phones. NEVER AGAIN. THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE USING T MOBILE AND DON'T BELIEVE THERE SALES PATTER.

Reviewed by Bob R from UK on 2nd Jun 2015
Customer service? What servise They need to speak Good English Spent 30 min trying to understand Radhite!

Reviewed by Don F from UK on 28th Apr 2015
Terrible service.
I am holiday in Madeira (a Portuguese island) and shortly after arriving received a text saying I could purchase an inclusive calls and text package while abroad for £2 per day (only billed for days when used). To take up the offer I merely needed to text EUDAYTM to 441. I did this and it consistently failed (>6 attempts). I went online and logged into my account. The same offer was advertised with the ability to subscribe by texting 441, or through Customer Services, or on-line. 441 had already failed and there were no instructions as to how to subscribe on-line. So I called 150. Eventually got to speak to someone, who after usual questions asked me to hold while she looked to set up the service. I held and the call timed-out. She rang back and said the bundle was not available on my phone plan. I said the offer had been sent to me personally and that EE/T-Mobile knew my plan, so if it's not available to me, don't offer it. I'd wasted time trying to subscribe by 441 text and now spent 20-30 minutes on the phone. I said if you offer it, honour it. She simply replied it was not available on my plan. I said I wanted to speak to someone who could fix it as she clearly wasn't able to. She said she would transfer me to her supervisor. More canned music and then after several minutes the call timed out (again). Predictably, neither she nor her supervisor called me back. Absolute rubbish service. If someone offers you a deal - in the full knowledge of your contract with their company - they should honour that offer, not waste your time and eventually simply say "It's not available on your plan". Of course, I would complain direct to T-Mobile/EE by email, but they don't provide an email address or online feedback form for that purpose; no surprises why, it would probably bring their email servers to their knees every day.

Reviewed by jones from uk on 26th Mar 2015
Rubbish not unlimited internet.

Reviewed by joe from england on 19th Mar 2015
So I bought a pack10 wich I can usually download stuff off but this time couldn't , I rang them and explained and was sent 5 pounds to buy a monthweb pack , I added the pack but still couldn't download , when I rang back I was explaining what had happens but being rudely interrupted and spoke over before I could finish and eventually got cut off , next time waiting to be put thru got cut off , when I got hold of them again I was told I used all my data so couldn't download , I explained I tried to download as soon as I added the pack and the next one but got the same reply , I used it all , I said in the space of 2 to 3 minutes ? He said yes and told me I downloaded 5 things consuming all the data ..... ? ? I argued against it and eventually got cut off , every time I've tried to ring back as soon as they hear my name and number they cut me off at least 8 times and still counting , do not go to tmobile , foreighn phone staff , ignorance , rip offs , terrible signal and rude as can be . Goodbye tmobile !

Reviewed by Umair Khan from United Kingdom on 10th Mar 2015
Worst customer services and a total rip off service.

Reviewed by Steven Stevens from England on 7th Feb 2015
I just wanted to leave a quick post about a great experience I was given by one of your sales reps (call centre) I am really sorry as I don't remember the guy's name (my bad im just really bad with names :/ ) but he really was good and I hope he still some how gets credit for his work. I actually rang up to get my pat code as I've moved my phone to another network.

Because of how good he was at his job I actually decided to keep my account active by taking out a tablet contract. I work in sales my self as well as run my own business with sales so normal sales tricks don't work on me as I know them all and use them myself, how eva I did take him up on the tablet for two reason.

1- I was already thinking about getting my other half one as she keeps robbing mine (was going to just buy it out right n get a data only sim for it (cheaper))

2- The main reason was him and how helpful he was with everything, I even hat to get him to ring me back a few times, you could not ask for a more friendly and helpful sales person. Well not with out it starting to bit forced and over the top if you know what I mean.

If he is eva looking for another job or just a side line in his personal time send him my way, I'm always on the look out for good sales reps to help expand my business (it's a BDP so will help him grow a business of his own of the back of it) :)

Great customer service

And yes t-mobile give me 1 of your staff please :)

Reviewed by O from England on 30th Jan 2015
Absolutely moronic these T mobile call centres monkeys. Must be trained at the same School of Stupidity as Vodafone. Cut off twice today and then connected to the wrong department three times and finally some other halfwit said he would connect me to the right department and cut me off.

Reviewed by Lolo from London on 20th Jan 2015
Hi T-Mobile they training to ride off their costumer when I told them I'm going to cancel my contact after 16 years they didn't asked me at all what we can do to keep you and all my family are with T-Mobile.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Murphy from Glasgow on 16th Jan 2015
I had a lot of trouble with my internet connection tried to contact customer service via telephone, email I went to local ee shop in Motherwell, spoke to Ross very helpful and put us in touch with T-Mobile as it was a problem with their internet connection I was having spoke to Faside I think chaps name was he talked me through step by step how to resolve the situation, excellent customer service, he should be given a wage rise due to outstanding service. Thanks again for all your help Faside.

Reviewed by James from uk on 11th Jan 2015
T mobile what a bunch of lying idots . I've been with them for about 5 years and each year they seem to find a way to charge me for some crazy thing. I recall one day they charged me for new contract £250 when I simply called to make an enquiry and the phone cut off,they seem go have thought that was a deal maker and agreeded after long fight they agreeded I wouldn't pay back and today on the 11/1/15 I found out I have data charge of £1833 yes just for data just today I've used over £760 on data alone but nothong on text or calls. This company needs to taken down ASAP. I think they get pleasure out of destroying people credit history.
they've sent my bill for recalculation will see the result but I suspect they will try n charge me few hundred to look like they weren't all to blame.

Reviewed by T-Mobile user from England on 4th Jan 2015
They charge you for everything.They advertised a pack and when i tried to get it i was unable to. I called lots of different numbers to talk to customer services and i was always sent straight to the recording. Virgin media is much better.

Reviewed by loui from england on 19th Dec 2014
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have zero history of debt or failing to comply with a contract but T mobile EE HAVE DRIVEN ME TO IT! For 3 months I have spent countless hours asking for help from them. They have not managed to sort the problems out. Last night, having no access to Internet and almost no signal I rang to ask for name and address to contact to end the contract. Waited 30 mind and operator said "right so" cut me off. Rang back, another 30 mind to get through. Given email address to contact. It did not exist. Found out today they don't have a complaints depth. We're not allowed to complain!

Reviewed by shahi from United Kingdom on 2nd Dec 2014
avoid T-MOBILE
just been 10 month with t-mobile. feels like i made wrong decision
been 4 days with out signal,rang customer service which is pathetic they put me on hold for 30min just to say that maintenance is going on and cant say when it is gone finish.
they just don't care.

worst network...

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 12th Nov 2014
Up until September I had 4 mobile lines with T-Mobile/EE. One of my contracts was due to expire on 14th September so on 14th August I rang them giving them the required 30 days notice.

I have today realised that they have still be charging me for that line and have rung then to find out why. Despite the fact that this line has not been used since 14th September they insist that because I didnt use a PAC code that they sent me (although it wasn't requested)they have every right to continue charging me for it. This is out and out robbery in my mind as I fulfilled the requirement to give the 30 days notice as per my contract. I have now been waiting for a callback that was promised would take 2 minutes for over half an hour. Its time this went to the press....ridiculous company with no customer service whatsoever. AVOID THIS COMPANY if you want good customer service and straight forward dealings.

Reply by John from uk on 16th Nov 2014
Disgusting,I have just spoken to them as I realized that despite cancelling in July and giving 30 days notice they have continued to take Direct debit each month. This is because I asked for PAC code same day and did not use it. Funnily they can cancel it straight away now. Have 2 other contracts with them and will DEFINITELY BE CANCELLING THEM AS SOON AS I CAN. Said it is in the terms and conditions but I cannot find it. 6 years of Loyalty means nothing to them. Posting this to let as many people know as possible about this con.

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 6th Nov 2014
Avoid tmobile/ee at any cost. Very poor customer service.

I experienced problems with internet and had no internet for over 2 weeks, tmobile didn't want to help at all, long wait to speak to advisor.

I rang week ago to cancel my contract which they did. I rang them today to get a pac code and was told that I need to stay with them another 30 days despite that their advisor told me that I can request pac code anytime.

Avoid avoid avoid

Reviewed by A1963 from UK on 21st Oct 2014
By far the worst phone company I have experienced. Unbelievably obnoxious, rude and unhelpful.

AWFUL AWFUL customer service.

Told that i had lied and they had noted something completely different to what my enquiry was/had been about and that they only kept phone calls conversations for 4 weeks so basically there was nothing i could do.

I have never been spoken to so horribly in my life.

Never EVER again T mobile!

Reviewed by Roger from uk on 7th Oct 2014
terrible customer service. My problems started with the rationalisation of the Orange an T mobile networks.

This resulted in a terrible service at home. I noticed this in April when I started being at home more often. T mobile admitted that the mast I previously relied on had been a victim of rationalisation and removed.

Calls in May got nowhere as did calls in June. My wife did get a signal box out of Orange which I also use and it helps.

Got really fed up last week in September and called again. No satisfaction but was promised a call back which didn't materialise. Called back determine to to cancel my contract and determined I wasn't going to pay for the privilege.

I called back on 7 October and guess what? In spite of my saying its a customer service issue passed through to second line technical assistance. They see no justification for early cancellation on technical grounds. There was much reminding me of the fact there is no guarantee of a signal in the house. My point is a customer service one though. Why no call back from last week and why wasn't I referred to second line technical assistance in the summer?

So I was put through to a call centre supervisor. No joy. No sympathy no empathy. I will get a call from an operations manager or rather I have been promised one.

No way am I renewing with t mobile or ee. I even tried to talk the supervisor into a compromise which would allow us to part on good terms. To no avail.

My advice. Don't get a contract with ee or t mobile or orange.

Oh and by the way, I've been a customer for many years. That counts for nothing. Rant over. All suggestions received gratefully.

Reviewed by Alan from England on 3rd Oct 2014
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY- RUBBISH CUSTOMER SERVICE When my daughter cancelled a monthly contract for our grand -daughter we went on line to order a new sim and number for her.
the advertising stated the new sim would be delivered in one working day,even sent an emailto her confirming this and seven days later this has not yet arrived,we have made 4 calls to customer services and been passed from department to department with no resolve .As we had paid for a sim with £15 prepaid pay as you go it is not possible to go elsewhere until this is sorted.Cannot get a refund as each person states its not their remit.they are going to lose the whole family which is 5 accounts,thats if we can get through to cancel without an hour wait for a reply.TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Reviewed by lowen from uk on 22nd Sep 2014
I cannot get through to them have hung on the phone for over an hour three times today. still no answer. would never use them again. They increased my tariff when i was in a acontract and now my contract is finished I cannot get through to cancel it.

Reviewed by katie from uk on 19th Sep 2014
T mobile rubbish biggest con company ever bill u for things u cant get unlimited internet yet keep turning minevoff n saying it me swapped to sim only n spend hours with no network rip off con company

Reviewed by Richard Nicholson from England on 18th Sep 2014
Joined T mobile in May and set up a fixed price tariff to be paid by Direct Debit each month.
All fine for first few months then I received a letter in August demanding a payment as my DD had been cancelled - News to Me.
I called T mobile and following a 15 minute wait managed to speak to one of their Customer Service team. They were unable to explain why my DD had been cancelled. I therefore reset my DD again with them.

I then received another letter from T mobile demanding payment so once again I did the 15 minute wait and eventually spoke to one of their team.
I explained that a DD had been set up. I was informed that due to the fact that the DD did not collect for another week they had stopped my allowance.
So here I was with no phone or internet despite the error been at T mobile and I was losing my allowance.
Eventually the agent resolved this and my phone was reconnected.
Yesterday I received another letter stating that my account was suspended as my outstanding had not been paid, however the DD would be doing this tomorrow.
gain I called T-Mobile and after 10 minutes spoke to one of their team. I was gold that there was a much larger balance owed. I asked shat this was as I had only checked my usage eggs day before and was at half of my allowance.
He told me he would look into and having spoke to his supervisor went on to explain that they would give me a credit.
Fed up I asked for more details about this overcharge however he was unable to help.
I therefore informed him that I was not happy that incorrect charges can simply be added onto customers accounts with no explanation and that I wanted to raise a complaint.
He told me that he would need to escalate this and that he would put me through.
For 25 minutes I was on hold with no one updating me with any progress.
At 30 minutes I ended the call and rang them back. I was then told that the agent that had left me on the line was just about go put me through.... A likely story.
The new agent that I spoke with was more helpful and said that he would contact the escalations team and once he got through he would call me and connect me without a wait.
True to his word he did and I spoke to a lady based here in the UK. She started looking at my notes then asked if she could call me back in 15 minutes as she needed to go into them in more detail re the Direct Debit error.
True to her word she called me back 15 minutes later and explained that she thought credit put on my Account in July had somehow kicked out the DD at their end.
I explained that nine of this had been due to MD and yet I have now wasted over 3 hours of my time trying go sort out their catalogue of errors.
As a way of an apology and offered me £7.50 in the way of compensation which I informed her wasan insult based on the amount of my time taken up by THEIR ERRORS.
I have therefore been allowed to end this shambles of a contract and company.


Reviewed by Sharon from England on 1st Sep 2014
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use them, after ending contract with them and paying what we thought was last bill, apparently we owed them another month, however, they failed to tell us this and only found this out when trying to get credit. They never sent any final bills or letters, so we didn't pay a bill we didn't know about, (we paid as soon as we found out) however, the consequence of this is a black mark on our credit rating. Now we are being refused a mortgage because of this. We cannot believe that this company is completely wrecking our lives right now. Goodbye house of our dreams, we could afford you, but T Mobile seems to have our future in their miserable hands, and do they care, absolutely not

Reviewed by Philippa from England on 29th Aug 2014
Since I upgraded to an Iphone 5s I have not been able to receive 3g for any longer than 10 minutes and have to keep turning off then on again to get it to come back. when contacting tmobile the suggest I get a new sim, so I drive 15 miles out of my way to get one, problem not fixed. It must be an issue with the phone send it back to apple. I send it back and was not giving a temporary phone so spent nearly 2 weeks with out one. I get the replacement phone and still have the problem which means it must be a fault with tmobile, I contact tmobile again and they tell me replace the sim AGAIN!! have had this problem since upgrading which was 4 months ago! They still expect me to pay my bill though???

Reviewed by Tracy wicks from England on 9th Aug 2014
Please do not switch over to EE from t mobile you will get nothing but hassle they sent me the wrong equipment the wrong SIM card i spent days on the phone ringing for up to 40 mins at a time was passed from one person to another not getting the right infamation being put on hold then cut of by international call centers i sent back my apple 5c phone because it did not hold charge within the14 day period & am out of pocket for over £120 they are very unprofessional company.

Reviewed by Carlos from USA on 8th Aug 2014
Horrible customer service....especially when it is regarding the reimbursement of the penalty fee from your previous carrier. Over 4 months and have yet to receive the reimbursement.

Reviewed by sgurung from united kingdom on 17th Jul 2014
My contract was coming to an end on 2009 with t mobile and i was paying all my bills on time.... One day they called me while i was at work and asked me if i wanted to get another phone i said i dont want anything and i will end my contract and stay on top-up. Instead they started to send me new bill and a contact with new phone written on it(i never recieved any phone) when i rang them they didnt show me any sort of customer service kept me on hold tansferring from one department to another. when i asked them where did they send me the new phone they said in a completely different address. I said this is a fraud case and so i asked them to cancel the contract immediately.later i recieved a bill of total £778 at my door for cancelling the contract i rang them again and yet again there was no hope of a good customer service i got very frustated arguing with them almost on a daily basis, my mind was always stressed and i didnt pay them any money and cancelled my direct debit from them. They did damage my credit score and it been 5 years i am trying to get a mortgage noone want to give me one i have to wait for one more year for it to be clear. I cant pay for something i didnt buy at all and i cant either get a house without paying it. T mobile has destroyed my life completelt

Reviewed by Delyse smith from Uk on 15th Jul 2014
Been with T Mobile for years. Just finished latest 2 year contract and I rang them about an upgrade, said I would have to pay more money each month and pay £70 upfront Going into a store can get a better deal on T Mobile without having to pay any cost upfront. T Mobile seem to be charging existing customers more than new customers. When I rang them they weren't interested and just gave me a PAC code and said my account would be cancelled in 30 days. Glad to be leaving them and making sure the rest of my family do the same.

Reviewed by Sandra from UK on 30th Jun 2014
I have an account with T Mobile for a long number of years and for some reason whenever the time comes to upgrade my phone there is always a issue.
Basically I have been offered 2 years ago a £10.00 off as a loyalty discount for being with them for so many years, however last week I went to the shop in order to see in what date can I upgrade my phone and I was told first that I cant keep those £10.00off anymore,and that I was due to an upgrade on the 28/06/2014, so on the 28/06 I went to the shop in Wembley Central and in there I was told I had to pay £40.00 if I wanted to upgrade on that day . Anyway I'm really thinking of cancelling my both contracts with T Mobile because the Costumer Service in the Shops couldn't get any worse really...
I then called 150 in order to expose my concerns to the Manager but they couldn't care less. This Company is really not good and Im sick and tired of giving them my money.. No clue what is costumer service and even keeping their word seem s to be a huge struglle for them... Tottaly usseless. NEVER AGAIN!! AND I WILL MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE AND EVERY SINGLE WEB PAGE GETS THIS COMENT BECAUSE IM JUST REALLY TIRED OF THIS LIARS!!!

Reviewed by David Wade from Sotland on 17th Jun 2014
ABSOLUTE LIARS. I was contacted by T mobile and persuaded to take a great deal they were offering. BIG MISTAKE
It was supposed to be an online account but I could not access it.I phoned twice and was told they would set it up from their end.NO ACCESS. On phoning a third time the guy I spoke to actually admitted that the site did not work. I ask to cancel the contract but was told I would have to pay a penalty even though I had been lied to.
According to T mobile having an online account does not mean you can access your account online.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 10th Jun 2014
I was with T-mobile Pay-As-You-Go for five years before being wooed into having a contract with them, and I just can't wait for my contract with T-Mobile (and any company attached to EE) to come to an end. Even if my next company is slightly more expensive I would be happy to pay extra to get away from this outfit. Over the past 22 months, I have had to ring up their call centre in India consistently and listen to poorly-trained staff explaining why extra charges were put on my account for things that I had not used or were already included in my package. For example adding 25 pence here and there for video images which are part of my package. The billing section of their website is consistently not functioning or blocked when you want to check your bills to see where these extra charges are coming from. Then, once you have established where those extras T-Mobile have dropped into your bill have come from (which takes a lot of time) you pay premium rates to phone their help line to explain to their terrible customer service personnel somewhere in India that you are being overcharged. Then you have to listen to a lot of convoluted error-strewn theories form their operatives as to why this charge has been put on your account, before finally they concede that you are being overcharged. All this at premium rate which they then add to your bill. (Remember to ask them to ring you back as soon as they answer the phone otherwise you pay a lot to hear them talk). The customer is definitely always wrong with this company, and is a sheep to be sheared for as much as they can get. After going through all this, you then have to wait a considerable period of time (weeks sometimes) before they reimburse you. And they never give you the money back, they just take it off your next bill which is a disgusting way to do business. It is a totally disrespectful company with unacceptable business practices. If there was a negative rating system included in the list, I would give T-mobile (and anything under the EE umbrella) a 'minus 5 rating'. Corporate cheats, Avoid them at any cost.

Reviewed by Paul from Uk on 29th May 2014
Pay and go scam, I couldn't use Internet even tho I payed for it, tryed topping up again and tmobile just took my money and still no internet! Caused me a lot of trouble with work this has.

Reviewed by Karen from London on 29th May 2014
Terrible service even after email to CE regarding ee found out they then screw you over when trying to unlock phone avoid avoid avoid

Reviewed by MACIEK from UK on 28th May 2014

Reply by GMC from UK on 29th May 2014
Thanks for this. I was looking at T Mobile but reviews like this are a great help.

Reviewed by Ms Green from United Kingdom on 20th May 2014
Terrible signal and truly diabolical customer service, the worse I have known ever

I had to review TMobile to hopefully prevent others from entering this world of uselessness. There is barely any signal from them these days, you often can't make calls or send texts for the last couple of months, when you complain to their customer service team they do nothing to solve the problem, they promise to call you back but never do. You basically pay your monthly subscription for barely any service. I have never known anything like this in all my years using mobile phones. They may have been a good company once, and I agree they were, but that is long gone it seems, and there is no sign they want to improve.

If in any doubt on what i've said please PLEASE READ THEIR OWN FACEBOOK PAGE, which their own website points to for people to contact them with issues
https://www.facebook.com/tmobileuk you will think you are reading a comedy sketch. Person after person after person after person is contacting them with the same issues as I have described above and yet they are doing nothing to solve these issues. Completely inept service, they come across like they have contempt for their customers, loyalty counts for nothing with them either. I'm really at a loss as to how a company that has been going so long can become this joke that it is now.

AGAIN, CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE READING. (scroll down right hand side and click SEE ALL to read the litany of concerns and complaints https://www.facebook.com/tmobileuk which they apparently could not care less about if their lack of response is anything to go by.

Reviewed by Bruno Ferreira from Portugal on 14th May 2014
sign up for t-mobile about a year ago and I've being regretting the all experience since then. How its possible for such a big company fail every simgle day in providing internet signal. My phone cannot get ANY signal in all central london and after ringing the dreadfull costumer service they amazingly blamed the weather.... WHAT???? Are you guys even serious? Are you learning this ridiculous excuses with the train companys? Are you guys aware of the millions of people that have being reviewing you complany as the biggest legal scam of all history? are you guys not going to do anything about it? at least do you bother to read all the bad reviews? MISERABLE COMPANY thats all and I cannot wait to finish my contract soon to don't ever again hear about t-mobile. already being advising everyone I can thru social media to DON'T DO IT WITH T-MOBILE. Aparently theres already some people doing that.... and very soon t-mobile will only be part of history

Reviewed by Marion from Scotland on 8th May 2014
I have been will t mobile for over 5years as a pay as you go customer. On Wednesday the 30th of April I got a call from them asking if I would like a contract for £5.50 per month 250 mins 500 txt free landline to 01 02 03 and internet. I thought that's a good deal I should have known if it sound to good to be true it usually is but I said yes. The caller said as I has £9.98 in credit I would pay nothing this month and a small amount the next. Over the weekend I was bombarded with Txts from them saying my credit way about to run out, pay my bill or loose my service, then my phone cut out. I called 150 and eventually got to speak to someone I explained my story and after a lot of listening to very loud music she said she could see what had happened and would have it corrected and my service returned which it was. To my horror the next day I received a bill for £100 less my £9.98 demanding £90.02 to be paid immediately. At no time in the conversation did the agent mention a £100 agents fee . I called them again last night explaining the situation and the whole story over again and demanded they cancelled my contract which they have as far as they have told me and I should have my £9.98 credit on my phone. Today Thursday I still do not have the credit on my phone and have had to call them again to see what is happening. Over the last 3 nights I have spent around 1 hour on the phone not to mention the stress this has caused. The is a complete rip off and fraud. If this was an elderly person I don't know if they could deal with this situation Please beware and t mobile deal with this.

Reviewed by MONIKA from UK on 26th Apr 2014
I have 3 contracts with this really bad company. Be carefull !!!! They cheat people, you can't check your bill online because all the time they are changing something and the page is blocked. For the paper bill you have to pay £2.50. If you want to cancel your contract you have to call and give one month notice but if you receive pack code and not use it within 28 days your contract is still running. The biggest thieves over the world. One of my contract after one month notice should be ended on 03/03/2014 but I still paying for it because it was impossible to check my bill online. I saw only the amount which I had to pay on my bank statement. The sim was used by my son and he I took the card out of the phone when that contract was ended and I cut it. Today is 26/04/2014 and the customer service told me that we are still using internet over last 3 monts on that sim, how is it possible if the card is cut??? My husband pays £15 within last 2 years for the sim card only and one month they charged him £150 !!!!!!! and they said that he used over 1000 min extra outside of the plan, which we know that it was impossible. He took sim card only with 500 min which is enough for him because doesnt have time to talk and doesnt need more min. Horrible service!!!!!!!! They are changing to EE now and we receive the letters that our plans will cost more. Why??? It's the signed contract and why they can change it ??? We didnt sign the contract that we agree with the price changing. If the contract is for 2 years and £21 per month I think that it shouldn't be changed to the end of the contract.
Please, please don't use them!!!! Try to find much better and friendly company.
I can't wait when my other contract will be ended............ I don't want to hear anymore about this !!! I don't want to put 1 star because it should be zero!

Reviewed by Barbara from UK on 25th Apr 2014
Would really like to score T mobile a zero but no option for this. I have been trying to get a proof of purchase to claim for loss of the phone on home insurance for roughly 5 weeks now. Have long list of customer advisors I have spoken with, all lovely on the phone but it just never gets done. Cannot access bills as site down for "maintenance " and has been for 5 weeks now. Extremely frustrating. They have now "escalated" my complaint but I'm not hopeful. Ironic really because I was going to buy the replacement from them looks like they don't want the money or my future business.

Reviewed by roger from uk on 20th Apr 2014
zero coverage worse than useless thank god my contract up November. Shaun customer service said " cant be that bad as you are using it now" had to explain dropped call several attempts earlier. EE really has a poor coverage cant wait to change garbage company garbage coverage

Reviewed by Afzal Kaba from United Kingdom on 16th Apr 2014
I had got my t mobile contract locked at monthly credit limit. So I would not over use it. Customer service staff assured me that my phone will be capped on my monthly package. ( I was told capping will disconnect my phone if I try to use over my allowance of talk time, sms or internet) Now suddenly I get charged 20 times over my monthly package. And when I call customer care they don't even care. Then I insisted to speak to a manager which took a long time to get hold of - after a week. Now manager says he can not help me. Now suddenly capping can only be used on internet use and not on call mins and sms. Money is taken of from my account and I can not do anything

Reviewed by eddy from uk on 5th Apr 2014
signal poor, cant log into website says " probably not the tmobile site and re directs back " garbage since taken over by EE staff are nice peddling a useless network though defo back to vodafone three times the price but at least you can ujse your phone

Reviewed by HUSEYİN CİHAN from UK on 3rd Apr 2014
TERRİBLE COMPANY!!!!!!!! AVOİD!!!!!!!!111
when i read abouth T mobile reviews,i coundt believe it my self.All that years i dint know about this until its happend to me...İ am a very old T-mobıle costemer from 121 tıme.
My contract is felex40 internet is unlımıted ıts says ın the my contract, 2014 february i recıve text saying that i used my all internet allowance and i have to wait for next mouth to use it againg or buy a extra buster OR change my pirce plan.what T-mobile say is only web brose is unlimited: uploadıng and downloadıng ıs not. this one add to my contract after, but i cant prove anyting.
All that years i renew my contract on the phone, i dont have any evidence only my t-mobile page and Thats beıng changed.İ have to line whıte t-mobile and i am waiting to my contract ends and i will cancel them for every. THIS İS THE İNFORMATİON İ WANT TO SHARE whıte people WHO WANT TO JOIN THİS TERRİBLE,LIER,CHEAP AND CHEATER COMPANY

Reviewed by jamie hughes from uk on 2nd Apr 2014
I've been with t-mobile for about 6 years. When I agreed to renew my contract last they gave me the 'same deal' with a new phone. my old 'deal' included unlimited internet. Now my internet is capped at 750mb under a fair usage policy!!!! That's one of the lowest data allowances and doesn't even come close to unlimited!!! Thanks a lot t-mobile - you suck balls.

Reviewed by Elsa from United kingdon on 27th Mar 2014
Just had to ring T mobile again regarding my OH a/c. He was on PAYG until October last year when after using his phone a lot more due to being in hospital we got a call from a Tmobile adviser and he talked me into setting up a pay monthly account. Well since then I have had to ring them every month with one problem or another, bearing in mind my OH has been in and out of hospital so I have had the worry of that. It is something I can do without, however after speaking to them today they have assured me all is now sorted but we will see. I enquired about getting out of the contract but they said this would cost me £160. I have told them if I have to ring them again I will send the phone back to them, but the adviser didn't sound bothered. Feel like standing on the b****y thing but that would be cutting my nose off to spite my face, so to speak. T mobile are S**t aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhh they deserve no stars but does not seem to be an option for that.

Reviewed by natalie day from UK on 17th Mar 2014
I have been totally conned by this company they have taken money for an early upgrade and have now taken £400 from my account 2 months later with no explanation
When I try to deal with it by phone they cut me off pass me from one person to another and are now sending threatening letters demanding payment
I have spoken to some people in the company who agree that it is wrong

Reviewed by jonathan battle from U.K. on 12th Mar 2014
I have been with T-Mobi on-and-off for 15+years and continually for last 8 years. How I have allowed their nonsense to go on for so long, until I canned them recently, well... history now. Their infrastructure has got continuously more buggy over time. I understand that all mobi services are bad, but I cannot believe any others are as bad as T-Mobi. I could document a dozen or so howlers, but here are a couple some classics..
- I go on vac to S.E.Asia. I have paid for international roaming, altho of course I have unlocked phones to swap-in a foreign simcard. A few days after I get there, service is barred. I call up the tecs, and they try to fix it over hours/days. They fail. Upon quitting, they remark that since I have been on the phone to them trying to debug, I have clocked up nearly $150 of charges, so they will refund those, but the phone service cannot be fixed until I get home. When I get back, not only have they left all the charges on my account, but they have added another 50 or so. So now I have been swindled $200 for non-existent service. I argued for *HOURS* with a poor Philippina lady (not here fault - she is just obeying her instructions from T-Mobi, to be rude and an "arguing robot" like in an old Monty-Python. Eventually they agreed to refund half the money they had swindled. It took me hours to get them to even do that. Further repeated ripoffs, barring and black-out of my service for months at a time is what finally forced me to can them once and for all. I am with Voda now.

Reviewed by Ronnie from London on 26th Jan 2014
Ashamed to say I have been with TMobile for 15 years.....2 years ago they allowed a new 24 month contract to be taken out in my name, becuase the person calling knew the passwordon the account!!!! I wrote to the MD and they refused to accept they had to have my permission, as I am responsible for the contract legally - they likened the password to my pin - I advised them I am never asked to repeat my pin over the telephone or in a crowded shop!!
I lost the will to live and did not follow up - be warned, they are not honest and make sure you get everything in writing from them and report them to the rlevent authorities when they dont follow procedure or the law.

Reviewed by Jason from England on 16th Jan 2014
Have just been on the phone for 4 hours trying to get through to a represantative , keep on getting the same message , that t-mobile has too many calls to connect me. Woke up this morning and all of my minutes , texts and internet had vanished , leaving me without the use of my phone unless i topped up a phone which had over 400 texts and 300 minutse and unlimited internet when i went to sleep. Have been trying to get in contact with someone from t mobile for 6 hours now all together and have not been able to speak to one person , simply robot after robot giving me unhelpful automated suggestions which have nothing to do with my problem , like reboot my phone...

Reviewed by Anna from England on 16th Jan 2014
I would not even give tmobile a poor, I would rate them as ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING. I am disgusted with the customer service you recieve. I have been a tmobile customer for 5 years and they have just continuously declined in their ability to provide a good service. Summer 2012 I signed a 2 year contract for an iphone4, At the time of signing we gave my mothers account details and name, as the account holder, but were told if we wanted to change it would be a simple process of just calling up and saying so.
We called up to change account details and customer services insisted we would have to visit the store. We then visited the store and were told by the staff at the store we'd have to call tmobile, so we did on the shop phone. The staff at the tmobile store also told us there would be no fee to change over account details, (there was no mention of fee's to change account details when we asked at the beginning of the contract.)We then endured a painful hour phone call of mostly talking to automated machines and being put on hold, the phone cut out twice, extremely frustrating. Eventually we spoke to some one who said they would do a credit check, put on hold for another 30 minutes to be told credit check offices were shut. I then recieved a call on sunday night at 8pm, saying my credit check had gone through and tmobile demaned £100, which was to 'check there was money in the account, and the bill would pay for my next 3 1/2 tmobile bills, I wouldn't be charged until the end of april for just £9. I tried to login to my account the next day and was unable to. Tmboile after all that had taken my payment and not even changed the account name or details. Called tmobile again, another 25 minutes on hold...to speak to someone who changed the accounts over, and then confirmed on the phone no payment to be taken until april 2014- due to the £100 payment.
Today I recieved a bill.
...now back on the phone and Have been on the phone to tmobile for 1 hour 30 minutes (25 of that has actually been to people and not on hold)... They are now saying I have been 'misinformed' they have taken £100 just to change account details and will continue to charge me every month.
Currently trying to get the contract ended (still on hold)
Wouldn't want tmobile to take 1 more penny from me.
Every person you speak to has different information, totally unreliable as well.

Reviewed by Martyn from Scotland on 3rd Jan 2014
I have just been on the phone for 2hrs and fifteen minutes trying to find out why I have been charged £276.42 I have spoken to 4 people and been cut off 3 times. It's very frustrating and annoying and a waste of my time. This is the first time that I have needed to call them in the 10 or more years I have been with them. Our phones do not work in the house. A poor excuse for a communications company

Reviewed by Alamo from UK on 29th Dec 2013
Absolute awful company. signal is terrible, will randomly cut out even in cities would never rely on it for emergencies, 3G goes down 'when used too often' genuine quote from tmobile! They try and convince you it's a satellite/aerial problem and is being fixed when it's exactly the same weeks later. Got my bill wrong on multiple occasions forcing me to ring up and sort it throughout the year. Was with O2 before and when my contract is up will be going straight back to them.

Reviewed by aeee from UK on 24th Jul 2013
I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for years 2004 onwards , customer service and phone used to be excellent, it has gone down a bit since end of 2010, but what is happening since merge with EE- is just appalling, from lack of customer care and retention amongst the sales / retention team, to misinformed e-commerce order processing staff and lack of network availability in central London not to mention 3G and the fact you can’t e-mail T-Mobile. Here in more detail: 23.07.13 I checked my T-Mobile account to see if there are any offers on my about relating to broadband connection and discovered that I am being charged £15.0 per month more than I should. I rang billing team and was told that they will credit that on my next bill and that I need to speak to retention team about renewing my contact- they put me thorough to Alicia who informed me that they cancelled my loyalty discount as my contract expired, I explained that at my last renewal it was agreed that my contract will be rolling with the loyalty discount included shall the contract duration end, I asked her to access these notes, she informed me she can and if she can’t do that and it doesn’t matter, she also said she can’t put me trough to the person who did that contract for me at the time. I asked how come I was not informed of any of these changes, and also why nobody call me when my contract was coming to the end (which I was told was in May) .As a long term T-Mobile customer I am used to certain level of service, upon till now I always received a phone call about the month before my contract was due to end even if it was rolling contract. – I was told this is not how thing are done now. I was also told I am not eligible for any loyalty discounts or upgrade offer whatsoever. I can keep my contract at full price tariff that’s the best offer, I asked to speak with supervisor – I was told there isn’t one available and call back will be arranged within 48 hours. I logged into my T-Mobile online account again and I noticed that there are two upgrade options available online, first one if I want handset £359 for IPhone and keep the tariff at the standard price. Second one £5 loyalty discount without handset. I rang retention team back spoke with Shaun, - told him I can see upgrades options available online and explained what I was just told by Alicia, he said he can see offers available no my account including loyalty discount. I wanted to know what that offer was, he was going on and on for ages without telling me what the offer is, almost like he was just trying to keep me on the phone, I kept insisting for him to tell me he said he can give me £6.00 loyalty discount, and he can’t offer me anything with iPhone. I said that is all I need to know and pressed confirm on my T-Mobile account to upgrade. One other interesting thing that got mention when I said the quality of service has gone worn the drain since merge to EE (January onwards – no phone signal in central London, 3 G dropping of constantly – the only way to get it back is to re set network settings sometime several times per day) was told this is my fault for not switching to 4G! Absolutely appalling since my contract with T-Mobile for 3G, so just because T-Mobile has 4G now that means that they can just abandon customers who have a contract with them to deliver 3G services? Shortly there is an obligation to deliver contracted service. Shortly afterwards I received the following e-mail – by the way is has the wrong name on the top From: T-Mobile Web Sales Date: 23 July 2013 20:17:42 GMT+01:00 Subject: T-Mobile order confirmation - Order number 23.7.2013 Thank you for staying with T-Mobile. Your order reference is WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??If you've ordered a phone we'll check that stock is available and email to confirm your phone has been sent. If we need more information, we will phone or email as soon as we can. If you've asked for a change to your service (e.g line rental discounts or extra texts) without a phone, then these will be applied to your account from your next bill date. We'll email or text you to confirm the changes have been made. DELIVERY?Orders for phones placed and accepted before 4PM Monday to Friday will be delivered to your billing address within the next 2 working days by Royal mail special delivery. There are no weekend deliveries DELIVERY DELAYS?We will e-mail or telephone you as soon as we can if your order is delayed. A delay may occur if there are unforeseen stock shortages or if we cannot get immediate security clearance for payment if you've used a credit or debit card. The security of our customers is paramount and these checks are essential to combat fraudulent use of payment and address details. CAN YOU DELIVER TO MY WORK ADDRESS??No. All items delivered by special delivery must be signed for at the address used for billing. WHAT HAPPENS IF NO-ONE IS AT HOME TO SIGN FOR DELIVERY??The package will be returned to your local Royal Mail sorting office depot. A card will be left with details to organise redelivery of your order, or how you can collect it Thank you for continuing with T-Mobile, ?Kind regards ?T-Mobile • © 2006 T-Mobile • About T-Mobile • Terms & conditions • Privacy policy • Careers • Contact us And the next one From: websales@t-mobile.co.uk Date: 23 July 2013 21:01:19 GMT+01:00 Subject: Your T-Mobile Order - please contact us Dear Thanks for placing an order online with T-Mobile. We are in the process of completing your order; before we can go any further we need some more information from you. Please can you call us on 0800 956 2208 option 1, you’ll need to quote your order reference number 3929525. We’re available between 8am and 10pm, Monday to Friday and 8am-8pm on a Saturday and Sunday. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, T-Mobile www.t-mobile.co.uk I rang the number straight away, I asked if this the phone was definitely going to be deliver my royal mail if not them I have to change delivery address to my office address, I was assured it was going to be royal mail. (So I can pick my parcel up on Saturday for their local 10 minutes walk office) The lady tried to process the payment first on my Halifax card- it got declined, and then on my Barclays debit card- also declined, she finally managed to process that on my MBNA card. - £359 Shortly afterwards Barclays and Halifax fraud teams suspended my accounts it took me hours to get this sorted last night and today. 24.07.13 I received the text for UK mail saying my parcel will be delivered tomorrow, the only thing I could think of was my new phone, but that supposed to be delivered by royal mail. I trying to salvage this situation checked their website, couldn’t change the address for the office address, or do Saturday delivery (which I suspected already as that is what happens with these cheap delivery services) and of course their depot is outside of London (15 miles away from my address) I rang the 0800 956 2208 option 1, they put me through delivery team, I was told that just because the lady said if was going to be royal mail it doesn’t mean it will be- I said I am looking at the order confirmation e-mail stating it will be royal mail, I was told that is not possible. I asked if possible to get this delivered by royal mail- since royal mail is what I paid for, alternatively change delivery address to my office. None of this is possible, I was told I have to wait for UK mail to try to deliver this and then return it to their warehouse before the phone can be re send by royal mail of to another address. – This can take weeks. I said in this instance I have to cancel my order “Orders for phones placed and accepted before 4PM Monday to Friday will be delivered to your billing address within the next 2 working days by Royal mail special delivery. There are no weekend deliveries” And get immediate refunds as t mobile is not able fulfill it, I was told that I can’t, I have to wait for the phone to be returned to them first – again it will take weeks. I stated that this in not in line with consumer law in the UK, and Ofcom regulations. I asked to be put through a supervisor; I had to demand several times. I was finally put through I was told address can’t be changed, I said this doesn’t have to be done I just need this order fulfilled according to my contract ““Orders for phones placed and accepted before 4PM Monday to Friday will be delivered to your billing address within the next 2 working days by Royal mail special delivery. There are no weekend deliveries” I was put on hold whilst Nel B – 1016 got on the phone to Consumer Connect she told me nothing can be done. I also said that the only way I can get this phone from UK mail is if I take leave from work- which will result in loss of earnings around £200 per day- I asked if T-Mobile is prepared to cover that- I was told no. Another option I asked for this order to be cancelled straight away and new order issued with the correct delivery service “ royal mail “ – as that will fulfill my contract / order and T-Mobile can sort this mess out internally later. I was told that is not possible until this phone comes back to them. I said again I have e-mail stating this is going to be royal mail, I was told to take it to T-Mobile shop, as they can’t receive e-mails. I said according to the law costumers in the UK must have an e-mail option available to complaint so shortly there must be some generic inbox everyone can access, I was given cust.rel@t-mobile.co.uk I forwarded my order confirmation straight away I received the following auto reply: Subject: Re: Fwd: T-Mobile order confirmation - Order number Please accept our apologies, we are in the process of improving our e-mail service, and cannot deal with your e-mail enquiry at this time. For the moment, can we ask you to use one of our alternative Customer Service channels, where our advisors will be happy to answer any question or resolve any enquiry you may have. You can contact us, between 8am to 10pm by :- • dialing 150 from your T-Mobile handset or • calling us on 08454125000 from a landline* • If your abroad you can also contact on 07953966150** • You can manage your account online, 24 hours a day at My T-Mobile • You can also manage your account and get answers to most questions, using our T-Mobile app, available to download for all smartphones • You can talk to one of our agents using our Click to chat services on our website • Alternatively, our team are always ready to provide support if you visit our social media sites @TMobileUK on twitter or search for T-Mobile UK on Facebook Apologies once again, but we hope to be back soon with an even better email service, so we appreciate your understanding at this time. *calls are charged at local rates if you're a BT customer, but if you're with another provider it may cost more so do check ** calls are charged at international rates. T-Mobile (UK) Limited Company Registered Number: 02382161 Registered Office Address: Hatfield Business Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BW Registered in England and Wales NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER This email (including attachments) is confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, notify the sender immediately, delete this email from your system and do not disclose or use for any purpose. Nel didn’t believe me when I read above e-mail to her -she said this was the e-mail they were told to give if customer is complaining. Again that is not in line with the regulations in the UK. Nel told me to ask my bank to stop transaction – she said it is the quickest way to get my money back- not true as transaction has been processed and this will only put it in dispute will no actually give me money back until dispute is resolved. Since it looks like there are not other options available to resolve this I will have to complain to ofcom and communications ombudsman. I wish I was with another provider from the start!

Reviewed by Derek Smith from UK on 18th Jun 2013
Having been a customer with T Mobile UK for over a year I decided to end the contract early, as there was better deals on the market. I duly paid the remainder of the contract on two handsets and £60 to get the unlock codes for the two handsets, this is when my woes really started. Codes were requested in 18th Dec 2012, heard nothing from them so contacted them on 13th Feb 2013 got told some mistake had happened and the codes were not ordered. Still hadn't heard by 8 March so called again, most apologetic will get it sorted. 11 Apr comes round and still no codes, phone again got told there has been some mix up again, promised it will be dealt with, I wanted to talk to supervisor and was told none are available, one would phone back. They never did. 14 Apr receive email from them with one unlocking code - what do I have to do?? Left it until 10th Jun before contacting them again as work had prevented me from keeping on at them, was told that they were sorry but there seems to be some problem again, by now I'm furious and want to talk to supervisor, none available, no call back either despite it being promised. Call again 18th June as have not received a call yet from the elusive supervisor, after a long call with customer support, I am promised a code within 24hrs, believe it when I see it. Supervisor did call back after a few hours but wasn't prepared to even admit blame on their part and would not offer a refund on the unlock code that I have not received, never mind all the cost of the calls to the customer services trying to get the issue resolved or the depreciation of the handset. After this carry on I would never use T mobile again, and would advise others to pay heed to the overall rating that T Mobile has received, it's low for a reason.

Reviewed by Scott Lawson from UK on 11th Jun 2013
I was fairly unimpressed with T-Mobile but they managed to hold onto me as a customer with a fair price plan. Less than a month into my new contract, I received a text telling me my price plan would increase by £1.18/month. I called their customer services to complain to be told by a very rude representative to "read your terms and conditions" which I did. I then tried to cancel my contract, as it stated in the terms and conditions that I have the right to do this without incurring any additional charges if in response to a price increase. The service I received from this point was worst than abysmal! I spoke to three reps including one supervisor, all of whom said they'd call me back when they'd looked into it....none did! I finally tracked down the supervisor who denied I'd ever received a text stating that the prices were to go up so I was unable to leave. I have NEVER received such bad customer service and will be leaving T-Mobile as soon as I can (NOT paying th e £480 cancellation charge!!!)

Reviewed by Shama Cooper from UK on 10th Jun 2013
I renewed my contract last week. I had my long standing discount taken away from me (I have had this line since 1999) as I wouldn't move to EE on a £50+ per month contract. I got my new phone within a few days along with a pay as you go sim card(?) with a new number. Nothing about this was mentioned at the time of ordering. My new phone required a micro sim, and my current sim card was a normal sized one. I waited a few days in case the new sim with my actual number arrived separately and then gave them a call only to be told that T Mobile had run out of sim cards. I was advised to use the pay as you go sim card in my new phone and that if I wanted a micro sim with my current number I would need to go and pay for one at my local branch. This whole episode seems bizarre! I have had to pay more per month to upgrade my phone and current contract (by upgrade I mean pay more per month and get less in terms of package than my previous deal), and I now have to either pay more on a pay as you go to use my new phone, or pay to get a new sim card?!? I am now having to travel with work for the next few days so will not be able to get a sim card with my n ew number until I get back, at which time my cooling off period will have lapsed!! Really regretting signing up to these cowboys for another 24 months.

Reviewed by Mohammed from UK on 18th May 2013
They run their company like amateurs! I cant do anything! My bill came to £60 and im on a £15 pm deal! No one can tell me why! What is wrong with these retards! Please for the love of God do not sign up to tmobile. O2 are alot better, they actually know what they are doing!

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 11th Feb 2013
One day I made the mistake of taking out a contract with T-mobile, that decision has plagued me for the last 2 months of 2013. I decided (why!) to take out a contract and defect to Blackberry from Iphone. Place online order and recieve a delivery date (with no SMS)...I leave it a few days! Nothing. Phone Customer services who informed me I should had paid a deposit. No problemo, place deposit and receive phone...YAY! Start using the phone, its not good. What was I thinking. Ok send it back, its within the 14 days cooling off period. I explain that I wish to continue the contract and merely change the handset. No problem! (Said cust services), send it back (paid for the postage myself) and wen't back to my old iphone if which I had to pay for the sim card myself with no refund so just to sort me out temporarily I spent £20 just to get rid of the thing. The phone has taken a little longer to 'process' and I am advised to call back every day until they get it, in fact its taken another week. So about 12 days for them to process the phone though it had been received the day after I sent it. So they finally receive my phone (after calling them every day)and tell me I can go into my local (Leamington Spa) EE/T-mobile store and I merely swap over the deal, i'm given my policy number and account number, fabulous...so efficient and simple. I walk in and am greeted by some miserable 18 year old, with long copper hair and some brick on a strap round her neck,who looks like she hates work! I get the whole..."Oh there is no upgrade option on your account", My response "I've just been on the phone to head office who tells me there is a note on my account", she responds "Sorry, we don't deal with head office".....REALLY! So I get back onto the phone....get through. It turns out that my contract was actually terminated (even though I made it clear and a note was placed on my account not to do so!), so customer services would see what they could do for me to reverse the issue. The call operator could clearly see the note that had been made and confirmed that they had not read the notes on my account. She told me she would speak to her manager and they would call me back...that never happened. Next day, which is now the twenty first of Jan, same thing again...I call customer service, ten million options in the automated labyrinth. Finally get through to someone (after 30 minutes) who tells me that they can go ahead and amend the phone contract (wow! that was easy!) so go forth and order my Iphone 5. She then tells me she will see if her manager can process the application faster through credit control so I get it the next day, "I'll call you by four"....its now four fifty, nothing. Oh the phone rings. Its her manager, he tells me that he has gone out of his way to call me (he's doing me a HUGE FAVOUR and been in meetings all day) however there is nothing he can do, as my last contract ended and a new one was attempted within 24 hours they wouldn't process the application. Ok, but you ended the contract against my request...then tried a new application without my knowing which could effect my credit rating. We called it quits and I was told I would get my deposit back within 3-5 working days (Though it could take up to 14)...Ummm ok. That day I sorted out a contract with Three...quick easy, upfront and got the product within 24 hours! Brilliant. Next day I call T-mobile again (on my shiny new Iphone) to update my new number so they can contact me and to double check they had cancelled the Blackberry contract. All confirmed, will have my deposit back within 14 days. So I wait and wait and wait.... Its now the 4th Feb (14 days) and nothing!. Once again, call customer service...enter the labyrinth of options, none for customer service on there though. Finally I get through to someone who tells me that my phone call on the 22nd of Jan the amount was credited onto my account but not processed to come back to me. The phone operator had confirmed it was T-mobile's mistake but there was nothing they could do as it was being "Processed" and that she wasn't "Lying to me", even though I never suggested anyone was deceiving me. I just wanted someone who was competent. It's ok, you should receive it between 3-5 days but could take up to 14! REALLY...that means due to your company's incompetence I will have to wait up to a month for my money back. The manager can't process it any quicker, its being 'processed' A few days later, I take to twitter to vent! @Tmobileuk, fabulous, they're getting someone to look into it and it should be with you in a few days. Fabulous. I can't through to a UK based customer services so Twitter always works. Roll on 11th Feb...Nothing. Contact tmobile via twitter, my tweets are deleted and customer services are ignoring my messages, even though they are pleasant. Call customer services, I get told it should be with me by the 13th Feb. Not good enough, but they can't do anything. My verdict. I would rather be phoneless than use T-mobile, Orange or EE ever again. I run a brand and will make sure that we don't use their services and we will be telling our clients.Being with network Three has restored some faith, customer service is great and responsive. Quick and not fathy, oh and they respond to emails and call you back. The sad reailty is, I am not one to complain about things because its too much hassle but these guys deserve it and I woud hate other people to go through what I have been through. Save your money, time and stress.

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 3rd Feb 2013
It has nothing to do with race, sex it disability (look at previous comments), T-Mobile has the worst service. Just charged £10 for renewing contract but didn't tell me!

Reviewed by Edd Wolsey from UK on 10th Dec 2012
Me and my friend decide to take T- Mobile £36 monthly contract with Iphone 5. This when nightmare begin. We have both paid £109 pound for handset and wait for iphone. Its took around 4 weeks to get phones. Anyway after that first few days there is a no signal at all. We have wait another week and decide to call T mobile. Each time we call them its took 20-25 mins waiting time. When we reach the customer services we have explained that, no or only one bar signal in our working and living area. First they told me there is a big maintanence work going on , so wait few days and everything will be fine. In same time they told my friend, everything looks fine, you should get perfect signal. So very diffrent information and both of them is LIE. After maybe 6-7 phone call to the tmobile, we both heard same story. 5 week later we both decide to leave to tmobile. After 1 hour and 30minutes later with tmobile customer service finally they decide to terminate our contract. Of course we have to pay each £640 pounds. Finally we ask them to unlock our iphones, with £15 pound each phone cost they say they will unlock in 30 days. We have wait 1 week and we both received text message that saying, we cant unlock your phones because your contract is not 3 months old. We both said eachother, there is a mistake, our contract will be end end 20th December 2012. So its idiotic to say your contract is not 3 months old. Again we called them and explain them what happend and why we have terminating our contract and asking them AGAIN to unlock our phone. The answer is simpel NO. The reason is simple, because our contract is not 3 months old. So now we are paying £36 month our monthly unlimited data, text and 2000 minutes which is we cant use. And we will pay next week £641 pounds both of us. Be aware T Mobile is FRAUD. Dont buy it. If you do you will regret it. Once you ask unlock your phone to Vodafone and O2 unlock in 5 minutes and its free. T Mobile is a true scam. No signal most of areas. Such as Harlow, Southgate, Enfield, Chelmsford etc. I was with Vodafone and I never had any problem with them. I cant wait to go back Vodafone.

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 10th Nov 2012
My dealings with T-Mobile didn't start well when I first setup up my contract 8 months ago. I signed up to a £15/month online sim only deal with £5 discount (£20 down to £15). I got unlimited calls, voicemail, unlimited texts and 1gb data. This 1gb data was download only as browsing and email were unlimited. All in all I was chuffed with what I was being offered. I went through the chat interface on T-Mobiles website. Anyways, got the sim card within days and was ready to go. When my bank balance showed up as paying £20+ a month I called T-Mobile to complain. Luckily I saved the dialogue from the chat screen (just in case). I sent this to T-Mobile who honored the deal. Initial I never got the discount, nor 1gb data (500mb) and no voicemail. All was well and they gave me an extra which I forget now.

After being with T-Mobile for 6 months I got a call as I was eligible for an upgrade. I wasn't gonna complain with that. I was asked if wasnted a handset as I only had a sim only deal. I said I was waiting for the iPhone 5 before making a choice on handsets. So in the mean time they set me up on a £22/month deal. All inclusive, all unlimited including downloads and streaming. Not a bad deal at all. online full monty sim only deal.

When the iPhone 5 was released I called them back up. This time speaking to someone far far away. They said I had no option to get a handset as I was on the sim only deal. I got escalated as I wasn't happy. This put me through to someone at home in the UK. This person was very helpful and tried her best to work out who said what and why. Unfortunately nothing could be done. Alas, I was left with my trusty iPhone 4s. A good phone. As I was looking for a new phone, with a slightly bigger screen etc I decided to look at buying the iPhone 5 outright. After looking into exactly what it has over the iPhone 4s I decided to leave the Apple family and became a Samsung Galaxy S3 fan. Android is good. Not quite as good as iOS but definitely better than it use to be in the early days. The SGS3 is a great phone. Just the right size and does what I need.

Oh, back to T-Mobile. I see a lot of bad reviews. Maybe I have just been luckier than some. Joining Orange to become EE I don't think is a bad thing, well, for now. O2 are no better with customer service. Vodafone, haven't been with them for years and I don't think I'll go back as long as T-Mobile/Orange/EE keep my deal as it is and/or better it.

My contract suits my needs and handset.

Reply by Simon from England on 11th Feb 2014
Good luck, until something goes wrong. Then you can get ready for a world of pain.

Reviewed by Rich P from Uk on 10th Nov 2012
I was with T-mobile for 6 years, constantly dropping calls in my home when I 1st explained that this was down to the aerials in modern phones (Galaxy 1, HTC sense & blackberry touch all had the same problems at the same time) they blamed the phones as being broken! They don't listen! Vodafone & Orange use wi-fi in your home to boost the signal if it is a problem with modern phones. I had to use my ancient Nokia from 8 years ago which never dropped 1 call.
My 24 month contract has finally ran out with them, not living in a city, I won't receive the 4G & would rather wait for the prices to come in to real world prices anyway, waiting 10 seconds for a utube video to load doesn't really bother me & everything else is fast enough on wi-fi. Bye Bye T-mobile & good riddance.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 23rd Oct 2012
Have to agree with RS2000 as I have been with them for more years than I can remember but the customer service has just disappeared recently and they don't care at all about offering a deal, it's take or leave it attitude, well guess what I'm leaving. Reading reviews on this site seems they are all rubbish but got to use one of them so off to 3 on an iphone allyou can eat deal that beats t-mobile hands down over teh 2 years. Rest offamily will probably leave them if they are treat this way as well.

Reviewed by James from Scotland on 13th Oct 2012
I had been with T-mobile for over 10 years on various contracts with several phones and had no problems. However when my contract expired this year they offered to increase my price along with the less than attractive incentive of either keeping my old phone or "upgrading to an end of line phone" that was as outdated as the one I already had. To top all this off they automatically renewed my contract anyway without my say so and overcharged my with 2 months payments.

I cancelled this and left them £70 worse off.
02 / Tesco is far better

Reviewed by waseem from UK on 3rd Oct 2012
Watch out people they have all sorts of hidden charges Administration fee When t Mobile rep can't answer your questions they will simply tell you to **** off these are exact words. They took extra money out of my account without my authorization Refuse to refund it took them 14 days to get refund Also had an issue whilst obtaining pac code Had a faulty handset sent it for repair 2 times on third occasion it has magically has liquid damage. Do not buy t mobile

Reviewed by Meeking from British on 2nd Oct 2012
No problems with t.mobile

Reviewed by RS2OOO from England on 25th Sep 2012
I've been with T-Mobile since 1994 (Mercury, then Mercury 121, then 121, then T-Mobile).

Considering Orange are the worst company I have ever dealt with, took legal action against them once and won, the thought of the 2 companies merging put shivers down me.

And for good reason. Coincidentally or not, T-Mobile's customer service has gone rapidly down hill. The options in their customer service menus send you round in loops making it practically impossible to speak to a person, and when you eventually get through to one (who will be based in Philippines, India, South Africa or Canada) you have a high probability of either being cut off, or simply lied to to get you off the phone, or as in my case when my new phone arrived faulty, made promised of being provided with a replacement new phone that never materialise.

After I sent my faulty phone back 3 times over the course of 6 phone-less Weeks, and received the same faulty phone back each time, I decided to email the European Director of Operations directly. His PA rang me back within 30 minutes and a replacement phone was delivered the next day.

Service like that should be expected as the norm, not by having to contact the CEO!

My attempts to leave T-Mobile this year were equally sour, but being seconds away from signing up elsewhere, I rang back for the PAC code (3rd attempt at doing that), and got through to someone in Wales who talked absolute sense and knew what they were doing. Within minutes they'd offered me a deal I couldn't refuse: HTC One X, 900 cross network mins including Voicemail and 08 numbers, unlimited Landline calls, 500 texts, 750MB data all in for £27 p/m over 24 Months.
Based on the fact that reviews of other service providers are almost as bad if not worse, and the deal couldn't be bettered elsewhere, and the fact that my phone always has full coverage/connection throughout my area, I decided to give them one last chance.

2 star rating is based solely on the quality of coverage in my area. If it wasn't for that, I'd rate zero.

It's also a poor show that it's an industry where we have to settle for the provider that's "least worst"!

Reply by RS2OOO from England on 5th Oct 2012
As a follow up, I'm almost regretting staying with T-Mobile now. Didn't receive delivery of the phone, after hours of calls to a disinterested T-Mobile I ended up having to chase up the courier service myself. Turned out the phone had been incorrectly addressed to the opposite side of the country. A 50 mile round trip to collect it in the end. The packing slip detailed a £26 handset charge and a £4.50 delivery charge, neither of which had been mentioned at any point when agreeing the contract. Phoned T-Mobile to question it, 30 mins to get through, explained situation and was cut off. 2nd time the call dropped after 20 mins of waiting, 3rd time and another 20 mins waiting, cut off again when explaining the problem. 4th time, I get someone nice who deals with the situation and agrees to refund the charge. 2 hours on the phone in total! Now stuck with them for another 2 years and praying I don't need to call them again!

Reply by akma36 from UK on 20th May 2013
You wanna leave, leave, don't talk

Reviewed by Kay from UK on 21st Sep 2012
Been with T-Mobile for 2 years and, before a 2 year stint with O2 (I wanted an iPhone), 5 years. Good coverage and great customer service, can't complain. Won't say outstanding - there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Reviewed by Jo from England on 20th Sep 2012
Coverage-wise T-mobile have been really pretty good. My big issue is with their customer service. If you ever need to phone up you get stuck going round in circles on the menu's never actually able to speak to someone. On the off chance that you do manage to select an option which puts you into a queue to speak to an advisor that's all it is: an endless queue. I've tried to register to use my account online as well but unsuccessfully and when I try to ring for help, guess what happens! I have never yet managed to actually speak to anyone - quite frankly this is appalling. For this reason I am now intending to move networks, it is a real shame as without this issue I'd be more than happy but I can't spend another 2 years unable to speak to my service provider if I have a problem.

Reviewed by Ryan from England on 1st Aug 2012
I have no issues with T-Mobile at home or in London. But recently went to Swindon and had no signal at all and was constantly locked onto Orange 2G signal. Couldn't get 3G for the life of me. I hope they improve this over time as for topping up £15 I get unlimited texts, 500mb data and keep that £15 as credit which no other network can touch. If they improve their signal in certain areas it'd be 5 stars but sadly they are lacking in some areas. Also I find their CS and responses to emails very good. Signal is their only downside at the moment.

Reviewed by Graham from UK on 13th Jul 2012
Joined from 3 after four years due to 3 not being able to do me a good deal on the S3 and I have to say I have been impressed with t-mobile so far, they do not charge for internet browsing on any tarriff the call centre is in Wales and are very helpful. Download speed to close to 4000kbps which is great and the coverage I get is as good if not better than 3 which in Mid-Wales has been excellent.

Reviewed by petr from UK on 13th Jul 2012
i could not get an upgrade to the note from t mobile direct,so i went for a deal through carphonewharehouse.couldnt keep my number.so deal was 21pounds per month 4 300mins 500texts unlimited internet.l called t mobile to check fair use policy told i had 1.5 gig.called t mobile today they told me fair use is 500meg.how is that unlimited plus i checked.now im stuck for 24 months they barefaced lied to me both companies. Heed my story and never use t mobile. what they have done is immoral and close to illegal.

Reviewed by as012a2568 from UK on 7th Jul 2012
Warning. If you are going overseas from the UK you might like to think about de-activating your international roaming with T-Mobile. We took a holiday over in Turkey and ended up having £500 deducted from our account by direct debit for call charges that were supposed to have been on a local sim dual sim mobile phone. Apparently the hand set they supplied allowed international roaming on the T Mobile sim but would only accept a T Mobile sim card. We phoned customer service and were kept on the phone for ages. We were told they would look into the bill and re-calculate it and get back to us. One week later guess what - no news. We phoned them for them to casually tell us that they had decided the bill was valid. I have cancelled our direct debit with this awful company and will not renew or ever use them again for business or private use. The call charges are pure extortion and well above normal European call charge rates. You will get a much better minute for minute deal with 02. Daylight Robbery. Avoid like the plague.

Reviewed by Yeasin Mohammad from UK on 16th May 2012
I have ordered a new contract phone from T-mobile and T-mobile used UK mail as a courier. UK Mail suppose to deliver my new phone on 20/04 but I did not receive the phone. T-mobile sent me consignment number when they delivered the phone to courier and I have checked the consignment number by UK Mail website and found the Parcel delivered and received by Mr. Ali. There is no one name Ali at my address and even I don’t know anyone name Ali. I have contacted T-mobile couple of times regarding this issue and the outcome is zero. T-mobile told me that UK Mail confirm them the parcel was delivered right address and right person. My name is not Ali or we are only two people living in my address and I was at home on 20/04. So how they delivered the parcel to me or my address? My personal opinion is T-mobile helping UK mail to do something wrong. I am requesting all customers beware UK Mail and T-mobile relation.

Reviewed by catherine mc cormick from UK on 12th May 2012
t-mobile were a great company in the beginning.i have been with them for 15 years.just recently their customer service has become awful.customer loyalty means nothing to them.this will be my last contract with them.

Reviewed by h piperwann from UK on 10th May 2012
t mobile never listen to disabled customers who the evil goverment has made cuts to disabled people money.and because a disabled like me is behind payment t mobile has cut me off. i have a disabled wife who try to call me and the evil t mobile has cut off my in coming calls i told them that i am on the dole and i get my money every two mouths so i always pay my bills every two mouths but they don't care at all for disabled and ordery customers and that is my opinaion

Reviewed by Alex Evans from UK on 5th May 2012
I have just brought my HTC Desire s on tmobile and so far I have not lost signal once. When switching my number across the custemour survace was very helpful and got the job done quickly and without any problems.

Reviewed by Victoria from Wales on 3rd May 2012
I was previously an orange customer and decided to go for a change when my contract came to an end and the deals I was offered were expensive in comparison to tmobile deals. However after being with tmobile for about a year now I can't wait for my contract to end to jump this sinking ship. At first I was blaming it on my innocent HTC Wildfire however after talking to other tmobile users I soon realised that i wasn't the only one whose signal cut out randomly in 'full signal' areas while standing still. The Internet is also terrible, it can take up to 3 minutes just to open a page, and most of the time the signal is so weak it just gives up and tells me there is no Internet connection. I also found it impossible to take the child lock off my Internet because I don't have a credit card, finally figured that one out, and the final thing that gets my goat the most is the 10p charge to use the answer phone, a service that I had free with orange. Overall I think it is a terrible network and will be looking into more than just price next time I get a contract, cheap is not always cheerful!

Reviewed by diane from south wales on 3rd May 2012
Complete rob-dogs overcharged twice on a account which had been paid off and cancelled, only to be told wait thirty two days for a refund no way. Customer service is rubbish they are surly and rude and virtually impossible to get hold of don't bother with them

Reviewed by babar from UK on 22nd Apr 2012
i am not happy at all with t-mobile many hidden charges bad customer service poor signals

Reviewed by Supasmith from UK on 20th Apr 2012
They won't talk to me by e-mail even though I have a speech impediment that makes phone calls difficult. They closed by emergency PAYG phone down without warning and stole the amount left on my account. Why? I wasnt using it enough! They mentioned their regulators recommendations and pointed to T&C's. Do they think I am stupid? Recommendations are not requirements and T&c's cannot overule the law of the land regarding theft. Only interested in sales. No customer service. Never again!!!

Reviewed by Geoff from England on 20th Apr 2012
Halfway through a 2 yr contract and t-mob have increased the tariff due to inflation! And sure enough, its there in the t&c's. They can do it. Have asked in various phone shops, and it would appear they are the only provider to implement this. Be Aware! The price you agree at the start of your mobile contract with t-mobile means nothing!

Reply by clive from uk on 2nd May 2012
Orange did the same about 3 months ago. Same company i know.

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 19th Apr 2012
I was with T-mobile for about 4 years and started to have trouble with signal when I moved to University in my house. I was told the coverage was "excellent" in the postcode I was living in, yet I couldn't call anyone or receive calls.
I kept contacting t-mobile to fix the issue aswell as going in store to have the phone (Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro -WORST PHONE EVER by the way) sent off for repair only for it to come back with nothing done as nothing was wrong. So the problem HAD to be with the provider. I kept being told to call 150 from my handset, even though I couldn't and they didn't seem to understand that I COULDN'T MAKE CALLS. This was all over e-mail, and it was only when I demanded a new phone several times after there was a number of attacks and break ins in my area and I was scared that if I got into trouble I wouldn't be able to rely on my phone for contact. After telling them this, I finally got a new phone.
But the problem wasn't fixed and I still couldn't make calls in my house and the singal was still generally bad everywhere I was.
Eventually I saved enough money to buy myself out of my remaining 7 months of a 18 month contract and currently using the advice on here to find a new provider. Hopefully the next one won't be as troublesome!

Reviewed by J Rich from UK on 16th Apr 2012
After 7 years in which I have seen my plan increase year on year without an offer of reduction and having to take T-Mobile to CISAS and claim back £200 in over charging that they disputed, I am now looking for a honest and reliable phone provider. T-mobile, despite an advertising slogan of offering a 'fixed tariff' are now increasing my bill further because of a small print in their terms and conditions stating that fixed prices can actually be increased and decreased with the level of RPI. Though I never saw a reduction in my bill when RPI fell into minus figures during 2009-2011 and when RPI was at its lowest levels for decades. The company seems from my personal experience intent on milking customers for all they are worth and offering little in support. My mobile bill is confusing and a request for a proper breakdown of costs to T-Mobile resulted in several repeated requested emails of which I am still none the wiser because they were reluctant to answer my questions and avoided simple answers. Even my latest request on how to cancel my contract with T-mobile on its maturity seem to be something that they are unwilling to disclose. I am aware that they are guilty of deliberately extending a contract an additional month for profit if customers do not notify them at least 30 days before the final contract month. From my experience - Avoid T MOBILE

Reviewed by me from uk on 16th Apr 2012
Been with Tmob for years, they have been great. Excellent customer service, network coverage and loyalty discounts at renewal. As an ex-Orange customer, I know just how good Tmobile are. Orange was an *absolute* nightmare on all fronts!! I hope Tmob can teach Orange how to treat paying customers now they've tied the knot...........

Reviewed by Ange from UK on 12th Apr 2012
My story is that my stuipd phone has had a mind of its own after having it for 6 months on a 18months contract. It turns itself on and off. Makes calls and goes on the internet without even being anywere near the phone. I had taking it to T-mobile on 3 occasions to have it wiped and re-booted yet it still continued to happen and they refuse to change the phone. Then to put the icing on the cake they've charged me for the times the phone went on the internet and basically said 'Ah well, what we can do is give you free internet connection'. But what about my beeping charges for a phone that has a mind of its own and you know about it but still took my money out. I have now cancelled my contract and would tell everyone not to join with them. This is the worst service I have ever had with anyone.

Reviewed by Graham Nicholls from UK on 10th Apr 2012
Avoid this company like you'd avoid a putrid corpse. Customer service is an oxymoron to them. Promised callbacks don't happen. Service is appalling. 28 _working_ days for an unlock code for an i-phone is ridiculous. 1 month (calendar) still no code, and no real expectation of getting one. Look, T-mobile, I'm a reasonable man. I'll pay what's fair. But that goes both ways the impression I have of your company is that you are a bunch of scamming cheats. I anti-recommend you to everybody I know, for your dreadful customer service. I don't get that there's no space in the market for a provider who offer good customer service - I'd pay an extra couple of quid a month for that - wouldn't most people?

Reviewed by matt from UK on 5th Apr 2012
I can't tell you how much I detest T Mobile. They have zero interest in the customer experience and utilise off-shore robots at the sharp end of customer services. They now have the gaul to fleece loyal customers by increasing their monthly plans at a time when their customers are experiencing economic hardship. They are an inept brand who don't deserve their customers. I certainly won't renew my contract with them or any brand associated with their paren Everything Everywhere

Reviewed by vish from UK on 24th Mar 2012
T-Mobile - 'We can't improve, go to ofcom' I took a 2 year mobile contract with T-mobile in Aug 2010. In September 2011, I moved from postcode SE7 8AY to my own place at SE7 7FL, both in London, just 10 min walk apart. Since then I got sub-standard service from T-mobile with calls dropping and network fluctuation, incoming calls going direct into voicemail. The problems persists outside the house too. I reported about this problem in Oct 2011 and I was made to run from one department to another with long holds. I was promised call-backs which I never received, leaving me to chase them every month. Finally, on March 24th 2012, Shaun from the technical team confirmed that they cannot improve the (T-Mobile and Orange ) network in the Mask around postcode and he cannot help me. I am free to go to ofcom. It is important to note that , 1)SE7 7FL is 10 minutes walk from Charlton station which is zone 3 of London. It is not some rural area. 2)Vodafone and O2 have good service at this postcode. 3)T-mobile accepts the fact that their network in that mask is bad. 4)They want to hide behind the fact I moved from the original postcode no matter how close it is. 5)After 6 months of bad network, they still want me to pay the termination charges if I want to leave or keep paying 30 pounds every month till August 2012. So unfair. Avoid T-mobile at any cost. They will sell you services on the name of unlimited usage without having a real bandwidth to provide it. Along with the bad network, You'll never get anything above 500mb in terms of Data in reality.Stick to O2 where you pay for the services you definitly get. I am complaining to ofcom aboout it and seeking some refund from T-mobile. Vman13.

Reviewed by fatmonica from england on 10th Mar 2012
I cancelled my contract with Tmobile.Three months later they were still taking money from me.I asked for my PAC code when I left then didn't take my number with me.Apparently this was me agreeing to continue with the contract!No-this was me changing my mind.They have evaded my emails,their replies are rude bordering on aggressive and they point blank refuse to refund the money.They have even taken extra charges for these three months.How can I incur extra charges when the number is not in use?
As a 'gesture of goodwill' they have agreed not to take any more money but will not refund what they have fraudulently taken.

Reply by JT from UK on 2nd May 2012
TMobile are right. If you ask for your PAC and don't use it within the given timescale (usually around 30 days) then your contract will carry on as normal. Unlucky!

Reviewed by cc from UK on 24th Feb 2012
Absolutely appalling customer service

Reviewed by John from Uk on 24th Feb 2012
I blamed my iphone3gs for bad, or pooor reception but seems is not just me, signal drops alot if i set my phone on manual on t-mobile network i lose completly the network every couple of minutes standing still outside and varies from 1 line 2g to maximum and drops along the way, t-mobile I ve joined 4 years ago is worse and worse signal wise... I will change as soon as posible... Sometimes in london I have signal and i cannot get a text through, hangs when i want to initiate a call and so on...

Reviewed by cc from uk on 24th Feb 2012
Terrible terrible customer service.Wait for 20 mins then cut off for no reason-appalling.Look elsewhere
There should be a 0

Reviewed by john from UK on 16th Feb 2012
i wish that there was a 0 setting because t-mobile are the worst. let me say my story well i was already on t-mobile had no problems untill i wanted to upgrade to a blackberry. so this guy comes on the phone and tells us unlimated texts, 50 mins, unlimeted internet all for £15 a month and insurence (newest blackberry curve 9360). so the phone comes and its a blackberry curve 8520 i'm not happy so i send it back and complain. we say that this guy who sent us the phone lied about the phone and they said that he never said anything like that. blatant lie. so then we go and speak to managers and head supervisors and they apologise and say we can cancell with t-mobile. so the next day we call again and to the retraction team to ask for the puk number. they tell us that we have 6 months left on our contract. i argue for about 3 hours untill one of the t-mobile people swear at me. then they hang up i call again cancell my debit account. they send me letters and i put my account back because i don't want to get a bad credit review. so now after they lied to me about 5 times i am paying 7.50 every month along with my vodaphone contract that i got so now i pay £21 months caude t-mobile are lyers. we should put them out of buisness suely this isn't legal.

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