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T-Mobile G1 review

 Review: November 2008  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The T-Mobile G1 is the first Googlephone running the Android operating system.

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The T-Mobile G1 is the first handset to use Google's Android operating system. To us, it feels pretty much like a beta release, rather like the original iPhone - good in some ways, but not really cutting it as a phone.

Available in a choice of white or black, the device looks a bit like the iPhone's ugly sister, but you can slide the screen to one side to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard beneath. The screen itself is touch-sensitive, giving you a choice of input methods. The accelerometer automatically rotates the screen between landscape and portrait modes, depending on how you hold the phone. It's not a small phone: too big to use single handedly, and really heavy too. Weighing 158g, it's the heaviest smartphone currently on the market - the same as Sony Ericsson's Xperia, but not half as good looking.

OK, so this is the long awaited "Googlephone", and it's all about Google. This is a 3G phone that's clearly designed for accessing the mobile internet, with a large screen, web browser, Google applications and email. But plenty of smartphones can do that. What's special about the G1? Well, of course it's great for browsing the web, with its big screen (3.2 inches is massive, let's face it), ultra-fast 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connection, WiFi and easy text input. It's completely Google flavoured. It's integrated with Gmail, Google maps, Google search, YouTube and Facebook. But this is a double-edged sword. Suppose you want to do something that's not approved by the Google thought police? Like synchronise with Outlook. Nope, no can do. Won't even speak to a PC. or a Mac. Don't even think about replacing your BlackBerry with a G1!

You can download new apps from Android Market - some free, some you have to pay for. There are going to be loads more developed in the future, so no doubt lots of interesting stuff will be available here. Android is a multitasking operating system, so you can run apps in parallel, like view Google Maps whilst talking on the phone. Be careful though, as the more apps you run, the slower the phone will be and the more likely it is to crash. We don't yet have a view on how robust Android is. It's not the kind of thing you can tell from a short test session. We'll have to wait and see what our users think after they've been using their Android machines for some time.

It's clearly intended as a mobile internet device rather than a multimedia wizard. Cos multimedia wizard it isn't! The camera is about as good as the original iPhone's camera, i.e. at the bottom of the class. Although it's rated at 3.2 megapixels, it has no flash, no zoom, no video capability. There is an MP3 player, but no FM radio. One good thing it does have though is built-in GPS. This is a nice implementation that integrates well with Google Maps and even has a digital compass.

The G1 comes with a 2GB microSD card, which is inadequate really. Thankfully you can upgrade this to 8GB, but we feel that an 8GB card should have been supplied in the first place. We're pleased that it's got quadband support though, as well as 3G.

Even so, we're disappointed by the number of things that have been left out. No predictive text, no voice dialling, no video calling, no MMS video capability, no ability to use the phone as a modem. Pause for breath ... no ability to sync with a PC or Mac, no FM radio, no document viewer, no video recorder!

Battery life deserves a paragraph of its own. Its awful! If you use this phone as intended (i.e. all the time) you'll need to recharge it every few hours. And with a device as big and heavy as this, there's really no excuse for this.

We think that the G1 is going to turn out to be very much like the original iPhone. Massively over-hyped, brilliant at some things, but with too many flaws to be considered a mature technology. Some will love it, some will hate it. We steer a middle course and have tried to recognise the good bits, whilst pointing out the bad bits. Please don't send us hate mail like Apple lovers/haters did after our iPhone review. Remember ... it's just a phone.

T-Mobile G1 features include:

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Average rating from 106 reviews:

Reviewed by nick from UK on 29th Dec 2010
good fone

Reviewed by marc bagby from UK on 7th Oct 2010
I just brought another one from the pawn shop why?I have 2 brokened ones ,one just stopped charging 4 no reason the other has a "no screen" alert how or what can I do with them ?

Reviewed by Alexander from uk on 23rd Jun 2010
This phone is amazing, I'm actually writing the review on it now, I'm 14 and its great to keep in vontact with mates, its simple and cool, I've only had to restart once in my 1month or so of use (due to MY error) it hasn't been falty atall, must buy really worth it. The only problem is the battry life, but this was 2nd hand so I assume the previous owner didn't quite break into it. Its brilliant besides that!

Reviewed by Eric from USA on 25th Apr 2010
I think that the phone is spectacular...with one little flaw. You have no option to save applications to the SD card. The phone handles up to a 16gb SD card, but that only serves to hold media files. Android supplies just about as many applications as you could shake a stick at; however, no place to put them. We need a fix quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Reviewed by amanda from UK on 12th Apr 2010

Reviewed by lee salmon from london on 2nd Apr 2010
its honestly a waste of time the phone turns off randomly and this cant be fixed but when it does stay on its quiet a good fone

Reviewed by Paul from Cheshire on 19th Mar 2010
RUBISH!!!!!!!!! the phone battery last 8hrs if your careful and then it gives me back ache carrying it around cos it's that heavy. T Mobile in this area is rubbish and tmobile told me to set it to roam. It spends more time on orange than anything and the signal is very strange. The memory card is a waist of space as it's to small.Roll on the end of my contract, and this is the first time no one wants to ungrade their phone with my castoffs.

Reviewed by suhas subbaraju from INDIA on 19th Feb 2010

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 19th Jan 2010
I got this phone as a replacement for my HTC 3300, on paper it looks great qwerty keyboard touchscreen so with a data enabled contract it seems a good bet for moblie email. The lack of any outlook sync however kills this phone for business use. In this day and age having to use outlook web access from a mobile device is simply not acceptable. Wish I'd stuck with my old phone.

Reviewed by ilz from london on 4th Jan 2010
this phone have everything i need but its abit too big to fit in my pocket

Reviewed by Rochelle from London on 27th Dec 2009
This gadget is totally not suitable for teenagers like me.I mean the the battery life only last for not more than 4 hours if listening to songs or capture picture. Its just an utterly useless phone.This phone is not recommended.

Reviewed by Dee from London on 19th Dec 2009
Worse phone ever. Have had it for 2months now. Looks good but is absolutely awful. Dont recommend anybody to buy it. Battery life last tops 3 hours, speaker on phone & handsfree always play up. The phone is just totally rubbish. THE G1 IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER FLOP!

Reviewed by kevin from London on 14th Dec 2009
This is one ugly phone. You can not pull this out in public its embarrasing. Seriously, dont buy it.

Reviewed by Thabang from Cardiff, UK on 10th Dec 2009
Got the G1 and im on tmobile. This phone is awesome, love it to bits, the battery life is poor but still i have never had such a wonderful phone. All the applications, the android market, amazing. Its giving a giving my ipod touch more room on the back bench

Reviewed by gary from america on 20th Nov 2009
Personally you did not do all of your researching. The g1 may not come with all of your features u wanted it to right out of the box. BUT it has an app market obviously which cupcake released many versions of video recording apps. Which the g1 works we'll with. And there as been 4+ different ones. Each one correcting flaws from the last. Before u know it your g1 can have everything u need it to have. Please don't be stero typical and be ungrateful of a phone that doesn't water ur plants for you. Or have breakfast waiting by ur bedside in the morning. App friendly phones allow u to get what u want. Allowing "your phone" to be "your phone" my g1 records video. It has auto rotate for the screen it has a touch screen keyboard. And many other features. And no signs of slowing or crashing. Keep up the work. Just look more into things before posting ur reviews. Thanx. Happy g1 customer.

Reviewed by Steven G from UK on 16th Nov 2009
I've had my G1 for a year now, and have been using smartphones and pdas for many years. There's a lot to like about it. Just operating as a phone, it does a great job. Easy to navigate your contacts, and then to email, phone, or sms them. Nice intuitive interface for getting around. It has lots of features including 3G, B/T, Wifi, Accelerometer, Electronic Compass, Assisted GPS, Real Keyboard, 480x320 Touchscreen, 3 mpixel camera, trackball, mini-usb port, removable battery, micro-sd slot, proper multi-tasking. Love the gmail integration. Add a new contact on gmail, and it is on your phone in a minute or two, likewise the other way round. The email client works very well (I have it working with imap, 2x pop3, gmail accounts). The Android Market is great. Lots of really good applications (and many of them free). AndNAV2, Places Directory, Shazam, ConnectBot, Weather, Shopping, Games, all bases covered! I'll finish off with some of the not-so-wonderful things. The battery life is acceptable, but it 'could' have been better (Still it is better than the iPhone). It isn't as much of a looker as the iPhone, although it does have extras which the iPhone doesn't (e.g. keyboard, remove battery, etc). T-mobile reception is a bit hit and miss. Some menus and options are hard to find.

Reviewed by duana from uk on 7th Nov 2009
It is quite good but i dont know how to get the bluetooth to work, good storage sapce, it is like a brick though, but good camera!

Reviewed by Alice from England on 1st Nov 2009
it is alright, its worser than Nokia. the appearance looks nice with a cool keyboard but the battery is TERRIBLE. The camera is rubbish and the volume sucks. SORRY but its true...i would recommend this phone to people who dont really care about the negetive points i've made otherwise dont buy it!

Reviewed by sandy from usa on 1st Nov 2009
horrible experience - nothing but problems - had to harass tmobile to finally replace it then the new one has the same problems. Wasted money and had to change to att so lost money on phone and contract. DO NOT GET A G1 FROM TMOBILE!!!!!

Reviewed by paul beattie from Liverpool UK on 31st Oct 2009
iv had google g1 for a month, only prob is batt life is rubbish but it does all i need so im v.happy with it and the apps are getting better..... (even me best mate got one and hes over moon too! only phone illl trade mine in 4 is an iphone but cant afford one so ill happily keep this 1!!!!

Reviewed by Denise from USA on 30th Oct 2009
There is nothing else to say except I LOVE MY G1. The battery life isn't great, but what internet phones battery is? None that I have run into yet! There is a pdf viewer that is free to download from the Android market FYI. I am NOT disappointed and when and if this phone has lived it's life, I will upgrade to a new G1. ;)

Reviewed by tom from england on 28th Oct 2009
had it for a year. and i am so dissapointed. battery life is just horrible. having to restart the phone to get 3g signal. no 3.5mm jack. and the phone is getting sent back to get repaired again. no sound through the earpiece again.

Reviewed by ryan from leeds, UK on 17th Oct 2009
The phone sucks, yeah it might have a qwerty keyboard, but that's about all its good for. The battery is terrible, internet dosent always work as intended, overall a very very terrible poor excuse as a phone

Reviewed by kat from uk on 15th Oct 2009
too bulky but overall good :)

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 12th Oct 2009
May I suggest your G1 review of a year ago needs updating to take account of the phone's software update back in May. It now has a video camera, touchscreen (in portrait and landscape, faster browser and improved battery life. It is effectively the same as the HTC Magic which you give one more star (4 as opposed to 3). The only difference between the devices is that the G1 also has a physical keyboard and is thus heavier. You could argue it's uglier but that is a matter of opinion Ė the fact that the Magic only comes in white limits its aesthetic appeal somewhat. So come on Ed, why the glaring inconsistency?

Reviewed by scott from uk on 11th Oct 2009
I do love my g1 phone but there are a few problems that do occur with this phone, the main 1 being that it does not take a lot for the phone to break for example i accidently dropped the phone from my pocket within 1 week off of getting it and as a result it broke and did not work, lucky for me i was still within the guarentee from the shop i bought it from so a replacement was given to me free of charge, so no problems for a few month and then shock horror i dropped it again this time from only 6 to 12 inch from the ground and as a result a massive crack has appeared on my screen this has been a major annouyance to me. Second problem has to be the battery life, seems to want to run out in the middle of imporatant calls or web browsing, and also the video downloads are frankly naff, with videos taking forever to download, very much a bit of a dissapointment but like any new type of phone give it a bit of time or wait for a better upgrade to come out.

Reviewed by Holly from Uk on 9th Oct 2009
Well, At first i thought. Wow! Touch screen, Keboard and internet and then after a few weeks it all goes wrong. Internet didn't work no bluetooth. Worst fun ever and I haven't even had it a month. Don't get it!!!

Reviewed by Jayde from england on 30th Sep 2009
I have the white g1 I love it and hate it I'm on my second one already after getting it in may and its speaker has just broken 2 days ago so making calls is not possible I've decided to part ways with tmobile and google perhaps when they make a better phone ill be interested untill then sucks to be you.

Reviewed by Danii from England on 21st Sep 2009
Worst Phone I've Had!! I hate it! Don't buy it! You can't hear anything on the phone and when I took it to the shop they said there's nothing they can do! It sqeaks all the time and the camera is really bad .. no zoom, light change settings ... the only thing you can change about the camera is the shutter sound! Over all I hate this phone it said internet phone but the internet is slow and won't let you on half the sites ... Don't Buy It!

Reviewed by ryan! from Scotlad on 11th Sep 2009
G1 is the best! im on it just now writing this :-d , i love everything about it . apart from the blue tooth situation ! its amazing , so easy to type with and so easy to use , 5 starss :D

Reviewed by j deno from england on 7th Sep 2009
G1 is the best phone out there I'm on it now writing this!! I have had it for 3 months its crazy good can't believe it got 3 stars its better than the I phone and the htc magin the vodaphone 1 yer boiiiii

Reviewed by Stephen from America on 5th Sep 2009
I am stunned you just ranked the Google G1 only 3 stars! It deserves 5. i have a white G1 and it is brilliant! You're just an iPhone lover who just sees phones that are BETTER than that bit of overpriced trash as inferior. The g1 is the best phone there is. The Android market place might not have as many apps, but that because its new.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 5th Sep 2009
Well, Stephen, we rated the iphone 3 stars too, so perhaps you should check some facts before you start criticising people. :) Glad you like your G1 though.

Reviewed by Chiva from England on 2nd Sep 2009
I love this phone! I have had an iphone and enjoyed it. But I would take the G1 any day. The big advantage is that you can get all the applications you need for nothing. Browsers, media players, ebooks and readers, PDF viewers, Beebplayer (live BBC TV and radio channels and the programmes you like to watch again), as well as all the games you will ever need. If one of these apps is updated the phone tells you and you can download the new version in a minute. There are however two issues that need to be addressed. The camera is average at best. Videos come out grainy and photos are average quality. The other problem is the battery life. It is pathetic. However you can buy a better battery which cures the power problem. All in all I love it and will stick to google android phones when I get my upgrades.

Reviewed by nfudc from london on 1st Sep 2009
big uglu bulky,

Reviewed by tiffany from UK on 27th Aug 2009
i absolutely love the G1, my friend has the phone and i have a look at it, you can get it in white or black, my friend has got it and you can get youtube and other things on it, its great for texting and also looking at your emails or msn. i would really recommend this phone to you if you cant get your hands of that keypad. I don't think this is the right phone for me but it might be for you.

Reviewed by Nicola from London on 18th Aug 2009
I simply love this phone, it does everything you need a phone to do and more what with all the apps at your disposal. The internet speed is the best I've experienced on a phone. The one thing however that bothers me is the terrible loadspeaker volume.

Reviewed by Daniel iii from United States on 2nd Aug 2009
i have never seen so many people in love with a phone in my life. some of the very things you point out as shortcoming of the g1 are true about the iphone as well. for some reason you fail to mention that in your so called review. this review is more criticism from an obvious iphone lover. it is amazing to read all the negative comments in an so called neutral perspective.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 2nd Aug 2009
We've reviewed over 500 phones in the past ten years and have been rude about every manufacturer, including Apple. What's your problem?

Reviewed by Frank from Singapore on 4th Jul 2009
I love this phone. My previous phones were symbian nokia e71 and Moto Q9h with (with nasty WinMo). The Android (linux) OS is excellent, very fluid and intuitive. Yes the hardware looks like it is from 1995. Battery life is abysmal but I have overcome somewhat by plugging the USB charger into my laptop whenever I am at my computer, which is 90% of my waking time. I originally did not want the keyboard but I have grown to like it though it is no match for the Q9H. I upgraded to Android 1.5 (cupcake) and the speed of the browser is much improved. At 1/3 the price of the Iphone with 85% of the features I think this phone is a great value and alternative.

Reviewed by pecsi from england on 20th Jun 2009
I am so upset at t mobile right now.You see i went out to by the G1 today went to t mobile in southall(dont go there its terrible it says starline at the front)to get the combi35 plan thats £30 a month but i did not want to put the t mobile sim in the G1 i wanted to put a pay as you go one in there . I had no idea that i would have to unlock it nor did the man.I bought the phone and tried to put my pay as you go sim in there and it was not responsive when i tried to sign in to my gmail account so i took it back and got a blackberry curve best decision i ever made now my life is in order and so are all my emails.but can someone tell me how to unlock the g1 because my niece wants one.

Reviewed by Andrew Nickerson from UK on 16th Jun 2009
I came to the end of my last contract and fully intended to get an iphone. I was, however, really put off by the price of the iphone. I don't know why, but I went into T-mobile. There, I was offered the G1, 800mins and unlimited texts and internet for £30 a month - far, far cheaper than the iphone. On top of that, the advisor gave me a free headset as well. The phone is incredibly simple to use, and what I thought would be it's biggest failing is actually it's biggest strength. The qwerty keyboard is very simple and easy to use, and as a frequent internet browser, am pleased to say the phone is the iphone's equal in every way (I own an ipod touch). The apps store has some very, very useful apps and more are added at all times. In short, this comes highly recommended as a cheaper alternative to the iphone. If, like me, you didn't want to spend a lot of money on a phone, but still wanted something that could do the things an iphone could do, then you could do far worse than invest in this.

Reviewed by Richie from UK on 7th Jun 2009
I have had the phone for a week now and I canít just put it down! I chose the phone because I read about the cupcake updates and I am glad I did. In the light of the new cupcake updates, I think the Mobile Phone UK review should be updated. For example, the ability to now record video. The android market applications are awesome. I tried the G1 and the iphone, compared the network tariffs and to me G1 makes more sense. I settled for the G1 despite its brick like appearance and lack of good look. I am loving it!!!

Reviewed by david from uk on 28th May 2009
I love this phone, it does everything short of making the tea. The application has plenty, maybe not quite in the volume of the i-store. This is by far the best phone I have had in terms of transferring files to/from a computer. The keyboard is excellecent. The trackerball is really useful, every phone should have one. The battery life is poor if you leave all the functions on, eg bluetooth,gps,3G etc. You will really appreciate the true value of this phone if you read the manual and gather tips from the various forum. I guess there are better mobiles out there vut you could do at lot worse than the G1

Reviewed by Chuck Norris from UK on 26th May 2009
This phone is great compared to previous phones that I've owned. It's really tough unlike my last phone (Nokia N95) and really simple to use. I'd have given it 5 stars if it had a better camera with flash (not the end of the world though,if you could transfer files via bluetooth and if the battery lasted a bit longer. Apple better think fast because these android phones will take over the world!

Reviewed by Diana from Usa on 25th May 2009
The G1 is great if you're ok with no virtual keyboard, a mediocre camera and don't mind charging it often. Other than those three issues (which can be fixed or over-looked), it's an incredible device. It's quick, offers an excellent browsing experience, is highly customizable and seems more stable than my Windows Mobile phones. I'm pleased with the G1 and feel after a few updates it will become the best smart phone I've ever used.

Reviewed by lisa from america on 18th May 2009
worst phone ever

Reviewed by Microstar from UK on 13th May 2009
I've had this phone a few months now and overall I'm very pleased with it. There are a few flaws, but its easy to use, internet works well and I find my Googlemail (with calender etc.) very useful. There is a little application that synchronises my Googlemail with Outlook, so I an keep up with all my work appointments. Battery life was a big problem - however I purchased a double-capacity battery and T-mobile refunded me the money! So no complaints there. With the high capacity battery it will run for a couple of days of normal use.

Reviewed by gavin bradbury from england on 12th May 2009
I find this phone to be ab fab. Best phone I have ever had.

Reviewed by Latesnoozer13 from USA on 9th May 2009
Okay, well first off I love this phone it is amaizing!!!! You get free wifi, apps and games. I have experienced with a lot of Tmobile phone such as the Sidekick Lx, Sidekick 2008, Samsung gravity, and the Blackberry Curve. Out of all of these this one is my favorite by far... heck im even writting this now on my g1! I would definatley recomend this phone for teenagers and maybe even a few adults. GREAT PHONE

Reviewed by Paul F from UK on 8th May 2009
What a fantastic device...cupcake update has improved the phone even more - I have had all the best phones and like to change them often, last one was an HTC Touch Pro which was very nice but dogged with poor sound, this one however has great sound...loud too, has an application for just about everything most of which are free on Android market..i cant praise this device enough and dont think i will be replacing this for a while...it can only get better!! and yes i have had an iphone .... all just hype....Android is the future in my opinion - more open source please....

Reviewed by Emma 14 Years Old from England,Hastings on 30th Apr 2009
I Have had alot of phones within competition of th T-Mobile G1, i started with blackberry curve okay, apple iphone impressive i guess, HTC touch HD and now the G1 to be honest out of all of them this has got to be my winner im thrilled to bits with this device, well done google, keep it up!

Reviewed by donna from uk on 15th Apr 2009
What can i say, i love this phone. After loads of problems with my w910i this phone is ace. I sit for age and play on the free games downloaded from the android market, just the phone if your board. Downloaded some great soundboards from southpark, Mr T to family guy! The battery isnt brill but just charge it on a night, it will last through the day. Its great, although not too good in the pocket!! Defo recommend this phone.

Reviewed by jeff from usa on 14th Apr 2009
Here's what sux about this phone: no multitouch, no autorotate, no dedicated headphone port, no video recorder and the anemic battery life (there are double life batteries available with replacement back covers but it makes a monster out of the phone) having said that, Everything else seems to be great. And the fact that its tied to gmail and google calender is a bonus for me as a small business owner. I am not a fan of apple poducts and hate they way they control their customers so for me, this is the next best thing to an iphone.

Reviewed by Caz Buckland.. from England on 12th Apr 2009
This phone is brilliant. It does everything you need it to do, and much, much more. You can download for free pretty much any application you can think of from the android market, and as soon as you've got to grips with the way the phone works and how to deal with shortcuts etc, anything is possible. The battery life is a let down, but as previously said, I put my phone on charge overnight, and take it off the next morning. It will work fine all day.. admittedly it may be running low by the evening but it will last, and then I can charge it again. It all depends on how much you use the internet/applications etc, and I use them regularly throughout the day. The camera is actually pretty decent, although I have a digital camera which, surprisingly enough, is designed for taking pictures, and therefore I don't need to use my phone. The phone is heavy, but this doesn't really bother me, and I don't notice it. In my opinion, this is a great phone, does everything you could want it to do, and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 7th Apr 2009
I am hugely sorry to report that the G1 in my view is a hugely flawed phone. Here are some of the problems with it: 1. The battery life is rediculously short and you find yourself planning your day around where you can plug in your charger. 2. The volume knob (which controls the ringing volume, etc) sits exactly where you want to hold the phone when in portrait mode which means that it is far too easy to accidentally switch the ringer off. 3. The processor is slow. A friend of mine came round with his iPhone the other day and I was amazed how he could zip around between applications - MILES faster than I can on the G1 or my old Blackberry. 4. I find the interface incredibly non-intuitive. It's as if it's a first beta version. I can't go into why - there are just so many examples of where you want to do something - like text someone who has just rung you - and there is no way to do it. I find that you have to have a pen and paper handy to copy numbers down. 5. The camera is blurry and really not worth having. 6. There is no Flash plugin for the browser which means that many websites don't work properly. 7. The calendar is limited and can't synchronise properly with my Lotus Notes calendar because it doesn't have different types of calendar entry. I could go on... I am very sorry I got this phone because now I'm stuck with it for 1.5 years :-(

Reviewed by Rob Lavender from England on 6th Apr 2009
This is a brilliant phone. I've had it for a month now, and have struggled to put it down. The Android Market is great, and it's faultless in almost all other aspects. I've seen a lot of reviews slamming it's size, but I've got to say I've just come back from a spell in that technological Mecca Tokyo and their phones are all getting back to about the size of the G1. Better to have a nice big screen, a full QWERTY keyboard and loads of features than a stylish-but-insubstantial smaller phone. The other downsides ? poor battery life and camera ? I'm inclined to agree with, however it's just not an issue with me. I put it on to charge when I go to sleep and it's fine all the next day ? I don't stay awake for 48hrs any more, so I don't mind if my phone doesn't either. And I have a digital camera which I use for taking pictures ? so I can live without my old Cybershot phone. I'd pick the G1 over the i-Phone, or any other phone, any day of the week.

Reviewed by Felix from The United Kingdom on 3rd Apr 2009
Despite what the 1 star reviews say this phone is not "poor" and nor is it a waste of money. Having got mine today I was generally impressed and especially with the web browser and amount of apps. The iphone does apparently have over 15,000 apps but let me say that the Gphone, has quite a few itself and shouldn't be knocked for that. It has everything from Facebook and Meebo to Doom and Pac-man. Let's be fair, it's the first version of the phone and from here on in it can only get better! Bluetooth isn't really essential for my usage so it's not something I will greatly miss. As for the video, well, you can even download an app for that too!

Reviewed by jack oldbury blud from englaaaaaannnnnddddddd blud on 23rd Mar 2009
this phone is realy good guys ask kids at school and thy will tell you if it is good or not but i think this is realy good its got all the thing i need and want

Reviewed by CJ from Scotland on 22nd Mar 2009
I love my white G1. The battery life is poor but that is due to it's constant connection online. Downloading power saver app doubled the life though. Every new phone release will have teething problems but with the Android market on this phone solutions can be quickly implemented. It is dissapointing that there is no video or bluetooth feature but I only really used it for tunes which I can download using an app. Overall I think it is a great phone and have already reccomended it to many of my friends.

Reviewed by H from Scotland on 16th Mar 2009
I have upgraded to the G1 from a Blacberry Curve and I think the handset is fantastic. I was a bit concerned about the size but it really isn't as big as you imagine and fits in your hand easily. The Android Applications, Maps, Location Services etc are all first class. My wife has the iPhone and while that is good the G1 feels better in my opinion and not as fiddly. I always take stock of these reviews and was a bit concerned by some reports but I'm really glad I went for this.

Reviewed by Emily 14 yr old from London on 12th Mar 2009
I Bought this phone i had a blackberry in pink but i grew bored and i felt it was too buisnessy for a teenager so i looked towards the T mobile G1.I like it, its okay.I think i would have done better with an iphone but my dad has one and he has alot of problems with that. I like the features of the G1 i think the battery life is a little slow though- none the less i think its an amazing phone.

Reviewed by joanna from scotland on 9th Mar 2009
I've actually wrote a review before as readers would see but I think the fact I'm writing another review is a testament to the phone as I have said before I always find something new in the applications and believe me I've found a few gems like android tunes, all the chartmusic loaded direct to your phone to keep that you can also email on to someone else and if you love music like me the amount of money saved with this also if you turn off the wifi which you don't need with the web n walk plus it saves significantly on the battery this phone just never ends with new applications being added all the time and with its release in europe there's just more and more and also a lot of help no doubt ill be back with another review again. Enjoy!!!

Reviewed by John Aston from England on 8th Mar 2009
As loads of people have already mentioned, the battery life is rubbish. Also, I can't connect to anything with Bluetooth - my PC will pair with it but cannot send anything. Camera is poo ( no flash ! ) ... But apart from all that, I love it !!! I haven't got anywhere near to all the apps. yet but the ones I have used are really good.

Reviewed by Shabana from UK on 2nd Mar 2009
Ian Berry you hit the nail on the head. Adeel, get rid of your Nokia Loona and buy a G1. The possibilities are endless. Anybody else experiencing problems with voice calls? Friends are not able to hear me at times, it cuts out now and again.

Reviewed by ian berry from england on 1st Mar 2009
its big its ugly and has teething problems BUT I LOVE IT and here is why 1,its not an iPHONE 2,the internet capabilities are staggering 3,the qwerty keypad is so easy to use 4,no1 i have met has it 5,the android market applications are an abundance of choice,some quirky,some useless,some absolutely essential such as TEXT EASY,the potential for the OPEN SOURCE applications are mind boggling 6,ITS NOT AN iPHONE

Reviewed by Adeel from UK on 27th Feb 2009
Guys save yourself the trouble, don't buy this phone. As we say in punjabi, this phone is bakwaas!!

Reviewed by Shabana from uk on 26th Feb 2009

Reviewed by alex noble from uk on 23rd Feb 2009
i love the g1 but i wish it had a 5 megapixle camera and if it could record videos that would be amazing but you should allow it on o2 then more people will buy it

Reviewed by ryan from ENGLANDDDDD on 20th Feb 2009

Reviewed by Daniel white from uk on 17th Feb 2009
I had such high hopes for this phone and at first I loved it, but even my love for all things google can stop the sinking feeling I got from the use of this phone. Plus points Its a good phone, love the market place, nice layout so much potential Bad points very poor battery life maybe 9 hours standby , the camera is total rubbish even for 3mp its dire in any conditions other than direct sun light, also signal is non existent prob due to the choice of T-mobile in the uk which I have always found to be bad. I am taking mine back I am so disappointed

Reviewed by billy from florida on 17th Feb 2009
i have the phone its an awesome phone i think its the best phone out the iphone is okay and the 3g sucks i recomened the g1

Reviewed by John Langston from UK on 15th Feb 2009
I dont currently own the g1 although we have just got it in where i work. from what i have seen i am very impressed to what it can acheive with the free applications although i am slightly put off by the fact it has no protection from viruses when using customized applications. i really couldnt afford to lose all my contacts or messages just to get a mr T voice application. we have alot of information on its plus points and how to sell it over the iphone, and to be honest it for me is on par if not slightly better. what makes the iphone good is replicated in the g1. BUT they never tell you what it doesnt have and to be honest im just as happy with my Tocco. my view wait a bit longer till the next 1 comes out when the improve those glitches

Reviewed by Miss Dee from United Kingdom on 15th Feb 2009
Best phone I've ever owned! Was recommended to me as a replacement for the Blackberry Curve (which I couldn't figure out how to use, now put up with paying an extra £5 a month to receive emails!). I absolutely LOVE it! I set up a gmail account & there you go, free emailing once you've completed set up - have 2 different email account running on it at the moment. User interface looks great and pretty straight forward & easy to master. Loads of interesting applications to download (even managed to download an application so you get an on screen keyboard for texting, rather than having to keep sliding it open). Keyboard is good layout & easy to use - my friends keep moaning that I respond to quickly to texts lol. No problems with crashing etc. Only bug is the battery life, but went out & bought a car charger so I'm never left in the lurch now ;-). Very eye catching phone, have been stopped on a number of occasions with people drooling over the phone and wanting one themselves :- )! No problems browsing the internet either, no pages too big or small - THIS PHONE IS NOW MY NEW BEST FRIEND!!!

Reviewed by Martin Power from United Kingdom on 9th Feb 2009
Further to my initial opinion's on 07 Jan 2009. The phone is holding up well. Had to get decent case as it is a scratch magnet and do not want to be petrified of putting it in my pocket. The phone itself continues to perform well in every aspect except and this is the killer the battery which depite some initial improvments after week 1 are now awful. If you use the phone to any great degree then the batery barely lasts 12 hours which I am sorry T-Mob and HTC is just unacceptable. I will due to contractual obligations soldier on for the next 7-8 months but then will look to nget out around month 10 unless the sugested firmware improves the situation. The O/S is great and looks to have the potential to be everything the iphone is not but the app market needs to improve very quickly and get some decent apps out there for video - Core player or Divx anyone?? as short of arnie sounds and fart apps it is a little bare. Here's hoping for the future

Reviewed by Arby from Scotland,UK on 8th Feb 2009
Ive had the G1 couple of months now,iam very happy,and ive had alot of phones over the years,lol.It does everything i want,its easy to text,good call quality,loads of free apps and the android system can only get better and better.Were not getting the promised Cupcake upgrade,but who knows,it still might come.Tmobile are bringing out there own upgrade,anyday now.The battery could be better,Tmobile in the usa even gave some people a better one as a free upgrade,but not in the UK,lol.If you add the free Power manager app,it lasts alot longer,sometimes i even get 3 days,before it needs charging,but does me.All and all iam very happy,(ive even stopped looking for a better phone) now.

Reviewed by Russell from England on 7th Feb 2009
I received this phone as a "freebie" through work so I could convince all of my colleagues how awesome it is, so they would sell it. It is an awful product, it feels cheap, it looks terrible, it's far too heavy and drains the battery in record time. Since I have it for free, I'll use it and save my own phone allowance whilst at work but I really don't rate it highly at all. The only cool feature is the barcode scanner which works randomly. A huge disappointment.

Reviewed by anette grimes from usa on 7th Feb 2009
Got a g1 phone for my birthday and I hate the phone. Camera is awful to bulky and akward have 2 use both hands to operate keyboard. Very small key board. I wouldn't recommend this phone at all.

Reviewed by Gavin Dickinson from England on 2nd Feb 2009
I agree with your initial statment. The G1 one is a "beta"phone and I have just sent mine back. It does hardly anything promised by the network and I am not prepared to wait until an unspecified date for the release of software. Hopfully it will prove to be a good phone but I cannot see it rivalling the Iphone. May be wrong, hope I am not as I have not got one now

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
I have had this phone about 2 months now after having a T-Mobile Vario2. Good Fantastic HD Touch Screen (one of the best ive used). Free apps that are mostly very good. Internet Browser Bad. Battery life (awful). Unable to link up to anything via Bluetooth except handsfree devices. Calendar / Organiser not as customisable as WM5 or 6 devices. The above review is spot on and says it all. I like this phone but i think i should have gone for the HTC Touch HD or new Blackberry tbh.

Reviewed by Josh from South Wales on 31st Jan 2009
This phone is like my new best friend! I have text messaging to text my friends, 800 minutes worth of calls, a camera to take pictures of those unforgettable nights, internet to socialice with my friends on bebo & facebook, music player so I can have Lady Gaga loud 'n proud and loads of fun applications to play around with, plus.... it looks HOT and everyone is jellin Xoxo

Reviewed by Zoe from Engerland on 30th Jan 2009
As many reviewers have said, battery life is abysmal. I can check my email etc, or I can talk/text people, but it seems I can't do both without charging midday. That said, I love the fact that I no longer have to take my laptop with me everywhere I go to keep tabs on who's talking to me. So despite my earlier concerns, I'm planning to stick with this, though I hope T-Mobile will SERIOUSLY look at the battery prob. I almost feel as though I should be carrying a separate phone for calling, which frankly, just ain't on.

Reviewed by murat from england on 28th Jan 2009
its very good phone

Reviewed by Russ from UK on 25th Jan 2009
First of all I had my doubts about this. It feels rather plastic and cheap, as if Google rushed it out, and I think they did. It comes with a 2gb memory card which was nice but getting the back off to insert the battery and sim card was (and still) a nightmare. It's NOT the brick everyone says it is. True it's bigger and heavier than many handsets but so are most phones with these capabilities. The camera isn't the best but it does have autofocus and the trick is not to just press and shoot but hold down the button until it focuses *then* take the shot. As long as it's in good daylight it will come out ok. People complain about no predictive text - but it has a qwerty keyboard, why would it need it?? The touchscreen is good, no complaints there. GPS works well (I managed to get a signal indoors) and it helped me find a particular shop in Birmingham when I was lost - it showed me I was 2 streets away, very good. Loads of good applications and I love the way texts messages are stacked so each 'conversation' is like an msn chat. Battery life is a letdown but if you completely discharge it and charge it up for 6 hours (or overnight) with the phone off, after 3 or 4 days it becomes ok although is a double power battery available from some sites. Call quality is fine. All in all I'm happy with it but would have been more impressed if the build quality was better. One or 2 things have been left out (it needs an on-screen keyboard and video capture) but apparently the new software update will address these and other issues.

Reviewed by Carlo from England on 22nd Jan 2009
This phone is Tacky save your money and get a Samsung Omnia or Blackberry or even an iPhone, the G1 just doesnt compare to either of them... its bad. Battery life is awful, having said that this isn't a business phone so perhaps you shouldnt really expect it to compare favourably with the afore mentioned handsets...possibly kids will like it, have my doubts about adults, I've already given it to my niece.

Reviewed by joanna from scotland on 20th Jan 2009
I really do love my g1 and I am addicted to the web so am constantly browsing, I love networking and the camera I really do miss the flash to post my photos on line. I love the free games the free applications everyday I look and there's something else for me to do. I actually would never go back to 'regular' phone I would miss the QWERTY keypad so much and I'm not a very technical person never really been interested in the full works before as long as I could call txt browse I was happy but since the g1 I'm never off the phone I'm learning loads. Emailing which was literaly 2 steps to set up and believe me if I can do it anyone can. The google maps are bang on (certainly everywhere I've travelled) Battery life yes Ill admit not great If I'm working an 8 hour shift and am only making the odd call the phone will last but till I get home to charge again if your browsing you do need the charger which I think its easier for girls we can stick the charger in our bags guys can hardly walk about with a charger in there pocket all day. Other than that love it

Reviewed by Martha Honey xxx from England x on 14th Jan 2009
hey , dontttt buyy dis fone pweaz x

Reviewed by Malc from UK on 14th Jan 2009
Superb, pity the keyboard backlight is so dim and the incoming call ringer is so quiet. Also agree with Donna poor battery life. However the Android system is something else.

Reviewed by Martin Power from United Kingdom on 7th Jan 2009
I got the G1 on a 12 month deal with T-Mobile in the UK. The phone system and the android operating system are great and android definitely has a future and I can see it coming out on multiple platforms and then future handsets will determine your preferences. The handset looks beter in the hand than it does in any of the pictures or blogs and the white version does sem more sturdy and professional whereas the black - well looks a little rubbery!! The only gripes I have are well known: 1. The lack of video is a missed opportunity, but redeemable via firmware upgrade and that is not along term problem. 2. The lack of a good standard video player I think is really unforgiveable and to say leave it to the market does miss the point. Yes use the market but to get a better or more dynamic version but not to get a version full stop - Poor Google Poor! 3. Battery life is poor but does improve over the course of the first week and I can now get 2 days with 3g on with no problems. I shut off the wifi and gps unless needed. But I had a N95 before and the battery life on that was always poor but it did not stop it from becoming a future cult device. I generally think favourably regarding the handset. It is not a business focussed handset and the lack of an exchange client can be problematic for some but if google is your thing then the ability to manage mail, messaging, contacts and calendars and music is a great convergence divice and for changing the market and offering choice I think it is to be recommended for all users who want something a little different. Sure the G1 will be history in 12-18 months but then hey so are the rest of the mobile devices which are new until the next new thing.

Reviewed by Peter G. from USA on 5th Jan 2009
I retain my rating, however after a week of using it, I just CANNOT put up with the horrible battery life..ended up sending it back. I guess maybe tmobile will send a spare battery if they were complained to, but im not much on the side of switching batteries in the middle of a day. Consider that before purchasing it. Will attempt getting a BOLD and if not, then a Storm.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 4th Jan 2009
Was going to switch from T-mobile to get an iphone but was persuaded to give the G1 a go. I like the phone but sadly it was very bad at keeping a signal, it would lose a signal altogether then had to be reset to regain it's signal. I recieved replacements from T-mobile, altogther I had three of these, they all had the same problem! It's a shame coz it seemed like a useful but of kit. I had a HTC Vario II up till now, but I will have to get a new iphone until they develop the android phones a bit more. T-mobile service was good though.

Reviewed by Peter G from USA on 31st Dec 2008
At first experience I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this phone. The touchscreen is nicely responsive and I love the fact that theres a home screen but you can also drag your home page to the right,,which unveils an empty page (much like an empty part of a desktop) where you can place shortcuts for many of the things you acess often. Using it as a phone gives off no problems and the browser is very good (almost on par with the iphone but not quite). The trackwheel is very good (better than all the blackberry ones..curve/pearl/8220/8820 and etc). The cool things come once you download some of the FREE apps offered for this phone (all of the barcode scanning apps are not all that precise but sometimes may become useful and are fun) plus Shazam is very good at recognizing music (even unregistered tracks from unregistered mixes) and for some reason apple is advertising this music recognizing feature in their iphone commercials, but don't be fooled, it's available to all. And there are probably a couple hundred free apps for downloading so there's a lot of entertainment value here. Plus YouTube is on par with the IPhone. Now onto the negative, the GPS is sub-par and rarely recognizes EXACTLY where you are and street view is available in too few places. The battery life is really bad (even without activating the GPS sattelites, which further drains it). The camera just does not feel like it's 3.2 mp, it looks very VGAish. It's nice that you can dial a phone number on the touchscreen but it would have been nice to have the ability to type some things on the touchscreen as well. It's quite annoying having to flip the screen EVERYTIME you have to type something, especially if you are on the browser and you want to quickly go to a url (id rather type NBA.com on the screen than have to flip the screen open). All the rest of the things you guys mentioned up there, no MMS video capabilities, no syncing with PC or a Mac, no T9. and the back that the phone is very heavy. Nevertheless it's a fun device to have but overall I would agree with the 3 star rating.

Reviewed by Ez from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
Guys, you can get most of the things you've been talking about on the Android Market! MP3 ringtones...try Ringdroid, you can also download a video player and an on-screen keyboard if you really want one! So look on your phone before complaining lol! Like 'medbag' said, T-Mobile are giving a free 8GB sandisk card with the phone, so who needs more in-built memory?

Reviewed by Francis from UK on 16th Dec 2008
Definitely not a business tool as there is no activesync, no USB cradle connection, no MS Office functionality (OK you can read but can't edit), no automatic synchronisation with outlook or outlook express (so there go your contacts and calendar) and emails only work with a Googlemail account not POP3 or Imap. As T-Mobile only have this phone currently I've sent mine back and am researching alternate networks for an HTC Touch HD - looks like I'm off to Orange or Vodafone after having 3 simultaneous monthly contracts with T-Mobile for the last 10 years.

Reviewed by medbag from UK on 15th Dec 2008
hmmmmm, dire camera, well most people couldnt care less. lack of memory, t-mobile are giving a free 8gb sandisk card with it. works fine with my pc too. i love the iphone 3g but love this even more. feels more open and you just know there are going to massive improvements in future updates....its google for crying out loud. the actual hardware is amazing, love the qwerty keyboard. only problem is the battery life but even that isnt as bad as what most people made it out to be.

Reviewed by Jambo from UK on 12th Dec 2008
This phone is excellent, yes it has some downsides but this is its first incarnation and already there are loads of apps for it. The touch screen is not quite as funky as the iPhone but it works well and the keyboard makes this a much better phone for business use than the iPhone. Its connectivity is excellent with the ability to connect to most networks type and it is fast All I can say is wait until they upgrade the OS and then watch it fly.

Reviewed by Amara from uk on 11th Dec 2008
I have it..and i think its best if u wanna go on the internet all the time...its a good fone..

Reviewed by Donna from UK on 8th Dec 2008
Fantastic but A very short battery life.

Reviewed by joker from malasia on 7th Dec 2008
it's just a waste

Reviewed by Citizendan from Scotland on 5th Dec 2008
The phone is OK. I got it free as an upgrade whilst downgrading my T-mobile price plan(!) V. good for texting and accessing the internet via a ~£5 bolt on. It claims to do mp3 ringtones but this doesnt seem an option and bit of a bummer. True the camera is dreadful but its not an option I ever use. Batteruy is weak also but charging is fast.

Reviewed by Jorge from USA on 1st Dec 2008
The only true problem with a phone with a phone on such a young OS is it's battery life that's about it. The Android market will boom soon and we'll probably be seeing the features missed by google. the reason for that being this is a bare bones type phone it was menat for it all the be created by the developers and programmers of the world. But i'm still hoping for a battery 2.0.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 1st Dec 2008
Cool idea - buy a phone with missing features, then wait for someone to develop them.

Reviewed by Nick from Scotland on 27th Nov 2008
Simply the best phone I have ever owned. The goodpoints far outway the bad and the capabilities available are just fantastic. The android market allows you select your own bolt ons, mostly free as well!!! Very easy to use and the maps, email and internet are so easy to use. A big thumbs up.

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