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T-Mobile Broadband

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Last updated October 2013

T-Mobile isn't the fastest of the 3G mobile broadband networks. However the basic price of 7.50 per month does include an "always browse and email" guarantee even if you exceed your data limit, and the USB modem or USB modem stick is provided free of charge on pay monthly.

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T-Mobile offers mobile broadband using a USB modem stick. Ofcom's survey of mobile broadband, published on 26 May 2011 found that T-Mobile offered slower average download speeds than most other providers. This survey was based on 4.2 million tests run from September 2010 to December 2010.

The combined T-Mobile/Orange network now covers around 98% of the population and includes access to around 1,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. 

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T-Mobile Broadband user reviews

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Reviewed by Mike from UK on 6th Mar 2015
I am at my wit's end with EE. I only switched from Vodafone because their top up system was rubbish. T-Mobile dongle used to work fine but I have had persistent problems once time expires, with topping up. Now, I just topped up with £30 (6 days early) and it won't go to the internet, just says I have no days left and no credit. I ended up making 3 phone calls, following which, eventually they put £30 credit on there. They claim I have used all my data but I don't believe it - particularly as I haven't used it for 2 weeks.

Reviewed by caroline from uk on 22nd Feb 2015
very difficult to top up my mobil dongle hate it

Reviewed by lesley from uk on 19th Feb 2015
I totally agree with everyone about t mobile there rubbish! i put £30 on for 3 months iv not even used a month and they say iv used up my fair use policy!!! it stinks of a rip off ,bloke on phone said its becasue i leave my laptop on,iv not done any downloading just amazon facebook emails ect! now they say no money left ,now i cant even get on there page to top up GRRRRRR im changing had enough

Reviewed by Thursdaycat from UK on 25th Jan 2015
T-Mobile is second only to Three in difficulty of use, inefficiency, poor connectivity and general rubbish. The only thing going for them is that, unlike Three, they do not publish dishonest coverage maps.
However, at the moment, they have my money on my top-up card, their purchase site will not connect properly, and their helplines do not work 24 hours!

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 21st Jan 2015
This is absolutely appalling. You sign up for TMobile mobile broadband and you get fobbed off with Orange or Limited Service which means you can't do anything at all! I have rang up about this a couple of times and they just don't want to know!!! I am shelling out £15 a month for this. . .and what for? Nothing!!! Its an absolute con. Plus the anniversary day for your top up gets shorter and shorter. All they do is want more money from you. I wouldn't even give this one star, but I have to rate it. DON'T go with this provider its absolutely daylight robbery!

Reviewed by ann from uk on 4th Jan 2015
I have unlimited internet but every week for at least two or three days i don't have Internet access at all- tmobile is really terrible as a internet provider.

Reviewed by mark Cornwell from England on 3rd Dec 2014
Nothing but a waste of money since EE started. Also my fair use runs out in minutes even without doing anything. It's a complete ripoff.

Reviewed by Jo from uk on 29th Nov 2014
i added £30 to my account for mobile broadband for my laptop dongle.. i had a £30 for 3 months waiting to be added today when my internet ran out.. instead of it adding straight to so i can continue using internet for the next 3 months..it vanished saying time ran out and i had to use the remaining £4 balance to add 2 days internet usage instead. T mobile are a disgrace and since EE have taken over it has been nothing but problems for me. i have been with t mobile for 6yrs and rarely had any problems until EE took over. Biggest rip off merchants ever. What a joke

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 24th Nov 2014
I have a mobile broadband dongle from T-Mobile it is useless. Their system is always broken. Top up by voucher? Send VO 1111222233334444 (voucher number) and hear nothing back. NO RESPONSE from system. Send BA or BALANCE to 150 hear NOTHING.

Try top up using the online webpage, click takes you to cannot display page (because there's no money on it)

TMobile and EE are complete morons running a service.

It doesnt work! I have paid and cannot top up?? WHY TMOBILE ?????

Reviewed by Anthony Townsend from United Kingdom on 23rd Nov 2014
T-Mobile broadband dongle is complete rubbish, Keeps disconnecting. Is usable sometimes for maybe ten minuets or so off peek ie, in the middle of the night. Virtually unusable at peek times with pages taking literally five minuets or more to load, even before I have gone over the "fair use policy" I like to play internet chess, and I have lost count of the number of games I have forfeited from a won position due to being disconnected, which is infuriating. An absolute ripoff at £15 a month. I would strongly advise people to avoid this joke of a service.

Reviewed by Mark Bowers from England on 10th Nov 2014
Their mobile broadband is fine when you have it. However, now the seven days in a month package seems to be expiring before the specified 30 days are up (sometimes as soon as one day after, it's recently cost me twenty pounds for two days usage). Also, now that they're part of EE, the Top Up button no longer works because the Top Up website is blocked until you've bought some internet usage. I've complained online about the seven days in a month expiring early, and complaints are supposed to be replied back to within three days, but I've still not heard back from them after a week.

Reviewed by People Power from England on 1st Nov 2014
Well that's me finished with T-Mobile! ( A wonderful sense of relief has finally descended.) No more hours on the phone complaining. I had to laugh. They offer you a choice, by paying 50p so you can be answered more quickly. The reason they gave for this was...some people are in a hurry! Ha!ha! I'm not in a hurry. I enjoy waiting to have my complaint heard. As a matter of fact, when my complaint was finally heard and no resolution was made, I developed a warm relationship with the customer service person. It drew a tears to my eyes when the conversation was over. When calling about the dongle issue..the 7 days a month package, in reality, is just a few hours, if your lucky! It is false advertising and a full blown rip off at best. My phone is also with them and it took an hour to cancel my contract when it expires! So if you place any value on your hard earned money GO Elsewhere. If you place value on long drawn out conversations that get you nowhere, then give T-Mobile Customer Services, a call. They will discuss any issue you wish to raise expect that of ethically resolving your problem.

Reviewed by e jakes from uk on 31st Oct 2014
your fair policy stinks

Reviewed by anna from england on 29th Oct 2014

Reviewed by SMS from Uk on 28th Oct 2014
just topped up my t-mobile dongle with £15 for 30 days (expecting 3Gb data limit)and after using 1Gb got email saying I had reached my data allowance and can now do virtually nothing apart from email and browse - what a rip off. Have now organised to have a phone line and internet provider - t-mobile dongle, say hello to the rubbish bin

Reviewed by David Ellis from England on 21st Oct 2014
I have to do a lot of job searching and for that reason T- mobile is a bargain, £15 for 30 days is not bad, i have used 3 network and for £2.99 they give you a crummy 500 MB which is utterly useless, a total rip of, it goes in less then 3 hours, no good for job searching,T mobile may not be the fastest but at least for £2.00 you do get 24 hours,so as far as it goes i would recommend t-mobile if you need to spend a lot of time surfing,but i accept that everyone has a different opinion,but as for 3, how on earth they get away with there rip off pay as you go tariffs is beyond me.

Reviewed by michael Rustman from england on 6th Aug 2014
bought a dongle from t-mobile/EE asked also for the content lock to be removed firstly its very slow and to top it up the EE/Tmobile shop who i asked to remove the content lock and said they had done it and uon arriving home checked and nothing has been done and what happens no email address to be able to pass comment so from my point of view the service i terrible to say the least un less anybody can mail me with address of someone i can email about this bad service

Reviewed by mike from NE wales on 4th Aug 2014
Preloaded 3GB 3months excellent, but since purchased another 3months credit service has been a disgrace, lack of service, when i do get a service it is around 1 bit per minute, the slowest mbb i have ever had, i will not be recommending this heap of junk anymore, i will never be able to use majority of the 3gb purchased due to poor service, am looking for another provider

Reviewed by HTH from UK on 14th Jul 2014
Havent used my t-mobile dongle for three months, but have some funds on the account.
Try to use these funds to buy some time and I'm told I've already exceeded the fair use policy !!, yet I haven't used it in three months !.
Have tried various options to get this resolved, but no success as yet.
What's the point of having a backup option if you can't use it when you need to ?.
I will be stealing well clear of EE / tmobile from now on.

N.b. all problems are re the sim account - no hardware problems.
If I hade the HW I would make sure it can't be sold with an EE /tm package !

Hope this helps

Reviewed by William from U.K. on 11th Jul 2014
I reiterate everything David W says.I have similar experience.I find the customer service absolute rubbish.I have been on the phone to them about the increased charge but find out that ee are nothing to do with "T" mobile and act as a shield for T mobile.In the two hours I was put through to 5 different people and no one would discuss their Fair policy.I have therefor cancelled my T mobile direct debit .I was charged £42 on July 7th for a contract that is for £10.per month.As for the speed of their internet.At best intermittent. .Basically I am angry about the way I have been treated and the difficulty of speaking to "T"mobile.I will contact the ombudsman about this.

Reviewed by David W from England on 17th Jun 2014
Had dongle with T mobile for years, 1GB but always way over, sometimes 7GB of browsing but only ever paid £10 each month, now EE as of Mays bill want an extra £2.50 per day for going over my limit, i queried the bill (over £87 ) they said it was correct, i've cancelled my direct debit, let them chase me for the extra as i'm only paying the usual fee.....going all the way with this to the ombudsman

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 14th Jun 2014
I bought a Huawei wifi and a Tmobile pay as you go sim in 2013 and have used it on holiday with several devices connected. For limited use such as email and occasional browsing, it works well. However while customer services have been always helpful, they have often been misinformed and inconsistent in their advice.

If you live within the boundaries of Tmobile's view of fairness, this is a useful fallback when travelling.

It is very easy to go over the FUP. And inconveniently the warning texts go to the wifi device. To see them, you need to connect with the USB cable, rendering some of the benefits of having a wireless device a bit pointless. However, if browsing, you get a screen pop in your browser when you go over the limit.

If you blow the FUP limit, you will be restricted. To get round this you have to use a different SIM to get another connection. You cannot extend or boost what you have bought. So if you buy 14 days access and blow the FUP on day one, you wave goodbye to 13 days of full connection. Using speedtest, before breaching the FUP my download was 0.7Mbps, and afterwards it dropped to only 0.1. It was a different time of day so not comparing like with like, perhaps. Even at 0.1, you can browse and email happily.

My Advice
1. Although it is more expensive, if you are dependent on the device for more than email it is best to buy one day at a time, so the reset period is short.
2. Have more than one SIM as a contingency.
3. Keep the device plugged in and the My Broadband software running so you can check how much MB you're using, You can see this in the Networks on the Taskbar if it is just one PC, but not if you're using it as a hub. You will also catch the warning texts this way.

Reviewed by shikira from United Kingdom on 11th Jun 2014
I purchased one of the new 3G mobile broadband USB dongles (Huawei) from T Mobile in store, just two months ago to replace the old one I also purchased from them in 2009. I had parted myself with 27.99 for the new dongle that came with three months free Internet booster. For reasons that I am not clear; the dongle often 'freezes'- along with any webpage I happen to be visiting.

Clearing the web-browser history/cookies; uninstalling any outdated software programmes that could be conflicting with Google say, does not resolve the problem, and I have on more than one occasion uninstalled and re-installed the dongle to no positive effect. I regularly keep my pc up to date; check for outdated drivers, and ensure there are no system port errors. My PC is almost three years of age, however, has all the latest software as well as a Windows XP operating system.

The fault definitely lies with the Huawei, yet if I was to return it back to T Mobile for technical-fault analysis - it will take anything up to a month to have it returned as had done this with them in the past with my old dongle. I still have the receipt and one month of free Internet browsing left, so unsure of what to do other than take it back for a full refund under warranty, and get a whole new replacement!.

Reviewed by Julia from UK on 9th Jun 2014
Hate T-mobile. I have never been able to either top up or buy online without ringing them up from a landline. This weekend it allowed me to buy a day but wouldn't let me top up. Told me I couldn't put money on to that number - a number I have used for 2 years. After 3 phone calls during which they did accept my top up, still couldn't buy time so this crummy company now has my money which I can't use. Fpr some reason or other they couldn't - or wouldn't - connect me from the phone call, which they have done in the past. Just kept telling me it would be ok now and to try to connect again. Well, it wasn't.

Reviewed by ch from United Kingdom on 7th Jun 2014
t-mobile ( not very ) had an auto booster but used up 'fup' so cancelled & bought a normal mnthly booster, recieved txt ( congratulating me as tho id won it? ) informing me it starts right away! im still waiting, they had my money right away tho!

Reply by Julia from UK on 9th Jun 2014
Yes. they are good at taking your money, poor at providing the service you have paid for.

Reviewed by Charlie from England on 23rd May 2014
Absolutely rubbish. Borderline fraud.

The ee payment system has to be one of the most stupid things ever designed as well.

Reviewed by robert from U.K on 19th May 2014
I have had T-Mobile broadband for six years. The reception has always been good. I did initially get caught out by the 3 a day charge when they introduced it without telling anybody. Now I log in and check my unbilled usage constantly. I'm on 5GB for 9 a month on an 18 month contract. My problem is that in the last few weeks the reception has been poor, flicking between HUSPA and 3G all the time. Naturally EE tell me its my USB modem that is faulty, but I hear that this is a common problem with 3G now that they've introduced their 4G service. Also they will not renew my contract at the present rate, it will go to 15 for 5G monthly. Therefore I have to switch to 3 as they offer 15G for 15 per month, and always have done. Their reception cannot be worse than the present reception from T-Mobile.(I have a 3 phone)

Reviewed by Nicole from Uk on 17th May 2014
I'm changing from Tmobile they are greedy, I put on a 10 smart pack and I get a SMS saying that I have used all my data and that's within one hour of putting it on. The downloads on my iphone are all games I can play offline. So why do they still take all my data? It just doesn't make sense. My hubby said its because I have a iphone.
For people who use lots of data try this
www.mobi-data.co.uk they give a way free mini sims
& for 10 -15 a month you get a bucket load of data and if you pay for 3 months they double your data.

Reviewed by Jan-Marie from UK on 29th Apr 2014
T mobile does not offer unlimited internet anymore, they changed it without any warning. I purchased my dongle in 2011 with unlimited internet now only get a download allowance then a trickle feed from 4pm till midnight when allowance is up and from midnight to 4pm not quite a 1mbps line down - Yet on first top-up can be speeds of over 10Mbps ...... Where is OfCom why do they let these Telecoms companies get away with robbery and cheating the public?
There needs to be a massive shake-up within the industry to stop this happening.

Reviewed by Jan-Marie from UK on 29th Apr 2014
T mobile does not offer unlimited internet anymore, they changed it without any warning. I purchased my dongle in 2011 with unlimited internet now only get a download allowance then a trickle feed from 4pm till midnight when allowance is up and from midnight to 4pm not quite a 1mbps line down - Yet on first top-up can be speeds of over 10Mbps ...... Where is OfCom why do they let these Telecoms companies get away with robbery and cheating the public?
There needs to be a massive shake-up within the industry to stop this happening.

Reviewed by michael gornall from england on 19th Apr 2014
I spent 15 yesterday,and 24 hrs later,with little useage went over my acceptable useage policy.only went on youtube,i feel this is unacceptable!

Reviewed by Simon Davies from UK on 15th Apr 2014
Terrible, Deutsche Telecom (T-Mobile) call it broadband but I can barely open an email with it, and I live in London which is hardly "off grid".
Simon Davies - Meteorographica, London

Reviewed by sam from uk on 12th Apr 2014
3 month dongle, went over my fair use policy, rang them 3 times to try and buy more internet credit but cant until the 3 month preset dongle runs out. What kind of company turns away a customer with money to spend???

Reply by Simon from UK on 14th Jun 2014
The same happened to me. I bought a Huawei device and 14 days access so we had email on holiday. I quickly used FUP up in the first 2, through not understanding what I was doing and looking at some shared photos that turned out to be v large files, then had to wait for the 14 day purchase to expire. The sent texts were of course hidden in the dongle, which is not accessible! Now that I know, I will buy short periods at a time. Another approach is to have more than one SIM in your suitcase. I spent many wasted hours on the phone to T-Mobile before we worked out what had happened. Not a good use of holiday time.

Reviewed by May from UK on 7th Apr 2014
I had broadband with BT for years, never used more than 1GB a month. Got a 3 month t-mobile dongle as I thought it would be cheaper. I exceeded 1GB each month, which I thought was odd but there was no penalty. Signed up to 18mth 2GB 11 per month, exceeded my limit without knowing and got charged 28. So, according to my Contract, I have limitless BT Wifi, a way to solve my problem me thinks. But, I have no password, so I phoned Customer Services and 1 hour 46 minutes and 32 telephone charges later, I still have no way of getting onto Wifi just a load of twoddle which included: we'll call you back...six hours later, phone BT they'll give you a password and take the SIM out of your dongle and put it in your phone! So, still thinking it was odd that I was using so much data I've just plugged in my dongle, only touched computer to put up statistics page and I've filmed my computer using 423KB of data in 10 minutes. Odd that as I never touched my computer once, let alone do anything on the Internet. But, the thing is I'm desperate to have broadband this week as I'm trying to complete on a house, so had to sign up to 4GB at 15 a month - who needs muggers when you have t-mobile doing daylight robbery.

Reviewed by M Davies from UK on 3rd Apr 2014
Tmobile must be the worst mobile company out there with the worst website to go with it, The only reason I have anything to do with it is that where my friends live in Wales it is the best mobile broadband coverage, Absolute rubbish. I put 15 on my sim card & no way can I convert it to broadband.

Reviewed by fuktmobile from uk on 19th Mar 2014
I hate T-Mobile. Just put on 30.00 Oooo what a wast of my time and money.

Reviewed by EE HATER from UK on 24th Feb 2014
I top up 5 every month & they send me a text saying that I've used up all my internet data 'fair use policy' my booster includes unlimited internet and black berry messenger... I've topped up again after my booster has run out & they have not reseted it.

Reviewed by ConvalescenceOfEuphoria from UK on 15th Feb 2014
I topped up 10, early; just one day before my pay-as-you go Smart Pack recurs but it took 1 off my credit! I went on just for what (?) 2 minutes, I checked my allowance, and WHAT!? EE, you suck!

Reviewed by anthony from uk on 13th Feb 2014
for browsing and using the internet its not a bad deal, they are getting more annoying now by constantly showing the fair use policy message every day, they seem to have cut off all streaming now. useless for people that want to download and watch videos.

Reviewed by adrian from uk on 3rd Feb 2014
shame there is no 0 stars option.

Reviewed by TOM from UK on 28th Jan 2014
Ive had this since 2011 and at the beginning it was quite good. For the past few months it has gotten worse and worse. Sometimes i try to connect for 5-8 hours and it doesnt work at all. Been to the store with no help whatsoever. Called customer service and no help and got charged 10 pounds for 15 minutes of listening to terrible music while being on hold.
Before I could watch Youtube for a few minutes. Now it wont work at all. No videos work at all.
Sometimes it takes 3-4 hours to be able to connect to Facebook.
T-MOBILE is horrible. Cant believe it's 2014 and i get 11 kbps.

Reviewed by noe from uk on 25th Jan 2014
Hello, watching all these comments im am wondering if it is not in our right to just stop the direct debit from the bank ? I have just got a dongle of 1G and after one week without streaming i have exeeded the 1GB wether they say it unlimited browsing !! don't get this so I won't pay if they charge me extra as I am trying to log in to see my accoutn and it won't let me !

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 18th Jan 2014
Only had the T-Mobile dongle 6 months and its been terrible.
I got it to use when I was away from home or as back up if my home wireless router ever malfunctioned.
After paying 15 topup in November it went down for 9 days.
I topped the balance up on the 17th January and although it has registered that amount it won`t connect to the internet as the site is down.
I won`t be topping it up anymore, I will be buying another brand of dongle. Leave T-Mobile well alone, waste of money and no customer service.

Reviewed by ed jaques from uk on 17th Jan 2014
their fair policy stinks at least dick turpin wore a f....mask when he robbed people

Reviewed by p from england on 9th Jan 2014
under NO circumstances purchase this garbage. a complete waste of money. the fair usage policy is a utter joke. the removal of unlimited downloads between 12-4pm without any notification is an example of the disdain they hold their customers in. that was the last straw. only used the dongle when i was working away from home. fortunately, as a payg customer i shall not bother to top up and use this worthless piece of junk again

Reviewed by Jack Brackenridge from england on 2nd Jan 2014
Topped up my mobile WiFi 15 and after an hour of browsing you tube it said fair use exceeded!also even if i top up i cant access you tube or i player etc til the month has expired!thinking of swapping to 3 at the end of the month!they have unlimited internet covering all video viewing.have been with t-mobile for about 10 years but seems they're getting worse,have no other problems with them though,shame.

Reviewed by tony smack from england on 27th Dec 2013
if you intend on using t mobile,beware.lol.i had a two year contracy eiyh them for unlimited usage,then all of a sudden it changed,all i got was fair usage.fair usage,what a joke.anyway i told them in wanted to stop the contract and was told that i could not.so i went to my bank,stopped the monthly payment,and when t mobile told me i was in breach of contract i replyed that i would be more than happy to go to court and exspose their scam.that was over a year ago now,not a whisper from them since.do NOT use t mobile in any capacity.

Reviewed by Elaine from UK on 24th Dec 2013
Stay away from the mobile broadband contract. Took out the 1GB data allowance for 7.50 per month. Was told you can browse and e-mail as much as you like. You can indeed, HOWEVER, at astronomical cost to you !!! Discovered that for the past two months I have been charged by t-mobile over 30 per month for this because once you exceed the 1GB of data you are charged 3 for each day that you use the internet. I have used the internet for browsing only (no you tube, or no videos etc) You are no longer slowed down as i was led to beleive by the sales team, you are infact charged!! Im very upset and annoyed

Reviewed by markus from uk on 12th Dec 2013
i hav it i cant watch youtube it cut of day2 at is to slow

Reviewed by joe from usa on 8th Dec 2013
I strongly recommend you to STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! they are stealing money! I've been using tmobile broadband internet for about 2 years and i had some problems before but nothing serius,but yesterday when I finished my pass I got another one and I paid with my credit card, and the next day just 4 or 5 hours later i tried to acces the internet and i found that my new pass was already finished without even touch my comp, called cs, and they said the same, and there's nothing you can do about it, they just steal yor money, that's the way they pay you for beeing a valuable customer. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 28th Nov 2013
Waste of money, just fails and is so so slow. Use my phone as it is more reliable.

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 14th Nov 2013
Absolutely don't touch T-mobile with a barge pole! Slow connection, difficult to manage top-ups, useless help. Never, never go near them!

Reviewed by Dalila from UK on 13th Nov 2013

Reviewed by Josey x from UK on 27th Oct 2013
Just come from Aus where i had mobile broadband with optus(usb stick-pay as u go)bought a T-mobile pay as u go. Absolutely disgusting, in Aus it would already be off the shelves.I bought a 10 pound voucher with the stick & after 2 hrs navigating the menu system could not locate any input field to enter the vouchers serial number-still havn't found it.With OPtus the payment options are so clear & straight forward, even someone who is a novice at computors would work it out....which is the way it should be, not some ridiculously complicated process.

Reply by Shirl from UK on 6th Jan 2014
Just had exactly the same problem. Even when contacting T-mobile by phone after passing through various options was abruptly told to go online. Plug and play? I don't think so!

Reviewed by shannon from england on 25th Oct 2013
T-mobile boradband rubbish$ don't alwayc connect

Reviewed by chris from uk on 19th Oct 2013
avoid after leaving due to slow speed they blocked my mobile phone so think twice about discount offered to mobile phone customers no money owing on account plus net gave me 24 m/b as to ee 6 m/b

Reviewed by Seb from UK on 16th Oct 2013
T mobile does not offer unlimited internet anymore, they changed it without any warning. They cut off my internet connection, and the first 2 calls I made to them, they claimed t mobile would never cut off my internet. the third customer support person I spoke to explained that I had been cut off.

They told me my allowance was 1gb per month. I only signed up to the contract because it was clearly sold to me as unlimited.

To top it off, T mobile refused to sell me a landline connection unless I take responsibility for the engineer they outsource encase he damages another person's phone line. This is just one of the ridiculous things I have been told by their customer support and by no means the most outrageous.

I strongly recommend everyone to avoid this company at all costs, there are much better deals around. I now share a BT connection with several people which costs me a lot less, and its about 20X faster than the connection I had with T mobile.

tmobile speed averaged 350kb/s bt is giving me 10mb/s


Reply by David G from UK on 5th Jan 2014
Sounds like "Misrepresentation Act 1967" to me, in which "it shall be an offence to make a misleading statement in order to procure a contract"

Reviewed by deb from united kingdom on 10th Oct 2013
Nightmare fair usage policy and can't buy extra. tmobile sort it out :(

Reviewed by nicky millar from UK on 3rd Oct 2013
I topped up broadband yesterday!! 15 for 30 days, i have done nothing other than check emails and use Facebook. Yet less than 24 hours later i have used 80% of fair use!! Time to move to a competitor. Complete rip off. Wish i read the comments on here before being sucked in by T-mobile.

Reviewed by chris from london from UK on 3rd Oct 2013
3 years ago this was an ace service,but now it has been chopped and slashed down to a con trick. The hardware has all dissapeared off the system and is now for 4g equipment.Orange 3g signals are no longer visible or available. All the guff you hear about 4g making fixed line bband obsolete is just hot air,as the providers have paid too much tax for the licences and in the u.k. this will always be the case! Tmob are the worst offender,and have 'form' regarding stealing from old tech customers,the same as they give piggyback network users 2nd grade reference in busy areas. Truly SHODDY CON TRICK CLIP SHOP CRIMINAL OPERATORS,and I have found bogus forum posts from their staff from tom's hardware to which hi fi.. Ignore the 5* reviews .

Reviewed by kimberly from uk on 1st Oct 2013
T-Mobile is appalling... a total rip off

Reviewed by Brian from England on 18th Sep 2013
T-Mobile broadband is absolutely rubbish. It's so slow it's unbelievable. It often goes at 5 kb/s, I'm not joking.
Maybe I'm being unfair, maybe all mobile broadband is bad.
But it really is bad.

Reviewed by smith from UK on 18th Sep 2013
t-mobile will ` NOT ` let me update software ie flash , abode , anti-virus software plus updates from microsoft are few and far between most links are redirected to t-mobile main page or are showng dead links including youtube facebook, the in shop/phone help uselesss content lock always on even after requesting it to be removed still there 3 time i have asked it to be removed but nope its still there + 1 hour of video use a month well i`m pulling to plug going on sky broardband i`m done with tmobile.

Reviewed by samgp from uk on 11th Sep 2013
If you are on a contract tell them you wish to leave due to poor service unless they can offer you a deal.

We got it lowered to 5 a month with 3gb usage...

We watch youtube by using opera with a user agent switcher (makes tmobile think we are using another browser)

Still sucks though and i would avoid tmobile at all costs!

Reviewed by Stevo from Scotland on 1st Sep 2013
Utter Mince...15 for about two hours on youtube then nothing for the rest of the month...used to get unlimited downloads from Midnight to 4pm...now nothing. Never buy this service, if you can call it a service...If i could give it -5 stars i would it's that much of a Rip Off!!

Reviewed by Olly from UK on 27th Aug 2013
Haven't got a positive thing to say about my experience. You don't get unlimited internet just unlimited disconnects, unlimited bandwidth restriction, unlimited speed capping and unlimited apathy & ignorance from their staff. T-Mobile should be charged with fraud. I'm never topping up the dongle again and will certainly avoid T-Mobile products and packages in the future.

Reviewed by dom from uk on 23rd Aug 2013
awful customer service.very rude and argumentative.i bought the 7.50 a month 18month contract.big mistake.dont touch this company.if you exceed the fair use policy which i dont believe the figures they bill you 3 pounds a day, even if you just login to check your emails its 3 pounds.they dont care about how much data you have used they bill you anyway and after a few days of exceeding the usage your monthly bill is in the hundreds for 1gb of data and if you want to cancel the contract they charge 200.its a scam.stay away

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 15th Aug 2013
Initially this wasn't such a bad deal for me 15 payg 2gb limit, but it was unlimited after 12pm until 4pm. This suited me as I mainly used at weekends. On the whole it was fast enough to use YouTube BBC iPlayer etc.

However, as of August '13 they withdrew the unlimited service (didn't get a text or anything) after midnight and after 2gb was used you effectivly have a crippled internet connection for the rest of the month. There is no way you can buy extra top up, you have to wait until you are due to top up again. When I brought this up in store the sales lady denied they ever offered unlimited access, and effectivley called me a lier. I telephoned their customer service and they knew what I was talking about. So, I ended opting for propper broadband with BT/SKY and get unlimited for 5 per month more with far superior speeds.

Reviewed by George from uk on 9th Aug 2013
Terrible customer service, they have a very bad attitude and seem to let long standing customers go without any offers to keep them.Very bad performance overall regarding speed and continuous disconnect.This was my experience i was with them for 2.5 years "mug"

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 5th Aug 2013
If you like average speeds of 150kbs, having to reconnect many times per day and contracts that change with no notice or recourse T-Mobile is the network for you.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 30th Jul 2013
One hour of T-Mobile Broadband, still within my usage limit.

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19:03 - Connected again and rejoined chat.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 28th Jul 2013
Pile of junk with up to 100 disconnections a day. Sometimes getting 5 minutes or 1 minute of internet usage before another disconnection.

I'm sick of paying them money in phone calls to complain too.


Reviewed by Jack from UK on 2nd Jul 2013
I,ve been unfortunate enough with having to suffer with this very poor broadband service by T-mobile for over a year, I must be a mug because they defiantly shaft you for your money.
Ok so they have got a fair use policy but it makes no difference as I've been at 0.00MB and start downloading a file about 150MB and it cuts my download off three quarters of the way though!! (very weak broadband connection, dont count on it if your wanting to download a 'whole file') so by then I've used a fair bit of data up and don't have enough to try again.
It's a real discrace of a service and would not be sad if this company went under, there tight fair use policy and weak connections mean that you can't really enjoy and have a pleasurable experience with this. Avoid T-Mobile at all costs they just want to take your money and give you back a poor service.

Reviewed by mark from uk on 24th Jun 2013
bought a dongle 30 pound for 3 months ,the next day the fair use policy came in and I am back in the 90s like being in syrup (if you want to play games don't bother with these dongles)

Reviewed by gail robson from england on 8th Jun 2013
had nothing but carry-on with this t-mobile dongle pay as u go which costs 10 a month. honest to god don,t make the same mistake as i did. Fair user policy wot a load of rubbish!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Margaret Bardell from UK on 8th May 2013
The stick is useless. Doesn't work in Manchester or Liverpool. I was told by Esme in the Manchester store that it would work on the IoM. I told her I was very surprised to hear that, took her at face value and so downloaded a month's worth and as it turned out it did NOT work. I would have needed to buy a booster: 200 mb at 35. As I don't have a T-mboile phone I couldn't dial their help number and the roaming website was inaccessible. I am now looking for a much better and customer-friendly mobile broadband.

Reviewed by selmal from UK on 18th Apr 2013
Far too slow.

Reviewed by Olivia from UK on 12th Apr 2013
They are okay but its SO anoying when you get a message saying you have used your fair use policy I wish no one invented this because i love playing on the computer and plus its REALY anoying

Reviewed by unhappy punter from UK on 26th Feb 2013
very poor customer service from T Mobile and add that to the 3 per DAY charges they apply for over the allowance the first bill is an eye opener for sure. The MiFi box was left on so even though the internet was not used, as it had a connection it charged 3 per day!! This was never discussed at contract start and the email they sent last week (21/02/2013) stated the 3 charge starts in November. Customer 'service' say that should read 2012... Idiotic fools and excessive charging dont make a promising business.

Reviewed by jay from UK on 22nd Feb 2013
it is absolute rubbish,fair use policy keeps popping up on the screen every 5 minutes ,saying you have exceeded your data that you only put on yesterday !!!!there is no option to contact t mobile or (ee)as they have now decided to hide under another alias except by phone.when the fair use policy pops up it says you can click here to carry on browsing ,and that never works.i spent 2 hrs compiling a cv then that popped up and wiped the lot !! sometimes you will be on a site and it will just lose its connection ,thats superb if ur downloadin a microsoft file !!!al in al what a load of rubbish.

Reviewed by Eleanor from UK on 16th Feb 2013
Absolutely useless. T-Mobile/DT have no reliable network infrastructure in the UK, it's just another example of a mobile carrier trying to play in a business they're not equipped to play in. The software is full of bugs, pools resources and causes system instability, the "modem" (if you'd call it that) has little to no real use besides being a rubbishy little night light. If you want Internet, get REAL Internet and not mobilephone network pretending to be Internet.

Reviewed by Steve Mac from UK on 11th Jan 2013
Absolutely dire, about as fast as a snail with a limp, constantly disconnects and is in fact a complete waste of your hard earned cash. I have been on their forums, there are loads of posts regarding similar problems. Their replies are normally that you try this or that, anything in fact other than them acknowledging they have a problem and attempt to fix it. My advice is if you are planning on buying t-mobile broadband then gather the money you plan to spend on it, then set fire to it. It will be as satisfying and a lot less frustrating than buying their product believe me... :0(

Reviewed by zochan from UK on 11th Jan 2013
Dont buy dont use rubish and nothing more im taired to connect to web if i have luck google.com open 5 min i live in lodnon Cov is good (for theory). My worst spend money ever...

Reviewed by christine from UK on 6th Jan 2013
well where do i start, i have 3 girls 13 thru to 11 tell them hoe to shut of a pc becauese of your fair user policy, then when i who bought this machine goes to see a video on yt music well an erroe has accured me thinks not, try looking at us out there as families not money

Reviewed by mark from UK on 29th Dec 2012
Went into t-mobile shop and explained i wanted to browse the internet but most important i wanted to be able to skype. They sold me pay as you go for 39.99 for 3 months. After 5 days i had used up my fair usage! And the skype has been useless since the beginning, giving me 5 seconds of clear speech then i can't hear a thing!!

Reviewed by jeff from UK on 21st Dec 2012
Absolute joke.They need reporting to the ombudsman. They are robbing and cheating and misleading many. It takes almost 5 minutes to load google using google chrome. No word about fair usage policy when I bought. I expected to be able to browse on my 15 a month plan, instead after only 4 days after buying I was informed of the fair usage and since then it's been a complete nightmare. I even topped up 5 expecting a little better speed and connection at least, but nothing and where my 5 has gone is anyone's guess. Absolute rubbish and a scam. They need reporting by more customers and fined for misleading and fraudulant advertising. As for a name change EE, it won't help them, and given time hopefully they will be prosecuted.

Reviewed by arzathon from UK on 27th Nov 2012
Would have to agree with every bad word said about tmobile..had the dongle, so bought the sim..explained in the shop what I wanted it for..no problem..no mention of 1GB or the fair User policy..so after 7days I had the shock of my life..suddenly what had been a good enough service turned into a nightmare of a joke...and couldn't do anything about it for the remaining 23 days...wanted to check this out some more so bought another 30days worth..and again after exactly 7 days I get the same message had used up my allowance..so..it's an automated system isn't it...doesn't matter what you use after 7days you'll be told that your allowance is up...and back to the tmobile version of the internet..fair user policy..lol

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 20th Nov 2012
All I can say is if I could rate T-Mobile 0 I would the service is disgusting for the amount they charge and claiming full unlimited internet access then capping it at 1G on the FUP is false advertising. Which may I add is against the law and greatly misleading to the consumer. This is my first experience with them and it was awful it will most definitely be my last!!! They will not get my custom again and I will advise anyone who asks to stay away from T-Mobile they are Rip off merchants. Quoting the person below I completely agree with this, if a company has to keep merging and/or changing its alias for custom something must be hugely wrong with them!!! "Do not join the new 'EE'! This is T-Mobile attempting to get away from its pathetic tarnished name it has received due to poor customer service. If they only listened to customers and improved their service they wouldn't have to change their name!"

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 7th Oct 2012
T-Mobile is the worst product on the Market. Before they merged with Orange you could get free surfing between 12 am and 4 am without it affecting your fair use policy! Since Orange took over, they stopped that and your Fair use Policy wears out within a few hours of surfing. Forget You Tube, you will never experience the joys of videos. You are penalised for being a 'Pay as you Go' surfer with £15 a month getting you just 1GB a month. The customer service are a joke. Do not join the new 'EE'! This is T-Mobile attempting to get away from its pathetic tarnished name it has received due to poor customer service. If they only listened to customers and improved their service they wouldn't have to change their name!

Reviewed by melvyn marshall from UK on 7th Oct 2012
t mobile are great to me i complained and was on the phone 3 hours they gave me 10 gig only paying for 1

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 29th Sep 2012
I have had my mobile broadband with T-Mobile for a few months now. Not had any problems to be honest. This for me is a decent back up internet when my 'main' broadband isnt working. I think the prices are fair. But would be better if the FUP were more generous especially concerning VOIP calls. General speed is fine in my area. I ended up stranded at a train station and this was late at night and I couldnt get home. I had my laptop but there were no wireless networks available. I had my dongle with me and just loaded it up with credit. This meant I could buy a ticket and get home safely. I think its a neat little device and does its job. I would reccommend as a back up internet. Its not a long term substitution to get online. But is perfect for travelling and having access for a fixed charge as a pose to paying extortions for pay as you go internet.

Reviewed by aaron from UK on 27th Sep 2012
I am the very sad owner of 3, yes 3 T-mobile dongles! Only because i was having to use 2 pre-pay 120 dongles simultaneously to be able to get any where near through a whole mth with out using up the whole fair use policy! (which i never really succeeded in doing!) but on the 21st Aug this year i came bk to the country after 9 mths away. Topped up one of my dongles with a 5 to do some quick internet searching only to be hit almost straight away with the "fair use policy" page so I went to my local car phone warehouse to ask if i could buy just a sim card for my 2nd dongle as it was lost some time ago! they told me that wasn't possible so i ended up leaving with a 90 day pre paid dongle again for t-mobile! after about 2wks if that1 i got the same old message page from t-mobile.. only this time because of the fact its 90 days pre paid i assumed it would re set its self after 30 days to 0 only 32 days in & its still on fair usage restrictions! why? a m i going to have to suffer this for the full 980 days? & if yes how comes? there's no way i use 3 months worth of data in just 14 days!

Reviewed by T mobile broadband. from UK on 16th Sep 2012
Has to be the worst product on the market. Connection problems low speeds and a content lock that will drive you insane. If you enjoy waiting for pages to load then its great you can sit watching firefox and other browsers loading icon for ages. If you need broadband this certainly is not the right product. O2 whilst more, at 2.04 per day works out better unlimited wifi at many wifi spots and the speed is usable. Even 3 who i do not like, have pages loading quicker and more productive software. And you will also find the page a complete nightmare over and over it redirects instead of the page you want, if it type in google i expect google in the end i had to set administrator settings to block in browser redirect. Overall an incredibly poor product with low usability and many low level flaws. I took mine back to the store and under sales of goods act demanded a refund. Not suitable.

Reviewed by Lee Holden from UK on 26th Aug 2012
Do not choose T-Mobile!!! The Fair Use Policy wears out within an hour (even when your browsing text websites, and not You Tube. The Customer Service dont want to know)! It is pathetic! You spend 15 and Fair Use Policy expires in an hour of normal browsing (IE, Non You Tube), it is absolute rubbish coverage (as of - 25th August 2012)!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 21st Aug 2012
The 'always browse and email' policy is throttled back to make it slower than dial up, so you can go off and make a coffee whilst google loads. T-Mobile should re-brand themselves as 'The retro broadband provider' because their service gives you an excellent taste of what the internet was like surfing with a fax-modem back in 1997. So if you are considering T-mobile then don't, hit your back button immediately and avoid them like the plague. There are many other Mobile Broadband providers out there and they all do it far better than T-Mobile.

Reviewed by molly from scotland on 19th Aug 2012
absoloutly hate the fair use policy it doesn't let me watch youtube or play games on facebook and it's really slow it's ridiculous going to have to switch to a different broadband sorry tmobile

Reviewed by Hatethisproduct from England on 22nd Jul 2012
Had this for a while and just like everybody says the product sucks, your allowance will not even last you 2 days *not even an exaggeration and that's moderate usage*

you'll constantly remind yourself that for the same price you could have full unlimited broadband without these limitations.

My biggest bugbear however *this issue being the reason why I actually smashed my dongle into pieces and made the effort to post it to t mobiles offices expressing they can have it back and that particular Dongle will no longer inflict suffering on anyone* is that it disconnects constantly, and I mean constantly! With absolutely no warning, then as soon as you reconnect (by the way despite it disconnecting without telling you, you actually have to manually disconnect then redial) but EVERY time this happens nothing will load properly until you are subjected to...."THAT F'N FAIR USE SCREEN" *thinking about it still makes me angry* it's t mobiles fair use policy screen that pops up as a homepage for you EVERY time you reconnect and won't let you do anything until you look at it,it's their "Reminder" that you've just been shafted and have basically no usage left so there's 15 you'll never see again.

AVOID! this isn't even "Broadband" in fact, despite them calling it "Broadband" they even say you shouldn't use it as such...then don't f'n call it something it isn't surely that's a matter for the trade descriptions act?

Reviewed by JD from UK on 22nd Jul 2012
Having had to suffer with this dongle for nearly a year I'm now in a position where I can finally get proper broadband, like..actual broadband not "Give us 15 a month and we'll allow you youtube for a few hours". I managed to bypass the usage BS using a proxy and would advise everyone with one to do the same but out of all its flaws...Slow speeds, CONSTANT disconnection (without being informed until you hit enter) the absolute worst *and this is the reason when I get broadband I'm going to smash this dongle and post it to T mobile* is EVERY time you have to disconnect/reconnect manually you can't go back to what you were doing, you have to open another tab and force the "Fair Use Policy" page to open before it will actually let you do anything and frankly nothing can make me go from 0 - want to kill somebody quite as quickly as seeing that Fair use policy page. Can't wait to get sky next week as for 7 extra I also get a phone line AND it's actually Unlimited! Only buy this product if you intend to use it on the go or for an emergency this is by no means an ideal substitute for decent internet.

Reviewed by DaveyP from England on 27th Jun 2012
Don't touch this with a barge pole! It doesn't matter what time I use it, day or night, the performance is nonexistant. Most of the time the available download speed is no faster than 4kps, but usually it hovers around 1.2kps. On one of the rare occasions when the stats pane said 49kps was available, I could still only download at 5kps. Add this to the fact that the thing disconnects itsself about 5 million times a day, and even die hard T-Mobile fans will have to admit that this is a big steaming pile of pooh. I've had it for two months. No way on God's earth there'll be a third. Robbery, pure and simple.

Reviewed by sue from uk on 7th Jun 2012
cheap but annoying as it keeps losing connection

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