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Switched On Insurance

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Date: January 2016

Switched On Insurance provides insurance for phones, computers, game consoles, tablets, laptops, cameras and sat-navs. Cover is provided for theft, accidental damage, unauthorised calls and more, with a range of policies to suit different needs.


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Switched On Insurance user reviews

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Average rating from 3 reviews:

Reviewed by Naomi from UK on 1st Nov 2017
Worst Insurance Company!

Save yourself and avoid joining up. I wish I had read the reviews before I did. They might be cheaper but it's not worth it.

Lost my phone and am now three weeks later has my claim been approved. They require so much documentation it's unbelievable. They wouldn't accept my bank statement as proof of address and kept asking for a utility bill, even though I kept replying that I don't pay utilities where I rent. Same thing with them wanting a letter from my SIM provider confirming details of the phone, which I had bought from the supplier so they didn't know the details of my phone. Endless back and forth and unanswered emails. They finally approved my claim but now won't replace my phone and instead are giving me an Amazon voucher for £60 less than the value of the phone so I'll have to buy a second hand one. They don't have any concept of customer service.

Avoid them at all costs!!!

Reviewed by Ryan from London, UK on 3rd Apr 2017
Worst Insurance ever! Avoid!!! deliberately made things awkward to get through the paper sift asking for above and beyond what was required in their terms and conditions. This was eventually battled through but took over a month due to their lacklustre response.

Can never get through to them unless you wait on hold for 30 minutes. Then they call loads of other people up for an update and still come back with no information other than we shall contact you. And every reply takes over a week. I've had no phone for 2 months well they mess about.

I then received a phone call 3 weeks ago saying they can't repair it but are willing to replace it which is fine. I have been paying for the platinum service for over a year and was happy to just get a reliable working phone back. Said I would receive a device in 5-7 working days. They then sent me an email after this saying they found a screw missing inside and signs of a repair and this missing screw is the reason the battery and button are not working and its all my fault apparently (I need to go and blame the shop who repaired my phone last apparently) and refusing to pay out and trying to link it to exception clauses that have no bearing whatsoever. Absolutely disgusting the way they have treated me. I'll remove this review if they resolve it but it looks doubtful as they are nothing more than scammers only looking to take your money and not give anything back. Get your insurance through your network provider and avoid these scammers.

Reviewed by Yonko Dobrev from United Kingdom on 29th Sep 2016
First they sent me the wrong tablet, then I had to go back tablet for which I paid 8.40 pounds, which they didn't made recovery as promised. After two months since I made the claim, they said that will send me the correct tablet, on the day when I must received the tablet I got a message in which was written that before five minutes ago I was received my product. Immediately I called on the company that had to deliver my tablet and I said that I have not received anything also informed swichedon. A few hours later I got a call from the courier company, they told me that they already spoke with the driver and he said, that has given the tablet on women of Eastern European origin with brown hair ??? After one month I received email in which was written that they will not send me a new tablet, because the driver said, that he has given a tablet of a man who introduced himself for me ??? I said them, that I'm not this person and they can compare the signatures, but they said, that it's all from them and if I want to complain on the police ???After 3 months, my claim was closed and they no give me nothing. THIS ARE SCAMMERS -NOT INSURERS !!!


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