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Sony Xperia S review

 Review: March 2012  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Sony Xperia S is a supercharged powerhouse of a phone.

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The end of one era; the beginning of another. First there was Sony; then there was Sony Ericsson; now there is Sony once more. And the first handset from the newly rebranded Sony Mobile is a flagship model. The Xperia S is designed to showcase just what a brand like Sony is capable of, and the result can't fail to impress.

Place the Xperia S on a table next to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and there's no question that the Sony is a better looking phone. The two phones are almost the same size, although the Sony has a slightly longer, more slender aspect ratio. It's a couple of millimetres thicker than the Samsung though, and about 25% heavier. But you know what? We don't mind in the least. It makes the Sony feel classier and more expensive, even though they cost about the same. You can feel its weight nestling in your pocket, and it's saying to you, "I'm here. Everything's good."

Switch the two phones on, and the displays burst into life. The Samsung has an amazing Super AMOLED Plus display, which has to be seen to be believed. But the Sony competes well with its Reality display and Bravia engine. And the Sony has an ace up its sleeve - a genuine 720p HD display, giving it more than double the number of pixels of the Samsung. Only the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can match that, and you'll have to increase your budget to put the Nexus within reach.

The Xperia S runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but Sony have promised an update to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) in the second quarter of 2012, which isn't far away. There's some incredible power under the hood, most notably the dual-core Qualcomm processor running at a super-fast 1.5GHz (matched only by the HTC Sensation XE). There's a whopping 1GB of RAM available to the system, and an Adreno 220 GPU handling graphics support. The whole thing just flies.

Sony have been known to turn out rather impressive camera phones, and they've pulled out all the stops with the Xperia S. At its heart is the market-leading Sony Exmor R sensor with a wide f2.4 aperture. But it's the 12.1 megapixels that will probably grab the headlines. This is the kind of technology that we normally see on dedicated digital cameras, not camera phones, and the result is very high quality images indeed. It's fast too, with photos being captured in under a second even from startup. Gadget lovers will delight in features like the 3D sweep panorama, smile shutter, etc that are just too long to list here. Video capture is equally impressive with full HD 1080p video capture from the main camera, and 720p HD video from the secondary front camera, which is all wired up for video chat.

Although Sony seem to have dropped their Walkman brand, their sound technology continues to get better and better. The music player benefits from features like 3D surround sound, Clear Stereo and Clear Bass, and xLOUD. Plug in some decent headphones through the 3.5mm audio jack, or connect your phone to a real sound system using HDMI/DLNA and you'll appreciate just how good this is. As well as full audio and video players, there's an FM radio with RDS built in too.

The Xperia S just loves to connect, and it's equipped with every imaginable technology required for the job. Quadband GSM and 3G support with HSPA giving download speeds up to 14.4Mbps? Check. WiFi support with the capability to operate as a WiFi hotspot? You got it. Bluetooth and NFC wireless support. Naturally. And full support for web browsing with Adobe Flash, youtube, facebook and twitter? Of course!

You like to play games? So does the PlayStation® Certified Xperia S. With a big screen, fast 3D graphics, motion sensing and touchscreen controls this is the perfect gaming environment. The phone comes with Need for Speed™ Shift pre-installed for free, and you can download more PlayStation games from the Android market. Or you can just play Angry Birds all day. Whatever.

At this point in the review, we have a bit of a confession to make. We can't find anything to criticise about this phone. Darn! We deliberately saved our comments about the battery to last, because this is where Android phones always fall down. But those rotters at Sony have cunningly anticipated that a mega-media device like this will need an enormous battery. The kind of battery that causes power blackouts across the grid when charging. And you know what? They have installed such a battery in this phone. A 1750mAh battery, the same as the one used in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and bigger than the battery in the Galaxy S2. So we're just going to conclude by saying that this is surely one of the very best mobiles we've ever reviewed, and if this is the way Sony is headed, then we're not going to miss Ericsson one bit.

Sony Xperia S features include:

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Average rating from 36 reviews:

Reviewed by MC from UK on 12th May 2013
Absolute rubbish. Do not get this. Touch screen becomes insensitive and inaccurate very quickly. Phone will shut down if you have more than one app running. I've had the phone for 5 months.

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 31st Jan 2013
I spent two full days researching phone reviews/prices etc as I wanted to upgrade my old Wildfire (which has served me well for almost two years and is still going strong). I was looking for a mid-range phone and had shortlisted the Experia u, Desire x, Windows 8s and the Galaxy Ace 2. After popping to town to further compare them and decide I noticed the Experia s newly added to the PAYG section at a cost of £200, less than the Desire x and Windows 8 phones.

Having seen this review I went for it and having played with it all day I'm well chuffed!!! I feel like I landed a "proper" phone, it does EVERYTHING and very well too. Obviously the browsing speed is phenomenal compared to what I'm used to and the camera/video is just superb!!

A big thank you for the excellent reviews which were key to me buying a phone that has put a smile on my face all day :-)

Reviewed by Lilly from England on 6th Dec 2012
The camera has a beautiful effect, just like an professional camera, I think its fantastic! Slim soft feel to the phone. Feels expensive looks expensive. The price of this phone is super to say it has many fantastic features on it. The gaming effect is super!

Reviewed by ste from uk on 6th Dec 2012
poor and not worth owning zero stars in fact -500000000 stars

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 25th Jun 2012
Weel what can I say but this phone has been a MASSIVE disapointment to me I have had it sent away 3 times and recived a new phone for it to have the same fault!!!
The handset gets very hot with use especially if you play one of the many games avalible in the app store or watch youtube and the battery just can't cope with all the functions on it, It would take 3 hours to charge and less time to run out and I have now changed to the samsung galaxy s2 which I am waiting to recive as a replacement from my network.
The hardware is great the phone looks amazing but when you have to be careful when and if you make a call or text then its no use to me.
wont be getting a sony phone again nor would I recomemnd this to any one as it has been a real let down
no stars

Reply by sheila from uk on 28th Jun 2012
see below mike others have had this type of issue i have had battery and overheating issues and am unable to rely on the phone

Reviewed by Antichrist from uk on 9th Jun 2012
This is my 1st smart phone, my old phone was a c905 and just didn't want to upgrade because all I was after was a top notch camera and flash which a lot of new phones lacked. But anyway I took the plunge and got this, camera is ok but video is great but biggest complaint is battery life, you're lucky if it lasts 24 hours with heavy use. I suffer with fat finger syndrome but I can get through menus/type with ease, ringtones are loud, no problems with connectivity with wifi. Battery life got it 4 starts but all in all a excellent phone.

Reviewed by Paddy from Ireland on 7th Jun 2012
So far I have had it for two weeks and like it a lot. Well done Sony. Unlike my previous HTC Desire it does not accidently dial numbers and volume control location is much better. It has excellent radio reception relative to any of my recent phones. Sound is excellent.
Sync with Outlook is good, not creating duplicates, and overall storage is excellent.
Downside are the tactile control buttons on the bottom of the screen which are not evident unless the clear insert symbols underneath is lit. Also the en suite calendar could be much improved as there are much better ones out there.
All in all a pleasure to use.

Reviewed by D Evans from uk on 21st May 2012
Just got this phone and so far the best phone I have had. The crystal clear display is great and the texting, the camera and video has been an experiment so far as I get to gribs with how to use this phone. So I have no complaints everything is so good and packed with loads of stuff.

With wifi left on battery life suffers but I hope the battery life has inproved from other smart phones because this is my pet hates having to make sure its charged up.

Reviewed by Alistair from Netherlands on 19th May 2012
Well… my contract was up, and I could not lay my hands on a Samsung Wave 3, so, what else was there to do. The windows phones from Nokia appear to do what they say on the tin, but, I don’t know, they just strike me as clunky. A swift scout of the forums and reviews also suggest avoiding is better than taking a chance, and as Esther has managed her HTC Desire without issue, Android seemed the obvious choice. Venturing over to the darkside (iphone) is unthinkable, so without further ado I spent a good chunk of the last couple of weeks eyeing up new phones, and have ended up with the Sony Xperia S.

I can almost hear the cries of…. The Galaxy 3 is out at the end of the month, or, the HTC One X is a better phone, radiating from discerning readers who in fairness, would be right on both points. However, for the money they’re asking on such devices, I cannot seriously see myself being able to justify that outlay. Add to that, my perfectly functional Wave 1 gt-s8500 complete with Bada 2.0 running nicely as the OS which renders Facebook nicely, and MSN Messenger, over wifi, and the need for a quad core processor is just not there.

So, I have the Xperia S. What do I think of it? Actually, I’ve gotten used to it reasonably quickly. Although still not using ICS the interface is simple enough, though it seems to lack an initial stand alone video player, which is odd. Sure you can play videos in it, but I want a shortcut button for the player its self, and not to have to go through menus. This is, of course, simple enough to find, but it’s an irritation initially. As is the screens penchant to pick up fingerprints. Sure… it’s a good screen, excellent if you add the back lighting too, but, in my opinion, it’s not as good as the Wave for browsing. However… when watching video, now that Bada 2.0 has messed with the local players ability to change contrast, it does manage to match the Wave, which, as it’s 2 years newer, it damn well should.

But these are not my only niggles. Me being me, i have a pc heaving with divX files from various programs, and I am partial to a bit of DLNA streaming from device to device. The Sony has a nice little app for DLNA, which worked great for streaming mp3s, but when it came to divx films, it was having none of it. “File format not supported”, it shouted at me, like a petulant child refusing to get up and walk. My Wave, happily plays divX on the resident player (as I am told does the Xperia) so I assumed it was just an issue with the player not supporting it through streaming. However, not to be outdone, I installed all the delights that come with the phone and thought I could just transfer a couple of divX files to the video folder via drag and drop. Nope… not happening. So, using media player, I tested the sync out with a couple of mp3 playlists, which flew from pc to the phones hard drive (32 gig constitutes a HD!) without a hitch. Fair enough, lets try a divX file. No! Cannot convert file to a usable format on your device. Grrr!

Knowing something of the Android world even though never owning a phone of theirs before, I knew this was a solvable problem, but it wasn’t the point. My Wave, 2 years older, managed all this without a hitch! Pull your finger out Sony! However, as I said, everything is fixable. I installed BubbleUpnP and moboplayer, and DLNA streaming was up and running nicely. As yet I’ve not managed to drag and drop things onto the phone but, for the moment, anything which i want from the PC I can stream anyway, which is better!

There is much to link about this phone. It sounds good, wideo is good, even battery life is good, better than the Wave, having hammered the phone all morning with installing apps, playlists, and DLNA streaming Inception, with multiple messaging / facebook and email running with the standard weather widgets and it’s behaved fine. You’ll get your days worth out as long as you don’t bother having the back light on the screen on all day! With all the customisable things you can do on an Android phone, I soon had it behaving pretty much how I wanted it to, and I suppose I shouldn’t gripe, but it just seemed like a lot of grief compared to the Samsung Touchwiz and Bada experience.

So will I keep the phone? I think so. It’s a great device once configured, does all I need from it, and it should be said that, the extra screen size compared to my old Wave makes a difference when web browsing, which I do a lot of. Once ICS is available for the Xperia I imagine it will again be like a new phone. I would’ve liked to see MSN / Windows Live messenger resident, but I with it being a ‘droid, it makes sense that only gmail messenger was there.

I fear this comes off as quite a negative missive, which I don’t mean it to be. It’s just that, even the build of the Wave feels better. For multitasking, and camera shots, the Sony makes mincemeat of the Wave, as it should, but, and again this sounds bad, I suppose the most defining thing is that, I will still carry my Wave around with me, as a purely Wifi enabled device, and probably will use that, rather than the Xperia when out, and keep the Xperia for home use mostly. It’s not a phone I feel like I can show off and be smug about, but it does what I want of it, and now it’s configured, it does do it better than the Wave. Fortunately I live in a world where now I have both! Time will tell if the Xperia enamors itself to me in the same way as the Wave did!

Reply by Dave from Uk on 30th Jun 2012
A great review, thanks for your input

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 8th May 2012
Well, after weeks of review reading and pinching phones off my mates to mess around with, i finally chose between the HTC Sensation XE, Samsung Galaxy and the Xperia S. The HD screen, 12mp camera and 1gb memory swung it for me and I have to say I'm not disappointed in the slightest. I was worried it was going to be too fat, as the Galaxy is a super thin phone but the Sony fits very nicely in my hand.
When I 1st booted it up I was amazed by the screen clarity, that was before I realised the backlight wasn't on....WOW, I was astounded. There is a video already on the phone, which showcases the awesome screen superbly.
I've found that surfing and texting on it is fast and easy too.
As for the battery life, all smartphones suffer but I have a charger in my PC at work, one in my car and one at home so the poor battery life isn't really an issue.
I would highly recommend this unit to anyone.

Reviewed by Mahmoud from Libya on 27th Apr 2012
It is a brilliant device.

Reviewed by Alibob from GB on 23rd Apr 2012
I've had this phone now for a few weeks, I swapped on the 14th day from an Xperia Ray, after reading the reviews on here and thank god I did (Thank you Mobile Phones UK)!!!! Outstanding is all I have to say, absolutely everything about this phone is outstanding. Sleek and stylish, does everything it says on the tin. The Camera quality is the best I have seen yet, and that's saying something, as the Sony Satio camera quality was hard to beat. A lot of comments on here about the battery life, and I do charge mine daily, but realistically, for an android phone of this calibre and spec, how much life are you expecting!

Reviewed by Ian from GB on 22nd Apr 2012
Fantastic phone. Had it now for 7 days, best decision I made. Pondered over the Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation XE, and was already aware, through friends, that battery life on such big screened Android phones would be an issue. The Sony, as far as battery life is concerned, is on a par with the Samsung, HTC and iPhone - a day and a half and a recharge is required.
Resolution and pixel density is stunning on the eye - beats the iPhone hands down.

Reviewed by liam from UK on 19th Apr 2012
This phone has a serious battery problem with it draining far to quickly (google it).
I have had problems with this phone from day one with it getting hot to the touch just below the camera lens and the battery tempreture rising from 21c to 36c in about 15 - 20 mins when on wifi.
The battery problem needs a fix and what is the point of having apps and a fantastic screen if you have to have it set to 25% resolution!!!
The hardware is fantastic but with such a poor battery and with android as the OS, I feel that it destined to be a "nearly" ran in the the sony range and no ICS as yet will only hold back its potential but given the battery to upgrade to ICs you may have to have a charging port grafted on to you to meet the demands and realise the full potential of any updates.
never thought I would say it but the iphone 4 battery beats this handsdown.

Reply by colin from uk on 22nd Apr 2012
I've had very similar issues myself, when I spoke to my service provider they weren't surprised and told me to take it in store and they would take a look it and replace it!

Reply by F Gump from USA on 13th Aug 2012
Sorry to hear about your problems, maybe you got a bad one. My Sony is great and I’m very happy with it, maybe you got the orange out of the chocolate box. My ma always said when you open a box of chocolates...................

Reviewed by Alisha from England on 17th Apr 2012
First of all i advice you to buy this phone! i got it on my contract and it is amazing! iv had it for a while now and iv had no problems what so ever. the camera is amazing, and front view and back view same with the video camera. picture quality is really good and the screen size really helps. the keypad is big so its easy to type with. overall its a very good phone and impressed with everything

Reviewed by Sufiyaan pathan from india on 13th Apr 2012
Awsome phone...the best phone of all time...its really hard to say that experia s beats htc one x and galaxy s 2 far ahead...so overall experia rules and will get more better on Ice cream and sandwich....

Reviewed by ryan from belfast on 11th Apr 2012
good phone battery life not great

Reviewed by Mark from Cardiff on 9th Apr 2012
I had this phone for 2 days now and I feel that I have made the biggest mistake of all time. I had the Samsung S2 and traded it in at the Car Phone Warehouse. The Xperia is Yesterday’s technology and the phone keeps freezing. I will take this phone back and see if I can get my S2 back. I will wait for the S3 to come out. The S3 will knock the spots off the Xperia S.

Reply by dean bowler from england on 13th Apr 2012
Yes i had same problem mate worse mistake i made when i got the experia s ive gone back to a samsung galaxy s2 best phone to date

Reviewed by Asif chacha pataan ali from Pakhar England on 9th Apr 2012
To all the chacha man out there
I got my very first Sony phone the Sony s and what a phone I pressed the power button
And I was blown away nearly fell over na na the screen is awesome like going into another
Planet and getting wet the apps are soo cool man that t mobile rang me and said Bruv u got so
Many bb pins
Don't like the flimsy cover like only gripe da phone bit heavy on top it feels I'm ganna
Drop it into jaffas laps
Top of the range os system just like zaynab the wizard na bee this phone
Is cool like shimmo
I will give 100%

Reply by ben from uk on 10th Apr 2012

Reply by Charles De Montford from Oxford, United Kindom. on 14th May 2012
I fully agree.

Reviewed by Mac from Uk on 8th Apr 2012
poor phone which is a shame give the possibility.
The battery is poor,the little flap for charging and synching is gonna fall off with repeated use and the OS has a identity crisis judging by the "make you android phone look like an iphone" apps available.
Just get an iphone if that's what you want it to look like.
oh ad my xperia s has started switching it's self off and on when it wants.

Reviewed by Steven Batty from England on 7th Apr 2012
Could I just say that if you look in the Widget menu there is a Widget that turns the Internet connection on and off. When set to off and only turned on to update the battery life can be usually last between 3 and 5 days without charge.

Reviewed by dean bowler from england on 6th Apr 2012
I owned this phone for just over a week the battery life is terrible not only that you cant revove the battery and thers no memory card slot plus the phone is very heavy so ive gone back to my samsumg galaxy s2 which is a much better phone sony as got it so wrong on this phone

Reviewed by molbee bindoo singh from uk on 6th Apr 2012
Got my shiny new phone yesterday 1st thoughts its good but let down by the poor battery style bearded type configuration good on android apps overall could be better but its a sony type beard thing

Reply by Pb from England on 7th Apr 2012
What are you talking about, with all this beard stuff?

Reply by Bill from England on 1st Nov 2012
I guess he's referring to the Jimmy Hill.

Reviewed by allen from uk on 4th Apr 2012
Firstly thank you to mobile-phones-uk for the review on this sony xperia s
It swung my decision and am I glad I did decide on this phone it is a brilliant device
It was this or the samsung note in the end, I did have a play with the samsung nexus
Which is no better than the galaxy s11 you can forget about amoled screens
This xperia is the best screen out of any smart phone. Then theres the speed which is lightning quick. It is also the best designed phone it really does look stunning.
Its a no brainer to choose this phone right until the galaxy s3 comes and wipes
The floor with all its rivals.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 5th Apr 2012
Thank you! Glad you like it.

Reviewed by peter m from wales on 1st Apr 2012
really amazn fone ive jus bought sony hats off to u who needs ericsson any anway had this xperia s 24hrs and cant fault it!! as i moved too samsung galx s afther my sony ericsson c905 witch was good but got tired things broke. glad ur back on form keep it up sony ps wish they hurry up with ice cream sandwich 4.0 update then it be un toushable in the smartfone world as i say im very happy with this fone good job *****

Reviewed by chris smart from Scotland on 1st Apr 2012
Well had this phone for about 2 weeks and ive been seeing myself chare it twice a day and leaving it over night to charge I use to own the sony Ericsson neo and had no problems with the battery I think the battery in the s is a let down :-(

Reviewed by Paul B from Englannd on 30th Mar 2012
Well, another smart phone on my list of purchases and simply the best I've had. It is a great phone to hold, very good looking (yes, I like the clear strip at the bottom) and is very, very quick. I bought this as a replacement for the Galaxy Nexus that I had that crashed constantly (just after I reviewed it) and sent it back. I was in two minds whether to go for this or go back to the Galaxy S2. I think I made the right choice. The screen is to die for. Very clear. The only downside is that its a bit of a finger print magnet. The phone itself is very quick on launching apps and switching between them. The camera is by far the best I have ever used on a mobile. The quick launch when the phone is off is a great touch for those "gotta take it quick" pictures. Video recording is superb and plays back very well on my Bravia tv vs the HDMI cable (included). The NFC tags that are included are a good gadget and I do actually use them. The battery life is no worse than any other smartphone with similar specs. Yes you can turn off this and that but my advise is to persevere for a week or two then you will know what to tweek to better the performance. I charge overnight as a rule anyway. I am extremely happy with my Xperia S and have invested in the Liveview watch which is released next week. I don't often give any phone 5 stars but this one gets top marks from me!!!

Reply by Paul B from Englannd on 13th Apr 2012
An addition to my review is that we went away for the weekend and used the Sony as the Satnav. The GPS failed after 20 minutes and even after rebooting several times it was very intermittent and patchy. I was very disappointed as I used my Galaxy S2 constantly as a replacement for my Tomtom and it never let me down. I contacted Sony and they informed me that the ICS update will resolve thee GPS issue when it's released. Very poor in my opinion. Sony's flagship phone and it's released with a fault!!! I have returned the Sony now (really unhappy about this as I really did like the handset) and have now got the HTC One S!!

Reviewed by nicky from london on 28th Mar 2012
Battery is rubbish and crashes some times. Not as good as the review makes it. Swapped for the Nokia Lumia 800.

Reply by David from UK on 2nd Apr 2012
You are certifiably nuts. Either you work for the competition or you got a Friday afternoon model of the Xperia S (in which case - get it changed).

Reply by dean bowler from england on 6th Apr 2012
I agree with you nicky the battery life of this phone is awfull and its defo not worth £400 pound ive gone bsck to a samsung galaxy s2 much better phone

Reviewed by graham from uk on 22nd Mar 2012
my first android phone and iam not disappointed in anything battery lasts the day for me with plenty left as i mainly call and text and turn off anything iam not using even when i leave everything turned on still lasts a day imo the best phone at the moment which hopefully will be better again when the ice cream sandwhich update comes in q2

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 19th Mar 2012
Brilliant phone with an incredible screen.
I have several high end phones, which I use for consuming media, especially movies, and this has to be the best screen of the lot.
Who needs AMOLED?
One issue I have with the review though, is "the slim metallic strip near the base", which apparently adds to the premiun look and feel.
I'm guessing the reviewer is referring to the clear plastic strip that lights up for incoming calls etc, which then begs the question, "did you actually have one of these phones physically to hand when you reviewed it???"
Back to the phone - great phone - buy it for the screen alone!

Reviewed by wayne the sweep from uk on 19th Mar 2012
had the phone just over a week , bought 2 , one for the wife, i would say easy to use, internet is great on these phones,not played any games yet, screen display is the best i have ever seen, super camera,looked at many phones before opting for this and i must say iam glad i got the Sony , puts the i phones in the shade big time, the technology is up there you can connect to all Ur media needs , music on phone is the best iv herd , battery life is good, if you hammer the phone battery runs down but that's when constantly using it, stand by is excellent, just get one and you wont be disopointed Sony as got it right 100%

Reviewed by king from uk on 15th Mar 2012
I m writing this using this phone. The keyboard is improved so the screen quality and the weather widget is so cool. I have played gta3 and 9mm on this and it worked jus great. The only criticism is the battery life or the browsing it isnt smooth enuf compared to the galaxy s2

Reply by ann from uk on 3rd Apr 2012
the galaxy s 2 battery is no better. dont expect to buy a big smart phone then moan about battery. you want a battery to last for days buy a 9.99 phone they last for ages. its time people stopped buying big screen phones then moan about the battery

Reply by Dez from UK on 11th Apr 2012
Well said "ann"! People are always moaning about battery life on smartphones, what do they expect from the battery when the phone can do all kinds of stuff. It's like a mini computer in your hand and people expect the battery life to last for ages.........be a bit more realistic folks!!

Reviewed by Ari from Singapore on 14th Mar 2012
Had it for about 3 days now, and I'm absolutely loving it! Screen display is awesome HD, and OS is real sleek. Touchscreen scrolling is butter smooth. Battery life is average, had to charge twice in a day! But that's a norm for most Android handsets anyway. For Mac users like me, trabsferring of data to your Macbook is only viable through the software Bridge for Mac.
All in all, it's a real Android super powerhouse!

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 14th Mar 2012
I have had the phone now 24 hours and i love it. Great screen, everything already installed such as sat nav & facebook. The screen is amazing. Battery life is ok too. My only criticism is the data transfer. I have a mac so had to find the software then connebt the phone. I was doing it for a good few hours last night and still have other half to do. Music and picture are awsome once on the phone tho. Best phone ever, traded in my iphone 4s for this and I am glad I did

Reply by Mark smith from UK on 23rd Mar 2012
Hi am getting this phone soon and am also running a Mac, will be looking for software to do the same: which software did you use please?

Reviewed by patrick wong from singapore on 12th Mar 2012
There are two phones which really impress..samsung note and sony experia s.
Both are awfully good.
Galaxy nexus and samsung galaxy s2 comes in 2nd ..IMHO

Reviewed by S from UK on 10th Mar 2012
In a word- wow!
This truly is a beast of a phone, and will still hold its own when the quad-core gang are released in a few months' time. The screen, imo, is the best ever produced on a mobile phone and the connectivity feature set is astounding, especially with the addition of these new NFC tags. The user interface is always a pleasure with android and the camera is probably second only to the N8.
Small niggles include the fact the phone is a bit top-heavy so is prone to the odd fall and the battery life isn't as stellar as made out to be in the review. But all things considered this is one of the very best phones out there. Buy now

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