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Sony Xperia Miro review

 Review: September 2012  

Last updated April 2013

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Sony Xperia Miro is an excellent entry-level smartphone.

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Compact & slimline design

Sony is busy launching Android phones left, right and centre in 2012, and we're busy liking them. The Miro is another one to like, and in fact it's one of the best entry-level smartphones we've reviewed.

The Miro is almost exactly the same size as the mid-range Xperia U, but it's a couple of millimetres thinner, making it very easy to handle. It's a smart-looking handset available in a range of colours, and with a new-style LED light located just above the XPERIA logo below the screen. The light flashes discreetly to notify you of messages, facebook updates and other events and can be customised to your preferences. You can even change the colour of the light.

The Miro is large enough for a 3.5 inch screen, which is the same size as rivals like the HTC Desire C and Samsung Galaxy Ace. The screen is a standard LCD display with a decent 320x480 resolution and benefiting from an anti-reflection coating.

Ice Cream Sandwich

The Miro runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which isn't quite the latest release, but isn't far off. An upgrade to 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is on the cards for later in 2012.

Like other Xperia phones, the Miro has been customised with Sony's Timescape app which integrates your communications into a single place, including facebook, twitter, email and texts.

Facebook is closely integrated into the user interface, so you can easily share photos and music with friends. The photo album app lets you share photos on facebook and see likes and comments directly from the app. Similarly the music player lets you share your music tastes and see what others like. The calendar app automatically displays birthdays and other events from facebook.

Photos & video

The Miro has a high quality 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and a pulsed LED flash for extra brightness in low lighting. It can record video at VGA resolution and 30 frames per second.

A second VGA front-facing camera can be used for self-portraits or for video chatting.

The 3.5 inch screen isn't the biggest for watching videos or viewing photos, but it does the job.


Sony phones have always enjoyed a great reputation for music and the Miro is no exception. The music player app is fully featured and sound quality is good, with a manual equaliser available for fine tuning plus Sony's xLOUD feature, which does what its name suggests and pumps up the volume on your speakers!

TrackID can recognise a music track and identify the song and artist for you.

Sony's subscription service, Music Unlimited, gives you access to a large library of music which can be listened to offline.

Good connectivity

The Miro is a 3G phone with fast HSPA data capability. It also has Wi-Fi for even faster data access in a Wi-Fi zone, and it can function as a Wi-Fi hotspot itself, enabling other Wi-Fi devices to connect to the internet.

It also supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity. DLNA lets you stream images or video to a compatible TV. You can also use it to stream music wirelessly to a hifi. A 3.5mm audio jack lets you plug in a standard-fit headset.

The only thing missing is NFC, which doesn't yet feature on any phones at this price point.

Processing power

Remember that the Miro is an entry-level smartphone and you won't be disappointed by the less-than-sparkling 800MHz processor. It's enough to power a phone of this type, although it doesn't give the ultrafast responsiveness of an Xperia T for example.

Memory is generous, with 4GB of built-in storage, although only 2GB is available to the user. For additional storage you can add a 32GB microSD memory card and there's an additional 50GB of cloud storage available if you want it.

Strong battery life

All smartphones drain battery power at an alarming rate, but Sony understand this and have equipped the Miro with a big 1500mAh battery. It's the kind of battery that typically powers much higher-end smartphones, and that means that it's more than adequate for the Miro. You ought to be able to go for a couple of days between charges even if you're a moderate to heavy user.

Conclusion - an impressive low-cost smartphone

For an entry-level smartphone, the Xperia Miro does all we could ask of it and more. It's a better phone that the similarly-priced Tipo. The 3.5 inch screen is as big as most rivals, and offers a crisp display while keeping the phone compact, slim and lightweight. The 5 megapixel camera is excellent, and while it lacks HD video recording, it does offer a secondary VGA camera for video chat. The Ice Cream Sandwich operating system works well, and we like Sony's tweaks to the user interface, especially the close facebook integration. The onboard memory is generous, and the cloud storage is a welcome bonus. Connectivity is excellent, and the battery life is a particular strength of the phone. If there's one thing that feels a bit mediocre, it's the rather lacklustre 800MHz processor, and for that reason you may prefer the Sony Xperia U or the HTC Desire X.

Sony Xperia Miro features include:

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Average rating from 18 reviews:

Reviewed by Lee from uk on 10th Dec 2014
Both me and my wife have got Miros and we thought they were great ... until last month... both the phones are under a year old and an ugly issue has raised its head

Mine started boot cycling after making a call (everytime) and then deleting texts and call logs and randomly changing the ringtone which is really annoying and the wifes started to do EXACTLY the same..... updates causing software issues??? spoke to sony and they claim taht they arent aware of that fault yet EVERY forum ive looked at are report the same issue...

its a shame as it was a brilliant phone and the wife was impressed with the camera

im loathed to change the phones but it looks like i may have to which is a shame

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 13th Nov 2014
Bought in May 2013 and performed well until recently when the phone memory (RAM) became full. Since then have moved any apps I can to internal storage, and have also disabled some. Device has now begun to restart itself on an hourly basis! Also I can't update contacts any more. A good little phone for its time, but times move on...

Reviewed by Jake from England on 26th Jul 2014
This phone is atrocious. I got it in March 2014, and it worked great for about 5 months. After that, it ran out of storage, apps would be slow to load, and nearly every call would make the phone crash if it lasted longer than 2 minuets. I wont buy a phone this cheap again, as it has caused nothing but problems. It has now gotten so bad that i took out the sim card and SD card, and my phone is now in pieces at the bottom of a wall. I now have a 10 phone from Tesco until my contract ends. This Tesco phone works better than my Miro ever did.

Reviewed by Sumeet from India on 24th Jul 2014
Bought this cell last year in 2013, its only 1 year now but only after using six months this cell became a useless box. It takes 1 or 2 mintues to load contacts. After clicking on call it wont call. But after 5 mintues it will call. Heating problem, Lags everytime while browsing or playing mid range games. Rubbish product from Sony. Will never buy Sony mobiles ever.

Reviewed by Libby from UK on 9th Jun 2014
I've had this phone for a while, it was good for the first few months, but then it slowly went downhill. The Google search would constantly crash, and the only way to fix it was to open an app and then reopen the search bar.
It doesn't show my contacts, except for 4? I've tried saving contacts in both options (it definitely did save), yet when i view my contact list they don't come up.
In more recent months, my phone constantly tells me my storage space it low, yet my SD card is less than half full, and there's plenty on space on the phone itself. It doesn't let me download apps anymore.
Also, a problem with downloading files (before the warning for storage)It will download the file entirely, but won't open it and makes it useless. This used to work before so I don't know what changed.

Reviewed by Bri from Liverpool on 1st Mar 2014
I all depends what you want from your mobile, be it an uber-expensive fashion item or simply an economical but useful product. Admittedly I'm not a heavy user but I bought mine 2nd hand for 40, stuck in a 15 Ovivo sim and now laugh at my mates with their huge bills and long contracts on phones already considered out of date ... 0 a month is the kind of deal I like best.

The Miro might not be the fastest or flashiest - but it's no slouch either, internet works fine as does the Wifi and Bluetooth that modern living demands today ... If you really must have a 5c why are you reading this anyway?

Reviewed by tom from suffolk on 23rd Feb 2014
Useless pile of junk. Freezes,has lost ALL my contacts,inconsistent rubbish. Not buying sony again

Reviewed by Pete from Merseyside on 8th Feb 2014
yes it's a bad bad phone. My son hardly uses it as it constant freezes or crashes. got forbid if he was a heavy user it would probably be smashed up by now. Don't buy this piece of junk.

Reviewed by Elaine from Basingstoke UK on 7th Feb 2014
To say that I 'loathe' this phone is an understatement. It constantly reboots itself even during mid converstion, it freezes / hangs which means you cannot end the call you just have to wait for it to recover, which takes a couple of minutes all of which is irrating for me and equally irrating for the person on the other end. I've had this phone since April 2013 but unfortunately I have to wait another year until I can upgrade. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, its totally unreliable. My last mobile was a Sony Ericcson V630i I had it for 7 years, never had a problem with it. Sony, I wouldnt give this phone any stars however 1 is the lowest on the rating list.

Reviewed by Mike R Peak from UK on 6th Feb 2014
This phone is a masterpiece of junk, I wish I never bought it. It freezes and crashes several times a day. I understand it's entry level, so it can't cope with more than 1 app running (or installed, I'd say), but it's even slow at texting and an absolute nightmare for calls: it doesn't call and when it does it ends the call unexpectedly. It changes the ringtones for no reason and changes volume settings, hence I miss calls because I simply don't hear them. In one year I have managed to pick up only a dozen calls, unless I was holding it in my hand and looking at the screen.
And sometimes it just stops using data and you have to reboot it (and it takes several minutes...).
It's not even good as a paperweight!

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 31st Jan 2014
I got this phone for Xmas, but it keeps crashing on me and freezing!! Wont phone people, then wen its in my pocket will phone that person later on!!

Reviewed by tony from uk on 7th Dec 2013
This is the worst phoneever, constantly crashing, nothing updates, I completely regret buying it!

Reviewed by BatWoman from UK on 11th Sep 2013
This phone is a piece of junk, it freezes all the time and the software's rubbish too. It wouldn't let me access Evernote or Pocket, never had this problem with other phones.

Reviewed by edjc from uk on 13th May 2013
This is the ultimate in junk

Reviewed by Chris Rose from Norfolk on 22nd Feb 2013
This phone is rubbish, will not send SMS messages with pictures attached, loses contacts, short battery life., unpredictable, not easy to use. In short, dont touch it

Reviewed by Kim Noble from Goole, East Ridings of Yorkshire on 26th Jan 2013
have had the Miro for about 4-5 months and totally regret buying it. The only good thing is the strong battery life. If you want a phone for calling and texting this is for you. If you want to use it for anything more I'd look elsewhere. The main problem is the not being able to move any apps on to the Micro SD card. This limits what I do constantly and something as standard as Facebook cannot be updated as there is no space. The camera is very poor and slow. Apps constantly crash and freeze. The only way to fix this is to turn the phone off for a few minutes and try again. Avoid the Miro. I am just trying to decide what I am going to replace it with now and then it's gone.

Reply by Chris Rose from England on 22nd Feb 2013
I fully agree Kim, I have been a loyal Sony user for several years but fail to see how they came up with this piece of junk.

Reply by chris wood from England on 24th Mar 2014
I have had mine for 2 yrs now and there is a red triangle warning saying data useage warning for a good few months now.despite taking it to various O2 stores no one can sort it even though Sony has been consulted.last week I tried to put on more music via pc on to my sd card but it hadn't done that even though the pc said it went to Sony phone.so at the moment it is not so clever.I have no complaint otherwise as it's a nice little phone and I am getting on in years so dont really want to change it as I don't know how to or even if I can transfer my games to another device.apart from these problems it's ok.

Reviewed by Ronald from Shetland, Scotland on 15th Dec 2012
got 1 yesterday an Im not impressed with the touchscreen, it is either to sensative or not sensative enought, and there's no way of changing it. Apart fron that it is a brilliant phone well worth the money, keep your iphones

Reviewed by Ricky from England on 27th Nov 2012
had this phone for a month now and have to say it is awesome.thought i might be dissappointed with the low res screen but it is very crisp and clear and reading small text is no problem.good sound and very responsive screen.overall just cant fault it well worth the money.

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