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Sony Xperia E review

 Review: April 2013  

Last updated May 2014

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Sony Xperia E is a good basic smartphone with Android Jelly Bean, a good music player with plenty of memory and exceptional battery life. But the poor camera lets it down.

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Billed as the "no-nonsense Android phone", the Sony Xperia E is a phone that certainly lives up to its modest hype. It's an entry-level smartphone covering the basics well.

Design & styling

The Xperia E is the smallest phone in Sony's current range. But as a no-nonsense budget phone we don't have any complaints about how the Xperia E looks or feels.

It has a small screen of 3.5 inches with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, which is standard for an entry-level phone. The screen is scratch-resistant and capacitive, making it sensitive to touch. We'd say that 3.5 inches is the minimum size you should consider when buying a smartphone.

The phone is available in Black, Pink or White.

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

The Xperia E comes with Google Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) installed. Jelly Bean offers several useful goodies, including an improved keyboard with a better predictive dictionary, improved battery life and the new Google Now cards that tell you the weather, traffic reports, train times and other handy info.

Sony has customised Android with its Timescape and Infinite modifications, plus an extended home screen and some extra connectivity control options.

Google Play lets you download a huge choice of apps, many of them free. Pre-installed apps include Google Maps with Street View, a web browser, Facebook and a barcode scanner.

Processor & memory

The phone is powered by a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is just adequate for the task and makes the user interface run smoothly. The RAM is limited to 512MB, but that's enough for an entry-level smartphone.

We have no complaints about the memory, as there's 4GB of built-in storage, of which about 2GB is available to the user, plus a microSD card slot, so you can easily and cheaply add an additional 32GB of memory for storing music, apps, etc.

Camera & video

For £100 you can't expect a high quality camera. True to form, the Xperia E doesn't give you one! The camera is equipped with a very low resolution 3.2 megapixel sensor, with no flash or autofocus and is capable of capturing video at VGA resolution only. This is suitable for taking snaps of friends during daylight and sharing them on facebook, but not much else.

Music & sound

The Xperia E does a better job when it comes to music. It can replace your iPod, as it includes Sony's Walkman player with album art, shuffle and smart playlists. The xLOUD audio filter will pump up your bass and you can use the manual equaliser to fine-tune the response.

Thanks to the memory card slot, you have up to 32GB of storage - enough for thousands of music tracks. Although the phone promises 3D surround sound, don't expect a lot from the tiny speakers, but if you plug in a set of headphones then the audio quality is good.

There's also a built-in FM radio with RDS.

Voice quality when calling is better than average, thanks to HD voice (on supported networks) and noise suppression technology.


This is a 3G phone capable of fast data access of up to 7.2Mbps via HSPA, and it also handles quadband GSM networks as a fallback, so you can use it outside urban centres and overseas too.

A handy data usage app helps you monitor your downloading costs, which can easily get out of control on an Android smartphone if you don't track them.

In addition to 3G connectivity, you can access the internet or other devices via Wi-Fi. You also have a USB connection and a 3.5mm headphone jack. DLNA connectivity is a useful bonus, enabling you to connect your phone to a compatible TV or other DLNA device.

Battery life

Many entry-level smartphones fail totally when it comes to battery life, but this isn't a problem for the Xperia E, which has a larger battery than many entry-level products. Rated at 1530mAh, this is enough for 6.3 hours of talktime or an incredible 33 hours of music playback. So if you can't stop using your phone, or if you need a long-lasting battery for a festival or camping holiday, then the Xperia E definitely does the job.

Conclusion - a good basic smartphone

If you want a smartphone that doesn't cost much, then the Xperia E looks like a good choice. Sony is in danger of overcrowding the budget Android market by releasing a large number of very similar phones. Picking out the best model isn't easy, as they are very similar but have different strengths and weaknesses.

The Xperia E has the advantage of Android Jelly Bean, a memory card slot and strong battery life. Its weakness is the sub-standard camera. The new Sony Xperia E1 offers a better screen, faster dual-core processor and a larger battery for around the same price and is a much better option than the Xperia E.

Sony Xperia E features include:

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Sony Xperia E user reviews

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Average rating from 93 reviews:

Reviewed by Chris Ayres from UK on 11th Oct 2017
Guys the reason your all saying this phone is laggy and slow is because unlike me you all have no idea of Software programming , i got this phone to run as fast as an I phone 4s by doing these simple tricks , firstly go activate developer options disable Animations as these greatly slow down the phone also enable forced GPU rendering and also Disable the unused apps and move all others to your sd card , i will admit though the internet browsing speed is not the best when using data as its not WCDMA + it is only basic HSPUA which is outdated by todays standards also the camera is not very good but i picked my Xperia up on ebay for £20 as my old Medion phone broke and io wanted a phone i could drop and not worry about damaging , anyway i would advise not to buy this as your main phone but think of it more as a reliable backup in case of emergency.

Reviewed by Eric_Mazurek from England on 24th Nov 2015
A great phone that gives me everything I need. it;Internet,texting,good camera,access to Mt emails,storage of my music and a host of other attributes. Too many to mention. All in all,a perfect phone and computer that fits all of my needs.

Reviewed by David from Uk on 21st Sep 2015
Ridiculous storage issues, can't even find mods for it. Look on Mazuma to see how much it is worth used!! NOTHING!! My HTC with smashed screen got me £15. It is a pile if junk and Sony should be ashamed.

Reviewed by Neil Jones from UK on 8th Aug 2015
I only wanted a smartphone to dabble with Android and I didn't want to spend a fortune either, plus I refuse to pay a fortune for Apple's iPhones.

Yes the camera on the Xperia E sucks. But I didn't buy it for the camera - every budget phone I've had has had a poor camera so it didn't surprise me on this occasion.

Speed wise, in its default state it will drag and fill up since all the default apps are installed as system apps so you can't get rid of what you don't use and the app updates fill up the internal space. There are apps on the Play Store to get round removing System Apps.

Once you've freed up some space removing what you know you won't use and moved your apps to an SD card, this becomes a semi-decent little performer of a phone. Nothing you do or add to it software wise will make it absolutely fly but you can help it.

For a first smartphone, it's capable. It phones, it texts, it looks pretty and the call/build quality is good. When your needs outgrow the phone, replace it, but if those needs basically boil down to calling, texting, the occasional photograph if you get rear-ended and the odd game off the Play Store, then this'll do it.

Reviewed by Catherine from England on 30th Jul 2015
So slow short battery life does not give any notify if any messages come through regret buying it.

Reviewed by Ella from UK on 5th Jul 2015
I have had this phone for almost a year and a half and the only good things about this phone is that it's very strong and my battery lasts very well however it has always been extremely slow, and is getting worse. It takes too much time to text because I have to wait for the phone to catch up once I've typed it. It hardly ever responds and memory space is terrible. Apps take ages to open sometimes won't let me answer calls. I wouldn't recommend it at all.

Reviewed by claire from uk on 20th Jun 2015
I have had this phone for 10 months and the battery doesn't even last a day, even if not used alot. The camera is rubbish. The phone runs slow after using internet. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Its a rubbish phone.

Reviewed by Chris from Ireland on 20th May 2015
Laggy muck cheap..... who writes these reviews?

Reviewed by Thomas from UK on 13th May 2015
Terrible phone, You could make a cup of tea while waiting for an app to open, ive lost count the amount of times ive had to take the battery out, to reset it and hopefully speed it up. Texting is glacier at best, at least a good 5 minutes for a 10 word text.


Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 8th May 2015
Had this phone for a while now. It is a bit leggy and I Had to buy a memory card so I could download more apps but over all it is good phone. I have dropped it many times and it hasn't smashed or broken. Great for a first time smart phone user like myself.

Reviewed by Walter from Canada on 21st Apr 2015
After two months of very light use, the display failed. Then the nightmare began. I spent a whole afternoon trying to reach customer service, only to be cut off repeatedly; on-line chat is actually with an unhelpful computer; emails are not answered. Even the address to send the broken phone to is a secret--you must have their permission to send it for repair. In the end I was finally told that I must send the phone in for "evaluation," which will take three weeks after receipt of the phone, and then, if it is deemed my fault, I must pay $25 just to have the broken phone returned to me if I do not want to pay an unstated amount to have it repaired. This is stupid and very bad business. How much money would Sony lose if they simply replaced my broken phone? how much would they gain in customer satisfaction and loyalty? Instead, I will never buy a Sony product again, and I will show everyone I can the broken screen on my stupid, useless phone.

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 18th Apr 2015
A piece of JUNK don't buy it.

Reviewed by jo from uk on 31st Mar 2015
A piece of plastic tat. I've always had Sony Ericssons so naturally went the way of Sony, never again, this phone is not fit for purpose, Sony should be ashamed for putting this tat on the market. About 85% of the time i do not know i have had a text, no sound or icon notifications, i have to got into texts every so often to see if i have any, its random though, sometimes it works fine. It changes my ringtone and shuts down randomly. It laggs and freezes. I really hate this phone. Buyer beware!

Reviewed by Shiv from Ryan on 25th Mar 2015
My keypad keeps freezing when I try to type. Then I try to go to the homepage and the keypad is still on the screen but doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Reviewed by Anthony from United Kingdom on 23rd Feb 2015
I have this phone for 8 months and find no problem with it so it is perfect for if you are buying a smartphone for the first time.

Reviewed by will from uk on 22nd Feb 2015
Used this for 6 months, worked correctly for 2 wks then constant crashing, unable to update. Android experience laughable!

Reviewed by Alex from England on 9th Dec 2014
I've had this phone for a year and have been disappointed by the poor quality. The phone tries to be a smartphone, yet doesn't have the processor to support it. As a result the phone is very slow and often lags.
Furthermore, my 3g now only works on certain apps, and does not work for the internet, facebook or youtube.
I would advise an android fan to pay more for a better phone as the E is not good enough.

I would not recommend this product to other customers but i would still recommend many of the other products that Sony have.

Reviewed by Hollie a from England on 25th Nov 2014
I love my phone but wish i could find out if i can buy more storage as i have little apps and photos taking up all the storage meaning whenever i buy an app i dont have anough storage. If somebody knew where i could buy some it would be great.

Reviewed by pisf from Brazil on 20th Nov 2014
Well, it's been almost one year with this phone in hands. I think it's a reasonable time for a review.

I have nothing to complain regarding screen breakage. Even though I haven't dropped it many times, there isn't even a scratch on it. Positive point.

Battery duration was OK, up to 3 months ago. Since then, it doesn't hold for a full day when using both SIMs. If using only one SIM, it stands working for up to 3 days, which is not bad. When using SIM internet, be prepared to use your charger. If you're using wifi, it's less problematic.

A huge problem with this model is screen freezing. The screen often freezes, making the phone to stop working for a few instants (up to 1 full minute), which is dissapointing. This happens mostly when using music player or any other app which requires a bit of memory (camera, for example).

Well, after all, even though I do like sony products, I wouldn't recommend this model to anyone. Even I being very patient, this phone frequently annoys me.
Considering a phone's basic use (calling, texting, etc), this phone is ok, it works fine, but don't expect exceptional ranking of other features.

I hope it helps :)

Reviewed by tracy from england on 9th Nov 2014
Good phone but I find the memory poor, iv inserted a SIM but have no idea if anything stores to it and it doesn't give an option to store on the SIM, so a little disappointed with it .

Reviewed by LokoLokazo from UK on 2nd Nov 2014
Terrible phone, it freezes all the time, and it's so laggy. When I bought it, I was excited to use it, now i'm i wish i never bought it. Also, everytime thwt you want to download an app, it say "insufficient storage" honestly, DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. When you want to download music from the browser, italways says, "UUnsuccessful" this phone is a piece of garbage. :'(

Reviewed by Jo from england on 26th Oct 2014
I really love this phone, stylish and easy to get around.Ihave just had some photos took off my phone to be
developed and was very impressed with quality of picture. Poor choice of phone covers ,why do I phones get all the choice?. The other problem which is annoying is that quite often it says "not enough storage" and I hardly ever download onto phone.

Reviewed by dawn from england on 26th Oct 2014

Reviewed by tjroe from england on 16th Oct 2014
never mind the technical stuff!! ive just wrecked mine trying to remove the battery cover!!

Reviewed by RayJamm from UK on 4th Oct 2014
I have been using my Eperia E for about 5 months now and am totally disappointed. If you choose to install any Apps you will find the phone slows down immensely, making it almost impossible to even answer the phone, if you were being beaten to death it would take about half an hour to dial 999. the list off the let downs could just go on forever including the fact that it uses it's internal memory to store your text messages which will eventually run out and no way of changing this to external card. I have had sony phones for years and this is possibly the worst design I have encountered.

Reviewed by James from Australia on 4th Oct 2014
MY GOD, the worst phone i have ever had to use, my iPhone 4s got ran over by my skateboard, so i bought this while it got fixed. terrible camera, resolution, it freezes frequently and it is nearly impossible to make, or take, calls.when it is under %50 battery life and someone calls, i answer and my phone shuts down.
NEVER BUY THIS bucket of plastic

=) James, Melbourne, Australia

Reviewed by jimbob from england on 28th Sep 2014
I have this phone, its generally okay. Its ocassionaly slow and has a small screen and small handset. I would recomend this phone for a child or someone looking for a cheap smart phone. However the small phone stops you from typing as fast and for the keyboard that is a different matter the keys are very small.

Reviewed by Jordan from UK on 19th Sep 2014
This phone is a real embarrassment to Sony.. I bought one at a good price to replace my HTC Desire C, however this is the second day ive owned it now, and it freezes, wont unlock my lock screen (because of the lag!) and it pretty much does as it pleases.. Its a serious waste of time and money.. Just do not buy it, get a nokia 3410 of ebay for £10 it will last you longer and will work faster... Junk.

Reviewed by Bigjon from UK on 26th Aug 2014
Itís about as useless as a chocolate fireguard, but the amount of time it freezes it could be used a ice cube.

Reviewed by blazer from India on 24th Aug 2014
This phone is kinda ok for people who know how to use a phone with proper antivirus and mobile cleaner.
I havent experienced any slowing down yet.. its been a year now!
A very sad part is the camera and the 512 RAM it offers!

Reviewed by Klaudia from UK on 19th Aug 2014
Do not buy this phone. It's good for about a month, then it won't stop freezing. You can barely do much on it most of the time because it freezes so much. Sometimes it even turns itself off and it takes ages to turn back on. Mine also won't work properly when it's charging so I have to unplug it so I can text. Awful phone.

Reviewed by tolu from uk on 13th Aug 2014
is this phone a joke?!! within 2 months the phone already starts freezing and me having to restart the whole phone really bugs me. it has hardly any good managable battery life and me only having 3 apps one for eBay, instagram and tubidy results in me having insufficient storage to download more. when th phone has been switched on it takes a long time and my old phone which was a nokia c2 that is a very cheap phone was sooo much better.i lost my charger and and i had to use a usb thinking it would charge. luckly it charged to 55% but i left it overnight and when i got downstairs it was dead!!!! Me being in secondary school having to start walking i'd expect a good quality phone but this time sony let me down big time. music is ok but it cuts right in the middle so i have to restart the whole phone to listen to one song. dont even get me started on the camera atleast make it take pics from the front! not even clear neither. the size is okand the style is beautiful but the way it works is very poor. i wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

Reviewed by tom from uk on 10th Aug 2014
Plz help my sony experia e is stuck on the o2 start up page what should I do

Reviewed by karen from UK on 15th Jul 2014
The phone was great to start with...but with all the constant updates im now getting messages saying im almost out of storage?? The battery doesnt last as long as i had hoped...one look on the internet and the battery is already losing its juice.

Reviewed by beyonce from uk on 9th Jul 2014
so slow, awful phone, hate it. attempting to switch contracts. new there was a reason it was so cheap

Reviewed by diane from uk on 3rd Jul 2014
Just thought i would put in my review.
I liked the phone in general but for me, it overheated when on the internet and went into 'hot' mode when on the phone and using the internet combined. Do not fancy over radiation!!......returned with no problem to original shop.
Hope this helps any other peeps!

Reviewed by luke from UK on 22nd Jun 2014
This so called smartphone is terrible, extremely laggy, glitchy. it is extremely slow in typing and connecting to 3g, wifi, the gps can't locate you when your on the move (in car), the camera is awful and the memory/ram on this pretty much does not exist. do not buy. I won't be buying a sony xperia again.

Reviewed by will foster from england on 19th Jun 2014
Worst phone anyone could ever buy. Glitchy, slow and faulty. Complete waste of money. Camera quality is terrible and as for memory, well it's just none existent! DO NOT BUY!!!!

Reviewed by Laura from England on 11th Jun 2014
To be quite honest I just wanted an android phone within my price range to replace my old blackberry,
I'd honestly say it's not a terrible phone but it's not great and I have had my problems with it and as of late it has been heading towards flying out the window.

It gives good sound output, which is good, however it will occasionally not let me answer calls and freezes a lot, I have had trouble with apps just crashing for no apparent reason (the actual phone did once!)

However, sony PC companion is quite a good tool to have on your PC and can help iron out any issues (you will need to back up anything important) and also the camera is quite good for during the day, and I can check my Facebook,tumblr and other social networking thingys, I can also play some games on there.

It is hard to find a phone case for though

I'd say it's not a brilliant phone by any means but it's ok for the price

Reviewed by JoannieB from England on 1st Jun 2014
i totally agree with Indie Sanders comment on 6th May 2014.
I bought a 32gb sd card with which i put my candy crush. after being advised storage was too low. the only thing on my phone apart from candy crush was everything needed to run the phone. The phone won't even update now. I have removed everything possible. Photos and videos for which there were very few. music about 10 tracks and still it won't update 699 mb used adn 40 free. if the phone takes that much memory maybe they should install a larger internal memory. After having the old sony erricson W995i. This phone was far better. had loads of memory. can't even tell you how many photos, videos or music and i couldn't fill it. Sony buck up your act. I won't be having another.

Reviewed by veronica from u.k. on 31st May 2014
Well the first one packed up after 5 months,however Argos U.K. changed it without question,as I had the receipt.It seems a good buy,however the problem is with my service provider giffgaff,they fail quite badly is very difficult to put in giffgaff settings.The phone does most things but the paperwork which comes in the box is useless as to how to fully set it up it is hit and miss.

Reviewed by Jess C from UK on 25th May 2014
This product is a good value for money. Gold camera but poor typing. Overall pritty good

Reviewed by Jason Dickinson from England on 19th May 2014
For me the only problem is the 3.2 mp camera, all smartphones should come with at least a 5.0 mp camera. The 3.2 mp camera is fine for day time photo's but for photo's taken on a night out with friend's to say it's poor is an understate ment.

Reviewed by triple j from Fiji on 19th May 2014
Unreliable fone......soooo slow in typing...disconnects from my 3g WiFi on its own and laggs like almost every freaking time....

Definitely a wrong choice

Reviewed by Kornel from Serbia on 14th May 2014
First smartphone, at first it felt very good (as i never had a smartphone) but after some games it pretty much sucked: freezing, restarting, sometimes not even turning the screen on, only thing i like about it is that call quality and also the music is just awesome with the XLoud, but for an android gamer it is pretty bad

Reviewed by Indie Sanders from England on 6th May 2014
This phone is a joke!!
The memory is so poor and so low that I am unable to download games on this phone. Even with a 32gb sd card I am always being told 'storage is low'....
The camera is not too bad and the sound quality is actually decent for £99 but the memory is a MASSIVE let down. I have to cope with this piece of rubbish till October when I can get a decent phone as an upgrade. I only bought this phone because Sony are meant to be good and I wanted a change from my Nokia Lumia but I should have stuck with it because this phone is poop.

Reviewed by Sylvain from UK on 6th May 2014
Don't waste your money. If you want a smartphone, buy a proper one. I just spent 100 GBP and have the feeling they ended in a garbage.
This phone is extremely slow with not a single app installed.
Very buggy. The notes app is unusable. The keyboard stopped working from time to time. The system freezes during calls. Skype is unusable.
A real waste of money.

Reviewed by Gabriel from UK on 3rd May 2014
I wanted a cheap Jelly Bean phone with a decent processor. I bought this phone and got that. And so much more! It is so fast,the camera looks as good as my old Samsung Galaxy W (5mp) did! It is very responsive, has amazing battery life, love the MicroSD slot and then the xLOUD speaker enhancement. WOW! it is amazing! And on my Samsung, I used different apps (BBM, Hangouts etc) because I hated the UI on it. I love the Timescape UI on the Xperia E. Honestly guys, it is amazing, and remember, its only £99!!!!!!1

Reply by Ranzee from India on 21st Sep 2014
Look like u r a smart user ... Its upto the user that how to get lots of benefits by investing less money ;)

Reviewed by John from UK on 29th Apr 2014
I bought this phone from Phone 4U...
in fact I bought two of the useless things...
my Nokia E52 is FAR FAR BETTER...
The camera comparison... what a joke!...

The damn stupid alarm sometimes just carries on and on and on,,, till I threw it against the wall... what a useless WASTE OF TIME...

AND PHONES 4U CHARGED ME £99.99 EACH... What a rip off...

AND PHONES 4U... Well, telling me to complain to HQ really takes you off my preferred cellphone shop forever...

Reviewed by terry mcgill from uk on 4th Apr 2014
No complaints from me does exactly what it says on the tin no probs tho because ive never used a sony or smart phone before im stuck on one thing when on the net im being told that have reached my tab limit and need to close others but dont know how to and its not in user manual

Reviewed by Ger Collins from Ireland on 1st Apr 2014
Sony experia e is the biggest load of rubbish. It's the worst phone I have ever owned. Don't even take one for nothing.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 1st Apr 2014
To be honest I want a phone that does its job and has a long battery life and a good music player and has wi-fi that's all I want out of a phone, I love it and more then happy to have the same phone again if this one goes on me

Reviewed by shaii from england on 1st Apr 2014
Let me be honest here.
The phone is not good at all.
It crashes and freezes all the time, the internet os always slow and whenever I plug my earphones in it says "accessory not supported" I mean really? THEYRE EARPHONES. I really wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone!

Reviewed by islandman from uk on 24th Mar 2014
Within months this phone no longer gives out audible text announcements and this is a major inconvenience.

Reviewed by rion from india on 13th Mar 2014

Reviewed by Tom from United Kingdom on 28th Feb 2014
What a brilliant phone! I got it for free when I took out a 24 month contract with Tesco Mobile for £7.50 per month. I have 250 inclusive minutes, 5,000 texts and 500 MB of data all included in the price. I like the Android operating system and it is great getting my emails on the move. I have a hearing problem and the ringtone is loud enough for me to hear it without wearing my hearing aids. I am not interested in taking photos with it as I have a perfectly adequate digital camera which fits in my pocket and I have a bridge camera for more serious photography. I am getting 4 to 5 days between battery charges and I am more than happy with the phone. It does not hang and neither does it drop calls.

Reply by Jim from Ireland on 10th May 2014
Its a lot better than the galaxy Y i owned previously but the camera is junk. pity! Next time i will try Nokia.

Reviewed by Filip from Poland on 26th Feb 2014
This is by far the worst phone I've ever owned. It's slow, crashes all the time and you can't see the screen in daylight. Sometimes it's slow I can't do something as basic as write an sms or make a call. I'm temped to stomp on it. Given a choice between another Sony phone and two empty cans attached with some string I'd take the cans.

Reviewed by victor from uk on 19th Feb 2014
This is my first smart phone
as I can't afford an Apple
I like it I wont use it as a camera and I can upload 32g of music only £12 for an sd card
I need a stylus to type big fingers!

Reply by Richard from Palmer on 21st Feb 2014
Dear victor i got my stylus at any indian mobile help shop for £2.00 in wealdstone harrow where i live or find them online with a case for the sony exeria E at a famous online company i think you can guess who that is ! I have the same mobile as you have and its awesome have a nice day mate

Reviewed by shadrach lynch from england on 11th Feb 2014
Sony Xperia E I'm no expert but, I up graded. Had a Sony 510 awesome, Xperia e it's ok

Reviewed by Paul from uk on 10th Feb 2014
Really confused by the polarized reviews. It's a a super cheap phone and I have experienced no major problems. No regrets on an off contract purchase.

Reviewed by Denilson Dennis from Malaysia on 7th Feb 2014
Sometimes, my xperia e suddenly lags after turning it on. Then, if i use Clean Master apps, after 2-3 mins, no more lags..... But this phones does not support HD playback....

Reviewed by Jake from UK on 27th Jan 2014
I bought this phone thinking that it would have been good the first day it was fine but now it crashes all of the time it doesn't run apps and it doesn't let me download some apps at all. The phone is a load of junk and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Paula ford from Uk on 9th Jan 2014
I used to have the xperia x10 then the xperia mini which I adored but it quickly became outdated, so on a budget I purchased the xperia E thank god I did not pay full price this is the worst ever phone I have had, I loved sony mobiles but their are just no plus sides to this phone apart from the battery is slightly better than average.
It stutters and freezes all the time and when I'm texting it will suddenly close text down and open something completely random when I search on google I type what I want to look for and five minutes later it will finely type the letters in, I cannot count on one hand how many times I've wanted to smash it in anger it's a good looking bit of rubbish, camera is to awful to talk about, internet slow and just drops just awfull, I've lost faith in sony stop making loads of phones when most of them are rubbish.

Reviewed by Haneef Mahmood from England on 30th Dec 2013
The Sony Xperia E is my first phone. It's a affordable phone which is very easy to use. Also its a great size which can fit in more or less any pocket.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 15th Dec 2013
What a let down from Sony. For example, I am alerted that I have emails, so I go to emails and it takes me to the last texting session, so I then have to hunt around to get to the new emails. It is hard to find things and do simple things. A couple of occasions I have been on the phone and the End Call button has disappeared, so I can't end the call. The operating system hangs. It goes really slow sometimes. A lot of the operation procedures do not appear to be logical. I find it a pain to use. I am very disappointed and am stuck with it on a contract now.

Reviewed by Alisha from England on 13th Dec 2013
This is my first phone and I think your bang on correct it's AWESOME at playing music but the camera is a MAJOR let down... Overall pretty cool phone!!!:-D

Reply by pauline brighty from chepstow on 14th Dec 2013
Wondering if u can help on Facebook will it let u like comment and can u get notifacations as I can't thank u

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 9th Dec 2013
Cannot believe the S21 review above - this really brings your credibility into question. This phone is absolute rubbish. Way too slow moving from one screen to another, keeps switching off my ring tone(I presume trying to save battery), touch screen fails to work or hangs too often; not enough room for updates to apps. Did not buy for the camera but true enough it is also abysmal.

Dont touch with a barge pole. Used to link Sony - time to switch.

Reviewed by Maria from UK on 5th Dec 2013
Terrible! They don't recognise all routers available. I'm a Sky customer, with a Netgear router, and I can not connect my phone with my home wi-fi.

Reviewed by Majid Hussain from Uk on 26th Nov 2013
The camera is poor quality and tesco mobile phone unlocking is too expensive

Reviewed by Thomas Evans (11 Year Old) from UK on 20th Nov 2013
I Am Planning To Get One Of These For Christmas And It Looks Pretty Good For A Start, I Like That It Has 4.1 Jelly Bean And Its HD Quality Call. Also I This Is Probley Gonna Be My First And Last Smart Phone I Will Have Until I Can Afford My Own. I Have A Alcatel One Touch Chrome And Its Not Even Anroid. I Am Realy Looking Into Upgrading To A Smart Phone And It Looks Awsome From What I Am Looking From.

Reviewed by sapumal from Sri Lanka on 19th Nov 2013
this is brilliant! I love this...

Reviewed by karl from england on 18th Nov 2013
excellent value phone, dont even consider buying a huawei or low brand, this model is exactly what I needed, the camera is very feeble, but the other parts are sipirior quality to anything in its price range, and the processor is not weak, its just weak next to a phone at the top of the market, which is what everyrhing is compared to.

these experia e are fantastic on a budget, and will allow you to use apps like catchuptv, which other budget phones might not, also the screen is nice not bad as they say, build quslity is very solid, dont hesitate to buy one of these if u are thinking of it

and im a natural sceptic so it must be good

Reviewed by wayne pardtys from uk on 17th Nov 2013
absolutely brilliant,very good sound and only bad thing is camera,i reccomend buying this beauty

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 11th Nov 2013
This is my first smartphone and probably my last. It is neither logical nor intuitive. I receive a text but cannot discover who it is from or when it arrived. There is no menu and I struggle to locate simple things. My old cheapo Nokias had menus and easy to find features and I am going to resurrect one of them after weeks of frustration. Maybe I am just too old at 70 but this sony is driving me bonkers.

Reviewed by gew from indonesia on 10th Nov 2013
this phone is slowly..

Reviewed by Jeffrey Cross from United Kingdom on 7th Nov 2013
This is an excellent phone for the price, the music play back is also good quality as I use my mobile mainly for music and the internet and have had no problems with either. This phone is highly recommended.

Reviewed by ibrahim from uk on 4th Nov 2013
i think this phone is perfect i got this for Eid ( what i celebrate)its perfect nothing bad about and cheap and i would recommend this to people.

Reviewed by mary from England on 2nd Nov 2013
I recently purchased the Sony Xperia E and it is a very good, simple yet unique phone. This phone is easy to control and easy to use. The one dis-advantage of this phone is it can be slightly dodgy to deliver through online accounts as II got it from amazon. The SD Card did not arrive with the other items and on whole, this product is rated 9.0 out of 10.0.
This phone is jellybean 4.0 which means, this phone can screenshot, has silent and is able to install lots of apps depended on the SD Card. BBM is available on Play Store as well as Whats-app, Kik Instagram, and any other apps in need. I also recommend this phone to pre-teens to people in their thirties. Then the phone is to simple. The touchscreen works, The back is a slide up phone and its a reasonable height. Hope this helped, reply for any needs

Reviewed by Nigel from Uk on 30th Oct 2013
Absolute rubbish .unreliable,slow, regularly does not recognise networks,has a mind of its own

Reviewed by soubhagya prasad from india on 26th Oct 2013
this phone is slow opperating and hanging

Reviewed by mukesh saharan from india on 22nd Oct 2013
very smart phone

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 12th Oct 2013
Sony Xperia great value and very good.

Reviewed by Rajeshkumar.j from India on 8th Oct 2013
I love the product and chose the produt this is best

Reviewed by Ronny W. from UK on 1st Oct 2013
Don't want to be rude but this is just a piece of junk. Had replaced the Xperia E twice, first thought it might be a device fault but actually it's not. Screen keeps frozen, slow, and can't use during daylight when the sun shines bit brighter as the glare makes the screen invisible. Really disappointed with this model as how could Sony release this product

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 28th Sep 2013
Had this phone sony experia e and only got it as it was being offered with a google nexus free from carphone w, house. The worst phone I have ever had, screen is to sensitive, alarm function will defo wake you up as after a while it will not turn off unless you go into settings, camera is u s , I amgoing back to my htc wilfire s until my contract expires in may 2015, junk

Reviewed by Aadriyan Dip from India on 21st Sep 2013
A gd choice in startring range...
Music is awsm wth gd battry lyf...

Reviewed by Bhawisha from Fiji on 12th Sep 2013
it's okay-ish...... but I can't access Google Play

Reviewed by nick from Nigerian on 9th Sep 2013
fone is ok, but slow wen browsing.camera is not encouraging.

Reviewed by hasnaine from England on 29th Jun 2013
i think this is the best phone i ever had
i don't know how to explain it because it is brilliant

Reviewed by ndhvjd from usa on 22nd Jun 2013
Never, ever buy this phone. It is slow, it constantly crashes and is all in all totally unreliable. Worst phone I've had. Ever.

Reviewed by Kishan garg from India on 7th Jun 2013
Poor camera is only a con in that phone but overall a good phone at that price point all mid-high end games runs without any lag,sound quality is exellent buy this gadjet

Reviewed by Sumitha from India on 28th May 2013
Purchased this phone and within a month the display is gone.The service center is also non-cooperating and did not get it replaced.Please don't buy this product.

Reply by himanshu puri from india on 9th Mar 2014
yes even my phone screen become white how u replaced its pls tell me quickly plsssss ths product sooooo badd they cheatd with the coustmer

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 27th Apr 2013
Got this phone for my 9 year old boy today and what a phone. Really pleased with it and the games he wants like subway surfers and angry birds work brilliantly. Great sound, camera isn't as bad as they say on here but no good at night time that's for sure. Overall a great phone especially at the price as well. :)

Reply by lil from eng on 6th Oct 2013

Reply by Tom (Croydon) from UK on 25th May 2014
This is my first "smart"phone and too many times I've found it the most exasperating piece of potential frisby throwing junk which gives entry level punters little confidence in the 'magic' of smart phone experience! In the reviews above there are far too many poor and mediocre comments to wave the flag for Sony. Entry level phones need modifying to instil newcomer confidence - or is this the in-built factor to ensure people move on to more expensive devices sooner than they can afford to do so?

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