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Sony PS3

 In a nutshell  

Last updated December 2012

7 years after its launch, the Sony PlayStation 3 is still a superb games console. Now with Blu-Ray playback and 3D capabilities, it's an all-round home entertainment system. Added features such as LoveFilm and the BBC iPlayer, plus online multiplayer gaming and a huge library of games make it a must-have device.



The PS3 is a multi-purpose entertainment system, capable of playing Blu-Ray, DVD and CD disks as well as games. The console can play Blu-Ray disks in full 1080p/24fps high definition and in 3D too, provided you have a 3D compatible TV. An optional Play TV box lets you record TV programmes like a digital video recorder. Sony's smart TV options are also available, including Netflix, LOVEFiLM and the BBC iPlayer.

But it's at gaming where the PS3 truly excels, combining full HD graphics (including 3D), awesome sound quality and a fast processor and GPU to deliver detailed immersive gameplay - both first person and multiplayer.

The PS3 is fully integrated with Sony's PS Vita portable games console. Cross-platform play lets you pause a game on your PS3 and then resume on your Vita. Both PS3 and PS Vita players can join in multiplayer games.

The console includes a 500GB hard drive that can be used to store games, movies, music and photos. DLNA compatibility lets you stream content from connected PCs, laptops, etc.

Internet access is available via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. The PlayStation Network lets you play free online multiplayer games, download games and other content to your console. You can even use it for making voice or video calls with other PS3 users (PlayStation Eye required for video calls).

Sony PS3 features include:

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Sony PS3 user reviews

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Average rating from 20 reviews:

Reviewed by Mc horse grower from Mount chilliad on 28th Oct 2013
I've got a ps3 and I like it becouse you get free games with ps plus and I will be getting a ps4 the only thing I don't like is the controller

Reviewed by Gracee Mily from UK on 21st Sep 1010
I was searching the latest console video games. And finally I got it.. My PlayStation 3 has unified online gaming service. The PS3 is also the first Blu-ray 2.0-compliant Blu-ray player on the market.it is also known as PS3...

Reviewed by Maheen Ali from UK on 4th Apr 2010
I got The 80gb Model After My 40gb Model Broke(No Technical Problem Just Had Geust Over Who Accidently Hit the Coupbard it was in and knocked it out of it. It Was Standing up inside The Coupbard Before it Fell.) And i have to Say its The Best Console Ever (so Far) And anyone who buys it will agree With Me It Beatx The Wii & Xbox By A million miles. it looks stunning And Wortyh the money its a Blu Ray Player & Gaming Console ALL IN ONE. The Xbox Has too Many Problems its a Pile of Dust Compared to THE PS3. 10/10

Reviewed by jimmy from UK on 17th Feb 2010
what can i say about this? its the best computer games console by miles, it kills the xbox 360 and wii. I got the 60GB version a month after its relaese (apr 07) this ones the best version than the current ones because its got it all, memory card slots ps2 backwards campatible for a pricey 425 quid.

Reviewed by David Hopkins from UK on 5th Mar 2009
Best console ever!! no need to buy anything else its all there no yearly subscriptions just plug it in and play, you don't need to buy any hidden extras like the greedy Microsoft money making machine!! This really is an alround entertainment system and you can now buy it for under 300, bit gutted as baught it when it first came out but still well worth the price and is even better priced now, a real bargin. If you add up all the extra things you need to hook the xbox to the net and the 40 a year subscription you will see if you havent already that the ps3 is the console to buy. Sony just is the best for anything electrical!!!

Reviewed by Lou from UK on 10th Jun 2008
I have just recently bought a PS3, and its just brilliant. oozes class, looks expensive, and its just brilliant.

Reviewed by too expensive! xbox has better game from UK on 28th May 2008
Was waiting for it for ages... too expensive, games sucked, not fun enough! xbox has better games, its cheaper and xbox live is waaay better than the playstation version

Reply by Luke B from UK on 9th Nov 2008

Reviewed by vader from UK on 5th Feb 2008
i was excited wen they first come out but how wrong was i they are absolutely rubbish they crash they r easy to scratch and xbox 360 have a great selection of games

Reviewed by John from UK on 26th Jan 2008
Kills the X-Box 360 to be fair my cousin has a 360 and i a ps3 we compared them the playstation wins all the way even my cousin agrees and hes an X-Box fan thee 360 isnt so bad either but if you want the best get the ps3 every ones moaning about the games why? theirs gonna be plenty out soon !!! ust be patient !

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 28th Dec 2007
The PS3 is wicked, People are correct in saying that there are not enough excellent games yet. Best thing to do, is only buy select good games, currently have motorstorm & A Creed, but they'll come. I bought a 60GB just before christmas, had to pay extra through ebay as these have been discontinued by sony as they cost too much money to make. Can't wait for GTA coming soon. I am currently running my ps3 on a 28" panansonic tv i've had about 2 years. Any body suggest what would be the best HDTV to buy, its too much jargon for me, looking to spend upto 800.... Can somebody help me......

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 24th Dec 2007
The ps3 is good i admit that but the thing is a lot of people are not buying a ps3 because right now it doesn't have a lot of good games like the 360 and also its expensive but ps3 has a good value for your money and with the 40G model more people are going to buy this console

Reviewed by thomas hardy from UK on 10th Nov 2007
i got one on the day of release and i have no problems with it the graphics are amazing the games are awesome because them have more extras compared to the playstation 3 because of the blu-ray disks. these are 10 Times better then a nontendo wii this has never crased on me once in about 8 months. Go and get one now.

Reviewed by daz from UK on 16th Aug 2007
ps3 is excellent (so is 360)

Reviewed by david hunter from UK on 18th Apr 2007
:):):):):) great :):):):):)

Reviewed by Ifan from UK on 18th Apr 2007
The PS2 has excellent games but the ps3 has all the bad games like motorstorm. Iv'e got to say, the ps2 still kicks the ps3.

Reviewed by ian from UK on 13 Apr 2007
This console is amazing. I am fortunate to own both the ps3 and the x box 360. After getting the ps3 out of the box it just oozes class and stye and when you set it up from the start in hd it is awesome. im a ps3 fan and a x box 360 fan so i have no loyalties but if you are choosing which one to buy the playstation 3 is the one. its simply awesome. the only way i can describe the two consoles together is like if u want a car you would buy a cheap spek like a ford (i.e - the x box 360) or if you want the stylish and the best you get a ferrari (i.e - the playstation 3) dearer choice out of the two but simply awesome. well done sony - brilliant console.

Reviewed by J spencer from UK on 6th Apr 2007

Reviewed by lee from UK on 25th Mar 2007
Ive got a playstation 3 and a x box 360 so here's my opinion on the two and in particular the playstation 3 as it has just been released : I Got mine on the day of release thinking it would be far superiour to the x box 360. How wrong i was! i played on the playstation 3 for about 3 hours and it crashed on 4 ocassion's. Graphically i would say the ps3 and the x box 360 are the same. But here are a few points : 1 - the playstation 3 is very ugly. 2 - its big , bulky and weighs a tonne. 3 - crashes frequently (possibly due to first batches) 4 - finger prints and scratches easily on the console. 5 - Very poor selection of games - which the magority are all rubbish. In my opinion having owned both consoles - (as i have took the playstaion 3 back to game for a full refund)And kept my x box 360, i would say that the x box 360 is a far better and reliable console. the choice is yours though people. One last thing to say - gears of war on the x box 360 - amazing graphics be st game you can get on any console. (and its only available to x box 360) cant wait for the new halo on the x box 360 as well. Thanks - Lee.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 11th Mar 2007
amazing 10 times better than the xbox 360

Reviewed by mike from UK on 11th Feb 2007
abslutely amazing!!!!!!!!! youve got to get one!!! way better than an xbox 360!!! graphics amzaing!!!!!!!!! games amazing!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

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