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Sony KD-55XE9005

User questions

Sorry - questions and comments on this page are now closed.

Whats the difference between the 49 and the 55 picture wise?

Asked by Sam lindsay from United Kingdom on 1st Apr 2018
I was thinking of buying the 49, but if theveryone 55 is better i might have to think twice.

Best 4k smart hdr Tv Now Sept 2017?

Asked by david g from uk on 23rd Sep 2017
Heres the Budget 750- 1500
What 55 inch 58 inch or 65 inch TV would you Buy now Prices are dropping
What is the Best on the Market ?
And Why

Reply by S21 from UK on 23rd Sep 2017
Hi David, why not read our article?

Reply by david g from uk on 30th Sep 2017
I have read your articles seems your keen on Samsung only.
Why cant you just give a straight answer as to what is the best product
on Sale Now. 4k HDR tv 55 inch +++ Screen Budget 1500.
We are all Human and find in most cases the Manufacturers and stores pushing their products
as best.
I am to busy to understand all the Hype.
Help by Replying what you really think is the best TV Now Today for the Price ?

Reply by S21 from UK on 30th Sep 2017
The answer to your question is in that article. It's the Sony KD-55XE9005. But remember that's just our opinion. Other sites may give different answers.

Panasonic 58 EX 750 B or Sony 55 XE 9005?

Asked by david from United Kingdom on 18th Sep 2017
Hi Guys Just watch standard TV Programmes in UK
like to watch YouTube via Tablet and to use Tablet to Send smash box movies to Chromecast on my old TV.

Which TV would you Purchase Sony or Panasonic and why what are the main differences apart from the 3 Inch bigger screen on Panasonic

Reply by S21 from UK on 18th Sep 2017
Hi David, sorry, but we can't respond to such detailed and specific questions.

Hi guys, can't decide between the Sony 55 XE9005 or the LG55 SJ850V?

Asked by Rodders from Uk on 4th Sep 2017
The sony TV is 400 dearer than the LG one. The Sony doesn't have Dolby Vision, is this a big thing? Which one should I go for? Any help would be great, thanks.

Reply by S21 from UK on 4th Sep 2017
The main difference is not Dolby Vision (or lack of), but the Sony's VA display with local dimming vs the IPS screen of the LG. They have quite different characteristics. Read our reviews of the two to get an impression of the differences, or better still, try to get a demo of the two screens next to each other.

Reply by Rodders from UK on 4th Sep 2017
Thanks for the reply..which one would be your pick? Is the Sony TV worth the extra cost?? Main use of the TV would be for Sky Sports 4K content.

Reply by S21 from UK on 4th Sep 2017
If you are mainly watching sport, you might as well save some cash and go for the LG.

Reply by S21 from UK on 4th Sep 2017
But why isn't the Samsung MU7000 on your list?

Reply by Rodders from Uk on 5th Sep 2017
Thanks s21...another question, how come you don't have a review up for a Samsung UE55MU9000U up? Was looking at this model in a shop and its 200 cheaper than the Sony XE9005. Guy in the shop advised me to go for UE55MU9000U. Again thanks for the advice.

Reply by S21 from UK on 5th Sep 2017
Thanks, Rodders. The MU9000 was very expensive at launch. Now that the price has dropped we might take a look. Thanks for the heads up.

Reply by Rodders from Uk on 5th Sep 2017
Think ill go for the MU900! Better keeping the 200 in my pocket lol so hard picking a new tv 😂

How to get judder free viewing?

Asked by jon from uk on 1st Jun 2017
No matter what settings I use on this TV if something moves quickly across the screen I'm getting judder. Every review I see of this TV states how good the motion processing is. I'm using Sky Q silver.
What are the settings you recommend to fix the motion issues? I'm really dissatisfied for a tv for this price. I have replaced 2 Panasonic DX902's for the same issue. Is it just that 4k TV's aren't up to scratch yet? I wish I could go back to my plasma and add 4k with HDR.

Is the Sony XE90 better value compared to the Sony XE93?

Asked by John from UK on 31st May 2017
I am torn between getting the relatively less expensive 65" Sony XE90 and the more expensive, but even higher-specked Sony XE93. Is there a significant difference in the picture quality between the two models?

Reply by S21 from UK on 31st May 2017
Excellent question, John! We haven't yet completed our review of the XE93, but our initial impression is that the picture quality of the cheaper XE90 is just as good.

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