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Sony KD-55XD9305

User questions

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Does the TV support 3D 24p playback?

Asked by Michael from UK on 19th Sep 2017
I have heard that, while the TV supports 24p, the 3D is locked to the higher refresh rate causing the weird smoothing issue. So I am curious to know does the TV support 3D 24p playback?

Can somebody take a picture and show us how bad the screen vignetting is?

Asked by dave from UK on 12th Nov 2016

There is a new firmware for this TV available as of two days ago..

Asked by dave from UK on 9th Nov 2016
...download, install and report if anything improved.

Does HDR functionality work across each picture mode and in particular 'game' mode? Do you also have any information about the amount of input 'lag' in different picture modes?

Asked by Will from Uk on 27th Oct 2016
I'm looking to buy a TV specifically for HDR gaming. Input 'lag' is the time taken between pressing a button and the relevant action occurring on screen.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Reply by matt from england on 22nd Nov 2016
Hi will... i got this tv a few weeks ago if you want it for gaming avoid it im gutted i spent n this tv and the input lag is terrible with 4k hdr.

Reply by tim from uk on 29th Nov 2016
hI matt

can you tell me exactly why its bad for hd gaming..

just got a PS4 Pro and this was the tv recomended in the ps4 pro literature..

really interested in your thoughts/experience mate


Updating actual review based on a handful of reviews?

Asked by Rob from UK on 9th Jul 2016
Why are S21 changing the rating of a TV they themselves found to be excellent based on the 'reviews' of 5 owners? If you tested the TV and were happy with it how can you be slashing it's overall rating based off 2 people complaining of vignetting and one person receiving a bent panel? shouldn't reviews be updated based off new information S21 itself has discovered during further testing?

Reply by S21 from UK on 9th Jul 2016
Rob, we have observed the vignetting ourselves on a shop demo model.

Reply by Rob from UK on 10th Jul 2016
Fair enough then.

Please could you advise me on what 3d glasses i will need to buy , as information about this is very thin on the ground.

Asked by ian from stewart on 14th Jun 2016
Thank you for your expertise and knowledge.

Reply by S21 from UK on 15th Jun 2016
Hi Ian, according to Sony, the correct glasses for this TV are model number TDG-BT500A. These are quite expensive, and unbranded glasses that claim compatibility with the TDG-BT500A should also work.

Is this tv fairly easy to install and use?

Asked by John from Uk on 8th Apr 2016
I am seriously considering purchasing this Sony KD-55XD9305 from John Lewis but at 74 years old am no techno whizz. I was impressed with the set in the shop if not the price.

Am exchanging the 65" model for the 55" next week... meanwhile I was told I could only read SD cards with a USB/SD adapter, but cannot find any explanation and the adapter in John Lewis did not apparently work. I trust this TV does allow me to see my photos from the SD card?

Asked by John Creedy from UK on 6th Apr 2016
Using iPad and airplay it all works fine. Most modern cameras use SD card for image storage and older TVs had an inbuilt SD card reader... for some reason both panasonic and Sony have stopped providing this obvious input device... I'd love to know the reason!

Has this model improved on the light bleed from previous 55x9005c that suffers from severe light bleed in dark rooms ?

Asked by Ricardo from Uk on 20th Mar 2016
I had 4 replacements and all suffered from the same. Many others users complained about the same as well.

Reply by S21 from UK on 20th Mar 2016
We saw no significant problem with light bleed.

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