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Sony Ericsson Z750i review

 Review: October 2008  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Z750i is a clamshell phone with a hidden mirror effect.



The Sony Ericsson Z750i is an updated version of the Z610i. It's a compact 3G clamshell phone with a glossy finish, available in a choice of pink, purple and silver. A hidden mirror effect conceals the external display, which becomes visible only when the display lights up. The display shows basic information such as the time and caller details. There is also a camera lens mounted on the front cover. Open up the clamshell and inside the phone retains its glossy good looks. The keypad is dainty but practical, and is suitable for rapid texting once you get used to it.

The main improvements in the Z750i compared with the Z610i are the addition of HSDPA for fast 3G downloads, an improved internal display with a high resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and an increase in the amount of internal memory to 32 Mbytes.

This is an entry-level 3G phone, and for its price it includes everything you would expect: a camera, a music player, a good internal display, a memory stick slot and Bluetooth. It's a shame that the camera doesn't have a flash, but it does have good looks to compensate for this.

Sony Ericsson Z750i features include:

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Can you make a call without flipping it open or is it even possible to make a accidental call from it as according to my telco prophider i have?

Asked by Dale from Australia on 26th Apr 2017

Why am I unable to access Youtube of late on my phone?

Asked by Louisa Holmes from United Kingdom on 7th Feb 2017
I was using Youtube until about a month ago and now I am unable to access it at all!

Where can I buy one as I love them?

Asked by Jenny from England on 25th Jun 2016

Sony Ericsson Z750i user reviews

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Average rating from 50 reviews:

Reviewed by Tsing Hui from Malaysia on 1st Dec 2013
i got my sony ericsson Z750i and it was a good phone but i cannot find a way on how to connect to the internet

Reviewed by Muhammad Haroon from Pakistan on 22nd Oct 2013
nyce one


Reviewed by stuwat from uk on 2nd Jul 2012
Phone stuck in flight mode, manual no help. How do you switch flight mode off???

Reply by scott from uk on 9th Jul 2012
hi got to settings and got to profiles then just click on normal it will be done then

Reviewed by alabadad from Zimbabwe on 5th Oct 2011
zis fon is alwais breaking on me, and it dam hangs all th time. It is damn anopying. Buy the bb insted. better valu

Reviewed by Joe from Canada on 4th Oct 2011
Awesome phone! Surfing the net on my ipod touch (4th gen.) while tethered via bluetooth to my z750i bought in 2008! Instant iphone! I'd love to buy another one, but they're no longer available in Canada/usa.

Reply by scott from uk on 9th Jul 2012
u can get them on ebay m8

Reviewed by sue from england on 3rd Jun 2011
this is the best phone ever i am trying to buy a new on e now as i have the x10 and hate it i loved my little clam i have chuncky fingers and i found it very easy to text on they ought to bring this phone bvack it a brill little girly phone

Reviewed by Peter from Australia on 15th Oct 2010
This phone is garbage, after 8 months it started to randomly shut down, displays inactive SIM errors for no reason, returned to Sony, apparently dirty contacts and software update, no better, for 200 dollars you would expect more. Cant wait till this phone finally dies!

Reviewed by Karen Ticehurst from Australian on 12th Jun 2010
Hi - I see this is a common problem where the phone turns off and back on for no reason at all. i contacted the help line and they informed me that I needed to download some software from their website, which I did - but this has not helped that much. i then contacted them again and asked if the problem would still be there if I got a new phone and they informed me that I would still need to download the software. As far as I am concerned if a product is faulty it is not up to the consumer to fix, this is a genuine case to get in touch with the ACCC if you are in Australia and report Soni. I expect a $200 phone to last longer than 8 months- I think this is reasonable.

Reviewed by Kate from Wales on 5th Jun 2010
this phone is so annoying! It turns itself off constantly and crashes all the time. And the internet won't work.

Reviewed by Karen Ticehurst from Australia on 1st Jun 2010
Same problem happened with mine, after about 8 months it just started switching itself off. I want to buy another one but I am a bit frightened now that it will happen again. Thanks

Reviewed by Marie from Providenciales on 29th May 2010
Its a kool phone so far!

Reviewed by Lyn from China on 28th Feb 2010
This mobile is outstandngly brilliant! The features are awesome! It is so easy to use! I didnt even have to use the instructions booklet! By far this is my favourite Sony Ericsson ever, people who disagree can get themselves a cheap Nokia!

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 31st Aug 2009
So others have this problem too! Mine also randomly swtiches itself off - sent it back to Sony-E for a repair and was actually behaving itself for a good few months then started off again. very dissapointing because its otherwise a fantastic phone... I even bought a second one in the hope that it was just a glitch but no this new one has also started to switch itself off randomly. If any SonyEricsson engineer/designer is reading this, please fix this problem!

Reviewed by hey from zimbabwa on 24th Aug 2009
this phone is awsome man

Reviewed by Helen from Australia on 18th Aug 2009
I bought this phone on clearance for $79 at Dick Smith because I was looking for a Telstra "blue tick" (good reception in more distant areas) phone to augment my existing cell phone with another carrier that isn't much use outside of major metro areas PLUS 3G Internet speeds. I purchased the phone to use it with the pre-paid Internet service Telstra sells with its Internet "dongles", which is a better value than the Internet service it sells in conjunction with phone plans. I have two separate SIMs, one provisioned with a phone plan, and one provisioned with the dongle plan's "bring your own dongle" option (it only just so happens my "dongle" sure looks like a Z750i ;-), and I swap back and forth depending on need. Interestingly, with the dongle SIM installed, I can receive calls (which is free in Australia on mobiles) but not make them. So far, so good. My connection speeds in a mid-sized city you've probably never heard of are around 2mbit/sec using APN "telstra.internet" and user/pass of "guest" and "guest"... that's all you need to know. Phone works in Windows 7. No need to install the "Sony Ericsson Suite" that various literature may make you think you have to install to use the phone as modem. I suggest you go into the phone and set the phone mode when connected to computer as "phone as modem" if you're using it the way I am most of the time, instead of using it as a storage device/media player. Dongle cost: $129 for a device capable only of 3.6mbit/sec speeds, as of August, 2009. Phone cost: $79 for a device capable of faster 7.2mbit/sec speeds, as of August, 2009, PLUS making and receiving calls in areas other networks might not reach, camera, media player, conversation recorder, file backups, SMS, etc. (Yes, I get faster speeds in Sydney). Buying this phone rather than an Internet dongle for my intended use was a no brainer, the only downside being that it's a bit more bulky to carry around and does use a bit more of my notebook's battery to power the phone.

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 29th Jun 2009
I've had this phone nearly a year and as much as the features are great, large keypad ,so great for texting, GPS that worked for a little while but doesn't anymore, there are many things that annoy me too. It crashes about 3-4 times a day so just switches itself off and reboots. That is really annoying when you're in the middle of typing out a long e-mail (always happens) - then you lose everything. Do like the external display. Ringtones limited. Will be back to Nokia after this. My first - and last - Sony Ericsson phone, this is!

Reviewed by Liam from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
Poor, randomly switches off, cheap quality, fortunatley it was only 40 so i can bin this, dont buy, get one of the latest walkman phones instead i did, bought a W995 wayyy better, this is my second sony ericsson phone and fortuanley the w995 is great!

Reviewed by ziggy.lazy.town.oy.yerr from eng-land on 17th Jun 2009
its gud but it freezes and shuts down at random moments, about 6 times a month

Reviewed by jane from likey on 21st May 2009
lov it

Reviewed by anesu from england on 21st May 2009
i lik this phone its rilly pretty and at first i read this reviews and i almost changed my mind its only bcoz the people dont know how to look after them u need to be extra carefull with so take my advise and dont listen to the other people

Reviewed by VALENTIN from russia on 20th May 2009
the best telefon

Reviewed by H. Hazsan from England on 9th May 2009
i have this phone, its great but it keeps freezin, i love da camera and sound, but the case gets dirty VERY FAST also it gets scratch marks SO fast, like one a day, deep horrible ones i dont recomend it but if u really want this, go ahead, its not the worst phone :D

Reviewed by Jess from USA on 4th May 2009
I loved the look of this phone. That's why I bought it and for the 3G feature. It's not a year old and it shuts off randomly, freezes up, and the battery life is NOT good, especially if you text much or leave the phone on vibrate. Now I'm stuck in a contract and it's too expensive to buy another phone. There are so many cell phones out there. It's hard to know which to buy.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 4th May 2009
That's why we're here, Jess! Although there are plenty of duff phones around, you'll find that there are quite a few on this site that are rated 5 stars - take a look around and use other people's bad experiences to avoid having one yourself!

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 18th Apr 2009
I got this from 3, pay as you go, it 5 weeks old, all the time it says emergency calls only, beautiful phone, rubbish network, my husband has, a 3 contract, 300+300 mins= 10 Hours 15 month, sounds good, but cannot use as no network coverage. 3 refuses to unlock so cannot use now. But nothing to do with phone!

Reviewed by Falcman007 from aus on 1st Apr 2009
This phone is absolutely PATHETIC! we have two and they are both nothing but trouble. STAY AWAY!!!

Reviewed by ryan lloyd from englandddddddd on 20th Feb 2009
can a phone get more useless. my mums alcatel ahs bertter features than thins! my mp3 player doesnt work properly and how dismal is the quality! i have had a wobbly flip on it for ages and it feels cheap. 90 not very well spent. i can only recive cals as it is to much effort to allow me to phones and the 8 button doesn't work. this is the worst phone i have ever had. i used to have a w810i and it was brilliant. sony make that one again and i reccomend it to everyone KEEP WELL AWAY ITS RUBBISH

Reviewed by Richard from Australia on 1st Feb 2009
Bought my Z750i from Telstra outright and I assume its locked to them. This is not a problem as I use them as a carrier. However the phone intermittently brings up a screen saying "busy tone sent" when answering a call and sends the call to voice mail. Very frustrating. I have reloaded the firmware several times with no change. Have e mailed and spoken to SE Australia and complained to Telstra all to no avail. I would definitely not recommend this phone to anyone as the support is very poor and the key sequences required to access or use functions seem never ending.

Reviewed by Eileen from England on 30th Jan 2009
If you want a reliable phone don't buy this one, it switches its self off ramdomly, the battery life is rubbish, reception is rubbish and three don't want to know,all you get is a call centre in India and they don't undestand your complaints/problems, wish |I had stuck with my samsung on orange

Reviewed by devere from aus on 29th Jan 2009
since i've had this phone it randomly restarts and says inactive sim sometimes u have take the battery out and in again . it sometimes doesn't send msgs, go on the internet or even vibrate i think they all have a variety of problems looks good though!!

Reviewed by Angie from UK on 26th Jan 2009
Loved the look of the phone and the buttons were better for text, hence I bought. It's now just over 7 months old and the battery life is dismal. My old SE W850i holds the charge better than this one! It cuts out quite often and takes forever to charge (seems to be about 30% longer than my other SE. It's a shame but I'll be glad to be rid of this phone.

Reviewed by jeremy from canada on 25th Jan 2009
I did my own firmware installation on-line with Sony ericsson and the rebooting bug went away. Don't buy this phone if you don't mind dropping it because it is one slippery gadget. The battery life is not great so you'd want to charge it evenings. Calendar's appointment alarm is pathetic (as with most Sony ericcson non-symbian phones). So, if you can live with the above, the phone is actually good. No network problems. Worked fine in Canada and asia.

Reviewed by starling from UK on 20th Jan 2009
I mentioned the rebooting to a phone dealer (can't remember which one), who says it's been fixed in later models. Don't forget that we're talking about the Z750i, NOT the Z750 (aka Z610i), which had problems. There are also problems with 3 software (rebranding will cost you 15 quid and might save you some hassle). When I got this phone it was rubbish. GPS didn't work, no reception. I had it rebranded and unlocked (from 3) and now it works perfectly. Had a bit of trouble installing the USB drivers for it on my laptop, but that was solved with a reboot. Bluetooth didn't give any problems at all (which is great, I worked on an IT helpine and talked to so many people who couldn't connect their phone via bluetooth!). The phone is a tad chunky and made out of plastic, but I don't expect a solid metal casing for 80 quid (or 60 in my case, hurrah for E-bay). The keypad is really comfortable to use (a rarity in most mobiles nowadays), the display on the back is easy to read, the main display is very clear, and the GPS works a treat. The only thing that bugs me is the way you choose alternative spellings when you text: there's no shortcut key, you have to scroll through the list using the navigation thingy.

Reviewed by Matt from Australia on 6th Jan 2009
Please people for the love of god DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE - EVER. Other people are saying "oh yea it looks kewl and its got a good camera" but its just over all a piece of junk. Ive seen HUNDREDS of things in google of people having the same problem and me, and thats the phone RANDOMLY restarting ALL THE TIME - and when it happens you lose your theme, time and date settings, and contacts, every single time. And my phone has been restarting since i got it christmas morning. I switched it on, it switched itself off, i switched it on...it stayed on. Yay i have a working phone - But wait! No! look at that, it switched itself off again! Maybe it'll stop doing it? NO IT DOESNT, IT KEEPS DOING IT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. Honestly, dont buy it. Dont put yourself through the frustration - If i was going to try and return this phone for a different one id smash it to a thousand pieces and then douse them in petrol, light them on fire and then dump the ashes in a barrel of sulfuric acid, then drop the sulfuric acid into a volcano and BLOW THE VOLCANO OFF THE PLANET. So overall, i give it 0 Stars out of 5, and i say to Sony Ericsson - Why dont you make a phone that works?

Reviewed by Frank from USA on 6th Jan 2009
I really love my phone and I recommend this phone 100%. I really love my new z750i.

Reviewed by Tonya from US on 5th Jan 2009
I bought this phone for me and my BF and I will tell you now we hate them!!!! They scratch easily and they tend to shut themselves off and power themselves back up way too much. When I asked the customer service why the phones did this they responded by telling me that they did that to reboot with the Tower Upgrades. Well I'm going to tell you right now the Towers do not upgrade themselves every 5minutes. Then it got to the point that my phone would turn itself off but it wouldn't come back on I would have to take the battery out of it and put it back in before my phone would come back on. I have a V3 Razor before this phone and I wish that I would have never traded it in for this junk. If I were you I would never buy a Sony Ericsson phone I know they look good but the problem is that the battery does not set tight inside the phone like it should.

Reviewed by jlord from england on 22nd Dec 2008
it was christmas and i wanted a phone..so my parents ordered me one... nextday it arrived and there in front of me was... A PIECE OF JUNK looks ugly and keeps on restarting etc. once you turn it off and on again all your data is lost... useless, so i got it repaired, the same thing happened a wast of time and money if anyone wants it please contact me on ....urm....

Reviewed by bob from russia on 19th Dec 2008
I dont thnk dis fone id gd lookin bt a thnk it is a reely practical fone 2 use bt ad rather hav a samsung (g600)

Reviewed by Gary from England on 16th Dec 2008
rubbish get the w910i instead, its a lot cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by d walbank from england on 8th Dec 2008
Do not buy this phone if you play pre installed games on the phone as the direction keys break up and crack, and the manufacturer says it has been dropped !!!!!!!!! no warranty cover !! so got 8 months contract with a phone that doesnt work. THank you 3. Now it turns off when you close the phone up as well so cant recieve calls or texts unless phone is open. !!! I swore by my last sony ericsson but that was crushed in a car crash . Sorry but 3 and sony E lost a good customer

Reviewed by Primrose from UK on 11th Nov 2008
This is a fab phone. I loved it when I saw it, & it just gets better. It is a logical phone which gives great service. It is fast & reliable, & very positive in every way.

Reviewed by carol from uk on 10th Nov 2008
rubbish.keeps cutting off when in use.volume keeps going up and down.3 says its the poor reception area but that must be everywhere in northern england.no good having good looking phone if its rubbish.

Reviewed by tracey from uk on 7th Nov 2008
i love this phone

Reviewed by Trisha from UK on 27th Oct 2008
Yes, this phone looks great - but mine has been a nightmare!...... Perhaps I had Friday evening one ....but it has been dreadful and I am keen to get a new one asap! The camera is good though.

Reviewed by Ben R from England on 18th Oct 2008

Reviewed by Sahara from LA on 26th Sep 2008
i bought this one first and i loved it. i kept on dropping it but never broke.fab phone got mine in blue

Reviewed by Graham D. from U.K. on 24th Sep 2008
This fone must be the best kept secret as its hardly pushed. For the money, it is one of the best, feature -packed fones on the market. 2.2 screen, loads of features - task list, memo pad, calendars, timers, stopwatch, fast internet, e-mail, video calling, voice recorder, MP3 player, video recording, reasonable size keys to enable fast texting, clear screen, and a front screen giving time and whose calling info. I've tried a number of fones and far more expensive ones but for me, this is the tops and it will have to be something really brilliant to make me move away from this phone. OK, the camera is average - not outstanding but hey! if you want top class fotos, get a camera!! Must be one of the best fones around.

Reviewed by joseph from uk on 16th Sep 2008
not very good i hate it it rubbish phone ever

Reviewed by angel from pakistan on 13th Sep 2008
i got this phone...itz awsome...reallie gurlie..but 4 those who r lookin 4 d defaultz well....d camera getz blurr afta a couple ove monthz..n d night mode is rubbish..no zoom when on camera mode..n yeahh d silver centre button startz chipping..which lookz totally bad..n yeahh it getz scrachez reallie easily...but d speakerz r amazing!!!!!itz reallie kwel though!!

Reviewed by Tiny tinchless from london on 2nd Sep 2008
i just got this phone and i have to say it's a really cool phone im loving the camera and plus it's 3g so you can video call it's fantastic

Reviewed by Julie from England on 1st Sep 2008
Lovely phone with great features. High shine case shows fingerprints but easily wipes clean.

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