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Sony Ericsson Z710i review

 Review: December 2006  


In a nutshell: Clamshell phone with 2 megapixel camera, video camera, music player, memory card and Bluetooth.


Available in Twilight Black or Metallic Sand, the Sony Ericsson Z710i is a fully specified mid-range clamshell phone. The Z710i is almost the same as the Z610i, except that, confusingly, the Z610i also has 3G.

The Z710i is a nice-sized phone. It's not slim or particularly lightweight, but is a nice size and weight to hold in your palm. The keypad is well designed and functional, and the phone is very easy to use. The external display is greyscale, with blue backlighting, but the main internal display is a high quality TFT display with 262k colours and a good resolution. The camera is one of the best available in this price-range: a 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom and a night mode (but no flash). There's also a video recorder and the VideoDJ application lets you edit your videos on the phone. A media player is provided, supporting MP3 and AAC music formats, and there is also an FM radio. Audio quality is good. Although there isn't much memory in the phone (just 10 Mbytes), the Z710i supports Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) cards, so you can expand the memory to a Gbyte or more. The phone supports all common connections: Bluetooth, Fast Port, USB (including USB mass storage) and infrared.

There are a few extra features that are worth pointing out. The phone handles EDGE connections for fast internet access and has a full screen web browser, so you can realistically use the phone for mobile web access, although obviously this isn't going to be as easy as browsing the web from a PC. The phone handles MP3 and AAC format ringtones, and has Sony Ericsson's PlayNow facility for downloading new ringtones. There's also a polyphonic ringtone composer if you want to try your hand at making your own MIDI ringtones. The phone is quadband for worldwide use, and frequent travellers can make use of flight mode (offline mode). The Z710i is equipped with a full range of personal organiser functions (notes, tasks, alarm clock, business card exchange, calendar, calculator, file manager) and a voice recorder.

The Z710i is a phone that's hard to fault. Although it doesn't offer all the features found in Sony Ericsson's high-end phones such as the K800i with its outstanding camera, or the Walkman-series phones with their superior music player capabilities, in its price range its one of the best specified phones currently available and is highly recommended.

Sony Ericsson Z710i features include:

  • Camera: 2 megapixels with 2.5x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • VideoDJ™ (video editing application)
  • Internal display: TFT, 262, 144 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: STN, 4 greyscale, 128 x 128 pixels
  • Media player
  • FM radio
  • MP3 & AAC ringtones
  • MusicDJ™ polyphonic ringtone composer
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • 3D Java games
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Memory: 10 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) card slot
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Fast Port, USB (USB mass storage), Infrared
  • Web browser
  • Quadband
  • Vibration alert
  • Flight mode
  • Size: 88 x 48 x 24.5 mm
  • Weight: 101g
  • Talktime: 10 hours
  • Battery standby: 350 hours

Sony Ericsson Z710i user reviews

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Average rating from 118 reviews:

Reviewed by Paul Michaels from Zambia on 25th May 2013
I have had the Z710i for 2 years now and its really brilliant. I have along side the blackberry torch 9800 but every once in a while, I find myself admiring features from the Z710i like the loud speaker and the radio. Also, being an old phone and from a slightly older generations (unlike the sony ericsson xperia), the little gadget is able to exchange contacts with my bb 9800 via bluetooth without any problems. Functionality and user friendliness too are to talk about. Keypad is firm and nice, big enough keys too. Screen resolution is good, the shell is strong battery life, better than expected of it. Though, am not too happy the internal memory and with using micro card as it is hard to find in my location. SD, micro SD, MMC are better. Camera is really poor. They could have done better on that one. 2MP sounds okay but the image doesn't show it. Overall, its a good phone. I'd recommend.

Reviewed by Agris from UK on 3rd Jan 2009
I hade this for almost 2 Years. I'm pleast wit it and will buy next the same!!! this is the best I of Flips! BEST!!!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 27th Oct 2008
Great phone, very easy to use and great functions. This is my 4th Z710i nad it has the same fault as the 3 previous ones-it keeps switching itself off. My girlfriend has a w710i and that too keeps turning itself off. I have read other reviews and this seems to be common problem so why do SE charge to repair a design fault?

Reviewed by F H from UK on 15th Oct 2008
hey guys! I've had this phone for about two years (gold version) and it's not bad. the camera could be better but it's good. for some reason every time i go to my phonebook and try to scroll down fast through the contacts, it makes the phone restart. weird. but other than that i'd give it 3-4 stars!

Reviewed by charlie from UK on 29th Sep 2008
brilliant phone but mine broke :( 10/10

Reviewed by Kivi Shapiro from UK on 20th Aug 2008
Have had this phone since it came out and remain very happy with it. Very good battery life, nice physical construction, good features. The camera takes pictures and video; you can download games and ringtones; and there's even a little web browser. Not bad for something I originally bought just as a phone. I've used it as an alarm clock and a calculator, and am absolutely thrilled with the FM radio receiver. Have not experienced the shutdown problem that other posters mention. I know it's not the latest and greatest any more, but I'm completely happy with mine.

Reviewed by dw from UK on 8th Apr 2008
I have had many different cell phones since 1997 amd this is the only one I have ever had a problem with. If you flip it closed, put it down, tap it lightly, it shuts off all by itself....it's never been dropped and it's spotless....what a waste of time and SO frustrating when you can never know if the phone is still on!

Reviewed by Heatherthegreat from UK on 21st Mar 2008
Best phone I have ever owned. I love this phone and love sony ericsson I will never own another brand!

Reviewed by Mwale Peter from UK on 11th Mar 2008
Im enjoying the phone. I was planning to by an ipod but now I don't see the need. I have 2Gb on my Z710i. I have all the music i need. I enjoying the video too. The radio is excellent. Its the best phone so far. Very easy to use.

Reviewed by Jocelyn from UK on 8th Mar 2008
I find that it's a bit too chunky. But it has tons of features and lots of cool stuff on it. It has a good MP3 player with good radio reception. I bought it as a replacement and i wasn't disappointed. It has clear phone reception and sometimes it even works in the subways its so cool. The only thing is that the speaker volume is too low for my liking but other then that it's amazing.

Reviewed by Phonelover from UK on 3rd Mar 2008
Hi, ive had this phone for a year and it must be the first one that ive not managed to break. Still looks as good as the day i got it ( well near enough lol) and have droped it many times. Pictures are of good quality for saying only a 2 megapixel. Only draw back is that it doesnt have a flash. But did manage to get use to that. Would recommend to someone that just wants a phone to do its job, but also gets the benefit of many extras

Reviewed by Pankaj from UK on 16th Feb 2008
Not too good ,not so bad

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 28th Jan 2008
Ups: - Great camera quality - Loud and good quality sound - Can hold quite alot of memory Downs: - Dust can easily get into the camera which makes the photos go quite white, so you need to clean it reguarly which is quite hard (need to use something small like a paperclip) - Got bored of it after 1 year and now I want the Nokia 5310 Xpress Music!!! - Quite a chunky mobile

Reviewed by Rigy Jacob from UK on 24th Jan 2008
Excellent phone to what you spend. I have been using mine for 14 months. It plays all types of ringtones. To those said, only defalt could be set, KEEP ALL YOUR MUSIC (of any format) IN THE DEFALT MUSIC FOLDER even with n number of sub folders and never move from one to another to retain the path. Talk time dont merely means the time you talk. Recording video, listening music, using i-net playing games,etc are also counted as talk time. Take a sum of all actions you 'll get almost 10 hrs talk time.

Reviewed by wrobb from UK on 19th Jan 2008
It's a piece of garbage. I've had mine for less than 2 months, had to re-load the software, reset the phone, master reset the phone and it still drops calls, erases ringtones and the design is garbage - no matter how you pick up the unit you hit a button of some sort on some part of the phone - piece of garbage

Reviewed by tony from UK on 9th Jan 2008
I have had this phone for a few months now. brilliant!! never any trouble, battery lasts days, re-charge is quick, mp3 ringtones for different people is great.Maybe i got a good one!

Reviewed by - from UK on 22nd Dec 2007
I loved this phone when I got it. It is a bith thick, but it worked great. Untill 3 months down the line it started turning off by itself. I found out on the Internet that it happens to a lot of people. A phone that turns off by itself is useless. Now it tuens off at least 3 times a day and it is not 5 onths old. Don't buy it untill they come up with a fix.

Reviewed by Dan from uk on 13th Oct 2007
this is a really easy phone to use and has loads of great things on it if you ever want one GET IT

Reviewed by eljot from poland on 11th Oct 2007

Reviewed by Katherine from Canada on 10th Oct 2007
This phone i sthe biggest piece of junk. Ive gone through 7 versions of the same phone and all of them have had screen problemse (eg. screen goes ocmpletely blank rendering the phone useless for hours at a time). better yet. my phon eocmpany wont do anything about it. do yourself a favor. dont get this phone!

Reviewed by Seb from England on 18th Sep 2007
Ok, I guess. Not sleek and sexy like some of the Samsungs, LGs or Sony Ericssons, but it gets the job done. I find it a bit too chunky though

Reviewed by Kris from Poland on 9th Sep 2007
I think this phone nice and i like it very much.But it haven't got flash...I don't know:/

Reviewed by Elo from Denmark on 5th Sep 2007
This is by far the best cell phone I have owned so far. I find that its mix of features is just right, for my purposes at least. It does business tasks very well and entertainment features are by far adequate for average use. Its size, feel and the keys are excellent plus the SE menu system is, to me, unbeatable. I come from a Nokia and I just grew to HATE its menus. I also like the email reader - a real bonus. For people critizing the camera - a cell phone is not a camera - go buy a proper camera for that. The only gripe I have is the lack of 3G - I find web access is slow but maybe that is not the phones fault - I really don't know as this is the first time I have phone with web capabilities.

Reviewed by Sonya from USA on 3rd Sep 2007
Love it! Love it! Love it! This is the most entertaining phone i've ever owed. I have become addicted to downloading mp3 songs and ringtones. I have such an extensive collection of songs, since I purchased a 512 MB memory stick for about $25. Now instead of sleeping during my morning train commute to work, I simply listen to music! The radio is also awesome. You can actually program your favorite stations in. You also have the option of listening to your mp3 songs and radio with or without the earphones, and you never miss a call while doing this. As for the other features, it comes equipped with the all the extras you could think of. Even has speaker.

Reviewed by Holly from Canada on 2nd Sep 2007
I've finally gotten a phone that's not from the ice age. It's been fun taking pictures and downloading mp3's. However, I didn't realize until I got home that there's no CD driver for my ibook. Oh, well. I guess I'll have to adapt. Other than that, I love my phone because it's become my everything! Good thing I never did buy an mp3 player. It's very user friendly and even some of my friends with fancier phones are jealous because I actually use it more than them.

Reviewed by sajid from pakistan on 29th Aug 2007
thats very nice phone i really like it

Reviewed by john from indonesia on 14th Aug 2007

Reviewed by Lance from Canada on 13th Aug 2007
This phone is SOOOO AWESOME!!! It has a great quality MP3 player and it is a well mad phone!!! !!!!!I RECOMMEND IT!!!!!

Reviewed by Sen from UK on 13th Aug 2007
Got this phone a month ago, and so far its proved to be decent enough. It has an average music player and camera, but considering its price its alright. Couldn't say its a spectacular phone but it does its job well, and voice quality is clear. All in all a solid if unspectacular phone but I'll be replacing it with one of the next generation 5 megapixel phones as soon as they are out.

Reviewed by daniel wise from australia on 12th Aug 2007
i think this phone would have to be the wost phone ever avented. i will have to give it a 1 cuse there is no 0

Reviewed by joe hiatt from england on 6th Aug 2007
this phone isnt very good as it is hard to flip open and has a bad camera the look of the phone is disgusting and it looks about 20 years old

Reviewed by Diane from Canada on 5th Aug 2007
Phone itself is ok. But turns off by itself making it really undependable. And software will not work on Apple OSX system but salesperson did not tell me. Bottom line: Never again.

Reviewed by Darryl W. from Canada on 4th Aug 2007
I have had the Z710i for a week now and I know a few that have had the phone for a long time... My brothers just died in a miss-hap at work and he had his from day one of them being on the market here. I love mine and I will do what I need and more there is a batt life that lasts me most days all day. but then again I use up 1200 mins amo so I have hard demands on phones that way. I would like to see a phone that has a batt, that is twice what this one is and a 3.2 Mp Camera, the OBM scimps and is very Poor at 10 MBs Few phones win points from me on that one as i dond see why the put so little on I would go no less the 512 MBs and that is with a Memory slot aswell. Even though I have slamed this Phone I would still give 5 stars as I have not seen a phone that could match this one penny per penny toy for toy. My wife has a Phone that contends with mine from Nokia and She would rather have mine now that she has used mine. it has better batt life is easy to use and as she says is a flip as she likes flips better then "candy bar" phones.

Reviewed by Martin from Blackpool on 28th Jul 2007
My mate has one of these, There amazing

Reviewed by Georgi from Canada on 27th Jul 2007
It's an excellent phone! I have it for a month and I still can't find anything to disappoint me. Like most of the SE it has a very good battery. It last 6-7 days the way I use it. I have read all the reviews and I want to say something to the people trying to find disadvantages in this phone: 1. For the Fido customers (like me) in Canada - YES, you won't be able to set an mp3 as a ring tone. Solution: There are many websites that offer free ring tones in MIDI format (which can be set as a ring tone). For the fans though, just convert the mp3 in MIDI and you're all set. 2. For those who can't hear the ring in a crowd-just download and set a lauder ring tone :) 3. For those who's primary purpose is to take HIGH quality pictures with their phones Solution: You'd better buy a camera! ... or next time just choose from a different series (SE has a REALLY good camera phones) 4. For those with battery, software or other technical issues - defective products are found all around the world; it doesn't mean that all the TOYOTAs are bad because a few of them are showing defects 5. For those trying to compare it with K750 - DON'T ... again, they are different series; I've got P800 and I am not gonna compare them What is for sure - SE beats the other brands big time!!! What I like the most in this model: I can use it both for pleasure (to listed music, radio) and for business (excellent organizer). Excellent reception! Nice outdoor pictures! I can give it 10 of 10 !!!!

Reviewed by carley from england on 18th Jul 2007

Reviewed by karen from uk on 18th Jul 2007
emm what can i say about the phone,not very happy with it i'm afraid,had the phone 8 weeks and is now dead as a dodo. Just had it explain to me battery problem,i think from what i read here there is some battery problems with this phone,i'm afraid i'm gettig rid of it.

Reviewed by Mahmoud from Canada on 17th Jul 2007

Reviewed by billy from bradford on 17th Jul 2007
sik fone

Reviewed by victoria from england on 17th Jul 2007
I had 5 of these phones as the first 4 were faulty, i could have chosen a different phone but glad i didn't as this is by far my favourite phone ever.

Reviewed by Natasha from England on 10th Jul 2007
OMG fantastic phone!!! i was worried it would be a let down after my last phone which was great, but needed updating. this phone is easy to use and the ringing volume is fab!! only difficulty i've had so far was getting the sim card out so that i could put my one in, got it out in the end though, but other than that its great!

Reviewed by Ben S from UK on 29th Jun 2007
OK, a review from someone with an IQ in 3 figures - sorry to sound patronising but half the reviews on this page seem to have been sent in from mental institutions...anyway. I bought this phone as a replacement for my Samsung E720, which lasted me 2 years. My main requirement was for a clamshell phone tough enough to last as its predecessor had. This I think the Sony will do, it's a solid beast but so much the better. I don't tend to use phones as cameras, so the camera / video facility doesn't bother me. However the ability to add, as I have done, a 2Gig memory card to the phone turns it into a virtual iPod. I've got an adapter for 3.5mm headphone jack and the phone can easily drive my Sennheiser PX100 headphones. The radio is good and works better than most non-aerial radios I've used in the past. With regards to battery life, I only need to charge it once every 4-5 days, depending on the amount of music I listen to / calls I make. That's using it on a 2G network with Bluetooth switched off. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a solid, well-built phone that can withstand the accidents that happen every day. It's not the skinniest model on the block, or packed with the best features, but to my mind it's the best clamshell around out there, so if you like that style of phone - get it.

Reviewed by Reginald from Venezuela on 29th Jun 2007
This is the best phone i have ever had. For those of you who are having problems try reading through your manuals cause some of the problems seem to be discussed in the manual. Or there could be some defective phones on the market too. Anyway my phone is the best and i have no problems with it.

Reviewed by Matthew from England on 27th Jun 2007

Reviewed by Mac from United States on 26th Jun 2007
Absolutely fantastic phone, get it now before you miss out on one of the best phones around!

Reviewed by Del Boy from England on 24th Jun 2007
I selected this phone as my upgrade option to replace my K750i. I must be honest, it is an average mobile but there are numerous alternatives that I'm sure are much better. The phone is very cheap looking and doesn't give the impression of being particularly well made. The screen is quite poor in comparison to my old K750i and I find it quite frustrating that there is no flash. I have problems when charging if the battery runs down completely, the charging process doesn't seem to kick in for some time (I have left it overnight before and charging still hasn't begun). However, I do appreciate that I probably have a bad phone and not all are the same. Overall, its just average. Much better alternatives available. Given the choice, I would rather have the older K750i or a Samsung/Nokia alternative.

Reviewed by lee thornton from england on 19th Jun 2007
just like christopher from sweden i had my k750i robbed off me and i have now got this phone it has some goood features but i hte tje way it flips open and makes the little lockign sound plus the speaker isnt as loud as the k750 and i have problems hearing it when i nthe street other than that the phone is amazing must have

Reviewed by Lisa from Canada on 17th Jun 2007
One word => EXCELLENT

Reviewed by Pedro (Adrian) from England on 17th Jun 2007
I bought this phone (16/6/07) from my local shop,i must say to all you downers that your reprisentation of a good phone being a samsung,then pls tell me if you can find a way to assign a tone to the message recieveing on a samsung and i will eat my hat,as far as i am aware SE have had the no 1 slot for me when it comes to produceing EXCELLENT phones,this phone is the dog's,you will not go wrong with it,it has everything you could expect in todays mobile phones apart from 3G,but pls tell me "Who uses 3G Yet ?",so buy this phone,you wont regret it !!,ps if i could give this phone 10 stars i would,lol.

Reviewed by Grant from U.K. on 10th Jun 2007
I got this phone recently for my birthday, its fantastic. I have another friend that has a Sony ericsson with a 2.0 megapixel camera, but there pictures seem to be better quality even though the Z710i also has a 2.0 megapixel camera. CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN DOWNLOAD THE DEFAULT O2 THEME FOR THIS MOBILE?

Reviewed by mike from uk on 10th Jun 2007
I'm afraid as i use my mobile as a calendar to remind me of up and coming appointments i find the calendar useless - altho it may be i don't know how to use it. I can't find anyway of changing the calendar warning tone which is virtually a single beep

Reviewed by Eric from canada on 8th Jun 2007
this phone is special in ways, yet it is very typical. i like the design and the conference feature. The only part of the phone i dont like is the reception. usually when i'm in a basement, i will not get any reception. also, when i am talking on the phone and have a finger on the antenna, i will lose my connection and hang up. this has happened more than several times and is quite irritating. apart from that, i like this phone.

Reviewed by mick from germany on 6th Jun 2007
this fone is good but camara isnt good as it should be

Reviewed by Jamie from England/st helens on 28th May 2007
just bad bad bad...phone kept switching itself off wen it had half a battery..the screens really small...if you are going to buy a phone get a reliable samsung...TRUST ME!!!!!!

Reviewed by jj from england on 25th May 2007
its so cool the battey lasts me about a week and i use it all the time

Reviewed by Alan from Canada on 22nd May 2007
Great little flip phone, lots of features, great reception. My wife and I both have one. Been using it for about 10 months. Hers works great, but mine has had some issues with the software. It will stop recording the call logs once in awhile, requiring a full master reset. That is annoying as any apps or ringtones I downloaded from SE website gets wiped (that in itself is annoying as you can't download onto your computer, only via phone web download which costs money). It also occasionally powers down by itself. Sent it in for repairs under warranty, but they didn't fix the problem as it's intermitten and of course the problems didn't happen when they had it... Overall, it's an excellent phone for the money. Tons of features - Bluetooth, IR, 2mp camera, mp3, speakerphone, radio, etc, etc. I just count myself unlucky for getting a bit of a lemon. The problems I have are more nuisance than anything else.

Reviewed by massuma from england on 22nd May 2007
totaaly brilliant.I have just bought this phone.Cool! I want to say something:Everyone out there who's reading this message,buy this phone,trust me,it's really fantastic!

Reviewed by Ramesh from canada, Toronto on 12th May 2007
Great phone loved. had nokia 8800, but battery sucksss. this phone is very cooool. all fuction are coolll..1 thing is bothering me can't unlock. people are asking price more then i paid for the phone.......

Reviewed by dave winnings from england on 12th May 2007
it does'nt say wat it does on the tin rubbish rubbish rubbish

Reviewed by Christoffer from Sweden on 10th May 2007
I have had the phone for about half a year now, the things i am dissapointed with is that it lacks whatever called battery life, maybe it's just my phone, but if i charge the battery during the night and use the phone very little, but keep it on the day after it have used 10 % of its battery. In one single day. That was not what I expected since I had a K750i that got stolen before, and that phone was just lovely, everything was as good as it should be. From what I know that phone was more demanding to the battery, thinking of the better camera and flash light but even then the battery lasted longer on that one. Secondly the Z710i is a bit strange some times, restarts, the display lights out and on by it self. Apart from this things its lovely.

Reviewed by chubs from england on 8th May 2007
cant anyone spell on here??? dont know their a*** from elbow some of them.its a great phone...ok it cant cook dinner but it does everything else....what do some of these folk expect?? its a phone!!!!

Reviewed by Rigy Jacob from India on 7th May 2007
Its a good phone. All necessary functions are there in it. The the bad point I have is the Ring VOLUME is too low and could not be heard if we are in a crowd. The viberating freequency is too high to alert if we put to viberating mode. Every thing else is Good

Reviewed by Sergio from Serbia on 2nd May 2007
I just bought it and I am very impressed. Excelent phone !

Reviewed by M.Thorne from UK on 1st May 2007
I bought this phone on pay as you go with view to use it on my contract and overall i am a little dissapointed. The phone is good as a basic phone but I thought that with a 2 megapixel camera it would be a good camera as well. How wrong I was. The camera is grainy and there is a lack of flash and no zoom. The memory isnt great either. If I were you then I would do what I have done, and buy the Samsung D900.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 1st May 2007
I have used this phone for 2 nonths, I have tried others in the SE range, but nothing tops this phone. I honestly can't fault it !!. I have always been a Nokia user, but the New nokias are not in the same league as SE. Battery life is excellent,this is a well built phone & 100% Reliable. I especially like the clam design, no matter what menu you are on, just close the clam & your back to the main screen, its a very easy to use phone & I would reconmend anybody to buy it, I is excellent value for money....

Reviewed by aj from england on 28th Apr 2007
rubbishest phone ever

Reviewed by gary andrew from england on 22nd Apr 2007
got the phone last week and i got it in the sandy colour to which i think makes the phone more attractive, overall, very pleased with it, clear picture good camera and user friendly. i have owned many phones and i must admit this is one of the better ones, being quite compact, and sturdy, keys are precise and clear and has a blue glow effect at night use. came as a upgrade phone but worth buying if your after a smart looking phone which does as it says on the box. i understand some people on here rate this phone as poor or just run it down to the ground but this to me says its either youngsters having this phone for xmas/birthday and really wanting the latest nokia/sony eric. or people who just love to pick faults with everyday life. to me its a great phone take my word for it.

Reviewed by norbert from UK on 19th Apr 2007

Reviewed by Henrik from Sweden/Singapore on 18th Apr 2007
I've had this phone for about 5 months now. The battery is still ok and I have not had any problems with it. The camera is excellent as long as the lighting is good, otherwise it is pretty bad. You can really tell that it is a good camera, but that they deliberately made it a bit worse so it wouldn't compete with their more expensive models. One bad thing is that it uses memory stick micro, i.e. expensive! I can not find any information on the sony ericsson webpage saying that it can handle anything bigger than 1GB, but other webpages state that it does, so I am still a bit confused about that. I have used the mp3-player A LOT and have nothing to complain about. I just transfer songs via bluetooth from my laptop, smooth! I have had no problems what so ever setting songs as ringtones as many other reviewers here report. I was very impressed by the loadspeaker. At its loudest it is more powerful than my laptop (iBook G4) and still has quite sound quality. I love this phone. It has a good design and is just heavy enough. I can easily flip it open with one hand.

Reviewed by uxe1 from Canada on 13th Apr 2007
its a good phone, lotsa toys. ok camra ect. ive had mine for a month now, and the only problem is i cant set mp3's a sring tones. (maby cause im on fido) ive herd that if i store the songs in another format it will work tho, so will try it. i have no prob texting with one hand, but maby thats cause im not an *d*ot :p and have had a flip for most of my phones. 1gb card cost me $50cad and is awsome. All in all its a great little tool. i know ther are better phones out there but for the price this is the cats meow.

Reviewed by Steve S. from Canada on 12th Apr 2007
Does anybody know what is the real life of the battery? I talk only 1 hour per day and after 2 days the battery is gone. Is that normal because in the guide is written "10 hours talking time and 350 standby".

Reviewed by Hammad from Canada on 9th Apr 2007
I likes the phone there is a probleme we cant put mp3 like a ringtone u can only put MIDI as ringtone that's the only thang that i hate in this phone so if u know how to put it mp3 please send me a message on hammadou4@hotmail.com thank you

Reviewed by breet lee from austrila on 9th Apr 2007
number one waste phone in the world

Reviewed by Zebz from England on 8th Apr 2007
I am a dealer in Mobile Phones and dis is just rubbish the zoom doesnt work and it wont let me use my own ringtone only defualt ones it pees me off !

Reviewed by Sebastian from Romania on 1st Apr 2007
I just buyed but i am disapointed about him sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy.look::zoom doesn't work in photo mode... is a bad phone....pinaumihai@yahoo.com

Reviewed by pepón from Boliguayo on 30th Mar 2007
The BesT!!!!

Reviewed by Regin john matthew from India on 28th Mar 2007
This is a very very very very very very bad phone a human can ever get.i recommend all of u never ever dare to buy this phone it sucks. im not writing the drawbacks of this phone bcoz it will take a decade for me to type the entire drawbacks. if the editor wants to contact me plz contact me in linnetgeo@hotmail.com or uk-expensive@hotmail.com. thank u and again plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz never buy this phone ..

Reviewed by James from Uk on 25th Mar 2007
This phone is great! Ive had it for 3 days, and i love it! Its a good phone, really amazing. Everything - GREAT! ;)

Reviewed by Chez from Canada on 24th Mar 2007
Nice phone, I personally like the design more than most of the others, even if it is chunkier! Does this phone support a 2GB M2 card, cause I was thinking of upgrading? Do a google search for an AMR converter which can make just about any song compatible to use as your ring tones. The camera is great but they should have added a flash. My phone says that it has 20MB of memory for some reason & I like the fact that it's got an mp3 player to listen to music or even watch video, which eliminates the need to carry around an iPod or CD player, etc... for me at least! I do find that the phone tends to stall when you dial a # though, it takes a few seconds for you to actually hear a ring tone. Overall I still think it's a very nice phone but it can use some upgrades.

Reviewed by luke skywalker from u.k on 23rd Mar 2007
the force is with you sony ericson type thing phone it is good but you could make it better by making a slide phone of it man!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Steph from Canada on 19th Mar 2007
Somehow the phone is restricting me to use ONLY the default ringtones and wont let me use anything else. Its fustrating.

Reviewed by amy dunn from england on 17th Mar 2007
this fone is very good and i wud reccomened it to people who need a phone and they use it lots and all the time.i personally prefer the z520i because you can edit it to suit your style in every possible way!!this phone is a bit basic but there is nothing wrong with it!Well Done sony ericcsson!

Reviewed by Gayan Krishantha from Sri Lanka on 9th Mar 2007
This phone veary good & veary Beautiful

Reviewed by chris from uk on 1st Mar 2007
Quality phone. Cameras clear, music sounds good. The only problem im having is the phone connecting to the computer via usb

Reviewed by hairybob from england on 28th Feb 2007
had the phone a few days, its not so different from the K750i i had, 02 told me there wouldnt be a USB cable but there was, came with a bluetooth set, but im going to flog that. Phone is nice to use, keys are bit small as is the navigation key, you could end up pressing differing keys if you're not careful. Camera seems reasonable, better outside than in, lacks the flash which is restricting. Transferred and uploaded stuff to the phone ok, the mass storage facility means you dont have to muck around which glitchy software etc, just plug in the cable and bob's yer aunty. not many ringtones, and what there is is pretty rubbish. Screen resolution is excellent, and the screen you text on is clear etc. All in all a very good phone, better than anything Nokia seem to bring out,this is my second Sony phone and I think I may stick with them from now on.

Reviewed by amy smith from BVFJ on 25th Feb 2007

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 25th Feb 2007
Amy, we might listen to you more if you told us what exactly is wrong with the phone.

Reviewed by martyn from uk on 21st Feb 2007
Had this phone on Saturday and took it back on Monday! It's far too big and bulky, impossible to text with one hand as phone is top heavy.Uses a Sony m2 memory stick so more expense! better phones available for the same or less money.

Reviewed by willy rishi from uk on 21st Feb 2007
rubish phone terrible the screenis bad music quality bad and the camera is alright you should get a W850i it is the best pone in the world seriously it is good music great

Reviewed by Muhammad Aamer Nisar from Pakistan on 14th Feb 2007
quite a nice phone but expensive. excelant features but shape has to be changed like without flap.

Reviewed by Bert from UK on 9th Feb 2007
Had this 3 months and love it. Does what it says on the tin v well indeed. I'm in my 50s btw so probably got different priorities to some on this site. Nice to hold and use. Quick to boot up. A great clear screen internal and external - good for outside use. Customisable keys are ace. Excellent bluetooth connection to my pc and a headset. Voice dialling reliable. Like the antenna bar for propping phone up on desk. Radio signal strong and RDS a bonus. Don't like the measly set of music only ringtones. Camera good for a 2mp on a phone. Not used video yet. Rarely use music player.

Reviewed by Richard England from England on 9th Feb 2007
I'm unfortunately completely unfazed by mobile phones - having used one since 1995 they invariably have little appeal. So, time came when my trusty Ericsson T68 showed just too many signs of age - the battery didn't retain it charge, some of the top bezel had fallen off and the felt "nipple" had gone astray. I'd had it for over 5 years (its a T68 not a T68i) and other than one moment of madness when it required a re-flash of its OS (getting the T68i's image) it had performed sterling work. However I had come to the conclusion that a new phone was required, and before the T68 died completely. I'd decided it would be an Ericsson or Nokia, my missus having recently taken on a Motorola V3, and found its clunky interface and short battery time to be horrible. Originally I was going to go for an Ericsson W810i, knowing it was iSync compatible. However I was persuaded by the silky looks of a black Z710i, and thinking if it wasn't iSync compatible, then surely it would be soon. As it was, the phone isn't iSync compatible, but a cheap ¤11 investment in Nova Media's iSync Phone Plugin package (http://www.novamedia.de/sync/) did (almost) the trick. I say "almost" because to date I still don't have the facility to SMS from my Mac through Address Book, though no errors are reported. In general the Bluetooth facility is a lot more clunky than with the T68, but such is technology in the New Century... As for the Z710i, well it has an intuitive interface. Having missed out on a few generations of mobile phones (due to the longevity of the T68) I found that everything was where I expected it to be and everything worked as anticipated. The screen is bright and not too cluttered. The keys are sufficiently chunky enough (bigger than the T68's). The phone is, not surprisingly with the flip, chunky. The plastic fascia quality is a little cheaper than the T68's which proved up until recently to be relatively scratch-resistant and impact-capable. The sound quality is way better than the T68's - through the use no doubt of far betters DSP's. Battery length, even after some serious conditioning, doesn't come near to the T68, even in its current failing state. At present the T68 is able to provide 177 hours standby time, and just over 7 hours talktime - worse than the Z710i specs. But in reality the T68 always beats the new phone, and even better, through its status screen the T68 is able to estimate the available time for both factors remaning - a feature that "modern" phones are no longer capable of. However the lack of Mac support is annoying. Ericsson and other manufacturers don't seem to quite appreciate that folk into digital media invariably own a Mac - and don't use PC's! So not providing support for downloading video and photos to a Mac is just plain silly. PC's are little anachronisms - popular reboot-frenzy toys that consume endless money and patience. As it is I keep a PC somewhere in the house, and for the moment that has to suffice. In conclusion then, the Z710i is a much more capable phone - on paper. It has a decent 2 mega-pixel camera, an excellent built-in radio, and great, clear voice performance. But the lack of Mac support on the CD provided just can't be justified.

Reviewed by Jimoney! from England on 8th Feb 2007

Reviewed by call from england on 6th Feb 2007
theaz phone are rely good but better then the k800i just the k800i iz got a beter camra

Reviewed by Dina from Canada on 1st Feb 2007
EVERYTHING IS AMAZING ABOUT THIS FON except that since im using fido i cant set mp3s as my ringtone so i use other formats such as .real, .rm, .wav, .aac for song ringtones and the camera is good except for when the lighting is low and you turn nightvision on its sooo slow and blurry and it doesnt have a flash :( but o well the mp3 player is beautiful!! go sony ecrisson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by grigoris from greece on 1st Feb 2007
is the best mobile phone

Reviewed by timbo jetset from england on 1st Feb 2007
i bought this phone based on reviews on here and have been really disapointed, the first time i opened it it broke into two peices and now both bits are in the bin.

Reviewed by Hot Dude from Canada on 31st Jan 2007
I got this phone and love it. I hope it can be dropped many times like the Z600, because phones go on many drucken partying journeys. 1gb is lots but I wish I got the 2gb available on ebay. It's cool how you can download videos onto the phone.

Reviewed by Kate from Newry, North of Ireland on 31st Jan 2007
I absolutely love this phone but im just having problems getting it set up on my PC, I want to transfer the pictures from my old phone to this one but its not working, if anyone has any tips

Reviewed by amit from canada on 31st Jan 2007
i love my mobile but can some one tell me where can it be unlocked w710i plz respond me at amittripathi@yahoo.co.in

Reviewed by DEDE from INDONESIA on 28th Jan 2007

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