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Sony Ericsson Z610i review

 Review: December 2006  

Last updated May 2007


In a nutshell: The Z610i is a compact clamshell 3G phone with a hidden mirror effect and a glossy finish.


The Sony Ericsson Z610i is a smart 3G clamshell camera phone with a glossy sleek finish, available in a choice of pink, blue and black. A hidden mirror effect conceals the external display, which becomes visible only when the display lights up. The display shows basic information such as the time and caller details. There is also a camera lens mounted on the front cover. Open up the clamshell and inside the phone retains its glossy good looks. The keypad is not the best though, as the separation between keys makes it slightly tricky to use at speed. It has to be said too that the glossy finish attracts fingerprints pretty quickly too.

The external camera is rated at 2 megapixels, but does not have a flash, so night photography will be difficult. The phone also has a video camera and supports video calling to other 3G phones. The VideoDJ application lets you edit video clips on the phone, which can then be transferred to a PC or sent to another phone via MMS. The main internal display is a 262k colour TFD screen which is of high quality, with a resolution at 176 x 220 pixels. The Z610i has a music player and can handle MP3 ringtones too. It has a built-in speakerphone and voice recorder. Flight mode lets you listen to music whilst the phone's reception is switched off.

With just 16 Mbytes of onboard memory, there is not enough storage to hold more than a few songs, but a Memory Stick Micro card can be added to increase memory. The phone supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity, as well as USB drag-and-drop functionality for easy transfer of files between phone and PC. Sony Ericsson's Fast Port interface is also supported.

Functionally the Z610i has almost exactly the same spec as the K610i. The Z610i has a clamshell form factor and beautiful glossy looks, but the K610i has the benefit of being one of the lightest 3G phones ever made. It does have a tendency to freeze or shut down, so be warned.

Sony Ericsson Z610i features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 2 megapixel camera with 2.5x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • VideoDJ™ video editor
  • Main display: TFD, 262,144 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: OLED, 128 x 36 colours, monochrome
  • Media player
  • MP3 & AAC ringtones / Polyphonic ringtones
  • MusicDJ™ polyphonic ringtone composer
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • Personal organiser functions
  • 3D Java games
  • GPRS
  • Web browser
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Memory: 16 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro (M2) support
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB mass storage, Fast Port
  • Triband plus 3G (UMTS 2100)
  • Size: 94 x 49 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Talktime: 2.5 hours (2G) - 7 hours (3G)
  • Battery standby: 400 hours

Sony Ericsson Z610i user reviews

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Average rating from 221 reviews:

Reviewed by Emilie from England on 29th Jul 2012
I received my phone as a hand me down from my mum who had it for several years before me. I've only been using it for about 8 months, but I've never had any issues with it, the battery life still lasts about 3 days and that is with me spending most of my time texting and using the internet. Yes it is very outdated now, and my boyfriend is always telling me to get a better phone, but to be honest I'd probably break it, and considering my Sony is pretty much indestructible, I think I'll stick with that.

Reviewed by Valkyrie from England on 30th Apr 2012
My phone was handed down from my Aunt who used it for 2 years before she gave it to me, and I've had it for 5 years. I love the look and the screen is so big! I prefer it to any smartphone and in 7 years the screen has never been damaged. I'm unbelievably clumsy, but when I drop it nothing happens, unlike with a smartphone. Sadly I think my phone is starting to reach the end of its life, because it sometimes freezes or refuses to turn on, but I love it anyway. I don't know where I can buy it again, but when it does die I don't want anything else. Everyone else says it's rubbish though. :( It's just a phone that's not that expensive, has a long battery and WORKS.
Or at least it did work.

Reviewed by Dee from Scotland on 10th Mar 2012
I've had my phone in charcoal grey for over 4 years now and I still love it. Battery still going strong, only needs charged every few days. 3 network great too. Very outdated now but don't want to change it, see how much longer it lasts!

Reviewed by Nina from UK on 3rd Mar 2011
Have had this phone for 4 yrs now and has outlasted 2 other Sonys and I keep coming back to this handset I work with horses and need something sturdy and easy to use while I carry on working. Great phone. No compalints!!!

Reviewed by jimson romuar from UK on 21st Aug 2010
i love my sony ericsson z610i phone... very elegant and sophisticated... bravo!

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 5th Jul 2010
Its great, i've had mine for 2 years. I got it on my 16th birthday and had it 4 2 years and its been great. The internet is good and it has a lot of good features. The only problems are that u can only have 900 messages saved and not that much room 4 pictures, music and web pages. Other then that, its a cute little phone.

Reviewed by someone from UK on 27th Mar 2010
brill! had it for 3 years now and it's still excellent

Reviewed by tom from UK on 21st Nov 2009
this fone is decent i had it for about 15 months and recently sold it the phone has loud ringing and comes with everything you need

Reviewed by geoff from UK on 17th Nov 2009
i have had this phone(sony ericsonZ610i) for about a year and it has served me me well in that time, for all of the features that i actually want to use. The only downside is that at the moment when my messages are coming in from friends i cannot hear the ringtone and cannot seem to find how to turn it up even though i have scoured the manual that came with it from front to back. If any one can tell me what the problem is i would be very grateful

Reviewed by me from UK on 14th Aug 2009
This phone is a piece of junk. Wait i can even explain why Durabilty is non existant on the phone you bump it once and the screen bugs out, also it has a fun tendency of freezing and or just turning off completely for absolulty no resaon this normally occuars extreamly frequently in times where the operator of the mobile device is in a position where they really need there piece of malysian junk to work gotta love wonderful corperations like SONY. (if you didnt pick that up it was sarcasim) Ill stick with buy from reliable companys from now on such as motorola,LG,Sanyo and mircosoft

Reviewed by Vanessa from UK on 11th Aug 2009
I hate this phone with a passion!!! It shuts off by itself and is not durable at all!!!

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 15th Jul 2009
I have had my black Z610i and It still works. After multiple drop I have only found that the vibration has stopped working. Unfortunately I'm someone who loves graphic customization so this phone falls short. For a 2 meg camera i found that it has a surprisingly clear shot, so i love the camera. I have a 2 gig memory card and it plays all my music with great quality.

Reviewed by Debbie from UK on 9th Jul 2009
Great phone for 2 years then suddenly battery drained in 5 hours and couldn't get it to re-charge. Thought I just need a new battery as was told most batteries only last about a year. Bought new battery, charged it and it worked for 2 hours. Now I fear the battery draining completely so I need to get all my photos off before it dies. I really love the phone and would get another one if I had an explanation for the problem. Wouldn't go with 3 mobile though. As soon as i renewed my contract for another 18 months, i started having problems and was told by the girl in shop 'they're upgrading the network'. So meanwhile I pay my monthly charge but cannot text or call so they are making a huge profit on me. I agree that those whose phones have been breaking must have abused them. I dropped mine once and it has a small chip on the paintwork. Never had a problem with the back dropping off. Love the look - may well get the new model as long as it's not with 3.

Reviewed by Harold from UK on 25th Jun 2009
Had it 2 years. Great phone despite some of the probs already mentioned.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 2nd Jun 2009
This phone is horrible. Everytime I use it the back falls off. Also, the battery it awful. Do not recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Susie from UK on 30th May 2009
I bought this phone a day ago, I loved it. It was fantastic; average features, easy texting, great look. It turned itself off this morning when I was half way through a text and now has not turned back on. I have tried taking the battery out as well. It's a shame I thought it was actually a good phone.

Reviewed by selena gomez from UK on 27th Feb 2009
hiya guys this is selena gomez. i am currently using this mobile phone. it has lasted me for about 3 years. i really it and i will recomend it for everyone whos thinking about buying this very phone p.s i also advise you to buy the iphone which i also am using. bye love from the one the only real selena gomez.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
The worst phone I've ever had, battery life is terrible, always searching for network. I have had it repaired but the network blame the handset. The second piece of advice avoid network 3 like the plauge. There is a reason they are cheap, they are unable to provide coverage. Their customer service is pathetic and could be done under "the trade desciptions act"

Reviewed by chrissie ..x from UK on 9th Jan 2009
i have just bought this phone and would like to unlock it to vodofone but from first impresions Sony ericson is one of the best make of phones alive so that says it all

Reviewed by Katy from UK on 30th Dec 2008
I love this phone! :D It looks great, whenever someone has seen they've said, "Wow nice phone! Can I see it?" Good camera, I love the way the battery life is long and even when it's right down it stays on! I'd definitely recommend this phone! :D

Reviewed by elvira from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
simply AWESOME PHNE..;)

Reviewed by gill in wigan from UK on 29th Nov 2008
had this phone for about 7 months now and the only slightly negative thing i would say is that the battery cover is a swine t remove. apart from that i love it. my kids are jealous of my cool phone. i got it on a 6 month contract with 3 at 15 a month and i am so pleased with them that i have got all my kids contracts on 3 for christmas, good value and good customer service.

Reviewed by suresh from UK on 26th Nov 2008
i m using this phone and i love it but it does;t have zoom in picture.

Reviewed by dawn from UK on 17th Nov 2008
i've had my phone for almost 2years! its been dropped knocked and even peed on by my child! its blue and beautiful, i love it! i've just recently started to have problems with it freezing on me but considering the abuse its put up with im not suprised! i was on here just looking to see if i can get myself a new one. the only downfall with this is it not having a flash but otherwise its a great phone!!!

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 16th Nov 2008
Well, the phone is great! At first........... but after a while it starts to break. Well, firstly- the back on my phone always comes off because the clips that hold it on slightly snap off, so to fix it you have to cut the clips off that holds the back of the phone on, and then it stays on abit more. Secondly-The memory card isn't too good, it's alright at first but mine broke, the memory card now dosn't work, so i can only use the memory on the phone, i tryed getting a new memoy card exactly the same, but it is someting inside of the phone that has broken. Well thats all that happend so far, but mines on contract so i carn't exactly swap it yet, can i?:(

Reviewed by A.W from UK on 4th Nov 2008
This phone is good.. I've the black one =D Cutie!

Reviewed by Heatproof from UK on 31st Oct 2008
Easy to understand, and works like a charm

Reviewed by Adeolu from UK on 30th Oct 2008
This is best phone

Reviewed by lydia cheah from UK on 20th Oct 2008
this phone is the BEST phone so far..i have used over a 30phones and none of them are as great as this one!!u MUST get it..

Reviewed by michelle from UK on 20th Oct 2008
absolutely love this phone!!!

Reviewed by Suzy from UK on 13th Oct 2008
its cute, sexy, fashionable, but after 6 months of having it, it started turning off by itself, terrible service! TERRIBLE PHONE!!

Reviewed by rajesh from UK on 8th Oct 2008
As soon i saw this phone, I knew this phone was gonna be in my hands one day. And yeah i got it, i've been using it for 2months rite now and im more than satisfied to have this phone. The main thing about this phone is that its design is just awesome ! Music features, and battery life are pretty good. buttons are also easy to press unlike other phones.

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 2nd Oct 2008
All those people who say it breaks are just careless, the battery power rocks! I have to charge mine weekly and I listen to music and never turn it off, my friends love it 2!

Reviewed by Pixiemoon from UK on 2nd Oct 2008
Mine came free with a more expensive phone from Orange. What can I say, "free" and that was too much.

Reviewed by SomeGurl....Darlingxxxx from UK on 27th Sep 2008
had this phone for 18 months and i am utterly bored of it. i have it on contract and if it was a pay as you go i would have given it in long before this! it is quite heavy and is the size of a brick. it doesn't have a lot of memory on for tunes and piccies! the gurdd bit about this phone is that it has sort of a mirror thing on the front which is fab And it has msn messenger on it which is quite good too! out of 10 it would be... 4/10 thanks and sorry!!!! xoxox

Reviewed by rinoa from UK on 21st Sep 2008
the phone is very good and after a year the battery life still good. clear sound and picture are fine too.

Reviewed by johnny from UK on 19th Sep 2008
ITS A Peice OF junk

Reviewed by Kathryn from UK on 10th Sep 2008
I have had this phone now 2 years and have had no problems what so ever! I've got in pink (the same colour as my ipod) yes, it does smear easily but i just sit there and polish it!! i would recommmend this to anyone buying a phone!! IT'S BRILL!!!

Reviewed by lily from UK on 18th Aug 2008
i've had this phone for almost THREE years =). so far i have had no problems with it. though once in a blue moon it shuts off for no reason, but i just turn it back on. looks good, great sound quality, and just an all around awesome phone!

Reviewed by elliot ashby from UK on 15th Jul 2008
ive had this phone for 1 and a half years and no probs at all.

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 29th Jun 2008
excellent phone! had it over a year now and no problems at all!

Reviewed by Nicolle from UK on 29th Jun 2008
This phone is ok. I have had mine a year now and about 5 months ago the place where the earphones and the battery goes is broken and now i cant listen to my phone with the headphones and you have to be very careful with the charger and the simplist knock can stop it from charging. The phone has alot of good stuff to it and yeah it is pretty stylish but i wouldnt recomend it to a young teenager such as myself. This phone is stylish.. its not for music as such. Only have it for a max of a year as i promise you .. you will get extremly bored and fed up with it

Reviewed by len c from UK on 17th Jun 2008
ok apart from it turns itself off randomly annoying . :-(

Reviewed by Meghna from UK on 12th Jun 2008
had the phone for a coup[le of months and it is perfect....the preetiest thing ever built

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 12th Jun 2008
this phone is perfect, only a month ago i dropped it in the bath stupidly and am gutted... i would reccommend it to anyone... it's fab and i miss it!!

Reviewed by Sexydaddy from UK on 10th Jun 2008
I love it

Reviewed by stained from UK on 31st May 2008
its super ok. uber coolness. ive tried lots of phones and i think ive settled with this one. :)

Reviewed by JESS from UK on 22nd May 2008
i love it! but it turns it self off all the time whichis pretty annoying if it didnt do that it would b perfect :)

Reviewed by kathryn from UK on 20th May 2008
i have the pink one of these i have had many phones and this is one of the best i have ever had

Reviewed by mumsweeangel@aol.com from UK on 18th May 2008
It's a simple enough mobile to use + the camera pics are good + bright + with network 3- plenty talktime+ 600+ txts per mth make it a good value mobile n i'm happy on 15 PER MTH CONTRACT!!!!!

Reviewed by Hazel from UK on 16th May 2008
Utterly useless. I hate this phone. Stupid thing loses signal and shuts itself off about ten times a day. 'Three' say its a common feature of the phone, said change one setting and it should be ok - WRONG, its worse than ever. Fixed it when the damn thing froze on a white screen but signal problem not fixed. I love 'three' network but hate this phone. I'm stuck with it till end of 2009 on contract, but I'm buying a new phone off ebay, and I am not have a sony ericsson ever again. Serves me right for choosing a phone because it looks good!

Reviewed by Shaun from UK on 9th May 2008
I had no problems but after 3 months it started shutting itself off whenever it felt like it. It has no protection from perspiration, i dont sweat much, but it was still enough to rust the contacts inside, making it turn off randomly. And it gets better, now the battery is affected, and the phone engineer said that with time it will leak battery acid- hope its not in my pocket when that happens.

Reviewed by Cailin from UK on 8th May 2008
I have had this phone for about a year and a half and i am just now starting to hate it. The menus revert back to HTML so instead of SEND it will say F4:3476 or something of that sort. My messages are coming and going very delayed (that could be tmobile though), the phone freezes up a lot, and the sound is starting to go. would never buy again

Reviewed by Enchan from UK on 7th May 2008
Nice phone

Reviewed by quinton drake from UK on 5th May 2008
nice phone in the way it feels and looks,i like the butons as they are alot biger than most mobile phones,however dont like the way the camra works,pitures to small and no flash and you cant turn the shutter sound off!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 29th Apr 2008
worst ever fone. Very ugly

Reviewed by Abi from UK on 28th Apr 2008
The first day i went 2 skl- all my friends loved it and wanted to hav the exact one- you can get it in blue, black and pink- but pink is the best. Its a ver feminine phone- so boys don't get it! Its so shiny and words come and dissapear!- its magic and also it doesn't look like a phone at all!- its looks like a mirror- u should totally buy it! The only dissapoinment is that it could scratch really easily and finger prints- but that can be fixed - so its for dleicate hands only! its 3G so u cud talk to ur friend or wateva if thety hav 3G- the camera is amazing but doesn't have flash- it has this pic edit where u cud change sum1's face by making them look like an alien or a n insect or a smile! The memery's not big- even thought it cmes with a memory card - that cud be fixed by buying a 2Gb memory card its quite big though only on three and the pinks r runing out- so wat r u waiting 4!?!?! Advantages: a) mirror affect b)volume is loud! c) 3G d) the prettiest phone ever e) really cool features! disadvantages a) attracts finger prints/ scratches- if not cared for b) no flash c) its soo amazing i cant describe how amazing it is!

Reviewed by julie from UK on 21st Apr 2008
keeps turning itself off all the time!! i took the memory stick micro off and its not doing it now but what is the point to have a memory stick if i can't use it!!! junk!! do not buy this phone even for a 1!!

Reviewed by Shelby from UK on 20th Apr 2008
worst ever! broke FIVE times now! my doughter had one and hers broke after a week!

Reviewed by Kaltyn from UK on 9th Apr 2008
This phone rocks i've had it for months its easy to find every thing and the music player comes out loud and clear. and it has a cheap price.

Reviewed by Jacky from UK on 6th Apr 2008
It doesn't even look good dunno why i bought it.

Reviewed by Larry g from UK on 2nd Apr 2008
Just got this phone today. Is it just my phone or have they all just got three different ring tones? Only two themes? If this is the case, then before i have even given the phone a chance,i am dissapointed.

Reviewed by Jerry from UK on 1st Apr 2008
The phone, granted, is nice, almost attractive, and the pink one is lush. As I said... Granted. Though it's a true shame it's only with 3 cause 3 all in all is so terrible!! I've only been with them under a year and I've so many problems. i think I've spent more time calling up to company then actually use my phone. They actually take the mic.

Reviewed by jon from UK on 1st Apr 2008
its a terrible phone because of the flip. my mates all have the sony E w800i. TERRIBLE

Reviewed by P'D.OX from UK on 31st Mar 2008
I bought this phone out of sheer desperation and i hate it yes it may have a very attractive outlook but the memory is terrible it is hard to use the keys and the battery life is short the phone keeps dying on me and i can't wait to get a new one in my opinion dont bother getting this phone it is a waste of time and no use at all. :(

Reviewed by shane from UK on 31st Mar 2008
the most rubbish nd ugly fone goin dont buy it

Reviewed by kellie from UK on 27th Mar 2008
ive had this fone 4 15 mths (due an upgrade sn) on the whole its a gr8 fone ive recently had a prob wiv it switching in n off mid text but then i do use my fone a lot more than most ppl. this is the 1st sony ericsson ive eva had n i wuld b tempted 2 get another

Reviewed by Gracie from UK on 24th Mar 2008
the people that say its not good are the people that dont have it and know someone who has it and they are jealous of them because the z610i is the best!!! i have the black one and its got everything you need and everything you want on it! the people who say its bad are weirdos!

Reviewed by George from UK on 21st Mar 2008
i love this mobile it looks gr8 AND WORKS SO WELL recomend this phone to any one oh and dont complain about the battery life i charged mine up for the night and it lasted for 6 days and i texed loads!!!!! had it for 6 months not bored at all with it ... oh and i recomend the network 3 its gr8 !!! WICKED PHONE

Reviewed by Vikki from UK on 18th Mar 2008
i brought this phone on pay as you go 8 months ago as a replacement phone for my contract sim after the last one decided to not work. its a nice looking phone, but scratches way too easily. its got a nasty habit of turning itself off and crashing aswell. the picture quality is terrible and as for the mp3 player, even worse. the call volume could be better as well. over all, its pretty useless.

Reviewed by arena from UK on 16th Mar 2008
i love it...i did hav a more advance sony erricson phone W850i... but i'm still attracted to this one after a year seeing it... saw ppl use it and i envy... thus i bought one myself at last...now i'm using this and abandoned the W850i,.but the not so good part is the video clip cant rotate to fit all the screen...and the photos taken cant be zoomed like W850i to see the pictures clearly,,.haha well if i'm bored with this i can switch them... but still i'm stuck to this Z610i coz it soooo stylish..lurrrve it~

Reviewed by gixer from UK on 16th Mar 2008
my 11 year old daughter has had this phone for 18 months and we`v had no problems at all,she loves the phone and it impressed me so much i changed to sony/eric for my latest phone after 12years off using nokia phones,realy easy to use and funky,she loves it so much im having to talk her into trying something new for her upgrde thats due soon

Reviewed by uyanda from UK on 15th Mar 2008
it suxxxxxxxxxinfact all cells suck exept of nokia 5610

Reviewed by morrison from UK on 13th Mar 2008
i love it

Reviewed by molly from UK on 7th Mar 2008
i love this phone as soon as i saw it 2 years ago and i just had to have it!!!!I LOVE IT!!!!

Reviewed by imran from UK on 5th Mar 2008
yah it cool like buteaful lady.

Reviewed by mano mazhar from UK on 4th Mar 2008
not stylish

Reviewed by ro rox from UK on 2nd Mar 2008
i luv tis fon it is te best eva u sud def get it

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 1st Mar 2008
A great phone! Shows up fingerprints quite easy but otherwise so much better than my last phone :)

Reviewed by abii from UK on 28th Feb 2008
I love this phone! i'll give it a 9/10 for its apearance cuz it might look like ur holding a pink (if u want pink) brick! its got really good feaures!- the camera and face wrap!- amazin so i absolutly love all of tht the things tht makes you go ohh! damn it r : * the keypad's separated and not tht ayttractive * if it falls on the floor then it wouldn't look as it did- damages really easily!- believe me * some tenichel falaires

Reviewed by sweety from UK on 27th Feb 2008
all the buyers who having problem with the phone maybe had bought the fake one. bcoz i gt no prob with this phone.

Reviewed by lianne from UK on 24th Feb 2008
The Best Fone evaa! I've had it for bout a year and It's been dropped onto the ground for thousands of times but it still seems to work perfectly as it first was! I recommend it to all but if you get the black one... you can always see finger prints on the cover part... :)

Reviewed by popothepixie from UK on 24th Feb 2008
great phone. lots of features.stylish design.BATTERY COVER broke 2 month ago ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A NEW ONE.Been to all the phone shops in our area to be told to try the markets. no success. You can by a cover of ebay that comes from hong kong for around 25 shame that such a nice and populer phone spares are not easy to find in the uk.The phone I would say is excellent but dUE to the part problems Ifeel a fairer rating would be poor

Reviewed by ro from UK on 23rd Feb 2008
tis is te best fone eva i luv it it is soooooooo cul it has every tin u need and it is soooooooooo cute i will never geta new fone well maby i will but not 4 a long time if u r tinkin about getin tis phone u shud tatas it remember tis is a great pone bi

Reviewed by Gaz from UK on 22nd Feb 2008
dis fone iz sick man innit!!! 1 ting dnt lk iz da color... thy gve me a pink 1... nt gud!!! Iz not a batty... prob sell it 2 ma sis or summut... why iz i writing dis as if it iz a txt msg... does i not no proper english?

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 20th Feb 2008

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 19th Feb 2008
Love this phone - never had a problem (had it 12 months) and the battery life is excellent!

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 18th Feb 2008
Its aite blood! nt all that u get me star! inabit x

Reviewed by Zom from UK on 14th Feb 2008
I've had the phone for two years and its still in good working condition. It has a nice design and ample functions. I'm from Singapore, and the price isnt very high so the phone is a good buy. IT'S NOT UGLY. I have the blue one though I am too a female. Those who think otherwise must have bought the phone from some cheap junk retailer or maybe the phone just doesn't like you. :D

Reviewed by LiiKL3[DOT]A from UK on 12th Feb 2008

Reviewed by asad from UK on 10th Feb 2008
quite old.

Reviewed by damz from UK on 6th Feb 2008
its actually alrite u no maybe no Iphone but its comfortable nd gdgd

Reviewed by azhana from UK on 5th Feb 2008
i like this handphone so much.............

Reviewed by lisa from UK on 5th Feb 2008
i would just like to say received this phone 3 week ago now and is one of the best phones i have had . Ive always had nokias so i was expecting not to like it or was expecting it to be hard to configure ...it is easy to work good camera quality the controls are easy and the menus are easy also the only negative thing i can say is that it is more of a girls phone but only because its shiny also that it marks easy but then what do you expect cos of the shine on it. If you have problem using the usb connection download data from google.i found this easy to do and my computer picked up the usb straight away ...

Reviewed by Colin Reid from UK on 4th Feb 2008
Good functionality, but I can't get the back cover off and brute force might just snap it.

Reviewed by S.E.L from UK on 4th Feb 2008
I've had the phone for about 14 months, the quality is really good i've never had any problems with it. but i just got tierd of it and i want to to change it now, well thats maybe because i've had it for such a long time. but anyone who wants to get a phone that doesn't cost too much, i reccomend this phone.

Reviewed by frod from UK on 3rd Feb 2008
sucks i hate i is the worst phone ever booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Reviewed by sony from UK on 30th Jan 2008

Reviewed by fumin from UK on 26th Jan 2008
Not too unlike meowminx, my phone seems to not know which network it is with. Bought from 3 to be used on 3 it keeps trying to link to other networks or gives 'emergency calls only'. Sent it back but 3 says there is nothing wrong with the phone. (Obviously not being able to make calls doesn't count to them.) This is also the second z610i they sent me as the first didn't work. Reading the reviews I suspect that it is a decent enough phone if you happen to get one that isn't faulty, but there seems to be a lot of faulty one's out there.

Reviewed by mageroox from UK on 20th Jan 2008
i have the black one and i think it rawks but maybe it could be better...

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