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Sony Ericsson Z520i review

 Review: February 2006  

Last updated September 2006


In a nutshell: Clamshell phone with VGA camera, video camera, music player and Bluetooth.


The Sony Ericsson Z520i is an attractively-styled and compact clamshell phone with a camera, video camera & MP3 player. It's a mid-range phone, so don't expect too much from it, but for the money it represents good value.

The camera is just VGA resolution (0.3 megapixels), so the camera is really just for fun, and that applies to the video camera too. The main display is a good quality TFT display that is nice and bright, but it's not one of the best screens in its class. The external display is a colour STN display that fades in bright sunlight.

The MP3 player supports both MP3 & AAC formats, as well as MPEG4 video and is reasonably good, but with only 16 Mbytes of shared memory available you won't be able to store more than about 3 tracks. MP3/AAC ringtones are supported, and the Z520i has a cool feature that lets you have any combination of ringtones, images and lighting effects when you receive a call.

The covers are changeable - currently available in chalky white or sandy grey. You can also customise the phone with ringtones, Java games, animated wallpaper and themes. The Z520i supports all types of connectivity with other devices: Bluetooth, USB, infra-red and a new connection type called Fast Port that enables faster data transfer from phone to PC and PC to phone and also serves as a charging port. Other features of the phone include a web browser, high-speed data, quadband support and a picture phonebook. Battery life is average.

The Z520i is not a very robust phone and will not survive much rough treatment. If you expect your phones to last longer than 12 months this may not be the right one for you. Many people are buying the Z520i for its MP3 player capability, but as the phone has memory for no more than 3-4 tracks, this is bound to lead to disappointment. The new Z530i has a memory card option, so is better for music lovers, but the Z530i has its own set of problems and you might be better looking at other brands.

Sony Ericsson Z520i features include:

  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom and picture editor
  • Video recorder with VideoDJ™ video-editing software
  • Main display: TFT, 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
  • External display: STN, 4096 colours, 101 x 80 pixels
  • Media player: MP3/AAC (audio), MPEG4 (video)
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Voice controls
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • MusicDJ™ application for creating polyphonic ringtones
  • Lighting effects
  • Exchangeable Style-Up™ covers
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, E-mail
  • Java™ games: embedded & downloadable
  • Animated wallpaper, screensaver, themes
  • Picture phonebook
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Memory: 16 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS, HSCSD
  • XHTML web browser
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, infrared, USB, Fast Port
  • Vibration alert
  • Quadband
  • Size: 83 x 46 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 94g

Sony Ericsson Z520i user reviews

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Average rating from 220 reviews:

Reviewed by Walter from Italy on 9th Feb 2014
I bought this phone in the december of 2005 and i liked it so much. The blue lights are very stylish and it is so easy to transfer pictures or ringtones with usb-cable and bluetooh. Unfortunatly the screen gone white like other users, but the phone is not death, it is still working. I discovered to buy a new one, always a Z520i and i made a clone with an usb-cable of my old files. So i have now a new phone which is like my old and i am very happy! Hope, this one last also for a long time. My old phone lastet 8 years without problems and that was VERY VERY GOOD!!!

Reviewed by DOREEN STAFFORD from UK on 30th May 2010

Reviewed by Linda from England from UK on 20th May 2010
Well this phone was one I couldn't wait to get when it came out. I loved it and its blue lights on white keys and interchangeable covers, of which I've bought quite a few (you can still get them in a few places). The only drawback I've found with it was the camera button on the side, too easily pressed and I have a lot of photos of the inside of my bag. When I got an upgrade a year or two later the phone was passed on to two other members of my family in turn and now, four years later, it's come back to me as I haven't enjoyed using more up to date phones so much. It needs a new battery as have to charge it up once a day or every other day if I don't text too much. But it has gone through 3 people and lasted so long. Wish SE had a new version, same design as I don't like touch screen phones. A great little phone though.

Reviewed by emari from UK on 19th Mar 2010
its a good phone, but ih has memory card,

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 15th Oct 2009
i just love this phone i think thatit is great in the way that it lights up when someone is calling u my mum had it for about a year before i did and had no problems with it i have had it for 3 months now and it still works fine it is a great phone i dont see why people have a problem with it

Reviewed by Alicia from UK on 19th Aug 2009
I've had this phone for over 3 years now, and it constantly 'dies' and has to restart itself after about a year and a half. The camera key on the side cannot be locked, so it's really irritating when the camera takes pictures of your pocket, especially as it has such little memory. I really don't know what they were thinking with the MP3 player as it really does not hold many songs. The covers are now discontinued. On a better note, the keys are easy to text with and the user interface is easy to use.

Reviewed by Linda from UK on 6th Mar 2009
i bought it secound hand so i didn't expect it to be perfect.... the camra is VERY bad i must say. i dont thinkk i ever used it. and when i recieve a text message i have to delet quite alot of messages since it has not much memorry. very good for bluetooth and if you have a USB go to www.myz520.lasyk.net/ and download FREE pic's, wallpapers,games,screensaves,applications,ringtone themes etc.... so that was really nice to be able to do that. the battery doesn't last long (24... if your lucky) but i think thats becuase mine is old and i need a new one. also my charger broke somehow onday and it wont charge so i use my sis's charger. bottome line: its 50/50, i love it but get snnoyed with it. its a very good phone with glitches here and there

Reviewed by Anon. from UK on 6th Jan 2009
I got this phone when I was 12 as my first ever phone, and it started off great! After having it slightly less than a year I started to experience some problems with the screen... I would just flip it open and the screen would be white, and it stayed like this. I got it repaired, but i had lost everything, even my contacts and photos, but at least it was fixed. A couple months later it happened again, when my warranty had run out. It would cost me more to replace it than to buy a new one, so that's what I'm doing. Personally, I don't think that the phone is worth buying if you want it to last you a long time.

Reviewed by Cindy from UK on 6th Jan 2009
oh my god i HATE this phone. I have one for three years now and have nothing but problems! the sound quality crackles (however i've found that if you shake it the crackeling stops..how practical) and the screen freezes constantly. And now, the final straw, the screen has gone white and completely stoped working. I am so frustrated. Also, whit for a phone? How unpractical!

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 10th Dec 2008
Well, I have the Sony Ericsson Z520i, and I have found it's been quite a good phone, but after 2 1/2 years (yes, it's lasted a fair while), I'm looking for a newer, overall better phone. I've found that it is quite a chunky phone, which is quite hard to open i.e you can't open it with one hand, which is a bit annoying now. BUT IT HAS NO MEMORY WHATSOEVER!! I managed to store two tracks on here. so, really, if you are looking for memory, try looking elsewhere!! There are some great games though, and I've also ended up buying some to add to the brilliant games it came with, and I think that the battery life if alright as well. But overall, the phone is a bit outdated now, and, although nothing has gone majorly wrong, I'm looking for a new phone because it's simply become a bit old. :D

Reviewed by Carolynne Dodd from UK on 18th Nov 2008
I have had my phone for nearly three years,It has been a fantastic little phone with no problems untill now.Mine has White Screen and I have just scoured the internet to find a new one of the same, all I can you must be treating your phone roughly. Mine has been in a leather case all the time I have had it.

Reviewed by Claire James from UK on 10th Nov 2008
This phone had problems shutting down unexpectedly and occasionally freezing. Very annoying. Why do phone companies get away with selling flakey phone models that they know do this? Seems to be a common problem on many Sony Models and also some Motorola ones. Thank goodness for review sites....

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 2nd Nov 2008
Ive has this phone for 2 years now and i have never had a technical problem with it!! I love the changeable covers on it and I like the way you can make up films and music tones on it aswell. It would be good if it had better memory and a better camera though. But overall I think its great!!

Reviewed by Lynz from UK on 24th Aug 2008
had this phone for over two years and it worked fine untill a couple of months ago when both screens failed. Its a good phone that looks nice but doesnt have very good memory. didnt realy have too much of a problem with it lasted me a good length of time would recommend to people who dont like a lot of music on their phone and like a phone that looks nice.

Reviewed by Beezie from UK on 7th Aug 2008
I bought this phone about a month ago at a yardsale it's awesome. The only problem is the side button for the camera is messed up and the camera always goes off. Thats probably why they sold it to me, but other than that...works great!!!

Reviewed by amy-m from UK on 6th Aug 2008
This review (at http://www.mobile-phones-uk.org.uk/sony-ericsson-z520i.htm) is incredibly accurate - and i wish i had read it before i bought the phone a few years ago. I have only been able to store two tracks on it and neither of which are full songs. However, if you want to be able to store plenty of pictures, send good texts and have easy-to-use bluetooth connectivity then i recommend this phone as an affordable and sensible choice!

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 15th Jul 2008
This phone may not be a phone for music lovers, but is easy to use, the buttons feel nice and I have dropped it many times and have had for about 2+ years with no problems at all so far. In, general, a great phone!

Reviewed by kayla from UK on 13th Jul 2008
i love this phone it has good quality ilove the games on it i just think its a cool phone i love it!!!!!!

Reviewed by CHRIS from UK on 21st Jun 2008

Reviewed by Suzanne from UK on 12th Jun 2008
I have had this phone just over a year my screen has also gone white lost all my photos and videos, carnt see who is calling me or read txts. Would not recomend this phone

Reviewed by greenmile66 from UK on 28th May 2008
has pretty good camera quality for just a vga

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 18th May 2008
Cool! I had this for more than a year and still works perfectly! Sony Ericsson phones rock!

Reviewed by Phyllis from UK on 14th May 2008
Have used this handset for the past three years and i didnt develop any problem until recently whent he screne went blank. i had to get it repaired but unfortunatly, the camera takes shots without even being commanded to do so and also it sometimes freezes. itis unfortunate but it is oh to use.

Reviewed by Tamer Feteha from UK on 6th May 2008
Ive had this phone for 2.5 years now....this phone is a rock i tell you... im the kind of guy who handles electronics really really rough...when i get mad i thorow my phone everywhere, i kicked it while playing soccer before.....it works perfectly..i have tons of scratches on the phone...still works greaat.. last week, i accidently threw my phone in a sink filled with water (yes i did), the phone just sank to the bottom...i took it out, then a drunk friend of mine threw it in again!!..the phone stopped working ofcourse, took it back home, opened it up and tried to dry it from the inside..left it sitting by my window for 2 days..and guess it what, it works again, works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Shannon from UK on 5th May 2008
I have this phone and it is everything you say it is. I have now had mine for 1 years adn 5 months and the case is starting to come loose adn the front case has cracked.The memory is poor, and i like my music an when ever my friends say do you want a song i say no becasue i can't store it.It don't come with a UBS cable so i can't download my photos ect. on to my computore.

Reviewed by zairuz from UK on 26th Apr 2008
the phone is fab!! but still k 700i is much fab than this...

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 3rd Apr 2008
whatever you do don't get this fone it is so rubbish,i had it for 6 months nd the screen didn't work -jus white all the time, i finally found someone to fix it but when it the screen broke agen 3 months later i chucked it away, a waste of money and time...

Reviewed by Maddy from UK on 25th Mar 2008
i love this phone! the buttons are so easy to use, the lighting effects are great, its a goodlooking phone all together really. ive had this phone for about 3 years now and it hasnt let me down, i also like how you can change the colours of it so it doesnt get boring! its great for texting and the games are fab! this only thing is it doesnt hold much memory and the camera button makes rather a loud noise! but i would deffo reccomend it and its more then worth its money =] id give it a big thumbs up!

Reviewed by dany from UK on 13th Mar 2008
it is really stupid phone dont buy

Reviewed by ruth shauna from UK on 11th Mar 2008
i love this phone!! bought it about 3 years ago but the screens just stopped working, but i would buy it again!

Reviewed by Suzunoharu from UK on 3rd Mar 2008
Well.. This phone is actually ok for last time when it just came out. It have acutally some nice ringtones which i personally like compare to others. Its pretty cool to have lights flashing at the side next to the keypad. However, it is a very weak kind of phone. I dropped it once and half of my screen is spoiled. Had to send for fixing. It was also thrown at a high force during a fight and after the second fixing and a while of using. The phone was unable to charge and until now it is still unable to on. Its better for those people who are very careful with phones and mostly using sms and playing games

Reviewed by Grace from UK on 25th Feb 2008
I absolutely adore this phone, i've managed to keep it going for 3 years, and only in the last month has it started acting up on me. It's brilliant for texting as your thumb just glides smoothly over the keys, and I love the light up functions and themes that can be applied. Internet access is great on one of these, and I know that people claim they are flimsy, but in reality, if you look after it, the Z520i can be like a best friend to you. The first 6 months into owning mine, it flew out my pocket (i was running) onto concrete, over a speed bump and down a hill. It survived its fall, not scratches to the external screen and a barely visible chip to the camera. It has be dropped, banged and bashed on numerous occasions, and still didn't start failing me until recently when it obviously decided that it had enough. It is a shame that sony ericsson have stopped making these wonderful phones, and I am reluctant to look for a new mobile. My only issue is that the camera isn't that great in comparision to other phones, as it leaves an orange tinge, the WAP connection could be occasionally slow, but apart from that it is one of the best phones for its price range.

Reviewed by jackie from UK on 24th Jan 2008
its bin a good phone despite sending it for repair twice.this time my screen went white and a read on comp its a well nown fualt with this phone.they should stress this when you buy it

Reviewed by UMER from UK on 18th Jan 2008
this is a good phone

Reviewed by omer draz JHANG from UK on 18th Jan 2008
the stip of this phone have no longer life.i am using this phone last three months.one time its battry was low i put it and sleep. then next morning i awake. i saw the phone but it was of. i oned the phone.but it did not on.i took it to reparing master.he suggested the fault of stip and hardware problem.now it is OK may ALLAH it will OK

Reviewed by Georgie from UK on 2nd Jan 2008
I've had this phone for about a year now. Compared to everyone elses phones, it is rubbish. It looks rubbish, I can only get 3 songs on it (a complete waste of time- i shouldnt have even tried), i dropped it one time and it has chips all over it, if you want more space on your phone you cant delete all the songs they've put on there or any other applications (okay, you can get rid of some of them, but not all of them). If you are wanting this phone, you are one of these people that doesnt give a damn what your phone looks like, hates music, doesnt care if it has no memory, likes all the flashy lights it comes up with and is just going to use it for making phone calls. What is the point of getting a phone to make phone calls with??!!!

Reviewed by james from UK on 28th Dec 2007
have had it for two yearas very reliable and no big problems! :)

Reviewed by sher from UK on 19th Dec 2007
i love my Z520i! it's a gift from my husband...too bad it only has 16mb... :(, but i love it anyway!

Reviewed by ? from UK on 13th Dec 2007
it is not that good

Reviewed by Rach from UK on 10th Dec 2007
I bought this fone last year it waz great til i tried to put music on it. It only holds like 2 songs :(

Reviewed by Reviewer from UK on 6th Dec 2007
This phone has lasted me a very long time. It is one of the better phones that you can get as a first phone if your on a tight budget. It is very easy to use, has a very good battery life and the features are okay. It is a typical Sony ericssons which in my opinion are probably the best phones but unfortunatly doesn't take a memory card as it hasnt a slot. Great for a first phone.

Reviewed by Heather from UK on 18th Nov 2007
Sasha, to write "anyone who has got a problem with it is mad!" is unfair. If they've got a problem it's the phone's fault not theirs! I've had a few problems with this phone in the past but the reason I'm going to change it is because I'm totally fed up with the way it keeps taking photos of its own accord.

Reviewed by Julia from UK on 17th Nov 2007
I've had this phone for a little bit over 1 year. It has lasted quite well, and I had no problems with it, really (except for the sim lock which I could not get removed, but that was not the fault of the phone). Then, I dropped it accidentally, and the outside screen broke. Now I constantly have to open the phone to see what time it is or for anything really. This has become really annoying, so I'm looking for a new phone to get for christmas. The keypad is lovely, I find, and really easy to text with. The light effects are a great gadget too. I hate that it only has 16MB, but I guess that's just something you have to live with. Also, there is no mini-USB cable, which makes it hard to connect with my PC. If you want a phone which you can drop and listen to lots of music to, don't get this phone, but if you want a generally nice and easily-held phone for lots of texting, I'd say this is the one for you! :)

Reviewed by Nicolaa from UK on 1st Nov 2007
I dont really recommend this song to teens who want 2 add loads of songs !! i've had mine for a year and a half and am sick fed up of it !! maybe it good for people who DONT want to add songs !!

Reviewed by sophie crofts from UK on 31st Oct 2007
dont like this phone its horrible

Reviewed by mick from UK on 12th Oct 2007
Firstly I would like to praise Sony Ericsson products, having been a Nokia user for many years I was amazed at how much more user friendly the Z520i I purchased was in comparison to any other make of phone I had previously owned. Unfortunately there seemed to be a con to this pro. Having owned the phone for approx 6 months and without any notification it simply switched off while I was in the middle of a very important telephone conversation and did not turn back on, no matter what I tried. Being in Italy at the time for business it was extremely upsetting and inconvienient to be unable to be contacted or to contact due to this problem. I decided to visit the local office of TIM, Italy's main telecommunications company to ask if they could assist. Unfortunately, they could not offer any explaination as to the reason for my phones' malfunction so I was left with no other option but to purchase a new handset. Having been extremely satisfied with my Z520i up until th at point, I decided to purchase the same model again. I have not owned this handset for no more than 1 year and the top half of this phone is now disfunctional, deeming it unusable as the screen is totally white and the speaker is not working. I can only say that this is very very annoying as my phone is pivotal to my ability to earn a living, as is the case for thousands upon thousands of Sony Ericsson's customers worldwide. I'm gutted this fantastic handset has proved so unreliable, a product I must say was by far the best handset I have ever owned and one I would definately purchase again if I hadn't twice had such bad reliability from. I am in the process of choosing which Sony Ericsson clamshell handset to purchase to replace my archaic Nokia handset that I am now, with much frustration, forced to use due to my now 2 dead Z520i's. I await feedback on this matter from Sony Ericsson who I wrote to (14days later, still waiting) before I decide which model to purchase.

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 20th Sep 2007
tis a great phone :p i recommend it :D

Reviewed by Nik from UK on 20th Sep 2007
I hav the z520i and i managed 2 fit 5 songs on it but dey are all lily allen, i hav had dis 4 15 months so far and its ok.

Reviewed by AZAD from UK on 19th Sep 2007

Reviewed by LisaP. from UK on 28th Aug 2007
I just replaced this model for the fourth time in 11 months. My husband has replaced his 3 times in 11 months. Finally AT&T is giving me a different model-Motorolav557-I hope it's better! Run from this z520i model! I wasn't rough on them, didn't drop them and didn't get them wet. Yet, everytime I replaced them I wasn't given a hassle from the company, I think they knew what kind of **** they were dealing with.

Reviewed by mimi from UK on 27th Aug 2007
woow i luv d phone its 1 of the best ive eva had and im neva gonna giv it 2 any1 i loovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee it and it should be rated 4 starts atleast

Reviewed by Sammy from UK on 18th Aug 2007
phones al right memories rubbish but i have 3 songs and 120 pics so its ok ive had it since dec 11 and ive had no problems with it but i have my mp3 for music :D the picture quality is alright aswell.

Reviewed by Ema-xo from UK on 27th Jul 2007
I've had this phone for over a year and a half and never had any problems with it apart from it crashing due to interent sites.I have good memory apart from I have to deletesome messagesfrom myinbox because I sendso manytexts and it fills up. Great phone!

Reviewed by flxa from UK on 19th Jul 2007
This phone has been nothing but trouble. The white screen thing i've read about in these reviews is the same problem I have. Plus the phone now seems to split the screen in 2 then 4 and then the battery indicator appears at the bottom. My phone is just out of warranty and it's been for repair once already. I think Sony Ericsson may have a large problem here.

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 10th Jul 2007
I have been using Z520i for the past 21 months and I must say it serves me well. I charge the battery every 2-3 days and hardly switch it off !!! I had new batteries after almost 1.4 years and its still going strong. Picture quality on the phone is good but when downloaded is very poor so pics are better exchanged via bluetooth.Sound quality is reasonable but internet browsing is difficult. Overall the phone is well worth the money

Reviewed by xximmyxx from UK on 9th Jul 2007
This phone is ok but i just bought the samsung e900. the z520i is a basic phone but the bluetooth is great. the camara is a little bit blurry but can still be used well in the right light. it is easy to use and great for a teenager. i never had any problems with it and it was a great phone!

Reviewed by Natalie from UK on 8th Jul 2007
I have been usung this phone for well over 18months, it has been a good phone. The memory is rubbish and if u want a camera/music phone this is not for you. However if u want a small, pritty phone that makes calls and u can send texts...this is for u!

Reviewed by anon. from UK on 30th Jun 2007
absolutely loved this phone!!!! had it for well over 7 months and nothin has gone wrong! it is in perfect condition even though i have dropped it a couple of times and nothing has ever made me lose any data!

Reviewed by BHARATH from UK on 15th Jun 2007

Reviewed by Christina from UK on 10th Jun 2007
It is an ok phone. Not amazingly good or really bad, just in the middle, it only has a VGA camera but quite a good MP3 player. Ringtones are good and include MP3, MP4, and MIDI . It's a good compact flip design, but the back cover feels a bit fake and bad quality. It does good light effects when an incoming call or text happens. Only got it for my bday which was in January and want to change already. (cos it's quite boring) Am getting Nokia 7373 with a unique swivel design. Anyone who is getting dis phone will want to change to a more modern one quite soon because it is boring!!!!

Reviewed by Kitty from UK on 9th Jun 2007
I absolutly loved this phone!! It stopped working after an accident involving beer spillage and i still miss it. It was a pleasure to use. The memory on it was a lot better than the crummy motorola i was given to replace it. I never had a problem with picture or music - i have a digital camera for anything important, and if you want to listen to music buy an ipod. great phone.

Reviewed by ..............? from UK on 7th Jun 2007
the Sony erricson z250i is a very bad phone to buy mine broke very quickly after i bought it!

Reviewed by boubbize from UK on 7th Jun 2007
this phone is goog, but I don't like that it hasn't a place for an other memory card.

Reviewed by steffan from UK on 7th Jun 2007
i think the phone is alright but its a bit rubbish and it has absolutely rubbish memory, but the keypads look nice and the phone altogether looks nice but its rubbish and the memorys full and ive only got 3 songs and ive got a few pictures and no videos.

Reviewed by federaL from UK on 4th Jun 2007
the best ever mobile

Reviewed by coochie from UK on 12th May 2007
i hate this phoe so much.over all it is a good ohone but other featuters can put u off so much.the memory is so poor and vedios are said to be only for ur phone not to share what type of a phone that does not have good featyres even songs sent through bluetooth canot be played. what tupe of a phone is this i dont advise one to get this phone for anyone in your family

Reviewed by nisha from UK on 12th May 2007
brought this phone from carphone warehouse it was new then and now ive had it about a year and a month i brought it for 120 because i got it when it was new. it plays a weird humming whistle sound when i play a song . A few months after i brought it when i turned it off i tried to turn it on and it wouldnt come back on . I waited a few more days and and finally it came on.Therefore this phone is very unrelible you do not know what it is going to do

Reviewed by Reena from UK on 6th May 2007
This phone gets an excellant, it would get an outstanding if it had more memory for the mp3. I have one and it is holding, right now, 5 tracks; not 3-4. I have had this phone for about 1 and a half years; not 1 year.

Reviewed by Matthew from UK on 1st May 2007
I am now on my 3rd phone (2 replacements). The phone's screen has gone white. I can not get into the display, cannot see who is calling me or the numbers that I key in. Otherwise, it's a great phone.

Reviewed by katie from UK on 28th Apr 2007
it is reali good phone but at the minuit mine wont turn on so i need to get it fixed.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 16th Apr 2007
I think this phone is great, partly because i have it. I spent 4 months saving up for it and now i have finally got it!!!!!! So don't dis it-it's great!

Reviewed by KAYLEY from UK on 12th Apr 2007

Reviewed by Lozza from UK on 9th Apr 2007
This phone is brilliant! The only downside is the memory - 3 or 4 songs is the maximum anyone can get on, as there is no memory card. Quite a lot of pictures and messages can be stored though. Dispite all of that, the phone is fabulous and looks great! Everything you could possibly want!

Reviewed by florence from UK on 6th Apr 2007
ive had one of these little phones for over a year now and not had a single proiblem with it, i bought it as a standby phone when my contract sony ericsson w810i broke(a 250 phone i may add!!!) as i cant live without a mobile by my side and when i got my contract phone back after repair i decided to keep on using the little z520i because the expensive supposidly better phone kept breaking! yeah the camera is a little on the blurry side but what do you expect for a vga camera other than that stop moaning about the phone breaking or the buttons being poor etc etc(yawn) you get what you pay for, spend more on a phone if you want a better camera, more memory blahdie blah blah. bow down to sony ericcson!

Reviewed by jamie from UK on 5th Apr 2007
i think the phone is good all round but the memory is rubbish if there is another way 2 expand it i wull

Reviewed by xx betty xx from UK on 2nd Apr 2007
You no what i bought this phone cuz i lost my old one and thought i couldnt live without a phone. So i went on play.com and got it for 50. its not excellent but its not awfull. its cute and is so simple to use. thinking about it i have to issues with it but it took me a while to think about any problems with it. 1. theres a button on the side of the phone for the camera, it keeps getting pushed in my bag so i have loads of picture of my handbag. 2. You can only set one recurent alarm, this is difficult as it takes a lot to get me out of bed. They arnt real problems tho. it does all you need from a phone, and for the price i am really not complaining. i am now passing it on to my mum as she has fallen in love with the blue lights on the keypad! lol

Reviewed by M.w from UK on 25th Mar 2007
I Got This Phone About 1-2 Years Ago And I Think The Memory Is Rubbish.. I Can Only Hold About 3 Songs At The Most. The Camara Is Ok But Not Excelent. The Video Isnt Very Good Either It Only Lasts About 15 Seconds.. But If You Want A Phone For Just Calling And Texting Then This Phone Is Ok. Also It Keeps Freezing And It Gets Really Annoying.. No Wonder They Have Dropped The Price By About 30!!!!

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 24th Mar 2007
Had this phone for about a year, and seemed to be pretty good. Then I got the white screen and now it won't even turn on. Took it in to be repaired since it is still under warranty and they just put new software in. That did not solve the problem. They are giving me the run around about getting a new phone. Needless to say, I will never ever buy another Sony Ericsson again. Piece of junk!

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 24th Mar 2007
rubish ! dont get it it can only hold afew songs and mine crashed for no reson !

Reviewed by mat from UK on 18th Mar 2007
the phone is rubish i have had beeter phones before it and they have not got the tecnolage this one says it has it switches on and off by its self and i cannot send picture mwssages on it. i would not tell anyone to buy it.

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 13th Mar 2007
I have the z520a - it has alot of features, but after 7 months - I had to have it replaced under warranty because it malfunctioned and voice recording did not work for me - it's very sensitive. And now with the replacement phone I have to be careful with it - and sometimes I have to turned it off completely and reboot because it malfunctions when I call my voicemail and the function features do not work for me - unless I reboot - with on/off features. The call sound quality is average, and so is the speakphone sound quality. I like the phones features and set up but it is a very sensitive phone. So I both like and dislike this cell phone.

Reviewed by Jack Pig from UK on 11th Mar 2007
This phone is soooooo bad, i have one and i can`t wait to change it.I got it in July last year and already it has broken 3 times. how bad is that???? It is soo not robost and it breaks if you drop it or bang it or anything like that!!! it is soo bad

Reviewed by STAC.y from UK on 9th Mar 2007
For the first 4 months, this phone was relly cool but afterwards the side of the screen inside starts 2 get really dirty and I don't think there is a way of cleaning it out!!!!!!!!! Overall I don't think there is any point of buying this phone because after about 5-6 months, it is really boring and after a while it can get literally dirty!!!!! Camera qaulity is rubbish and speakers are are fairly average!!! This phone is well below average!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Ryan Heeger from UK on 8th Mar 2007
Only purchase this phone if you're not fussy about quality of pictures / videoa and size of memory. Pixels are poor and it's also very clunky and needs 2 hands to flip it open!!

Reviewed by Sian from UK on 27th Feb 2007
There are many good things about this phone; -it's attractive -long battery life -nice menu ect but i would not recommend it because; --the camera button on the side meant it took photos while in my bag or pocket (meaning i had to go through deleting them after- very annoying) --the plasticy screen got scratched and peeled very quickly --it eventually started turning itself off for no reason and i had to take the battery out to be able to make it work again --in the end it stopped turning on all together, meaning i lost my pictures, contacts ect. I treated this phone fairly well, not being rough with it, yet it still failed me. I know other people who have bought this phone and ended up with the same problems. So if you want a cheap and temporary phone then it's alright, but other than that... it's not very good.

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 27th Feb 2007
i bought this phone back in september and at first there were no ovious problems with it. the memory is awful if you put a few songs on it it leaves no room for photos! and the camera takes random photos in your pocket or bag because the button is on the outside. the inside sticker peeled away and when people phone me i hear a crackling noise which is to do with the speaker.

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 24th Feb 2007
I have had this phone since May '06 and I have had no problems with it as yet. The only thing I could fault it with is that I would like abit more memory on it so that I could store more songs. Overall I am very happy with it. It's easy to use aswell which is a bonus!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 20th Feb 2007
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. I've been stuck with it for 12 months (Only a couple of days until I get my upgrade!) I reitirate - DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 18th Feb 2007
This phone is great. I don't know why people buy it and then complain about only fitting 3 songs on the phone, it's 16MB!! Do your research first!

Reviewed by John Smithe from UK on 16th Feb 2007
i have had this phone for now about 8 months and during that time it has broken 3 times. It is REALLY unreliable and breaks really easily. It is easy to use and to text with cause it has big buttons. So if you have any common sense you wouldn`t get this phone!!!! please don`t it breaks SO easily

Reviewed by 2ee5haan from UK on 15th Feb 2007
Had mine for about a year now, great phone, it doeas the job perfectly makes and recieves calls, makes and recieves messages. I would say however, that the memry is not as much as it should be not much you can do with 16 Mbytes. Also the phone only looks gud with the white facial and white get dirty incredibly fast. Overall its a good looking phone that does the job.

Reviewed by Pat Duncan from UK on 14th Feb 2007
I've only had my phone for a couple of days but so far I have found it to be a great little phone. I agree the memory is poor but it covers all I need as in sending texts, pictures and phoning. Just have to wait and see if all remains the same in time!!

Reviewed by Me! x from UK on 6th Feb 2007
This is such a great phone. ive had it for 1 year now and have had NO problems with it whatsoever! the only downside is the memory is not very good with the songs but good on mesages and pics! such a fabulous phone i would recommend it to anyone! honestly buy it now you wont regret it!

Reviewed by megan from UK on 5th Feb 2007
this fone is obsolutley amazing!! i love it !!

Reviewed by John from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
Hi I have recently bought a XZ520i. I think the adage "you get what you pay for" is appropriate here,this is not top end phone. All i need is phone with bluetooth, that was clam shell. I seem to be able to beat the phone lock, and redial people on the contacts list, wasting lots of phone credit. I paid 50 quid delivered.

Reviewed by Mel__x from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
i have had this fone now for 9 months and i am well bored of it i was bored with it for about the first 2 months rubbish memory rubbish camera usually always freezes bluetooth slow cases too hard to get offf battery rubbish but it is nice and loud i would not really reccomend this fone to anyone only someone hu has like a 11 year old child its rubbish!!! getting e900

Reviewed by nicki from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
bought misen this phone abot a year ago is still goin strong!!! me n mi m8s amused 4 abot 6 months with the flashin blue lights round the edge of the keypad!!! if it wont that i want a fone on contract i wud probably bee keeping this 1 for anuva year!!! x

Reviewed by Diego from UK on 2nd Feb 2007
This phone works really bad.... after only one month of use started freezing and now the screen blanked... is completely dead!.. Excellent design but extremely poor performance.

Reviewed by trevor from UK on 1st Feb 2007
Although i must say i am not fond of this phone but being a genourousv person i must say that i will give it a 4

Reviewed by Phoebe Rogers from UK on 29th Jan 2007
It's a really awesome phone. It has great light affects when you have a message or incoming call. It has a stylish, modern desighn, and it's easy to find things. It has VGA camera, video capture, sound record - bluetooth and much more. I love the ringtones, it has an MP3 player so you get MP3 ringtones. Thats something really great! You really can't get a better phone than this - I'm telling you that!

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