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Sony Ericsson Z300i

 In a nutshell  

The entry-level Sony Ericsson Z300i is a clamshell style phone.



The Sony Ericsson Z300i was never fully released in the UK and we will not be reviewing it. Read the consumer reviews below for more information.

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Sony Ericsson Z300i user reviews

Love this product? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them. Please do not review this product if you have not used it, and please ask questions in our User Questions section above. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

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Average rating from 23 reviews:

Reviewed by ashley from Egypt on 21st Jan 2012
I used that phone for about a couple of years. Pros: - Clam shell design: small, light - Watch display on the front - Simplicity - Nice ringtone voice - Alarms, Calendars, phone groups - Durable: dropped many many times, drowned in water at least twice, went to a washing machine (that made its end came near) Limitations: - If you look for camera, bluetooth, infrared, MP3 player, internet, data storage, games, it may not be suitable. - Did not enjoy the design after opening the clam shell

Reviewed by :O from india on 25th Jul 2010
wow this phone is really bad...

Reviewed by luckykpb from UK on 6th Mar 2008
whilst carryoing out my hoby of buying and selling mobile phones I came across the Z300i. although i have tried most phones form time to time with all the bells and whistles I don't need these for my personal use. I use a phone as a phone a nd never use the cameras, MP3 players FM radios etc so i only need a basic phone. This Z399i is the best little phone I have come acros and is very easy to use, it has along battery life, looks quite good and has a changeable cover. As a basic phone I rate this the best I have used.

Reviewed by Naing Tun Chit from Myanmar on 10th Jan 2008
Very good for me but I need usb data cable link sofeware

Reviewed by Ramamurthy G from India on 21st Dec 2007
The phone is nice looking, but battery backup is very poor and requires charging everyday even it is not fully used.

Reviewed by naliprof from Norway on 2nd Dec 2007
The Z300i is easy to use, light, simple and relatively cheap. If all you want is a phone and just a phone (for budget reasons, simplicity or out of principle) then this phone is a good choice. The lack of bells and whistles means that the Z300i has a longer battery life, and I've dropped mine to the floor several times and it works like a charm. The only thing to complain about is that the microphone is a bit soft, and it's easy to hold it away from your mouth. As a consequence, several of my friends say I have to speak up when talking to them. Other than that I'm very satisfied.

Reviewed by Adam Peterson from Australia on 3rd Jul 2007
WORST FONE EVER this fone is dodgy front cover hard 2 remove wen i 1st got the fone it worked good for somthing for $139AUD but after a while the real side of it started 2 show could not go onto vodafone live some error and it wood not turn on somtimes took it back to vodafone sent it away got it back guees wat same problem took itback the second time got it back no better cant take it back now the warrenty has run out and half the time they have had it ''fixing it'' now 1 of my family memberes has the same fone and has the same problem wood not buy their brand if they paid me sony ericsson need 2 lift their game if thir going to mesure up 2 nokia DO NOT BUY!!!

Reviewed by ashton from ireland on 26th Mar 2007
this phone is cheap & easy to use..i've dropped it a couple of times n its still workin ok, also spilled some water on it n once it dried out is workin fine, thankfully - only probs i have is it freezes sometimes,little memory,txting can be slow & no handsfree.. otherwise def recommended

Reviewed by Maya from Croatia on 22nd Jan 2007
It's nice and simple, easy to use. Also nice looking, and very cheap.

Reviewed by emsi from Croatia on 4th Jul 2006
It is not the best, but it is so cute,nice. I have all I nead.

Reviewed by Rahul from india on 29th Jun 2006
nice looking,but battery backup is very-2 poor.

Reviewed by Lauren from Australia on 26th Jun 2006
great phone , easy to understand, very compact and long lasting, ive dropped it heaps of times and it still works like a gem, i'd reccomend it to everyone

Reviewed by kevin from ireland on 3rd Jun 2006
lovely looking,large dialing buttons,just the right amount of ringtones,interchangable covers,very sturdy dropped it once or twice still working perfect.lovely graphics like mini computer.

Reviewed by Tanya Chopra from Dubai, U.A.E on 25th May 2006
dis fone ROX!! couldnt belive dat dis mobile wud bee so GUD!! dis ma b'day Gift and am a lot satisfied!! ppl buy dis mob..it is a wonderful one...it has gud ringtones and really pretty backgroundz!! and a lot handy and it has a very less weight.... just LUV dis Mob!!

Reviewed by Vignesh from India on 22nd Apr 2006
1) Ringtone Volume Is Good! 2) No Infra Red 3) Heats Up Quickly 4) SMS Typing Is Slow 5) 650KB Is Low Memory! 6) Beautiful Shell 7) Small Display Compared To Samsung SGH-X200 Vignesh - vignesh007@msn.com

Reviewed by manav from indid on 4th Apr 2006
its gud to work with gives a sporty luk and perhaps is the best ones in its class of money. but iam finding a problem quite frequently with its working . the phones is givin problem while switching it on and now the pictures are also getting distorted.finally now my phone has completly hanged up and its not gettin switched on moreover there are very few ringtones in it

Reviewed by anjali from india on 29th Mar 2006
awesome phone!!!

Reviewed by waqas from newcasle on 11th Mar 2006
the is the bste phone 4 u it lovely and cute it funny when u have a big phone but thos relly the phone 4 u when i got it fist i thougt it was not good but it very good so buy it

Reviewed by Tomas from Lithuania on 10th Mar 2006
Good looking, lightweight and easy to use, what else does a mobile phone need? It isn't as good as the more expensive models but it's a good phone and a good choise at this price.

Reviewed by Barry from Australia on 9th Mar 2006
This is my first mobile phone and does the job intended apart from the external display which tells lies! In less than perfect signal reception areas this display can show a strong signal indication but a weaker signal strength is indicated on the main display when the phone is opened, even an "Emergency Calls Only" message sometimes, its a great feature that doesnt work so well. I've learned to ignore it but the phone was checked by the distributor and no fault found with it, its just the way it is. First impressions are lasting and it will have some influence on my choice of a replacement when the time comes.

Reviewed by Shamsudeen from Kuwait on 27th Feb 2006
Easy to use and nice looking, I like this phone.

Reviewed by KAMAL from PAKISTAN on 25th Feb 2006
this is an average phone....!

Reviewed by - from philippines on 22nd Feb 2006
Just, bought this phone can,t believe how,small, light and cheap it is.If you into high tec i.e understand the so many things it can do,feels like you got the smallest computer in your hand. really majic but keep making all this high tec easier for us middle age females to understand!!!

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