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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 review

 Review: October 2010  

Last updated September 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Sony Ericsson X8 is an entry-level Android smartphone.



The X8 is an old phone now, and is available quite cheaply. The X8 looks a lot like the X10 Mini and has similar specs and a similar price. But by increasing the size and resolution of the screen it becomes a lot more usable. The user interface is the same though, and feels dated compared with Android phones from HTC or Samsung. Originally running Android 1.6, it's now been updated to version 2.1, but still lags behind rival phones running 2.3. The custom firmware from Sony Ericsson and O2 also doesn't seem to help with reliability, with some users reporting freezing and crashing.

You might have thought that since the X8 is a larger version of the X10 Mini, it would have a better spec, but actually the camera is a rather pathetic 3.2 megapixel fixed focus affair. All the other features seem to have been retained however. Connectivity is good, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and a 3.5mm audio jack. The media player is excellent and there's an FM radio with RDS too. aGPS is here, with full support for Google Maps (including Street View) and geo-tagging of photos. A demo version of WisePilot Turn-by-Turn navigation software is included. The built-in memory of 128MB isn't bad to start with, and you can add microSD memory cards of up to 16GB. A 2GB card is included in the sales package. Web browsing is better on the X8 than on the X10 Mini, although it isn't the best, involving clicking zoom buttons, as there's no pinch-to-zoom capability. There's no Flash support either, although on the positive side YouTube videos are fully supported via a dedicated app.

The processor is a 600 MHz Qualcomm CPU, the same as used in the X10 Mini, and it's just adequate for the type of device. We're relieved to see that the battery power has been boosted significantly compared with the X10 Mini, and battery life isn't a major issue with the X8, although it isn't the best around.

So, how does it shape up overall? We feel that the screen size is a good mid-range offering - big enough to handle a virtual QWERTY keyboard, but not so big that the device becomes too large and expensive. Featurewise, it's an excellent entry-level smartphone, albeit with a crud camera. The combination of Android 2.1 plus operator firmware isn't great though, and there are more and better rival Android phones appearing on the market all the time. The X8 definitely has plenty to offer, but you should also consider the HTC Desire C and Samsung Galaxy Ace before being parted from your money.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 features include:

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How do you remove the battery & sim card from phone?

Asked by Susan Evans from United Kingdom on 3rd Dec 2016

What is the next phone up from the xperia x8?

Asked by sean from ireland on 22nd Mar 2016

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 user reviews

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Average rating from 174 reviews:

Reviewed by rose from scotland on 15th Oct 2012
have an experia 8 phone has great radio,sat nav ,places search ie looking for chinese takeaway ,taxi just type it in and it will find closest to you .camera is ok doesnt have a flash but apart from that is not bad .facebook ect really good for these social networks ,can download full track music and use for ring tones ect ,only thing i found is the charger does need updated have had it for 18 months have had 3 chargers ,all round i like my phone best one my friend has an i phone and she said the sat nav is even better than hers

Reviewed by jacob from croatia on 11th Jul 2012
I had LG P350 at first.of course,i was happy with it.but by time i started hating the bad screen size and resolution.after 5 months i went to the shop and i was amazed how the x8 has a big screen.i bought it,and i noticed that it has almost a hd display.it wasnt slow for me on 2.1,but i wanted the newest OS.I upgraded it to Gingerbread that has a zoom option,and is alot faster.for the battery life,buy a 2300 mah battery.it is cheap and 2 times stronger then the sonys one.Love this phone.

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 10th Jul 2012
Like many others have said here, this is the worst phone I have ever owned and wasted my money on. Since it was a few months old I've had problems with turning it off- it would turn back on immediately after. I thought I could cope with that but then other stuff started going wrong too. The worst thing that's happened is that when I've been texting the phone would just all of a sudden delete ALL of my text messages. Also, when people have tried to call me, they havent been able to hear me atall, the touch screen is pathetic & my internet's not really working anymore. Overall, NEVER BUY THIS PHONE- you might as well flush your money down the toilet.

Reply by Rob from wales on 17th Oct 2012
I've had my one for 2 years and nothings wrong with it!

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 1st Jun 2012
Worst mobile I have owned in 15 years. Really like Sony( and Ericsson) but they have not done themselves any favours with this model.Better off not launching this than disappointing customers. First time buying a mobile without doing any research - lesson learned ! Extremely slow and erratic, even doing simple things like texting.

A slow (and small) touchscreen phone do not allow you to do the simplest of tasks - please do not waste your time or money on this phone

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 28th Apr 2012
Quite the most disappointing and frustrating phone I've ever been lumbered with.
I put it back in the box and reverted to my previous phone in less than a fortnight.
Now I can't even give it away!
I'm tempted to hammer a 6" nail through the screen and post it to 3's customer services.....

Reviewed by jacob from kenya on 24th Apr 2012
x8 is a very good phone i like its operating system but i has frustrated me,my home screen has crash. i don't know what do do. i need help can anyone help me please.

Reviewed by Chris from England on 22nd Apr 2012
I got this phone as a replacement for my Nokia E63 and I have to say I'm quite disappointed with it. The battery life is absolutely diabolical, the you tube app doesn't work, it just says loading video but nothing happens, twitter doesn't work either, I just get a blank white screen. Thankfully I've held on to my E63, it might run symbian and be slow but at least it works, and a full battery last about 2-3 days. Very disappointed in the X8, will be looking at alternatives soon

Reviewed by Claire from England on 20th Apr 2012
Hate this phone! Bought 2nd hand as awaiting new contract in three months with IPhone 4s, it's only been 3 days with this pile of junk n feels like 3 months! Touchscreen is fiddly, camera is shockingly low quality, apps are rubbish, battery life is the worst of any phone I have ever owned (including iPhones) having to charge twice a day at least! Spreading your wallerpaper over 3 screens is annoying, everything is just so slow 3 months can't come soon enough so I can go back to apple apps & comfort of iPhone! Zero stars if I could!

Reviewed by RAJ from INDIA on 13th Apr 2012
It is a one of the cheapest smart-phone, and you can upgrade it to 2.3 gingerbread unofficial it's assume.

Reviewed by terry from england on 13th Apr 2012
its a load of rubbish it has a big chargeing problem..software i beleave..

Reviewed by Grace from ghana on 11th Apr 2012
Infact dis is de worst fone av eve used icaan even upload pics.

Reviewed by KEEP CALM & CARRY ON!♥_♥◑‿◑ lmho from KEEP CALM & CARRY ON!♥_♥◑‿◑ lmho on 5th Apr 2012
this is my phone! I <3 it! it is touch sensitive which is good for me, good quality (hd and 3d-ness if u know what I mean), small and compact, cute :p, android, quick at downloading (kinda)etc

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 4th Apr 2012
I really like this phone. The touchscreen is very responsive even with the screen protector on it, and this makes it easy to text. Texting is very easy as although there is a full qwerty keyboard on a relatively small screen the predictive text makes it a whole lot easier to type the right words and turning the screen landscape can make a lot of difference. The only downside is that there is no multitouch on it, which makes it annoying when using the phone because it can slow it down a bit. The music player is good quality and doesn't sound particularly 'tinny' like some phones. I do have a small problem with the camera as it's not very advanced, doesn't have many options, and compared to my old phone which had 5 megapixel camera and has a lot of options, downgrading to a 3.2 megapixal camera with only four settings is a bit frustrating when you use it a lot. I don't use the phone for the internet, but I can imagine that it's quite quick and responsive, as generally this phone doesn't lag that much and the screen is very good. The main problem when you use the phone a lot is the battery life as I have had to charge it up the next day after I've fully charged it. Overall though, this is a quick and responsive phone, with some good features like the texting and music player, but with some drawbacks like the camera and the battery life.

Reviewed by Alfred from Canada on 1st Apr 2012
This is so true from from Craig:

" To everyone that is having issues with the phone; yes as it comes with the 2.1 android software it leaves a lot to be desired.
However, root it, get a custom rom and upgrade the battery to a 2430 mhah battery and your laughing. The camera is terrible but running a custom rom that has been designed specifically for the phone brings what feels like a 2009 phone into 2012 at the mid level smartphone range. "

It's an excellant phone now for the price.

Reviewed by jamie from england on 31st Mar 2012
The x8 isnt the best phone out but it does more or less all you need and for under a hundred pounds what more do u expect it has frozen a couple of times but its quick wi'fi conection and media player are great so if u can get one for fifty or sixty pounds you wont be disapointed. its all good

Reviewed by chethan from India on 27th Mar 2012
I like Sony company a lot........this phone is gud but the camera zoom is nt available nd I ll charge 3 to 4 hour per day.............except battery nd camera the phone ok

Reviewed by Mileyy :') from England on 25th Mar 2012
This phone is absolutely rubbish. I've only had it since December and it's now nearing the end of March. EVERY SINGLE app on the phone freezes, and refuses to work - this includes the messages, phone, log book, any other apps that came on the phone. So if I turn the phone off and on it will forget all my data, delete all apps and whatever, and it even set the date to 6th July 1980, it also forgot my location, changes the background on its own accord, and many other problems I shouldn't have to deal with supposedly the top of the range phone, as it only came out in December.

I was not a all impressed by Sony, it has 8HD camera which perhaps is the only good thing on the damn phone, by quality wise I mean, but that's also pointless as it freezes as well.

Never in the rest of my life will I purchase a Sony phone. Honestly, I had a small LG phone before this, and in all sense, I would go back to it if it wasn't broken.

Reply by B7 from Greece on 16th Apr 2012
If you overcharge any phone including X8 with a lot of downloadable apps (espesially free and not reliable) then you will have that kind of problems problems........

Reviewed by bryan from Tanzania on 23rd Mar 2012
let me admit one thing for sure, I have never used a phone that has a wireless network before, and also my previous sony ericcson c902 had a very small screen. Therefore xperia x8 is the best phone I have ever used because it has many applications,
and about the camera, it depends on where you are shooting the pictures. if you take the photos outside where there is enough light, they will be perfect.

Reviewed by tim from England on 22nd Mar 2012
WORST PHONER EVER!!! it laggs worse than my xbox connection when its on 1 bar i done a factory data reset and that did jack all, i have no games, it has to load the menu everytime i got in to somthing like messages etc... the battery life i can sort of deal with but when data traffic is on it runs your battery down like you drinking water... i went from an lg viewity to this phone and not gunna lie if my lg phone wasnt broken or was unlocked i would go back to it... not worth the money or your time if your thinking about buying it.

Reviewed by Gabriela from argentina on 14th Mar 2012
for the camera zoom install Camera Zoom FX, you can find it free in the web but there's not any solution for the bad quality. The alarm clock is a dissapointment too, and other basic things as the detail information in text messages, etc

Reviewed by zeeshan somro from pakistan on 11th Mar 2012
all is well in x8 but battery power too bad.

Reviewed by Avril from Ireland on 10th Mar 2012
The sony erricson is'nt the best phone I've had either. I've recently been having alot of the problems. For instince my time stated 1980 july 3rd. When I fixed it the time would be normal for about 24hrs and then switch back. The battery life got very very poor running out after 3hrs. Also the textswould get jumbled up somewhere in the middle of a conversation, this remained the same even after I updated it. I have to admit it was an amazing Phone during the first couple of months but then suddenly all these problems happened.
* key information *
I've had the phone for 1yr and 2 months.

Reviewed by mark feehily from philippines on 9th Mar 2012
like it

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 7th Mar 2012
To everyone that is having issues with the phone; yes as it comes with the 2.1 android software it leaves a lot to be desired.

However, root it, get a custom rom and upgrade the battery to a 2430 mhah battery and your laughing. The camera is terrible but running a custom rom that has been designed specifically for the phone brings what feels like a 2009 phone into 2012 at the mid level smartphone range. I'm very happy with mine now (even more so since it was donated by a friend who thought it was rubbish and was surpised to see what I could do to it) - Google xda Xperia x8 and find out for yourself.

Reviewed by Georgia from England on 7th Mar 2012
I've only just got this phone second hand but mint condition, i wanted to use my apple head phones because they have the same head jack but wont play though them, so i tried my older set of head phones and they work perfectly, 8/10 rating <3 i love this phone

Reviewed by jules from england on 6th Mar 2012
i like the phone but the camera is not brilliant and the games seem to freeze alot

Reviewed by lin from worcester on 5th Mar 2012
Ive had this fone for a year now and it nothing but trouble the battery life is rubbish i have to charge it 2 or 3 times a day.

Reviewed by robert from england on 3rd Mar 2012
Designed by a sadist in a foul mood on 1st April
It's outrageous! This phone is drunk!

Reviewed by Ian from uk on 2nd Mar 2012
This phone works ok, but has a few faults, cant hang up as it locks keypad , also very small screen doesnt do web any favours. A word of warning about charging if you find it tight to put charger plug in dont force it , as this will be void of any warranty as I found out , personally I will never buy sony again .

Reviewed by krupa from india on 28th Feb 2012

Reviewed by sophie from england on 25th Feb 2012
The sony ericsson xperia x8 is not the best phone i just got mine for christmas and it gone in for repare because it sofeware has gone on it..... i am didcused in it...

Reviewed by Doug from Edinburgh on 23rd Feb 2012
Probably one of the worst phones Ive ever had. The battery life is awful and has been since I first got it.It goes from 100% to about 6% in about 8 hours, and thats when I just use it for texting and dont call anyone or use apps/online features. It freezes regularly and sometimes decides to switch itself off mid call. And despite what the main review says, I find the screens too small for a qwerty keyboard. Plus the predictive text comes up with fake words. Cant wait to get a different phone.

Reviewed by 56 from 56 on 19th Feb 2012
huh well th battery life is OK and, well itz a cute,little, i dunno good all in one hand mobile so, gettit if yu wantitgetit and so reliable so man wu watin for now i sound like tht song lol!!!

Reviewed by Atacama from Chile on 19th Feb 2012
In a nutshell, TERRIBLE. Had a lot of respect for the brand before buying this one, but this is really hopeless. Will not accept MP3 ringtones, so had to find a program to convert them the format it does recognise. Touch pad is useless, and even makes something as simple as anwering a call a real challenge. And let's not even go into the vague results obtained when trying to write a text message. Has to be the most useless junk ever presented for sale by this company and has put me off ever trying one of their products again.

Reviewed by Damo334 from Wales on 9th Feb 2012
I used to love Sony Ericsson, especially back in the day with the W810i. However, this phone is completely useless. It needs charging every day, even though I barely use it. The touchscreen isnt very good, it lags a lot, crashes a few times, cant hold its charge etc. I spent 4 months from buying it with no marketplace, I couldnt download anything, free or not, until 1 day it decided to fix itself. I really wish I didnt buy this phone, and will be staying well away from SE from now on.

P.S. all these problems started within the first week of buying it.

Reviewed by Alex from england on 8th Feb 2012
had this phone for roughly a year. and it is quiet a terrible phone. the camera is barely useable with the slightest movement resulting in a blurred photo. the calls take ages to hang up and if your are quick at texting the phone cannot keep up and sometimes crashes. the charger cable packs in after a few months use and battery life is poor requiring daily charges. most games struggle to run because of its low processing speed. the speaker is okay but you struggle to hear if there is anyback ground noise, not to mention you either mute the call or hang up completly with your cheek in some cases because the touch screen goes on the fritz. it is higly unliekly ill buy another sony ericsson. and for 80? its a riduclous price for such a bad phone.

Reviewed by Anwar from England on 8th Feb 2012
I like sony ericson xperia X8.its amaizing phone.

Reviewed by jane from makati, phillipines on 4th Feb 2012
im a sony ericson lover but this xperia x8 is a piece of a junk!i bought this phone last dec. 28 but now i have to buy a new one because the battery is not working well i have to charge this unit twice a day...very poor..

Reviewed by Ullas from india on 2nd Feb 2012
I just buy x8 4 months back ago 2 b frank its a awsome smartphone n its range....camera 3.2 mp taking grt pics......so many of thm campare se x8 to samsung galaxy y,pop,& fit.. but its 20 times much more better thn galaxy phones !!!!! galaxy fit has 5 mp cam but it takes lik 2 mp cam... se x8 has 3.2 mp cam but it takes lik 5 mp cam... se is famous 4 its. cam,screen resolution,music......etc.. HTC, Samsung, Black berry... no 1 can stand opp 2 SONY ERICSSON.......

Reviewed by Duracelldizzy from Nth Wales on 1st Feb 2012
I agree with preivous reviewer, DLJ. It is hard to hang up after a call has ceased. It drives me to distraction that photo's used as wallpapers are spread over three screens (you have to scroll right/left to see it all!) I've tried many many things and cannot get a full pic on my homescreen.

The battery life is poor, and needs to be charged daily, even if left in standby mode with all apps disabled. Overall, I don't like naviagting the android app store, and compared to apple's the quality and range of apps are rubbish.

My last phone was the little clamshell Sony W300i. I loved this phone to death, and only bought the X8 because I thought it was time to update. Thankfully, I kept the W300i as a spare. Now, it's been bought back out of retirement and the X8 is only used as a back-up. Though it seem dreadfully old fashioned compared to my friend's phones the W300i works well, has a radio and music player, reasonable connectivity, and the camera is no worse than the X8. In short, I think I wasted my money in pursuit of materialism!

Shameful, Sony. My next phone will be a Samsung Galaxy.

Reviewed by Riz from England on 1st Feb 2012
It is a horrible phone, it barely works, slow, does not let you hang up properly, has rubbish battery life, definately a no no when buying a phone.

Reviewed by DLJ from UK on 24th Jan 2012
Terrible phone. I have always liked Sony phones and this is a big disappointment. It is very difficult to "hang up" cleanly because it goes into a sort-of standby mode during calls. Also sometimes the screen "jumps" just after entering a new menu - this has led to calling the wrong person! The shutter on the camera is also so unresponsive as to make the camera completely unusable. Finally, the charger cable has a very unreliable connection. I have thought the thing was charging overnight, and instead it has just shut itself down through lack of power. So no alarm clock for me then. Overall, utterly awful.

Reviewed by jace from usa on 23rd Jan 2012
this phones is amazing nuff said, live cheap snd happy with the x8

Reviewed by muges from malaysia on 23rd Jan 2012
It's very good but the memory too low its not enaugh...

Reviewed by michaela from uk on 18th Jan 2012
got a xperia 8 in october had to send it 4 repair wouldnt charge got it back still broke they r saying its been caused by excessive force when inserting or removing charger or it may have been dropped its all bull im now with out a phone had sony ericsson for years but now im not going to touch another

Reviewed by Claudiu from Ro on 13th Jan 2012
If you download camera zoom fx you can use zoom with it.

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 12th Jan 2012
Absolutely awful. Biggest pile of rubbish ive bought in my life, so many problems with it.

Reviewed by Tam from Engand on 8th Jan 2012
absolute rubbish, you will be better off with two cups and a piece of string!

Reviewed by james from scotland on 3rd Jan 2012
i'm an avid sony ericsson fan and so far i'm not dissapointed with this phone. I upgraded it from the very poor sony ericsson satio and so far my x8 is whopping my satio. It hasn't turned itself off yet or crashed, which is better than most of sony ericssons phones. Not too big a fan off the new way it uses text messages, but hey, its a mid-range phone. Overall I'm impressed and would recommend this phone to any sony ericsson lover.

Reviewed by nothappy from england on 1st Jan 2012
useless phone,always crashing very slow,battery poor,camera poor turns itself off and on when trying to use camera

Reviewed by aaron from ireland on 31st Dec 2011
BEST PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD I am an experienced phone reviewer i would defiantly recommend this phone the cam is way better that the sgu (samsung galaxy europa) but the phone itself has a very nice feel design off it the phone is way way way better than the sga itself a tiny bit of a bigger screen and very good. it is not very good for games so get them off plaw now i recommend that you do that

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 30th Dec 2011
Battery life is nowhere near whats quoted even in standy mode. I have to charge mine up daily even though it's not being used just sitting in my pocket. Have tried disabling running apps but that doesnt make a difference. I would suggest a Samsung Galaxy Ace instead.

Reviewed by omar ali from india on 23rd Dec 2011
This is a very good phone.It looks good it has a good camera excellent revulsion

Reviewed by Andy Campbell from UK on 16th Dec 2011
xperia x8 Not the best phone, when finished calls you are not able to simply hang up without re-entering the menu to bring up the screen. Camera, no zoom and poor function when trying to use for scanning QR codes.

Reviewed by Charlotte H from UK on 14th Dec 2011
this is one of the worst phones I have ever had it runs out of battery everyday. tge camera is ok, but it doesn't have a zoom feature which is quite annoying. it can be rather slow and lag a lot of the time, even though I switched off animations to save battery. it doesn't support animated gifs which can be annoying. however it is alright for a first phone, and its just the right size, shame about the battery

Reviewed by juan from colombia on 7th Dec 2011

Reviewed by Ani from India on 3rd Dec 2011
The X8 is a very good phone with poor support from Sony. They claim it cant support apps2SD but once you root the phone and install Froyo or even Gingerbread the X8 is on fire. Unfortunately the RAM is too low so cant load too many apps at once. But love the X8 and since most users would have been past the warranty stage go ahead and root it at your own risk.

Reply by mark from uk on 28th Jan 2012
Agree perfect phone to 'root ' and upgrade android (Google /tube it if u don't know) this and u have a brilliant cheap phone

Reviewed by colin cunninghm from scotland on 3rd Dec 2011
Had three!!.. Charging port everytime..shame as good phone

Reviewed by bejide from nigeria on 1st Dec 2011
X8 is a ghud phone generally, nt dat bad....we nid it to upgrade 2 v. 2.2. Gamin xperience ok.i luv dis fone

Reviewed by Bowl Diver from Mongolia on 29th Nov 2011
I had this phone for a very short time and was very pleased with it for it's price, battery life, camera, internet access and screen. I did find the keyboard a bit fiddly, but it was my first touchscreen phone too. I was just getting used to it when it fell in the toilet, without my noticing, and wasn't retrieved until it had been flushed...twice. So if any of you who are only giving it one star really despise the phone, please feel free to donate it to a good home, preferably mine.

Reviewed by Ashok from india on 28th Nov 2011
x8 is nice fone..because it has almost more features than other mobiles with this price

Reviewed by Olof from Sweden on 28th Nov 2011
Bought one a year ago, and I'm very satisfied, especially when you consider it's low price. Used it with a number of Android apps - news, video, internet radio and more. It works good and it's absolutely not "rubbish". Battery of course could be a little better, but it's not a big issue.

Reviewed by The Mystery Man from England,Essex,Chelmsford on 28th Nov 2011
I think it's fabulous for me, because this was my 1ST TOUCH PHONE and it was amazing compared to any other phone I have used. YouTube is 4 stars, Facebook 5 stars as it sends things from YouTube and any internet stuff & more in seconds :) :) :) :). If you have big fingers typing can be a bit fiddly as it was for me but I got the hang of it after a while. No break downs, a bit slow on the internet but fast on anything else. You can arrange all widgets icons and make new widgets. Touch can be tricky as-well and the radio is 3&1/2 stars.

Reviewed by karl from u.k on 27th Nov 2011
Absolute rubbish. The worst phone sony ericson have made in a while.

Reviewed by Lukasz from Ireland on 26th Nov 2011
Battery is a big no. Do not buy.

Reviewed by anna from ireland on 26th Nov 2011
I love the xperia x8 though i hav a few small problems wit it. The keys are really small which is very annoying because i keep hitting the wrong 1. Overall though i find it a great reliable cheap phone. You get an awful lot from it considering its only 79

Reviewed by Jim from England on 24th Nov 2011
Very good, reliable entry level android phone. Highly recommended as a small cheap android. had mine for 9 months now and has been a wonderful workhorse. best app to improve the phone has been adw launcher as this gets rid of the Sony Ericsson corners home screen and makes it much more android :D

Reviewed by emma from blackburn on 23rd Nov 2011
This fone is ><:>:L<> rubbish in other words. Wen i 1st bought it i thought it was great but after a few months the problems began...... Call freeze half way through a convo it cuts off so it went for repair came back great again but............. a month later its doing it again the text freeze the games freeze it sounds like ur under water during calls pfft wont bother buyin it save ur money

Reviewed by k doug from uk on 23rd Nov 2011
hate it keyboard is rubbish and i slow

Reviewed by nigel from uk on 22nd Nov 2011
Less than 24 hour battery life, on stand-by.Very poor.

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 20th Nov 2011
Poor camera, poor barrery life, touchscreeen doesn`t work after 6 months, real rubbish phone. No more sony.

Reviewed by Freya from England on 14th Nov 2011
At first the charger conked out on me, but now it seems to work. im stuck with this phone for 2 years, and ive had it almost 3 months. the music is good, but the screen can be slow. rubbish camera, with NO ZOOM!! but texting is good, and it has good range of apps on the appmarket. :) all my friends seem to like my phone though :) but the phone in general seems to be quite cheap quality compared to my dad's X10. i like the size because its not too big, and not to small like the X10 mini :D

Reviewed by linzi from england on 10th Nov 2011
total waste of money never worked right since day one easy to work though,, thats when it does work

Reviewed by Sue from England on 24th Aug 2011
I have got my own music on the phone, but it won't play when I get a text, does anyone else have this problem?

Reviewed by dean from uk on 22nd Aug 2011
worst phone ive ever bought screen cracked too easy casing to flimsy cost more than phones worth to put right then charger failed after 4 months always had a sony but thinking twice now

Reviewed by Eric from Finland on 21st Aug 2011
Dont like it, want symbian

Reviewed by beckyboo from uk on 14th Aug 2011
Had this phone like 2 days and i love it. I swear by sony ericcsons and will carry on doing so as they are getting better each time. Some peopla are just not happy unless they are complaining and finding faults well u need to get a life or use another make u will find lots of faults to occupy your time there :)

Reviewed by Tom from Australia on 11th Aug 2011
Reception os extemely poor on the optus network even in the city 3g reception is scarce :(

Reviewed by Lukee from England on 10th Aug 2011
Had this phone for a month and a half and has been excellent the camera may lack a decent zoom but otherwise it's very good! I got the phone for 89.99 so you should try and buy it new for this price..... for it's price the phone does a lot more than other phones for the same price!There's been no glitching or slowness as well :)

Reviewed by Howie from UK on 3rd Aug 2011
Love this phone. Had the Samsung Europa but had all the repeating text issues, so changed to this phone. I screen is bright and responsive I've had no problems with crashing or freezing. The battery life isn't great, but download Juice Defender from the Market and it sorts that problem out.

Reviewed by duncan from england on 3rd Aug 2011
had this phone for two months and i am very im pressed. the camera is very good for only 3.2 mega pixzeles but lacks zoom.very responsive screen.lots of apps to download,nice size. it is very good for its price, if your looking for a mid priced good smartphone this is the one for u. hope u find this helpful.

Reviewed by Dave from England on 2nd Aug 2011
Had this phone for two months now and have to say I really like it. No problems with crashing and a good responsive screen. Not to big like the super android phones that don't fit in your pocket. A good tip for taking photos. Use sports mode and your pics will be sharp and a lot better than other people have experienced. A good 4 star phone.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 30th Jul 2011
The X8 is good for poeple who haven't got too much money to spend on a smart phone. I wouldn't play over 100 for it though since there's better phones around. The camera is the only thing that brings the rating down. It's not amazing, lacks auto-foucus and flash, have to keep very still for a clear shot. The audio is good, quiet loud but not as loud as others. It looks better in black. The good thing is there's a sceen lock thing on it so if you have any pricate things on ur fone like txts ppl will hav to figure out ur lock first. It has cool apps like secret sms & photo enhancers. The screen size is good.

Reviewed by Krishma from England on 30th Jul 2011
If you buy this phone, you should know that the applications don't have an 'exit' button. So to exit it you have to press the 'back' key on your phone. That means you'll have loads of apps running in the background which will consumes lots of power. But theres a app on the market called 'task killer.' That sorts the problem. The camera is propably the worst thing about the phone though but there's lots of apps for that too.

Reviewed by George from England on 29th Jul 2011
Had the phone for about 3 months now. Touch screen is responsive. Android 2.1 isn't anything special but it hasn't crashed on me once. Battery can last 3 days if you turn off most smartphone bits like GPS, Data Traffic and turning down the brightness. Like most touchscreen phones, Bright sunlight will cause issues unless the brightness is turned up high. Decent pictures can be taken on the phone with a steady hand. As a budget phone, this is a great competitor. The small size means you won't be worried about snapping it in half as you sit down.

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 23rd Jul 2011
I swear people just post on here to moan - this phone is great!! I have had it a little over a week and have had no problems - sure the cameras not amazing but thats what a digital camera is for!! I had a HTC HD2 before and this was pants compared to the X8 - this is a mid-range perfect phone that, texts, makes phone calls and connects to facebook. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a smartphone that works without having to be a IT technicion to work it!!

Reviewed by Grzegorz from UK on 22nd Jul 2011
The phone is quite nice (my first proper smart phone that I'm intending to use for more than just calls and texting). The cons: 1. battery life is pathetic, lasts max 2 days with barely using the phone - I guess this is the common thing to most of the new OS based/smartphones. 2. The touch screen sometimes does not respond. 3. Texting/writing is rather difficult with such a small keyboard - I preferred the basic, not QWERTY keyboard on my previous Samsung Genio Touch. 4. First thing that came to my mind was to download and install the Ebay application - not successful to date. It says 'downloading' but it's continuous like for hours and nothing is happening. Can anyone help me on that? 5. When the phone is OFF the alarms will not work. Ok, this may sound bit stupid, but the battery status on this handset says that about 50% of its life is taken by 'phone idle' so I thought I will extend the life by switching the phone OFF for the night. When my Samsung Genio was OFF the alarm still worked, not the same with X8 :( 6. When calling a phone centres and prompted to press the numbers - this is when the touch screen fails big time. It's always a pain in the back to unlock the phone during the call and bringing up the keyboard on the screen, in some instances the numbers taped are just ignored. I'll keep the phone till I get totally annoyed :) For now it's fine, but I would hardly recommend it to a friend.

Reviewed by simon from UK on 12th Jul 2011
got one of these yesterday as an upgrade for my nokia 6700 classic. Ive sent it back tho! Its the worst phone ive ever tried! The touchscreen either didnt work at all or gave the wrong icons up. the wifi would not connect to the internet even tho the phone said it had excellent connections! The 4 shortcuts on the screen are supposed to be interchangeable with any of the other menu icons - they would not move! the menu is filled with tiny little icons that open silly games etc that anyone over 12 would have no interest in! there is very little scope to customise the screen/ menu,The user guide ( ha ha) is one sheet of paper! There IS a slightly better guide you can open but its on the 2Gb micro SD that comes with the phone ... so when you fit you own bigger card with all your music etc .. you no longer have the guide! I cant understand this new thing about not giving a users manual with phones? Surely it doesnt cost that much to print a proper manual? Last one I had for a Moto K1 was about 250 pages long & these new phones do so much more but you can never find out how to use all the functions! Insane! Anyway the sony X8? DONT BUY IT! ITS RUBBISH!

Reviewed by simon from uk on 11th Jul 2011
just got this to replace my nokia 6700 classic. I think Ive made a serious mistake tho! The touchscreen is useless unless your fingers are as clean as a neurosurgeons! The instructions are useless ( although to fair, Ive noticed all phone makers now give out very poor instructions) A lot of functions are missing such as how can you delete a message saved in "drafts"? The phone is constantly trying to connect to the internet & I can find no way to remove this ( unwanted for me) function. I only wanted this because I thought the size was good & it had a qwerty keypad to make texting easier but its far too complicated to use & the old Nokia is actually far faster to make texts, & calls! Not recommended unless you have a degree in computer programming!

Reviewed by Impish from UK on 5th Jul 2011
Nice little phone. Battery life issues seem to be sorted after installing Juice Defender (free) app. Camera is not the best, lack of flash and focussing means it's a step down in that respect from the Sony Ericcson K800i Cyber-shot. Otherwise, nice little phone - a more than 'halfway house' between an old generation mobile handset and a fully fledged all singing all dancing smartphone. If you need an all singing all dancing smartphone, avoid this. If you're happy with a 'happy medium' - then no probs.

Reviewed by Thilanka from UK on 3rd Jul 2011
This is a nice phone. camera is poor,no flash,no zooming but I like this.

Reviewed by vigneswar from india on 29th Jun 2011
its worthful for th rate ireally love it

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 28th Jun 2011
phone is awesome only downside is the battery life

Reviewed by Ashleigh Walker from Scotland on 25th Jun 2011
I found this phone actually pretty rubbish within the first few months I have had this phone, I have spend almost 70 getting it fixed which is almost the amount it cost and in the rain the screen freezes. Also the battery life is the worst I have ever seen as I had to charge it up twice a day. Only thing that is good about it is memory, how the conversation comes up in the messages and the music is clear up loud.

Reviewed by Jojo from UK on 25th Jun 2011
I regret buying this phone. Yes it was good when it was new, but now, 6 months later, when I try to turn it off it just turns back on a couple of minutes later. Also it's very hard to text whilst walking along because of the very small buttons. The internet spent all 10 of my credit one time without me knowingly being connected. Very disappointed & would never reccommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Danielle Turner from GB on 21st Jun 2011
I dont like this phone personally. The battery is unbelievably short. it sometime freezes and turns itself off.

Reviewed by Jimpan from Sweden on 13th Jun 2011
what a mistake to make! upgraded from this to a Samsung Galaxy S and now I'm back to my lovely x8 again. Turns out the x8 holds a signal much better than the galaxy S and has better voice quality in calls. This is especially noticeable when using Skype. The x8 works miles better with the Skype software for voice clarity and reliability. most of the negative reviews on here seem to be from people who are android illiterate and don't really understand what it's about. The battery life on this is great - for a smartphone. Two days is an awesome achievement. But you have to know how to use it to get that. You need advanced task killer and you need to activate the data traffic widget to turn the internet off when you're not using the phone. This isn't the perfect android phone, but it's dirt cheap and sturdy and reliable and just what I want. Five stars!

Reviewed by vineeth viswanath v from india on 11th Jun 2011
i think it is a good smart phone for all needs. it is a new device, beyond a mobile phone.

Reviewed by vineet kumar from india on 9th Jun 2011
X8, nice mobile

Reviewed by no name from greece on 5th Jun 2011
The battery doesnt last for long time!

Reply by c from irelan on 17th Feb 2012
Get the app called Advanced Task Killer! It works wonders for my phone because I only have to charge it every 2nd day! But why the camera doesnt have a zoom is mad

Reply by andie from mex on 19th Mar 2012
There are also apps to install zoom for the camera, though you're never going to get the best pictures ever... I chose this phone since I was buying an actual camera anyway!

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