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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 review

 Review: March 2010  

Last updated March 2011

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Sony Ericsson X10 is an Android superphone!

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The X10 is Sony Ericsson's superphone and is one of the most anticipated handsets of 2010. What does it do? It does everything! We recently reviewed the HTC Desire - another Android phone - and described it as virtually the perfect phone. Well, The X10 is a phone that can rival the Desire. Android is certainly the operating system of choice if you want the very best that's available in 2010.

Sony Ericsson were slow to enter the touchscreen market, dipping their toe in cautiously with the Xperia X1 (running Windows Mobile) and the Satio (running Symbian). We had the impression of a company desperately in search of a strategy. But we needn't have worried, because behind the scenes they've been busy working on their own implementation of the Android operating system. As regular readers of mobile-phones-uk.org.uk will have spotted, Android has become our new favourite operating system, now that the early adopters who bought the first Android phones have found all the bugs and the Google guys have graciously fixed them. Android is now a smooth and powerful OS, and the Android Market is shaping up nicely, so there will be loads of apps available for the X10.

What SE have cleverly done is to layer the Android OS with their own user interface, a bit like HTC have done with HTC Sense. So what you see when you power up the X1 is interface screens such as Timescape, which gathers together all your communications for any one of your contacts. Text messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and even photos are all gathered together, so there's no need to open apps to see what's going on. Similarly, Mediascape brings together all your music, photos and videos. The Infinite virtual button is used to gather together all the related information for a contact or media type. The whole system comes together and works very well. It's very much like a mini computer, but geared to mobile use.

Let's get physical now. The X10's a big machine, that's for sure. But it's the same weight as the iPhone 3G S and only a millimetre or so longer. Yet it's got a screen that puts the iPhone to shame. Yep, you read that right. The X10 has a 4 inch screen, compared with the 3.5 inches of the iPhone, and almost three times the number of pixels. It's bigger than the screen on the HTC Desire and even the Nokia N900 internet tablet for that matter! We think: wow! When it comes to touchscreens, bigger is always better. It makes the virtual keyboard so easy to use you don't care that it's virtual. And the X10 supports handwriting recognition too, if you like that. The screen is capacitative, which makes it very responsive to the touch.

In fact a bigger screen is better for all kinds of things. It's certainly better for viewing photos taken with the impressive 8.1 megapixel camera. Naturally the camera has autofocus, flash and a digital zoom. It also has a smart face recognition feature which not only recognises faces when using the camera, but also recognises faces in any pictures stored on the phone. If you name a person in one of your photos, the X10 can then recognise that person in other photos! By touching the person's face, you can access contact details and other information for that person. If you're thinking that this kind of face recognition is a hard problem for a computer and that it might not have a 100% success rate, you'd be right! But it works surprisingly well most of the time.

The big screen also makes web browsing and apps like Facebook work like a dream. And with internet access via HSPA and WiFi you have a fast always-on connection to the web.

The X10 isn't Walkman branded, but fear not because it has an outstanding music player, with full support for all the features you'd expect, including a 3.5mm audio jack so you can plug in your own stereo headphones. You can also use Bluetooth stereo headphones if you prefer.

aGPS is present too, as you'd expect from a device of this type. It's integrated with Google Maps, and comes with a limited license for the Wisepilot Turn-by-Turn navigation software. As we've already noted for other applications, the enormous screen really makes the most of this feature.

A machine with this much functionality needs some heavy-duty hardware to power it, and the X10's got what it takes. The processor is the Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor as used on the HTC Desire and one of the fastest processors available. The phone has 1GB of memory built in and is supplied with an 8GB microSD card too. This is expandable to 16GB. The battery has a huge 1500 mAh capacity, which is about as big as it gets in the mobile world.

Is there anything missing from the Xperia X10? Well, yes a few things. There's no video calling and no FM radio. Our users tell us they don't use video calling, and you can access radio stations over the internet, provided you have an unlimited data package in your contract. Also the version of Android used is 1.6, not the latest 2.1, so the software is looking quite outdated now.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 features include:

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What is the price of sonny ericsson xperia with a camera of 8.1 megapixels?

Asked by TUMWESIGYE WILBERT from UGANDA on 10th Nov 2017

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Average rating from 169 reviews:

Reviewed by joy adalson from uganda on 22nd Mar 2015
the problem with this phone is fm radio, fore camera. that's it but it would have been agood phone .that's it

Reviewed by abdulhamid from yusuf on 31st Mar 2014
I am using the phone still now, the phone is durable, qualitative and perfectly function...i like it.

Reviewed by faisal from india on 7th Nov 2013
this was my worthly worst experience hence the problem with phone is that we cant surf internet more than 2 hours

Reviewed by Sandeep Nain from India on 20th Sep 2013
No doubt, xperia x10 is auwsome phone. Only one problam in this phone abot battry back up. But i totally satisfied dis phone about feautres. Outstanding display.. M always sony die hard fan..

Reviewed by DAZ from England on 17th Aug 2012
A brilliant phone but badly suffers from 2 major problems. The battery life and the charging port.

I have had to have the charging port replaced twice on my phone. The first time you know you have the problem is when either it does not charge or is intermittent. It will happen as it was a design fault and hear about this problem all the time from different people. Apart from these two problems, it is a great phone.

There is a guy on Ebay that fixes the problem and installs a brand new charging port for £20 inc postage. I recommend that if you have this problem or when you DO in the future, get in contact with him.

Reviewed by Jayson Ooi from Malaysia on 14th Jun 2012
The worst smart phone that is in the market... After the udpate it getting slower and always give problems.... Further more sony after sales in the worst of the worst

Reviewed by noel from uk on 1st Mar 2012
i hate this phone. nothing ever works. i am going to change my phone for a blackberry because they are best phones in the world. they have everything you need and it is not complictated unlike sony ericsson phones. this phone is not reliable either.

Reviewed by thahir from india on 29th Feb 2012

Reviewed by Gazza from UK on 18th Feb 2012
Best phone ever, my contract is up and I am stcking with it until the new Xperia S is launched! Texting can be moody with mistypes but the rest of what it can do makes up for it in spades. Helped with some fantastic android aps! TOP PHONE

Reviewed by stuart from uk on 13th Feb 2012
had this phone for 2yrs. never any trouble and will be happy to keep using it for the next 2 yrs. A brilliant phone

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 8th Feb 2012
Sadly this has to be the worst phone i have had, its biggest weakness is its ability as a phone and txt messenger, the gimics are ok but you soon get bored with them, the touch screen works when it wants to and often when you don't want it to, i am now in a position to change as my contract has ended so at last i can see the back of it.

Reviewed by simon crowe from uk on 2nd Feb 2012
at the end of my 18 month contarct i will be happy to say goodbye to the X10! it's so slow now, crashes, remembers nothing. it used to be alot faster but it's getting senile.

Reviewed by Milo Madacky from UK on 31st Jan 2012
A piece of junk. I was impressed by the look and style but then I started using it...Freezing, restarting and sluggish. That was not all!!! Due to SONY's desire to make a quick buck, they've made a big design flaw: usb connector gets easily broken, making it to void the warranty and thus they blame the user for misuse. And of course they deny it.

Reviewed by J.A. SHIELDS from UK on 29th Jan 2012
I am so glad my contract is coming to an end & I shall be getting rid of this phone, pretty sharpish.The keyboard is a nightmare, which is unworkable if held vertically. Even when held horizintally & therefore the keyboard is bigger it's awful. A simple text message will be littered with mistakes & God help your patience if you try to amend your message in any way. There are battery issues & there is nightmare problem with even answering your calls which involves a fiddly sweep of your finger across the screen. I don't know how many calls I've missed or been cut off because of this. Everyone on here seems to bang on about a big screen, boy the competitors screens must be miniscule! A phone is still a phone after all.....there are serious volume issues & heaven forbid if you ever have to use it in a crowded place! I bought it because of Sony's reputation for music players-they should have stuck solely with those!The reviewer surely is not speaking about the same phone? The review was by someone who was more excited with technical, geeky things. If you want a phone to be in contact with people,which surely is the reason for a mobile(?):DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!

Reviewed by charlene from scotland on 23rd Jan 2012
I have never felt such contempt for a phone in all my life! When first receiving the X10 I was impressed with its sleek case and apps, I later found that the battery would drain very easily then it would start cutting out! It has now been sent to T-Mobile repair centre 3 times with no luck to the cutting out dilemma! I have been offered at replacement phone now which I'm over the moon with! Never again will I get a sony X10

Reviewed by Sylvana from United Kingdom on 22nd Jan 2012
Ditto to Jess Zlatarich - it also came back with a dead battery, which isn't the one it went with and I don't like it any more!

Reviewed by Jess Zlatarich from Australia, QLD on 17th Jan 2012
IT WILL NOT CHARGE, like, AT ALL. the light on the right hand corner just turns red and starts flashing, i sent it in for repair...SIX WEEKS LATER!... i get it back, so i put the charger in and surprise, surprise the damn red light starts flashing red, i ignore it... 3 HOURS LATER... that freaking red light is still freaking flashing and it still does not want to charge or turn on. I swear the things i've done for this phone and the things i've gone through as well as the money is not even close to funny, i've searched solutions online and all the comments are the repeat of what has happened to me. i want a detailed response on how the freak you can eff up so many phones in a way that you cannot fix it. Or was it just that 1 batch you stuffed up.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 14th Jan 2012
have been using this phone now for 18mths purely because of contract.Due for upgrade in 2 days and can't wait to get rid. this phone has been rubbish since day 1.Sony was contacted but obviously new it was rubbish as they never responded. screen needs a hammer to to tap on icons which also makes answering calls difficult. a lot of call have gone to voicemail before it wil answer.it also has a mind of its own so make sure you have plenty of free minutes or data.Have used all sony updates but still rubbish.

Reviewed by Sam from India on 9th Jan 2012
X10 is absolutely brilliant; 4 inch screen, 1 GHZ processor, enough RAM, 2.3.3 stock and ICS alpha available already in XDA., what more can u ask for if u get a good deal ;)

Reviewed by Arun from India on 21st Dec 2011
Im owning it for the last 6 months and havent had any issues yet. decent battery, decent camera, Gingerbread 2.3.3 Stock [Alpha ICS ready from XDA zdzh]. im loving it

Reviewed by jaskarnjit singh from india on 12th Dec 2011
super mobile for 2010.

Reviewed by Gavin from UK on 24th Jun 2011
In reply to Rob...get a text app called Handcent, then you can change the size of the text and style and colour...looks like Iphone text messages too...

Reviewed by Gavin from UK on 23rd Jun 2011
Just a quick update about this phone...the update to Android 2.3 is coming out August time and if you download an app called Vignette from the Android store it uses your camera light as a flash instead of you having to turn it on manually. Fantastic phone...

Reviewed by Terror-pinn bromsgrove from UK on 17th Jun 2011
I have been using nokia bluetooth headphone set So yea it does suport bluetooth

Reviewed by big o from UK on 28th May 2011
have had two of these phones so hard to get to grips with glad to get rid of it.

Reviewed by Charleen Johnson from UK on 20th May 2011
Dont buy phone has battery fault my phone has not charged now for 3 days and then sometimes charges when it feels like it only had for 6 months also the facbook app is useless im getting iphone tomorrow stay clear of this phone i warn you x

Reviewed by Chris Veitch from UK on 14th May 2011
It was a bit of a rubbish phone as the keyboard never worked properly when writing a text. An upgrade sorted that and improved the phone, but they changed the predictive text which did work for something that doesn't. Not quite sure which bunch of people would think predictive text is the word that comes up when you have finished writing it or comes up with something totally unrelated and not predictive at all. The team that developed that bit should not get a bonus and Sony E should rectify this problem. Have sent emails but typical Sony, no relationship or dialogue with the customer.

Reviewed by David Begbie from UK on 12th May 2011
worst phone i have ever had, i am in contact with Orange every other week with a problem, this is the third handset in just three months, wopuld not recommend anyone else getting this phone when upgrading thinking about going back to my 995

Reviewed by Wilbur from Leeds from UK on 12th May 2011
Yeah its ok. So what the battery is poor and no flash on the camera and it keeps crashing and losing all your recent contacts and you cant speed dial in an emergency and the flap on the usb socket gets in the way and it keeps switching sound off when locked in your pocket and when you update it online it deletes all your apps but apart from that it's a SMART phone.

Reviewed by iehfdh;d from UK on 5th May 2011
wow it blew me away

Reviewed by jill from UK on 5th May 2011
Worst fone i have ever had, its slow, deletes all my contacts and txt messages, freezes al the time, messaging etc always force closes, internet not the best Original reviews are right the phone was like that at first a year on its rubbish!!!! Dont waste your money

Reviewed by rob from UK on 5th May 2011
i bought a new one off ebay. very nice phone and seems to run well the only problem is the size of the text which is very small you can hardly see the text in text or email messages sadly it cant be changed. you would need very good eye site for this phone. SE have announced that they will be doing and gingerbread 2.3.3 update which is good news. sadly am selling mine again due to the text problem apart from that its a very good phone for the money.

Reviewed by Alex,eastbourne from UK on 25th Apr 2011
Im a bit (lot) obsessed with mobile phones,i change mine every six months,so over the last 15 years i reckon i know a few things about phones,so if u are unsure what to get then i can help.Get this phone,i have read a lot of deal reviews about the x10,well the truth is that this phone is the best I've ever had. Surfing the internet is a breeze.very fast. The music player and camera are truly amazing,im writing this review on the phone,testing is a pleasure!!!! Im now converted and im very impressed with Sony,by the way navigating all the features is very easy even without a manual,playing games is awesome experience,even if software is the older one,its still amazing and soon you can upgrade to the new android version,but to be honest its no big issue.i prefer this to the iphone,which is over rated,all my friends are impressed when they see features like the Sarah or the media scale,and watching videos is brilliant. Buy it!!!!! Hope this was helpful

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 24th Mar 2011
my x10 keeps switching it self off my freezin is their smething i can down load to stop this ,

Reviewed by charlie from UK on 11th Mar 2011
Ok the resin i don't like x10 it doesn't have any radio and as. A radio dj I listen 2music alot music

Reviewed by Mark D from UK on 10th Mar 2011
just returned my X10......had SE phone for a few years but what a big dissapointment this one was. Poor battery.....in call volume poor....ring tone loudness poor and didn't find it particularly user friendly. Perhaps when they iron out some of the issues it might be worth considering until then leave it alone

Reviewed by Kevin Smith from UK on 7th Mar 2011
The Sony Ericsson has presented a wonderful smartphone in the cell phone market, The XPERIA X10. The XPERIA X10 is an Android 1.6 operating system based cell phone. It comes with a very amazing 119x 63x 13mm of size and 135gm of weight. The display of this amazing smartphone is embedded with a fantastic 4.0 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen with 65K colors. the display is powered by some wonderful features like Scratch-resistant surface, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off and Timescape/Mediascape UI.

Reviewed by stokie74 from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
my x10 keeps turning on and off and keeps doing this till battery is dead then wont charge 4 ages n wen it dose charge the same happens again as soon as i try do anythin with it and iv done the se softwear update iv rang t mobile about it n they said i need send it 2 b fixed but iv read that many things about this ppl av ad it fixed and its happened again iv ad the phone 4 4 months and they say i cant change 2 a differant phone

Reviewed by Unhappy from UK on 19th Feb 2011
Were do I start?! Sony itself we like the phones but with the X 10 they seem to have gone wrong. We got the phone in Oct 2010 first impressions looked good. The first fault was that texting to other mobiles was not possible also the phone turned it self on and off, this phone was then returned to the store, because it was within two weeks they replaced the phone for a new hand set. The replacement phone again started to turn itself on and off again we returned to the store and they then sent this off to be repaired. We had the phone returned to us from being repaired still with the same problem, so as in accordance with the letter from the repair centre saying all they had done was to update the phone. So I went onto the support zone and did an update after following the instructions to the letter the phone turned up to be corrupt. This phone was then returned for repair for the second time. The phone was returned to us again and whilst checking in the store for the phone to be okay the phone turned its self off and on again so yep you guessed it the phone was returned for repair again this time I was informed that the phone would be exchanged by the repair centre. We received the phone back and yes it was a new phone so did not bother to check the phone out in store. But when I got home I tried to connect to the internet via the wi-fi. The phone said it was unable to start the wi-fi application. After numerous phone calls to the network supplier 3 and many repeated stories to their call centre and repeated calls to speak to the manager they are now replacing the phone for the 4th time and all the repairs so fingers crossed this might work but with our track record I fear the worst, might have to resort to the K800i again that's still working after 5 years without problem - but have to pay £35 a month for the privilege!. Im sure Sony won't read this but if they do please go back to old when I use to like this company for reliable phones I now have the dilemma of what phone to go for next after my 24 month contract finishes with 3 - for which they will not cancel, but dont even get me started about the 3 network!!!

Reviewed by ALI from UK on 1st Feb 2011
Very very good

Reviewed by karen from UK on 26th Jan 2011
i got the x10 last march and i dont like it. I am swappin it for j blackberry. It has been sent back to tmobile twice because it kept on crashing on me. I dont like u only get 7or less hours from the battery and that there is no radio :-( i think it could just be me that doesnt like the phone but in general it is a good phone.

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 21st Jan 2011

Reviewed by milo madacky from UK on 20th Jan 2011
Don't bother. You won't pass android 2.1 as SONY can not be bothered. It means, it's obsolete and all of those like me who took this one on a contract feel like a bunch of idiots. Video is not that bad, if you can stream it. Can't use flash video as it's not supported and at times is sluggish.

Reviewed by gerard blood from UK on 9th Jan 2011
a very good looking phone but----oohhhhh what terrible battery life the worst ever it was fully charged at 8 in the morning and never touched any apps all day just to test battery life and to my surprise it was absoulutely dead by 3.30 in the afternoon, i then bought a brand new battery for it and the exact same thing happened again & this was not the only problem when its in your pocket it jumps to different apps and when you need to use it it,s on a different page, i have only had it 3 weeks and have now just sold it and bought a fabulous htc legend & believe me what a tremendous difference the battery lasts a full 3-4 days a far superior piece of kit a far better mobile i will be perfectly honest DO NOT PURCHASE th xperia it really is pathetic HTC RULE (genuine)

Reviewed by D.McNeill from UK on 7th Jan 2011
I read all the reviews going for this phone on mobile-phones-uk.org.uk and lots of others. In my opinion this review got it spot on. Reading back over some of the others has left me scratching my head in confusion. Were they reviewing the same phone as i'm using??? This phone does everything well. Typing messages is no problem. Yes sometimes you hit the wrong key but i've done this on all touch screens, including the iphone4. Internet speed is awesome in fact to quick for an old duffer like me. Voice volume on calls is fine. Not as good as some of my old Nokia's but loads better than my old Motorola's. Signal strength is just as good as every other phone I've ever used. Touch screen is responsive and a pleasure to use. Camera is excellent. For all the critics....READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. You could quite easily never have to use a compact camera again. Battery life is the same as any other modern smart phone. Charge and discharge the battery 5 or 6 times, down load apps killer and use some common sense and you'll get at least two days. If you are a heavy user then buy a spare battery and get an in car charger. No smart phone will last much longer than this model with everything switched on and running. The size of the phone sits comfortably in my hands and fits well in my pockets but my wife finds it to big. Big phone= big hands. Don't complain it's to big if you're the size of a pixie and have a handbag the size of a postage stamp. Music and vid players are very good. Mediascape etc works well. Screen is very impressive, bright, clear and crisp. Just updated to Android 2....something! But to me that really doesn't matter nor do I think for most people. Android apps........so many free apps it gives me a headache deciding. After testing the iphone4, Desire and various other phones this one felt right for me and at a fraction of the price.

Reviewed by mark from UK on 31st Dec 2010
Everybody who slates this phone has either just got it or doesnt understand it. The is a good piece of kit and couple it with android and its a really iphone contender. I do think that the iphone touch responce is better, but im glad I chose this over the 3gs. Im even typing this review on it now! Thanks to the 3.5g connection you can lunch full desktop web pages in seconds. Well done sony ericsson!!!

Reviewed by Samuel Blackpool from UK on 20th Dec 2010
I was looking forward to this phone and when I got it I was let down. It keeps crashing on me even though I had updated the software. Also battery says nearly empty when its nearly full. When I am making or receiving a call it switches off and on. I am really disappointed with this phone so I have sent it to sony erciccson to get them to look and fix it. When I get it back, I may sell and go back to nokia ( wished I had stayed here originally ) Buyers beware....

Reviewed by Kev M from UK on 18th Dec 2010
This is probably one of the worst phones I have ever had. It may have all the bells and whistles but it does fall down badly on one of its functions, this is making a telephone call. It keeps losing the signal and you have to dial the same number twice to make a connection. When no-one is even touching the phone it will all of a sudden star up an app, or play movie clips. In the next couple of weeks it will be going in the bin

Reviewed by rob from UK on 18th Dec 2010
the x10 i have was great at first but its gone wrong and its been sent for repair which didn't fix it, it went away again for repair this time it was replaced and now it wont charge,so its on its way for repair again this has all happened in the last month the phone is on a two year contract and at 5 month into the 24 months its been away 3 times which has taken 5 week. at the moment i cant make up my mind if its the phone that cant take the use or when it goes wrong 02 cant fix it

Reviewed by Niz from UK on 17th Dec 2010
Is the best phone for the money you can get on ebay below 200 just needs multi-touch to be perfect 95% out of %100........ no it has HD 720p recording FWVGA recording both with auto focus while recording......... the screen colors has improved dramatically from 65k to 16 million colors

Reviewed by gka3000 from UK on 5th Dec 2010
someone at s.e. have promised the x10 users to release the new update for the phone , and thats on a official s.e. blog as far as i know . promised to release it at the end of October its been September still not a word of releasing the new software . also may i tell you this phone wont have any multi touch . its a shame for the prize you pay for . plus no video calling - many users dont use it so thats ok but what about the fm radio i dont think its a good idea to remove the radio we dont wanna waste our money listening to radio over the internet do we ? . such a wonderful camera but no good flasher and the camera is only good on day light that makes a 8mp camera useless .

Reviewed by Dick from UK on 25th Nov 2010
Now have this phone on Orange after trying Galaxy Apollo, which I wasn't very impressed with. Can honestly say I am pretty pleased with it overall, especially considering some of the reviews below. I found the initial battery life shocking at around 4 hours, but after 2 complete charge/discharge cycles can easily get a day with heavy usage, and a comfortable 2-3 days with my usual moderate usage. My only other real gripe was the poor in call volume as reported by other users. Any prospective owners should be aware that the phone is currently being upgraded through the update service to Android 2.1, and some other useful changes are being made at the same time. The most notable of these being HD video recording with continuous autofocus, better keyboard, easier call links, and in my case at least, better call volume! Now I would have to say I'm perfectly pleased with the phone, it has an excellent screen, plenty of battery life, has a good quality feel, and it was free on an relatively low cost tariff!

Reviewed by Robin from UK on 13th Nov 2010
I've had my X10 for about 3 months now so this is not a fresh out of the box review. But first the minus points. The contacts list is a little difficult to use and I haven't worked out the speed dial function yet. No flash for the camera but it does have a adequately bright camera light. No flash player (which goes for every other smartphone as well), and that's about it. Battery life is what you'd expect from a smartphone. It easily lasts 24 hours and charging it while I sleep is not really a big issue for me. The 8.1 camera takes great shots. The internet is extremely fast and I love Google maps which doesn't need an internet connection just line of with the sats. The timescape feature is a great little function which is not just for all you FB and Twitter freaks out there but also logs all your texts, emails and calls in order of occurence. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to apps as 70% of them are free. The screen is large and crisp and the phone itself looks beautiful. And there's always that smug feeling that you are not following the iphone herd. An outstanding phone which will be even better when it is upgraded to Android 2.1.

Reviewed by eric uk from UK on 11th Nov 2010
great looking phone great for apps and internet fast text texting with massive querty key board plays movies and music with a great media player camera takes supurb pictures and for the downside takes 10 minutes to make a phone call and you cant hear who you are talking too unless you have earpiece at full volume after all its meant to be a phone

Reviewed by Gianluca from UK on 28th Oct 2010

Reviewed by Iris Waller from UK on 19th Oct 2010
I am amazed at the fantastic reviews. I left a review 3 weeks after I bought the phone, and it was not positive. Orange have replaced the handset twice now for me, and still, it is absolutely useless. Yes, the apps are fun, android is sleek, and it is a good looking phone. But one thing it won't do, is make phone calls. Or receive calls. I get exasperated texts to answer my phone - but it does not ring. It just shows missed calls afterwards. Reception is awful, wherever I am, and the conversations cut out. It won't let me into any wifi network, and if, it loses connection immediately. And last but not least, the camera, which made me choose this phone over the iphone, is a tribute to a Lomax - not a picture in focus, extremely slow, and the camera roll is clunky. Mediascape as a feature does not make sense - direct access like on an iphone would be so much quicker. All in all, if you want a games console, this one is fun. As a phone - forget it.

Reviewed by Ramzi BAKIR from UK on 12th Oct 2010
SE Xperia 10 is one of the worst smart phones I have ever had. it is slow slow, the icons are small, number of home screens are 3 and it is not very user friendly. Beside that, it runs Android 1.6. SE promises an upgrade since ages and nothing comes. This is my LAST SE phone for sure. I don't know iPhonse, but the best, by far, smart phone I have ever had is HTC desire. It is perfect in evey thing except the camera of SE is better. Do not spend your money for Xperia 10!!

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 11th Oct 2010
I got this phone a few days ago and I have to say so far I love it!! Only thing is... I can't figure out how to put the light on when using the camera!! Any help would be hugely appreciated!! :o)

Reviewed by Dmitry from UK on 9th Oct 2010
This piece of junk loses WiFi and loses signal cell signal few times a day. People start complaining they can't reach me and my inbox is now full of messages. Oh, and the battery is just enough to last for a day -- I put charger in my pocket sometimes too. Stay away from X10! It's a shame because SE was a great company especially with P910 or P990 (much less with the latter though)

Reviewed by Nick_M from UK on 8th Oct 2010
Unfortunately, I had to return my handset after just under a week. The main issue was it's awful earpiece volume and quality, unusable outside. I found the camera slow, and wi-fi was awkward, always switching to 3g. Other features were good, it's a great browser, the screen quality is good, but not to the same degree as the AMOLED screens. Battery was poor, and I know all smart phones have poor battery life, but I now have a Samsung Galaxy S, which has twice the battery life of the X10. Overall, the swap to the Galaxy S was a great decision, with almost all features superior on the Samsung. But the main reason for my 2star award is due to the simply unacceptable earpiece!

Reviewed by Alan Armadillo from UK on 3rd Oct 2010
The hardware it's self is pretty good but the lack of support for upgraded android software and it's customers needs leave this phone far behind, I own one of these phones and can state the review here is a little out of touch, most of the competition are leaps and bounds in front of this phone, the android market is more suited to phones with updated software sony dont seem to want to deal with the 'massive' 4" display is let down by the lack of color (65k instead of 16m) sony's feedback forum is littered with complaints about multitouch, 16 m colors, android 1.6, contacts manager, lack of information - the list goes on, dont get me wrong I like my phone but I do wish I had gone samsung or htc who seem to understand the customers needs over their corporate attitude. The first month or two of owning this phone I loved it but it was my first android phone and when I played with the 'samsung galaxy s' I realized my phone was lacking big time and the fantastic sony app s were not as good as having a phone that performed anyware near as well as a samsung was a bit of a kick it the teeth. Lets tak a longer look at what the phone has to offer: 8.1 megapixel camera - not so good lense and no flash (niether does the competition). Video camera - currently not 720p like the cmopetition due to very late upgrade to android 2.1 (android 2.2 already release but not for this phone). Display is only 65k colors but larger than competition by a few pixels. Sony's own media player doesn't support most formats is very lacking in features but does the job and looks fancy. MP3 and AAC ring tones - like most android phone but beats iPhone hands down. Speaker phone that is absolutely rubbish with a speaker that only a child can hear clearly and a voluum that is totaly inadequate aGPS is good and seemingly better than some other phones with added benefit of having Wisepolit demo pre installed (worthless) SMS, MMS and email available and seemingly better than most but has it's drawbacks with a bad keyboard that misses registered keystrokes (very anoying). Picture wallpaper thats behind the times. Personal organiser functions (limited at best). Vibrent alert albeit quite. Internet that lacks flash due to lack of latest android OS but quite fast on wifi networks no better that other android devices. Memory is ok and on comparison with competition. Conectivity WiFi, bletooth, USB (Micro) and 3.5mm audio jack. Size bigger than Samsungs newer phone the galaxy S. Talk time 1 - 10 hours (dependant on phones usage) Battery is the same as competition (depends on applications running and phones usage) all in all dont bother it's superseeded by the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTS Desire HD and far less upgradable Hope this helps...

Reviewed by Simon from Eastbourne from UK on 28th Sep 2010
Firstly to Sarah, hmm the "bluetooth that is not supported" on this phone works brilliantly. This phone is great, a bit tricky to work out at first, but you soon get used to it, and how easy it is. Great sound from the mp3 too, just a pity there is no equaliser, but that is the only bad thing I have found, as the battery significantly improves after you have done a software update. overall an exceptional phone. Well done Sony Ericsson!! I want to give more than 5 stars, as some people on here do, and others really shouldn't use technology!!!

Reviewed by Sophia from UK on 28th Sep 2010
I have just purchased the S/E Xperia X10 about a week ago and i have to say, it's the best phone i've ever had! Its huge screen is amazing and very clear, I wasn't 100% sure if I should get it for that reason - it may have been too big but I am now used to it being just slightly bigger than my hand (I have quite small hands anyway). I just LOVE my superb camera - its 8.1 megapixels are frantastic and I'd just to clear up the earlier confusion - It doesn't have a flash but it DOES have a light that you can turn on instead :)... I also love the timescape feature, it looks 3D and everyone who I've showed it to has agreed with how amazing it looks. I think it's a great thing that it's all hooked up to the android system - it's easy to use and I've downloaded loads of great apps already...... OH! and one last thing my Xperia came with a 8gb memory card (free) which is fantastic..... It does all that my 8gb Ipod touch does and more and for that reason, I am selling my Ipo d :) I recomend this to anyone and everyone who wants a amazing modern phone!!!

Reviewed by Leebo from UK on 23rd Sep 2010
My first touchscreen, previously had a SE W995. Thought the X10 looked a decent spec and was something different to the run-of-the-mill i-phone. Also I love Sony, and my last two SE phones have been excellent, so wanted to show some brand loyalty! I’ll start with the biggest issue for me. The texting on this phone is awful. The keys to the far sides of the keyboard (q, a, z, p, l, m) are very unresponsive, and after reading other reviews, this seems to be an issue shared by others. They would stick, not give me the correct character, and also failed to delete on occasions. Also, there is no standard phone keyboard option with T9 predictive text. The predictive text on my W995 is amazing, why would Sony take a backwards step and miss this off the X10?! Instead they give me an option to download a substandard keyboard (blackbolt/better keyboard/handsent etc) which I not only have to pay for, but are complete rubbish as well!?! They clearly already have the technology sorted, why not include it on the phone?! I do like the conversation style messaging though, that works very well. I also like the fact that I am able to mark a selection of text messages to delete, rather than having to go through them individually. In my opinion, the battery is actually ok, everyone complaining about the short life needs to remember that this is basically a mini-laptop with lots of stuff going on! The “flash” on the camera is very misleading and is a real downside. I don’t understand why they would offer such a good camera and then offer a light, rather than a flash?! Media player is good, and the included Sony headphones are AMAZING! Screen is awesome, and very responsive in every aspect, (other than the texting in portrait mode obviously….) Finally, it may have been user error on my part, but when I tried to transfer across my contacts on the SIM, I had to manually select every single one?! Generally I was disappointed with the phone. The bad keyboards/texting plus the camera that can only be used in the sunlight outweighed all the other better aspects, as generally I want a phone for texting, calls, internet and photos. The phone only really did two out of those four aspects, and for me, that’s not good enough! Have since sold the X10 and resorted to my W995 until my HTC Desire arrives…

Reviewed by Ferhat from UK on 20th Sep 2010
This phone is a junk and does not merit 5 star rating that this site has bestowed upon it.

Reviewed by jimbo81 from UK on 14th Sep 2010
Not one for normally putting feedback on forums. But seeing the negative comments prior to purchase put some doubt in my mind. So wanted to assure people that its the phone to get. Have been very impressed with it, had it a week. Battery zapped in 24 hrs, but turn 3g off when you don't need it, download task killer and you will notice a HUGE difference, also widgets available to download to turn 3g off straight from the home page rather than going in and out of the menu all the time. Also noted this weekend, brilliant in the sunlight, you actually can see the screen which is novel following previous phone.

Reviewed by Grant from Glasgow on 10th Sep 2010
First of all, a lot of misconceptions about this phone. to clear things up, it DOES support bluetooth and it DOES have a camera light that you can turn on. So any, yeh, beautiful, vibrant, sharp screen, not to mention huge at an impressive 4 inches. Responsive touchscreen, although you still screw up a few letters in a text from time to time, no major problems there though as it works superb 99% of the time you use it. The android system works like a dream,with plenty of apps for download and use, ranging from designer clocks for your homescreen, to games and social networking widgets, and with the wi-fi built in, you can gain blisteringly fast internet access at broadband speed. Some of the systems are complicated and you may find yourself lost looking through the menus for something as simple as turning on your wi-fi, but after a day or 2, you know where everything is. The average battery life is a little bit of a let down, but it's not as crippling as others have alleged. Heavy use (and we are talking constantly) of internet and messaging etc with a medium bright screen will probably get you about 9-10 hours, which might not seem like much, but when you see what that juice is powering for you in both the hardware and any running aplications you have, it becomes impressive, and it even manages to look stunning while it does this. (i could go on about how good the screen is forever) All in all, a fantastic, flexible almost PC type system that caters for your every need whatever it may be. It will punish you for 2 days with its winding menus that seem to go on forever, but stick with it and your time will be rewarded with an amazing phone that is quite possibly the only electronic acessory you need to cover all aspects of your day, with your social, business and personal needs taken care of in one neat package, and you can even bung on some tunes for the way home from work, or check out youtube on the go. Oustanding phone.

Reviewed by Matt from England on 9th Sep 2010
Had this one for just over a month and I .............like it, I like it alot. The screen is a peachy 4incher,bright and pretty vibrant great for taking pics or vids also great for viewing them both, fast internet [when available] and it's well fast a sending SMS, but it's not without it's problems as in the earpiece volume is not so good, especially outside!!! Hopefully this and other ickle glitches are going to be sorted with the long awaited update!!![i hope]..... oh yeah nearly forgot about the camera, they should of mixed it with the satios, would of boosted it's kudos 10 fold, what with the xenon flash and a huge 12mp resolution. All in all, sweet looking, works pretty good [better with the updates hopefully] and a kewl screen. would most definately of given it a 5 straight away but it's still a peachy bit of kit!!

Reviewed by Rossiunleashed from India on 8th Sep 2010
@@@Sarah from England on 31st Aug 2010 - What are you on about Bluetooth?Are you saying that it does not have bluetooth?If that's the case then you are wrong it does have a bluetooth and it works fine. The phone is really nice and should get five out of five which it thoroughly deserves.You have to download the right applications and also you should know your phone,about what features it has.Good Phone,great work Sony,now please introduce the latest Android for this phone.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 1st Sep 2010
My first touch screen phone. upgrading from SE C905. It looks okay but in every other respect it has disappointed. Calls are of very poor quality, I find the touch screen very unresponsive and making a call is too complicated. It is really just a half cocked pocket computer with a rubbish phone in it. The camera has no flash and only seems right in daylight. The plastic cover for the usb port keeps pulling out and is a pain to get back in again. It's also a pain to connect the usb with this flap thing in the way, you need three hands, I can see this disintegrating fairly quickly.There is no cover over the lens so I would think that will get mucky fairly quick. There is a massive amount of stuff already loaded onto this thing that I don't understand and frankly life is too short to get my head around it all. I DO NOT trust all the syncing of information to and from my computers and I wonder at the security of this and have removed all SE software from my computers. This thing has made me feel out of touch and stupid, which I am not. I think it is badly presented, for first contact with and new phone and operating system. My old C905 which I love,will now come out of retirement and that is me done with new phones for a long time. It is going back! Awful, frustrating, full of pointless internetery. Don't buy it.

Reviewed by Kev from UK on 31st Aug 2010
My only problem with this phone is when it comes to the "flash" You only have the option to use a light and you have to access the advanced settings to turn it on....great pictures tho if you're using it in well lit areas. Otherwise, this is my first android phone. I ditched SE's timescape and use ADW launcher which made it such a better phone to use in my opinion. The GPS and wifi are great features. Best GPS I've used in a phone. I highly recommend this phone. I intensively use my phones and it lasts a day or two between charges Would of given it 5 stars if the "flash" was actually a flash

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 31st Aug 2010
I have returned this phone as it does not have everything as stated. It does not support Bluetooth. It doesnt have a flash on the camera. The battery life is very poor. Also the earpiece is a very low volume. I have sent this back to Vodafone due to these dispappointing factors. How can a phone in this day & age not support bluetooth ?

Reviewed by Siju Sebastian from India on 29th Aug 2010
Amazingly Superb Phone! Double "5 Stars" for you my dear X10..!!!

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 28th Aug 2010
it does NOT have flash, only light, and is running old 1.6. they are reviewing a 2.2 update and when that comes it will bring HD recording. so for now 4 stars. 2.2 + HD recording will get 5. I heard everyone moan about battery but its fine to me, prob because i had n96,n97 then satio though

Reviewed by Michael Donaghy from England on 24th Aug 2010
Great phone but for 3 serious issues: 1) No flash on the camera. (I was out last night with a friend at the match and wanted to use the 8.1 megapixel camera. Not a chance in hell.) 2) The battery barely lasts 12 hours. 3) The alarm doesn't work with the phone switched off. If you leave the phone switched on standby, the battery is too drained to last you the next day.

Reviewed by Coopz from UK on 21st Aug 2010
I had the Sony Ericsson W890i on a 24-month contract before I delved for another SE handset. I was used to the battery issues, randomly switching on and off, and poor charging connection. And guess what? I have none of these issues with the Xperia X10. I have no issues at all. The screen is big, responsive, and a breeze to work with. I have no problem using the default keyboard, scything through text messages like I did with a normal keypad. The Android OS is so easy to use, very reliable and thus far, has not blurped on me once. The market is immense, loads of quality free apps to choose from. I don't understand the need to be "fashionable" with iPhones and Blackberry's when there are phones like this out there that do just as good a job, if not better. I can call people, and I can text people, and more. I don't need a "brand" to do that. Great phone!

Reviewed by Chezza from England on 20th Aug 2010
Hate to say it.. But not a patch on the iPhone. Took out a contract with Orange, as a loyal Sony Ericsson user, but, yet again, sadly disappointed. Third handset (first would not charge, second kept freezing & crashing) and still the UI keeps lagging, Android-not impressive, guys, Internet very slow, predictive texts forgets anything you have written, all in all-a hadd to live with handset. I caved in after two months & bought an Apple. Hate to say it, but it's running rings round the X10... Be weary. And don't get conned into trying this "expeiment to get us respected again". It will have the opposite effect.

Reviewed by Naomi from Birmingham on 16th Aug 2010
Anyone who has battery issues: Download Advanced Task Killer, whenever you access it it kills any apps you thought you'd stopped which are actually draining your battery

Reviewed by Stacey from Bath on 16th Aug 2010
Does anyones else's x10 turn itself on when u turn it off and put it on charge????......apart from this its a excellant phone......just dont see y it wud turn on when u have turned it off 2 charge it

Reviewed by Richard from Wales on 11th Aug 2010
Just had it now for a week and I'm really pleased. Its great! I still prefer texting on a phone with buttons but I'll get used to it. The speaker is a bit quiet though. Its fine when your in the house but it could do with going a touch louder when your outside. Everyone seems to have an iphone and i wanted something a bit different and really I'm glad I bought it.

Reviewed by bazza from uk on 11th Aug 2010
great phone, packed with features but shame about the battery life. i charged it to full at 11pm and sitting in idle mode during the night it went down to 49%. i tried all the tips and tricks but nothing worked. im a light user and found i was charging it twice a day. now sold after 2 weeks and bought htc touch hd. if didnt have the battery problem id give it 5 stars.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 10th Aug 2010
I have had this phone for just over a month and i still love it. The market is fantastic and you can get just about any application - mostly for free. The phone itself is quite large, to put it in perspective the screen is just slightly larger than the iphone 3GS. And seen as i mention it i used to own an iphone and i can tell you now if i was offered another instead of this i would turn it away. The iphone is much more restricted and although it does have the advantage of multi-touch its not something i miss. Some positives: Clear screen, fantastic camera, quick start up time, infinately customisable - i note some complain about the keyboard, yes the standard one is shocking but if you do a quick google you can get some intructions on how to install the HTC keyboard which is miles better. Downsides: Battery isnt great but i get a day out of it easily now, at first i wasnt because i was playing with it all the time! The only other real negative is the slowness of Sony Ericsson's update cycle its a real shame they cant get themselves into gear. I havnt had a problem with signal (in fact my other half has an iphone on the same network as my X10 and i get better reception where he struggles!). I have also not really noticed low call volume but i guess that it is lower than some phones. All in all a great phone!

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 6th Aug 2010
Recieved my X10 4 weeks ago and am impressed by this great phone. The screen size is not too big but feels good to view pictures and videos on. Battery life started off dodgy but soon got better, responsiveness and speed of the phone is great, and colours look good. Task killer is a great addition to the mobile and helps keep battery higher. I use wifi and internet alot and still get just over a day, and get good signal nearly everywhere. Only a few bad points such as lack of multi-touch but i can live with that, and in call volume being abit quiet. I feel that sony ericsson have made one of the best phones available and 3 have given me it on a brilliant contract.

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 30th Jul 2010
After seeing a lot of people give it 1 or 5 stars without really thinking about the big picture I thought I'd step in. The phone is a great phone, but like all modern smartphones including yes the silly Iphone and the over-rated HTC Desire, it has it's flaws. Pros: - The camera and music player along with Mediascape are brilliant. The software is a great organiser of media, the music player is easy to use and with earphones a perfect MP3 player substitute. The camera takes great pictures although like most cameras, half decent conditions are helpful. However people who don't rate it highly obviously haven't looked over the settings properly as it has special theme settings (portrait, landscape, night, sport etc) for different times. Sport mode is what you need for moving objects. I used it on a quadbike outing and it worked fine! Synchronising is easy and applications work nicely for it. I reccomend a task-killer to stop certain apps running when you're not using them but that's simple isn't it? Battery life is great I think. Using it for normal functions gets 2 days easily. Using it a lot gets 1 day easily and who doesn't charge their phone overnight anyway? If you can't be bothered to charge your phone at night, don't complain about lack of battery! Cons: The loudspeaker is an issue. In-call volume is very quiet so be good at hearing. I'm usually ok with it, but as it's a common issue, it won't be too long before Sony sorts out the problem with a firmware update or the Android 2.1 upgrade. The keyboard for SMS texting isn't perfect with responsiveness, however once you've mastered it, it quickly becomes a fine way of texting. And soon we'll have SWYPE released properly which will probably become everyone's standard texting app so it doesn't matter. Again be patient for the upgrade. All in all the phone is a brilliant piece of kit, it looks the business, works fast, is absolutely brilliant for use as a media organiser and calendar (TIP: - get Evernote app as well for note taking) and with the right apps can be used for just about anything. It does have a couple of niggling flaws which robs it of a star, but SE have confirmed the Android upgrade is coming Q3-Q4 this year, so just be patient. I'd take this over the buggy, signal losing Iphone4 any day!

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 28th Jul 2010
I wanted to like this phone,I really did. I have had the phone for 2 weeks and was convinced i was doing everything wrong and the phone was fine. It hardly ever rang except voicemail telling me i had a message (so someone had tried),call voloume is not great and many people have complained that i must be in an echo chamber and would i please move to a better reception area.External speaker rattles but only on some calls,and the task bar at the top to tell you of texts,and missed calls is way too small.In phonebook the contact number press area to dial is way too small especially if you have a list of numbers to contact that person.Keyboard is erratic.Beautiful phone,great when i am sitting near my router to watch you tube etc,but as a phone is absolutely useless.Camera excellent in good light conditions.Fiddly to operate and conversation style text a pain.Old school phones great when you can delete a worthless text but have to keep a thread.I tried,really I did,but this phone made me feel old,you have to strain to see the taskbar for what you missed and touch must be 100% accurate to phone a friend on the right number. With the protective case it is also difficult to operate the push button funtion keys.Is going back,but I have the problem of what to replace it with.

Reviewed by rupert uk from england on 28th Jul 2010
ok phone. Touch screen quite responsive, virtual keyboard a nightmare to use. Now will not charge. Yawn. Sony ericsson have once again provided an unuseable handset. I loved SE until they began 2 give us so many problems. I find it a shame. Samsung, here I come!

Reviewed by Carys from Lancs UK on 26th Jul 2010
Had this phone a couple of months and I love it! no major problems really, not had much problem with the battery unless I use it a lot which is obviously going to wear it down. I'm very happy with this phone and I am 100% glad that I got it

Reviewed by Lord Crozier from Uk on 24th Jul 2010
This is a very powerful phone but let down by a very weak battery and a very weak signal even in a strong signal are. I am now on my third in just two weeks and it does not perform. Vodafone will only allow 7 days cooling off and carphone warehouse will not exchange the phone for another model. buyer beware

Reviewed by Ian from Northern .Ireland on 21st Jul 2010
ok, i've jus had this phone for bout 2 days now. one major gripe is that with it running googles android OS it does not have an independant calender system, everything depends on having a google email account... whilst i think this fone is a great phone , it has too much of a dependance on google email accounts. it is not that easy to use and will mean you have to read the instructions. Texting is abit complicated esp with the timescape app working, although it is useful its clunky! for videos its good big screen is a big advantage, sound quality is okay. media scape is very good an easy to use. though using the camera and viewing the picture you've just takin is some-what awkward... all in all its an okay handset no problems as of yet. still a very good phone its big but good. I will post another review after a week or so. (with all contracts there is a 14 day cooling off period were you can the phone or cancel the contract.)

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 18th Jul 2010
This phone is Terrible!!! I've had one for about 6 weeks. Well when I said one I mean two as the first had to be exchanged as it wouldnt charge anymore (common fault) the new one worked for all of 4 days and now I've had to send it off to be fixed as ALL the programs came up as Forced Close including my alarm which made me late for work. When I restarted it, It came up with a message saying too many apps had been installed and had I had to un-install one to get the phone to the main menu!!! would have helped if it brought up stuff I actually downloaded not stuff essential to the phone I dont know what has happened to Sony Ericsson but I will never buy another one ever again!!! They used to be reliable but now.....Ive renamed my Faulty Ericsson Bottom line AVOID!!!!

Reviewed by ACE from UK on 16th Jul 2010
Sadly this is not a phone for novice mobile phone users. You need to understand it's foibles to get the best out of it. Hardware-wise it's still the best mobile phone on the market, weak loudspeaker aside. Software-wise, people have to remember whatever phone manufacturers using Android put on their phones as standard like Timescape, Sense, etc, there will normally be something better than this on Android market which can usually be downloaded for free. Therefore it's case closed as far this mobile goes vs the Desire. To get the best out of this phone, do the following : 1) Get the OTA firmware upgrade asap. It dramatically improves battery life and overall smoothness of operation 2) The Sony email client as terrible. Replace this with K-9 mail from Android market for free. It's SO much better. 3) Get Advanced Task Killer and regularly kill background processes. Yes, I know, this makes this phone sound more like a laptop than a phone but it is what is. Used regularly, this will increase phone performance and battery life. 4) You don't have to use Timescape !! Ask yourself this question - do you use every application that came as standard on your Windows / Mac desktop / laptop ? All in all, the phone like fine wine, is improving over time. Again for those of you that are initially frustrated with it, give it a chance and ask yourself this question - what other phone gives you a 8 MP outstanding (for a phone) camera, a good video recorder (soon HD with the 2.1 upgrade) a great media experience via Mediascape and that 4" screen, fast and decent web browser, freebie sat nav and with the right downloads from Android market a great portable games player ?

Reviewed by jayden josh james from UK on 13th Jul 2010
I have tried and tested many new phones and I have got to say this is the worst experience in recent memory. [1] The battery is pathetic. The manufacturers need to fit devices which are battery hungry with decent batteries. [2] The ear piece volume is pathetic and virtually unusable outside especially in the City noise. I had the volume turned all the way up and its ridiculously quiet. The ring volume is also far too quiet - you will get a lot of missed calls if you're outside. [3] The timescape app is a waste of time, it drains the battry more than the facebook app. If you only use one social networking site such as Facebook there is no point to timescape. The only plus side to this phone is that is looks smart. Design over substance though in my opinion

Reviewed by mick from england on 13th Jul 2010
do not buy this phone the battery does not last more than a couple of hours

Reviewed by Martin Cleaver from Netherlands on 12th Jul 2010
I now want to transfer my date from my HTC Hero, but it isn't that easy. I have THREE Google accounts. My main email account, my Google account for Picasa etc and my Gmail account. (You need that for the Market.) It's enough to drive anyone crazy.

Reviewed by Alan from England. on 8th Jul 2010
Hi - There's a lot of varying views about this phone.. Let me explain.. This is a high powered smartphone running on the Android operating system, as with all of these type of smartphones the battery generally won't last much more than a day if you're a heavy user. SE have recently released an updated firmware R2BA020 which has made a lot of improvements to the UI and also improved the battery life - if you aren't seeing improved battery life then it's probably a faulty widget that you have installed, or task killer which are preventing the phone from sleeping.. YOU DON'T NEED TASK KILLERS ON ANDROID.. They do more harm than good... what you need to do is avoid using widgets or apps that prevent your phone from sleeping.. This is a smartphone with access to masses of applications on the Android Market, if the standard keyboard isn't to your liking, download a different one, if you don't like the text messaging, try Handscent, or one of the others.. K-9 is a good alternative to the stock email app.. It's smartphone.. it's not for stupid people... if you want a phone that "just works" go be a sheep and get an iphone.. if you want to stand out and have a phone that can do some really cool stuff.. get the X10.. It's not perfect, I know that.. Android 2.1 isn't going to be released for it until later this quarter, which will further improve the user experience.. and all the technophiles out there are already asking about 2.2 and even 3.0 (which isn't going to be released by google until the end of the year!).. But do you know what.. it's a great piece of kit, and combined with a bit of intellect you'll find it VERY hard to beat.

Reviewed by Elli from UK on 8th Jul 2010
I have literally only had this phone a few days and atm I have no major problems with it. Before this phone I had a SE c902 (old school I know) but the battery life was only about 1.5-2 days on that, which is the same I am getting from my Xperia X10. In other reviews, I have read that Timescape takes up ALOT of battery life! However I have not entered my facebook or twitter details onto timescape as it will overload the phone too much. The Samsung 360 has a similiar application to Timescape and it has very very bad reviews on being very slow and adding contacts that you don't want. I know this timescape is the main feature of this phone but it's just not for me. The phone is excellent without timescape though, the camera quality is great, the sleek design is eye catching, the keyboard is good to use (especially sideways), the layout is fab and the memory is huge! The only problems I have is that on the o2 network I can't seem to get delievery reports to work without typing *0 # before the text and also the in call volume is a little quiet. Other than that I have nothing to complain about! Great phone and does all the same things as the Iphone does!

Reply by JA SHIELDS from UK on 29th Jan 2012
I would be interested to know if you are still so positive about this phone because my experience of it.......I would say it's an awful phone & have reviewd it & given it one star!

Reviewed by geo_east from UK on 8th Jul 2010
For those worrying about battery life with the new R2BA020 software update, the battery life has doubled. Am now getting 2 days of normal usage out of it, that includes calls, internet, games, music etc which is excellent for a phone of this calibre.

Reviewed by suze from e on 7th Jul 2010
Just an extra to previous post, due to many many comments on poor battery life I thought I would add that I have downloaded Juice Defender, set on Easy settings and my battery life is now double what it was. Combine this with Advance Task master and its all good. On the contacts front I uploaded 180 from old C902 and downloaded to X10 in minutes via Sony Ericsson sync. Don't know why other chap was only able to do a few at a time.

Reviewed by Abdul Majeed from DUBAI,U.A.E on 6th Jul 2010
Excellent, it is worth for ever, I like it very much because it is simeple method of use and carry.*****

Reviewed by Ahmer K from Pakistan on 5th Jul 2010
Soo far The best.

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