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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini review

 Review: June 2010  

Last updated February 2011

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini is an ultra-compact smartphone running Android.

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The original Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is an amazing Android phone, but it does suffer from being rather large. So a mini version has got to be a good thing. Hasn't it? Let's take a closer look and see what the X10 Mini can do.

Well, the styling of the X10 Mini is exactly the same as its big brother, including the three silver buttons below the screen. But it's a much smaller handset and weighs in at a svelte 88g, making it very compact and lightweight indeed. It's possibly the lightest and most compact smartphone currently on the market. In fact, it's tiny even compared to non-smartphones. When Sony Ericsson say Mini, they certainly mean it!

But the small size comes with a price - a small screen. It's just 2.55 inches in size, making it perhaps the smallest touchscreen that we've ever used. Oh dear, this doesn't help make the phone easy to use. Although the screen has a decent resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, and is bright and sharp, it's just physically too small to fit enough on the screen. There isn't even enough room for a virtual QWERTY keyboard, but the icons and buttons are big enough to press and the very responsive capacitive screen certainly helps a lot. Sony Ericsson's interface screens help too, such as Timescape which brings together Facebook updates, tweets, texts and missed calls so you don't have to keep moving between apps. The facebook and twitter apps work pretty well. The screen is laid out logically, with icons in the four corners giving you one-touch access to user-defined functions such as music, camera, contacts, etc. You can easily customise the layout and add widgets to your screens, although there isn't room for many. The combination of Android and Sony Ericsson's customisations certainly make a lot out of the small screen real estate, but we're left wanting more. You'll probably struggle even more on a bright, sunny day. The small screen also tends to make the phone feel a bit like a toy. Some users may also find it rather small to hold when making phone calls. Still, this is the inevitable result of making the device physically small, so you have to balance the advantages against the disadvantages.

What else is in this super-compact smartphone? Well, there's a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. The camera can record video at VGA resolution with a video light, but there's no video calling. The X10 Mini includes an excellent media player, with a 3.5mm audio jack so you can plug in your own headphones. There's also support for Bluetooth stereo headphones. You can look up a song on Google or youtube with a single click. An FM radio with RDS is included too. TrackID (find out the name of a song) and PlayNow (download ringtones, etc) are available too.

aGPS is here, with full support for Google Maps (including Street View) and geo-tagging of photos. A demo version of WisePilot Turn-by-Turn navigation software is included, although we wouldn't recommend the X10 Mini for in-car navigation due to the small screen size.

The built-in memory of 128MB is small for a smartphone, but you can add microSD memory cards of up to 16GB. A 2GB card is included in the sales package.

Connectivity is good, with WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and a 3.5mm audio jack, although Bluetooth file transfer is a challenge. The phone also offers fast internet access over 3G with HSPA giving maximum download speeds of 7.2 Mbps. The phone syncs with your PC, including syncing your email with Microsoft® Exchange email server, although the Android system really wants desperately to sync with Gmail.

Web browsing isn't awful, despite the small screen, although you'll find yourself scrolling up and down and zooming in and out rather too much for comfort. Zooming isn't that easy, as it involves clicking zoom buttons, as there's no pinch-to-zoom capability. There's no Flash support either, although on the positive side YouTube videos are fully supported via a dedicated app.

Battery performance isn't too bad. The small screen size helps to conserve juice, and you should get a couple of days' use between charges - better than the HTC Desire we think. Be aware though that the battery is not replaceable. The processor is a 600 MHz Qualcomm CPU, which isn't the fastest available, but is certainly fast enough for the screen size. You'll find that the X10 Mini responds eagerly to your fingers.

We mentioned in our Xperia X10 review that Sony Ericsson have so far only released Android 1.6 on the Xperia phones. An upgrade to version 2.1 has now been made available. Android is a powerful operating system and the number of useful apps that are available to download free is starting to rival that of the iPhone.

To sum up, the X10 Mini is a super-compact smartphone that gets 5 stars for looks and "cute" appeal, and packs in plenty of high-spec features. However, we found ourselves wishing that the device was actually just a but bigger so it could fit in a larger display. It's a shame that SE couldn't manage to release Android 2.1 at launch, and we do feel that the phone's at the top limit of what we'd be prepared to pay. Still, on upgrade it's free and if you're prepared to make the necessary compromises in return for such a compact phone, the X10 Mini is a good choice.

The new Xperia Mini is a much improved version.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini features include:

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Average rating from 141 reviews:

Reviewed by trevor from south africa on 31st Aug 2014
i need the battery of this cell phone .i have been using this cell phone since 2010 and till now i have never experienced any problem ecxept that now the battery seem dying

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 21st Jul 2012
Been given X10 mini Xperia by my son for nothing but if I had to buy this phone? Would not buy it personally because I don't use the Internet nor a camera on a mobile phone. Find this phone difficult to use and much prefer my Samsung Tocolite and also my Nokia C2-01 which are far better for composing text messages and to phone a number. P.S. was given this phone because it played up and my son then bought another phone but not Xperia. But the problem resolved itself and I now have his phone but don't like it and was given it for free. Ha! imagine if I had paid good money for it?

Reviewed by Mick from Zimbabwe on 10th Jul 2012
I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 Mini ,I have had it for 1year and it is now playing up.When I make or recieve calls it turns off,I do not know what to do with the phone.I have had to buy a new phone.I would say it's not the best phone to buy.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 9th Apr 2012
I LOVE this phone, I have had it for 2 years and it has done me extremely well. The screen does crash from time to time, the internet browser is a little on the poor side, and the battery could be better, but I just love how this phone operates, and how it feels, it is small, compact yet has a a little weight to it, meaning that you know you have it. It is also really powerful and well worth the money. Definitely one to buy~

Reviewed by Aleksandra from Croatia on 5th Apr 2012
I have this phone for almost 2 years and it is great. I love it, it has everything I need (except Flash Player). Easy to use, widgets are making it so tidy, small and cute, quality calls, nice fast internet and emails, everything as supposed to be. Battery life is short and that can be only problem. Games are good, it can read pdf, doc...
I'm gonna try iPhone now, but I don't really want to leave my baby phone :)

Reviewed by johanssm from Malaysia on 22nd Mar 2012
Currently using this SE Xperia x10 Mini / Version 2.1 update
Just like any models there are some sort of bugs or short coming.
Camera section- Without Timer and without Picture Zoom.
Will be handy if the Picture Zoom is available.
Just to enlarge the JPEG file when reviewing what we have snapped.
Digital Camera Zoom will not be pessary and not a big issue.

Charging- The X10 mini actually frozen during AC charging.
Nothing will work at that time.
The x10 mini will be functioning normal after disconnected from the AC charger.
The battery is ok for a mobilephone .Using it for mp3 songs will drain it out really fast
Hopefully SE will be able provide update soon.

Reviewed by john dobbie from england on 18th Mar 2012
i have a sony ericsson x10 mini and its a very dissapointing phone dont belive half the features are lies i.e
.the battery only last 6-8 hrs max
.hasnt got scrach resistant screen
.frezes all the time
.you cant save numbers to uyour sim card in the inport/export feature
.and you have to update the sofware every few monthes
if people reading this review dont belive me il lend you it cause i bet ul have it bk to me within 4 hrs be wise pick a different phone iphone 4 or 4 s best option

Reviewed by Ana from UK on 9th Mar 2012
I have this phone and am eager to get a new one just because it is TOO SLOW. It freezes all the time, when I do want to call for instance, the dialing application doesn't open for ages, it is really unreliable for that. If I were in an emergency and need to call, probably wouldn't be able to.
Also touch responsiveness is really slow when on web pages, I guess also because of the poor memory and processor.
Camera is great as in all sony ericsson phones, I suppose (the ones I had, anyway) and video is quite good as well. BTW, my pictures are much better than my husband's HTC desire HD mind you.
But really, the very old version of Android and its slow performance is taking a toll on me. It was nice to get me started in the Android world, but now it's time to move on. I want to get an Xperia Arc S. (1.4 Ghz processor will have to perform better than the poor 0.6ghz of the mini pro)

Reviewed by jaine from UK on 8th Mar 2012
I loved my X10 & in fact have just upgraded to the new Xperia Mini. Does everything any other phone does but in a lot smaller package. I tweet, update facebook, buy on ebay etc. Stunning.

Reviewed by chloe from hull on 6th Mar 2012
its great ive dropped it loads and it dosent really leave marks except scraches but when u click on something something else might come up but thats probs i got big fingers and the light on the camera is blinding hope u buy it x

Reviewed by Talavera from Norway on 18th Feb 2012
This defenitely makes my head spinning and my temper gone in an instant. The touchscreen is crazy, you click an icon and it prompts you to other icon you didn't click. It hangs up consequently and i mean as in out of 10 it only works good at the rate of 1. It is really a good innovation but the problem is that, the touchscreen thing is so sensitive that even you haven't click it yet-- like 1 1/2 inches away from the screen and it prompts u to some icon you haven't even think of selecting. This phone is really good but then you can't use it if it goes like this all of the time. I have to send it back, it would really make you give up totally.

Reviewed by Carole from Australia on 16th Feb 2012
I hated this phone from day 1. Not intuitive or co-operative. All the things that have been said. A 'smart' phone that makes you feel stupid. Hard making calls, and internet when it felt like it. Strange version of fb, GPS gave up (I bought one). Now packing it up after 16mths to send back to Vodaphone in exchange for a Nokia E5. Don't want to spend my life trying to figure out a phone.

Reviewed by Kaine from England on 16th Feb 2012
This has to be the worst phone by far that I have ever had. Yes it looks cute. Yes it's nice and small. Yes it's packed full of features. Yes it's affordable. But don't be tempted, you'll be sorry. Maybe not the day you get it or the day after that, or even a month after that, but you will be sorry.

I chose the Xperia Mini because I like small phones and ended up being plunged into a 2 year contract with Orange that I cannot get out of no matter how hard I have tried.

Some of the issues I have experienced include (but aren't limited to):

1) Loss of calls. Sometimes I just cannot make calls even though my signal strength is OK and the bloke next to me on the same network can. I have been batted backwards and forwards between Carphone Warehouse and Orange and have given up.

2) Random missed calls. I receive text messages saying that I have missed a call from someone when the phone has never rung.

3) The user interface is slow to respond. This is frustrating when texting as it doesn't appear to respond to several keystrokes and then just suddenly catches up.

4) Outdated operating system. The phone isn't capable of running the latest Android system, so you don't benefit from any updates. The version I'm on is 2.1 which was released in January 2010.

5) Disastrous contact syncing. Contacts that I have had for years just disappeared one day. It turns out that the culprit was the Sony Ericsson sync system. In one case, it managed to consolidate my friend, his wife and their daughter's numbers together so I now have no idea whose calling and who I'm calling.

6) Insufficient space for apps. I don't use that many apps, but invariably the phone only allows a handful before running out of space.

I could go on, but please, take my advice, DON'T BUY THIS PHONE! No-one will take responsibility for the issues you'll face with it if you do.

Reviewed by Rahim from PAKISTAN on 15th Feb 2012
I have been using this phone for a month now, and i am impressed , its not so bad as people say , i just love it , and about the battery issue get a juice defender that will help for sure , so what if i have to charge once a day , it is giving me what i need in a very low price......

Reviewed by emmanuel from nigeria on 15th Feb 2012

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 12th Feb 2012
The phone is rubbish. I got one for my daughter she wasn't happy. The battery life is awful and the phone is too small. I don't think it should even exist. I advice you not to get the phone.

Reviewed by becky constable from england on 8th Feb 2012
it's a wonderful phone. well i like it, don't know about u lot.

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 6th Feb 2012
had the phone just over a year, had it repaired once due to the battery, had the same problem as everyone else, the battery life started getting worse and then ended up completely dying and was unable to charge (no matter how many different chargers i tried) after having it fixed the speaker also broke so i couldn't make or receive any phone calls. i have now ended up paying off my contract (which cost me 110) just because i'm sick of it and i didn't even want the phone fixed! i have now ordered a htc cha cha and hopefully that will be a little better. if you are thinking of buying this phone then DON'T because it will only break and end up costing you a fortune!

Reviewed by Razzie from England on 24th Jan 2012
You thinking of buying this? DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! I had this for a year and I thought that it was the best phone ever, does what I want and acts like it's the best thing on earth. Please don't be fooled by this phone, after a couple of months it will not charge AT ALL, on no ones charger, you can't replace the battery as it's built in, and will eventually disable your own charger which means you have to get another. Then after 2 weeks it will start charging, don't be fooled as it will do this again after some months, and on the 3rd time, it wont charge no matter what you do. Take it for repairing but it won't do anything, I tried to take it practically everywhere as I loved this phone to bits but was disappointed when they said they can't do anything to make it work again. You've been warned.

Reviewed by Sidney Bellend from England on 24th Jan 2012
Nice clear screen and compact design are the plus points, but sadly there are far more negative points like, bad web browsing, difficult to text, poor photos with it's tiny pinhole ccd and worst of all the battery, not just battery life but when it's dead you cant change it. This is a disposable phone with a useful life of 12 months there for expensive

Reviewed by Kristine from UK on 23rd Jan 2012
Lovely little phone just right for my daytime handbag and also my evening clutch bag. However battery life is really poor. Cant bluetooth files at all can only use headphones with bluetooth. Cant access google email account for some strange reason. Cant reject certain numbers. Cant delete specific call history.

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 23rd Jan 2012
This phone was quite cool when I first got it but 10 months down the line and even with downloading "Advanced Task Killer" and closing every app that opens this phone needs charging every 3-4 hours! (Most of the time I've only used it for 1-2texts and its been idle in my pocket) Even with a charger at work, in the car and at home it doesn't hold. I am in a contract and will have to buy a new phone to replace it as the battery is built in so you can't just replace it. Stay well away from this phone its a complete waste of money.

Reviewed by kelly from wales on 21st Jan 2012
I love the phone but when i take pics they look lovely on the phone but when i upload them on my laptop they look awful any advice would be good thank you

Reviewed by soni ravi from bhiloda on 30th Dec 2011
xperia phone is not moni laptop but this is really very nice phone..........

Reviewed by Joanne Tromans from united kingdom on 29th Dec 2011
abosulte rubbish,never buy this phone.battery is awful and you cant replace it,unless you want s.e to have it back and do it for ya at a million quid a go!!!!!!!!!!!our battery packed up after 12 months so the phone is basically scrap.had an htc now and its a stack beter.

Reviewed by Enid from England on 28th Dec 2011
This could be a great phone but sadly doesn't live up to expectations and it's just too small. I've had mine 15 months and am counting down the days until my contract ends so I can get rid of it. Maybe it's me, but this phone is far too complicated for what it is. If you want a smart phone, go for something else.

Reviewed by nikita from u.k on 25th Dec 2011
they are no good if you want a good phone you should get a blackberry

Reviewed by Alglenne from UK on 17th Dec 2011
It's rather disgusting that Sony Ericsson does not provide a replaceable battery for the xperia x10 mini.

Reviewed by Abdel Ghani.nasser from lebanon on 11th Dec 2011
sonyericsson x10 mini is the best cell phone ever i have 2 x10 mini and want the third you can use 3gp wifi 5mp camera with flash i meen samsung galaxy s1 doesnt have flash the best android mini cell pgone is the x10 mini thanks sonyericsson for beying the of the best in everything

Reviewed by Joe Smith-Butcher from England, UK on 1st Dec 2011
The x10 mini is a first glance a good phone after a months use it is clear there are many, many manerfactural faults with the phone including battery life, charging issues, software crashing, major memory crash (loss of all data) contacts being mixed up, many faults am a very un-happy customer and Three will not resolve and one year in to a two year contract have a phone that will not turn on and Three have repaired twice and the fault being manurfactural the phone should be replace but, Three and Sony refuse.. Time for WatchDog is my only option. Regars MR J Butcher

Reviewed by anesh from south africa on 27th Nov 2011
I have the x 10 mini for 2weeks now,it a very small and cute fone but its very problematic with regard to da touch screen,i have been having problem were I touch the top of da screen bt it nt responding instead its going to somethng else,don,t get dis fone its annoying

Reviewed by Fazley from South africa on 25th Nov 2011
I dont what the guys are complaining about I have mine for 8 months now without any problems, trick is to have it rooted and updated to 2.1 and have a custom launcher app im using launcher pro, personaly I did not like the four corners but now I have 7 home screens and believe me their is enough space for alot of widgets, also I have benchmark that helps the cpu run smoothly without any crashes hell I use up to 15 apps at the same time without my device crashing I can post anything to facebook and twitter but I use friendcaster in my opinion I wouldnt give up my mini for anything it does look funny when you outside with a big phone like a samsung galaxy s2 while I have a mini that can do the same thing cause its both android dur only diference is the processor and im writing this review with my mini oh yes the kewboard is fantastic it has predictive text love this phone!!!!

Reviewed by kaqkk from Ireland on 24th Nov 2011
+ Good alternative for a conventional mobile, won't break the bank. + Most apps are working ok regardless of the small screen + Corner function buttons are cool. + Timescape is good + Cam is good + Fits in my pocket - On my phone the battery life is poor, can't get more than 14 hrs uptime, even when everything (Wifi, gps 3g data) is turned off. - Not for playing Angry birds, screen is small - No 2.3 upgrade (can't store apps on SD!) I give 2 stars, because the battery life, and the lack of 2.3 update, otherwise I would give 4.

Reviewed by Kuba from Czech Republic on 20th Nov 2011
The phone was good when it worked. One day in the middle of call went dead and would not turn on or off. Just before I took it to get repaired, it suddenly start working. Two week later is does it again. It is less than a year old. It seems to be very common problem. In the mobile shop, there is minimum 20 used x10 mini for sale. 4 times more than any other phone. Do a search on x10 mini "bricking" and you will see I am not alone. It seems to be a common problem.

Reviewed by jonathan rose from uk on 20th Nov 2011
This phone is rubbish first 4 months its fine then the screen starts not responding and moving without you touching it it is dreadful dont buy it

Reviewed by Olivia from England on 14th Nov 2011
This phone is awful, ive only had this phone for a few months but each month ive had to phone orange and get a new one ( insured) this is about my 5th one within (4 months) and its all been the same problems over and over, 1. the device CRASHES everytime i recieve a text, 2. it WONT CHARGE the red light just flashes at me, 3. the phone will freeze most of the time and then turn off and restart itself,, the list is endless, im on a two year contract and i dont think i can take much more, this is officially the worst handset SONY ERICSON have ever made. NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

Reviewed by David from France on 12th Nov 2011
This device is a hell ! Ater one year of painful user experience, I crashed it yesterday on the wall to be sure, I won't get angry again with it. One of the must difficult stuff to accomplish with that device is... to give a phone call : the screen turns off after few seconds, so you can't access a vocal server until you shake your phone in the air in order to make the virtual keyboard available again. You must do so also to ... turns off the conversation... Contact synchronization is a funny stuff : got your contacts from facebook ? Cannot enter a phone number for them ! You must delete the contact and add it manually just to add... its phone number. Controls the volume is awful (ring too loud, text inaudible), navigate from screen to screen can turn you mad and this phone is an advertising board for Sony or Google. If you regrettably owns one today, throw it far away from your life. You have to know, you will have a restricted access to your mobile and some apps (stupid games, google spywares and son on) cannot be removed without tricky root access. I could enumerate a big big list of how your Xperia mini will make you sick. For your sanity, forget it.

Reviewed by Viki from Scotland on 24th Aug 2011
Honestly I have never seen more moaning in my life. Not had this phone long but am currently very happy with it. It is great for the price, I got mine for 79. If you want a phone to make your breakfast for you buy a more expensive phone jeez. Though personally I feel it shouldn't come under the smartphone category, it is great for what it is. Great camera, excellent sound quality, really easy for internet access, especially facebook and as for the text keypad you just get used to it. Stop complaining, it's just a phone!

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 23rd Aug 2011
THIS PHONE IS UTTERLY RUBBISH!!! I have had it 8 months and within weeks had trouble with this "phone". The screen freezes constantly, it goes into an odd mode with no warning where the screen/light flashes and then goes onto ghetto blaster (which I didn't know it had) and plays some trance music.It also at times deletes as I am texting and adds lots of spaces. The key pad is shocking and certain keys are stuck and will not work so If I need to use those keys I have to close the phone and get the screen key pad on. I am stuck with this disgraceful phone for another 14 months and strongly considering purchasing another phone at a great cost. I will never have another sony ericsson after this disappointment!! AVOID THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by afolabi from NIGERIA on 20th Aug 2011

Reviewed by x10 Hater from UK on 18th Aug 2011
What a waste of money. Yeah I've always liked the idea of small compact phones but this is slow, does not run android 2.2, cant get flash. Useless. Dont waste yer money.

Reviewed by Mick from UK on 15th Aug 2011
I've had this phone for just over a year now and still haven't figured out how to change the volume of a text notification. There are about 30 ways to change the ringer volume but none for text. Well none that I've found. The camera is also diabolical. Easily the worst camera I've ever had on any phone. You just can't keep the thing still. I have been struggling to think of anything positive to say about this phone. I have had Sony's before and they've always been ok. Except for that awful charge point they used to have, but this phone is by far the worst. Sony "Apps" are also left wanting. They think that things like ringtones and wallpapers are apps. When you actually look to find an application there are about 4, none of which I've bothered with.

Reviewed by shanaboi from Italy on 7th Aug 2011
sonyericsson how can u ever make your battery unchangeable? Since wen I got this phone the battery has not being friendly and right now it dosent last more than 2hours when idle. What are we going to do now?

Reviewed by Kenny from Kenya on 6th Aug 2011
You know, I'm writing this from the phone just so I can use it! It's been almost a year and I still love/hate this phone. To be honest, this is a SECOND phone, mainly because the battery doesn't last a day. However, it's also the niftiest thing I've ever owned. It's beautifully designed. I have large hands and this little thing has never left them! It's a gorgeous size, uses materials that make it feel premium and the Camera, although not zoomable takes excellent photos. It is not however, for buy it and go types. You cannot use it un-doctered. The very first thing is to root it, then custom software (cyanogen cm7) to your specs. I run Gingerbread on mine, no problem. Its touchscreen is silky smooth, the display, crisp and techy. It's like a jaguar; when you fall in love it is deeply and completely. You forgive it everything because of the way it makes you feel. Problem is, you do alot of forgiving. There is nothing else like it out there, SE has been listening and its evolution the 'Mini' (out now!) has fixed the battery. If you want something to play with, this is the one. If you don't like to fiddle look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Mungai Mwangi John from Kenya on 5th Aug 2011
Xperia x10 mini is my third phone from Sony Erisson.It is anice phone, but too small for a big man hand, it keep on falling down. I'm no happy with with battery life, i've to charge twice aday! My has VERY few applications,and ONLY few of them work.IT has no Market application.Since i bought this phone i've NEVER DOWNLOADED ANYTHING!Why does manufacturer ask uses to DOWNLOAD when it is not possible.Mine does not even download FREE APPLICATIONS! I've tried to trace where to fix Sd card all in vain.Please can manufacturer explain to me how this phone work, it's making my life harder.It is no possible to upgrade withiat sc card.

Reviewed by beverley balmbra from United Kingdom on 29th Jul 2011
This phone is the worst phone I have had in my life. Do not buy it as you will be greatly disappointed. A man I spoke to in a mobile phone shop had also got this and deeply regretted it within a week or so. Buttons are tempremental it doesnt always end calls. The qwerty keyboard keeps sticking and wont turn off numbers. The uploads that you keep getting messages for do not make any difference to the way the phone runs. I have given up with it now. Greatly dissapointed but I am in a contract so have to buy another phone now to get out this mess. Do not buy it as you will be dissapointed.

Reviewed by shanaboi from italy on 24th Jul 2011
...hey sonyericsson c'mon, I know u to b a user friendly phone 4rm time, I mean, dats why I love u all these while. I hpe u guys hav'nt dealt wit ur cool engineers bcos of these economic wash off thing. If not why all these limitation from not getting full options in runnig basic phone operation to barriers in transfering common media files using B-Tt. Hey, we are addicted to dis brand, we used to proudly own it, u dnt hve d right to continue dis way. Pls upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, u knw wat to do. It took me hell to reconcile my spouse having giving this phone as birthday gift, bewarned, thanks. ...stil love u.

Reviewed by vikki from uk on 20th Jul 2011
Worse phone ever. As soon as my contract is up I will most definatly not be buyng another Sony Ericsson again. I strongly recommend that you avoid this phone at all costs otherwise you will end up upset and disappointed like me

Reviewed by Richard Lyons from England on 19th Jul 2011
Not the best phone I have owned, so much so will go back to my old se phone, bad connection to internet, very slow speeds.

Reviewed by mjknight from England on 19th Jul 2011
I've had this phone for 12 month now and I have to be honest its the worst phone I have ever come across! When I first got it I was on a buzz that I had a brand new phone that hardly anyone had, now I see why no-one has them! For the first 3 months it was fine, battery life was good and it was a very quick at responding to demands. Now I have to charge it at least twice a day which is a pain, it is very slow and crashes whenever I try to send a text, you have to download basic features that the phone should come with anyway e.g. Bluetooth, you cant save pictures that your friends have sent you in a message. I have been looking at new phones for the past 6 month when my contract isn't due to end until this time next year! Awful phone I wouldn't recommend it to any one, very very disappointing.

Reviewed by boombastic from england on 14th Jul 2011
this phone is 1 of the best phones ive ever seen everythings good about it and the battery life is ok though

Reviewed by Keith from England on 20th Jun 2011
Basically not a bad phone. it is a big improvement on my old Samsung but I was told it would have a legendary battery life, unfortunately I hadn't heard the legend. I can take it off charge before I go to sleep and it will have drained before I get up in the morning. I will try the apps that are being recommended on here and see if it helps. I like the size, the look and some of the features. it sometimes does weird things like losing a widget off the start up screen but overall it is not bad. If I could get the battery problem resolved I would be happy.

Reviewed by Nuala Connolly from United Kingdom on 20th May 2011
I've had this phone for about 8 months now, and while there are many things I like about it, there's more that I dislike. Plus points: The touch screen is very responsive, using Facebook is straightforward and calls are reasonable quality. Minuses: This is supposed to be a smartphone, yet it lacks many very basic functions that I would expect as standard on a far lesser phone. Texting - is a bit of a pain, particularly with words not already in the phone dictionary. Also, you can't save pictures that someone sends you in a text, and you can't create groups for sending text messages. When adding an appointment to the calendar, there are very limited options for setting reminders. The camera is basic and as others have said, the battery life isn't great although I would forgive that if other functions were better. As some reviewers have said, you can get various apps to do some of these tasks, however if I buy a "smart" phone I expect this type of thing to be included as standard.

Reviewed by Derek Varley from England on 27th Apr 2011
Bought at 2 weeks old from Ebay. Worked great for four months. One day it was fine, the next morning it was off and would not turn on, dead as a dodo. I sent to SBE under warrantee, but they said it was "UNREPAIRABLE DUE TO A BENT MAIN BOARD". As it had only ever lived in my pocket or on the table adjacent to my computer, this was a complete mystery. So I bought a Nokia N8 which is my best mobile EVER!!

Reviewed by Luka from Lithuania on 22nd Apr 2011
I have this phone for 3 weeks now and it's quite good, because it catches wifi quickly, bluetooth works well, everything is great despite the fact that you need to charge it almost everyday. and um i still haven't find "the countdown" on phone any ideas where it is? :DDD

Reviewed by katie from england on 21st Apr 2011
I have had my phone for 3 months and i love it. I dont know why everyone are getting a blackberry when they should be getting an xperia x10. Although the battery doesnt last very long but that doesnt effect the phone. I absolutley love it to bits :)(:

Reviewed by Mish from India on 17th Apr 2011
I find my phone very comfy and user friendly. Though after the upgrade to 2.1 android some features have become slow it is basically better. This phone is for creative people who are willing to get lots of cool apps and just have fun with their cell! *no work* :)

Reviewed by Lorna from England on 14th Apr 2011
I hate it!! I have had it for over 6 months and am reviewing other handsets 18 months before my contract comes up for renewal. The camera has no zoom, you can't save photos sent by friends, it moves things about as it wishes, I can't remove all the stuff it comes with and the screen lock/unlock procedure changed itself after 5 months and I can't change it back to the way I was used to. There is no instruction manual and the online directions are rubbish. It won't bluetooth photos to my pc even though it admits it can see it. A friend recommended this phone to me....he is no longer a friend!!

Reviewed by Kirsty from England on 8th Apr 2011
I've had this phone since last summer and so far it has been pretty good! All these reviews make it seem much worse than what it actually is. Everything works perfect, texting is quick, simple and easy and battery life is good too considering how often I use it. The apps work great as well so in my opinion it's a 5* phone. However I would advise females rather then males for this phone as women do tend to have smaller hands and fingers which make it easier to use.

Reviewed by Nick from England on 6th Apr 2011
My partner got me this phone and I am very dissapointed with SE it is a big let down. not very easy to use I cant seem to browse on my memory card like u can on any other phone i.e. 'my files' icon, the camera is good quality but lacks features (e.g. no zoom). Also it always unlocks its self in my pocket because the unlock button in on the front and in my opinion should be the 'lock, on/off button' at the top which would make unwanted unlocking impossible. I will upgrage android version but doubt it will make the x10mini any easyer to use.

Reviewed by Elleipoy schnurfamowler from England on 14th Mar 2011
It is a great phone! My friend got an iPhone and she prefers my xperia x10 mini! It is quicker, better touch screen better apps, great Internet ! I love it! I always lose my phone and forget to rake it places but I would never be apart from it or misplace it!!!

Reviewed by - from - on 1st Mar 2011
love it to cus its cute -.-" and i did this typing all on my xperia x10 mini pro in 1a2 min

Reviewed by hugo from england on 20th Feb 2011
Battery life is pretty good - normally lasting a couple of days. I haven't been able to use data services though in North Yorkshire. Orange don't seem to care. Major problem with this phone is the need to navigate several screens to make or end a call. Surely this should be a one button process?

Reviewed by Gavin from England on 19th Feb 2011
Worked very well until upgrading to 2.1. USeless now. Nowt works right, very slow indeed ! Gonna start sending pigeons instead.

Reviewed by Lisa from Madagasca on 14th Feb 2011
Not a good phone, very bad at all it dont do. now gone back to my Nokia 6120c much better.

Reviewed by Fiona Colbourne from ENGLAND on 12th Feb 2011
Avoid!. I was persuaded by the uninterested sales girl at O2 to 'upgrade' to this phone and boy have I regretted it. Texting useless. Using the web impossible. trying to get it to do what you want it to, like making a simple phone call or adding a contact mind boggling and try and tell O2 you are not happy they could not care less.

Reviewed by sharan from london on 5th Feb 2011
Okay, ive had the x10 mini for nearly 6 months, everything was fine and running smoothly with the phone. I experienced no difficulties or anything. Until around a month ago, when the sd card started messing up, or so I thought. It turns out the card was fine it was the phone with the problem. Until about a week ago, the battery was fine until it jus started dying for no apparent reason, it is on charge now and its not charging. Its not the charger as I have tried several. Additionally, the bluetooth is appaling I cant receive or send anything. Anyone considering this phone, dont. Its not worth the money.

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 18th Jan 2011
Utter rubbish, battery lasts about 5 hrs, i have ATK but it actually got worse unless i max the settings which keeps killing my conectivity, my wife and i both got one at the same time and i although her battery is marginally better any call that goes on for more than 2 mins gets disconnected, touch screen sensitivity has dropped and after a call the screen no longer lights up allowing you to finish the call, we are both going back to our old sony ericsson handsets. (We have been loyal Ericsson fans for years but this one is a pig) AVOID AVOID AVOID

Reviewed by G Howes from United Kingdon on 17th Jan 2011
Brilliant phone

Reviewed by Steve from uk on 10th Jan 2011
I have had this phone for 6 months now..it is superb. Almost all the issues mentioned below are due to people not knowing how to use the phone correctly! I get nearly a week from battery, bluetooth works fine, MMS etc.. There's a couple of free market launchers that allow lots of widgets per screen and is in my opinion a must for this phone...

Reviewed by Pilsner from Denmark on 5th Jan 2011
I've had this phone for 6 months, and it's a cracker. Noticed a lot of comments complaining about lack of Bluetooth support. This has nothing to do with the phone, it's because you're running Android 1.6. Either download a 3rd party app from the market (for free!!), or even better, upgrade to Android 2.1 (but remember to back up EVERYTHING first as this will wipe the phone). Poor battery life? As many have pointed out, an app like Advanced Task Killer will shut down unwanted processes, and the power widget should also be used to switch off GPS, WIFI etc whenever these features are not actually being used, and also to dim the screen. I generally charge mine once every 2 days, and I play a fair amount of angry birds as well as using WIFI fairly often, but with really careful use a charge can last in excess of 3 days. As I say, I've had the phone for 6 months, so these are real figures.

Reviewed by raj from london on 5th Jan 2011
in one word iphone 4 toooooooooo big and heavy its a pain this is bliss does preety much everything the iphone does minus the horrible size sort it out apple!!! always thought nothing could pull me away from apple this has seriously waaaagwaaan!!!!!

Reviewed by Hellen from UK on 15th Dec 2010
I'm really surprised to read all these negatiev reviews, as I bought my X10 mini after sending back a Samsung Galaxy, which was just HORRIBLE, and I'm glad I made the change. Yes, the battery life isn't great, but I agree that all smart phones suffer from the same problem. I have no problems with connectivity, reception, etc. and don't find the screen size to be a problem. It's touch facility is far superior to the Galaxy, for example. Overall, I'm 100% happy with my choice and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the X10.

Reviewed by louise from derbyshire on 1st Dec 2010
i wouldnt get this phone at all i thought it was all good when i saw it being small and easy to put it in my pocket but after that i wish i didnt get it you cant bluetooth music or pictures they pair with each other and dont connect and bad internet on it and got it from phones 4 u and they wont give me a outher one it had to go for repair and when it got back all they did was a update but it still wouldnt work and had to be sent off again and they saying theres nothing wrong with it everytime i go the staff say theres nothing they can do even tho its under warranty and had insurance and when i set a picure as a wallpaper it wont do all the picture only part of it never known a phone like it beware

Reviewed by Jazz from UK on 18th Nov 2010
I recommend downloading Juice defender and advanced task killer for preserving battery life - also its important to disable wifi and data traffic if your not using the internet - this should extend the battery life considerably

Reviewed by marcin from uk on 14th Nov 2010
right that phone is very nice and small,and have android aswell,but have aswell problem and this is big problem. when battery dry out completlly u cant switch on ur mobile again,is very nice but that problem cost! please sort out that problem because I like that phone much! thank u .

Reviewed by arthur job from uk on 9th Nov 2010
Cracking chilli phone !!!!!!!!!! Dead right !!!!!

Reviewed by anil from india on 6th Nov 2010
i ve purchased xperia mini 10 one day before phone is good in all the respect except the battery i have to charge 3 times in a day to fulfill my requirement. either to keep a extra battery in my pocket

Reviewed by Souljah from UK on 21st Oct 2010

Reviewed by Jim from Scotland on 17th Oct 2010
I upgraded my phone to Xperia Mini after a chat with the store assistant. I explained I was a bus driver working long hours and I listened to a lot of music. After a week I had to go back to the shop to ask why it would not play any music that I had transferred from my old trusty W895 to be told that my new ' all singing all dancing ' android phone would only play MP3 ! My daughter then advised me to download MEDIA GO ( which was pre-installed on her Sony Ericsson Aino ) onto my PC and rip all my music thru this and my problem would be sorted. This did sort out this problem but i then discovered the battery was not lasting a full day, the store manager told me there was a fault with my phone and I got a new one. I also have to say the FM radio is poor compared to my old W895 which only allows me to stream from the internet. Over all a great looking phone but it has faults, but to be honest if I had the choice again I wouldn't buy this phone. Sorry but Sony Ericsson can and must do better

Reviewed by Souljah from UK on 16th Oct 2010
This phone doesnt support bluetooth file transfer - u can download it from the app store which is a 3rd party software. For lengthenin the battery life download Advanced Task Killer - this turns off apps that u dont want running in the background - or it will jus waste ur battery really quikly. If ur havin problems with WiFi - u probly need 2 update the firmware or u need to uncheck Data Traffic

Reviewed by Maryam from Iran on 12th Oct 2010
I love this phone! I'm writing this comment because when I read the reviews about it I was so disappointed and was about to change my mind and buy sth else like HTC HD mini. But the affordable price and the exquisite look made me buy xperia and I'm so glad I did. Many of the problems mentioned in the reviews will be solved once the update to android is released.The battery life is like any other smart phones.My family members have n97, n 95, omnia and it is xperia's camera quality is just as good as them. In addition the phone has some features that make it very user friendly and easy to work with and I can't recommend it enough.

Reviewed by Dmitry from Canada on 9th Oct 2010
Same here in Vancouver. This piece of junk loses WiFi and loses signal cell signal few times a day. People start complaining they can't reach me and my inbox is now full of messages. Oh, and the battery is just enough to last for a day -- I put charger in my pocket sometimes too. Stay away from X10! It's a shame because SE was a great company especially with P910 or P990 (much less with the latter though)

Reviewed by Carl from UK on 6th Oct 2010
Overall a poor phone. The phone itself does not support Bluetooth file transfers. Sont ericsson have acknowledged this and deem it not to be important enough to consider it a problem, Im sure almost every phone owner has used bluettoth at some point. Marking this 2 stars due to lack of Bluetooth file transfer ability

Reviewed by Marti from UK on 1st Oct 2010
You guys really need to check your settings before you rant. First of all UPDATE THE SOFTWARE. You CAN have your own ringtones and notification alerts, in the message settings use 'multi touch' which lets you text without predition. Now I love this phone, had it for a day, first thing I did was update, but now my camra is getting error messages when I take pictures :( I'm hoping a software update can fix this (maybe something got corrupted) if not I will be taking it back to orange as I may have a duff model. Other then that its pretty good.

Reviewed by christie from england on 29th Sep 2010
I hate my new phone its a xperia x10mini. I dropped my old much loved nokia and had no choice but change. I can't have my own ringtone or text tone even though I was told I could, I can't send multiple texts and after 3 days I have 300 texts and it won't let me delete any. I may end up in a psychiatric ward at this rate. My husband joked as we came out of the shop 'you didn't ask if you can call people with it???? we ha ha I find that almost impossible too..... Can I put 0 stars

Reviewed by jimmy smith from uk on 26th Sep 2010
i have had this phone since june and at first i loved it but now i hate it, it is easly the most frustrating phone on the market. you would expect it to be complex like different layouts to deferent scenes on the phone but its not its just one big background tht you cant change if you want a experia get the normal x10 this phone has been thrown many times due to frustration with the predictive text now i am going back to my trusty old sony ericson satio

Reviewed by amrat from uk on 25th Sep 2010
I have only just recieved the phone. I hate it. Before it even got dispatched I told them I don't want the phone Phone 4u wouldn't let me they ignore what I said and still sent the phone. and now are telling me I can not return or exhange the phone I am really vexed about this and it seems like they are not concerned about customer satisfaction but about their profit. 'Don't judge the phone by it looks'. It may be cute, but not so cute as you think. I just don't like the way the phone functions it self. I hate the phone! Nightmare

Reviewed by Ashori from Australia on 24th Sep 2010
I was initially pleased with this phone but after using for 2 months I've grown VERY VERY annoyed about one thing (battery life aside): I SHOULD NOT BE THIS DIFFICULT TO END A PHONE CALL! The designers of this phone NEED to wake up and realize that a phone should have a dedicated physical button to end the call and not require the user to fumble through screens to end a phone call. you have been warned...

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 24th Sep 2010
I love this phone. Small but not short on features. The phone works well (just got to get used to speaking to thin air rather than the end of a phone). Great earphones for music/radio. Internet works at least as well as any other I have seen and facebook and email links are fine. Need to recharge the battery daily and disable data traffic when not in use (very easy). Touch screen has had no problems at all - and I have quite big hands. Excellent - so good I have just bought the pro-version as well for my son.

Reviewed by Joes from Mexico on 10th Sep 2010
Liked the size, haven't had any issues with the functionalities. Mail and everything else is working fine. The only big issue is the battery life. It barely lasts a day. There have been times when I had to charge it during the day because of heavy use. I hope the update to Android does something for the battery life.

Reviewed by tari from Zimbabwe on 10th Sep 2010
GEEZ,do you EVER read spec sheets before you get a new phone people?? The first thing you notice when you go to the SE page for this phone is that the bluetooth DOES NOT support syncing out of the box. you need an app from market for that. If you don't like your mini, please let me know how I can get it off you. Thank you very much!

Reviewed by Wayne from Uk on 6th Sep 2010
I hate this phone so much, smart phone!! I don't think so. I've had nothing but problems, trying to connect via Bluetooth is just a nightmare. It would pair with Another phone but not connect.. The touch screen is only good if you have tiny hands, it creeks eveytime you touch the screen too, it isn't worth the 199.99 I paid for it. So it's going back asap. If your after a smart phone for the apps then spend abit more and get a iPhone, if you want a small phone go for the w995. But if this is the future of phones then I'll be getting two cups and a ball of string!!!

Reviewed by Lance. from UK on 2nd Sep 2010
1 topic ie.X10mini battery life!You have just taken receipt of your new X10mini and you will need to set it up,experiment with it and generally have a play with it! Ofcourse the battery is going to get some hammer but you cannot judge power usage during this period!I have gone through all this and now under "normal" use i can easily get 4 days use between charges.GO PLAY PEOPLE - THEN ENJOY!!!

Reviewed by TJ from UK on 1st Sep 2010
Just got this phone yesterday. I looked about and didn't like these big phones that are out these days. I have yet to find my way round it but at the moment love it! The reason I went for this phone is because it is SMALL and compact. So many people are saying they don't like it for this reason. Then don't buy it, it's simple really. I will give it 5 stars at the moment and most of them are based on it's size!

Reviewed by J from UK on 30th Aug 2010
love everything about this phone except the battery, getting about 12 hrs at mo so 2 charges a day (had it 3 days) does this get better? if i could get it to last 24 hrs would be good. if it doesn't get any better it will have to go back, have no apps running, hardly used apart from odd text and check facebook and twitter few times a day :(

Reviewed by anjita from mauritius on 30th Aug 2010
ya i found that mobile one of my best mobile that i have ever found ....that mobile is very praticle ya because 1 it is light and 2 the memory is quite big

Reviewed by Zam from UK on 26th Aug 2010
Karen...the profiles are changed via the volume button on the side when not making a call, it goes from quiet, vibrate, low, louder, louder etc. As for the phone itself I love it, yes the battery was a pain at 1st, hardly lasted a full day at work but as i only got this phone for its size i switched off the background data option and now it lasts well over 3 days with normal use. Wasn't very happy with the 12 button config for messaging but have downloaded Swift key qwerty keyboard and that works a treat. Collegues at work who have iphones still love playing around with my phone instead. So far...great phone!!!! One more thing i heard the new android update will fix the bluetooth problem and you will be able to transfer data with other/older phones. Anyone know when the android upgrade is due?

Reviewed by Danielle from Newcastle, England on 23rd Aug 2010
All of you moaning about the screen size; its a mini phone!! what do you expect! if you want a small phone you're gonna have to live with the consequences. I, on the otherhand love the small screen, its packed with dteail and is very good quality, my battery life is still over 50% and i have had it on for around a day now... maybe you lot have bluetooth on constantly because that can drain your battery a lot faster... overall the phone is excellent the only thing i don't like is the fact that you get different backs on each network... o2: pink, orange: green, phones4u: white, carphone warehouse: silver and pink vodafone: red (i think, not sure) I got mine from the o2 shop and i have had no problems with it yet. If you're thinking about getting it then do, you won't be dissapointed (apart from the people that want a large screen but small phone!)

Reviewed by john from uk on 17th Aug 2010
the screen is ridiculously small, but it does have some good features, so because of the screen only three stars

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