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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S review

 Review: October 2011  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Sony Ericsson Arc S is one of the top Android phones for 2011 and probably also the most beautiful-looking phone currently available.



Adjectives like beautiful and graceful aren't ones that are commonly applied to Android phones. Yet they capture perfectly the slimline curves of the Arc S. It's quite possibly the most gorgeous smartphone currently available. Physically, it's almost identical to the Xperia Arc, which we reviewed back in March and described as quite possibly Sony Ericsson's best phone ever and one of the very best phones to be released in 2011. And it still is. Except that now the Arc S is probably the best Sony Ericsson phone ever.

We can't get enough of the looks of the Arc S. But it's the way it feels too, with that impossibly slim middle that sits perfectly in the hand. We love the 4.2 inch touchscreen as well. Sony's Reality Display with Bravia engine and 854x480 high resolution screen make it one of the best displays on any phone. It's second best only to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the iPhone 4S in terms of clarity and the way images simply jump out at you. 4.2 inches is huge, and the touchscreen responds beautifully when you glide your finger across the screen or touch it lightly.

The operating system is the very latest Android 2.3.4 combined with Sony Ericsson's user interface tweaks, which offer more customisation and useful features than ever before. Facebook and twitter integration with contacts and messaging plus over 150,000 apps available to download from Android Market put it on a par with the iPhone.

The original Arc was a fast phone, and the Arc S is even faster with an uprated 1.4GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. It's debatable whether the uprated processor makes any noticeable difference, but hey, we're not complaining. One thing that does irritate though is the fact that while 1GB of internal memory is provided, most of this is eaten up the system, leaving just 320MB for the user. We would have liked more. But you can add up to 32GB of memory with a microSD memory card.

The Arc S isn't just a good looker. It sounds good too. Audio quality is excellent, both when speaking on the phone and when listening to music. A built-in noise shield uses a secondary microphone to filter out the sounds around you. And we found signal strength and reception to be strong too. The Sony Ericsson music player is excellent, offering all the features you could want, including smart playlists, shuffle, album art, and even the ability to identify songs using TrackID. There's an FM radio with RDS, and the 3.5mm headphone jack lets you plug in your own favourite brand of headphones. The sound quality is outstanding, and is even enjoyable without a headset. Sony's xLOUD engine filters the sound for maximum bass.

It's just as good, if not better, when we turn our attention to photography. The camera is the same as on the original Arc, and when it comes to still photography, it's a top performer. With an 8 megapixel sensor, Sony's Exmor R technology, a wide f2.4 aperture to let in plenty of light, plus a host of gadgetry - autofocus, image stabilisation, face recognition, etc - it's got all the necessary ingredients to take brilliant photos and it doesn't disappoint. It's fast too, both at finding the focus and recording the image. Is it as good as a dedicated digital camera? Nearly. It can also record video at 720p HD resolution. Video quality is very good, but not outstanding. There are better mobiles that can record 1080p Full HD video, but the Arc S isn't very far behind. We should also mention the 3D sweep panorama feature, which builds a wide composite panorama when you pan the camera horizontally. If you have a 3D TV you can even generate a 3D panorama for display on the big screen.

The 4.2 inch Bravia display is perfect for web browsing, watching youtube videos and keeping up with facebook. The Arc S performs all of these functions brilliantly. The WebKit web browser is very fast at downloading and rendering web pages, including support for flash video, and you can easily pan and zoom around the pages with the lightest of touches. The WiFi connection is superfast, and even the 3D HSPA can deliver very fast downloads if you live in a good coverage area.

We also love using Google Maps on such a big screen, and of course the Arc S has the very latest version, with Street View and Google Latitude. The GPS receiver is fast and accurate. And of course you can use your position to geotag photos or to broadcast your whereabouts on facebook.

Connectivity is outstanding. In addition to WiFi, 3G and the headphone socket, you'll find sockets for USB and HDMI, as well as ANT+ for connecting to compatible health and fitness products.

Battery life is rarely very good on modern smartphones, especially slim ones like the Arc S. The Arc S seems to have marginally better battery performance than the original Arc, and should get you through a full day of heavy use. Most users will probably be charging every other day.

The Arc S is Sony Ericsson's best phone and is up there with the top Android handsets. It may not be dual core, but it's a match for the top smartphones in most other respects, and is in a class of its own when it comes to looks. When you consider that you can get the Arc S for free for a little over £20 a month on contract, it's a phone that in our opinion over-delivers by a mile.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S features include:

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S user reviews

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Average rating from 43 reviews:

Reviewed by Dinesh Arambegedara from Sri Lanka on 10th Oct 2015
I like this mobile phone 8.1 mp finely auto forcus camera but Ram has been case this Mobile

Reviewed by Sara from Portugal on 29th Dec 2014
To those people who say the phone is really slow, try to update the software and you will see you're wrong.

Reviewed by Kenny from Uganda on 15th Aug 2014
My review on This phobe is that it keeps Bringing a blank screen someone please help mi on that.

Reviewed by Jessica N. from Germany on 21st Apr 2014
Well I don't hate the phone neither do I love it. I own this phone and it was great during the first few months until it started getting slower. It's speed drives you insane. It would be better if it had more RAM. You might ad well have 64GB sd card but as long ad the phone itself only had a total if 512MB you can't freely download all your favorite apps as it must be on your phone first before you move it to your card. But I must say it has an amazing camera and sound and no you cannot useany headphone of you choice or else it doesn't play so do speak to an expert before purchasing the item. I wouldn't recommend the to gamers nor selfie lovers as it doesn't have a frontal camera but if you love taking picture and you're very socially active you are safe especially with it's long battery life. Good luck aanyway.

Reviewed by winnita87 from UK on 18th Nov 2013
It's slow and does not have enough memory. I wold not recommend it to anyone!

Reviewed by annon from England on 2nd Jul 2013
Lol at some of the negative review's on here obviousley iphone zelots that are jealous that the arc s is amazing. There is nothing wrong with the battery it's last's two day's if you dont over use it and it isnt slow like some people claim on here ether. The camera is also brilliant there is a little bit of shutter lag when trying to take a photo but nothing to complain about. The screen is amazing much better than some of the phone's i've owned in the past the colours are vibrant and clear. Dont know why people are complaining about it overall it's a very good phone. It may not be as fast as a duel core smartphone but it pack's a punch i love this phone

Reviewed by andy from england on 22nd Sep 2012
this phone is awesome it's looks elegant and runs smooth and the the display is crystal.
all the morons giving bad reviews either can't configure phones properly or are brainwashed by apple and their or machine.
also I phones are ugly bricks no style

Reviewed by James from UK on 21st Sep 2012
I bought this phone on a deal about 6 months ago for £199 because I was tight and didn't want to spend a fortune on a top end Samsung or IPhone. It looks the business (I think its one of the best looking phones there is) and it has a wonderful, large display.

However after 6 months of usage my main annoyance with this phone is the battery life. I unplugged the phone from the charger at 9am the other morning. I got on the train to london (a 2 hour journey), spent probably no more than half an hour looking at web pages etc, made a 5 minute phone call and used the GPS map for about 5 minutes when I was in London. I then did perhaps another half hour on the train back home.

By the time I was back (about 6pm), the battery was down to about 10%.

The battery really lets this phone down. If you are in the position to charge it regularly and don't have to rely on it for the majority of the day, great. If not, I wouldn't buy this phone. Frustrating!

Reply by Konrad from UK on 15th Nov 2012
That is a bad battery life! I deleted any apps plus I did not want and made sure nothing is running. ICS helps and turning off wifi, bluetooth, and data helps a lot. I turned the screen brightness down, as this is the biggest drain on the battery. I average 70% battery remaining after player music, surfing, playing games and texting, with occasional use of google maps. Not forgetting the odd phone calls. When data is off this stops some apps transmitting which can be good. Take a tip from above and you should see an improvement. I have used app killers but removed them. IceCreamSandwich works well in managing the apps. Under GingerBread battery management was not good.

Reply by Konrad from UK on 27th Aug 2013
Update on my experience. I will revise my view on battery life. All of a sudden about February, the phone went dead! I recharged the phone and the battery drained rapidly. I shut down any apps and the battery life slowly improved. I got a second battery just in case the phone ran out of juice. I went through everything then in June rooted the phone and upgraded the firmware which helped. The phone will last a day but not match the battery life it had before the issue. I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy SG3 and it is so far great with the battery.

Reviewed by salem from Saudi Arabia on 20th Sep 2012
This phone is excellent BUT as every one know who owne this phone the WIFI proplem even sony did not fix this proplem do not buy.
the wifi always disconnect & connect foreverno matter u change the routter or the setting.
shame on sony.

Reviewed by Wrinkly from UK on 14th May 2012
Had mine about 3 weeks now and still getting enjoyment from using. Being used to a SE w995 it was a big change at my age (65) but with a little patience I found most things quite easy to master.
Cracking photos and videos not bad either.
The power on button I found a bit small and fiddly but a rubber case which has raised over buttons soon solved this.
Battery life not brilliant but I was aware of this before buying and I'm led to believe this is the norm on this type phone.
Enjoying that much just upgraded my internet allowance to all you can use.
The wife is also so impressed she also looking to upgrade at her contract renewal.
All in all very pleased

Reviewed by Gary oc from UK on 13th May 2012
Have this phone 2 months after losing my 4S. Initially i liked it but now after 2 months i can say this phone is poor. Bad battery life, very slow and texting is a nightmare. Nice display tho. Avoid this phone

Reviewed by Konrad from London UK on 6th Apr 2012
Got this for less than £180 a month ago as an upgrade on pay & go. I wanted to sample Android and had looked at a few phones. The large high res screen is a bonus the largest for the money. I have taylored the home screens and loaded similar or better apps to that on my faithfull Nokia 5800. Typing on this large screen is fine in portrait mode. If I went for the Xperia Ray, would have to use lanscape mode.
The phone calls are clear and the noise reduction system works well. The wifi works well and I have connected to 'The Cloud'. There is one gripe with Android smart phones - battery life! I have used an app killer and set the brightness to low. There is a brightness button to go to a preset brightness if needed. The signal traffic, wifi and gps is set to off until I require them. I can get more than a days use and have 60% remaining, depending on use. The next isue is the mp3 player sounds nice but the preset equaliser limits the adjustment. My previous SE walkman phone are better. I download an EQ app that improves this. The is a trick to download the Xperia S player on to the Arc S. I may look at this mod in the future or Sony may make it a firmware upgrade.
The camera is slow to startup, but when i hold the camera button, it seem to start faster - 2 seconds! Pictures seem fine, about the same as my SE W995.
Overall this is a good phone and the flat shape makes it pocketable.

Reply by Konrad from London UK on 11th May 2012
Just to update on my first review, I upgraded to Android 4 - IceCreamSandwich. This phone works well with the update, as ICS has better features that help with battery management. I have un-installed Advanced Task Killer as it is no longer needed. If you like to take screen shots, the feature used to be accessed by holding the power button until a menu appeared. Now under ICS press and hold the power and volume down button together, to take an instant screen shot. Basically a lot of the features have been improved, added or moved around under ICS. The camera can be turned on from standby saving time, much quicker. The Arc S has been very stable under both Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and Android 4 ICS with no reliability issues. It has never crashed or turned off, and all calls have been fine. With careful management of the apps this is good phone.

Reviewed by Shelsman from Ireland on 5th Apr 2012
Hi, I'd like to update my original post (14th Feb 2012) to four stars. I fixed the Wifi problem by using two apps Wifi Fixer, FXR Wifi fix and rescue (and some messing with my router). I'm not sure which of them sorted it but I think it was the FXR Wifi fix and rescue app that resolved the problem. I sometimes need to reboot my wifi router to get the connection to work, but rarely enough. I'm now mysteriously having the phone either power off or going into emergency calls only mode -which means I can't receive texts or calls. I simply switch it back on or put in the PIN as appropriate, but it did cause hassle for me yesterday when someone had been trying to ring and text me and couldn't get hold of me (I'm not in the habit of checking my phone just to see if it is turned on or has gone to emergency mode). It's still a mystery but hopefully I can find a solution.

Reviewed by david from uk on 16th Mar 2012
having had this phone for about a month now i feel confident in writing a brief review. firstly i have had no issues with battery life. realistically most smart phones will need charging every day. after a heavy day of use ie apps emails gaming and texting and calling lasted fine. the phone is very light and slim which is a bonus. the display is pretty good. not on par with samsung galaxy s2 but not that far apart. camera and video playback pretty good. no issues with wifi as some people have stated. call quality is pretty good and the connection time on the internet is acceptable. on par with my i phone 4 anyway. all in all a good phone and cheap to from phones 4 u on pay as you go.
cant really fault it

Reviewed by Garry from U.K on 9th Mar 2012
I had this phone for three months before replacing it with a iphone 4s. Before i purchased this phone I had a iphone 4, I had heard lots of good things about android phones so thought I would make the switch. First impressions was ok, but as I used the phone more I found lots of problems which in the end forced me back to apple . The first problem I encountered was the battery life now dont get me wrong the battery life on the iphone 4 isnt great but on the arc s its ridiculous , I could get threw a day of heavy use on the iphone 4 on the arc s i struggled to make 12 hours, the second problem i found was the applications on android seem to have a mind of there own i would have apps opening up on there own that i havent even used I would then shut them down again to find they had opened up again which was frustrating, It wouldnt have been a massive problem if the arc s had a lot of ram but it dosent, which meant if u had downloaded lots of apps from the market place and they was open which they always was coz the phone had a mind of its own, it would make the arc s painfully slow to use. The third was the camera yes its 8 megapixels and yes it records in hd but by the time you have managed to open it up which felt like forever the moment u was trying to capture had gone ! Having said that its not a really bad phone it does nearly everything an iphone does but a lot slower and dosent quite have the same feel of quality, if you dont mind a cheaper alternative then this isnt a bad choice but if your use to an iphone then stay away

Reviewed by Rob from U.K. on 2nd Mar 2012
Having had this phone for over a month now, I have to say that it is absolutely brilliant. I got the white version, which looks very nice and fits comfortably in my trouser pocket (something I was a little concerned about). OS and camera are excellent (though I haven't managed to fully figure out the 3D photos. It has had a few problems with forgetting my home wifi - simply enter the password and is ready to go again. Battery life is ok - I just charge it every night.
I also upgraded from the HTC Desire- this phone is just so much better!! Especially display quality

Reviewed by Sameer from Germany on 29th Feb 2012
Hi i am using Xperia arc S since 4-5 days, the very first day i faced some problems, that is , when i make outgoing call or if i get any incoming call, the screen will go off and cannot be made On even after pressing any Hard key. after some 1-2 minutes later it will become on. at thsi time we could not check any incoming call or also when call active not possible to end call..but now i am not observing the error

Reply by Elaine from UK on 10th May 2012
This is happening to my phone too. I've had mine about 6 weeks and this last couple of weeks the screen goes off when making a call which is annoying as if i need to press another key to get to the department i'm calling i can't. Also it's using credit up as i cannot end a call unless i shake it and squeeze the sides. Then the screen comes back on. The shop i bought it from has closed down so i'm going to contact sony Ericsson about it.

Reviewed by Pat from UK on 27th Feb 2012
I've had this phone since Dec 2011. Myself and my girlfriend got one each on O2 contract and we love them.
We've never had any problems with the phones and unlike some of the people on here who have had Wi-Fi issues ours have worked on Wi-Fi from day one.
We use the juice defender app and our battery life is around 24 to 48 hours depending on how much we use them.
Screen is bright and clear with no lag, video play back is excellent with no lag, HD video is great we have lots of video's of the kids which look good when we play them back on the P.C.
I use the Sat Nav on the phone most weekends and again find it works fine.
Over all we find this phone is reliable and does everything we ask of it. If I could I'd give it 10 stars but 5 will have to do.

Reviewed by adam pilkinton from japan on 25th Feb 2012

Reviewed by Shelsman from Ireland on 14th Feb 2012
Wifi is unrelaible / won't work. Upgraded my phone primarily to get Wi-Fi and not have to pay through the nose for data usage. Sony's own forums are packed with disgusted users who are having constant problems with Wifi connectivity.

AVOID if Wifi connectivity is important to you. I'm bringing mine back to the shop and will get a different phone altogether.

Reviewed by Tony from England on 6th Feb 2012
Despite the 1.4GHz processor, the lag when scrolling between home screens, opening/closing apps is noticeable. Much prefer my other phone HTC Desire S even though the processor is 1.0GHz.
Also camera is slow and quality is poor despite it being 8M compared to HTC's 5M pixels.
Don't understand how the editor gave it 5 stars.

Reviewed by James from England on 1st Feb 2012
I've had this phone for 4 months now so am qualified to give an informed review. My previous phone was an HTC Desire.
This phone is very slow in certain operations, such as returning to the home screen, icons are slow to load. It's reception is quite poor, and WIFi is inaccessible in places where my HTC Desire was fine.
Pictures are good quality but are very slow to take, I feel embarrassed asking friends to smile for so long!
It does look nice though. This doesn't redeem it's weak performance.

Overall I'm very disappointed, not good value for money at all , I won't be buying a Sony phone again.

Reviewed by David from UK on 23rd Jan 2012
I got this because my older android 3.25" handset screen was becoming more difficult to read as my eyes deteriorate (40+). I largely agree with the editors review. Some annoying omissions in my view though. I miss HTC intelligent dialling (ie: contact or number - it figures it). The contacts, duplicates and links to FB seem to be more fiddly, and it seems to add everything to my contacts (ie: numbers, email etc) and I cannot seem to turn this off. The clock/weather app not as good as htc. minor things really and I have no regrets about buying it but as a perfect phone, I'd combine this handset with HTC's version of Android and sense. Battery is better than my old HTC (just). Camera & screen quality is second to none though - superb.

Reviewed by Dev from Edinburgh on 17th Jan 2012
I got this phone 1 month back. I have a strange problem with this phone. when ever I make a call the display hangs. I could not able to disconnect the call. and every time I need to remove the battery to disconnect the call. I have requested for replacement. let us see what my new mobile will do :(

Reviewed by LUKE from wales on 14th Jan 2012
lovely phone to use, shame the battery let it down and the bendy plastic everything !! also the screen flickered like hell (my wifes arc also did the same).....but it is a very nice looking phone, perfect if i can hang it on my wall

Reviewed by Sunny from India on 7th Jan 2012
It is marvelous. 9/10 for all features, No front camera for vdraw backideo calling is only

Reviewed by Ahmad from Lancashire on 5th Jan 2012
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.... LOVE IT! Most people are going for Samsung's GS2 or iPhone 4S but I went for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S mostly because of Exmor R 8mp camera, 4.2 inch Bravia display, 1.4GHz processor, HDMI & the fact that its the best looking phone on market in the whole world! - And I chose the Xperia Arc S because I always feel they are better built & always better looking then any other mobile phone maker. I would always chose Sony Ericsson over any other brand any day. (can't wait to see what Sony does once it takes over Ericsson). The phone restarts now (after having it for 4 months) once or twice a day but I don't really care as I can wait for it to restart and can never imagine letting go of this phone over any other phone... even if its an iPhone 4S! I just hope Sony Ericsson (or Sony) will start putting OLED screens on their phones soon, putting bigger built in memory as well and also a 16mp Exmor R camera... which Sony already has/makes to make even better phones. I dont even plan on selling the Xperia Arc S even when my contract finishes as I love it sooooo much. Well Done Sony Ericsson... Love your phones :)

Reviewed by James from England on 3rd Jan 2012
I've had the SE Arc S for 4 months now, after "upgrading" from an HTC desire. While the screen is better, and the internet is slightly faster at loading (about half a second) pretty much everything else is either the same or worse. Returning from the internet to the homescreen is very laggy with the phone taking time to load, the camera takes ages to launch so forget any quick snaps, it's actually quite embarrassing taking photos of my friends, asking them all to "hang on a minute" while it loads. I also cannot pick up WIFI in areas that I used to on my old Desire. It's now starting to lag on different apps. Personally after 4 months of owning this phone, I would not recommend it, buy something else, I personally will return to using an HTC or maybe try an iPhone when my contract is up.

Reviewed by Niels from United Kingdom on 14th Dec 2011
After the debacle over my BlackBerry 9780 (as per my review), I now have a SE Arc S. I have to say that this phone is fabulous. The improved processor speed makes everything a breeze, and whereas it does not have the battery capacity of other phones, it comes with all the widgets you need (on the second home screen) to control WiFi, Bluetooth and data usage, so I now get around 2-3 days after conditioning the battery. I really like the fact that it comes with Swype and a "traditional T9" phone keyboard as standard (Android 2.3.4). A friend sent me a comedy clip on YouTube via e-mail, and it opened up instantly and played via the fabulous screen. It is also a very attractive phone as this review site correctly states. After connecting to my WiFi router at home, it automatically defaults to this when at home so no data charges for e-mail and browsing. I can highly recommend this phone!

Reviewed by Pat from UK on 12th Dec 2011
Iíve had this phone for 3 days so far and love it, normal battery life problems for an android phone, but with a few tweaks and the Juice Defender App Iím getting 18-24 hours with medium use. Screen is clear and very responsive, music players not bad but I download a replacement with better EQ settings Camera is excellent and so is the video, HD video is good but is at 720 not 1080. The phone is very thin and looks fantastic, mind the back is a finger print magnet. Overall a good fun phone with style.

Reviewed by Bluewood from Thailand on 9th Dec 2011
This phone... WOW! The most AMAZING phone I have ever touched. I've let my friends use it, and they are ASTONISHED! Even my friends with Iphones prefer my phone to theirs. Sexiest, fanciest, most classy and most incredible phone in the whole WIDE WORLD!

Reviewed by Andy Benn from England on 1st Dec 2011
Ive had been using a sony ericsson Arc(not S) for about 6 months never looked back thats why im excited to see this improved model. The Arc s is easily the most attractive phone on the market and the sony ericsson take on android looks very classy. I was never really interested in photography until i used this handset but now cant help but take every opportunity to capture something as the photos all ways turn out top class, there are phones with a higher Megapixels but thats not all that determines the qaulity of a photo and with features like Exmor R it doesnt matter what time of day im taking a picture it will always turn out perfect. My favourite feature has to be the ability to connect the hdmi cable to my hd tv, many nights ive missed eastenders and just played it off my phone and through the tv!!!!

Reviewed by November from UK on 24th Nov 2011
Excellent phone. Fast, nice screen, great camera and good battery life. Android v2.34 works well and ICS (Android v4) will hopefully arrive soon.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 23rd Nov 2011
This phone is awesome!! It looks great and is a joy to use. Its packed with features but the only drawback is battery consumption,you will probably have to charge it every day but that is to be expected from any smartphone i`d say. This is my 4th Sony Ericsson phone and its a belter!!

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 16th Nov 2011
My first smartphone/touch screen. love it to bits. fast, clear and the most amazing camera ive even used on a phone. very quick to get used to, the ability to personalise is great. my only grumble would be the user guide. although easy to use, i would like easy access to more detailed info ON THE PHONE so i know im getting the best out of it. but i guess messing around with it is half the fun. overall a very clean, smart sexy phone that is great to use and joy to own.

Reviewed by april from uk on 11th Nov 2011
my star rating says it all.

Reviewed by mark from uk on 2nd Nov 2011
screen looks washed out also not near as fast has other android phones avoid

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 1st Nov 2011
Amazing gadget, I have taken identical photos on this and my iPhone 4S and this handsets photos look much better, both on the phones and when printed. The mobile Bravia display does all photos justice and the 1.4GHz processor means it will load up everything instantly. The only reason to buy a Samsung SII now is if you want a massive screen, otherwise the Arc S is non-sensical. Top marks Sony Ericsson!

Reviewed by dawn from UK on 30th Oct 2011
Very fast processor,comes with the latest 2.3.4 firmware.excellent hd video footage.Ignore other reviews with low ratings.Brilliant handset.

Reviewed by rob from uk on 30th Oct 2011
i bought one of these mainly because it looks good and it was upgraded to a 1.4 cpu. however it feels cheap and not any faster. it was very laggy at times when opening programs. the screen sits even with the case that means if you leave it down on a table screen down it will scratch. the screen on mine sat out over the case slightly at the top corner when you pressed down it went back down so not that greatly put together. the screen is good but no where near as good as the samsung galaxy s 2 or iphone theres a big difference in clarity thats for sure. it looks good but its cheaply put together with to much lag and that was running the latest 2.3.4 firmware. i received it on saturday and send it back for a refund at 335 it was no way worth the money i decided to keep my samsung galaxys 2much much better ok not as good looking as the arc s but its much better where it count

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 28th Oct 2011
Excellent phone. It's fast and simple to use and is smart looking too. I have owned a number of Sony Ericssons over the years, and this is by far their best handset to date.

Reviewed by adel El Husseiny from Egypt on 24th Oct 2011
Top rated phone

Reviewed by gazza from UK on 19th Oct 2011
Brilliant phone,much better than the Galaxy s 2 and i phone 4 s.Go and buy one.

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