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Sony Ericsson W995 review

 Review: June 2009  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: Sony Ericsson's flagship Walkman phone is also a brilliant camera phone with an 8 megapixel camera.


Sony Ericsson have really revved up with the release of the W995. Not only is this a flagship Walkman phone, but it also matches the camera capabilities of the Cyber-Shot range. And it's priced as a mid-range phone, so in value for money terms, it's going to be a hard act to beat.

Unlike the weird clamshell design of its predecessor, the W980i, the W995 has a straightforward slide design. Although the phone isn't particularly slim, the top half that contains the display is just a few millimetres thick, with the bulk of the phone in the lower half. This makes the phone quite easy to hold when texting, and the keypad is quite ergonomic, even though from photos the buttons look like they are too small. The TFT screen is typical for this price range, with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The built-in accelerometer automatically rotates the screen between landscape and portrait modes.

The camera is definitely a step up from the usual Walkman range. With 8.1 megapixels, face detection autofocus and a flash, this phone can easily compete with the mid-range Cyber-Shot phones for image quality. Video quality is good too, and the phone supports video calling on a 3G network.

The music player is the latest Walkman player 4.0, and supports a range of advanced features such as album art, SensMe™ which lets you create playlists based on tempo and mood, shake control, equalise and shuffle. There's also an FM radio with RDS to display the station and song that you're listening to. The phone supports the latest audio innovations from Sony: Clear Bass and Clear Stereo. And we're delighted to see that there's a 3.5mm audio jack, so that compatible third-party headphones can be used as well as the premium quality headphones supplied. Flight mode lets you disable the transmitter but still access the music player and other media functions.

Sony Ericsson are really pushing the multimedia capabilities of the W995. For example, MediaGo™ automatically converts music and movie files when transferring them from your PC. The PlayNow™ store has been expanded so that you can now download movies (for a charge) as well as music. But watching full length movies on a 2.6 inch screen isn't the most obvious way to spend your free time. But the ability to watch YouTube videos is a welcome addition, as is the inclusion of the BBC iPlayer and the Sky Player on Three. Facebook is also integrated into the home screen.

The accelerometer that automatically rotates the display and enables the music shake control also lets you play motion sensitive games, and there are a range of 3D games available for this phone. The phone also has a-GPS which can be used to automatically geo-tag images and can be used with Google Maps to show you where you are. A trial version of the Wayfinder navigation software is included too.

The available memory is 118MB, which is enough for 30 - 50 music tracks, and this is expandable to 16GB with a Memory Stick Micro.

The W995 is a well connected phone. In addition to 3G and quadband GSM it supports HSDPA for super-fast data transfer, and WiFi so that you can access data via your connected PC or a WiFi hotspot. The WiFi is DNLA-compatible, which makes it easier to connect to other DNLA-compatible devices around your home. The phone will also connect via USB or Bluetooth.

Battery life is typical for a flagship Walkman phone, which is to say that it's about average and will last a couple of days before recharging.

There's nothing that we can find to fault with the W995 and it seems to us to offer outstandingly good value for money - much better than the C905 Cyber-Shot phone for example. It's available for free on mid-range deals (around the £20 - £30 per month level), yet it seems to offer the kind of features that you'd expect from a top-of-the-range 3G phone. The initial user reviews have been excellent too, which makes us optimistic that this will be a problem-free handset with no software errors or build quality issues, and so we're awarding this one the full 5 stars.

Sony Ericsson W995 features include:

Sony Ericsson W995 user reviews

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Average rating from 392 reviews:

Reviewed by samuel abayneh from Ethiopia on 19th Mar 2014
my phone have no net work coverage sonny Ericsson

Reviewed by Rosie from England on 14th Aug 2012
Love love love this phone!Had it for at least two years now,I only use it mainly for calls,photos and texting(a lot)and it manages these all perfectly-Photos are so clear,the keypad is easy to use,texting at speed as I do...and calls no problem.My only complaint is that the back cover comes off quite easily.There are far greater phones about today,more blongy-but Im sticking to this one,it even survives being dropped on concrete(accidently)several times!!

Reviewed by Emmyln from Phillipines/england on 6th Jun 2012
Superb phone out-of-this world camera.

Reviewed by Danny boy from England on 10th Apr 2012

Reviewed by Ed from Malaysia on 8th Apr 2012
I can control my pc using this phone..haha
Can do it remotely..Nice phone.

Reviewed by Stevo from England on 1st Mar 2012
I have had a lot of sony ericsson phones k810. K800. C510 to name a few but this is by far the best large screen clear display and to top it all a cracking camera!

Reviewed by Lee adamson from England on 10th Jan 2012
Overall a gud decent fone just need the orange network unlock code if ne 1 knows it it would b really appreciated thanx

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 23rd Dec 2011
Very disappointed with this phone I wont be keeping it, makes for a good mp3 player as expected but this is a phone after all - very poor 1 or 2 bars signal (or none at all) which drops off completely when I pick it up, goes to emergency calls only. I am in a poor signal area BUT my old w810i has 5 full bars and works fine.

Reviewed by n morrison from scotland on 18th Dec 2011
great phone. cant find protective case for it

Reply by Lucy from Brown, on 23rd Apr 2012
loads of different cases on ebay, hope this isnt advertising :/

Reviewed by a helsby from UK on 13th Jul 2011
had this phone for 2 years nar great no problems super phone great for music

Reviewed by Tina Andersen from UK on 27th Jun 2011
I have my W995 for 2 years now, and i try buy new mobil...but gave it to my relatives. I just love my W995. Dog had peed on it -.- bad dog, it been lost in deep snow for a while til i found it by calling it up. It been washmachine only 1 program tho, when i found out i didnt have it on me. I got it unsample fast..all screws, u need special tools for this and let it dry on a dryer. And still it works without any mistakes. Who will have a ipod instead? Not me for sure. I stick to my lovely W995. And still its expensive if u want to buy it as new, and used too, even its 2 years old. Best mobil ever.

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 9th Jun 2011
This phone sucks. I've had mine for nearly 18 months now, and I just can't stand it. It's pretty much featureless, unless you're willing to spend out a mint on games/apps/etc. The phone can't even handle watching youtube videos. You get a music player, the ability to watch videos and to take photos - that's pretty much it, and that sounds like almost every other phone on the market. The camera is lacking in detail (don't mistake pixel count for quality). The best part about this phone is the fact it is boxed with an 8gb storage card, some awesome headphones and a cracking little speaker set... other than that, meh.

Reviewed by sobia from UK on 25th May 2011
WOW . there are so many apps and useful features. ive had my phone for almost a year and it freezes when i turn it on but the best thing is that it comes with a 8gb memory card... errrm thats about it.

Reviewed by jc from UK on 9th Apr 2011
i have no problems with the features,cameras, etc but i have this one important thing that had been a problem..it is the sending and receiving messages,,..even though the signal is fine..but i get delayed messages.. and i have no problems when i transfered my sim on the other phone? is there a problem with it? i can`t text so easy if this will be..

Reviewed by Nondo Bruce from UK on 7th Apr 2011
The charging socket is the only proclame i've found with the 9 w995 otherwise, it's a great phone.

Reviewed by Mark Davies from UK on 4th Apr 2011
This phone graet I had 2 of the sony ericsson w995 love it 10

Reviewed by noel mates from UK on 22nd Mar 2011
The phone is extremely dead dry !!!! love it , brill phone !! allthe girls love me eeerrrrrrrrr

Reviewed by Shay from UK on 11th Mar 2011
This may not have a touch screen and be full of apps and so on but for a phone and camera it's pretty damed good. But the one thing that sticks out for me with this phone is that it has lasted me ages and been through lots. I have a baby who gets her hands on it on a regular basis. It has been dropped loads of times and soaked loads of times in dribble and water and every time the phone locks up, you can't turn it on and the buttons go on auto press. I think it's finally busted....and yet in a few hours it's back to normal again. This phone, for me, is one hell of a Terminator phone. If you're looking for something that'll last you with decent battery life, a good camera and a soul made of titanium, this is it!

Reviewed by Momo from UK on 9th Mar 2011
Yes, I have problem with signal too. My friend have K850i and the same operator. Where he have five lines I have only four or three. This phone must holded upper because Receiver of signal is in down part of phone. Construction of the phone in my hand moves, it bothers me too. But Software, WIFI, GPS or Camera, display, Player and 3,5mm jack are excelent

Reviewed by gary from UK on 5th Mar 2011
this phone is wonderful..i love my music so this is mainly used as a music player and i also use it for mass storage. for a little phone it does alot and i will be staying with sonyericsson as i'll be getting the se arc next.

Reviewed by Dom Mc from UK on 22nd Feb 2011
Best phone I've ever had. However sometimes it doesn't get messages that have been sent to it, I can receive them around 1-12 hours later than they should have arrived, also it takes a long time to load my texts and send them :/ have no idea how to solve both problems, if anyone does know, please help.

Reviewed by jan from UK on 19th Feb 2011
this fone not good really bad not charging no network and fone deosnt allow u to download

Reviewed by jase from UK on 13th Feb 2011
had this phone for a year now. Excellent phone for the music etc cant fault it for that. Only problem i have is when you go to charge the phone it comes up please unplug charger from socket to save power. It will not charge the phone. Got the phone sent off to sony ericsson who have said that there is damage to the main board, as the pads have lifted under the system connector and this is due to damage by myself and not day to day wear and tare. What a load of tosh, the only problem here is that it doesnt bloody charge. So now im stuck with a phone that doesnt and cant be charged. Looking at the reviews on here there seems to be an on going problem as i can see im not the only person this has happened to. Sort it out sony ericsson.

Reviewed by berylmorrell from UK on 11th Feb 2011
Do not like this phone, glad when contract is up . Nokia is the phone 4 me .

Reviewed by Ld from UK on 10th Feb 2011
Smashing phone ..i would reccomend highly . loved it until it got soaked in the rain and has now died.. lost a load of info but never mind

Reviewed by williams from UK on 10th Feb 2011
it has been the best camers phone that i have ever had.

Reviewed by Craig Milton from UK on 9th Feb 2011
I love this mobile, but I wouldn't advise getting it...the one I have I bought 2nd hand last year in 2010 for 180 quid, and now the battery isn't charging properly because the connection between the charger and the phone itself isn't connecting unless I bend it - other than that...great phone!

Reviewed by Christine from UK on 5th Feb 2011
Well a phone is a phone and all the normal stuff is fine. But the thing I love about my phone on the location services/tacker is fantastic. I use it all the time for my running and it logs distance, speed, route and if I go under 5mph it vibrates and tells me to speed up. It stores all my routes and then I can compare them and work out whether I have done better or not and at the same time I still can listen to my MP4 player. Really don't want to get rid of this phone.

Reviewed by mark from UK on 2nd Feb 2011
could not ask for a better phone

Reviewed by xxtagstaxx from UK on 18th Jan 2011
I have had This phone 2 years and not had a single firmware problem as for music I have over 4500 tracks 8000 8.1 pics full films downloaded and reformatted for my phone email server is wikid if you use wifi I facebook ebay and bank online with my phone and held great Dj sessions lmao wiv some of my modified Dj software which I personally adapted with full effects lmao my phone is my life and I will never change it lmao get this phone xxtagstaxx

Reviewed by JL from UK on 17th Jan 2011

Reviewed by ronzcobella from UK on 16th Jan 2011
its the best phone i ever had...

Reviewed by awful phone from UK on 12th Jan 2011
Flashy and physically appealing, when brand new. However, slowly begins to deteriorate after approximately a 6 month period, with problems such as: -The slide constantly sticks, either leaving you unable to close your phone, or worse, unable to open it to access the keypad. The only way to overcome this is by using a large amount of physical force to push the phone shut/open, which I can't imagine being too good for the phone. -Impossibly slow to load, I can't describe how frustrating this is, you would honestly have to see for yourself to understand the extent of this. I once timed the length of time it took to open a new message, and it came to about 2 minutes 30 seconds. -No longer recognises its own charger, the only way I can charge it is through the lead that connects it to the computer, which only works whilst the computer is running, so it can't even be left on standby. -It has a habit of freezing for hours on end, turning itself off and on until the battery runs out. -The silver sony ericcson logos on the phone have fallen off, leaving a tacky looking mark, which constantly collects dust and dirt. -The infamous Sony Ericsson 'red light of death' on the back of the phone, again frustrating and time consuming to sort out. I have friends who have all suffered similar problems, and I will never be buying another sony ericsson again.

Reviewed by Sali from UK on 10th Jan 2011
This is a fantastic phone, I wanted to replace my W595 and wasn't interested in a touchscreen phone, so I was delighted to find one from a catalogue as the shops didn't sell them anymore. The battery life is outstanding, like my old phone's one was and it's similiar in other ways too, but much better. This is my favourite phone so far, the camera is great and the walkman gives crystal clear sound. It is a pity if this is the last in the line from this series because I truly believe it beats most of the touchscreen phones in many aspects. In conclusion, I would thoroughly recommend this phone, you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by Nick Cornwall from UK on 28th Dec 2010
I donít like touch screen phones yet, I say yetí and do follow techí but they simply havenít got rid of all the gremlins, battery life is pore on all of them! Whilst the apps are interesting to begin with, does everybody who has them really need them? To allotí another gimmick or trendy. I have a number of friends with smart phones i4, desire, x10 some are happy, allot of them are not. A toy to entertain with, alas, when excitement is over, itís just not used and simply becomes just another phone that you have paid a small fortune to buy and charge(daily) and to many your stuck with it for up to two years. If youíre not geek orientated, hate touch screen phones, only want to charge your phone once or twice a week, need reliability, and happy to press old fashioned buttons. Then the Sony W995. Itís a phone first, then if you like gimmicks itís a Camera and a good one, or a Walkman again a good one. Amongst other things, Media, Entertainment, Organiser oh and yes internet, should you not have a computer. I charge mine aprox once or twice a week (economical) and had it 18 months. The Sony w995 is robust and has lasted well. I have obviously taken it on holiday, used as a camera, radio and my own pre loaded tunes. Truly one of the best phones I have had. Definitely worthy of 5 stars. It has tested time is perhaps now and old phone, but definitely one of Sonyís best, and will probably be around for quite some time to come.

Reviewed by J Pazzy from UK on 14th Dec 2010
I had my sony ericsson because I had no signal, so before it got fixed I took out my memory card. Now when I put in my memory card, it keeps saying ""memory card not inserted"". please can you help me because I have a lot of stuff on the card that I want to put back on the phone.

Reviewed by Lloyd smalley from UK on 8th Dec 2010
CONTRARY to my STAR rating. PLEASE READ ON AND TELL ME IF YOU HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS? i have had 2 of these handsets in the last 7 months. I think it's a great handset and cannot be faulted on its features. HOWEVER i have some major problems with the signal. I urge anyone with this phone to test this... Take the phone in your right hand and hold it in your palm as if you are making a call? does your signal not drop to minimal bars (maybe none?) then hold the phone with your finger and thumb, does the signal improve? I have been having to hold my phone with finger and thumb because like the Iphone i believe they have placed the antena in a silly place? Also depending on whether you are left or right handed and where you hold the phone it all makes a MASSIVE difference to the signal. i am having to slide screen up and hold the screen. This also effects the volume of your calls and the quality of your calls. it also plays with the internet usage. and can make it difficult to manage the phone and brows at the same time. Any other feedback on this would be great. I strongly feel because this phone offers some great services that it hasnt recieved the constructive critisism it deserve. BUT i am still giving this phone a massive 4 star rating (5 stars is PERFECT, this phone is not PERFECT :) regards

Reviewed by stiff from UK on 6th Dec 2010
Outstanding Phone! Ok i broke mine the other day in the snow but that wasn't the phone's fault. Believe me i was gutted. Everything about the W995 is amazing, it really is. Looks good, feels good in the hand, lots of features. My friend has one too and we're both in agreement the only phone we would swap this for is the I-Phone 4. As i said earlier i broke mine but a replacement is on the way from Orange...phew! Before this phone i had the K800i which received some great reviews and it certainly lived up to expectations. Was dubious about moving on but the W995 is as good if not better than the K800i in my opinion. The 8.1 megapixel camera is as you would expect fantastic but i wasn't bothered about that...if i want to take pictures i'll use my digital camera but nevertheless it's still nice to have. Video is great. Screen is pin sharp. Great for texting too. The buttons aren't that big to be honest but i've got big fingers and i cope with it easily. Sound quality i s very good. All in all i would say don't have any doubts the W995 is a right classy phone...get one bought you won't regret it.

Reviewed by Katy from UK on 5th Dec 2010
Had this phone since last christmas, and i absolutely loved it. After a few months, the volume button stopped working for no reason; i hadn't even dropped the phone. A few more months and the number 9 button stopped working, along with the 8, # and *. There is no reason for this, it's been dropped once and it was working fine afterwards except the volume button. It's really annoyed me, because the camera is brilliant and the music player's great, but my friend also has this phone, and her number 9 button has started playing up. Seems a common fault.

Reviewed by Enieka from UK on 3rd Dec 2010
This phone is fantastic. You can get it in different colours! guess what? The camera has 8.1 megapixel! I have it and i think its wonderful! you should defenitley buy this phone, you'll love it!

Reviewed by dom from UK on 26th Nov 2010
very good

Reviewed by Devon from UK on 14th Nov 2010
i have had this phone since January. im a teen. so i need to keep in touch with my parents, this phone was great when i got it, until july, when my battery started going.. i was walking home one evening and it just died. since then ive been through 3 new batteries. and ive had the same problem, apart from this the phone is good. the camera is brilliant. and its quite light, easy to text as im a very fast texter. seems this is a common fault with the phone

Reviewed by imaad from UK on 14th Nov 2010
i bought it on contract and saturday night it turns of and in mornin turns on again and no ntwrk coverage and battry wnt charge sme hapnd 2 my old se phne despite all this its an excellent phne

Reviewed by Phil Anderton from UK on 12th Nov 2010
great phone for music and video but i wish the phone reception was better but maybe that is the 3 network

Reviewed by wayne scott from UK on 12th Nov 2010
Had this phone for a few months now it has already been back for repair because of a softwear cash not long had it back and its gone again.I have always had SE phones and had no problems at all but this one is rubbish....to much hype by SE i think, just a big let down for me......

Reviewed by geoff from UK on 9th Nov 2010
i have this handset around 7 mts , however i switched it off sat night ,and when iturned it on again i have no signal and when i plug it into charger it say"cant charge please use a sony bat?

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 7th Nov 2010
sweet phone as don't get on with touch screen phones. Well basically can't afford an iphone, which is the only touch screen phone worth getting, but signal problems with this phone are just propper frustrating, other than that it's a good phone. I've tried different networks but same old, and also same chip in an older sony, and signal is fine. Don't know if that will come under warranty as a fault as phone is not insured, but wifi, walkman, camera even if a bit on the slow side old good.

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 31st Oct 2010
Had phone over a year! Already been repaired "3" key on keypad wouldnt work, and now it looses mms settings and hard to get going again!

Reviewed by Chris Arkley from UK on 30th Oct 2010
This would be a really good phone if the camera was better. You have to have a perfectly still hand to get a decent picture, any slight movement and it is all blurred, very annoying whilst trying to take pics of my new baby and they are all blurry when I look through them. The MP3 player is excellent and sounds really good when the speaker is attached. I have also had problems with the phone randomly resetting itself for no reason and my screensaver not woking. Nokia N8 for me next. Also very poor signal in a lot of areas, dont know if its the phone or Orange though, I cant wait to get rid of it actually, so maybe my rating of 3 is a bit generous

Reviewed by CATSUL31 from UK on 29th Oct 2010
I have had my W995 for about four months now. I got it to replace a Nokia phone which had a fault so it was a quick choice rather than a well researched one. I have to say the camera is slow, it seems irrelevant to have 8Mp camera when you miss taking the picture you want every time due to an extrodinarily slow shot. You press the button and nothing happens for ages, there is a major delay. I really dont like this phone and I am replacing it.

Reviewed by JENNY from UK on 28th Oct 2010
I've had this phone for 11 months. I've had no problems with it. Fabs photos and videos. Was suprised that I could not lock the screen as I could with Nokia phones. Great pity. Minor moans - the vibration is weak, battery cover easily falls off, battery life dismal, volume buttons ridiculous and cannot copy a phone number from contacts into a text message. But despite all this, a great phone :-)

Reviewed by belle from UK on 28th Oct 2010
love this phone, looks gorgeous and nice to use, great camera too takes a lovely pic.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 26th Oct 2010
This phone is awful! Had a K800i for FOUR years before i "upgraded" to this phone. Its SOOOOOO SLOW. Using conversations mode i have to wait about ten seconds to be able to read a text. Will probably never get a sony ever again!

Reviewed by Laura May from UK on 25th Oct 2010
This is an outstanding phone with all features u cld want, I can truly recommend it no wonder it was given 5*****s!

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 24th Oct 2010
I love my W995 but its on its last legs my side up key doesnt work so i cant turn volume up on my phone calls or when i have music playing. also my 5 key is on its way out as is the 9 key now and iv just noticed that when i slide it up the keypad doesnt light up at all . love this phone to bits but it has had its moneys worth out of it.

Reviewed by Judith from UK on 21st Oct 2010
I've had a SE W995 for about six months now and I love it. I bought it for the Walkman player and I've found it to have excellent sound quality. But it's also a good reliable phone with an excellent camera with flash and many other valuable features. I wouldn't swap my W995 for any other phone!

Reviewed by PETE from UK on 21st Oct 2010
The 8.1 megapixel camera is rubbish. It can't handle light, edges have purple fringing (like the cheap binos you had as a kid.) Other than that seems ok.Will go back to Nokia though I think.

Reviewed by nathan from UK on 18th Oct 2010
this phone is a bag of rubbish,stay away! in no way as it lived up to the exspectaions SE had dressed it up to be. had this phone 7 months now and after 3 months it started to act up on it self, rang up orange and SE, told them the problems with the phone and the both have refused to send me a replacement phone or atleast fix it for me, even tho its still under warrenty with SE not a happy bunny at all. problems i have come across are as followd 1)signal plays up in ares where the singal for orange is stroung 2)volume buttons, number 8 and space buton only work when the wont to witch its 0.1% of the time 3) no way is the camera 8.1 mp can take beter pics with my c905. 4) some times when trying make calls it just gose beep beep then cuts off. had nout but counless problems with this phone n no help from orange or SE what so ever so stuk paying £50 amonth for some think i cant use. thanks SE! bk to nokia for me

Reviewed by Caron from UK on 16th Oct 2010
rubbish phone!!, lately when i turn it on, it displays a message saying'insert sim or play demo'. it will not allow me to acess the phone at all! now i have no phone. SE advised me to download the update software, which i have down, however this has made it worse and now the screen is bright blue and still displaying the message! what is worse that both SE and orange have been totally unhelpful. ARGHHHH

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 15th Oct 2010
Had this phone for over a year and love it. Only problem ive had is that the screen came apart from the base and i had to send it away to be fixed and the key pad had managed to get letters scratched off it. other than that phone works very well and music memory is great. Pictures can ethier be hit or miss not always great quality but generally pretty good

Reviewed by Rory from UK on 9th Oct 2010
Fantastic phone. It's a great easy to use phone. No problems so far. It's so much easier to use then anything I have used. Much faster then previous walkman phones. The 8 Megapixel camera does the phone a massive amount of justice. The facebook app is great and you can have it as a shortcut on the main screen so you just click a button. I found the GPS was really great. I purposely got lost just to see how it measures up. The Walkman feature is great. Headphones you get with it are pretty good for in ear buds. Muffles a fair amount of external noise. I like the phone a lot. Much easier to use then a Blackberry. You pretty much get the same stuff as a Blackberry but it's so much easier to set up and use. I would recommend getting unlimited internet usage as the Internet apps are brilliant. Signals fine 90% of the time. Get a free memory card 8gb which is great. There aren't any real flaws that I can find with this phone. It's got all the specs as a top of the range s mart phone with the exception of a great camera and a loud set of speakers. I prefer it to the iphone due to the fact it has buttons and a slider rather then an annoying touch screen. The stand at the back which you can use to hold your phone in place is a great asset to watch videos on. The youtube app is brilliant and allows you to stream videos anywhere. Very good. Best phone in recent years. A high contender with the iPhone and Blackberry's alike.

Reviewed by Si D from UK on 3rd Oct 2010
Have had this phone for over a year now and it is by far the best ericsson i've ever had. my last 5 phones were all ericssons and at some point crashed had problems etc. this 1 has not had any problems at all. impressive and don't think i can upgrade as this is an ace phone! :)

Reviewed by Duane from UK on 1st Oct 2010
Had my W995 for a few weeks now and its good. I do not get on with touch screens at all. I would have liked the instruction sheet to be a bit more descriptive as there are loads of icons on the screen that I can not find reference to!! being on the net or using gps absolutly kills the battery which is the only negative thing i can find to say about the phone...its excellent!

Reviewed by Henry Oliver from UK on 30th Sep 2010
Potential legal problems with this phone. The BBC iPlayer has never worked but was advertised and sold on the strength that it was built in and ready to use. I've now spoken to orange five times about this but all they say is to download a flash player to make it work. When you go to do that it warns you that doing so could wipe all your memory!!! Who in their right mind would do that? I feel that this phone was marketed on very mis-leading advertising.

Reviewed by ssebaddduka kassim from UK on 28th Sep 2010
all in all its a good se 4ne except the camera that doesnot deserve to be 8mp

Reviewed by Gerald from UK on 21st Sep 2010
This phone is good, I had i for 4 month now but it seems to have a problem now. When I turn it on with the sim card it freezes and I have to take the battery out to turn it off but when I turn it on with no sim card it loads but I cant use it, only watch the demo. I tried different sim cards and it does the same. SO i CANT USE MY PHONE . I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOO!!!

Reviewed by Daragh from UK on 16th Sep 2010
I thought that this phone was the best ever for the first 10 days. Then the earpiece speaker start buzzing and went back to have the 'flex' replaced. second time round it lasted a week and went back again. This time 'flex' replaced again. Third time round it lasted a whole 2 weeks and the problem reoccured. The verdict this time from MPRC Ireland was that there was a problem with the earpiece (metal fillings?) that I had caused in that time frame (RUBBISH) and that Sony would not replace the handset. Phone is now useless and I am out of pocket, so sorry Sony but the phone had potential but has a major flaw.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 16th Sep 2010
I had the phone for a few months and then things started to go down hill... the battery life started to deteriorate quickly and then it wouldn't charge, as if the charger couldnt connect up properly, now it takes me hours to get the charger in the right position for it to charge and even when I do it'll say error! Anyone that I know of who has this phone has had similar problems with it too.. personally, I wouldnt recommend it at all as it is just one thing after another with it!

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 14th Sep 2010
My W995 started switching itself off now it won't switch on at all

Reviewed by keziah from UK on 10th Sep 2010
my mum and dad have got this phone and it is very low and rubish

Reviewed by john from UK on 9th Sep 2010
try updating to the latest software for phone problems,music transfer is easy just put the phone in media transfer and drag n drop to phone.

Reviewed by tracy from UK on 9th Sep 2010
i am a big sony ericsson fan and i have had this phone for almost 12 months and have never had a problem with it at all, so easy to use and navigate. fantastic sound on speakers and no problems with using the internet so i have to say out of all the sony phones i have had this beats them and compared to all the new ones that are out it still beats.

Reviewed by neil2047 from UK on 6th Sep 2010
as you say a great phone provided you are not on 02 who remove the wayfinder stuff

Reviewed by courtney cox from UK on 4th Sep 2010
this phone is very good, pretty much anyone could ask for a sony ericsson mobile. All the features are great, especially the camera. the best sony ericsson phone by far.

Reviewed by nige from UK on 2nd Sep 2010
bought phone for my wife thinking the camera would be as good as my se c905 an its clearly not. photos not very sharp and flash not powerful enough for indoor pics. overall its a good phone but the cam is a big let down

Reviewed by colin from UK on 1st Sep 2010
got handset from t mob broken in 7 days now waiting to see if sony decide if i broke it or not ? if they say i did i pay for repairs beware this set up

Reviewed by malith from UK on 29th Aug 2010
i bought it a week ago. i can't say anything right now. all the features are ok except the camera. even if it has a 8MP camera, it lacks cyber shot. so the pictures we take will blur. flash is not superb, but u can relie on it. music palyer is superb. i can give it 4 stars.

Reviewed by randumguy from UK on 28th Aug 2010
this fone is awesome. i hav had it since february and luved it ever since. rubish signal but. my old phone had better signal but this phone is stil awesome

Reviewed by Gary Cunningham from UK on 23rd Aug 2010
If only the W995 lived up to it's expectations! On paper this should be a great handset that pleases many a mobile user but the reality is that in everyday terms it will leave you frustrated and annoyed. Yes it takes great pics for a camera phone and the vid function is pretty good too. Music player wise it provides a decent alternative to carrying a separate MP3 player. So where does it all go wrong you ask. For a start try making a phone call. Now this is the primary fundemental function of a mobile PHONE! But it is where the W995 fails so drastically taking too long to acquire a signal and when it does it would appear the antenna is akin to damp string. In most instances my old K800i has at least two more bars signal in the same location so readily loses its signal and it seems to be plagued with the same irritating 'Emergency Calls Only' notification that adorns all other SE handsets. Hello Mr. SE, either it has a signal or not OK! Please fix it. Putting the internal antenna at the base of the handset where it gets covered by the hand and thus has most of it's signal screened does it no favours either. It's off now to the music player. Does it's job fairly well but who wants to reach in their pocket all the time to switch tracks etc? No neither did I so after browsing SE's website plumped for the HPM-82 headset with built in remote, problem solved I thought, all main controls for the music player in one spot, er NO! It plays for a few seconds then completely refuses to acknowledge the headset. I Sent it to SE's repair centre to check out who would not check it out and wanted £10 just to return it. Why? Because I hadn't bought it from an approved SE retailer. Yes, I'm sure there's something in consumer law about that one too but after seriously kicking off at SE they backed down and returned it FOC. It turns out it isn't faulty as it works fine on many other SE handsets including nonwalkman types despite being logo'd up with the WM logo. Odd indeed. It has now just being returned to SE for repair after only 9 months as it keeps switching off for no apparent reason so to conclude if it's features you want buy it but if you want to make phone calls reliably or connect accessories buy an old Nokia 6310i.

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 23rd Aug 2010
the phone wont call any one with out having to turn it off and on to work and then the time is wrongthis phone is the worst phone ive had

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 23rd Aug 2010
Love everything about it! It is for sure one of the best latest non touch screen phones, if not the number 1.

Reviewed by val from UK on 23rd Aug 2010
excellent phone, very happy and would recommend. However - for music lovers, note that transferring music to the handset from your PC isnt that straightforward. It recommends use of 'Media Go' which we tried but found it poor. Searching on the net it seems others find it poor too (eg taking 1 min per Mb to transfer!!!). I did it (as someone helpfully suggested on the SE website, reproduced here to help others) by opening iTunes (leave it open) and then open up Windows Explorer (or other file manager software) in the opposite side of the screen, and in that open up to the media card under the folder 'Music'. You can then either drag and drop all the songs files into one big folder; or create different folders for whatever music you like. Then highlight the files in iTunes and simply drag and drop. Done! BUT - YOU CAN ONLY CREATE PLAYLISTS ON THE PHONE (very tedious) - you cannot copy your playlists across successfully from iTunes to the phone. All the songs go across ok - but not in your playlist. I hope this makes sense and helps others - I spent hours trying to sort this out. However if anyone knows how to get around the playlist problem please advise, Id love to know how to get round this.

Reviewed by GKA from UK on 21st Aug 2010
Love it! Has everything I need from a phone. Great sound, great video(when you know how to correctly convert them), good call quality, fantastic browsing (with opera mini ofc) and looks great to boot! The indoor camera quality could be better though, and I don't like the walkman key placement at all.

Reviewed by SL from UK on 19th Aug 2010
Not the greatest.But worth.If pic quality of indoor photos would have been better I might have given 5*.

Reviewed by mark from UK on 14th Aug 2010
Best phone for all its gadgets but a poor signal a lot of the time.Great camera and good for music good build quailty to.Probably one of the best non touch screen phones about at the moment.

Reviewed by MJ from UK on 10th Aug 2010
The biggest pile of tat ever! I have never had so many problems with a phone before. Here are the issues I have experienced: 1. It tells me I have to delete files before I can send a text, (even though I've got loads of free space), needed to perform firmware re-install to sort it out. 2. It won't charge - needed firmware upgrade to sort - which was a challenge when it says you need at least 50% battery to perform.... 3. just turns itself off without any notice - presumably i'm going to need another firmware re-install. Who needs this hassle with a phone - it should just work!!!!! Steer well clear. And don't write a review until you've had the phone a while - these issues will take a while to crop up.

Reviewed by Mustard from UK on 5th Aug 2010
I've had this phone for only one day and love it. It's SE at its best imho. Previous phone was the K850i which was the worst phone I've had. The W995 is quick, has a great screen and a great keypad. Great camera and the sound is good too.

Reviewed by ihsan ali from UK on 5th Aug 2010
used so many phones even iphone recently but i have to go back sonyericsson w995 because it has everything what i want from a phone.from user simplcity to browsing the web.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
Had this phone for around 3 months and was able to replace it thanks to an error by O2 putting me on the wrong contract and the only option they had was to cancel the contract. The slider wobbles and feels quite flimsy, the keypad buttons are very inconsistent in that some make an obvious click whereas others don't really do anything so it's hard to be sure you've pressed it. Although the keys are spaced apart the buttons are actually smaller so they're not any further apart or bigger than the k800i I upgraded from so anyone with anything other than tiny hands will have problems with clicking two keys at once. It's extremely difficult to text with one hand as to hold it securely and then twist your thumb to reach every button is quite difficult. The screen is lovely and the music player stunning for the size of speakers and with the free films SE have available makes them quite watchable. These features in no way make up for its faults so was glad to be able to send it back and get an upgrade to an x10 which is amazing in comparison.

Reviewed by randomerr from UK on 30th Jul 2010
i love this phone but apart from the up volume button broke, how else can turn it up :(?

Reviewed by chelsea gee from UK on 26th Jul 2010
hate the phone, its boring and slow. waste of my money

Reviewed by tony from UK on 23rd Jul 2010

Reviewed by vikki from UK on 23rd Jul 2010
like the phone but wont let me watch you tube!!

Reviewed by Minty from UK on 20th Jul 2010
So disappointed with this phone... I only had it one day before returning it to Virgin Mobile. The only problem with this phone was the lack of signal ANYWHERE in my house. Granted this is a common problem with Virgin here - indoors, the combined problems of four storey houses across the road, a huge brick church on the corner and my house being near the bottom of a hill all mean that all phone networks drop signal very quickly, especially in my kitchen (where I've been known to be nearly hanging out the window just to send a text, lol). Sadly this phone didn't even get one bar of signal UPSTAIRS... never had that happen before, all the phones I've ever had at least got a signal upstairs. I was so disappointed as the rest of the phone was lovely, it connected to the internet using my wireless broadband, the music player was a doddle to put tracks on (Windows Media Player was able to sync the files without a hitch). All of my previously bought SE accessories worked with no problem (in car charger, external speakers and head phones, etc). I loved the phone... it was just not a phone in my house, it was an MP3 player that could use the 'net... not helpful when people are trying to call and text you. I am a SE girl, have liked their phones for years (and am still using my trusty K800i), but the W995's lack of signal really lets Sony down this time.

Reviewed by Evgeny from UK on 19th Jul 2010
Worst mobile phone I've ever had. Signal strength is awful, phone is always loses the network, my score is ABSOLUTE ZERO for this.

Reviewed by Mick L from UK on 16th Jul 2010
Feature packed - if you dont want to use as a phone or maintain the charge! Signal strength is useless compared to any other handset on the same network you stand it next to. Plus takes minutes of fiddling to even get the charger socket to charge (latest method is to lock the charger socket in on one end only and leave the other end partially out!) This phone costs me about 100 quid extra a quarter on additional costs for having to use BT home phone as the W995 is basically useless at home. Locked into a contract and considering how to get out!!!

Reviewed by neil2047 from UK on 13th Jul 2010
as decribed brilliant but for the fact o2 remove the sat nav for you! angers me this practice

Reviewed by ClaireR from UK on 8th Jul 2010
I have had this phone with 3 for 6 months now, but over the last month or so, experiencing problems when sending texts. Despite updating software from the Sony Ericsson website a fortnight ago, each time I send a text, I am being told that my phone is out of memory - texts are being stored to the 8GB memory card, and I have 6.5GB free. My partner also has the same phone, and it's cut out a lot on him when he's been in the middle of calls. If you are a facebook addict, takes an age to load up. I would say the best feature on this phone is the camera.

Reviewed by Teresa from UK on 7th Jul 2010
Just got this phone and one problem. When I connect to the internet the globe is still present even though I have exited the browser. This did not happen on my C902 and wish it would go when I disconnect.

Reviewed by teasa from UK on 6th Jul 2010
hi,am I the only one having problems with the w 995 The sound quality is not good am on my 5 th phone people say it sounds like i am talking in a goldfish bowl shame because i love the phone it also cuts out.

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