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Sony Ericsson W910i review

 Review: October 2007  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: Another Sony Ericsson phone that promises much, but fails to deliver in practice.



We're getting fed up of writing good reviews of Sony Ericsson phones, only to be deluged by a flood of user reviews telling us that their phones simply don't work. What good is a phone that's outstanding when it works, but has such poor quality control in its manufacturer that many users receive a dud? The big problem with the W910i is freezing and switching off. Read the user reviews below to appreciate just how common this fault is. If this phone actually worked, it would be fantastic, but if it doesn't it's an expensive lump of plastic. Do you want to take the risk?

The Sony Ericsson W910i is a superslim slide phone, measuring just 12.5mm thick (slimmer than the Samsung D900.) It's a lovely looking phone with a tapered bottom edge and a superslim profile. The W910i wears its Walkman credentials on its sleeve, with music controls featured prominently when the slide is closed. Fortunately SE have given the W910i am easy-to-use circular navigational key, not the dreaded joystick that appears on some of their models. The screen is large, bright and high resolution (240 x 320 pixels) and the menus are clear and simple to navigate. The slide opens smoothly to reveal the full keypad below. Sony Ericsson have got a funny thing going on with keypads at the moment. With each new phone we find a new style of keypad, some with tiny "designer" buttons, others with larger, more conventional ones. The W910i has larger, flatter keys than most, but it still isn't as easy to use as many rival phones. It's high time that SE got their act together with the keypad issue. Anyway, the W910i doesn't have the fastest keypad for texting, but it's not the worst.

The W910i incorporates Sony Ericsson's new "Shake Control" that lets you change to a new random track by giving the phone a flick. The motion sensor also lets you flip between portrait and landscape viewing of photos. Fun, but not life changing.

So, this is a music phone first and foremost, and it ticks all the boxes. Audio quality is excellent as usual, with SE's MegaBass feature to enhance bass frequencies. You can plug in a conventional stereo headset or use a Bluetooth stereo headset if you prefer. The Walkman music player 3.0 is very easy to use, with controls on the front of the phone, and is a fully-featured digital music player. You can create and manage playlists, shuffle songs, equalise, etc, etc. The supplied software lets you transfer music from PC to phone, and rip music from CD's. Storage is limited to 35 Mbytes, so you'll want to add a memory card - the W910i supports cards up to 4 Gbytes. In addition there's an FM radio equipped with RDS.

The camera is rated at a middle-of-the-road 2 megapixels and lacks autofocus, putting it well behind the flagship K850i. But this is a Walkman phone, not a Cyber-Shot, so you pay your money and make your choice. The full phone specs are listed below, but we'll just point out that this is a 3G phone with HSDPA (high speed 3G) and video calling.

But a final word of warning: many people have experienced faults with their W910i. If you're lucky, or have good phone insurance, then you'll be happy with your W910i. But if you're not one of the lucky ones, this could be an expensive mistake. Sony Ericsson had better wake up soon or they're going to lose market share in a big way!

Now replaced by the Sony Ericsson W595.

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Sony Ericsson W910i features include:

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I had to put in a new sim card, the phone comes on, but I can't get past the demo.

Asked by shirley from australia on 25th Aug 2016
The Telstra phone company that I am with is closing the 2gm service. They sent me
a new sim card which I have put in, but I can't get rid of the demo at the start.
How do I do this?

Sony Ericsson W910i user reviews

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Average rating from 1549 reviews:

Reviewed by Emman from Zambia on 18th Dec 2015
Ive had my W910 for 9 months now even though its an old phone i think its still a rival to many other modern phones.. When it comes to music I dont think any phone would beat it if incoporated with good headsets. The interface just makes it better as it allows me to wultitask than most phones would allow..and the battery is weigh awesome!! I thnk if this phone were to be remade with bigger specs and appliction software.it would be the best.!! Though the freezng could be anoying its not frequent and that givs it more advantages than disadvantages...

Reviewed by Itz from Umar on 3rd Sep 2015
Bad Boy phone shout rts and issy badman 786

Reviewed by k.haridasan from kerala.india on 10th Sep 2014

Reviewed by c sembu from India on 2nd Jan 2014
The phone SE w910i is not at all reliable. It goes off even when the charger removed besides its routine off. No word about HSDPA or 3g function because video calling is null in my case though the signals are available in my other Samsung phone. The bad thing I did in my life is the purchase of one w910i.

Reviewed by BHAVIN from INDIA on 2nd Aug 2013
SO ....& SO....... BE HAPPY

Reviewed by Dil from Sri Lanka on 19th Dec 2012
I bought my SE phone in yr 2009. Up to 2011 it was so pleasure to use it. But it made some problems since middle of yr 2011. It suddenly restarting, freezing and some problems in keys as well. Now I can't receive the incoming calls even because receiving button is not working. I'm fed up with the phone now. Its like that problem is spreading to keys. Earlier only the cancel key didn't work now, with the top 2 navigation keys almost 5 keys are not working. I'm searching for a repairing center to give it for repair.

Reviewed by CHy from England on 21st Aug 2012
I've had my W910i since 2007 and it's been great, still looks cool and works fine. OK, it's now 5 years old but so what "if it ain't broke - don't fix it". I'm suprised it can still be bought, and at a premium price for a piece of kit of this age.

Reviewed by ezrasammy from kenya on 30th Jun 2012
this is the worst craziest phone failing to reach world standard recomended gadget..what is it now if You cant even update firmware, freezes often, no perfect flashing, internet problems, poor camera even the cheapest nokia has better a focus and beautiful lens.. consumers keep off! Be warned

Reviewed by U.M.Aryamane from India on 3rd Apr 2012
I was using W910I since June 2009.It worked without problem till November 2011 and one day during first week of Dec.2011 Its mice stopped working resulting other party was not able to listen what I was speaking / talking. I am in search of it's authorized service centre to repair it but in vein.

Reviewed by 1TCHR15M4YT33 from England on 12th Mar 2012
I think this phone is really great, Even though it maybe considered as an old phone now, I recently bought a brand new one off ebay and have had it for about a month...
It's been fantastic, great looking phone, lovely slide, great resolution screen, and for a 2mp camera it's very good quality. I have had many SE Walkman phones and have seen how much they have evolved from this model but still it's a veteran of the walkman series and theres nothing like a clasic! I have a SE Live With Walkman At the moment which is a touch screen model but i miss using buttons Lol.
& since a always wanted a W910i when it was released i thought i would have a catch up with it now. Why not eh?
I think i made a good choice and god a brand new in box W910i In White & Gold For Just £22.99 :)
Very Satisfied.

Reviewed by liz from UK on 5th Jul 2011
A Big No...worst phone

Reviewed by deepa from UK on 18th Jun 2011
i got a sony ericsson mobile w100i... but i was very much disappointed since it does work oly for a week propely and it got switched off.. and moreover i gave it for service more than four times.. walking from home to shop for more than four months... and the shop is 30km from my home.. its a great stress for my dad to travel.. and my kind request you to stop releasing these kinds of dummy phones... its rubbish and totally annoying

Reviewed by Enlinerne from UK on 16th Jun 2011
No bad :), it's unusual, to be useful

Reviewed by raja from UK on 31st May 2011
mah fne is turnin off whn i strt or turn it on............sony ericsson should figure out what the problem is and give out ways in which buyer will not have to suffer as we are suffering

Reviewed by Reena from UK on 22nd May 2011
this phone is seriously awful :S it started freezing so often that i went back to the shop after a month only to be told that the warranty doesn't cover this kinda stuff :( continued using the phone and went through the same problems week in week out. i recently had the cover changed n i dunno what the heck the fella did in the process as my phone became worse....n now, it's completely gone. i can't even switch it on n no it's nt the battery as the phone is still new. :(

Reviewed by drew+lee from UK on 21st May 2011
i have a 910i sonyeric and it keeps turning itself off 24_;7 pain in backside

Reviewed by xellos from UK on 17th Apr 2011
F word for this phone that all...

Reviewed by Helz from UK on 21st Mar 2011
I have had to have this phone for two years as I am on a 2 year contract. I got in june 2009. I liked the phone at first because all my friends had it however. The camera is a pile of rubbish- no flash. It constantly freezes and I had 25% battery- it's turns off- I then have 10% battery. It's a joke!

Reviewed by Tina from UK on 12th Mar 2011
I would recommend that you never buy this phone it freeze's all the time, have to reset all the time was sent a replacement which did the same now the 'c' button doesn't work and the call button and the button above no longer work either

Reviewed by (= from UK on 10th Mar 2011
had this phone when i first started my contract. aloved it a first. could leave it alone (=. i dont know WHAT happened but every so often it would freeze - crash - then turn its self off! i got done once or twice at school. it did it SO many times before! It slippes out your pockets, easily brakes, dusty screen ALWAYS, easy to scratch, screws come loose, slidy bit becomes stiff and wont open! I experienced all this. I would say only use this phone if you really want to! or need an easy to use! Which it is (= hope this helps and sorry to dis you SONY ERRICSON... <3

Reviewed by mehul machhral from UK on 3rd Mar 2011
i hate this mobile very much because while working or lishing song,s 4 many hours it hang........ that,s why i hate this mobile........i want that company plz do something about thiis mobile or made some new software.......plz plz

Reviewed by robo from UK on 15th Feb 2011
had the w910i for over 2 years now. What can i say its been very good to me. i have dropped this phone countless number of times and am amazed it still works. the internet is very quick cameras ok for what it is just 2mp. in the past couple of months it has started suffering with the redlight reset problem but only goes off 10sec max. only other miner niggle is the ear speaker is a little quiet. despite that still a very reliable phone that feels like a quality product.

Reviewed by jhon from UK on 3rd Feb 2011
excelent phone

Reviewed by zarah from UK on 31st Jan 2011
i think this phone is veryyyy veryyyyyyy gooooooooddddd!

Reviewed by Lorna S from UK on 24th Jan 2011
Unbeatable and unbreakable, this fone is OUTSTANDING! I`ve had mine for two YEARS and only had three probs, twice screen froze and once turned itself off - in 2 years! Not handled with kid gloves either, i work with horses and its fallen from a great height more times than i can count and been stood on by large horse once. God i wouldnt swap this for the world, its universaly admired too. 1st Class, no gripes here!!

Reviewed by Jonny G from UK on 2nd Dec 2010
hey folks, i had this phone what seems like ages ago. i have since had a couple of new ones. the W910i kept freezing and switching off so i sent it away to get fixed. 6 weeks later and i got a new one but after a week or so it kept freezing and switching off randomly!! one day it decided to switch off and not go back on! charging doesn't help. all that happens is a wee red button shows but nothing appears on the screen?!? anyone able to help as i have some photos and things that id like to see again... please help. p.s. ive tried connecting it to the comp but no luck :(

Reviewed by mgill from UK on 2nd Dec 2010
stupid phone. started with the occasional screen freezing, progressed to the dreaded red light stage. now evey button on the top slider has stopped working. DO NOT BUY!!!!!

Reviewed by Desmond from UK on 11th Nov 2010
Well, i've had this phone (W910i) for 5 months now and already problems have occured and i've not yet used the phone an awful lot. I see that this particular phone has been causing alot of hassle to others aswell. Anyway, the buttons on the slide-up part of the phone are not working, the call button and end-call button in particular. When i turn on the phone, all the buttons seem to flash alright but i get nothing from them. Any help?

Reviewed by Enonmous from UK on 7th Nov 2010
i have had this phone for about 2 - 3 weeks and i love it so far i have had no problems with it unlike others on these revbiews i would recomend this to anyone

Reviewed by Josiah McMillan from UK on 30th Oct 2010
I wish I had read this before I purchased it, It is the worse phone I've ever used, well until telecom made the R100, It keeps turning off at the most unpractical moments normally halfway through a song or even worse a conversation, Do not purchase no matter what anyone else says

Reviewed by Sarfaras from UK on 29th Oct 2010
This is the worst phone i have ever used. Its shuts down un expectedly.. kind of going to sleep mode in between.. speaker volume is too low for phone calls.. and finally the key started not functioning after a year..

Reviewed by Fiona from UK on 25th Oct 2010
This phone is one of the worst phones i have EVer had!it keeps turning off and frezzing, the buttons are hard to press and takes way to long for things to load and send. Rubbish phone!!!

Reviewed by leon walsh from UK on 16th Oct 2010
good for music and phone calls. Not good when it keeps deciding to turn off and back on when it feels like it, technology is rubbish. If ya want a phone get a basic one. If ya want a camera, any camera is alot better than this one. If you want music get an ipod. nuff said dont get me started on touch screens!!!

Reviewed by Clodagh from UK on 6th Oct 2010
My phone keeps freezing since the day I got it. I brought it back to the shop, they sent it to SE. I got it back and it was working fine until about 2 or 3 weeks later it started freezing again. Now about 6 months later some of the buttons aren't working. So whatever you do don't buy it.

Reviewed by phil from UK on 24th Sep 2010
I think about 3 days after i bought my phone it started freezing up and shutting down on me. If i happened to be writing a text and then received a text while while writing the phone could lock up for a good 5 seconds. So many things wrong with this phone it really is a shame because if it didnt have those faults it would have been quite nice

Reviewed by Chris (from England) from UK on 20th Sep 2010
Yeah the amount of times this phone crashes is immense! My W300i which isnt made anymore lasted me 4 years with no faults and suddenly died. The W910i is just VERY annoying and i'd prefer my Nokia 3310 to be honest! Still works a decade after i first brought it.

Reviewed by Ollie from UK on 19th Sep 2010
When I got this phone I was so happy but a couple of days later it started to freeze I thought maybe it wants to do an update but evrey 6 hours it swiches its self off so DONT BUY THIS PHONE IT RUBBISH!!!! get a nokia or something else it will never do that I dont know why they sold it and this costed me £130 so ripoff as well.

Reviewed by Roshni from UK on 18th Sep 2010
Have had this phone for around 2 years now, mine doesn't seem to have crashed as much as most people's do- my friend had the same for around the same amount of time and his almost NEVER worked. Personally, mine has only started to malfunction within the past 6 months or so- not bad, considering. It's a good phone, but overpriced considering the amount of times it doesn't work.

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 15th Sep 2010
I had to buy 5 new batteries for this phone coz it kept dying the amount it costs I might as well buy a new phone!

Reviewed by Matthew Bird from UK on 14th Sep 2010
Phone is ok but every so often turns itself off and restarts for no reason what so ever. WHY???

Reviewed by MUNISH SHARMA from UK on 6th Sep 2010
if you like to have look then fine.. but phone has very bad software and hang issues... Now, it becomes dead as try boot up the phone, lights come on but screen stays blank.. I will not recommend to buy this phone.. Only look is there rest phone stop working after 6 to 7 months.

Reviewed by Wani from UK on 4th Sep 2010
Funtastic music. But phone reboots. Any way thanks so much for this little wonderful plastic. Its worth what i payed for. but please no front camera and most importantly no gps. Hope you'l sort that out. BIG thanks.

Reviewed by Yoav Sofer from UK on 30th Aug 2010
Pros: 1. Overall many nice features. 2. Good castomized shortcuts manues. 3. Castomizable buttons (its great). Cons: 1. Restarts itself from time to time. 2. When you have many contacts (I had around 450 and this is too much for it), the phone gets stack when you start a call to a number that is not in your contacts. When it get stuck you can't end the call. So if no one answers, you are forced to get into the destination message box.

Reviewed by Adrianna from UK on 11th Aug 2010
I greatly dislike this telephone - admittedly, it is not brand new now (although it was when I bought it...but even at that point I found its features far less user friendly than the phone it superseded, also Sony Ericsson). It has been switching itself off after particularly "strenuous" activity (e.g., sending a text message or something animated on the radio) for a number of months now, but this is something I could live with. What is significantly more inconvenient is that the buttons now don't work - including the main 'Menu' button, so you cannot even turn it on consistently (although I confess I did manage to do so once yesterday - only to see that I had five new texts that I now have no means of reading). Even more irritating? Unconnected with SE, of course (and therefore not incorporated in the given rating), but Orange are UTTERLY hopeless. Mailed their customer services team for guidance at the beginning of the week for guidance and have yet to hear anything at all(the text messages wouldn't be from them, would they? They COULDN'T be, surely...that would just be RIDICULOUS...); the man in the shop gave me advice that I dutifully followed - re. downloading software - but, despite his being very nice, this was a complete and total waste of everybody's time and was clearly designed to get rid of me. It seems software and hardware are - perhaps to nobody's great surprise - completely separate things. *sighs* I am cancelling my contract and moving onto pay-as-you-go. At least that way when it fails to work and nobody is interested in helping to fix it, there is no salt being rubbed in the wound by simultaneously being charged in the interim.

Reviewed by tosan esoko from UK on 5th Aug 2010
well its good but it freezes at times,i have repaired the screen once but know its faulty again.i think sonyericsson should modify d soft ware and make it more hardcore ready

Reviewed by kislay from UK on 1st Aug 2010
worst phone in this price range

Reviewed by Billy lynch-white from UK on 23rd Jul 2010
My sony ericsson keeps shutting itself off by itself in the inter net pages saying probs to load the worse phone i have had cant wait to get rid of it

Reviewed by Conner from UK on 21st Jul 2010
Sent this phone for repairs 4 times after it continued to freeze and turn itself off. After the fourth attempt, they decided to replace it with another of the same model. The problem hasn't stopped. Never buying from Sony ericsson again because of this problem they aren't managing to solve.

Reviewed by jamse from UK on 21st Jul 2010
amazing phone its good.

Reviewed by Aaron bellas from UK on 25th Jun 2010
I cant sort my mms settings out for love nor money! Its a total head doer

Reviewed by michael chu from UK on 24th Jun 2010
this is my first sony ericsson. i am so surprised that a huge company like s and e can make a phone with such a bad manufacturing quality. the phone always turns itself off and this morning, i can't have it started any more ....

Reviewed by aj from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
my phone restart automatically and always emergency calls only

Reviewed by louise from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
do not buy this phone so much trouble it freezes or shuts down sent it to be repaired still shutting down hassle to get it sent off for free have to pay if not in warranty bad phone do not buy!

Reviewed by tildy from UK on 14th Jun 2010
I have many problems with it. My phone restarts itself, it says INACTIVE SIM, or if Is push the camera button, it goes back to the menu, and nothing is happen. Forgot my last call numbers, and so on. I don't like it. Previously when I was in the service point, they upgraded the new softeare.

Reviewed by karthick from UK on 12th Jun 2010
just a strip fault ...... then other than this all is good

Reviewed by Eddy from Xi an, China from UK on 1st Jun 2010
well well everyone is talking about its freezing problem. i also had experienced this problem when i purchased....but after updating my software....my phone is fit fine and fantasti.. secondly durability of fone is far better than previous SE fones...as twice i threw my fone intentionally while fighting...and amazingly its fine...and still working 100 %...this thing make me impress...TRY at ur own risk....or believe my words...anyways its better than N73 in music but there is no comparison b.w JAVA and Symbion for only music and shape...se w910i rocks...white colour suits for Medical professionals especially for med students and docs..decent look reading pan screen is fine and clear as i use atlas, encarta e books, dictionaries n stuff....inshort its good for those who got less pocket money and wana buy good mobile...

Reviewed by Foysal Ahamed Ovi from UK on 1st Jun 2010
It's nice phone.easy to use but else something new.new softwere need.sound is low.whatever it is good

Reviewed by abbie from UK on 21st May 2010
i got this phone like a monnth ago and it has many faults to it, it looks nice and wouold be appropiote for teenagers i would say, but the quality of the actual phone is poor, the camera mostly fogs and blurs, the phone just switches itself of at unapropite times and it also freezes for long periods of times.. overal i would give this phone 2/10 i wouldnt reccomend buying it, everyone i knew who had this phone also had these problems so it wasent that my phone was broken. its just generally not good.

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 13th May 2010
Had this phone for a year and a half now..however if i wasn't stuck in a contract i would of got a new one a long long time ago. I am now on my 8th handset that orange have had to replace. They last for about 3 months and just die on you.. and yes my battery's were all perfectly fine, not downloaded anything at all and i look after my phone pretty well. The first 2 had to go back because they were constantly turning off (at least 10-15 times a day), the third went back because all the buttons on the top half of the phone stopped working so i couldn't ring or text anyone. 4th- turning itself off lots again... 5th- phone swapped the name and number of my contacts so when i thought i was ringing one person it was actually ringing somebody else. At first i thought my friends had been messing around with it but when i changed them back the phone wasn't having any of it and automatically changed them straight back, 6th- turning off again, 7th- Lost access to network every where so couldn't send or recieve anything. When i mean everywhere i even mean in my bedroom which has a mobile broadcast pole outside the window on the street. Now i'm on my 8th and hoping (fingers crossed) that nothing goes wrong.. in my opinion the phones hardware isn't good enough to cope with the software and the software is flawed anyway. Also disapointed with there not being a camera flash and the shake control is kind of rubbish as you have to press a button anyway. Good pints ..... er .... it looks good and simple to use. But would not reccommend to anyone.

Reviewed by John Hurley from UK on 13th May 2010
The WORST phone ever made. Don't DON'T DON'T go any where near it. Tuns itself off all the time. So frustrating.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 12th May 2010
I bought this phone, the Sony Ericsson W910i and it was great when I first got it. However after a year the call key stoped working as well as the key to end call. Also the c key and the options key stoped working. This was after updating the phone on Sony Ericsson's website. Prior to the update the phone froze alot and shutdown. It would come back on eventually, however it would take a long time. The phone would crash during calls, txt, during game play and whilst brwosing the internet. This phone has some cool features and looks really stylish. It also has some serious problems.

Reviewed by Betty 1996 from UK on 11th May 2010
This phone has been absolutely fantastic and I love all of the applications that it gives you. Everything has been great however I also have the problem of it turning off automatically forcing me to remove the battery and sim card. I still think that its a fab phone though. Sadly I broke it!!!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 8th May 2010
I had bought a Sony Ericsson w910i, and within 6 months things had started to go wrong, so i had to by a new one.. do not buy this phone. Sony Ericsson need to sort themselves out!

Reviewed by Ladan from UK on 8th May 2010
i brought this phone like a year ago. Its rwally dogey.. it decides went to shut down and has spaz attacks. It randomly shuts down. And yeah' the camera is a basic 2.0 mega pixels and is good in daylight but useless at night :| Itz suppose to be a music phone but i sear after 2months the spund went bad too?!

Reviewed by rude boy from UK on 6th May 2010
load of rubbish shuts down time after time day in day out would never never ever buy 1 again proper head thrash

Reviewed by bev from UK on 2nd May 2010
i cant acccess the internet at all on my phone

Reviewed by liz from UK on 24th Apr 2010
this phone was not worth the money at all! The phone keeps on turning off automatically and it would happen several times in a row, the phone keeps freezing and there is no flash on the camera

Reviewed by Shaniqua from UK on 15th Apr 2010
After 2 months of having my phone, it started freezing and shutting down. Sony Ericssons phones are rubbish and I'm never gettin their phones again, ive had 2 sony ericsson phones and both of them broke. Making me watse my money, Dont bother buying one of these phones. The buttons are messed up and today the bottom half of my phone snapped off so i have no speaker and cant get a reception because the aerial broke off! It is slow and messed up. I hate it and wished i never watsed my money on it.

Reviewed by F.Reilly from UK on 14th Apr 2010
Love this phone.Had slight problem with it shutting down tho,but had the same prob with se w890i but only worse.I like the keypad layout.I find it great for texting and playing games.

Reviewed by Megan from UK on 13th Apr 2010
I got the phone a while back and was great to begin with then started going on/off and during phone calls and while writing a text the signal would just go and then restart itself.

Reviewed by AS from UK on 12th Apr 2010
Not a recommended phone froze a lot had it a year and broke to pieces..a mistake if you buy it.

Reviewed by jackie from UK on 9th Apr 2010
Please dont waste your hard earned cash on this 'so called' phone, its the 7th one iv had now and every single one has frozen, screen gone blank and got the RED LIGHT SYNDROME as a few people have put it. Iv complained again and again to Orange and Sony but to no avail. The phone itself is a nice looking phone but so annoying, my partner was so annoyed with his one day he threw it across the room and had to pay £100 for it to be fixed - even tho it was broken to start with! The MP3 player deletes songs as and when it feels like. Sound is poor and generaly a rubbish phone!

Reviewed by Alex Gallo from UK on 6th Apr 2010
I love the style of the sony w910i . The screen has fantastic image and plenty ways to define words size . Good sound . I.D. Tracking , very useful . Yes it has frozen a few times ! Still give it a 4.5

Reviewed by Zawmy from UK on 6th Apr 2010
i also had these shutdowns and freeze on my sew910i.. after that i re-install the software... now it's working properly and smoothly.. superb, cool model mobile.. i love it lot...

Reviewed by Maheen Ali from UK on 4th Apr 2010
Whem i first bought this Phone it was wicked, The Music Volume Was Wicked And The Whole Look of the Phone. I Had the freeze Problem But I Updated the Software on my Phone Usind The CD I got With the Phone & Now That Problem doesnt happen Anymore. All Toghether I Think This Phone is Stunning And Fun To Use. 5/5 Thank You

Reviewed by Nii Annan from UK on 4th Apr 2010
It simply cant download anything on the web.why

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 24th Mar 2010
do not buy this phone. I repeat; DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. i've only had it for 9 months and the screen has gone blank. the walkman makes the other features very slow, the camera quality is poor. texting is really slow. it can't multitask at all. for example, when you are talking on the phone and a message comes in, the keypad suddenly stop working. then u have to endure the freeze. you cant even hang up, and have to ask the person on the line to hang up on u. it is even hard to delete text messages because it will freeze. this freezing started even on the 2nd mths. i thought i put too many songs so i deleted some. still the same. i hate this phone to the core that when i finally get my new phone tomorrow, i'm gonna throw it on the road to be crashed by cars. if not, i'm gonna stamp on it really hard and jump on it till it is crashed into pieces. PHEW. that's a relief. i'm glad i can tell somebody about this.

Reviewed by tony from UK on 24th Mar 2010
i think the phone has a very poor sound quality effect but is good when an ear piece is involved. the radio function however keeps freezing

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 23rd Mar 2010
This phone is brilliant if you want to go to concerts and record, it can pick up the sound brilliantly. The one thing that making me buy a new phone is way this one is always slow and it shutsdown when it feels like it, for instance i was on the phone the other day and the phone just turned itself off and then when your texting it does not always respond to you when you push a button. i would not recomend this phone to you

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 15th Mar 2010
TERRIBLE The most unreliable phone I have ever owned. Battery life is poor, the internet connection SOOO slow, and the picture quality of the camera is low. I've had numerous problems with the functions freezing, it switches itself off then on (eventually), and now the bluetooth has stopped working. It's been repaired 4 times alrady over the last 12 months. Now, while still in the Sony guarantee they claim that it's 'unrepairable' and want £10+VAT to send it back to me. What an absolute rip off and waste of money. Sony products look good but performance doesn't match up.

Reviewed by David Lillywhite from UK on 14th Mar 2010
Now, i must speak up for this phone as alot of people are having a pop at it here! I have had this phone since April 2008 which is almost 2 years now and after the first month i had one problem where the red light was lit up on the back, the phone was lit up with the screen black and the phone was hot?! I have no idea why, but it hasnt done anything like it since and i have had it with me almost everyday and it has been to many different climates vairying from boiling hot countries to freezing ones and no problems. Brilliant phone which i have never had to update or replace or anything! 5+ Stars

Reviewed by Bankzy101 from UK on 9th Mar 2010
it nearly always laggs, freezes and shuts off, the battery wears out really quick and it is just a terrible phone, like they said above it should have been recalled as they are full of manufacture faults!!

Reviewed by anshul khandelwal from UK on 8th Mar 2010
"you pay for that'sony ericsson i am going to consumer court now.just watch it.

Reviewed by Jayy Maggot Monroe .   from UK on 7th Mar 2010
Its A Load Of Over Priced Plastic In My Opinion. ¬_¬ The First Few Weeks i Had It It Started To Freeze And Turn Off, When this Happens I Have To Take The Battery Out An As An Effect Of This My Back To My Phone Has Now Snapped. Also The Other Day It Came Off The Slider, The Buttons Stick Up And The Other Day The Bottom Of My Phone Caught On The 2 Button So Its Now Missing. The Part At The Bottom Off The Phone Is A Sticker, This Has Fallen Off And Now Has The Plastic Bit As It Appears The Sticker Was All The Was Holding It On, The Shaking In The Walkman Works When It Wants Too, An When You Shake It Violently To Make It Work When It Decides To Work Again You Skip About 6 Other Songs, When I Connect It Too My Laptop The Battery Life Goes Down And Not Up, About Every Other Week It Refuses To Send Messages And Wont Let Me Access My Inbox So I Have To Master Reset It ALL the Time. The Camera Is Terrible, You Have To Hold It For Forever For It To Take It Without Going Blurry, And At Night Even When Night Mode Is On All You See Is Black... And Now The Other Day It Decided It Would Freeze Turn Itself Off And Not Turn Back On At All, Myself I Used To Be a HUGE SE Fan, But After This Phone I Swore To Myself I Would Never Get One Again As It Seems To Mee All The New Phones They Bring Out Have Faults In One Way Or Another And Their Old Phones That Worked Fine They Have Stopped Making.

Reviewed by angelofdeath from UK on 7th Mar 2010
this fone is awful wen i got it 2day i thort it ws kwl nw i av it i h8 it wenever i slide it up the screen goes blank and it keeps freezing wot a waste of money

Reviewed by why do you want my name? from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
i have this phone and it is alright. it would be way better if it has wifi.... the walkman layout should improve as the visualisations are smaller than it should be. it looks really cool and slik as it is the slimmest sony slide phone available... lightweight but very sensitive...

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 1st Mar 2010
This phone is awful - I have been in correspondence with Sony Ericsson due to the phone switching on and off intermittently - they say it is customer damage due to cracks in the resin. I have written three letters to them about this and they remain firm that it is my fault - a company who don't care about their customers - avoid their phones, and in particular this model at ALL costs.

Reviewed by John Matthews from UK on 1st Mar 2010
I am now on my third W910i in a year, and I can honestly say that I have never had such an unreliable phone. It is no wonder the o2 shops were only to willing to change them, its a pity that they ever sell them at all. I have had a good Sony phone in the past and was prepared to keep trying until I got another, sadly no joy. My 910i freezes at will and when it's had enough of messing me about like this, it gets bored; gives up completely and turns itself off for the hell of it. It is a lovely looking phone and the radio and walkman are good but not good enough to put up with all the other messing around.

Reviewed by katie from UK on 26th Feb 2010
Exactly same problem as everyone else. Both my boyfriend and I got the same phone from Tesco for Christmas last year. Both phones keep freezing and switching off. Gets worse as time goes on. Deffo very badly made. Would not recommend Sony Ericsson to anyone now. We are both going to have to ditch the phones. We call each other - next thing - nothing. One of them has switched off. Not the best thing for an emergency phone call!!!! I think I will contact Sony Ericsson too but don't hold out much hope for any help. Would be great if it worked. But it doesn't.

Reviewed by Sophia from UK on 24th Feb 2010
After having this phone for near enough 15 months with orange i'm tired of it breaking so many times. I think walkman and sony have really let me down on this. My sister has also had a simlar phone not 100% what type but a downgrade i think. We've had all the same problems with it... It repeatedly shuts itself down (usually when has no signal, don't have a clue what that has to do with anything), the microphone broke and the speaker has been broken for no particuar reason. If you are thinking of buying this phone I strongly advise you not to. the only good thing is it looks pretty. That's it. No joke... DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! If there was an option to pick no stars I would!

Reviewed by nigfl from UK on 24th Feb 2010
inactive sim everytime wen try unlocking it they say its blocked but i bought it

Reviewed by James from UK on 23rd Feb 2010
Firstly I think it's hilarious that people can rate this phone as "outstanding" when they haven't even had it for more than a month. The issues tend to happen when you've had the phone for a while. Mine happened after 2 months. It froze all the time and switched itself off - even during phone calls. Predictive text recognition is slow even though I'm slow at texting on it's purely useless keypad. The Walkman slows other phone features down when in use. The Walkman eq. sound is terrible even with "mega bass" selected. Volume is quiet - both with the Walkman and the voice calling and speaker phone. I could capture more detail with my own memory than what the camera could, it's utterly disappointing. The ringing tone is really loud, which yes, is good. But the ringing sound is sssooo tinny that I'd rather have it on vibrate and stick it in my mouth instead. Sony Ericsson have disappointed me this time, I've had 3 phones, 2 were a different model and so I had this one i nstead. And it has the same problems. Sony Ericsson have disappointed me. If there was a "0 star(don't buy)" option I'd select it. NEVER BUYING ONE AGAIN.

Reviewed by Sisha from UK on 23rd Feb 2010
I Thought this phone was actually good ! although the camera isint like 50 megapixels its ok! the texting is really easy & good memory is really good music player brilliant ..! its 3G so yes you can do video calls! overall its a pretty average good phone!

Reviewed by dave w from UK on 23rd Feb 2010
red light thing...network failure..etc etc...truely rubbish phone!

Reviewed by EE from UK on 21st Feb 2010
This is the worst phone ive ever had its great for about 3 months then its slow and turns off when you want to write a txt or make a call which is abit pointless when thats what you want a phone for.

Reviewed by Jane Edgeler from UK on 21st Feb 2010
I am in a dispute with Sony Ericsson regarding the problems I have had with this phone - had it less than one year and sent it back a few weeks ago to Sony Ericsson. It switches itself on and off intermittently and the problem became worse so I sent it back to them - report back saying unrepairable, cracks in the resin, customer damage. I have escalated my complaint as I will not accept their diagnosis as I have never mistreated the phone - to me it must be a software problem. I am determined that they will admit I am not at fault and will get a replacment.

Reviewed by DENNIS from UK on 20th Feb 2010
This phone stinks really badly. First the shutting down red light thing, the Walkman player lags when you have lots of songs. Sometimes it doesn't let me send a text and that really annoys me. If you go on the internet it usually says "Not enough credit" but i had 200mb of data, then when it worked it said unavaliable. Then the 'Inactive Sim" situation that annoys me and you have to take out your battery and turn it on again. The camera is really laggy and at night it is really bad.

Reviewed by Dylan from UK on 19th Feb 2010
I was a Nokia user for a good 8 or 9 years, wnad when it came around to upgrade time, my girlfriend recommended this phone...worst recommendation EVER! At first I loved it, having 200 songs on shuffle all the time is great for the long drives to and from work. However, the retarded flat buttons are lame, the slow reaction if you do anything else whilst listening to music, and of course, the benighted red-light problem. For example, the phone does it's thing and pops off into Redlightland, when it comes back on (after like 3 bloody hours) then my battery has gone from just short of full to 1 bar remaining. It's terrible. A said by someone else here, Sony should be ashamed that they unleashed such an appaling phone upon an unsuspecting public. I'll be rejoining the Nokia family soon.

Reviewed by Tushar K from UK on 19th Feb 2010
it is very difficult to hear anything in crowded place i think if earpiece volume was bit high then it might have made good phone but with habdsfree is vey good

Reviewed by Tom Hardy from UK on 18th Feb 2010
DO NOT BUY This Mobile Phone has been nothing but trouble for me. The Phone mostly restarts itself once you turn it on because of problems such as *inactive sim* or no sim card inserted. The walkman music player lags when you go down the list of songs and starts at the top of the list again. The 2 Megapixel Camera is rubbish especially in dark areas and pictures are blurry. Worst phone Ever

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