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Sony Ericsson W890i review

 Review: February 2008  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The superslim W890i is one of the best Walkman phones ever, with a metal finish and available in a choice of silver or brown.


Released in February 2008, the W890i is an upgraded version of the superslim W880i Walkman phone. The W880i faced some criticism because it lacked an FM radio and had a horrible keypad, but Sony have been listening hard, because these issues have been fixed in the W890i.

The W890i looks very similar to its predecessor - it's a classic design superslim phone with a user-friendly keypad and a nice 5-way navigation key, plus dedicated music keys. At 10mm it's one of the thinnest phones around and is super-lightweight at 78g. Available in a choice of colours - Sparkling Silver or Mocha Brown, it's a smart and good-looking phone. The metallic finish gives a feeling of quality missing from the cheaper Walkman phones.

Musically speaking, this Walkman phone delivers everything that we could want. The latest Walkman player software is the best in the business, and the sound quality is high, especially if you plug in a stereo headset or use an optional Bluetooth wireless stereo headset. Managing playlists is easy, transferring music from PC to phone is quick using either USB or Bluetooth, and with a 2 Gbyte memory stick included in the sales package, there's room for up to 500 songs. We're really pleased to see the addition of an FM radio too - a must for any serious music phone. Additional music features include TrackID™ which lets you identify a song (name, artist and album) from a few seconds recording, and the PlayNow™ download service which lets you buy and download MP3 ringtones from your phone.

The camera has been upgraded too to 3.2 megapixels, but lacks autofocus. Video calling is supported, as the W890i is a 3G phone. You can record video clips too, and even edit them with the VideoDJ software supplied. The display is a high quality TFT screen with 262,000 colours and 240 x 320 pixels.

A new feature for the W890i is HSDPA (nicknamed 3.5G) - a faster implementation of 3G that enables downloads at up to 3.6Mbps - that's 12 times faster than normal 3G. The W890i is quadband GSM too, so it can operate on any continent in either 2G or 3G mode.

Other features worth a mention include 3D Java games, a web browser plus support for RSS web feeds, and flight mode.

We really like the W890i. It fixes all of the problems that were present in the W880i, and is a sign that Sony Ericsson may have turned the corner after a disappointing year in 2007. This is a classic Walkman phone with great music features and a quality superslim design. It doesn't have the best camera, but it does have the benefit of fast 3G and a host of other features. No phone does everything, but if your focus is music, this is definitely in our shortlist of best phones to choose from in 2008.

Sony Ericsson W890i features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with 3x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • VideoDJ™ video editor
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels (1.8 inches)
  • Media player (MP3 / AAC)
  • FM radio
  • MegaBass™
  • MP3 & AAC ringtones / Polyphonic ringtones
  • MusicDJ™ polyphonic ringtone composer
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • Personal organiser functions
  • 3D Java games
  • GPRS, HSDBA (3.6Mbps), Access NetFront web browser, RSS feeds
  • Web browser
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Memory: 26 Mbytes plus 2 GByte Memory Stick Micro (M2™)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB mass storage
  • Quadband plus 3G (UMTS 2100, HSDPA)
  • Size: 104 x 47 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 78g

Sony Ericsson W890i user reviews

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Average rating from 317 reviews:

Reviewed by Raj from India on 27th Mar 2014
In India Sony Ericsson is really pathetic. We called their call centre to find out about batteries and the guy pretended not to hear us. Sony is sure to lose out to other competitors in India.


Reviewed by suja from srilanka on 26th Jan 2013
better than w880

Reviewed by Raffick from UK on 26th May 2011
yes. i love this mobile w890i. camera is amazing compared to any other 3.2megapixel camera mobile. its small and simple. Walkman with megabass is good:):)great product by sony ericsson:)

Reviewed by Uthman Iqbal from UK on 28th Mar 2011
It is one of the worst phones i have ever had. For the first few months it was great but i dropped it a few times and since then it randomly turns off when it wants to and after it turns back on, i lose the theme that i like. This phone is soooooo annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Habeeb from UK on 24th Jan 2011
Am using sony ericsson w890i and i assure no phone past it with camera and past browsing and downloading use it and enjoy real music

Reviewed by samson ayodeji from UK on 21st Jan 2011
w890i is one best phone i've ever used thank you sonyericson

Reviewed by George from UK on 30th Oct 2010
I have had this phone almost three years now and I still love it. When I got it I wanted something light and small and this is it! The screen is a good large size and the keys are easy to use. The camera and walkman are amazing. For the past few months though, every so often it will freeze, turn off then back on again. It doesn't affect the memory or the sim or anything else but it can get annoying, but this won't be a regular occurrence, just mine playing up for me. But it is a great phone, and doesn't scratch easily.

Reviewed by G from UK on 26th Sep 2010
Hi, The mobile is good as walkman .... Only many problems of sound :S The sound doesn't work when someone call me or when i get message ... The sound only works when i play one of mp3 files or songs/sounds .... And many other people have this problem I will probably buy new phone but not sony erricson anymore :S

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 20th Sep 2010
It freezes and laggs all the time. It has a mind of its own and frequently decides to switch off, which is very annoying. Whatever I try to do, it finds a way to mess me around. Do not buy this phone!!!

Reviewed by Scrappy Coco from UK on 11th Sep 2010
no sound for incoming call + text msgs + alarm ....audio video files can still play. camera doesnt hav a flash, no zoom in option while taking photos. only good thing is it has a metal casing.

Reviewed by Gareth collins from UK on 8th Sep 2010
This is a good phone BUT the only problem is my phone keeps freezing and switching off for a minute or two. I have not dropped my phone or anything it just started...and this has happened on three of my previous sony ericsson phones....

Reviewed by John bone from UK on 2nd Sep 2010
It doesn't have java settings which makes it difficult to browse freely

Reviewed by vishal haryana from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
this is brilliant phone but my handset screen display is off. The part of handset is very high prices.

Reviewed by Abeera Alam from UK on 29th May 2010
This is the worst phone I have owned. The keypad is way to small, the phone freezes and you have to take the battery out and restart it. The signal is so bad, it takes me at least 5 minutes to get one bar. When I go onto the camera, it doesn't let me so I have to retry about 7 times and then I can get onto it. The music is slow, and not very responsive. I've given up on the music and im using my Samsung mp3 player. the only good thing is that whenever i drop it, it doesnt break or switch off.

Reviewed by ---- from UK on 25th May 2010
ok everything is good except the connection is terrible and if u leave it for ages off it will just freeze DONT GET 1

Reviewed by Niall from UK on 13th May 2010
Good phone but not a great phone. No complaints about the camera or music capibilities. Although it constantly turns on and off without warning and doesnt have the best signal there is a more serious problem! My w890i has recently started to heat up on a regular basis were the point that I have had to take the battery out, the metal back cover gets to hot to hold and the screen goes blank and refuses to turn on for atleast half an hour! Not great at all!

Reviewed by harlekwin from UK on 13th May 2010
Still use this phone as my backup. Just can't praise it enough. Slim and eligent. Clear audio both with calls and music player. Buttons are excellent quality and easy to use. Blutooth works well with the Motorola S9 headset. Love it.

Reviewed by Sonny from UK on 5th May 2010
When ii gott thiss phone ii thought it looked reallyyy HOT! I loved it at first and it was the fiorst sony erricson ii ever had and i was quite excited about it. Then after about a month of having it the phone started to freeze ALOT. It would interupt me during calls and just suddenly turn off without warning! If i was in an emergency ii would NOT recommened this phone! It happened constantly and if i was in the middle of writing a text, the phone would turn off and the text ii was writing would disappear!! I got VERY frustrated with this phone, ii asked 2 friends, my brother and his girlfriend and my sister who all had/have sony erricsons and they told me that they had the same thing happen to their phone! The good things about this phone was probably the camera, although it didnt have auto focus or zoom you could set it too night vision and it would be MUCH brighter. When making a film there was zoom which was good and when looking at pictures you could zoom in re ally well and see the image clearly. The walkman was excellent and soo was the memory. The memory was actually fantastic. Overall the phone was alrightt but not THE best!

Reviewed by gemma from UK on 29th Apr 2010
I have had the phone little over a year,and it Constantly turns itself off.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 21st Apr 2010
This phone is a total nightmare. It doesn't even deserve the one star rating I have given it. I have had the phone little over a year, and it has been replaced twice after numerous occasions of sending it off for repair. All they did was a software upgrade which did absolutely nothing!! The red light comes on and then just freezes or the screen goes blank, I then have to remove the battery. It turned off on me totally yesterday and will now not switch on, so i have no phone. I am now in the process of waiting for 02 to send me a new phone, that is definitely not a sony ericsson...i will NEVER buy one again!

Reviewed by callum from UK on 14th Apr 2010
This is my final day with my W890i and I am delighted this day has finally arrived. Like many have already mentioned on this site my phone also liked to reset itself. In the worst case the phone would become unusable for 5-10 minutes while it constantly reset itself. You get a 3.2MP camera which shoulds good. However it lacks many of the great feature my previous phone had, K800i. No auto-focus and flash made taking a good picture almost impossible.

Reviewed by nicola from UK on 30th Mar 2010
i have this phone for about 2 years now i had no problems till about a month ago for some reason it won't ring or do message tones but i can still listen to my music on the speaker apart from that it has bean a great phone i have got one for my daughter.

Reviewed by Louisa from UK on 26th Mar 2010
Ive had so many problems with this phone that ive had it replaced. it always freezes, so i got a replacement from o2, but this one is still worse. it still freezes and tonight it wont eve n turn on and the screen is broken and ive had it for about 3 weeks...

Reviewed by Darren from UK on 24th Mar 2010
Mine keeps resetting itself

Reviewed by A Eliz from UK on 16th Mar 2010
WORST PHONE EVER!!!! Do NOT buy it! Constantly turns itself off, constantly says "Emergency Calls Only". Three people I know with same phone had exact same problems. If you want to be able to make and receive phonecalls and tetxs do NOT buy this phone. It might look pretty...it might store a lot of music, but don't be fooled.

Reviewed by ashad from UK on 16th Mar 2010
loves the fone

Reviewed by mark from UK on 16th Mar 2010
amazing phone... look its 2010 and i still got it actually i got 2 black/silver.. must buy!!! im looking to buy the brown one now.

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 8th Mar 2010
Absolutely shocking phone! All was well for about a month, and then it began to turn itself off at random intervals. At its worst it was turning off 10+ times a day. The phone is slow, turning on takes a good 30 seconds, and it takes a while for the keyboard to catch up whilst texting, often resulting in utter nonsense texts! Occassionally when ringing a friend I have been greeted by my phone screaming at me, not pleasant for the eardrums! Overall I would advise anyone to avoid this phone, it has been nothing but trouble!

Reviewed by Buchmuller Norbert from UK on 19th Feb 2010
I like the sony ericcson w890i but the sony ericcson w995 is greatest than this phone!!!

Reviewed by JIM from UK on 9th Feb 2010
I think the phone is fantastic other than the reception which is appalling I can only use my phone by wandering around until you get a signal, if you turn off 3g the signal improves dramatically but the phone automatically turns 3g back on & the signal goes down the toiletwhich is really frustrating when you cant receive or make calls.Does anyone know how to turn off 3g permanently?

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 9th Feb 2010

Reviewed by Jordan Burt From The Uk from UK on 7th Feb 2010
I think the phone is fantastic, its a good music phone, i'm wondering how much room it can handle, i have an 8gb memory card in it at the moment, and i'm nearly out of room, but is 8gb all the phone can handle? Lately it keeps turning off saying Inactive SIM but i'm guessing T-Mobile are to blame? I found doing things with my music easy, if you want to make a playlist you can either go through your files and make one, or actually queue up songs in your media library. I just dragged and dropped songs from my computer without having to install any software either. The camera is fairly impressive, it's ok for quick everday shots, but for more of an occaision go for a digital camera. I dont find the earphone jack a problem, as it comes with a changable jack. But a 3.5mm jack would be easier. The buttons are easy to press the wrong one. The receptiong is good, even when i'm in a concealed room, i still get good reception. It's a good looking phone, but all sony ersicsson phones come with the same software on them, so if you dont like the SE software get another brand. Its a decent phone, and is at a good cost for what you get.

Reviewed by Jas from UK on 27th Jan 2010
I have had similar problems, it keeps switching off & turning itself back on. It does it very very frequently & is a pain! I can't wait to get an upgrade. I also had the exact same problem with the W910i, so i would not recommend either phone. W890i & W910i ARE TERRIBLE PHONES, DO NOT GET THEM!!!

Reviewed by bill from UK on 14th Jan 2010
dis is one siikheeed fone

Reviewed by Vix from UK on 28th Dec 2009
I'm really not impressed with this phone. It looks great and is a nice size and weight with good menus and navigation. However, the first one had to go back as the signal receiver was faulty and the second one constantly crashes, turning itself randomly on and off and often can't get a signal. Also the software for getting music onto the phone is not very good and when I go into the phone it doesn't seem to actually have transferred any of what it says it has. I will be changing phone as soon as my upgrade package allows!

Reviewed by Pauline from UK on 12th Dec 2009
rubbish !!! looks good , but after only 1 month it started turning itself off - red light comes on the back and i have to take the battery out to get it to turn back on. Had it replaced 5 times now and they all do the same - still have 7 months left of the contract!!!

Reviewed by Donald from UK on 6th Dec 2009
I hate my w890 it freezes all the time. It doesnt have a flash so you cant take pictures at night

Reviewed by liam from UK on 3rd Dec 2009
brilliant phone

Reviewed by roma from UK on 1st Dec 2009
WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD!! was ok to start with for the first 2 months. - freezes and resets it' self, have to take battery out to switch back on. - ok for music, but will crash with too many songs/pics on -TERRIBLE NETWORK!!!to call/ recieve text i have to have it in one position facing a certain way to get network GET THIS PHONE IF YOU WANT TO RECIEVE YOUR MESSAGES 2 DAYS LATER,HAVE CALLS CUT OFF WHEN YOUR TALKING, GET ANSWERPHONE MESSAGES RATHER THAN THE PHONE ACTUALLY RINGING.

Reviewed by charlotte from UK on 30th Nov 2009
this phone makes me wanna throw it across the room! i hhhhaaatee it!!!! for no reason it just vibrates and turns off and that annoying red light comes on the back! and then you take the baterry out and strat it up again and have to wait a million years for it to turn on and another century for it to stop 'searching' and find a signal! randomnly it takes down my wallpaper and resets my ringtone!! and as for looking through photos too bad if you dont hav all day cos thats how long it takes! i hate you w890i and will be replacing you with an iphone asap.

Reviewed by Brona from UK on 28th Nov 2009
!!Heya!! this is not a joke and im just going to make this simple,,ive had this phone for 1year soon and after a while it will just freeze the screen will blank and a red light on the back switches on-quite annoyin wen ur in the middle of a call!!..camera is excellent even though its missing flash and its easy to text on..if i had to give my opinion weather to buy it or not i would give an honest no.

Reviewed by Joan from UK on 16th Nov 2009
phone looks great and great music capacity, but its a PHONE and it rarely being able to find a signal, and constantly turning itself off, is just too much of a problem for it to actually be useful as one. if youre thinking of buying this phone. i wouldnt.

Reviewed by Heidi from UK on 14th Nov 2009
Much as I love the look and general capabilities of this phone, it has a major problem with crashing and freezing. This problem has got progressively worse and more frequent the longer I've had the phone. To by honest I can't wait to upgrade and I'm not sure a Sony Ericsson will be top of the list!

Reviewed by SD from UK on 7th Nov 2009
This is the worst choice of phone i have ever made! It shuts off a least 3-4 times a day and who knows how many more times when its in my pocket. The reception is appalling I can only use my phone by the window on one side of my flat and is really frustrating when you cant receive or make calls. My last phone was a SE and had excellent reception in any part of my flat. I Explained this to my supplier and they blamed it on the area I lived in!?! I eventually had the phone replaced after being sent off 3 times, I shouldnt have bothered as the new one is worse! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 5th Nov 2009
By far the worst phone I've ever owned. The signal strength is pathetic, it switches itself off, operates slowly sometimes and takes ages to send and receive texts sometimes. And this is a replacement phone as my first one was just as bad. The camera is also pathetic and the video player is so slow it's only useful for recording stationary objects!!! This is my third but definetly last sony ericsson.

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 4th Nov 2009
I got this phone about 18 months ago. Pretty impressed. Looks amazing. It's tiny and i need a small phone, plus it does everything you want it to, so for me it's ideal. however it can be slow at times, when browsing through photo's. Also it takes ages to start up! And recently it has even started to just freeze, and i have to take out the battery. A few months ago i would have giver this phone 5 stars, but after this happening im having to go down to three. But i still love this phone!

Reviewed by evan from UK on 1st Nov 2009
the camera broke and turns everything green, it switches off all the time, it's slow, and it's smelss funny

Reviewed by chimyy x from UK on 29th Oct 2009
this phone is okay, not the best though as the camera is average and it definiatley lacks flash and zoom. it also keeps switching off and i tried to update the software but it failed! i wouldn't buy this phone and the keypad is horrible!

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 16th Oct 2009
I've had this phone for 18 months now and am looking to upgrade. This phone has been nothing but problematic for me, it crashees all the time, freezes, drops calls and is generally slow with all functions. I have been using SE phones for many years now and this is probably the worst I've come across, I don't really want to change to a different company but due to the phone I feel let down with the support I received by SE. I upgraded this phone online once thinking it would help but all it did was make things worse. I love th slimline phone which is what I was drawn to but now I'm open to all and any phone providing it can be reliable.

Reviewed by wilson kenya from UK on 14th Oct 2009
i have been using the phone for the last one year and i must say its a great package. however in terms of data security its failed since its got no security locks like other phones do.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 11th Oct 2009
A belting phone but I can't get the ringtone very loud I have turned up the volume but miss calls besause of not hearinh the ring. Jim

Reviewed by conkers from UK on 11th Oct 2009
Problem 1. If I am listening to the radio and someone calls me then the radio cuts and the ring signal comes through the headphones and telephone speaker. No problems there. But, if I am listening to the mp3 player and someone calls me, the mp3 player goes quiet, but no ring signal in the headphones or through the telephone speaker. So if I do not have the earphones in my ears, i miss the call.. strange. Problem 2. The calendar alarm sound cannot be changed or raise the volume. It makes one pathetic sound and that's it. I have missed appointments because of this and according to SE this cannot be rectified. Problem 3. Example. I have a meeting booked for 8am in the calendar and set the warning tone for one hour before so I have time to get up and go to work. If I then set the alarm to sound at 7am, the pathetic meeting warning tone will sound and put the alarm on snooze without sounding.

Reviewed by LAJ from UK on 10th Oct 2009
When I first got my phone I loved it, but for the last 6 months the battery has started overheating and then the screen either freezes or the handset switches itself on and off. The only way to re-set it is to remove the back and the battery, which is easier said than done when you haven't realised it's frozen again and the battery has overheated. This is a real shame as previously to this I thought my phone was fantastic, as had decided not to change it when my contract was up. Now I can't wait for my contact to end so I can have a new phone, and it definitely wont be a sony ericsson.

Reviewed by Caroline from UK on 8th Oct 2009
I got the W890i as an upgrade from my Cybershot which wa an excellent phone. Unfortunately for me it, I have to say is the worst phone I've ever had. It's always locking up so I have to switch it off and remoe the battery. The picture quality is terrible.I wouldn't mind but before I got the W890i I raved about it so much my partner got one and he's had similar problems with his. Thank goodness my contract is up soon so I get switch to a Nokia.

Reviewed by maze from UK on 8th Oct 2009
rubbish phone of its kind, switches onn and off while on calls

Reviewed by Raquele from UK on 28th Sep 2009
i've had this fone for nearly 15 months in black, its a good phone but when it falls it leaves marks on the phone which makes it look tacky, also it keeps freezing i don't know why, but then i have to take the battery out the back and put it back in and switch it on and becareful for it not to happen again, it happens when i'm in a call with someone or just playing games or texting, it has also happened many times when i am transferring files from the computer to the phone, overall its an okay fone, but my nokia 7373 was much better

Reviewed by alden from UK on 27th Sep 2009
best fone ever

Reviewed by JaneH from UK on 19th Sep 2009
Disappointed. I have had nothing but trouble with with phone. I have a been a dedicated Sony Ericsson Fan but this phone has put me right off. It has poor reception - I'm told because apparently the receiver is behind the key pad. Turn it upside down and the signal improves by almost double!!! The software continually crashes, usually mid text, then the phone turns it self off. I have to wait for it to reset itself or take the battery out and turn it on myself. When I did complain about this problem my network provider told me it was a common SE problem. They said they could send the phone back to SE for me and have the software reloaded. I tried this - solved the problem for approx. 2 weeks. To say that I am sick of this phone is an understatement. My upgrade is now due and I certainly wont be getting another SE. If I could select a zero star rating I would.

Reviewed by patty from UK on 14th Sep 2009
The Bad: Random freezing/crashing of software is highly irritating especially when it takes an eternity to reboot. Signal is very poor and drops out if you move the phone. Picture quality from the camera is at best average. Tiny keypad makes messaging awkward. Speaker quality is pathetic considering this is a walkwman phone. Bundled software has a tendancy to also crash. The Good: I shall be free of this hateful phone in 4 weeks when my contract is up for renewal. Revenge shall be sweet, i have something sinister planned for the utter destruction of this phone.

Reviewed by lynda from UK on 10th Sep 2009
i brought a sony ericsson w890i had it a few day then sent it back it was a load of rubbish that was the frist one iv every had it would be my last one i will stay with samsung they are the best

Reviewed by chris w from UK on 7th Sep 2009
Utterly garbage. I have never known anything crash like this thing. This phone will crash, restart itself and fail to find the network - all in your pocket! This means you don't know the phone has crashed until you try and ring out. Always liked SE phones but the software on this is just dreadful

Reviewed by Brona from UK on 28th Aug 2009
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!..After a few months will start to freeze.And very small keypad..overall very bad phone..

Reviewed by Caz from UK on 25th Aug 2009
Very poor. Restarts itself all the time (especially during calls and texts). Also freezes randomly and you have to remove the battery and reboot to get it working again. Also can never get a signal... spoke to two of my friends with the same phone and they have similar problems. Next time am going to bypass the "gadget filled" option in favour of a phone that is basic but reliable.

Reviewed by Keld from DK from UK on 11th Aug 2009
USELESS DO NOT BY THIS PHONE. The software reboots constantly. The problem occurs also wit 880.

Reviewed by jodie from UK on 9th Aug 2009
this phone is terrible i would not reccomend to any 1 i have had it for 8months and have allready sent it back to get fixed 5 times.

Reviewed by David marsh from UK on 7th Aug 2009
Rubbish phone I'm on my 3rd in a year lots of bug weak signal sticky buttons. getting a new phone tomorrow not happy.

Reviewed by Mikhael from UK on 5th Aug 2009
I've had two W890i phones since April 2008 (one from T-Mobile and one from Vodafone) and I have been getting the same problem with both... When I get the phone, it's absolutely fine for a while, but a few months down the line I start getting random resets. The phone might not be doing anything (or I may be in the middle of a call) and the phone suddenly resets itself. Sometimes it's just once every 2-3 days, sometimes it gets itself stuck in a loop and the phone has to "calm down" before I can use it again. Very irritating this! T-Mobile & Voda don't seem to know anything about this, although if I Google it, there seem to be plenty of reports of people having the same (and worse) problems as myself. Shame that, as otherwise it's a pretty good phone.

Reviewed by ER1980 from UK on 31st Jul 2009
I had always trusted SE phones, which is why after a spell of motorola I decided to go back to them for my most recent phone, the w890i. Disappointingly from the start I have had problems. Initially it would occasionally turn itself off which I could deal with. However this has slowly gotten worse over the past 8 months. It now does this at least twice a day, usually mid phone call. It will not work properly for about 20 mins after this. It also will for days on end stop sending my texts, until without warning will start to again. This is incredibly frustrating. I would not recommend this phone to anybody, and will not be buying SE again.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 31st Jul 2009
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I'm afraid I'm another one who's been plagued by the dreaded buzz/reboot on their W890i. First time I've strayed away from a Nokia in over ten years and I certainly won't have another Sony. Looks nice but reboots at least once a day after it gets just out of warranty. In a word, rubbish.

Reviewed by ainsley from UK on 27th Jul 2009
it doesn't have 3x digital zoom, you can't zoom in when taking a picture OR video, it sucks! you can only zoom in when your looking at a picture!

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 24th Jul 2009
I have had this phone for a year now and i have had absolutely no problems with it i love this phone and tbh i think there is nout wrong with it its one of the most well made fones by SE . i first thought i would break it in my pocket, but its lasted this long atleast !!

Reviewed by lynda from UK on 23rd Jul 2009
i only had my phone a few hours my oher phones have always been samsung and i thought they was good phones im very happy with it at the so far i just wish the keys would light up for night time use it lost it signal apart from that im very happy with my new phone

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 22nd Jul 2009
This phone is absolutly awful. DO NOT BUY. From the moment I got it, it continuously loses signal. The camera is awful. The main problem I have had is that it keepts restarting itself. It can do this up to and beyond 20 times in a row! this means I can not do anything whilst this is happening. It can happen ata ny time, but often chooses to do so when I'm reading, recieving, replying to or sending text messages and when I'm on the phone. I often get cut off and have to wait for over half an hour until I can use the phone again. If i take out the battery for a few seconds, it is really hot to touch, and once put back in and turned on the phone takes at least another ten minutes to set up and be ready to use, then I can expect to go through the same problem within the following hour. I also know 2 other people with the same phone (we all have different colours so that can't be blamed) and have had the same problem. Also found another website with reviews - all of whom seemed to have the same problem. When taken back to the shop, and sent back to the manurfacturer I was told it was my fault - perhapes due to condensation - which I do not believe could possibly be my fault.

Reviewed by iftikhar from UK on 21st Jul 2009
so far getting good result I personely recommend this hand set for user having lot of qualities

Reviewed by JOn from UK on 17th Jul 2009
Red light crashing problem. Poor buttons - too easy to press 2 at once. The worst phone I've ever had. Very disappointed. 1 Star.

Reviewed by sheila from UK on 6th Jul 2009
ave just got my 1st sony erisson w890i...b4 that i was a samsung lover of mobile's, & i think i shall b returning bak 2it, all ive ad is trouble from the start keeps blanking out on me. need 2 update media frequantly,& there is no flash on camera... very displeased wif it.. think i will b returning it bak asp 2 shop. spoke 2 a mate of mine who just purchased one & her's is also blanking out on her,, thumbs down 4me

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 30th Jun 2009
I was hooked by the looks of this phone and has a lot of features. But then as time goes by, this phone keeps on resetting by itself and keeps doing few months after i bought this phone. My sister got another sony phone and it has the same issues. SO, I wont recommend anyone to buy a sony ericson phone.

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 23rd Jun 2009
I have had the same problem, it varies by the day and what mood my phone is in but basically it switches itself off at the very least once a day, thats if im lucky, and freezes most times i send a text. Also the sony ericsson logo's that were on the back fell off months ago and the answer and hang up buttons are now just red and green mostly, all of the paint is coming off and it looks like ive had the phone for about 10 years, and i look after it well. I have been forced to cut my 18 month contract short because I got so fed up with this phone. I am just waiting for the day it dies all together and wont turn back on!!! The rest of the software is just for show, most of it is pointless and/or doesnt work DO NOT BUY!!

Reviewed by Charlotte Davies from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
This is a great looking phone but I'm now on my 3rd one as many of them have a fault which means they switch themselves off all the time and they only way to 'reboot' the phone is to take the battery and sim card out. This gets a little tedious when it happens around 15 times per day. According to Orange, this is a huge problem and many people are sending back their W890i phones time and time again but until Sony acknowledges most of them are faulty there's nothing the phone companies can do - they just have to keep sending out replacements. Shame as it's otherwise a great phone but I'm giving it a 1 star is it fails the basic reliability test.

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 21st Jun 2009
It started off as a nice little phone, but now it keeps crashing and turning itself off. I would not recommend this phone!

Reviewed by Naomi from UK on 21st Jun 2009

Reviewed by Matthew from UK on 13th Jun 2009
Just freezes 24/7, screen breakse easly and the phone keeps frezzing. obviously has poor and undevolped software on it. cuz all these reviews are the same. lovely lookin phone and easy 2 use, well buit, and good camera and a good sounding phone, but the softwares just awful, crashes 24/7. disapointing reli. shame cuz its a nice phone.

Reviewed by lewis from UK on 10th Jun 2009

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 8th Jun 2009
It was brilliant until it got to about 6 months old. Now it locks up intermitantly needing the battery taking out to get things going again and reception changes second by second, occasionaly telling me I have no access to network despite full reception. Sony are trying to fix it. Battery life has gone from around 2 or 3 days (I use the walkman all the time) to less than a day. On the plus side, it takes an 8Gb memory card full of music without slowing down, sound quality is good with the standard headphones. I wonder if they will be able to fix it?

Reviewed by chris from UK on 8th Jun 2009
this phone is terrible, it does nothing but turn itself off and freeze... yesterday it froze 49 times! and its like that everyday!

Reviewed by john from UK on 5th Jun 2009
very good phone i love it

Reviewed by J Brown from UK on 4th Jun 2009
I absolutely adored this phone when it was working - it had many small usability features that I never realised I wanted until I had them. The music feature was a let down. I transferred my memory card from a previous Sony Ericsson walkman phone and it couldn't pick up any of the directory structure. I changed it so they were all in the root directory and still I couldn't see any of my songs when I wanted to create a playlist; so it was either play them all straight through or not at all. Web browsing was perfectly acceptable for a non-dedicated mobile device and I used it often. I downloaded several games from Orange as well and it was a great way to not be bored on public transport and in waiting rooms. The camera was grainy and no substitute for a general purpose camera but perfectly fine for a quick snap of something unexpected. However it started switching itself off randomly to the point where I could no longer have a conversation that lasted longer than three seconds. This is not an exaggeration. When this would happen a red light on the back would go on and you could not restart it or anything until you took out the battery for a few seconds. When this happened, the battery would also start overheating. This happened once on a 3 hour car trip without me noticing and by the time I reached my destination, the battery was almost too hot to hold. I bought a new battery which seemed to help initially but it was soon up to its old tricks. In summary: I prefer the operating system of this phone to any other but after a lot of hassle and it being the second Sony Ericsson to give power problems I have gone back to the other mobile maker whose phones I don't hate, and doubt I'll buy a Sony Ericsson again soon.

Reviewed by Smuff from UK on 31st May 2009
Absolute rubbish worst mobile i & the wife have ever had ! Switches itself off for no reason & ring / txt alerts go to silent & you cant get them back on ??? I am on O2 the wifes is on Vodaphone we got them 3 months apart & both packed up by the time they were 12 months old . Must have a Sony built in obsolecence to pack in so we have to go & upgrade ?!?! No one at O2 OR Vodaphone had a clue what was wrong with them so no customer back up either .

Reviewed by Andre from UK on 28th May 2009
I love my phone!the w890i is the ultimate

Reviewed by Billy Balata from UK on 27th May 2009
This Phone is the worst phone I have ever had after six months the phone does not allow you to cut from the answer phone and the it locks up and resets. I have had the phone replaced and six months later the phone does the same thing. I would not advise you to get this tin can

Reviewed by Unhappy customer from UK on 26th May 2009
Poor signal Poor sound Switches itself off during pnone conversations Switches itself off several times a day FINAL STRAW - NOW RINGTONES DO NOT WORK WHEN RECEIVING TELEPHONE CALLS, TEXT MESSAGES OR EVEN FOR ALARMS! THIS IS A USELESS PIECE OF RUBBISH!

Reviewed by Bruce Harding from UK on 23rd May 2009
My 890i has turned itself off sporadically for the last 6 months. It now doesnt ring when there is an incoming call, does not make a noise when incoming text and the alarm does not make a noise (no it is not set to silent, or have the volume turned down or is set to a profile which would incur this silence). Recently it was sending all my written txts to my outbox and no further (I get unlimited txts with my plan and so this really adds insult to injury) Basically the worst phone on the market. Wish my service provider (Orange) would take more responsibility for the phone. Now I have to wait til at least August to have a new reliable phone or fork out more than than the 30.00 I already pay Orange. Terrible phone, service providers are a joke too. I intend to upload a video of myself to youtube smashing mine to bits in August when I finally can rid myself of this pile of! Suggest the rest of you do the same. I will never have another sony!! Don't care for the rip of f service providers either!!!!

Reviewed by Terence from UK on 22nd May 2009
Phone is easily the most frustrating thing in my life over the last year or so. The reception is not that good compared to other phones. Mine shuts down for no reason sometimes and the red light on the back come on????. I either have to remove the battery, or wait for 5 minutes for it to restart. Start up takes an age and at times the sound quality suffers. Also, some of the coverings (the siler walkman logo on the front) come off when it gets hot outside! Mine came off while I was on holiday in South Africa. Battery life is average. Good points: Good looking and light phone. Strong and durable, good sound quality when using speakers, although it struggles sometimes with some songs that contain strong guitar and drum in them. Personally, I can not wait to trade mine in.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 18th May 2009
Wonder what all the reviewers think about the phone after they've had it a while.... Reception is terrible, even with 3G turned off. The phone also has a tendency to vibrate once, switch itself off, then a red led stays lit on the back. You have to remove the battery to reset it, then switch it back on again. This happens frequently. Twelve months into a 18 month contract I'm on my second phone (a refurbished one), and it's already been back once for repair. Check out the forums, this is VERY common. Not sure what's worse, this phone or Vodafones customer service. When my contract ends, will leave Vodafone and definitely never have another Sony Ericsson! Do not get this phone!!!

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 14th May 2009
The phone is rubbish it never works always turns itself off, and as for it being the best walkman phone, yeah right its the worst one yet, when you finally get it to work it freezes when you get it unfroze the sound never works and when you get the sound to work the phone will turn off,

Reviewed by simon from UK on 14th May 2009
Nice looking phone, keypad fiddley to use due to small buttons and does lock up....rather alot for some reason and has a nasty habit of switching itself off and can take a few minutes to restart again. A friend has the same phone and has the same problem. It is a cool looking phone but I wouldnt recommend it due to my above comments

Reviewed by Escovido from UK on 5th Mar 2009
Quite simply the worst phone I've ever owned. The reception is terrible (unless Orange somehow downgraded their network as it arrived) and lost calls, crashes etc are common. It is so slow to react to the buttons that I often end up pressing too many times as it is still catching up. I find it likes to take pictures a lot without my knowledge and I have to go through and delete photos of carpets, curtains and so on regularly to keep it working at all. Upsides? It's small and light.

Reviewed by Disappointed from UK on 3rd Mar 2009
Had this good looking phone since August last year and it's now started freezing, it makes an odd noise, vibrates, red light comes on on the back and then it goes into the blue screen of death - only by removing battery and replacing it will it resume 'normal' activity, well at least until the next time. Save your money and get something other than this.

Reviewed by G Ruddick from UK on 2nd Mar 2009
Great looking phone lots of toys as standard that make for a mobile music/photo centre all wrapped up in a phone!. The whole package is however let down by poor reception I constantly see "Emerg.calls only" displayed on screen, I live in the north west and constantly have to use voice mail to pick up missed calls and messages...Hence low rating, the first thing I want is a phone that works never mind the gizmos!!!

Reviewed by AK from UK on 27th Feb 2009
I concur the view that the phone is rubbish, has very weak indoor signals, and AWFUL software that keeps crashing in the middle of calls, texts, listening to music, what not. Looks are brilliant, good battery life and a very handy handset, but the performance is completely unacceptable. have had atleast 10 crashes in last 7-8 days.

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