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Sony Ericsson W880i review

 Review: March 2007  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: A supersexy, superslim 3G Walkman phone.



Whoa! What have Sony Ericsson been up to? They've put their top-selling Walkman phone on a crash diet, given it a stainless steel casing and bundled in a 1 Gbyte memory card and a stereo headset. The Sony Ericsson W880i is a stunning phone that is a contender for the best Walkman phone so far. It's also the thinnest and lightest 3G phone released in the UK (just 9.4 mm thick and 71g in weight). Yet it's an incredibly well featured music phone. This phone is surely destined to be a winner!

The W880i is a classic-shaped phone that's relatively large but flat. The keypad is reasonably well designed, avoiding the problem that the W850i slide phone had with the top row of keys being hard to access, but the keys are too small and separated. The W880i uses a 5-way scroll key rather than the clumsy joystick used on some of its other phones. Ergonomically we'd give it 3 out of 5. The stainless steel casing gives the phone a real quality feeling though, and the phone looks great both in black or silver.

Like the W850i, this is a 3G phone, with the benefits of 3G video calling, music & video streaming and fast downloads. The camera is 2 megapixels with a digital zoom and a video recording function. This is not as good as the K800i's camera, and lacks a flash, but it's typical for high-end 3G phones and is fine for casual use. The display is a high quality TFT screen with 262,000 colours and 240 x 320 pixels.

The music player is the feature that's at the heart of the W880i, and as you'd expect it's a really excellent player that can match an iPod in music quality. The music player can be accessed by a single click, and you can play, rewind, fast forward, equalise, shuffle tracks and create playlists. Sony's MegaBass™ feature gives added woomph when playing music from the built-in loudspeaker, but for the best quality audio you need to listen via a pair of good headphones. A set of good quality headphones are included in the sales package, and the phone is also compatible with Bluetooth stereo headphones. There are some extra gadgets included in the music department. TrackID™ lets you identify a song (name, artist and album) from a few seconds recording, e.g. a song that you hear on the radio or in a club. The PlayNow™ download service lets you buy and download MP3 ringtones from your phone. The phone is supplied with a 1 Gbyte memory card, so there's lots of room for storing music tracks - almost 250 tracks.

Most types of connectivity are supported. Bluetooth lets you connect your phone to another phone, a PC, a Bluetooth stereo headset, or a car handsfree kit. USB and Fast Port are supported too. The phone is also equipped for the internet age with a web browser, support for RSS feeds and a picture blogging function. 3G lets you access the internet whilst simultaneously making a call, and the internet is "always-on". Flight mode lets you use the music, imaging and organiser functions of the phone with mobile telephony switched off.

Does the W880i lack miss out on anything? It's an obvious question, since the size of the phone is about half that of the W810i Walkman phone. There are a few things. First, the camera is not as good as that on the W810i, but is about the same as that of the W850i, although there's no flash. Fair enough, as this is primarily a music phone and not an all-rounder like the K-series phones. Secondly, the screen is smaller than on some other Sony Ericsson phones. Thirdly there's no radio, and this might be a disappointment to some readers. If you want an FM radio, then the W810i or W850i are the phones for you. Finally, the keys are too small and many people will find difficulty using the keypad, especially for texting.

The Sony Ericsson W880i may not have everything, but it has a heck of a lot. And what it has most of is style. The other Walkman phones, whilst being fantastic phones to use, are shall we say a bit dull to look at. The W880i is still brick-shaped, but it's a very nice-looking brick and one that many people will be very happy to have in their pocket. However, on balance we still prefer the W810i which has the advantages of a better keypad, superior camera (with flash), and a radio.

Sony Ericsson W880i features include:

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How do I turn up the volume on my 880i?

Asked by Jo Baker from UK on 28th Sep 2017

Sony Ericsson W880i user reviews

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Average rating from 704 reviews:

Reviewed by marcus from nelson uk on 26th Feb 2013
This is my all time favourite phone, I have had the nokia 5800, iphone 3gs, nokia lumia 610 and orange rio since this phone and while they are all flashy and touch screen with impressive gaming capabilites (well except the rio) i still cant remember a time when the 880 ever crashed or failed or anything and most importantly even with heavy text and tinterweb use the battery would last for literally weeks, rather than the modern day standard of hours.

Reviewed by Dami from London UK on 26th Jul 2012
The phone is great and has some impressive features
good things
video calling
Voice Command
2 Megapixel Camera
1GB Memony card
Its small and compact
bad things
no radio
difficult to use
But i would recommend the phone and its impressive

Reviewed by Mazkqwoh from UK on 21st Mar 2011
I love the keypads,they are just easy and soft.

Reviewed by Mark Smith from UK on 16th Feb 2011
Sony Ericsson W880i is a very slim and very attracting in look and it has very cool features.

Reviewed by Swamy Nathan from UK on 30th Dec 2010
Ya, Its Very Nice. So many Features are having. Songs are very nice to listen.

Reviewed by callum from UK on 13th Dec 2010
the keypad isn't that bad once u get used to it.

Reviewed by shafat from UK on 20th Oct 2010
Have bn using this set 4 two years, quite good,impresive. . .a 3g video call camera, slimest awesome look, bestest music quality give this phone a better vision. . . I am a very narrow minded phn user,as i am using for long, u can think of it without any hesitation. But it have a lot of havoc, yeah! Havoc. . . Here this is- 1. Its an universel problem for most sony ericsson phones. The unique! One n only port for charging with charger n hearin music with headphone. It must be damaged after one year. As it's the phone only for music with headphone, if u can't connect headphone properly, then where's the benefite?if u are rich enough to buy a stereo bluetooth headset, its ur to u 2. The phone's speaker is outstandingly worse. If u hear a music using its speaker,even a award winning song, u surely got a bad feelings n doesn't like it. . , 3. U can't zoom while it's camera is in 2 mega pixel mode. . It can b zoomed 2.5x !(very high figh zooming, u can even c new york from ur london :p ) while it is in vga camera mode. . - 4. Its a m2 card destroyer, u can access ur memory card using card reader in pc,but it is possible that you can't access it on ur w880i . If u still keep this memory card inserted for a while, the memory card will be completely damaged, i don't know why but it happens 5. Though it has a cool look, but its only for those peoples who's hand rarely covered with sweat. Cz its nice red back cover look will turns into ugly gray black colour within a while if it is mixed ur with sweat . . The phone is only for its outstanding music quality n awesome looks. If its youth damaged, then why buying it? If u can protect from ur sweat, it is strongly recommended that u should buy the phone. Thats all for the moment. Its really a very nice phone if u can protect from there disadvantages or avoid it as i do.

Reviewed by Pip from UK on 18th Aug 2010
i have had this phone for 15 months now and in extremely good condition! there is nothing at all wrong with it except a few scratches when i drop it all the time. This phone is very good quality and i recommend it to anybody:)

Reviewed by waso from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
excellent slim phone had it for a year and still works perfectly fine great for music and everyday use

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 3rd Jul 2010
The toughest phone ever. very tough but lacks features. camera's alright. good battery. simple. but over priced

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 20th Jun 2010
A brill Walkman phone- gr8 music player (love the manual input Equalizer setting), fairly good camera 4 a Walkman. I also love the txting keys, they're unique n cool 2 use.

Reviewed by dave from UK on 10th Jun 2010
had the phone for almost a year,even with large fingers I have no problem with the keys .camera is not all that special the only down side is a very poor battery life seems to spend more time on charge than in my pocket.there are better phones but its small size is the bonus

Reviewed by clare from UK on 12th May 2010
i love this phone, especially the camera, only thing missing id say is a brill!!flash. apart from that its

Reviewed by Alison from UK on 27th Mar 2010
I had this phone a couple of years ago, loved it and gave it to my now ex bf when i got an upgrade, he's still got it (so nearly 3yrs since new) its still working, still looks great, yes the keys bit fiddly but the features and walkman are brilliant. If you see one for second hand sale then would recommend one

Reviewed by Shamster from UK on 7th Mar 2010
Good phone overall but i have now got problem with my phone...it swtiches of and i never know when i get txt msgs or phone calls....and the other problem that there is, the speaker to listen to music is not very loud so i have to carry my speakers if i want to listen to my music loud.

Reviewed by cassandra from UK on 27th Feb 2010
for me, tis is a quite good phone..bt my fren alwaz complained the keypad is difficult to use when she was using my phone, anyway, it's ok for me..i like tis phone, i can keep it easily because it's slim n i can even put it into my purse..bt now, i'm using w580 the '#$%#%^%*' phone, rubbish phone..so i started to miss w880 and regret y i gave w880 to my bro..

Reviewed by jayb estrada from UK on 15th Dec 2009
i have one SE W8801 and i love very much coz it makes me feel better than nokia phone

Reviewed by Vinith from UK on 10th Nov 2009
I love the phone for its slickness. I do own a W880i. But it is pretty sad that there is no integrated radio to go with it. Other functions are just cool.

Reviewed by Bon from UK on 4th Nov 2009
I liked this phone, I got it as a gift. It's the first Sony I've ever had so once I got used to the different predictive text it was a cinch. My complaint is that it has started turning off at every opportunity and I see from other posts that this is not uncommon. I've only had this phone for a year and I don't expect it to be having problems yet. What I wouldn't give to have my old Nokia brick back... no camera, no music but long battery life and it always worked. One year isn't long enough for a phone to be old, that's what Sony want us to think.

Reviewed by alex from UK on 18th Oct 2009
i have had this phone over a year now and its fantastic !! the buttons are difficult to use at first, but after a few weeks, they are easy and you get used to them. everything else about the phone is great the camera is amazong for 2 megapixels, i have taken over 400 pictures on this phone and they all look good quality. the only problem is i brought it on orange and orange are rubbish. buy the phone from another network or get the phone unlocked (and a bargain at 48.50!!)

Reviewed by Harry from UK on 12th Oct 2009
Excelent phone. I have used it for almost a year and a half now and am very impressed. The only reason im getting a new phone is because i want a change - the 880i is an amazing phone to use, and with great features - walkman, play now, video call, ect ect, its THE best phone iv ever used, i was a tad dissapointed with the camera, no flash ect ect but i actually found the small keys pretty cool, good luck to anyone buying one, my fav sony erricson (apart from the 959 and the 595) yet, well done sony :)

Reviewed by michael from UK on 28th Sep 2009
phone is very good love the style exept from the buttons they are soo hard to use specially wen your texting or if you have big fingers but a part from that its a very good phone and worth giving a try :D

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 19th Sep 2009
WOW! i love this phone, ok, the buttons are a bit small, get over it. you will get used to them after you have sent about 50 texts, and after that it is no slower than texting on any other phone. it looks fantastic, especially in flame orange, all the colours go together really well. the features are great, especially the track ID, it's so useful and a really great feature. Walkman player is great, and so is the camera, for 2.0 megapixels, its pretty good. also the back of the phone had a kind of not slide coating, which also stops it from scratching. great phone, great price (48.50 on orange) overall, really great phone!

Reviewed by miles from UK on 5th Sep 2009
i have this phone i think it is the best phone in the worlds way better all the other nokia music phones iam only 10 though

Reviewed by Louise; from UK on 23rd Aug 2009
I LOVE this phone, best one i've ever had, almost had it for two years now!

Reviewed by bear from UK on 10th Aug 2009
unlike some of the fones i have had this has to be the worst ive had it for bout 1 yr and ive broke so many as i am a mechanic as for the mp3 player i think i will buy a ipod as i have come to notice that it isnt very loud ive ajusted the equalizer and its still qiute i may go back to my k750i or get a different model

Reviewed by Natalie from UK on 29th Jul 2009
I have this phone, sadly. When i initially got the phone i was quite pleased with it, the button size didn't bother me and i have a camera so the 'no flash' issue was of no relevance to myself. I did not have the phone for long when a message saying 'emergency calls only' appeared, when this happens i cannot send or recieve calls or texts. I also do not know if anyone is trying to reach me. I have read many reviews and discovered that it's not my phone, it's a problem with this model the world over and i therefore reccommend that you strongly think about what you are doing before you purchase this phone, even better, DON'T BUY IT !

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 11th Jul 2009
I got this phone as it was what it said a walkman, mines in a gold colour so its qutie styish and also as its ultra think i sometimes panicand think iv lost when its just in my pocket.And also has no radio. The first time i got it it was really astonishing, it worked really well but than switch it self off. so t was disapointing,my phone also has hair line scratchs on the sceen and it is quite unexapailby easy to scrath. Phone its self is stylish and quite flamboyetn. hopes that helps xx

Reviewed by sf from UK on 8th Jul 2009
i bought it the best phone although it s old i ts ace

Reviewed by impressed from UK on 7th Jul 2009
great i got it last week its a bargin i came fom w800is to w880i get it

Reviewed by James from UK on 30th Jun 2009
I had this phone and it was generally very good! It didnt freeze either! It seems to me with all these Sony Ericsson phones you really are entering a lottery the second you buy it, it might be fantastic or it might freeze every 5 minutes! My c902 I have at the moment is HORRENDOUS for freezing and turning itself off for no reason. Sony Ericsson phones are BEAUTIFUL pieces of equipment, stunning, sleek and cool looking, but it seems with every single phone style goes above functionality and this problem of FREEZING constantly has cropped up with countless people i know and many many times in reviews of thier phones on this site!!!! I dont get why sony are putting faulty goods out there, every single one of their phones seems to freeze. But back to the lottery, my w880i worked well and i never had any problems

Reviewed by w880i is ace from UK on 21st Jun 2009
get it its cheap and brill ive had 1 for 1 year and like old phones do they brake so i am going to get a new 1 and its got great mp3 and a camera so i would hihgly recomend this to everyone who is looking for a good phone pluss it has blue tooth and it comes with 1 gb fantastyastic buy it you will regret it when the phone goes off the online shops

Reviewed by Lydia Rinda Kinarya from UK on 10th Jun 2009
So good! I love that!

Reviewed by henry from UK on 4th Jun 2009

Reviewed by Mumin from UK on 30th May 2009
Of all phones ive had this is the excellent one.the thing i like about it is, it is buitl with a good screen for viewing and sharing photos with your friends.another thing is that the internet is a bit faster than other phones.its demerit i think is the lack of fm radio.that's it...man if you are looking for a phone better pick up the w880i

Reviewed by d from UK on 4th Mar 2009
I bought this phone in January 2009, the battery life used to last about 3-4 days easily, now 8 weeks later, I put it on charge every night and the battery only lasts until about 4:00pm in the day, which is no good for someone driving on the M40 every night! I am really disappointed and wish I know about the short battery life before I bought it, I wouldn't have bought it. At 88 I expected a much better product.

Reviewed by hayley grant from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
ive had this phone for the last year and it has been ok it is a strong sexy looking phone and i have enjoyed it alot but the only thing i would say is that the battery life is rubbish it would last most of the day before dying on me at bout 4 and then having to be on charge all night it would only last the same time each day which was quite annoying. in the end i bought a second battery and took it out with me fully charged as sometimes the phone wouldnt last even till the evening its got good features and its reliable other than the battery issue. but mine has just packed up after a year wont turn on and the battery wont charge. but i think a year is a good amount of time for a phone to last but if you use your phone constantly like me then its probly not the best.

Reviewed by jack from UK on 21st Feb 2009
it is amazing it looks amazing the music is amazing the phone itself is amazing.buy this phone.

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 20th Feb 2009
This phone is amazing! I know people complain about the buttons being too small but they are actually fine! I would have them on all my phones! The camera is good without flash and you dont need a radio on a phone! It has great features and a clear bright screen!!!! I would recomend!

Reviewed by chi from UK on 19th Feb 2009
cool phone not the best but better than most music phones available i recomend it

Reviewed by henna from UK on 18th Feb 2009
its a really good phone, alot of teens are into thin small phones that you can hide easily!! looks stylish aswell. cons is the really thin buttons but this can be mastered after about one or two weeks. another thing is that after talking on the phone for about 20-30 minutes its starts to heat up ALOT! i have to wrap my phone in a scarf to talk on it becasue it gets so hot!!!

Reviewed by krisshh from UK on 18th Feb 2009
This phone is beautiful and sexy slim phone which is the best phone on earth .

Reviewed by Niquitta from UK on 13th Feb 2009
This is the best fone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mr.Rose from UK on 9th Feb 2009
This phone is great to have but what i hate is how there's no radio and what i am experiencing now is that i cannot get into the phone book, cos when i try to it cuts out so i have to call people who is saved on my sim card not my phone :S or people who sent texts to me. i have had this phone for almost 2 years but i am getting a new phone in a month and a bit soo i am hoping the new phone doesnt cut out the phonebook...

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 8th Feb 2009
i have this phone for 8 months it is a all around excellent phone but recently my w880i keeps on turning off its self for some reason and gets frozen also the bluetooth has stoped working properly so i would not buy this phone. if you want a walkman phone just get the w890i a much better phone because iv got one of them as well, and this phone is in excellent condition not even one scratch on it. so do not buy this phone youl regret it trust me

Reviewed by Louise Buba (: from UK on 7th Feb 2009
Awesome Phone :)

Reviewed by hafeezah from UK on 6th Feb 2009
dis iz a sikk fown nd dahh is wear ta godd gerrit mn..!!!!

Reviewed by Tyler from UK on 5th Feb 2009
I did expect a bit more for the price tag on this phone. First off there is this dust problem. Dust particles find their way in behind the screen and there is no way to clean the phone. There is no way to take it apart because of its construction. Internet is incredibly slow in this baby. Turns itself off from time to time. The camera is not spectacular. Would have been better if one could switch the skin on it because it gets dirty after a while and the construction basically says - don't like it? Buy something new. The Walkman function is sweet. The design is nice and the battery life works out great. They could have resolved some of these issues before releasing the phone. Good luck with your shopping!

Reviewed by Kates from UK on 4th Feb 2009
Well had thiss phone foorr a month and the speakers have just cut out and dont work ;/ has thiss happened to anyone else or is it just me ?? But overall a good fone!!

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 28th Jan 2009
Lots of quality and it looks good. But horrible buttons, tinny speakers, top buttons getting stuck in phone when its sitting away from everyone, no flash, battery cover broke for no reason, battery life is about a day, a mountain of dust inside screen. lacks alot of features (gimmicks) that made it onto earlier SE phones. looks high quality but really isn't...buy 3 lg chocolates instead...i had one for 2 years and had no problems at all

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 25th Jan 2009
This is a great phone, i have have it for 14 months now and i have had nothing wrong with it, its slim sexy and sleak. Great phone for the price.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 24th Jan 2009
Great phone, Battery life is very good, (a week if u use it sparingly ans switch off at night!) charges very quickly also. music quality is also very gud hen used with the supplied headphones. the buttons aren't the best, but after a week or so can be mastered. the camera is also very good for a 2 mega pixel, despite no flash. The main problem is the fact that it cant seem to get any more than one or two bars of signal anywhere in the country!!!

Reviewed by David from UK on 23rd Jan 2009
I had this mobile for a few weeks and I liked it a lot. I only re-traded to a W850i because of flash-light and radio that doesn't make part of W880i. Well, the sound quality is better on W850i

Reviewed by delsy from UK on 23rd Jan 2009

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
Very disappointed with this phone. Signal strength is a major problem - I have to be outdoors or reception is very poor. Volume very poor and it also lacks a radio which is odd for a phone billed as a music lovers phone. Battery life poor too. Avoid

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
one of the best phones ive ever had, fits well in my pocket the slim line design is great. i can see the keys would be problem for some people but never posed a problem for me...camera was reasonable for what i needed excellent memory storage+playback. Battery life was best ive ever had. I have only been forced to replace it as a pleb poured beer in my pocket.

Reviewed by Alexa from UK on 21st Jan 2009
This phone is AWSOME! skinny, light, small. the camera's a bit naff but apart from that, great phone!

Reviewed by taa_dahh from UK on 21st Jan 2009
gd phone shame about the camera but still gr8t phone! Very popular at our shop is this phone.

Reviewed by hjgbyugvyt from UK on 18th Jan 2009
do NOT buy this phone it is rubbish!!!!!! and it works and STOPS working when it WANTS!!! LOTS of people are having PROBLEMS with THIS ''sony ericsson w880i'' mobile phone!!! i have got one and it STOPPED working after two weeks and it WOULDNT work so i had to buy a NEW phone!! so its a WASTE of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy a BETTER phone NOT this one!!!!!!!

Reviewed by kazim from UK on 18th Jan 2009
good fone but i have had better, like k800i legendary phone then i upgraded to nokia n95 8gb then the iphone- the phone of my life, mental phone

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 15th Jan 2009
gd phone although 3g isn't as gd as shown and it blips occationaly!

Reviewed by michael from UK on 13th Jan 2009
not too happy with this phone as it dont cum with a radio but other thn that it is a good phone and takes up to a 4gb m2 card where as every where tells u 2gb and i have had a 4gb in mne sinc ei got it

Reviewed by Hatethisphone from UK on 12th Jan 2009
The buttons are too small, I cant hear anything on it even after putting sound to max. What a rubbish phone.

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 12th Jan 2009
When i first got this phone I thought it was fantastic. Being a girl the small keys were not a problem for me as i have relatively small fingers. The phone has great features, a great camera and is generally stylish, especially with its super slim design. However, after 10-12months, the buttons started to crack, down the middle, and when texting random letters would appear by themselves. When calling the speaker phone was very quiet with a lot of background noise, which was purely something to do with the phone. Great choice if you are someone who changed their phone regularly. If you are someone who would like to keep their phone for a while, with it still looking good and functioning properly, look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Bryony from UK on 11th Jan 2009
If you are planning on buying this phone i would tell you that its a great idea! the camera is pretty good for only a 2mp one. Music player is really good, especially when the headphones are in. I've had mine for a year now and no faults at all. Except for about 2 weeks it decided to crash on me a few times:/ but after that it's been back to perfect. You can have plenty of alarms on it 5 to be precise:P Sure, it doesn't have flash but hey, its a music phone and therefore, it doesn't specialise in camera. its tiny in size which is mint, as i can fit it in almost any pocket. Nice design, the back feels sort of velvety, although it does scratch easily. comes with a 1mb memory card in it. Battery lasts agess:P I play music every day for about 4 hours and it still lasts about 8 days, with constant activity. Small buttons, i find them amazing, so easy to type with i don't think they're to small at all. But i wouldn't buy if your fingers are too big though. For obvious reasons. But yehh, given the choice of any phone in the world I would still choose this one to be honest. Great buy!!

Reviewed by adam from UK on 7th Jan 2009
sometimes a bit frustrating because the keys are small but the phone is great all the features are great, the screen is soo clear. one thing it doesnt have a radio? camera isnt bad

Reviewed by happy customer from UK on 7th Jan 2009
ive had this phone a few weeks now and its brilliant! fair enough the speaker is a bit 'sharp' but ive had worse.. the only other problem is not knowing what pocket its in its that slim!! awesome phone would reccomend to anyone. i have clumsy fingers but no struggle using the buttons.get one you wont be dissapointed.

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 4th Jan 2009
Phone constantly lets me down but they say it is a software problem and I need to upgrade the software. Took a stack of photos yesterday and only 2 saved. I even showed some of the ones I took and then all of a sudden it said it needed a memory stick and deleted all but 2 of the photos. Not happy. I've had a few other problems with it - unfortunately these Sony Ericssons are not as good as the old Ericssons that lasted much longer. The last couple I have bought haven't even made the warranty period. It also has been turning itself off even when there is enough battery. Keys don't work sometimes when you are retrieving voicemails. On the good side - great small phone with good sound when you are talking - can hear people quite well even if there is a bit of background noise going on.

Reviewed by windy from UK on 3rd Jan 2009
Good enough phone, but of late has been switching itself off for no reason. Its over 12 months old so cant complain too much...

Reviewed by Amber from UK on 31st Dec 2008
This phone is rubbish it keeps frezzing down on me and if you have got no patience then you will be very angry at this phone.

Reviewed by Callum from UK on 27th Dec 2008
the buttons are too small

Reviewed by alice.d from UK on 26th Dec 2008
got this phone for christmas, its amazing! the camera's wicked for a 2mp, and can edit then on photoDj. the walkman music players loud, louder with headphones in. so far iv had no problems./

Reviewed by Helena from UK on 11th Dec 2008
I have had this phone for just under a year now and it has just let me down time after time. The buttons are too tiny to type with, u just scratch the buttons or break your nails! the screen is really easy to scratch, crack and even dirt manages to get stuck behind the screen within minutes of owning it. This was my first sony erricson phone and sadly it has put me off for life. The only possitive things i found was that its battery life was very long and its slimness was handy for hiding it away. Thats about it!

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 10th Dec 2008
I've had this phone for a year now and it is the best phone i have ever had

Reviewed by matoyha from UK on 10th Dec 2008
this is got to be the best phone i ever had its features are great and every thing just about anything is exceptional about my phone the sony ericsson w880i to di werl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 8th Dec 2008
this phone amazing ! i think they have rated this a bit low than what it deserves !!! the camera is better than expected ..... my husband was jealous of me as he had the k770i

Reviewed by si from UK on 8th Dec 2008
Great phone, the reception sucks big time tho. I have a k800i on the same network right next to it and it has 3 bars of signal. w880i has none, its just searching.... HELP this phone is soooo good but sucks sooo hard

Reviewed by / from UK on 7th Dec 2008
if your thinking about getting this phone, then i would recomend, its really slim + easy to fit into your pocket. the camra's just the same as any normall phone with 2mp. the music player is really clear + loud. so far iv had no problems + its a really nice looking phone. id get it! ;D

Reviewed by x from UK on 7th Dec 2008

Reviewed by Alicee. from UK on 5th Dec 2008
love this phoneee ;Dx

Reviewed by XVI from UK on 3rd Dec 2008
Awful phone. Awful signal. Awful everything. One of the worst phones ever made.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 30th Nov 2008
Buying this off my mate tomorrow, actually can't wait. The buttons are perfect for me as i have small hands... My previous phone is a Nokia 6300 and i thought that was slim compared to the K800i but the W880i takes slim to a new level! It is so sleek and has a 1GB mem card with it. Also, my Nokia 6300 didn't have a flash so i won't disbenefit from this phone not having a flash. Will write again when i've messed around on it more.. 5 stars so far !

Reviewed by melly from UK on 24th Nov 2008
i loved my phone for most of its contract life, i took it every where and it even got subjected to many drops and ran many a running race, the camera was acceptable but not fantastic (no flash etc), but the rest of the functions were great!! i had all the memory space i needed, and the battery life was long. i was able to use internet for small things, emails etc. yes the buttons were small i have small hands! however, near to the end of my 18 month contract, the phone dediced to start crashing then completely gave up! you can switch it on but nothing will appear on the screen except some lines (albeait pretty!!) orange were not interested in repairing the phone as it was past 12 months. i would however reccomend this phone as it never gave up till month 16, is that a long enough time to have use of a modern mobile phone?

Reviewed by Cezzy from UK on 22nd Nov 2008
This is my 2nd W880i on an 18 month contract. The 1st one was returned after 14 days because of a persistant message fault. The 2nd one went 'blank' yesterday. To say I'm miffed is an understatement as my conract ends in January. This one had a habit of overheating. Attempt more than one function (eg play a game an take a call) and I can guarantee a very hot face. Then there's the keys which are too small and fiddly for my 'womenly' fingers! (not just a bloke thing). The inbuilt memory is terrible but on the plus side, the camera was quite good. Again I have to add a bad point because the sound quality on the video is appalling. 1 star because I have wanted to replace this phone for months and because I was stuck with the contract I was stuck with my horrid phone. Off I go to but a pay as you go Samsung........

Reviewed by Hannah Valentino from UK on 18th Nov 2008
Love the Phone to bits would buy another one again best phone ive had..

Reviewed by Gurbinder Singh Sanghera from UK on 16th Nov 2008
I love this phone, it is brilliant in design, in use and the mp3 capability is totally excellent. I have had no reliability issues (perhaps because I update the firmware via my pc!) Recommended phone! For real!

Reviewed by Ameer from UK on 14th Nov 2008
Its an awesome phone, great value for money, some good pictueres coming wot there, verye asy to sue, i'd recomment it dto any 1 a very nice phone

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 13th Nov 2008
Good +looks very nice Bad -Keys are very irritating (far too small) -Everything works very slow takes a long time to get onto menus etc. -Camera button is touch sensitive so you will take countless photos of your pocket or the floor. Dont buy it

Reviewed by danny epton from UK on 10th Nov 2008
nices phone but onley trubel they dont have radio.thats all iv got to say.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 9th Nov 2008
its an amazing fone i dunno whyy u lot hate it so much

Reviewed by Konstantinos from UK on 9th Nov 2008
Yeah. amazing phone.. Until you start using it. Mine probably had problems with the battery and shutted off for no reason. A friend's w880i did the same too. After 10 months of use the antenna had been damaged and neither vodafone neither sony-erricson accepted to repair or replace it. the most sexy beautiful and rubbish device ever!! 250 lost eusros

Reviewed by - from UK on 8th Nov 2008
great phone had it for a year and a half now, great for music ad the track id is really good. only problems are there is no zoom on the camera, no flash and the vga recording. (N) and also my frinds find it hard to text but i got used to it :)

Reviewed by gary from UK on 5th Nov 2008
Can I refer everyone to Adam on 30/04/2008. Yes the phone does bend in your pocket - it bent so much in mine that it is now broken. Of course sony has no guarantee on physical damage so it can churn out any old... I'm not sure why the official reviews gave this product such a good score on build quality (probably because they base their reviews on one session testing) - it is the poorest quality I've ever had (since my first nokia in 2000). I would not recommend this poor product to anyone - I'm now going to try and break my 18 month contract on the grounds of defective product I wanted a thin phone not a bendy one.

Reviewed by Aisling from UK on 4th Nov 2008
In many ways this is a brilliant phone. Its capabilities are fantastic and they live up to the reviews that it gets. However there is a problem in that it keeps shutting down and freezing on a black screen. The only way to remedy this is to take the battery out. This happens too often for it to be classed as an excellent phone.

Reviewed by Ken Sojan from UK on 4th Nov 2008
Exellent Phone good value 4 money good battery life and a must buy

Reviewed by Mike Flanagan from UK on 1st Nov 2008
I had this phone for 2 months. When people call me I can hear them but they cant hear me. I have aleady taken it in for repair, They said it was a software fault, and had now been fixed. Got the phone back yesterday. THEY STILL CANT HEAR ME!

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 1st Nov 2008
Good phone appart from the sound. if you were going to buy a phone for music, then this phone is not for you. If it was for music then get the 1 of the phones like the k800i or the w910i. the only great thing i could say about this phone is the quality of the screen. but the camera could use a light and better quality in the camera.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 31st Oct 2008
This phone is useless! It switches itself off about 10 times a day and, therefore, does not funciton as a mobile phone. Sony should be taken to court under the trades decription act. DO NOT BY THIS PHONE... you have been warned!

Reviewed by Linda from UK on 28th Oct 2008
I loved this phone when I first got it but almost immediately it started freezing and turning itself off for no reason. Very annoying. Also, if there is any background noise at all when you are calling someone they can't hear you, the mic seems to be extra sensitive to all other sound apart from your own voice. I loved the style of this phone. Shame it was so rubbish

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 26th Oct 2008
This phone is totally rubbish, you need to really have a good look at it before buying it because its really rubbish is just another promotion by sony ericsson, the keys are useless. The phone isnt even loud. When your calling someone the sound is really low i have it now for about 4 months and ive advertised it to sell it on gumtree.com for 75 pound with all extras. IM WARNING ALL OF USE DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE RATHER BUY A SONY ERICSSON W580I

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