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Sony Ericsson W800i review

 Review: August 2005  

Last updated October 2008


In a nutshell: Candy bar style phone with 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, video camera, music player, radio, memory card and Bluetooth.


Launched in August 2005, The Sony Ericsson W800i is virtually the same as the D750i and K750i, the difference being that the W800i is Sony Ericsson's first mobile phone to be Walkman™ branded. The clear message is that this is both a phone and an MP3 player.

The specification of the W800i is the same as the K750i, except that the W800i is customised for music. There's a one-touch music button for controlling the MP3 player, plus extra bundled software for ripping audio tracks from CDs. The W800i also comes with a larger memory stick for storing all those songs - 512 Mbytes may not sound a lot when compared with an iPod (or even an iPod Mini), but it's pretty large for a phone, and is enough for around 150 audio tracks. The memory stick is expandable to 1 Gbyte. A quality headset is included in the sales package, and the W800i can also be connected to an external speaker system via an optional cable.

Apart from these changes, the W800i has all the features of the K750i: a 2 megapixel camera and auto-focus, a video camera, FM radio, Bluetooth and triband. It's an excellent all-round media device - now superseded by the new Sony Ericsson W810i.

Sony Ericsson W800i features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, 4x digital zoom & photo light
  • Video camera & sound recorder
  • Display: 262k colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Music player
  • FM radio
  • 40-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Polyphonic melody composer (MusicDJ™)
  • Speakerphone, voice controls, voice mail
  • Messaging: SMS (with predictive text), EMS, MMS, Instant messaging, email
  • Java games (embedded & downloadable)
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Picture editor and effects
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Picture phonebook
  • QuickShare™
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Infra-red
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • Memory: 34 Mbytes plus 512 Mbyte Memory Stick Duo™
  • Triband
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 100 x 46 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 99g
  • Talktime: 9 hours
  • Battery standby: 400 hours

Sony Ericsson W800i user reviews

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Average rating from 298 reviews:

Reviewed by pamarthi from Saudi Arabia on 13th Nov 2013
I have been using this phone since 2005 and happy to use it continuously. Of course new models like Android, I did purchased Sony E-Dual, C 1605 model excellent one with 2 sims.One for calling card and one for net sim.
Now I would like to buy the battery for the w800i, looking for it in Saudi Arabia.
If you know by chance, kindly let me know, but I love Sony.
Best regards

Reviewed by George from England on 1st Jul 2012
My first phone and my best phone! such a mistake getting rid of it!

Reviewed by BRONI FREDERIK from ITALY-MONDINA on 16th Dec 2011

Reviewed by Busines studies from UK on 5th Dec 2011
This is not my current fone, but i had it before. It has great camera. It have walkman, so its great for listening music. You can put in there memory cards. I like design of the phone. ;)

Reviewed by Jaupinder from UK on 31st Mar 2010
good phone, just upgraded to it 5 stars!!!

Reviewed by Mr Unknown from UK on 31st Mar 2010
I have this phone and I think it's great! Some people may say it is not any good even though they don't have the phone!! 5 out of5! Jut brilliant!!:)

Reviewed by Jay-t from UK on 25th Dec 2009
awesome! buy itn or languish in hell for ten thousand eternities!!!!

Reviewed by EJ from UK on 14th Dec 2009
Mine is still going strong (touch wood)... December 2009!

Reviewed by Jagibutiti from UK on 30th Oct 2009
The photo images of the camera is awesome...Its no match for N70, N73, E75. Its photo color is true to life unlike those of nokias. Even at dark areas w800i is truly amazing. Try it urself and compare it to those of nokias u can really see the difference. all nokias have ugly camera photos.U will only be happy at their features but for their camera photos its UGLY!!!!!!!! Nothing beats SE W800i photo quality of its camera.

Reviewed by dale from UK on 11th Oct 2009
not a good choice off mobile

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 3rd Oct 2009
this is the best phone ever

Reviewed by christopher from UK on 26th Aug 2009
I have 2 sony Ericsson mobile phones on orange and both where rubbish, the charger whent on the first one and on the second phone the speaker whent I would not advise any body to buy one

Reviewed by Cormac from UK on 22nd Aug 2009
This is one of my previous phones, I have an n95 8 gb now which is of course, much better, but still I bought this phone in 2006 when I was 13, and the only problem I had was with the software was when you connected it in USB mode, it's somewhat dodgy software would allow you to roam the menus while plugged in through USB, this may sound good but it would reek havok if you were trying to transfer files. Another small thing was that it wasn't signed to microsoft( the pc suite installation disk) which meant it asked me to install microsoft 1.1 framework software when I was on 2.0. But these are small things when compared to the upsides of the phone, my favourite being the earphones, I own a pair of Bose earphones now and there is only a small difference in sound clarity, 3 and a half years on aswell, way ahead of it's time and one of my favourite phones still. Well worth a buy, even today.....

Reviewed by Vix from UK on 17th Jul 2009
I've had this phone for 3 years and it's still working really well! Just to let you all know!

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 4th Jul 2009
it is the best mobile phone i have hadein my live

Reviewed by 765 from UK on 19th Jun 2009
its fab but if you r gonna get 1 now i would highly recomend it

Reviewed by some person from UK on 27th May 2009
i hate this phone so much ?????/ everything is rubbish camera buttons its a complicated anoying mobile DONT BUY

Reviewed by shannon mead from UK on 8th Mar 2009
best phone ever

Reviewed by delia from UK on 18th Feb 2009
mine totally fell apart! i never even drop it! i grab it out of my bag and it is apart. i have to reassemble it all the time and all of the sudden the screen stopped showing signs of light, or anything. i hate this phone. do not buy it.

Reviewed by Lola from UK on 7th Feb 2009
V.Good fone its a lil' old now but i luv mine nd neva wnt 2 change it!

Reviewed by arun from UK on 30th Dec 2008
I have w800i and its really good!!!

Reviewed by Cock-chops txt spk user from UK on 29th Dec 2008
This phone has its annoyances, but doesn't annoy me as much as people who write on the internet in TXT SPK like they're on a really slow net connection that counts every single byte. This phone is better in hardware than software, basically. Sony software is a bit rubbish. Try MY PHONE EXPLORER when connecting with USB and the first thing to do is upgrade the firmware which fixes the USB drop-out issue (except you have to upgrade it via USB, clever design there...). Then use MyPhoneExplorer to backup, and copy files. Disc2Phone is fine for copying mp3s that have proper ID3 tags. Incidentally, if you don't like applications 'phoning home' and spying on you, but need to use them, then the solution you should already have on your machine right now, is called a "software firewall".

Reviewed by Nicholas from UK on 17th Dec 2008
I love my w800i. It does crash now and then when there are lots of pictures on the memory stick, and transferring photos from the phone to a pc can be irritating due to the poor connection software, but its easy to work around. The music transfer software works great and isn't too slow (time is mainly the conversion of a track into mp3). I just need to find out how to use my vodafone branded w800i on the internet using orange... hmm

Reviewed by Imran from UK on 6th Dec 2008
this phone is rubbish please dont buy it because i buyed it brand new and after a hour it went blank

Reviewed by Kajal from UK on 17th Nov 2008
omg i hav w800i and it is RUBBISH it dont hav internet access or anythin. its slow. the camera is rubbish and i hate it.

Reviewed by jimbob from UK on 31st Oct 2008
this phone is excellent but i'm not sure if it has got a mp3 player

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 25th Oct 2008
i have just got dis fone its very good

Reviewed by mad about w800i from UK on 13th Oct 2008
best phone ever

Reviewed by joe :) from UK on 23rd Sep 2008
i droped it in a river and it broke :) other than that it was a good phone but it got a bit slow when i filled the memory card up

Reviewed by AHSAN from UK on 2nd Aug 2008
I am using W800i from 3 years its performance is really good i like it very much i still have W800i with outstanding performance especially battery and camera.

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 31st Jul 2008
this phone is okay. ive had it about a year now. great features although it can be slow and faulty at time aswell as when walkman is on it can uddenly stop and make a horrible bussing noise which can be sort of embarrassing when out with friends!

Reviewed by Gemma Lauren Citaku Penfold from UK on 10th Jul 2008
this is a fabby dabby phone i loved it and woukd recomend it to all buyers but i dropped my phone in the toilet and it broke so i got this one and it was easy to use

Reviewed by niove louca from UK on 16th Jun 2008
i found the phone very good only got it a month ago and i luv it lol easy to use and nice walkman also like th deign bye it coz itz kl lol

Reviewed by ALEX IS FAT from UK on 11th Jun 2008
Absoultely fantastic phone, no faults, highly reccomended, 5 stars (:

Reviewed by emma from UK on 4th Jun 2008
dis fone is groovy man all of da kwl kidz have it

Reviewed by Jake from UK on 27th May 2008
the phone is brill i downloaded software to control my tv with the ir

Reviewed by rob from UK on 25th May 2008
this has been the best phone that i have owned and would really like to get my hands on another one as had it for the last 2/half years and can't get it fixed been using a k850i nice camera but don't like the idea of having to touch the screen to open messages and send and find it to much on the bulky size been having a good look around to replace it with a smaller version as im stuck with a two year contract with vodafone. Rob at Tamworth Staffs

Reviewed by Maclean Mbonile from UK on 21st May 2008
In use for more than 18 months, I declare the device is very strong in its vast actions for a phone of the size the same goes for its robbustness, the noted disavantage is its display clarity is not worth betting. otherwise you can just not feel cheated if I recommend worth buying

Reviewed by sam richardspon from UK on 30th Apr 2008
this phone makes me sick becouse the camera is rubbish and it looks orrible anawl!!!

Reviewed by Murad from UK on 29th Apr 2008
I like this phone its really good but can get annoying. Over all its a good phone you should buy it!

Reviewed by Maf from UK on 26th Apr 2008
Smexy phone! Except I want MOAR space for my mp3 storage x)

Reviewed by Eden from UK on 25th Apr 2008
I love this phone it has never broke on me i think it is the best phone sony ericson has made x

Reviewed by N/A from UK on 21st Apr 2008
i have a it and i must say it is better than my old w200i(which i couldnt stand as battery never lasted long.we also have a d750 which we sent of and they upgraded the software to make it the same as a w800i,we got it back yesterday and it is just the same,well apart from the case but otherwise,there the same,we also got a program to change the layout of the menu.it is wicked and it almost makes your phone brand new.although you do get confused where the settings and oyher icons are but i got used to it

Reviewed by tom from UK on 19th Apr 2008
it is good i have changed the case to black

Reviewed by James from UK on 17th Apr 2008
When this phone actually works, it's GREAT! but i've had too many problems with it. When it gets knocked, it switches off. i loose files when i sync with my pc. (i fixed that by buying a bluetooth dongle for my pc) but apart from that, it's good, although the headphone adapters need a bit of a re-design. i've had 6 of them

Reviewed by Pat from UK on 15th Apr 2008
I walk several miles everyday and take my phone, camera and ipod and I wanted to combine these into one unit. I also wanted a phone that didn't need recharging every couple of days. I love this phone, it's the real deal. The music quality is fantastic as is the sound quality generally (podcasts and phone calls). It does everything and more that I could have wished for and the battery lasts me about a week which, given all the functionality, I think is very impressive. The camera is fun and easy to use although the picture quality is not as good as my dedicated digital camera - but then I didn't expect it to be. The only minor dissapointment was that I found a really neat pair of stereo bluetooth headphones only to discover that while the phone is Bluetooth compatible and will take your calls it won't play music through them. I did however discover a neat pair of corded headphones designed for running which loop over the ear and are very comfortable. Great phone and great shame to see that it is now discontinued.

Reviewed by tom from UK on 3rd Mar 2008
a awesome phone beautifal sound good for music my fav but still the only phone id rather have

Reviewed by kok ead from UK on 29th Feb 2008
absoloutly aaaaaaaacccccccceeeeee

Reviewed by ggboi 12 from UK on 19th Feb 2008
brilliant and reliable strong phone

Reviewed by beaver g from UK on 12th Feb 2008
my phone is well loud and i love it!!!!

Reviewed by JOEY from UK on 10th Feb 2008

Reviewed by Filip Gapo from UK on 26th Jan 2008
the best mobile in 2005.I have used a lot of mobile and this is one of the besttttt

Reviewed by kieran from UK on 15th Jan 2008
boss phone i had it for ages

Reviewed by crck hed from UK on 10th Jan 2008
oy evry one dis fone is gud

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 17th Dec 2007
I've had this phone for about 18 months now and it is by far the best phone i have owned. I love the color scheme of the phone and it looks different to what was out at the time, the keypad is quite nice to handle although if you have large fingers it could be problematic. The camera isn't amazing and i sort of stopped using it after the novelty had worn off. The music player worked extremely well and i upgraded to a 1gb memory card although getting music to the phone is rather tedious as you have to use sony's Disc2Phone software which is slow, it would have been alot easier to just be able to drag'n'drop music into the phone. The music player also includes the ability to create playlists and has an equaliser also i did not use this feature much. The interface was very easy to use and looks nice, also the ammount of themes available to download free from the internet is great as i did not like the themes it came with. One annoying thing is that i had to be emptying my inbox, outbox and sent messages as it ran out of space for them rather quickly. Also having the phone for that time it took a few drops and ended up getting scratched on the corners which did not bother me as it wasn't severe but then, oddly the phone was in my pocket and i accidentally walked into a chair and the screen cracked. This is what made me decide to get a new phone so i'm getting the samsung g600 for christmas.

Reviewed by tomas sheppard from UK on 15th Dec 2007
i have owned a w800i for 2 years and i have had endless problems with it. first of all the battery wouldnt charge so i sent it back for repair only to find that i had to pay a 17 bill because they said it was perfectly fine. The housing of the phone is cheap and scratches eaisly. The camera will only focus and will not take a picture unless held at a ceratin angle.The screen only lights up when it feels like and the phone crashes all most once a day which means i need to take it apart to take the battery out. Dont buy it!

Reviewed by abdulslam from UK on 8th Dec 2007
this phone is everything good.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 6th Dec 2007
This ia a great phone it does everything. It is cool!!!

Reviewed by Nuttyspark from UK on 6th Dec 2007
Had this phone for over 18 months and I love it. All the new slimline walkman phones do not have a camera light....... big mistake, I wont be buying one. Will just have to keep this phone til it dies. :-(

Reviewed by stephen from UK on 5th Dec 2007
this phone is the best

Reviewed by dan williams from UK on 27th Nov 2007
I had this phone for about a year, fantastic features, even survived when i was hit by a van ! my left arm was snaped in two and i was hospitalised for a week, but the phone did not break ! even tho it was on the side of impact side ! the only downside was that recently it fell from my pocket and the screen broke into a million pieces. But all in all a fantastic phone i would recomend anyone to buy!

Reviewed by S0m3guy from UK on 24th Nov 2007
I got my W800i from the link. It looked great, sunded great and was the latest phone on the market (but that was 3 years ago). I started playing with it and found out many functions. All my friends were goggling over it, facinated by it's capabilities. It's 2 meg camera (with autofocus and digital zoom) comes up to standard, very practical and with a handy lens shutter. The playback quality was amazing, realy really good quality, however the recording quality differed greatly... The extras such as animated wallpapers, Java games, vibration alert, polyphonic ringtones and picture phonebook just added to the superiority of this phone compared to it's competitors. However... 3 years down the line, it has started it's problem, and notice that that is singular. The joystick, obviously through over-use has completely worn out. No matter what one does to it, nothing on screen budges. It is very frustrating seeing as that is the only way to scroll through photos and contact s. The other features (especially the camera) still run perfectly. Now, thankfully, i no longer have to worry about dodgey joysticks, for the Iphone doesn'thave one.

Reviewed by Thug 4 lifre from UK on 14th Nov 2007
I thinkit is da most bst mobile walkamn phone eva

Reviewed by Darknight @ DK from UK on 10th Nov 2007
one of the best phone i have everused and the earpiece can be connected to any external speakers that so cool i love w800i more than my gf............... jokes apart the phone is one of the best apart form any other. its a necessary for all music lover.

Reviewed by polikam from UK on 10th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Jodiee from UK on 8th Nov 2007
very good phone brill xx

Reviewed by blah from UK on 1st Nov 2007
i have this phone ans i just can say Excellent phone :D

Reviewed by ryan from UK on 28th Oct 2007
my phone was ok untill i dropped it and now the camera does not work =[ the bluetooth stops working after about a day of haveing it consantly on and you need to turn off the phone but over alll it is an exccellent phone

Reviewed by julikat from UK on 27th Oct 2007
im in love with my w800i but the problem is that it keeps blacking out un necessarily. sometimes all i have to do is tap it alittle bit and it goes off. why does this happen.

Reviewed by Kirsten from UK on 25th Oct 2007
i have had this fon for about a year now and i find it so-so just because my camera lense cover keeps sticking and it switches itself off from time to time but all n all its a fone that does its job lol... ive nick-named it my easy jet fone becaus of the coloures

Reviewed by OMAIR from UK on 14th Oct 2007
No probz with this phone, all around good, battery life is not bad either, good camera, and all features, nice fone all way around

Reviewed by Kashaf from UK on 12th Oct 2007
if u ask me dis fone is slick and sick cuzzy. i had it since it first came out and its sick esspecially the walkman itz like a mini Hifi!

Reviewed by U$$Y england from UK on 10th Oct 2007
really good phone, just bought it a week ago and its probably the best choice i made because all the ericssons ive had recently in the past, this ones better than all of them.

Reviewed by Rich from UK on 6th Oct 2007
Had one of these many moons ago, amazing phone, loved it too bits blew my mind, was head over heels classic phone, same so many chavs have em, im now on a w850, soon to be a w880i. laters

Reviewed by raqeeb from UK on 1st Oct 2007
it is da best walkman well one of them

Reviewed by kade from UK on 29th Sep 2007
this is one of the greatest phones i ever had,,,, the camera is simply the best of the 2mp range of any other phone available... By specs it has a 4.8mm Autofocus lens,coupled with 1623x1224 resolution and ratio of 1:2:8 which makes it the best 2mp camera devised in a phone..the quality of images is comparable to k750,w810,w700,w900...this specific phones have a camera hardware which no other 2mp phones have..they are the best in sony ericsson's 2mp range of cameraphones...even k550i cant beat it

Reviewed by fryson from UK on 8th Sep 2007
terrible phone cannt do wat i wont on it DONT BUY IT!!!!

Reviewed by zaynab from UK on 4th Sep 2007
it is a good phone 5

Reviewed by gooner09 from UK on 3rd Sep 2007

Reviewed by phill from UK on 1st Sep 2007
do not buy one as it signal is does not work

Reviewed by Reece from UK on 28th Aug 2007
Ok phone, but the battery life is way to short and it isnt loud enough. The disc to phone thing dosent work, when i plug it in it sez "charging" n i doesnt even charge. Other than that its loud n has a nice design

Reviewed by gabriel from UK on 20th Aug 2007
An outstanding phone. granted it's not the nicest looking, but 'my god' it some phone. The sony ericson computer software is terrible, but 'myphoneexplorere is flawless.

Reviewed by karl from UK on 20th Aug 2007
The phone is not all it's cracked up to be. 1. The reception is rubbish. My wife has a samsung blackjack and has much better signal in the same area i am in. 2. The usb cable is a pain in the buttocks - half the time the phone is not reconized by my machine - it will charge fine when plugged in by usb but browsing the files is not always possible without effort - rebooting for example! 3. The camera is nice though and the phone is slick Over all I would not buy this phone again I get loads of dopped calls which is an on going joke with my mates. My joystick also lost its rubber bit on the top early on and i had to send the phone back to have a stuck lens cover replaced. There never seems to be new updates for the phone itself but i have got the updates for the sync manager. I found the disc to phone to work fast but agree the enforced naming convention on tracks is a pain in the buttocks ... I am a dj making my own mixes and i have to rename the tracks for inclusion on the phone ...

Reviewed by Elias Rokni from UK on 16th Aug 2007
VEry nice

Reviewed by gary lee from UK on 16th Aug 2007
hi the w800i is a wicked fone and its battery life is gd too

Reviewed by cormski from UK on 6th Aug 2007
frankly, this phone is pretty rubbish: it gets lousy reception, keeps dropping calls and switching itself off, the headphone adaptor is unwieldy and sticks ridiculously out of the side (rather than the end) so you can't really use it like an ipod if you go to the gym; because the slightest motion knocks it out. The keypad doesn't automatically lock unless you're on the main screen - so for example, if you were in the menu, and you stick the phone in your pocket, you could end up accidentally browsing the internet and downloading stuff that you don't want (quite easily in fact), or if you get distracted when writing a text, you might find you send lots of blank texts to people instead. The software for loading mp3s is absolutely ATROCIOUS and takes ridiculuous lengths of time to copy files over. Bit of a dogs dinner really...

Reviewed by Maximus from UK on 26th Jul 2007
OK, it's a good phone..like you can read people are quite happy about it. Me too BUT. Oh yes, there is a BUT. The MP3 function is running on a program named Disc2Phone. It uses Gracenote (check their website) for music recognition. For doing this you need an internetconnection and a registration. Which means that every time you copy your (il)legal music to your phone they know about it. What they do with that info is for them to know and for us to find out. Another thing about that program..it's completely NOT easy. You can't create maps, you can't cut or copy music in a specific folder. It arranges the music as it likes. For example: ripping a cd it's possible that Disc2Phone instead of putting all the songs in the "cdname" map, he puts some or all songs apart in the main MP3 menu. Meaning you have X songs not attributed to the cd map (if the map exists). What you need to do afterwards, you need to create a playlist and attribute the songs keeping the play order in mind. When you copy the music without Disc2Phone the W800 wont recognize it. Disc2Phone doesn't recognize all the mp3's I have and copying it to you phone Disc2Phone uses the original name attributed to the songs,not how you name it. Which means you can have a song named '01'. I dont like being controlled what and when I put music on my phone and I sure dont like not being in control in 'mapcreating'.

Reviewed by Nic from UK on 13th Jul 2007

Reviewed by Benjamin from UK on 12th Jul 2007
Hey all i have a problem with my sony w800i i charged it but the buttery dosnt garged full and when i unplug it it loses power fast and its not the battery bought a new one all redy dont know what to do? and if i turn the phone off with 98% charged the next day the phone is so flat it wount turn on please help???????????? Benjamin benjaminvr@cellstop.com

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 9th Jul 2007
Very good phone, has survived being dropped loads of times and even a bit of moisture. I love the MP3 Player and radio which I use everyday, especially the fact that you can use whatever headphones you want with it. That said, it is not the world's best MP3 player because it has a slight hiss during quiet parts of songs. You only notice it if you are a music geek like me. The two design faults that are apparent after 18 months of having one are: The camera lens cover is a pain in the bum. It comes open too easily, and this drains the battery and allows you to send picture messages by sitting on the phone even if the keypad is locked. Also, the joystick has started to malfunction. Interestingly, these are the two things that Ericsson have fixed with the w810i, so I am upgrading to that I think. Overall I have been pleased with my choice.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 8th Jul 2007
This fone has got a loud volume, it is sick. Bigwell it has only got 34 mb on the fone and the colour. Well mind u all the colour is alright. I would rate this the phone the best. W800i U R DE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Hooi from UK on 8th Jul 2007
its a good phone actually but the joystick i think its fragile.... mayabe if the engineer of the company redesign it, this phone will be the top of all!!Gan Ba Teh!!

Reviewed by Tayyaba from UK on 6th Jul 2007
W800i is the pioneer of all walkman phones under the brand of Sony Ericsson. A phenomenal phone, all-in-all. I have had it for the past year and a half. No problems whatsoever. A must buy.

Reviewed by sean from UK on 3rd Jul 2007
the w800i is a great sexy fone the problem is im in a diffrent country & i need 2 unlock it if any1 nows of a code plzz send it 2 heruthemyt@gmail.com thanx

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 27th Jun 2007
absolutely awful

Reviewed by Neil from UK on 22nd Jun 2007
Had the phone for a year now and still love it. Only problem is that the toggle is starting to become a bit unresponsive which was the same problem I had with a previous Sony.

Reviewed by James from UK on 19th Jun 2007
Sony phones last for around a year and then something goes wrong with the handset. From my experience it's either the "joystick" or the keypad. They are not built to last...

Reviewed by don from UK on 17th Jun 2007
its sound quality in head phone is verygood

Reviewed by Bam from UK on 15th Jun 2007
this phone is excellant the camera is quality and the mp3 is also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by phoney from UK on 6th Jun 2007
Brilliant phone. has eccellent memeory and great camera. it can do da fancy stuff and da normal stuff. gd phone for any1 at all. best phone out there. definately worth da money

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