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Sony Ericsson W715 review

 Review: March 2009  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A Walkman phone with the latest music features, shake control and motion gaming, but frustratingly unreliable.


The Sony Ericsson W715 is almost identical to the W705, except that it has a-GPS included and is a little bit more expensive. Read our detailed review of the W705 to find out more. We'll just comment that the W715 is a little bit more expensive than the W705, but has a-GPS to justify the price. The W715 seems to be exclusive to Vodafone in the UK.

Sony Ericsson W715 features include:

  • 3G with HSDPA & video calling
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with 3x digital zoom, LED flash, picture blogging and geo-tagging
  • Video camera with photo light and video blogging
  • Display: TFT LCD, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels with auto rotation
  • Walkman® music player (MP3, AAC, eAAC+ formats) with support for album art, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, SensMe and Shake Control
  • FM radio RDS
  • TrackID™ tells you the name, artist and album of any song you're listening to
  • PlayNow™ lets you buy and download top ringtones
  • Polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
  • 3D Java games / motion gaming
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Step counter
  • Memory: 120 Mbytes plus 4GB Memory Stick Micro™ (up to 8 GB supported)
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, modem
  • Web browser, RSS feeds, YouTube support, Google Maps
  • Assisted-GPS
  • Flight mode (offline mode)
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 95 X 48 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 98g
  • Quadband GSM plus 3G (UMTS 2100 HSDPA)
  • Talktime: 4 hours (3G) - 10 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: 350 hours (3G) - 400 hours (2G)

Sony Ericsson W715 user reviews

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Average rating from 95 reviews:

Reviewed by Maura from Ireland on 12th May 2014
I love the Sony 715 , I have had it for 5 years and just now bought a new I phone and don't like it.the Sony 715 is so logical and. For a simple enough phone is quite amazing! I can honestly say I will try to sell my new phone and return to my old if I can get it fixed or buy a new one. ithe battery is great and lasts much longer than my new I phone. I am converted to Sony phones , I like the way the information is organised and the logic in the phone suits my brain! I can move so fast ,almost in my sleep with the layout of the Sony phones! My new phone just has a mind of its own and it seems it controls me and me not it.. So ,sorry Apple,I am not converted to yours!

Reviewed by Matthew from Wales on 22nd Aug 2012
I had this phone for 5 years and not a single problem, only now has it broken and i'm probably going to buy another, it is a great little phone if you take care of it, if you need a good phone which lasts and stays trustworthy then i'd recommend one of these.

Reviewed by özkan from türkiye on 10th Sep 2011
faulty software on the market that offers all the phones from Vodafone in life wherever there is failure at every point in the phone not the phone tell you the fact that we charge the battery to overheat wifisinden book, even down to the sounds of ringing a phone that is defective in any direction even deserve a star .. and successfully passed the tests, he says, even Teleservice 3.2MP camera phone is defective, but as a whole, but even VGA-quality shots that even the high-ups to make it even deserve a star ... it was officially given the money went to waste ...

Reviewed by obi chukwudi from Nigeria on 10th Jun 2011
W715 is one phone i love so much because of it high picture quality. And some other features like it GPS, internet browsing and it general control ability.

Reviewed by T from UK on 25th May 2011
Having used this phone for 2 years now, I find it has many features for a traditional non-'smart'phone such as WiFi and GPS which means I have not had to upgrade. Only crashes about once a month even and even less frequently loses connection with the memory card (both require a restart). All-round an excellent phone.

Reviewed by Arthur from Scotland on 24th May 2011
I've had my W715 for 2 years and find it easy to use. It hasn't failed in any way. I chose this because it is fairly small and light with the Walkman software for music. I don't use it for emails as it doesn't sync with Outlook. Contacts and calendar do sync with Outlook through PC Companion but the new version now won't work on my office PC. Texting is like any other phone without a qwerty pad. The camera takes decent pictures in bright daylight but doesn't handle movement well and pictures can be blurred. The only drawback is the lack of headphone socket so listening to music requires an adapter for the headset which just gives more cable to get tangled up with.

Reviewed by ion from greece on 6th May 2011
my w715 turned itself off after a year so i don't thinj that it is a good choice

Reviewed by amna from uk on 2nd May 2011
TO WHOM, i think you should definatly buy this phone i've had it for 2 years now it was my second phone and never once has it crashed on me or caused any problems this is definatly a really good phone in the past 2 years it has had no problems with me personally! BUT IT PLEASE :)

Reviewed by J from Turkey on 20th Apr 2011
My W715 turned itself off. I plug it in, but it won't charge or start. Vodophone hasn't been helpful. Wonderful phone until this happened. Not gonna buy another one.

Reviewed by zee from uk on 16th Feb 2011
ive had this phone for a year now and its still perfect, i think i may have just been lucky as alot of ppl have rated the phone badly and had loads of probs with it.battey life is still excellent, does alot for a simple looking phone, quite impressive actually. the google maps is really fast loading up. i also have blackberry and i have to say the camera is amazing compared to the bb, it also has gps!which my bb doesnt have, all in all i think for the size and price its pretty good.im on vodafone which is good, as my signal is always excellent. ive dropped one star as i dont find it very internet friendly for browsing-but thats it just personal pref.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 12th Feb 2011
Fine for the first year, then suddenly froze and battery wouldn't charge. Sent it off for repairs and now it won't turn on! The last Sony Ericsson I had turned itself off when I received texts. I used to be a big Sony Ericsson fan but my patience is beginning to wear a little thin!

Reviewed by FA from UK on 2nd Feb 2011

Reviewed by PAVLOS from GREECE on 29th Dec 2010

Reviewed by Mark Joseph from Philippines on 5th Dec 2010
Hi I am a sony ericsson fan and I am using W715 i bought this on december last year and I do have problems like if i turn on the wifi to use it seems like its crush it cant search anything, even the signal now was very low, and the battery which i know how to take care of the battery is now drain without using the phone...please help how can i solve this problem

Reviewed by syed from india on 2nd Dec 2010
not tat good....also not bad

Reviewed by andrew13 from greece on 4th Nov 2010
I have that phone but it isnt very good .... It isnt good because my bluetooth and my (WI-FI) doesn 't work..Also Ι try upgrade and the same thing ... Any sollutions??

Reviewed by Kaaas from UK on 27th Oct 2010
Iv had this phone for over a year now, and i must say it is the best phone ive ever had, when it did start having its problems, such as switching off, i just upgraded the software, and i must say I LOVE SONY ERICSSON, best phones, and the most easy to use, now going to upgrade to a Xperia X10. Cannot wait, Xperinced the N8 and it was horrid, just waiting for my X10 now

Reviewed by Shred from UK on 26th Oct 2010
I've had this mobile for a year now, and so far it's been fantastic! I've only just gotten around to putting all my music on, and it holds a lot for a little phone as it comes with a 4GB micro sd, perfect for long journeys. The battery doesn't fade that fast, I charge the phone every 3 days? Just wish the camera was better.

Reviewed by Vincent from UK on 16th Oct 2010
I've had this phone since march and it is, by far, the best phone I've ever had. The only drawback I can think of is that it crashes on occasion but like most modern technology I guess this is to be expected.

Reviewed by Alison from UK on 3rd Oct 2010
Absolutely brilliant little phone, does all I want it to except i can't get it to email as it needs setting up and am not too clever at doing this, I have to get my daughter to do it for me,

Reviewed by Farside from UK on 30th Sep 2010
I got this phone in February 2010 and absolutely love it! I'm amazed at the amount of poor reviews on here so wonder whether I've been very lucky or if it's the age old case of a company only every hearing from you if you have a problem? Either way, I've had 4 SE phones over the years and my last phone was an LG Viewty touchscreen which was a nice phone and did everything I wanted it too (great camera) but was bulkier than I wanted. The MP3 player on the W715 is obviously brilliant, the camera isn't the best on the market but is better than some. GPS is really useful and I have used it for various car journeys recently and the Search location facility is great for finding reviews of pubs and restaurants etc when in a new area with pals needing somewhere to meet. It's of sturdy build, keypad is easy to use, it's not too heavy on battery unless you're a heavy user of the internet or MP3 player. Oh and the headphones are fab. Downside is that the headphones are SE input and why oh why do they keep changing their connections so I have a different one to my Dad and brother and can't charge up when visiting them and have forgotten my charger! Still love the phone though!!

Reviewed by Da baby from United kingdom on 23rd Sep 2010
vv.poor wat a rubbish phone

Reviewed by dylann from uk on 17th Sep 2010
i got the phone jst ova a year a go nd suddently it stopped pickin up sigle nd it isnt lettin me into my contact list nd it has deleted all my messages. my dad also has the same phone and after about 2 months the blue tooth stopped workin. brill phone but it always seems to get a lot of errors

Reviewed by joezzy from cornwall on 10th Aug 2010
hey guys absablutley amazing phone! amazing price sleek design looks stunning if you take the phone out with erricson care they replace any fault with in 3 days best phone owned easily replaces my 3gs ! :)

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 26th Jul 2010
On my 3rd W715, absolute rubbish. Flimsy, volume useless and switches itself off all the time. Worst Sony Ericsson I have ever had Phone rating minus 5

Reviewed by Jeannie from United Kingdom on 25th Jul 2010
Bought the phone lovely shiny silver in Aprl 2010 loved it a first until 6 weeks later it refused to save my photos and cancelled all my saved photos off, got it repaired and got it back June 14th 2010, then the same fault happened 22nd June 2010 only lasted 4 weeks, its now back in for repair, supposed to be being repaired by senior engineer, watch this space.

Reviewed by Patricia Williams from UK on 21st Jul 2010
Love the phone but the battery drains even when not used, very annoying, needs constant charging.

Reviewed by crispy from UK on 20th Jul 2010
First got the phone around this time last year and the 5 button was sometimes unresponsive, texting was a right pain. Went back to Vodafone store I got it from and they replaced it. Month or two later, all of a sudden I could not access any media files (music, videos, pictures, games). Tried updating the media files or something and media worked on and off. Went back to same store and just the way it goes, when the guy behind the counter used it, it worked perfectly fine. Eventually after a lot of messing around I somehow got it all working again. As of today, 20/07/2010, apart from the power off button, none just under the screen work (keypad is fine). I can't access the menu at all or generally do anything with the phone. I get a text - I can't open it! I want to make a call - its just not happening! All I can do is turn the phone on and off and check the "phone status"... joy. When this phone doesn't function right its one of the most stressful times of my life, yet when it does it's immense!

Reviewed by Maz from UK on 17th Jul 2010
Have had the phone a year, and the other day, out of the blue, it said 'insert sim' and will not get signal. It also will not charge. Loved the phoen and put up with the freezing when sending a text. Called up Vodafone, some Canadian man said he'd send a new sim for it because my one is very old (10 years old!!) and he'd also send a new battery, which I will have to wait 2 weeks for. After reading the reviews, I can see this will be a waste of time because this won't work! guy on the phone had to cheek to say there'd be a charge of £10 for a new sim - I've had the contract 10 years! Luckily he said he'd do it for free. Loved the phone and am gutted it died on me ]:

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 16th Jul 2010
Love this fone. Love the software on it. The smiley characters are like in 3D version. It's on vodafone, and that's good, cos you get delivery reports in the conversation. Display is brilliant. Screen is big.

Reviewed by John Bowler from England on 7th Jul 2010
Good phone, but the keyboard is fiddly for messaging. The camera takes a good quality picture, but has no zoom. Phone is slim and fits into a shirt pocket. Decent battery life, but Bluetooth pulls it down quite quickly (in as little as 36 hours). Radio is o.k., but is sensitive to antenna orientation which is built into the headphones. Sound quality is good, and the phone picks up even weak signals well. Typically, now mine is 18 months old, the phone keeps locking up and slowing down just like a +=*&@! Windows computer. Nice screen size, but not big enough IMO for game playing. See also comment on fiddly buttons. Loads of apps available. I like Sony mobiles, but they all seem to slow down badly over time. Haven't used the GPS app., as I prefer satnav.

Reviewed by Jean from UK on 19th Jun 2010
Had this phone for 7 weeks its in the workshop at this minute, it refused to save pictures, wiped all my pictures off, also wouldnt video, and the shake part did not work, just found out that my grandaughter has the same phone and has had a lot of trouble with it, love the phone apart from the trouble.

Reviewed by carlos from Doncaster UK on 12th Jun 2010
had phone nearly ten months not a single problem for first 7 months then couldnt get onto vodafone live using the button on handset have to scroll through menus to get onto it then. now i cant get to use the calculator, and when i last updated my software it wiped all my pics videos and music off and all the in built games and ringtones so i got nothing on it at all!!!

Reviewed by julie from scotland on 17th May 2010
my dad got me this phone as a present (on contract, 1st May 2009) and i loved it but i got bored and wanted a touch screen phone so i bought the samsung tocco lite and gave my sony ericsson to my mam and just recently she was complaining of it going funny, now i thought it was just my mam complaining but she showed me that the screen went all inverted and very very small and squashed to the top. i now exactly what is wrong with it because my samsung u600 done the same and it was the cable connecting the phone and screen. the phone is just out of warranty and i will take it back to the vodafone shop to see if they can do anything. i advise you not to buy this phone and steer clear of sliding phones. sony ericsson are an amazing make of phones but dont buy their sliding phones, my friend had trouble with another sliding model.

Reviewed by Moto from England on 10th May 2010
Absolutely brilliant phone, has everything and more for me on it, had it for 3 months now

Reviewed by Leszek from UK on 30th Apr 2010
About this phone w715.I am with sony ericsson since 15 years and I will be for next 15 :) Model w715 is just amazing.I recommend to all to get it...I love my new Phone

Reviewed by hiren from india on 23rd Apr 2010
i like this model very much

Reviewed by laura grundy from manchester uk on 21st Apr 2010
i got this phone couple of month ago and its best fone ive had yet i would advise my family or friends to buy it

Reviewed by Andrew Webster from UK on 18th Apr 2010
Not a bad phone, but fiddly buttons and wifi drains the battery very quickly. My friend has an HTC desire and I wish I'd got that instead of the W715. The other downside of the W715 is that it has all the vodafone branding which is a swine to get rid of. You have to use a "de-vodafonize" pack of software, A2 uploader and different firmware, with all the risk of invalidating your warranty, not that the warranty is worth much from vodafone judging by the other comments on this forum.

Reviewed by Hannah from uk on 17th Mar 2010
had this phone since january as a late christmas present and i love it. ive only had one problem with it since then and all it was was the software needed updated which took 5mins. its a great phone and id recommend it anyday.

Reviewed by jeff from england on 14th Mar 2010
no probs with my w715

Reviewed by Leon from UK on 13th Feb 2010
Very good phone...

Reviewed by Debbie from england on 9th Feb 2010
Horrendous. Only worked for 2 weeks,refused to charge and screen said you must insert sony ericsson charger. Bought 2 weeks before xmas as a present so it was out of warranty. Took back to shop and told it was a very common software failure.Finally got it back 18 days later.Surprise 4 days later it only has half the screen showing.so i have to return it yet again for repair.But i have been told if it breaks down a 3rd time i get a replacement, so at this rate i will have a new one next month

Reviewed by marcus from england on 27th Jan 2010
if you are looking for a phone dont get this one. ive had 2 software failures in 7 months. my messages are getting slow to send. i have to reset the setting every other week. i wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 2nd Jan 2010
Had one of these today. It's with Vodafone (obviously) and I had it for free on a 300 mins unlimited text deal, all for £25 a month on a 12 month contract (was out of my previous Vodafone contract when I signed up). Just so that you know what deals are out there. The phone itself seems great and i've been playing with it all day and it's the usual quality that i'd expect from a SE phone.

Reviewed by aminah from england on 2nd Jan 2010
i think this phone is really good i find this phone interesting to use and the features are really fabulous i enjoy exploring through the wonderful features.

Reviewed by Sandra from Sweden on 11th Dec 2009
I've had my phone since end of October and it's been sent to reparation 3 times alredy. I got it changed to a new today but it's the same problem with this one. The problem is that the contacts in the phonebook changes numbers, really irritating and it's not because of the SIM because it has been changed. Other than that I love the phone, I love the design and would not want another phone. I hope I just got some bad luck with those I've got.

Reviewed by Christer from Sweden on 10th Dec 2009
I've had my phone for nearly a year and it works really well. Som problems with network coverage, but that's the operator's fault I think. The phove itself is outstanding. I saw that some reviewers rated the phone with one star, because they had problems with Vodafone. Hello? It's a phone review, not a Vodafone review. Swap operator instead!

Reviewed by marcus from england on 2nd Dec 2009
ive had a w715 on a 18 month contract. ive had it roughly 5 months now. its a great phone, quality is wicked. but i recently had a software upgrade due to no network coverage. then since this upgrade my pictures are not showing up on my pictures folder. but apart from thsi problem get the phone its just simply amzing. but dont have the software upgrade like i did :)

Reviewed by Kenny from UK on 1st Dec 2009
I have had this phone for 6 months and haven't experienced any of the problems that the others have had. Fantastic phone and great music and video player too.

Reviewed by gabriel from england on 30th Nov 2009
this phone is amazing! everyone get this phone right away!

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 16th Nov 2009
Have written a couple of reviews already, this fone is fantastic, however, it has now just gone in for the 3rd time this year (not recognising sim or battery/charger)so this is obviously a design fault, Vodafone keep selling them although they must be more than aware that due to this fault its not really fit for purpose, I have an annual contract but for over three weeks of it, I have not had my preferred fone, I give it five stars again, its brilliant, but I would avoid it if you are looking for reliability.

Reviewed by The Sooooz from England on 2nd Nov 2009
I got a sony w715 on a new 24 month contract with vodafone on 1st august. I absolutely loved it - the shape, the style, the colour, the screen, the applications. So easy to use. But by 3rd September I was on my 4th handset and today the 4th handset has been returned to the shop. I had similar problems to others "incorrect sim inserted" "unable to charge battery" "no network coverage". Each time has been the same problem and each time I've taken it back (as its been faulty within 28 days) and got an exchange for another identical handset which did exactly the same within days. On the last handset I had, the message counter didn't work, the call timer cleared itself, the camera came on when I was in the middle of calls. I made sure I downloaded updates but despite all this they still had the same problem each time. Also I was unable to back any of them up to my laptop so I have lost all my downloaded tracks, ringtones and pictures. Today I refused another sony and chose a nokia 6210 navigator which I already hate - see their reviews and avoid!

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 31st Oct 2009
Had the phone for nearly 3 months, hasn't frozen and hasn't been unreliable like the websites review. One of the first things I did when I recieved it was updated it within the menu on the phone, not sure whether this fixes any freezing problems but would certainly try this if you're having problems! Absolutly love it!

Reviewed by Sarah from england on 27th Oct 2009
it is a great phone deflanty 5 star

Reviewed by Rob Gardiner from UK on 23rd Oct 2009
I have had a multitude of mobile phones brands over the years and Sony Ericsson has always proved to be the best for me. I have recently taken delivery of the Sony Ericsson W715..by far the best I have had and am very pleased with it. It looks good, very user friendly ( as all Ericssons), good sized screen and great for texting. Of all the Ericssons I have had, the key pad is by far the best..good feel compared with the "clickey/notchey" W595 I had before. I haven't tested all of the features as yet, but the Wi-Fi is excellent and a great feature. I thoroughly recommend the W715, and when free with Vodafone, a real steal!

Reviewed by Cat from England on 22nd Oct 2009
The W715 is the best phone I've just switched from the Samsung Soul. It looks stylish, is really easy to use and the walkman is great. The only thing I've yet to try out is the nav.

Reviewed by matt from uk on 2nd Oct 2009
i had the phone for a month or two, on the contract. it was a brilliant phone, and i made full use of the wifi ALOT. however, i tried to update the software using wifi and an application in settings. it wouldnt play any games or applications after that, or load up the internet from first screen. you had to go into the main menu to load it. that wasnt to much of a problem, as i only used the music player, which worked fine. exept for the senseme.. I still really liked it, untill i lost it. shame.

Reviewed by lucy from uk on 6th Sep 2009
i have had this phone for 5 weeks and it is broken already, vodaphone don't want to know, when lots of review sites have similar reviewrs with similar problems, the phone won'tcharge up, it says "battery cannot be charged genuine sony battery to be used" when it is a genuine battery, well its the one sony sent me any way, and it has no network coverage, i rang vodafone and if i had had the problem within the first 28 days i could have had it swapped, but as i am actually 5 days over that period then they won't do anything, and i even had insurance on the account, whats the point in insurance if they won't fix your phone, shame as it was anice looking phone, will not be using vodafone ever again after this, it is a 3 phone account and vodafone have now lost us all

Reviewed by Chris Barney from Inglind on 4th Sep 2009
I has got the phone and the phone is gud. I yoosed to have a soul touch phone and it was so great but then the kids robbed it an set afire to it in the endoggs. It was barley. This phone is dead good though an it haz a dead good fronty. I took a pictcher of me ma an its me screen saver.

Reviewed by A.M. from IE on 27th Aug 2009
I was in love with this phone but I am going to get a replacement as the same thing is happening as it is to others:it 'refuses to charge the battery saying it isn't a Sony battery (when it is), and sometimes says "insert correct SIM" and refuses to start altogether'. Other than that - lovely screen and size - not too bulky, email facilities great. camera is good and good resolution. resolution poor when looking at youtube videos which is a shame. i'll miss it.

Reviewed by raphyde from philippines on 12th Aug 2009
this is the best phone i ever had... i love this phone.. it is so fast... it has track id... i can download games faster than my old phone.. wow!

Reviewed by chelsea from leicester on 5th Aug 2009
This phone has good looks and im getting it for my 13 bday and i cant wait because it has everything on it. I have been looking at phones for ages and this is the best yet. :) :) :)

Reviewed by Joao Miguel from Portugal on 4th Aug 2009
I have it for 6 weeks in black ,great phone, walkman is awesome. Battery life is very good,camera is very good ( you need good light ) but i don´t try GPS yet. Most beautiful phone i ever had.

Reviewed by Colin from Scotland on 30th Jul 2009
The fones good n diz everything u need from a fone only thing iz av gt ma eye on the 995 noo

Reviewed by vasilikoula from greece<3 on 23rd Jul 2009
i have this phone and its the most amazing phone i've ever had!!!!i love walkman and GPS is incredibly good!!love it....<3

Reviewed by Tich from United Kingdom on 21st Jun 2009
I'm on my second (soon to be third) W715 within a week. First one crashed, lost all its preloaded games and refused to start any of the GPS apps and Vodafone Live key was busted. They sent a replacement out within 2 days. It worked for a couple of days and then completely stopped working - won't connect to the network, refuses to charge the battery saying it isn't a Sony battery (when it is), and sometimes says "insert correct SIM" and refuses to start altogether. The phone itself is lovely (nice size, great features) but their quality control is really, really dire. Have to admit I'd avoid this phone until they get their quality sorted.

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 17th Jun 2009
Sorry to hear about your experience cook (12 Jun 09)had mine since Mar 09 and the same thing happened to mine last week, however, Vodaphone sent it immediately for repair and I had it returned within 4 days fully repaired. If it happens again try and run the media update programme through a pc with the usb cable which should sort it out for you.

Reviewed by cook from england on 12th Jun 2009
had my w715 2 months. phone somehow damaged even tho never been sat on or abused. wont turn on or charge. been refused repair by VODAFONE. utterly appauled by service and how a phone can go wrong so quickly. strongly advise to avoid vodafone and sony erricson

Reviewed by p83 from greece on 10th Jun 2009
good looking phone but the gps is useless in this way that needs internet connection..and many problems at conectivity..wi-fi is freezing all the time and bluetooth does the same..everytime i need to remove battery and put it again...it sucks...

Reviewed by Steph from Wales on 8th Jun 2009
Only had this phone for a day but I LOVE IT! It's really nice looking and i havent been able to put it down. Battery life seems good, considering i havent stopped using to for the past 24 hours! (ok, well not literally) Its a really nice lloking phone, with loads of great stuff on it. the camera is brilliant too. Overall, a REALLY good phone and i would recommend it to EVERYONE! One slight problem though: its a bit tricky to slide it up. if you have it, i think you know what i mean. other than that. GO AND BUY IT!!!! vodafone does great deals with it by the way ;)

Reviewed by scott from scotland on 29th May 2009
had the W715i for a week now, still trying to fing out what it does. i'm used to Nokia and heavy texting so this is different and not as compatible. Overall I got a good deal with vodaphone so key points are; battery life is two days on moderate use, lightwieght phone and slide isn't a problem. fairly easy to navigate and sat nav is good. CAmera is average but I seldom use so not of interest. Walkman/radio part is very good. Screen good size and clear. only let down is re texting ie having to delete every sent txt which Nokia would auto delete. Good all round media phone, just hope battery stays with 2 day life but not confident.

Reviewed by Domy from Germany on 25th May 2009
very good and is nice looking

Reviewed by mattie from america on 17th May 2009
awesome phone best in the world had it 5 weeks and i love it it has a good battery life and an awesome music player

Reviewed by paul phillips from england on 16th May 2009
This phone failed within a couple of hours of owning. First off kept telling me to insert correct sim,the games then dissaperd, the functions kept freezing and then kept saying no etwork coverage! Hopefuly will have more luck with the replacment. Other than that its a nice looking phone.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 24th Apr 2009
I am quite pleased with the W715 does all i need and no faults as yet. Would preferred black but vodafone only do silver (although sony site shows black), you would think vodafone would do both as it is exclusive to them. Other than that , great phone.

Reviewed by tmd from england on 22nd Apr 2009
this is a good phone must buy it.i like this phone i am gonna buy this phone twice this phone is the best i ever had .

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 18th Apr 2009
I've had the phone 3 days and it's already broken. Won't turn on all of a sudden and won't respond to the charger. My sister has the same phone and we've switched batteries and tried her charger and it's still not turning on. It vibrates as if it's going to turn on...but then nothin comes on the screen and the keypads don't light up! So I guess I'm gonna have to send it back and get a replacement! Other than this it seemed to be a good phone although the battery runs out so fast! Up until now I'd had to charge it every day, but now it won't even respond to the charger. =[

Reviewed by Joao from Portugal on 17th Apr 2009
ITS A GREAT PHONE! I dont like is the vodafone software, how can i take it off? And put the original sony ericsson icons etc...

Reviewed by stuart from UK on 15th Apr 2009
I'm very pleased with this phone. I've found the battery life to be generally good. Have people with poor battery life been using wi-fi when not needed. I only connect to wi-fi when at home and then not as much as I thought i would. I would have preferred a black one but silver is ok. excellent radio and walkman. Does emails. Does everything I want really. Camera is really quite good, but you need good light for good pix. A good blogging phone. Could do with a way of syncing with itunes. Sony software quite clunky.

Reviewed by Josh from United Kingdom on 6th Apr 2009
I like this phone, I just got it sent to my address from Vodafone (who told me that I'd get it this morning when I opened a contract with them on Thursday). The cover art on the box shows a black w715, but the phone that was inside the box was the Luxury Silver one- does anyone by any chance own the Majestic Black one and got theirs from Voda UK? I've been on the customer service line (191) for about 2 hours and still can't get through to them so I can ask for the Majestic black one. I took the phone to a Vodafone store this morning but I was told that they only have ever had the phone in silver- help! I want the black one so I can distinguish my phone from the other networks! (I've just cancelled my contract with Orange because they kept on calling me to pay my bill even though I set up a direct debit account with them and they said every time that I chose "pay via cheque"- this happened at least 4 different times in my 18 month contract). My last phone was the "keep it safe design" W660i from Orange. A good solid phone, but nowhere near as showy (in a positive way) as this beauty! Just a tad bigger than the W660i, but with a very decent size screen, buttons are going to take one or two days to get used to, but I have to say that I was a bit daunted with my first ever slide phone. After a good couple of hours examining the phone, I can confirm that my fears are allayed and the slide function is top drawer- it's simply a lovely phone to own. I'd get it if you aren't one of those "Techy boys" who isn't interested in a Symbian software phone, or touch screen (we all know full well they those phones drink battery juice quicker than a Hummer drinks petrol- or maybe not), but for a phone that's light and not too small, yet not too big, I'm sure this is a strong alternative. I'm using my W660i battery (please don't try this at home because the battery is slightly less underpowered to the W715's which is 950mAh compare d to 1000mAh) and after abusing the Walkman 3.0 software playing my music on the memory card which I also ported over to the new phone, I've barely made a dent to the battery (I think I only used up about 3% of battery power- as well as playing music videos). So there's my little report. If anybody does have a Majestic Black phone, please could you let me know? I'm worried that I was a bit too eager and purchased this without Vodafone stocking up on the black one. Thanks!

Reviewed by Frederik from Denmark on 29th Mar 2009
Its the best phone i've ever owned! (: But does anyone know it it cost using Wi-Fi?

Reviewed by SV from uk on 28th Mar 2009
great phone, but really bad vattery life :( mine lost 30% battery in 2 hours... beautiful phone though.

Reviewed by KL from UK on 25th Mar 2009
A very nice phone. The biggest plus for me is push email. I can get gmail instantly on my phone, just like Blackberry. Quite easy to setup (configuration is detailed on gmail setting page). The only negatives are the relatively poor battery life (although far better than touchscreen phones) and icons on the sattus bar that are not defined in the instruction booklet that came with the phone.

Reviewed by Richard from Wolves UK on 25th Mar 2009
Had this phone for about two weeks now and i can absolutely recomend it, Being a walkman phone the music quality is great and with the high quality headphones its even better. Having the wifi on also makes browsing at home faster and easier. It looks good and feels good. Get this phone!!!

Reviewed by KC from uk on 23rd Mar 2009
had the phone for about 5 days now. looks great, feels great. Easy to use once you've messed about with it. Cam is good. External speaker takes some getting used to, sounded a little tinny at first. Headphones supplied are good quality. tip for wi-fi users, let it load the eror message then choose 'options', 'go to' and type in an address eg, google and your wi-fi should work. People are having problems because the phone tries to access vodafone live, but live is only supported on WAP not wi-fi. My only gripe is that there appears to be no way of knowing if you have a text message (if you haven't heard the beep) without opening up the phone so you have ot check it constantly

Reviewed by steven hesketh from liverpool uk on 22nd Mar 2009
hi well got dis phone on vodafone. its a bab phone but a little problem the key pad??? y do they make small pads and yet people like me have thumbs that cover the hole pad!!! but wud recomend it cool

Reviewed by Pablo from UK on 20th Mar 2009
its the best. ace.

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 19th Mar 2009
I love this fone, it looks good and its lite and packed with all the stuff I want, I would recommend it to anyone, my friends who have updated with other fones are really wishing they had waited and got this instead!

Reviewed by Zoe from England on 17th Mar 2009
Absolutly Fooking LOVE the phone

Reviewed by Jodiee.x from England. on 15th Mar 2009
Me and my mum were out yesterday looking for new phones. My mum recomended this one for me but i wasnt too sure. My mum got it and now i really wish i got it!!! Ive had a play around on my mums and am really thinking about getting it now. Its soo easy to use and figure out, i recomed this phone to anyone!! :)xx

Reviewed by STG from UK on 9th Mar 2009
Just got the phone and am amazed at the weight which is only 98g! I'm used to Nokia phones but wanted a future proof phone which this is. Easy to use menu and navigation seems logical. Nice clear screen with both photo and film quality excellent The ring tones are a bit naff but will download my own. Also the key pad is a touch small so those with big hands may struggle.

Reviewed by helloo from hellooo on 8th Mar 2009
love it. i have a samsung u600 but i duno why but i just prefere this phone (one of my friends has it and im jelous cos i want it) it looks good and i love some of the things on it, i would recommend someone to get this phone if they were thinking about getting it :) xx

Reviewed by LKG from United states on 4th Mar 2009
I am very pleased with this phone top notch. no complaints. upgraded from LG Shine and it is so much better.

Reviewed by TMD from ENGLAND on 1st Mar 2009

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