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Sony Ericsson W660i review

 Review: August 2007  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: This Walkman phone has everything you need from a music player phone and comes in a classic slimline design with an ergonomic keypad and navigation key.


The Sony Ericsson W660i is a nice addition to the Walkman phone range. It's basically a 3G-enhanced version of the fantastic W610i with an improved keypad, although the camera isn't as good.

The W660i is a great looker. It has a classic design, with lovely curves, and is available in two distinctive colour schemes: black or rose red. The phone is slim (but not superslim) and is a good size and weight to hold. The W660i has an easy-to-use navigation key and has nicely-sized tactile keys, which is a relief after so many recent Sony Ericsson phones have suffered from clunky joysticks or small keys - Sony Ericsson haven't put a foot wrong with the W660i in terms of design. The display is a good size and, whilst not as high in resolution as the W880i or K810i, is typical for this price range.

The W660i has a good quality 2 megapixel camera and a video recording option. It can't compete with the camera on the high-end K810i, and is missing autofocus and a camera light. Being 3G, it also supports video calling.

Naturally the W660i is equipped with the latest Walkman® player 2.0 and is an excellent music phone. Audio quality is excellent, you can easily control the music player, creating your own playlists on the move, and you can now view original album art on the screen as the music plays. Interfacing with a PC is very straightforward: using the USB mass storage interface you can simply drag and drop music (and other media) from the PC to the phone. The memory capacity of the phone is not as large as we'd have liked - onboard memory is just 16 Mbytes, which is enough for just a few MP3 tracks, so you'll definitely need a memory card to make full use of the phone. Memory cards of up to 1 Gybte are supported (2 Gbytes using a special adapter). We should also mention that an FM radio is included.

Connectivity via USB and wireless Bluetooth is supported, including support for a stereo Bluetooth headset, but there's no support for infrared. With 3G the phone is permanently connected to the internet, and the phone can handle web browsing, RSS feeds and picture blogging. Push email is also supported.

In conclusion, the W660i is a great phone. It has everything that the W610i has to offer (except for the camera), but with the benefits of 3G and a more conventional keypad.

Sony Ericsson W660i features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • Video clip recording
  • 2 megapixel camera with 2.5x digital zoom
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Walkman® player 2.0
  • FM radio
  • MegaBass™ - enhances bass frequencies
  • TrackID™
  • Polyphonic ringtones / Music Tones
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Push email
  • 3D Java games (pre-installed)
  • Web browser
  • Picture blogging
  • RSS feeds
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (with support for stereo headset), USB
  • Memory: 16 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support (up to 1 Gbyte)
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 102 x 46 x 14.5 mm
  • Weight: 93g
  • Triband (GSM 900, 1800, 1900) plus 3G (UMTS 2100)

Sony Ericsson W660i user reviews

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Average rating from 129 reviews:

Reviewed by fayaz hussain from pakistan on 2nd Nov 2013
he is very nice cell iam using

Reviewed by palani from UK on 7th Mar 2011
good phone .but connector is one of the great draw back

Reviewed by robert from UK on 28th Oct 2010
Had this phone for 3 years no problems with it the camera and video is not perfect but i'm not fussy i like the phone and it performs quite well.

Reviewed by darcy from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 15th May 2010
I'd say it's pretty good, except one damn thing that keeps driving me nuts. The earset has a horrible habit of constantly falling out. I mean I literary have to hold my mobile,if I want to listen to music. And it's not just me-my friend has the exact same phone and exact same problem.:((((

Reviewed by Arka from UK on 30th Apr 2010
it should have Flash feature

Reviewed by mubeenbutt001@yahoo from UK on 23rd Mar 2010
its very good cell phone for all students in world

Reviewed by anees from UK on 28th Feb 2010
This Phone is fabulos.its light takes a few knocks i dropped it 4 times still working perfect.easy to use loud and resanobly priced :)

Reviewed by adriks from UK on 15th Feb 2010
cool phone. best ever.

Reviewed by Marion from UK on 10th Feb 2010
I already have this phone, no hangs or any but full music into it. Equipped with a genuine Sony Ericsson headphone and have your ears listen to that stunning audio quality. Problem is the housing, when it gets a lot of scrathes, it better to buy a new phone that to buy the housing case which is kinda expensive and hard to find.

Reviewed by rahul patel from UK on 9th Jan 2010
this is a very good phone and this is very luck for me.

Reviewed by rob from UK on 29th Nov 2009
Had this phone for 3 years had no problems with it good phone except for the camera and no flash but is not too bad.

Reviewed by mimie gomez from UK on 8th Oct 2009
I'm using Sony Ericsson W660i now. It was a give from my parents since last year. I bought it with a 1GB memory stick, and it could stores many songs,pictures and videos. I think this phone is the coolest phone I have ever used. Lastly, "Don't judge the book by its cover".

Reviewed by noel from UK on 7th Oct 2009
I have had my sony w660i for nearly 2 years had no problems with it so far i think its a good phone except for the camera.

Reviewed by afnan from UK on 27th Sep 2009
it is really a good phone easy to use its not slippery like 6300 if flash would be the option then it is the best in mid size walkman category I really love this phone handfree is superb fm radio is also very good

Reviewed by Abubaker from UK on 26th Aug 2009
I've used this phone. It's a great phone.

Reviewed by sudhakar yadav from UK on 29th Jul 2009
i faced so many problems in w660i within a 6 month i had already given my mobile in service centre for 95ays thn also i m facing the problem in my mobile and now again i have given my mobile in service centre for 1 week.Service really sucks its better to buy nokia thn ericsson. phone hangs a lot e now i feel that NOKIA is best. buying sony ericsson is waste of money and time as we have to go in service centre every now and than. and still my phone is in service centre as i have given my mobile on 26/04/09 so i will suggest u guys who r planning to buy any sonyericsson phone do not buy DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY IN THIS SUCKING COMPANY.

Reviewed by pattyz from UK on 9th Jul 2009
I've had this phone 18 months and even though i liked at first. I don't like it no more. it is fiddly and it's quiet while talking to people not to mention that the battery only lasts a day after hardly using it - it's rubbish!!!!!!

Reviewed by amir siddique from UK on 12th Jun 2009
i'm using it for two months now, and it is superb in its functionality and looks except that A. the headphone's and charger's pin get loosen up every so often. B. i text a lot, so after 200+ sms in inbox, it starts to hang up while navigating through inbox and sent item's folder But overall i'm very satisfied with this mobile, with a moderate price you get an efficient smart phone/walkman. I recommend it for everyone.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 5th Jun 2009
i have one this phone.. its slim, best quality sound and good picture

Reviewed by Shirley sheep from UK on 16th May 2009
Its a great phone and well worth the money

Reviewed by Raashid Khalid from UK on 14th May 2009
Really very very exceelent phone its not only a phone but a stereo deck no doubt amazing music quality and very exceeelnt sound quality as well

Reviewed by tariq mehmood from UK on 23rd Feb 2009
the camera stinks and my phone hangs alot it does no give adivuate power to external audio devices it waqs not the expectation i expected from sony ericsson mobiles waste of money dont buy this mobile purchaser tariq mehmood

Reviewed by ady from UK on 26th Jan 2009
I have this phone for 5 months already and i don't know about other phones like this one but mine is not good at all. I hate it!!! The sound is worst than my nokia 7610 which everybody knows is not a phone for music, but this one is a walkman....dude, it's supposed to sound well! I tried different headphones, not good! The headphones that came with the phone are a little bit louder than total silence, so don't try to use them when something else makes a sound! After 3 months the speaker shivers on high sounds. With the camera you can't take no picture...I tried at night and you don't get nothing with this phone. At day, you ask yourself what is he doing with 2MP beacause i can't see them.. You don't have zoom with picture..i mean c'mon...only with video? This is bull5|-|it!!! Something good....the battery lasts...almost 1 week.. It's small and thin... But if you want more than that...don't waste your money on this...try nokia

Reviewed by awinsjclarke from UK on 24th Jan 2009
I just bought it last night ... just a simple glance at it ... try on the text message and by listening the music with it stylish and ergonomic earphone, i've got hooked up with this phone. Record, with only 10 mins and i withdraw my money at ATM and just buy it!!! :-)

Reviewed by Chopper from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
I love it :) I got a lgks360 recently and it's awful, I wish I'd stayed with my sony ericsson, but yeah it would be better with a better camera, but it's lasted me 1 and a half years and in my opinion the best phone I've ever had :) And it does have a good battery life :S And it never freezes on me :S Or turns it's self off :S

Reviewed by Col from UK on 21st Jan 2009
Nice phone, I had w850i previously and firmware is virtually identical. Only gripe is the directional pad in the middle is a little small compared to w850i, i keep hitting the wrong direction by accident and my hands are not particularly big. and as with all phones, difficult for left-handers! no HSDPA which is a bit rubbish. and no flash/torch which is also rubbish. otherwise, pretty good phone!

Reviewed by imran from UK on 18th Jan 2009
this phone is the best phone ever after the i phone 3g i have had many phones. when i baught this phone i was soo hapy the msn on there is proper fast like on computer.i droped mine in the water so i got rid of it but i baught 3!!! today on ebay 2for me and one for my gf thats how much i love this phone. its fast reliable just the best phone ever.its soo good that im spending my time wrting this review.

Reviewed by John from England on 6th Jan 2009
Best phone I have ever used. 5*

Reviewed by Sushil from india on 1st Jan 2009
Its really nice phone.i puchasded 4 months back. good looking and Slim.One problem currently i am facing is that the mob gets switch off automatically sometimes. battery charge lasts for 2 days in normal usage

Reviewed by T from england on 1st Jan 2009
the fone is the best.Small, light , has everything but a flash is a a shame but a great phone would rate it 9/10

Reviewed by Paris from england on 24th Dec 2008
i want this phone so badly for christmas. my best friend has got it and it's absolutely amazing. we are forever taking pictures together on her's and chatting to people on windows live messenger. i really love this phone and want it SO BAD.

Reviewed by josh from uk on 29th Nov 2008
had this phone couple of weeks and i just dont like it

Reviewed by Rose from United Kingdom on 28th Nov 2008
I have had this phone for a year maybe? And it is by far the best phone I have had. It is trusty, hard wearing and reliable. I can honestly say I have never had a problem. The Keyboard is brilliant, although your fingers do ache after a while- but I suspect that this is the same with any phone. The music player is superb and although the camera isn't the best, it's still good quality. The Internet is good on it, But I guess that depends on your network. I would definately reccomend this phone to everybody and anybody, it is truly brilliant.

Reviewed by Jose from India on 31st Oct 2008
The phone is okay. Motorola L9 has better sound quality, but it needs Blue tooth head set S9.

Reviewed by docajac from UK on 22nd Oct 2008
Been using this for last 1 year.It is generally a good phone with few hitches. Its too small and suitable only for twiggy fingers.That makes my texting a nightmare and hurts my distal finger joints as I have to do it with nails!!!. Call accept and Call End buttons are on the wafer thin rim surrounding other buttons like walkman or return button and I haven't yet learned how to avoid hitting unwanted buttons while accepting or rejecting the call.I think this is a feature of all Sony sets.(I recently saw their T303 with dedicated buttons ) Overall a reliable,durable and stable phone with poor ergonomics.

Reviewed by DILIP from INDIA on 11th Oct 2008
WOW.... There's hardly anything to say about this phone. The review at the top of this page says it all. It is just wonderful. Amazing clarity, great sound, supercool style. Its just a perfect 10 on 10 phone. When I made up my mind to pick up a Sony Ericsson, I was a little apprehensive about the battery life that I would have to sacrifice for the brilliant sound and display quality. But this phone has made my apprehension meaningless. 2 weeks, that I've bought it, I've put it to charge just 4 times. An average of once in 3.5 days. (Considering the number of hours I listen to music & FM and am talking on the phone) Isn't that superb? Well, there's nothing else one can say about the other features in the phone, but - flawless. I would recommend this one to anybody. Just fantastic. Great going, Sony Ericsson!!!

Reviewed by catherine from london on 17th Sep 2008
very pretty i want to have one like that but i can because i am not working . but my boyfriend have one is a little bet gay for him but he likes so i can do anything but maybe i am gone bay one !!

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 17th Sep 2008
Okay, The new walkman interactive mobile phone from SE, its basicly a candybar style verson of the w910i, and w580i, with similer features, the looks are great, same standard 2MP camrea, with another one for video calling, the 3G is the same, download speeds work out the same. Very stylish and very neat, good quality radio, easy to understand, this phone has been nominated for SE phone of the year! I hope it gets it, its an outstanding phone, only the keypad can be abit annoyying but apart from that, its a mint phone, hint, hint buy it. But please don't get it on contract with 02!

Reviewed by Jay Pashte from India on 15th Sep 2008
It was an excellent cellphone,basically the music & voice quality is too good-nice,& to oprate this cell is too easy,I really loved this cellphone............

Reviewed by karan from india on 8th Sep 2008
i faced so many problems in w660i within a 1 month i had already given my mobile in service centre for 15ays thn also i m facing the problem in my mobile and now again i have given my mobile in service centre for 1 week.Service really sucks its better to buy nokia thn ericsson. phone hangs a lot and main disadvantage is if we keep the phone on floor or some sofa we cant here the sound as speaker is on backside now i feel that NOKIA is best. buying sony ericsson is waste of money and time as we have to go in service centre every now and than. and still my phone is in service centre as i have given my mobile on 29/08/08 so i will suggest u guys who r planning to buy any sonyericsson phone do not buy DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY IN THIS SUCKING COMPANY.

Reviewed by john from united kingdom on 6th Sep 2008
this phone is very nice the speakers on the w660i is loud the features of the phone is good like when your on the walkman music they got this new option and has light effects so when the music plays the light flashes its a outstanding phone not may shops have this phone because its quite new but customers should get this phone I (((((((((I LOVE THIS PHONE))))))))) phone 9.0 rate

Reviewed by Tom from Wales on 29th Aug 2008
I Just Bought this phone yesterday and have found to be a very good phone .Great and easy to use music player and a very attractive design.Something not said in your review is that it comes free with a 512mb memory stick.A good buy.

Reviewed by Vishal from India on 24th Aug 2008
Great phone just the flash lite is missing.the camera is also just good

Reviewed by Nazme from India on 20th Aug 2008
I bought this phone and this phone is excellent in its music quality and camera is also good.Its internet speed is very fast and it does not hank like other Nokia phones like N70 and N73 does.ALL I WANT TO SAY IS IT IS EXELLENT AND SEXY PHONE.

Reviewed by G-MAN from SCOTLAND on 14th Aug 2008
This phone is minted , is on o2 , have got 2gig card and have had NO problems . walkman is used every day when plugged into my crash helmet. i would recommemd it to anyone. i was previously a 100% nokia man but have had this phone for over a year now and would not go back to nokia....ever.

Reviewed by jay from england on 11th Aug 2008
Had the phone for less then three months it's broken twice in that amount of time.. 3 mobile aren't helping and i'm left with a phone that doesn't work... thanks for nothing

Reviewed by Kate from Scotland on 7th Aug 2008
Really not keen on this phone. It's SO slow, the screen constantly freezes and it takes about 10-15 seconds from pressing a button either to receive a text or answer a call for the phone to actually operate. Functionally it's the worst phone i've ever had and I can't wait to get rid of it. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone!! Really disappointing cos i've had sony phones before and they've been really good but they seem to be going downhill.

Reviewed by Amir from Pakistan on 6th Aug 2008
Sony Ericsson, Thank You.

Reviewed by ADAM from ENGLAND on 30th Jul 2008

Reviewed by peter from luton from england on 30th Jul 2008
what a brilliant phone!small light great battery life and 3G features.works fine with my 4gb card too.i have it on 3 and all the features are great like msn and email.all thats missing is a flash!come on sony ericsson some of us music lovers like to take photos too!

Reviewed by ippy from indonesia on 26th Jul 2008
good looking, nice sound

Reviewed by kadz from engalnd on 21st Jul 2008
this is da best fone evr it is jus great it is a must buy 2 any fone user out der!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Joshua from Manchester on 18th Jul 2008
The phone is terrible it broke on the day that I bought it and now im getting my money back.

Reviewed by kostas k from greece on 17th Jul 2008
well i must say that im in love with this phone got everything that i need the factions & the controls are perfect the only thing that i have found that is not perfect is the quality of the plastic first day & the gold color down when the batery cover slide got a scratch enyway this dont to something to the factions of the mobile but is a minus for the phone 4/5 for me not perfect only for the quality of the plastic in some parts

Reviewed by Francessca Jennings from Middelsbrough on 12th Jul 2008
i have just bought this today and im not aloud it till my birthday ( 21.7.2008 ) wicht is resenable i would like to aunser the question bellow .. you can not change the case but you can buy a new one .. hope it helps xx

Reviewed by sharn from england on 9th Jul 2008
the phone is great i love it just needs a flash can any one tell me if you can change the case on the phone as mine is scratched

Reviewed by ace101 from uk on 28th Jun 2008
overall this is one of the best phones, the only thing that it is missing is a flash for the camera, and also the quality of the 2mp camera seems like a VGA. otherwise one of the best phones out !

Reviewed by Ph4nth0m from Indonesia on 3rd Jun 2008
The best of phone and no problem

Reviewed by Hayley from England on 2nd Jun 2008
I've had this phone for a week now and no problems! It is very slim and light, and the red colour is really nice, makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. I have always had Nokias so was a bit wary about getting a SE, but I find it very simple to use - the menu has a good layout and everything is quite self explanatory. Battery life is good, music player is great, camera is ok (although not as good as my previous Nokia which was also 2 m. p.). There is nothing extra special about it, but overall it is a good, easy to use phone with evrything most people would need and want from a phone, so I would definitly recommend it!

Reviewed by made hendra from indonesia on 1st Jun 2008
great phone with great price

Reviewed by yaseen from pakistan on 27th May 2008
w660i is good mobile.

Reviewed by Ewa from Poland on 15th May 2008
I bought SE660i just yesterday and so far I love it! I couldnt choose between this cell and Samsung L-760 but eventually I think I made a good choice. This is my econd Ericsson, the first one was very simple Z3301 but I was veryy happy with it, although Ericssons have generally the tendency to freeze. W6601 looks lovely and smart -especially the red one-so it's perfect for a woman. The quality of music is excellent, you can put around 500 files in it. The camera is not bad, however if you are hoping to take perfect photos you may be disappointed coz the photos are just ok. There is no flash so the pics taken indoors are average. It's not a problem for me, though coz the camera wasn't a priority. The only minus is the lack of shutter in a camera. But who cares about one tiny minus when there are so many pluses:)

Reviewed by Fawaz from India on 10th May 2008
Super!Downs AF & Flash.Other than that the best 3G phone among its competitors.Better than 810i,becoz 810i has AF & Flash but no 3G,Video call, and Walkman2.0,and a lot slimmer and sexier!Recomended for sure!

Reviewed by Gereb Robert from Romania on 5th May 2008
Phone is very good

Reviewed by charisse from philippines on 3rd May 2008
just got the phone 2 days ago, what i love about it is its great audio quality and classic design...my cousins liked it.. just hope the battery last longer..

Reviewed by Topyx from Switzerland on 16th Apr 2008
The Goods: Excellent display, very good looking phone. Musically its okay. Its a nice ohone to look at, but using it is sometimes awkward. Against: Not so easy in use, sometimes freezes, with no reason at all. Poor battery life, good camera but no flash and autofocus. Design is not everything. Finally i can only recommend the W810i.Never let me down, has all what yones needs.

Reviewed by Adiwijaya from Malaysia on 14th Apr 2008
Love this phone! Music player's good, it's faster than my old motorola, the design is just wonderful, and it feels significant in your hand; not too light yet not too heavy. It's a walkman phone, so don't expect much from the camera, despite the 2 mps. Very happy with my choice.

Reviewed by Mel from England on 13th Apr 2008
I did love this phone! but its the first one to let me down. Had it 8 months and it started to play up, when left over night it started to freeze , everything looked ok but could not send outgoing or receive incoming texts or calls. Replacement handset on its way. Also advised to turn off 3G as not all the country is covered and it slows it down plus if on Orange turn off the side display and switch to Sony Ericsson as this also slows it down

Reviewed by joanne from singapore on 13th Apr 2008
i was contemplating between this phone and w910i but i have not regretted getting this model. my mom was insisting that i get 910i as it was a newer model and probably looked cooler. but i beg to differ. 660i looks so classic and i wont get tired of looking at it. my friends have also said that it looks great. my mom has also been won over. she agrees it looks good. yes! the gold lining looks awesome and it really looks elegant. looks super classic. i have had this phone for around a week and mine is black in color. i bought this phone because of the reviews i read here. so far it has not disappointed me. yes the camera isn't as perfect but i was prepared for it. the keypad is a little tough so i needed a little time to get used to it. the music is great. the handset that comes along with it is really cool. it eliminates other background noises so you can really listen to your music. i have also read from other users that there is no indication of the number of characters you have already typed (sms). but once it exceeds the no. of characters of the first sms, SMS 2 will appear. so you'll know that you're on to the second sms. so there's not much of a problem there. so i would definitely recommend this phone. a looker and great music.

Reviewed by Emma from England on 8th Apr 2008
I love this phone a lot and have had it for a few months. It has a great walkman player and i love the design but the camera isnt very good. It comes in two great colours and hasnt let me down yet. A brilliant phone altogether.

Reviewed by Biman from India on 7th Apr 2008
Its a nice phone to handle.. with advanced music player

Reviewed by Ollie from UK on 29th Mar 2008
This phone is great i love everything about it but I haft to charge it Every night or I will be out somewhere and my battery is just under being full and it all of a sudden just runs down to nothing but over all a good phone.

Reviewed by kimberly from singapore on 29th Mar 2008
it's great i had this phone for a week now and it's doing great. much better than my previous nokia 6288, which would crack easily. this phone is pretty good and the music is excellent. the camera may not be as perfect but if you really need a good cam, you can get cybershot se phones or digital cams. overall, i love this phone! :)

Reviewed by Sarah from Cardiff, Wales on 25th Mar 2008
Is anyone else finding this phone ridiculously slow? I have had it for 2 months now and when I receive a text it takes about 15 seconds before the keypad jumps in to action for me to read it. Is the same with any action on the phone, even answering a call, I press the button to answer and 5-10 seconds later the action happens. Its soooo frustrating. I do like the walkman and the sound is great through the headphones but not impressed with the rest.

Reviewed by Marty from N.Ireland on 22nd Mar 2008
This phone i can only rate superb and great value. Its sexy, slim, stong and must be best phone around for the price. It is quite suprising how much it can do and has grown on me since i recieved it in October. When i first seen it i was not even going to charge it, but so happy i did upgrade as it has by miles been best all round phone i ever had and i had quite a few. Will not disappoint?

Reviewed by cank from indonesia on 19th Mar 2008
cool design,i love it....

Reviewed by Abi from England on 9th Mar 2008
My friend has this phone and i have to say its excellent. I realy would like it :)

Reviewed by Mewan from Sri Lanka on 6th Mar 2008
Phone is very cute, slim and i could say bit tough. Cos i droped it twice thank god it's still working. Can use the phone while charging, contrary to one comment. Faster than most nokia N series phones. I must say the camera is very basic but can control the brightness while taking pictures. I can say its a great phone

Reviewed by seb from hong kong on 5th Mar 2008
This phone is aesthetic`ly pleasing. A masterpiece easy to use compact and good to listen to with music.

Reviewed by Arjan from England on 2nd Mar 2008
This phone is amazing brought it didnt find a thing wrong with it nice colour and a very good walkman. The only thing wrong with it are the headphones you get with the set my advice is use your own ones if you feel uncomfortable in these headphones.

Reviewed by karar from iraq on 1st Mar 2008
nice ph0ne Great phone!

Reviewed by BENJAMIN from ZIMBABWE on 29th Feb 2008

Reviewed by Björn from Thailand on 29th Feb 2008
Excellent phone. Great design, easy to use, easy navigation. I read that someone could not fit SIM card fitted and gave this phone one star. Well, I think that opinion says more about the person than anything about the phone :)

Reviewed by Mark from England on 29th Feb 2008
Amazing reccomended

Reviewed by mirriam from uk on 29th Feb 2008
very outstanding

Reviewed by Jo from Australia on 26th Feb 2008
I absolutely adore this phone. Great looking and great to use. My only problem with it is that the screen goes off in about 10 seconds and I cant seem to find anywhere to change that in the display settings, screensaver options dont change it. Oh and I hate that unless you choose the option that restricts you to text which fits in just one message, there is no counter to tell you how many characters you have left (If these things are just cuz Im a noob and youd like to tell me how to fix em please feel free) Otherwise, well worth it - I upgraded from a Nokia 6288 which started falling to bits as soon as I got it so Im stoked with this lovely phone.

Reviewed by Lucy from England on 12th Feb 2008
It is a phone!

Reviewed by stany from south africa on 11th Feb 2008
Hi i really like this phone Sony Ericsson W660i because i can find inside all the options that i wanted. Thanks a lot. Stany

Reviewed by isabelle from sweden on 10th Feb 2008

Reviewed by Helen from England on 7th Feb 2008
Have had phone for a few months on a 18 month contract amd am very disappointed. Battery life rubbish the worst I have ever had. Scratches easily, keys small for texting. Am about to see what I can get on pay as u go..!

Reviewed by SP from England on 4th Feb 2008
Top class phone. Great, brilliant music player, adequate/good 2.0 megapixel camera despite lacking the autoofcus, flash light and internal view camera but not to worry about these things - there are lots of positives. Basics work perfect and so does the more advanced technology. Easy to use. Nice, reasonable size and weight. I recommend this phone. it's pure class.

Reviewed by tilak from nepal on 1st Feb 2008
really i love this cell.really seaxy and slim .but no flash light if this have flash light than it will be more beautiful.i dont have to carry walkman.

Reviewed by Ellen from London on 26th Jan 2008
i am in love with this phone i have it on contract with 3 and i can get free msn on it and everything the camera quality is good it isnt that great in colour but i love it in black and white the memory is fantastic the walkman is great fantastic menus and its easy to ge around on if you're not sure about getting this phone go for it and you wont regret it

Reviewed by Akash deep from India on 6th Jan 2008
It is a good phone,gud sound quality through earphone ext sound not so louder but very clear too slim walkman player is excellent gud looking phone, 16Mb in built and spt up to 1Gb fast net browsing gud battery talk time.cam not so gud.over all i like it.

Reviewed by inabu from Malaysia on 6th Jan 2008
Actually i juz got this Sony Ericsson W660i, i's a birthday present from my byfriend. I really like this phone because it's complete with fm radio, mp3 and u can make video call. The most important thing i like about this phone is about the quality of it's music, perfect!

Reviewed by Mr Irwan from Malaysia on 5th Jan 2008
I love this phone...best features,great sounds of music & nice looking!!

Reviewed by Jane Carnall from Scotland on 30th Dec 2007
This is not a phone I would recommend to anyone. Nor would I recommend Sony Ericsson as a phone manufacturer. The instructions that came with the phone were poor-quality: I had to take it back to the shop to have the SIM card fitted. The charger supplied with the phone turned out to be broken, and the shop told me that Sony Ericsson don't cover the charger in their warranty on the phone: the shop let me have one of the chargers they use because I'd already complained about the SIM card. The latest touch of bad design: you can't use it while it's charging. I'm serious: all you can see while it's charging is a message saying that it's charging. This is the worst phone I've ever bought, and I'd be deeply reluctant to buy another Sony Ericsson phone given their attitude to warranties.

Reviewed by SANJHAY from ENGLAND on 26th Dec 2007
AMAZING FONE GET IT CAMRA LOOKS CA AT FIRST BUT GETSS BEETTER GD WALK GD QULITY radio if u are a msn fan get on 3 as they give u msn foor free which is very gd

Reviewed by amira from egypt on 26th Dec 2007
i love dis phone....mp3 great..........this phone has great battery life,camera is good only in daylight as it has noo flash..it has an amaizing color..so but it u'll never regret

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