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Sony Ericsson W580i review

 Review: September 2007  

Last updated September 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A cool-looking slide-design Walkman phone with funky lighting effects.


The Sony Ericsson W580i is a Walkman phone in a slide design. It's available in a choice of white, black, pink or grey.

Physically, the W580i looks cool. It's a nice slider, with a very usable 5-way navigation key. The keypad has sensibly-sized keys that light up in use and are easy to press. Dedicated keys are used to control the Walkman functions, so you can play music when the slide is closed. The screen is of good quality and can be viewed outdoors without too much trouble. Like the S500i, the W580i features very cool lighting effects and is a beautiful phone to look at and play with.

The W580i features a "shake control" - you flick your wrist when the music player is on and a random song is selected to play. Gimmicky but cool. Another gimmick is the built-in pedometer. It's a useful feature if you do a lot of walking, but pedometers are cheap and readily available - do you really need one in your phone?

The main feature of the W580i (apart from making phone calls, of course!) is the music player. We've written about the quality of the Walkman music range many times on this site - take it from us, it's good. The W580i has the new version 2.0, and is also equipped with an FM radio. A stereo headset is included in the sales package, and there's also support for an optional Bluetooth stereo headset. The available memory is not generous - just 12 Mbytes built-in (enough for 3-4 songs) but the memory is expandable to 1 Gbyte (Memory Stick Micro™) or 4 Gbytes (Memory Stick PRO).

The phone also comes with a 2 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities, but this cannot compare with the autofocus-equipped cameras on the K800i or W610i.

However, the big problem with the W580i is that the keys are prone to cracking. Read the user reviews below to see just how many people have reported the same problem. It was exactly the same with the Sony Ericsson S500i. However, now that the price has dropped to around £50, you may decide that it's worth the risk.

Sony Ericsson W580i features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • 3D Java games
  • Display: 262,144-colour TFT LCD, 240 x 320 colours (2 inches)
  • Music player (Walkman 2.0)
  • FM radio
  • Megabass™
  • PlayNow™
  • TrackID™
  • Polyphonic ringtones & music tones
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Pedometer
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Flight mode
  • Memory: 12 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro™ support (up to 1 Gbyte)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB mass storage
  • Web browser, RSS feeds, picture blogging
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 99 x 47 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 94g
  • Quadband (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900)
  • Talktime: 9 hours
  • Battery standby: 370 hours

Sony Ericsson W580i user reviews

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Average rating from 1423 reviews:

Reviewed by She who must not be named from avalar on 20th Nov 2014
So suck it up and admit this phone is a damn good little phone for what it is... you dont pay a huge amount for it and it lasts and lasts. bought mine in 2009 and even now it still has a good ten hour battery life and despite a cracked lcd display (which i will be replacing when the parts come) its a gem and the LED's along the sides are adorable, not mention customisable to your colour tastes :3
love it, only niggle about it is that the keys are all split in two on mine, but you know what? can deal with that without feeling the need to cry for mommy

Reviewed by anum ali from pakistan on 22nd Apr 2012
the phone is good but the keypad is not that good enough my # button is now dead.ghrapics n brigthness is impressive

Reviewed by shripad from india on 10th Feb 2012
it has a very good video quality but camera dont work properly but i dont have any problem with my key and i have been use it for 3 years

Reviewed by the mark from india on 13th Jan 2012
it is a good mobile phone ,it also as a grate fetures in 2d network ............

Reviewed by Claire from England on 19th Dec 2011
Iv had this phone for 3 years second hand iv had no trouble with it at all hopfully it will continue to work for another 3 love the phn and dnt intend to get another only thing i dnt like is the cam as the pics are quite dark.

Reviewed by H from UK on 13th Jun 2011
I had a W580i for two years and loved it so much. Pictures are good when you put them on a computer and its very easy to transfer music too. my new phone, the sony spyro is totally rubbish in comparision and I think I might purchase a W580i again if I can find a new one anywhere online

Reviewed by Suzie from UK on 9th Jun 2011
The phone is reliable and all, but my keys cracked after quite a short timee!! Plus, you get bored of it sooo easily, cause theres not much to do on there?? Although i have bought a new phone(LG pop) and had this new phone for nearly two years now, The W580i STILL works! I'm impressed! but the battery life is actually quiet poor:(

Reviewed by rocks from UK on 8th May 2011
smashing fone

Reviewed by Arun Pokhrel from UK on 6th Apr 2011
I have this phone for more than 1 year..the keys were cracked since the very first day though it was working quite well...Two days before my phone slipped out of my hand and banged on the floor the distance was just a feet but my lcd is gone,screen is not working and i m facing troubles...I think it would b my last SE coz SE r not making quality(duarable) products now...I can say that coz i have already used two SE phones(w700i and w810i) they both were very strong and duarable...This phone doesn't have many negative aspects...I m heading towards nokia now maybe C6 or 5250...

Reviewed by Chris Woodford from UK on 9th Jan 2011
I purchased this phone about 3 years ago. It's still going but only just. 1. The two main buttons have nearly broken off, they are like two wobbly teeth. 2. The memory card slot keeps popping out. 3. The number keys look like they could snap at any minute. Basically no-one should buy this phone. Friends who also had this phone have had to get rid of it. Another thing to point out is that the charger connector easily breaks/snaps. This is probably the worst phone ever. Don't be fooled by looks

Reviewed by sara from UK on 19th Dec 2010
i got one!AND it works nicely!

Reviewed by Chloe. from UK on 20th Nov 2010
well i had this phone a while back and upgraded it as it was my birthday but now because i like the sony phone so much im getting another one for christmas:)

Reviewed by Akshit from UK on 13th Nov 2010

Reviewed by jonas from UK on 7th Nov 2010
My Sony Ericson turns off all the time it makes me sick i was happy till that happened and perhaps somebody knows what to do

Reviewed by Alem Osman from UK on 2nd Nov 2010
my se w580i phones screen keeps blinking even though every thing is working properly

Reviewed by georgia from UK on 19th Oct 2010

Reviewed by Matthew Jackson Long from UK on 18th Sep 2010
WHY THE SONY ERICSSON W580i IS GOOD FOR WRITERS I am a writer and I own a Sony Ericsson W580i. When I started writing I was going to buy a smartphone as a writer's tool, but this phone is just great anyway. Here are some points as to why it is useful: The Oxford English Dictionary - You can download this from PlayNow for just five pounds. Every writer needs a dictionary so what is better than having one built into your phone. Notes - The notes function on this phone is the best I have seen. If you think that you will forget something important, just save it here. You can also show your notes in standby which, as a writer, I find very useful. Record Sound - This little function is of great use to any writer. Whenever you've got an excellent idea, just record it here and it saves straight to your phone. May I also add that the walkman is a great music player and if you are trying to think of a name for a character in a book, just send a text to Jamster and they will give you a suitable name. It is really for naming babies but is great for writers too. Hope this was useful. Thank you very much.

Reviewed by only abhi from PUNE 411052 from UK on 11th Sep 2010
hey guys this nt a thing to do wid cell. How u cracked ur keys.? I bought dis phone on ma b'day as a gift from ma father 2yrs ago whn i passed ma exam of 2nd yr mbbs. It works so cool nice slider best picture quality awesome music player. The thing is dat ders no any of company providin best softwear like nokia. But i really like my w580i. Thanks sony.

Reviewed by katie from UK on 25th Aug 2010
lcd screen broke and cost 30 pds to replace not happy :(

Reviewed by joanna from UK on 20th Aug 2010
i had this phone for nearly a year but since i came back form my holiday the key (1) ISNT WORKING also automaticaly t just keeps apperaing even when im on a conversation to someone it just complety shuts dow and once again the key (1) appears so please help or should i get a new phone ?

Reviewed by san from england from UK on 19th Aug 2010
i am soooo sick ov this fone..... number 5 and 8 on key pad have cracked. my nav key wuldnt move down for 4 days and now my screen has went black and that was 3 days ago i havnt been able to use it at all im not impressed at all

Reviewed by Ashleigh from UK on 17th Aug 2010
Best phone i have ever had... end of.

Reviewed by Lyndsey from UK on 17th Aug 2010
Overall this phone was good. But after about 1 month the screen had cracked and the middle button had fallen off. And after about 6 months both side buttons have fallen off because i dropped it. As it is a flimsy phone. But i loved the colour and the colours on the side.

Reviewed by annie from UK on 15th Aug 2010
it was ok 2 start off with but then it got chipped and it lost all of its memory an it said plz insert sim when it was already inserted so i would never ever recommend this phone

Reviewed by vishy from UK on 6th Aug 2010
amazing phone.. trust me, i hve been using this since past 3 and half years and its very durable and very stylish.. u ll hate to be apart from it.

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 3rd Aug 2010
I've had this phone for about a year (ages I know!) and it's taken that long to finally break, however that was my own fault. It's lasted long after all the times I've dropped it. So for me, it's been a great phone. If I could go back in time, I'd buy it again without any hesitation. Camera: It's okay, but video plays quite slowly. Music: Great! There's even a button so you can do two things at once on it Style: Love it Buttons: I've had no problems with cracking Internet: Kinda slow. I recommend this phone to anybody thinking of buying it :)

Reviewed by peter from UK on 30th Jul 2010
this is without doubt the best phone i have owned it was indestructable until yesterday when the screen cracked after i rode over it im gutted so im planning on getting another one but i will say it has had memory card problems it keeps rejecting it but still an amazing phone

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 28th Jul 2010
All keys have cracked, the 5 key broke and fell off. It often freezes and switches itself off. Sometimes the screen goes crazy and shows weird pixel patterns. If there is the slightest hint of moisture in the air, the phone freaks out, screen cuts out, then the screen constantly flashes off and on like a strobe light for about 2 days. But the sound quality is better than my iPod, the camera is excellent at landscape shots, the web browser is rather good, and after about 3 years, i'm still in love with it

Reviewed by Jodie from UK on 27th Jul 2010
I Loved This Phone, But My Friend Jumped on it, i was reall ypleased with it and really want another but cant find it anywhere :(

Reviewed by william mc stay from UK on 20th Jul 2010
i fink this fone is terrible as i only had it one day and the buttons started to crack so im not in pressed and it is so the worst fone i ever had????

Reviewed by thebadman16v from UK on 5th Jul 2010
ive had 2 of these phones now and have been quite pleased. They have been heavily used and abused over the past couple of years. There were some issues with build quality on the second one i bought, sometimes the sidelight colours didnt match. The screen flickered when you touched the buttons at the top. The back plate creaked when you were pressing buttons. If you install too many games 100+ it corrupted the memory card. This was just with one phone, the other never had any of these problems. Upgrading to w595

Reviewed by risa from UK on 30th Jun 2010
after owning this phone for roughly two years, it was not so bad BUT i'm looking for a new phone because mine has gone completely blank among cracked keys. i've always taken great care of my phones and it pains me to see such a cute phone so badly made. eh i liked it while it worked tsk

Reviewed by HUGO MARTZ from UK on 25th Jun 2010

Reviewed by enonomous from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
This phone is great. Its nice sleek design looks fantastic.

Reviewed by guna from UK on 8th Jun 2010
a simple phone

Reviewed by Ebony from UK on 30th May 2010
The Sony Ericsson w580i was the best phone i had. I recently upgraded to the LG Cookie, and seriously regret the decision. I found the music player very useful, and ultimatley this is a great phone. Although, i had a problem with the camera, as it does not zoom when in standard mode. Also, within two months the space button on the keypad broke; as i am a textaholic this left me with a slight dilemma. I managed to find a way to avoid this problem, but i was not pleased at the time. All in all, i had this phone for 18 months, and found it very simple to use, ideal for first timers.

Reviewed by Jordan from UK on 27th May 2010
hey guys had this phone for a couple of weeks its my 2nd one as first 1 would not hold a charge and so far its been good but if you use your phone heavily like me be prepared to have to charge 1 or 2 times a day got a 2gb card for songs pics and themes :D

Reviewed by Jaye from UK on 26th May 2010
I think this is the worst phone I've ever had. It looks like it's in perfect condition as I'm really careful with my phones. But after a few months it started turning off so I thought the battery was faulty. Now it loses sound every now and again so I'm unable to make calls, loses picture memory so I can only use the camera sometimes and whenever I close the screen the phone turns off. What a waste of money!

Reviewed by Gawaskar from UK on 25th May 2010
hi, if you are a person who change your mobile every year then buy Soni Ericsson 580i. because the next year the display won't work. luckily my display was gone exactly after 11 1/2 month. they changed it free in warranty period. again one year latter, now the display has gone. if you are ready to spend 2500 rs every year then go for this one. great model.

Reviewed by S.v.l.b from UK on 19th May 2010
I love this phone I've had it for two years now and have remained very impressed. It has some very good features, i'm always using the pedometer and the shake control music feature. I think the different colour lights on the side are a relly nice touch and this was one of the features that attracted me to the phone in the first place as well as the look of the phone itself. The camera takes outstanding pictures and after two years I couldn't be more pleased although there are minor problems such as a few of the keys cracking but thats quite trivial really. Love the phone and think it was a brilliant purchase well worth buying and would encourage anyone else to do the same!!

Reviewed by lollyyy from UK on 17th May 2010
I have got this phone in pink. I have had it for about a year and a half and I have had no problem with the cracking of buttons. Everything is fine and I can hold a LOT MORE songs on the phone than this review says. However, there are better phones out there that seem stronger, but considering this phone is cheap and it looks nice,and has very good features etc, I would definitely recomend buying it! You can only make a judgement for yourself once you've bought it anyway. :)

Reviewed by shan from UK on 17th May 2010
i like too w580i

Reviewed by SONU from UK on 13th May 2010
very nice mobile in the all mobile.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 26th Apr 2010
I have this phone and in less than three months the back key, up key and select keys will not work. also the buttons all cracked in less than a month. not impressed.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 26th Apr 2010
I've had this phone for about 18 months and I would probably say it's my favourite of any phone I've owned. There are plenty of comments from other users here about the quality of it. I just wanted to respond to the part in the review about the pedometer: the pedometers that are "cheap and readily available" tend to be basic and don't have the added features that come with this, which, btw includes software so can organise a training schedule using the info you get from the pedometer. As to "do you really need one in your phone", well you can take a phone, an MP3 player and a pedometer out running with you, or you can just take this. Seriously, the pedometer does seem gimmicky, but it's probably the thing I'm going to miss most when I look to upgrade in a month or two.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 21st Apr 2010
I had the sony ericsson W580i for about a year and in this year i had no problems what so ever apart from 2 keys cracked in half and half fell off. The only other thing was if u dropped it from any higher than 2 feet it would crash every time without fail. All in all though a really good phone

Reviewed by nichole from UK on 21st Apr 2010
rubbish rubbish and rubbish

Reviewed by by from UK on 13th Apr 2010
good phone:)

Reviewed by sally from UK on 2nd Apr 2010
i got dis phone and it looked go to start with but den da whole side cracked the other side scraped and the colour wore off it looks like junk now :(

Reviewed by sir from UK on 29th Mar 2010
got the w580i as a free upgrade had it for a year and a half never had any keys crack after a year and a half the memory reader is going bad and my memory chip will not read int he phone anymore bummer no more music if i wasent so cheap id buy another phone but i'll just wait and get another free upgrade in 3 months till then back to el trusty moto razor 4 years old still goin no issues

Reviewed by gaby from UK on 13th Mar 2010
love this phone, would definitely recommend it to people. however, i've had this phone for a couple of years and around the 2 year mark unfortunately the back button and select button (thankfully there are two) now don't work at all. very annoying, because now i have to turn the phone off and on again if i make a mistake. but apart from that, and bear in mind that that happens after a year or two, it's a great phone. great memory (though obviously with a memory card), i've had over 100 songs, tons of texts, and absolutely loads of photos and videos, and it wasn't full :) fairly good camera for 2mp ... all in all (apart from the back button stops working) a really great phone, and i've loved it!!!

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 10th Mar 2010
I love this phone! I have no idea what people are on about when it comes to battery life and keys because the battery lasts ages, the keys are fine and they haven't broken, which is what I was worried about happening after reading the reviews. The sound is amazing and I love the "shake control" I have bought a small speaker to make it sound even better which is really good also! Memory wise, if you have a problem with that, an M2 card is great, I have one and I can put over 400 songs on my phone. The camara is ok,in the night or just later on in the day it's a bit pixally and difficult to use as there is no flash or light but otherwise it's not too bad. I'm a bit of a clutz and drop it a lot, luckily it's not broken on me. But sometimes the back comes off and i end up with a few scratches on it. Calling and texting are both fine, no problems, and I don't really use the internet on it. It looks really nice, I have the grey and blue colour. Overall I recommend this phone! and don't not buy it because of other reviews as that's what I nearly did and I'm soo glad I bought it because it hasn't failed me!

Reviewed by Beck from UK on 7th Mar 2010
had this phone for almost two years the battery life is awfull and one of the buttons fell of so i had to glue it back on total waste of money !!

Reviewed by Daniel OBrien from UK on 5th Mar 2010
Had this phone for about a year now and have not had one problem at all with it. Very good phone for the 49.99 i paid for it i can not fault it at all

Reviewed by Rin from UK on 3rd Mar 2010
I have really been happy with mine. I'm really hard on phones, I tend to drop them sit on them you name it. I will say that I did break the buttons off with in the 1st few weeks, I took it back to the store and they gave me a new one. After that I had it about almost 2 years before I broke the sreen. However I will say this about the phone.... You can buy new parts from it online.... :) I had a Razor phone for 2 years before this one. And I had 5 of them within that time frame...

Reviewed by JoSa from UK on 1st Mar 2010
Ive had this phone for about a week and already the screen is failing. I really hope it goes under warranty. If not, im really disappointed in this phone. Good things about it are the M2 socket, Track ID, and the walkman. But other than that i like my old phone Motorola w230 more. :)

Reviewed by Nazmin from UK on 28th Feb 2010
iv got this fone and i carnt hear anyone wen i ring them so wen i do ring them i have to put it on loud speaker to hear proply its a dh*t fone

Reviewed by cassandra from UK on 27th Feb 2010
i just got tis phone for about 2 or 3 month, and i didnt let it fall to the ground. bt the keypad suddenly doesn't work and i cant do anything even just sms..arghhh..

Reviewed by emily from UK on 24th Feb 2010
fantastic phone for memory but wont accept calls or messages or accepts them delayed

Reviewed by Sunni from UK on 20th Feb 2010
Hi Have had my lil W580i for about a year and a half IT'S BRILLIANT!!!! Will be so sad when it finally does give up but at mo is excellent so impressed with SE have bought my 12 year old son the W205 which we're very happy with too

Reviewed by Nici from UK on 14th Feb 2010
I have loved this phone for 18 months & now it is dead! The number buttons have cracked, the screen has so many lines on it I can't see the navigation info on the bottom of the screen. The power button has ceased to work so that's it. It was great for photos & music, but I can't access it now!

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 12th Feb 2010
I really liked the phone when i got it but i've had 2 now and both of them have had the same problem,sometimes the phone doesn't read my memory card,the background is set to default and it doesn't recognise any of the songs and you have to press in the m2 card really hard for it to work again.

Reviewed by charlotte from UK on 11th Feb 2010
well none of the keys on my phone have cracked and i use it quite alot.. maybe you shoould be more careful and dont press the keys so hard (: its a great phone only think is if you take a picture in the dark it goes orange and you cant zoom on normal mood but other then that its awesome (:

Reviewed by alice from UK on 8th Feb 2010
alright phone, buttons DONT crack but the screen has and i find it very hard to get my sim card in and out, overall quite good!

Reviewed by Ryan Seetahal from UK on 31st Jan 2010
At first i thought this phone was normal for the price i paid for it but after 1 month its the bomb i downloaded lots of apps themes music pics screansavers and lots more even games its lots of fun so i do reccommend it to everyone out there espicially the ones who want it buy it its not the best but its outstanding.

Reviewed by Melody from UK on 30th Jan 2010
Very good phone. I have sworn not to buy another phone until this one completely crashes, and believe me it has been with me for a loooooooong time.. and hopefully it will stay for a long time too.

Reviewed by suger from UK on 30th Jan 2010
Got this phone in october and it is soooo great!!! I don't no were people are getting the cracked buttons from because mine is fine. GREAT FPR MUSIC LOVERRRS LIKE ME!!!!:) Get this phone it is absolutly fab!!!

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 24th Jan 2010
The sony ericsson w580i is a good but bad. i have this phone for 1year and it has stoped playing music and shuting down when it wants to. it has good corvage an a brillent camera!! i have been waiting for weeks to get it i think it was worth waiting for but i think it could of been better!!! this has made me very unhappy!!:(

Reviewed by mmk from UK on 24th Jan 2010
I have had this phone for a year now, here are the problems i've had: microphone cuts in and out while calling. memory card gets loose so music/games dont work. messages are unable to send and are stuck in the outbox. charger breaks very easily (the teeth break) had to replace the screen; luckily had another one for spare parts buttons are cracked battery falls out easily basically i wouldnt get this phone all though it is old now.

Reviewed by lisa from UK on 22nd Jan 2010
Ive had this phone 18 months and initially i felt it was a good phone, no problems at all. Then without warning i discovered the audio part of the phone was not working (i had not dropped my phone or anything prior to this). I contacted sony ericsson who i then sent my phone to only to be told there were 'cracks in resin' and therefore it was not covered by the 2 year phone guarentee due to 'customer damage'. I wonder if anyone knows if this is correct and if they have had the same response? Surely these phones are made to last more than 18 months?!!

Reviewed by anand india from UK on 18th Jan 2010
the best

Reviewed by simi from UK on 17th Jan 2010
this phone is terrible as software hangs a lot and it has many gui hanging problems. Never take this phone

Reviewed by Tasha from UK on 13th Jan 2010
I bought it & the keys went off on me then a month later it wudnt turn on yet the ligts at the side would come on n it wud vibrate

Reviewed by macabi from UK on 29th Dec 2009
i've had this mobile phone for over a year and i'm suggesting you not to buy it because the buttons will crack very soon, and the camera is also not very good

Reviewed by mikda09 from UK on 28th Dec 2009
i brought this phone cuz i luv'd the features. Yes my keys cracked but didnt fall off, phone froze a cpl ov time but i think due to it bein full, eventually packed up, no screen but cud access thro pc to remve all stuff on it, but like i say i was that impressed i brought another one for half the price this time and goin 4 a biga mem card, 4g. TIP KEYS ARE PRONE TO CRACKING WHEN MOBI IS CLOSED AND HOT, I.E ON CHARGE WHEN LISTENING TO MUSIC FOR LONG PERIODS. SO SLIDE OPEN WHEN CHARGING + WHEN ON 4 LONG PERIODS OV TIME!!! I had my 2nd one now 4ages and its been fine taking above steps. Ya cant beat sony ericsson just shame they dont have the txt reject option that samsung offer on their handsets, cuz sumtimes ya cud do with blocking a few numbers!! SE look in2 this!!!! And ps, if u go to c.net and d/load SE pc suite this software allows u2 remove ALL data incldng txts frm ur handset. Nifty a! (also has option for what SE handset u have)

Reviewed by Ian Thompson from UK on 23rd Dec 2009
This phone is rubbish! left hand button doesnt work so only way i can get back to main screen so i can lock it is to create a draft text then delete it which takes it back! i cant check who has called unless i go to main menu then i have to mess about and create the draft text again to go back to main screen ARGH!!! all my buttons are cracked which doesnt bother me really. Also i have had several problems with texts sitting in outbox and not letting anything go, so had to reset phone, also had it back when in warranty to be fixed as wouldnt switch on at all!!! the most frustrating phone i have ever had!

Reviewed by suzanne from UK on 23rd Dec 2009
hate it. the buttons keep cracking, keeps cuttting out, If you put it on to normal mode it comes up with flight mode, keeps freezing when i go on the game PGR, doesn't send texts to certain people. Apart from that it's quite good!

Reviewed by Tara woolley from UK on 15th Dec 2009
i love this phones the best phones i hav eve had

Reviewed by Tasha Winton from UK on 6th Dec 2009
I hav had this phone for 6 months nd i think it is one of the best phones ive had oes not break easily as I have accidently dropped it on a wooden floor before. It has a good memory coz it holds alot of songs and pictures. The lighting effects are really cool on the side of the phone and a bonus is that it is really slim. A downside to this phone is that the keys are very sensitive and they are prone to falling off which means you need to get them replaced. The camera isnt brilliant but it does take decent pictures. Overall I recemend this phone to anyone!!

Reviewed by JC from UK on 5th Dec 2009
I've had this phone for about 2 years now, and it's outstanding. I've accidently dropped it many times, and its literally indestructible. The only problems are: No flash D-pad rim paint falls VERY easily screen bit small battery problems-once it bulged up(I have no idea why) and couldn't even start up-3 batteries were gone for this reason. Overall, Still awesome.

Reviewed by suzanne from UK on 4th Dec 2009
I have had this phone for 2 years and one key has cracked. A game called PGR keeps freezing evry time I crash. But apart from that this phone is reliable and is gr8 at playing music! Bit old though!

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 3rd Dec 2009
after having buttons crack after a few months and after 10 months one button stopped working whilst texting which sony ericsson said was unrepairable

Reviewed by hazel from UK on 2nd Dec 2009
i think that the sony ericson w580i is a pretty good phone. its never broken on me but i once found a key missing! i got it repaired but other then that its been good for me! :)

Reviewed by ellie from UK on 29th Nov 2009
Over all its a good phone you can drop it loads and it doesnt break, you can get it indifferant colours. But with good points there are bad like it has a bad memory and it is a realy old model.

Reviewed by tash holt from UK on 26th Nov 2009
amazing for music... but if you text alot the keys are certain to break... mine broke after 2 months of having it... its because there is 1 metal strip in the middle behind each key... so unless you press it egsactly in the middle everytime it is gaurenteed to break/crack.

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 22nd Nov 2009
Ok, people are reviewing saying oh i've had this phone for 4 days and its amazing, wait until you've had it over a month or 2 to start reviewing, by then all the keys will be in half, or buttons will start falling off, I have had mine no longer than 8 months and I no longer have a 3 key or the back and Ok button key. Its very poorly-made and should be yet again cheaper than 50 although when I got it, it was 110!

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 20th Nov 2009
I got this phone in July 2008. It was fantastic for the first few months. However, over time the keys have begun to wobble and/or crack. The camera has poor quality and the screen has some scratches on it - which is probably my fault. Also, the phone completely died on me one day and would not charge or anything. It took hours to figure out what to do, I then had to download a load of firmware(?) for the phone and reset it completely. This was incredibly annoying. I have also recently noticed that the call quality has decreased. Plus it cuts out sometimes.

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 19th Nov 2009
Had this phone for a year and a half now. My buttons cracked quite quickly, and im now missing my 8, * and right selection keys, but it still works, so I suppose it's not that bad. For a while it went mental and the 8 key kept pressing itself. Better than the W910i that I bought to replace it, which worked for about a week. This phone is okay if you don't mind just living with minor faults like cracked keys.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 15th Nov 2009
The port where the headphones/charger/usb are plugged in is playing up BIG time. My charger is fine, my headphones are sometimes dodgy and will cut off and start blasting music when I'm out, and my USB is fcuked!! I plug it in and it flashes up with the same message over and over again until it eventually gives up all together and starts vibrating madly until I take the battery out. Can't put music on the phone or take pictures and videos off. When I got the phone it had to be sent back after 3 days because the keys were broken, then sent back again because the phone was cutting out all the time and if I pressed the 5 button it would turn off, so I couldn't text or ring anyone beginning with J,K or L, even if I scrolled down to it. Then my * key broke and I had to manually control my 'silent' option. Then the space key broke. Next to go was the navigation pad. Not a good phone at all, and after recommening Sony Ericsson, I shall do so no more!!

Reviewed by lololol from UK on 9th Nov 2009
i have this phone but u cant zoom in on pictures and the battery goes fast when you play games

Reviewed by Colette from UK on 8th Nov 2009
I have the sony ericsson w580i i agree withall of the above and all my keys are cracked apart from 1 out of 12!! however you can't really tell...

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 6th Nov 2009
had this phone for a while now its rubbish am getting a new 1 2morro. all my buttons are broke and coming off and its done that befoe aswell. when i try to call someone u cant hear it ring and also its said i have no memory leftand i dont even have any songs on it becusea for some reason they where deleted and i didnt delete them. wouldnt recomend it tbh better off getting a good one. am getting the samsung jet 2morro cant wait whooooooooop:)

Reviewed by Kayla from UK on 5th Nov 2009
I LOVE THIS PHONE! this is by far the best phone i've ever had! i love the lighting effects and how it works! I also LOVE how durable it is! i drop my phone ALOT and even when the battery comes out it still works totally fine! i am so clumsy that i accidently ran overthis phone with my car! and it worked fine, and looked almost fine too! the screen wasn't cracked, just the back had a small scratch which was barly noticable! also, i spilt coffee on it once and tryed it off, it stopped working and i was upset, but then i took the battery out and used a hand dryer to dry it off, and when i put it back in it worked perfectly goood again. The only thing i don't like about this phone is the battery doesn;t last long. I text alot so i charge my phone everynight b.c if i don't by the end of day 2 it is dying. but charging it everynight usually isnt a problem. The other thing is the claims that the keys crack is tottaly true. within the first couple months my keys started to crack, however they still work fine, just look different. ive had the phone for about a year now and recently the space key for texting isnt working well due to a crack, however you can spece by moving the arrow key 2 times over, and im used to it now. This phone is amazing, almost everything works fine. I love it and i am sad that i might have to get a new one because im so clumsy and dropped it so much soon ill need a new one. If you dont drop phones easily, it will prob be even better! Great phone to buy, dont regret it at all!

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 2nd Nov 2009
ok so i've had this phone for ages now and I don't know what you lot are on about - my keys never cracked, there is no annoying squeaky sound when you text, the * ket works fine... etc. Yeah the camera's basic but what do you expect.

Reviewed by tori wildish from UK on 31st Oct 2009
i liked this phone at first but then after about a month it started turning its self on and off which is a problem if you are at school or in a meeting, then a few days later the buttons started to crack on the keypad then just 6 months after i bought the phone the on and off button fell out and now i have no way of switching it on so i am unable to use it and also unable to get all my pictures, files and numbers off of it which is very annoying.

Reviewed by Dani from UK on 30th Oct 2009
this phone was an early xmas present for me from my great auntie. It is a very goood phone but because my auntie was a text maniac all of the buttons are cracked. However, these doesn't change anything. Occasionally it has told me to insert the sim as it must have slipped out. The walkman is great and so is the pedometer. It is very useful for telling me approx how far i walk every day . This phone is great and i would recommend it to anyone! :)

Reviewed by Jordan from UK on 19th Oct 2009
I've had a problem with the memory card, I've had it for 10 months and it worked pretty well, a few crashes and error messages here and there but thats expected. However literally ten minutes ago I just lost ALL my files and EVERYTHING that was saved onto my memory card, I put the memory card in my friends phone, It's fine, it has all my files, music etc but it just doesnt recognize it in the w580i. Also, reading all these reviews, I strongly discourage anybody from buying it.

Reviewed by Lollypop :) from UK on 19th Oct 2009
i've had mine for about a year now and i thought it was an alright phone until one day i took it out of my bag and when i turned it on the colour had gonre weird on the screen. it was like when you press really hard on something like a DS screen and lines come up but then it goes back to normal. however my phone screen didn't go back to normal and has been hard to see anything on my phone ever since. i would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and also if it can be fixed. LOVE Y'ALL xxxxx ;)

Reviewed by Sophie Chandler from UK on 17th Oct 2009
this phone dissappointed me, had it for a few months and then the screen decided it would never work again!

Reviewed by karen from UK on 16th Oct 2009
i bought this phone for my daughter in december 2008. in february 2009 she lost it in the snow.lucky her battery was flat so the phone was off.four days later when the snow melted her phone was still in the same place and when it was charged it worked perfectly.not a mark or crack in sight.way to go sony.love this here phone.

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