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Sony Ericsson W395 review

 Review: June 2009  

Last updated July 2009


In a nutshell: A budget music phone with a Walkman music player, memory card slot, FM radio, Bluetooth and a basic camera.


Like too many Sony Ericssons of late, the W395 looks good on paper only. Let's be a little more generous: it looks good when you get it out of the box too. But once you charge it up and switch it on: that's when the problems begin.

The W395 is a budget Walkman phone in a slide design. It's an average size and weight and comes in a choice of Black, Grey or Titanium. The Walkman controls are useful and light up in a funky way when in use. The keys aren't the best though and we found the slide to be a bit wobbly, although not so wobbly that we expect it to fall off. The screen is average for a budget phone and does the job. The 2 megapixel camera is average too - average for an entry-level phone that is - in other words, not up to much.

But it's a Walkman phone, so let's look at the music functions next. On paper, everything is fine, with a music player, FM radio with RDS and stereo speakers. But again, once you try it out, that's when the problems start. We found the Walkman software to be quite buggy. The menus were slow and have a tendency to freeze. Some MP3 tracks wouldn't play, even though they play on other phones. No PC suite is available for synching phone with computer. And to top it off, the memory available is very poor indeed, at just 10 MB of built-in user memory. That's enough to store about two music tracks! So, for a Walkman phone, this is really a flop.

There are far better phones available in the sub-£100 price range. Examples are the Samsung Tocco Lite, the LG Cookie, the Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic, and the Samsung G600.

Sony Ericsson W395 features include:

  • 2 megapixel camera with 2.5x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Display: TFT, 262,144-colours, 176 x 220 pixels (2 inches)
  • Stereo music player
  • FM Radio with RDS
  • Integrated handsfree stereo speakers
  • MP3/AAC ringtones
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • 3D Java games with motion sensor
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Memory: 10 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro™ support (up to 4GB)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB mass storage
  • Flight mode
  • GPRS, EDGE, web browser
  • Vibrating alert
  • Quadband
  • Size: 96 x 47 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 96g
  • Talktime: up to 8 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 480 hours

Sony Ericsson W395 user reviews

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Average rating from 278 reviews:

Reviewed by rita ofori from ghana on 16th Mar 2012
i Love ur phone's

Reviewed by Flo from England on 15th Feb 2012
I got this phone 2 and a half years ago and since then I have discovered that I made the wrong choice. Every 5 minuets it freezes and I have to take the battery out and restart it again. Also The camera is poor, you can't connect it to the computer, the wierd headphone bit is an odd shape so that you can only use specific headphones, quite quiet for an mp3 phone, Badly made, Battery Drains easily and the delete button stops working after a while. ALSO IF YOU PUT IT ON PREDICTIVE TEXT IT WILL MAKE YOUR TEXTS MUCH SHORTER MEANING THAT IF U WROTE A LONG MESSAGE IN PREDICTIVE THEN IT WOULD USE DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF TEXTS AS WHEN IT IS NOT IN PREDICTIVE.

Reviewed by Tsehai from New Zealand on 10th Feb 2012
I had this phone for 1 and a half years and it is only beginning to breakdown now. I found this phone great and absolutly loved the speakers and music features. Its a shame to see my phone breaking because it was and is a great phone. Excellent Phone :)

Reviewed by Rajesh from India on 9th Jan 2012
I purchased Sony Ericsson W395 only because of name. Now I have come to know after using this blady Sony Ericsson W395 is lazy & worst I hve never seen such a cheap quality mobile. You'll not find any features like other low price low quality mobile has. This is worse than all that. I think people should from all the corners screw Sony Ericsson. I paid Rs. 5,500/- for this waste mobile. Becareful customers you have lot of other mobiles in the market with lots of features added in it. Go for that.

Reviewed by sufyian nagori from india on 26th Nov 2011
The phone is good but there is the problem in downloading the theme why

Reviewed by shijin.m from UK on 14th Jul 2011
good but........%

Reviewed by Mdiddle from UK on 10th Jul 2011
don't know why this phone gets so much hate, the quality and loudness of the speakers is LEGIT, and i'll repeat that, LEGIT YO. I mean damn, I play it and cats be thinking i got some boombox on me YOU HEARD.

Reviewed by john from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
when i set a calender reminder the alarm is so quiet you cant here it rang sony and was told this was standard tone and could not be changed

Reviewed by Ashley Godber from UK on 20th Jun 2011
anoyed the phone turns itself off and now the screen is just white and ive only had it 3 week

Reviewed by Rupa from UK on 9th Jun 2011
I dislike this phone a lot now! How much i loved it when i bought it... but now..Alas, I wish i were the same. The speaker option on phone is useless. When i have to attend my calls on speaker, gone case. It is not even as aduible enough as it is with minimum headset volume! Now, to top it all, after 2 yrs usage, my phone display is gone! I can attend calls but i am unable to see anything on display. It just plain blank white screen. Hopeless!

Reviewed by adriano rebero from UK on 15th May 2011
the w395 is an absolute junk phone dont know why i took it. It cant evan download themes and cant minimize and always freezes

Reviewed by Luke Hayes from UK on 29th Apr 2011
No the music thing where u can only store like 2 music files is wrong. I got 23 songs and they freeze :(. My worst phone ever! And one heaphone blow's up like 6 months after u buy it! Im giving it 2 stats (avarage)

Reviewed by Nat R from UK on 27th Apr 2011
This phone is great. it has never once let me down or stopped working. I have well over 300 songs ongs on it non of them have any trouble playing. overall this is a brilliant phone!!!

Reviewed by raguram from UK on 12th Apr 2011
in this phone not support in pc suite man

Reviewed by DaniŽlle from UK on 19th Mar 2011
Very problematic!!..Songs just disappear and smoetimes freezes..HATE IT!!!!!Worst phone sony ericsson has ever made:(

Reviewed by mayank from UK on 16th Mar 2011
i hate this phone. i purchased this phone last year and since then i have to get this phone repaired three times. sometimes it hangs,sometimes what happens is suddenly a white screen appears and nothing else.i suggest every body to think twice before purchasing this mobile.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 23rd Feb 2011
I don't like my phone(sony ericsson W395) because it is not supports themes(.thm) and it is very slow.

Reviewed by Vinod kumar from UK on 11th Feb 2011
This phone very good for me. I like this phone i think........

Reviewed by SAQIB from UK on 7th Feb 2011
NOT BY THIS MOBILE Sony Ericsson W395

Reviewed by Pronoy from UK on 3rd Feb 2011
This is a most poor standard phone. It does not support any types of java apps.Graphics of this phone is very very very poor. It is not a 3D phone. Headphone of this phone is also a poor quality headphone. It has Li-Polymer bttery. It is a also very very slow and hangable phone. It can't download any app,songs,video(ex:java games).

Reviewed by Hussain from UK on 27th Dec 2010
This mobile is waste not all sony mobiles

Reviewed by johnny boy from UK on 15th Dec 2010
great cheap cool all in one it is a must have

Reviewed by klauswatt from UK on 8th Dec 2010
The good part is w395 has average sound quality and its appearance is pretty tight but when it comes to accessing the net, downloading applications, and java app. aspect, is very poor. Moreover, the most annoying part is, it's so slow.

Reviewed by afif razali, malaysia from UK on 7th Dec 2010
hi i bought dis fon during 13-11-10 dis fon is absolute greatness... it suits me preety well i hope it does'nt create much problem to me...

Reviewed by afir from UK on 5th Dec 2010
The language malfunction is problematic For example: Turn off alarm written as picture Internet written as deactivate Add symbols written as disable tones And many more......

Reviewed by burnlee from UK on 1st Dec 2010
This has got to be the worst phone I have ever had. Over the last year it has been returned for fixing about 6 times. All software related. No signal, even when I have a mast 100m away. Emergency calls only, screen freeze. screen flicks from walkman screen to main screen on its own. Doesn't recognise memory card, then decides it will recognise it. Caller can't hear me even though I can hear them. Stay clear unless you like sending it away

Reviewed by Trev J from UK on 26th Nov 2010
My wife bought me this phone last year. Disaster! Its memory is useless - my 6 month old could remember more numbers - and the camera leaves a lot to be desired. The photos come out sideways and any photos recieved from another phone are not set correctly. She bought it from our local exchange shop (as new) and I think they must have seen her coming. Stay away from this phone and exchange!!

Reviewed by sarang from UK on 14th Nov 2010
worst phone MAIn problem is in its connectivity though we will be in full range, it still shows no network. then we have to switch it off and after restarting it shows some signal,, but guys really beleive me . its very sever problem! sms memory 75 sever battery problems absolutly no clarity voice recording for only 30 sec no pc suit no themes it seldomly gets hanged it has so called dual speakers but one i not working{ i bought it 3 months earlier} bluetooth is also slow. net browsing is good . but video playing is almost immposible. internal memory 12.6 Mb usb port and charging port is same. so we use them both at one intant.

Reviewed by asow from UK on 10th Nov 2010
this mobile is usless don't install any application in it just dump mobile

Reviewed by bec from UK on 2nd Nov 2010
i love this phone it is great i have had it for a year now and have never had any problems with it, it has never frozen on me and i play my music ALOT although i have never been on the internet on it and have never got any bugs

Reviewed by Michael153 from UK on 1st Nov 2010
I bought this phone about a year ago and honestly think i deserve some sort of reward for using it this long. When i bought it, it cost £59.99, and for the first couple of days i was under the impression that i had got a good deal. Okay the camera is shoddy at best, but that is not what i use my phone for so that never bothered me. Only 48 hours after buying the phone i discovered that the text messaging did not function as it should. When writing a text the phone would freeze repeatedly, this persists untill you take the abttery out and put it back in again. A day later though it will start to freeze again. It is not only texting that causes the phone to freeze, looking through photos, music and simply reading recieved text messages will cause the phone to freeze. As i said before i have had this phone for a year, and i've never enjoyed one aspect of it. Ordered the HTC HD Mini - just waiting for it to arrive, then the W395 will be burried in the garden along with my slinky that tangled to easy and pokemon snap... both equally disapointing!

Reviewed by Kirstie from UK on 25th Oct 2010
Bought this phone for my daughters birthday. Within 3 weeks the screen had smashed!! We got that replaced. 2 weeks on, she had problems if listening to music and gettin a text, the screen froze and then went white.An now the following week when she has turned it on the screen has gone white and doing nothing else!! This is such a poor show!! Music storage etc has been good. But could pay alot less if she only wants a mp3!! Nokia all the way but of course the memory card from W395 does not fit in a Nokia!! DONT BUY!!

Reviewed by ankush from UK on 20th Oct 2010
do not buy

Reviewed by viooo7 from UK on 19th Oct 2010
i pay to buy phone ie w395 and i got a problems in a box.

Reviewed by Bala from UK on 18th Oct 2010
Sony Ericsson is a Idotic phone, it's creats more problem, eg. since it's a flip model, it's possible to get white screen after 6 months, it's better to aviod this

Reviewed by sam from UK on 17th Oct 2010
Hate it. Found that it freezes ALOT especially when it's cold. It can never keep up with my texting so i end up waiting 5 minutes for it to catch up. The memory is awful and the camera isn't too great, not even for the price. The memory card is always cutting out so i have to take it out and blow on it in order for it to work again. Havn't had a problem with wobbling of the slide and the speaker isn't bad. Other than those two reasons, awful phone.

Reviewed by Antony from UK on 11th Oct 2010
this is really a flop...:( very slow, often hangs and my phone had crashed once, replaced motherboard..:@ these all within a year.... plz dont go go for it...

Reviewed by Shreekant from UK on 11th Oct 2010
good phone!!!!! but camera quality is below avg.....and also downloaded themes have never worked except the default ones......music, texting cool....purchased it just a month ago.....

Reviewed by Maman Malaysia from UK on 4th Oct 2010
W395 as previous comments from this forum is more "no" to "yes". It is only have great speakers which is the only loud one, but however, all the featured inside the phone were poor, very low and slow. No edit pictures. Poor camera. I do think W800i is much far better. It is a nice handphone but overall, I cannot rate it high. Just to be honest.

Reviewed by iza from UK on 30th Sep 2010
first i was happy to have this phone but later i found it very slow n bad camera , battery not so good

Reviewed by vikkkkk from UK on 24th Sep 2010
this phone is not like me, it doesn't want to live with me, it likes a "service center" more than me, so from the date i purchase it, it live more time in service center than me............. i really sat this phone is a totally waste of money. in the same price NOKIA provide better phone with good music quality, better screen clarity and good internet connectivity options. it having following problems.. 1. it is tooooooo slow 2. camera is only for name 2.0 mpix work like VGA 3. no PC suit support. 4. no internet to pc through this phone 5. it creates dump files about 14 MB each in memory card 6. equalizers only work for current song, for next song they are reset, u need to again set them *****ONLY TWO GOOD THING******* GOOD MUSIC QUALITY LOOKS STYLISH

Reviewed by cool from UK on 17th Sep 2010

Reviewed by burhan from UK on 16th Sep 2010
this phone iz very good i have had it for 5 months im very happy bcoz itz a loud phone and now im upset bcoz jus afta 5 months it has broke it switches off it self and when i try puttin it bk on a white screen pops up...i would only recomend this phone for a temporary phone...x :) ^^^^^^^

Reviewed by lawrence from UK on 15th Sep 2010
i could not connect my w395 to pc suite

Reviewed by avinash from UK on 14th Sep 2010
This phone is nice not good not bad just nice but one thing it freezes and can not store lot of sms thas to bad:(

Reviewed by Caren from UK on 10th Sep 2010
Phone keeps on cutting out while busy on a call or it is breaking up the whole time.

Reviewed by akash from UK on 4th Sep 2010
it has the best sound quality with dual speakers

Reviewed by umesh from UK on 31st Aug 2010
very bad product it always restart & hang. no solution on that......

Reviewed by Mitra from UK on 30th Aug 2010
I hate this mobil,because i got many problem with it.i used so much time to download musik on it but it dosen't work good.it play few scound and freez and says no net and the get dark and...i am tired of it..i don't know what to do,and i have no money to by another..

Reviewed by anshul from UK on 26th Aug 2010
very slow fone dn't buy.........

Reviewed by kj from UK on 25th Aug 2010
it sucks cant even start installed java applications or games or if it starts it doesnot work properly i had a sony ericson w610i and w205 and comparing the 3 w395 is lacking when the only bad thing i could see in w205 is the small screen which is not much of a problem walkman sticks camera resolution suck 10 megabytes cmon i was about to return the the phone to lime

Reviewed by pricess from UK on 25th Aug 2010
i had sony ericsson w395, i bought August of last year. just recently i noticed that my phone hangs up, after a few weeks, it gets worst. the text can be read back ward, until no display. i went to the service center to have it repaired, they said many owners of w395 came and have the same problem. it cost 1,000+ for the repair and takes 1-2 weeks.

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 11th Aug 2010
Well, I wouldnt say that this phone sucks, but I am not satisfied with its functions. The camera is below average, and it freezes very often...There are many other problems besides all that...I would like to advise those people out there to think twice before buying this phone...Honestly,this phone just looks good on the outside...So dont be fooled by its stylish look...It doesnt mean it looks stylish,its a good phone...You cant judge a book by looking at its cover...

Reviewed by Vikash Surolia from UK on 5th Aug 2010
-=( The Truth about W395 )=- MUST READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE YOU BUY Well, After reading all the ya-ya posted here, I'm pretty confused that one should buy this phone or not; there is so much contrast between different reviews. I appreciate the efforts of al

Reviewed by prasanthreddy from UK on 2nd Aug 2010
battery back up is not good

Reviewed by Mustard from UK on 1st Aug 2010
I've had this phone for 3 months and it's the worst I've ever had. It's slow (especially when adding text to a picture message), constantly freezes up when playing music, outdated camera, has a very poor screen and the keyboard is dreadful. Texting from this phone is a hard task. A very dissapointing effort from Sony Ericsson. It's like they've had old phone components sitting around in their warehouse from at least 5 years ago and they've dumped it in the W395. Good for a budget phone? Unless it's very very cheap then absolutely not. I'd advise anybody considering the W395 to shop around as there has to be better at this price range. I've got the W995 arriving this week so goodbye and good riddance W395.

Reviewed by Lewys from UK on 31st Jul 2010
very good I dont see what wrong with it and it can be slow

Reviewed by charlotte from UK on 30th Jul 2010
i saw this phone and wanted it but when i got it this phone wasn't what i thought because you can't get any signal, it turns itself off and sometimes it freezes i would not recommend this phone to anyone because it is not worth the money you pay !

Reviewed by tester2010 from UK on 23rd Jul 2010
I am currently using this phone and find it very good indeed! It certainly is not 'wobbly', ( the slide screen). The camera seems to be ok enough and phone is pretty cool looking. Im actually quite happy with this phone , and look forward to using it daily. Oh, sound quality is excellent on this little number : ) !!

Reviewed by mughal from UK on 21st Jul 2010
i have this phone and its perfect for me though it has very little faults very little but it is a great phone in looks too i m also impressed from its lcd plus walkman is great too people dnt knw what they are talking about this is a great phone really great

Reviewed by Isa from UK on 16th Jul 2010
I have this phone and I am very pleased with it , Its a walkman phone not an iphone ! ..

Reviewed by Ajmal Basheer from UK on 13th Jul 2010
I also have the freezing problem but now I've got used to it. But what really irritates me is that I cannot play good quality videos properly from 2gb or 4gb. It works well only on the company supplied 1gb. On 2gb and 4gb, the video plays only frame by frame. Does anyone else have the same problem or is it only my handset's problem? Please check and let me know. Thank you.

Reviewed by Les from UK on 12th Jul 2010
Not worth having, constantly freezing and as another commented it's then a five min wait or at least it seems so before it works again. I will disagree with one poster though, it does run opera mini - at least mine works.

Reviewed by piyush from UK on 12th Jul 2010
ratings(out of 5) music 5 display 2 message 2 looks 5 camera 4

Reviewed by luke from UK on 5th Jul 2010
i had this fone it is a great phone and is recomended

Reviewed by hennie from UK on 29th Jun 2010
drops calls took phone three times back but still the same

Reviewed by HARE from UK on 26th Jun 2010
i like this mobile very much .... but one disadvantage in tis mobile it's not accepting the themes.....

Reviewed by Lois from UK on 25th Jun 2010
This phone is a piece of trash. Love the look of it and the good sound and easy access to music but the rest is rubbish. i recently got a software update because it was freezing and i couldnt play or delete songs but it didnt help. My advice, don't buy this.

Reviewed by Gary Tunnicliffe from UK on 24th Jun 2010
The Sony Ericsson W395 is exceptional. I currently have 200 tracks stored on mine with no freezing, in fact no problems at all. The camera might be average but I bought it for the music facility and I can't falt that. An earlier review claiming he could only put on 2 tracks probably says more about the reviewer than the phone. He clearly had no idea how to use it.

Reviewed by Suresh from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
It's a very rubbish mobile. In the site they are stating that we can use the w395 phone as a Modem but there is not software.

Reviewed by reginald breydin from UK on 20th Jun 2010
I HAVE THE SONY ERICSSON W395 MUST TOTALY DISAGREE WITH THE REVIEW A BOVE THAT ITS NOT A GOOD PHONE WITH THAT A TOTAL LIE THAT REVIEW MUST BE FROM SOME ONE HOW SELLS BIG EXPENSIVE PHONES AND WANTS U TO BY THEM OVER £100 in the last 20 years i have had 0ver 50 phnes and i had seen thousands the sony ericsson has the best photos ever totp quality camera photos the best ever seen onny any phone i have ever seen the review above is totaly misleading i suggest consumers purches this phone and see for there selves the review above is totaly misleading

Reviewed by Ross Gray from UK on 15th Jun 2010
this phone is awful DO NOT BUY IT . IF YOU DO YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Reviewed by Azhar from UK on 14th Jun 2010
I have the phone for about 6 months and so far never had any problems,,so i dont care what anyone else says.

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 12th Jun 2010
I think this phone is not good- but not bad. When i first dropped it, i picked it up and it had a huge scratch on the screen so the screen is weak, the menu is pretty slow like if you want to go anywhere for example your file manager you need to wait for about 4 seconds until it opens the actual page. Whenever i get a message on my phone it tends to freeze and i have to wait 5 for minutes until i can use it again. This gets annoying most of the times. If you are a buisiness person and people call you or you call people often i recommend you to buy another phone. On the other hand, when it doesnt get stuck it is a pretty good phone :)

Reviewed by Sreeraj from UK on 12th Jun 2010
opera mini and other borowsing Java applications doesn't work. No PC suite support. Only good thing is music.

Reviewed by john from UK on 11th Jun 2010
i purchased this phone on the 27th of may from o2 on the 11th of june exactly 14 days later i switched it on to find that a large black spot was on the screen and nothing else? i took it back to my local o2 shop only to be told that i had damaged the screen, this i disputed as the phone was in mint condition and had only been used twice since purchase (i have two o2 orbits which i use - the sony w395 was to be used as a standby social phone )as a result i had to send the phone back to o2 for evalution and repair, and if the screen was indeed damaged the repair would be at my expence. might i add at this point that i never ever keep my phones in a pocket with any other object or with coins,indeed i use a soft sleeve to cover it and i never ever take off the screen protector. when i have evaluated the response of the o2 sales assistant i have concluded that we are all losers when returning a suspected fauty phone for all they have to say is that the phone has screen d amage and that lets them firmly off the hook. i write this review so that if this fault is inherent within the W395 any future buyer can add their comments alongside mine which can only assist any other purchaser in the future to further their claim that the telephone has a built in fault.

Reviewed by jtgitheko@yahoo.com from UK on 11th Jun 2010
The first impression one gets when using this phone is whether sony ericsson actually tested this phone. The only web site this phone is capable of opening is net work error. This phone belongs to the trash dump.

Reviewed by hazel from UK on 8th Jun 2010
this phone is awful, I really regret buying it. unbelievably slow and very unattractive layout/colour/font of screen info. I've almost stopped texting people since I've had it (about 10 days) as it is so clunky and unresponsive. waste of £50 (I stupidly bought the nice looking titanium one)

Reviewed by LJ from UK on 6th Jun 2010
um having problms with d slide, cam, THEMES, memory....... i really regret buyin this phone :(

Reviewed by hks from UK on 6th Jun 2010
it is a cool mobile

Reviewed by shigo from UK on 4th Jun 2010
not bad, but cool

Reviewed by Charlotte from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
I just don't understand how this phone can be so slow when I don't use it for music, camera or anything other than basic calls and texting. A simple text takes about 5 times as long to write on this phone - it can't keep up with typing at a normal text speed and misses out words, crashes etc. I only buy cheapish phones because i only need something simple and usually keep them until they break. I've had this one about 4 months and im dying to get rid of the thing.

Reviewed by Gorrila from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE no really, i have it, whatever people say about this being a simple phone, simple looking yeah, but it isn't any easier to use that any other sony ericsson. there are better phones for sale for the same price, this phone is a rip off, all the menus look stuck in the dark ages how shops can justify selling this phone for nearly 60 quid is beyond me. definatly not worth more than £20 and the built in memory FOR A WALKMAN PHONE is appaling, what you can fit like 3 songs on it?? whats that about???

Reviewed by Rebekka Ellis from UK on 31st May 2010
I think the phone is very good. It had good games, good memory and the camera is better then my camera.

Reviewed by RATATON from UK on 30th May 2010
I recomend this phone. If you don't want to spend too much, this is the best option for you! SONY ERICSSON is way BETTER than nokia (they crash all over the time and theyre menus are confusing). SONY RULES!

Reviewed by Nick Simmonds from UK on 29th May 2010
I`ve got one. Does every thing I want it to. On a £10 month contract. PERFECT. NEVER had a problem with MP3`s. You get what you pay for. I like mine! GOOD PHONE. I hope no-one ever knocks out the satellites. We would have to use land lines and TALK to each other!

Reviewed by Rich White from UK on 28th May 2010
Very cheaply made. Low on features. Definitely NOT an upgrade from my W610i. Don't buy it - save up for a better one

Reviewed by James McKenny from UK on 23rd May 2010
This phone is aweful, horrible for texting, horrendous camera, disgusting software. cut a long story short, dont buy it!

Reviewed by ibzi from UK on 7th May 2010
W395 is a great mobile because u have motion sensor and its a cheap for such a loud mobile and it has the best quality iv ever heard and the loudest , nice mobile , 5!

Reviewed by Wish from UK on 30th Apr 2010
hey guys i just brought this phone and i face the similar issue like the phone cant ready the Mp3 on my memory card ! but i found a way to get it done .. what i did was i recompress all my mp3 file to the same version again * mp3 convert => mp3 * den reinsert back in to my memory card it seem working fine now .. so just sharing if any 1 of u are facing this problem u may try the solution i offer ^^ enjoy

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 29th Apr 2010
I've used this phone for about a year as a secondary phone... I've had no problems whatsoever. Granted, its supposed to be a music phone but I don't use it for this (but can't you people just buy a memory card?) and I don't really care for themes... a phone is a phone. Grow up people, you pay for what you get, and this phone is retailing at less than £50. Did you expect an all singing all dancing piece of diamond for £50? I've had no problems whatsoever with it freezing, but then my phone isn't packed with junk. Use your common sense people!

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 29th Apr 2010
Mine came with built in 1 gb storage, i bought a 4gb card for 19 § (altough it costs between 12 & 15 § in other stores) Big deficits of this mobile are - no synchrnisation with myphoneexplorer - no updates possible - using java applications other than from sonyericsson is not possible - no notes function - sometimes (seldomly) it freezes) Pro: good Sound Quality stereo sound boxes nice design

Reviewed by Link from UK on 28th Apr 2010
Are you kidding me? Of all the phones I've owned, this is easily the best one. You must have had a bad model, because mine rarely freezes up and the menus are slick and fast. It's solidly built and feels much better made than any other slide phone I've held. The camera's good in daylight, not so great at night. And it accepts a 4GB micro sd card, something most phone's this price don't.

Reviewed by olegsbox from UK on 28th Apr 2010
I have this phone and I'm VERY HAPPY!!! It is a really good phone for the price and it DON'T NEED a PC SUITE!!! just because it connect automaticaly with PC via USB provided and is recognased strate away, even on XP. I LIKE MY PHONE A LOT!!! Everithink is fantastic! Thanks SonyEricsson!

Reviewed by malky from UK on 24th Apr 2010
well this fone has been a nightmare for me as it has only worked a few times the camera disfunctioned and the screen cracked DO NOT BUY

Reviewed by Joan from UK on 19th Apr 2010
I really love this phone it took me 1 month to wait before buying and later on I did not have any doubts at all! nyahahaha....luv it sooooo much!!! Sony Ericsson rocks!!!

Reviewed by Jb12 from UK on 15th Apr 2010
overall not a bad phone, i prefer the w550i as it was faster, you could have loads of themes, the camera was alright, but there was more apps, and could store loads more messages, but the w395 has slow menus, can store 50 msgs and only has 10kb of phone memory, not what i expected of a sony erriccson

Reviewed by JD from UK on 12th Apr 2010
Rubbish. I loved sony ericsson phones before, but this has made me change brand. Far too slow when texting. Kept freezing and I had to keep switching off and on. Not easy to hold in one hand and text. Then - it died, taking all my numbers with it ! Very frustrating! Would not recommend !

Reviewed by zoe stubbs from UK on 12th Apr 2010
Hi I have recently purchased the Sony Ericsson w395. Whilst learning how to use it, I have encountered two set backs 1. when you recieve and send a text message you cant switch off the alert sound unless you change the phone to silent mode. So I have had to choose a quick alert sound. 2. You can accidently press the 02 button and access the internet without realizing it. After the phone has slid up and keys are unlocked. But apart from that its a nice little handy phone and im pleased with it.

Reviewed by anon from UK on 11th Apr 2010
Wish I had not purchased this phone. You wait an age for basic functions to work. Very frustrating,I have gone back to my old phone. This phone was a waste of money and I wish I could return it!

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