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Sony Ericsson W200i review

 Review: June 2007  

Last updated January 2009

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A budget Walkman phone, offering excellent value for money.


The W200i brings the massively successful Walkman range of phones within reach of the budget consumer for the first time. Available in black or white, the W200i is a lightweight phone with a classic design, similar to its big brother, the high-end W810i. The W200i has a neat keypad with good-sized keys, although it does use a joystick instead of a navigation key, which we would have preferred. The W200i offers a lot for your money: a camera, a music player, an FM radio, Java games and expandable memory, and looks set to be a winner.

The music player is based on the excellent Walkman player found in Sony Ericsson's top-of-the-range handsets, such as the W810i. This is a fully featured music player that can handle playlists and is very easy to use. It incorporates Sony Ericsson's MegaBass™ feature that boosts the bass tones in your music. The audio quality is excellent, especially with the stereo headset supplied. The PlayNow™ feature enables you to browse and download top-selling premium ringtones on your phone (you have to pay for any ringtones that you download). In addition to the music player, there's also a useful built-in FM radio.

The W200i is supplied with a stereo handsfree headset, a 128 Mbyte memory card (enough to store around 32 songs) and software for ripping music from CD's and transferring music from your PC to your phone. You can expand the memory to a maximum of 2 Gybtes by buying a larger memory card (Memory Stick Micro™ format). It's easy to transfer music from your PC to your phone using the USB connection, which supports drag-and-drop data transfer. Likewise, transferring photos or videos from your phone back to your PC is straightforward. The W200i also supports an infrared connection, but not Bluetooth - with a phone this cheap there have to be some compromises!

As already mentioned, the W200i has a camera, but don't expect much from this. At just 0.3 megapixels, this is a very basic camera, useful for taking fun snaps only. The LCD display is also very basic, being of CSTN-type and low resolution. This makes it quite hard to read in sunlight. However, for the price this is typical.

The W200i is a recommended phone for anyone looking for a music-playing phone in the under-£100 price range. If you have a little more to spend, you might consider the Sony Ericsson W300i which has a better screen and a Bluetooth wireless connection in a clamshell design.

Sony Ericsson W200i features include:

  • VGA camera (0.3 megapixels) with 4x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Display: CSTN, 128 x 160 pixels
  • Media player (plays music and video)
  • FM radio
  • Polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • 3D Java games
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Web browser, RSS feeds
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Memory: 27 Mbytes plus Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support
  • Connectivity: USB mass storage, Infrared
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Size: 101 x 44 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Talktime: 7 hours
  • Battery standby: 300 hours

Sony Ericsson W200i user reviews

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Average rating from 364 reviews:

Reviewed by Kaushal from India on 7th Sep 2014
hate it

Reviewed by HRS from INDIA on 6th Jan 2014

Reviewed by sammy kirtin from United Kingdom on 23rd Sep 2012
I've just ordered a Sony Ericsson W200i phone from Amazon for 10 so u carnt get better than that.I let u know what I think of it when I get it.

Reviewed by vijay from india on 29th Mar 2012
this is very excellent one

Reviewed by alex from UK on 15th Dec 2011
i've had mine for a year or more. it's been great, and its been dropped many times with no adverse affects.

Reviewed by SUNDAY from UK on 2nd Jul 2011

Reviewed by cyril from UK on 6th Jun 2011
The only problem i have is,it should be micro sD Istead of M2 and 3.5mm audio connectivity

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 2nd May 2011
Got one of these on Orange. Phone is fantastic - really good value for money. But orange are NOT. Calls are 30p/min on PAYG and coverage is poor esp. in rural areas. customer service is useless. and they also put massive restrictions on the phone. I rate the phone 4 stars, but orange get minus 1223232646785768764576592000000000000000

Reviewed by fred from UK on 2nd May 2011
camera is pile of rubbish so is screen

Reviewed by yusuf from UK on 27th Apr 2011
this phone is amazing. it's my 4th year with this phone. for a phone with the lowest price, this is great. music, headset, java app, and you can add any mobile application. i love this phone, though now its not really doing well for i dropped it on the water. but, overall, nice...

Reviewed by Shawon kundu from UK on 26th Jan 2011
This is a good phone....Though it has no bluetooth,poor camera,but i am happy to use it. . .it has excellent mp3 player. . .it fall from my hand many time,but i use this without any disturb.

Reviewed by Connor from UK on 7th Nov 2010
I got this phone when I was 8 and I am now 9. I wouldn't call it top of the phone but its what I need. What caught my eyes was the web browser. My was from orange.

Reviewed by Yumna from UK on 28th Oct 2010
it's good, it's cheap and it has all the features i need, especially Walkman!! but sometimes the bad camera can be a let down

Reviewed by JUNIOR from UK on 3rd Oct 2010

Reviewed by haroon from UK on 12th Sep 2010
sony ericsson w200i is the best phone. Also it's a standerd phone. And good for texting.

Reviewed by Brijendra kumar, INDIA from UK on 3rd Sep 2010
I know w200i mobile is very good in sound, especially due to MegabassTM, easy to make internet profile and use internet, best and 3d game, www.fishlabs.net, but it hasn't so great screen, charger and headphone plug, and obviously its joystick. I'm tired of joystick, once it not working and ever since it's not get right. I'm tired of made proper working of w200i joystick. Can any one tell me what its original joystick rate is? in RUPEES please? And it's good music mobile in low price.

Reviewed by Christ from UK on 23rd Jul 2010
I've had this phone for over 2 and 1/2 years and is only now showing thats its getting on a bit and is still in great conditions after being dropped hundreds of times. For basic phone users who dont want a high megapixel camera its great to just play music and is very simple and easy to use and to navigate with its clearly set out menus and lists. I wont be changingmy phone for a while!!

Reviewed by risa from UK on 30th Jun 2010
i can say this phone is pretty durable. i owned it for two years, gave it to my dad when i replaced it and two years later it still works after he dropped it a only a million times, nearly drove over it, and dropped the thing in water (he works hard and needed a good cheap phone) not the best camera whatsoever and the memory's kinda horrible but worth the buy

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 5th Jun 2010
Yes, this is a great phone. Has a great walkman, storage capability and a fairly decent camera but the battery life isn't too great, if that is of course considered an issue. However, it is really good for the money.

Reviewed by Jone from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
It's Good But the Bad Thing in it is his color screen it looks old ... it's color looks like k310i the sony ericsson mobiles is really good but they have some small problems like the power of the speaker and the color screen witch is 16k. and most of sony ericsson mobiles have a low resolution

Reviewed by Ayin089 from UK on 12th May 2010
wow this phone is totally so awesome coz quality sounds so good...bluetooth???ah i don't care about it... :)

Reviewed by Nikhil gupta from UK on 11th May 2010
Overall set is gud sounds gud but the screen is too short.

Reviewed by manoj from UK on 11th May 2010
ultimate phone

Reviewed by Rajat Subra Mallick from UK on 21st Apr 2010
It is nice phone but without bluetooth it is so bad.

Reviewed by nishant from UK on 13th Apr 2010
there is some problem in joystick after6/9 months.

Reviewed by kuldeep from UK on 31st Mar 2010
i have been using this phone for over 3 years. Very nice phone... I love my phone.

Reviewed by g niranjan kumar from UK on 28th Feb 2010
sir,w200i cell doesn't work proper .when i was connect to the net through pc it will strucked repeatedly .please help me what can i do now . my mail: nganjikunta@gmail.com

Reviewed by ayanan from UK on 27th Feb 2010
no bluetooth

Reviewed by BHAIRAV SUMAN from UK on 22nd Jan 2010

Reviewed by sheikh mehboob from UK on 22nd Jan 2010
i am not satisfied in your cell phone

Reviewed by Be from UK on 28th Dec 2009
this is a rubbish phone. i have had this phone for 2 years and the screen is useless. the battery is always running out as well

Reviewed by Zoey from UK on 5th Nov 2009
this phone is rubbish! i realy dont think anyone should ever buy one. i had one and i thought hmm not too bad you know all the usual pretty good features of a phone for about 30 but OMG i was wrong, it doesnt havebluetooth which is really annoying and the camera is pants ! its not even nice looking, its a crappy old phone and people who buy it are real silly

Reviewed by DoggyDude from UK on 13th Oct 2009
I seriously don't recommend this phone. Whilst it is loaded with features, the annoyances are substancial and have left me wishing for a better phone: 1) Radio "blanks" out when "auto tuning" and there is no (obvious?) way to disable this feature. So, you will be listening to the radio, somehting important or interesting comes on, radio goes silent for up to 3 mins (varies). If you cancel the auto-tune you get the radio back faster but it then tried to auto-tune more frequently. 2) Screen picture is of a very poor quality and the minimum brightness is still too bright. 3) If you use the stopwatch feature (which had potential to be useful) it is very irritating how easy it is to "lose" you timing with no confirmation when selecting "reset". These three phone "quirks" turn what is otherwise an excellent phone into an annoying one. Shame really.

Reviewed by Rinku from UK on 16th Aug 2009
There is infared not blue tooth.

Reviewed by alexandra from UK on 16th Aug 2009
this is rubbish! no bluetooth, rubbish games and will not do anything when sending or recieving a message! awful! it has infrared ( whatever that is ) butt nobody else does! fail! god, worst phone ever. do not buy it!

Reviewed by james from UK on 14th Aug 2009
obviously the worst phone ever I have one what the #$@! is going on IT DOESN'T HAVE BLUETOOTH I recommend this phone to a total idiot who wants to waste their money

Reviewed by no name from UK on 5th Aug 2009
i have been using this phone for over a year and find it to be a good one, i have been having problems with the memory stick lately as the phone isnt reading the card but that only started to happen after 6-7 months of use.the phone however has a walkman and the sound quality is good but if u put the volume too loud the sound starts to sound fuzzy.the phone has a terrible camara as it is a vga camara(0.3 megapixals). the joystick isnt bad but if your looking for a decent budget phone for around the same price you would probably want a sony ericsson w350i because its got a walkman but a more decent 1.3 megapixal camara.but still the w200i isnt a bad phone.

Reviewed by AMINU NASIR from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
I've been usin sonyericsson since 2005,your phones are d best so far 4 me,don't know about others,my w200i i call it small gajet cos i gat everthing in it.my friend cal me sonyericsson i can only use 1 phone in world n it sonyericsson.

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
this phone is my first sony erisson and it is quite rubbish because it hasnt got a good camra or bluetooth! but if you want a simple phone, this is the one for you

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
i got this phone yesterday, the deisgn on my phone is amazing ( pink with a good design). everyon eis saying it has no blue tooth but who needs bluetooth. the camera isnt os goo but at least it has a camera ta that price. the light on the joystick is cool. this phine is good.. you should get it

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 1st Aug 2009
This phone is good it was my fist mobile however woudnt recomen it if you wanted a good camra and bluetooth but its a good simple phone

Reviewed by William from UK on 11th Jul 2009
One of the best phones I have had so far. Walkman player is a big feature and works perfectly with a m2 memory card in the phone. Brilliant but should have bluetooth!!! :D

Reviewed by Adityam from UK on 6th Jul 2009
Just got the phone, simple, handy, practical, useful and best of all: walkman player. This phone is not expensive + it offers a high quality with megabass music when listened with a sony ericsson headphone. Definitely recommended for you!!!

Reviewed by vinayak from UK on 2nd Jul 2009
I have some problem with this phone . previuosly it got connected with PC, but now the pc is not identifying the device. send me if any suggesssions to spandanamay24@gmail.com

Reviewed by Tekcomputing from UK on 27th Jun 2009
I've had a w200i and it doesn't have flight mode, but if it does tell how to get it on

Reviewed by David Dinsmore from UK on 24th Jun 2009
With out doubt, the worst phone I've ever had. The Joystick is a nightmare, this phone will give you a nervous breakdown. The only thing its got going for it, is it is almost smash proof - god knows I've tried often enough. Got it as a present and I guarantee I'll never buy another Sony Ericsson anything as long as I live.

Reviewed by zarko from UK on 24th Jun 2009
it is great phone

Reviewed by RAKESH from UK on 9th Jun 2009
good but no BLUETHOOH is very bad and its ruf&tuf i like this PHONE

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 4th Jun 2009
it lasted me about 4 month and the center button broke off plus the screen gets really scratched and the model get chipped its good for music though

Reviewed by Yass from UK on 1st Jun 2009
Got this phone a long time ago for 20 brand new, it dosent have bluetooth, very small low resolution screen, poor camera, but i love it. I tried all sorts of expensive phones but each one is just not as good as this one. Its well built, looks nice, fits in your hand well, good size buttons, and most of all, reliable. dropped it loads of times, still works. battery lasts up to two weeks if i don't use it much, has a decent music player, radio. I wont bother with any other phones now, i'l just keep this one.

Reviewed by arif from UK on 28th May 2009
that's a nice phone

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 13th May 2009
It was good for 3 years then broke

Reviewed by Oz from UK on 5th Mar 2009
It is a perfect phone

Reviewed by tharindu from UK on 5th Mar 2009
well what can i say i got this 4n about a year ago and it still functions fine. yeah its a good 4n for the price range and worth the money and the mega bass and the bass reflex headphones really produce sound that will sweep u off ur feet

Reviewed by jack from UK on 1st Mar 2009
takes ages to start up and load, no bluetooth which is a bummer i have upgraded to a new iphone which is amazing

Reviewed by vamsi from UK on 25th Feb 2009
this is the best ph

Reviewed by Misz from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
This phone is great! It may not look that fancy and may not have bluetooth, but its really reliable, good battery, Im with orange and have never had any kind of trouble. It has a camera aswell! I would recomend it to anyone! 5STAR I SAY!

Reviewed by Sony Erricson Gyalxx from UK on 22nd Feb 2009
Great Mob! recommend it 2 any1

Reviewed by Curtis from UK on 18th Feb 2009
Don't buy it it is soooo boring it has some good features but it is rubbishbuild qualitiy it creaks all the time

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 10th Feb 2009
i really wouldn't suggest buying this phone. Lack of bluetooth is eventually reall annoying, the camera's also appallingly bad.

Reviewed by jake from UK on 10th Feb 2009
Pretty good, and would reccomend to anyone who wants a cheap phone that does all the basics

Reviewed by Allan from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
Hello All, I took this fone recently and found that sometimes i.e. once in a day, the songs folder which I have copied from my pc to fone disappears. I need to shut down the mobile and restart it then only i would see the music folder. Kindly advise what best can be done and if you too are facing similar trouble with W200i Thanks, Allan

Reviewed by Girl with this phone from UK on 1st Feb 2009
its alrite i suppose.But its use-a-ble.i've had it for around 1 year.

Reviewed by lol at that from UK on 27th Jan 2009
It has no bluetooth :(

Reviewed by Julia from UK on 26th Jan 2009
Have had this little phone for over a year, and despite using a posher model for a couple of months, have very happily come back to this one - always get signal, good speaker sound, good earphones - camera OK for fun shots! Love it and will keep it for a while yet!

Reviewed by Viktor from UK on 24th Jan 2009
My Sony Ericsson W200i got an defect, it cannot be turned on, it gives a sign just like as the battery is not charged, but when I try to charge the battery, it doesnt charge, if anyone out there has had the same problem please send me an email t: viktorzeneli@hotmail.com Thank you very much, on the other hand this is the best phone you can get for this amount of money, perfect...

Reviewed by SUDANTO ADHITIA from UK on 23rd Jan 2009
Sony Ericsson no bluetooth why?

Reviewed by Dolly from UK on 19th Jan 2009
I wish I could give this phone a nil or minus rating. It's so badly designed. The navigation keys, especially the top one is virtually unworkable and the instruction booklet bears no resemblance to the parts of the phone it seemingly relates to. I'm taking mine back for a refund; failing that I'll refer this issue to the local trading standards office. Phone it ain't, blood pressure enhancer it is.

Reviewed by charli from UK on 15th Jan 2009
i think this is a very very rubbish phone i think it should be better or extinct like dinosaurs.

Reviewed by jimmy 12321 from UK on 13th Jan 2009
its a gd fon and i like it

Reviewed by SUNIL from UK on 7th Jan 2009
Hai guys ... I have a W200i phone . Genuinely speaking the display is not really good , but the sound is really good with its bass reflex head phones even hearing the FM RADIO will give you an MP3 EFFECT if the signal is received fully

Reviewed by naseer ahamed from UK on 6th Jan 2009
A superb phone i ever seen for this much cost...

Reviewed by efgehj from UK on 31st Dec 2008

Reviewed by vishni from UK on 31st Dec 2008
it is agood phone buti ant insert games to it

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
Its a sony T610 with a facelift and MP3 playing facilities and bluetooth took out. The T610 was worth it but... The W200i is unreliable and is too expensive when you could buy a Samsung E250 or sagem MY411C that is cheaper but better. NO BLUETOOTH!!!!! i'm gonna die

Reviewed by BANGGER from UK on 18th Dec 2008
Come on guys, its gre8 4 its price. its a nearly perfect nano killer. as an audiophile will notice a flaw in sound quality. its hiss noise @ -93db. cam is rubbish. but im a photographer. even k810 still under my expectation.

Reviewed by Jes from UK on 18th Dec 2008
Sweet little phone for the money. I got one from the Orange shop for my gf. Paid 24 + 10 top up. It looks good and feels nice to use. Sure it has no Bluetooth, but it comes with a data cable and connected to both Windows and Linux for file transfers, without any problem at all, so there's no need to install the software that came with it. Has a 128MB memory card, which isn't huge, but is simple enough to upgrade to up to 2GB. Still enough for a couple of albums though, if your mp3s are well compressed. Sure, the camera isn't fantastic but really, what do you expect for this kind of money? Recommended.

Reviewed by Matthew Longmate from UK on 17th Dec 2008
I have had my Sony Ericsson W200i for a year and a half. the only thing that went wrong was the delete button doesn't work. other that that,8/10. (it should have BLUETOOTH though if it is a walkman player!!

Reviewed by Laurennn from UK on 14th Dec 2008
I had this phone a couple of years ago and didn't like it at all. I'm a teenager and found that the camera was poor and needed bluetooth. If you are just looking for the basics this phone is ok and also very good for its price :)

Reviewed by George Thomson from UK on 13th Dec 2008
a gorgeous phone i loved it!

Reviewed by Joe Kingsbury from UK on 13th Dec 2008
pros-good mp3,good for talk and textin.er,thats about it! cons- awful camera, rubbish screen, speaker just buzzes sometimes instead of playing music, speaker really tinny sounding. overall not such a good phone

Reviewed by Underworld from UK on 9th Dec 2008
Absoltely rubbish phone!!!! My family mobile is better than this piece of trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by avjit from UK on 9th Dec 2008
small screen,no bluetooth,shuts off when fully loaded on memory card otherwise v.v.good multiple features considering price

Reviewed by jean from UK on 8th Dec 2008
no bluetooth.Boooooooring

Reviewed by ? from UK on 7th Dec 2008

Reviewed by w2001 from UK on 5th Dec 2008
the back of this phone look amazing!!

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 3rd Dec 2008
Trust me this 1 excellent fone which aint very expensive

Reviewed by zeeshan from UK on 28th Nov 2008
it is very gud in luking n handling ...... but only backed up in bluetooth.....

Reviewed by Matthew Longmate from UK on 26th Nov 2008
My Sony Ericsson has just 'died', if you are getting this phone, just beware that after 1 and a half years that the buttons and the screen will start messing about and that it will not work unless you take the case off

Reviewed by austin from UK on 25th Nov 2008
this phone is easy,cheap,nice looking.But lousy infared wif no bluetooth,1.3p idiot camera.but it has other walkman series fone,i can't share song wif my friend although it got good condition of music

Reviewed by anjali from UK on 24th Nov 2008
hai, my name is anjali, iam using sony erricson w200i. it has a goood performance and working condition. but i hav 1 doubt. that is,i copied some picture messages from net and pasted it in my mobile . but i cannot send it. can u please solve my problem. what would i do to make it able to send. should i change the extension or size somewhat.. please..please..help me. please send solution to my mail address:- www.anjalimohan@gmail.com

Reviewed by annonymous from UK on 23rd Nov 2008
i would love the phone more only if it has bluetooth.. way more easier for me to get songs from my pals;)

Reviewed by sara from UK on 23rd Nov 2008
i think that its really gurd

Reviewed by murphy from UK on 22nd Nov 2008
this phone is lousy no bluetooth, included with small capacity card A phone with joystick would not last long

Reviewed by Thanushke Fernando from UK on 21st Nov 2008
W 200 i.. is a great phone . My Dad gave it for me for last xmas and I enjoy using it.. W 200 i is good for Java 3D games and for music also its connectivity to the PC makes file tranfers so easy.With the camara and its functions of picture wrap you could get loads of fun,, I recommend this phone for any one,,but W200I would have been much better if it had with a 2MP camara and with blue tooth..

Reviewed by gaga from UK on 20th Nov 2008
i got mine yesterday.. its not an excellent phone but its easy 2 use.. but it doesn hav bluetooth and d camera is not even 1 megapixel.. so its ok i guess..

Reviewed by aeronwong from UK on 15th Nov 2008
this phone great from the sound but is bad from the video,use memory card support to 2gb,lack from internet browser;late to receive,but its simple to use,have infrafed but bluetooth dont.i suggest u all to buy it........

Reviewed by Kieran from UK on 10th Nov 2008
Brilliant phone!!! have had it for over a year and not one thing wrong with it!!! CAmera's not amazing, and no bluetooth, but i never really use these anyway. Brilliant usic player and good with expandable memory. AWESOME!

Reviewed by dave from UK on 7th Nov 2008
budget phone with hardly any features,but cheap and small.i love it!

Reviewed by Connor from UK on 4th Nov 2008
Rubbish when it fell of my poket the screen plastic smashed and the screen lcd whet blue in the bottom left and top right

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