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Sony Ericsson Vivaz review

 Review: March 2010  

Last updated June 2010

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Vivaz is a mid-priced Symbian smartphone with a touchscreen user interface and incredible high definition video capabilities.

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The Vivaz is a touchscreen smartphone running the Symbian operating system. Available free on mid-priced contracts (£25 per month) with a choice of free gifts thrown in, it's good value when you compare it with most similarly priced phones. But Symbian isn't our first choice of operating system when it comes to smartphones, and Sony Ericsson isn't the most reliable manufacturer. So although first impressions were good, the Vivaz is now attracting rather a lot of bad reviews from our users.

The headline feature of the Vivaz is its HD video recording. It's capable of recording super-sharp videos at 720p resolution, with continuous autofocus, a video light and an image stabiliser. Its a pretty impressive capability for a mobile phone, and you can easily upload your videos to YouTube to show the world. You can also make video calls. The still camera is pretty amazing as well, having an 8.1 megapixel resolution, face detection autofocus, an LED flash and geo-tagging. For the price band, this has got to be one of the best cameras available. It can't beat the 12 megapixel monster camera of the Satio, but it comes pretty close. So we'd say that the photographic performance of the Vivaz is among the very best currently available.

You can view images on the Vivaz's impressive display. With a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels, it's not quite large enough to display your videos at full HD resolution, but it's still a very finely detailed display. The phone is fully touchscreen operated, with handwriting recognition thrown in as a bonus. It's a surprisingly compact and lightweight handset too, so it's easy to hold in the hand. We found the menus pretty responsive most of the time.

The Vivaz also comes with a great media player, and we're delighted to see that Sony Ericsson have included a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can plug in any standard-fit headphones for high quality audio. With microSD memory cars of up to 16GB supported, there's plenty of room to store your music collection, and there's an FM radio included too.

The Vivaz has aGPS with Google Maps, and a demonstration licence of the Wisepilot turn-by-turn navigation software.

HSPA provides fast internet access, and you can also use WiFi if you're in a WiFi hotspot for extra download speed. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth, USB and a TV-Out connection so that you can view your photos and videos directly on a big screen. There are dedicated apps for Facebook and YouTube too.

Battery life seems to be good, although it will be even better if you remember to close unwanted apps and turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS when not in use.

Our first impressions of the Vivaz were very good. Sony Ericsson have placed it firmly in the media-focussed camp with its amazing HD video recording and all-round imaging and music capabilities. It comes with a good range of apps, and the use of Symbian as the base operating system means plenty more will be available for download. Some people love it, but many others are not so happy. Read the user reviews below, then make up your own mind.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz features include:

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz user reviews

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Average rating from 406 reviews:

Reviewed by Klein from Uganda on 3rd Nov 2015
I hv the sony ericsson u5i vivaz, recently i was on thd internet and the phone blacked out and it restarted itself bt it was stuck on the SE logo, i took it for flashing bt still does the same thing and nw i dont knw what to do, if any1 has any solution plz help me +256755962220.

Reviewed by patrick from rwanda on 13th Oct 2015
i lave it but FM radio does not wolk in my cauntry

Reviewed by sony from philippines on 13th Jan 2015
please help me with my problem with this phone, why i cant send message?, but it can receive their message. and another thing is that when i call someone i cant hear them, but they can hear me.? ...what happen? anyone please?????? thanks

Reviewed by - from - on 5th Nov 2014
Is stupid device including camera&video

Reviewed by ownersuccess from malaysia on 13th Aug 2014
sony ericsson vivaz u5i cannot boot starup when turn on...just white screen and sony ericsson logo display show

Reviewed by Yasir from Pakistan on 14th Dec 2013
i have vivaz .it is too much good and also not so much costly,,, but the i face problm that the built in apps like facebook, youtube not executing by me............................... any one can help me by telling me about these software,,,how execute..... waiting for ur reply

Reviewed by Pradip Ghimire from India on 10th Nov 2012
Good phone but there are serious problem regarding touch screen and other is dutch language appears inspite of english when i open playnow.rest is best.

Reviewed by Frank from Netherlands on 18th Apr 2012
Summary: it has potential to be a good phone, but the lacking software makes it a horrid phone to use in practice.

First the good aspects:
- Nice camera
- Compact design
- Video playback and recording quality is nice
- standardised headphones jacket and usb charging port

Then the somewhat longer list of the bad aspects:
- Symbian S60v5 OS as implemented on a non-Nokia phone means lots of missing features of which some examples are missing of integrated SIP VOIP and IPSEC VPN, UPNP mediarenderer, much much more as well as lacking support in general on the software side from Sony (when it was actively sold).
- I get intermittent crashing when using WiFi; no idea if this is a hardware or software problem. I think the internal memory of my Vivaz is faulty.
- Extremely poor battery life (1.5 - 2 days max without making calls and BT, GPS and WiFi set to off)
- Resistive touchscreen is extremely insensitive. You need to push down hard to get it to register touch. Typing SMS with T9 on a physical touchpad is much faster than this P.O.S. touchscreen.
- Poor build quality. Random ejects of the microSD card are detected while the card is firm in place.

I intend to never buy Sony again for cells after using my Vivaz.

Reviewed by Mrs Cole from UK on 13th Apr 2012
I love my Vivaz galaxy blue, nothing wrong with it. The camera is realy good. I had it for 2 years and no problem.

Reviewed by Mun Seng from Malaysia on 11th Apr 2012
Vivaz was good...
but not after all the problems pop out
i currently found a new problem in my vivaz
when i received messages, it doesn't show the contact name but only the contact number...
i wondering why will this happen...

Reviewed by farah from malaysia on 2nd Apr 2012
i already life with my vivaz about 8 months.... i like the camera....the phone so small...easy to carry... so cheap than another smartphone...but.... i dont understand to used the maps....

Reviewed by andy from uk on 30th Mar 2012
If you can resist the urge to throw the phone against a wall I would be surprised.
Nothing works as it should.
Piece of junk.

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 24th Mar 2012
Love this phone, just have to make sure I close unwated apps!

Reviewed by Sandra from USA on 22nd Mar 2012
The touchscreen is really bad. Shortly after I received the phone the touch screen could not recognize the buttons. Memory fills up too fast

Reviewed by ginny bailey from uk on 22nd Mar 2012
have had the vivaz for 18 months, and it has been looked after properley, never dropped , near water or humidity, then the charger point fell out , took it back to the shop , they sent it away for repair , came back saying it is unrepairable, so now have no phone only a bill to pay each month till end of contract.
would not touch this phone again ever.

Reviewed by vince from hong kong on 6th Mar 2012
it starts itself all the time. and sometimes, it just hangs forever.

Reviewed by Tom H from UK on 1st Mar 2012
Absolutely dreadful. Had this phone 18 months and I cannot wait until the contract runs out. The touch screen is woeful - even when it does recognise that you've selected something on screen it seems to refuse the command, so you end up pressing it 3-4 times, particularly on anything using the internet. The texting is atrocious (partly down to the touchscreen) but also the predictive text has the limited dictionary and vocabulary of a 5 year old. The worst part about texting is how the first punctuation character is a dollar sign - I'm from England and have never, ever used the dollar sign in a text. So a simple full stop or comma turns into a running battle. Every so often it freezes and I have to restart the handset, and sometimes this isn't even after using a command function - I've plugged it in to charge before and it wont respond to any buttons. It's like it's trying to catch up with itself when I've not asked it to do anything. I'm finding I need to charge it once every 2 days as well, even if I don't use the internet.
The only redeeming feature of the phone is the camera, but then why not just get a good digital camera and not spend 25 per month for the trouble? Seems as if they spent all their time developing the camera and all other functionality suffered. I wont be getting another Sony Ericsson and I strongly urge anyone considering the Vivaz to walk away and just use 2 cans connected by string.

Reviewed by Akash from India on 29th Feb 2012
It's a piece of junk. Clock is not accurate and have to change time in every two days . Built in browser too slow. No upgrade to symbian 3 from sony ericsson besides it having better hardware than n8. Worst customer suppprt i've ever seen. Gets too hot after 2-3 hours of continuous use. Most of the time i have to charge it twice a day. Freezes every now and then and have to restart it. Highly dissapointed by sony ericsson. This is my first mobile from seand definetely the last too.

Reviewed by Yo beti !!! from Guess what on 29th Feb 2012
Haha bought it 2 months ago and is not charging

Reviewed by Yiannis from Cyprus on 18th Feb 2012
I hate it. Currently my vivaz is at the shop where i bought it. I told them that i want a replacement after sending it for three times for service with the same problem. Witch they refuce to do. Sayig me that if it happens for 4th time then maybe they will replace it.
Terrible service , loss of time and money

Reviewed by manoj from india on 8th Feb 2012
This phone is good but somewhat its have a problem like i cant set ringtone on my sony vivaz u5.if i try to set means its shows "file cant be set as ringtone can anyone tell me the solution for this please.

Reviewed by O.E. from UK on 6th Feb 2012
I found the phone ok, it served me well for a period but the touchscreen was disappointing.

Reviewed by Farhan Usman from Pakistan on 31st Jan 2012
Sonyericsson Vivaz disappointed me. Its shape is very nice but performance is not so good. Its has a very weak GPS receiver. Charging port of my phone is not working properly. Touch is not very good. Its camera sucks in low light. previously i had Sonyericsson c905, it was great phone.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 29th Jan 2012
Phone charging port has broken twice and had to have the entire phone replaced, battery time is nowhere near the time they give on the specs. And currently it wont tell me when I have a text or anything. Definitely regret getting this phone.

Reviewed by Babbs Shakir from Dubai on 26th Jan 2012
Fabulous looking phone, great screen display and camera but what is the point of it, if you cannot use it ..!!! I have had problems with freezing and re-starting from day one, I cannot do anything on it. Even if I try to make a call, it will re-start and does not actually place the call. It simply does not work how it is meant to, do not buy it unless you want to be frustrated! I've sent it back for "repairs" and nothing has changed, I'll take it back to the dealer one more time but I don't hold out any hope for a good result, will junk it after that and go with a different brand.

Reviewed by Danny from Malaysia on 15th Jan 2012
I have been using SE Vivaz for 2 months already, a very outstanding performance phone, the feature I like the most is the autofocus, where you can take a picture in the newspaper and at close up, and the quality is like a scanned picture, and the video is HD quality. Anyone having problem with this phone I would suggest you changed the standby mode to Basic. Do this:- 1. Go to 2. Select 3. Select 4. Select 5. Select Then the out of memory problem will not occur anymore..

Reviewed by Holly from UK on 13th Jan 2012
DONT BUY THIS PHONE! Seriously its so bad. Something always fails on it, at the moment my camera wont save pictures. However I think the worse thing about it is how the system is designed... its terrible! No logic, time consuming to get around. 2 year on contract with it and I cant give it away...

Reviewed by tracy holmes from england on 13th Jan 2012
i have mixed views on this phone.the battery life is a big let down,but also things i love about the phone,has ben sent back twice due to broken charging port

Reviewed by jaishanker from india on 10th Jan 2012
vivaz is the best in its class! Go for it

Reviewed by sivaram from india on 6th Jan 2012
Hi guys i also use the S.E.Vivaz U5i mobile it's well for take the snaps and the main problem is memory card is not supported to video file morethan 6mb and some applications also not run it shows the error application memory is full plz send the solution of my problem

Reviewed by Julian from United States on 5th Jan 2012
If you buy this phone, you do at your own peril. This in unequivocally the worst phone i've owned. My touchscreen stopped working 3 months into ownership and is having issues 6months after i sent it back to S.E for replacement. As a matter of fact, the only thing worse than a Sony Ericsson vivaz is Sony Ericsson customer service. Absolutely horrendous! Its a beautiful phone no doubt. In fact i'm willing to wager its the reason most of us went ahead & bought one. The 8mp camera & HDvideo is great, but if u want functionality & reliability, this is DEFINITELY NOT a phone you want.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 31st Dec 2011
Unbelivable rubbish! Kept freezing, shut down of it's own accord and now has stopped charging due to the USB port being damaged. Neither T-Mobile or Sony want to know and can only suggest I claim on my insurance. Not good enough! Do not under any circumstances buy this phone! It's a shame really, it's a nice design, good size and the features work well - when they are not freezing or the touch screen is responding. I've had Sony phones in the past, always been very happy with them. Not this one!

Reviewed by Anonymous from Australia on 21st Dec 2011
This phone's camera isn't sharp. The videos taken aren't high quality even when displayed on a computer. the phone is lagging and touch screen sometimes unresponsive. The battery drains very quickly and the internet browser isn't good.

Reviewed by Tushaar from India on 21st Dec 2011
I am using Vivaz for past one and a half year now and its working great. Though it became a problem in the middle when it fell on a metro track by mistake. That was completely my fault, and nothing wrong with the phone. Simply brilliant!! Greatest phone i've ever had.

Reviewed by David from Belgium on 16th Dec 2011
Alright, GREAT camera. Nice phone...but there are a few downsides. First : the lockscreen unlocks waaaaay too easy and does so in my pocket if i don't add a lockcode. Second : batterylife is too short, 1-2 days max ! Third : when you start recording a HD video the video tends to lag for a few seconds right from the start, but after that there are no problems, just brilliant filming ! I've also red something about "breaking the backshell when opening" in a review somewhere...but that's not true, if you know how to do it properly. Calling and stuff all goes well, touchscreen hasn't given me any problems so far !

Reviewed by hatethisphone from australia on 14th Dec 2011
I've had my vivaz for a year and it SUCKS, nothing works, even calling or txting doesnt work, and 1 year later, it is impossible to change the ringtone T_T many said bad phone many said good, id type into good 'problems with vivaz' and see HOW MANY pops up, trillions, its better to get a phone without any complains..

Reviewed by Julie from United Kingdom on 12th Dec 2011
I would not advise anyone to have this phone and should have learnt from my initial experience. I was sent this model of phone as a brand new phone and on the first charge the insides of the phone came out with the charger; the phone was returned and another phone of the same make and model sent and now 14 months later I have the same fault and '3' are saying the phone is unrepairable and say it is not noted as a manufacturers fault and therefore there is nothing I can do. THIS IS CERTAINLY A FAULT WITH THE MANUFACTURE OF THE PHONE; BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

Reviewed by Theo from Greece on 10th Dec 2011
Give me my money back you crooks! Take me to court! This the second mobile i bought from you after twelve years hoping you might have gotten better! Little did i know!

Reviewed by Alison from United Kingdom on 8th Dec 2011
I was impressed at first but soon discovered some really annoying glitches. The clock loses time and that means having to readjust the time every few days. The headphones stopped working for radio/handsfree after about 6 months. Now...for no reason whatsover the qwerty keyboard has become a quertz one! The Y and the Z have switched places - how random and very annoying. I've also found that I am now unable to transfer any new photos to my computer. The software doesn't recognise there as being any new photos etc to transfer. The same goes for all the media transfer. I have to upload photos to facebook if I want to transfer them from my phone. Really annoying to discover all these faults when you are locked in to a 2 year contract. I will be ditching this phone in 6 months time when my contract expires and will be going for a cheaper, more reliable pay as you go.

Reviewed by Sineth Umayanga from Sri Lanka on 8th Dec 2011
Sony Ericsson vivaz u5i is the best.....

Reviewed by Kev from U.K. on 7th Dec 2011
This phone has been useless since I bought it. When making calls it gets very hot.It constantly loses connection during calls. Sound quality on calls is echoy and distorted. My original purchase went crazy and they were unable to repair it and the replacement is almost as bad. When my contract ends I am going to drive over it with my car.

Reviewed by Dawn from United Kingdom on 28th Nov 2011
This is the worst phone I have had. I had a samsung before and that was so much better. After about 9 months a part came out when I removed the charger. I was expecting the phone to be repaired and returned but I was told that neither would happen and Sony Ericsson were going to charge me to have my broken phone returned. Shocking.

Reviewed by gabriella from UK on 13th Jul 2011
this is the worst phone ever !!!!! i would never recommend it to anyone the battery life is rubbish and the phone has a mind of its own randomly turning off. Can't wait till the contract is over so i can get rid of it !!!!!

Reviewed by Dawn From Manchester from UK on 12th Jul 2011
I was happy with my phone until the last month or so it seems to have no signal or connectivity most of the time so sometimes i dont get my messages until the next day which can cause a problem , i dont know if the phone is faulty but i have had to buy a replacement phone

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
For all of you who say this phone reboots by itself or gets scratched easily , you all obviously have been cheated!! I got this for for about 6 months and dropped it at least 10 times and there's not even a single scratch on it! No faults , the touch screen works perfect even after i accidentally stepped on it once , and also the touchscreen DOES NOT move by it's own! It works perfect! barely any faults , only thing is that the phone memory is always full! I dont even have a single picture/video/song on my phone's memory yet it still says its full!! Anyone can help with this? Besides that , perfect phone , and anyone who says the touchscreen and shell has flaws , you guys obviously got cheated and got a China-made phone instead of the real Vivaz

Reviewed by Danielle Tait from UK on 29th Jun 2011
This Phone is the WORST phone I have ever had do not even consider it!! It looks good and works perfectly for the first month after that its just one nightmare after the other! I have switched to a 10 Cheapy now as I cant use it at all! I have it on a 24 month contract and still have 12 months left!! Steer Clear!!

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 29th Jun 2011
Waste of time and money, freezes, won't charge, turns itself off, then you can't get it replaced while on a contract do not get phone!! Sony should fix the issues when you look at how many people are complaining.

Reviewed by seb from UK on 27th Jun 2011
The phone is awesome. Great camera, great sound, great design. Feels a little bit too much plastic, but thats why its not heavy. Nice touchscreen, the Symbian is a little slow. Great phone though

Reviewed by Ricky Chen from UK on 26th Jun 2011
Phone does not keep track of time, enough said

Reviewed by Erion from UK on 21st Jun 2011
I bought a Sonny Erickson Vivaz for my girlfriend but she didn't want as she likes Iphone 4.She tried it for 1 day tho.She said is a good phone but its a bit slow on the menus and it turns off automatically on its own sometime.She liked all the features on it like hd videos large screen, music player facebbok google and all.I had a try at it myself and yes she was right the phone turns off by itself sometimes and that is no good as you have to check your phone all the time if its off or not. Battery life great compared to Iphone 4.I had it on full day playing music just 1 bar gone 3bars left.Anyone has any ideas of what do i have to change to make the Vivaz phone stop turning off on its own please.3stars for me Vivaz.4 stars if i can fix the turnig off set back.

Reviewed by Fizz from UK on 19th Jun 2011
The Vivaz is a great phone. I've got it on contract and i've had it for more than a year. Its a great phone, with the basic simple features aswel as the most complicated features. When i first got it, i had a few software problems. It would let me send a text message. But i got a replacement and that was fine. Another incident that occured was that the whole charging port came out with my charger. Again i got a replacement so i was fine. For the past 6monthr or so its been working fine. I recommend the phone to everyone :) x x

Reviewed by John from UK on 19th Jun 2011
Wish i could give it 0 stars. This is the second sony ericsson phone I've owned and both have had major issues which I've had to take instore to have fixed. Problem has reoccurred a few months later. Such a shame as when its working its very user friendly but I shall be avoiding Sony for phones from now on

Reviewed by john from UK on 18th Jun 2011
worst phone iv ever had. would rather use a ten pound phone from tesco. dropped it once it broke. got it back from insurance and the charger socket broke. now it says connection error every time i ring and it doesnt call when people ring me i just get a text saying missed call.useless

Reviewed by tillymint from UK on 18th Jun 2011
I HATE THIS PHONE! Not user friendly at all 10 months and 16 days until I can get ouy of my contract aaaarrrggghhhh don't waste your money1

Reviewed by Jonny UK from UK on 14th Jun 2011
A truly awful piece of junk. Get two od bean tin's and a peice of string and you woill have a better phone than the Vivaz. Only gave it 1 star as I couldn't mark it any lower.

Reviewed by Steven from UK on 12th Jun 2011
This is simply the worst phone that I have ever had. If you are after a phone that looks great but doesnt do anything else this is for you. It seems to get confused at every point possible. Apps crash the phone all the time, making calls seem to be a real effort. The camera is rubbish and blurs every photo. There are too many menus and its so time consuming to send messages to contacts. I am very disappointed with this phone, I owuld never recommend it and cant wait till the end of the contract!!! If I dont loose my mind with it all together

Reviewed by gihan from UK on 11th Jun 2011
i have too, itz a perfect mobile phone with attach bathrooms too [Editor's comment: Really can't guess what this means! But love it. Attach bathrooms! Cool.]

Reviewed by Farid from UK on 7th Jun 2011
De ringtone volume is too low and can't go higher.

Reviewed by Cheyenne from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
Don't ever buy this phone.The reception can be bad,thats even if it decides to make the call in the first place or even decides to recieve the call.But thats not all-if you like your phone to charge,I advise you not to get this phone,cause after a while the connection on the phone/USB port breaks.And as for 3G,well you better make good use of it when it does decide to show up.They call it a smart phone.Well if its smart why is it not working?

Reviewed by Troy from UK on 2nd Jun 2011
Decent phone...when it works.

Reviewed by cute milo from UK on 31st May 2011
i love my vivaz mobile phone, is is awesome. COOL....<3

Reviewed by Byron gordillo from UK on 29th May 2011
This phone is good style but please don't buy it is so slow and the internet is not working in good conditions i am totally agreed with all this people

Reviewed by Jordan from UK on 27th May 2011
This phone is the worst thing you could ever invest money in! it's takes years to turn on, which you have to do at least 10 to 20 times a day. battery is poor. no point having music on the phone because of the poor sound volume. at first this phone is amazing.. you will love it, the screen responds quickly but then after 2,3 maybe 4months it will literally start to die on you. within 9months; .2broken screens .2battery's .2actual phones. i sent the phone back to my service provide to fix the broken screen for a thrid time only for them to send my phone back fixed but clearly a new phone.. this is how poor these phones are.. they are willing to lose money and give me a new phone than try to repair it!! Overall 1/10 .. one because sometimes you can take a good video or two. if anyone can handle one of these phones for a year without repair or getting annoyed i personally think you deserve an award.

Reviewed by Jay Kay from UK on 26th May 2011
I rate the Sony Ericsson Vivaz U5I phone, below one star, in fact I give it a -10 star rating! For the following reasons - 1) I owned two of them, & both units had problems from day one. 2) One unit's touch screen was sent in three times, on the third time they eventually replaced the lcd screen panel. 3) Both Audio Headsets were cheap & nasty, as they broke within 6 months of using them, to top it off we were not granted a replacement. 4) One cannot find/purchase any original accessories for this model in ZA, especially the AV link cable that allows this unit to connect to an external monitor/screen. 5) Both unit's Data Transfer/Power Bay's pins did not make contact with the power supply cable, so one cannot charge it. This happened 6 months of owning them. 6) the Data Transfer/Power Bay Pin on one unit had come out completely from the connection port, from inside the phone, dislodging completely from the mother/circuit board. 7) When the units were sent in for the same problem area, Vodacom SA & Sony Ericsson discharged the one unit as B.E.R / BER (beyond economic repair) & refused to repair/replace it. 8) The other unit, they repaired the Data Transfer/Power Bay, despite them saying it was a brand new unit, but in fact I got my old faulty unit back, & the same unit would not charge the same night of receiving it back. 9) Now reading the reviews, I am reminded of things that happened on the phone, that we actually thought were a network problem, but in fact are OS & software related issues, so I can now confirm that the handset overall is a failure, except the Video, that we can only right home about. Vodacom SA & Ericsson South Africa do not want to accept responsibility for a design error on the Sony Ericsson Vivaz u5i unit, as the power bay is also the data transfer bay, & the pins within; are not robust or designed to handle daily in/out connecting of the power/data cable, & we were offered the same make & model on one repair, & a down graded Nokia E51 model for the other BER unit, what a lovely replacement phone!!! This was after I had put up a fuss of months & months of complaining. So to anyone wanting to know if a Sony Ericsson Vivaz U5I phone is a smart buy, then this should be a good reason to avoid a purchase, as for the service of both Sony Ericsson SA & Vodacom South Africa, my problem with both our handsets have been ongoing for 3 months now, & they have had the units in their possession for this period of time, & all that they can offer is a completely inferior phone & a replacement phone that is bound to break in the same place.

Reviewed by michiel from UK on 20th May 2011
my vivaz pro is 6 months old and a complete piece of junk.. do not buy this phona as it is complete rubbish. in the beginning it was all goed and well.. till i used it longer than 2 months.. the phone now crashed every 3 minutes, and now i cannot even reboot it anymore.. Sony Ericsson: take this piece of junk off the market. its not good for your reputation!

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 17th May 2011
Well I had this phone since Christmas and it broke constantly, the screen went negative, randomly crashed, even the screen wouldn't turn on half the time so I would have to reboot around 30 times to get a screen for 10 minutes until it crashed again, all in all worst phone I've ever had, I've gone and swapped it for the HTC wildfire I have no doubt it will be better. The vivaz is a bad choice.

Reviewed by Muzzler from UK on 16th May 2011
Without doubt the worst phone I have ever had. Battery barely lasts 24 hours, has a habit of making calls and sending text messages at random and is generally useless. Would give 0 stars if able it. AVOID

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 12th May 2011
I've had the vivas pro for almost 5 months now. At first it was an amazing phone. After a month and a half of using it, it started to freeze.Now im experiencing problems with the txting. The little enevlope letting me know i have a txt has now disappeared. the little Green light lettin me kno i have a msg no longer blinks. the note at the bottom tellin me how many msgs ive recieved doesnt appear. i have to go all the way to my inbox to see if i have a msg. It doesnt even vibrate anymore :/ Its an awful phne. It only turns on when COMPLETELY charged. It dies w/o notifying you. For the past week, ive been faced with the problem of it not taking charge.Its very annoying. i have to sit next to my phone and hold the wire for it to take charge. Its a garbage phone. Waste of money.

Reviewed by Gabor from UK on 9th May 2011
Had the phone for 6 months. Good Points: Nice design, shape, fit in your hands. Bad Points: Constantly crashes, poor reception generally, constantly auto disconnects from wifi, touch screen poor, especially for texting and emails (i don't have fat fingers), sold as a HD camara and video phone - v. poor camara, poor video quality. Overall: Stay away from this phone. There must be much better for the price tag. (heard that it is no longer in production / being sold. About time!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 5th May 2011
In all honesty, the worst phone I have ever owned. Touch screen starts pressing itself in random places, corner of the case cracked and came off, phone stopped any notifications of calls or messages, sometimes doesn't turn on, unlocks in my pocket and rings/texts random contacts, sends texts halfway through writing. Could go on, but I think you get the picture. AVOID

Reviewed by Jordan from UK on 5th May 2011
not such a bad phone, just dont drop it in the pool lol. anyway, be careful when buying here in Canada that your server supports the media apps. kinda disappointing. camera is amazing for photos and videos.

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 5th May 2011
I have had this phone for 6 months now and it is possibly the worst piece of equipment I have ever owned. I am in a contract so I am stuck with it for a few more months... unfortunately. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. The battery life is terrible. I have to charge it EVERY night and usually around midday and then again in the evening! The running down of the battery is not from using it, after missing a call and listening to the voice message yesterday, my phone went dead! I couldn't even return the call. My service provider didn't offer any help only send it back, which may I add I have done so already, when it was just 5 weeks old! I can say this phone has never worked properly. When trying to access the internet it freezes and turns itself off and takes what seems like forever to boot up again. What's the point in having a hi-spec phone and all the extras if you cant make a phone call when out and about. A mobile phone???? Hardly when its always PLUGGED IN!!

Reviewed by matt from UK on 5th May 2011
although i like the vivaz its not reliable, im on to my fourth witch is a pain,the first two i had kept turning off in my pocket, i had to send the first one away for a upgrade the second was replaced the the third and fourth would not charge the latter after only a few months, time to try something else me thinks.

Reviewed by alex from UK on 3rd May 2011
had the phone 7months and have had nothing but problems mobiles dead within 6hours of charging it fully and now it wont charge at all also the signal is rubbish very disapointed after all the good reviews

Reviewed by dj from UK on 1st May 2011
worst phone ive ever had, needs a hammer to get response from the screen and tells you that the inbox has a message in it when it has not-and the sent box has no message in it when it does. Also, camera is so so, and battery is pants

Reviewed by Jeff Preece from UK on 29th Apr 2011
Got one of these Vivaz and the camera is amazing but the touch screen is a nightmare.When I touch anything it some times goes crazy which is a really bad when ringing a no it really drives me crazy and is no where near as good as my old Nokia 7600 crome

Reviewed by itgood from UK on 25th Apr 2011
i like it :D

Reviewed by Tk from UK on 24th Apr 2011
It switches itself off at will, even when on the charger. I will wake up to find its off but the screen is still locked. The alarm does not ring when it is off. It is so inconvenient. Everything else is good

Reviewed by Person from UK on 23rd Apr 2011
I used this phone for 3 days, then it crashed, still won't work "/

Reviewed by Flo from UK on 21st Apr 2011
I have had my phone for just about a year and all was fine up until just recently, For some reason, the phone now has a mardy and turns itself off. Sometimes after sending a text, sometimes for no reason. And the battery is charged.! I just start the phone up again and it is fine for a while before it does it again, but now it is doing it daily. Good camera, good video, good alrounder, but major pain in the rear when it turns off.

Reviewed by memo from UK on 21st Apr 2011
Well, I have been a fan of Sony Ericsson mobiles for a while and was really chuffed to be able to upgrade to the Vivaz when it came out. The speacs looked real attractive and reviews were generally positive. Since I was also a long time satisfied customer of O2, I did not feel too bad about having to tie myself in to an 18 months contract to be able to obtain the Vivaz on a decent monthly fee - only just slightly higher than for my previous phones. Well, not only have Sony Ericsson lost one of their loyal customers, but O2 can also go take a hike as far as I am concerned! Within weeks of purchasing the said Vivaz, the little green 'accept calls' button at the bottom came off, and despite having taken insurance with O2 (exceptionally, as I don't usually feel an extra 7 a month warranted... - boy, was I right!!!) I have therefore been using this phone having to go through 3 actions on the touch screen every time I receive a call! The insurance informed me that a replacement phone was 25!!! The OS is absolutely lousy, slow, unresponsive and sluggish. O2 were absolutely appaling throughout my trying to explain to them this must have been a fault with the phone as I am of a repectable age and have long ago packed away my raving personna! The most I do with the phone is.... make and receive calls - duh! really, that little plastic thing should have lasted 3 centuries! The camera is absolutely vile! The flash is, in fact, a light that comes on and stays on permanently when you switch on the camera... so much for 'candid' shots... you might as well take a loudspeaker and inform the crowd 'stay natural guys, I am only taking a picture!'... And, despite locking the screen, since the camera can be switched on by pressing a side button, I have a very nice collection of well lit pictures of the bottom of my pocket! Of course, when you want to take a picture of a friend, or anything in the open, the camera switch decides to become unresponsive!!! Google map is - I am afraid to contradict main review her - not available on my phone! Sound quality is of the lowest order; as another reviewer has noted, the sound slider is dull, without visual clue as to whether it is working, going up or down - radio stations cannot be tuned in effectively and playing recorded music is near to impossible as the sound distortion is out of this world. One of the reasons why I usually like Sony Ericsson phones is their comparative long lasting battery, but in the case of this phone, the only reason why your battery lasts is because you don't want to use the phone!!! And even still, the power drains away mysteriously, that is, until you realise that if you do not take the time to very carefully come out of applications once you have used them, they continue running in the background (without any visual clue on the screen) and continue draining the power... So really, if there was a minus 3 stars to rate this phone, I would be using it. As said before: Sony Ericsson = OUT and O2 = OUT as far as I am concerned!

Reviewed by Feroz from UK on 20th Apr 2011
I have been using this phone for last couple of months. Initially everything was just fine until its touch screen start behaving funny. Like someone said it has its own life. It takes over control and navigates menu by itself, start applications on its ow. When I try to type message it will type rubbish on its own. It changes profiles and shut down the phone by itself. First, I thought the phone caught virus, but after scanning and updating many times the problem still exist. Now I feel it was wasting of money for a fancy looking useless phone. Will never buy Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 19th Apr 2011
This is the worst phone I have had, overheats all the time, 2 phones and 2 batteries latter orange are eventually going to offer me a new phone only 8 months into my contract, now i remember why i dont like sony ericsson phones. Seems like alot of the same issues with this phone

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 18th Apr 2011
Decent phone, issues with the vibrate function. Love that the keyboard is seperate from the touchscreen. Phone sometimes turns off, not a huge problem as it happens infrequently. I wish people would spellcheck their post's, makes it dificult to take them seriously. :)

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 18th Apr 2011
Don't know anyone with it who has a working email account on it. Mine broke within 6 months, just turned off and wouldn't turn back on again. Spent hours on the phone to the technical department with no one being able to help me. Screen takes ages to realise what way round it needs to be, awkward to turn on, and the new upgrade made it even worse. Don't buy it, not worth the hassle!

Reviewed by elly from UK on 17th Apr 2011
I have Vivaz more than yaer. I love this phone - no problems with it till now, loose charger port( nothing serious).

Reviewed by Fastarchon from UK on 14th Apr 2011
Vivaz have alarm problems that all of sudden it stop working.

Reviewed by holly chapman from UK on 14th Apr 2011
i have had the vivaz for about 9 months and have had to go back frequently to the 3 store to fix it. they replaced it finally for the same model and i have still had problems. I advice you strongly not to get the vivaz.

Reviewed by Carol from UK on 11th Apr 2011
This is the worst phone I have ever had. Do not buy.

Reviewed by Andrei Romania from UK on 10th Apr 2011
First, many people complained about battery life...TIP: Turn off GPS, Wireless and Bluetooth and exit applications when not needed, the battery life will go up to 3, maybe sometimes 5 days. Second, the phone is brilliant in all aspects but the OS. Symbian S60 touch kinda stinks and in the Vivaz it isn't even properly implemented(lack of kinetic scrolling is the main problem, there are others). Once u get over the fact that the phone could be much better if given a better OS, u will be quite happy with the Vivaz, as it is full of features, fast, responsive, compact and good looking.

Reviewed by Natalie from UK on 8th Apr 2011
Had the phone 6 months, but have had to send it away for repair four times now always with the same problem - charger port keeps coming loose. It is a part of the phone that really needs reviewing. Do not recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 7th Apr 2011
This is worst phone ever. Very slow, freezes every third day. Battery lasts about two days. Hard to navigate, very awkward. I'm wrapping mine in ten dollar bill and throwing out of the window. Hopefully someone will take it.

Reviewed by BobStifter from UK on 6th Apr 2011
I have had the Vivaz since 4 months now. The phone has a great design. On the outside there are buttons for camera, connector to USB/recharge and 3,5mm jack. Good. The phone had a thin plastic protection onscreen, which I left there, not to get the screen scratched. SDHC 8GB memory card came already preinstalled. A handbook you can find on the card. There is a PC suite which you can use to organise things around. A leather case and stylus comes with the phone. I have reorganised the menu in the phone to be more suited to my needs and I like it now better. On the front screen I have voice recording, bluetooth, messages, media buttons. Also when you press the clock you get to the alarm-clock setting. Main menu is acessed by the central button, between the green call and red button. You can have also more buttons onscreen, but for the finger this is enough. There are also actual tasks and date alerts displayed below the buttons. This works also ok for me. Movie and photos are great, the HD resolution looks amazing. Sometimes the camera is loosing frames in the beginning of the video (the video stutters). Movie quality looks great when you have good light (of course!) and avoid moving the phone. Movement produces too shaky video. Also do not attach the stylus to the phone, when you make movies, it produces screeching noises as it is attached unpractically next to the microphone. Even if you detach the stylus, be careful with your hands, how you grip it, because you will get noise from the phone cover to the movie. Apps for the phone is problematic, as most Symbian apps are for Nokia and refuse to work. The battery life is 2 days i.e. low, you have to carry your charger around, or at least the short cable to charge from computer. I did know already from the reviews it lasts only 2 days, but the actual experience is bad. Next time I will choose a phone I will focus to have battery life of 4-5 days minimum. Be careful not to have wet or greasy hand, I suspect the phone could slide out of the hand easily then. I did not have the problems described in other reviews. The phone hanged up only four times, call quality is ok. You must push the screen firmly to have response. But this issue is known, display is resistive, not capacitive. I am missing some features of my K550i. Like the shortcut button, or the possibility to use it as pocket lamp. But I have seen apps which advertise to have this functionality. Pros : Design, HD cam, 8Mpix photos, screen resolution, menu Cons : Symbian apps, no light only photo diod, annoyingly low battery life

Reviewed by Rose from UK on 4th Apr 2011
In my personal opinion, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz was a delight to use when I first recieved it. The screen always worked without hassle and the camera was superb. I've now had this phone for almost a year (been kept in neat condition), It has recently been playing up. (For example, the touch screen response is delayed). This also applies to the system of the phone not working properly, due to it crashing. After this happened the 'full view' option on the Standby theme is no longer available to use, or when it's selected it doesn't show any icons on the front screen. Overall it is utterly corrupted piece of obsolete technology. There is too much information being recieved for the darn thing to work at a reasonable standard!

Reviewed by Richie from UK on 3rd Apr 2011
Ive had the phone 4 about a year. at 1st everything was fine then the charger/USB socket came out of the phone!!!! now i have to charge the phone externally. now the touch screen has gone, stopped working so its either w8 2 months 4 it to get fixed or pay another 35 to get it fixed. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by sravan from UK on 31st Mar 2011
It is not a good phone to buy

Reviewed by Shreya . Desai from UK on 16th Mar 2011
Hello ! This is shreya from Bangalore ,i would like to mention that i have brought Vivaz Last month, its cool & stylish & has attractive Picture Quality ! What disappointed me is only 2 things 1.Low Volume Music . 2. No VIDEO CALLING facility ! Please let me know if i can make Video Calls as its highly required ! If you could focus on this than this Mobile would be the best product in thw whole world if you can help me out than it would be great Pls mail to this email if you have any ideas specially regarding the Video Calls ie,sweetshreya.desai88@gmail.com

Reviewed by james from UK on 14th Mar 2011
i have used the phone almost four month. Out of ten i'll rate it 4.is not good phone.volume is very very low even when u play music using 3.5 jack. I cannt wait to upgrad n throw it thing in the water.

Reviewed by - from UK on 12th Mar 2011
i got the vivas and i have to admit, it was rubbish. the vivas pro is only a bit better. if you are looking to buy this phone, get something from the xperia/galaxy series. they would ensure better results. (dont get the x10 mini as that phone is an epic failure)

Reviewed by CDW from UK on 11th Mar 2011
i would not recomend this phone to anyone. i got this phone because of the camera capabilities, but it has a mind of its own! it keeps freezing& iv had to do a couple total resets. i had to do my 1irst reset within a couple months of haveing it. I will be talking on it & go to hang up the call, just to find out that it froze again, take out the battery & turn it back on. I love the picts it takes, but hate the phone. I would buy another phone if i had the $$$ but i dont rite now.

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