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Sony Ericsson T630 review

 Review: February 2004  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A popular phone with Bluetooth and a camera.


The Sony Ericsson T630 is a refined and updated version of the popular T610.

Like the T610, the T630 is a sophisticated phone incorporating a built-in camera, Bluetooth™ wireless technology, a large full colour screen (65,536 colours). It's very slightly smaller than the T610, and build quality is, if anything, better than the T610.

A key difference between the T610 and the T630 is the upgraded screen. The T630 uses a TFT display which makes for crystal clear clarity and superb colour reproduction. One of the problems with the T610 was that the display was hard to read in sunlight - the new display should be no problem at all, even in bright light.

The integrated camera can be activated in one click, with one more click to take a picture. Sony Ericsson's new QuickShare™ technology enables you to easily share pictures with your PC or other phones, using Bluetooth™, email, MMS or data cable.

Overall, the T630 is a success, building on a solid platform and improving the features that needed to be improved. An excellent phone that is outclassed only by the new K700i.

Sony Ericsson T630 features include:

  • Colour display (65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels)
  • Integrated camera
  • Bluetooth™, infrared and cable connectivity
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - send pictures and sound like text messages
  • Downloadable 32-voice polyphonic & mono ringtones, plus ringtone editor
  • Downloadable Java games
  • WAP 2.0 (GPRS), email
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD - up to 28.8 kbps)
  • Speed dialling & voice dialling
  • Predictive text (T9)
  • Mobile chat
  • Voice memo / recorder
  • Picture phone book
  • Exchangeable covers
  • Wallpaper, screensaver and themes - all downloadable
  • Calculator, calendar, alarm
  • Memory: 2 Mbytes
  • Size: 102 x 43 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 92g
  • Battery standby: 315 hours
  • Battery talktime: 14 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri band

Sony Ericsson T630 user reviews

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Average rating from 175 reviews:

Reviewed by Ngwa Walter Junior from CAMEROON on 23rd Mar 2014

Reviewed by Stefan Borg from UK on 25th May 2011
I have not yet found any information on how to record an incoming call on my T630. Any step by step details ? I agree that the keys and center toggle key are too small and inherently prone to making an error. This may not be such a disadvantage if you are female, with smaller fingers. I found that battery life is good, providing you are using a 1200 mA battery.

Reviewed by samueal from UK on 3rd Jun 2010
i love it specialy the sound its cd player.the futer its have.

Reviewed by Barack from UK on 24th Jun 2009
its nice phone i have it for few years now and it works pretty good,you should definetly buy it

Reviewed by Kathryn Lowe from UK on 27th Nov 2008
I got this phone because my other phone broke. yes i know by now this phone is amazingly out of date for good reasons too! There are a handful of probelms with this phone. 1) Camera is very poor, cannot make out anything. 2) Bluetooth sucks cannot send or recieve anything. 3) Looks like a brick. Im now getting the samsung steel for crimbo and im just hoping that it will be better!

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 31st Oct 2008
I love this phone. Brilliant

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 30th Oct 2008
I love this phone. It can do LOADS of things: it has a good camera, good games, and you can change the background to purple, blue, black or white. There's even a place where you can make your own music. And there's lot's of different ring tones to choose from.

Reviewed by coolio gangster 9 from UK on 3rd Sep 2008
This phone is not at all quality and its battery has a life of how long a fish has its memory!!! should not be held in people hands at all instead should be thrown into dustbin!!!!!

Reviewed by I from UK on 30th May 2008
had it for 4 years now. if the antena wasn't breaking up i'd keep on using it. really a proper phone. i'm not evaluating the camera or the lack of mp3 reproduction because or email videos.. i don't expect that from a phone. sms and calls is what i need and this thing served me perfectly. either i got used to the design and menu options or i hate the modern ones but i can't find a proper replacement.

Reviewed by Imran Butt from UK on 13th May 2008
I love My Sony Ericsson T630.It has all the features that we can dream but with only one problem that it has very less memory only 2MBytes.

Reviewed by Tegal from UK on 19th Feb 2008
I've had this phone for over 2 years - tough and rugged, works well. Joystick is starting to go, but I'm hoping that when I open it up I will be able to repair that. Otherwise I like it a lot. Keeps on going!

Reviewed by marie from UK on 11th Feb 2008
i've had the phone for a day and im very disappionted with it. ive tryed to send music by bluetooth and the phone wont hold them. i think the memory is to small. not very happy!

Reviewed by Pia! from UK on 1st Nov 2007
i used to use this phone. and i still love it! it meets all the basic needs and is still fun to have! its simple, yet classy. for a phone so affordable its amazing!!!

Reviewed by Paul Woods from UK on 27th Sep 2007
I've had mine for JUST UNDER 4 YEARS NOW AND IT HAS BEEN brilliant. Even lef it out in the rain once, dried off and still worked.

Reviewed by sandy from UK on 23rd Sep 2007
i love it it is the best phone in the world i love it bcause it is simple and it is really appealing if i were u i would sponser this phone on television

Reviewed by amber from UK on 1st Aug 2007
this phone i got because my d500 had gone bust.it is a really good phone compact for what i needed it for it is great but the only problem that i have is that it is tag bit slow but overall FANTASTIC

Reviewed by Shaun from UK on 31st Jul 2007
The major isue with the T630 is the joystick... it selects and does not scroll. The dictionary has a limited number of words, and if too many are added then it kills the dictionary and it has be be re-added.

Reviewed by Billi from UK on 26th Jul 2007
This is a ribbish phone especially when some people see it they say it is rubbish...

Reviewed by Markus from UK on 21st Jul 2007
It's good in the short term. But I've had mine for 2 years and the joystick has become so unreliable that it takes a lot of time until it finally reacts the correct way. I replace it now because of the joystick. Not an uncommon problem for SonyEricsson phones, I've heard.

Reviewed by sheryz from UK on 21st Jul 2007
I bought my T630 a week ago and oh no! the joystick sucks! it gets loose easily and there it is. even if i just push it a little, it functions unlikely. it sucks! wish i never had it.

Reviewed by kim from UK on 15th Jun 2007
i had that phone but i dont really like it. first of all the pictures ive taken.. it aint to good or clear specialy wen u activate the night mood. boy it sucks. i love it anyways coz i bought it and it was mine.

Reviewed by lokesh mathur from UK on 28th May 2007
this phone is good and nise.

Reviewed by Prof Mobile PHD from UK on 4th May 2007
Very Good

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 1st May 2007
i hate my phone coz it doesn't zoom in on the camera and i seen other phones cooler like this phone you can't download real music like you can with other phones and you can't conect to the computer.

Reviewed by Priya from UK on 1st May 2007
its quite a good phone really, but it takes a very long time for it to process one photo! and sometimes it freezes up, making the only way to refresh it - by turning it off then on again! annoying... and the memory is kinda rubbish too - the signal is dissappointing aswell - keeps mentioning that im only allowed to make SOS calls! not very good if you want to use it in an emergency!

Reviewed by rad from UK on 24th Mar 2007
T630 is very good & is the best

Reviewed by john from UK on 17th Mar 2007
phone is good and easy to use but camera is terrible. not a clear picture

Reviewed by shizzle ma nizzle from UK on 10th Mar 2007
its wiiiiicccccckkkkkkkeeeeeddddddddddd

Reviewed by mark from UK on 13th Feb 2007
Excellent phone to start with, but memory is very limited and the joystick breaks easily which is unbelievably annoying.

Reviewed by Gfource from UK on 12th Feb 2007
What a pile of rubbish. Slow menus, bad ring tones, bad signal, crashes. This is my second Sony Ericsson. Never never never again

Reviewed by bla¸ from UK on 12th Feb 2007
this gsm phone is very good!!!! i get he!!!!this my gsm phone is black color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by lala from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
this fone is ok. nothing to ride home about simply because the bluetooth is horrid you can ownly get recordings whats up with that.

Reviewed by benzar from UK on 11th Jan 2007
it's nice and amazing..

Reviewed by Joe Blunden from UK on 6th Jul 2006
i brought this phone brand new and about 3weeks after having it a massive chunck of the colour has gone, the camra is rubbish and you cant use the recorded sound as a ringtome which is disapointing!

Reviewed by Milo Hirst from UK on 9th Jun 2006
I have owned this phone for 3 months now and it has been good and reliable it is a lot better than it's little brother the T610.Though the camera needs improving that's the only thing I would say it's not good on over all a good phone.I would give it five stars but because the camera is rubish It'll have to be 4.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 19th May 2006
this phone is the tyoe says im good but not too good. it has bluetooth infared nice tone clarity. yet as with ost of these the joystick has given up there is no down up right or left. instead left =keypad no.3 right =ok down does nothing up=off no joke. the camera suffers in anything other than asolute perfect conditions and the memory generally give the capability of 6-10 photos max. brill batt life though even though i bought it 2 years ago. in general if you have a bit of paitence this phone will suit u

Reviewed by Buttonbabe from UK on 14th Apr 2006
I've had this phone for around about 10 months and the battery life is still strong- lasting about 4-5 days. The joystick can play up a little bit from time to time but on the whole that is no major problem. The only downside is that compared to other phones now on the market it is lacking in features, yes it has bluetooth and infrared but it does not have video recording capabilities or mp3 storage. If you are looking for a classy phone with an acceptable camera and a few extras then get this phone, if you are looking for a much better specification then I suggest you look at another phone such as Sony Ericsson k750i.

Reviewed by no one from UK on 9th Jan 2006
i do not agree woth pretty much everyone. i had this phone for about a year and within 6 months the "excellent joystick" was almost completley not workin! it wouldnt let me move up, down right and occasiolally left wich pretty much left me with nothing to do. the camera is bad, the night mode does nothin DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by mirza faisal baig from UK on 20th Oct 2005
This was my first mobile with camera . it has very good feaatures , simply a splendid phone with comparative prise but sony ericsson have a week draw back that is its very expensive LCD prise .

Reviewed by chpsauce from UK on 3rd Sep 2005
I must be lucky my battery life lasts for about a week!

Reviewed by Henrik from UK on 18th Aug 2005
First I had the T630, then the K500i, then K700i (Oh yes, I am a dedicated SE fanboy) and now the LG U8120. Though i had more powerful/featurerich phones than the T630, the T630 ALWAYS reminds me its charm and the far customization, that could be done with this beauty. I never had a phone, which laid so comfortable in my hand. The great Bluetooth/Infrared connectivity to a small amount of money. Definitely one of the best buy for money phones around. I have only two poor things to say about this phone: First of all it is SLOW, very slow. Writing SMS is a pain, when it get a bit along in length. The Java loading/aborting is terrible long. The keyboard on my phone dislocated on some keys after some months of use, but could be fixed easily, though it was annoying. But all in all, this is the phone that gave me the most pleasure of all the phones I've had so far... Recommended!

Reviewed by Kamran Baig from UK on 13th Aug 2005
Wat can i say? superb phone, camera 0.3 megapixel. 32 poly ringtones, Colour display 65k colours 128 x 160 pixels, send and recive stuff by bluetooh and irda(infrared), this phone is a must buy, if u dont have 1 get it! fits in2 ur hands easily, take pictures of nething at the click of a button onli problem is its memory onli 2 megabytes, i'd recommend its shud have a multimedia slot to store a memory card of atleast 41 megabytes, overall its a beautiful fone.

Reviewed by DavidH-B from UK on 25th Jul 2005
Just bought this 'phone on payg after my sturdy Nokia 3510i gave up the ghost (after much abuse I have to admit). Should have stayed with Nokia. The T - stands for tiny, right? - 630 maybe fine for girls and women, but the keypad is hopelessly small. If you're a bloke with normal sized hands you'll never work the keypad. The menu's tiresome and long-winded and the camera very poor. Battery life already looks to be a problem and the text font is tiny - it can be changed after writing the text, but there's no default to a larger size. I suppose I should have looked at the 630 before buying it, but didn't and now I've learnt an expensive lesson. If this represnets the Sony Ericsson standard then I won't be buying another.

Reviewed by M.Attard from UK on 24th Jul 2005
Out of a team of 11 users in our company, 9 have gone back to using their old Nokia 6310's. The common problem for everyone is battery life! Where do they get 9 hours talk time from? This is a great kids phone but not a business one. If anyone can tell me of a modern phone with the 6310 battery life - I'll buy it.

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 9th Jul 2005
I luv this phone! I've had it 4 about 2 months now. I have it in black and it looks really smart! Its a fantastic compact size yet still manages to fit in a very good sized screen! Handy shortcut button on the side means quick access to the camera, also enabling you to take easy pictures sideways (as you would a digital camera). Bluetooth and infrared are really good assets! I bought my for #90 with a #20 bundle! It hasn't frozen on me or anything like that, its a really cool decent little phone, looks very professional wud reccomend to anyone. Well worth the price i paid!

Reviewed by Matt C from UK on 4th Jul 2005
Pretty good phone....... it would get 5 stars, but for the fact that the battery life is not good. I'm comparing it to the old Nokia 6310i. Using the T630, a couple of calls during the day will knock the battery life about. If the battery indicator doesn't show full, I wouldn't be confident that I could take it out all day and not lose the battery. Also, the camera isn't particularly good.... but then again, it's a phone not a camera. If you want a good camera, go out and buy one, not a phone. Anyway, good phone, just keep an eye on the battery.

Reviewed by Jasheer-K-Puzhambram from UK on 29th Jun 2005
Wonderful pictuer clarity

Reviewed by Grave from UK on 22nd Jun 2005
Outstanding phone! It has got all functions I needed. It's suitable for users that do not expect much. Although it might be worse than other phones, it's shape kept it going!

Reviewed by pekoe from UK on 18th Jun 2005
4 got! Mine doesn't get SMSs from abroad. A previous SE I had had a fantastic feature I've not encountered on any other mobile - it beeped when an SMS was actually received by the sendee (ehm). Very useful as you knew you weren't getting charged for bogus SMSs and that you could expect a reply from them.....

Reviewed by pekoe from UK on 18th Jun 2005
Had this fone 4 over a month now, a few glitches that r enuf 2 make me want to upgrade: 1. The photo quality is poor. 2. Can't get higher resolution fotos thru blue-tooth from other handsets. 3. no speaker phone. 4. no data display (except time) when phone is idle...(signal strength particularly). Just some features you may miss when u actually use this fone, plus wud b nice to have the fone able to find a number when u enter a few digits. The keys are also a bit slippy (if u use ur nails rather than finger pads - gals only i guess!)as they r hard and convex. Hoping to find something similar with better picture quality (and a screen display you can see in sunlight - can't believe this is an improvement!), MP3 and VDO. BUT, love the joystick, the ease of use and overall looks. Cooler in white version, tho this isn't officially available in India - what's the logic in that SE?

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 2nd Jun 2005
Just got this phone on virgin two days ago, its great! The shape and feel is very stylish. The best feature is the large screen, why have a camera with a small screen to see the pics on? The games are good, keeps you buzy when you've got nothing better to do:-). The camera has 3 different pixel settings, so if ure friends have got a phone with a smaller screen you can always use the lowest pixel setting and send them pics, without them having to go on the internet to retrieve them, a well thought out feature. It would be nice if this phone could go one step further and incorporate an fm radio like the less advanced nokia 3200, but at the end of the day it's just a phone, all the other stuff is just an excelent bonus! Well done sony!

Reviewed by crooked spire from UK on 27th Mar 2005
it's a good fone but after a couple of months it starts to freeze.

Reviewed by Paulr from UK on 26th Jan 2005
When a company claims that a phone has 9 hours of talk time, you would expect it to get somewhere near that figure. This phone gets nowhere near it - the most talktime Ive had from it is just over an hour. If want a phone to use as a phone ie to talk to people - then this is not the one.

Reviewed by V from UK on 7th Dec 2004
got this phone yesterday, and havn't put it down since. there's nothing too overstriking about the look of the phone, yet it carries somewhat of a classy element to it...the way it shoud be. the display is sharp and images are shown well on it. the camera isn't its best feature, but that's why digital cameras were invented. the themes that come with are somewhat disappointing, but further (free) themes can always be downloaded from websites, which i've since done. the ringtones are very cool. different, yet sweet to the ears! also convenient shortcuts can be activated depending on which direction the analog stick is pressed...very convenient. it loses out on the 6230 by lacking a video mode and mp3 player. but the lack of features is made up by the sheer quality of the phone. it's not common, it looks amazing and does everything a modern phone should, and more...

Reviewed by Ron from UK on 7th Dec 2004
I just bought this Phone like a month ago, and i fell in love with the fetures and the briliant wite case, looks sharp and elegant at the same time, the camera is great and until know i have no problems with the phone freezing!...... so i bought the t637 for my girlfriend, and she has no negative coments, the only thing the engineers at SonnyEricsson forgot to make more reliable is the batter, if you dont mind chargind eveyday(depending on the ue) then this is the most convinient phone....... and ith out a doubt the k700i is my next phone.(i update alot)

Reviewed by JIMBO from ENGLAND on 6th Dec 2004

Reviewed by Prometheus from Malaysia on 5th Dec 2004
Great phone.. Crystal colored display..Compact, convienient. Only setback is that the processor is a tad slow...

Reviewed by Guido from Netherlands on 4th Dec 2004
I bought the phone yesterday because my old phone (P800) had a flash disk crash. I wanted a phone that would allow me to backup all my sms messages, preferrably with free software. I stumbled upon an open source tool called fma to control several phones. I now have a working system connecting my T630 via bluetooth. I can even control my mouse using the joystick of the T630 via bluetooth! I really love it. However I won't give it 5 stars, since it has less flexibility than my P800. I haven't figured out how to access the filesystem yet. It can record voice, even from a conversation. So I think it is an excellent phone!

Reviewed by Jamie from Scotland UK on 4th Dec 2004
A great phone, looks great, feels great and is easy to use. It has a few flaws (or maybe im just picky?!), but il mention the good points first. it looks very stylish, the ice white or the jet black style both are as aesthetically pleasing as each other. The alarm function still operates (if you have set it) even if the phone is turned off - and snooze lasts 9 mins The fact you can play a round of golf on the bus (against someone or not) impresses me. (lol) The screen is impressive. good display, very clear, but watch u dont scratch the screen (like me :-( ) You can record phone calls. handy if you want to "prove a point" or remember some important info, like your girlfriends new handbag....... data can be easily transferred via e mail, infra red and bluetooth. T9 dictionary can be 'taught' that is it remembers your words if you spell it out. i would have gave it 5 stars but heres why i didnt: The screen gets scratched too easily, meaning you would need a case to protect it. The Camera, although offers good versatility in different light conditions, is pretty average to say the least. Texting can be a pain sometimes, particularly when you press the 'back' button by mistake. If you recieve a long text, sometimes the phone stalls for about a minute before you want to return to the main screen after you have read it. Memory capacity is pretty average. Overall im really happy with my phone, however id prefer the K700i as it has all of the features of this phone, plus an FM radio and the ability to play MP3s. i like my gadgets. Thanks for reading my review, hope it was worthwhile

Reviewed by trish from united kingdom on 2nd Dec 2004
have it for about a couple of weeks now free from an upgrade. i used to own a t610 and was actually quite happy with it, apart from the smudge marks every time i lay my hands near my fone. all i can say is it really is a brill phone.. loads better than t610 with regards to: camera, screen resolution and signal. plus there's a mirror at the back for those vain self-portraits. wouldnt think twice about givin it 5 stars!!

Reviewed by Christian from Malaysia on 28th Nov 2004

Reviewed by Asad from Pakistan on 27th Nov 2004
All 5 Stars ***** beacuse this is an outstanding phone. It is much better than its rival Nokia 6610i. Its Camera Quality is Excelent both in normal and Night Mode. Colours are sharp and near to nature. 120 x 160 TFT screen display is excelent in bright daylight.Sound quality is excelent. Bluetooh is outstanding. Music DJ is very instrusting. It also can records calls and sounds around you as much as memory is available. It supports 32 polyphonic sound. Its WAP/GPRS is also outstanding. The featue i like most that its saves your unsent SMS/MMS (due to network problem or any other reason) which is not available in most of the Nokia Sets. Its Battery life very good. Pictures taken by the Camera can be saved on your computer via infrared or Bluetooth. Over all this is a great phone.

Reviewed by jimmi from uk on 25th Nov 2004
ma dad has this pone it came wit all thease cool ringtones like popsongs i don't who that happend but he said he diddney download them a also thik the games on it r cool a like v rally 2 its fun a once came 1st ma dad has it in white but it grts dirty easily a also like it in grey ma friends mum has it in grey

Reviewed by Marcos from Australia on 23rd Nov 2004
This is a good phone the reception is good and it looks fantastic. The camera is a bit of a let down (there is no difference between night cam and normal). But i have still taken some little beauties at the skatepark. Plus......... thorpy says it's fully sick

Reviewed by ben from jersey on 22nd Nov 2004
this fone is amazing it has really good graphics on the screen and the fotos the ringtones are really jivy and lively if i were you i would get this fone

Reviewed by abmman from Denmark on 20th Nov 2004
Have had this phone for 3 months now. Really nice diaplay, functional also in bright daylight. Quick menues compared to older SE phones (use to have T68i and T300). BUT SE has removed the most beloved function "My shortcuts" and replaced it with a stupid function called "My friends". Also the green (yes) and the red (no) keys have been replaced with keys showing a line which have a lot of other functions - really confusing still after 3 months. I have bought a T610 to get the old ways of functioning back, and will definitely consider at Nokia when the T610 wears out - unless SE decides to bring back the normal functions of the yes and no keys in coming models.

Reviewed by s.kabir from uk on 20th Nov 2004
this thing is exactly the same as sharp gx15. difference in looks . the sharp is cheaper than this so i got the sharp. my friend sats his sony ericsson has good features. basically. sony ericsson t630 and sharp gx15 are the same. even the layouts are the same.

Reviewed by Dave from Ireland on 17th Nov 2004
Buy this phone! It's jam packed with features and the online support for setting up e-mail, MMS and WAP couldn't be easier! I replaced a Nokia 8310 which rarely worked well and constantly froze.. Deleting any saved information. The Sony is cheap too; I paid 224 including 24Hr delivery from Pixmania.com for a sim free black edition. Downside: The software isn't great but if you have Bluetooth on your Pc you don't need to use it.

Reviewed by G from UK on 17th Nov 2004
guys, dont get this phone!...this is a serious birds phone! the central naviagating button is far too small for big fingered blokes, if you make a mistake you either go online or end up starting all over again etc etc so irritating i want to just smash it on the floor! besides that it looks good and has lots of nice features but alas i sent it back..for a nokia.

Reviewed by Laszlo from Hungary on 17th Nov 2004
Hi everyone! I bought my T630 last week to replace my T610. If you're thinking about buying a T630 as well, then you'd better read my honest opinion. First of all I admit that I LOVE THIS PHONE, so you'll read rather a positive description. 1. If you want to take beautiful pictures: buy a digital camera. The camera integrated in T630 IS MADE FOR TAKING PICTURES FOR MMS!!! Not for professional photographing! So please stop crying for the bad quality - the pictures are just perfect if you want to send or keep them on your phone. 2. Those people can't use its joystick who have no fingers or just don't really want to get used to it (see blindfoldd Nokia fans) :) The joystick makes the use of the phone a lot quicker and easier - you can surf (select and navigate) without putting your finger to another button. I think the stick of T610 was a bit better as it was a half mm longer, but you won't have any problem with this one I'm sure. 3. The buttons won't lose their characters since they're printed on the inner side. 4. If you don't like the white coloured T630, take a look at the black one - I think it looks much much better, especially the lights are cool. 5. The display is much better than that of any Nokia today, but Samsung phones have even better displays! 6. Never buy a T630 at Vodafone - Live! menu is the worst thing than can happen to a phone like this :) So that was my "short" opinion, contact me if you have a question: domjan82@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 17th Nov 2004
Buy this phone! It's jam packed with features and the online support for setting up e-mail, MMS and WAP couldn't be easier! I replaced a Nokia 8310 which rarely worked well and constantly froze.. Deleting any saved information. The Sony is cheap too; I paid 224 including 24Hr delivery from Pixmania.com for a sim free black edition. Downside: The software isn't great but if you have Bluetooth on your Pc you don't need to use it.

Reviewed by Biju from India on 16th Nov 2004
I have been using this phone for a week now. I have the LIQUID BLACK colored phone and it looks very stylish. I bought it in India for about US$219 and I think it is a great phone at that price. The camera is OK. I feel the polyphonic ring tones could have been louder. All in all an excellent phone. I have found no issues with the joystick or menu usage.

Reviewed by Joner!!!! from UK on 16th Nov 2004
The DB Mate!

Reviewed by chris from GB on 11th Nov 2004
I have had my sony ericsson for about 6 months i have always had Nokia and to be honest when my contract is up i will go back to Nokia the sony is ok but the joypad is to sensertive and all i seem to do is click back all the time when it puts me somwhere i dont want to go but overall not a bad design 5/10.

Reviewed by Deri from singapore on 10th Nov 2004
this thing is a beauty! the screen is very clear, the phone have amazing and exicting games that will keep you occupied for a long time.i've read reviews before buying this phone,( i got this juz yesterday) and some said that the 'my friends' is very complicated so when i first recieved this phone,i checked that feature and i found it completly idiot proof.i just dont understand why some juz cant seem to getit.plus, the phonebook is great but there is one thing bad bout' this phone,the camera totally sucks its blur but i knew that long ago from the reviews so i did not really look forward to try out the camera.

Reviewed by andy b from england on 9th Nov 2004
i think that this phone is one of the best ever produced by sony ericsson it is just pure quility and who thin is it unbelievable !!!!!! this phone is just outstanding this phone is 100% 5 stars and a dont care who says so.

Reviewed by dave from uk on 9th Nov 2004

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 9th Nov 2004
I purchased this phone as I had an old Nokia 8210 and wanted something similar in size and shape but with added features of tri-band and bluetooth. The interface I find clumsy. There seems to be a lot of clicking you have to go to in order to get to say the phone book, you will need to go though at least three menus before getting there unlike the Nokia interface. The address book has a problem that I have noticed several users stating which is that it has a habit of locking up the phone during saving a number. This looses both the changes made and more importantly, requires the battery to be removed from the phone before continuing. There is a similar intermittent problem where it appears the phone is not functioning, but suddenly after a few minutes, it comes back, unfortunately responding to all of keys you were trying to click. The quality of the camera is average but I have noticed it is very poor once out of bright light. For example whereas my Flatmates Samsung takes excellent photographs in my living room, the same photo of the same item is very dark and almost illegible and needs the night mode in order to take anything vaguely visible. Using this in darker conditions makes the camera unusable. Having the camera lens at the back, uncovered, does of course mean that, as this is where you are holding this, it is easy to get dirty. The agenda has an annoyance that is it not possible to set an all day event like for example an anniversary (very useful to be reminded whereever you are!). Any event must have a specific date and time. There also is no way of having a recurring event. There are appointment types but this only affects what Icon is added to the appointment. There is no method to link this to a PC, other than by infra-red, unless you have windows 95 or Windows 98 - both long unsupported by Microsoft. So therefore no easy way of backing up, say, the address book. Battery life is good. The signal strength better than my old Nokia. I have to say that there is little to be liked about this phone - unfortunately for me as I am stuck with it for the next year on a contract.

Reviewed by moeen-ud-din from pakistan on 8th Nov 2004
i bought this phone a week ago its good but not perfect coz picture quality is not so good secondly no zooming for camera thirdly no radio option some times it hangs up ... i m think that there is a camera but no zooming option y... that decreases it value

Reviewed by World Review--by Singaporean Phone Tester from Singapore on 4th Nov 2004
I have to admit that this is one of the top ten phones in the world.It has both the looks and outstanding features.But before you buy this phone,here are some disadvantages:1-Low battary power.(2)-It sometimes hang.(3)-the camara is quite blur.I am going to change to the sony ericsson K700i as it has improved features but hey if you can't afford the Sony ericsson K700i then this is the phone for you.

Reviewed by Daz from Uk on 2nd Nov 2004
This is my first Sony Ericsson and to be honest, i wish i`d stuck to Nokia. Navigation is poor, it takes more keystrokes to perform simple tasks compared to the Nokia`s. The software platform itself seems to be sluggish and suffers with 'Lag' constantly or just locks up so you have to knock the phone off and then back on causing you to lose what you were doing in the first place ... VERY ANNOYING!! Reception is NON EXISTENT, which makes it nigh on impossible to sent messages, have conversations etc etc. All it`s good at is displaying the SOS CALLS ONLY sign. Downloaded ringtones playback really quiet whereas the pre-programmed ones playback really loud, can`t use recordings as ringtones, no video, picture quality of camera is VERY poor compared to other phones. Memory is poor ... really NOT impressed It`s gonna take something special for me to own another Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by NAUMAAN from PAKISTAN on 2nd Nov 2004
I get this cellulor phone(T630)yesterday(01-11-04).It's superb.. All features are really good.This phone only missing two thing no.1 camera zooming,no.2 video clip.But I think there is no phone to compare with it.

Reviewed by Ed from UK on 1st Nov 2004
It's beautiful. It lights up. It's beautiful. It has great file sharing capabilities. It's beautiful. It has a long battery life. It's beautiful. It's light. Most of all though, it's a beautiful amazing phone, worth every penny of the £100 i paid for it in O2. I love you Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by Me?! from uk on 29th Oct 2004
this isnt a review i just really need 2 know if having only 2 megabytes (or is it 3) of memory is enough coz most hav at least 4 please please reply i really need help wiv this thanks any help would be good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 29th Oct 2004
Not long had it.My 1st Sony Ericsson. Got it free on renewing my contract. Looks very sexy in black and the colour screen is easy to read. Generally the phone is fiddly to use and the battery life is not nearly as good as my Nokia 6310i. However, as the Sony is only a standby phone in case I lose the Nokia this isn't a huge issue. Don't really need the camera which is good as the resolution of saved images is poor compared with other phones I have seen. The menus all seem to be fairly logical and navigation is relatively pain free although doesn't beat Nokia for overall ease of use. Overall, not a bad little phone and looks great in black.

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 29th Oct 2004
Bought this phone sim free to replace my Nokia 7250i but after just one week I'm going back to the Nokia. Sure it looks much nicer, has a superb screen and fancy graphics, but navigation is horrible. It cannot be customised (other than wallpapers and sounds) and requires many times the keystrokes to do the same tasks. Profile handling, caller groups, phone book, call logs are all inferior to the Nokia. Text messaging is also inferior storing far fewer messages, not time/date stamping outbound messages. If you want the better screen, or Bluetooth, get this, if you want the better phone get the Nokia.

Reviewed by dave from united kingdom on 29th Oct 2004
when i first got the phone i had a few teething problems ie: the joystick broke in the first day that i had it ,and the screen would fade in and out somtimes even flickering but the lovely people at carphone wharehouse exchanded it no questions asked.then after a couple of hours of fiddling with it i was as happy as larry .Im a bit of a e-bay fanatic and one day i found a bluetooth radio unit which was great. i found the camera didnt take pictures to well so i bought a flash unit of e-bay great even to pictures in the darkest of bars and night clubs also the game quaility on this phone was great.all in all this phone is a great all rounder i had it allmost a 6 months now and its still going strong * * * * * great phone

Reviewed by syed from uk on 29th Oct 2004
better than t610.. yes . better than nokia 6230.. no. phone has bluetooth . good camera. large memory. but with sony ericssons. nokia is better. get 6230. if you cant afford 6230 then get this. it is a good phone

Reviewed by Julian from Philippines on 28th Oct 2004
The phone is pretty good compared to others.The SMS part is faster and graphics improved.The only problem is the camera.It has no zoom,picture quality at night is not that clear even if you turn on the night mode.But some features of this phone are awesome..there's a bluetooth,ir etc.Games are pretty cool.The design is elegant.If you are looking for a quality phone,get this!

Reviewed by luke from ireland on 26th Oct 2004
I had a sagem my5-2,i lost that and bought this heap of junk,it cost MORE than the sagem and gives u sooooo much less,the only pro to this phone is how it looks,it has no memory,30 txts and your inbox is full,the menu is fiddly and keeps hanging,i never take pictuers as it takes up loads of memory and ever time it saves,when finished saving ,what is best described as trails or "stink lines" form around every solid object,the camera is unuseable in any light less than blinding and so is off limits for indoor use,its ringtones are inaudiable unless next to your ear in a silent room!!!finally the buttons while bevelled are finicky and it is easy to press the wrong button in a txt if typing quickly!the moral of this review????DONT BUY THIS PHONE , STAY AWAY FROM SONY ERICSSON!!!!BUY A NOKIA OR SAGEM , THIS PHONE IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!Shsame on you sony ercisson ,stealing helpless peoples money!

Reviewed by Asyraf from Malaysia on 25th Oct 2004
The quality of the camera is really really everage,and i think the nokia 3660 is much more better than this one.The conclusion,DONT BUY THIS ONE,its just NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!

Reviewed by Rico from South Africa on 24th Oct 2004
Yo,Wots Up... I Must say,the T630 is "by far" the best phone i have ever had.I love its features,ringtones and its stunning look. The fun thing is,is that you can communicate with your P.C and other devices with your T630. "Good Work Sony." Cheers.

Reviewed by Shab from UK on 23rd Oct 2004
wow gud fne, nah gr8 fne, nah gorgeous fne dis fne is reely summin its soo sweet cute sexy and reely cool fne

Reviewed by Josh from England on 22nd Oct 2004
I have had this phone for about a year now and it's ok. The first few weeks i had it the camera was great but unfortunatly, the camera has become blurred and fuzzy. At first i thought that there was dust on the camera screen. However, the camera is not very good quality. Aswell as this, the phone can contain very little memory. I find that when ive taken a really good picture i cant store it because the memory is full. Currnetly i have approx. 25 pictures, which, compared to other phones is quite bad. If you like keeping txts, u probably wont be able to as i have found because your sms memory is full. I like the stylish look of the phone (i have the crystal colour.) The games included, like mini-golf wil keep you occupied and the ring tones are good. Overall, 3 Stars for Sony Ericsson. Well done. -josh

Reviewed by Arvin Gonzales from Philippines on 19th Oct 2004
Hello everyone. I've been a Sony Ericsson user ever since,yes old sony ericsson models are slow in messaging.I keep on reading the reviews here before deciding on getting the T630. I bought it though and i've been using it for 2 months now. Ok. FIRST: I would suggest that you charge your batteries for 16 hrs. straight. Turn the phone off.After charging, use it and let the battery drain by normal use. Make sure the battery is empty before charging the phone. Do that for three consecutive times and you'll see the battery will last longer.I gave this phone a 5 star rating because I found out that its not slow when you type messages. The menu response it good.It doesnt hang at all. It never switches itself off. Display is good. The camera is better comparing with the Z600,K500i and T610. Reception is better.Just try to keep 30 pictures in your "my pictures" to prevent the phone from lags and hangs. Use your bluetooth to transfer the pictures. I guess any phone with a 2MB memory would hang if there are a lot of pictures saved inside the phone right?SECONDLY: Build quality is very good. sometimes when you type in a message there is a creaky sound maybe because the keypad is hard to press. As for reception, the signal strength is strong.Crystal clear audio during calls. The ringtone volume is not that strong though so i would suggest that you keep the vibrating alert on when you are out.GAMES: The games are so much fun. They dont hang at all. Response with the keypad is great. OVERALL: If you intend a basic mobile phone with basic features. I would recommend the T630.But if you are the type of user who wants your phone to be a portable photo album. Better look something else. I would suggest that with the T630 after saving any pictures transfer it to your computer to save memory. This is one of the BEST SONY ERICSSON MOBILE PHONES FOR ME. Hope this review helps. Have a great day!

Reviewed by Parampreet from India on 18th Oct 2004
Overall an excellent phone, the screen display is excellent, the screen is sufficiently large, it's got all the connectivity options including bluetooth, IR, USB etc. The design is sleek and looks great (especially the black model), the battery life is very good, it's also priced well. My only complaints are, 2 MB memory is pretty less, 5 MB would have hit the sweet spot, the camera output quality though better than T610, is nothing much to write home about. But all-in-all, it's probably the best phone in it's class.

Reviewed by Terry Goodwin from UK on 13th Oct 2004
Excellent phone, easy to use menu, great software and a good looking phone. Battery life not bad considering all the software. Will be upgrading to K700i very soon as seems to be the only phone capable of beating the T630.

Reviewed by AT from UK on 13th Oct 2004
Ive had the fone for a couple of month. Brilliant, looks great and is great. I have it in black so it looks very trendy also. GR8 JOB SONY ERICSSON!

Reviewed by the italian stalian from italy/london on 6th Oct 2004
I think that this phone is perfect.It is one of the most stylish phones i have ever seen.it has a great amount of features and an improoved screen and camera then the similar Sonyerickson t610. for the price it is being sold at it is great to have!

Reviewed by Roberto Terc from Dominican Republic on 3rd Oct 2004
my friend in my t630 a need tu config. to msn messenger

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