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Sony Ericsson T610 review

 Review: July 2003  


In a nutshell: Camera phone with Bluetooth.


The Sony Ericsson T610 is a sophisticated phone incorporating a built-in camera, Bluetooth™ wireless technology, a large colour screen and a new graphical user interface.

The T610 is beautifully designed and built, with a square retro-feel and anodised aluminium case; it's a phone that feels good in the hand and seems to be solidly built. The panels are changeable, so you can choose the colour of the phone.

The integrated camera can be activated in one click, with one more click to take a picture. Sony Ericsson's new QuickShare™ technology enables you to easily share pictures with your PC or other phones, using Bluetooth™, email, MMS or data cable. Sony Ericsson's free Image Editor software lets you edit photos taken using the phone. You can also download software to help you create your own Muiltimedia Messages (follow the same link).

The high-resolution screen is of high quality, with 65,000 colours and plenty of space for the new graphical user interface, making the advanced features of the phone easily accesible. Great for use with the camera and for WAP browsing, although the screen can be difficult to read in sunlight. Soft keys and menu hotlinks also help to make the phone user-friendly - a key consideration in a phone that packs in so many features. Animated icons help to bring the menu to life.

The T610 includes a set of embedded games, and you can download more games using the Java and Mophun platforms. The Entertainment menu includes links to gaming websites, so that you can easily download more games. With 65,000 colours and a joystick, the T610 makes a great gaming platform.

Accessories available for the T610 include Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth car kits and Bluetooth media viewers. The media viewer plugs into a TV and lets you display photos and other images from your T610 on the TV screen. You can also use it to play MP3 files using the TV's loudspeakers.

The T610 has now been replaced by the newer T630 and K700i, which outclass the T610 in a number of significant ways.

Sony Ericsson T610 features include:

  • Colour display (65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels)
  • Integrated camera
  • Bluetooth™, infrared and RS232 cable connectivity
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - send pictures and sound like text messages
  • Downloadable 32-voice polyphonic & mono ringtones, plus ringtone editor (MusicDJ™) for creating polyphonic ringtones
  • Downloadable Java games and Mophun games.
  • WAP 2.0 (GPRS), email
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD - up to 28.8 kbps)
  • Speed dialling & voice dialling
  • Predictive text (T9)
  • Mobile chat
  • Voice memo / recorder
  • Picture phone book
  • Exchangeable covers
  • Wallpaper, screensaver and themes - all downloadable
  • Calculator, calendar, alarm
  • Sync ML
  • Internet key and Joystick
  • Memory: 2 Mbytes (for use with images, screensavers and sounds)
  • iSync synchronisation of calendar and contact information with Apple computers
  • Synchronisation with PC
  • Size: 102 x 44 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 95g
  • Battery standby: 315 hours
  • Battery talktime: 11 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri band (GSM 1900, 1800 and 900)

Sony Ericsson T610 user reviews

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Average rating from 207 reviews:

Reviewed by M.Tauqir.Sabir from Pakistan on 12th Sep 2013
I like very much this phone because these function very fantestic and amazing

Reviewed by abdul rehman qazi from UK on 4th Jul 2010
nice according to me

Reviewed by zahid nawaz from UK on 15th Oct 2009
t610 mobile is very best mobile in sony ericsson iam use it

Reviewed by Ryan Palmer from UK on 9th Sep 2009
I got one of these in 2003/2004, and I still argue that it has been one of the best phones I have ever owened. None other seems to compare to how, easy to use, fun to use and how nostalgic it was. Definately worth a buy, even if it is second, or even 3rd hand now.

Reviewed by mufasa from UK on 6th Jan 2009
hello yer i seem to b havin a bit of trouble witht the phone i like it but it only charges wen it feel like it any one got any suggestions it not the charger i got a new one hope to hear soon

Reviewed by andy holmes from UK on 13th Nov 2008
I've had my t610 for around 4 years now, there has been a few hic ups from time to time, however just this morning the things gone dead on me. Why?

Reviewed by nathan from UK on 29th Oct 2008
well wat can i say iv red most of your coments i might be a bit late with this phone but iv been with some of the best phones i can think of but this is somthing else yea the cam is not that good yea ppl need ereing aids becouse they cant hear there phone yea ppl have fat fingers but ffs this is not the phones falt its yours get a grip if you have big hands get a nokia 3210 that will be just right for you sorry peeps but you read there coments and see wat they said .... STUPID PEOPLE

Reviewed by sugeng arianto from UK on 7th Sep 2008
really cool that phone

Reviewed by merle biberfield from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
I had a T610, the only sony ericsson I would ever buy over and over. I sold it, along with all the others I sell every 12 months, I miss it, and have managed to partly replace its memory with the Nokia 6300. My prefered brand every time, had 3 sony's, will never have them again as I find the choice of rings and general appearance of the phones clumsy.

Reviewed by Vincent from UK on 21st Jun 2008
I love My Sony Ericsson T610.Not to metion the great sound output thatit produces with its MIDI file.I wish to get more games and other softwares to the strong headed hone.I call it "stronghead" cuz it dozny accept applications readily which is really annoying.Pls could you send me these lins where i can get portable games and other softwares.Thanx

Reviewed by sam from UK on 11th Jun 2008
i know its not 2003 and its been a very long time since ive had this phone but I really love the unique design and all. Its a very stylish phone and I loved it the first time I saw it out in the shops. thnx for posting this site.

Reviewed by ANANDU NAKUL from UK on 25th May 2008

Reviewed by jake mcaleer from UK on 29th Mar 2008
a average phone no enough memory just changed to the w910i and its much better(the w910i)

Reviewed by shahzad aslam from UK on 12th Mar 2008
t610 is a beautiful mobile phone.i use and like t610

Reviewed by vicky from UK on 28th Feb 2008
it looks nice but didn't hav mp3 this is the only disadvantage of this phone.cam download mp3 player

Reviewed by Mary from UK on 26th Feb 2008
I bought this phone second hand from a mate, who got an upgrade, I have had it for abou 3years now. It's a good phone, but I wouldnt' get it again, the memory isn't too great, and the camerea isn't either. But as a phone for business and mainly texting it's great.

Reviewed by Gareth price from UK on 10th Feb 2008
I have seen that phone and i like sonyericson better than nokias and i find that sony is easy 2 use .

Reviewed by Diz-e-dee from UK on 30th Jan 2008
I have had this phone for nearly five years and only now is the battery running low after three days or so. I have bounced this phone so many times on every surface (not on purpose!) and it survived every time. As a gardener it has been rained on, covered in mud, compost and gravel and generally mistreated but it still goes on. I absolutely love it and I will miss it when it has to go but so far I haven't found anything that looks and feels like it's going to take the same treatment and come out smelling of roses.

Reviewed by libby from UK on 27th Jan 2008
the fone is sik

Reviewed by Dale from UK on 10th Jan 2008
Constantly having problems charging the phone... more headaches than the phone is worth!!

Reviewed by Loz from UK on 2nd Jan 2008
I have had to put up with this phone for ages but it seems to be still working fine. The screen gets really dim and hard to see in sunlight but the battery is amazing.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 26th Dec 2007
its a good phone for the £ i got mine for £5

Reviewed by Jon paolo from UK on 4th Dec 2007
Overall, a pretty good phone. I just found that it's memory just wasn't big enough for all my pics and ringtones. The design is very good and it is functional but the games, camera and the tiny buttons means that I woldn't recommend this phone to a friend.

Reviewed by from UK on 27th Nov 2007
Not my 1st ever mobile phone but my 1st sony and 1st EVER camera phone. Fell in love with multimedia messaging with the T610 and it converted me to digital imaging - moved onto k700i as technology evolved but T610 is remembered fondly - good starter phone

Reviewed by amy from UK on 3rd Nov 2007
the slim light weight design makes it easy to carry about with out to much fuss

Reviewed by James Hernon from UK on 4th Aug 2007
Even though this phone is now old.. the list of features is remarkable for the T610 and the only thing really lacking in the phone is an SD Card for extra memory as this model only has 2 Meg. The infrared is outdated feature not really required for connectivity with the bluetooth option and the advanced features are excellent like voice commands dialling and speed dialling.

Reviewed by sue from UK on 29th Jul 2007
i think the sony erricson is a very good phone which would be alot better with real music tones and video

Reviewed by Ancy from UK on 15th Jun 2007

Reviewed by jatt munda .. allow chamurs from UK on 14th Jun 2007
disss foneee is d best fonee eva made!!!

Reviewed by jabir k p from UK on 11th Jun 2007
t 610 is good

Reviewed by Tiko from UK on 25th May 2007
Very good phone.

Reviewed by kingsley eze from UK on 25th May 2007
men this phone is sperb buy it while the stock last, feel me. its beautiful to handly and has alot of entertainment in it.

Reviewed by hi from UK on 4th May 2007
it is good

Reviewed by :hanna. from UK on 24th Apr 2007
Sony Ericsson T610. Well it is ok. I like the design and Menu layout but the phone just annoyed me. The camera quality is bad. No video recording. My sound Recorder has selfishly stopped working. Doesn't record anything. Screen is so bad, i can't make pictures out properly. Very slow navigation. When I press the menu button, the menu comes up after a while, then when i press twice to go to texts and sms's it is so SLOW!! I am looking at Samsung E900 and Sony Ericsson K610i at the moment. I know it is the year 2007 and this phone shouldn't exist, but it survived 4 years, and my nokia 6101 selfishly stopped working, and i can't afford to buy a better phone at the moment. All decent phones are around §200.(yes Euros. I live in Belgium) This phone is very disappointing and the keys are annoying!! God i can't wait to get a new phone. This phone has made my texting life miserable!! [I am a 14 year old :P]

Reviewed by gaza from UK on 16th Apr 2007
dont buy any other fone this is this best.

Reviewed by saint from UK on 15th Apr 2007
nice to use good for outgoing call and in coming

Reviewed by Mo Bile from UK on 4th Apr 2007
Bad phone although its all i have at the moment. I got it from my aunt who get it from her sister who got it from my nephew who bought it at school for a tenner i wouldnt even pay that for it. Its so frustarting to use the toggel button the middle when tyoing as message!!! Sometimes i think we weould be better going back to two platic cups and a piece of string.

Reviewed by solomn from UK on 26th Mar 2007
phone problems

Reviewed by Amina from UK on 7th Mar 2007
love it

Reviewed by bad man from UK on 7th Mar 2007
this phone always damages quick

Reviewed by joel from UK on 26th Feb 2007
i do hate my t610 sony ericsson mobile because i can not browes with it,sorry i'm from nigeria and i bougth my sony ericsson but all my effought to connect with the internet with it is not posible,pls if any help contact me on +23480262297. thank you and God bless

Reviewed by J Penisbreath from UK on 25th Feb 2007
The reception is terrible no network. My gf moto is next to mine and has full reception same network too. Fack this phone and fack sony

Reviewed by Maryam from UK on 24th Feb 2007
It has such a fab design and the buttons are great for texting. However the joystick tended to get stuck alot and the camera took ages to validate each picture.

Reviewed by Shashank Jain from UK on 16th Feb 2007
It is not a very good phone as I anticipated. The picture quality is average. I have problems with data synchronization of my mobile with my PC

Reviewed by sakj from UK on 12th Feb 2007
Exelent. perfect in every way.

Reviewed by rebecca from UK on 9th Feb 2007
it is awsam it rocks its featers r cool but it might get jact its too expensive xxxxxx

Reviewed by Anmol from UK on 13th Jan 2007
in short a very nice phone for the beginners who r looking for phone but if you look for a luxury phone then go for a w550i or any other.....but this phone is very good but i only hope it could have extendable memory.....

Reviewed by William from UK on 31st May 2006
This phone is GREAT!!! I have one and it is easy to slip into your pocket and vice versa, extremely easy to use and the settings are fabulous! The themes are great too. The SMS memory could be a bit bigger but almost everything about this phone is wonderful! The camera quality is great, the games are cool, the list goes on...This phone mabye a slightly old model but it is a brilliant mobile to have!!! If you are thinking of buying one - GO FOR IT!!! P.S The case is changeable so you can change thi skin color of it - mine is a lovely blue!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 22nd Apr 2006
If you're looking on ebay for a cheap, well featured phone you might be tempted by one of these.. Word of warning think before going ahead getting one of these! ITs slow, unreliable and reception is pretty poor. Its horrid to text on (misses letters out) and camera is terrible in low light. In short it looks good but thats the only reason to buy it. I'd get a sagem myx6/7 if you want something in this price range! (£10-30) Do not pay >£30 for it, it just isn't worth it! Its a sony before they knew how to make phones! Is arguably the best looking phone I've owned mind.

Reviewed by sandy from UK on 4th Mar 2006
This is very good but not so as good as it has good features it also has some bad features like not having loud speaker like but totally its good that could be maintain byeeeeee S A N D E E P K U M A R

Reviewed by PAUL from UK on 28th Feb 2006

Reviewed by Steven Parker from UK on 13th Feb 2006
The sony ericsson T610 is a spectacular phone with great features and a great integrated camera. The sony T610 also has exelent gaming and polophonic ringtones and monophonic ringtones that are all great sounds.

Reviewed by Bazda69 from UK on 7th Feb 2006
This was my first camera phone and If it's good quality pictures you're after, don't go for the Sony Ericsson T610! The picture quality is poor! On the whole, it's been pretty reliable phone, solid, fairly light, easy to use but the little joystick is faulty so i've decided to upgrade!The easy access menu would allow any halfwit to use it! but it's time for a change so see ya Sony Ericsson T610, it's mobile phone heaven for you!!!

Reviewed by Flying_Piglet from UK on 27th Jan 2006
This has to be the best phone i have brought!! I've just got a new phone and i miss all of it's added features so bad including the picture editor etc. The only two things i can grumble about is the screen in sunlight is hard to read and the camera quality. I had mine for three years and it had to be the best phone i've ever had. Recommend it to anyone isn't an expert with a phone!!!!

Reviewed by HDK from London from UK on 19th Jan 2006
On the whole, its an alright phone. its got all the things you need. bluetooth, camera(not very good after a while), calender, alarm, texting can be annoying. if you want a basic phone with a lil features, this is a good choice. its a good basic fun phone.

Reviewed by amo from UK on 19th Jan 2006
great fone, only major letdown is the camera resolution, which is only 358x244 pixels or sumthing like that, apart from that its a great fone, its got bluetooth and some good games etc. a nice neat compact well made fone.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 19th Dec 2005
i bought this phone december 2003. I have given it a 5 star rating, because back in its day, it truley was one of the best phones out, it was the first camera phone that you could turn on its side and use it like a digital camera, these days, most phines have that quality.It had GPRS which was advanced for its day. It isnt sold in the shops anymore, but in the year and a half i had it, it serve me well, with only minor problems from time to time, but they were resolved. It was such a good phone, until it got water damaged after 18 months, so i i was forced to buy the T630 which is pretty much the same phone. They were both great phones.

Reviewed by uk girl from UK on 18th Dec 2005
i fort this fone was gr8 bt iv had it 4 ages an its gettin worse day by day. problems r tht wen i turn it on it constently vibrates for about 5 mins without stoppin! veri annoyin!!!!!!its the slowest fone iv eva had!!!!!!sum times it doesn't even turn on!! which is veri odd lol the screen is veri scratched and very hard to see in daylight the batterys gd in my opion it lasts abt 2 days and thts gd 4 such a long time that iv had it. ppl go on an on abt how bad the battery is bt thts just frm ppl not chargin thr fones fully for the recommended time this makes your battery stronger its normally abt 16 hours for a veri strong battery!!!! its tru its the only reason 4 bad batterys!!! anyways this fone is gd wit bluetooth an infared wich is veri simple 2 get used 2 an 2 get wrkin the cameras nt veri hgd bt i expected tht frm a fone!! spose ringin an textin is all u need bt it is nice 2 av these ova fings!!!anyway this fone is gd if u only need a fone 4 a bit because it has basic ghd features and its easy 2 get used 2 aftr avin a nokia for yeaRS!!! hope this was helpfull!! luv uk girl!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by David P from UK on 19th Nov 2005
I foolishly bought this phone for its looks about a year ago. It has nothing else going for it, see all the other reviews regarding complex arcane menus, bad images etc. The thing that has made me decide to bin it is that the recharger lead is so sensitive that it will no longer charge up, unless i check it every few minutes to make sure the flex hasnt sagged and shut off the charging connection. A phone with no way of charging, is useless, this one might as well be a wind up phone. I feel conned by sony ericson and will think twice before using one of thier phones again.

Reviewed by Sarz from UK on 14th Nov 2005
This was the first sony ericsson phone I had and I wasnt impressed one bit since having nokias all the time before. this was super slow to do anything, hardly ever picked up reception, hardly any battery life, the camera pics were so poor you coud hardly make out what they were. the phone kept on switching itself off and wouldnt allow me to turn it back on for a while and the battery didnt fit securely into the phone if you took the back cover off it would just fall out - shamefull. Poor ringtones and themes- the phone thing was just poor...definetly not a good example of sony ericsson for my first phone- and especially not very reassuring seeing as everything by sony I have ever owned has only ever lasted a few months (a year at the most after being replaced 3 times)...

Reviewed by gillian from UK on 8th Nov 2005
when i first got this phone i thought it was great but i noticed that the camera has started to get very fussy and the pictures just arent as good as they used to be! i also noticed there isnt an awful lot of memory for pictures, sounds and ringtones. i wish i had have payed a little extra for the k500i, as now its seems it would have been a better choice.

Reviewed by Bah-bah from UK on 2nd Nov 2005
I got this phone about a week and a half ago and I haven't yet found a reason to complain. I love the look of this phone, it's very stylish with a hint of elegance, I give SE an A* for the style. The bluetooth is excellent, at first I wasn't quite sure how to work bluetooth but I soon figured it out and i'm having a great time with it, downloading my pictures is something i couldn't do with Samsung E300, A* for the bluetooth. Something I did find a little dissapointing was the fact that my internet doesn't work, but I can just do everything via bluetooth so i don't reali need it! So all in all i'm thoroughly pleased with my SE T610!

Reviewed by Katherine Haywood from UK on 21st Sep 2005
I've had the Sony Ericsson T610 for around a year now and it's the best phone that I've had so far. It was the first time I tried a Sony Ericsson, but was of such high quality that I am now considering only getting Sony Ericssons. It has fantastic memory, being able to hold many photos and sounds. The only problem memory-wise being the small inbox, I'm afraid that when I get my new Sony Ericsson I won't be able to save all the messages that mean a lot to me, since I can only have 10 on my Sim Card. The camera is of pretty high quality, and I have taken several good photos of buildings which look outstanding. However, photos of people can be blurred and of poor quality, because the camer relies heavily on the amount of light in the room. The games are enjoyable, but can sometimes take a very long time to load. The T610 is robust, and has managed to withstand me constantly dropping it on the floor for the past year. My friend threw hers on the concrete pavement and STILL it survived. The camera is a perfect size, being able to fit into any pocket or bag easily. It's a fairly attractive phone, and I haven't been embarrassed to use it in public. The texting on this phone is my favourite feature. The buttons are perfect for quick texting, and the texting system is easy to learn and use. I find texting on this phone much easier than with flip-phones, as the buttons on that kind of phone are harder to press and the texting system is often very irritating. Overall, the T610 is well worth the money, since it costs barely nothing now, and is a handy little phone which people are STILL buying even though many more complex phones are on the market. It's brilliant, and I won't be very happy when I have to part with it. 4/5 definitely.

Reviewed by stuart from UK on 30th Aug 2005
Good design, and nice, funky styling but let down by a few niggles such as - 1. battery life poor, especially with bluetooth turned on 2. camera resolution very low 3. ringtone nowhere near loud enough, even at full volume 4. vibrate feature only good if the phone's kept VERY close to you. okay to show off with, but as a general use phone, try something else.

Reviewed by Sally uk from UK on 16th Aug 2005
I have had to fone since last christmas it is really good but the camera sometimes is a bit fuzzy and also the recordings skip alot. it has recently kept comming up with select network but i dont no wat that is apart from that the phone is good but if i was to by again i dont think it woulod be this sony ericcson but i would defently get another one as all the extras you get on it and the batterys are good!

Reviewed by With regrets and distress from UK on 8th Aug 2005
I liked the menuing and all but after four months I had it in the shop having the circuits replaced because of moister (from humidity) because the phone would not charge; had to buy a new charger for it as well. SE has a very poor design for the charger that will only hold in and charge if placed in carefully and you donít get any calls while it is charging. The phone started cutting off for no reason and the blue tooth head set is worthless dropping calls over five minutes; not good for getting work done while talking. I am now looking at a few other phones to replace it. I will most likely end up with a Nokia or a Motorola; and never buy a SE again because of the charger design.

Reviewed by sazzle from UK on 2nd Jul 2005
this phone is amazing. It has everything you could want. If you are a gadget geek you may moan about it but i have had it for 1 year and i have loved it. HOWEVER!!!! and this is pretty important...almost a couple of days after my warentee ran out my screen broke. It would cost a bmob to have it repaired and i am really rather gutted. So i would definatrely reccomend this phone to everyone and although i am irritated at this problem i have come to the conclusion this is typical of all phones and of the manufacturer trying to squeeze yet more money out of their ever guliable consumer. If you want a great fone however this is the one to have!

Reviewed by JACSTA!! from UK on 27th Jun 2005
I recon this could be one of the best fones. I only got it yesterday but so far it ROX!! I'm only 13 but if you ask me it's all a 13 year old needs. my friends all have crapy n-gages and 3 fones, but if you ask me u only need it for text and talk you dont really need a 3 fone. Having bluetooth is great coz i can get free stuff from my friends. anyway its a great fone with tons of features. highly recommend it. Jacsta- AUSTRALIA

Reviewed by xLisax from UK on 23rd Jun 2005
I gave it 3 stars because okay its an old fone compared to the new video, mp3 phone. I've had mine 2 years now. It's a good solid phone, (yer its survived the many drops!) an ok memory, good features, in the right light the camera is good but if its slighty too bright or slighty too dark its not brilliant, the memory is reasonable, an all round easy to use phone!

Reviewed by din from UK on 21st Jun 2005
The phone is very good but the camera quality is bad. Bad means not so bad.

Reviewed by koolio from UK on 11th Jun 2005
this fone has got great accesories ringtones, pictures, infared, blutooth, kool games java wat more do u greddy people rating in 1 star want this fone is awsum!!

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 2nd Jun 2005
When I first got this phone, I thought it was flawless. It was my first camera phone and I was thoroughly delighted with it! But now I realise, the camera is very dull and fuzzy, with only very small adjustments to the contrast available and it's all very pixelated. There is no zoom also which is quite a pain. The menu took me a long time to get used to as you have to go into loads of sub-categories to find exactly the place you want to be in - i.e To send a text message, on most phones you would go to Messages>Write New Text However, the T610 requires you to go into Messages>Text Messages>Write New Message which can get a bit annoying but isn't majorly important. The voice recorder is quite good but I have heard better. One last thing is that you cannot change the Welcome Message. Mine stays as 'Welcome to Orange' the whole time which is just pretty boring to me! However - Good points. The phone looks absolutely GORGEOUS! It was the look of it that attracted me to it in the first place when I saw a TV advert of it before even knowing the specs! Lightweight and nice and small with a camera button on the side for easy functioning! Lovely keys - nice shape and positioning! They can be a little hard to press at times but are genreally okay. I have personally had no probs with sunlight screen viewing as I have read others have. And you gotta love the fancy animation that comes on the screen when you turn the phone on and off! Short review of the T610's good and bad points - hopefully useful to you. Brilliant phone with some slight flaws! ~Kate x :D

Reviewed by Waheedah from UK on 2nd Jun 2005
I have had this phone for almost a year now and am very pleased with it's performance. I will award it as the best looking phone. Very stylish and sleek. In fact, I am trying to look for a better featured phone that matches its style. It is also very durable. I had dropped it many times and it seems to not loose any of its functions. I love it's interface as well. What more can I say? For a basic phone i.e. minus mp camera/mp3 player/video capturing etc, this will be my phone of choice.

Reviewed by Dr Han from UK on 10th Jan 2005
I am with T610 for 12 months... - Nice design, light weight - Good Outlook syncronizing via bluetooth - Amazing Float Mobile Agent functions such as eg. remote control - Easy using International Phone Card - Poor display under the Sun - Poor quality photo - Many steps txting - Useless DJ composer function - Very poor signal recieving (I am on O2) Now I switched to Motorola V547.

Reviewed by Juan M. Ruiz from UK on 29th Dec 2004
Well, i'm a phone lover, and i'm always trying to get the best phones, and i've had MANY phones in the last two years, and this t610 is a great thing! it's connectivity is great, the screen and camera are great as well, the amount of memory is enough for me. On the last week i've started using some other stuff included, like the DJ mixer and the voice control (due to i got a hands free), and its super cool!! I STRONGLY recommend this phone! i got one, also my sis, my dad and my bro... all they LOVED this phone!!

Reviewed by DEJI OSHODI from UK on 20th Dec 2004

Reviewed by JAyCee from UK on 30th Nov 2004
I've had this fone 4 12 months now. I've counted down the months, weeks, days and hours until i could upgrade from this pile of absolute dog mess!!! Texting aint quick, predictive text resets itself or adds characters! Camera is low grade. Too easy to reject a call if its in your pocket. And the D pad Control is an absolute JOKE! I can press it to get the menu up, but end up connecting to WAP, or text screen, or my call list!! No good if u r in a hurry. I wouldn't recommend this fone to my worst enemy, and only rated it as '1' cos there wern't any negative numbers ... -10 would have been more apt. I regret giving up my nokia, and luckily have a new one winging its way to me now. R.I.P. Sony Ericsson T610

Reviewed by catrcool from UK on 28th Nov 2004
I got this phone 5 day ago. This phone is the one of the best phones and I had a lot of phone before I got it. There are something wrong with it but you could always upgraded. I give this phone a 5 because of its # Overview # Design # Imaging # Entertainment # Connectivity # Specifications

Reviewed by person from UK on 28th Nov 2004
People that give this phone a bad review are #$%es. This phone is one of the more higher phones. Thank you people that give it a good review, you people are not morons. This phone is very good is its Design, Imaging, Entertainment,Connectivity.People I say that you sould get this phone A.S.A.P. I got this phone when it came out. I had a lot of phones before I got the T610. I had about 6 phones before I got it (most were camera phones).Thank you...

Reviewed by alex from UK on 27th Nov 2004
it good & nice

Reviewed by Omair from UK on 23rd Nov 2004
I just got this PHONE 4 days ago!! extremely pleased with it. Although it doesn't have as many features as my last phone.. MOTOROLA A835. but that phone weighed almost twice as much. same with hight. Camera has much more pixels than my last phone, but quite DULL! i don't know why but its alrite. Not many games.. but MOTOROLA A835 didnt have any preinstalled ones!! so i recommend this phones to others. quite GOOD! i hope this helped other 'WANTO BUY THIS' !!

Reviewed by christine from UK on 2nd Nov 2004
After owning a 3310 I fancied an update. Hmm!!! Like the display and features. Golf could keep me amused on uni field trips for a while but when it came to texting I've never been so hacked off in all my life!!!! Constantly freezes and slow to respond, but more annoyingly it picks and chooses what letters it will or won't let me select depending on it's mood and adds extra letters in!!!! Have nearly launched it at many a wall at high speed!!!! No problems with signal though but the quiet ringtones can be a pain as you have to keep checking the phone. Camera pretty wank as well! Wouldn't recomend this phone but will keep as a spare.

Reviewed by Loads of features but very poor functionality from UK on 18th Sep 2004
Whether you like this phone really depends on what you use it for. Its small stylish, and looks the part. It feels like a quality item and in that respect deserves the Sony name. The T610 is feature packed too and includes comprehensive organiser functions and both IR and bluetooth. Games are OK and you can download more but some run very slow.. If like me you use mainly a phone for calling and texting, you will be dissapointed. Reception is mediocre, I often saw the phone has lost the network whilst other people on same network have 3/5 signal! Texting is worse still as the words appear about 2 or three seconds after you've typed them. Very awkward to see if you've made a mistake. Speedy it ain't, my computer takes less time to switch on (seriously!!) and every now and then it locks up for 10 seconds and then frustratingly remembers every single key press that you've pressed (so a few wrong numbers dialed!!). Screen poor, mine broke and had some white pixels in centre, but even when new impossible to read in sunlight. The camera is of very low quality especially indoors! There is no video mode. There's no speaker phone which is annoying if you want hands free operation without the very expensive hands free kit, or to speak in a group to others! In short it looks better than it is, sony ericcsson have produced a phone that looks better than it performs. For anything but the basics this has it covered. But its so awful at the basics I just cannot recommend the phone to anybody. I nearly swapped it for a friends Nokia 3510 (a very cheap basic phone) because I was so fed up of it, but couldn't live without some of the features. Its eventually been replaced by a Sagem MY X7 which feels far cheaper but is a joy to use. Less money on style, more on substance! I'd take the sagem over the sony anytime!

Reviewed by Manoj from UK on 16th Sep 2004
Very Poor intractivity. Need so many clicks to do simple things. Can't use for long starts to hurt ur eyes. Don't like middle main button at all (not feel good to use). Good usable camera. Lots of features, nice themes and ringtones.

Reviewed by Bushwick from UK on 2nd Sep 2004
This phone has a lot of functionality, and that is all the good things I can say about it. The software is so slow that I can press keys and then watch for a couple of seconds as the phone catches up with me. The SMS input is very annoying taking numerous button presses to get the word you need. Another thing that p*sses me right off is that if I choose an alternative to a popular word (eg I type Tie instead of The) the phone will use "Tie" every time I want "The" for the next week or so meaning I have to mess about changing it every time. I could rant for pages. I will NEVER buy a Sony Ericsson product again. I'm sticking with Nokia in the future.

Reviewed by oscar from UK on 1st Sep 2004
when i first bought this phone innit i had a propper sorrow frown coz innit it kept on pausin innit! so...i went to my mummy and i cried on her lap coz it kept on pausin innit! And i mean like it was like totalli rubbush to conclude my referance to this this sony ericsson T610, i think that this phone is not, yes i said NOT a good phone therefore will not ever recommend it to ANYONE, yes anyone! p.s. it sukz totally... INNIT!! so i give this phone zero if i could but i can't cos this is batty! so ONE!!! POOR INNIT!!

Reviewed by peter andree from UK on 1st Sep 2004
hi, this is peter andree! u may have heard of me! i have this phone and sorry sony ericsson but it is a load of ozzie s**t! i really do think that it has been a waste of time! and a waste of money!!oh do u guys here like katie she's amazing!!!! anyway this phone is a worthless one!!! see you all later chaps!

Reviewed by James Schwenk from UK on 28th Jul 2004
reception? what reception?...i am on o2 and its never been this bad.

Reviewed by groober from UK on 23rd Jul 2004
excellent phone.but be aware of buying it on virgin mobile.technical problems in downloading

Reviewed by nigel from UK on 3rd Jul 2004
i have just brought this phone and i beleive it is the best phone at the market.It has absolutley everything.out of 10,i give it 15.i truly would recommend any-one to buy it

Reviewed by Bear Bear from UK on 1st May 2004
this is a great phone....

Reviewed by Mindy from UK on 7th Apr 2004
This phone is just the best, I'm so glad I got it! The picture quality is excellent, and I love the fact that your family/friends picture comes up when they ring or text you. I Definitely recommend this phone to anyone who's thinking of buying it.

Reviewed by kathy from UK on 25th Feb 2004
yep a good quality phone except that it takes about 8 clicks to send a message to someone in your phone book and after every click there is a slight delay so it takes forever... also ringtones are very quiet. Reception (on o2) has always been very good and I love the WAP/GPRS menu. Got lots of gadgets that I know i\'ll never use but it\'s nice to have them there all the same, although maybe having so much on one phone slows it down a bit? Happy enough with it though..

Reviewed by silkman from UK on 28th Jan 2004
Pros Excellent styling, excellent features, good camera, lovely screen (altho it seems to be forever dirty!)good user interface, bluetooth, quick camera access, not a nokia Cons **** games, quiet ringtones, no handsfree included with phone, but worst of all woeful reception.On O2, areas that have full signal with my old T300 have no signal at all. The number of calls dropped due to this has been unacceptable, on this point alone the phone is going back. For all of it\'s lovelyness there\'s no point in a phone with poor signal quality. Sorry SE must do better

Reviewed by Joanna from UK on 19th Jan 2004
Goodbye x1 - hello Ericsson T610!! Fantastic phone, easy to use, great features when texting. I love this phone, i wouldn\'t even go back to a nokia and they are so easy to use. Very happy with my replacement to the awful faulty x1!

Reviewed by coolio from UK on 6th Jan 2004

Reviewed by pete from UK on 1st Jan 2004
i am absolutely sick of sos calls only when i am in a full service area..i am on vodafone i have been reading there is a problem also with o2..

Reviewed by Eran from Israel on 26th Nov 2003
At my line of work, I get to handle a lot of work. I received the T610 & after working with it for half an hour I wanted to break it in anger. Ok, so it supports most current high-end phone features, but the user interface is absolutely TERRIBLE!!! - Each menu requires a different soft key press - you just don't know what to press when. - In order to define a new wap connection I had to access 3 different setting menus In conclusion: Don't buy it, go for the outstanding GX20

Reviewed by Jonny Elworthy from UK on 25th Nov 2003
NO TO X1 YES TO T610 If you are thinking which one get the T610 on o2 contract. It takes the p*** out of the X1. Outstanding phone jonnyelworthy@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Megan Imamura from USA on 24th Nov 2003
I loved this phone at first sight. Since it was free with on year contract in USA. I got it. However, I don't like it after I stuck with one-year contract. The phone has all kinds of functions but ... 1. Pictures are fuzzy. Compare to Samsung E715, t610 pic quality is very poor. 2. Ring tone is lower. My husband can't even hear it outside. He can't feel the vibration either. Samsung provides the best clear ring tones. 3. Dim screen under the sun (day-light). Poor display 4. key-lock not functional. Easy to connect by accident. 5. Weak receiptions: in the same room, all my other friends can make/receive calls except me with the tiny T610. Only one feature I will give 5 stars is its battery time. It standby almost 5 days. Maybe it's because of its dim screen and poor display pixels.

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