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Sony Ericsson T310 review

 Review: September 2003  

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: A very basic colour phone.


The Sony Ericsson T310 is the successor to the Sony Ericsson T300. The main difference between the T300 and T310 is the physical appearance of the phone. The Sony Ericsson T310 features a new squarer, slimmer design that is perhaps smarter and easier to hold than the more rounded T300. The colour scheme is also new, with contrasting colours like the T610, as opposed to the pastel colours that Sony Ericsson has used in previous phones. Build quality is very solid.

Apart from the exterior changes, the T310 is otherwise very similar to the T300, although the software has been updated, with faster response times. New games have also been made available for the T310. The Sony Ericsson T310 is a good basic multimedia phone with optional plug-in camera, polyphonic ringtones, and a changeable front cover. However, reliability and reception can be quite poor.

Sony Ericsson T310 features include:

  • Colour display (256 colours, 101 x 80 pixels)
  • WAP (GPRS), email
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD - up to 28.8 kbps)
  • Optional snap-on camera (CommuniCam™)
  • Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) & Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - send pictures and sound like text messages
  • Downloadable polyphonic & mono ringtones (32 voice), plus ringtone editor
  • Mobile chat
  • Predictive text input (T9)
  • Built-in modem
  • Voice dialling
  • Picture phone book
  • Downloadable games
  • Exchangeable covers
  • Background picture
  • Calculator, calendar
  • Size: 104 x 49 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 97g
  • Battery standby: 400 hours
  • Battery talktime: 11 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri band

Sony Ericsson T310 user reviews

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Average rating from 86 reviews:

Reviewed by Vipul Rajput from India on 30th Dec 2014
Please pick the phone.

Reviewed by Dan from Belgium on 10th Jul 2010
I hated this phone. I thought it was rubbish. I now have a much better phone, the w300i. This is a much better phone. I think you should all go and get this phone instead because the t310 is junk.

Reviewed by hrishik from india on 17th Oct 2009
i hav used the t310 n its an amazing fone....cud any1 pl help me wid the battery?? its unavailable here in india...i desperately need a battery for this phone..please contact me on my id rishikdynamo@hotmail.com awaiting ur reply

Reviewed by Praveenpv from India on 9th Feb 2009
Its a good phone. Last 6 years its with me, Still its working perfectly.

Reviewed by Klas from Sweden on 7th Aug 2008
I have the phone now for more than foyr years and still works perfect.

Reviewed by CHarlotte from u.k on 16th Sep 2007
Lmao This Is Class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by tamil vanan from india on 19th Aug 2007
i hate this mobile phone,because its pretty difficult to manage with it..i am using the mobile for 2 years ,it was working properly for 1 year but now ..i couldnt call& message no one ...i am not receiving any calls and messages.....i am very much worried with this problem,and i am sure that its the problem with handset.........

Reviewed by Vonfenel from Philippines on 12th Apr 2007
wow amzing

Reviewed by Sumit Sethi from India on 25th Jan 2007
I have been using T 310 since June 2004 and I am realy satisfied with it. I am in no mood to change it, atleast for a while. This phone has been a revolution in Basic GPRS technology of its time and the features it has are much much advanced then any other phone of its time and category. It is very reliable too.

Reviewed by DarkKnight from India on 16th Nov 2006
I have had this phone now for 5 years. I have not yet had a single problem with it. The battery is now down to daily recharge but still works fine. This is one amazing phone and I would not trade it in for anything. Just perfect for all your basic needs, and a little more. Cameras and video recorders on mobiles are just a waste anyway. I am very happy with mine.

Reviewed by ravi from UK on 19th Jul 2006
i have had this phone for about 3 years and it is still working well. the battery is great even though i accidentally spilt coke on the phone! it is still a great phone if you are looking for something very reliable.

Reviewed by Cal from UK on 30th Dec 2005
Been using this phone for about 2 1/2 years, has had problems with losing all my contacts, but the company was more than happy to sort this out even thought I had already owned the phone for over a year! Obviously now outdated but good for its time and its now cheap (i assume) price

Reviewed by Jawjaw Geez from Philippines on 18th Nov 2005
25 months ago, I bought this brick! I was contemplating on getting a T68i, a Nokia 3530 or this one. I don't know why but I ended up with this thing. I call it the missing link and just as ugly. Calls get dropped with no reason even if I change providers. Speaker slit lets in all sorts of dirt and dust. The sound is so darn soft! Can't see much in broad daylight. After I find a phone backup program this bar is history! Sony-Ericsson didn't even bother writing a driver for this thing, it is recognized as T300. ZITS! T310 is a limbo model

Reviewed by Peter from Nigeria on 4th Nov 2005
Review from Nigeria I sold my motorola c350 to get this phone. Fun phone, Funky even, but the polyphonics are dissapointingly low i hear nothing in minimally noisy areas. The infrared is nice - very compatible also the gprs is quite fast, the 256 screen is even mamageable but the low sound just totally messes it up!

Reviewed by Rony from Indonesia on 28th Oct 2005
This phone sucks, battery sucks.., display sucks.., reliability is poor. Problems were: signal loss, heat from the speaker, ugly design, no interesting additional features. I have sold this phone and bought other brand.

Reviewed by saitan from india on 23rd Oct 2005
simply good and economical

Reviewed by kurdi from indonesia on 17th Oct 2005
T310 is strong.. good sounds.. good corvereage.. good fitur for class midle.. pokoke nampol.. it's good for everyone..

Reviewed by Priyank from UK on 20th Aug 2005
+Ve: 1) Good Value for Money. One of the best Mobile of its time. 2) Battery too good. (I have this mobile for last 2 years and initially used to charge it once a week even after talking/playing on it for 6-7 hours daily, Now I charge it once 4 to 5 days, very good as compared to New hand sets of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola ... etc) 3) All the good features, GPRS, IR etc. 4) Good sound, ring tones. -Ves 1) Response a bit slow though not very slow 2) Bit Delicate, dont drop it on the floor. 3) No calendar in Tabular form.

Reviewed by d0d0 The Cracker from Ukrain on 13th Aug 2005
I have been useing this mobil phone over 2 years I found it to eazy beautfull every thing you need to talk by. he is wonderfull with the car system and it's his one problem that the screen is only 256 colors. but how ever still better than Nokia I have a lot of Photo that nokia can not open it. else the sony ericsson work better with Laptop an intrnet Conection than Nokia. and the ability with connect any dives have Ir-port. he is the best.

Reviewed by Christos Kampouridis from Greece on 7th Aug 2005
Although it's my mum's phone iuse alot because she is quite old and doesn't care about technology. It's quite a good phone with the usual demands, and a slim body. Apart from the looks it is getting quite old-fashioned. I have to say that I do have high expectations but I mean, c'mon WHO LIKES A PHONE WITH A 256 COLOR DISPLAY. You'll probably tell me that it is good enough for the average user and you're right. So that's why I'm putting three stars.

Reviewed by Becki from UK on 10th Jul 2005
I got this phone over 2 years ago and have had no major problems with it. It is of an alright quality though phones out now are MUCH better.

Reviewed by louise from philippines on 3rd Jul 2005
i asked for this phone for my birthday and now it's one of the worst regrets i have. i should've asked for a half dozen pairs of chuck taylors than 2 spend the equal amound for a brand new t310 at that time. it's a bad bad phone. bad resolution trashy camera. never had a good picture it always looks rubbish.. yeah the tones may be a bit better in melody than some but i barely hear it specially in public places. what's more, the program is too slow and the joystick won't work good 65% of the time. the keypads are small and noisy and it hurts my fingertips when i type messages. i just hate t310 it's literally just a paperweight for my mail now. i don't find it user-friendsly at all! don't buy it! i'm getting a new phone this week i can't take it anymore i'm not even selling it i'm just gonna give it to my 9-year old brother for him to play with.

Reviewed by Ariel from Singapore on 16th May 2005
this phone rawks!!!!!!!1 whoever uses this phone totally rawks n tat is true !!!!!!!!

Reviewed by SOUMITRA BISWAS from INDIA on 1st May 2005

Reviewed by Adex from Nigeria on 21st Apr 2005
These phone is a bit okay, i wouldn't say it's the best, but definetly one of tha best. I've used these phone for more than 4 months, and it hasn't developed much fault, just that it goes off by itself sometimes which oughts not to be. The battery life, Okay, but the colour display is so poor. But for a phone of it's class, it's pretty manageable. I'll award it three stars.

Reviewed by Alvin from Indonesia on 23rd Mar 2005
Bought it in early 2004 and unfortunately I cannot use it anymore due to signal loss. I tried to fix it in SE service centre. Their suggestion was to replace all the inside board and it cost me as high as the second hand T310. I'm very dissapointed with that. From some websites I know that there are some signal loss problems with SE model (T66, T600)in other countries also. Another problem with this phone (and also other SE models) is the heat created from the speaker when we talk more than a couple of minutes.

Reviewed by james from australia on 24th Nov 2004
got phone in july 2003 went fine for a while say 6 months. had a lot of fun with it at first lots of ringtones with good sound. not as customiseable. now i have the reset prob phone goes to the enter pincode screen sometimes usually in poor reception areas, but the keypad stays locked when happens. battery is getting week, does have bad reception always goes to sos calls only when i'm in full service. genrally an ok phone at first but not worth it since my contract has still 7months left.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 14th Nov 2004
I've had a T310 for just over a year now. To be honest, I've been quite dissapointed with it. Before I bought it, I had a Nokia 3310, which never broke, was robust, and easy to use. The T310, although alright overall, has had several problems. The back cover tends to fall off from the smallest touch, and because the battery automatically comes out when the back cover comes off, this turns the phone off. The phone to sim connection is poor; several times my list of contacts has been semi-deleted (the names and numbers are lost, but an undeletable blank name is left). The reception is also poor, I can't make a call from my house, and I live in south east England, so its hardly a black spot. I think that if you are considering buying this phone, you look elsewhere, perhaps at a Nokia 3510i (similar) or an upgrade to the T610.

Reviewed by paco from espaa on 29th Oct 2004

Reviewed by DJM from Australia on 26th Oct 2004
It has alot features that take time to find the www.sonyericsson.com site is mad it lets you downlode free SonyEricsson stuff for free. Like tones, games, programes ect Thanks DJM

Reviewed by Sudean from Jamaica on 25th Oct 2004
First of all i must say if you have not yet purchase a sony ericsson T310 Do Not!! No matter were in the world you go the reception is poor the camera doesn't take great pictures, the ringtones are too low,when I bought the phone the GPRS didn't work the just it shuts down by itself what I like? the shape and IR.Bottom line don't buy it.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 16th Oct 2004
I bought this phone just over a year ago and I have had no problems with it. My only gripe is that it takes a while to load the games and Hi-Fi ringtones are all the rage now. The Tony Hawk game is good, but Ace of spades is extremely additctive and there is sony ericcson's flagship game MiniGolf. Considering the phone came out last summer it still surpasses other phones which have been released since such as Siemens' entire 60series, Sony Ericsson's poor follow up T230 and many nokia phones. I love Sony Ericssons free downloadable games and ringtones. The t310 has now passed its baton onto the new k500 but the phone will probably remain as one of the best Sony Ericsson models.

Reviewed by Justine from UK on 21st Aug 2004
I have owned this phone for 8 months and I think it's OK. It's better than my previous Ericsson, but I think that the new T610 or T630 is much better. Good things about this phone: 1) great looking stylish metal case 2) joystick 3) colour screen 4) good value. Bad things: 1) reception is a bit dodgy 2) can't transfer numbers from the phone's memory to the sim card 3) ringtones are boring. This phone is pretty cheap, however, so I think that it's worth looking at if money is tight. Not a bad first mobile, and different to all the Nokias what everyone else has.

Reviewed by Arun from India on 23rd Jul 2004
had this phone for about 6 months,the signal strength (reception) is very poor where other phones show me 5 towers T310 will have 1 or 2 ,calls gets disconnected frequently, I guess if this issue is resolved T310 would be ths best since all other features are really good.

Reviewed by Joey from Netherlands on 19th Jul 2004
This phone is worthless. It has lousy reception, the joystick oftentimes refuses to work, the polyphonic ringtones sound terrible and it's impossible to delete most of 'em, the charger and/or the handsfreeset don't work because of a terrible method of connection, the phone sometimes shuts off all by itself...

Reviewed by Derek Murray from St Lucia on 10th Jul 2004
Reasonable priced for the phone's features. My only disappointment is the phone's poor reception, could be annoying.

Reviewed by Rowly from Bangladesh on 2nd Jul 2004
I would rate this as a lousiest phone. Becasue you cannot see the list of phone numbers from your sim. Nither you can enter any number directly in SIM. You can not even transfer your number form phone memory to SIM by chosing the number. It hangs up. I could find any software from the manufactures for managing Phone book for message.In last 4 years I used Nokia. This is first try with Sony Ericsson. This is pice of junk.

Reviewed by Haimanti from India on 1st Jul 2004
Sleek, feature-rich, convenient to handle, classy and affordable. And sturdy too! Mine has taken a few rough falls & survived(touchwood!) The joystick is a great feature. But it could improve on some features though. No1 -User-friendliness. Its very cumbersome to reply to sms; one has to select so many options! And sms/mms alerts are too soft to be heard. There are hardly any options for alert tunes either. But overall-GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY

Reviewed byn/a from england on 26th Jun 2004
if you are still thinking of buying this fone,dont. the picture is terrible, the charger doesn't work, the camera quality is poor,thats if it decides to work, the shape is horrible, it scratches easily and cover cannot be changed,the battery gives up after a couple of hours. There are much better fones on yhe market for its price.eg.sendo 330! If you want my tip, dont buy dis fone!

Reviewed by george from philippines on 22nd Jun 2004
i had this phone for a week now,in fact,this is my second unit coz it seems like the first one i got has a problem-i mean a problem...i dont know if it was corrupted by the seller.but honestly it got me mad wen i noticed that it only have 2games and a couple of polytones.so i opted to have a replacement for a new one-of course the same unit.wen i have it home,i explore the best outta it but to my amazement(absolutely disapppointed)it only have 3message alert tones which i cant personalized the poly ones.but anyway dats it!so far i havent gone to any problems yet hop it wont happen in the long run.ooopppsss...my concern anyway to this stuff is:i cant have the polyphonic tones supported by sony ericsson.com it seems so hard for me download it!any help for this stuff wil do and wud be gr8ly appreciated.

Reviewed by private from Canada on 1st Jun 2004
Pro: Solid build, joystick, color LCD, a lot of UI features, IR Cons: Bad reception (most important), small keys, no USB

Reviewed by Cheenu from India on 26th May 2004
Games and polyphonic tones are very good. but you don't buy phone for this. very poor built, gets automatically switched off in local trains of Mumbai. Slow software. Hangs while recording. Moreover when it started switching on & off on its own I had search for a fool to buy this f###in phone. die but don't buy this phone. if offered free, keep a backup phone.

Reviewed by Jack Daniel Forth from England on 4th May 2004
When i first got this phone it was great but then the problems started it keped on freezing the couler was poor and also the camera was rubish. Now i am asking 02 for it. IT SSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Reviewed by dANE BEDFORD from AISA on 4th May 2004

Reviewed by mikey from uk on 3rd May 2004
i got it when its technolagy was a spec and the next day the ngage came out good things its size (good as a paperwhaght) bad the rest of the thing

Reviewed by James Nethercoat from UK on 27th Apr 2004
ok, when i orderd this phone off the internet, i at first, thought to be quite good and overall a good buy. After a couple of DAYS, i receved an email telling me the charger needed to be recalled due to a preddure build up in the plud, thus being a fire hazzard. Fair enough and whithin a couple of days Sony Ericsson colected the faulty charger. that was alright but unknowingly, i would not receive a replacement charger for 4 weeks due to 'overwhelming demand for the recall part'. In this time, i was left without a telephone and ofter calling up 6-7 times finnaly received a charger. For a while my phone was alright but then, just a couple of months later my phone somtimes swiched itself off and still does today. Other problems i have had are that the screen had started to crack at the top, the battery cover comes off regularly and just recently the; 1,4,6,8 buttons and the joystick somtimes also stop working randomly. Overall, this phone aint rite good, but it does provide some fun when playing catch (with it)!

Reviewed by Rachel from Scotland on 12th Apr 2004
This is a great phone. There is a great range of ringtones and fun games. You can also cange the theme of the phone!! This phones' camera is a bit on the poor side fuzzy and bad graphics, but hey, it has a camera and u can do ace little pictures whith it. The camera is not built in which is kind of anoying. clip it on, clip it off......... the phone is a bit slow but that doesnt bother me at all. The phone has great features and i would recemend it to younger adults because of the games and the ringtones. The phone is good for every thing but phoning, it is a bit fuzzy when ur trying to speak to someone but other than that i really like this phone, a lot.

Reviewed by JEHANGIR from INDIA on 31st Mar 2004

Reviewed by Juncta Juvant from The Netherlands on 29th Mar 2004
Pros: Cheap, well built Cons: Poor screen, slow menu, manky charger, terrible reception I've had this phone for a year now, but I was very glad when I received my new phone after extending my contract. Let me explain why: Allthough the T310 feels solid enough, the volume adjuster on the side looks like it came from my Lego set. After some use the charger often fails to connect properly to the phone and the menu really is awfully slow. The screen has 256 colors, but they are not very vivid and the resolution is not great either. But the worst thing is that when I frequent areas where my operators coverage is sub-optimal, I either don't receive any calls or I lose calls in mid conversation. My friends all use the same operator as I do and they never have any reception problems in the same areas where I lose calls (of course they also don't have the T310). On the other hand, I must say that the phone was rather cheap. And I must admit I was quite impressed when it stayed in one piece after I'd thrown it out the window (only the battery cover came off). In conclusion: Avoid this phone at all cost!

Reviewed by amit malviya from india on 26th Mar 2004
To, Sony Ericsson Respected sir, I Amit Malviya, purchased Sony Ericsson T-310 from Bangalore. The IMEEI NO. 351207-71-049151-1 & serial no.00101, date of purchase is 06 june 2003. For the last three month the mobile was not functioning properly & hanged frequently. I gave to service center for repairing at Indore but after 15-20 joystick was not functioning, I again gave it to Indore . Then new problem come it automatically switch off and turn on. This problem in show to Bhopal service center on 09-03-04( Vipul moters, tawa complex bittal market mo.no 9826284169) he saying that ur mobile have to send Delhi, on 9th of this month I gave it to Mr. Vipul, right from that day he always give lame excuse to me and he didn't give standby handset to me. Last from 18 days I am suffering business losses. This is my humble request to u plz. take a appropriate action Truly Amit malviya Bhopal, M.P. Or I have to take help from consumer court

Reviewed by arlene from philippines on 7th Mar 2004
Good things: The joystick makes your life much easier though it does take some time to adjust to it - especially if you've been using Nokia phones. Calls are amazingly clear even if the network signal is weak. And despite its cheap price, it contains a wide variety of features (just check the previous page). Finally, I like its "intelligent" features such as vibrate when silent and auto keypad lock. And I found out that when you set an alarm, it will still set off even when the phone is turned off! Amazing... Bad things: Noisy keypad - here's an analogy: Samsung's and Nokia's keypad:laptop keyboard is to SE T310:typewriter. For other people, the resolution is poor. But I don't mind. Personally, I'd rather buy a real digital camera than buy the camera attachment. Why? Because pictures taken by the cheapest digital camera are way better than those by a camera phone! All in all, I find the T310 a good buy!

Reviewed by Suresh Raju from india on 1st Mar 2004
I have purchased this phone in Aug 2003 and in less than 2 months, the phone started switching off itself and requires Charger to turn it on. The phone locks up when I use the recorder. Infra red does not work. Took this phone to the service center and they reported that the motherboard is faulty and charging me for repair even though the phone is in one yr warranty - Instead I can purchase a new phone. received a bad service from them.

Reviewed by Davy from Belgium on 27th Feb 2004
Hi I 've bought a Sony Ericson T310 about 1 year ago . My question is : when can i buy the communicam for this phone . I asked it a few times to my dealer but he says that it can take a long time when it gets there , but now its a year ago and i still haven't a camera for my phone . Can someone help me please . I thank you very much ( Jedaso_387@skynet.be )

Reviewed by emily vallestero from philippines on 27th Feb 2004
Congratulations Sony Ericsson, based in my perception I considered the best mobile phone...easy, classy and affordable. Keep it up and I know you can make it to be the number 1.......More power to you and less power to them......!

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 22nd Feb 2004
My m8 has got dis fone an i tink it's v. disapointing. Da camera is c### and daa screen is c### and da fone is generally borin

Reviewed by Victor Crane from England on 22nd Feb 2004
While I agree with many of the reviews here regarding the features of the T310, I must point out what I feel to be a few of its weaknesses. From the outset I have found the phone to be a little overworked. Simple things like inputting text too quickly seem to cause my handset problems as the predictive dictionary gets about four words behind me before coming up with completely the wrong text. The handset has on several occasions crashed whilst running the games and the speed of menu navigation is unbearable as I wait for ages for the option I have selected to actually open. The phone is incredible value for money but if I'd know I'd have to sacrifice so much performance for the sake of some silly tunes that are far far too quiet and a very poor screen resolution I'd happily have stuck with my old faithful black and white Nokia. In short, you can't get Pentium 3 performance from a 486. Mind you, if you were to spend a bit of extra cash and go for the T610 you'd be in posession of a true mobile work of art.

Reviewed by Vanja from Croatia on 18th Feb 2004
Phone is fine, but there`s one thing i can`t do with the phone; how can i transfer pics from camera to my PC using the USB cable??? any help is precious.

Reviewed by Alex Burchett from UK on 8th Feb 2004
I wish I could say it was brilliant but I can't. I have had nothing but problems because my phone keeps switching itself off for no reason . The company which repairs them,Celestica,kept my phone from 1/12/03 until 21/1/04 and it is still doing the same thing.They were impossible to contact and this was the second time it had gone in for repair.It originally went in November 2003 having bought it in June.I was left without a phone all that time and am still going to have to get a new one. Sony Ericsson? I don't think so.

Reviewed by Alran Biggern from Britain on 27th Jan 2004
This cut little phone is a excellent phone for pre or full teens who want a budget,good quality camera phone. With it's cool small size & excellent feautures this little baby is not to be questioned by it's size. Just excellent value for money

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 17th Jan 2004
People talk about this and that when it comes to the Sony Ericsson T310. Some say poor graphics because of it\'s 256 (8-bit) colour screen and slow response times. Well I say this, if the screen had more colours and if it had a TFT instead of passive matrix then the price would be sky high and then it would have to contend in the high end phone market which means that less people would see the beauty of the phone\'s features because many people are not going to fork out a lot of money to buy cell phones these days. In my opinion the phone is a masterpiece considering the fact that it\'s a level entry phone which is able to compete with some high end phones. Sony & Ericsson has put a lot of work into the screen despite the small amount of colours. The majority of the graphics are clear, especially downloaded pictures which is surprising for a 256 colour screen. If you people want to criticise then complain about Nokia\'s worthless 3530 which has 4096 colours and shows picture! s horribly. I have compared many photos and animated pictures with a SE-T310 (256 colour screen) and the Nokia 3530 (4096 colour screen) and the Nokia 3530 CAN\'T come close. Surfing the web on the SE-T310 is beautiful compared to many other phones as well, WAP 2.0 is tuff. I won\'t even get into the SOUND SYSTEM area where SE-T310 has a 32 channel/chord/tone polyphonic system whereas other level entry phones AND HIGH END phones only feature a 4/8/16 channel/chord/tone (most Nokias has 4 channels, only the series 60 comes with 24 channels)polyphonic system. Whatever the case, the fact that most high end and really expensive phones doesn\'t go up to 32 channels like the Nokia 7650 & 3650 which has 24 channels, the Sony Ericsson is the best phone you could get a such a giveaway price. The gaming platform is also one of the best. People, need I say more ???

Reviewed by Mati from UK on 17th Jan 2004
Ten Things I Hate About This Phone: 1) Low screen resolution. 2) Can\'t change the volume level. 3) Can\'t change screen savers. 4) Can\'t change message alert tone. 5) Can\'t delete pre-installed items. 6) Short battery life. 7) Limited memory. 8) Sound Recoreder volume is not much loud. 9) No new good themes and games to download. 10) Not much user freindly ( but i can used to any brand of phones). Ten Things I Like About This Phone: 1) It\'s Cute and unique colors. 2) Not common in our country. 3) It\'s colored. 4) It has themes. 5) it has phone/message memory. 6) It\'s syncronized. 7) Accessory ready. 8) It has organizer. 9) Superb sound (because its SONY). 10) MMS/gprs/sms/sync capable.

Reviewed by anja from serbia and montenegro on 2nd Jan 2004
perfect phone for that price,outstanding phone

Reviewed by Alexander from Canada on 28th Dec 2003
This little phone is amazing! The colour screen makes all other new phones look like junk. The games and ringtones are great. I love the free Composer program because I can write my own ringtones. The only problem with it is that the ringtones are a little bit quiet but you can turn it up. The phone has an excellent design and it easy to hold. The enclosed battery is very attractive. My friends are all jealous of me and my T310. I recommend this great cell phone to all young teens like myself just because it is colourful and fun. Also, the batteries last an incredable length of time so you don't have to charge it very often.

Reviewed by Sreekanth P from India on 26th Dec 2003
The phone is very good. I am writing the problems in the phone. 1. Quick Dialing. When you change/add a number for quick dialling, it forces you to copy the entire phone book on the phone memory to sim card. As a result, the advantage of additional 250 numbers on sim is lost. 2. Insert No/Name in SMS. This is a feature which I miss a lot. Now you have to go to manage contact and send it. It is not stored even in out box. 3. Insert no in sms. You need to hold the number key for few seconds, then the number appears. I dont think it has been documented. 4. Infrared - The internet connection(GPRS) through infrared is very slow when compared to Cable. 5. Call from sim/phone memory: This option is missing. So if you have more than 250 numbers, then u need to go to 'call from sim' option every time.

Reviewed by dilly from UK on 15th Dec 2003
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if i could go below 1 star i wud the only thing decent on the whole phone iz the ring tone calle nightwalk.ive had a few month now any 1 who reads this DONT BUY IT ITS A WASTE OF MONEY my personal opinion go and buy da sagem myx-6 much beter fone n camera.DONT BUY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Aiden from United Kingdom on 5th Dec 2003
this is by far the coolest phone in the entire world... even more so than the disappointingly ugly T-610. The games are great, i've had no problems with the volume of the ringtones or fragility. if you are wondering whether or not to buy this handset... just look at the other consumer reviews! (it's easily better than the 3-star rating given by the site)

Reviewed by Becky from United Kingdom on 5th Dec 2003
Funky fone, cool, buy it!!!!

Reviewed by Liam from United Kingdom on 5th Dec 2003
All you non-T-310 owners are unaware of what you are missing! But i shall forgive you for you know not what you do.

Reviewed by Dange tyruis from Japan on 29th Nov 2003
I got the phone yesterday and it is excellent. It's attractive and very clever and interactive. Only problem is the fact that the ringtones are a bit quite. But it is great and i think it beats the expensive samsung flip phones. :)

Reviewed by Marj from Philippines on 26th Nov 2003
This unit is amazing. In comparison to other phones in its category, the T310 is way ahead in its class. Feature for feature, this phone gives the consumers the best value for money. The color display and resolution is decent enough for a small phone and takes pictures well which looks even better when downloaded to your laptop or pc (better than Nokias in this category). I also beamed polyphonic ringtones from the T310 to my Nokia 6610 & 3650 and to be honest, the files sound better on the T310. Overall, I would recommend this phone. It is reasonably priced, handy, stylish and packed with features that is hard to beat. :)

Reviewed by Klengz from Philippines on 17th Nov 2003
I think the phone is really good especially when it comes to its battery and calls.It very crisp and clear. The design is also but the downside is it resolution but when you upload it on email its a lot better than photos taken with nokia phone except high end nokia phone. I think the phone is really good for people who's hip.

Reviewed by Dylan from Australia on 10th Nov 2003
This phone is great value for money, but my main problem is the polyphonic ringtones are way too quiet. If I'm at a party or a remotely noisy room, i can't hear a thing.

Reviewed by Lana from Canada on 3rd Nov 2003
i got this phone yesterday and its been great... itss fun and it makes calls and recieves them just like any other phone so i cant complain there. b4 i bought it i read a lot of reviews saying its slow but really its not... u cant expect a little tiny phone jampacked with stuff to jump from screen to screen at the speed of light. its not slow at all and ive already got a couple ringtones downloaded off a friend via IR ... n e way so far so good id recommend this phone 4 sure

Reviewed by Vinod from UK on 23rd Oct 2003
I had this model for the past one & a half month, It has all the ingredients to be a very successful phone. It deserves for 5 stars. It is having so decent look which impress any person standing near to you, moreover the presentation of predefined birthday, invitation,etc templates are so impressive that the reciever of these templates will plan to buy this phone only, also it is having dolby surrounding sound which nokia phones don\'t have.

Reviewed by Jason L from Australia on 17th Oct 2003
I have bought this phone recently and i am more than impressed with it for $389 dollers it has a a good resoulution but the 256 (8 bit) colors could be boosted to a 4096 (12 bit) the joystick is a breeze to speed through the menus. I also got a clip on camera with the phone its it good resoulution 640x380 for mms or email but the phones 256 colors doesnt look to colorful enough. The 32 bit polyphonic ring tones a frigen good compared to most nokias i was impressed. the phone has a good battery with over 400 hours standby and 11 hours talktime compared to the nokia 3530 wich is like 100 hours standby. The only problem I have with this phone and heaps of other phones is the phone U.I is a bit slow like i press a botton and it comes up on the screen a bit later. I recomened this phone to teenagers because they take it to school and there all got a 3315 and there like so jelouse if they see you with a t310.

Reviewed by Jason L from UK on 17th Oct 2003
I have Had this phone for 1 month now and I am very impressed with it of what it can really do for a 300 doller phone the only thing that let the 5 star down was the U.I is a little bit slow so when i press buttons it doesnt come up on the screen straight away. recommended for teenagers

Reviewed by mrhS from India on 12th Oct 2003
got this phone recently. real value for money. the battery gives a decent performance(4-5 days avg.). build quality is also above par. the buttons give excellent tactile feedback ( for a sms junky like me, typing away at lightning speeds ) though they need a little 'push'. great contrasting colour screen despite only 256 colours. pop client and all. sony ericsson claim availability of changeable style-up covers ( face-plates ), but i haven't been able to find one here yet ( it's available on ebay though ) talk about support! even sony showroom doesn't have it. of course we don't expect 'nokia-ish' following for T310, but they should at least make available what they claim. the screen is slightly bulging, and a rough handler like me would make it ask for replacement within a few months of use. all in all a really good choice. much much more value than a similarly priced nokia.

Reviewed by ami from india on 11th Oct 2003
the best fone availble for cheap cost... and many facilities are available at low cost compare with the other brands,,

Reviewed by andrew hardy from india on 9th Oct 2003
i sold my motorola c350 just for this phone dudes .....l.and i must say this is an awesome baby ...which i always wanted.its light small and has a camera attachment.which is better than the huge 3650 and 7650 ,,,hahahah

Reviewed by jacob from england on 21st Sep 2003
the t310 is the best cheap phone there is

Reviewed by Abhishek from India on 16th Sep 2003
Bought the phone recently. PErforming well on all features. The thing which i dont like in is that battery charging status light on its top. it would have been better had the light been a service light rather than what it is now.

Reviewed by Saikat Deb from Zanzibar on 5th Sep 2003
I replaced my samsung with T310. The it is a great little phone with a daam easy way to navigate the menus. All the features including the resolution of the screen is great. The battery time is pretty good (if you dont use the phone for playing games all the way) I have not found any problem with it (:) i have little time to play). The two features that i found unacceptable are the buttons, they are not smooth and dont feel solid. It seems they will comeoff. Hope sony changes it. In addition the ringtones are no way close to samsung.

Reviewed by Sandeep from India on 6th Aug 2003
I bought this phone for USD $ 200 in India. Overall phone is good and comes up with bundeled software at very acceptable price. Battry is also nice, in average working conditions it holds upto 4-5 days. Only problem which i have seen is that while using heavy wallpapers and theames, navigatition through menu becomes little sluggish. Overall a cute-nice phone at excellent price.

Reviewed by priyanka patra from india on 4th Aug 2003
agreeing with the review that rates the sony ericsson t310 as excellent,i hitch at a very vital point that must be considered in rating any advanced cellular phone - its battery life.the battery life of the mentioned model is disappointingly short and hence i changed my mind to rate it at just good instead of an excellent.

Reviewed by Robert Bellamy from UK on 30th Jul 2003
When I bought the T310, it came in a box with the handset, standard charger and the MCA-25 camera. It cost me 89 on Orange 'Pay as you go' at www.cyren-communications.co.uk When I first turned on the phone it showed an animated sony ericsson logo and then by pressing the joystick the menu appeared. It wasent an ordinary menu, all the icons were displayed at the same time. From here I could go into: - Phone book, messages, calls, fun & media, settings, communications, calender and other connection settings. I found it easy to browse the menus and texting was easy with T9 and the easy to press keys. When I used the camera it was decent in good light but the quality was below average in normal light conditions such as a room. It only features a 256 colour screen, but its good enough for quick snap shots to send via mms and email. The main features were: - Coloured Screen Picture Messaging Good Memory to download ringtones etc 32 bit Polyphonic Ringtones The only disadvantage was the 256 colour screen but do you really need a 70,000 colour screen just to send a quick snapshot? = NO The size was normal, compared to the Nokias its quite small but its larger than the latest flip phones. I recommend this phone to anyone who wants a phone with loads of features at a budget price. If you want a phone to take professional photos, then buy the Samsung V200. But for fun, get the T310.

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