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Sony Ericsson T300 review

 Review: February 2003  


In a nutshell: A very basic phone.


The Sony Ericsson T300 is a basic phone with some similarities to the Sony Ericsson T68i. Like the T68i, the Sony Ericsson T300 has an optional plug-in digital camera, similar looks and user interface and a colour display. However, it also has polyphonic ringtones, a changeable front cover, a refined keypad, although it lacks high-end features like Bluetooth™.

Despite good features and an excellent battery life, the T300 cannot be recommended as it is known to have a number of software and reliability problems - not a phone that can be relied upon.

Sony Ericsson T300 features include:

  • Colour display (256 colours)
  • WAP (GPRS), email
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD - up to 28.8 kbps)
  • Optional snap-on camera (CommuniCam™)
  • Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) & Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - send pictures and sound like text messages
  • Downloadable polyphonic & mono ringtones, plus ringtone editor
  • Mobile chat
  • Predictive text input (T9)
  • Built-in modem
  • Voice dialling
  • Picture phone book
  • Downloadable games
  • Exchangeable covers
  • Background picture
  • Calculator, calendar
  • Size: 106 x 48 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Battery standby: 400 hours
  • Battery talktime: 11 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Tri band

Sony Ericsson T300 user reviews

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Average rating from 119 reviews:

Reviewed by qazihamza from UK on 13th Jan 2011
very bad set i request nobody buy it

Reviewed by Sandra from UK on 14th Dec 2008
I got my T300 in May 2005, and I've never had a moment's problem with it. I once dropped it onto a hard pavement. The back flew off and the insides fell out. I thought it was done for, but I put it back together and it worked perfectly. Then there was the time I dropped it down the toilet.... Okay, it's not sophisticated but it's perfectly servicable for calls and texts. I've used the camera occassionally when shopping to remind myself of something I might want to buy, but that's about all I've used it for. I'm very happy with it. (And, it's so dated now that it won't get stolen!)

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 25th Oct 2008
I bought this phone in 2004, ever since had been working excellently untill stolen on the 15th of October, 2008. I'll like to have one again.

Reviewed by pod from UK on 14th Oct 2008
i needed a phone that my mum could use just to make calls and recieve calls. i brought one of these on ebay. my mum loves it. she says it's so light and easy to use. she's even learnt to txt. a great phone if you don't want a heavey all singing all dancing one. and there cheap and reliable. cheers.

Reviewed by chris from UK on 4th May 2008
i found this phone quite good but it was the camera what let me down the most XD

Reviewed by neilboi from UK on 14th Nov 2007
this is a rubbish phone it has a rubbish display, rubbish camera, its slow cant do anything with it i mean your not gonna carry round with you a camera and a phone the only good thing about it is the battery life. the infared is rubbish. i do not recommend it dont even think of buying it

Reviewed by Max from UK on 5th Aug 2007
T300 is a great phone. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Ernest from Naples, Italy from UK on 5th Jun 2007
I have this phone since May 2003. Never gave me any problems. Never changed battery since. I used it on travels to the USA, West Africa and Europe and never had problems with reception. I love it although I have not used the camera much.Its an awesome product.

Reviewed by Power from UK on 5th May 2007
To je m?j mobílek: I love you!!!

Reviewed by FAISAL SAGHEER JANJUA FROM PAKISTAN from UK on 26th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Johnny from Greece on 28th Mar 2005
I have this phone for 2 years.The reason I bought it was the fact that I wanted a mobile with camera.The result of that was rather disappointing. The reason?The 8-bit (256 colours) colour screen of course.When after a while I bought an IR device for my PC and transferred the images I had taken with my T300,I felt better,cause they were clear enough and well for an external camera.The IR device was an opportunity to discover the real multimedia functions this blue (the colour of my T300) brick has.Searching through the internet,I downloaded many pics,themes,midi melodies and games free charge. Programms for making your own themes, making MMS made me very happy and proud about my choice buyin' this phone.You can use it as a modem too.The composer has also fun.You can make a melody using effects,which is an innovation.The SMS counter is also practical.Mesagges are not limited by the sim card.The phone has memory to save about 67 messages apart from the phone book and multimedia memory.Navigating the menus using numbers is a nice surprise.For example,pushing the joystick once and then the buttons 2,1,1 you can write an sms etc.I think it's faster and better than at Nokia phones. I didn't have any problem such turning off by itself as many people say here.It is also a robust phone.It has fallen several times but it still works fine. On the contrary,though,many problems or silly functions this phone has,make me frustrated.The first I've noticed is that you don't have direct access to the sim card,which means that every new phone number you save,it is saved in the phone memory and you can't copy it to the sim card.If you want to do a master reset,every phone number which is not in the sim card will be deleted.Thank god there is an option for copying ALL ( :-( ) contacts from phone to the sim card. Another point is that after a missed call there is no option for sending an sms to the phone number you missed it's call (if the phone number is saved in the phone or sim card memory).My Nokia 3310 had that option and I loved it.Yes,I agree.This phone is as slow as an elephant,independently if the memory is full or not.Midi melodies sound good,but are a bit quiet even if the volume is at the highest level.The SMS alert is the worst tone my ears have ever heard.The sound is damned.If you choose " click " instead of tone there is no vibration.Why??I wish It had more memory for games themes and sounds and a calendar.T68i and T310 have a calendar and more memory for multimedia(about 1Mb).Why not and the T300?I know the 13 seconds trick but 603 kb are not enough.The battery life isn't so good although a friend of mine has the same and he charges it every week.When I'm at a place with no signal,after a while appears the initial screen to give the pin number. The most lunatic,though,is that sometimes when I push"down" the joystick, the number 6 appears on screen.Similarly "right" appears 9 or 3.A big problem if you navigate the menus and you push "right" and you choose the number 3 choise of the menu.The reception occasionally is not good indeed.I think it's a bit big for some pockets.The led is useless.I cannot understand why at the option " status" there is the following information: Model: T300.Ok Sony Ericsson,we are not dummy. We know which model we have bought.Silly info!The conclusion:This phone has many good features,but besides has many mistakes.Unless you want the highest technology on your mobile and you don't want to pay too much money,let T300 be one of your choises although K500i is far better and is also cheap enough. I sometimes get angry with it,but I still love it.

Reviewed by Lewis Palmer from England on 25th Mar 2005
this little phone is quality stuff, even had a laugh or two messing around with the infra red linking it to my sisters laptop it's funny that the people saying it's rubbish can't spell, they're probably 14 year old townies. personally, phones with built in cameras are rubbish anyway, why'd you buy one if you could get a digital camera cheap enough any. i bought this phone of ebay and am enjoying having it, good vibration quality as well

Reviewed by Halim from Indonesia on 23rd Mar 2005
Very dissapointing phone I got, the battery is weak, display is poor, like other sony ericsson handsets, the speaker is very hot if I talk more than 3 mins, reception is weak, sometimes I have to go outside the building to get better reception, and the software is too slow to respond.

Reviewed by GoGoBear from Greece on 21st Mar 2005
It is by far the best phone for ages! Battery is awesome. Amazing size. Sound, loud and clear. What else do you expect from a mobile? MMS? It has it! T9? It has it! Poly Sounds? Let me see... It has it! As for all you geniuses, don't forget that it was on circulation since June 2002, and even if my 7610 (Nokia) and my Z1010 (S.E.) stand proud in my hand, this is my Benjamin and loving companion!!! Nikolas p.s. By the way, Mophun games are real fun!

Reviewed by Chris from chan on 6th Mar 2005
Great phone with great functions. Who cares if other people say that this phone is cr*ppy, a moble phone is built for recieving and answering phone calls, not for taking pictures with. It has most of the functions you need, like WAP, GPRS, HSCSD, infrared, Tri-band, MMS and downloadable games. By the way, this phone's durability is excellent, after dropping it out of my 10th floor house down to the pavements. At the end, it still works perfectly (except for some few scatches).

Reviewed by wassy from Aust on 26th Feb 2005
this phone sucks. it deserves to be thrown into a pit or hit by a sledgehammer. nokia 3220 is what im looking! get it not this piece of ####!!

Reviewed by Rupesh from UK on 4th Feb 2005
Lets be honest this hasnt got many things for the phone expert - no camera (built in, the clip on is poor anyway!) no bluetooth no video playback no music playback....etc but as a bog standard mobile phone, with colour screen its pretty damm good. the battery life is great - if you just leave it on in your pocket or bag, it lasts about a week. pretty reliable and sturdy (can and has withstood a few drops onto the floor)

Reviewed by matt from nz on 29th Jan 2005
its awesome

Reviewed by Kirsty from Australia on 18th Jan 2005
I bought phone about 6 months ago because it sounded really good (my first colour and polyphonic phone) i hate it! ringtone is way to quiet i never answer calls because i cant hear them i have to return my missed calls all the time! the colour and the camera are pathetic! i dont even try to use the camera. the battery has stuffed up a few times and the phone turns itself off aswell. also have issues with the memory i have 2 downloaded tones saved and cant receive anything else saying memory full! dony bother im getting rid of it and buying a nokia!

Reviewed by sd from uk on 15th Jan 2005
I got this phone for £100 thinking i was getting off with a decent bargain. I was wrong. The quality of the clip on camera is embarrasing. I can't beliee they have the cheek to cal it a camera. Sluggish, boring, ugly. I mad a mistake and will never do it again.

Reviewed by Mawuko from Ghana on 13th Jan 2005
I have used this phone for about 8 months now and have no problem at all with it. Battery life is good, im able to send and recieve tones, picture etc through IR, reception is perfect. The only problem i have it the colour, the 256 colour does not really make picture look nice, but hey, who cares about picture. The phone is good for me. Its simple and its very durable. It has dropped from a car on concrete for about 5 times and its still working perfectly. Go for it guys, but if you want a fancy phone, dont try this one.

Reviewed by Jarom from US on 17th Dec 2004
I have only had minimal problems, like: It doesn't always call when i press the call button after i enter a phone number in, and it randomly turns of from time to time, but not often enough to have any major complaints. i'll still give it a 5/5

Reviewed by shahzada jehangir from UK on 7th Nov 2004
Shahzada JEhangir Says the phone is very cute and compacti was hating on nokias but i fond out sonye and nokia are friends. the phones pictures are very clear and neat.it does freeze but i still like it when u master reset the phone it resets everything.have questions for me about sony.e t300 email me at shahzadjehangir@yahoo.com buy the phone its great. my friends and cousins got nokias and samsumgs but their jelious of my phone.if u aint riding with sony e then go get a refund on your money

Reviewed by Marc from Belgium on 26th Oct 2004
I hate the menus. Before I had a T29. Sending an sms was done in 2 steps. With T300, after typing the text, I have to perform 7 (seven!) steps before the message leaves.The whole menuconcept is slow, too much steps and confirms to get where you want. I hate my T300 for this. The exterior warning led is only used for low battery, why not for incoming sms etc.? Now you allways need to unlock first to see if one has arrived. The autolock only works on the main screen. It should also work on other actions after a certain time. Nevertheless, after 15 months, no repairs and a very good battery.

Reviewed by Evo from england on 25th Oct 2004

Reviewed by Martyn from England on 14th Oct 2004
If there was the option i would give this phone 0 stars. Its the slowest phone i've ever used which suddenly catches up and u realise u've go onto the wrong menu. The buttons are too small and hard to press. Screen quality is poor, only 256 colours, clip-on camera is a waste of time, it'd b quicker to draw the picture urself than waiting for the image to refresh. Overall a very poor phone.

Reviewed by Melaniw from Canada on 7th Oct 2004
YAH THIS PHONE IS FREAKING OUTSTANDING.....if you happen to be the only person in the bloody universe who can get the thing to work without a hitch. My delightful T300 oh how I love thee... Your constant visits to the Sony Ericsson Service Department. Your determanation not to keep a charge...even when you were hooked up to the charger for 12 hours, or I buy you a new battery, and two weeks later it explodes, breaking your ugly blue faceplate. God knows if you'll ever turn on again. I will miss your low ring tones, and your speaker that blew three months after I bought you. I'll miss paying that 40 dollar bill to rogers, for the six times I got to use you a month, you were in service oh so much after all. I'll miss your ugly plane design, and how u freeze. Ill miss the SMS that never go through. OH T300 such memories we shared. I think I need some time to greive. Perhaps while iim in the car, on my way to buy a nokia, or some bettter quality phone...

Reviewed by peter from australia on 24th Aug 2004
A followup from last message - my phone has been in repair for the 6th time for a quiet earpiece and now they refuse to repair it due to "fluid ingress" into the phone - it's never been droppped into any fluid but if you look at the bottom of the phone there is a 0.5mm gap between the top clip on cover and the connector strip. So if you had a sweaty hand and answered your phone it's highly likely a bead of sweat would get in and corrode the contacts on the circuit board which seems to have happened to mine - VERY POOR product design, avoid like the plague.

Reviewed by tim from uk on 10th Aug 2004
looks good but isn't. problems are text alert is far too quiet even when turned up full. i have missed loads of texts simply because unless you are recieving them in bed in the middle of the night the text alert is inaudable. setting up email is impossible. no really it is. very easy to scratch screen. will never buy another sony erricson phone

Reviewed by Abz from United Kingdom on 21st Jul 2004
I bought my Sony-Ericsson T300 last summer (2003) when photo phones were relatively new. I think the phone itself it fantastic, if a little slow sometimes to turn on (because i have so much memory!) - it has quite a lot of space on it, which means i am able to store about 80 text messages! Which is great, because i am a very heavy texter! Not only does the phone work well, but it looks very smart aswell! (red) which i like. However, the main feature, that i bought the phone for was the camera - i found this slightly dissapointing, because the picture quality is not too good, but in the right light, the camera can be fine! I have stored a lot on it, but tend not to take photos anymore, because it is such a hassle taking the camera attachement round with me! (grr!) I am so glad i have bought the phone though, i have not had any problems with it what so ever, i bought it for £100 from Phones4u, which i think was definitely worth it! It is a fab phone! I don't think it was intended for teenagers; and is more of a young adult phone! It rocks! I don't have anything bad to say about it! ~Laters!~

Reviewed by Lynda Royle from United Kingdom on 20th May 2004
I have had my T300 for nearly one year. It has broken down three times. The guarantee period is nearly up and I am tired of making that dreaded trip to (Argos)going through the whole story again and waiting 2-3 weeks whilst it goes away to the "phone doctor". After it has been repaired I wait for it to break down again. My confidence is nil. I have put it away in a drawer and one day when I am strong enough I will take a hammer to it! I never want to see it again. Problems experienced? Could not make calls, could not send messages, could not download ringtones, could not download anything! And yes the joystick would stick! The camera was OK but not brilliant.

Reviewed by cassie from South Africa on 19th May 2004
When I bought the phone, it was a unique design. White phone with a trendy blue face, staring you in the ear when you make and recieve calls. Excellent battery power. But a couple of problems with the phone, it freezes now and again and shuts down calls, then the battery must be removed to start up again. Another problem is that the phone gets extremely slow when the phone memory get's near full capacity. The joystic is not working very good. it's not responding, i must get it fix. Well it is the only affordable cellphone with this good looks, exept display and sound clarity. It's much better than the nokia 3510i. You musn't compare this phone with bmw 7 or 5 series phones, in South africa this phone is cheaper than 3510i, and has infrared and built in email and modem support, that the nokia 3510i don't have at all.

Reviewed by NONE from Canada on 8th May 2004
it is great there is nothing wrong with it, it is perfect. I LOVE IT

Reviewed by Samantha from USA on 4th Apr 2004
IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Andrew Fry from England on 3rd Apr 2004
My ex- bought this phone for my daugther in the US. It was OK for a few months, but then things started to go wrong ... eg it would scroll through menus or menu items by itself, and it was not possible to stop it. Numerous other problems, such as not ringing/responding occasionally. Summary ... nice looks and compact ... but unreliable. Not recommended.

Reviewed by Rhian from uk on 20th Mar 2004
Ive bought this mobile from the carphone warehouse for £49.99.Why i bought this t300 is because i needed a new phone i got bored with the nokia 3410 i like the T300 its got great colour screen, polophonic tones and great games and the main thing about the T300 is that it has a cute feature on the front.The bad thing about the T300 is that the volume is quiet and the clip on camera is a little slow its like a web cam!. Sony Ericcsson makes good mobiles even if it has some problems with there phones.

Reviewed by peter from australia on 19th Mar 2004
The phone was fine for the first few months and then started having problems with the earpiece being very quiet, it has now been in for repair 3 times with the same problem. Not to mention numerous times the phone freezes during a call or turns off by itself both necesestaing removing the battery to resart the phone. Also have problems with the joystick navigator button which seems very inconsistent - sometimes have to push the joystick very hard to make it work. I do like the battery life i get out of the phone but thats about it Would not recommend, due to poor build quailty it wouls seem

Reviewed by davia black from the bahams on 14th Mar 2004
the phone is very cute and compacti was hating on nokias but i fond out sonye and nokia are friends. the phones pictures are very clear and neat.it does freeze but i still like it when u master reset the phone it resets everything.have questions for me about sony.e t300 email me at glamangel123@yahoo.com. buy the phone its great. my friends and cousins got nokias and samsumgs but their jelious of my phone.if u aint riding with sony e then go get a refund on your money

Reviewed by Tom from England on 13th Mar 2004
All Listen up!! most of you saying this mobile is bad well am sorry to say but its a vary great outstanding mobile and what iv done 2 it i can tell you now its 1 of the best mobiles out ok i can fix mobiles as i work in a shop where they fix mobiles and beleave me i know a lot about this mobile and ofters i no where secret things are on the phone and lots more well iv had my Sony Ericsson T300 for about 3 years now and i can say its great i think its best as iv put a the T610 chip in so it gives me more memmory and now iv got 2 mb that will do me and iv sent the colour chip over 2 this phone from a new T630 and now the colour on this mobile is so good only thing is i have to link me cam on it every time but listen up its not the cam that makes the colour bad its only the phone its self that got bad built in colour but now my T300 has got good colour as iv took it out of a new T630 and is now vary good colour so all i can say is dont bin your T300 keep it and see if you can g et someone 2 do a update on it like iv done TOM!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by matt ford from England on 11th Mar 2004
The phone is good with the standerd of the ringtones but the camra that is attached at the bottom of the phone is tacky!! if you dont want to take many pictures this phone is for you.

Reviewed by Phone sucks from Usa on 10th Mar 2004
This phone was great when i first got it. Then about a month and a half later it started dropping called, freezing up, and turning itself on and off. When it freezes you half to take out the battery and then wait for about 2 minutes before you can even go to your phone book. The internet is slow, and takes forever to log off of it. I have missed several calls because the ring tones are not loud enough. I am upgrading to a samsung e105 just for having the phone for less than 3 months. take my advice.....DONT BUY IT!!!

Reviewed by ??? from UK on 6th Mar 2004
This phone is da worst phone iv ever seen . ive had it 4 8 months now. it freezes . no memmory what so ever. no bluetooth. infared piece broke 3 times on case. i hate this phone. only 1 good point it aint half hurts sum1 when u throw it.

Reviewed by cassie from USA on 29th Feb 2004
Hate the phone, on my second replacement. phone turns off on its own. Cuts off during calls. Often doesnt make outgoing calls, even in full reception. Often get a voicemail when i never got a call. slow to load, often locks up

Reviewed by Drema Pyles from United States on 20th Feb 2004
I like the phone; however, I'm on my fourth replacement. For some reason, the connections at the bottom of the phone keep breaking. It seems to work fine for a couple months, then all of a sudden the home charger, car charger, camera and hands-free headpiece just stop working - they can't make the connection any longer. I also think the onscreen photo quality is pretty lousy. T-Mobile keeps trying to get me to replace the phone with a newer model - only they would like me to pay the total price for the upgrade! Why should I pay for an upgrade when I've already paid for this one - they should replace it with one that works properly. After my annual contract is completed, I think I'm going to another company, maybe Nextel - they have a great camera phone.

Reviewed by paul from USA on 20th Feb 2004
Hate the phone. it's slow. it freezes. it turns on and off on its own. no memory. bad resolution and colordepth. bad reception. hardly customizable. if you get a phone call while your doing something else on the phone, the phone will dedicate keystrokes to the phone call before you even get notified of a call, its just stupid. the phone infuriates me, i've come very close to smashing it on the ground several times. i never had a bad temper till i got this phone. this phone has taken years off of my life. i blame it for my high cholesterol.

Reviewed by shyiera from U.S on 20th Feb 2004
This phone outstanding! THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO SAY.

Reviewed by luke from england on 16th Feb 2004
its an ok phone good colour screen on it but the camera is not to good i would say try to avoid this mobile you will get very very bored of it c##p games aswell!! luke!!

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 1st Feb 2004
I had this phone for six months and I though it was great to start with. Polyphonic ringtones were great but very soon i got extremely bored of it. I had to get it changed to the nokia 7250i. The problem with this phone is that 256 colours on any phone is pathetic! Secondly because there is only nine menu options i got very bored of the T300. Also the reception it disgraceful. I am really glad i got rid of it.

Reviewed by from UK on 26th Jan 2004
i was bitterly dissappointed with this phone. The quality of the photos are very poor and i found that the battery didn\'t last long. i would strongly advise you not to purchase this model!

Reviewed by John Peat from Scotland Glasgow on 22nd Jan 2004
I love and hate this phone. I was 1 of the first to have it on the T-Mobile network when it arrived in the UK. It won't send MMS for 4 months of the year Jan-May and it gets a very week signal. I still like it, the menu features are great connects to my PC downloads pictures. Its great but just having all the problems the rest of the guys on this page are having and T-Mobile never told me that there was a firmware update for 12 months while under warranty, so much for network support, so I canceled the contract and took my number and went Pay As You Go haven't got any idea think ill stay PAYG for a while get the phone Firmware updated complain to T-Mobile, Oftel and Sony Ericsson and see what happens probably nothing. Firm ware update see a company called Celestica in Telford, England

Reviewed by Shaun from on 14th Jan 2004
Utter junk! This phone freezed the first time i turned it on! Then it started to make phone calls by itself all night and cost me mega bucks. If you plugged in the camera, it froze, it has slow key responses, the ringtones are quiet and you can hardly hear them. The games dont work properly and are very slow. DONT buy this phone, it is rubbish! This puts a disgrace on sony's very good name! This phone has been replaced and serviced so many times I have lost count and still wont work! SONY ERICSSON, WHAT'S GOING ON? I SUGGEST YOU BUY A NOKIA 7250I! This is what I wanted to buy in the first place. I now have one of these in my hot little hands and it works gr8! Thanks NOKIA!

Reviewed by Luke Slight from UK on 11th Jan 2004
The phone is complete pants. It freezes it turn itself on and off. The picture quality is rubbish. You can barely hear it ring cos the tone are so quiet. It is so unreliable and is a waste of time. My advice try Nokia or Samsung!

Reviewed by josh from on 10th Jan 2004
rubish avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by josh from UK on 10th Jan 2004
rubish aviod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by liamdaly from united kingdom on 4th Jan 2004
Hi There a just need some help off any of you as am going to buy this Sony Ericsson T300 with the manual,camera,case for camera and the phone all for £30 and its on Vodafone but it is second hand but with a new case on the phone and it looks new but its not so I need your help am I getting a good bargain or am I not and can you please tell me some things about it has it got any problems on it as my old phone did have a lot i had a Panasonic gd67 so should I keep my old one or get this one I need your help ok please email me on liamdaly@epals.com or leave me a review on this site I would be great full if you could email me as its better for me ok please help me thank you.

Reviewed by a nokia fan from uk on 29th Dec 2003
I had the phone for 1 day. I tried it out in the orange shop where it seemed to have decent picture quality but when i got home it all went downhill. The worst ever picture quality and it wouldnt send pics to an e-mail address. I took it back to the shop where over-night the price had gone down by £30. I traded it for a nokia 3510i which didnt have a camera. Now its 9 months later and have ordered a nokia 7250i. I will never leave nokia again.

Reviewed by Izzy from UK on 28th Dec 2003
Oh my god phone is utter tat. I loved it when i first got it, it was different to any other phone on the market, and it seemed exciting. That was until it started going wrong. It was slow, it freezes, it forgets stuff, it calls people, it sends random messages to people . . . need i go on? Dont buy this phone if you want a reliable phone, that also looks good. I am taking it in to be repaired, then i am selling it. Now i have a new phone, nokia 7250i and it is brilliant. Everything that the T300 is not, and could never be. This is the best phone ever, its everything i wanted from the T300, but never got.

Reviewed by stu from england on 26th Dec 2003
i think the phone is a waste of money my camera doesnt work i cant download games and i deleted a game and cant get it back im trying to save up for a new phone. i know ill never get this phone again. i wish i never bought it in the first place.i got it cos it had a camera but that doesnt work.

Reviewed by Joey from UK on 24th Dec 2003
The phone rules! I bought mine when they first came out in the uk. I think that people who moan about the camera obviously havent tried the new MCA 30 camera that has been developed for the phone! The features on mine all work fine and the accessories from sony such as the lazer pen clip on and the fact that they are constantly updating the camera makes this phone cool because it can keep upgrading to match any new tech. I have heard a rumor that sony are currently working on a clip on video camera! Cool eh!

Reviewed by ramkumar from india on 23rd Dec 2003
Well I got this phone from my brother., I works okay for me. Got nice colour display, connect to Pc and you can download pics for free., But you cant really hear its polyphonic sound, I have missed a few calls like this. You got nice games on it.. Well! it suits me..

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 18th Dec 2003
This fone is amazing in the uk. Wen i went abroad it was slow kept on crashin ect ect. This fone is meant for the uk.

Reviewed by chris from united kingdom on 9th Dec 2003
ive had my phone for about 7 months now and when i first saw it i thought it was a good package along with the snap on camera. There are various ways at looking at a mobile phone the main one is what you use it for it has e mail on the go which is so handy it has downloadable games and polyphonic ringtones the memory as with most phones which you can download needs to be increased the ringtones are low but it depends upon which tone you choose. you cannot use your carphone charger and hands free as you cannot plug in both at the same time. I like this phone because it has all the features i need its a shame about the colour screens 256 colours that needs to be more for picture and camera effects,one plus is that you can store pictures on the camera.

Reviewed by Mirek from Poland on 23rd Nov 2003
I got this phone about 6 month ago along with my brother, and i think it is one of the worst phones i had!!! It keeps switching of for no reason, you can never hear the frickin' thing ringing because of its quiet ringtones, if u r lucky enought to pick it up you have to wait about 5sec. till u can talk (in the meantime it keeps ringing and u dont know if u have picked it up!!!), it takes ages to write a text message, there is literaly no memory (500kb, about 7photos) and u cant delete the stupid ringtones u get with the phone, the camera quality is not even worth mentioning, and it looks like a brick. I dont realy know why i bought it.. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID

Reviewed by Simon from England on 18th Nov 2003
A nice little phone,and once you get use to the menu system is easy to operate. It works well in poor signal areas with good clarity of calls at both ends. Battery life is also good getting nearly a week and a half in standby,thats with makeing some calls,texting and playing with the WAP. The colour display although small is clear enough for both texting and pages of WAP text. The colours are adequate although not as good as I have seen on Nokia or Panasonic phones. I did try to get on with this phone and would have done but for one problem, it's patheticly quiet ring tones and alerts. I have lost count of the number of calls I have missed whilst its been in my pocket when I have been walking around town or sitting on the bus. For this reason I have retired the phone to the proverbial draw and have returned to my beloved Nokia 3330 which which has loud ringtones and alerts that cannot be ignored.

Reviewed by zena from england on 18th Nov 2003
the phone is not too bad, you can make and receive calls on it, it takes pictures, it does what it should. recently it has started to turn itself off and freezes. but i find it hard to send emails and use the multimedia, i have asked for help through the ericson website but to no avail.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 8th Nov 2003
It\'s a great camera phone for 1 of the 1st ones out apart from the sharp, even thought the screen colours arent up 2 scratch, when u send the pics to ur email or PC, they look great! very easy to use menu, alot of good useful features! the only downside is the screen being 256 colours, everything else is great!

Reviewed by rob from uk on 25th Oct 2003
Quite simply, pants. I can't believe Sony and Ericsson, in my eyes two respectable companies, dared put this on the market. It freezes, has a super slow processor and is really unresponsive. You can frequently hang up on people before you've even spoken to them coz the phone runs about an hour behind you. Also the phonebook takes about 2 minutes to load up from cold. And the games can crash!!

Reviewed by Ally from Scotland on 21st Oct 2003
this phone was great when i first got it and then it has just went downhill,very steeply. I have multipule problems with this phone. Its very hard to find a game that works for it and ringtones.the picture quility is extremly poor and its hard to get it onto ur pc without a data link. im sorry but i wouldnt reccomend this phone to anybody, i would recomend sagem myx-6 try and take a look at it.

Reviewed by Terrance Pendleton from USA on 21st Oct 2003
This phone is at best average. Now, I know why many mobile places make this phone free. Now don't get me wrong, there are some good and useful features that place this phone above certain others, however it just isn't good enough to face off against other camera phones of its nature. The good: nice color phone camera attachment Internet access Multiple alarm options Easy menu access polyphonic ringtone Vibrate alert MMS along with SMS with T9 Predictive Text The bad: Extremely low ring volume only 256 colors which is unsuitable for viewing pictures on the phone tight keypad no bluetooth or java no speakphone This phone may be good for a beginner who is just looking for a basic color phone with standard (and some above standard) features. However, if youre that person who upgrades to the newest model every time one comes out, you may want to bypass this one for its more advanced brother: the T610.

Reviewed by Ciwan from UK on 19th Oct 2003
One word to describe this phone HORRIBLE. Very slow and looks like a brick. I would not advise it to my enemy!

Reviewed by William from Singapore on 18th Oct 2003
Lousy phone. Really regret getting this phone. Slow key response. Soft volume even when at MAX volume for its polyphonic ringtones. Missed alot of call due to this. It switches off by itself. Search for network when on the phone takes eternity. Download MMS too, takes eternity. Menu access is too deep. For e.g. to write a text msg, it takes 4 to 5 keypresses to get to the page you want. Very limited phone storage memory (300+ kb). You cannot delete away in-built tones and pictures to free up memory. Button built is too stiff. The only good thing about this phone is the Infra-red port. It can receive and send any files (including midi tones, pictures, games and theme files) to IR-enabled devices like a pocket pc. No problem with that!

Reviewed by Louis from UK, Derbyshire on 16th Oct 2003
This Phone is amazing,i've had it 1 year now and had no problems with it ever. A MESSAGE TO ANY NONE EUROPE COUNTRIES this phone is not for you, this phone is for use with europian network operators, you want the SonyEricsson T306 its the same phone but designed to work in other countries Use This Link it shows both phones http://www.esato.com/phones/index.php?phone=43&cp=91 (may need to copy'n'paste)

Reviewed by Rebecca from England on 16th Oct 2003
DONT BUY THIS PHONE!!! I've had it for about 8months now and it has only worked for around2! I'm taking the phone back to the shop today for the last time cos i've had enough! PROBLEMS: Frequent screen freezing-really annoying as you have to remove the back of it each time. VERY bad reception. Sometimes looses all reception so you have to switch i off and on again to get it back! Switching itself off randomly. Really slow key response with texts. "Yes" key rarely works at all. When your phone switches off it can use more than half the battery power. Bad internet connection and disconects randomly Vibrate function doesnt always work. So, sure, the phone looks ok and is available for a reasonable price considering it is colour and includes a camera but there have been way to many problems with it. Sony did a recall because the chargers were dangerous but didnt bother to tell all the stores! Cant wait to get a new phone! DONT BUY IT!!!!

Reviewed by Alex Ramshaw from England on 22nd Sep 2003
Great phone, even though it has a low resolution screen the pictures are rather good i find i can make out all the faces and features of the pictures i took at madam tusaudes FINE! i have had a few problems but they can be fixed by turning off and turning on the phone. Nice and cheap. Only problems i find is that vodafone live is not as good as it is on the GX-10i but all you need wap for is to find info, nothing fancy, if you are recieving pics from a flip phone, the screen is rectangular, it takes a rectangular shape on the small screen, therefore they are hard to make out. It is fine i cant complain, i just wanted a camera phone, i got a camera free with it so i'm fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mark from United Kingdom on 21st Sep 2003
Multiple problems with this phone and I've only had it 3 months! I would not recommend this phone to anyone else, stay away. Previously owned a T28, which has turned out to be a much better phone quality wise. Frequent problems include switching itself off, freezing so you have to unclip the back take the battery out and turn it on again, refusing to send MMS messages or receive pictures from anyone else, response to key presses (especially with text messsages)extremely slow. You keep thinking that you have pressed a button, when it does not respond you press it again but it actually did work in the first place and you end up going into menus etc you didn't want to. Just received the phone back from the official service centre Celestica last week via the Orange shop, after it refused to charge (took 3 weeks, maybe something to do with the re-call with sony ericsson chargers we seem to be having in this country). Seems that the software has been updated, so I will keep my fingers crossed that most of the problems have been sorted out. Colleague at work has also got one but on T-Mobile, and has had similar problems but also calling numbers from his phone book by itself constantly! He would not buy another and will up-grade when the chance comes. Hopefully this will prove to be a warning to others and for Sony to sort out the problems with their products. This is my 4th Ericsson and I will now not buy another, follow the crowd and buy a Nokia.

Reviewed by Jackie Hinkle from USA on 20th Sep 2003
My entire family purchased this phone. We have had nothing but problems with this phone. Dropped calls, shutting itself off when it feels like it, can't send anything to e-mail even though we pay extra for the service, takes upwards of 12 trys before a phone call will actually take. This is just a few of the problems. Have many friends that have had the same phone. They have all gotten rid of theirs and haven't had problems since switching. Note every one of our friends are with the same mobile company we are. The company we are with is convinced that its a network problem and not the phone. Thinking seriously of not renewing my contract with them. Why in the world would the company want to believe that it is a network problem even when I explain that I can be in the same room with my friends that have the same service and they can use their phones and I can't. Get Real!

Reviewed by Scotts from USA on 15th Sep 2003
T300 is the worst sony product i have ever owned!! Check out this letter i wrote to sony:Never wanted to buy a Ericsson phone before.was allways told by different sales staff it was a poor quality phone,so i went with a Samsung sgh-r225m GREAT phone,but wasnt color oh well.six months down the road i spotted a SONY Ericsson,well i thought with you guys owning Ericsson and putting your well know name on the cover,! just knew you guys had to make a difference in the quality. BOY!!!!!! WAS I WRONG!!!!,! HAVE NEVER BEEN SO DISAPOINTED ABOUT A SONY PRODUCT IN MY LIFE.I gave the phone a pretty good trial run for as long as i could stand to use the piece of junk.for starters the signal was that of a old 49mhz cordless phone,i would switch phones in the same spot in my house, yours (T300) wouldnt get a signal.where my Samsung and nokia would,pain to use speed dial,and the wait to be able to use when you first turn it on is sad!! I wish i would have listened to the random reviews on the web.which i plain to post a few of my own to hopefully try to stear others away from making the mistake that i did.Maybe i can at least give the phone to someone who cant afford one,eve though thats kind of mean to the person having to use it!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 13th Sep 2003
The buttons are too hard to push! and the pictures section is totally nackered, everytime i go on them the phone crashes, i have no idea how i can sort it.

Reviewed by paul hemmant from uk on 9th Sep 2003
IF you like buying junk,then buy this phone.

Reviewed by RoadKill from UK on 2nd Sep 2003
Everyone who thinks the camera is poor, I pity you. It's the display that is poor, not the camera. The camera is even better than the Nokia 7650's. Connect to it a laptop with the infra red, copy the photos over and you soon discover they look great for a little phone camera. The GPRS is nice and fast, it's a small pretty phone, the battery lasts for a long time, and the buttons are not too small. You can use any standard MIDI file as your ringtone (which totally 0wnz0rz) but it plays them a bit quiet. Shame that the phone is sometimes a little slow to react to button presses. I have done the 12.5 second trick on mine recently (I really waited about 9 seconds or so) and managed to get rid of ALL the pre determined junk, giving me about 607KB free memory to play around with. Shame the display is only 256 colours. It was a bloody good deal for me, IMHO, and it does the job admirably. I couldn't ask for more.

Reviewed by chris from uk on 2nd Sep 2003
got any codes for sony t300 or unlock codes? e-mail me them @ chriswilliams1642@yahoo.co.uk

Reviewed by Jim from USA on 27th Aug 2003
Great Phone camera works good... I am looking for RF Cable to add External Antenna so I can connect to my Yagi antenna on my roof to get better reception and to help stop dropping calls .... anyone found one yet... Thanks xsealtm@hotmail.com

Reviewed by Dingalong from Britain on 25th Aug 2003
yup.. yup.. this is phone is pretty good.. its got a nice camera to take upskirt pictures of all them hotties on teh busses.. except the lighting isnt too great.. but oh well.. waht can you do.. good phone..

Reviewed by John Murphy from USA on 25th Aug 2003
I have had this phone for approximately 2 months now, and am very satisfied. I bought it for $100 (approximately 100 Euros). The phone didn't drop calls, and had great reception. The only downside was the internet, which was slow (and pricey), but aside from that, it was fine. I would recommend it especially to students like myself who need a reliable phone with good features, at a great price.

Reviewed by ceejay2oo6 from United States on 25th Aug 2003
Im pretty content with this phone. In fact, I like it a whole lot! The camera could be a lot better of course but why do I really need to take pictures with a Cell (although it is cool to show it off). I have read other reviews and feel lucky cause mine has never broken down and I have only had one problem and that was my fault..... Reception and dropped call issues Cannot be blamed on the phone...the carrier is responsible for that truthfully. For people who have the money Id recommend to go with the new nokia camera phone (if u want it for the pictures) But truthfully I like my phone and I think its just perfect for the price!!!

Reviewed by Alexander Andersson from Sweden on 19th Aug 2003
This phone sucks!!! When you log on to the internet, it costs you a fortune.. Because first of all it´s very slow to jump between the menus and second of all when you want to log ut from the internet it takes about 15 seconds (or more)... Don´t buy this phone!!!

Reviewed by Jumpin Jimmy from UK on 17th Aug 2003
I have owned this phone for exactly 3 months now and already it has broken down 3 times. The battery life is short and the charger breaks easily when you plug it into the phone. The camera takes c***py pictures which are only really in brown white and a dull green. The camera also takes ages to take one photo which is seriously annoying. If you want a camera phone do not buy this one. A camera is just something to show of with anyway - nobody really needs a camera on a phone and if anybody did need one then you should buy a phone with a built in camera. The colours in the phone are extremely weak the red looks like it has been left out in the sun to fade. The games are pretty tedious and hard. The colours in the games are cr**. Another thing- the buttons are far to small to use for texting. I gave my phone to my 2 year old cousin to see if he could press the buttons but the buttons are too small even for his fingers. Yet another thing is that this phone is a brick. I havn't seen anything so brick like since the 1980's. This phone is cheap and you get exactly what you pay for- sh**. On the plus side the polyphonic tones are good

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 17th Aug 2003
You people who are having problems are using the OLD FIRMWARE R1B Were on R1G /F now so if your phones under warrenty and you have the recipt send it to celestica n they will update the SW mine wouldnt switch on with out the charger sent it to celestica n its fixed no problems at all Celestica Is the UK main SE Service Centre if you are reading this outside the UK contact SE for your nearest SE centre

Reviewed by Katie from England, derbyshire on 15th Aug 2003
This phone is great, after reading everyone elses reviews I feel i must just be lucky though, I've never had any problems with it crashing, and the repeption is good too. Clear calls, easy to understand and use, maybe slightly slow to react sometimes when writing messages but i blame myself for knowing how to use phones so phones so quickly! The pictures are as clear as can be expected from a phone with few colours, MMS is great fun and i love the saved templates! I call this phone my "baby" i couldnt live without it ! Ive had 2 nokias (3310, 5110) and a siemens C45 and this is better value for money and has alot more features, well dont to Sony Ericsson!! (oh and love da ringtones, have also invested in a connection cable...a V good idea, can dowload pictures and ringtones!) games are fun too,

Reviewed by chris williams from uk on 8th Aug 2003
i got my ericsson 4 mouths ago and it the best fhone out there it ot a great 256 colour and gprs and a free carma! it got 1 game and i can't seen to find keypress melodies please e-mail @ chriswilliams1642@yahoo.co.uk but i rate the carma 2 stars but the fhone 5 stars!

Reviewed by Snoopy the King from Serbia, Yugoslavia on 2nd Aug 2003
The phone is a bomb! It has everything you should ever need (except maybe bluetooth) from an mobyle phone. It looks OK, but its software, melodies, games and capability to attach it to PC make it great! My mobile provider doesn't have wap or GPRS for an option, so I didn't manage to try this aspect of phone, but the price of the phone in my country ( I payed it 120 euros, with absolutely no hidden extras!!! ) makes it a really great buy! with this phone, I won't wish any other phone!

Reviewed by kev from uk on 30th Jul 2003
this phone is an asolute disaster first one had numerous problems dropping calls ring tones not audible photo quality terrible sony help centre only got of their backsides when chairman of sony ericsson was contacted by me then exchanged it new one no better voice mail directed to wrong box they admited it might be wrong phone for network took two weeks to sort out only to start switching its self off also repeatedly ringing numbers in phone book of its own accord jamming other peoples phones pushing my monthly bill to very high fiqures in the end after 6 months vodafone have decided under warrenty to provide a sharp gx10i sony ericsson opinion we will repair it but the t300 has spent more time in repair some of these faults occurred with the t28 come on ericsson trie and make a phone that actually works.

Reviewed by Philip from Northern Ireland on 29th Jul 2003
When I saw An Advertisement in 'Moshi Moshi' Magazine I was Over The Moon. ''Bring This Leaflet To any o2 Store and Get This New Phone For £100!'' That Was £70 at the time! So i thought Great and went in to buy it. The first day I played With It For Ages and Enjoyed Every Minute, Then I clipped on The Camera, took a picture and.. Ewww. WTH? The picture quality was so bad, on the 256 colour screen. But I Soon uploaded it To The Computer Via The Infared And Saw That The Picture Quality Was Actually Quite Good For a Camera Phone, 640x480 beating all the nokia's with there pityful 320X320 res. Handsdown. The Games Are Pretty Good and There is a deticated Website for them (mophun.com) where you can download The Latest Games For Your Se Phone. Note: This Phone Does Not Support Java Games! What annoyed me about this phone was its speed. say for example if u went into the wrong menu by mistake, well on a nokia u would quickly hit back, but on the t300 u quickly hit back and i makes you wait for ages and in that time you think you musn't have hit it and decide to press it again which then takes you back to the main screen, its little things like this that bring down a phones rating. The T300 is a magnificent phone for people who just want a straightforward colour phone ( say a young child ) but for older people who maybe want quality it would be best to avoid this phone. Thanks for taking your time To read this review I hope it helped you make the decision on whether or not to buy this phone.

Reviewed by mark from - on 21st Jul 2003
when i first got this phone i was amazed because it was the first phone i'd had with camera capabilities. The pictures arent too bad but nothing compared with other entry level phones e.g sagem photo phone. as time went on, using the phone became a chore. I felt keypresses were slow to respond particularily when playing games. Sometimes you would press 3 or 4 letters in a text and they would come up 3 seconds later. Also the look of this phone is not a touch on T68/i. 32 chord polyphonic tones were very good but you just could not hear them too well. buttons became harder to get a good click after a time. There are supposed to be new covers available but where i am (england) i never even came close to getting one. tried ebay etc. the other thing i was dissapointed was java games. there is only one site to get them from. SE site. good at first but they never updated the games and always had the same ones! a few weeks ago i had my phone stolen which i was not too sad about. Overall this is decent phone for how much is costs now ,around £100 but not the £230 i paid for it. since then i got a GX10 from insurance company and i much prefere it. but then again it costs significantly more.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 16th Jul 2003
I have had this phone for some time now and I am very disappointed with it. The first problem is that the screen isn't able to show the pictures you take with the camera its all blurry so you aren't able to see what the picture is!!! The next thing is that it keeps crashing when you turn it on and you have to restart the phone. There is also a problem with it just crashes while it is left on standby but you cant tell until someone tries to call you or you try to call someone else and nothing happens. Two of the people I work with have also bought the phone on different networks and they are all having the same problems!! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by shazza from england on 11th Jul 2003
does any one know how to get t300 games free if ya do email me on stokesbyboy@hotmail.com thanks its a good £90 phone the display is a bit rubish but its only got 256 colars.

Reviewed by Peter Bulger from Kent on 8th Jul 2003
The phone is poor quality manufactured mine fell apart after a few days and unrepairable not the strongest phone screen also cracks easily. i had to wrap a coat hanger around it to act as an arial due to bad reception. glue the battery to the back with super glue.and tie the string around the screen from falling off again.i don't carry a fone case.i carry a bag for coat hanger,glue and a roll of string.why must i feel like a stationary shop.it's so unfair!!!

Reviewed by Tsepo Montsi from South Africa on 7th Jul 2003
OK phone when compared to others on the market, bnut a big step uop for me (previous phone was 3310). Its a bit slow, compared to my nokia. The camera (mca-20) quality is c##p, is the mca-25 better? I'm seriously thinking of taking it apart and using it in a robotics project (Anybody know how to hack it?). All in all, i think it is a good buy, considering the price and aesthetics, at least through my service provider. If you seriously need a camera/phone on the cheap then this combo is for you.

Reviewed by Tsepo Montsi from UK on 7th Jul 2003
OK phone when compared to others on the market, bnut a big step uop for me (previous phone was 3310). Its a bit slow, compared to my nokia. The camera (mca-20) quality is rubbish, is the mca-25 better? I'm seriously thinking of taking it apart and using it in a robotics project (Anybody know how to hack it?). All in all, i think it is a good buy, considering the price and aesthetics, at least through my service provider. If you seriously need a camera/phone on the cheap then this combo is for you.

Reviewed by alex coombes from plymouth on 5th Jul 2003
i think that the phone itself is very good because of stuff like colour, downloadable games, a handy joystick to access menus and games but the bad point is the camera because you cant get the kind of pictures you'd see on adverts but insted you get poor quality pictures that you cant even make out! but the phone is still clas without it!

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