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Sony Ericsson T290i review

 Review: May 2005  

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: An entry-level phone with colour screen.


The Sony Ericsson T290i is almost the same as the old T230. The only thing that's new is the addition of a handsfree speaker, which is nice. It's really the most basic phone that you can get, and the price reflects that. If you are looking for a phone with no features, then this might be the one for you, but only if you can put up with a poor keypad, a terrible screen, very slow navigation, unfriendly menus, poor build quality and occasional software freezing.

Sony Ericsson T290i features include:

  • Display: 4096 colours, 101 x 80 pixels
  • Sound recorder
  • Integrated speaker phone
  • 32 voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Melody composer (mono only)
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, e-mail
  • Games: V-Rally or Five Stones plus downloadable games
  • Picture phonebook
  • Calendar
  • WAP 1.2.1, GPRS
  • Connectivity: USB, RS232 cable
  • Vibration alert
  • Dual band
  • Size: 101.5 x 44 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 79g
  • Talktime: 12 hours
  • Battery standby: 300 hours

Sony Ericsson T290i user reviews

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Average rating from 152 reviews:

Reviewed by ashraf from pakistan on 2nd Mar 2014
I like vry much sony ericsson

Reviewed by Abid Raza from Australia on 26th Jan 2014
t290i was my phone in 2006 and this was my very first experience to talk on a phone nothing wrong though at that time their was nothing like s3 or Iphone 5 as we expect and demand for feature at this time there was nothing like that I still say "that was some thing to be proud of" because mobile phone is just used for talking and chatting not like now as we want camera with high mp memory sound quality a,facebook lab lab. so t290i fulfill your all demands. ahh I still remember that time when I gave my number to my gf.

Reviewed by T290i LOVER from UK on 20th May 2011
i dont know why some pplz hate this phone if some one thinks that there is no functions r in this mobile i challange u try to find a mobile with the cost as low as 14 dollars with the features of sound recorder,downloading,gprs/wap/MMS/e-mail,composer,camera(i know there is no camera with t290i but u can attach it with t290i)so if anyone thinks that this mobile is junk then he should visit mental hospital the only disadvantage of this set is its battery life other vise its a awesome phone.

Reviewed by Danielle Back from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
I really like this phone, it was easy to use, but was a little bit bad in some cases- but overall BRILLIANT!

Reviewed by Z from UK on 24th Oct 2008
Very good phone

Reviewed by shalby from UK on 29th Aug 2008
it is rubbish

Reviewed by sha from UK on 8th Jun 2008
its a good phone, it has all the basic requirments like chat, etc. but as others mentioned there are some problems, such as there were issues with the charger where it would nt work properly , and some times the phone gets freezed out, so i have to pull out the battery. but , it is shock proof so you could drop your phone down at any risk .. (i have tried it out ) :)

Reviewed by Fiona from UK on 3rd Jun 2008
This was my first mobile, chosen because it's the 'right' size and shape and has non-contiguous keys (I can't stand it when you press one key and the others around it dip too!). Three years later I've only starting having real problems with it very recently - the battery doesn't seem to work too well anymore and the screen has got rather scratched. Before that there has always been a bit of a problem with an unresponsive 7 key and slow text updating. I still like the phone though - it's basic but cute and hardy. I wonder if the replacement will last as long!

Reviewed by _____________ from UK on 27th Mar 2008
the phone played up when i tried to charge it also there was no bluetooth nor camara no video and the melody composer is rubish only bie this fone if ur someone from hell!!!!!!

Reviewed by kala miah from UK on 26th Mar 2008
the phone is so rubbish to use, it also switiches on and off at all times

Reviewed by Jo0se Luis Anacleto from UK on 1st Mar 2008
hi,,,,, i feel that the sony ericsson t290i is so good.......... bercause tis is light inn weigth, with ataach camera, wap servise, recorder, emocion..... etc i love this and now my sony ericsson t 290i is 5 years now in my hand ..... tnx

Reviewed by eka from UK on 27th Jan 2008
stupid phone

Reviewed by Fredrik Larsson from UK on 29th Nov 2007
My parents bought me the T290i back in 2005 and I have been using the phone ever since. Over the years I think I have explored every option in existance on the mobile. The features included are relativelly few compared to other models but enough for the average user. Today the T290i is fairly obsolete but still works rather well so it may be worth considering if you are on a tight budget and do not feel in need of most modern features. For making phone calls and sending/recieving SMS, the T290i works without problem. Using the phonebook, making calls to regular numbers is fairly easy and simple. However, as the list of numbers in the book grows, navigation grows increasingly sluggish. Personally, I like to browse the mobile net (WAP). However, the browser in the T290i is one of the most frustrating experiences I have had with a mobile phone. The software fails to open more than half the pages I try to browse and it hangs regularly making browsing both expensive, time-consuming and agonising. Do not buy the T290i if you are ever going to use WAP. Moreover, if you like to play games, the T290i offers the two games Deep Abyss and a demo of V-Rally 2. Not only are both these games difficult to find enjoyable, but it is when playing these you really notice the problems with the keypad. The keypad is simply too small, making it fairly difficult to control the games. If you have large hands, you will not be able to use it at all. Despite all the irritating moments of the T290i there are a couple of qualities that redeems them. Typing an SMS goes really quick as the mobile responds very quickly to text input. The mobile is also very sturdy, being able to endure many drops on the hard floor and years of strain in the pocket. The screen is fairly good, capable of displaying 101x80 pixels and 4096 colors - which is good enough. The phone has fairly good MIDI music qualities and a fairly ok monophonic pling-plong composer. It could be better, though. The battery can last for weeks, but only on stand-by. Using the phone depletes a fully charged battery in just a low 12 hours. Overall, the phone stands fairly ok on its feet and is worth the low cost money if you only need it for basic use. Otherwise, I recommend buying another phone. For a more modern model with similiar design, I recommend the SonyEricsson T650.

Reviewed by Kenan from UK on 25th Nov 2007
I have a T290i. I have had this phone for three years and have had no problems. I have found that if all you want is to make calls and txt the T290i is the perfect phone.

Reviewed by paul from UK on 17th Oct 2007
oh my god,,, i'm having trouble with the clock... it's not working,,, poor product,,, i can't even use the organizer features,,, the battery charge doesn't last for even a day

Reviewed by flovxy from UK on 5th Oct 2007
i think it's a good design of sony ericcsson type because i have one

Reviewed by sakib from UK on 2nd Oct 2007
it is a nice mobile it would be more nice if it would had a camera

Reviewed by zzz from UK on 29th Sep 2007
this phone was great...IN THE BEGGINING, then a few months later it started jamming up and everything, the on/off button didnt work propley, the charger wouldnt even charge and the battery power thing would just tell a whole new story, for example it shows that it is fully charged and then when you turn the phone off, and then turn it on again the battery would be low.

Reviewed by Shahzad from UK on 15th Aug 2007
I have two year experience of SE T290i. it's a best choice for me. Outstanding functions in low price.

Reviewed by michael oyeniyi from UK on 14th Jun 2007
this phone is fantastic

Reviewed by Yiga Elvis from Uganda from UK on 13th Jun 2007
Before i bought this type of phone i used to think that accessing internet using mobile phones was for only for these expensive phones like the P900,P800 and N95 but this phone can access internet wherever you although it opens few pages compared to other cheap phones. Am so happy with this phone because i can download Ringtones,Images,Games and Themes too and if i do want them in my phone i even delete them. The bad side of it is that has small space.

Reviewed by Arif from UK on 7th Jun 2007
I'm very happy to use this phone!!! It does look nice in black though and it is very small and light. On ward no retreat(Maju terus pantang mundur, in indonesia)

Reviewed by beby from UK on 22nd May 2007

Reviewed by GURDEEP SINGH from UK on 18th May 2007

Reviewed by maheshwar from UK on 10th May 2007
sony ericsson is the best mobile

Reviewed by Toutou, France from UK on 9th May 2007
Cheap and cheerful, if all you want to do is make and receive phone calls and texts. I don't use predictive text so personally don't find it all that slow to text. The only problem I have with it is I bought it in UK from Vodafone and have now moved to France and can't find how to make it do a manual roam to find Vodafone's preferred network here and there customer care can't tell me, either. If anyone knows how to do it, I'd be really grateful for the info. I find the battery is great, I only have to charge it once a week because I don't use it often, and it's stood up very well to knocks and drops. I've had it nearly a year, which I think is very good for such a cheap phone.

Reviewed by macharla1@yahoo.com from UK on 24th Apr 2007
its a great phone & nice phone even it has load speaker gprs service,mms,voice recording,colour display and the no.1 reason to like this mobile is internet iam using internet from 2 years to know any more mail to me ok bye shekhar macharla1@yahoo.com +919908760365

Reviewed by Waleed Dawood from UK on 12th Apr 2007
I only say that....dont delay and go to buy it.

Reviewed by Mr. Unnamed from UK on 5th Apr 2007
itīs good phone. i bought it one year ago and it works excelent. i have only one problem: i canīt to connect it to my computer - itīs difficult to find the PC Suite on the Internet. itīs the best mobile phone that i ever have. iīd like to recommend it. itīs phone for anyone

Reviewed by p.rajesh from UK on 5th Apr 2007
i own this phone for last 6 months, no doubt it has got all the basic features one could think of but the battery life is very pathetic therefore one can't even properly use this phone for what it is meant for that is talking to your loved ones.My advise to you please do not buy this phone even if u just want to receive & make calls.

Reviewed by Mohanraj from UK on 3rd Apr 2007
1. Super sound. 2. Sound recorder is very nice. Compare to its price its very cool one.But one thing would have been included so that it will sound more in the market.(i.e. Loud speaker)

Reviewed by MANOJ from UK on 29th Mar 2007

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 21st Mar 2007
The phone is just about ok. The major major problem i'm facing is the battery. Its been just over an year now & the battery is pathetic!!!!!! Initially when i got it, the battery life would be just about a day. I charge it normally for 3hrs. Now when i recieve or make a call i can hardly speak for 20 or 30 mins, then there is a message Attention! battery low. this message comes once again after few mins & automatically gets swithced off. The messaging is very tedious taking a lot of time. The software freezes sometimes & to get it to normal working condition the battery has to be taken out & put back. The good thing is that we can navigate using numbers, assign picture & tones individually. Display, wallpapers, tones are OK for this price range. I would suggest not to buy!!

Reviewed by Damon from UK on 15th Mar 2007
Its a cool mobile phone as far as you want a phone to make calls n SMS .I think its worth its price.

Reviewed by Kamal Muhuri from UK on 9th Mar 2007
Hey there, i have the handset, but I'm not getting the data cable facility, because the phone is not reacting with data cable. I don't know why? Can you tell me how can I download to my set T290i?

Reviewed by Daniel Iordache from UK on 23rd Feb 2007

Reviewed by Subash Gopalaswamy from UK on 16th Feb 2007
It is a good phone, in the sense, if you drop it several times - it wont break !. I dropped it inside the toilet bowl once and took it away immediately and switched off. Then I dried the phone for one day and switched back on. Bingo !! It lighted up ! only thing is the display was not that much colorful as like before (virtually black and white), then over some days the colors returned. I simply cant believe this miracle. The sound quality is good, Minus points are - sometimes hangs, very hard to press key pad buttons, menu is not intutive and to be learnt the hard way. Good phone in its price range.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 14th Feb 2007
Please don't buy this. you will curse your self..... it is cheap, and justify's why it is cheap.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 10th Feb 2007
this phone is bad.if you are a cheapskate then this is the phone for you only around Ģ25-Ģ30

Reviewed by abraham from UK on 8th Feb 2007
t290i was great i enjoy this product

Reviewed by Saj from UK on 5th Feb 2007
The major drawback on my handset is the beep it makes when the battery is low. If you are speaking with someone and the battery is about to conk off it would make a very loud beep which makes you partially deaf. Since the battery on this phone drains off very fast its a harrowing experience. If you tend to receive/make a lot of calls then dot go for this handset.

Reviewed by konsta from UK on 5th Feb 2007
its best

Reviewed by bailey from UK on 4th Feb 2007
ist rubish dont buy it

Reviewed by rajesh from UK on 29th Jan 2007
Memory is too less.After downloading pictures from the net the size of the picture file is increasing in the phone than it was before(in the net).

Reviewed by ibs from UK on 26th Jan 2007
bad ass phone

Reviewed by nishant rahangdale from india on 11th Jan 2007
its very good mobile in low range thanks to introduce thish mobile

Reviewed by SJ from UK on 13th Dec 2006
I bought this phone 18 months ago and today the on/off button jammed and I had to take the battery out to cut off the call. Now I can't switch it back on again. The charger also has a mind of its own and sometimes won't stay on. I just wanted a basic phone, no gimmicks but I wish I'd bought another Nokia. Buy this phone at your peril!

Reviewed by Enobong Bassey from Nigeria on 8th Dec 2006
I believe the primary aim of any mobile phone was making and recieving calls as well as sending and recieving txt msgs. This is exactly what the phone is offering though in an advanced form. It is indeed a reliable set as I've usrd it for more than two yrs now without any problem.

Reviewed by Adam Phillips from UK on 26th Sep 2006
The possible occasion that I could think of where this phone could be some use to you is if the only thing you do is make calls. To write a text message takes an absolutely incredible amount of time due to the poor interface and the unbelievably slow rate at which it updates to the screen what you have keyed in. If you type a sentence of a few words then it will take around 2 seconds to appear fully on the screen, if the word you wanted was not the first word suggested by predictive text then to go back to that word earlier in the sentence takes an eternity. In the end you enter into the tedious cycle of keying in a word, waiting for it to update and then scrolling through the suggested words to find the desired one, keying space and then repeating the process until you have finished. I would estimate that it takes around 5 to 10 times longer to complete a text message using this phone compared to a "normal" phone!! From a software engineers point of view, I simply cannot believe that this ever made it to the market in it's current form. Go for the k750i or similar, they are fantastic

Reviewed by James from UK on 19th Sep 2006
Good reliable handset that does exactly what a phone should do ie talk and text. Great battery life too! It's not trendy and that's the way it should be you really don't need gimmicks!!!

Reviewed by Manoranjan Ghosh from India on 8th Sep 2006
The battery of this handset has major problem. It does'nt last for one day even. Rest of the features are well.

Reviewed by ---------- from uk on 28th Aug 2006
At first when i got the phone i liked it as it was my first time getting a phone and after a while got bord with i wish i got another one becasue its got nothing on it no camera no bluetooth nothing its a simple phone and i recommend this phone for people that just want a phone for calling personally i don't like it.

Reviewed by joker from Romania on 24th Aug 2006
This is a very good phone:it looks nice,it has got good features(mms,polytones,gprs),it even has an attachabble camera but with low resolution.Compared to the nokia 1600 which barely has got any function at all,t290i is the better choice and is cheaper.

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 7th Aug 2006
1st I loved the stylish looks & must be honest that the Ģ19.99 price tag appealed + the keypad seemed the best of a bad lot in the mobile phone shop as I have quite chunky fingers! However 6 months after having this phone I am wishing I could have my basic Nokia mobile (360??). As a phone its 'OK'. But by far the worst feature is sending/receiving a text!! :-( not at all user friendly. It takes ages to do what used to be SO SO easy on the Nokia. Half a dozen slow menu's . Plus for example if you receive a call or text from an unknown number & you want to save it it does not even give you the option to do it. You have to get a pencil and paper out to go then go through half a dozen menus to get the list up.. ARGH!!!! + the ringtones are feeble + vibration alert is poor + the start up ringtone makes me want to throw it down the toilet! which is more & more appealing. + the signal strength is weaker than a housemates nokia on the same network. The only thing i like about the T290i relative to my Nokia is the battery seems to last much longer. Perhaps i am wanting too much for my Ģ20?! Sorry Sony Ericsson, this phone is ****!

Reviewed by are from norway on 28th Jul 2006
It was cheap, yet not worth the price. Its very very slow and also the user interface is horrible.

Reviewed by Munir Ahmad Shabbir from Pakistan on 9th Jun 2006
I am using the phone for six months, it is a good fone, however the only problem is its battery. It remains charged for only two days if u don't receive many calls otherwise you should take a charger with you every time. I have replaced the battery and it is working like hell, its lasts for hardly 10 to 12 hrs if I don't receive any call. I would not recommend any one to bue this one you can batter purchase Nokia 1600 for almost the same price.

Reviewed by MMA from IRAQ on 22nd May 2006
I think it is the best simple mobile phone I have ever seen! it has much ablities and functions, and it is better than many expensive mobiles. The only disadvantage is not in the design itself, but that the cable for connecting it to the PC is rarely found in markets, I think Sony Ericsson should include one with the mobile package to solve that problem. by the way: I read that some people want to throw it to the wall!! well, I do throw it sometimes but not because I hate it, but because I want to put it somewhere far from my hand! and it doens't get any damage because it is STRONG!

Reviewed by angela from Romania on 12th May 2006
i have my phone for 7 months. the screen looks great, the same fresh look as it had when i baught it. it's really resistant ( i am very clumby and i keep dropping things.it's once fell over the hard cement and the only mark left was a small scratch) the recording quality is ok.( i listen to alot of music and i record things from my computer - this indeed sounds good , otherwise if i try to record myself, it's a poor sound) the screen is fast enough, it loads nicely and when i type a message it types faster then my brother's nokia. i' havent tried to connect to the internet yet. like i said it's a good mobile ,still, i do agree with the fact it's more a phone for mum's & dad's or for people who just need a mobile, and want a nice-looking one.

Reviewed by Abdul Faleez Azmal Hussein from Sri Lanka on 6th May 2006
Well, apparently we thought it was good okay. The phone impresses you at first with its features and the cool way it looks but once you use it just for a month and its not that cool. First its horrible slow..specially with messaging takes 2 years to open. Its WAP capabilities are absolute junk. Starting the phone can be annoying as it just simply doesnt start sometimes and you have to keep pressing the start button. Ive used the phone for six months and the display is already fading.. My brother had the same phone and his screen just decided to stop working one day..it was sent to the dealers..and when he got it back a month later the motherboard stopped working...took it back to the dealers who told him to buy a new one.. Phone though utterly rubbish is hardy and is good for someone really goofy who drops dashes throws it around. Your friends will be impressed and it keeps up with the Jones' because it is at least color. Not bad battery life. So the phone has its flaws and its plus points..i wouldnt buy one..if i had the option again..id simply buy a nokia..

Reviewed by dae from Trindad & Tobago on 24th Apr 2006
I LOVE this phone. I've read lots of comments on this sight and I have one question for those who dislike this phone, WHY DID YOU BUY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND DID SOMEONE PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD TO SPEND YOUR MONEY AND FOR YOU TO KEEP USING THIS PHONE? Its light, got gr8 freatures and colour screen, what problems I get they are minimal compared to the joy I have in using this phone. Great job Sony Ericcson!!!!!! ;-)

Reviewed by suleman from pakistan on 1st Apr 2006
i m suleman from pakistan.i have bought t290i. it is a great phone. it has colour sreen,wallpapers,poliphonic ring tones,audio recording,speaker phone,MMS,EMS,SMS, call recording, any thing witch you can thing, audio song is also play in this mobile( not by recording) it is another way to play the audio song in this mobile.

Reviewed by Moaaz from Pakistan on 29th Mar 2006
It is a bad phone.Dont buy it.if it had bluetooth,infrared and camera it would be still discusting.The shape is not good.You can buy K300i instesd of this rubbish.Never buy it.

Reviewed by Dragos from Romania on 8th Mar 2006
I own a phone of this type. It's more than outstanding !!! It's PERFECT !!! You said NO functions ? WAP, GAMES, HANDSFREE, MMS, MOBILE E-MAIL doesn't satisfy you ? And you can buy it for as low as 12 USD BRAND NEW !!! I'm giving 7 stars...

Reviewed by Adrian from UK on 6th Mar 2006
Have been using this phone for a few days after getting it to use whilst my K750i is in for repairs and it was the cheapest phone that I could find. The only negative that I would give this phone for Ģ20 is that texting is slow which I can't really see why - however it does not miss what you are typing just takes a while to catch up. I would say that for Ģ20 you can't really grumble. That said I am really looking forward to my K750i being repaired!!

Reviewed by Kev D from UK on 5th Mar 2006
OK - this is a basic, but well built phone ideal for mums and dads, but not for trendy kids that want the latest features. Agreed the camera is poor but the battery life is excellent and its extremely easy to use. This is a phone for users who only want to make a phone call or send the odd text - after that's what 90% of the population do with their mobile. For under Ģ50, what do you expect. Its OK...

Reviewed by ryan jones from england on 27th Feb 2006
The thing i don't like about the phone is that is doesn't have a camera.The thing thati do like about it is it's style of the cover but i perfer the silver cover.

Reviewed by pradeep from india on 20th Feb 2006
hi the sonyericcson is one of the best rough use phones.itz cool and economical.

Reviewed by Bridget from O'Connell on 19th Feb 2006
I bought this fone as my first phone mainly for txting and it served me well! It is a great little fone but the only thing missing is a camera, infared, and sms ringtones because when people message you u can have 1 ringtone,silent,viabrate, or a click. I think this is a really great fone!

Reviewed by jody from england on 19th Feb 2006
i think that the T290iis okay but it would be better if it had bluetooth or infared i find this not bad to use but i have only just got it i have recorded songs on it but they are poor quilty and i think they should have a camera but the fone is a okay phone

Reviewed by RAJ from india on 4th Feb 2006
hi. best of all mobile is this 290i of sony & best price. it has so much much function & capability 2 use many services. to apply knowledge & get much more dynamic functions which is holding in this.

Reviewed by Rob from Ireland on 22nd Jan 2006
Oh get lost, it's pretty nice hefty fine, do not bother if you have spent too muchmoney on it :)

Reviewed by Jack from Romania on 21st Jan 2006
it has very good functions(wap, gprs, mms), but the battery is...very low.in the manual is writen that the battery will last 300 hours, but after 72 hours MAXIMUM, it's shuting down...low battery.to bad because it is a very nice and performant phone, and very cheap.

Reviewed by Viswam from India on 18th Jan 2006
After reading all previous reviews about SE-T290i and being a user of the said model I say that T290i is an excellent model for the price you are paying. Probably the problems I understand from the previous reviewers are because of QC. Ohterwise, is a good to excellent model with basic functionality. Ofcourse, you cann't directly add, edit and delete phone numbers stored on the sim. This is one disadvantage with it.

Reviewed by Rao from pakistan on 17th Jan 2006
it is a great cell phone atall. i sugest to buy it.b/c it cheaper and reliable.

Reviewed by crookesowl from UK on 16th Jan 2006
Everything I can think of with this phone is poor. If I'd spent Ģ30 on it as pay as you go I'd have been gutted, it's truly terrible. The software is so slow, i can write a message and watch the screen print it out a long time after I've written it! Why can't SE use the software from T610 or similar? Thankfully, it's my work phone, and I would say that as a phone it does the job. I can call people. But thats about it. And the start up screen and jingle makes me want to smash it up!

Reviewed by H-ZONE from USA on 11th Jan 2006
Hello, This is a great phone overall but some things are a bit annoying.FIRST Little bits of dust,clothing bits (lint,strings etc,) get under the screen and they are hard to get out. You have to rip off the screen to clean it off. I had to use super glue to glue it back on and it destroyed the screen. SO THE SCREEN IS THE MAIN PROBLEM. The address book is slightly annoying of how it is a long process to add a contact. But otherwise this is an EXCELLENT PHONE which can't be beat. for further reviews go to: http://htheh.tripod.com

Reviewed by dan_ursu from Romania on 11th Jan 2006
I recently got 1 and I thinc it's a a really good deel!!!Can't get anithing better for a price this low! :)

Reviewed by Elfin from UK on 8th Jan 2006
It's good but not realy. sometimes it is low to download

Reviewed by Laila from Pakistan on 3rd Jan 2006
This Is Machine (CELL) Who Makes People Fool ..... ! Thats All ..... If U ASS You BUY It As Soon As Possible .....

Reviewed by Frances from UK on 2nd Jan 2006
I agree with most other reviewers this phone is terrible. It is the most frustrating and user UNfriendly phone i have ever come across. texting takes absolutely ages. It is so easy on such a tiny fiddly keypad to hit the worng button...then oh my god you have to press about another 10 to get back to the original message. you have to navigate through several menus just to get to the most basic functions each taking 1-2 seconds to 'load'. I never hear the ringtones which are all rubbish anyway, and i never feel the vibrate alert. there really is NOTHING to recommend this phone at all. If you want cheap and cheerful go for the Nokia 1100 series.

Reviewed by bethany from UK on 1st Jan 2006
i think this phone is really easy to use i use mine all the time!!!!!

Reviewed by ashivay from israel on 30th Dec 2005
I got 3 phones in my life, and this phone was the second 1. if i wouldn lose it, i would b stuck with this piece of junk till now. i like the design of the phone, but seriously, the phone is pathetic. if i were to find something cool bout it i would say a detachable camera. but even the communicam is pathetic! the screen looks like a comic book, and its obvious that sony ericsson were just bored and decided to create a louzy phone. the keypad is the main problem. i have to force the button to get pressed in oreder to write sms or call somebody. the poly sound is quite bad, not to mention the ringtones the phone has with it. the fact that it has a handsfree speaker, increases a bit the chance of buying it. when i first saw it i was impressed of its look and i really liked it at the begining. but i regreted every moment after this. dont make the same mistake and buy better sony-ericsson mobiles or other companies.

Reviewed by nick from australia on 19th Dec 2005
ok, now, lets be honest here, unless people are buying phones for calling people, yeah, you could got this phone, feature wise, this is one the the most shocking phones sony ericsson have ever made. personally sony ericsson are my favorite phone company, but after the shocking T230, they have agian brought out the exact same model with one difference in it, this phone would by-far have the worst ringtones i have ever heard, the screen revolution is absolute rubbish, why create a phone and have one of its leading features a "colour screen" maybe "rubbish screen" would better suit it, txting takes milliniems to send, and calling no matter what dealer seems to be always out of range, sony ericsson, a tip from me is why not bring out the phones which u have made like the t610 and t630 series or the k300i, k500i, k700i and the w800i these are all quallity phones and theres no points in bringing out phones like this with rubbish screen, rubbish ringtones, dodgy phone book, wap that takes years to load and simple txting which are horrible. if you are looking for a phone, i beg you, DONT BUY THIS HUNK OF JUNK.

Reviewed by lil nik from america on 18th Dec 2005
sony ericcson i think is the best phone company, there phones are stylish great features and handy, this phone i found was exactly the same as the trashy T230, i reccomend you not to buy this phone, you may as well go and flush your money down the toilet because this phone would be close to the worst phone in the world. its features are shoching, the screen resolution is absoulute rubbish, ringtones sound worse than mono ringtones, the phone frequently frezzes and when in the web browser it takes ages to load a sigle page, texting is horrible years of waiting to send one text, shocking phone overall, sony erriccson is the best phone company, but this time they have dissapointed me.

Reviewed by Swedish Meatball from Sweden on 16th Dec 2005
Bought one for my son for Christmas. While getting it all set up and ready to go for him, I couldn't resist tinkering around with it - and I love it! It's packed with all sorts of handy functions, like a calendar and reminder function, and the picture phonebook. I've read some negative reviews here and, maybe after 6 months, I'll feel the same way. Or maybe not. YES - the keys are small and close together - it's a small, lightweight, tidy phone! YES - the quality of the phone isn't top-notch. Then again, for its unbelievably low price, I can buy a new one every few months, if I need to. YES - it's camera-less. So what? I knew that when I bought it YES - sending SMS's can be slower than on some phones but what's your frantic hurry, anyway? YES - the color screen is less than optimal - but I think it's quite good for the price. Summary: Great little phone at a price that can't be beat.

Reviewed by driss soussi from usa on 25th Nov 2005
first I would like to give my best wishes to every body in this planet,and too I have a Sony Ericsson T290i . this modele is very intersting,and it has many service, such as MMS & data account.

Reviewed by Colin from England on 19th Nov 2005
I upgraded to this phone from a Trium with a pull up ariel. It was 29.90 GBP with 10 GBP exchange for the old mobile, plus 10 GBP of credit. I don't know what some people expect for 9.90 GBP, but I am delighted, as all I wanted was to make phone calls, and that is what it does. For the price it is great value, if I want to take a photo I will use a camera.

Reviewed by Timen from Holland on 19th Nov 2005
It's a good phone, honestly. Of course, it doesn't have all the features some people may want, but for basic use (calling and texting), it's nice, cheap, small, and light. The keys work fine for me (Yes, sometimes the backlight makes it hard to read..), and I have used it for some time now, without any software freezing or other weird things. And the battery life is GREAT!

Reviewed by sreekanth from INDIA on 18th Nov 2005
battery back up is damm poor ..not even an hour of continous talk..service centre care here in chennai is also worst..better go 4 nokia if someone looks 4 good battery.. keypad is too worst..

Reviewed by rich from england on 11th Nov 2005
it is rubbish at first i thought it was a good cheap fone but after a week when u turned it on it turns off and sometimes it takes three goes to turn on DO NOT BUY IT

Reviewed by mohamad mehdi from iranian on 8th Nov 2005
5 star

Reviewed by Cyr4x from Poland on 5th Nov 2005
Nice phone, but just 3 stars. Why? As it was written on this site - poor keyboard and terrible screen. T300 has onlny 256 colors, but much more quality screen. In T290i pixels are between the lines of grid, so the screen looks a lot blurry. Keyboard is maybe not poor in working, but is too small. Green light makes letters harder to read. The biggest advantage of this phone is cheap price.

Reviewed by Dave Harrington from UK on 4th Nov 2005
8 months old. Here are my opinions. Utter tripe. Keypad is tiny and the backlight makes texting harder, not easier. Signal strength is rubbish. Repeated use of the daft power contacts eventually broke the lugs of my car kit. Really slow navigation, dim screen, no changeable covers. Rubbish ringtones. No easy selectable profiles like a Nokia. I'm getting bored now. Read the other reviews and then realise that I'm not moaning about the absence unnecessary gimicks, it's the overall lacklustre performance. Go elsewhere. Oh, it does look nice in black though and it is very small and light.

Reviewed by Mark from Sri Lanka on 29th Oct 2005
Okay listen to my review, im very honest and have used the phone for a while. Do not really listen to the people who have just got the phone i thought it was great until i used it for a while. One the phone looks more or less like a stylish brick..okay it isnt ugly but it isnt that great either certainly an improvement over older nokias specially. Once you've gotten used to all the cool features the fact that is so slow is incrediibly annoying specially in texting with the T9 mode. It freezes up so often its crazy. You get errors texting to, and the screen is just so so ugly, the menu and the displays as well. The ringtones are satisfactory. The speaker phone is still very cool none the less. Beware of its cheap build my brother who has the same phone suddenly noticed his screen wasnt working. Which was horribly annoying while mine has spots on it. These are the main flaws, okay its not bad if you just want a phone to take calls. It has a great battery life. But it isnt that great otherwise..Just average. Go for a samsung C100. An older phone, but way more user friendly. Trust me you wont get so annoyed. Its only a bit more..But ahh if u cant afford it..a 290I is not so bad..

Reviewed by Dino from Indonesia on 28th Oct 2005
I bought my T290i around 2 months ago. It was quite cheap compared for the similar product of Nokia, however the quality is very bad. I experienced low signal even in the outdoor areas so I have to turn-off the phone and turn it on again. The display is not so clear and sharp and the movement speed from one screen to other is very slow and even creates ghost effect. I'm planning to sell it as well as to get another better brand. So I recommend that if you are planning to buy a new handset, please do consider other factors instead of only considering low price.

Reviewed by Yoyo from Netherlands on 28th Oct 2005
waaaay tooooo slow, it's just impossible to write a sms!

Reviewed by Bart from Netherlands on 25th Oct 2005
I got this phone yesterday, with 10 euro on it, and I must say, it's a very good phone. It's cheap, and has games, voicerecording, etc. Nothing wrong about that. Now you will ask me: Why 4, not 5 stars? Well, I'll tell you that. The numbers are very, very small. You need a gnome to click on them. Anyway, everybody says that it is too slow. A slug is slow. This phone isn't. Okay, sometimes when you SMS, you'll be at the next digit and on the screen the phone's still busy with the one before. ....So what?! If that happens, you wait 1/8 second, and poof, there it is! And then there are the complains about poor colorscreen. That's not true. It's good enough for a phone. You can play screensavers, games, and more without throwing it in the pool or against the wall, or whatever other people here want to do. Ok, the Adressbook has a bit strange system, but you'll get used to it when you use it 3 times. If you have some enough money, and you need a good phone, take my advise, and buy this thing. Because after all, what is it for, a mobile phone? That's right. Calling.

Reviewed by Jawad from Pakistan on 25th Oct 2005
Simply saying Simple & Superb Only I am having the problem is a right software that connects it to my PC with serial data cable DRS-11

Reviewed by sameed from pakistan on 23rd Oct 2005
i hate this mobile.i had this mobile for just 2 days and i threw it in the face of the seller.i mean it has nothing in it.the screen is so small and it has no infrared port.the screen qulity is worse.if u r lookin for a cheap mobile with loas of features u should buy the K300i

Reviewed by tariq from pakistan on 18th Oct 2005
its brilliant easy to use and amazing phone go and get one now

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