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Sony Ericsson Spiro review

 Review: September 2010  

Last updated February 2011

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: The best features of the Spiro are its Walkman player and FM radio. Other than that, it doesn't offer a lot, but it's a fair price.



The most popular phones may all be touchscreen smartphones, but not everyone can splash out that kind of money on a mobile. Besides, if all you need to do is make calls, send texts, listen to music and connect to your mates on Facebook, you can do all that for under fifty quid. And so the Sony Ericsson Spiro could possibly be your next phone. It does all the aforementioned, plus it has Bluetooth, a basic camera and is cute and compact into the bargain.

The trouble is, Sony Ericsson have cut rather a lot of corners to fit the pocket-sized Spiro into a pocket-sized budget. While we're not expecting GPS or Wi-Fi at this price level, we are, frankly, hoping for more memory and triband operation at least. The memory in particular, at just 5 MB, is pitiful, making a microSD memory card an essential purchase and therefore inflating the price.

There's one thing that the Spiro does well (in addition to making calls and sending texts), and that's play music. With a Walkman 4.0 player, an FM radio with RDS, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, there's nothing to complain about at all. Apart from the lack of memory, which we've already complained about.

The other thing that the Spiro does is access Facebook and Twitter. But it doesn't do these well. With no 3G to provide fast internet access, and just a tiny little screen available, you'd be better off forgetting about these features. Forget the web browser too - it's rubbish.

And we mustn't forget to factor in the fact that half the claimed features don't work reliably and the phone has a tendency to keep breaking down.

We can't recommend the Spiro. Although it's cheap, it still doesn't work very well as a basic phone.

Sony Ericsson Spiro features include:

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Sony Ericsson Spiro user reviews

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Average rating from 130 reviews:

Reviewed by Valerie from England on 24th Oct 2013
Yes had nothing but problems with mine and not satisifed with the quality of this mobile

Reviewed by Thrifty from England on 28th Jan 2013
Pretty much all the bad reviews on this site are relating to the phone crashing and displaying error messages, so I assume all these people are using the original firmware. The first thing I did was to update to the latest firmware (very simple once you have a USB lead), and I can honestly say I haven't had a single crash, error message, or slowdown.

Battery life is excellent (over a week on standby, and easily a day's use for music or radio), the music and radio features as good as most mid-range dedicated MP3 players (even if that's *all* you use it for, it's good value), internal speaker good and loud, calls nice and clear, looks good, nice and small, well built.
I should point out that all I want a 'phone for is to play music and make calls, so the fact that the other features like internet access are not great is not a problem for me. If you want more, don't buy a twenty quid 'phone (and don't expect your battery to last for a week either!).

Still a couple of annoyances for me though - the Spiro doesn't work with Sony's PC Companion software, so you can't sync your contacts / calendar with your PC (which is a bit rubbish, frankly, given it would have cost next to nothing to implement this in the firmware). Also, it makes an annoyingly-loud noise whenever it finds / loses network connection, that you can't turn off, and sounds even in silent mode. Sounds like a minor point, but when you work in a large building with patchy reception, it's going off all the time, and really gets on my nerves.

So - overall, not a bad 'phone for £20-£30, for those that just want basic functionality (yes, there are still some of us out there), as long as you update the firmware before using it (and yes, SE should have sorted this out at the factory, so points lost for that).

Reviewed by Dragon from Malaysia on 15th Oct 2012
If wana use internet use opera mini handler it work great for this phone very fast . Dnt use fon browser it sucks

Reviewed by jon from england on 12th Oct 2012
My dad has this phone my mum got it for him and it takes photos on its own in his pocket and is always saying memory full. Anyway don't be tempted by the 20£ price people

Reviewed by PieRho from UK on 6th Sep 2012
Not the best phone I've ever had, certainly, and I hardly use any features. It makes calls, sends SMSs sometimes, recording quality is rubbish, but otherwise the software is just not good enough. Constant 'Out of Memory' messages with SMS, and that annoying little fanfare noise, something to do with switching from Orange to T3 masts I think, that there is no way to silence...

At least the FM Radio works fairly well, and gets a signal in the middle of nowhere. Makes a good standby phone.

Reviewed by kirk from uk on 10th Jun 2012
worst piece of **** ever

Reviewed by Janice from England on 22nd Apr 2012
This phone is not worth anything !!
We purchased this phone from Orange in August 2011. We are now on our third replacement phone and second replacement battery. Orange WILL NOT replace this phone until you have received three replacement phones consecutivly
The phone repeatedly freezes and shuts itself off. We bought this phone for our 11 year old as a safety contact. Unfortunatly when it is in her pocket she does not know that the phone has shut down. So it is worthless.
Orange have been terrible in their customer service and during numerous conversations with various members of customer services and front of house staff they have repeatedly said they get more complaints about this phone than any other product. All of our family are now cancelling our various contracts with Orange.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 1st Apr 2012
The worst mobile phone I've ever had the misfortune to have to use. Dreadful.

Reviewed by Laura from uk on 20th Mar 2012
Possibly the worst phone i've ever bought. From day one it didn't work correctly. If i tried sending a double text message it would send the first half but send any other random, previously sent message, on the end. I spent many an hour in the phone shop trying to sort the problem and after a couple of months i was told the spiro was well known for having a fault. It also annoyed me because the shop wouldn't give me my money back because of the time lapse in them figuring this out. Convenient eh?
It was sent off to be fixed but came back with exactly the same fault. Since then it has spent most of it's life in a draw gathering dust. Maybe i'll promote it to a door stop one day when i can handle the sight of the damn thing.
A cheap phone perhaps, but not a cheap waste of money.
Personally i'd give this phone a no star rating for useless.

Reviewed by dan from czech rep on 9th Mar 2012
i've always been a Sony Ericsson fan, but this is a terrible terrible phone and i regret buying it. waste of money. it's almost like the chairman of Sony let his nephew have a side-project, and we have to suffer the end result!
i was tempted to get it by the headphone socket, the music function, and its simplicity otherwise. well it has this massive problem with text messages, collapsing completely every few weeks and forcing you to manually reset it all. and the music function is horrible to use. i have just uploaded another six albums to it (i have an extra 2gb card) and it can't "see" any of them (i have to manually queue the tracks to the playlist), and it can't play half of them. why not?!?
i'm a patient, tolerant man. i really don't want much from a phone. i am amazed how bad this phone is, and it's put me off Sony Ericsson for a while. if my next phone from another company is half-decent, then it might be bye-bye from me.

Reviewed by G from UK on 7th Mar 2012
Absolute rubbish. Don't buy it if you ever plan on sending a text message. Radio/music adequate but better phones at the same or cheaper price range.

Reviewed by Diana from England on 6th Mar 2012
I am turning into victor meldrew "I don't believe it" this phone just so exsasperates me blank texts and now I am corrupt!

Reviewed by spiro from macedonia on 6th Mar 2012
i go the phone i dont feel sorry about that.The music is great and with good headphones its sounds great.Yes he is slow but what you want for 50$.you want alien technology...???
i got 2gb micro and it works good but when i slide the pictures its werrrryyyy slllooowww.it took like bilions of years to go to ex. 250pic there is no net :( but it's good for games you can download and play :)dont instal more than 10games or app becouse he will BOOOMMM!

Reviewed by robz from vanuatu on 3rd Mar 2012
I just bought the phone and weeks later I get the headache problems. It freezes from time to time which I have to remove the battery. Also keeps telling me out of memory when I want to send text messages..This phone sucks...I wonder how a popular company would produce such a phone...

Reviewed by Tara from England on 2nd Mar 2012
I got this phone as a second hand off my mum. Not too great at all really. Music is good that's about it. Plus I can never find where my voice recordings are?!! Where are they saved???? If anybody can help me find them please say xx

Reviewed by Amy from England on 28th Feb 2012
This phone is absolute rubbish! Wouldn't recommended it to anyone, if someone is reading this wanting to buy the phone -- DON'T!!

Reviewed by K from United Kingdom on 15th Feb 2012
I agree this phone is useless. Mine has broken down and run out of power from my first owning it. I have had the problem with text messages being 'corrupt'. I have also had a problem where it won't stop ringing but won't let me answer it either without removing the battery.

It's latest problem is that it won't display text messages, except intermittently when it tells me they are from one person and they're actually from somebody else!

I don't ask for much from a phone but I do expect to be able to make and asnwer calls and send and recevie text messages!

Reviewed by vasanth from india on 19th Jan 2012
Phone sucks..... dont buy it...

Reviewed by kasher from uk on 15th Jan 2012
I agree with everyone else ,this phone is rubbish and SE should be ashamed of themselves.Feel like ive been robbed of my hard earned money.Unless you have the patience of a saint,DONT GO NEAR IT.I took great pleasure in trashing mine with a 9 iron.

Reviewed by B from UK on 6th Jan 2012
Worst phone I have EVER had!! Constantly prey to the now famous "Out of Memory" problem. That began around 3 months after I bought it. It went back to Sony for repair, I was without it for two and a half weeks, it came back, 6 weeks later, same problems returned. To make matters worse, Sony Ericsson couldn't have cared less. Their customer service leaves A LOT to be desired. I shall shortly be taking a hammer to my Spiro and I will NEVER buy a Sony Ericsson product again as long as I live. A company who puts such a rubbish product on the market and treats customers who have problems with that product when it is still new, with utter contempt and complete indifference deserve not one more single penny of my money! One star is too much for this pile of junk.

Reviewed by tim holden from uk on 6th Jan 2012
this phone absoulutely sucks. i'm going to buy a new one and, when i do, i'll smash this one with utmost glee.

Reviewed by J from Kenya on 3rd Jan 2012
I agree with everyone here. This phone's only strength is playing music. Just make sure you have decent earphones. The famous Sony Ericsson Track ID feature does not work neither does the twitter app.

Reviewed by Nigel Goodwin from United Kingdom on 21st Dec 2011
Daughter has this phone and although OK for her it does keep locking out from sending and receiving Text Messages every 400 or so. The need to keep doing a Master Reset is doing my head in. Nice for Music and calling but not much else.

Reviewed by marc from united kingdom on 15th Dec 2011
The worst phone i have ever owned, i have unlimited text messages at the moment and i cant even send or recieve texts just keeps saying message corrupt!!!

Reviewed by Nidhi from India on 15th Dec 2011
Firast phone i ever had. Hang, restarts for no reason, very slow on restart, always show out of memory while sending sms.......only problems.

Reviewed by KS from UK on 13th Dec 2011
ridiculous annoying noise every time it switches from orange to t-mobile networks, so constantly. Makes this noise even when in silent mode and meeting profile, so basically it's unusable and has to be switched off whenever I'm in work or anywhere else where i don't want loud random constant noises. ridiculous. Also switches constantly to 'conversations' instead of messages which is a pile of rubbish. Most annoying phone i have ever owned.

Reviewed by Shisco from Czech Republic on 10th Dec 2011
I bought it and I am pretty fine with the phone. The main reason for buying was that my mp3 player broke down. I have nothing to complain about its music playing but sometimes I have green squares when taking a photo. That annoys me off but I can survive this. What annoys mi the most is the Sony Ericsson "Update your firmware" utility. So I downloaded it and updated the Spiro. Then I turned it on and my language disappeared. The firmware was CHINESE! (Lucky that it was possible to switch to English at least)

Reviewed by Rachel ohara from northern irelad on 8th Dec 2011
i have bought this phone and it keeps turning off freezing and saying out of memory. i went back to the shop and they said you have to update it. then after a while it does the same thing. i dont understand why you have to update it my friend bought the same phone and he never had to update it.

Reviewed by Guy from England on 5th Dec 2011
This is my first phone i got with some saved up pocket money from phones 4 u. i don't know if it's just my phone alone, but it looses all memory when i turn it off. its really annoying!!! the walkman does work well, but i cant download anything to play on it, bcoz the memory is so titch, so i dont use it, and that is the best feature! it seems to go relly weird for about 3 weeks every now and then, and i cant read texts or send them. when it happens, i usually have got unlimited texts, but i cant use them bcoz of this!

Reviewed by Sam from England on 31st Jul 2011
First off this phone was bought for me so i cannot comment on value for money. This phone seems to be based primarily around the walkman system as this is the only decent feature. A main problem is how the phone decides to restart itself occasinally for no reason. Also this phone is very slow at reacting especially if the walkman is being used at the same time. I find myself scrolling and then the phone takes an age to catch up and you have to watch the file pass by while the phone keeps scrolling. Then theres the fact that the camera takes pictures the wrong was round so you end up with a landscape picture. Also the conversation system is rather annoying but some people may like it. Finally it only seems to connect to the internet very rarely. I attempt to connect to facebook and the web everyday and it seems to only work once a week or so. This phone definately needs updating and upgrading so that the software works correctly!

Reviewed by sivapalani from india on 27th Jul 2011
i am using for the last 10months in the midst of great struggle with it,due to hang up i reflash it twice in showroom now its working fine with little problems.slow to use not so good camera resolution.good with music player and smart looking with my cute green white combination

Reviewed by Maheshbarre from India on 23rd Jul 2011
Except the cute model there is nothing to talk about. It always hangs and it is dam slow. Always u have to restart by taking the battery out and placing it. One of the worst phone in the market. Better donot buy it. I wonder how a company like Sony Ericsson launch such product.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 22nd Jul 2011
I got this phone back along and it has NEVER worked properly. It was a complete waste of money. After around three months it has been sent for car cash back.... NEVER BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by sue from england on 12th Jul 2011
spiro, taken it back twice now to shop where I bought it, camera doesnt work at all. Wouldnt recommend it at all.

Reviewed by Richard Reid from Great Britain on 10th Jul 2011
Bought the Spiro 5 weeks ago, put it through it's paces for the first 3 weeks and couldn't fault it. Two weeks ago, however, I received a text from the network, Orange, I opened the message to find it was empty, since then the phone has been playing up quite badly. I don't know if it is possible for a network to send a virus into a handset via a text message, but certainly the persistent problems with this phone seem to indicate this. I don't understand why, when OFCOM are potentially sitting on millions of pounds worth of fines, more isn't being done to tackle how phone buyers and network customers are being treated.

Reviewed by Thebhe™ from Indonesia on 28th Jun 2011
i has bough it second from my friend, Spiro has problem like Hanging, too slow memory, but for other fetures like Walkman its give a new hear experience, im just give 89% for like & 11% for dislike this phone, . . ♫♪♥♥♥♥♥♫♪

Reviewed by hasan from algria on 25th Jun 2011
ai bay this mobil ai fandit good aigivhim 5stars

Reviewed by Ramakrishna from India on 25th Jun 2011
,Disgustin i havent seen tis kind of mobile in my life hanging and restarting problem doesn't support themes it support only limi,,,,,,,,,,,,

Reviewed by deepa from india on 18th Jun 2011
worst,bad,rubbish phone i have ever seen.... i recommend everyone not to buy this phone... lots and lota of probb... software update not good.... always memory full... hanging prob ogten... i recommend the SE dealers to stop releasing these kinds of phones... its a very heavy stress for the users who brought it without knowing... better dont buy the phones just by its features.. go for nokia/sansung

Reviewed by Manjunatha G from India on 14th Jun 2011
Don't Buy this phone it is waste of money

Reviewed by ahmed from egypt on 10th Jun 2011
the spiro nice in sms look so cute mp3 player pad in restarting frezzing slwo

Reviewed by laird from scotland on 9th Jun 2011
got phone 3 weeks ago and every day it has restarted, somtimes 2 3 4 times a day, took it back yesterday they swapped it for another spiro and that restarted 4 times and counting within 24 hrs. other problems are sending mms, getting into fb and hotmail.

Reviewed by Gracey from UK on 6th Jun 2011
Well... ive had my spiro for less than a week and i already want to smash it! :@ i bought mine for £35 brand new and it came with a free samsung GT-E1080i (A Basic mobile worth £10)(Phones4U) which in my opinion is better than the spiro! everytime i try to send a text from the Spiro it tells me im out of memory but my phone status says ive got 1.1Mb free? ive also got a 1Gb MC but it doens't recognise it. i also dont understand the point of a walkman that doens't come with a transfer cable? Luckly its the standardised adaptor that fits into most recent tech so i just used a nokia transfer cable from a nokia N8 but still, 5Mb of space pretty much limits you to one song or two of really poor quality. Tbh this phone is soo retarded i wouldent be suprised if it started dribbling... and overall, the W100i Spiro is a big waste of time and if your unlucky enough to have one, get a refund or exchange while you can! AVOID!!!

Reviewed by Gordy from uk on 27th May 2011
rite,heres whats up with mine!! won't accept any micro sd card larger than a 2gb! the inbox for messages only stores on average ten messages then have to be deleted or it will refuse to let you read new ones,got sent a pic message and the phone went into wobbler mode,had to remove the battery just to get it working,very very slow,always freezing up,and the main reason i purchased it for was to use the walkman function and after many attempts i can't get it to play ant music sent over from my laptop,i only parted with £25 but god its a poor handset!!!!

Reviewed by lucy from uk on 25th May 2011
had this phone 2/3 weeks been fine, if a little slow sometimes, until yesterday when it kept changing the time and date ?? and today keeps telling me i have texts but not letting me read them ! took some peoples advice and did master reset and it seems to be working again see how long it lasts...

Reviewed by Mike from England on 20th May 2011
This is the worst phone I have ever had - I send txt messages - which change by the time they get to the recipents phone! Total RUBBISH!

Reviewed by Anuj from Nepal on 19th May 2011
I bought a Sony Ericsson Spiro to use as my secondary phone but I am totally disappointed. I have an Apple iPhone 4 and I just wanted an extra handset for other network to make cheap calls and Spiro is what I noticed unfortunately because of its small and compact cute design but it has more problems than its features. The problems I noticed in this phone are: 1) Freezes time to time 2) Never charges to 100% 3) Battery backup is not sufficient 4) Can't install themes downloaded from internet 5) Walkman 4 is not up to the mark 6) Can't even install and run small java apps 7) Can't keep 100% call records in it's memory. For example: If I make three calls in a day, the all three numbers will not be stored in phone memory, sometimes just call 1 and 3 and sometimes none. The only good thing about this phone is its model, nothing else.

Reviewed by P.SMITH from UK on 18th May 2011

Reviewed by Chantelle from Britain on 17th May 2011
Brought it, used it, smashed it. Worst phone ever, my goldfish has more memory, the music 'player' hopeless, failed to read memory card. Let me down in an emergency situation when I needed the Police, I had to borrow a phone from a stranger and I am only 13!

Reviewed by Annoyed from UK on 16th May 2011
My spiro was fine when i 1st got it then it started freezing and restarting itself alot then yesterday i tried to send a text and it came up and told me that i didnt have enough memory (even though i have a micro sd) i deleted nearly everything and still no memory it tells me. Today when i click the message icon on my menu it keeps saying please wait like its loading and if i try to bring up my contacts it restarts. Dont bother with this phone, pay that bit extra and get something better.

Reviewed by Didz from England on 6th May 2011
The Sony Spiro has to be one of the worst phones available today. I bought this as a cheap/easy to use phone, and to that point, it is exactly that - cheap! Ongoing issues with the phone are that it freezes for no reason, switche itself off and has the memory of a goldfish. Simply put, if you want to waste money, burn it rather than buy this piece of rubbish!

Reviewed by hilary from england on 5th May 2011
had my phone just over 6 mths and wouldnt recommend!! mine keeps freezing and i have to keep taking battery out and putting back in grrr!!! only good thing about it is the radio, dont buy!

Reviewed by Osama from Atlantis on 5th May 2011
Very bad phone, off more than on, system crashes unbounded, terrible, please do not waste any money on this.

Reviewed by Desmond from Mexico on 4th May 2011
Shockingly awfull

Reviewed by Srikar from India on 4th May 2011
dis mobile sucks..to say d least...d screen gets mirror imaged n often turns white....n wen i wanna msg it says OUT OF MEMORY so i gotta turn it off n on agan..n when i make a call it hangs up...

Reviewed by The Dude from UK on 3rd May 2011
Geez, there's alot of bad karma here. Well it is for GOOD REASON!!! I'll give you a quick low down on this piece of puke. It looks nice, sliding phone and all that. But thats where the Goodness ends. As many people here have mentioned, there's no cable slot to connect your phone to the computer. My Spirio like many others here, likes to turn itself off when using the internet or radio. It NEVER charges to 100% battery. When you receive a txt it pops up in a stupid way. Believe it or not but i returned my phone to t-mobile 2 times. Got my third one and is still being a silly sausage. I bought my mum a Nokia X2, for a tenner more its quality and reliability is AMAZING. Advice.... Don't buy this mother.....! Time to ask Spirio for any last request before i drop a cap in its azz!!! POWWWWWW

Reviewed by Alan from London on 2nd May 2011
Worst phone I ever had, what a load of old toot.

Reviewed by vineesh from india on 28th Apr 2011
spiro is the the worst fon i have seen ever. i through it away many times as it is not functioning properly.

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 27th Apr 2011
Very bad phone, always turning itself off, tried master reset, tried everything infact all to no avail, I have now noticed the screen keeps flashing intermitantly. I shall now perform a hard reset on it with a sledge hammer, take that you waste of my money.

Reviewed by Josh Robertson from UK on 26th Apr 2011
Possibly the worst electronic device I have ever used! First, as soon as I turned it on Bluetooth failed to work. Eventually after a couple of weeks it deteriorated and crashed. After getting it fixed it wouldn't recognize my MicroSD Card. The lack of support makes this thing even worse. It also won't play videos, music after you've been on the internet, run apps (except specific versions) and not compatible with anything from PlayNow. I am never ever going to buy something from Song again, you have really let me down.

Reviewed by Mike from United Kingdom on 25th Apr 2011
I bought this ohone mainly for the MP3 player and for ocasional texting and phoning. The MP3 sound quality is good but I think this phone is very poor. 1) It randomly bleeps very loudly (it hurts on headphones) for no apparant reason, often just after it has been turned on and then periodically thereafter. This is not related to any setting I can find 2) Music is interupted by a millisecond of silence a few seconds into any selected album. 3) You cannot play tracks in track number sequence - this is a basic fault on any MP3 player. It plays in alphabetical (song) Title sequence. Best avoided, even at its low price the music software should perform properly.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 25th Apr 2011
This phone intermittently will not recognise my 8gb card. I originally had a 16gb card which did not work at all. I took it back to the Halifax Orange store. They refused to acknowledge there was a problem and would not replace the phone. Poor phone and appalling customer service. Have already written this phone and Orange off. Life's too short

Reviewed by emily from uk on 21st Apr 2011
Speechless!!! So bad! Will not send or receive messages after about 2 weeks of owning. Thought it was dodgy so took it back to the shop to swap for another one... low and behold same thing happens three weeks later. one star is too much!!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 19th Apr 2011
@Laura UK I have had the same problem regarding texts messages and the only solution I have found is to use the master reset. Rubbish phone and often needs resetting due to the failure of receiving and sending text messages.

Reviewed by kiko from Espania on 18th Apr 2011
Had it one week, so far so bad, as much use as an ashtray for a motorbike.

Reviewed by alex from uk on 17th Apr 2011
my partner got me this phone for mothers day of my baby girl an as soon as i got it it started turnin its self of an takin ages to turn bk on then last wed it turned its self of an didnt turn bk on it jst stayed on the start up screen so i took it bk an they changed it for it to do the exact same thing but id only had this phone for 2 days an it keeps turnin its self of an wen i try to watch vids they have green lines all over the screen, dont buy it!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 14th Apr 2011
Had Spiro for 3 months, now cant send messages unless I attach a picture, and the messages I re receive back state corupt. Is there anything I can do, or has it had it...

Reviewed by Hamster Alice from Cupcake Land on 12th Apr 2011
I have this for two months, it has very serious firmware issues that seemingly cannot be remedied. I have tried everything all to no avail, sold it in the pub in the next county, DO NOT GET THIS P-O-S

Reviewed by Andrew from United Kingdom on 12th Apr 2011
It seems unfair to me that this phone has received so many poor reviews. At the end of the day, for the price it does what you need it to do. If you want it to do more, spend more money! The only problems I have with it is the noise it makes every time the network changes (I am on Orange, so constantly changing from Orange to T-Mobile signal). It does this even on silent mode, and apparently is inbuilt into the software and can't be changed. The other annoying thing is the permanent shortcut to TrackID - I will literally NEVER use this feature, so would like to have been able to link it to a different shortcut.

Reviewed by Ian from England on 28th Mar 2011
This is a terrible piece of electronic rubbish. In 2 months I have had problems almost daily. Alarm going off at wrong time. Alarm not going off. Screen going blank. Freezing on a screen. Not ringing when someone calls. Switching off on its own. Not switching on. Bought it Orange as pay as you go. The service is terrible. One month later they could not change it in the shop. I had to call India !!! and they eventually agreed to send a new one. Which they did in 12 hours, but the new one has exactly the same faults. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by Long Term Sony Customer from UK on 27th Mar 2011
I read a few reviews on this phone and saw they were very 'mixed' to say the least. Assuming those who have been wronged usally shout the loudest and as it is such a low price, I thought I would take the risk. As a phone, it works fine and does the basics quite well. The issue is with the extras which simply do not work, mainly it seems because the phone software does not handle the memory card well enough, which is a must when it only has 4MB of memory. Music needs to be continually re-uloaded as it will corrupt or disappear. Same with photos, which also often cannot be saved as the memory card is not read. Even when the walkman is briefly working, functions like shuffle will not work. This is particularly poor for a walkman branded phone. In summary, if you want a relatively cheap decent looking phone this is ok for that task. I'll be keeping it as a spare for that at least. But if you want any real extra functionality, don't bother. I was loyal to Sony for my previous 3 phones as the Walkman in particular was very good. Not anymore and I'll be broadening my horizons to see what's on offer.

Reviewed by kpbird from India on 27th Mar 2011
Never Buy sony Ericsson Spiro. It has following problem 1. Restarts all the time 2. When I turn it on takes 1min to start 3. I can't change the appearance of Walkman 4. Can't install themes 5. When I use camera it restarts 6. There's no so many settings 7. PlayNow have no themes, games, applications to download 8. When I disconnect call it take 30 seconds to 40 seconds to disconnect phone 9. Many time it restart when I disconnect phone

Reviewed by kathy from united kingdom. on 25th Mar 2011
can anybody tell me please how to turn off the annoying feature of the words coming up on the screen when you are typing a message to send. apart from that i think the little spiro sony ok but that is very annoying feature.

Reviewed by Patrick from England on 24th Mar 2011
DO NOT BUY: Doesn't send texts. Turns off randomly. Appallingly bad.

Reviewed by Julian from England on 21st Mar 2011
This is the worst phone I have ever come across it does not work in so many strange ways it took a photo in jan 1970 which it then corrupted. Dont buy this phone

Reviewed by Emrod from England on 21st Mar 2011
I have had mine for three months and the only messages I now receive are blank ones or "message corrupt" unless I take the battery and sim card out. I cannot send any messages at all. It is slow to respond to the keyboard, although I have had no issues with the battery at all (I do run mine right down before charging over night). I previously had a bright orange Sony Ericsson for 4 years that I got second hand from someone I work with (he had it for about a year before that) and had no problems with it whatsoever until I wore out the keyboard so I am very diasappointed with this and shall be asking for my money back.

Reviewed by Kylie from England on 16th Mar 2011
This phone was a real let down, freezing all the time, whenever I got it out of my bag it would be off, it was a present from my Nan and she lost the recipt so could not change it, in the rubbish it went.

Reviewed by Zook from York, UK on 3rd Mar 2011
Terrible - bought mine a couple of days ago to use primarily as a mp3 player. Can't get the software to recognise the Sandisk 16gig card I've slotted in - have tried an update and using Sony's MediaGo software to no avail. Will be taking this back to the shop tomorrow to demand either a refund or exchange for something else - DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Bekki from UK on 20th Feb 2011
At first I was very happy with the phone, didn't cost too much and worked fine. However the battery life is very short, also after a few months messages began coming through blank and reading 'corrupt' in conversation mode. Followed advice of a previous review and did the master reset, though not hopeful.

Reviewed by Johnny from Malaysia on 19th Feb 2011
i bought my spiro phone no ye 1month.. it had problem cannot sms, cannot watch video normally and it will auto restart... omg... i just a student, so i choose spiro...Suck! it waste my poket money i will not buy SE phone again!!!

Reviewed by mattu from england on 17th Feb 2011
its rubbish it always frezzes

Reviewed by Mark from Scortland on 13th Feb 2011
Cheap, a SPIRO for GIRO !

Reviewed by Wayne from England on 13th Feb 2011
I have this on o2, the phone is really rather awfull, the c-drive is pittifully minute, the firmware is hopelesly unreliable and the battery is as weak as a kitten on a crash diet. I shall now find out how well it dose on a 60 meter drop test on to my terrace

Reviewed by lplow90@yahoo.com from malaysia on 11th Feb 2011
i brought one mobile phone ' sony ericsson spiro from uk... and insent the sim card when online in malaysia but the screen shown that 'insent new sim card' i try used anothe phone but it ok.... it this sony phone have some problem......when alway show out 'put the sim card'? can u help me.. th

Reviewed by Hugo from UK on 10th Feb 2011
Purchased the Sony Ericsson spiro, 2 months ago. I only use it for talk and text. The battery life is useless, it goes from full charge to flat in a matter of hours you will need to carry the charger with you at all times.

Reviewed by Dave from Wales on 5th Feb 2011

Reviewed by Terry from UK on 29th Jan 2011
terrible phone - love Sony Ericsson, hate this - only had it one month and now it won't start at all - hangs on splash screen - this is actually a replacement phone, first one did exactly the same thing

Reviewed by Roberto from Guatemala on 28th Jan 2011
What a crappy phone!!! i had a great opinion of SE ... until this phone came to my hands! this is probably the WORST phone i've ever had... even the STARTAC worked better than this... thing!!!! I'm going this weekend to my cellphone company to get my money back!!! DON'T BUY IT! BELIEVE ME! YOU'RE DOING YOURSELVES A GREAT FAVOR!!!!!!

Reviewed by Sreekumar from India on 28th Jan 2011
I have one spiro. having the same problems. will sony ericsson recall the handset and give another one????????

Reviewed by chris from preston on 27th Jan 2011
i hate this phone everytime i use it it freezes and lately i was playin music normally and my speaker went :@

Reviewed by Andy from Colchester on 19th Jan 2011
The software has given up so much now the screen will go white if you press a button!!! I bought it in late September/early October... To long now, need it replaced... Out of interest I am on O2 what network is everyone else on?

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 16th Jan 2011
And Argos have got 7 in their catalogue, on different networks. Let's hope they get rid of them before their new catalogue comes out. Terrible fone.

Reviewed by adam from uk on 13th Jan 2011
do not update you will lose all your contacts even off your chip rubbish phone, freezes ,loses time and date, constantly charging it and ive only had it a month sony need to remodel this phone nothing else to say..........

Reviewed by Curtis from UK on 13th Jan 2011
Don't buy this phone the amount of problems it has is unreal, I have a 2GB memory card in in and I cannot recieve texts as it says memory full and am having to constantly turn it on and off. Also when i open a menu it will screw up and go to the home screen. Also the facebook application hardly works always says Error service affected by the host. Don't ever buy this phone.

Reviewed by Ellen from Belgium on 12th Jan 2011
I really love SE, that's why I bouth a new one. I think it's a beautiful phone. But from the first day I have problems. The first time you have to charge it for 16 hrs, so I did; at least I tried,,,, suddenly the connection with the charger broke down, so my battery is always low :(.... Ok so if that's all.. But no after a few days my phone shut down when I listen to music, also when I'm calling.. And last but not least: some messages that I send don't arrive at the other persons phone :(,, and some messages people send me I never got :(.. So today I deside to return it to the shop.. They said the only thing they could do was sending it back to the factory, so no I have to wait at least 10 days,, hopfully for some good news.... I think it's really a shame, normally SE are always good.

Reviewed by Andy from England on 10th Jan 2011
should you buy it?... No.

Reviewed by kbreddy from india on 9th Jan 2011
i am not satisfied with spiro. it is often freezing. action is very slow. battery backup below one day whether useit or not. i suggest not to buy spiro better go for nokia/samsung to that prie.

Reviewed by craig gornall from england on 9th Jan 2011
well i bought the spiro in september last year, i have had nothing but problems with it. i have had to do about 7 master resets. if i had seen this website before i wouldnt have bought the phone.

Reviewed by Donna from Wales on 7th Jan 2011
Awful phone. I am a loyal SE customer but this phone is terrible. After only 2 months i have had continual problems with messaging, firstly they come through blank or 'corrupt' in conversation mode. Master reset helps this for a few days but means you lose all new data, messages, photos, music etc. Now, i can't send messages unless they text me first and i do it through conversation mode rather than message mode. It doesnt always recognise the charger and gives another message about not using phone function and often freezes. Stay away! I'd rather have another W595!

Reviewed by S Townsend from UK on 7th Jan 2011
It says here that there is a torch function. I take it that there is a Spiro model with a light which I find strange. However the one I have does not have a torch/light in any form. Be careful with what you see on this review as it is incorrect!

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