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Sony Ericsson S500i review

 Review: July 2007  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: The Sony Ericsson S500i is a stunningly beautiful slide phone, available in green or yellow.

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"The slim S500i keeps you in harmony with the world around you. Slide the S500i open to reveal materials and patterns inspired by nature." Sounds like Sony Ericsson's marketing guys have been hugging too many trees! They've even coloured their phone green. Hey, cut those trees down and put some phone masts up! Let's slash and burn our way through the forest of hype and discover what the S500i is really all about.

First thing to say is that we really liked the S500i (before the problems became apparent), despite our sarcastic introduction. You look at the phone and the first thing that strikes you is its glossy black finish and smooth, slim form. You pick it up, (wiping away the fingerprints that have just appeared on the gloss surface), slide it open, and the thing springs into life, with beautiful wallpaper artwork and themes created especially for the S500i. The background and themes will even change according to the time of day or the season. The keypad is flat and shiny: probably not the best for texting, but pleasing to the eye. The best is yet to come though: wait for an incoming call and the phone really comes alive with sensational lighting effects. The S500i is available in a choice of colours : Mysterious Green and Spring Yellow. Both will stand out from the crowd, for sure. It's a stunning phone, designed for the pixie in all of us.

In addition to looks, the S500i has gadgets too. It's a mid-range phone, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the top-of-the-range K810i or the Walkman range, but it has everything that most users will want. The most impressive feature is probably the crisp high-resolution display. This is a bright active matrix display that you can view easily outdoors and it does justice to the artwork and themes of the S500i. The phone also has a 2 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities. 2 megapixels is now considered average for a phone, and this one is nothing special, lacking autofocus and a flash. Still, it's good enough for snaps and video clips.

Although it's not a Walkman phone, the S500i does have a good quality music player, with support for Bluetooth stereo headsets. The built-in memory is small (12 Mbytes) and can store a handful of MP3 songs only, but you can buy a memory card to expand the storage to 1 Gbyte - enough for around 250 songs. Transferring music (and other data) between the phone and a PC is very easy using the USB connection, with drag and drop convenience. You can plug in compatible headphones, or use a Bluetooth stereo headset if you prefer.

The phone also has some useful extras such as a sound recorder, flight mode and personal organiser functions. It has fast internet access via EDGE, support for web browsing, email and RSS feeds. It's also a quadband phone, so you can use it worldwide.

The S500i offers a good level of functionality, including all the essentials, and looks beautiful. However, you should avoid this phone for the simple reason that it will probably break. The phone feels quite plasticky and flimsy, but it's the keypad that's the real problem. The keys just crack, as simple as that. Roughly half of our users have reported that their keys cracked. This is an almost unprecedented failure rate, and really you'd be daft to buy one of these phones knowing that. Better to go for the Sony Ericsson W595 instead. Or, perhaps better to avoid Sony Ericsson altogether and try an LG or a Samsung.

Sony Ericsson S500i features include:

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Sony Ericsson S500i user reviews

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Average rating from 414 reviews:

Reviewed by Ruth from UK on 19th Mar 2012
I have had this phone (the colour white and gold) for 4 years! I didn't use the phone for one of the years. (In the meantime I had a Samsung Jet which was terrible!)

Appearence: You can see this for yourself really. In my opinion, it is not the most attractive phone but I personnaly liked the range of colours avaliable and the slide function.

Durability: Having had this phone for 4 years I can comment well on this. When and if reading remember I have had this phone for this time - and don't really 'look after it.'
The phone does last well. Now it has some dents and scratches on the surface. Some of the 'gold' plate and even the 'white' plate has scratched off but this isn't noticable and doesn't bother me.
Many of the buttons are now cracked, only the 7, 8, 0 and * aren't. However, all work perfectly except for the # which I find works by chance if you press hard enough.
The top half of the back on my phone for a long time clung on loosely and then fell off, however, this hasn't effected the performance of the phone.
Lastly the only other problem I have had is the screen packing up. However, to fix this I simply needed to remove the cover and clip the wires back into place correctly. (This only happened when I've dropped the phone from a great height.)

Performance: In my case, battery = excellent. The battery after all this time still works perfectly.
Switching itself off: This is a very rare occurance. It has only happened to me when I have written a very long sms, hitting the capacity of 10sms in a single message. The solution is to save a draft once you reach 7 sms just incase.

Other comments: I would just say for me, this mobile is reliable. Any other features you can find online and I have no comment on it really. The phone is a good fit for my hand (being female with a skinny palm and fingers). This phone has survived much dropping on the floor (often from a top bunk).

This phone will be for you if you want a phone for texting and ringing, and aren't too nterested in the use of high tech games and internet browsing etc.

Reviewed by Krista from USA on 31st Dec 2011
The rating above is very thorough so I am not going to rehash all the specs and pros. I do however take issue with the claim that these phones are flimsy. I have had mine since it came out and still use it. Considering phones are supposed to half a life of 1 or 2 years that is pretty good. I will admit 3 of my keys are cracked- but what of it? It is not too noticeable aesthetically and has absolutely no affect on the functionality. The keys still work perfectly.

Reviewed by Sanjay Gautam from India on 24th Dec 2011
This mobail is very hundsum but buttery problum by parches

Reviewed by Thea from Malta on 11th Dec 2011
I've had the sony ericsson s500i for 4 years now and it's great..the keys have never cracked for me and I've dropped it quite a few times but it's still going strong. The only problem is the battery, which I now have to charge every 2 days at least even though I changed it a few months ago. Still a beautiful phone though.

Reviewed by shamsun nahar from UK on 5th Dec 2011
i have sony ericsson s500i and i have had it more than three years now and it is still running realy well but the only problem is that the keypads and got little cracks other than that i really like the phone, its easy to use and got nice light affects.

Reviewed by sina from UK on 10th Jul 2011
i had this phone for two and a half years now, and only a month ago its started to be a pain cause of the keys .

Reviewed by Jemimah from UK on 30th Jun 2011
I have brought this phone twice, yes twice that is how much i love it, i love the light and the ever changing theme is awesome, but i must say the screen soon gets bad and has to be changed and,this happened with both phone, but is is definitely an elegant phone but not built to last!

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 7th Feb 2011
Had for a year when it can out, only problem is with the charger, not the phone (Y) cracking phone (get it?)

Reviewed by husain from UK on 12th Aug 2010
this phone is really gr8 related to other brands of same price. Accepting most of the java files and its worth all de money. Relating to price its excellent

Reviewed by jan jam from UK on 11th Aug 2010
i bought it recently and its started off well i loved it specially its themes z beautiful it keeps changing with different occasions like valentines day an new year bt fis its chargin pin got all rippedof i wasnt able to put ma headphones in or charger in and nw it keeps turning by its cell an its jus few months tht i bought it...

Reviewed by tito from UK on 27th Jul 2010
i love sony only , does not have to headphone 3.5 mm , but it is very nice view ,is com cheap prices so cheap 60 dollar , me falls and bought another :)

Reviewed by Kerry from UK on 26th Jul 2010
I love this phone! I've had it for almost 2 years now and none of my keys are cracked and its not broken! It's exactly the same as when I first got it (apart from a few scratches that is). I carry it around with me and use it every day as well! Good camera and video and good music player. The only problem with it for me would be it has rubbish battery! It started off fine but then recently I've started having to charge it every night because it runs out so fast! I have just ordered a new battery so I'll have to see if its any better now. But overall amazing and beautiful phone!!! :)

Reviewed by thebadman16v from UK on 5th Jul 2010
I used one of these for 6 months. the phone is very pretty to look at and nice to use. My keys never cracked, but my volume button (on the side) died and so did the mechanism for holding in the memory stick. I eventually superglued it in but the non working volume became an issue and it was replaced by a w580i

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 4th Jul 2010
I've had this phone for over a year now, and nothing majorly bad has happened. A few months ago i had a little porblem with it, and had to send it away - but this was through my own faults. The camera is good, but sometimes due to bad lighting it cant really take photos. Everything else is excellent and really easy to use. usually phones break with me, but this one hasnt so i must be quite lucky considering everyone elses problems! Overall its a good first phone but nothing more, and if your looking for a phone with a good camera dont get this one!

Reviewed by Munro from UK on 3rd Jul 2010
I have found, that looking at other review sites, that different models of the same phone work, and some don't. I have NEVER had any problem with it. The build quality is fabulous, no cracking keys or parts falling off. My S500i has never failed, even after being dropped several times and having to put up with everything in my pocket. It just soldiers on! Here's my advice-Take a risk and buy it, hoping that you get one that doesn't break, or save you money and buy something you can have confindence in that it won't break. Apart from that, a abulius phone.

Reviewed by Selena Wang from UK on 28th May 2010
I brought my Sony Ericsson on Amazon in the U.S.A. It was broken after I brought it one month already. the screen doesn't work sometimes, and it turn off itself once every one or two or three days. I sent to repair once, and they can not do anything buy only updated software. I asked if they can not repair it, is it possioble to swap it. They told me they can not because it is made in Middle East. I have to send it to USA to ask them to swap it. So please for the people like me travel, it is not a good option. If it is broken, then what you can do is only buy a new one.

Reviewed by Sanozukez from UK on 27th May 2010
Very nice phone. Alot more if you customize that. About the keypad, i bought my s500i 5 months ago, its perfectly yet, i dont know if it changed by sony or what... but its ok for me, i dont think it will crash. Anyway i dont punch on my keypad, press it normal.

Reviewed by selva from UK on 25th May 2010
this phone is very cute looking buy it

Reviewed by Jessica from UK on 5th May 2010
I had this phone around this time last year, and now i have the nokia 3550. But this sony ericsson was the best phone iv ever had and really really want it back. I didnt have any problems with it at all, i just thought it was amazing.. I would even pick this phone over the iphone.

Reviewed by =) smile from UK on 23rd Apr 2010
this phone is old but im gonna write a review anyway. my keys havn't cracked and i've had it for ages. i did drop it once...the cover came off but i fixed it (now the alarm doesn't work at 06:45 that all though!)i really like it...

Reviewed by shannon from UK on 8th Apr 2010
to be honest! people always say that their buttons crack but mines not the case... i had mine for 2 years now and i feel that it is brilliant.. me and my friend have them and we have no trouble with it. and the camera is actually good! It even charges so quick.. only flaw i have with it is sometimes you dont get very good signal overall brilliant phone for anyone

Reviewed by shannon from UK on 30th Mar 2010
i do not recommend this phone. despite its pretty design and great features, it breaks so easily! i have had mine fixed 3 times now and need to but a new phone now because i can no longer use the screen as it it literally hanging on by a thread. The first time it broke was when the screen suddenly turned green on me! at this time also the keys began to crack so i got those replaced as well as my screen. next time and the time after that the keys cracked again and this time my screen has gone so i can't see what i'm doing. over time the casing becomes clicky and fragile and the battery life is extremely poor. i was disappointed in this phone but i'm off to go and buy a new one from a different manufacturer!

Reviewed by courtney from UK on 28th Mar 2010
i absolutely loved this phone and ive had it for over 2 years....yeah all my buttons are cracked and it was VERY annoying that i couldnt zoom in camera mode...i loved it UNTILL the screen died...ive got no screen...the phone still works...but the screen doesnt....so the phone was amazing for the first year and a bit...till it pretty much died

Reviewed by Kerry from UK on 21st Feb 2010
I've had this phone for about a year and a half or 2 years and although it does feel a bit plasticy sometimes and like it could brake easily it is actually a really good phone. Even if it does feel like it could brake easy i've had mine quite a long time and it hasnt broken!! None of my keys have cracked and its fine! My keys havent cracked because i text with my fingers anyones who's cracked must text with their nails. Overall i think that it is a beautiful and stunning phone and i would reccommend it to everyone!!!! =]

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 12th Feb 2010
Wow, what mixed reviews for this phone! I've had the purple version for well over a year now and been very happy with it. The keys did eventually crack but I haven't found it to be a problem - it's a very thin crack that doesn't affect how the phone works. Someone below wrote that closing the phone doesn't seem to end a call - that's not actually correct. I think it's a setting that you can change and mine definitely ends a call when I slide it shut. It looks lovely, slides nicely, and I don't find it cheap and plastic at all. Perhaps they are made of different plastic depending on the colour and finish, so feel different. E.g. mine isn't shiny like the one in the picture, it's matt purple with silver keys.

Reviewed by Vicky from UK on 6th Feb 2010
I've had mine a year and it's broken. I've had it fixed twice and there's always another thing wrong. They're nice phones but aren't always reliable.

Reviewed by Munro from UK on 5th Feb 2010
I don't get why people hate this phone! 1) My keys haven't broken. 2) Screen quality is excellent. 3) Speakers and earphones have excellent quality. Just a few reasons to like this phone. I have had this phone a year and a half, i have dropped it ocasionly, but i have had NO problems. To prove it, i wrote this review with this phone!

Reviewed by Brad from UK on 24th Jan 2010
My still doing great and i've had it for over i year now the only problem i've had is the other day i dropped it and the back bit thats not supposed to come off kinda unlatched itself and to my surprise the keys haven't cracked yet and when your in the music player if you shake it does any of yours like go landscape

Reviewed by Dijk from UK on 19th Jan 2010
I have this phone for over 2 years now and I still love it! The keys cracked within weeks. After contact with SE I was immediately offered to have them replaced but I didn't since the keys work fine.... Actually the feel of the buttons is even better now that they are all broken.... ;). Great phone, great looks, absolutely not cheap... Except for the keypad I've had absolutely no problems what so ever, though I did abuse the phone quite a bit (heavy user, dropped it a few times, sand in the sliding mechanism, etcetera) - but still everything works fine... Even the sliding is still very reliable (with some blowing the sand was removed). Superb phone... And nowadays very cheap. Do buy, and don't be shocked if keys break - once they are all broken the problem is solved! ;)

Reviewed by Charly from UK on 15th Jan 2010
This phone is really pretty and nice to use. No sign of cracking keypads so i've obvs had a later model. I have had my phone for 1 and 1/2 yrs and when it does break I am going to reeeaaalllyyyy miss it! The only criticism is the screen is a bit sensetive and therefore scratches quite easily. Other than that a great little phone!

Reviewed by isobel calisse from UK on 10th Jan 2010
my phone was very good at the beggining, but about a month later, a wierd vibrating sound started in the back of the phone, i turnedit off, but it still went on, so i opened the back and saw this thing twisting making the sound, but there was no way to turn it off, and i still have no idea what it is!

Reviewed by Colleen from UK on 20th Dec 2009
I've had this phone for the last 2 years in purple and I have a friend who also has the same one. The keys did crack very quickly although this didn't affect texting and didn't bother me. Then the # key stopped working. This very same key stopped working on my friend's one as well. Shortly before my 1 year warranty ran out the screen stopped working. I got a replacement so was happy again. I've now had the replacement phone for the last year. Again, all my keys are cracked and the # key is tempermental at the best of times. However I do have some good things to say about it. It is stunningly beautiful to look at. The build quality can't be that bad (I drop my phones accidently alot!) and the features are great. Pros: Good value for money, very pretty, good camera, clear screen, small and light, good features. Cons: Keys crack and # key especially breaks, camera has no flash, battery life pretty poor.

Reviewed by Stacey from UK on 17th Dec 2009
I got the mysterious green almost 2 years ago and I loved it, the keys are metallic green and so is the back part that you see when you slide it open. It has gorgeous nature inspired wallpapers and the Everchanging theme was great, it changed wallpaper from day to night with different colored lights, for different seasons and holidays such as NYE, Valentines Day, and Christmas. The features are simple to use, it has expandable memory and the screen is nice. The 2mp camera is fine for amatuer photos but blurs considerably as it zooms. There are alot of downsides, the keys are definitely the main complaint, most of them cracked and I got them replaced under warranty, but now they are all cracked especially bottom right which I have to press a certain way to get spaces in texts. The paint chips around the cracks too. And the light shines through all the imperfections which looks tacky. The battery only lasts a day now, running out really fast if in calls or on the internet. After I dropped it a few times the sound went, the music player (which is normally pretty good) and call sound and everything else was coming out like static so I got that fixed at the same time as the keypad. It's not worth getting it repaired now out of warranty though I have been impressed with the amount of drops it's had onto concrete, tile and once even thrown accidentally across my yard and landed in the hard dirt and it's still working... what a trooper haha. But the bit of plastic on the side of the charger/headphone plug is snapped off at one end, and I don't think it's gonna last much longer. Overall I was happy but if I'd known all this would happen like the keys cracking, I wouldn't have gotten it. I think I'll get the W595 next... hopefully it doesn't let me down :)

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 15th Dec 2009
Love it because i have been using it for like a month now and has been texting alot and still thd keypad hasnt 'cracked'.the keys will 'crack' only if u want to crack them and it who would want to crack them.the only niggle i have with the phone is that if you open more than 2 applications the phone will crash and the battery wont last long if you are always on the internet like less than an hour.if you want a phone that you can use for day to day normal functions like calling or texting this is your phone but if you want a phone that you will stay with it this is not the one.this is a phone for the simple who once in time you will want to download music or play java apps it will do it perfectly

Reviewed by naseem from UK on 12th Dec 2009
i love sony ericsson.?????????????????????

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 11th Dec 2009
it crashes/ freezes, the keys break, i dropped it once and the screen smashed. it looks tacky once you've had it a while as the paint on the keys chip. a complete waste of money.

Reviewed by Hannah! from UK on 3rd Dec 2009
Ahh. I had the floral phone for a couple of months, took good care of it, phone sock and all, but it kept freezing, over heating :( I was really gutted cos it's a dead good phone .. but after it doing it constantly after going back to repair I thought it was the make that was naff :( My camera was naff too! :( was quite fuzzy tbh which is a nightmare spesh on a cruise where my camera died, and my last resort was my trusty phone! I was wrong! :( It's alright. Nothing to brag about.

Reviewed by vivi from UK on 2nd Dec 2009
i've just bought it for 1 week, and the keypad has cracked... so sad... it's like i've been cheated by the sony err. shop. hix..hix..

Reviewed by blah blah from UK on 28th Nov 2009
i have had phone for about a year, the keys have cracked, the case has snapped and people can't hear me when i call them. However i do like the phone itself, with the themes and navigation etc. Only buy it if you want it to last you for about a year!!!!!

Reviewed by Jane from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
I think this phone is quite good, depending on who buys it. If you're into taking photos, then maybe aim for a phone with a better camera - taking photos in the dark, even with night mode on, DOES NOT WORK with this phone. Or maybe it's just my phone :S. Sometimes freezes, so if you're impatient, don't buy this phone. But if you just want a phone for music/calls/texting, then this is the phone for you. Don't drop, my special edition Paris cover came off, now I'm stuck with a pink front and flowery back! : NOTE - girls, try and get the special edition Paris - its flowery design is really beautiful! :)

Reviewed by ze from UK on 21st Nov 2009
great phone nothing wrong with the battery ect.

Reviewed by Lucy Loo from UK on 15th Nov 2009
Had this phone for 22 months and only now it is beginning to die with the occasional freeze and "insert sim card" errors. I've even considered buying another! Would have been nice to have had radio and flash.

Reviewed by bob x from UK on 1st Nov 2009
this phone is cool but i hate the fact i cant find the right memory card!!!!!i enjoy txting and stuff though!!!!!

Reviewed by Auriol from UK on 31st Oct 2009
I do love the phone actually. I do think though that it wouldn't last long if one of my daughters had it with the amount of usage it ould get then. Quite right about the keys, all mine have cracked, in particular the bottom right which has nearly all disintegrated. Shame. So cute, feels nice, though the flat keys take a little getting used to. I have the purple one, just gorgeous. Ha ha

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 21st Oct 2009
I love my phone but i am deeply disappointed with Sony for being so pathetic as to refuse to admit to their shortcomings with regards to the keys cracking. I have my phone about a year and half, and had several keypad replacements because of cracked keys, and now the key that spaces between words when texting isn't working at all and has cracked. I wrote to Sony before I bought this phone to enquire about the cracking keys problem and they said they didn't know what i was talking about. I recently re-sent them that letter (after several keypad replacements) and they STILL say they don't know what i'm talking about. It's a shame because, despite all the problems, I am really devoted to this lovely phone. It's colourful, nice to look at with ever changing graphics, fireworks for new year, hearts for valentines day. It takes a pretty good photo in daylight too.

Reviewed by tina from UK on 20th Oct 2009
i love this set becaz its features is amazing

Reviewed by sara from UK on 18th Oct 2009
I think the phone like very nice people who put 1 poor are wrong

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 14th Oct 2009
I have this phone in purple and I love how it looks. I've had this phone for a while now, at least a year, and I've had no problems with keys cracking at all. I'm quite clumsy too, I can't imagine what people must be doing to it to make the keys crack. Apart from the odd small scratch on the purple surface, this phone has no damage to it at all. My only problems with it are the low memory (but I think I'm going to buy the memory card that I didn't know existed)and the fact that I couldn't connect it properly to my computer, but I susupect that's my own fault.

Reviewed by joshua loughran from UK on 26th Sep 2009
it all right a bit slow at loading but alright

Reviewed by Mischa from UK on 21st Sep 2009
I've had my phone since Nov 2008. It took a good eight months until the keys started cracking, and I'm sure they would have lasted longer if I had not been so clumsy and dropped my phone about twice a day!!! The graphics on the phone really are lovely, and I'm struggling to find a new phone with similar graphics, because I'm so attached to them!!! This phone really isn't as bad as everyone's making out. Worth it for the price it's going for now, just 50. Probably best not to buy it if you're a complete klutz like me though!!!

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 6th Sep 2009
I was sceptical about buying this phone after hearing a large amount of negative reviews, concerning the dodgy key pad, the quality of the handset, etc. but a year later and my little phone (the flower version) is still going strong! i havent had any major faults at all: the keys on the pad are still all intact, and only now are they beginning to scratch away, but only slightly. The battery usually needs charging every other day on average, which doesnt really bother me. the screen is good quality, clear and bright, which is a bonus for such a simple phone. i really do love this phone, but i'm searching for something more advanced, but im keeping this as a back up and simply because its fabulous! :)

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 31st Aug 2009
I don't like this phone at all though the look is very stylish the keys actually fall off and crack. It is not waterproof at all as I only got a drop of rain on mine and the screen went weird and fuzzy. Sony Ericssons are definatley not made for a rough lifestyle!

Reviewed by xstina from UK on 21st Aug 2009
keys cracked with in the first month now screen backlight gone so can just make out what i am putting!!! just under a year old so now going to try the tocco light

Reviewed by hi from UK on 18th Aug 2009
i just got one bad build but god phone

Reviewed by Jemma from UK on 5th Aug 2009
I've had this phone a few months and so far, my slide has bust and started to grind. EIGHT of the twelve keys have cracked, 3 of which do not work AT ALL anymore. The phne has no flash which is a pain. I must admit, this phone is great, short term only. I personally don't suggest this phone to anybody, unless they are willing to buy another new phone a few months down the line. Over all, a big thumbs down to Sony Ericsson for this one. I'm switching to LG.

Reviewed by Mee (: from UK on 4th Aug 2009
I had this phone for a very long time in the purple edition and i loved mine, no problems what so ever. I have out grown this phone now, Looking on getting the Sony Ericsson T700 rouge (any advice on my choice?) But I would recomend this phone to anyone, 5 stars from me!

Reviewed by Jade Orvis from UK on 31st Jul 2009
had it a few months phone speaker went wrong everytime i call someone i just hear loud crackling, and cant play music. it also freezes alot and has a tendency to turn itself off randomly.

Reviewed by Jessica Marris from UK on 28th Jul 2009
i have had this phone for always a year, no problems at all, no keys cracking or anything. i have dropped my pphone thousands of times but it sitll works perfectly. i love this phone and i would highly recommend it to anyone

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 24th Jul 2009
It is amazing and very colourful however it is quite old on the market and it is not one of the best phones but is is a phone at the end of the day and also it should be around 60.00.

Reviewed by mum from UK on 22nd Jul 2009

Reviewed by sandra from UK on 19th Jul 2009
had this phone ( flowers) for christmas and not bored with it yet.Nice looking phone but robust and easy 2 use. Easy to down load music, themes and pics on too. Reallyloveit

Reviewed by Holly from UK on 17th Jul 2009
I got this phone off ebay for 45 , in purple, its really pretty but feels sturdy. the keys are a little crakced on my phone but to be honest they are easier to use this way and they still feel quite strong! Overall very impressed so far, i love it!

Reviewed by ........ from UK on 7th Jul 2009
I got this phone for Christmas, and have had only one small problem with it. However, that has been sorted now. I love the phone, and all the features that come with it. It can take all types of files, and has good sound quality. I think anyone thinking about buying it, should. I LOVE IT!!!! (:

Reviewed by clozy123 from UK on 7th Jul 2009
i bought this phone in england and a few months later moved to spain. when i was in england the phone was working ok, but then i bought it to spain with me and the batterys goin flat everyday and falling to pieces each time i have it in my hand!

Reviewed by jake from UK on 7th Jul 2009
i think sony should own up and fix/replace any phone with a problem with this. i have the same phone it's been about 4 months now, and my # 7-8-9-3-2 keys are cracked. i cant believe it im never getting a sony ericsson again

Reviewed by Gillian from UK on 2nd Jul 2009
I've had this phone for almost two years and loved it. Some of the keys have cracked but they still work fine so it doesnt bother me. I've also dropped it many a time, sometimes from a fair distance, and, although there's a few scratches, it hasnt broken. Until now. It fell from about a foot and the way it landed cracked the screen and now i can't see the middle of the screen. I have no idea how it happened. I wouldn't mind so much but I have photos and stuff on it that I can't get off because it won't cooperate with my computer. I'm not happy right now. Saying that it's served me well over the years so I can't complain too much.

Reviewed by victoria from UK on 30th Jun 2009
I loved this phone, but I lost it (stolen most likely) and I know years have past since it came out but gosh I love it!

Reviewed by claire from UK on 29th Jun 2009
I love this phone.

Reviewed by hassan from UK on 28th Jun 2009

Reviewed by Fiona from UK on 27th Jun 2009
i think that the phone is top quality and so worth it, i dont get why people are undergrading i have had the phone for over a year now and its totally fine. the only bad thing is that my number 3 is cracked but apart fromm that everything is fine. the battery is not rubbish. people that are complainig shuld just get a nnew fone without complainiing.

Reviewed by susanna from UK on 26th Jun 2009
I cant get the battery cover off! Im going insane!

Reviewed by ashley from UK on 24th Jun 2009
cooooooooolest phone the sound is fabulous

Reviewed by noob from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
SIK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

Reviewed by misha from UK on 17th Jun 2009
This phone is great!... i have it since 2 years and dropped it like a million time but it does not have a single scratch!.. yes the keys do crack but that is not a problem for me..only things that i miss is the Flash and Radio, otherwise i still love it, after using it so roughly, it still seems to be new.Lovely Phone.

Reviewed by layla from UK on 14th Jun 2009
I don't understand the 2-star rating! I have had this phone for 8 months now and it works perfectly well! The people whose keys have cracked must have very strange fingernails. The camera is really good and is probably better than my friends 3.1 megapixel, the music-player is really good aswell but it took me a while to figure out how to actually get the music on there! This phone is awsome and you should buy it!!!

Reviewed by Mayur from UK on 11th Jun 2009
I would say, dont waste your money, my screen got damaged 3 times in 1 and half year. key cracks and does not work. Service certer guys are pathetic. When i called up service center and talked to senior manager thy are not just ready to listen anything, ask me to pay for screen change and then talk. He disconnedted phone also..

Reviewed by Heather from UK on 10th Jun 2009
I brought this phone 10months ago because I lost my phone at the time. Thought it was ok, nice colour (purple) standard design. However for a few months its been switching itself off alot which is annoying and the battery lasts about half a day if that and all I do is text few times a day! Now realised it was a waste of money as now needing a new phone as this just isn1t practical.

Reviewed by Ann from UK on 23rd May 2009
Have this phone for 18months now, 8 out of 12 buttons cracked after 6 months of use! Camera dosen't want to work, it says "Another aplication is running. Close it, and then start the camera" the same comment for 6 months now!!! The worst phone I have ever had!!!

Reviewed by Orla from UK on 23rd May 2009
do not buy this phone. sure it looks great, but only 3 buttons remain on my phone. they haven't just cracked, but fell off! my space button doesn't work and if people ring me they can hear me fine but if i ring them they cant hear me which is annoying. but the battery life is good, very good. no flash, but the camera aint bad either. the top bit of my phone has cracked to, around the menu buttons. best advice, good if you're looking something cheap but i would avoid to be honest.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 19th May 2009
ive had since christmas 2007. Keys never cracked but have faded. Only probs iv had is the screen keeps going off, must be the connection.... :-( Apart from that been a good phone and in a lovely purple colour!!!

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 17th May 2009
I loved this phone at first, it feels great, beautiful colours and some really good features. BUT my camera is rubbish! and now it is a almost a year old, it feels really old and it gets very stiff to push up. I have had no problems with the keys cracking though :)

Reviewed by dpransome@yahoo from UK on 14th May 2009
I love this phone & I know i have to be extra careful. Had mine approximately one year now!

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 4th Mar 2009
Very, very good phone. I am selling mine now as I want a newer one for my birthday but it is nothing to do with the phone. I've had it since November 2007 and it hasn't chipped at all and I have dropped it a million times! I totally recommend this phone to everyone!

Reviewed by katyaaaaaaaaa. from UK on 4th Mar 2009
my keys cracked after a month. then i got them replaced and they've cracked again, i've had my phone since july and now my screen flashes and practically has a fit and then crashes and suddenly decides to come to life again. hmmm any ideas? i thought it could be a phone virus from music files? it crashes when im trying to text but now its become more frequent and even when im not touching my phone. help?

Reviewed by Nicola from UK on 28th Feb 2009
Ive had my phone since april last year and none of the keys have cracked, and the screen is fine, ive dropped it 3 times on concrete and it only has a small chip so they arnt as rubbish as every one thinks

Reviewed by Erin from UK on 27th Feb 2009
I have this phone in purple, I hate it. I've had it since January 2008 and it chips every time you drop it, mine is covered in them, and sometimes when you drop it everything pops out, the front, back and battery. It also feels like a tacky piece of plastic and purple gets so boring after a while. Sometimes when you take photos and put them onto the computer there is a red line across it, sometimes it is blue and it ruins photos. The battery is pretty rubbish, it used to be better so I imagine it's just gotten worse cause I've had it for so long.

Reviewed by jess from UK on 25th Feb 2009
Ive had this phone for a yr now and overall its a god phone, it looks good, and if your careful with it doesnt scratch up too easily. the most annoying thing with it is the buttons crack and i had a glitch in mine that i got fixed. there is no flash on it which is also a pain but for its price its a good reliable phone if you dont mind the cracked keys!!

Reviewed by Eek from UK on 23rd Feb 2009
I haven't had any trouble with this phone as such, but i have to say it is very badly built!! The quality of the phone is horrible! It looks great online, but when i received the phone in person i was very disappointed in its workmanship! The screen doesn't even have a protect casing over it and the image can easily be distorted by applying pressure on screen. It's good for the price i guess, but even then i don't think it's good value. I've had sony phones before and they've been pretty good, but this is really disappointing quality from sony. I wouldn't recommend getting one unless it's really cheap!!!

Reviewed by Gina from UK on 19th Feb 2009
Had my phone for 8 months and love it no one is punhing the keys mine are broken too my space key does not work and to top it off screen is blank exact same problem as sophie as i said i love this phone and the way it looks SE have concerntrated on the looks too much and need to concerntrate on the function more and it would be the best phone ever in my opinion

Reviewed by mn from UK on 19th Feb 2009
hmm, ive had this mobile. but didnt experience any problem with it. i love the style,the evechanging theme, the colour--its all awsome. the buttons are tricky for ppl wit big fingers..lol. but they wer fyn for me. the camera and music is average. however i think this is probbly the best phone ive had !!

Reviewed by Phone Reviewer from UK on 18th Feb 2009
This Phone Is So Easy To Brake or Damage, Sliding it up or down, makes Scratch marks on The Back. The Back Cover Falls off repeatedly, IVE LOST IT 3 TIMES! Very Slow and Takes Ages To load, My Internet Doesnt Work= please Help Me With That Someone. My Advice is Look Somewhere else like The: Samsung J700 or Sony Ericsson W595.

Reviewed by eve from UK on 18th Feb 2009
I just bought this phone,everything fine, except no network coverage,how can I use it??I tried everything,but no body can fix it! what?, I just waste my money for nothing!!

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 16th Feb 2009
After reading countless reviews on how bad this phone is, the keys crakcing and so on, I decided to try it out. I'm sooo glad I did! This is the best phone I've ever used and the envy of all my friends! The design is beautiful, expecially the everchanging nature theme. The keys haven't crakced and I've had it for about 4 months now. Oh and I'm a VERY heavy texter. Its easy to use, and the sound is great. Overall, I think anyone who wants a phone with good looks (lol), easy to use features, and good sound, this is the phone for you! Oh and btw, the memry is hardly anything at firstm but if you purchase a memory card its fine!

Reviewed by buffy from UK on 15th Feb 2009
I love this phone and dont care that the keys are cracked. It is a great size, great colours and takes great photos. easy to download onto, easy to use and ive had mine for almost 2 years. i went to upgrade to a newer one but i love this one to much, extremelly happy with it.

Reviewed by rach from UK on 15th Feb 2009
this phone sucks. don't buy it. keypads cracked a week after i got it, had them fixed then they cracked again. it often just freezes and turns off and recently the screen has colour jumps and i cant really see what im doing. don't be fooled by the pretty exterior

Reviewed by steve from UK on 14th Feb 2009
Poor phone (without swaring)!!!! keys cracked straight away! now after 6month the screen has crashed! going differant colours then goes black whie texting!Poor signal still getin 5 bars but emergancy calls only! wouldn't recomend!

Reviewed by Nathan Dyson from UK on 13th Feb 2009
I Got This Phone Its An Apsoulute STAR , No major Or Minor Faults Nothing Goes wrong its A -OK

Reviewed by J From Brighton from UK on 12th Feb 2009
I've had this phone for about 6 months and had no problems. I only started reading the stories of cracked keys etc after I'd bought it so have been constantly worrying about it but so far no worries! I think people tend to forget that a mobile is a delicate piece of equipment, I mean you don't drop you digital camera on a regular basis so why be careless with a phone. And if you're too rough with keys they're gonna break. The phone has been a real eye catcher, now we need a 3G version with a better camera.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 10th Feb 2009
by far the cutest phone i've ever had, the theme is really cool too but all in all this phone has been a pain!! I had a one year warranty and within the one year i have had it i've sent it in to be fixed twice for the lcd to be replaced since the screen has no protection over it and one time because it just stopped working. There was no incident of water damage or dropping it at all but i spent more time waiting for it to come back for repairs (since the provider sent it to macau to be fixed >.<) Unfortunately my warranty ran out a little over a week ago and the screen is completely messed up and i cant even see it in sunlight b/c its so dark so i guess this time i'll go for a good quality phone instead of one that just looks cute

Reviewed by Thomas from UK on 10th Feb 2009
What a lump of junk! The keys started cracking within a week. Then after six weeks it died completely. I was initially attracted to the colour and the changing themes, but to live only six weeks is unforgivable on the part of Sony Ericsson. Their phones are pretty patchy at the moment, they make rubbish like this but also made the K800i which is pretty much indestructible. Something needs to happen with their quality control to stop these lemons being issued.

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