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Sony Ericsson P990i review

 Review: November 2006  

Last updated November 2008

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: 3G smartphone with 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, video calling, music player, radio, memory card, touchscreen, Bluetooth and WLAN.


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Sony Ericsson announced their flagship phone, the P990i, way back in 2005. It was eagerly awaited for nearly a year before it finally appeared, and frankly, it wasn't worth the wait.

The P990i is the upgraded version of the very successful P910i PDA-style smartphone, and incorporates a number of new features, including 3G, WiFi, an upgraded camera and an FM radio. In fact, the P990i has just about every imaginable feature. It's the ultimate phone! Or is it?

As soon as the P990i was announced, it was obvious that Sony Ericsson had taken away one of the most popular features of the P910i - its huge screen. The P990i has a smaller screen, with a full QWERTY-style keypad in the lower half of the device. This design has split the P-series community. Some like the new design, or are willing to tolerate it: many hate it. The P990i also has a downgraded version of the popular jog-dial control. The P990i has a 3-way jog dial instead of the 5-way jog dial used on the older model. This was done apparently in response to user feedback, but judging from the user reviews below, it's another unpopular decision.

The design of the P990i incorporates a conventional numeric keypad which can be flipped open or removed to reveal the full QWERTY alphanumeric keypad beneath. In addition to key-based data entry, the p990i has a touch-sensitive screen with a stylus to operate an onscreen virtual keyboard. Most users seem to prefer this to the real keyboard. The phone also has support for handwriting recognition. The 3-way jog dial can be used for scrolling and selecting and most phone functions can be accessed without opening the flip.

The P990i uses the Symbian 9.1 operating system, making it into a powerful multi-tasking device. Sony Ericsson intended the P990i to be a genuine mobile office, and the device really does come close. An advanced contacts and calendar application is incorporated, which can be wirelessly synchronised using WiFi/Bluetooth. With every conceivable type of connectivity included (3G, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, USB, infrared and Fast Port) you can connect to any other device and use the phone as a high-speed wireless modem to connect your laptop to the internet. The USB connection supports mass storage and drag and drop functionality.

The P990i is the first 3G P-Series, and it supports the full range of 3G functionality, including video calling as well as fast internet access. There are two cameras on the P990i: a forward-facing camera for video calling, and a 2 megapixel camera on the rear. This is the same type of camera first used in the Sony Ericsson K750i: a 2 megapixel camera with autofocus, a photo light and a digital zoom. It makes the VGA camera installed on the P910i look like a joke. The phone is supplied with Adobe PhotoShop 2.0 Starter Edition, for editing photos on a PC. A novel business application that make use of the camera is a card scanner that uses the integrated camera together with OCR software to store digital versions of business cards in phone contacts. There's more functionality in the P990i that you can shake a stick at. Examples include a high quality music & media player with support for Bluetooth stereo headsets, an FM radio with RDS, a speakerphone, a polyphonic ringtone composer and 3D Java games. Push email gives secure access to corporate or personal email, and a document viewer lets you both view and edit attachments. An Opera web browser is included, and there is support for RSS feeds, VPN (Virtual Private Network) and even virus protection, file encryption and a built-in firewall. The internal memory is 60 Mbytes, with a 64 Mbyte Memory Stick PRO Duo™ provided, and this can be expanded to 4 Gbytes. Memory Stick Duo™ is also supported.

As this is a Symbian-based phone, there are plenty of third-party applications available. Sample applications supplied include Audible (download and listen to spoken editions of books, magazines and newspapers), SlovoEd (multilingual translation tool), IntelliGolf (golfing assistant) and WorldMate (travel information service).

But now for the negatives, and there are several of these - quite serious ones. We've already mentioned the unpopular design, with a reduced size screen and QWERTY-style keypad. Most users find that the virtual keyboard or handwriting recognition are more effective ways of entering text. Apart from this, the really big disappointment now that the P990i is finally available in the shops is the buggy firmware. Considering the fact that the launch of the phone was delayed by about nine months, you'd think they'd have got this sorted by now. But as you can read from our user reviews, the phone is slow, buggy and crashes frequently. One of our users put this rather nicely: Miran Ali wrote that "if you buy this phone prepare to be saddled with a software more unstable than a virus ridden windows 95". It's also a rather slow interface. The third big problem with the phone is the dire battery life. You'll probably get about a day's use out of it on average.

For a flagship phone it's disappointing, especially when you consider how long we've been waiting for it. Maybe Sony Ericsson will get the firmware problems sorted soon. Maybe not. In the meantime, be careful if you're seriously considering buying this phone.

Sony Ericsson P990i features include:

  • 3G smartphone (Symbian 9.1)
  • 2 megapixel digital camera with autofocus, 2.5x digital zoom and photo ligh
  • Video camera (30 frames/second)
  • Display: TFT, 262,144 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Stereo music & media player
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • MP3 & AAC ringtones
  • MusicDJ (polyphonic ringtone editor)
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • Speakerphone
  • Conference calling
  • Sound recorder
  • Caller ID (photo ID)
  • Advanced personal organiser functions
  • 3D Java games
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • Memory: 60 Mbytes plus 64 Mbytes Memory Stick PRO Duo™ - also supports Memory Stick Duo™
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB mass storage, Infrared, Fast port, WLAN 802.11b
  • Triband plus 3G
  • Size: 114 x 57 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 150g

Sony Ericsson P990i user reviews

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Average rating from 411 reviews:

Reviewed by Manny from Manila, Phil on 21st Jan 2014
Still using it but I need upgrade for software if there is any, kind of slow but hey camera capture very good pictures.

please help me????

Reply by richard from south africal on 23rd Aug 2014
watsapp it's problem to download

Reviewed by Franklin from India on 8th Apr 2012
According to your review,the p990i is slow compared to present smartphones but it has all the things a person needs.the prob of buggy firmware has been mostly solved in its last update.i m still using it,never faced much problems after update

Reviewed by samad from Iran on 29th Nov 2011
This cellphone is very imaginable device and I glad that have it.

Reviewed by majede from UK on 26th Feb 2011
i have this mobile for nearly 3 years. it sometimes work itself. once it sent a message jjjjjjjkkkkkk to one of my contacts. but still i love it...

Reviewed by Davidoff from UK on 8th Jan 2011
Well, I know it's 2011 now, and the P990i is basically history. However, as most reviews are from when the phone was new and the firmware buggy, I just want to provide an impression of what happened after that, as in my opinion the P990i is not that bad as people say. I bought my P990i end of 2009, unlocked it, unbranded it, and installed the last firmware SE made for this phone (can't remember the version number right now). After 1.5 years of daily usage, I can honestly say that the P990i belongs to the best phones I have ever used (and I have used a lot). Yes, SE made many mistakes with previous firmware variants, but the last one fixes most problems and makes the P990i a really reliable and good phone. Since the latest firmware I had not a single hang or reboot, nor any lost calls in the around 1.5 years I now have this device. I also used it for web browsing (with Opera Mobile 5.1), downloading files, and emails (IMAP and Exchange accounts). No problems here, too. Radio also works fine, WiFi is stable, and receiption very good for a SE phone. The only gripe I have is that it only has 64MB RAM, which even with the latest firmware leaves only 17MB or so free for applications. The successor P1i (which you for some reason didn't review???) got 128MB which prevented many of the original issues. BTW: the limit for Memory Stick size for the P990i is 32GB, not 4GB. I have a 16GB MS Pro Duo in my phone, and also tested it with a 32GB stick. The same is true for the P1i btw. So in short, if you need a cheap second hand 3G smartphone that is sturdy and reliable, then the P990i is a strong contender. Especially when you look at what it's now going for and what comparable Nokia phones catch.

Reviewed by Benj from UK on 3rd Nov 2010
After a year the battery wears out easily. It seems that p9 is already grounded because when i transferred the battery to a different p9 it works well. I think it is a software issue. It eats up a lot of power in due time. Don't know how to fix it.

Reviewed by Jonez Atuahene from UK on 17th Oct 2010
In fact its a nice cell to use but my problem is on flashplayer which does not support. I bought mine this year 2010.

Reviewed by ritish from UK on 4th Sep 2010
my camera cover lens is broken when i open it it say that i must open the cover camera,there is no other option to use the camera if the cover is broken,very bad system there should have get a direct connection inside to the camera but i have search in all the phone there is no possibilities.......its quite dissapointed

Reviewed by Chris Nelson from UK on 12th Apr 2010
This phone has some starting issues, but once you tweak it its one of the easiest to live with out there. The 1st thing you need to get shot of is the 3G as it scans constantly and sucks the life out your battery. The second thing you need to do is buy an upgraded battery for one of their other models which fits and you treble your battery life. The symbian interface isnt that brill, but the handwriting recognition kicks ass. I havent come across a smart phone as good. The only issues is applications are a bit pants.

Reviewed by zoe from UK on 28th Mar 2010
i got my p990i early 2006 and i can tell you it's quite a good one from sony ericsson. i'm still using the phone until now, it is scratched but still working well. i cant remember anymore how many times it fell down from my hands, bed, tables, stairs, cars, etc.. but it's still "alive".. i get tired of it sometimes (that is when i see new classy and sleeky phones)and want to let it go (wink) but it never get tired of me (wink again).. im satisfied with the speaker, camera, keypad and the software :) i just hope that they'd come up with the colorful housing.. since i ge tired and bored easily.. and i badly need one most preferably jet black color ;) zoe p990i user for 4.5 yrs

Reviewed by Usman Bhutta from UK on 1st Jan 2010
its handy to use but its lcd can be broken easily infact i brke it 2 times lolz

Reviewed by edwin from UK on 9th Dec 2009

Reviewed by Graeme from UK on 28th Oct 2009
It's now Oct'2009 and my brother has just given me his old 'P990i' after upgrading to LG Viewty. I feel like throwing it into the nearest rubbish bin !

Reviewed by dreyx1 from UK on 20th Oct 2009
i love my phone...

Reviewed by Mr Bean from UK on 26th Aug 2009
I like it - bought 2nd hand - only 60% of a new one, with 7 months warranty - enjoyed the business card scanner - I would never get keypad only phones now - installed a number of useful soft wares - 3 days battery usage, already getting scratches now - rather bulky and heavy, lacking record while calling feature - but very good audio

Reviewed by fazzel from UK on 15th Aug 2009
this phone does all, picture, video, music, texting, calls, unbelieveable phone usage! qwerty keyboard, flip keypad, decent speaker phone, wifi. however when updateing this phone it causes soo much problem. iv just updated mine using the sony ericcson update service from their website however my phone now switches off when im making a call!!!! i have tried everything to get this sorted but nothing. i only got a headache for it! anyone who can help me please contact me on police0123@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by Abdul from UK on 22nd May 2009
hi as sony erricsson mob seems a good cell phones compared to others and i hae used many of the models and found to be the best in the audio quality specially,and in the model of touch screen the p800 and p990i i found very nice,but it makes me wonder why sony erricsson mob, here in doha Qatar are so expensive when Nokia Mobiles are cheeper and has picked up a great market in the mo users, a peron who likes to by a Mob can see that when Nokia offers the smae features and the price is much cheper then sony erricsson, and even the assosaries like head phones, memory card bluetooth and even a charger are dam expensive compareing to other mob assosaries, and this makes to think over this a lot,to go for Nokia, becouse the price the Sony erriccson will be not much in demoand and forceable makes buyers to go for Nokia, how ever the customers even though like SE. have no way to choose Nokia due to the expensive Price, i would like to request the Company to bring donw the price so that itcan pick up the marekt and ofclurse many who love soney erricsson can be able to use it and take the benifit of this product, and more over like to add one thing which is very important if i am not mistaken that is about the service centre who deals with the customer so badly and rudeley where i had face after i bought 4 mob, and when to get it serviced they charged me me high and even after that when my problme not solved and i asked them that i had payed almost half of my mob price to get it repaired its not still working the reply came which is really surpriseng that, they said i can throw that in a dust bin and itsof no use, so is this a service centre who gives this kind of service?? do any customer will go for this product when they get this kind of service,????? i just want this to bring in the notise of the company that are they aware of it or not wha goes on with the local dealers and cervice centre thats what i have to say thank You

Reviewed by Rizwan from UK on 6th Mar 2009
The calls related functionality of this cellphone randomly get held. But problem is phone keeps on functioning normally, i.e., interface for other software keeps on working (e.g. music, calculator, notes etc). You only find out that the calling functionality is held when you try to make a call, and then the phone really gets stuck and needs restarting. While the call functions are held, the incoming caller will hear busy tone or cellphone off message from other end.

Reviewed by asif from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
a very bad phone but has a good look.........

Reviewed by azman from malaysia from UK on 11th Jan 2009
for me this phone is better for other model,i like the function and image this phone,another one this phone very smart.

Reviewed by azman from malaysia from UK on 11th Jan 2009
for me this phone is better for other model,i like the function and image this phone,another one this phone very smart.

Reviewed by Rajeev Singh Bhadauria from UK on 28th Nov 2008
Any other phone not capmarable...........

Reviewed by pda expert from UK on 26th Nov 2008
When it enters the market, it was way ahead beyond other competitors (despite its late coming). So don't compare nor judge it by any other current pda/smart phones. It's simply the the best.

Reviewed by draglyar from UK on 20th Nov 2008
I feel tricked as I already bought this. Video streaming not working, also numerous bugs... And the firmware won't update to the latest version because the phone is branded from a phone company (that's right, this is RIDICULOUS). This is my first Sony Ericsson smartphone, and it sure is the last.

Reviewed by SAINT from UK on 31st Oct 2008
THE P990I is not sch a bad phone though the proccesor speed is a laugh. i rather like the phone and besides am a p series addict

Reviewed by VSK Nair from UK on 21st Oct 2008
Phone "out of coverage area" while on gprs!!! I have taken unlimited gprs package from my service provider. But while I am using internet on gprs, the calling party gets the reply as the phone is outside coverage area. My email client keeps checking for new email messages every 15mins. and every 2 hrs the rss will get updated. These are the times when the phone is in gprs usage. I like to keep myself online on gmail, yahoo and msn, but due to this problem, I am unable to use this facilty as I may not recieve any calls. I do not know how many important calls I have missed... The phone also restarts itself at least twice a day. After restarting it says "phone has restarted to improve its performance". This lso happens when we are about to make a call. Has anyone found this problem with their handset and is there any solution

Reviewed by Mark Chapman from UK on 9th Oct 2008
I looked at the ratings and although poor decided to take a chance buying a cheap used P990i, i'm glad i did. Most of the ratings are from when the phone first came out in 2006, Sony Ericsson must have listened to the users as with the new updated firmware and software my P990i has never crashed in the 6 months i have been using it? I have loaded Tomtom 5 on to my phone and recently went to Miami and loaded the maps for the whole of the USA and Canada on my P990i and it worked like a charm. Connectivity is good WIFI is fairly quick, Bluetooth excellent and when connected to your PC with the PC suite. I have to agree start up is slow as the phone loads but once loaded response is reasonable and the phone is quite heavy, i have 8gb of pro duo memory installed which means i can have loads of music and several films. The MP3 player is good and video playback is as good as my HP PDA so no complaints there. I am sure now we are getting to the end of 2008 there are better Smartphones available but if you have a fixed budget and don't want to get into a long contract at £35 a month a used P990i is a good option, firmware and software update is free from Sony Ericsson you just need to connect via USB to you PC and they will wipe and reinstall the updated software direct to your phone.

Reviewed by Newsjunky from UK on 8th Oct 2008
On first glance this phone looks great. However, as other users have pointed out the software is extremely buggy. In fact many of the problems associated with the P900 have seemingly remained unsolved. The KERN-EXEC 3 error occurs frequently especially when attempting to use internet applications, with WIFI or via the mobile network. The Gmail application, from Google, and a number of other applications also produces the same problems. Since the whole point of a 'Smart-phone' is to access the internet, these errors make the phone somewhat pointless. Attempting to use the internet in Europe and China, by either the network or WIFI, has repeatedly failed to even get a connection. The bluetooth headset [also Sony Ericsson] constantly drops out. Additionally the phone restarts 'to improve performance' on a regular basis. Although the Xperia X1 may be a better phone, since it uses Windows Mobile, it is probably advisable to see how reliable the product is as reported by early users. I'm seriously looking at the G1 [Google phone] though again it's probably advisable to see early user reports. The big problem with all the new phones is how tied they are to specific networks. The iPhone is tied to O2, the G1 is tied to T-Mobile and the Xperia is tied to Vodafone. Orange have not said what they are doing with regards putting out a new 'smart phone'. These tech companies have a long way to go in providing reliable and useable devices. This phone [P990i] is another device to be consigned to the shelf along with my P900, T39m, T28s and A1018s. I had more reliability from the simple but chunky Motorola m301, but then it was just a phone!

Reviewed by dr ahsan from pakistan from UK on 4th Oct 2008
its a nice phone,i m using 4 GB card in it not bad,i like this phone

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 29th Sep 2008
I have been using my sony ericsson p990i for a short time now and I have to say Iím 50/50 on it the phone pretty much does the basic functions which I bought it for call, text e.t.c the rest of the phone functions are bonuses such as mms internet but they work fine as well. The down side to this phone is the awkward camera the camera only works well in certain light conditions poor battery life for a phone like this the battery life is completely useless it wont even last a whole 24 hours but I have learnt to conserve my battery life by turning off all sound and using only vibrate also not always fiddling with the. The headphone, usb and charger port on the base of the phone starts to get loose so when you plug your headphone the sound breaks frequently because of the connection also it usually doesnít charge unless you adjust it same effect with the usb. The main problem is the phone software is so bad the phone freezes or turns off but if come to learn to deal with this by first update the phone system software secondly avoid running multiple apps at the same time. All in all the phone is a good phone but the following might put you off buying it Phone size Phone camera Battery life System software and Charger port If all this were fixed the phone will be nice

Reviewed by www.itechportal.com from UK on 3rd Sep 2008
I have purchased this phone recently for less then $200, and all I can say is WOW. Now DO not be fooled by by all the previous reviews, since they either never bought the phone, too lazy to use it, have a low intellect, or did NOT updated their firmware. I got this phone with the firmware updated to the most recent one. It does not hang/freeze/crash/ or anything! WIFI works flawlessly, music quality is superb, camera is excellent, and the whole design is beautiful. The phone weighs less the the p910 and the p900, and the touch screen can be even compared to the iphone's. The screen is huge, and the resolution is good too. All I have to say is that this phone is excellent, and don't listen half the negative reviews you see.

Reviewed by ahmad from UK on 17th Aug 2008
it is one of the best mobile in the world.this is look like your drums.you can search the internet as well as the other mobile like N95.I can say it that p990i is better than all of the nokia phones.if you don not agree you could try.

Reviewed by faisal shai from UK on 13th Jun 2008
belive me this phone is superb in all aspects wonderfull browsing dvd like video durable i hve no more wordssimply the besr

Reviewed by Numpers from UK on 9th Jun 2008
Once you remove that goddam flipper, it's a different beast - much more like the business tool it's meant to be. Battery life is awful, but all functions are spot on.

Reviewed by Sambo from UK on 29th May 2008
Outstanding phone (if you have the latest firmware), anyone that doesn't think so just doesnt know how to use it.

Reviewed by wendelll from UK on 18th May 2008
the toutch screen stopped working

Reviewed by james marshall from UK on 10th May 2008
I loathe this phone, it's been a millstone around my contractual neck. it's a great fat, lazy useless pig. Run, run, run away from it. It's badly designed, clunky, always crashing. It's too big, complicated and frankly I never worked out most of the functions. Get a blackberry go on.

Reviewed by shmaz from UK on 20th Apr 2008
Anyone with battery issues should try turning off 3G and stick to GSM networks (control panel-device-mobile networks). Then update software at sonyericsson web sight, and you`ll have a fine phone,ive had mine 2 years and its the best,travels with me everywhere and takes excellent pictures. a great phone,hard to beat.

Reviewed by andy from sunderland from UK on 26th Mar 2008
this was an upgrade from my n70.what a mistake,just as previous messages my phone switches off then tells me it was to improve the phone it then rejects calls even if i answer via ear peice and like many others it also freezes.as it is insured i am now onto my 4th phone on this current contract,which would be up now but for signing up to free broadband.I contacted orange last week and was told i would have to pay £15 to get a replacement.This phone is only 6 weeks old and orange want to take £15 from me? what happens if the next one doesnt work either. Is it just orange customers that are having trouble????????

Reviewed by ron from UK on 9th Mar 2008
pros: nice design many features cons: short battery life TOO SLOW,even openning a message restarts itself often memory leak OVERALL: yeah, its sure is a great phone,(for at least a month or so)because u have a new phone.. but all these excitement will NOT last for long.. IT WILL disappoint you somehow....TRUST ME TRY IT YOURSELF

Reviewed by bb from UK on 7th Mar 2008
the phone hangs up quite frequently and needs to be turned off before using again. at times message comes not enough memory and becomes useless, it must be shut off/on before using again, this is very irritating. does anyone know how to prevent this.

Reviewed by patrick from UK on 21st Feb 2008
those of you guys who gave it a low ranking, you can't seem to keep up with the phone's technology.TRY MASTERING THE PHONE FIRST.

Reviewed by c3lus from UK on 11th Feb 2008
The features are great. The fact that it isn't a reliable phone is not. The phone freezes up at the drop of a hat. Calls don't get connected on a consistent enough basis for me to consider it reliable. I have to agree with Katalin and Howard on this. In fact I too have reverted to using an old Nokia 6310. Orange did send out replacements (three in one week) but no real difference - and in one case it got worse). I've concluded that a feature rich phone is only good if it is, in fact a good phone

Reviewed by yhell from UK on 8th Feb 2008
just acquired now.. and i love it...

Reviewed by Katalin Molnar from UK on 29th Jan 2008
I have been using Sony Erisscon P990i for longer than a year. I realised I made the wrong decision to buy this. It is extremely slow compared to other similar phones. Battery life is very bad, if I use it to talk to people as well as use some of the other functions on the same day I will not get a full day battery life out of it. This means having to carry my charger with me on a little bit busier day. I had to change this phone twice now and things gone very wrong with it again. It is full of bugs an doing very strange things that are specially annoying like changing it's ring tone and other sound signals on its own, crashing often in several different programs. Time needs regular resetting as it being slow. MOST IMPORTANTLY - and this "feature" had still not been explained by Sony Ericsson or Orange, my line provider; On average, every other or every 2 out of 3 text message sent to abroad -that is chargeable- wiil be 2, 3 4 times larger than actually is by it's ch aracter. For example if 160 character is 1 text message than at 165 it will be 3, or at 120 it will be 2, ot at 360 characters I will send 4 sometimes 5 text messages instead of 3. This happens only when the receiver is not a UK mobile. So I am very sorry but really not recommending this phone. I hope they will sort it out for next time round and people can buy a better value and more compatible phone.

Reviewed by Mario Trinidad from UK on 28th Jan 2008
the p990i is good despite of lots initial problem , slow but superb and wonderful little box, can any one help me upgrade or where to get firmware and other application to download..tnx mario philippines mario3nidad@gmail.com

Reviewed by Fred from UK on 24th Jan 2008
I have had the P990i for 18 months now. i know there were lots of initial problems with firmware but after updates I find this phone to work really well. It does absolutely everything I ask from a phone and some. I do appreciate the full qwerty keyboard and am a bit reluctant to swap for a newer model without one.

Reviewed by Kant Lee from UK on 24th Jan 2008
I have had this phone for a year and it crashed more than 10m times, the phone frozed a dozen times, and the only thing that I can do is to remove the battery inorder for the phone to "recycle" itself. A piece junk if you ask me.

Reviewed by bjay from UK on 20th Jan 2008
nokia user for years 6600, n90, n70, n73, n80 and then switch to SONY ERICSSON guess what.. P990i the BEST phone i ever had... upgrade to its latest software and everything will workout fine. just remember the first problem you will encounter with this phone is the battery it drains fast .... 1. initial charging of the battery at least 4 hours 2. play with it until the battery drains out and the phone automatically shutoff. 3. charge it for 5 hours 4. use it, play with it do whatever you want until the battery runs out. 5. charge it for 6 hours forget the green light hahahaha... the rest is history !!!!!

Reviewed by DC from UK on 11th Jan 2008
Great phone! I was lucky to get it after the software upgrade by SE. I haven't had any major problems thus far, of course there are a few things we all would like to change here and there but overall this is still one of the best phones on the market. Unfortunately the newer version P1 isn't as aesthetically appealing as previous versions, looks like a scientific calculator.To me the P990i is best functional with the flip removed, but that's just me. Wish though that I could have screensavers as my wall paper like on the walkman series.

Reviewed by silver from UK on 5th Jan 2008
Got the unit from a local dealer here in the Phils., it crashed and hanged on the 3rd day of my use, it was good it is still on warranty. It sucks...

Reviewed by yAshAr from UK on 5th Jan 2008
the best ive ever seen

Reviewed by ronriel from UK on 1st Jan 2008
This phone is excellent! I have been using this for months now without any problems. Battery life is short during the first 2 days of use (which is understandable - Read your manual). But now it lasts up to 4 days. If you just read the manual carefully, I guess you wont have any problems with this phone. It never crashed on me yet. I wonder where you people got your p990i because mine never gave me problems.

Reviewed by Howard Roberts-Jones from UK on 28th Dec 2007
Functions great the locking up every couple of uses and the length of time to get into phone numbers after a reset unacceptable unfortunately against previous experience with Sont Ericsson I chose the P990i vary dissapointed particularly I had to sign up for 18 months have actually got Nokia 630 out of draw to be considerably more reliable better battery life (cannot last a normal working day without recharging)really would like a version without camera but with facility to read and edit at least word but ideally Excel files probably go back to a spv (Orange UK) or abasic nokia next time VERY dissapointed with its unreliability

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 20th Dec 2007
Its a good phone.. If you like completely useless piles of junk, i have had a problem with every single one of its features, and im on my 5th one, because orange wont let me choose a different handset. NO ONE BUY A P990I!!!

Reviewed by king ericsson from UK on 20th Dec 2007
the best mobile in the world it contain everything you need

Reviewed by Prashant from UK on 17th Dec 2007
Bad Phone. Everything suddenly shuts down stating KERN-EXEC error number 3.

Reviewed by Johan from UK on 13th Dec 2007
If you run nav4all on your phone DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR SOFTWARE It will no longer work.Rest of new software work well

Reviewed by Andrew Strong from UK on 12th Dec 2007
I hate this phone. I hate it becauce it is full of bugs. It won't switch off - how about that? The buttons are too small, way to small for my average sized fingers. Keeps losing info. Can't set up email. It's just rubbish. I have wasted far too much time and money on this and will never, ever buy a Sony Ericcson again.

Reviewed by Freska from UK on 10th Dec 2007
Well I have to admit , at start i hated that phone because of its very short battery life and the way it halts suddenly or restart to enhance performance!, everything else is great the software, the camera, the memory up to 8 GB (I'm using a 2 GB), the qwerty Keyboard and the hand writing recognition (needs some training), Lately i read a review that now I can use the phone for 3 days at least without recharging (amazing for those who already suffers from battery life), here is how to do it: - OPen Flip - Go to battery settings - Set Car and handheld mode to Auto - Set brightness to 30% for handheld, 15% for handheld dimmed, 20% for car, 10% for car dimmed and save - Set the Keypad to lock after 1 min (to avoid draining your battery every time you touch a button bu mistake or in your pocket) - Control panel > Connections > Mobile network --> Set network selection to GSM and 3G mode - ENJOY 3 to 5 days of mobile use on a single full battery charge :o) AMAZING !!

Reviewed by julian Hall from UK on 9th Dec 2007
very dissapinted. Had 900 and 910. The software crashing and processor speed are big issues along with changes to the functionality that do not make sesnse. Many applications are buried and require addl button pressing that waste addl time. Data retrieval is slow and calender and phone book funtions are slow, fiddily and over complicated. even thought of going back to my 910 had it not been for the radio feature. Lost confidence in Sonyericsson. thinking of other options!

Reviewed by nehvep from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
I had this phone for almost a year now, during which time I aged about 10! How can you design a phone with a button the size of half a finger tip, which is split in two: the upper part accepts a call, the lower rejects it? Why did they away with the simple feature of the P910i: flip closed normal speaker, flip open speaker phone? Why is the power plug so dismal that it keeps dropping out? I have a belt case for the phone. No matter how gingerly I try to take it out, for some reason I touch something which makes the phone reject the call. I got rid of it - I'm so happy!

Reviewed by Andre Shepherd from UK on 27th Nov 2007
well hostly you people who test the phones are looking for a super so why don't you all come together and make a super cause every phone company has it's ups and downs as far as i think sony ericsson has brought the a game to the table that no other company wanted to go are touch and sence sony was the frist to do so some ok every one wants to copy are try to out do them. From the p800 to the p990 all are very got phone to own. I had own three p910's before reason why to p910 cause two was stolen and i give the other to my girlfriend cause now i have a p990 and when the p1 (p1000) comes out i want it in fact i would love to own the whole p serise and where i live the in Barbados the p910 has a very hot prise of 1350.00 and the p990 coast even more 1550.59 now do the math in how much i love the sony ericsson p serise

Reviewed by Theo from UK on 24th Nov 2007
Absolute trash. Never EVER even THINK about buying one of these phones. Don't even accept one as a gift. This is so full of bugs I had to call rentokil out!

Reviewed by SeWeLam from UK on 22nd Nov 2007
I can't say nothing other than really I'm afraid of updating my phone using SEUS thought that I have a serious problems with the phone as it is so slow and kills tasks automatically all by himself..and this frustrated me so much I wish if there any way to install Windows Mobile on it but in vain of course...regardless of the many features in P990i I can't use it all at th same time as it lags RAM size very much...I hope that there is any solution for all of that problem...

Reviewed by Dino from UK on 14th Nov 2007
This phone has good web browsing capability, fm radio sounds bad on headsets but sounds great on speakers, call quality is good, camera not too bad I like the k750i better but the p990i has better flash. sometimes the flash dont work and doesnt take good pics sometimes.

Reviewed by jon from UK on 13th Nov 2007
my p990i was crashing all the time.the i went to the sony ericsson web site and done an update,it hasn't crashed once since. i am very pleased with the phone i updated it two months ago.

Reviewed by Dino from UK on 12th Nov 2007
The phone shuts off by itself sometimes, The game disappeared for some reason, and the setting for the themes doesn't work, automatic keypad lock I hate it!

Reviewed by Howard from UK on 9th Nov 2007
Got this as an upgrade from the P910i in October 2006....BIG BIG mistake! It's now November 2007 and stuck in a 24mth contract (12mths to go) of continual problems. I'm on my 3rd phone from Orange..fair play O range have been good...the phone has been rubbish. As I keep it on 24hrs a day it looses lots of its functions like deleting txt's, even answering the phone without cutting the person off. DON'T BUY THIS PILE OF JUNK! THERE ISN'T A zero STAR OR I WOULD HAVE GIVEN IT ZERO!

Reviewed by connor from UK on 8th Nov 2007
absolutly outstanding its one of the best phones ive eva owned its great for emailing my friends throu my wireless internet and i have got a extra expantion witch lets me go on msn messenger i am so happy. im so glad the 2 mp camera is more like a 4mp its brillent buy it now before u miss out

Reviewed by tommah from UK on 7th Nov 2007
though the phone is ok.was trying to update the software on my sony ericsson P990i and it went dead! All am getting from it is a "no organiser software" message on the blank screen. please sony ericsson do something.

Reviewed by nadeem from UK on 2nd Nov 2007
poor isnt enough word for this phone, its pathetic. programs terminates automatically. infact its too much automatic... u never know what it is going to do next, hang or camera hangs, or mediaplayer giving errors etc. web is pathetic, if a file is of 5 mb it would download 500 bytes and says done, its not phone its crime.

Reviewed by terry from UK on 31st Oct 2007
super phone...i like it...

Reviewed by alberto from UK on 30th Oct 2007
i like so much

Reviewed by kojot from UK on 29th Oct 2007
very good phone !!

Reviewed by trish from UK on 28th Oct 2007
problem with the alarm .. the unit goes off all day long and you can't get rid the the alarm, regardless of cancelling it.

Reviewed by jigx from UK on 26th Oct 2007

Reviewed by Steve W. Plymouth from UK on 21st Oct 2007
The 990i What can I say, I waited a long time to get this and spent several months reading about every phone I could in 'Total Mobile' mag and finally settled on this one. I have a P900 but dropped it and cracked the screen but I prefer that phone to this one. The software runs so slow and is so unreliable I feel like I've gone bakward, not forward. The appearance did capture my gaze and the thought of what I could do with this phone had me sold, until that is I got it and used it for a few days. I got it as a contract on Orange and just over a month later it started top play up. The clock would not work and it wouldn't ring. I contacted Orange and they very reluctantly exchanged it but only for a re-conditioned one as I had had it for over a month (so beware this is normal practice for Orange). I got my second P990i and guess what it went wrong again, I'm now on my third phone and hate it with a vengeance and I'm only 12 months into an 18 month contract. This phone (my third one) is set to ring and vibrate and the ringtone is set with different songs for each of my stored numbers. Trouble is for some time now it won't ring or play the song, I am sick and tired of this phone and will have to change it again. I don't know what Sony Ericsson had in mind when they potrayed this phone as their new so called 'Flagship'. As for battery use 'Total Mobile' said it would last for a lot longer than it does! one good days use and it needs charging. Even in standbye mood it fails after 2 days. It'd the worst phone I have ever had and I have had several! The almost perfect P990i would comprise of (in my opinion)the following: 1) The screen size of the P990 2) More user friendly software that is easy to navigate 3) Qwerty keyboard (one good feature of the P990i) 4) 5-6 megapixel Camera 5) Longer battery life If Sony Ericcson were to do this I would consider using one of their phones again, but as it stands now, I would not entertain having a Sony Ericsson phone in my home ever again! I had the same problems with my previous phone the Sony Ericsson 750i. It was bought as Simm Free so not tied to any network, I bought it as soon as it was available and paid £399 for it. It went back to Sony Ericsson 3 times for repair under the one year wartranty. I gave it to my son in the end as the camera stopped working just a fwew days after the warranty ran out. As it stands now; I will never use a Sony Ericsson phone again!

Reviewed by Mr Black from UK on 19th Oct 2007
I bought this phone about 3 months ago; it was an impulsive decision. I was my first time of handling it and it was going for a good price. I had always wanted the older p910 but when I got this opportunity I couldn't let it pass me by. I love the phone but the problem is the fact that the software is unstable. I created my personal MP3 ring tones, store them on the phone, used them for about 4 days, then this evening, for no reason I could notice, the files all vanished. That also included some nice recordings that a friend gave to me. I have had to restart the phone so many times just to get it working normally that I am really disappointed. It is still a very good phone and I still love to won it but I think sony-err can do something about upgrading the firmware/software so we can have a better experience using it.

Reviewed by alberto from UK on 9th Oct 2007
very nice

Reviewed by RK Chaturvedi from UK on 2nd Oct 2007
The name Sony Ericsson seems to be a name of a cheater when it comes to P990i with its highly trouble some firmware. I have never ever been so disappointed by any cellular phone and the manufacturer company which completely failed to provide after sales services to its esteemed customers by giving deaf ears to customers dissatisfaction.

Reviewed by anish john from UK on 30th Sep 2007
very good mobile but the sound quality and ringing volume is very bad and low comparing to other Sony mobiles

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 26th Sep 2007
I bought one in Hong Kong just after Christmas 2006. In the last 9 months of usage, the phone has rebooted twice on me. I've found it to be reasonably reliable. I've taken a few "emergency" photos with it - they're acceptable, but I'm comparing against a proper SLR here. Accessing the photos are a litle tricky until you work out that the phone has a multitude of storage folders but there are two primary options - store in phone memory or store in the memory stick. I've loaded about 40 MP3 songs onto it and the audio is great. There's a reasonably addictive golf game on it that I play every now and then. Bluetooth works fine. Have not tried WiFi or Internet connectivity with it. Currently I use it to synchronise with MS Outlook at my office. Works a treat. I have my calendar, contacts, to-do list and notes sync'd to the phone. Entering text with the stylus is rather peculiar. Can't get it to lock into the appropriate case I want - the only way I've managed to get around that is to use the keyboard. Battery life lasts for about 2 to 4 days depending on usage. The speaker could be louder. Ring-tone is a bit soft - I like it really loud so that if I'm in another room I can get to it.

Reviewed by Shane Jeffcoat from UK on 26th Sep 2007
My 910i met with a watery death, I thought great, time for a better phone. Vodafones replacement is the 990i. this was an expected happy time, new features, faster applications. "Not Likely" what a pig of a phone. Good features, Card reader. Bad features, Screen hard to read. phone crashes all the time in numerous applications from speed dial, call log etc. Cannot use the buttons with the flip removed as the phone crashes when on calls, Where does one stop. Called voda phone, fobbed of with all the excuses, we need to send it back to Sony Ericsson, may need upgraded software, Basicly they don't want to know. This does not have a low enough rating to express our disapointment on the quality of the phone or Vodafones lack of service.

Reviewed by W Malik(thelivingflesh@yahoo.com) from UK on 26th Sep 2007
Why do people just blame Orange for Sony Ericson? or the other way round? Phones great for wireless, if you change your default BT router and put something good. Bluetooth depends on the class and software you use on laptop.Get a 990i not from orange, no contract.buy the real one its got no cheap softwares on it.

Reviewed by agrika from UK on 26th Sep 2007
This is most horrible phone I have ever had in my life. I will never wish anyone to have all these troubles I had with this phone. NEVER BUY IT!

Reviewed by che an from UK on 26th Sep 2007
well im a new owner of p990i. . and i can say it gives me headache. . i dnt know if just dont know how to use it or its really jjunk can some one tell me how to update software i go to its site but its not working

Reviewed by M.Nazifi from UK on 20th Sep 2007
mmm...yap,you're on indeed(I mean the negatives),but as for me it's worth,it dose nearly anything you can expect from a cellphone,I(like manty others) was waiting for the i-phone,to appear although I'd bought it before,but comparing...I found this one better(p990i),I'd be more happy if you name a better phone(e.g. a phone with more facilities or somethin' better in totto)

Reviewed by Jonny Scarborough from UK on 19th Sep 2007
Hi there. I had the p910i and now have the p990.The functions on the 990 are outstanding. Yes it crashes and freezes now and then, but how many phones are trouble free. The buisness card scanner is cool. The camera has a flash and takes quality pics and video. and to boot the wifi is a great addition browse the net the phone resizes the page. super fast. yes the screen is smaller. but it makes the phone feel more sturdy. between the 910i and the 990 i had a nokia n91. what a heap that was. put me off nokia for good. looked great. but had more bugs than nitty nora. I personally think sony are nearer to getting it right than the other competitors.

Reviewed by Pak Putu from UK on 19th Sep 2007
I have used this phone...ehm...It's execellent.However,sometimes hang.When I take a picture, the risult is some times blured.

Reviewed by Owen James from UK on 18th Sep 2007
I own a Sony Ericsson P990i and I find it a really good pda mobile. However the battery life is shortened significantly when I use the fm radio and the phone crashes frequently when I add new contacts and I have to re-boot it. The positives include its multi-purpose functionality and its keyboard which I find much asier to use than other smart phones. It's 2 megapixel camera is also a big plus. The phone is generally very user-friendly when you get accostomed to it. However as a Sony Ericsson convert I implore the manufacturers to iron out the bugs mentioned!!

Reviewed by Sarah H from UK on 13th Sep 2007
Do you know I wish I'd read up on this phone before getting stuck into contract on it that Vodafone wont let me get out off as the phone they say is fine! Well fine enough that the best advise I can give is turn the phone off and wait the next 12 months for the contract to expire - I shall not be going for a SE phone again or a customer of vodafone!

Reviewed by Petar from UK on 11th Sep 2007
Well avtually.. when I first took the phone, there were alot of "bugs". But after updating the firmware from the sonyericsson official site, now the phone runs real smooth and in 1 week use, it crashed only 1 time (because of java application). Battery life's not too bad, it lasts 2-3 days..

Reviewed by Alexander from UK on 7th Sep 2007
I love my phone, but I miss a GPS chip, more RAM space and higher resolution camera

Reviewed by Scott Hansen from UK on 5th Sep 2007
I've owned this phone for almost a year now. Have had the previous two models and loved them. My gripes with the 990i is the firmware issue. Seems that alot of the time, I will answer a call with bluetooth and the phone will crash. It takes a good few minutes to reboot. Very Very frustrating. Sony claims that it is a in-compatible headset issue. I've have over 30 bluetooth headsets and despise 80% of them. The funny thing is these headsets work perfect with my 910i. No bluetooth issues at all. I feel that Sony made alot of bad choices with this model. Also, it is very hard to hear when you are using the phone without any kind of headset. It is so attenuated!!! Can't use the phone effectively with the bluetooth and you can barely hear anything out of the phone. What good is it. I think this is my last Sony/Ericcson phone unless Sony gets a bright eyed-bushy tailed engineer that can knock some sense into Sony!!! Go buy an iPhone!!!

Reviewed by A Evans from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
P990i. Still a flawed phone. Having previously owned the 990 and the 910 it is an improvement, but connecting to a PC is fraught with difficulty - also according to Orange you cannot install the software for 2 different types of Sony phone (eg990i and 850i) because they are incompatible with each other. Although the screen is a good size it is extrermely difficult to read in sunlight.

Reviewed by Saeed from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
The worst phone i ever used

Reviewed by Stefan_tcekov from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
i had my sony ericcson p990i for less than a month and i still love it. it has a lot of things in it and specially i like the design. it`s true that i have to restart it sometimes, but is ok. if you people dont like the design, the small screen ot the bugging firmware of the phone, i have one very easy phrase for you - dont like it dont buy it. i think is stupid to buy something that you`ve expected for that long and to write a negative things. all phones sometimes get bugs and you have to remove the battery to restart it. it`s normal i think. for that price sony ericsson p990i is perfect phone with a lot of extras. i will rate it 4 stars - excellent, because i havent seen an outstanding phone till now and i guess i will never see. maybe in next 10 years will have the perfect phone.who knows! :)

Reviewed by john atkins from UK on 2nd Sep 2007
well after a new firmware i thought it would have made some difference and well not really i am always getting out of memory errors when i have only got one app running it does seem to be slow still it is very up setting to spend your hard earned money to get all these problems and lake of software to go with it i have a good mined to sell it and get back my p910i i think it was better as a pda than p990i ok short a good camera but i can live with that. have a nice day

Reviewed by Maruful from UK on 29th Aug 2007

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