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Sony Ericsson K850i review

 Review: October 2000  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The eagerly awaited Sony Ericsson K850i should have been the best camera phone ever, but problems with the keypad, camera and firmware mean that we can't in all honesty recommend it.


Sony Ericsson's Cyber-Shot™ range of phones have been a massive hit. The K800i quickly gained a reputation as the best camera phone on the market; the K810i changed the styling but not much else; the K850i is the one that moves the technology forward to the next stage, with its 5 megapixel camera and high-speed 3G (HSDPA).

First, the looks. Looks like Sony Ericsson were determined to restyle the phone. It's definitely less bricklike in its looks, and it's slimmed down a lot since the K800i days, which is a welcome change. It has a funky blue gizmo on the front and side, which you may or may not like (tip - buy the "Velvet Blue" model pictured and not the hideous "Luminous Green" option.) Now a word about the keypad design. We're really happy to see that Sony Ericsson have finally dumped the horrible joystick that marred both the K800i and K810i but whose idea was it to position the navigation pad in the middle of the keypad so that it overlaps the buttons? And why the small buttons when everyone knows that bigger is better? Grr! And why have Sony Ericsson introduced touch-sensitive keys that everyone hates? We have to say it: we hate the keypad!

OK, so let's talk about the camera. This is tricky. On paper, the K850i is clearly way ahead of the competition. It has high quality Cyber-Shot optics. It has a whopping 5 megapixel resolution. It has a xenon flash (superior to the LED flashes on other camera phones). It has autofocus (to keep your subject sharp) and an automatic lens cover that fixes the problem that the K800i had with the lens cover opening by itself. The camera also has a BestPic™ feature which can automatically take nine photos in a second, so that you can then choose which one to keep. There's also a picture stabiliser, which helps to reduce camera shake. A new switch on the side of the phone lets you switch easily between camera modes, much like in a real digital camera. Used carefully, the K850i can take pictures that improve on the K800i and are even better than the Nokia N95.

Why then is the camera the thing that most of our user reviews have complained about most? Read the reviews below for yourself: there are a lot of disappointed Sony Ericsson fans who have upgraded to the K850i only to find that they end up with badly exposed or totally black pictures. The problem, we suspect, lies with the flash. The design of the flash makes it very easy to place your fingers in the wrong place and completely mess up the flash, resulting in a dark picture. To avoid this you need to hold the edge of the phone (not the best way to hold a camera steady). But we suspect that there's more than this behind the problem, and that the flash itself may have fundamental problems. Whether these can be fixed by firmware releases, we don't know, but for us, a product whose unique selling point is potentially flawed is a fundamentally flawed product. For this reason, we'd recommend that you stick with the K800i or K810i or try the Nokia N95.

Anyway, moving on to the phone's other features, the display is a very high quality TFT ultra-high resolution screen and is very large at 2.4 inches. The media player is fully featured, despite not being a Walkman phone. There's also an FM radio equipped with RDS. MP3 and AC ringtones are supported.

The K850i is also the first of the Cyber-Shots to support accelerated 3G (HSDPA), which enables you to access the web and download files at broadband speeds. Nice to see that feature available to Sony Ericsson users at last. As this is a 3G phone, video calling is enabled too, and the video quality is pretty good, using a front-facing second camera.

Connectivity is excellent with full support for Bluetooth and USB, so it's possible to listen to music on a wireless headset and making it very easy to transfer music files between phone and PC. Battery life is pretty good, with a quite high powered battery to power the big screen and 3G. The built-in memory is just 40 Mbytes, but this is expandable to 4 Gbytes with a Memory Stick Micro™, and there's also support for the microSD™ format cards too.

So, in conclusion, the K850i is a 5 star phone that fails to live up to expectation. The flawed keypad design and problems that people are experiencing with the camera mean that we cannot recommend the K850i. Choose the Sony Ericsson C902 instead.

Sony Ericsson K850i features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash, autofocus, 16x digital zoom and automatic lens cover
  • Video camera
  • Display: TFT, 262,144-colour, 240 x 320 pixels (2.4 inches)
  • Media player
  • FM radio with RDS
  • MP3/AAC ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
  • 3D Java games
  • Animated wallpaper
  • Web browser, RSS feeds, blogging
  • Personal organiser functions
  • Flight mode
  • Vibration alert
  • Memory: 40 Mbytes plus support for Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) (up to 4 GB) and microSD™ format
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB mass storage, modem
  • Quadband (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) plus 3G (UMTS 850 / 1900 / 2100)
  • Size: 102 x 48 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 118g
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours (3G) - 9 hours (2G)
  • Video calling: (3 hours, 20 minutes)
  • Battery standby: 350 hours (3G) - 400 hours (2G)

Sony Ericsson K850i user reviews

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Average rating from 897 reviews:

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 2nd Mar 2012
I've had the K850i for 2 years now and after 12 months I should have thrown it in the bin. The buttons have fell off one by one leaving just 5 still in place, so your fingernails need to be kept long and sharp at one corner in order to depress the digits! The Camera is excellent (hence the 1 star), but it's just a shame that you can't access the brilliant pictures on the phone because the touchpad doesn't recognise your touch! So it's impossible to get INTO the phone because you can't get passed selecting Normal Mode. When it does finally decide to allow you access, it's hit or miss whether it allows you to text. If you manage to get a message inputted, you can't send it as it doesn't recognise the Send touchkey. You have to switch on and off or release and reinsert the battery to start all over again. It's a waste of time. Don't waste your money too!!

Reply by anum ali from pakistan on 22nd Apr 2012
ya i agree with u, the keypad is so disappointed all the keys are now broken even after a polite use

Reviewed by Naa B. Albert from Ghana on 9th Dec 2011
Moving from k800i, i had high expectations for the k850i. I still love it. improved screen resolution, nice design. i like the auto search feature. same old software but i dont like the way they ve interchanged the file manager with media. the file manager is rather inside organizer and i think that is a poor choice. i have also noticed improved sound quality. The camera is serious, i have not faced any of the problems complained about by the other comments. My biggest problem and headache is the screen goes off sometimes when in use and no amount of will power has been able to bring it back unless you wait for some 10 - 30 minutes and then you press * + unlock to unlock it and even sometimes after pressing UNLOCK, it goes back again. I wannt to believe that it is a setting that makes it behave so. i will keep coming back here so if any one has a solution i will be grateful. I dont want to think that the screen has a problem

Reviewed by Maxwell from UK on 12th Jul 2011
The phone sometimes freezes,turn off,restarts, WHY?

Reviewed by Aaron Masuku from UK on 8th Jul 2011
Ive just bought it and i think its a good phone. Just that im having problems with the display when im taking pictures. The screen turns complete black

Reviewed by Stevo from UK on 24th May 2011
Firstly i have found picture quality to be on a par with the k800 and better than the dark pictures of the c902.I have had no problems using the keypad.It is a bit bulky, and feels solidly built.The three touch screen buttons are a nice touch and make navigating the menus easy.These phones are available quite cheaply on auction sites and are much better than the majority of cheap touch screen phones that are currently flooding the market.

Reviewed by surinder from UK on 9th May 2011
beautifull phone k850i

Reviewed by mohammad iraqi from UK on 3rd Apr 2011
it is very nice mobile

Reviewed by boniface brandah from UK on 16th Mar 2011
i like sony ericsson k850i forever.

Reviewed by sanja from UK on 26th Feb 2011
i think that this phone is exelent...i have it for like 2 years and it's great

Reviewed by Su from UK on 15th Feb 2011
Never had a problem with this phone. It was the first touch screen phone. It lives up to all the capabilities. If you want a better camera buy a camera.

Reviewed by Stevo from UK on 14th Feb 2011
Just bought a k850i on an auction web site for £48 and i have to say it is an excellent phone.The hi resolution screen is way ahead from the k800i and larger.Picture quality is good although i haven't used the flash.I am not a touch screen fan so i was not sure about the three touch buttons but once you get used to them they are no problem.Also the keypad is quite useable once you get used to it.All in all it is a step up from the k800i and i rate it highly.

Reviewed by sourov from UK on 15th Dec 2010
i love this phone very much.it's a best phone

Reviewed by rolf from UK on 12th Nov 2010
very disappointing. I bought 2 of this, 1 for my sister.. 4x i keep coming back to service centre, i had it swapd with n82. My sister just textd me, service center cant fix the phone already. Hahaha.. Its been in the service centr for about 2mos.. Honestly i loved this phone b4. Even the keypads are pimples. U

Reviewed by sarah murphy from UK on 27th Oct 2010
coolio. people if u moan about the phone your havent learnt to use it properly it is an amazing phone and all my mates have one that is why i want one

Reviewed by Danny from UK on 19th Sep 2010
3 years since the last post, and I still negligently purchased this phone, despite the poor reviews. Do not buy this phone! It seems nice, but it's gimmicky. The camera (which is the spearhead of the phone's specs) is lackluster at best. I've had reboot issues and had it fixed. Now I have hard key issues. Not just any key, but the star key, which is needed to unlock the phone. So you can see the redundancy and dilemma I get in when this brilliant phone sits idle. Bottom line, at least buy me dinner, Sony Ericsson, if you're gonna screw me.

Reviewed by nature boy from UK on 9th Sep 2010
iv just bought one second hand shop on voda for 25 quid!it does everything that my sons phones do for them but they pay £100's for theirs

Reviewed by Wes from UK on 1st Jul 2010
i have had this phone for a while now (around 6 months). When i first brought this phone, i thought it was quite good but now time has gone by. Its became terrible! depending on how many megapixels you choose to take a picture with, it can take between 2-6 seconds to save a picture(6 seconds if you have it on 5 megapixels). Also when i sent a text message, it started to turn its self off which can become VERY annoying. Now for the Pro's, Eventhough its a cyber-shot phone, the music playback is VERY good, just as loud as a walkman. Also, the keypad is responsive. If i was you, i wouldn't buy this phone, but im not sure which other phone i would recommend you getting

Reviewed by i hate sony from UK on 26th Jun 2010
worst phone freezes every five seconds and turns itself off

Reviewed by normanji from UK on 13th Jun 2010
my k850i is one of the best phones Iíve had up to now, but Iíve had problems since day one, 1st the loud speaker broke not sure why or how sent it back to Sony ericsson for repair. 2nd the touch screen went screen still displayed all but just where the touch screen is, sent back for repair. 3rd I can no longer user the cam with flash as the phone makes a bang as if there was something shorting out on the flash. 4th and now the screen goes off when I use number 4 or number 1 so Iím stuffed phone is now out of warranty, also got a brand new k850i that has been used about for 2months from the day the phone came out and the battery will not charge or hold charge this has also been back to Sony ericsson who could not find a problem but replaced the battery but problem is still there we have tried a number of batteries and chargers. I love the style and features of the phone but these phones in my eyes are a ticking time bomb avoid I wish I had, it cost me £600 for 2 phones that are useless now.

Reviewed by homer from UK on 3rd Jun 2010
i think this phone is amazing apbsaloutly awsome the camera is amazing its like HD man i mean my old gummy buttoned phone was no camera makes a change see im 17 but its so good i love it im going to get my mum to buy it for me , the networking is good the battery is good for me because im always on the go with my mates , andi just think the hole phone is cool , thankyou sony :)

Reviewed by Thabang Moganedi from UK on 29th May 2010
Very excellent. It is like a computer. I can store different applications like dictionary and diary. Very best phone

Reviewed by Will from UK on 25th May 2010
Terrible. This phone is an absolute nightmare when it comes to its firmware and reliability. I have used the SEUS several times to wipe and update the phone to stop it from crashing, as it would randomly turn off and restart even when it isn't doing anything, even when it's in my pocket! It crashes during calls, writing/sending a text, browsing the net, going through pictures, it pretty much crashes by bringing up the menu. The camera is bad aswell, most of the time it takes pictures that are out of focus or too dark or too bright because of the flash. Avoid this phone. 0/5 (If I could rate it that)

Reviewed by Kane from UK on 18th May 2010
Like someone said, it is awesome when it works! But that is rare. I have spend like a quarter of the phones value on having it sent in. And all they do is format it!! At the moment the backlight keeps dying every few seconds of use, the touch screen sometimes goes off, now and again the phone restarts and my keypad is falling apart...but when it works its great.

Reviewed by blondiee from UK on 6th May 2010
the phone doesn't take black pictures if you know how to use the camera properly. Ive had my phone for about 2 years now n its the best phone ive ever had,

Reviewed by J Atkinson from UK on 12th Apr 2010
Don't get this phone! The problems outweigh the good points. I have had to return it for repair about 4 times and the 5th time it was out of contract and the repair will cost £40: Problem experienced were:phone freezes; no reception; blank screen; phone switches itself off; cuts out during a call; at times unresponsive keys/phone; it's unreliable. I am an SE fan and have owned K750i, K800i, K850i, W580i and the W995. My K850i is currently with T-Mobile awaiting collection or payment for repair and even their staff acknowledge it as being a problematic phone.I've gone back to using my old K800i - a brilliant phone even after 3 years.

Reviewed by Elmo-the-ninja from UK on 8th Apr 2010
I bought this phone second hand but it was in very good condition and came fully boxed with all the accessorys, and was obviously well looked after. The only thing that was up with it was the loud speaker was crackerly if the volume at max. I love the fact that it would take m2 and micro sd memory cards and that it had a light on it witch was a feature i really missed after upgrading from the k750i to the k800i. Even though i hardly use it, i would of liked it to have infa-red. I soon got used to the 3 touch buttons and stared to really love the handset. How ever after about 4 weeks the problems started.... Some of them are minor little ones but with all the faults this phone has even the tiniest little thing makes you hate it even more. First my screen that was absolutly scratch free, got very scuffed up off a lighter that was also in my pocket. It was sending blank texts while i was making calls thanks to the touch buttons. Then the headphones stopped working and i had to pay £30 to get a new charging socket fitted. Then the stupid flap at bottom broke so had to be super glued shut. Now im used to sonyericssons crashing and freezing but the k850i is awfull! It is so slow at times you will feel like tearing your hair out, especialy when your tryin to make a call and it won't let you. It turns its self off in the middle of phone calls, after taking a picture, in the middle of writing texts or whilst downloading and you loose your pic or the text you were writing. The camara is good most of the time but sometimes i found the flash wouldn't come on and when it did it was too bright. The signal is very poor. After sending lots of texts the buttons hurt your thumb. I also hate the new chargers that let you use the headphones at the same time, they keep popping out. The over all feel of the phone is cheap and plasticy. It also doesn't have much internal memory. Recently after it froze and i had to take out the

Reviewed by Bilu. from UK on 23rd Mar 2010
I brought my phone about 5 months before.After 15 days of buying my K850i's software crushed!!! I repared it. But again in 5th month my camera button doesn't work.Keypad hangs several times.Have to restart the phone.But the phone is awesome.with 5mp camera.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 6th Mar 2010
I have owned the K750i, K800i, K850i and the W960i. Out of all of them, i would say this one was the best! People obviosuly have no idea how to position their hands so they don't block the flash when taking photos. Nor do they know how to set the camera up by the sound of it! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CAMERA, IT'S THE USER AT FAULT! My phone was very slow, although this was somewhat rectified with a firmware update. Although as my phone was branded to Vodafone (haha) the problem lay with THEIR firmware and not sony ericssons. People who moan about the keys being too small? Go on diet, I can manage! Theyre actually the easiest keys to use on any phone I've EVER had (up to this point where I've a QWERTY keypad on my phone). The 3G speed if you're on the right network (I'm with 3) can download a 9MB MP3 faster than what my ADSL connection can at home! Ignore what all these idiots say about the camera, it's nothing to do with the phone, just idiots that didnt want to take a few days to learn how to use it! If you're going to buy this phone, don't hold back! I promise you won't regret it!

Reviewed by zonryt from UK on 26th Feb 2010
this fone is barbousss.its abit toooooo thick dow

Reviewed by imran from UK on 20th Feb 2010
my bro is super happy to get that phone

Reviewed by clegg from UK on 18th Feb 2010
i got this phone a long time ago and was checking what the review of it was. i have ever ONCE had a problem with the camera and i have taken over 500 photos and videos using up all my memory. The keypad is fine once you get used to it. the 3 touch buttons at the bottom of screen are great if your like me and dont like touch phones. the 3g is good as you would expect. my only fault is it is heavy and large which i dont mind cz it feels solid but it can feel heavy at times. hope i helped

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 17th Feb 2010
I agree with others. The feel of this phone is pretty cheap and plasticky compared to past Ericssons. My main issue with it, is that it often randomly shuts down, and illuminates the keypad, and freezes. If I dont remove the battery within six seconds of it doing this, it erases ALL my sim data and my memory card data and reverts back to its 'out of the box' state! And on top of that, the signal reception strength is virtually non-existent. At my desk, in the middle of the city, it has one bar of reception signal, and often has no bars at all, and cant find the network. My friends have Nokias on the same network as me, and they have perfect signal strength. But my K850 struggles to get a signal. Its one of the worst phones I've ever owned, and I've had it for over two years now. Stay away from this one!

Reviewed by jimmy from UK on 13th Feb 2010
had this phone for some time now, had no problems with it, its the best phone i had for ages, i defenitely will keep this phone for life, excellent camera, a good all rounder phone, except the ugly keypad design.

Reviewed by Brett from UK on 10th Feb 2010
I used to love Sony Ericsson phones, and be a passionate supporter. But after 2 endlessly problematic phones - the K850i being the latest - I will never buy SE again. For specifics, read the reviews below - the Web is littered with complaints about these phones. Sony should stick to making cameras, and stop trying to make phones. Waste of money.

Reviewed by steve from UK on 26th Jan 2010
This is the worst phone I've ever had. It's been sent back twice to be fixed. the touch screen is horrible, the buttons are awkward, it turns itself off. It doesn't even make a decent doorstop! Avoid like the plague

Reviewed by Tumelo Phatlane from UK on 11th Jan 2010
I got this phone and its great baby. The camera wow. And the RAM is also tight.

Reviewed by Yaz from UK on 10th Jan 2010
I have never had a problem with the phone especially no problems at all with the camera. If anything the flash is too bright. However, as a media phone it performs way above the usual standards. I have had the phone for two years and have loved every minute of it. I really think these people with camera problems either dont know how to use the camera or the first catch released by sony had some faults. Over all it is a very good phone and the internet on it is extremely fast. I would recommend this phone to any one.

Reviewed by Kevin K from UK on 5th Jan 2010
I've had this phone for nearly two years, during which time I've taken hundreds of pictures in a wide variety of situations. I've not had any problems with the camera at all. However, I have had problems with software latch-ups (keypad freezing)which sometimes needed a battery removal to fix. Also, the touch screen operating pressure is very variable and could be a bit better. The small keys could give many users problems but I've managed reasonably well.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 3rd Jan 2010
What a shame! bought this phone as a upgrade for my K800, I was expecting great things with the 5 mega pixel camera. The trouble is the software CONSTANTLY freezes and software takes ages to respond. The only good thing about the phone is that the camera did not disapoint. I have now downgraded and bought another K800. avoid.

Reviewed by dj singh from UK on 30th Dec 2009
i mjust wanna to say that very good phone as campares to anothers

Reviewed by Jovan from UK on 28th Dec 2009
The phone is okay but the restarting gets annoying and I've only had it for like 2 weeks. Everything besides that is great.

Reviewed by matt from UK on 27th Dec 2009
This phone would be excellent; if it worked properly. The features on it are excellent but it is too unreliable. Sometimes the menus freeze, and they stay on the screen, the screen can also go blank and it becomes unresponsive. They're the only problems at the moment but I'm sure there are plenty more round the corner. Not honestly recommended.

Reviewed by Jessica Anne May from UK on 25th Dec 2009
ii Think Its Absoulutely GREAT Because Its Good For School And Stuff . :P

Reviewed by James from UK on 21st Dec 2009
Not quite sure why everyone's slating the camera. Once you get it figured it's brilliant. That is, provided the phone itself is working. Quite frankly a nightmare. Constantly crashes itself, turns off and on again, refuses to send/receive texts as well as calls at times, freezes for minutes on end. Myself and anyone I know who has this phone says exactly same thing when it's mentioned 'It's awful isn't it' Has raised my blood pressure tenfold. When working, a good phone but not worth the 90% of the time it's not working. Can't wait until contract's up and I can take a hammer to it.Seriously.

Reviewed by Ben Dover from UK on 15th Dec 2009
Awesome phone, except the price, fabulas camera

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 11th Dec 2009
Ppl who dont know how to use the touch keys well easy to use for me! Love the placement of the 4 way nav key frew the keypad .when you setup the 5meg cam correctley you have no problems sure ppl say buy the nokia n95 but let me tell you this your guna have more problems with that for one the slide is poor becomes loose when slid up n down when in use. with the k850i beats it all day long dual mem card holder for m2 nd micro stick mint love it even more for that ppl with the k850i stop moneing nd get on with it . Great fone 100%

Reviewed by bullet from UK on 12th Nov 2009
this phone is the best phone ive ever had

Reviewed by stefan from UK on 4th Nov 2009
i have this phone 1 year and 3 months. work great.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 3rd Nov 2009
I have purchased 2 Sony Ericsson K850i phones over the last year and a half. The first worked great for just about one year with the occasional freezing but a quick restart or removing and reinserting the battery would help. Then one morning, I tried to use my phone and the middle touch screen select wouldn't work. But if I touched anywhere around the keys i.e. the flat surface, it would register as the 'select' I didn't throw down the phone or anything. It just starting giving problems on it's own. It was repaired and quite costly I must add to repair it, but I decided to get a new one after this. My new K850i worked great for all of one month and then one random morning as I was in a call, the phone cut off on me and while it was attempting to reload, the phone froze while only the keypad and the ring around the camera was lighting. And it refused to start back working even after I turned off the phone and turned it back on many times and took out the battery and reinserted it. And the Update Software didn't even help. In total, the interface is so user friendly and the phone has an AMAZING camera! Totally better than the Nokia N95 so if you are a photo junkie, you'll fall in love with the camera quality and output but you'll only end up with a broken heart and your pockets empty. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by frank from UK on 2nd Nov 2009
completly hopeless dont buy waste of money absoulutely RUBBISH !

Reviewed by Louis E,downswood,kent from UK on 26th Oct 2009
Ok me again i reviewed the samsung tocco and samsung e250 now moved on so i think that as the in the nutshell thing that is wat it sas on mobile phones uk the camera is great but the c902 is better and the k850i looks like a brick with buttons so it is a good phone for its camera but could be better but also texting is a night mare with the buttons so it is a bad phone for texting and for its look but could have so much more potential but it doesnt so there you go.so 4 star for camera and 1 star for everything else.so the stars at he bottom that i have to put mean nothing just a random pick.

Reviewed by Catrin Davies from UK on 18th Oct 2009
i agreee with LI it is an amazing phone if you learn how to use it. if your moaning about the camera its proberly coz you havent had enough time to get used to it. its a brilliant phone for the prices you can get it but its only worth it if you use the phone enough to get used to it after a couple of days people usually get the hang of it.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 17th Oct 2009
was good for a month or two but the touchscreen was usuless and every so often it would keep pressing one of the touchscreen buttons automatically which makes the phone unusable.

Reviewed by Inga from UK on 16th Oct 2009
i have this phone for nearly 2 years now and absolutelly love it. no problems with keypad at all. just get used to it! and i love the touch sensitive keys. it used to have problems with freezing, turning off etc., but that's been solved with software updating.

Reviewed by Matias from UK on 12th Oct 2009
really problem with the buttons ... Button 2,3,down and on/off dont work so please help me with sending a email Matte150@live.se //Matias

Reviewed by HESHAN from UK on 29th Sep 2009
I have never seen like this mobile before what a excellent camera it has i think i love my mobile

Reviewed by OStrich from UK on 29th Sep 2009
PReviously had this phone,i had it from november 2008 til may 2009,it broke within 2 weeks,then 4 and a half months,then every week until sony ericsson want ME to pay £10 for the broken phone back,ridicoulus

Reviewed by Dipxon from UK on 28th Sep 2009
Since ever i bought dis phone i havnt been browsing wit my operamini 4.2

Reviewed by keshia from UK on 24th Sep 2009
I LOVE THIS PHONE..but im moving on in two days (yipee) to the lg gw520. i will carry this phone till it gets out of date..the camera is excellent!,,but it turns off alot..its not faulty cause a few of my friends have it too.

Reviewed by Ghazi from UK on 21st Sep 2009
My brother had the same phone, and we both agreed on the same thing, the phone has to much faults. we bought them from different shops, i had to return mine twice to get it fixed and my brother 3 times. apart from the faults, the phone is alright i guess. nothing special, the half touch and button keypad is annoying, but you get used to it. battery life isnt too gr8, its a very average mediocre phone, doesnt have that wow appeal. not the best but not the worst

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 21st Sep 2009
Is any one else having problems with the camera flash making a really loud noise? Like a crack? The flash then goes brighter than usual. It's as if its trying to electricute me now.

Reviewed by joshua barnes from UK on 12th Sep 2009
i like it

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 11th Sep 2009
I have had this phone for a year now and all those people that say it had problems and its bad build quality and it takes bad pictures are wrong, i mean what u on about i love this phone so much! its just the best, pictures are amazing especially when on a computer. Music java and especially internet are very good on this phone. I highly recomend it. Best phone ever, It does freeze and turn off sometimes but not very much at all. Fantastic phone!!!

Reviewed by Derek from carnoustie from UK on 11th Sep 2009
had the phone for one year and have had nothing but problems,it has been in for a total of three months getting fixed,the problems have been the first time the touch screen failed then the last twice the phone kept switching itself off and would not go back on,it had to go back to sony,it has been the worst phone i have had,camera was ok.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 9th Sep 2009
this phone was awful. i had it for 18 month (my contract length). for the first 3 months it was amazing il give it that. but after that it went down hill every month something new went wrong with it. usually i wouldnt mind because i use them alot and you expect small things. but all of them were major faults.

Reviewed by Peji from UK on 6th Sep 2009
K850i is the worst mobile phone I ever had. It seems everything goes wrong with this phone. I have sent it once for repair but still the phone freezes regularly. the touch is annoying and the quality of case is awfull. I had K800 befor which was a great handset and I though this one should be as good as K800, unfortunately I am disappoined by sony ericson.If it was Zero star I would have choose it !!

Reviewed by Radu from UK on 4th Sep 2009
IT BREAKS in 1 MONTH (display, or keypad, or software). The camera takes THE WORST PICTURES I`ve ever seen, the BUILD QUALITY is also THE WORST. So, DONT BUY IT !!

Reviewed by Portia from UK on 1st Sep 2009
I think the phone is generally good, the only thing i find wrong with it is that's it turns itself off and when talking on the phone it tends to send blank messages. But other than that it has great camera quality and its a really good phone

Reviewed by james from UK on 30th Aug 2009
I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR ON ABOUT! THE PHONE IS THE BEST SONY CYBERSHOT OUT. it has got great features some ones that you would not expect on the i phone. It has an amazing high quality camera which is better than most modern digital cameras. It is practical and 5000000000000 X better than all the other phones in its league including the n95. I have had over 20 sony erricssons and this is by far the best. i more than highly recomend this great phone

Reviewed by vu from UK on 28th Aug 2009
great phone, never had any problems with it. had it for more then a year now and really enjoyed the camera. i live in america so no one had a camera better then 1.8mp when i got it! lol. i dropped it in the toilet, fully submerged, and still works! i was amazed. sony really does make quality products. but now im looking for a new phone, a touchscreen, but im poor so i may go for the LG kp500.

Reviewed by Leslie from UK on 27th Aug 2009
Don't get it, Ive had it for a while and it slowly starts to crash, and the software starts to malfunction. Turning off every 2 minutes, or when something is loaded.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 22nd Aug 2009
Ive had this phone for some months now, and overall, its a shocking bit of technology. The retards at Sony Ericsson need to get their act together and do something about the appallingly BUGGED SOFTWARE that makes it SHUT ITSELF DOWN! That particular problem gets progressively worse until mine was shutting itself off about every 30 seconds. You can download an update which sorts it for about 6 months, but then you have to update again. Oh and beware: if you ask this phone to do a number of tasks in quick succession, it will throw a tantrum, freeze and then NOT turn off when you ask. You have to remove the battery to make it work again. Forget the camera, it's terrible; if you want to take pictures and video, buy an ACTUAL camera. Other than those things, i love it. It's incredibly robust so you can drop it and it won't fall apart, the buttons actually make it easier to text and the square retical/keys are excellent. But honestly, BUY SOMETHING ELSE. There are much be tter devices out there. And you won't have to look hard to find one better than this piece of tripe.

Reviewed by amar from UK on 20th Aug 2009
worste phone i had ever owned. freezes non stop, button delay, screen delay, speaker went out 2wice for repair, camera is only good for close ups with in max 4 feet to get proper light. was also replaced 2wice afterwards and exact same problem, now the warranty is over. BS

Reviewed by kashif from UK on 19th Aug 2009
its not a perfect phone.it creats speaker problem and it creats keypad problem.when we press any key from keypad then its touch function works with others keys.so we cannot use this.i bought this Rs 15000.and now sale Rs 4500. so i am not satisfied about this phone.

Reviewed by - from UK on 16th Aug 2009
i think this phone is ok , but mine is currently in repair for the 2nd time as it turns it self off a lot and will not turn back on. the camera flash is well to bright and makes most faces white , its also bad positioning

Reviewed by ... from UK on 15th Aug 2009
I have had this phone for a good few months now, i have found it very easy to use and it has very good features. The camera is very good until i try to take certain photos with flash and doesn't seem to work. I haven't had any problem with the keys like some people have, and found them very easy to get used to. The only real downside i have with this phone is that it turns its self off occasionly for no apparant reason. But all in all a good phone!!

Reviewed by jo from UK on 13th Aug 2009
i sort of love the phone but hate it at the same time, the buttons are far too small and i have never found a way to lock the key pad when i make a call. i end up sending serveral blanks txts due to the touch buttons. the camera side is poor compared to other phones, other than that i have never had any problems im glad to say

Reviewed by louis from UK on 12th Aug 2009
really good phone until it breaks which it will!!!

Reviewed by adam from UK on 10th Aug 2009
its a good design and looks good and easy phone to use

Reviewed by Caz Stewart from UK on 7th Aug 2009
I loved everything about my K850i, but after 18 months of daily use, it finally gave up and corrupted on me. However, apart from not being offering a numeric option for texts, I really enjoyed using this handset. The camera was first class and I really liked the layout and overall look. Not sure whether to go back to a Nokia now, since Sony Ericsson collects so many bad reviews.

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 7th Aug 2009
I've had this phone for 18 months and have hated it for about the past 16 months! I had to swap the first one because it wouldn't charge properly and I still have the same problem, no matter what it will only charge to 99%. The camera, although it might be 5MP is let down by an awful flash which means most of my photos turn out just black. The buttons do odd things and do not respond and select things which i haven't selected. the button's are quite hard to text on, oh and it's ugly. I'm not normally one to bitch but i haaate this phone, do not get it! it's not just me either, my friend also got it but it broke after about a year- she hated it before then too

Reviewed by Alex Canner from UK on 6th Aug 2009
Myself and my wife decided to go on contract at the same time and decided also that we liked the same phone, so we BOTH opted for the k850i. Therefore I can say with certainty that...itís an appalling phone. We've both had exactly the same problems, so not isolated incidents. The main problem is the phone's software. After 6 months of using it - itís incredibly slow. I mean, at a standstill sometimes. We've moved all our media off it onto our home PC and it's still drags its heels. Of late, (16 months on), we've found that when we're on a call and the phone gets a text message (or visa-versa) at the same time, it turns itself off, vibrates, then turns itself back on. Then takes an age to get back to the status of being able to work in a normal way again. Occasionally it has a sulk and refuses to turn on at all for a good 15 mins and only after taking the batt and sim out, it gets off its backside and decides to do some work. Very frustrating if you desperately need to use it! The pics have been outstanding quality but, its lengthy to navigate around and find where they're saved etc. We were drawn in by its flashy looking touch screen stuff but itís a gimmick. On balance, I'd rather have a phone that does the basics first like being able to talk and text, before taking pictures and fannying about with on-board games. Sorry but its poor! Summary is: good for the first 6 months, then itís ready to be retired to that mobile phone recycling graveyard in the sky. And remember, we've both had EXACTLY the same problems! So it's a design fault. Rubbish!

Reviewed by David from UK on 3rd Aug 2009
This is just the worst phone I have ever had. I will never go SE again. It has a mind of its own and is completely unreliable and dysfunctional.I cant even send a text using this phone as it starts opening folders as soon as I try and type in Hi to whoever I am trying to text. I downloaded latest software in case that was the problem with that and 20 minutes later it was exactly the same. Same problem unable to use any feature on the phone. It certainly has the right name on the camera CYBER well I would call it HYPER as it automatically chooses to do 10 seperate functions as soon as I turn the phone on and even touch it.Didnt even get to try camera out as i could see that camera buttons are way too small for a grown adult like me to use with adult size fingers.The phone appears to freeze in between its fits and my opinion to whoever designed this rubbish phone must have had a brain freeze whilst developing it. SE are not interested in refunding my money so I will t hrow the phone away in the bin and go and buy a nokia!

Reviewed by Barry Badrinath from UK on 28th Jul 2009
Fantastic camera in daylight, as good as any digital camera. Horrifically overexposed photos at night, especially out partying, which to be honest is where I take 90% of mine. Once or twice a year it dies and needs software upgrades or the stupid combination touchscreen repaired. As a phone it is great and I find Sony much more intuitive than Nokia. The Bluetooth works well and battery life is fantastic (after I upgraded the battery). Overall, get it if you want daytime camera plus phone.

Reviewed by noname from UK on 25th Jul 2009
this mobile is class

Reviewed by Tara from UK on 23rd Jul 2009
Quite simply the worst phone ever. The touch screen section has grown a personality of its own so sends text's when Iím in the middle of typing or has a little fit and goes into all the options. I have to wait till it stops so I can cancel whatever it was trying to do and carry on texting. If I start typing a phone number, the back touch screen button presses so I loose it. This happens for a further few times before I give up or wait a while till Iíve calmed down to try again. Sometimes if I try to ring someone, it decides it doesnít want to ring them and cancels it, or hangs up on them much to my mothers annoyance when I continue to hang up on her mid conversation. If I use the internet and try to send a long email, the touch part of the screen will highlight all by itself and it goes back a page so I loose everything I just did. I have given up with the net now, itís so unreliable. The flash doesnít work most of the time. So a lot of the pictures are dark. Though I might get lucky and it decides to work but only sometimes. The buttons are stupidly small, wonder which brainiac at Sony decided it was a good idea. Jeez. When I first got the phone, it was as good as gold, and I could look past the pathetic buttons. I was very pleased with it and hadnít one bad word to say. But a few months later and its now possessed. Itís obvious that the touch screen has malfunctioned, and the buttons...well just cant help themselves because they have always been pathetic. But my friend has the same phone and is having the exact same problems but hers likes to turn it self off and it has decided it doesnít want to play any sound anymore. Its a very unreliable phone and I cant wait to get a new one, blow this one up to smithereens and I will be definitely be crying with laughter and relief when I do it. I might even have a little party to celebrate. Any excuse for a party eh!

Reviewed by peaye from UK on 23rd Jul 2009
love it

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 22nd Jul 2009
Avoid like plague! The keypad is awful, you'll get fingers ulcers within a few days and will keep touching the touch sensitive part of the screen by accident. Poor battery life. Camera isn't good, photos are too bright or completely dark even if you hold the phone on the edge. Not recommended at all.

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 19th Jul 2009
Really good phone, love the touch screen bit and the keys. Just a bit disappointed with the camera but apart from that it's a good phone. Do love this phone though, pity i've just broke it by getting strawberry delight stuck in the speaker!

Reviewed by jem from UK on 16th Jul 2009
a truely awful phone. no matter how it is held the flash pics are comprimised. sometimes it works better if screen icon pressed to take pic rather than button but not always. the phone keeps switching itself on & off, often after taking a pic which is then lost. the touch screen is abysmal, the keys work intermittently or seemingly with no pressure at all. I previously had a K750i which was far superior in all respects even picture quality despite less pixels. I would never have a touch screen again after this & doubt will buy sony ericsson again. very disappointing.& btw - I have learnt to use it properly & it still fails

Reviewed by Billy from UK on 15th Jul 2009
This phone is amazing i have had it for over a year and still love it. However, I agree this phone certainly takes time to get use to in order to make the most of its amzing camera as well as its numerous other features. Nevertheless once you know how to use it it rteally is great!

Reviewed by ronald from UK on 12th Jul 2009
i bought my unit august2008, since i bought i encounter problem. the unit hang up, i dont know if the problem is the software. it take almost 2 month when i first send my unit for repair,now i send again to service center for repair again almost 2 months again and until now the shop cannot tell me when they can return my unit repaired. i can say the unit is not good quality, i dont know why the sony erickson will not just pull out the unit and not to continue selling it.it only give a big problem to the people buying it.

Reviewed by Louise from UK on 11th Jul 2009
Absolutely terrible phone have had non stop problems with it, phone freezes buttons too small i would advise anyone who is thinking of getting one DONT!

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 7th Jul 2009
I like this phone, much better than the LG chocolate I had before, I don't seem to have any problems with the camera, I just makesure my fingers aren't covering the flash, which I admit, can be a bit annoying. The resolution of the screen is excellent, not sure about the touch buttons, there not too bad, but I'd rather just have buttons!! It looks brilliant I think, mainly down to the blue rectangle on the keypad, I like this phone, will be keeping for a long time i think

Reviewed by grace from england from UK on 4th Jul 2009
this phone is very good. i once had it. BUT... the camera is obviously good but it broke after a while!! the screen went all blurry, also when i would look at pictures the phone would turn its self off! not just this, but the buttons eventually broke off and i was unable to text, call or do anything. apart from this and untill this happens to this phone then its very good!! i do NOT regret buying it :)

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 1st Jul 2009
Great phone, no problems with the flash on the camera at all, and the picture quality is great. I suggest reading the manual to most of you ;)

Reviewed by aleksandar from UK on 1st Jul 2009
i,m from macedonia and i love models sony ericsson ,i have a k750i model with sowtvere w800 exselent work with this sowtvere .i love model k850i with diferent sowtvere ,soory for my bad endlish

Reviewed by ihatetmobile from UK on 30th Jun 2009
I got this phone about nearly 18 months ago. Worse mistake of my life. It caused me so many problems. It broke down in the first week and the handset was replaced. That handset stopped working after about a month and a half. It was then repaired by sony ericsson and worked for a while before breaking down again. It kept switching itself on and off, sometimes just froze and I had to take the battery out and put it back in. Occasionally the camera lens wouldnt open wither. This was repaired yet again by sony ericcson and worked for a few months. It kept switching itself on and off for a long number of months, I gave up on sending it for repair because they took so long to 'repair'. After a while I had enough and gave it off for repair. That was the third time the replacement phone broke down. It broke down again with the camera lens not opening and the phone freezing and restarting even in the middle of a phone call. My advice to everyone is to never get this phone. The camera quality is brilliant, the games are fun to play but seriously..whats the point of all these features i f the phone doesnt even switch on!!

Reviewed by andy from UK on 27th Jun 2009
the worst sony phone i have ever had. Problems: freezes when txting, you loose sound when talking, the camera shutter doesent open sometimes -even after taking the battery i dosent work, the pictures are worse than 2mb of k750i, fragile screen - mine broke after a couple months (cost £50 to repair), the ulimate problem as the keypad failure - the bottom half of keypad became like the touch screen & the touch screen stopped working (i sent it back at got it permently replaced), touch screen is a bit 2 sensitive, software issues. Good points: you could easily use it as weapon: its quite sturdy/strong & good battery life. I hate this phone, i would have like to thrown it off a tall building and watch it smash in2 millions of pieces, however, i cant do that if i need new phone.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 26th Jun 2009

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