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Sony Ericsson K800i review

 Review: September 2006  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: One of the best camera phones ever made, the K800i is a 3G phone combined with a Cyber-Shot camera.



The Sony Ericsson K800i is the first 3G phone in Sony Ericsson's Cyber-Shot™ range of camera phones. It's the best of the Cyber-Shot phones so far, and in our opinion, the best camera phone available in the UK at the time of release.

Whilst large and a little brick-like, the K800i is beautifully built and finished. It's clearly a solidly constructed phone that should last well. The design is traditional and a bit square, but very nicely finished. The back of the phone shares many design features with the Cyber-Shot camera range and looks more like a camera than a phone. There's a cover for the camera lens, and annoyingly this has a habit of sliding off when the phone is in a bag or pocket, causing the camera to activate by itself. The keypad is well designed and easy to use, although the keys are quite small and may not suit someone with large fingers. The screen is large (2.0 inches) and of superb quality. The phone is heavier than average at 115g, but this isn't heavy for a 3G phone, and heavy phones are better at taking pictures because there is less camera shake.

At 3.2 megapixels, the K800i's camera has the highest resolution available at the time of writing (August 2006), but its the quality of the optics that really determines the quality of a camera, and the K800i doesn't disappoint. With autofocus and a real xenon flash (most camera phones have a weaker LCD flash that leads to poor exposure and red-eye), the K800i is a real digital camera, not just a toy. Picture quality is very impressive indeed, and is a match for many dedicated digital cameras. The K800i comes with a novel feature called BestPic™. BestPic takes nine pictures at a time, enabling you to choose the best. There's also a picture stabiliser, helping to eliminate camera shake. Naturally the K800i supports direct printing on PictBridge compatible printers, so you don't need a computer in order to print your pictures.

There's also a video camera, which also makes use of the picture stabiliser, helping to avoid shaky videos. It's not the best video camera around however, which is disappointing given the outstanding quality of the still camera. A video editor is included, so that you can edit videos on the phone. A second video camera is used for 3G video calling.

The music player on the K800i is of very good quality. It's an easy-to-use player that supports playlists. There's also a stereo RDS FM radio. Sound quality by the built-in speakers is good, but doesn't match that of the Sony Ericsson W900i. Stereo output to a normal or wireless headset via Bluetooth is supported.

As well as its outstanding camera and excellent music capabilities, the K800i is a genuine all-rounder. 3G enables 2-way video calling, fast music & video downloads and business applications such as email (although there's no Office document viewer). The K800i supports genuine multitasking, enabling you to talk and access other functions at the same time. A sophisticated web browser is built into the phone, displaying web pages with images as they look on a computer. You can subscribe to RSS feeds from your phone to get news, etc, and you can blog from your phone too. The K800i can act as a broadband connection for your PC, connecting via USB cable or wirelessly by Bluetooth.

The K800i is compatible with the Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™), enabling its memory to be increased to 1 Gbyte or more ( no memory stick is supplied in the sales package). This gives plenty of space for storing music and video. A wide range of connectivity options are available - Bluetooth, USB mass storage, infrared and Fastport (for connecting a charger, portable handsfree, cable or other accessory) - everything except WiFi in fact. Battery life is excellent for a 3G phone.

The K800i is an excellent mobile. Not only was it the best camera phone around at the time of release, but it's a good all-rounder. There are a few things missing, such as wi-fi and a document viewer, but there's no doubting that this is still a great phone from Sony Ericsson. Disadvantages include the large size, fiddly keypad, and the camera cover that slides off too easily. A bigger irritation is the PC software that is supplied with the phone - this is difficult to install and needs to be addressed by Sony Ericsson in future releases. But definitely a classic and one of our all-time favourites!

Sony Ericsson K800i features include:

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Where can i buy the earphone,original baterry and the down cover in Nigeria?

Asked by micheal from Nigeria on 30th May 2017

My k800i is not showing any figure or picture what can I do please to solve the problem?

Asked by olayiwola from Nigeria on 15th Feb 2017

Battery problems?

Asked by olayiwola from Nigeria on 2nd Feb 2017
My k800i drains battery when on use, when I close it the battery will return to normal,when I start to use it again the battery runs down when I close it and open again the comes to full,when it is on sleep and I open to call it will not show any anything except black and white please help me I dont want to discard the phone.

See all 6 questions

Sony Ericsson K800i user reviews

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Average rating from 1225 reviews:

Reviewed by olayiwola from Nigeria on 23rd Jan 2017
my k800i runs down battery within 5seconds of booting and when i off it and rebooting will full that is how it is doing and also it get blurs after sleep when i want to call

Reviewed by jamie from uk on 19th Dec 2015

have just brought a second hand cyber shot and i have noticed that the charge does last long, is this a problem or is it that im in a very bad signal area and the phone is working overtime to find signal hence using charge much faster?

Reply by Russell Hamer from U K on 26th Feb 2016
Buy some batts off ebay and find the best one...@ one point mine needed chg everyday now its every week....

Reviewed by yaser from egypt on 16th Oct 2015

Reviewed by Hazil from India on 27th Sep 2014
The best phone ever I had in my life. Its been 8 years still I use it today. My sentimental phone too :)

Reviewed by sabit from bangladesh on 12th Jul 2014
My problem is slow net

Reviewed by ronnie from uganda on 3rd Mar 2014
i have k800i sony mobile phone but the flash does not work, however it just stopped working accidentally. so may you pliz advise me on what about that

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 2nd Jan 2014
After my old K800i got damaged i managed to buy a new one .The K800i does all i want a mobile to do and the charge lasts a while. Good photos with a flash ! Radio Etc. Should easily last a few years!

Reviewed by matovu ronald from uganda on 12th Sep 2013
speechless..coz this phone z so amazing...e

Reviewed by cherambus from kenya on 11th Apr 2013
i really love it but i need to know where i can get a new set of covers.. and at what price. thanks

Reviewed by Jake Nice from England on 29th Sep 2012
I have an Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini which i use at the moment, but only 6months ago my phone run out of warrenty and so if my phone broke. i could trustly use the amazing Sony Ericsson K800i which has an amazing camera and music audio, which is good for my liking.

anyway i would give it an 5/5 rating.

Reviewed by Ahmed Yahya Salim from Kenya on 17th Sep 2012
this is the best phone ever had.
the only problem is that i cannot find its M2 memory card and also earphones.
can you help me find them. this model is long gone, so it is very hard to its accessories.

please help

Reviewed by Johnny Mombeshora from Zimbabwe on 10th Aug 2012
i got this phone last year in june when my uncle gave it to me after using for about two years.The most amazing part of this phone up till now it is stil working like its a new one although it went through a lot like falling into the swimming pool,falling of the balcony....its amazing

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 21st Apr 2012
I got this phone off my Dad after he had had it for roughly two years. I had this phone for three years and it still works, despite being dropped down stairs, in mud, in snow, and being chewed by the dog. Its a bit battered but still works perfectly. Eve if I have a new phone now, I still use it as a backup phone, and still find it to be in perfect working condition :)

Reviewed by Sidney Bellend from england on 20th Feb 2012
nearly 5 years on since buying mine and it's still going strong, the camera quality is still a match for a lot of the 5 and 8mp camera phones made today and that is done to the quality of the optics. phones today are now being made on a tighter budget and longevity is a thing of the past.
Mine is a rock solid work horse, only things i dislike are no standard headphone socket in the phone, meaning you have to use there own strange little adapter to plug in headphones.
You can pick up a tatty but fully working one on ebay for 25 quid and still have a decent camera phone that's going to be working in 12 months time, and that's 5 years since they were made.

Reviewed by sravan.e.m from india-kerala on 7th Feb 2012
Very nice phone and very clarity camera

Reviewed by Johanna from United Kingdom on 29th Jan 2012
I have had this phone for more than 4 years now and Have found out that it is much better than the phones of today. The only thing that I would like to add is that I wish there was an easier way for sending text. You have to press may times to get to the right letter. If any one knows of a keypad that can be down loaded.

Reviewed by Steve cobbler from England on 29th Jan 2012
Absolute superb phone had one for several years. Beats the fancy dan touch screens in every way. Buy one on an auction site for around 25 great value and a great phone.

Reviewed by samina from united kingdom on 27th Jan 2012
this was the only phone my dad was offering to me so i had no choice......:( but when i played around a bit it was really good the flash is amazing excellent pictures in the dark.....:D had it for 6 months nowww...... and dont think i will change my phone for a while.... XD

Reviewed by Vimal from India on 24th Jan 2012

Reviewed by imrankhan from india on 14th Jan 2012
Its an amazing mobile phone with 3.2 mp camera with cybershot and the 3d gaming is simply super with a 240x320 pixels screen but it have problem it can support only a 2gb card that was so embarassing problem but i'm satisfied with this mobile

Reviewed by Vlad from Moldova on 25th Dec 2011
I have had this phone for ~3 years. It is a very good piece of machinery. Dropped it several times, nothing broke. Works perfectly except for the menu freezing sometimes. The battery lasts ~5-6 days. The camera is very good. Built of high quality materials.

Reviewed by wheng from UK on 13th Jul 2011
nice phone good end so much pass?????????

Reviewed by mamun from UK on 19th Jun 2011
its a very classic cell.the picture quality is very fine .i like it!!!!!

Reviewed by jsk from UK on 19th May 2011
top phome

Reviewed by michael from UK on 18th May 2011
is a 9ice phone i ever bought most especially the 3.2mega pixel.....d disadvantage of sony Ericsson phone is there BATTERIES........is annoying nd make be feel like disposing it.huh

Reviewed by marko from UK on 26th Apr 2011
absolutely great phone.I got it for 4 years, and works without any problems.has an excellent camera,with xenon flash.simple menu,and a plenty of useful extras.All in all, a great phone.

Reviewed by BOB from UK on 27th Mar 2011
The k800i is a lovely, cheap phone which has all the needs for its price. The joystick can be a bit annoying at times, but i got used to it. There is only one problem, when i take pictures in bright places, the picture goes dark. For example, i took a picture of my (well lit)room with the tv on. The result on my phone was the room was pitch black and the tv could only be seen. Please tell me how to fix this problem.

Reviewed by Coco from UK on 19th Mar 2011
Best phone ever this is my 2nd one the first one got broken . I have gone back to this phone mainly because the camera is outstanding sure it only has 3.2 Mp but it has x16 autofocus most phones in 2011 can even match this. It is a heavy phone but i see this as a positive as you can feel it in your pocket I have Iphone for business use but its function are more internet based and a little to Hi tec for personal use, Even though the K800I is a 5 year old design it is still up there with the best modern phones of present. 5 star phone

Reviewed by Makiwa from UK on 25th Feb 2011
I was using this lovely phone but mine was a secondhand.i like everthing from camera.but now i want to buy a new one and i dont kno where 2buy it.

Reviewed by K F from UK on 3rd Feb 2011
A simply outstanding phone from S.E. Well designed and seemingly carved from stone. Reliable, looks good, loads of features to keep you occupied. Had mine since August 2006, now its unlocked and still going strong! What a phone! If only they were all like this...

Reviewed by matty from UK on 28th Jan 2011
the k8ooi was the best phone ive ever had at taking pictures to print. had it for years and still havent bettered the camera. i hate the connector for the charger,headphones and computer for its intermittent connectivity,only way to improve or make it work is with a rubber band i have found. ive since moved on to a samsung jet but i love my sony k800i which i will keep. it took the best photos of my cats(russian blues) such a handy quality phone to have. cheers matthew s

Reviewed by david anthony thompsontop ph from UK on 25th Jan 2011
top phone one of best i have ever hhad

Reviewed by peter from UK on 19th Jan 2011
I have had this phone for 4 1/2 years now and it is still working amazingly well. Taking into account that it has been through mud, been stamped on and lost under coaches on many occasions then it is even more impressive. However, the camera has unfortunately stopped working because of 'background programs running.' The battery life is good but when it is low it gives of a tone which has got me into trouble before. The shutter on the camera often opens and unlocks the phone which can lead to problems like unwanted calls being made. I like the video calling but the internet is excruciatingly slow so I never use it. The SMS service is good, with good connection and the predictive text is one of the best. For the amount of time i have had it, a very good phone. But, many 'modern' smartphones surpass it in every way and make it look like an ancient brick

Reviewed by coco from UK on 16th Jan 2011
Outstanding phone well built and compact the Camera is its best feature x16 optical Zoom makes all the difference. Only gripe is the Phone will not sit flush when you lay on a flat surface (Camera housing) which you may do if Video calling. The Radio can only be used with the headphones plugged in i believe the headphones act as the Antenna, this is a bit disapointing. 8/10 for this phone

Reviewed by Toralf from UK on 14th Jan 2011
K800i must be one of the best phone ever made. I have had a k800i in 4 years now. Only two buttons that's not as good now so when i bought it.

Reviewed by ibrar from UK on 5th Dec 2010
excellent phone no problems

Reviewed by Gavin from UK on 28th Nov 2010
Had this phone from new on contract. Still working now on sim only. Has to be without doubt the best phone ever had. Superb camera. Excellant music player. Been dropped, got wet but still going strong. The applications are good with face warp still making people laugh. Finally though i think its time for a change as charging has become a problem due to poor socket connection (to be expected after all this time). Am sorry to see go and finding an improvement on this masterpiece is difficult.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 28th Nov 2010
had this phone for 3 years and used it non stop.has neaver had a single problem

Reviewed by John Mujar from UK on 12th Nov 2010
The k800i video recorder has very low quality. Very blurred. Also, when a M2 Memory Card is used, the Phone's Startup is extended up to 45 seconds. All else are great.

Reviewed by stanno from UK on 9th Nov 2010
Been using this for over 3 years and it's by far the best mobile I've tried. Unlike most smartphones it's 100% reliable and the battery life is amazing at up to 6 days standby. I use it as an MP3 player a lot (a but quiet but otherwise great) and the camera takes better pics than many newer phones with far higher specs. Must be the best 100 I've ever spent!

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 29th Oct 2010
All i wanted to say is that i have this phone for 3 years and i bearly schraczt so i would say its a good phone but the d pad is anyoing

Reviewed by G from UK on 26th Sep 2010
Got this phone quite a while ago as a present. While I probably wouldn't have chosen it if I had been given the choice, it's been a great phone. I didn't like the fact it was so big and brick like because I found it hard to fit into a little clutch bag or whatever and while I did want a camera it wasn't my biggest concern. For me, maybe not the best phone but for anyone else who wants a good phone with a great camera should consider this phone

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 20th Sep 2010
Mine just got into an unfortuante accident. It was sandwiched between the corner of a wall and my leg. Joystick was jammed and buttons fell off. Bit of dismantling and superglue and it works fine. It's nearly 4 years old and been used as a hammer, doorstop, projectile, used in all weathers, dropped, submerged, frozen, hot & humid environments, thrown, bent, kicked, abused and even set on fire. Durable to say the least. TIP: 2 blobs of blue tack stop the lens cover from sliding.

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 18th Aug 2010
exellent phone

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 29th Jul 2010
I have had this phone for 4 years now and up until now I have had no complaints with it (Its getting a bit old and the battery is not what it once was) Most people I know have complained about their phones after only a few months but I found that this phone was perfect. The camera is amazing, and is good enough quality to print out and display. All of the functions of the phone are easy enough to use, and the joystick means you dont have to keep clicking down buttons, makes for an easier transaction. Although this phone is quite old now, I think it is a trusty phone that will last you well as long as you dont care for looks as it wont win any beauty contests. However, available in black or silver, I think this rather cumbersome yet reliable phone would suit anyone who wants to take a good snap!

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 28th Jul 2010
nice phone

Reviewed by coolasfcuk0 from UK on 29th Jun 2010
Great phone!!!

Reviewed by Allen Mayodong from UK on 27th Jun 2010
at first I thought the sony ericcson k800i is seemingly the same as those cyber shot mobile phones with poor video quality, but i was mistaken with how the way i thought of the phone, I find the sony ericcson K800i very function it's being compact is more than enough for me only that no wi-fi. As a techer I find the phone very helpul in my instruction work, the crisp photos that it being produced i can readily used it in our college school paper

Reviewed by ed from UK on 27th Jun 2010
Suddenly my k800I which was my reserve phone has a fault.When I receive a call the speaker fails.No sound at all not even a hum or a buzz.If speaker/phone selected that works OK.Cant be mechanical fault with speaker because.Speaker bleeps when any key depressed,record and replay voice works perfectly,ringtones and music play perfectly.have tried master reset but no change.Any Ideas please??

Reviewed by Sandun Wijesinghe from UK on 2nd Jun 2010
Overall, a very impressive phone! The image quality from the camera is fantastic, and mp3 playback through the provided headphones is impressive, though bass is predictably weak when using the inbuilt speaker. The menus are very clear and easy to navigate, and the screen is just beautiful - very bright and sharp. Some people have complained about the size of the phone, but it's quite easy to find the handset dimensions on the internet, or even go into a shop and look at one. I agree that the styling may be a little 'boxy' for some, but it's growing on me and I quite like the contrast of the angular face with the more gently curving sides. If you're surprised by the physical appearance when it arrives, you haven't done your research properly! As some people have noted, the software installation is a little cumbersome, as you have to rely on windows XP repeatedly 'detecting new hardware' and prompting you to install drivers - a good half a dozen times in all. However, once installed, it worked perfectly for me. The only real complaint I have is about battery life - as I type this it's at less than 5%, having only been charged 30hrs ago. In that time I've used it for perhaps 20mins in camera mode, 30mins in mp3 playback mode, and about 4hrs in phone mode (creating address book entries, text messages etc). As most other reviewers have praised the battery life, I expect that in my case this is just due to a faulty battery, or maybe there's some standby setting I haven't discovered yet.

Reviewed by Jason Keeler from UK on 15th May 2010
I have recently switched back to a K800i from a C902 as I believe that the most of the cybershots don't deserve their cybershot branding unless the cybershot cameras produce blurry and over exposed images, the k800i is the only exception it deserves the cybershot branding as it is the best camera I have ever used. although it doesn't feature Sony's latest walkman like media player it is still a very good and easy to use media player which reads M4U files. K800i is a bit bulky but well built the one I have is 4 years old and still going but needs a new battery.

Reviewed by Anne Heyes from UK on 10th May 2010
I've had this phone for 4 years now and replaced it last July with the W910i (that's a load of rubbish, believe me).Now back to the old one. Fab phone, camera. Can't praise it enough. Had a new battery, but all else is great. Would reccommend it 100%.

Reviewed by Dani from UK on 9th May 2010
The camera on this phone is quick and easy to get to and is grest quality and the flash is very usfull.The memory on the phone i good it also has a space for a memory card which its pretty cool.The sound on the phone is very high. Although with all the features i'd advice you to et a lock on it other wise hen you slip it in your pocket it rings people goes o the interet ... The games are etertaining.The phone is a very easy phone to use and easy to get use to so if your thinking of buying it i would!

Reviewed by PRINCE from UK on 28th Apr 2010
The phone is ok and it's enjoyable.

Reviewed by Naguib from UK on 22nd Apr 2010
Decent phone with good functionality. Camera is good for daytime photos with adequate natural light. My flash stopped working after one year for no obvious reason; I did not use flash much anyway but this might be something for SE to look at.

Reviewed by Unknown from UK on 27th Mar 2010
This phone was give to me after years of handing downs. it had been dropped so many times and had also been dropped in the bath, but despite this it lasted from 2006 to this day. the camera is only 3.2 megapixels, but its still awesome. digital zoom is poor as it turns the picture grainy, but isn't really required on the large crystal clear screen. after 3 years the battery life greatly dropped to around 2 hours but replacement batteries are only cheap. it also came with a 2gb m2 memory card which was perfect for any music, videos and photos. the music player is clear and loud and dosent drain the battery it also allows you to listen to music whilst doing other tasks on the phone. the flash was excellent and had a very quick recharge time. all in all a perfect phone, until (like me) you lose it. :)

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 21st Mar 2010
Really good camera best phone ever used

Reviewed by pamela from UK on 19th Mar 2010
i had this phone for more than 4years until last year,(they say its beyond repairs)i dont wanna let go please help

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 26th Feb 2010
Cracking phone this! Only had mine for a couple of weeks now, bought it second hand from a shop called Cex entertainment exchange it manchester. Brilliant phone, the camera gives superb quality in almost any conditions i've found, really easy to use phone with simple menus & good used interface. Comes with a lot of features for a phone that's now a good few years old! Only downside I can think of is that the lens cover on the camera slides open when its in your pocket but otherwise great phone. Sony ericsson have once again proved themselves as making simple, easy to use well built phones. Its really quite a good looking phone as well for a chunkier model but hey.

Reviewed by Graeme from UK on 18th Feb 2010
Such a user-friendly and intuitive phone, and multi-tasks very well. Great camera, great for texting, good mp3 player and radio too.

Reviewed by $$KING$$ from UK on 16th Feb 2010
The sony ericsson k800i is beautifully made and the picture quality is immaculate.The reason why i'm writing this is because i have one myself and i had it for 4 years and i'm selling it! I just want to know HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH UNLOCKED?

Reviewed by helen celen from UK on 15th Feb 2010
i have had many many problems with this phone it cuts out when im using it.it freezes and i'm still trying to get it fixed.ive had it for 1 year and it was brand new as well! it is an awful phone!!!!!!!!!! DONT BUY IT.

Reviewed by Manol Chalakov from UK on 3rd Feb 2010
I have this phone from 3 years and it runs perfectly.The photos are great with than Xenon flash.The only bad thing is that it's a little big for my pocket.But i lovet it!

Reviewed by Plato Andrew - Nigeria from UK on 15th Jan 2010
Great Phone. Never Seen a phone like this.

Reviewed by glyn plested from UK on 9th Jan 2010
excellent phone,had for 18 months plus still best phone i ever had does what it says .perfect i have had various phones only to be let down after a year but the sony ericssoon k800i is fantastic yes bulky but its power makes up for its size .yes big is beautiful lol

Reviewed by Lily from UK on 5th Jan 2010
this is the best fone eva i got it in july 2009 and i still have it

Reviewed by boy from UK on 11th Dec 2009
it's not good as i thought, i am trying to pdf viewer for it but i cant find it,camra is good but there r still little softwares in it ,now days we need pdf viewer ,internet explorer ,a better media player which can play formated files but in this k800i we cant find anything like this softwares in it.

Reviewed by martin bourke from UK on 9th Dec 2009

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 7th Dec 2009
i had this phone when it first came out and i loved it... it is so durable its unreal... it had been washed 4 times in the washing machine ran over by a bus dropped from me bedroom windown in the attic and dropped in a spag bol i was making... the only reason i havnt got it now is because i chucked it in a bush to prove to my firends how good it was and lost it... if its still there now im pretty sure it would still work perfect... its been 2 years i miss it and want it back :(

Reviewed by miscellaneous from UK on 5th Dec 2009
im young and i love this phone. the camera is ace, and loud speakers. the battery life is quite good, but the only fault is the bulky build.

Reviewed by Bekki from UK on 3rd Dec 2009
I brought the K800i, and have had it for two years, and have only had to send it in once. Although the camera is only 3.2 MP, it is very high quality, and takes very good photo's, some better i think then some of the new touch screen 5MP. i recomend this too all age groups. only problem is that you need a memory card, as the memories not brilliant.

Reviewed by arian from UK on 3rd Dec 2009
that phone is vrely great

Reviewed by Sarah.p from UK on 29th Nov 2009
The most annoying phone Ive ever had. I had it for less than a year and literally was falling apart piece by piece. Camera good, call quality nearly average but the volume during the call plummets, your always having to have it on speaker to hear them. Amazingly awful low memory of all my phones Ive ever ad and Ive had many.

Reviewed by tenicea from UK on 29th Nov 2009
sonyericson is kool a you no who i am hannha motana

Reviewed by Jonathan Ryall from UK on 21st Nov 2009
After having this phone I would never go to any other brand. Sony ericsson have really done a good job with this phone. With a price tag of 150 in 2006, was alot of money but well worth it. At its time this was THE BEST phone on the market. I really enjoyed playing with the video editor; great application! the photos taken are of really high quality for a mobile camera and the memory on the 'M2' slot is more than enough. The phone is on the heavy side but the features and the immage quality really make up for it. Well done Sony Ericsson!

Reviewed by kyauta yusuf from UK on 16th Nov 2009
i give my life to sony erricsson k800i

Reviewed by abdul from UK on 1st Nov 2009
This fone is an aaaammmaaazzziiinnnggg fone. it has everything, good camera.

Reviewed by jane from UK on 27th Oct 2009
I was just going to upgrade - I have the phone since June 07 and I don't think I will now after reading the reviews. I had to update the software on the phone in Feb 09 but since then it's all been fine. I'll probably get more memory and hope to have it in year from now! Hate the throw away nature of mobile phones.

Reviewed by YUSUF ABDULHAI from UK on 23rd Oct 2009

Reviewed by Rajib from UK on 14th Oct 2009
its awesome...!!! but internal memory have to be increase.... thinking....

Reviewed by Sianlover from UK on 9th Oct 2009
I've had my K800i for a couple of years now, and it's grown on me. It's battery life is excellent, and it has an abundance of features compared to my old Nokia. Even so, it's been a case of my gradually getting to use those various features. Some, such as the web browser, are not of much use to me - but may turn out handy one day. Others, such as the movie player, have already proven a delight. I was recently on a flight from Spain to London, and I passed it by watching "The Incredibles", which I had converted using Total Video Converter. I'd not have believed such a thing possible, but with a set of headphones plugged in, I very quickly forgot how small the phone's screen is, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. As to the supposed vulnerability of the camera lens cover, the answer is to protect it! My K800i is invariably clipped to my belt in a little case called a "BODY GLOVE", bought on Ebay for the princely sum of about four pounds. Seriously, folks, if you own a decent phone, or a decent anything, it makes sense to look after it.

Reviewed by Eugene from UK on 23rd Sep 2009
It is the best phone you can get.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 18th Sep 2009
I've had this phone for 3 years now. As a phone, it is a very good model; it is fast, it never crashes, and it has one of the best signal receptions I've ever seen on a phone. As a camera, it's rubbish; the lens cover keeps sliding open in my pocket; this led to dust getting underneath the lens, which after 4 months was enough for all photos to be coming out hazy especially in sunlight. I took it to both a Sony Ericsson representative and a photographer, and both said it cannot be opened to be cleaned. Eventually I got a replacement, and the same happened after 4 months of getting it. Another issue is that the joystick gets damaged after about a year, and it doesn't work well anymore in all directions. Despite the above issues, I'm still reluctant to change it, because it has no problems as a phone, no crashes, a good battery life and a good size and weight for a 3G phone.

Reviewed by Jazz from UK on 6th Sep 2009
this phone is surprisingly very good. amazing camera/ mp3 player etc. reliable. really good features, clear graphics etc. a few downsides; it's a damn ugly phone! it has a bit of a clunky, heavy feeling, and the battery life is only any good if the screen is at its lowest brightness. the camera cover slides off easily, too. but apart from this i am really pleased i bought this phone! the camera and the other features definitely make up for the design faults. well done sony!! :) x

Reviewed by Alen from UK on 4th Sep 2009
best phone yet!!! i love every feature about it.. now they've got runout sales so you can get 1 for 200 dollars. great music memory and storage.. only a bit big but still good and hardy for what i use it for ...

Reviewed by jackson from UK on 29th Aug 2009
having tried a few different phones ie samsung d500 and d600 then f400 , lg viewty , motorola and nokia, i have to say this phone is one of the best out there .

Reviewed by Star from UK on 25th Aug 2009
Very good phone, absolutely worth the 75 or so I paid for it. Top notch colour screen and graphics, great camera just like my digital! Few cons, for instance quite bulky in design, not the most attractive on the market and music player, not quite as good as i had imagined it to be. Apart from that a wonderful phone and well worth it!

Reviewed by Neil McLennan from UK on 23rd Aug 2009
This is a darn good phone, went through 4 years of abuse. Started with the wife, she upgraded, then I had it then number 1 son then number 2 son. Finally sold it on a boot fair, still working for 20! Takes great pics, easy to download stuff, and the joystick makes playing games etc very easy! Better than the lg viewty, and the last Nokia I had and the Samsug dh900. I like the way you can use anything for ring tones and text tones.

Reviewed by Beren from UK on 22nd Aug 2009
This was my first phone and I loved it! Great Camera , Great sound , it does everything a good phone should. Good points= One of the best cameras, lasts for ages , large screan. Bad points= Shape , size and the lens cover is prone to opening. Its a really good phone and if your thinking about buying one , seroiusly , do!

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 21st Aug 2009
I've had this phone for 3 years now, And it is very good, there are some downsides, but i'll tell you the good things about it, When you drop it, it won't break or smash, i've dropped mine 8 whole times, and the last time i dropped it, i worried, because it had flew out of my pocket while i was running, and slided on the floor, but it was fine, only one scratch on it! And it's very easy to use, the camera is exelent! BUT there are downsides, the music player isn't very good, but it's not bad, and it freezes, shuts down etc. and it is heavy and buldgy...But yeah why not, get it?

Reviewed by Ashley from UK on 13th Aug 2009
Had this phone for more than a year now and it is really good! Never had to send it on for repair. The camera is brill! However, the speakers are quiet! :( Overall.. Great phone & would recommend it to anyone :)

Reviewed by saranna from UK on 11th Aug 2009
i've loved this phone from the minute i got it. never had any problems, i would recommend it to anyone although at this time there are many better phones on the market. itsa classic stylish phone, although its not the lightest or smallest of phones. to be quite honest it is a bit of a brick that is a pain to get out of tight jeans :/

Reviewed by Rashid from UK on 8th Aug 2009
Perfect phone, very reliable, I have since 1.5 year, great camera, good MP3 player, very solid, I cannot find a weakness for it. The only very small problem I have with is the connector for the charger/headphones which starts to be loosy sometimes. BUY IT.

Reviewed by hannah from UK on 6th Aug 2009
im 13 years old and ive had this phone for 3 YEARS, and i still do not have any problems with it. the screen and contrast are amazing although it is quite hard to see in sunlight. the speaker is very good and so are the earphones although they broke easily. the camera is AMAZING and so is the flash, people are saying there camera cover opens easily in their pocket but mine never has and mine is always in there. its an absaloutley amazing phone i love it and its probably sony ericcsons BEST PHONE!

Reviewed by Manfred from UK on 5th Aug 2009
Had a k800i a year ago and since then have been through that many different phones i've lost count! Where am i now...back with a trusty K800i of course! Even tried the Nokia 5800 touchscreen but still i came back to Sony. Ok these phones are 'old hat' now but in my opinion they are a still wicked cmaera phone. The picture quality is outstanding. Ok there were issues with the joystick wearing out on some models but hey it can be sorted. The k800i oozes quality, feels really well made. The phone itself is an absolute doddle to work, great for texting...even with big clumsy fingers like mine! If you've never owned one then i suggest you buy one, go on you won't be dissapointed i promise.

Reviewed by Ee from UK on 4th Aug 2009
Really great phone- well made, I drop it all the time and apart from a few scratches it still looks good and is working as well as ever. I've found the battery life to be really good. Have had this phone for over a year and I am still happy with it :)

Reviewed by Lesley from UK on 4th Aug 2009
love this mobile, really toying as to whether to change it though as the down side is the fact that you keep catching the slide for the camera on the back of the phone and also the internet button is right near the back/cancel button, the number of times i have hit it. Apart from that a superb basic phone with 3.2 mega pixels. brilliant.

Reviewed by Abdi from UK on 24th Jul 2009
this is the best best phone

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 21st Jul 2009
Good while it worked. This was a great phone. The pictures it took were good quality, for me it wasn't too heavy or bulky, the music player was fine and i got on fine with the joystick. I was really unhappy to find that after two years of use it didn't turn on. I tried charging it, I tried buying a new battery, neither worked. All I got was the red light on the side flashing when I turned it on. I googled it, found a solution and that didn't work. Now I'm using this basicish Nokia and they don't compare!

Reviewed by kate from UK on 18th Jul 2009
Overall, a very impressive phone! The image quality from the camera is fantastic, and mp3 playback through the provided headphones is impressive, though bass is predictably weak when using the inbuilt speaker. The menus are very clear and easy to navigate, and the screen is just beautiful - very bright and sharp. Some people have complained about the size of the phone, but it's quite easy to find the handset dimensions on the internet, or even go into a shop and look at one. I agree that the styling may be a little 'boxy' for some, but it's growing on me and I quite like the contrast of the angular face with the more gently curving sides. If you're surprised by the physical appearance when it arrives, you haven't done your research properly! As some people have noted, the software installation is a little cumbersome, as you have to rely on windows XP repeatedly 'detecting new hardware' and prompting you to install drivers - a good half a dozen times in all. However, once installed, it worked perfectly for me. The only real complaint I have is about battery life - as I type this it's at less than 5%, having only been charged 30hrs ago. In that time I've used it for perhaps 20mins in camera mode, 30mins in mp3 playback mode, and about 4hrs in phone mode (creating address book entries, text messages etc). As most other reviewers have praised the battery life, I expect that in my case this is just due to a faulty battery, or maybe there's some standby setting I haven't discovered yet. I've always been a Nokia user, and have been daunted by the thought of changing phone brands, especially since Nokia is renowned for it's great user friendliness. However, after gettting the k800i, i dare say that Sony Ericsson has come a long way, and maybe even surpassed Nokia. In short, the features of the k800i: Good camera with real flash. Though the protruding lens cover is prone to sliding open in your pocket. Very large, clear, and bright screen. Nice user interface and menus. Easy to use. Good organiser (calendar, alarms, etc.) Nice bundled software (Facewarp, 3D games) What attracts me to phones are its features, and this phone has most of the features u could want. Cons: Battery life seems shorter than what is advertised. Don't know if it's the network (3), but signal drops off and on, sometimes goes to roaming. Would like a PDF viewer. Phone does not come bundled with an external memory card. Great phone, had it about a month and i love it. It is larger than my last phone which was the K750i but i don't care as the screen is so much better and the camera really is amazing! I've tried the 3G and its quite good, one of the best i've seen and working for a video conferencing company, i've seen a few! The only thing i would say is that the camera cover does slide off very easily exposing the camera a lot, but it's not a massive thing. Apart from that i love it and i'm really glad i went for another Sony Ericsson as an upgrade!! Had this phone for a week and took it back and exchanged for a Samsung D900. Reasons why - The phone is like a brick, the camera lens cover is pathetic even with keylock on if you have it in your pocket this opens it activates the camera causing your battery to wear down, the keypad is small and is a nightmare. To be fair the camera is superb hence the 2 stars. My advice take the D900 over the K800i anyday!! recieved this phone last saturday and i am still finding new things on it everyday , i have to say this phone is amazing in every way the features and options are unlimited theres so much you can do with it i couldn't be more happier with this phone brilliant!!!! well done sony ericsson you are the best!!! if this phone was alive i would marry it!!!This is an attractive, well balanced (ie nice to hold) phone. The screen is excellent, the camera good for a mobile although no match for a 3MP compact camera. Sound quality is amazing, calls are really clear. The supplied headphones are good although it would have been preferable if you could plug in your own. The software is vastly improved on previous Sony's. Integration and syncing with Outlook is spot on. I could at a pinch ditch my PDA and use this instead. The downside are simply the buttons are far too small. I don't have overlarge fingers but you almost need to use a stylus to operate some of them. Sony have retained the 'nipple' joystick control. It is very easy to select the wrong option when using it. Although the screen is very clear, it is difficult to see in bright sunlight - a problem I encountered with the T610 a few years ago. I've decided to return it and exchange it for a Samsung D900, which is probably the best phone available at the moment.Great phone, except only had it for a month and already joystick failing! a problem I had with my K750i had to send it back monthly to be fixed, seems things aren't going to change! Best phone by miles. Top quality camera (3.2 mp), top sound quality, well built.This phone is absolutely outstanding. I have had this phone for a week now and I am still finding little extra's that make this phone different from the rest, for example, there is two buttons next to the speaker at the top of the phone and the 3.2 MEGA PIXEL CAMERA has a cover, a flash and auto focus. But moving onto the overall performance of the phone, now I seem to notice that this phone is very quick for a 3G phone and it is very light weight aswell. But as an overall of the phone is has everything an 11 year - old like me needs!!

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