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Sony Ericsson K700i review

 Review: September 2004  

Last updated December 2008


In a nutshell: A superb phone with camcorder, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, large 65k colour screen, FM radio and MP3 audio.


The Sony Ericsson K700i adds additional functionality to the popular and highly-rated T630 model. What's new in the K700i? Firstly, the VGA camera has been enhanced with a camcorder capability for recording videos. The TFT screen is 65,000 colours, like the T630, but it has been increased to nearly twice the size of the T630 - great for photos, videos and games. Ringtones have been upgraded from 32-voice to 40-voice. There's also an integrated FM radio and MP3 player. Another improvement is the increased memory - at 41Mbytes, this is more than virtually any other phone on the market, and is ideal for storing photos, videos and music.

The brushed aluminium finish of the phone and the curved shape make for a very sexy image, and the phone definitely deserves 5 stars when it comes to looks.

Sony Ericsson claim that the K700i is "as much a camera as it is a phone". That's a bit of a wild claim, considering that the camera's resolution of 0.3 megapixels is less than that of even the cheapest digital camera, however let's not forget that Sony are one of the top 3 manufacturers of digital cameras and when first released this was one of the best camera phones. The integrated camera can be activated in one click, with one more click to take a picture. Sony Ericsson's new QuickShare™ technology enables you to easily share pictures with your PC or other phones, using Bluetooth™, email, MMS or data cable. The camera is equipped with a 4x digital zoom and a camera light. The K700i has been designed very much with this camera-phone dual concept in mind. From the front, the device is very much a functional mobile phone; from the other side, it's a camera!

The K700i does suffer from occasional reliability problems (mainly freezing or random shutting down) and has now been replaced by the K750i.

Sony Ericsson K700i features include:

  • Colour display (65,536 colours, 176 x 220 pixels)
  • Integrated VGA camera with video recorder (including sound)
  • Bluetooth™, infrared and cable (USB & RS232) connectivity
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - send pictures and sound like text messages
  • Downloadable 40-voice polyphonic & mono ringtones, plus ringtone editor (MusicDJ™)
  • Downloadable Java™ games
  • FM radio and MP3 player
  • WAP 2.0 (GPRS), email
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD - up to 28.8 kbps)
  • Speed dialling & voice dialling
  • Joystick, camera button, navigation key, menu shortcuts
  • Predictive text (T9)
  • Mobile chat
  • Voice memo / recorder
  • Speaker phone
  • Picture phone book
  • Wallpaper, screensaver and themes - all downloadable
  • Calculator, calendar, alarm, stopwatch
  • Sync ML
  • Memory: 41 Mbytes
  • Size: 99 x 47 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 93g
  • Battery standby: 300 hours
  • Battery talktime: 8 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Sleep mode
  • Tri band

Sony Ericsson K700i user reviews

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Average rating from 432 reviews:

Reviewed by Gabriel from England on 24th Jan 2014
I brought this phone yesterday for £49.99 and it's really good, U can use it a a remote control and it produces crystal clear JPEG pictures.
The sony ericsson K700I is just great, ican even beam pictures upto a big screen Televison.


Reviewed by pwwidodo from Indonesia on 9th Mar 2012
I like my SE K700i coz it was my first mobilephone n I use it till now

Reviewed by ameyaw junior from ghana on 27th Feb 2012
the phone
is good but the only problem is that of the external memory usage and the battery faults

Reviewed by John from Uganda on 6th Feb 2012
I haven't had an easy phone with internet so well displayed. The K700i will load almost any pic or web...

Reviewed by David Boadu Jones from GHANA-Africa on 3rd Jan 2012
so far so good but with some difficulties-problem with downloading,wrong internet account.etc

Reviewed by anandkumarjha from UK on 13th May 2011
i luvvvvvvvv ths cell it is the best of alllllllllll.........

Reviewed by BOATENG EMMANUEL from UK on 9th May 2011
ooh i really like the phone k700i. is a original phone. Thank alot sony ericsson!!

Reviewed by bejotenan from UK on 23rd Feb 2011
now year is 2011,but my k700i still goes normally,although i bought it in second cndition,everything is OK! only batt drain fast,almost 3 years this phone with me,i don't wanna sell it,i cmpare it with new phone but k700i still the best for me,i think there are poeple still have one out there,now my second phone is china phone just for playing mp3 and storage,and dual SIM that it,can't be cmpared with k700i,5 stars+++

Reviewed by kanay from UK on 23rd May 2010
this is a nice phone with almost all functions.the only problem i have with the phone is poor signal ,poor joystic and less battery, . overall it has very nice picture quality, unlimited vidieo recording time etc.A overall nice pohone

Reviewed by Mayank Desai from UK on 6th Jan 2010
This phone it's really nice one i want that one so you have just mail me mayank344@gmail.com

Reviewed by william from UK on 21st Oct 2009
my sony ericsson K700i always shutting down by it self after receiving 6-7 sms

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 21st Jun 2009
I've had this phone for about 3 years and it is an ok phone 2 bad things about it are that: The battery life is very poor and the middle circle button has stopped working.

Reviewed by K700i from UK on 7th Jun 2009

Reviewed by nathan white from UK on 18th May 2009
this phone is super dooper iv just baught it of amazon and it is amazing you can even send messages on it

Reviewed by Bridgette from UK on 8th Feb 2009
Only had this phone for a week and already the letters are rubbing off on some of the keys especially the WXYZ and MNO also battery goes low very quickly lestt than two days. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. The phone itself is very slick and smooth, radio very good reception, not tried camera yet but it seems easy to follow. I must admit its mine 1st mobile thats got alot more to it so need to spend some time on it but very disappointed with the keys

Reviewed by qurban from UK on 28th Jan 2009
limited software availability in market

Reviewed by zahid from UK on 21st Jan 2009
i bay k700i few months befor,, this great,, but now i have prob,, my cell show charging but not stord the chargibg,, i chang battery but still giving same prob,, is any way to fix this prob???????

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 13th Jan 2009
Yes I know I might be writing this in 2009 but still................ I used to have this phone, and it was very good for what is was. Very good camera, pretty much all the capabilities that a modern phone has these days.....(e.g nokia E95, Nokia E96, Samsung Soul), very impressive really. But 1 bad thing. The navigator!! For example when you are scrolling down your contact list you end up selecting half the contacts and ringing them before you reach who you want in the list. Now i have the Sony Ericsson T2801, which isn't as good I dont think. No video media at all. Quite simple. But yet capable of doing other stuff i guess.

Reviewed by icelander from UK on 11th Jan 2009
We must not expect too much from a low price phone like k700i.It does it's job quite good.The only problem is the battery life.

Reviewed by overtaker from TANZANIA from UK on 10th Jan 2009
this is bad fone,it battery are more bad,if u got dit fone just keep in dustbin as i,only good fone in da wold is nokia!

Reviewed by Jemima from UK on 25th Oct 2008
The K700i is amazing the joystick can b annoying sumtimes but you get used to it the camera is great for a VGA camera The voice recording is cool so buy this phone and hav fun!!!!!

Reviewed by sad from UK on 30th Aug 2008
Its excellent, user friendly. when U use it you will become habitual to it.

Reviewed by MUSA from UK on 26th Aug 2008

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 20th Aug 2008
rubbish phone :) rubbish battery life =] like 2 hour MAX and thats if you hardly use it :'[ I chucked my other phone in the river =D Lmao yeah (H)

Reviewed by Sachee from UK on 18th Aug 2008
It's good but Symbian files does not work.Not only that the speed of the sending data is slow.And the quality of the pictures are bad too.Also we can't put memory cards too.

Reviewed by tash :) from UK on 13th Aug 2008
battery life = very bad direction key breaks after a while little memory camera okish the phone is old now dont buy it

Reviewed by Cherechi from UK on 10th Aug 2008
K700i is a good phone if not for the battery life.

Reviewed by Allen M. Mayodong from UK on 21st Jul 2008
Hello, Actually, I was attracted with the cool stylish Sony Ericcson k700i the mobile phone is good, only that the hassle is its joystick that if a user does'nt have a good flex enough things will surely disappear on the process of operating the phone, but it coud have been good if its integrated camera was embellished by its designer with at least 2 megapixel resolution

Reviewed by jennibabi from UK on 19th Jul 2008
well well well! this fone rocks! i hav had it 4 3 and a half yrs and it has neva let me down! v. cool. the pictures are distinguashable and hasa lot of features e.g frames and panorama. v. gd fobne

Reviewed by owner from UK on 19th Jul 2008
wel i hate this fone..

Reviewed by rakhan from UK on 19th Jul 2008

Reviewed by gustavo a. dietz from UK on 15th Jul 2008
for me is still an excellent phone qhich I use daily

Reviewed by Elderick Nicolas from UK on 23rd Jun 2008
For me it work great but the only thing i discourage is the message alert tone, you cannot change it., is there any ways?

Reviewed by dean from UK on 8th May 2008
good phone

Reviewed by amso from UK on 27th Apr 2008
Best phone ever, many features, every one who says is bad is stupid.

Reviewed by Sohail from UK on 16th Apr 2008
Ok seriously I have this phone and I live it. It has all the features nessacery for a phone because come on think of it. People use phones to call people just remember that when you get a phone. This phone has Bluetooth, Infared, Music Player(Which minamizes), Games, Camera(With good quality) and Video Recording. The only problem I fond was losing the USB cable and Headphones wich I am going to order soon. This phone will is truely worthy and is made for people of all ages so Buy It!!! LoL

Reviewed by picaboo from UK on 28th Mar 2008
ive been using this phone for over 3 years now, it was great for the first 2 and a half years but then it started with slight problems. it was great while is lasted though! really glad i got it- good valuefor money

Reviewed by aditya from UK on 5th Mar 2008
easy 2 use phone

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 7th Feb 2008
Have been using this phone for two months now. bought it from a friend. Funny enough it just froze and shut down. Trying to switch it on but noo joy for me.

Reviewed by Big G from UK on 5th Feb 2008
My dad got this phone in 2004 and when he upgraded (in 05) i think to a k750 or k800i or something he gave me this one. It has been a great phone. It has a few hundred pictures on it and many funny videos which i have taken over the years and the overall funcionality is great. The battery deteriorates over time though and in early 07 when i was using this phone a lot, it wouldn't last the day if i was taking pictures and videos. This camera was pretty good for a camera on such an old phone and the pictures i took were very clear (as long as the pictures were taken outdoors)and the camcorder capsbility was quite good as well. It wasn't exactly up to the 30fps 640x480 recording of my cybershot but it's quite impressive for such an old phone (i think it is 10fps 120x200 or something). Another one of my gripes with this phone is that there is an MP3 player yet no external memory so you can hardly store anything on there, definitely not a multimedia phone. T-Mobile are r ubbish and they have deactived my sim for not topping it up for a few months and because of the condition of this phone i am going to abandon it and buy a samsung E250 or something like that, there is also no way i am paying the fish-cakes at T-Mobile 10 (which i don't even get to redeem in credit) to reactivate my sim. Also because it is a T-Mobile phone, i can't use any other sims which is a shame.

Reviewed by me from UK on 5th Feb 2008

Reviewed by timmy from UK on 3rd Feb 2008
the was avery good mobile phone but i ditected some virus in it when i switch on it swtch off automaticaly and it batry use to run down early morealso, if am calling people or people call me they will not be able hard what am talking about but me iwil be earing them clearly even i buy earpice with it it could not work

Reviewed by MeeKee from UK on 1st Feb 2008
OK...First a phone have to be a phone... calling people and answering calls... and hearing the other person loud enough! BIGGEST PROBLEM: After 1 year of having this phone it happens to offten that when somebody calls me the phone shuts itself even with plenty of battery. Often I was in certain crowded places and rarely I could understood what the other person said; Plus, the rechgarge cable.. is kinda tricky. Other then that, nice toy, has plenty of features. But like I said, a phone first have to be a phone not a toy.

Reviewed by tina x from UK on 29th Jan 2008
it has a rubbish camera, very little space to store songs/videos and an EXTREMELY POOR BATTERY LIFE...you cannot put a nice song as your ringtone, only something you've recorded... im so excited cause I'm getting the sony erricson cybershot k800i by the end of this week! at least it'll have a great camera! :P

Reviewed by roz from UK on 19th Jan 2008
when i first got this phone,i just fell in love with it!but 2 years down the line and i'm so tired of it.this phone isn't quite what it used to be.the battery life is low,the phone freezes occasionally and the camera stopped working a year after i'd gotten it!but all in all,it has done a good job and has served it's purpose!the features are really good and despite it's minor problems,it's still intact and working well!u can go buy it,but at your own risk!!

Reviewed by owen tembenu from UK on 17th Jan 2008
nice but the battery's work hour small

Reviewed by sandeep from UK on 8th Jan 2008
i luv this phone but it must have expandable memmory

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 6th Jan 2008
Its a rillisntly cheap phone at first but now after having it for about 2 0r 3 months the navigational button that does everything has broke and the select button and return button are almost broken and the battery life is absolutely awful, Basically good at first but like a lot of other sony ericsson mobiles easily broken.

Reviewed by waheed from UK on 24th Dec 2007
the memory is very low and doesnt take memory card.

Reviewed by Chris Blancinsopp from UK on 13th Dec 2007
i think this is one of the best phones i`ve seen and talking about the sexy edge it sounds like my girlfriend!!!!!!!

Reviewed by D@MO from UK on 11th Dec 2007
pretty rubish after a while you carnt hardley store more then 10 full songs and thats without any pics or games.The camera is good and is very good at recording videos but the resolution is not so good and you carnt get rid of the shutter noise or change it,the phone itself looks good and very modern but can be easily be scratched i sould know i have had one, The most annyoing thing about it is proberly the way it freezes all the time and the joystick can get dirty very easily so you carnt use it and to clean it you have to take the whole thing apart, the music sounds good and has a very good base and tune but it is let down by the tiny long speaker in the back. the effects on the camera are great if you feel you want to mess around but the night mode is slow and takes awile to take a photo.The torch is very bright and easily lights up the background but easily takes half your battery away. overall i think it can be worth getting if you the sony ericcson type but th ere are plenty of better ones out i suggest if you are looking for a sony ericcson for music and great quality look for a walkman.

Reviewed by Liam from UK on 7th Dec 2007
I love the k700i;it has everything!!The screen is so clear and bright!It is easy to use yet has lots of useful features and is light weight.Even the VGA camera is great and produces great quality stills and videos.All in all a great phone that has packs a punch in useful things

Reviewed by Zuhair from UK on 7th Dec 2007
Its good but the memory is too small....

Reviewed by charlotte from UK on 2nd Dec 2007
ive had this phone about 3 months and the joystick wont go down or right! it wont charge and the battery only lasts a 2 days if i dont use it! though i must say it has quite abit of memory and can store loads of photos and music the speaker is really good and so is the light at the back it is a very good phone though and would recommend it to anyone

Reviewed by bikeman from UK on 25th Nov 2007
cant recommend - good features (internet, email etc) and nice 176x220 screen BUT very poor quality; - several of my k700i's keys (1 and back) have packed up so it's now useless. - Cover is flimsey and easily breaks.

Reviewed by dno from UK on 25th Nov 2007
gr8 fone, ive had 4 a year and there were absolutly no problems whatsoeva! the mp3 support is xcllent but is a shame no USB so i have 2 blutooth instead but tht works fine. cant w8 2 upgrade 2 tha w810i since k700 is old. i got 3 yrs ago coz hand down. overall gr8 durable fone!

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 23rd Nov 2007
Its an alright phone, but when trying to transfer music from my pc to the phone, i had to buy a 15 cable from sony ericsson, once i got it, the install instructions werent very good and every time i put the cable in my PC, it froze =[ I found it very hard to actually get a song onto the phone, it took about half an hour to put a 5mb song on. And after that, it wouldnt connect to my pc anymore. My battery died every few days and had to recharge it alot which was a downside, but the bluetooth is good.

Reviewed by Maina mumbi from UK on 16th Nov 2007
Thanks to this literature about k700i, i love this phone,i bought one three years a go but still working apart form the problems above. i have not see it in the market and i was asking my self what happened to it.but know i know it was replaced by k750i thanks i am a fun of sonny ericsson phones since it was ericsson.

Reviewed by sam mills from UK on 12th Nov 2007
i have bought and owned the k700i and i fought it was a very good phone and i would urge customers to buy it the only down pointer is if your a teenager like me you cant put mp3 music as your ringtone or anything like that a bit of a bummer i no

Reviewed by Max from UK on 10th Nov 2007
Battery is not good last 10 minutes of so, navigation joystick does not works properly remain stuck, the charger connection is not good at all does not make the contact easily.

Reviewed by alex from UK on 9th Nov 2007
this fone is the best ever

Reviewed by Simon Stewart from UK on 4th Nov 2007
Really good phone. Great features. Only problem I had with it was the navigation joystick not working. Sent it back to sony ericsson twice, only for it to happen again. Otherwise great phone

Reviewed by Florence Blair from UK on 3rd Nov 2007
This phone is a reall y good phone , but can be a bit confussing at times . I think it is worth the money you pay for it but , i wish I had bought another phone !!!!!!!! The recording is really good and so are the photos , but the woogle you use to go left , right , up and down can get really sticky sometimes !!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Dede from UK on 1st Nov 2007
This phone has the worst battery life I have ever seen in any phone.

Reviewed by phon from UK on 1st Nov 2007
its a great phone but the screen is a bit fuzzy

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 25th Oct 2007
this phone is very good except from two faults - the lack of battery life and the lack of the ability to hold a memory card. Apaprt from these it is a very neat phone.

Reviewed by Vikki from UK on 30th Sep 2007
Phone is great with good features BUT its so difficult to connect the phone to the charges its riduclous!

Reviewed by Scott Brooks from UK on 29th Sep 2007
I bought 1 of these phones in august. It now well is on it's last legs If u want a phone for it's mp3 and radio, this is the 1 for u. But if u want a phone tht u charge everyday (and that is reluctant for the charger to even go in the socket and charge) then buy it there is loads of gd features on the phone but the cons weigh it down 1) poor battery life 2)camera is average to poor 3)the joystick well u can press it loads of times and just as if it is ignoring you 4)the keypad is very clicky n noisy. I would say go and buy a nokia, the battery life is great and they are built like as solid as a house. Throw a nokia and it will work fine, but these will fall to pieces. The best sony ericsson to buy is the T610.My old 1 is still goin.im going back to that

Reviewed by Nishit from UK on 26th Sep 2007
Howwwwwwwwwwwwwww sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by ABBAS from UK on 21st Sep 2007

Reviewed by Andi MacInnes from UK on 18th Sep 2007
Great wee mobile phone. Apart from the joystick being a little stubborn at times, this is by far the best phone I have had and I have had some which are 'supposed' to be better. The K700i does all I need it to do and I can buy all accessories for the PC which makes it simple to use all facilities on the phone to communicate with others via the PC - great for office use. Also has decent memeory and pretty good camera. Don't like the cheap feeling of the repalcement cases, but I always use the protective case anyway, so no bother there. The soft cases could be more imaginative than only BLACK, though.

Reviewed by micrototus from UK on 16th Sep 2007
Awesome! It's rather old but still amazes me. I'm a java applications fanatic and the webster's dictionary worth 6 shocking mb ran without any problem....

Reviewed by ryan lloyd from PLYMOUTH from UK on 13th Sep 2007
gr8 phone had 1 4 3yrs now and no probs like freezing or out at all gr8 fone

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 11th Sep 2007
Excellent phone which I have had from Christmas 2005 until now (September 2007) - my only 2 criticisms are these. 1. The VGA (i.e. 0.3 M Pixel) Camera is now outdated and 2. The navigation button hardly works at all now

Reviewed by andrian_retno from UK on 8th Sep 2007

Reviewed by PAVEL NDHLOVU from UK on 6th Sep 2007

Reviewed by kate from UK on 5th Sep 2007
This was my first eva phone and i still miss it sometimes. It was extermely simple to use and within a gd price range. ALthough the battery life did start being less depandant. The radio feature was a lifesaver in those boring science lessons and the camera light was gr8 to use as a torch lol. The phone was bright simple and playful and is missed dearly.

Reviewed by Ian Walton from UK on 29th Aug 2007
the main functionality of the phone is good, the navigation "joy stick" is an oxymoron, the only joy i get is in throwing the phone across the room when the "joy stick" stops working again, and agian, and again, and agian ..... you get the picture.

Reviewed by kashish from UK on 27th Aug 2007
this is very cute mobile.

Reviewed by sa barrett from UK on 25th Aug 2007
Beautiful phone has all the latest features however this phone is very poor on sound, batteries life is none existence poorly designed keyboard stick at crucial moments

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 15th Aug 2007
I have finally got rid of this phone and am getting a w200i i dint like this phone becoz its easy to scratch and the rubber at the bottom isnt stron at all so is foreva breking i hope that the w200i will serve me betta even though this one was alrite it. The mp3 player is a bit pathetic and ther is very little memory also there is little battery life and has decieved me by saying i have full battery and when i go to ring them it turns me off it can be very annoying

Reviewed by aamna shariff from UK on 15th Aug 2007
this is very BAD phone. it looks beautiful but it is very demanding. its battery needs to be charged again n again. its voice is very weak, and memory very low. somtimes when i talk via it, when i discuss about tv shows, it becomes very hot... and charging goes to 10%, and eventually it is automaticaly turned off. after sometime when I turn it on, its charging rises upto 50%, automatically! the main problem is...JOYSTICK KEY!! it does not go down, even sideways. I use up, and numbers. sincerely, i recomend you.... " BUYING THIS MOBILE IS A VERY BIG MISTAKE "!!!

Reviewed by rubal bhardwaj from UK on 15th Aug 2007
i lov it...but battery gets crashed.........

Reviewed by sheena from UK on 15th Aug 2007
I purchased it a year ago. first it was amazing. but then, it's joypad leaved work. then, its pin was broken. next, its camera was damaged and the photo's quality was pixelite. now I want to sale it.

Reviewed by Lance from UK on 13th Aug 2007
whoever says this phone is poor are Crazy!!! its the best phone ive had and now its really beat up and it still works like it did on day one... WONDERFUL!!!

Reviewed by JK-t from UK on 12th Aug 2007
this fone is awesome!! wot can i say buy it everyone!

Reviewed by Deemac from UK on 8th Aug 2007
The little joystick gets worn out after a short time

Reviewed by kings a noma chigila from UK on 4th Aug 2007
the k700i would have been my choice phone but the battery does not last long after charging moreso its reception range is very low compared to other phones in the same reception areas

Reviewed by ollie from the isle of wight from UK on 4th Aug 2007
could be better if it had an SD memory card so i would rate it 1 stares out of 5. the download ables don't and i mean DON'T work. if you want an AMAZING phone go with the nokia n95 with a 5 megapixle camera unlimited memory mp3 radio it is a 10/10 rating by 500 people. that is a phone but the k700i that i had i got brand new was 20. Be a man get the nokia n95

Reviewed by Collins M. from UK on 1st Aug 2007
I have been so impressed with Sonny Ericsson K700i handset. It's the best cell phone I have ever had.

Reviewed by Kellie from UK on 28th Jul 2007
i love my phone its unreal . its like my baby !

Reviewed by akmal ariff from UK on 26th Jul 2007
i can download MP3

Reviewed by honeyfmonsa from UK on 20th Jul 2007
hi, ive read so many reviews, and sometimes think the writer is either biased or inexperienced to give a proper and meaningful review of a mobile phone. i am in my 20's. i like all the nice shiny-light-up-gadgety-things on the exterior of a phone yet i also like the simple features inside a phone. i rate a phone on its features, practicality, and general effeicincy, so that other people who have some "proper experience" with checking the ins-and-outs of a phone from top-2-bottom can get a simple and genuine overview of what they plan to buy as their new mobile. SONY K700i the phone reminds me of the "mowbli" phone cartoon used for the CARPHONE WAREHOUSE ads. -the joystick gets worn out easily, but ive been using the numberbad instead as a joystick. -the phone does everything perfectly, the phone is almost faultless for a mobile from its year. -the phones been dropped literally 100's of times, sometimes i dropped it on purpose!! it has survived 3 visits to the toilet and still went strong. -the phone has provided me with 3years worth of excellent service, even though i have many upgrades, even the K810i, i still used this phone, until yesterday.... after years of batterring, the phones software has developed a problem, and doesnt charge anymore. this phone is easy and great to use for beginners to sony ericsson phones. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// i have used mobile phones since 1995, i am in business and require 8 mobiles for different purposes. ive used every brand including the siemens, and original Ericsson brick handsets and sony Z & J series. i must say that overall if your lookin for a mobile, then get a SONY ERICSSON! they are abit fiddly to use at 1st but are simple, as with everything, with practise. furthermore i have many friends and relatives who work in the mobile phone industry, either as network staff or mobile phone shop owners...i can safely say that all of them prefer using sony ericssons. *SE phones are jam-packed with latest features, but tend to look and feel abit cheap in some models. *Samsungs just look nice and shiny and are useless for practicality and serious use. *Nokia are for the die-hard fans who think Nokia still make great phones like before, which they dont. N95 is packed with new-gen features, but is slow and not efficient. *MOTOROLA is just for the guys who wanna look cool flipping/sliding open their phone! apart from that their rubbish to use. ive had God knows how many V3 look-a-like motorolas, and was recently offered the new Z8, which i refused without a moments hesitation. *LG is a waste of time and money. ive used and returned the CHOCOLATE, PRADA and U880.

Reviewed by morefire! from UK on 15th Jul 2007
this phone is a wall of steel i have had this phone for a long time and it has not given way uptil now i still have the phone it's not in use because i have a better phone but this one has done the job for years

Reviewed by suresh bala from UK on 14th Jul 2007
this phone has a very good architecture.when i first looked at it i was amazed.i immediately purchased it.it is a long lasting phone.

Reviewed by Rachael from UK on 10th Jul 2007
The k700i is a very reliable phone. I have had it for years and it hasnt given up once. Apart from the lack of a walkman the k700i has everthing. It even has infared which most phones now dont have. One problem with this phone though is the sometimes very annoying joystick.

Reviewed by nader stouhi from UK on 10th Jul 2007
this Phone is really great, but i think the battery life is poor it stand over 3 days for max. (with out using it)! and 1 day (with use) but really i like this phone ! it's been with me sins a long time , i never get bored from it ! it's really great ! it had a lot of options , interresting options, i advice all To buy this phone with out thinking, but don't get confused when you find that the battery life is poor, but really it don't influence on the mobile ! it's ok you can charge the phone every few days ( it take only 2 hours to full charge it) enjoy sony ericsson !

Reviewed by Bob bobby from UK on 8th Jul 2007
I had the k700i i had no problems with it but the joy stick started to not work and it really got on my nerves so i got a new phone!!!!

Reviewed by Allan. from UK on 4th Jul 2007
Up to today i have a sonyericson k700i. its a very wonderful mobile phone but the only problem have seen is that, it made in such a way that you can not asign a massage alert of your choice say downlaoded ringtones. you only use those made with it.

Reviewed by Sea Bass from UK on 3rd Jul 2007
I bought this phone 4 years ago and returned it the following day (only coz it was too late to return it the same day), i have no idea why people like sony ericssons .. first of all the volume of the ringtones was so low u can hardly hear it ringin!! the keypad is soo down there u have to be handicaped to be able to work it, after 5 minutes my fingers got cramps.. then it is extremely heavy (u have to be a bodybuilder to hold one) and also it is bulky and fat .. the 1 star is for the good resolution of the screen only !

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