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Sony Ericsson K630i review

 Review: May 2008  

Last updated October 2008

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: A mid-range 3G phone with a nice design and a basic set of features.



A mid-range 3G phone, very similar in specification to the K660i, the K630i has a slightly inferior LCD display, but a much nicer keypad. With a 2 megapixel camera (but no flash), music player, FM radio, Bluetooth and a memory card slot, this delivers all the essentials. Available in Black or Havana Gold.

Sony Ericsson K630i features include:

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Sony Ericsson K630i user reviews

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Average rating from 27 reviews:

Reviewed by Jhon from BANGLADESH on 3rd Jul 2010
i love this phone k630i.it contains fully loaded features.after all this amazing

Reviewed by Roybie from UK on 3rd Feb 2009
I had my Sony Ericsson k630i for 5 months and 24 days. This was from the date that I bought it to the date that the Sony Service Center told me that my phone has sustained irreparable damage. Let me start by saying that, prior to this incident, I’ve always held sony ericsson phones in high regard. I previously owned a Sony Ericsson k700i and was very satisfied with it. I used that phone for about a year before it got stolen. I then vowed to get myself another sony phone when I had the chance and the money. That moment arrived around august last year. I was looking for a phone that had a candy bar body, Bluetooth-enabled, expandable memory, and can play back music. The k630i seemed to fit the description. However, the first thing I noticed was that it hangs a lot. It would hang while I was texting someone, and it would even hang while I was synchronizing the phone with the computer. I downloaded the latest firmware via the sony update service but still had this problem. The second problem I had was with the IC interface connection where the charger and the USB would connect with the phone. The contact between the phone and the cables were not consi stently snug. Sometimes, although I’ve connected the phone to the charger or the computer, the slightest nudge on the phone would disrupt the connection. Another problem I discovered, which would ultimately lead to this phone’s demise is the fact that the IC interface is easily soiled. I was already having problems with charging the phone (it will not charge using the wall outlet charger even though the “battery charging indicator” on the phone was displaying the animation that it was charging) when I saw the dirt that had built up on the terminals. So I cleaned it with 70% alcohol, unscented as described in the manual, and with cotton buds. Alas, my phone could no longer be charged. I brought it to the sony service center where preliminary diagnostics showed that all the functions of my phone was working except for its ability to charge the battery. Upon more detailed check-up, they said that there was corrosion inside the phone and that this has voided my warranty. They also said that, even if they were to replace the interface, the corrosion inside would still cause problems with the phone. In short, I had destroyed my phone in less than 6 months. I never submerged this phone underwater, because if I did, then all the phone’s functions would have stopped working. I even bought it a silicone skin casing to protect it from my sweat while I use it. So I believe that what happened here was normal wear and tear. I believe that the exposed IC interface of sony ericsson phones (I looked at other models and found that even high end ones have their interfaces exposed) makes them prone to moisture damage. The Sony ericsson service center, however, refuses to acknowledge this and will no longer honor their warranty. I also found their pc sync program difficult to use with outlook. The problem starts when your outlook database is larger than the phone’s available memory (typically limited to 1000 entries). When you sync your phone to the pc, the outlook contacts will sync to your phone alphabetically. So only the 1st 1000 entries will be written on your phone. There is no way to remedy this except if you will manually reduce the number of entries in the outlook database. So next time you think about getting a sony ericsson phone, I suggest you think twice. Nokia has other phones with just as much features and are much more reliable. Their interface with Microsoft outlook is also more user friendly.

Reviewed by Bert from Belgium on 19th Dec 2008
I hate this phone i hate sony i hate apple can't sync my i-tunes and worst can't sync my contacts and agenda, seems stupid buy, but my previous phone is a sony T630 and this does do all this, such a great phone for listening to music, not so great pics (not even close to the nokia phones in my opinion) but the cam mode is decent if you wanna use it as a dictaphone (one would think that voice-rec is included, which is... but it seems you can only record 1 minute... why !) So music, great design, price, weight alle ok or even above standard but this idiotic war over closed systems such as I-tunes - I Pod - I Phone such be forbidden by law ! Not joking on this one ;)

Reviewed by zack from malaysia on 12th Dec 2008
got this phone yesterday not too happy because the sound quality not same the ringtone is loud and superb but the music player is slow even k610i red colour sound is betterrr

Reviewed by Max Skywalke® from Russia on 28th Nov 2008
hey there! got that phone a week ago, and am very, very satisfied with it. the phone has everything i would ever need. excellent design, great sound, nice price. and no problems with the battery. 9/10.

Reviewed by Gilang Prabowo from Indonesia on 18th Nov 2008
Nice fone.. but the batt really sucks.. (hehe no offense..) kinda slow when searching the musics inside.. just get it a week ago.. so, its unexplored yet..

Reviewed by swan from malaysia on 13th Oct 2008
when i use this phone, the baterry only can standby one day only..thats the mistakes with this phone.. but i sreally satisfied with this phone..

Reviewed by Roybie from Philippines on 7th Oct 2008
I like my sony k630i. It does what they advertised it to do. Nonetheless, here are the shortcomings I found with this phone. First, it hangs. I solved this problem by updating the firmware using the sony update service found in the CD or can be downloaded from their website. I also noted that putting a strap on the phone may cause the back cover to not close snuggly with the body. This probbly causes the sim card and battery to also have poor contact with their respective terminals. After making sure that the strap was placed within the little slot provided for it in the back cover plate, I did not experience any hang problems anymore. Another quirck is when you activate the free gadget PIM wall paper. When you try turn it off via the applications area of the phone, it seems to keep coming back and your old wall paper won't appear. I solved this by going to the wall papers area and selecting the other options other than "application". This should prevent the PIM ap plication from hijacking your standby screen. There is also the issue of slow contact browsing (not too slow, just enough to irritate you) but the functionality of the address book more than makes up for this (easy selection of multiple recepients of SMS text, EASY selection of which contact number to use for contacts with multiple contact information). Next, this phone isn't too ergonomic. I have big hands and, although the buttons are large and easy to push, my thumb is beginning to hurt especially when I have to press the lower 3 buttons repeatedly. The good things I found with this phone is that the speakers are nice and loud, it allows me to connect to the internet wherever there is a cell site signal which I could the link to my laptop via bluetooth allowing me to surf anywhere (service provider dependent). I've had no issues on connection to other phones (my country is full of Nokia phones and conversations with these phones are just fine). I also like the copy and paste function which allows me to copy an entire text message or only certain parts of it, and paste it into another text message or even into contac information.

Reviewed by kero from Malaysia on 16th Sep 2008
This phone is so nice. but one thing that i dont like about this phone is, it became too slow when browsing my contact. Anybody can fixed that?

Reviewed by Yang from Malaysia on 27th Aug 2008
The weak of SE K630i is the battery cannot use too longer however me put 4GB to listen song...but cannot to listen half also.... and it didn't got flash (it is a BIG MISSTAKE). And it will delay when me search song from music player....( VERY LAG )

Reviewed by dody wijaya from indonesia on 29th Jul 2008
yea me to, i've it for 3 days but the battrey only can use for one day, does any one can solve the battrey plobem? please email to me at dody168@gmail.com

Reviewed by howie from malaysia on 23rd Jul 2008
the battery very suck...charge for one to two day only

Reviewed by chris from indonesia on 23rd Jun 2008
hem...i've had it for bout 1 week now... quite nice, for the speed i prefer my last 6120 classic. but...i think overall this cell is nice. i just installed Dictionary, Bible, Ebuddy and World Clock softwares...very nice i supposed... but the battery is sucks!! last for 1,5 days...not good

Reviewed by brahmadi from indonesia on 13th Jun 2008
great handphone

Reviewed by Noel from New Zealand on 30th May 2008
Great fone. Only trouble is when sending fofoes via txt, only a number comes up on receiving fone

Reviewed by rudy from indonesia on 28th May 2008
I like it very much, simple sleek design. Sturdy feel & compact candy bar type of handset. Although, perhaps anyone ever experience the trouble of using this handset with a MAC? isync cannot recognize the handset. I would really appreciate if anyone could help with additional plugin for isync? rioworksii@yahoo.com.sg Thanking you in advance.

Reviewed by Elaine from England on 22nd May 2008
I have had this phone for about 2 months now and overall I would say that it is good. It is easy to use with a nice keypad. I find the battery life slightly inferior to my old Z610i. Also, the phone does freeze sometimes when using it. This seems to be if you are trying to move quickly from one application to another - it takes a couple of seconds to keep up. I still prefer the Z610i!

Reviewed by cheeky girl from russia on 6th May 2008
hallo, i like phoone, as it look pratty and easi to youse. But screen frozedd, and so i don't like. But, i still like quite much. Tank u reading, u cheeky monkey

Reviewed by charlotte r from england on 24th Apr 2008
this phone is the best it rocks

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 22nd Mar 2008
Phone reboots multiple times a day (on Vodafone UK) - not good. I will be going back to Nokia next time!!

Reviewed by Mels Huybers from The Netherlands on 29th Feb 2008
The layout of the bottons is nice and quit large and easy to read (also for older people like me 50+). To bad there isn't a flash or a light on it. And the thing I hate most is how easy it goes off when keeping the phone in my pocket.

Reviewed by marta from indonesia on 27th Feb 2008
it's a great cellie, only one weakness i found...the battery wont last more than 1,5 days if you're an active user.

Reviewed by rom from england on 20th Feb 2008
mine froze

Reviewed by killbill from england on 11th Feb 2008
rubbish the screen broke

Reviewed by Jazmin from England on 4th Feb 2008
This phone is wicked! It has so many fatures and is quite easy ti use. I would definitley reccommend it to anyone reading this.

Reviewed by tom from england on 1st Feb 2008
the best phone everrrrrrrrrrrr

Reviewed by joe from england on 29th Jan 2008
it is the best phone ever

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