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Sony Ericsson K610i review

 Review: October 2006  

Last updated February 2007


In a nutshell: The K610i is a very lightweight and compact 3G phone.


The Sony Ericsson K610i is a slimline featherweight 3G phone. Thinner and lighter than either the Motorola V3X or the LG U880, the K610i sets the standards for compactness in the 3G world (the Samsung Z510 is thinner but heavier). Available in red or silver, it's an attractive, conventional-looking phone with a nice keypad (large fingers watch out!) and thankfully a 5-way navigation key instead of Sony's horrible joystick that makes an appearance in some of its phones.

The K610i ticks most boxes, with its stereo MP3 player, 2 megapixel camera, video calling, memory card & Bluetooth. But still, we're left a little unsure what the K610i is for. It's not got the best camera, it's not a Walkman phone, it's not packed with business features - it's just small. Presumably it's targeted at women more than men. So if you're looking for a compact phone filled with features, but not the best in any particular area, the K610i could be your phone. It certainly does most things that most people want from a phone.

There are a few faults with the K610i: as mentioned above the keypad is rather small and fiddly (especially for man-size fingers); there's no flash with the camera, so forget photography at night; and it does seem to have a tendency to shut down or reboot, as reported by several users. The Sony Ericsson V630i is a Vodafone-exclusive version of the K610i with some additional music features such as Vodafone RadioDJ. For a more reliable alternative to the K610i, you might consider the clamshell design Z610i, which is highly rated, or the more upmarket W880i - the ultra-slim 3G Walkman phone.

The Sony Ericsson K610im is exactly the same as the K610i except that it also has i-mode. i-mode is a new and more convenient way to access the internet from a mobile phone. You can use i-mode to browse web sites or to send mail via iMail.

Sony Ericsson K610i features include:

  • 3G with video calling
  • 2 megapixel digital camera with 2.5x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Display: TFT, 262k colours, 176 x 220 pixels (1.9 inches)
  • Stereo music player
  • MP3/AAC ringtones (72-voice polyphonic ringtones)
  • MusicDJ™ polyphonic ringtone composer
  • Sound recorder
  • Speakerphone
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
  • Animated wallpaper
  • 3D Java games
  • Personal organiser functions
  • File manager
  • Flight mode
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB (USB mass storage), Fastport
  • Memory: 16 Mbytes plus 64 Mbyte Memory Stick Micro™ card
  • GPRS, modem, web browser
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband plus 3G (UMTS)
  • 102 x 45 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 89g
  • Talktime: 2.5 hours (3G) - 7 hours (2G)
  • Battery standby: 350 hours

Sony Ericsson K610i user reviews

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Average rating from 504 reviews:

Reviewed by kevin from mancherters on 17th Jul 2012
average phone

Reviewed by joseph from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
Good phone,i have use over three years but the problem facing now is the battery and keypad.even i just bought a new keypad and a battery but still the battery is not working as the first battery in the phone when i bought it......

Reviewed by david from UK on 1st Jun 2011
the phone is quite quitly ok and nice and has the facility of browsing fast and has a portable sound,and the major problem is that it has no flash light and has no sharpness and coloured like that of k770i...thanks pals that is all i have 2 say for sony ericsson k610i.David from nigeria.

Reviewed by buba from UK on 17th Dec 2010
why my phone k610i, cant paired with a blueant wireless bluetooth

Reviewed by SANGRAM from UK on 14th Nov 2010

Reviewed by jamie c from UK on 11th Aug 2010
i ve had this phone 4 5 yrs and hasnt broke once so if ur lookin 4 durability than this phone is perfect

Reviewed by Michael Taylor (Lvsng) from UK on 15th Mar 2010
I got my K610i second hand off my sister and to be honest it is not the worst phone I have ever had by but neither is it the best although it does have some pretty good features sugh as 3G Streaming Mobile TV and good apps. It handles 3D games quite well and the sound quality when listening to music through the built in speaker is loud and clear. I have small fingers anyway so the keypad is not too much trouble for me but I can see how it would be hard for someone with larger fingers to use as the keys are placed very close to eachother. The picture quality is not too bad although it suffers in poor lighting conditions. The front mounted camera is also good for making video calls and taking photos of yourself. There are a number of decent apps for this phone such as Google Maps and GPS style programs. There are 1000s of games available and most of them are quite enjoyable. It handles 3D racing games very well although once again the keypad might let this down if you have larger fingers. It is a good phone and I have enjoyed using it. If you want a simple to use phone and have a limited budget then this is a great purchase. Mike

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 24th Feb 2010
I got this phone at Christmas about 2 years ago, it is a brilliant phone. Camera isn't really good, but texting and surfing the net is great. In the last few months it has started to shut down or freeze during texting or calls.....but that's probably due to me keep dropping it. Definitely recommend it for someone who does not want something flashy or too big.

Reviewed by micheal khoa from UK on 21st Jan 2010
ericson k610i phone unlock codes

Reviewed by barry from UK on 12th Jan 2010
ok this is a very good phone, versitile robust, good battery life, I flashed it from K610in to K610 and now I can change test font sizes, view html web pages, and create extra folders, but it does not have a flash or auto focus. for the price this is very good phone, produces excellent 'outdoor' photos. Best phone i ever had.

Reviewed by Farman Khan from UK on 2nd Jan 2010
I am using this sweet mobile from three years. I found it in all best. Very Perfect.

Reviewed by Thupane G. from UK on 27th Dec 2009
I like my K610i despite having it a tendency of 'freezing' which ends up with me removing its battery and re-starting it again. Sometimes it freezes when i quickly scroll down the names in the Address Book. Except for the Portuguese manual (which i do not understand) the K610i is a durable phone that has survived many falls. May be a change in the design of the key pad can benefit some of us with big hands Thupgas@yahoo.co.uk (Botswana, Africa) +26771658174 (cell)

Reviewed by alex from UK on 14th Sep 2009
the sonyericson 6310i is a good phone. it has 2 megapixel. its a lightweight phone.

Reviewed by Attila from UK on 5th Sep 2009
Was OK in the beginning but after 18 months it started to switch off when receiving/making calls. It was mended 3 times with software updates (i.e. losing all the contacts and games from the phone). Several times was without network in roaming while another phone from Samsung (with the my SIM card) found the roaming network. Switches off as soon as digiting the PIN code in normal mode but not in flight mode. Games freeze up. Always connect to the internet aggressively that you can not even cancel. Very slow and inconvenient at using the internet.

Reviewed by geezer from UK on 15th Jun 2009
i just got with fone and i have 3 words to say: WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! absolotely BRILL

Reviewed by angelo from UK on 25th Feb 2009
best phone ever i have to say ive had mine for 3 months or so and i have found no fault in it hose who say this phone shuts down why dont you take care of your phone or just open it up and see if there are any problems [oh you need a t6 screw if you want it to opn up]

Reviewed by josh dat from UK on 19th Feb 2009
brought this phone off eBay for 60 on sat, when i got home from school on Wednesday i put it on charge and guess what nothing NO JOKE it wouldn't charge at all, i tried 2 different chargers and it still wouldn't charge the camera is 2mp but there is no flash and it is chunky but i like the interface apart from freezing and the text messaging looks good, you cant zoom in camera mode and the video quality is rubbish you have been warned AVOID

Reviewed by Sotenna Max from UK on 30th Jan 2009
The k610i is a great phone,tries to offer you the best of whatever it can.although its not a walkman it plays music just like them.its internet services are wonderful but extremely good when running opera mini mod no it. Very small,light and simple and trusty,it readily fits into any pocket,its construction is solid(but handle with care).The k610i is a sure nice friend and i don't regret ever having it.:-D

Reviewed by Does It Matter from UK on 28th Jan 2009
This phone is good but the camera isn't great. My phone shuts it's self down and very rarely is slow. It's a good phone but the internet button is in a difficult position and i hit it when i am texting! lol. I would recommend this phone if you want a good, mostly reliable phone but nothing to flashy and the camera doesnt have a flash so in dark conditions it isnt very good at taking pictures! The memory is also quite good, If you get a memory card! =]

Reviewed by anil from UK on 26th Jan 2009
its a light and favulous phone

Reviewed by sholla chandra from UK on 13th Jan 2009
I have this phone. Its camera quqlity is very good. But its microphone is not working properly. I had to repair it on my own cost, once. The most notable thing is that, in comparision to other , it should have FM radio and it must have supplied headphone as it is a 3G phone.Due to absence of these it cannot grap the market.

Reviewed by Pebbles from UK on 5th Jan 2009
Complete and utter GARBAGE, 2 megapixels my ass, a VGA is better than this, everything is green and pixelated ALL the time.

Reviewed by ogbuokiri charles from UK on 5th Jan 2009
since i bought this phone K610i my quest for phones stop. it seems to me as if no other phone exist though the camera and video images are not sharp. i like the phone. due to the way i rated the phone most people around me want to buy the phone, in fact the love the phone. more than 40 people want the phone but it is not common, in my area i have really explore the phone to it's limit.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 28th Dec 2008
Great phone, had it for 2years now with no problems except the microfone that just recently has been having some problems. I'm a guy with quite big fingers and haven't had any problems at all with the keypad, i have the red one and I think it's amazing. No, I'm not gay :P I recommend this phone for everyone.

Reviewed by Al from UK on 20th Dec 2008
O.K phone, ticks most of the boxes but the camera's quality seems to worsten the longer you have the phone. Also the keypad's buttons are a bit too small.And sometimes the phone does not recognise the network. Everything else is good, music features, 3G video calling, nice overall look to the phone.

Reviewed by Gerard Teo from UK on 18th Dec 2008
The Sony Ericsson K610i handphone is really getting me mad! With just the slightest thud on the floor, the whole thing just shuts down. And with such of no standard connectivity and lowsy features, it is definitely not a phone worth buying. Further more, the whole phone seems out of date too.

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 17th Dec 2008
I hate this phone. Reception is awful. I can stand next to someone (same network) who has full signal and get nothing on mine. I have the same problem on freezing which is a pain in the 'bum'. The battery needed re-placing shortly after purchase, the back cover is always slipping off and the camara without a flash is awful. Save your money and get something far more decent.

Reviewed by Lloyd from UK on 1st Dec 2008
I am 12 years old and to find this phone alright. I have knocked one star of because of the occasional freezing. And have knocked another star off because of the memory, it has poor memory. I think this phone is only good for only texting and calling.

Reviewed by Woz from UK on 1st Dec 2008
I would not recommend this phone to anyone The battery life is not what it says, i can't even go on it for more thsn 1hr for it to loose battery, its a total waste of charging it up 24:7.

Reviewed by logan from UK on 1st Dec 2008
I think that the k610i is the best phone in the world!it's really good value for $250!

Reviewed by ciara from UK on 25th Nov 2008
an OK phone design is a bit boring it is a bit chunky mine CONSTANTLY kept turning itself off...very annoying. I got a replacement and it is now fine have had 2 of these phones for 1.5 years now. i wouldn't buy it now as it is a bit dated now it would be good for a first phone and the features are good,

Reviewed by george from UK on 23rd Nov 2008
its a very good phones as it is small, sturdy and quite user friendly. For the amount you pay for this phone it is outstanding value as it has one of the loudest speakers out there in its price range but on the other hand it turned of quite frequently when i got this last april but it stopped five months ago also it doesnt look very sleek.

Reviewed by daniel from UK on 21st Nov 2008
Hade this phone for a bit more than a year and it got faulty 3 times (i got it repaired) if it wouldnt get faulty so often it would be a good phone.

Reviewed by ogbuokiri charles from UK on 18th Nov 2008
i like the phone and its features most of my friends who saw the phone wanted it. but is not connecting to the internet

Reviewed by Jake from UK on 14th Nov 2008
I bought this phone for 50 in January 2008, it's been a great phone, though now it's starting to die on me! it won't answer calls anymore, (Shuts down) or play videos (Shuts down), it's been really reliable,( Till now obviously :D) battery life is decent, camera is pretty good. so for what i paid, i think it was worth the money!

Reviewed by Jeni from UK on 27th Oct 2008
Ive had this phone for about a year and a half and its been great up to the last month, to begin with its a great phone that is quick easy to use and the camra is good. Towards the end of me having the phone it would switch off frequently and sometimes vibrate and ring when noone was ringing me, memory isnt very good but other than that it is a very good stylish phone :) Well worth it

Reviewed by Rach from UK on 24th Oct 2008
I have had this phone for over a year now and i think it is very good. The camera is brilliant for a 2 megapixel. The menu is easy to use, voice dialling is good, memory is good but that is compared to a really bad phone that i had previously, at the moment i have 160 pictures and 9 long videos on it, but can only fit about 6 songs on it. So it's not too bad, i can also use my songs as ringtones. After having it for a year however it is starting to turn itself off randomly so i have to keep checking it, and also it goes onto the internet by itself, but that has only been a couple of times. The sound is also good. You can download themes i think (haven't done it but it looks like there is a link to it) Battery life is also quite good, but i don't listen to music everyday on it. Overall i tihnk it is a very good phone and worth buying.

Reviewed by Samirul Hasan from UK on 20th Oct 2008
this phone is really good

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 19th Oct 2008
I adore this phone. People laugh at me about it due to age, but its the best phone i've had. I've dropped it about 43579530986764 times and bar a few paint scratches, it works as good as new. Doesn't look too amazing, and i do advise buying a memory card if you want it for music, but has an excellent sound quality, and average camera.. An all round brilliant phone.

Reviewed by Suzanne liverpool from UK on 14th Oct 2008
I Have the k610i, I've owned it since july 2007 It is a very easy phone to handle. Very basic But jus What i want Mine is on three mobile contract with an internet add on. The internet is e exceedingly good, and fast too! My contract ends in december. But have been offered to stay with three mobile if i wish to But due to lack of money, i shall have to turn down this offer. Although i Love the phone. I cannot keep up with the demanding payments off three mobile. Camera excellent. Sound. Quality etc.

Reviewed by Metia Bethell from UK on 3rd Oct 2008
I have had my K610i for 15 months, it had problems from the word go. Bad signal, constantly going into internet mode, switching off, never sending and receiving messages or phonecalls (my service provider has run loads of checks and I'm now at the last stage of downloading a service pack from SE before I send it back). I would steer clear of this phone.

Reviewed by sabir from UK on 29th Sep 2008
i had this phone for about 4 monts and its a good 3G phone considering itsa price.The camera works pretty googdoutside but indoor photos are not quite.Music is pretty good but the embeded earphones are poor so,it plays good music on better earphones.Talking about video call,not more people it in this part of the world

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 22nd Sep 2008
I've had this phone for around 3-4 months no faults whatsoever my keypad works fine nothing wrong at all only problem i can see is not the biggest memory space but once i bought a memory card the sound is also very clear good for music too what more can you ask for :)

Reviewed by Roxoberoi from UK on 19th Sep 2008
i madly love this phone and after flashing it to w660 it becomes walkman with superior sound and camera and flash menus. thanks to SE.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 18th Sep 2008
I am more than happy with my K610i. I too have had the shutdown problem which seems to be because the battry isn't a tight enough fit. Wedging the basttry with a samll sliver of paper solved the problem.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 6th Sep 2008
On second phone, keeps switching itself off as did the first one....agh!!

Reviewed by James sheridan from UK on 28th Aug 2008
Seriously one of the worst phones ive ever had!i got it in red and then again in white the white phone lost signal one day and it wouldnt get any signal for ages i turned it off the phone wouldnt go on and the light on the top of the phone was flashing red i tryed charging it and it wouldnt work camera is no good also..DONT BUY THE K610i!!

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 25th Aug 2008
its a good phone but I can't get any signal!!!! Is this just me or do other people have the same problem?

Reviewed by Marko from UK on 24th Aug 2008
This cell phone is the best you could buy and you who bought it and say that it is a trash are stupis because you cannot judge something by touchiung.i have mine k 610i for 6 months now and mine k 610i was turning off without reason so i got it to repair and repairman showed me that mine battery has some power loos problems and phone is no guilty at all

Reviewed by scooterperv from UK on 23rd Aug 2008
Dreadful phone, the worst I have ever owned. Had it a year, and the battery's shot. Keypad fiddly, freezes and loses signal at random, cheap and tacky finish, naff naff naff. The first and last Sony Ericsson I'll buy. Give me LG any day!

Reviewed by Abdel_on3g from UK on 22nd Aug 2008
This phone continuously switches itself off for no reason, even at the slightest touch. The internal memory is not sizeable and the lack of a flash hinders the photography. Having said that it serves me well with a godd web browser (but you can download Mini Opera 4 which is better) and the media player is cool too, though the handset lacks a radio. Also, when you fill both memories (phone's and card's) the phone starts to at wierd - slowing down and freezing.

Reviewed by regee valderrama from UK on 17th Aug 2008
well i am one of the users of the K610i phone i really love it but it shut down without reason aaargh! i got pictures in there that i cannot get now... and i will have to send it for repair.

Reviewed by gohan from UK on 12th Aug 2008
the phone is good. just dont let it get at all water damaged. not even condnsation it will break

Reviewed by Ellieyyyyyyy from UK on 11th Aug 2008
Sweeeeeeeeness =)

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 4th Aug 2008
I have had this phone for 18 months and have just got used to the small and fiddly keys... the lack of a flash hasnt bothered me at all, and as for the shutting down for no reason, I found this was caused by the battery becoming loose and no longer connecting. Usually this was caused by movement in my pocket etc and I solved this by getting a small piece of plastic from a yoghurt pot and sliding it between the bottom end of the battery and the phone! No other problems though and a very sturdy phone (It has survived falling down the stairs twice and being dropped/ thrown on numerous occasions)

Reviewed by Belial9 from UK on 3rd Aug 2008
I bought the K610i, and overall, I love it to bits, but I have to say that it's 100% true about all the shutdowns! Indeed, that's it's biggest letdown! The other one was the problem of there being no flash for the camera. Again, very disappointing, as my previous model (the K750) had pretty much the same features, yet it didn't shut down, the camera was better quality, and it had a perfectly good flash!! In fact, I was horrified when they told me that the K750 is now a discontinued model! But the K610i was indeed the closest to it, and it does have a few really nice added features! (one of which being able to make video calls, (for this it included another front-mounted built-in camera) and the other was the way you can set alarms. The K610i allows you to set several alarms, and even lets you display a picture when the alarm sounds (which I found pretty neat!) I believe if the best features of the K610i and the K750 were combined, then Sony-Ericsson would have come up with the best phone! (at least for me, anyway!) Let me know if this ever happens!!

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 31st Jul 2008
This is an amazing phone i've had it for just over a year and i love it i got a memory card to store all my music as there isnt enough space on the phone and it's never shut down on me or anything. however i would NOT pay more than 50 for one and that's the price i got mine and i'm so glad i did get it. The keypad isnt that small and its got a good quality camera, music player and u can access the internet. I would thoroughly recommend it as a phone especially for teenagers.

Reviewed by jackoooo from UK on 22nd Jul 2008

Reviewed by hammoujan from UK on 17th Jul 2008
i have this phone for 1 month now, it's a perfect phon ut the probleme that's i can't instal any game or software in it because of i-mode

Reviewed by katie from UK on 16th Jul 2008
I really like this phone, I've it just over a year, and no problems at all. I find that I use it to pick up email- sending is a bit fiddly, and I'm not one of the worlds great texters! internet capabilites are great. I agree that the keys are a little on the small side, but the whole phone is quite compact. the camera isn't great.

Reviewed by v from UK on 14th Jul 2008
good phone

Reviewed by sandip from UK on 9th Jul 2008
it doesnt open the web pages clearly and cannot download the files vastly.only a part of the file can be download.what's the problem.is there mistakes in settings.

Reviewed by Gumani te from UK on 4th Jul 2008
I see k610i as a great phone it got what it takes to be the phone of the year

Reviewed by k luo from UK on 4th Jul 2008
very good phone

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 3rd Jul 2008
Okay. Quit saying bad stuff about this phone, can you make one any better yourself? I thought not, this phone isnt ment for those who just want to be seen cool, it's for those other phone users, who just want a basic SE phone! It's a good phone thank you very much the software is also good, photo and music DJ video calling, it has everything so an introduction to the wold of 3G, 4G is also being realeased soon!

Reviewed by jd from UK on 28th Jun 2008
great phone well good

Reviewed by ///AMG from UK on 19th Jun 2008
I'll never buy a SE again! Horrendous build quality. The network button keeps activating itself every second, as if some ghost were pushing it!!! But there's more, the very same button also seems to think it's the upper right button. I can't even make a call, it just cancels everything. PLEASE, AVOID THIS HORRIBLE PHONE! PS. Oh forgot, and of course it keeps turning itself off. I hate it..

Reviewed by Marco from UK on 14th Jun 2008
Have owned the K610i on a 3 contract for the last 16 months and will be glad to be rid of it. This is the fourth one I've had in 18 months with previous ones all failing completely. One even developed an incurable software fault when I made the mistake of putting in an Irish 3 sim card!! The other big irritation on this phone is texting - the keys are simply too small and tightly together for me to text without making loads of mistakes - and I haven't got huge hands. The case also marks easily and the trim on the latest one - 3 months old -is already looking worn. One to avoid!

Reviewed by Damien from UK on 11th Jun 2008
An amazing little phone I got it for 100 in a 3store and i agree it took a while to get used to the buttons but thats the same with any new phone, it's packed with features such as an rss reader, video DJ, music DJ and Image DJ, Super fast internet especially if you download opera mini, supports almost all java games and apps i've tried on it, solid as a stone, fallen too many times to count and still perfect, Video Calling, themes and emoticon messages and a 64 MB memory card! all this and more, dont bash this little marvel, it's like a nokia 3310 for strength and a skimmed down iphone 1.0 for features in my opinion.

Reviewed by me! from UK on 9th Jun 2008
i love this phone! it does everything i want - nothing too fancy nothing too simple! when i had it stolen @ school they took the memory card - do you know where i can get a cheap m2 replacement? thanks!

Reviewed by phone express from UK on 9th Jun 2008
for any1 that says that there phone switches off it isn't the phone.It is the battery the blaack thing on the bottom has sumhow got damaged so this leaves the battery loose.so get a piece of paper to make sure the battery isn't loose. thank you

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 6th Jun 2008
I was given the k610i as an upgrade from 'Three'. I honestly wish I had declined the upgrade and cancelled my contract alltogether. This phone is awful. It goes through 'hissyfits' where it will turn itself off constantly. You can NOT put this phone in your pocket as if you do, you will always, and I mean ALWAYS, find that it has turned itself off by the time you take it out of your pocket. I sent the phone back twice to have it repaired and it the problem has never been rectefied. Can not wait until next month when my contract runs out so that I can get a Samsung! DO NOT BUY THE SONY ERICSON K60I, THAT IS MY HONET ADVICE.

Reviewed by Holly from UK on 4th Jun 2008
I will never purchase a sony ericsson phone again, espeeically not from 3g! Thisis the first sonyericsson i have had and it is absolute rubbish! I recieved my phone on contract in August. My brother also recieved the same phone from 3 on a contract in july. By november my phone started to randomly shut down, in late december it turned its self off between 4 and 10 times a day! this was ridiculous, this meant messages were delayed and people could not contact you. My brothers did the same. I sent mine away for repair only to recieve a brand new one. My brother did the same, for the same fault, but recieved his old phone and a new charger saying the fault had been fixed. It had not been fixed at all! He sent it away again this time he recieved a new phone. I had my phone exchanged on 2nd june, which meant i receieved a new phone and gave them my old, on my doorstep. However I didnot recieve a new battery! which was rather strange as this was most probably the proble m. on 4th june my phones key pad created a mind of its own and constantly seemed to think the top right hand button. This meant the phone was nit useable, or you had to tolerate it for a very long time to do anything. I rang 3 to be put through a process of procedures. I told the guy there was clearly a fault, as between me and my brother we had 4 phones which had been faulty. He argued with me there wasnt, and now reading these reviews I can see there is a fault. I now have to send my phone away again, most probably to recieve another faulty brand new one! 3g will not replace my phone for a totally different one of equal or lesser value, why when it is just costing them money? in my opinion these should be recalled and withdrawn from the market, as they are neither use nor ornement!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!

Reviewed by hannah from UK on 3rd Jun 2008
i love this phone i got it from 3 , its really good , the appearance could be improved overall great phone no problems !!!

Reviewed by sam from UK on 30th May 2008
good phone, doesn't do loads but is a good, slim, lightweight phone. only drawbacks - needs charging a lot and if you so much as get a tiny drop of water anywhere near the charging metal at the base, then it will never charge ever again!

Reviewed by Joe Murphy from UK on 28th May 2008
Nice basic phone, I got a free white one from 3 UK and it does what I expected. Decent screen, voice quality and sturdy feel. It also makes a decent MP3 player especially now that M2 cards are so cheap. Sometimes it doesn't notice it has lost 3G coverage area and won't roam to orange UK 2G without a manual selection or power off/on. I'd have liked an option to force '2G only' to avoid this as I rarely use 3G services. I too had the problem with the phone shutting down, sometimes causing me much annoyance. I called 3 support and the guy suggested removing the M2 memory card, so right away I gave up on that source of help! I removed the battery and bent the little contacts in the battery compartment slightly outward with a tiny screwdriver to increase the pressure on the battery contacts, and after 2 months of use it hasn't shut down once!

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 24th May 2008
great phone the keyboard is not too small. The joystick workd perefectly unlike other sony ericssons.

Reviewed by joe tomkinson from UK on 21st May 2008
best phone ive ever had brilliant 4 the money i def recomend it!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by Julie G from UK on 14th May 2008
I've had my K610i for over a year and it has been easy to use. It is a lightweight and compact design. Has lots of features I haven't used - I don't use internet on phones. It's not the best camera and produces grainy pics espescially when transfered to pc. Has frozen a couple of times, but nothin switchin off and on again can't fix.

Reviewed by Andreas from UK on 11th May 2008
Great phone. Nice to hold. Simple to use. Everything you need in daily life.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 11th May 2008
I've had this phone for well over a 15months now and it's still a good phone. The camera has broke on it!! It's got green pixels I dun't know why but it's just happened last week (might be night mode hmm.. gotta check that). The phone has been perfect it's small, light, although the camera has broke now it's always been a canny one. I bought an extra chip for 20 so I have no problem with memory, I use it more than my ipod for my music. I'm on 3Mobile and planet3 is amazing on this phone aswell. Everything is great!!

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 4th May 2008
Its a phone, nothing more or less. If you want something to take the odd snap on, send texts, play silly games, and most importantly, make calls on then you will be happy. Contrary to other reviews, it has never died on me but the camera button can be annoying. All in all a good all rounder.

Reviewed by George from UK on 1st May 2008
very nice works perfectly had it for ages

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 28th Apr 2008
i've had my 610i for 18 months now, its an ok phone but it does tend to randomly turn off, other than that no complaints

Reviewed by JORDAN HAWKER from UK on 28th Apr 2008

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 28th Apr 2008
Iv Had this phone for nearly a year now and i think it is absoloutly rubbish! The covers keep falling off and the paint scraches away easily and the keys are FAR too small for my liking. i think this phone is average in abilities but for god sake why didnt they make it look a little nicer that a fat and stubby brick and not a slider?? The design of the phone is very poor because you can easily press the music key and not the return key because they are sooooo small! Another bad point about this phone is the covers. They are so hard to get on and off and the colours are disgusting. Who wants a green and purple phone with scrached silver and blue buttons! i just absoloutly hate it and would urge nobody to buy it!

Reviewed by nialll from UK on 22nd Apr 2008
good phone but i dropped it and all my pictures just got deleted

Reviewed by Clare from UK on 21st Apr 2008
I've been using this handset for around 18 months and I'd definitely say that it's worth the money. Aside from it's rather boring and plain outside, the actual phone has a great quality screen and a camera of reasonable quality, even if it is minus a flash which can be annoying at times. However, i agree with many of the other reviews which say that it has a tendency to turn itself off - i have experienced this multiple times, much to my annoyance. Another bad point is that the battery does not seem to last long at all - i can't go for two days without charging the phone as it will completely run out of battery. Overall good phone, not the best.

Reviewed by kathleen from UK on 21st Apr 2008
true that the camera is not that good...just go take pics with some light... not bad either... no earphones included coz it's not a Walkman phone but you can purchase one if you like... i like the cute features of this phone.. with mine it doesn't freeze or shut down... probably it depends on the user. don't have any problems with keypad (im female, maybe that's why..) memory comes with it --you can buy a bigger memory you can download games online which is awesome maybe the con is just really no earphone included, FM radio and the camera without flash but overall, i think it is a good phone

Reviewed by praful from UK on 19th Apr 2008
it was the best phone i have ever seen

Reviewed by David Marr from UK on 18th Apr 2008
Terrible reliability. The shutdown issue happens at least 3 - 4 times a month whilst it is in my pocket, consequently I don't know about it until the next time I try to use it ie. make a call. This has probably resulted in business lost as I am self employed. Wouldn't buy another Sony Ericsson for love nor money. Worst phone I've ever had and the support from 3 is poor too.

Reviewed by mark, manila, philippines from UK on 13th Apr 2008
I'm a SE nut and tried this simple phone. This phone lasted only 15 months! It was handy, yes, simple with an expandable memory. But the keyspads are too small, making it inconvenient to write your text msgs. The speaker is located at the back making the sound muffled when its in supine position and the 2 MP camera is not that impressive. Nokia phones with 2 MP definitely have better resolution. On top of that, my phone just bugged down, something to do with upgrading the system. It was more of a hassle than a convenience

Reviewed by yorkyboy from UK on 12th Apr 2008
right ive had this phone for a year now and everything was going perfect - a great phone with great features. mine was on t-mobile so i got it unllocked so i could use it on o2 - worked fine. today i turned my phone off to change sim cards and turned it back on the phone is frozen dead once you press the power on button. ive tried connecting to a pc but beacuse its just frozen not sending any singal to pc and wont even charge. do not get this phone if youre keeping it for the forceable future. get a reliable nokia or sumin!

Reviewed by Ana from UK on 10th Apr 2008
The phone shuts down unexpectedly quite often. In the end mine even stopped functioning completely. I changed it and the second one I have is even worse - it shuts down every day - sometimes even twice per day. It is quite frustrating, especially if one expects calls and has to check whether the phone functions every minute.

Reviewed by Jetscreamer from UK on 10th Apr 2008
Rubbish. 1st one had a keyboard which developed a mind of its own, replaced under warranty. 2nd attempt developed fault whereby couldn't access all phonebook entries after 6 weeks. Didn't work with bluetooth carkit. Firmware upgrade didn't work. DO NOT BUY ONE!!

Reviewed by baz from UK on 3rd Apr 2008
the bluetooth doesnt work and the back is really stiff and hard to get off

Reviewed by Ed, UK from UK on 2nd Apr 2008
I had this phone for a year until i was mugged of it the other day! have to say - i really liked the phone tho i never appreciated it until now! firstly, ok the camera isnt the best, but i wasnt too bothered by that - the fotos i did take on it were good enough for those on a phone. If u want a phone that takes proper pics get one of the higher spec SE's (k800i, k850i) - this is fine for any normal phone! secondly - people have complained about the fone shutting down. mine did this a few times, more noticeably in the last few months i had it, but i didnt really have a problem with it as such - it only happened every so often and all i had to do was turn it back on agen and everything was still there! all in all - very nice phone, slim, good music player, 3G, average camera, good connectivity options and very good for texting!! keypad was great for me! its just a pity 02 dont sell it anymore =(

Reviewed by emma from UK on 2nd Apr 2008
I Love This Phone Except The Battery Isn't That Good! And It Freazes Sometimes And Shuts Down For About 30 Seconds But I'd Reccomend It To Anyone! But Msn Is Deadly!

Reviewed by gejus from UK on 1st Apr 2008
its rubbish

Reviewed by Ballroot from UK on 31st Mar 2008
I've been using one for a year now, on an 18 month contract, and I can't wait to get rid of it. It shuts itself down at least once a day, usually in my jeans pocket. That is so annoying. There is a significant delay when using some of the menus, so the keys get out of context and I have deleted things accidentally by trying to navigate quickly. The display is rather limited as it is of low resolution by todays standards, I look forward to 320 by 240 or better.

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